Sept. 3, 2021

The Big Short & A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Big Short & A Series of Unfortunate Events

Whether it's for planning an ambush, escaping a crime scene, staging an elaborate fight, or simply used to get from point A to point B via some solid rock, the tunnel has been reliable since it was first conceived over 4000 years ago. In movie terms though it's probably best known as a metaphor for sex, as famously used at the climax of Hitchcock's North by Northwest. This week’s Top 5 Movie Tunnels is lower on the sexiness scale than you might usually expect from us but just like an explosives engineer tasked with blowing up mountains to help with building tunnels, it's ground-breaking work.
If subprime mortgages, collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps and spreadsheets are your jam - and let's face it, why wouldn't they be - then Adam McKay's 2015 polemic THE BIG SHORT is worth checking out. Based on the book by MONEYBALL author Michael Lewis, the movie tells the true story of a handful of investors who foresaw the 2007/2008 US financial crisis, identified the underhanded techniques used to compromise the economy including predatory lending and excessive risk-taking and then bet against the US housing market. An angry look at a serious, technical subject which impacted everyone to some degree or another, THE BIG SHORT inventively brings the crisis to life whilst also allowing for some exceptional character work in the hands of great actors such as Christian Bale, Marisa Tomei, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Hamish Linklater, Brad Pitt and Jeremy Strong. If you only see one dramatization of a recent historical financial crisis this year, let it be this one.
A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS is not the name of my sex tape but is in fact Netflix's adaptation of American author Daniel Handler's series of books by the unseen Lemony Snicket. Following their parents’ death in a mysterious fire, the series chronicles the miserable lives of the Baudelaire children as they are placed in the custody of their awful relative, Count Olaf. A sharp script and detailed world design bring the story to life, but will its unrelenting grimness and dark humour be too much for the Dads as we are after all sensitive souls?
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The Big Short

Reegs: Welcome to rad bad stim for view a weekly film review podcast, in which a bunch of movie enthusiasts attempt to catch up on all the movies we missed out on during that miserable period in your lives. When your kids are young enough to seriously hamper your cinema experiences, regular listeners will know there can be some fairly strong language and some extremely dubious opinions on this show, which this week features the top five movie tunnels.

Adam McKay's 2015 feature film. The big short and Netflix is a series of unfortunate events. I

Sidey: that sounds about right.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah All that remains is to introduce tonight's hosts a plethora of pure Royal progenitors featuring the ever cool and collected society.


Dan: thought you were going to say me then,

Reegs: no, no, no, but I've got the always calm and convivial Dan and he always Canty Howie.

And I am of course rigs and this week gentlemen, and by this week, I mean, last week I did something I haven't done for a long time.

Dan: Oh, congratulations. It's nice to hear it's happened

Reegs: Yeah. I went to the cinema,

Dan: whoo.

Reegs: cinema. Yeah,

Sidey: What'd you watch? Fast nine.

Reegs: we went, see spirit untamed next to other actual real people. It was pretty good.

Sidey: Pick a mix?

Reegs: No God, no, no. We were late. It had already started by the time we got in there because everybody needed a Pierce and then we needed to get the, you know, those like seats that you sit

Howie: the

Reegs: but they D boosters

Howie: off and the chair still

Reegs: Yeah. They don't want it.

Howie: was great.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And then, so we missed like the first 15 minutes, but anyway, it was pretty good.

Dan: That, that, that brings me to a memory I had about three days ago when it was officially confirmed. My eldest is one centimeter taller than me.

that's. That's painful.

Six to

Reegs: six

Dan: and now he's taller than that. Yeah.

Yeah. It's to now he's caused me the little man around the house.

Howie: You can swiftly stop that by just beating him with an inch of his life.

Dan: Well, I, I gave him a dig in his stomach and said, who's little now as he bent over gasping for breath.

Reegs: It's so lovely being a parent, isn't

Dan: Wow.

Howie: I'd like to say thank you to society because I have, as we previously discussed, I now watch films as the director wanted them to in 40 minute clips on the striding machine and my latest ones to go through that torture is Moneyball and I fucking loved

Sidey: Oh, that's good. Isn't it.

Howie: Yeah Good

man That the erections over spreadsheets were, were pretty dominant, which I'm an elliptical machine is not good.


Reegs: there's some pretty good spreadsheet action in,

Sidey: this week

Yeah, this is, we've got some good stuff. I become a pretty big

fan of Jonah hill and I was watching it's like a really shit GQ, 10 things. I can't live without whatever. So it's in now. And then it was thinking back to him in Moneyball, He's fucking like pretty much this round. He's like shed some timber.

It's cool though. I really like him.

Dan: but he looked perfect for Moneyball. With that cow you'd have

all seemed to put on

Sidey: I mean, it's just, you know, it's just healthy, healthier now, but I've always really liked him.

I think he's cool,

Howie: but yeah, really enjoyed it. And then followed that up with I bow to corporate greed and purchase jungle cruise on down.

Dan: how much? 25 fucking thousand quid. Yeah 20 quid. Tell me it was good.

Howie: It was really good. It's got awesome. Terrible, bad dad jokes. Or you literally, you are the script writer and they're all on purpose, bad poems, bad dad jokes.

And it's loads of all my kids to frat the entire army. It was watching it going, oh God.

Dan: I looked at it and I thought, oh yeah. And then it was like 20 quid off all

Sidey: Yeah. But yeah, a few months,


Dan: Yeah. A few months. But the thing is, you know, people's TVs are that good these days, their sound systems that good. If there's three or four, you watching 20 quid, isn't that much of a punch out and go, there you go.

You know, we'll get the popcorn it and you enjoy it, then you're especially if the movie's good. So I'm pleased to

Howie: it's it's it is

Sidey: I like the

Howie: generally, yeah, the Rock's good. It's generally amusing. It's a bit Indiana Jones ESC without the aliens.

Dan: right.

Howie: Yeah.

Dan: Talking of which I watched DT this week. In fact, I've finished watching it today. We started watching it last night, but it gets a little bit emotional doesn't it?

So I stopped it at a high moment. So it was going to bed at a good moment. And then we, we picked up through the tough moments today when he goes through a Rocky

Sidey: patch,

Reegs: It's when the flower goes

Dan: when the flower goes and ETS near that, like sewage canal bit, you know, and he's just like gray. Yay. It's like big boats go and

Howie: built the pyramids,

Dan: sewage, sorry, sewage canal.

And It is, it's like all pumped over and there's like this little raccoon or something or beaver, then there comes up next to him and Elliot's running over going, oh, come and help him. He's fucked up. Brilliant film though, because men, men, my youngest Nellie watched it

Sidey: How was she with it?

Dan: she, well, this is why I, it wasn't for me that I stopped at a high moments the night before it was for her, because I knew going into bed with an emotional moment.

It's not great. So we, we stopped at a really good bit, a funny bit. I think it might've been the fog scene or something. And then picked up this morning and she loved it. She really, really loved it. And she was, she was unsure, but it's great to know that these films hold their weight because as long time since Theni T to be


Reegs: yeah, w

Sidey: the spirit obviously

Reegs: 84, which I might nominate for the, I believe that's what it's called. Well wonder woman. Yeah, I think I might nominate that one week, so I'm

Sidey: just give us a, sort of inkling of what you thought.


she's hot.

Howie: I also watched I'm continuing the, what if cartoon series that I mentioned?

Yeah, I like it though. I really thought that the thing of the Chadwick Bozeman black Panther episode that they did where he's actually Star-Lord kids really liked it. And I thought it was tastefully done it wasn't saccharin sweets, sort of memoriam, whatever the word is, it was done nicely.

And it was obviously they've created a storyline that leaves a knife. Kind of ending and legacy for that character. So it's good. It's I can see why people probably I'm watching it with kids and my kid, my son is just absorbed by it. He

Sidey: As you said, the Avengers one.

Howie: Yeah. Where they're getting killed one by one.


Dan: W when your son loves it and he's absorbed, it is, you know, you, you love it yourself when you, your kids love it. It's a something that just drags you in, even

Reegs: any

Dan: kind of know his shit,

Reegs: that you can, any kind of shared

Dan: you, you, you have that done. You're here

Howie: Because he's, he's recanting. He goes, oh, that's not like in the film because in the film star Star-Lord gets the blah-blah-blah and he like, like decent memory there.

You actually haven't listened and watched films that won't count for anything. And your future academic career, you fucking know bed.

Sidey: I don't think I've watched anything other than the homework assignments,



Reegs: but they were good.

Sidey: solid

Dan: I did, watch the BBC documentary Rinaldo.

Sidey: Brazilian or Portuguese,

Dan: Portuguese

Sidey: poor man's or another

Dan: poor man's Rinaldo though. It's a really good BBC documentary. I'm particularly poignant as the moment he returns to the premier league. And I know lots of people don't shoot him football here in and things, but the fact that I've always been a Messi fan, the fact that he's come back to the premier league, which I think is one of the toughest leagues in the world at 36, and he has everything to lose. It shows a measure of the man. You know, I, I think there's something to say there and I'll be interested how he

Howie: Is it true? He was breastfed to lose 13. heard segues into a fact that I found out this weekend. So I was on the stayed on the island of the ACRA hose, which is a little branch of rocks off of Jersey out to seam between us and France.

Dan: BT, mummy. Yep.

Sidey: Is it which parish is it.

Howie: Martin mob, lawyer, I believe.

Dan: in Barton.

Howie: And we were watching the stars, drinking rum, you know?

Dan: Oh, in a rocks in the

Howie: Yeah. Telling each other that I'm cherries that have been burning inside us for years. And the Milky way was above us. And one of the lads said, do you know, the Milky way is named after a Greek woman whose breastmilk sprayed everywhere.

Dan: not the chocolate bar,

Howie: Not the chocolate bar and we had to Google this and it is in fact named after that

Reegs: right. Well, one of the Greek goddesses, she's just,

Howie: She had a baby taken away from her breast and as the baby was pulled away count juggler milk, like tasted all over the sky, hence the Milky way.

Reegs: Right. And did you ever try your wife's breast milk just out of interest?

Howie: No. Did you

Reegs: you ha Dan, I suspect you might

have done

Dan: wave points.

Reegs: no, I never did.

Howie: Well, did you mark it yours? E-bay it because apparently that's the trend.

Sidey: No,

Dan: No, I wouldn't share mine. To be

Reegs: honest.

Dan: I have a jug of it is preserved.

Howie: It's like

Dan: the good stuff

Howie: cheese.

Dan: bring. I bring it out. Christmas

Reegs: We had an outstanding nomination for top five movie bicycles from Carrie on Facebook. You, I think may have seen this film and forgotten about it, just like I did, which was Sylvan show. Amazing, incredible animated comedy, Bellville, rendezvous,

AKA, the triplets of Bellville.

You seen this one? man.

I lovely sort of melancholy film about an orphan named

who's kidnapped during the tour de France.

Dan: I do love a melancholy film.

Howie: It's it's it's I thought that was real famous. It's a real,

Reegs: thing. It is. You will have seen, if you haven't seen the movie, if you see an image from it, you'll be like, oh, okay. I am, you'll get it because it's such a, it's got such a distinctive visual style.

Yeah, that was a great one. So that's got to go in

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: rendezvous.

Sidey: Cool.

Dan: We did a top five this week. I have no idea what it is and I've done no preparation. So let's

Sidey: just

Dan: the top of my head.

Sidey: we meaning Me chose top five movie tunnels. So you're gonna have to think on your

feet or

on your ass,

Reegs: it's it's reasonably hard. What did

you think?

Sidey: of your sex tape? What I will

start us off

with tunnel that are linked. So I've got the tunnel to Toontown which is from

who framed

Roger rabbit. Eddie goes through the tunnel and it morphs into the Looney tunes kind of world. And then we're saying. Hi Eddie. blah, blah. It's the same tunnel in back to

future, too.

It's the same time,

Reegs: That's good. Maybe knowledge

Sidey: Directed by

Robinson meccas, both starring

Christopher Lloyd

both with music by Alan Savannah.

Reegs: Very good

Howie: good. stats

Sidey: So these

Reegs: are two really good scenes as well. The hoverboard

Sidey: sequences,

Reegs: He's trying to steal the

Sidey: it's the it's the

fight for the Almanac.


Howie: He's,

Sidey: He's hanging onto the side of the car biffed on a crash into the wall or crashing into another car.

And then they do that thing and films, which really fucking pisses me off where you either had the chance to shoot someone you delay. Or in this case, he gave Marty a headstart on his hoverboard and he's sort of pathetically like

pushing and pushing away

down the road. and he just waits and revs his car a million times.

And like You

would have got him.

You would have fucking

got the arm

Dan: I, I would be the same. I would like to hinder shit

Sidey: just draw out a

Dan: hear you just draw it out

Sidey: but in the end,

Dan: coming. It's coming motherfucker.

Sidey: But

the shit was on Biff.

Cause he ended up being crashed into

the manure truck.

Dan: probably be on me as well to be fair.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So that's two tunnels.

for the price of one.

Dan: I'm going to give you three for the price of one, Tom, Dick and Harry, and that's the great escape and they're great escape tunnels.

Well obviously from the iconic movie, but I also worked at an organic farm that had poly tunnels called Tom Dick and Harry and Jerry because we had four. So we decided to call one after the Germans. This is a fantastic film. He used to come on every Christmas when I was a kid for the a hundred or so years, I was a kid and Steve McQueen you'd expect him to make it over that final jump each time, you know, he just know dies.

He gets caught on the barbed wire it's so I just want to, you know, I, I remember as a kid like this Christmas he'll make it, but he never did. He never did. But that the tunnels, you had the really kind of cost claustrophobic scenes where there'd be going through. And the hardest guy, boy in the camp was guy called Danny.

I think it was, and he was. Big brave strong could do everything, but until he got into the tunnels, it was that claustrophobia that he really needed his, his partner then to, to kind of see him through. And he was one of the ones that him and his partner made it through to, you know, you just had that dirt, you know, the, the music and everything that would

Reegs: one of the good things

Dan: border safely.

Reegs: W one of the good things about the, the great escape is it really gives you the logistics on tunneling. You know, that's what sets it apart from many other tunnel based movies that I've got

Sidey: tunneling knowledge for granted.

Reegs: you get the scenes of them digging and getting rid of the dirt and that sort of, so like the real

Sidey: do you get some tunnel collapses,

Reegs: I think. Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Sidey: You got that whole gamut of

Reegs: all tunnel.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: I've just thought of another tunnel.

Sidey: that's good.

Howie: I'll interject with mine, which is diehard three diehard with a vengeance. Bruce Willis is NYP Lieutenant John McClain, and this one's got Samuel L. Jackson, as McClain's reluctant partners use Carver who team up to stop the bomb threats across New York city carried out by Paul Simon Gruber, Jeremy irons.

McClain realizes that Simon is using a bomb threat to distract the police away from wall street, which has no public schools. They returned there to find that Simon's men have tunneled into the federal reserve and stolen 140 billion of gold bullion in trucks into an aqueduct tunnel.

I found this about this, Sean Connery was meant to play simple Simons or some group instead of Jeremy irons, Laurence Fishburne was meant to play Zeus and the original script was meant to be one of the lethal weapon films. So it wasn't.

Dan: sounds like

Howie: So they just kind of repurposed fit to be diehard.

Sidey: I love that one

of the thing

Dan: could have been a

Sidey: best diehard from

Dan: could have been a very different film by the

Howie: The screenwriter Johnathan Hensley was after the film was ed was held and detained by the FBI following writing the script and filming it because he seemed to know too much details about the federal gold reserve. And he underwent a lot of questioning. How do you know this? How'd you know, this and Islam just read freedom, freedom of information documents.

Reegs: Well, there you go.

Dan: There you be, it is a good movie. This and I, I do agree. You, you say the first diehard is the best diehard. Yeah. I would go, I'll go with that. But this is you know, for a sequel, it's a sequel call it really?

Howie: got

real jeopardy in it.

Dan: Yeah. And it has quite tunnel scenes.

Sidey: The PlayStation game was good

for this

as well.

The breaking, the PlayStation one

I'm talking,

Dan: Never had PlayStation. I was always Nintendo guy just

Reegs: I told him what it says about me as a movie goer, but one of the first ones I thought of was independence day. There's a scene where Vivica Fox and the dog are

going down basically towards downtown LA and there's like a huge fireball coming and they go into the tunnel.

It's a particularly famous tunnel, actually. It's the second street.

and the fireball comes down and she gets into like a service area and the dog jumps through just as the vibe, but no, this is good to proper tunnel shit. And that tunnel has been in many, many movies, THX 1138 the terminal man, the driver invasion of the body snatchers when a stranger calls, blade runner Flashdance, the Terminator repo man Rocky for lethal weapon, two sneakers deep cover demolition man money talks, Connie Gattica enemy of the state independence day, kill bill transformers, kill speed, black November, and Knight of cups.

So it's,

Sidey: which one of those are you going on there?

Reegs: it's the white tiled one that they, you will have seen it in loads of films, obviously, as I've just given a flavor of the second street tunnel from independence day.

Sidey: cool this is an oft mentioned.

movie, but a clockwork orange starts off with a slow tracking shot in the milk. bar. And then we go out into the night and Alex Dillard and his gang of cronies are out looking for a spot, of ultra violence, and they happened upon a drunk in a tunnel. And then he does this monologue. He says, one thing I could never stand to

save as a filthy dirty old drunky howling away at the filthy

songs of his father's name. Blurb blurb in between is it might as well be a filthy old orchestra and it's stinking rotten guts. And then they just kick the fucking shit

out of this whole kind of tunnel,

It's Pretty violent.

Dan: well, you know, going from violence to the crazy tunnel scene in Willy Wonka,

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: that that is one of those scenes that actually was

Sidey: terrifying,

Howie: of

Dan: terrifying in, in that film.

He's trippy.

Sidey: he's fucking screaming at them at the end.

Dan: he is, he's like what? What's what's the actual tune. Can I want to remember it? He's he gets louder and louder and he kind of ramps up, ramps up.

Ramps it

Reegs: missing pure imagination. Again, I

Dan: Yeah. No, that's that's all we want to go to.

Sidey: like he starts off, he goes, there's

no earthly way of knowing which direction they are going.

Dan: Yeah, that's

Sidey: no knowing where they're rowing And then he's going, they're certainly not showing any signs of slow ag.

Dan: creepy as fuck is his crew and he just ramps up there. So.

Reegs: You've got all these psychedelic colors go in and like things of chickens and scorpions and an

Dan: kind of thing that you expect they played in you know, testing people in LSD at the CIA or

Sidey: clockwork orange bit where he's got his eyes pinned open, and they're sharing all this imagery. It's like that only in a kid's film, he's fucking mad.

Dan: it's completely not there. So but I'm glad it was in there because it just showed the crazy world of Willy Wonka and for an early film that really, you know, was probably teasing around drug use and, and LSD and all that kind of thing with that scene. It was quite brave as well. It was it was, it was a crazy thing to put in a kid's film anyway.

Howie: My next one is welcome to the rock. Alcatraz, Nick cage, Sean Connery at Harris worryingly. This film has loads of tunnels in it which proves that Alcatraz was a complete joke apparently, but also more worryingly is the fact that the Iraq weapons of mass destruction dossier was built upon the evidence that Stanley Goodspeed gave in to do with the intricate bomb.

But if you remember it was in the rock, that was that if you touched any of the little bobbles of that chair.

Reegs: yeah. It had the gas, didn't it?

Howie: So that was what a lot of the dossier was based on the science that was behind that.

Reegs: What was that? I remember that news story. There was a real thing, wasn't it?

Howie: And the, the other thing I had was how's this for a, what'd you call it a rider, Sean Connery's considerations for the film.

He hated the idea of traveling by ferry every day and night to get to, and from the shooting location on Alcatraz. So he made a different kind of demand. Conrey wanted a cabin built for him on Alcatraz that he could stay in overnight and be ready to film the next morning. It was an odd request, but the studio relented and gave him what he wanted.

Sidey: You'd have to do stuff like that, though. If you were mega famous

you'd be like, what can I get him to do? Just by push the boundaries,

Dan: Build me a cabin on Alcatraz.

That's a story fucking years to come. Isn't

Howie: I

Dan: mean, nevermind the money I chilled out. I've got a place on Alcatraz. Still can use it now,

Howie: but that film was kind of Nick cages.

Sidey: still not seen it

Dan: Have you not? It's decent. It's actually okay. You know, it's, it's up there with Armageddon anyway.

Sidey: Wow.

I'm happy.

Reegs: Faint praise.

Howie: You think you've kind of lost the audience

Dan: is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Reegs: Shawshank redemption had a bit of turn action

Dan: chore,

Howie: Well, the bit where they penetrate him.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, yes. When he gets put in

Dan: this, I love how they find

I not only love how they, he built the tunnel. I love how they find the tunnel in

Sidey: It's great.

Dan: I mean sure. Shank is

Sidey: who doesn't love this movie.

Dan: I did, it was one of the first adult films over watch with my son and it's still, probably up there with our most favorite watch together

Sidey: Yeah. If you were flipping around the channels and this is all and you'll sit and watch it every time.

Dan: it's just, and Hulu free, you know, it's just the way that he kind of loses the,


dirt from the tunnel.

Sidey: shaken

out of

Dan: just shaken out. He walked around casually, you know, he just seemed to have not a care in the world. And of course, all the time, each just slowly playing the game of digging this tunnel with a fucking spoon.

Sidey: I remember thinking it would Take a man 600 years

That's the tunnel of the wall with it

old. And he did it in less than 20. It called freedom through 500 yards of shit smelling fairness. I can't even imagine. then you get that scene with the lightning, where he's made it

Dan: want to go in our bathroom in a fucking more than I imagine it.

the great escape. You remember this one? No.

Howie: That are you having

Dan: Okay. Reverse that and think of the football one

Howie: Escape to

Dan: escape, Dimitri. Sorry. The research on these lacks.

After the preparation on the, on the midweek mumble when a little bit too far in, and this lacked, but it was escaped to victory that they, they dig out or the end, you know, they go through the fucking bar. Don't they, they get out food. The. The tunnel to, to escape to victory, or they've got that potential anyway.

But in fact, they go back to say, I think it's a w Bobby Moore, the great west sampler who, who says, wait a minute, we can beat this law,

Howie: Wait a

Dan: wait a minute. We can beat this. And somebody goes, well, stop. I think he's Michael Kane. Probably Westham as well. Yeah. He goes back and says, we can, we can beat it when they can clearly just escape.

You know, that's the big one to get out, but they want to escape to victory. So not only do they escape through the crowd, they've also beaten the German. Yeah. I mean, it is one of the best. It was certainly deeper. It's football film. When I was a kid, there may be better ones now. I don't know. I can't remember them off this spot, but escape to victory was right up them in a proper football.

Is that Pella.

Sidey: because and I taught them are just, just slightly ahead of Western the table.


Dan: I don't know. I D I, I th last time I looked, I don't know when this will be coming out. We were top,

Sidey: no you stole my go. So I'll chip in now, with the Terminator. Ani on a motorbike

being fucking cool. But he's in terminate mode and he's going after Sarah corner and what's his face car, race.

He's chasing them through a tunnel if you recall.


they're throwing the worst sort of explosive device ever. They're just smoke ball

Howie: And they explode about five yards ahead of him

Sidey: Some of them right on him,


they just a cloud.

of dust. So he does

eventually catch them



he gets


terminates. He terminates them to be fair. It did marginally outside the tunnel by the time the terminating happens, but there is some good tunnel.

Reegs: The chase

Sidey: which really is

focused on the tunnel

Howie: erotic moment. Carl Reese is fucking hot

Michael. Yeah, my goodbye.

Sidey: Is in aliens is fucking hot in aliens as well.

Howie: he's just like

Sidey: Yeah. He's like, He's that sort of like action staff from the eighties that didn't really? Like get mega famous.

Howie: Yeah. He's in the rock. Yeah. He plays one of the soldiers that goes into Alcatraz, but I don't spoil it.

Sidey: Okay.

Howie: I'll go for a mission impossible. The first one, quite an obvious one, but it is a hell of a scene. It's the channel tunnel fight scene with the helicopter. Very Tom cruise, very OTT perhaps at that stage still where there's CGI. That is unbelievable. But it, especially the end with the explosion

Reegs: or something good. The first way it's Brian DePalma. The first one is

Sidey: isn't the guy in the tunnel, who was one of those

comedians, is

that Alan Partridge and stuff.

David Knight.

Howie: Yeah. Yeah. So

Sidey: really weird. Same in that.

Howie: It's like

a a bizarre cameo. I've just put the climatic train sequence, which took six weeks to shoot. It's compromised of 152 shots. Apparently the majority of the action was filmed in London studio with crews and Jon Voight performing a top of model of the trains roof.

They had to get a fan that could produce winds of up to 140 miles an hour that were used to distort Cruz's face while he was riding a top of the train.

Sidey: Didn't he land his helicopter in someone's back garden this week Cause he was running late.

Howie: He got his stuff all nicked in London.

Reegs: Are you allowed to do that?

Because if I

Howie: You are

Reegs: to do that, I would just,

Sidey: just to do it. yeah.

Howie: I, you can state that. You're needing to emergency land, I suppose, anywhere.

Reegs: Okay. All right. So on

Sidey: I mean, Harrison Ford just like crashes

in stuff all the time.

and he just carries on.

Howie: Earrings are so heavy, they leaned on sunset,

Reegs: the VIN diesel masterpiece bloodshot that I actually reviewed for a mid-week mentioned sometime ago has a really standout scene set in a tunnel.

He plays Ray Garrison, AKA Ray bloodshot, and I just he's a special ops soldier whose wife is killed by Toby. Kebbell from man.

Really too terrible scene hackneyed and well over done where he's like being really psycho and they're playing, talking heads, psycho killer in the background, awful.

But then Ray bloodshot finds himself resurrected as a nano powered cyborg with memory issues. Anyway, there is a great scene in a tunnel. He Amber's bloodshot ambushes, the convoy, the cables in, and then with the whole place is lit just from blue and red flares. And we get to see Ray bloodshot use all of his powers and decimate.

Everyone would get lots of shorts, shots, VIN, diesel, looking cool with like glowing red eyes. And he's got like a glowing red feet. He's like some demonic ITI basically beating them up. Well, huge puffs of dust and stuff spray all around the tunnel. It's if you like tunnels, this is really for you.

Dan: you know, I think a lot of time tunnels are quite boring. Aren't Wow.

Howie: Fuck

Sidey: Well I've got one.

That's a good segue. Ocean's 13.

Dan: Yeah. There you go.

Sidey: Their exit strategy is that the whole highest is doesn't matter if they get rich, as long as everyone wins money and they take money off bank, paid by opportunity But the exit strategy to get everyone out of the casino is to fake a kind of earthquake.


they have the Digger that did the channel tunnel Under an underground

with Don.


Reegs: that fucking huge thing. I think that's called the TBM. Yeah,

Howie: It was for sale for 115,000 pounds two years

Sidey: Really? They paid millions in this film for it.

Howie: Well, it was 2001.

Sidey: True. It was a long time ago.

Reegs: W how much is in the podcast fund?

Sidey: 260 quid. at the

Howie: We can make a proper man

Sidey: so there's lots of tunnel creation footage in this one and it's Don Cheadle, but he fucks off. They give him those a porn mags at one point So keep him occupied.

Yeah. And then the two clowns

take over and they, they break one. I think they have to get the one that dug on the other side. And then they do, it does work. They do create These

Reegs: so that's a tunnel being created in the


Howie: just don't cheat. Which, which one is it where Don Cheadle changes his


Sidey: lost it by this time. He's, it's, It's phased out

much like Scarlet witch and stuff like that. where they're Like, I didn't really understand why they made him a Cockney in the first one

And it's So nonsensical And they've obviously realized the error, their based phased out by this time. He's just kind of

speaking. Normally I'd

say I really liked. this movie. I wouldn't say at the cinema with my mate and he fell asleep, but I did not. Yeah,

you're correct, Jim.

Dan: well,

I'm, I'm probably with my last one here that I remember off the top of my head, which is the call.

Howie: Oh, yeah. Now technically, is there a tunnel in

Reegs: a tunnel

Howie: machine is

Sidey: all needs an entrance and an exit? It's actually probably 13. doesn't count.

Dan: just the same way.

Reegs: Well, he's, it's the entrance, but an entrance and an exit is separate things.

Howie: Oh no,

Reegs: unless they drilled all the way through the earth,

Dan: I think they did. They

Howie: but they weren't making a supporting structure on the way out, which they weren't ocean

Dan: well this this was a disaster film, so it may be a disaster nomination

as well,

but it was a Hilary Swank

Reegs: Hillary is

Howie: That's one of the worst


Dan: net car and and their, their mission is to drill to the center of the earth.

Reegs: I actually quite liked this movie. It's

Howie: So do I,

Dan: it was, it was silly.

Howie: watch it. It's just like,

Dan: It was silly and all the rest of it, but it was very watchable. And you got into it, you know, it was, it was escapism for it at Wal you know, I

Howie: the machine is made out of unobtainium

Dan: there you go. I mean, this, this is the kind of quality, you know

Howie: Uh

my next one is a particular favorite of mine. It is tremors the 1990 film, small desert town of perfection, Nevada with Kevin bacon and Al Bassett. And it's all to do with a series of mysterious deaths and a concern seismologist who gets some unusual readings and they find a giant worm-like monster hungry for human flesh.

Special effects artists, Alec Gillis dropped the idea of a turtle like neck. When someone alleged that their monsters blubbery folds resembled a giant force skin. The producer said that when we would fax the drawings over all the office, secretaries in would pass them around and giggle. The other fact about this film, and this is one to be wary of.

If you show it to your kids motion, picture of America association, best known for its infamous rating system allows a one. I didn't know. A one non-sexual F-word per script in a PG 13. Yeah. So tremors takes advantages of this at the 34 minutes and seven mark. When Kevin Bacon's bow tells a recently killed, grabbed Boyd to fuck off.

Yeah. Which is great

Reegs: The one foot rule.

Howie: yeah, I didn't know that. And my kids were watching that and I thought, you know what? This is actually quite a deep, quite a funny film with a bit of terror in it, but not enough to shut them up because the Magnus likes jaws and stuff like that. And then he comes out with the F bomb and he, oh,

Reegs: what

Dan: was

it comedic or

Howie: Yes. Comedic is comedic.

Dan: In which, I mean, it's in ITI, he goes son of a bitch

Reegs: Well, my kids

Dan: at one point

Reegs: other day

Dan: kids love,

Reegs: you know, when somebody stepped off the curb basically right in front of the car and

Sidey: yeah,

Reegs: well, no, it was just an initial reaction. They heard that guns I'll give you a couple, a movie that was allegedly too subtle for people to understand that it was a satire was Paul Verhoeven's, 1997 Starship troopers that had a good amount of tunneling action in the bugs. I think they were on somewhere called

something like that.

Yeah us with Jordan Peele, second movie after get out, which I think we, yeah, we probably need to do both on the pod, so I'll go light on detail, but it is similar sort of fascinating vibe of social horror stuff that he does around experience of racism and stuff.

Really good great tunnel stuff.


bit of fact about how How there's like a huge bit of us infrastructure of abandoned tunnels basically. And it features heavily in the plot, those tunnels. One more that I'm going to mention. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this franchise on the podcast, but I really love the final destination movies.

And they're all fundamentally in the same, you know, you get a detailed premonition, a small group of people avoiding a catastrophe only to be hunted down by death in a series of more and more graphic accidents. And all having that kind of Heath Robinson type structure to them where Rube Goldberg, you know, where it's like a silly thing knocking onto something else and blah, blah, blah.

This is the one with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Yeah. Final destination three. And right at the end they're all on the train and they look like they've cheated death and they basically they're in the train tunnel and there's a huge crash, but it kind of happens as the credits were all. So I don't know whether it counts, but it's definitely

Sidey: Okay Cool.

Couple of doozies, really film wise. I really liked Skyfall

and silver escapes, He hacks in and escapes his whole plan which is kind of linked to the next movie I'm gonna mentioned is to be captured.

And he escapes through, into the London underground. And there's a scene where

bond is being

coached by cue and is it, you need to, you know, they've got that fucking GPS thing. and he's like, you need to go through that door and he can't knock the door down and he says, put your shoulder into it, man,

You know, and he's


joining, you know, and yeah, change is coming. and it's tense.

Is he gonna make it through? Of course it's going to fucking make it through but he shoots the door down and gets through Culminating in him, sort of

getting towards silver.

Silver's looking at him, detonate something and the train

Reegs: train

Sidey: train, but so well-planned, but this is of course.

relying on

English trains being on


So. It doesn't seem that


Reegs: wasn't long after I'm 77, I think as well, because those images of trains being blown up in underground network,

Sidey: great memory for people. Yeah.

Howie: Scuffles also got the other tunnel scene, which is Q not Q M who escapes from the little Scottish Skyfall thing.

And she goes onto the marsh and comes out

Reegs: get CGD dentures tunnel. Yeah.

Sidey: Also the dark Knight has some excellent tunnel

footage where

Reegs: in the tunnel space, elite, a Bain's underground army. He leads in the

Sidey: That's true. Yeah. Well,

Howie: Yeah,

Reegs: exactly

Sidey: I was going for the bit where they're transporting Harvey dent and you get the sequence above.

ground. And then

Reegs: I think

that's more of an underpass to be honest, rather than a tunnel. I don't know that that is a tunnel.

Howie: Please come out of the tunnel.

Reegs: There's like ramps that come down and go, I don't, I would like to know that that was a completely enclosed structure before we allowed it on the

Sidey: time that'd be my nomination. So we can at least talk about it.

Is spray paid an S or in front of the line. to make it slaughter, which is great. And they he's firing a sort of machine pistol, was kind of thing. And you don't say these things are built, to take that on there. And he says, yeah, they'll need something much bigger to get through.

straight away. The joker pulls out a bazooka fires that. And it's this chase scene has Batman in his car, which then gets destroyed and you get to see the latest gadget, which is the bat pod. I think they call it the motorbike essentially.

And that whole sequence is fucking, really cool.

and fucking 10 out of 10 movie,

But possibly not allowable for this

Reegs: Yeah, because it might not be a tunnel.

I'm not convinced of it's tunnel

Dan: authenticity.

One I'm trying to think back onto is an old black and white film. That was, it was like an alien invasion and it was this young kid and they, they inject you in the back of the, the, it might have been, it came from outer space, like a 1950s film or something, and they had tunnels under the.

The ground where the aliens were living and everything, my opin body snatches young light in it and everything, but it was one of those films that we're talking about tunnels. I just remembered the creepy scene of them going down. And they had the army in there and slowly, slowly age would be picking off people and taking their, their minds.

They would send them back into the world and everything, but they were changed. Then it was one of those classic and they did it well in the, in the fifties, all those kind of creepy tunnel scenes and everything. It was a really good one that I can't remember the name of. it's quite pointless.

Howie: I'll I'll rattle through the end of my list.

The latest version of total recall, they've got the tunnel that goes through the earth from the UK to the colony.

Reegs: Yeah, that's fucking stupid. I thought that was a Lyft don't they call it a

Howie: the tunnel men in black tunnel where Tommy Lee Jones tells him to put a seatbelt on and he ignores him and they flip upside down.

It's the Brooklyn tunnel.

Reegs: Ooh, I'm not sure that would have been a good tunnel.

I did have that on my list.

Howie: They've got Elvis playing and they're upside down. Hell boy. There's lots of sewer tunnels that he gets thrown under in their Ghostbusters, the pink river of slime, the tunnel in that.

Reegs: Ghostbusters too with

Howie: Is it good to

Sidey: cause then they go into the restaurant?

Reegs: Yes.

Winston gets run over by a ghost

Sidey: train.

Howie: and fantastic. Mr. Fox, the animated one, ah, the tunnel from bogus Bahnsen bean.

Sidey: oh, that's really good.


Howie: My kids love that one. A terrible film daylight with Sylvester Stallone.

Reegs: I've not seen

Howie: That's horrific. But my tunnel for Jersey viewers, viewers. Yeah, because we're listening

Reegs: I know what it's going to be

Howie: is the magic tunnel in Jersey that was in rack where you would go in from the town center and appear in the north coast magically

Reegs: Well each week you just go through that time and all it could just take you to a different part of the island as

Howie: Literally go from town to Goree within a 250 odd stretch of the tunnel

Sidey: Unapologetically love that show.

Howie: Persia rack.

Reegs: there's the I robot tunnel ambush. You are experiencing a car accident and there's the robot punches through the thing. It's

Howie: you are driving an Audi.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. That's what I put in here about this. Some Superbowl product placement for Audi and that

Sidey: all the Avengers films, rowdy stuff as well. yeah.

Reegs: Cloverfield, which is about a bunch of mostly dislikable young professionals, but there's a great scene where they get savaged in. I didn't wasn't sure whether an underground, like subway was part like really what we were considering.

Sidey: Yeah.

Well, I've got clever. I just bring it down


She gets a bite and they're trying to get her through the tunnels.


Reegs: then they switched the night vision on and you see that there's all

the little mini Clover fields coming through.

It was pretty cool. Rambo last.

Has anybody seen it? It's the

Howie: yes, Mexico, the Mexican dude. Yeah. And he's brought an intricate tunnel system under his yard.

Reegs: Exactly. Yeah, it does. Perhaps. I think the worst thing a sequel can do, which is just break all the rules established, established in the previous movies. He's a gifted guerrilla warfare fighter.

Colonel Trautman his words, not mine. He'll kill your entire army by himself and you won't see him coming until it's too late. And in this one, he ends up going out to Mexico cause his daughter's in drug trafficking. It's not his daughter. It's on a ranch, the drug she's in drug trafficking or sex trafficking or sex drug trafficking or something.

Howie: sex

Sidey: drug,

Howie: sexy drug trafficking.

Reegs: And then anyway, he gets within an inch of his life on this Mexican place and branded with a cat line and then he takes them back. They follow him back to the ranch and he has got this.

Sort of underground network of tunnels that he's created underneath the ranch. And then the last 15 minutes is just extreme and brutal violence.

It's like all manner of decapitations and there's two poor bastards who are dropped into this pit with like spikes on it. And there's all like guts coming out in any sprays them with machine gunfire, which really does seem

Sidey: We've seen it time.

and time again.

Dan: we have, we have, we've

Reegs: Yeah. So that that's some pretty good tunnel action.

Dan: I've I've got one more. The 33. Do you ever see that A movie about the Chilean miners? Antonio Banderas was the main guy in it, but yeah, well, he was older than that then, but he was

the, the, the film, obviously based around those, the true story of the 33 Chilean miners that tunnel down to find.

Reegs: Well, was that really a tunnel? Lou?

Dan: way I said tunneled

Reegs: Yeah, I did.

I did. Yeah, that was

Dan: but it was a decent movie and it was I remember the, the story. It was a fantastic story. They got everybody out and I remember Lucci coming to fancy dress down at St ones and him and Dale coming in Chile and mine, her outfits, like, you know, just like orange, orange jumpsuits.

Sidey: Didn't one of the minors.

get rescued And

his wife and

his girlfriend were there.

Dan: Yeah. I mean, they all became big celebrities and everything, but yeah, it was all unfolded on top and they, they showed that kind of scene in the movie where he was like, oh, might stay down here.

Sidey: One last one for

me was Indiana Jones

and the pronouncement crusade where the plane chases them through the tunnel, kind of similar to a mission. improbable. And

yeah, the wings get cut off.

and it exposed them.

blah, blah.

So let's now put those into a top four.


Sidey: How are you going to talk with him?

Howie: I'm going to go for diehard three.

Sidey: Thanks,

Reegs: Rambo. Last blood.

Sidey: Dan.

Dan: It's a great escape for me.

Sidey: Who framed Roger rabbit for me.

Dan: Okay.

Lot of good tunnels

Sidey: great tunnel content? You

Reegs: we haven't mentioned your favorite tunnel, please let us know

Sidey: and you'll have loads, but just try and keep it to one title. if

you can

guys. Bad news. This week. No cheese.

That was unfortunately to explosion at a French cheese factory.

Dan: No,

Sidey: nothing left, but oh,

sorry. I'll leave the checks to you,

Dan: Don't

Sidey: So in that case, let's just pile straight into this week's movie, which I

nominated. And I have to say, I think I missed this one because of the subject matter. Not because I had some sort of parenting responsibility,

I just

didn't fancy watching a film about the financial

crash of 2008. it just seemed too

Howie: reminds me of being reminded me, of being made redundant that year because of it.

Sidey: Yeah.

I worked, you know, many of

us work in finance and it just didn't really appeal to me, but having said.


Dan: well, three out four dads here, I guess.

Sidey: Yeah.

I nominated

it and

seemed to start pretty well from the get-go.

Dan: Well, it's a who's who of who can act.

Sidey: knew

about the cost, obviously

the, the, the promo

stuff for

it had all the, Was worth shouting about, because it's got Steve corral, it's Ryan

Gosling Brad Pitt Christian.

bale. So that's

like a fucking all star cast. So I

wasn't put off in that respect. It's the story of the 2008 financial

crash and

the big short being that there were a

certain group

of people who, were one in particular who predicted it

and they showed the market to try

and make some


on the predicting that this would happen

Dan: So, so short means to bet against

Sidey: Yeah. Typically.

Howie: and, and, and that what you've just said there, Dan is something that the filmmakers took into context, which is, this is. Specialist subject. And so throughout the film through a variety of means, it's explained

Dan: that's it, these Metta moments that you just,

Reegs: starts to move. He literally, by talking to the camera and saying that the world of banking is very boring. So, you know, I mean, w from the get-go they know they've got quite a lot of work to do because there's technical terms to explain about finance and how those things

Sidey: my favorite moment of that is when they go here's Margot Robbie in a bubble bar to explain that it literally is microbiome. You just explained something and then just like, fuck off.

Dan: wait

Reegs: But in essence

Dan: storytelling, isn't it? Because they know it's boring. So let's have Margot Robbie in a bubble bath and brilliant.

Reegs: we get the history. If you like, of how things started.

A guy called Louis Ranieri created a thing, a plan for something called mortgage backed securities, which is basically like a whole bunch of mortgages on homes aggregated together and then sold to a group of individuals into, into a security that investors can buy basically.

And because everybody was paying their mortgages, there was no problem. And this was all great. It was all low risk.

Dan: who doesn't pay their

Howie: Well it was also because mortgages in those days were only given to people who could prove without doubt by tragedy that a mortgage was a suitable vehicle, financial vehicle for them to be

Dan: invested in.


Reegs: Yeah,

Howie: And that's why it worked.

Reegs: But we then sort of cut to Michael burry is Christine Berg. who's gone full method in this. I believe he gave himself the COVID vaccination to get autism and had an eye removed because he's just great in this. And he spends basically isn't the entire movie sitting in his chair, pretty

Dan: much listening to

Reegs: looking at spreadsheets and stuff.

And he's amazing in this. But he he's having an interview. Isn't he? And he's explaining about what he ends up explaining about the I in the interview that it was a childhood illness.

Dan: he's

doing the interviewing as well. He's not being interviewed.

 speaking to this guy across the way who's who's looking for a job and he's the one giving all this info. And this guy is just like isn't a norm. This isn't a normal

Sidey: Peewee football.

Reegs: Yeah.

And his eye falling out on the pitch

Dan: I was as a child. And obviously you had this trauma and everything, but it, wherever path is taken him, there, he is the guy who basically predicted in 2005, maybe that, that

Howie: his, his analysis, his analysis was 2005 where he began to see patterns in the underlying shitness

Reegs: Well, he saw things in things. He saw rising rates in mortgage delinquencies, and they talk about this, which is when a mortgage is unpaid for 30 days or more. And he spotted this trend. And then, so then he asks this analyst guy at the interview, just go and get me the list of the top 20 selling mortgage bonds.

And he's a slightly oh, gay

Sidey: I've got the job. and he's like, But there'll be w thousands of mortgages. He's like, yup. Yup.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: That's fine. Go find a desk. Just like go find a desk

Reegs: He's a kind of venture capitalist. He's got, well, he's an investor,

Howie: he's a money manager. I

Sidey: couldn't figure out what.

was to the fella for the older guy that

he speaks to on the phone. was that because it was his mother.


Reegs: This is money too.

But that it's part of, he's the investment manager in Saigon capital and so on capitalism bank as well. Right. So

Howie: it's an asset house of sorts. Yeah. I think it's an asset house. He's a money manager, but he's got full authority over the money that he's managing. Basically everybody underneath him is admin. Providing him with resources when he needs,

Reegs: it.

This is conceivable because there were places over here that are very

Howie: much

Reegs: operate in that kind of style.

Howie: He's managing about three, 400 million.

I think that's what he said. Yeah.

Reegs: After we get bail, you know, starting his quest, we then get mark Baum Steve Carell's character, there's a counseling session that's going on.

And he just strides in, I think he's on his phone. He's complaining about some

Dan: just this one. Guy's like given out his, his heart and everything, and he just storms in oblivious to everything much.

Like Hydrus interrupted this conversation to completely destroy this guy and the conversation.


Sidey: swearing.

as old as

Dan: swearing. He's called out. He doesn't give a shit and then he just walks out again and we get a good

Reegs: session, has a rant. Doesn't he about how, you know, straight away it's clear how much he despises big banking. And this was based on a real guy, but it wasn't the real name. I don't think his brother committed suicide that comes out at this point. It was strongly hinted at isn't it.

And is it implied to be as a result of financial problems? Or

Howie: no, no, no. The, you understand that halfway through the film, he suddenly says, my brother saw my brother opened up to me and the first thing I said was, do you want some money?

What? And he basically is saying what a fucking turd I was for even saying that.

Reegs: Anyway is doing his homework. Isn't he? Yeah. And he's reviewing the list of clients.

Sidey: Yeah. He's convinced that this is a bubble and everyone that he speaks to is like, well, you can't bet against the housing

market. That's

the, That's the

shore thing,

That is just that wall.

Howie: but he's got, he's got an exact date when it will happen and he's bang on. Cause he says last when the mortgage renewal,


Reegs: second quarter 2007.

Yeah. It's when a

Dan: got it

Reegs: a fixed rate mortgages become variable rates. And he knew

Sidey: the rates will go up and people will default Yeah.

Reegs: So he goes to the banks to try and create this new product

Dan: is a true story.

This is crazy. So he goes to the bank to create a bond, to bet against mortgages that has, he needs them to invent it. And they do because he's going to throw a load of money.

Reegs: Well, he has to pay a premium.

Dan: he's going to pay a premium and they're laughing at him because they don't literally laughing at him because they have not done the research that he has

Sidey: Well, they say all we can give you,

I can't remember that, that. figure, but let's just say 10 million. And he says, well, can we make it a hundred million, or whatever it is. they are the multipliers. And they are just like, well, yeah, of course, because you're

just giving us money.

You're going to lose. So, And then we get cut scenes where he just goes into every financial institution and does this,

Dan: what's really clever though, in that first part where he's agreeing to deal. So you assume then he goes, may that same deal in each and every other bank is that he says, I want to set something up just in case you can't

you know, because he knows how deep this is going to cut and how difficult it will be.

Although he doesn't actually appreciate how difficult it will be to get the money in the ends,

Reegs: because

Dan: you can't, you couldn't anticipate what would happen,

Sidey: but he has, well,

Dan: but he knows that

Reegs: He understands the consequences. I think already he may be the only one who does understands the consequences of what will happen when it's bad,

Sidey: Steve Carell figures it out, but

Dan: but figures it out.

Sidey: But

Kristen bell Michael burry, whatever

his name is, he has stayed in the house. He has all their Liquidity which is $1.3 billion on this

and his partner, or the senior guy that he's keeps speaking to

then actually comes and sets. foot in the office and was like, I want my fucking

money back.

You're a fucking maniac. This is you know, you're betting against the only sure-fire thing out there, I want my fucking money back.

Give me my fucking money back.

Dan: No, no, don't trust him. They don't

Sidey: try.

Dan: him on this deal. This, this, this is crazy though, who doesn't pay their mortgage, you know, but they do that. This is really good.

This part, isn't it. When they go to the actual houses of the people that are paying the mortgages, supposedly

Reegs: what Bari has discovered is that the mortgages and securities that are being sold now are not the triple a great rated debt of the past. When the mortgages were invented, they are being kind of allowed to, to go in multiple directions, to multiple people.

And the stack of debt that sold now to investors is, is made up almost entirely of the crap stuff that has been, rerated as a diverse portfolio, because it's a load of shit over a big structure. They go, oh, it's diversified the investment. And it's all. Okay. So they're

Sidey: It's that word that we heard a lot Of

at the time and probably had never heard of poach subprime.

they classify them as subprime and their theory is that because you've got, it's all subprime within this bond, but maybe one or two of them might go,

it's diversified



it's still safe When in reality, all they are is just fucking marketing packaging, something

that shines and selling it to you.

Reegs: Yeah. Which is explained way better in the movie.

Like you said, by Margot

Sidey: by

Reegs: and the bath drinking champagne,

Dan: I've made a three word summary here for my notes. He says subprime equals shit. And that may have been a quote from the film as well, because they, they soon tweak onto this and there's, there's enough people interested such as Ryan Gosling's

Sidey: He demonstrates it with Jenga blocks.

Dan: Yes. Very

well Yeah

Sidey: them up like you do with Jenga. Then you take out. Some of the subprime They BS, I think

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: you've got a

Reegs: Eight triple

Sidey: H with us and then he takes them out. And obviously, you know, it's a house of cards it. all falls down. Well, how

Dan: a triple plus we're. Okay. And then just about every other one was gettable. Wasn't it? It was, it was looking like all the rest of them in history anyway, were a bit shaky. There was most of those Jenga pieces where we're ready to tumble.

Reegs: Gosling's heard about this at a party because all the bankers are laughing, basically getting together that, oh, we've sold this product.

You can't believe it. It's a credit default swap is what the thing is called a it's against that. Let everybody can't believe it, but he's heard about it. And he. Proposes to where he's trying to phone somewhere. Isn't he it's like, and they

Sidey: that's the wrong number?

Reegs: there's a wrong number.

Dan: They've taken this call. I haven't made it just by mistake, by And it is actually

Reegs: Steve Carell.

Dan: true This part, I think you are our, yeah,

Reegs: And there's a load of terrific actors in this scene.

There's a guy called Vinnie. Is Jeremy Strong. That's on succession. Do you watch that

Sidey: money, man? Who's quite.


Reegs: He's the, yes,

Sidey: he was great. I really liked. him.

Reegs: And Hamish, Linklater plays, Porter, the sort of a more sort of posh one basically. And then you've got Rafe Spall as well. He's another actor I really like in that.

Sidey: the optimistic.

Reegs: And that's when you get Anthony Bordain to talk about these collect collateralized debt obligations. Yeah. Go on to,

Howie: No, I was going to say, he says, when you've got old fish leftover and you throw it into a pot and make fish soup, and even it's three days old and all this, and that's basically just making a metaphor for what these guys are packaging together to work the financial system that is seemingly unbreakable and instead so heavily institutionalized and backed by everybody, it cannot go.

So you're now in a situation where you've got two interests, you've got Ron Goslin, you've got Steve Carell's crew and you've got Christian bale. So you've got three parties now betting against the house or

Reegs: it. Yeah. And then you get another couple.

Sidey: Brownfield.

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: Charlie and Jamie,

Dan: the young

Reegs: John Magaro is the only one that he's the sort of more nerdish one of the two is the one I recognized they're waiting to meet from, with someone from JP Morgan.

Sidey: This was interesting because this is my mindset of, they had started with a hundred grand and built that up to 30, I'd be like, wait, done,

where they are looking to kick on and make more money, you know, get rich.

I'm like, you've already, made it

Howie: you got 30 million and you live it in what? Looks like a shithole.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: They, they have that 110 K I think Charlie saved it up from something to do with boating.

So they're already pretty tough anyway, but they've created this brownfield hedge site and they need to get this instant agreement, but they're sort of laughed out of there because you need like one and a half billion dollars to be able to have, this is the agreement

Dan: or a incredible contact called Ben recur.

Reegs: Brad


Dan: And then he, he seems to get you into the scene then doesn't he's he brings you up to speed of somebody who knows the business as dropped out though, and is the perfect candidate to get involved in something like this,

Reegs: where he's this sort of

Dan: like all the financial side is shit. He's, he's dropped out.

Reegs: He's exactly

Howie: predicted COVID five

Dan: Exactly.

Sidey: He's like a sort of anti mentor in that he gets it, exactly. He knows exactly what's going to happen if this comes true.



kind of,


Reegs: well, because he's kind of a hippy guru thing, but his intellectual curiosity is piqued by this as well.

Dan: That's why he, he's the kind of guy who's got so much going on and his time is so precious that he wouldn't get involved in anything unless he saw the potential.

And he's one of the smart ones. As soon as it's put in front of him, he looks at it and says, yeah, this is different. This is there's something in this where it escapes so many others. And his bringing up the, the brownfield boys gets them a seat at the big table and they can start putting some serious wage down on, on short in the housing market.


Howie: I didn't really understand that, but about, I knew what the installs for. It was like a trading license based on your

assets, but how Penn record didn't have 1.6 billion,

Dan: He, but he had, he had the contacts that would give him the nod and basically it, yeah, he, he knew enough about the business and was trusted enough.

He he'd basically just stepped out at that table. So he knew enough people around him that he said, look, get me a place, these boys and my

Sidey: Well, when You're

showing your you're agreeing to buy something at a future price. So you needed to go in your favor and then you pay

out less than what you're going to get back for that sale

it's like

selling, you know?

Howie: Yeah, I get that, but I just didn't understand Ben Ricketts part in it.

Dan: heavy influence.


Howie: mean. It's like he got them to the table.

Dan: Yeah, exactly. Without, without him, they would need the money, but there's always a way isn't there. There's some it's who, you


Howie: I,

found it strange.

It the, the, the film you're, you're watching the film, your vault up by the door, disgusting nature of the banking industry. You're being holy than now with yourself going, how could they possibly do that? Yet? Most of us exist in a world that requires all the banking industry in all, its various facets, not these ones.

But you find yourself rooting for somebody, for a group of people of which all bar Steve corral are looking to gain financial success like the banks. And as the story progresses, corrals becomes more of a moral judgment and a crusade, but it's a weird flux in your feelings. Cause you're like you're re Ryan Gosling's character.

There isn't really anything redeemable. He is looking to make a buck. Yeah.

Dan: Ryan Gosling.

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: He's just a salesman.

Howie: just a salesman and he's pretty seedy.

Sidey: He's racist. He said, he says about My quantity,

and they're like, What And he's like, This guy doesn't speak Chinese Didn't speak. any English

Howie: He doesn't foot breaks the fourth wall. Well, actually I do speak English.

I was second in the Chinese mathematics championship, but he likes me to play dumb and say that I want it. And you're like,

Reegs: they go off separately Baume and his team. And the two young guys to kind of investigate some trends that they're seeing those mortgage delinquencies we were talking about earlier abandoned property.

So that's where we get seen where they go. They encounter a guy it's like a ghost town and there's like they knock on the door and a guy's renting there and the family's there and the owner is defaulted on the house and he's going to be evicted and he doesn't know about it. And there's like an alligator in the swimming pool.


Dan: crazy. Yeah. Yeah. It's like that. Yeah. As you say,

Howie: huge areas, huge areas of islands were like, this

Reegs: and then bound goes off and he meets a whole load of like real estate agents and bankers and stuff. And they're just fucking dickheads, basically, just like, you know, they talk about this incredible thing that I had no idea existed called a ninja loan, no income, no job.

And it's like,

Dan: crazy stuff that is actually true.

Reegs: And, and he meets a stripper, who's got five homes and the condo, and she's got multiple mortgages against them and she believes that she can refinance them at any time. But she's exactly one of the people who's going to be crippled when those variable rates stop and the,

Dan: car coming, as soon as he has that, because he's in the, it's quite a good scene actually, isn't it?

Because he's in the in the strip joint and instead of getting a shot, he's just, can you just sit down?

I don't just talk to me. I don't want the strip.

And she's telling him about all these condos and everything, and then he's on the blower straight away. It's like, it's a bubble. Get me off this. This is crazy.

You know,

Reegs: Well, but one thing that what's crazy about it is everybody agreeing how all of this debt that's being accumulated by everybody. Unpayable debt in lots and lots of cases and debt stacked on top of other debt. It's still being rated with this AAA rating and the two young guys I think go off to investigate don't they, she

Dan: that really got me there

Reegs: Well, this woman is literally wearing like, she's they make something about, she's got a cataract operation or something she's literally wearing black goggles she's blindfolded. and she explains that eventually she's like, they have to rate these, they know it's junk, but they have to rate it as prime because the banks are telling them to, is it

Howie: Yeah. Cause he says to her, we've known each other for years. And then she says, you didn't hear me say this, but if we don't rate them

Sidey: they just go down the road,

Howie: go down the road to Moody's and do that.

Reegs: But, and he's like calling her out on it and she's like, yeah, but you're a hypocrite. And you're just like, yeah, yeah,

Dan: yeah. This, this system is all as bad as each other and, and everything else in, in this in this story you have that, that scene though, where Ben Wicker, Brad Pitt's character and the brown field gang and everything who investigate in this are really pissed off at Steve Carroll's team really pissed off as is Ryan Goslin, you know, you can't understand how they're not reassessing these triple plays, you know how they're not reassessing this, their star rating and, and, and still coming in.

And they do it for months while they having to pay these premiums and still fend off there. they investors and everything who is still laughing, you know, some of them and saying that it will never happen. It will never happen. And you just see the strength because any other commodity, anything else would have probably collapsed.

You know, if it had just been a smaller thing with the same

Reegs: well bales investment fund has gone to

shit it's absolutely been destroyed. And he's

Dan: it on the chin here. Yeah.

Reegs: he's got a lot of pressure from the rest of the team.

He's had to let people go,

Howie: And he's always writing on his board.

Sidey: We keep, we keep getting that glimpse of

the top left-hand corner of the port has got a percentage

figure on

Dan: It should have been 15% before they, they start paying out a starts off at 0.4 or something.

Reegs: They're so baffled, Bauman his team by what is going on this huge amount of debt and stuff that they decide to go to Las Vegas, where there's this big meeting of the American securities organization, which is basically.

It's kind of all the experts in all the world, in the financial industry, in this particular field of these collateralized debt obligations all getting together to talk about it.

 This guy called Bruce Miller. He's the he's basically sitting there saying I would buy bear Stearns shares. Everything's fine.

And it's tanking. It's tanking everybody on the audience realizes this guy's a total idiot. He's the one who's supposed to know everything, but it's literally, as he's saying it, it's tanking. It is actually true that moment as well. Yeah. That

Dan: a lot of this, I think, you know, because of the way that

it it shocked It's it's all fish scenes, isn't it? I mean, it's, it's that kind of thing. There's not, there's an auditorium and stuff, but they're, they're true scenes that they're shooting. And I find that really interested in, in the fact that, you know, these are, you know, affected the whole world really. I

Reegs: well. It has, but the big thing, and this is the scandal and this is where I was. I mean, this whole movie made me fucking pissed off, but this spirit in particular where it's all crashing down, everything starting to go, banks are starting to go, but, and everybody's still pretending everything's okay.


Howie: Yeah. They're, they're too afraid to admit it. They think it will pass and they're backing up their debt with even more of their own debt,

Dan: why'd you think that is? Do you think that

Howie: too big to

Reegs: Well, because, because they know what will happen and what will happen is.


it crashes, which it inevitably does, the taxpayer bails him out and it's okay.

And in that is really that's what's, you know, that's basically what happens at the end of the movie. You get a lot of soul searching from Steve Carell and that sort of stuff, but that's the real world implication of it. Yeah.

Dan: you think it is like personally because financially this lot are going to be okay. You know, the people that are making the decisions and things they're going to, they're going to ride food this way.

It's, it's a lot of those people on those mortgages that when we went to the ghost town and we saw those people who were, and the, and the, the, the girl, when they're in the strip club, who's got, you know, try to be an entrepreneur and, and make a few investments in things. They're the ones that are really going to feel the sting.

Whereas the rest of them, yes, you're going to do it, but it's not going to directly affect you. It's going to affect

Sidey: well it does affect a lot better When you have the

scene where it's Lehman brothers that goes, isn't it. and

you, you

have the thing of

everyone leaving the building

and you get the brownfield guys who weren't

allowed in,

there. they go out to a guys, we need to go and

have a look around you know, And

he says, come on, can I have your pass? And this guy was like, fuck, it. I don't need it.

You know,

we'd gone. like the whole thing is fucked. And

so they get a couple of passes. And as everyone who's exiting the building. They just go in to have a nose around the

office and see

what it was all like. But

you know, if you talk

about the, this, this,

this Israel, but it talks about the reality of it is like you say break the taxpayer,

If I went bust, no, one's going to step in and say, don't worry, we'll help you out? But because this is so massive

because this is so massive, they cannot all be as high overhead you know, in the UK, that was, that's now part owned by the taxpayer because although this did cause a massive recession and years of austerity and stuff like that,

it would have been so much

worse if


Dan: he was allowed to

Sidey: to fundal, the goaling


Reegs: And then nobody gets done for it. That's the fucking thing.

Dan: One guy, one

Reegs: And you've seen all the way through like catastrophic arrogance and

Dan: and they did show this in this film, which, which, which I think the film needed to, to acknowledge and appreciate. And they, they showed that, well, I think in this film that there was that it just went too far.

You know what I mean? Everybody wants to make some money, keep the economy going and everything like that, but the greed took over. And I think that that was shot well in this film. I think, you know, they did capture those moments. Yeah.

Howie: Goodness of that couple of analysts from, I think it was Goldman Sachs, the man and the woman who were just jumping over themselves to get Christian Bell's money. Yeah. It was, it w you could just see the glee and then the, but then at the end, the fear, the sweat, the panic, and the, the conversations, the way that they did that, you could just see that when Steve Crow went into the office and he saw people like leaving and crying and holding their boxes, and he like walked into office, how bad is it?

And she basically tells him it's about five times worse than the worst that he thought it was going to be as like 15 billion as opposed to 3 billion. focuses on Carell's character of him just really. Nobody's won here. Although he effectively has with a couple of hundred million, Nope.

The, the society that he is always prominent for because he hates the machine. He hates the banking machine that he works for. That's causes catastrophic domino effect because they will get away with it because

Reegs: Well, no, but nobody was held liable. Nobody was accountable. They started the end text of the movie, says two, really chilling and terrifying things.

In my opinion, one is that the banks in 2015 started selling something called a strong shell, something, which was basically the CDO thing by any other name. And the other thing is

Dan: which case they really should be just, you know, seizing these assets in some way, shape or form not repackage

Reegs: leads much heavier regulation.

And the other thing that is truly terrifying on an existential level, if you think about it is that burry Christian Bale's character is, is a shorted water.

Howie: Yeah, that was the, yes.

Reegs: So you're just like, oh, okay

Dan: I've heard this for

Reegs: Yeah, I know, but it's

Dan: I mean, this, this, this is you know, anything you need to live in a, in a, in a population that's ever increasing is gonna become

Howie: well, why would you shorter?

Sidey: What's the plot of quantum of solace. It's all, isn't it.

Yep. It's all about controlling the water,

Howie: But what I'm trying to look up.

Dan: no, they'll find better with a blue planet

Reegs: the water shortage at the moment. The market says,

Howie: oh, he's predicting a water shortage, but he's not saying that the price of water will drop.

Reegs: No, he's saying that the price of water will go exponentially high.

Howie: Okay.

And he made a small fortune.

Reegs: Yeah. I mean, this is, has been, you were right to point that out earlier. How are you so difficult movie to talk about? Because it's a serious angry movie about a technical subject that has a kind of playful and narcotic tone to it. And it's like ,

Dan: the fact that you've got characters that, you know, and or people, actors that, you know it helps you grasp the subject a little bit more because you're interested in them and.

The characters that they play and the little moments that just cut through it, like Margo in the, in the shower in the, in the

Sidey: No, they did. They they used

a lot of good clever techniques, filmmaking wise

Reegs: to

Sidey: liven up the film, because it, it would have been a real danger of being just horrendously dry, even with great performances and all

that And the story

being interesting. Like you say, it's a very nice subject, but it's a technical


about mortgages and the subprime debt,

Which when you say it like that, you think

Christ, and that's why I didn't want to watch the film.

for such a long time, but they

do it. They do throw

enough at


within the film

to keep it fresh and to make it interesting.

And it is very dramatic


Howie: I particularly enjoyed the way that it was filmed with Steve. Carol speaks to the chapter, the teppanyaki restaurant, and it keeps coming back to Ryan Gosling and your boss's head is about to explode and he's there writing all his notes down, going, oh my God.

And just the dawning realization of how bad it is, how bad it's getting worse and worse and worse as this guy regales his story of how rich he's been. And this bloke is not helping whatsoever and is actually showing how fucking awful the whole situation is and he's loving it. And he's, and his last point is how much are you worth and how much am I worth?

And Steve Carol just walks away and goes, I want you to show everything that that man deals with. And, and the unscrupulous nature of traders is a very stereotypical subject that you, sorry, cliche subject from, for such films as wall street, Gordon gecko.

This is genuinely characters in this are living up to their eighties brethren.

The older yuppie greed is good and it is,

Dan: a kind of gone a full

Howie: yeah, it's not a full circle and it has bit them in the ass. But what the film reveals is, they're now back at it again. And I left watching this from with my wife and we looked at each other and I went, we're not spending any money other than on food and the mortgage.

We are clearing that mortgage or do not want to get caught up in this shit.

Reegs: We've barely talked about Christian bale and he's like amazing. And this movie is such a good performance.

Dan: think there's loads of good performance in this. There, there one of the before we get onto to bios light stellar performance, really there was the, the brownfield guys. You said you recognized the nerdy one earlier.

It was the other one that I'd seen in other things, but I don't remember what I was hoping. One of you guys might be able to remind me of it. Maybe it was a, a TV show or something, but I liked him. I liked both of those coaches as did you know, lots of them play these

Fantastic. Maverick characters, which held the film nicely together, kept my interest all the way through, but Christine bow you're right.

It was,

Sidey: Well, he was

supposed to have

just a one hour


with the real McCoy which

ended up being like a full eight hour, you know, full on thing.

And he asked

him for

some of his clothes, So the clothes

that he wore,

in the film were the clothes of that dude. They were you know, legit and he, he wanted, you know, like he's very

Yeah, He likes to nail

Reegs: Well, he learned to play the drums for two weeks so that

Sidey: you can play

Reegs: the drums

Dan: he he's becoming such a fantastic character actor, Brad Pitt isn't he? I mean, he did bio as well, but I was thinking,

Reegs: right? As well,

Dan: yeah,

Sidey: he had some sort of injury, which he wasn't supposed to swim and they were going to work out all this way

of doing it.

and he said, I'll just, I'll

just do it.

And he was in some sort

of crippling I can even the shoulder or something.

Howie: pain

Sidey: And he just cracked on with

Dan: it.

Reegs: I did quite like thinking about this movie and thinking about like, do you remember the game stop?

Saga. And that was, yeah. So this was like, you know, this was a hedge fund that had shorted the, the game stock shock because it stock because it was going out of business.


Dan: about a year or two ago,

Reegs: a couple of years ago. Yeah, no, wait. It was earlier this year. It was in lockdown. Yeah. And like a subreddit basically organized to purchase stock so that they had a, like a hedge fund and it was, you know, they suddenly had all this under priced stock because it's just an interesting moment of rebellion from the nerd

Howie: the sec stopped that.

Dan: Yeah. The what

Howie: they deemed it inappropriate,

Sidey: Brad Pitt started, but also

produced a nurse. It's the second time. He's produced a book

by Michael Lewis The first one is Moneyball.

Dan: What does a producer do? What would Brad Pitt be doing?

Sidey: Put the money out by the auctions, get it made,

Dan: Getting it put in his name out there as well, I guess a bit. Yeah.

Reegs: Both the score and the soundtrack is super for this.

The score was from the guy who did Moonlight, Nicholas brittle, and it goes from anything from like jazz to hip hop to classical and the soundtrack. You've got a bit of everything on there. You've got blood and thunder by Mastodon. You've got a load of Metallica, including master puppets and appalling version of Nevada's lithium by the polyphonic spree, moneymaker by ludicrous, crazy by Gnarls Barkley, which works both as a commentary on the movie and a time references.

Well, it's pretty clever stuff. I really liked the fact that bale steals a coffee mug from all of the

Howie: banks.

Reegs: that he goes to at the beginning, but it's collecting bones. It's like a serial killer because he knows that those victims, yeah. It's trophy

Dan: going to take a couple of these and they're happy to, oh, you've just spent a hundred billion or whatever it take it away a couple of cups. But as you say, it's, it's trophies.

Sidey: This is directed by Adam

McKay who is usual collaborator We will Farrel.

Dan: federal

Sidey: We always have this problem. So this was the

first serious film that he had done.

I think there was a bit of hesitation because they're like, you're normally like a stupid

sort of

comedy film guy. they said, yes, you can do this, but as long as you

do a sequel to anchorman.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. True factoid.

Reegs: a good one. Yeah, this was good.

Sidey: Very good. How are you?


Howie: Entertained

Sidey: Predicts.

Reegs: Yes. Entertained and angry.

Sidey: Dan.

Dan: Yeah. One of the best financial movies I've

Reegs: seen

Sidey: Yeah. It's the best subprime

collateralized debt

obligation movies I've ever seen.

Howie: with Selena Gomez.

Sidey: Children's

television. This

one is

a series that my daughter.


Binge watched in its entirety, and rarely really likes it.

And she

Reegs: discover it herself?

Sidey: She put

pressure on to make me nominate it. I don't know. The first bit of the title It was in really tiny texts. I think it's just a series of unfortunate


When you drop down into its lemony. Snicket's

Howie: Is, is that the, it's the film called lemony? Snicket's a television it's

Sidey: Is that Jim? Carrey's

Howie: Jim Carrey. And which has caused me issues with this, but

Sidey: This is originally a series of books, I think there's 13 books.


This is a televisual adaptation of it, There are three series on Netflix And we went in at the beginning series one episode, one, the pilot, which if you like, this it was great because it's 50 minutes long. If you didn't like this, it sucks.

It's 50 minutes long. It's the story of the Bowdler children who, whose parents had been killed

in a house fire. and they go to live with Peter fall. So it's all great stuff. for your kids to sit

Howie: You getting worse. Whereas Anderson is that the right? Whereas Anderson vibes off of the whole children being very particular and perfect and their world

Dan: And, and, and the decor of, and the

Sidey: very sort of Gothic and my carbon,

Dan: and it's narrated by this,

Sidey: Snicket's

Dan: that's lemonade. So it's narrated by lemony

Reegs: who's played by Patrick Warburton who I thought looked like. If Don Draper from mad men had been on steroids, for sure.

Sidey: Yeah. I was getting serious.

Don Draper vibes from him.

Yeah, absolutely.

Reegs: So yeah, he narrates, in fact, I think when he starts, he says he like waits for us to turn off. Cause he's like, oh, this is you know, you shouldn't be, you shouldn't be watching this. It's terrible. It's there's it's not happy. It's there's no good parts

Sidey: So the vibe.

of this.

I was watching it thinking, fuck, like

my daughters watched all of this and it's really fucking bleak and dark

Reegs: It is

Sidey: and my daughter. So even before she'd watch this Sometimes at night if she was having difficulty sleeping, she would have bad dreams or just even bad.


About fires. and she doesn't even like, to say the word. She just says, fuck And this whole fucking thing. is about the fucking house. fire, really?

And I was like, oh,

We kind of wished I'd paid more attention.

to what she was watching when

Reegs: watching

Sidey: going through this,

because it is fucking


Howie: Well, th th th th I really enjoyed the I was under a lot of stress with the cinematography part where he must have timed it beautifully where lemony, Snicket's giving an overview of a lit match and it's burning and I'm like, it's burning. It's going to burn your fingers. And then he, and then he likes another one and goes again, and it, and it's just very well done.

And it's, again, it sets the tone of the bleakness and the you'd think that this tail would end in some form of reprisal where all the characters live happily ever after. But it's worse than that. And that's what the whole thing is. Everything is going to be terrible. I'm forewarning you of

Dan: And, and then it kind of continue certainly for this episode.

And I've, I've binged watched this with my daughter a while back and it, it doesn't really, you know, it delivers, it gives us some honesty there. It says it's not going to be particularly bleak and, and lots of the episodes just end in not kind of, oh, you know, that that's the way it is. Like, you know, it doesn't have a lot of, you know, happy ending to it all the time, which I think is, is fun.

It's good. It's not, it's not

Sidey: it's, it's a refreshing change to everything being nicey, nicey, happy, blah.

blah, blah.

Reegs: I can see why it's popular. It's just that sort of nihilistic roll doll type attitude to the world where all the adults are villains. And that, you know, everything's just like

Dan: I look exactly like that. Yeah.

Reegs: The three kids, violet, Klaus, and sunny, sunny is the baby.

Howie: hilarious

Reegs: It's sunny can communicate with the other Bowdler children, I

Sidey: I'm with us by subtitles.

Reegs: And he's often saying like,


Which sometimes it's funny because there are some quite good lines in this when we're introduced finally to


Oh, laugh. Yeah.

Howie: by Patrick Harris,

Reegs: Neil Patrick Harris. Yeah

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: He says that his IQ is in the double digit.

Dan: Yeah Why out there?

Reegs: Yeah. So because yeah, like you say, the house is burnt down and the bank send them off to live with their nearest living relative until they can sort of

Howie: So nearest by distance. Yes.

Reegs: yes. Which happens to be count Olaf. And then they will inherit the Fort June when violet comes of age comes of age 18,


Yeah. Assuming, I don't know.

And how old is she in this?

four or at least three or four years

Howie: running from Sidey

Reegs: count Olaf who is Neil Patrick Harris. And he turns out to be Bailey.

Sidey: Yeah, He's super nice. to them, Mrs. great. He gives him some nice accommodation, puts them up.

Howie: nice bed, singular.

Reegs: They were allowed to use bathroom number nine. I think it is.

Sidey: Yeah. It's fairly dingy to put it. mildly,

Howie: And then they've got their next door neighbor, the high court judge who,

Sidey: John Cusack.

Howie: Who's lives in a perfect house, perfect life and wants the children, but his plane. Oblivious to all their problems,

Reegs: even though they do try to tell her repeatedly.

Dan: That the whole filming it obviously is very contrast there, then isn't it. You know, you've got this bleak house with multiple rooms in and the bathroom down here and

Sidey: It's like the burbs like that

Dan: A little

Howie: Or Edward scissor homes. I felt with the fifties colors versus the cathedral house on the hill

Reegs: the kids, so we meet count Olaf and he really is a piece of work. Really? Isn't he? He's a,

Sidey: well, there's no hiding it. he's just piece of shit.

Reegs: Yeah. He's a bit of a real horrible piece of shit.

Not. Although not a particularly good one. He tasks the kids with making dinner for his comedy troupe.

Is it a comedy

Howie: troops troop

Reegs: And they are a really weird bunch of freaks. They've sort of some huge guy, a guy with a hooks for hands two old ladies, a man of indeterminate gender. Yeah,

yeah, exactly, exactly. A real, real odd ball. Bunch of


Howie: they understand, and they understand the baby as well, which is quite weird.

Sidey: But his whole thing is just to get his hands on the fortune


and it seems pretty obvious about that.

Reegs: Yeah. He's not hiding it.

Sidey: No,

Howie: I, I, I was looking at the technicalities of all this and he's got four years to support those children. Keep them alive yet. He's penniless. How's he doing this?

Dan: Yeah

Sidey: I Find a way if he's, if he's motivated enough I'm sure he can find a way,

Dan: This is all kind of fairy tale stuff though. Isn't it? You get that feeling. It's just a, it's not like your dramas that we've seen before in. Kids T V. Cereal is it's bigger than that. It's got it's it's massive. It, well, it's got this lavish kind of style about it.

So, you know, it's always played the narration as well, drops in every now and again, and it will give you a few words of this is what's happening in everything. So it's for the kids. When I was watching it with my daughter, it was she, she wasn't scared by it because she was talked for it. As you said at the beginning, they're told what's coming up.

They're not, you know, the rugs not pulled for them. I mean, it's pretty bleak and they go food, but they know that and they see the other side. And my daughter was really interested in, in those kinds of contrasts. I say I see that they play against each other.

Sidey: I would have thought My daughter would be terrified by

Dan: them.

Howie: Don't let her watch the film. So the film with Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey is fantastic as Carolyn, but there is See, there is just as much high budget, Gothic styling as this, but there is a lot more horror in terms of it's supposed to be for kids, but there is a scene involving a snake that kills people and what allegedly does or doesn't have to say.

And it really, really bothered my kids when they watched it really bothered

Dan: I was initially kind of worried that this was a bit too old for my, for my daughter. You know, it was a bit, she wanted to watch it like your size, you know, she found it and wanted to watch it and said, well, this was it. And I was trying to steer away from, oh, you know, let's watch this together with her.

No, I want to watch this. So there was, there was something that w

Howie: My kids have been watched it too, without me knowing they've watched it on Netflix. That

Sidey: The final

scene is two people going off in the car. Is it the parents?

Reegs: And one of them was, will on that

Sidey: and COBie, Smulders.


Dan: So it's a bit of a mystery. I've watched a head. So I know that there's, there's more than meets the eye and there's other

Sidey: characters I watched it.

I was like, oh, the parents didn't die. And then when I was getting the cost information, whatever, doing a bit of research, then it's not down as

the parents.

Howie: Oh

Dan: No, I think at that stage, they're probably not wanting to give much away, but it,

Reegs: well, but they have that same conversation about what did I Enstein say or whatever.

I mean, it was very

Howie: And they say, what about the children are in danger? I know it so that the reference is there imply

Reegs: Yeah,


relentlessly bleak. This really, really relentlessly bleak. I think I would be reasonably pleased if my eldest one had to watch this, but she's not at all ready for it.

Sidey: I'm really surprised that my daughter found enough in this opening episode to think, yeah, I'm coming back from what? Not that it's like, it doesn't take.

kids. As idiots, it's just,

it's full on,


Dan: the major

Sidey: it's.

it doesn't downplay anything. So in that sense, yeah, because I get what you're saying. It's it looks like very high production values. The

cost is really good. It's already

well put together. It just the subject matter for me from like now she's back onto Barbie's dream world,

you Know,

And it couldn't be more different, like vibrant colors.


Reegs: Oh yeah. So I know Dana in our house at the moment again. It's

Sidey: the mum. And then This is just bleep bleep, bleep, bleep,

death fire, like

Dan: it's a weird one. How it connected with my daughter as well. I just didn't, you know, I, you know, spin into completely different shows to this. And then all of a sudden this, this Robert dark kind of show comes on.

Off to episode one, she wants to watch episode two and we ended up

Reegs: how that goes.

Dan: Yeah, well we found it was the

Reegs: She's going to go machete order,

Howie: Can I watch nine? No, you fucking moron.

Dan: around

Sidey: I don't like Neil Patrick Harris,

I don't think I

just never, I've never been a fan of anything that he's in and he just he did that thing. in His pants as well. that I thought was,

Dan: What did

Reegs: what did he do in his pants?

Sidey: Shit. No. Did he present an Oscar

in his pants or something like that.


Howie: Dreaming again.

Sidey: I'd never found it funny or any of his programs particularly good and

I'm sure he's perfectly nice. I just, don't, I've just never warmed him as a actor,


he has that tattoo in this that they identify and buy And they obviously had to keep putting on makeup and his suits too. He's like, fuck it. And just went and got the tattoo, which I thought that's pretty cool.


Reegs: It's good. He's in the new

Howie: the Jim Carey. I'd like to see his version of it. Cause it's proper Jim Carrey full on Jim Carey. Yep.

Sidey: There's definitely


Allan Poe vibes about this. Yeah. Well,

Reegs: And there's a later references that are just not for children at all.

They talk about James Brown a few times and maybe Dick is like, yeah, there's lots of 10 year olds who are into James Brown.

Dan: Moby Dick.

Sidey: So yes, overall I would say surprised by


because basically she watched on her iPad Kendall thing. So

I didn't it wasn't on the TV for my, for me to sort of watch with her surprised by the content, but it makes a nice change from the usual. Kind of cherry happy stuff. Might watch a few more if she wants to watch it again, just to get a, more of a a feel for the rest of the story.

Cause it was quite,


Howie: I'll be interested to see if my daughter was, if she was presented with the books, if she would delve into them as deep as she has with this,

Reegs: I'll ask if anyone's kids read the books, but

Dan: Yeah, my, my mind, no does. And I think this is one of our first kind of like I don't or you, you know, programs, that's it?

Sidey: away from normal

Dan: Yeah. And it's a little more dealing with

The realities of a very harsh life, you know, the, these an orphan, you know, to think it's an orphan there they're together, but they're, they're abandoned by their parents and they're going into a really horrible house and next door, there's a really nice house.

And there's all those kinds of things that are buzzing through in there. They're big kind of pictures, aren't they? In a, in a kid's mind. So I think that might be why my, my daughter was just intrigued by it and we ended up watching the whole season. Yeah. Yeah. I really, really enjoyed it. I though it was bleak.

Sidey: Super duper. That was

A highlight for me of our podcast and career. The tunnel content was particularly


Peter has sent us

a nominations

for Next week

The midweek one

is the rock,

Reegs: which

is very coincidence because just off air, we were just talking

Sidey: about

Reegs: that with me.

Sidey: He had I had revealed weeks ago when Pete

was on the show that I

hadn't seen it.

So he's obviously trying to stitch me up by making me watch a, Nicholas cage film. the main feature is

going to

be Tangerine, which

is a 2015. Film Right. Potentially shot on an iPhone I don't know. We didn't

talk five telephones. That's landlines, not mobile or cell.

Reegs: It doesn't really say that.

Dan: there's a caveat,

Reegs: not cell phones or

Sidey: Well, I was just saying sell because in America

they say cell

Reegs: phones. Oh, I see.

Dan: got listeners everywhere.

Reegs: Okay.

Sidey: Yeah. And the kids' TV is going to be

mask, which is

Howie: Matt tracker.

Sidey: Bruce Saito.


Which was

stands for mobile Ahmed strike command. So that's a throwback one We're going back in time. to our youth or Dan's thirties or remains is to say, side-by-side three

Dan: Dan's gone.

Howie: How are you? Goodbye.