May 21, 2021

The Founder & The Tick

The Founder & The Tick
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Did you know that the origins of frozen desserts are considered obscure? That there are several accounts of their history: some sources even describe ice cream-like foods as originating in Persia as far back as 550 BCE! No? Well why the fuck not? I'm embarrassed for us both. It's right there in the origin section of ice-cream on wikipedia should you ever be desperately short of ideas on how to introduce the Top 5 Ice-Creams in movies.

I've eaten at McDonalds before as will have many of you. For every one of you who loves or indeed loathes it, I suspect there's at least someone else who sees their product much the same way I do, as being the culinary equivalent of the third wank of the day: initially an exciting idea, indulgent and yet ultimately completely unsatisfying, leaving you feeling vaguely depressed.

But it's not masturbation Sidey has us talking about this week, rather it's THE FOUNDER, the 2016 biography of travelling milk shake sales man Ray Kroc who went on to lead McDonald's massive expansion both nationally and internationally. Screenwriter Robert Siegel's script is a surprisingly nuanced portrait of the man who would be burger king as well as a meditation on unrestrained capitalism, what it means to create and own something in addition to delivering some basic economic theory. Anchored by a marvellous performance from Michael Keaton with heavyweight character actors Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch amongst the supporting cast, we had all managed to miss this one first time round.

THE TICK helps us bring this weeks show to a close as we review the 1994 animated television series, season 2 Episode 1 THE LITTLE WOODEN BOY AND THE BELLY OF LOVE which sees Blowhole the bipedal whale rampaging across America like so many hastily franchised burger restaurants. The Tick must have one of the finest rogues galleries ever assembled and we take a look at some of them in one of our not at all hotly anticipated quizzes.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


The Founder


Reegs:Welcome to bad dads film review. Each week, I started the show like this with this tone of voice. Then I segue into this one. As I continued to explain the premise of the podcast, which is about movies we missed in kids TV. Usually at this point, there's an explicit language warning. And we often follow that up with the caution that we will discuss film spoilers with that said and done.

The next thing to do is to introduce the rest of the team by name, starting with society and continue onto the rest of us, Dan, Peter, Andre, and so on and so forth. At this point, you Horning some sort of joke or crude anecdote some weeks it's easier to come up with another's hence this week's intro now That's how, the way let's press on with the rest of the show.




Sidey:Did anyone watch anything other than homework

this week

Reegs:yeah, yeah. Fast and furious eight was on sky movies. It's amazing. Yeah, no, we, we reviewed seven and we should probably review eight. It's amazing. Yeah.

Dan:you're a glutton for punishment.

Reegs:No, it's Amazing.

Dan:gone to eight. I lose how'd, you know, I wouldn't even know which one I'd watch. Like you, I thought it was,

Reegs:it's got a, like a bowling ball swinging through the city and smashing cars around and a nuclear submarine.

Pete:a spice one.

Reegs:No, that's going to be the next one on the next one.

Pete:It's all bull.

Reegs:Anyway. Amazing. Move on.

Dan:Okay. I watched this thing on sky about celebrities getting drunk, talking about history, and it was quite funny.

I watched about three or four episodes last night back to back in they've got some some Epic kind of tiles of history to tale, but. They're wasted. Like I am right now. I'm talking about all this stuff is quite funny.

Pete:All right. I didn't watch anything other than our stuff. Although whilst I was sort of blogger fighting last night, I was so the message has been watching something. It's not like how thing interesting on, but she put, she's been watching Bates motel,


Pete:which I think is like a prequel or a sequel to Hitchcock.



Dan:Who's whose cock

Sidey:the mother's still alive.



Dan:wild bill was brother

Pete:myself kind of watching it a little bit, but I've missed, she's like four seasons or three or something. She's binge watched it and really enjoying it.

Sidey:But has she ever watched the film?

Pete:No, no, God, no, no, neither have I to be fair.


Pete:So she's gotten into it with no context

Sidey:She doesn't know that he's going to end up.

Pete:I don't know. Well, he's, he's already, he's already

Sidey:I remember the trailers for it. I never saw it, but it's Norman Bates as a young kid and the mother, obviously. Why

Dan:torturing animals?

Reegs:But in psycho four, we already saw that he does that already in psycho for cause he there's like, he ends up banging his mum in psycho



Dan:hot for the record.

Pete:about banging his mum in the, in fact, in the episodes that was on last night came very close to like a kit. There's a lot of that.

Reegs:Yeah. If we checked your internet browsing history, it'd be similar.

Sidey:Well, you could go the other way with twin peaks with the dad banks, the daughter,

Dan:I wouldn't want to go any which way there to be honest. That, that, that

Pete:glad you qualified that first time. Like we wouldn't have known we were on the fence before.

Dan:Oh, I could see the faces around here. That movie though. Psycho reminds me that we should maybe bring in like some of those old


Dan:Yeah. A classic corner.

That's a good

Pete:I love it.

Are they the yogurts? Yes. Yeah.

Dan:you know, people could maybe tweet in as the films that they've never watched, that they still don't want to, but they want us to do that. Send them

Sidey:yeah. But then we just disregard that

and watch what we want. Anyway.

Dan:blatantly, but

Sidey:If only we had a brand new sort of projector system that we could

do that with

Pete:a man cave to watch them in

Dan:It just so happens that we have that tech in the house now.

Yeah. Yeah. So those movie nights will be on. So if that'd be cool. Classic corner. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:Well, last week we did a top five, which was based on sort of movie travel

Reegs:Yes Yeah.

Pete, you said you had a, something you wanted to do.

Pete:nominate. When I was younger, I used to drink in a pub called the Western in

and I, I, for some reason I decided to say, well, I was about 17 and I took my mum in there and she said, Oh my God, this is like that buff and star Wars. And and then I thought, wow, like what a cool place I have a pint or that sort of weird smoke type stuff that they're all drinking in their great music, some sort of colorful characters, few dangerous guys who wanted of the death penalty in, in

Dan:juices in there though.

Pete:or whatever it is.

Yeah. Yeah. So

Dan:around the galaxy,

Pete:I think the Cantina in Messiah, Leslie, I mean, Tata green itself, hasn't got a lot to offer, I don't think. But the yeah,

Reegs:Yeah. I like it. Yeah.

Sidey:modal nodes. Is it?


Pete:It, it, I think

Reegs:Fingering fingering done.


Sidey:I didn't get to watch anything apart from homework this week. So there you go.


I don't know why I thought of this topic, but I did. And it's top five movie scenes featuring ice cream.

Dan:Was it like a warm day and you

Sidey:I have been eating quite a lot of ice cream


The reason for that is because it's a

Dan:I like

Sidey:Well, yeah, I do. I have a very bad sweet tooth and I want it to be a bit healthier.

So I've banned chocolate sweets, crisps and biscuits, but that still leaves cake. And ice cream.

Reegs:And do you pile in when they're

Sidey:well, I will only eat cake if the Mrs makes it, so that's like the ever a loophole, but ice cream, that's just


Dan:were finding like legal loop holes in your own ban

Sidey:So it probably was just eating some ice cream and watching a movie and I put the two together. Quick, Quick survey. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Reegs:Oh, a salted caramel. I think something like that. Maybe pistachio,




I'm either a black cherry or a Roman Razan


man. I'm weird. Like polar opposites there.

Sidey:Mine is mine Is pistachio. Yeah. By distance.

Reegs:I like vanilla. I

Sidey:I do like

Reegs:boring to say, but I love a

Dan:like it with chocolate

Sidey:and golden syrup on top of it.

If you really want to up the sugar content, it's not you're wrong, but we're going to talk about movies that do this. So You go first

Reegs:may. Yeah, I found this quite hard. I have to say. But the first thing I thought of absolutely was the Goonies and chunks sort of hyper-awareness around that he can

Sidey:Well he's going to storm out as me. He's had enough of all the shadow he's going to storm out. Then he smells,

Reegs:I smell ice cream Swen. Since I got praline and cream, Mississippi Merde,

Sidey:chocolate eruption, they got Apple, they got grape, they got grape and super duper chocolate eruption. and a corpse.

Reegs:Yeah. What a nose. Yeah. And a corpse. Yeah.

Sidey:That is quite scary when you're a kid seeing a dead

Dan:Yeah. There's a couple of scary bits that a little, you know, it takes a risk a bit the

Reegs:Well the first time that you see the back of slot's head or whatever is pretty

Dan:It is. If

Reegs:full on if you're the right age.

Dan:right. Yeah. I'm going to throw one in, in city slickers. I was thinking this should be a mid-week actually, I really love this film. Are you seeing this.

Pete:No, maybe, maybe I've seen the film.

I did see it a suggestion, but I don't remember. Yeah, no, I'm not a fan. I think I've probably seen the film, but

Dan:I like him.

I think, I think he's a funny guy and I think actually this is his best role. And his, his

Pete:I get this film mixed up with the three Amigos for some reason.

Is it the same sort of premise?


Three Amigos really good. This one has like the showdown of ice cream. Have you seen this

Reegs:No, I haven't seen city slickers. No.


Sidey:does it say sick too as

Dan:four. I've seen this about four times, at

Reegs:I don't know. I'm a bit like that about Billy crystal as well. I mean, obviously Harry met Sally is great,



it was the last time I saw it. It was quite a long time ago, but no. Okay.

Dan:this is so none of you have seen this film. That's really interesting.

Pete:I've seen it, but it's, it was instantly forgettable.


Dan:Right. Okay. Well, it is very on a low key comedy.

And Betty, Crystal's going away to, to try and find himself a little bit. He he's, he's having problems at home and everything. But there's these ice cream magnets like that have gone out. They've got 1400 stores across the U S and, and they're doing this there's rodeo ranch drive across America or across the Plains where they're taking, you know, going old school on horseback, going to ride these cows and cattle back into another ranch. So these guys start on the on the ice cream saying why I can name any food, any food you've got. With an ice cream I'll place the perfect ice cream for that. And it, it goes on like a showdown there, like down our now, you know, so he starts talking about you know, sea bass with asparagus sauteed with potatoes Rumba.

He's had me sweating. They're like, you know, it's a classic scene, which I clearly see none of you. Again,

Pete:Who ever wants to watch a low key comedy?


Pete:A low

Dan:Not like, it's not like we watch in the mid week UHF

Pete:entertained, like surely,

Dan:nominate in this you're you're just, you're just getting me to nominate this. This is,

Reegs:there's a difference between weird Al Yankovic and something that's much slower and more subtle. I can't think

Pete:Yeah. What we're basically talking about Bruce Springsteen and comedy form, right? Middle of the road. Yeah.

Sidey:No, I'm Not gonna rise to

Dan:not by,

Sidey:silly provocation.

for you. And you're better than that.

Reegs:Let's see what you're going to nominate.

Pete:I'm not. Okay. So I wanted to create this wasn't a scene that I remembered, certainly not specifically for ice cream, but in the original mad max film. There is a scene where I can't remember the names of the bad guys, but they're basically like the assholes that are just going around, been shitbags to everyone.

One of them who I think is his character name is toe cutter. He he comes across mad max, his wife, Jessie, and the child. And they're clearly going to do something horrible that they're all quite like rapey and Pileggi. As tow cutter goes to approach Jesse, she's eating an ice cream and she like needs him in the bollocks and shoves and ice cream in his face.

And and then escapes finds Madmax doesn't unwell for her or the kid. Yeah, but it's a, it's a, it's a strong film. I liked it. I, I think I only saw it in the last, maybe five years of my life or something, but I've watched all of the originals and I'm a huge fan of a theory road.

But the interesting fact is that the guy who paid toe cutter Hugh keys, Bern also played in molten Joe in a fury road.

So all those years later he had an even bigger part that guy you described as covered in bubble wrap or whatever the other day in another pot. So that's my opening.

Sidey:and white version of fury road. It's supposed to be,

really spectacular.

in monochrome.

Reegs:well, there are some sequences in the. Towards the end that are all monochrome colors, aren't they? But are they just all like all blue after the big explosions? What's the, it's a beautiful looking film,


Dan:Stay inside scoop.

Sidey:This is a film No, I've mentioned to you guys before I watched it over and over and over again when I was a kid and it taught me more about history than any of the lessons I had at school it's bill and Ted's excellent adventure.

They travel through time recruiting a load of famous historical figures.

So crates Billy, the

kid Gangas Kahn, but probably most memorably was Napoleon Bonaparte who has a huge, huge fascination with water slides and Also,

ice cream. is They take


to the mall.

Is a party of four and they are presented with this enormous ice cream sundae he is obsessed with it and he's an asshole, but he actually says that glass and they wouldn't have had ice cream.

Pete:In Napoleon's time

Reegs:Yeah. So you're calling bullshit on

Sidey:that and has a French, you know, tampered with the thing. that, So my, my dreams shattered that film's actually a lot of


Pete:out the window.

Reegs:I really, I used to like that

Dan:cone dough, nut behavior.

Sidey:the thing to the tables, screaming that song Ziki, pig, eat the pig.

And he's just this military sort of genius, just so baffled, but yeah, that's a good one.

Reegs:Probably couldn't talk about this with that. And this one almost certainly be a group effort. The three flavors, Cornetto trilogy, AKA the Cornetto trilogy or the blood and ice cream trilogy, which is a girl. Right. The other two. the three movies, Shauna, the dead hot fuzz. And the, the other one,

Sidey:the world I don't like that one.

at all.



Reegs:revisit the world's end. I should probably revisit it. There's ice cream but not massively, I guess, in hot fires. It's the Eureka moment with the, with the ice cream in the first one, he goes out to go and get a coordinator is part of his morning routine.

One of the world's gone to shit. I don't remember what it is in the third one. I've got a, whatever that is the Wilson.

Sidey:My particular favorite is then to sitting in the police car,


then, you know, they're going to have to disappear. So Nick frost is, takes a massive bite of his,


Pete:right. So really, really quickly on that I grew up and I feel like this is going to be another thing, like the words for subtitles graph, but in my household, if you ate ice cream too quickly, you got an ice cream headache. You never, ever, it was not brain freeze. It was never brain freeze. And now nowadays, especially because the thing is, if you eat, if you have a slush puppy, like too quickly, then it, you can't call it an ice cream headache because it's not an ice cream, but it was never brain freeze.

Brain freeze was, was a an Americanized sort of saying, but ice cream headache was, was the thing in my

Reegs:Yeah I agree with that. But I probably prefer brain freeze just because it sounds a bit the syllables


Sidey:and there's a DJ shadow and cock chemist. show. It's Very good.


Dan:The only good thing about being wounded in the buckets is the eye screen. That is the worst. Forrest Gump impression anyone will ever do.


Dan:Yeah, my opinion in my opinion, but Lieutenant Dan, I got used to my ice cream Lieutenant. Dan is maybe a little bit better, but

Pete:Is it simple Jack from

Dan:Yeah. Yeah.

That's him. That's him. Yeah, I I'm, I'm just trying to go on films that I've seen, so I'm not trying to,

you know

Pete:talking about your impression.

Dan:yeah, no, I can only choose what I can do. And that's not very much clearly Forrest Gump, when he's eating ice cream, he's in the hospital.


Reegs:Sidey his favorite in his favorite

Dan:I knew I had to beat him to bring it up what it was and in his favorite film,

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah. He does get shot in the buttocks and then eat ice cream. Is it

Dan:Lieutenant Diane.


Pete:My list is not long. But I, now I'm moving on to Drinks that contain ice cream, not a Coke float. Cause I couldn't find any of those, but

Dan:It's a Rocky road. Once you start down there,

Pete:Oh, that's quite good. That's quite good. I'm specifically talking about a milkshake and the $5 shake from the from the restaurant scene that seems to have come up quite a lot of times already in, in top fives. It was in the dance one with the, with the twist competition. But yeah, I really even the berries, that's a pretty fucking good milkshake or whatever he says.

He's, he's a, Garst at the cost of this milkshake, but it's, it's clearly, I'd like to try this. We do like to give it a try the milkshake. So

Dan:Well, I worked at an ice cream van once


Pete:the joke? I have actually


Dan:I worked on the, on pizza, ice cream van on the what a SIM ones did it for years.

I, he ended up give it up. I couldn't do Sundays, but did work. Yeah.

Pete:no fun. Actually the guy who worked in that one, do they found him dead inside the ice cream van? Apparently he talked to himself.

Dan:Well, there was a robbery as well, or they got away with hundreds and thousands.


Pete:I love it.

Dan:Anything is Popsicle.

Sidey:Let's go for the shining

Dan:ice cream moment in the show. And


Sidey:yeah, There is, yeah, there they're being shown around. So. Jack's gone

Dan:Right at the beginning of the hotel,

Sidey:is where they're getting the sort of tour of the hotels So he's offered the manager,


Scott Mann corridors. Dick O'Hara Hallara Hanrahan from the day to day he's showing them around and they're going through the sort of kitchen ladder, if you like.

he's sort of showing Shelley Duvall around her saying this So we've got. And he starts reading off this enormous long list, but the score. The soundtrack is just doing this high pitch sort of squeal constantly, and it's getting more and more it sort of becomes louder than the dialogue.

He can't really hear exactly what you're saying, and then you get a S just a still, but no, it's that what'd you call that shot where it's kinda zooming. but

Reegs:Oh yeah.

Sidey:but Danny Torrance the young lads, just stood like yeah. and he's staring and then Scott Mann corridors was his Dick or had, or hadn't ran ran. He just says.

Do you want an ice cream bud

Yeah. And it's obvious he's telepathically day wishes what the shine again. So he's telepathically doing this, this connection and it's just the way Kubrick does it. You know, everything's sort of played out over a long time and you get this really creepy. And That kid is just fucking anything with any sort of horror film with kids.

And it's just fucking terrifying. and It's just right on his face. And he's got this sort of fucking petrified

look on his face

Dan:on its own. It's nothing. But with the atmosphere may through the

Sidey:is actually on you ask him if he wants an ice cream and just letting him know that you can talk to him, but it's Built up. The tension really is

fucking built. Yeah,

Pete:That's shining. I'll bet.

I've never seen it and probably never, well is must've been like the most mentioned film in these top fives.

Like we got like long shots, elevators, bathrooms, ice creams. There's been, it's been in, so

Reegs:it's really good. You should watch it.

Pete:I'm sorry. So scared.


Reegs:I'm a big fan of the sort of mocked up names that they have for products in movies.

One of them comes from a TV show that I really liked, which was stranger things. And Steve Harrington works at scoops or Hawaii, which is good. They were constantly checking out Pretty decent looking ice creams. And they had the character of Robin that he was constantly trying to crack


Reegs:and turned out to be lesbian.

I think also Avengers end game had Hoka, Hoka, burning fudge. One of the two flavors that they discussed, the other one was stark raving, Hazel nuts, which sounds pretty good. What I was trying to think of like scenes, where it was like really delicious or something that, cause I thought cinema must've honored the ice cream.

The best I came up with was the Natty professor where you seen that movie, the first woman. Yeah. It's terrible. Terrible. It sees Eddie Murphy, binge eating, ice cream and crying after a disaster state with this. And then there's on the background on the TV. There's like this sort of self-help exercise guys sort of like Mr.


Pete:is Eddie Murphy again.

Reegs:No, cause it's a white guy and it it's. Yeah, it's kind of got the Jew fro thing going


Reegs:say that? Is that all right? Yeah,

Pete:I'm going to look this up, but I think it's Eddie Murphy playing that guy. He played all of the clumps and I'm sure even placed the Mr. Motivator character

Reegs:So he's just like eating shovel loads of ice cream.

And eventually he sort of has this daydream where he turns into kind of fat Zillow and he's enormous walking through the city and he's like, he goes to go and get the girl and he tries, you think he's going to go and grab her, but he just grabs the chicken wing from, from the yeah. Terrible fat shaming.

Everybody involved should probably be ashamed of themselves. I don't know. Actually it's might have a nice message. It's called anyone.

Dan:No, don't remember it well enough to be honest. But a film that I do remember Jim, John moosh down by law. Have you

Sidey:Oh, it's got a different gym.

Dan:Okay, so this one the ice cream scene is Tom whites and Roberto, Roberto, Ben, Benny genie. What'd you say his name? Roberto bender. Jeannie or bender? sounds good enough to Nick. So they're in jail. There's three of them playing cards and as. It goes on Roberto Bergini doesn't speak any English and they're trying to play cards, you know?

So he'd go, eh, what is Al? And he goes, ah, he's looking for his book and he goes, scream, scream. goes, Oh no, it wasn't a scream as just an hour or whatever. And he goes ice cream, ice cream, we scream for ice cream, ice cream and that. So they start singing this song going round around, you know, sort of, I scream, you scream.

We all scream for ice cream, ice cream, use green, and then they're all going, all the jails go in and suddenly the guards come and they will kind of go back into the let's see. And have you seen this movie? Okay. Oh, black and white. Is it Jim? Joe? . A real kind of independent film.

Reegs:not seen any of his movies. I keep seeing the dead don't die and thinking I should watch it, but I know they're kind of slow and I'm never in the right

Dan:That was really good. I think that might've been Johnny Depp in that one as well. Who's, who's done a couple of his movies.

Reegs:And he smoked about under hurt as


Dan:yeah, that's why don't know if he had ice cream though. So it wouldn't be relevant.

Pete:I've only got a few more, I've got three more and only one of them actually includes ice cream properly. And that's, and that's in there just to troll side which is home alone, too.

he's checked into the hotel and the way you've got like a waiter in the room, just like serving him like a ridiculous amount of ice

Sidey:I've also got

home alone, one.

Pete:I don't remember the

Sidey:he's sitting in the armchair. with a

Reegs:Oh yeah.

Sidey:is when he shouts.

I mean, John can watch watching rubbish guys.

you'll have to come. And That was actually, a K S w nomination.


Okay. But so the, the last one of that also, I'm going to go for this one again. I think it's an ice cream milkshake. This is from a really fun film, Napoleon dynamite. It's where KIPP and the uncle whose name? I can't remember. It's really annoying me, but yeah, the uncle asks how things are going with Kip and his uh his online Lafonda his online girlfriend.

And he says, I'm going to try and do a kep impression. Shall I try and don't show. Thank you. Think things are getting pretty serious right now. We, we chat online for like two hours every day. So I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Yeah. It's just like, it's the funniness in that film is sometimes just like there's no, that's not, they're not funny lines, but it's just the delivery, the scene, the fact that, you know, like the, the sort of,

Dan:kind of low key.


The contrast between like him Loki look at the contrast between him and his girlfriend. Lafonda

Sidey:well, the good thing about that was he wasn't getting catfished or anything. They genuinely like had a population, you know, ended up getting together. I was, I watched another clip of that. To see if it had ice cream, but it's just him and Pedro having lunch in the cafeteria and he takes his tater tots and puts them in He's like

really Biff trousers in that zip pocket for later, but they just,

Pete:Like Polin crumbles.


and every seat in that just seems to just play out just a little bit too long and it gets a bit awkward.

and you're like, that's why it's

Pete:know if you're met a lot and then you end up just laughing because of the awkwardness. Yeah. Better than. Okay.

Sidey:There is, I'm sure Jim Jarmusch film that you would have seen ghost dog.

where the samurai

Reegs:Oh yes. I have seen that. Is that Jim

Sidey:and his best friend in the film is a French ice cream van driver called Raymond, who is

in it for several scenes. And he bangs on about the, the bed. the absolute best flavor is chocolate he's yeah, he's sort of going any ghost Dog says you know, he's my best friend, when he's chatting to that little girl in the park and it gets to a nice game. And he says, well, do you understand what you're saying is it no, but you know, we just get

each other.

and later on, he takes them over you know, he shows them around and the ice cream van man, Raven's showing him this, this weird guy with a boat in the middle of his house and stuff like that.

He's I just remember it, cause he's, he's speaking, French, but There's no words. So you're as lost as everyone else and what he's actually going on about. And it's a cool film.


Dan:unless you speak French,


But I don't

speak it well enough to understand everything in it.

Reegs:Well, I've, I've still got a few days. Me and Earl and the dying girl was one that we reviewed on


Reegs:pod and that's got the scene of the meeting popsicles outside the corner store. And they've sort of you know they've eaten some pot laced brownies, I think haven't, they just, before that, that was a sort of fairly decent film.

Jurassic park has John Hammond, quietly eating ice cream to himself. When he finds out that dinosaurs are eating his grandchildren that Michael Bay's transformers revenger, the fallen has skids and mud flap with the most hideous racist caricature. They, they are disguised as an ice cream truck that says, suck my Popsicle on the side of

Sidey:comedy goals.

Reegs:the, for the kids there bore app. They, do you remember that? Hey, and the fat lawyer guy, they get an ice cream van and they take it down to the park and there's a load of kids and they come running out the to the van and there's a fucking bag inside it. Yeah, pretty good. And then I, I read today, look at it that, that the FBI had actually opened a file on like this ice cream van thing with a bird.

Yeah. There was one last one that was worth talking like, Oh yeah. A film that's kind of much funnier than you probably would think it would be. It was a, do you speak a low male gigolo? Wow. You see that

Rob Schneider movie.

Pete:I didn't hate it.

Reegs:You think it's going to be mean-spirited because of the subject matter, but it isn't, and it's kind of silly and everybody's having a lot of fun.

It might be worth a little mention.

Dan:guy or something.

Reegs:Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then some really funny lines. It's like, if you have even a half thought that Rob Schneider might be funny, then this is the best thing he's ever done. Probably he's having a hot tub with this guy who's like a pimp sort of she Johns. And

Pete:it keeps calling him, is he

Reegs:he bitch, yeah.

So he's like eating from the ice cream. And when he mentions that a detective's following sort of drops it into the pool and then he just scoops it up again. It's the keeps eating. And then at the end he just says, don't make me, he bitch, man, slap you,

which is pretty good. Oh, and commando, the opening montage of commando, you know, when he's like with his daughter. Yeah. And she, she like jams an ice cream coated to his face and he's like, ah, like it's only about three seconds, but it's absolutely brilliant.

Dan:Yeah. Well, you've pretty much covered most all of the ones that I've got there. What is that one? Reese actress. She likes ice cream with cutlery.


Dan:And that's that's me out very

Pete:I've got one more. It doesn't include ice cream. But I think if there's a film that's famous for ice cream, it's a Scarface. And it's when,


Pete:Okay. No, there's something else entirely. No, no. It's a was as referenced in that there's a scene where where Tony and Chico are on the sea front and they've just moved to Miami and Tony's talking about.

Like this, this

Dan:friend, Angelo,

Pete:is, I'm not gonna, I'm not going to do that.

Dan:toll on me. Fuck you up, man. Fuck you up. I lost my friend, Angela, Darren fucking Cooper will fucking take you out.

Pete:So that's a better impression than what I will do. No, I won't do a, he says this town is like a great big Percy, just waiting to get fucked. And then like some, because they're looking out to the beach and then Chico turns around and sees like some hot girls going into like a cafe or something.

And so he's like, Oh, w we're facing the wrong way. He turns around. And Tony just says and just shouts out. So one of the girls was like, Hey, do you want some ice cream? And like the girls, like, no thanks and walks off. And Chico said, well, what the fuck? And he said, Oh, girls like ice cream.

Right. And that's the um entirely memorable

Dan:horn, Scarface into

Pete:so Scarface big, big ice cream themes.


Sidey:Okay. Girl interrupted was the movie that Angelina won an Oscar for

Reegs:not seeing it.

Sidey:They have a


outing to echos ice cream parlor, and we're known a rider spot someone in there. And is terrified of what might happen in the end.

They're sitting down to have their ice creams and this woman comes over. and it's

Reegs:It's this way that she gets interrupted. Yeah.

Sidey:And she's about to start getting it out of shit from this woman. And it turns out that she may have slept with her husband. But one of the other

one of the other ladies they're part of the group So so what if you gave your husband.

a rim job?

get over it,

so memorable for that. A little miss sunshine is the film that we never mentioned until recently. And Now it crops up all the time. They're having lunch in a diner and Abigail Breslin orders, waffles and ice cream. And her dad's basically fat shames her and explains that if you eat ice cream all the time, you'll get fat.

And it kicks off a big family argument, which is quite entertaining. Also a crazed Zionist and former member of the Israeli defense force gal Gadot tries ice cream for the first time in wonder woman. And she says to the seller that he should be very proud. There's a horror movie, 1995. I cream man.

Reegs:I saw this on the research, but I haven't seen the movie

Sidey:it sounds interesting.

It's directed by a former pornographic filmmaker, Norman Apstein and

it stars.

Ron Howard

Dan:app steam fan aren't you P

Pete:Never heard of him.

Sidey:well he has a pseudonym as well. And it stars Ron. Howard's a much better brother Clint


a murderous ice cream


Pete:He's a, the kid from general Ben isn't, he he's like it's in a lot of things and he's really ugly.

Sidey:Ron Howard films are better when Clinton is in them is the general rule of thumb he became a killer after witnessing the death of an ice cream man during his childhood.

Sounds like it's worth a look.

Dan:for it, by being born Jeremy film or something,

Sidey:also. I don't know if you've seen assault on precinct 13.

Reegs:The original or the

Sidey:John Carpenter. The dude is in an ice cream van waiting. Have you got this one? No, he's, he's waiting for this gang. And he's really nervous. And a girl, a young girl comes over and actually orders an ice cream he tries to share away, but it's quicker to just give her an ice cream.

So she asks for a vanilla twist. So he hands her an ice cream and she walks off and then this gang arrive and they grabbed him out of the van they've got a gun in his mouth and they kind of rough him up and Share him away. The girl comes back and says, Hey, Mister, I ordered a vanilla twist. This is just vanilla. And the guy from the gang just goes through the window and fucking shoots.

It is fucking brutal. She's about eight.


Sidey:then he

shoots the guy. in the asking van in the head, but usually that's all off camera, but the one with a girl she's just fucking holding her, asking him to stand and start that. And it just goes bang right in their chest is fucking so violent.

Reegs:Is there time for a couple more or should we just call it quit? So the Babadook is a movie that I've talked about on here before, and I'd like us to watch one day. It's got great scene where she fucks off work for the day. And pretend so kids sick, just so she can go to the park and have an ice cream on the bench.

And, you know, it's quiet sort of human portrayal of somebody  struggling as a single parent type thing.  Phantasm is a Don Casca rarely. Joint. He is the guy who did Bubba Hotep and some other stuff. But this is probably, it's a sort of scifi horror movie began in the late seventies and it's got like four or five sequels.

No, it's not. It's not really.

Dan:I've seen the poster.

Reegs:it's the, got an unlikely protagonist in Reggie. Who's a Baldy ice cream van man with a rampant libido who becomes a sort of shotgun toting bad-ass over the course of the first movie. And the ice cream plays a pivotal role when it exposes one of the key weaknesses of the tall man who is the antagonist who's affected by the cold.

So that's a pretty good ice creamy one. And my last one was in absolute chuckle first Monster's ball. There's a sort of heavy handed thing where he might not be racist because he has dark chocolate ice cream. And then on the end they celebrate on the. Balcony after she finds out on the porch, after she finds out that, you know, he was involved in executing her husband, which happened to be puff daddy.

So yeah, they ice cream on the porch.


Sidey:Right. should we try and reduce that down to four scoops?


Pete:like that.

Reegs:in? I am going to PERT in. Do you speak a low male gigolo?


Dan:I'm a city slicker.

Pete:I'm going to go for, I'm gonna go for mad max.



I'm definitely feeling Brilliant Ted.

Reegs:good choices.


Dan:Itchy cheese,

please Cheese.

Sidey:Well, We were all very sad loss week

that there was no cheese, but this week cheese makes a triumphant return.

Pete:Yeah, it does. It's we've gone all out this week. I've got some largely unpronounceable Jesus here. One of them is a recall or a valid taleggio, which yeah, well, no, it's it must be a tally in his, it sounds like it, Oh, it is. It's from Italy. And it's made using Bruna, Alpine cows, not the cows themselves.

I think it's their, their milk. But it does have centripetal ripening, which makes it creamier near the sides and thicker in the middle where the texture is lighter. And jokier, there's also a shower fell fel out, which is a soft, creamy, delicate unpasteurized cheese from champagne with an Apple aroma.

 but I think the star of tonight's cheese show is definitely the Gorgonzola adult Che, which is young voluptuous, creamy and rich, not to be confused with a heart, with a stronger and harder Gorgonzola pick Ganti


good. The Gorgonzola

Pete:it is. And it goes incredibly well with the the truffle Acacia honey that I brought.

Sidey:Yeah. It's very sort of fine dining kind of vibe going on, much like in the movie that we watched this week,

Which is not at all a ham-fisted segue No

Reegs:I thought that was smooth. I li I enjoyed that.

Sidey:This film I nominated and this absolutely fits the profile of something that I missed. I'm not sure if this even made it over here to the cinema, to our local multiplex,

Pete:I've never heard of it.

Sidey:I happened to just catch it, that it was on prime. It's the founder 2016 sort of biographical drama about the beginnings of the McDonald's restaurant


main star being Michael Keaton, who is someone that I really liked, but he's, I don't know. These last few years he seems to just dip in and out. He's not, a real, I wouldn't say it was a super prolific

Reegs:actor. his roles. It

Dan:Isn't easy right now to take the Vols that interest him in most. He's a, he's a guy that I, I really like actually is that as an actor in things which

maybe it was clever casting, I don't know to play him is as Ray Kroc in, in this, because I think with another actor you might have not warm to Ray at all.

But this film kind of helps you a little bit, just. Understand why and and how his approach to making this huge, ugly, disgusting chain of restaurants that have infected the world is

Pete:and it's junk So sing as you've gone. So early on your feelings about McDonald's done, I've got two words for you. Ryan's world. McDonald's is the Ryan's world of the food industry and you were singing its praises and backing that little prick Ryan to the hilt when we covered that bullshit because, and justification creative from wrong gents, he said, yeah, but it makes a fuck ton of money and he's probably got a beach house in Malibu and stuff like

Dan:that they do

Pete:So, yeah. So what's good for the goose is good for the game.

Reegs:Gander Well, capitalism and all that. I mean, it's yeah. That's, what's at the heart of this movie as well. That

Dan:It is. I mean, I, I certainly don't you know, Want to big up Ryan's world any more than I'd like to dig up. The, any more than I pick up a McDonald's, but I mean, just to get it out there, you know, I haven't eaten McDonald's is one of the major reasons I no, I used to, as a kid, we never had it in Jersey as a kid.

So it was always a treat when we went over to the UK and we'd have it there and a happy meal. And like all the other kids that go along, you, you're not thinking about the huge kind of exploitation you think about happy meal and a burger and some fires. And, and

Reegs:Well, I was there at the opening night of the McDonald's in Jersey and it was this fucking massive event.

Can you believe? You know, and everybody was there and all local politicians and the press and

Pete:it was one of the things that people from like I knew from England or wherever, like sort of held over me when I was growing up. It's like, Oh, you haven't even got a fucking McDonald's in Jersey.

Why have you got TVs and cars you prick? And I had no comeback to it. We didn't have a McDonald's.

Dan:yeah, And then it, then it infected now we're infected the Island here as well, but yeah, it's this film though begins with, Ray Kroc, who is a long way from being the, full also that he went on to be, he he's, he's just kind of minor a guy that you like, actually, he's a salesman.

He's a 1950s American Sarah's when he's on the road a lot. And he's got the newest ice cream swirling machine that he's trying to flog to all these

Sidey:machine isn't


Pete:the multi mix, cause it does five milkshakes at a

Sidey:You see them giving yourself pitch. I didn't know where they was doing that into the mirror At first. He was just sort of practicing but it's it pans back to this guy. And he goes on forever and ever, and ever, but you're a smart guy. You can make the right choice. And the guy's like, yeah, see you later, you know, just gets shot down.

And he's sort of living this sort of, he's doing okay. You know, they've got a house and they're not desperate, but it's the sort of humdrum mundane thing.

of just getting constant rejection.

Reegs:Well, that's one of the things though, because they, I mean, cause it's America, he's got a fucking enormous house, but the problem is, you know, it's not.

It's not about that really? For him. It's just about having, it's not

Sidey:he's a member of the country club. and it's all keeping up the


Dan:I say? He doesn't seem to be doing too bad.

Even before that, I mean the sales, he must be a pretty good salesman. He must've made some sales and you can see that he worked

Reegs:well he's in his fifties.

He said he, that he's, they're childless him and his wife it's important. So, you know, they, and it's important, I think in the, in the movie, because he's never at home

Dan:And, and he, he admits in one of the interactions a little bit, like one off the, the star I ain't ever going to quit. He's never going to be happy.

Pete:I think the message is that his, his life, but certainly his professional life has been like unfulfilled.

He knows that he can do like be more than, than he has been up to that point and probably all aspects of his life, but specifically around, he feels that he's got something to offer, but has never had the right product or the ability to, to, you know, shoot for the stars which he eventually


He finds that product when Some brother, he thinks there's been a mistake in an ordering because somebody ordered five or eight of the

Dan:for these always

Reegs:these milkshake makers

Pete:originally seven and they increase it to eight because he thought he says, is that it must be a mistake. They go, yeah. Yeah. Actually make a

Reegs:He speaks to the guy on the phone at any can't he's got this Dick.

Yeah. Nick, Nick Offerman. And John Carroll Lynch who I thought were both really good in this. he can't, he can't forget about this restaurant. That's ordered these enormous amount of,

Dan:no So somebody twitches that, doesn't it it's, there's someone in his salesman in him that he senses an opportunity.

He senses something that he he's actually in his sales pitch. I think he believes it himself. You know, he's talking about a supply and demand. If you increase supply demand will follow, you know, this, this was his, the whole thing of, so here in somebody. Taking his idea. And he can't, you know, he can't sell one of these machines in, in various towns that he goes taking eight of them.

He's like, fucking hell. I want to go down there and see

Reegs:Well, so he's talking about economic stimulus basically. So he's a less, you know, this, that's why this movie is interesting as well, because you've got a little lesson on capitalism going on. So he's, he's saying if you put more money into the market, then more things will happen. And so it's like basic economic theory anyway.

So he he drives down it's it's I understand it's a huge distance. He goes down route 44 and route 66 is he's driving for a long time to go and see. These people who've done it and

California San Bernardino, and he meets these two.


Pete:again, interestingly, by the time he gets there and he's still not sure what he's going to find, but he's already looked at that route and the opportunities along the


Pete:because by the time he gets there and sees what he sees and then starts thinking bigger picture, he's already got a bit of a plan for how that can be taken, whatever it is and can be taken and expanded.

Dan:And at nighttime, he's listening to this record.


It's Calvin Coolidge. The quote about persistence is, sounds like a self-help thing.

Dan:yeah, that's right. Yeah. He's listening to this to get him in. This is what drives him each and every day is, is to go on and do more and do more.

And it says, you know, persistence is better than any talent, you know,

Reegs:Yeah. You can be a genius. It's not,

Dan:loads of geniuses. We've got loads of great ideas. All you need is persistence, persistence, keep going and keep going. And if anything if nothing else, this, this guy has got that because he's in his sort of fifties or something.

And he's, he's still grafting like the, the dreams they're

Sidey:Well, he does eventually get down to this burger stand and it's the McDonald's brothers place.

And you've got this quite amusing scene with him. Ordering food He sort of stands in line and he's thinking, I'll fuck. You know, going to be


Dan:how this goes?

Sidey:And the lady in front of him, don't worry, you know, the line moves really quick and no time he's at the window ordering. And they plunk the food in front of him immediately.

He's really confused like, who's is That it's yours?

Where do I eat it guys? Like

Reegs:wherever, wherever you like

Dan:in your home park

Sidey:do with the stuff, it's like, you just throw it away. And when you meet these two brothers in the movie, they're very, very strict, like very drilled down on the detail. We get the scene in the tennis court of how they.

reconfigure the whole thing. And they've got all the guys going around while they're barking out them

Dan:because that's

Reegs:He says the chips are 5% to crisp,

Pete:Yeah. But that they've been that they're sort of men of a similar age at least. And they've been through a big, long process. They've had like a hot dog stand and other things that, then they've, they've refined their menu down to just whatever sold the best. And it was I burgers, fries, drinks, and milkshake or whatever, but that's, they they've come up they've happened upon or, or created this sort of refined version of

Dan:fine. They've worked today. Haven't they they've learned from what they've done. And, and when Wei meets them and talks them into going for a meal, cause he really genuinely interested in them believe he is at that stage. And he really wants to get to know them and how they've come about this system, where he can order a burger and literally get it


Dan:30 seconds after he's paid for it.

Yeah. No revolutionaries, it's not been done. And they talk about the speedy system. As you say, they, they, they map out on a tennis court, the they draw in chalk, the different stations. They get all the staff and keep moving it until it works.

Reegs:Yes. It's like a ballet.

Dan:and it's amazing the way that they they've gone and done this and then implement it into what was their successful burger business already and closed for a few months while I went through this big refurb and then put it in.

Yeah. And they had

Reegs:up and moved.

It she's is important as well, because one of the themes is about the ownership of land. Right. And so right at the beginning, they picked up and moved off and gone somewhere else

Sidey:but they

they're very strict.

and exacting in their standards. So whilst they've got this down to a fine art of kicking it quickly, they are not willing to compromise on its quality.

And that's not just in the food. The whole restaurant

it's got to be clean and outside. There's no rubbish lying around. There's no litter. And that sort of setting you up for what's to come later on, obviously,

Pete:Yeah. They're specific about the clientele they want as well. There's they, they remove the things they've learned from their, like the drive in diner type scenario.

We've got a lot of people just hanging around and smoking and doing whatever. So

Reegs:well, families are turning up. And that's what they want to promote themselves. That it's not that they want to, the original McDonald's restaurant is seen as this thing in the community. Right. I mean that the people work there and all of the, so then it, obviously it becomes this twisted perverted

Dan:quality restaurant cared about their customers, cared about the food, cared about the quality of goods and, and cared about the franchise, which eventually goes ahead because of the persistence of way.

Won't leave them alone.

Pete:already. They they've, they've had a foray into it, but they're.

That sort of problem is, is the, the lack of control. I've actually, I won't go into detail. I've actually been through this process and in a business. And there is that, like that trade off between, you want to maximize the potential of the thing that you have, and that you've sort of spent years of creating, but there is element you know, which is the slight downside of it is that you lose some of the controls.

Like as soon as you take it on the road goes somewhere else. It's are these people and you don't have total oversight of it at all times. You see it in a couple of their things. They start bringing things into the menu, that one you know, one permitted or one sort of suggested in the first place.

And, and it is

Dan:they can't handle it.

Can they, the brothers, they, they want that control because it's their name,

Sidey:they've been let down

by shoddy managers. I think in the past, what's let it down.

Dan:but where he's not going to do that, Ray's going to sort them out

Sidey:right. He goes to his country club and suggest this idea to some of his is a well-to-do buddies They're all retired, actually

Dan:it important importantly, in, in that scene as well, getting the support of his wife, I think they are, they highlight as they kind of mocking him they're going for a bit of a rough patch themselves because financial troubles him being out of the house so much and everything, but she holds

Reegs:mostly the latter that he's completely emotionally distant and,

Dan:what he's driven

Reegs:complete, they're, it's just totally Loveless their marriage and it's, you know, it's heartbreaking really,

Dan:peers that way. Doesn't

Pete:But there is that, like you say, that sort of show of solidarity from, from the wife, because they see him as like a failed salesman, like, and there's probably a million of these guys that, that they've seen and, and not

Dan:they mock him for some of the things that he's he's sold. And what did he have some kind of

Pete:Or they referred to them as our you're the paper cup guy or whatever. And in one, in one of

Dan:some ridiculous

Pete:done a load of things up to this point that haven't really taken off. And he's, he's a bit of a, a bit of a joke to, to some of, well, not his peers, but the guys that are you know, in this country club,

Sidey:they do, eventually take up some franchises though. and it just works exactly as it has in the past where it's not as strictly controls.

There's rubbish everywhere The food is, the menu is not good. Some of them are selling chicken and things. They're not supposed to be on the menu.

Reegs:Lettuce in a hamburger he's appalled

Dan:He marches onto the

Storms up to the golf course.

So over some of the guys who have invested in it, who weren't looking to work there, they were just looking for an investment and they haven't kind of then gone through with the same thoroughness as he expected of his baby, because he's, he didn't invent McDonald's, but he invented the franchise idea of it.

He invented the anyway to do that well, and certainly employed the people and got it across

Pete:At that point in the film, the, the recognizable sort of characteristic that he has, that the two brothers don't have is like aggression. Like he's quite aggressive in some of these interactions and stuff. Sometimes I thought. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You think he's going to almost like swaying or like smash the burger in his face or do something he's, he's very aggressive and pushy which


Pete:valued as a, as a, as a quality by, by the brothers themselves who are quiet variable.

One of the, the, the thought of one with the diabetes or whatever he's got is like very passive are the other, one's a little bit more kind of like, you know, staunch and belligerent, but isn't not an aggressive character and that's a quote, well, not quality, but it's like an asset that Ray has, the, the brothers don't

Reegs:Yeah, I didn't read him. It's particularly aggressive, more as persistent aggressive in business, he was more sort of, he came across at the beginning, at least in the movie is quite sort of insecure. And you know, it was mostly about his persistence. I

Sidey:I read him as being quite desperate at the start.

Yeah. And then I think the desperation is still there because the reason he is, he ends up remortgaging the house to

do some of these things.

and he needs this financially to be a success, otherwise they're going to lose the fucking lot.

Reegs:Well, it does start to turn a profit, but for everybody, except him, basically it sees this bit.

I didn't fully understand because he had a bigger share of the profits than the brothers. They had half a percent each I think, and he had one and a half percent. So I didn't follow the

Pete:they obviously had royalty, they own the products at the time. So they had royalties. So every sale they're making something, whereas he's only making he doesn't get a royalty. He's just getting a share of the profits, which there.

Not all turning profits. So

Reegs:well, he's just investing like crazy. And he's, he's caught he cottons on some interesting ideas because he. Decides to select out particular groups of people that he wants to manage these places. So he goes to, he goes to a synagogue, he goes to a church, he goes to army veteran blitz.

There's some suggestion of helping disadvantaged people as well. People who can't get jobs. So they become a part of it, gives them, and then he reinvests loads of money. And he's just opening franchises, like crazy, because he's basically got this contract that says he's allowed to do that. They control everything that goes inside the restaurant

Sidey:he just, can't change anything either.

Reegs:yeah, he can't change anything, but you can basically

Pete:but I've read that as is. He was deliberately so standing out people that are respected in their community so that they are. People. I mean, again, you know, part of front, you know, the, the, again, like a, an argument in, in franchising is, is like the, of like localization whereby if you go and it'll happen in towns, cities, countries, et cetera, where obviously now your modern day, McDonald's you go to a McDonald's in Tokyo, you are not getting the same menus you get in you know, wherever like San Bernardino or whatever.

So he's, he's trying to, he recognizes that you need to appeal to that audience and that market in that specific territory, whilst maintaining and upholding the, the, the qualities and the values of the, of the original sort of product and idea.


Sidey:One of his forays out into the wild to try and grow the empire. He met ends up meeting a guy called Rory Smith who is an upscale sort of restaurant owner looking to invest. And he brings along his wife.

Reegs:It was Patrick Wilson. Wasn't it. And who was the lady?

Sidey:Linda car? Delaney, who I've had

the hottest for since ER,

Reegs:but what? Oh, wait. Ah,

Sidey:she was Hawkeye's wife in Avengers.


Sidey:And there's a sort of instant attraction. You can see that she's taken the eye.

Reegs:Well, he's starting to become quite successful now he's opened lots and lots of

Dan:this point he's welcomed in. They have that scene where he's actually cheered into one restaurant and they've bloons and dancing and all kinds of things in there.

And it's, it's a long way from his kind of early start where it reminded me a little bit of, do you ever see Glen Gary, Glen Ross, that kind of Jack Lemmon character who

Reegs:that just to have a salesman vibe as well,

Dan:kind of off a bit of thing going on there in the beginning, as opposed to now where he is?

Sidey:fucking ruthless,


Dan:is he's he knows it as well. You know, he's


Dan:he knows he's getting the wife out. He's getting a new, a new go in because he started to make it.

Sidey:he, he also recognized that he is being held back now by the control of the two brothers. And Nick. I need to do something

Dan:Well, he has an important conversation with a bank manager, which leads on to a more important conversation about land with

Pete:Yeah. Yeah. But, but before, before that, this, I think it's that opening where he sort of comes in in a car and he's like clapped in and cheered in and everything thinking at the end of that scene, someone comes up and speaks to him and he just hands them his card.

And it's got, the FA has got the founder of McDonald's, which obviously, you know, at this point he didn't found he wasn't the

Dan:And the Moines wasn't restaurant number one,

Pete:Yeah. And but like he doesn't even know. I don't think he even has a number, any contact details on it. It's just like. Here's my card. You can find me doesn't even like the other guy gets his card at Santa.

And, but he's already like turned on his heel and gone. So he's backing himself by this point. But financially he's still struggling.

Sidey:It's just not there's millions of these restaurants, but they're not making enough money for him.


like you say, Dan, there he is overheard having this conversation with the bank manager by some sort of financial advisor, dude,

Reegs:BJ Novak from the office.

Sidey:who just girls his way into the whole


very easily.

Dan:why not? Because it's a squirrely little business by this point he's already stitched up there. The actual two founders, you know, these, these two guys that

Pete:still doing okay at this point.

Dan:and they're doing okay and they, they never not, they never,

Pete:them up. He just hasn't been able to take it where he wants to go over there.

They're doing

Dan:Well he he's put, he's pushing the boundaries beyond what they would


Dan:say him to do. And he knows


Reegs:milkshake is really the part that it causes like there's this real artistic divide, essentially, where he figures out that a good

Sidey:Well, Joan, Joan, The new lady is the one who suggests it. And she mixes up a glass of this

stuff and it looked fucking rancid at the dinner table, in Boston term.

And It's a bit of a Eureka moment where he's like, actually we don't need refrigerator, after refrigerator refrigerator, full of ice cream to do this. We can just get it by a sack of this fucking powder and mix it up

Dan:failed to preserve his, he numbers and load of bullshit. Let's give him that.

Reegs:So, and he sends a, he sends a load to the brothers who of course are absolutely delighted by this.

Sidey:Yeah. This point he doesn't give a fuck if they say no, it doesn't matter if it's happening anyway. So he does that behind their back. But what he's alerted to is the fact that actually, if you own the land where these restaurants are, then you can start making some money because you'll be

Pete:calling the shots.


Reegs:You're the lease holder. So that's his idea. Go and buy the land,

Sidey:He incorporates a company then called the franchise Realty corporation which sounds great. And attacks attracts a whole new load of investors. So they can start maximizing the potential of this idea to own all the land for all these restaurants. And he really just, started quoting the shots the whole way. now.

Reegs:Well, the idea is to sell the franchise to the franchisees and then have them lease the

Dan:Pay the mortgage

Reegs:back to them. So


Sidey:which the two brothers are not thrilled with this idea.

Reegs:Well, they are, they're oblivious to it until it's basically way too big for them to stop.

Dan:This is it. They could have probably won in court. But he, he said quite blatantly, Oh, swamp, you were lawyers for years. I'll bankrupt you. And you know, the way this goes, why don't you take the deal? So he gives him a blank

Sidey:well, the deal is so unscrupulous as well.


Sidey:It's so under hand. Yeah.

Dan:I mean, to turn up on the day that the deal is being signed and then change it.

Pete:Well, that's now become his baby, isn't it? Because even in the, you know, the breakup of his marriage and everything, he, he gives her everything except any sort of interest in his

Dan:Oh. Not even 1%.

Pete:And that's the thing that you stitches up the brothers with, which is like the, the royalties part. yeah,

Sidey:They they agree to

forego the name and.

what they're going to get out of it is the original site.

The San Bernardino burger stands a lump sum payment of 2.7 million. Each, I think which works out to about 26 million in 2020

and 1% annually.

Dan:no, I think it was 2.7. Between them. I was a million after tax.

Pete:after tax. Yeah.

Sidey:but the key one was the 1% annual royalty



Sidey:And he changes the deal to say, actually, you're still get that, but that would just be based on a handshake

Dan:which is their own fault for

Reegs:there's a, I mean, they are that they've made a string of errors, really the fastidious brothers all the way through, and this one was like unforgivable.


Sidey:It's one

of those

things where, when someone puts their hand out to you and they're obviously sort of dominant they're kind of alpha in the

room. Yeah,

he's kind of instinctively.


think, but at this point, obviously they know that they've been sort of fucked over at pretty much every turn by him.

I th they definitely don't trust him

Sidey:concerns as well.

Pete:either. There's health concerns, like a, a million dollars is still a million dollars. But I think by this point, they just know that they can't win anyway, that they, they, they can either walk out that room with a million dollars and, and hope that that he'll be true to his words, or they can walk away and on principle and end up probably with nothing anyway.

So they kind of fly. Yeah. There's snow coats. So

Reegs:there was also a condition that he wouldn't build a restaurant near them. And there's a very sad moment when they're tearing down the McDonald's sign because he owns that now, and then he just fucking rocks up and he's like, I'm building a

Pete:Australia across the road. Yeah, yeah.

Sidey:They went out of business within a year, I think.

Reegs:And then. You basically, you know, the movie kind of just ends at this point. I can't remember the exact thing where you get the absolute slam, shocking reveal, or at least it was to me you know, the not so huge reveal of the McDonald brothers never being paid, any fees that that was coming.

But every day McDonald's feeds approximately 1% of the Earth's population. Did you know that before? Did you know that?

Dan:Yeah. I mean they're everywhere and it's, it's crazy. I mean, it's, it's fucking crazy industry that, you know, it's the waste that goes through there as well. And to be fair to McDonald's they don't give a fuck. So there you go.

Pete:Yeah. They might not like bright light Brian's parents.

Dan:like Brian's parents don't give a

Pete:one thing. So the bit that kind of like, so all the way through the film, like, like Mike, Michael, Keaton's a charismatic guy.

And I think that this kid, this character could have been played by, you know, maybe somebody like a terrible actor, like Tom Hanks or something sidelight, but he could have been

Reegs:he was up for the role. Yeah.

Pete:that, that doesn't surprise me. But I think like Michael Keaton will bring that kind of like charisma, almost like, like maniacal kind of like, you know, way of going

Dan:man kind of look at things,

Pete:then they show real footage of the real Ray crock at the end and he didn't really seem to have that charisma. He just seemed like a real light flatter. Oh. So is Michael Keaton. I sort of like warmed to him than I did. And then I've warned her and then I didn't, and then he did some nasty shit.

What, what struck me is interesting is that the end and they deliberately made a point of mentioning one of the guys in one of the original restaurants, I've got to get his name wrong. It's like a Lee Turner or something like that. So, and he says like, Oh, you've done really well. There, he's just one of the guys that's on a burger station or something.

And he goes, you know, he goes around the restaurant, like

Dan:Oh yeah, no, it turns it Fred

Pete:That guy took over from Ray crock as the CEO of this, this corporation that, that he created his PA I think it's Joan or someone like she was on the board. And you know, so they're considering he's he has no, like

Dan:he looked after his people. Yeah.

Pete:it looked like he didn't have any light.

Loyalties or scruples or a conscience or anything at all. And that's kind of like the main sort of theme about him and his character. What, he's a real

Reegs:It wasn't, it was about the purity of McDonald's.

He saw it and he had to have it, which is like the ultimate thing in capitalism as well. The product that you have to have, and that's where you had to have

Pete:those guys with them and riding his coattails, right.

The way

Reegs:He had

Pete:very top and make them like multi, multi multi-millionaires.

Reegs:but he understood for him to get richer. Other people needed to be successful beneath him as well.

That was, he absolutely understood that he needed to in his


Reegs:that was fine. He just couldn't have the brothers having any percentage. That's why, you know, that ownership and he, if they, if they had given out.

Pete:direction and yeah.

Reegs:If they want it to work with him, I'm sure that would have been fine, but they wouldn't have had to have belt bowed to some of his things and not had any ownership in it.

That's why it's

Dan:share that, that vision. And I don't know, even whether Ray Kroc would look at what McDonald's is turned into and say, he's happy with it because it's 1950s, America has very different values as to what we have today, just with the amount of, you know, plod juice and Ang and.

Farm land and cows and all the rest of it. That is and waste, you know, package why

Reegs:I didn't know, though, in the 50. And that's why I liked the purity of division in the fifties,

Dan:kind of a scene. And what it's turned into now, you know, this, isn't a film about what it turned his film about how it started. And and it's an interesting story.

I mean, I've really liked this film. I thought it was. And it's actually the I've seen it a couple of times now. And it wasn't any worse this second time for watching. I still enjoyed it. I think Michael Keaton. Was an absolutely genius play for them because he he's got that range where he can be the, the really nice guy.

And he can also play somebody who's a bit slimy in a, in a little bit on that, you know, which Ray crock, no doubt is, as you said, from the black and white for each, which I think you don't, it doesn't take long, you think, Oh, he reminded me a little bit of the Colonel Sanders, but not Colonel Sanders.

The guy from Elvis,


Colonel, they call him for for

Reegs:Tom Parker,

Dan:So kind of Tom Parker, you know, that kind of guy who, who saw an opportunity and which is exploiting anybody to get it, including the people in and around them. But it is interesting that you had that loyalty and he bought people up with him, you know,

Pete:Yeah they are.


Pete:Yeah. Yeah. It's just, I think, you know, they dropped that guy's name because he turns around and says, what's your name? And then he says his name. And then at the end, one of the things, so for me, I don't, so I don't know enough about who, who made the film, who wanted to make the film, why they wanted to make the film.

Obviously it's just, I mean, I sort of did a bit of research and pretty much everything that happens in the film happened in real life. There's some things that are slightly different, but by and large, the story is, is, is, is the real story. So yeah, I just wondered what you were meant to make of Ray Kroc as an individual or what the director and or whoever won, what, what they wanted you to fail, or if they wanted you to fail anything at all, or whether it was just like, this is the story we're going to make it, we'll leave it out there and people can draw their own conclusions.

Because as I say, I felt kind of conflicted in the. There was, there was some smart stuff. There was some admirable stuff from Raven. There was also some really shitty stuff as well. I don't know whether that was whether there was a message there at all or whether it was just, this is a story. Like, I hope you enjoyed it

Sidey:You could think of, was

Dan:for McDonald's.

Sidey:I was going to say, I wonder what McDonald's, if they tried to lawyer up and get this stopped or anything like that, or whether they just thought it doesn't matter.


Sidey:it's not, It's not hugely, hugely critical

of McDonald's

itself as a

Reegs:leave in handed. That's one of the things that I quite enjoyed about it.


Dan:I think of what would take me Donald's down though. I mean, it's

Reegs:besides me, we'd take it down. And that's an interesting thing to look at how film and art camp, because it fucking savaged McDonald

Sidey:they introduced all their salaries and stuff on the back of that.

Dan:Yeah. And, and, and so that's the potential that somewhere like McDonald's has, they've got a restaurant in every city across the world, and if suddenly they changed their menu to become meat-free or, you know, that kind of thing, then sustain a, an E uh uh you know, environmentally wise that could be, have a huge impact cost of world, you know, for, for climate control and all the rest of it, because it's right up there with oil and anything else you want to.

Fro carbon factor, you know, me in is right at the top and McDonald's and all these fast food places who in the olden days, when it was sustainable, they spoke to the farmers. They too, nowadays it's just like this fucking volumes too much volume is that supply and demand. And there's so much waste. That is, yeah, that's it like October,

Pete:even in one of the stills at the end of the film, it was like a billboard that has sets. It was in black and white. It was obviously very old. And he said over a billion burgers sold.


Pete:they probably just pulled that number out of the air.

Sidey:No, no, no, it's not because there was

Pete:So even at that stage, like a billion burgers, you think that's a billion rappers and a billion bags that they've got in and a billion of

Dan:And in those days they would have been a better, but you know, it would have probably been a more organically fed

Pete:yeah, yeah. It wouldn't have been

Dan:animal and that kind of thing, a massive,


Sidey:they did. They did use a little bit of artistic license in the film because. Whilst the brothers there was a little bit of ill feeling. They were actually happy with the amount of money they got out of it. They, they were, you know, they were wealthy, men, even if they weren't, the, The 1% would have been equivalent to a hundred million dollars annually.

Which they obviously didn't get, and never saw any of that, but they still had a lot of money. And I think they were relatively sort of humble guys. They weren't going to splash all of that

Dan:Where I knew that I

Sidey:but, but


Sidey:he actually ate the 50 million ceremonial, like big Mac.

in 1984. So it wasn't like he'd wash his hands a bit and never had anything to do with it. He was still.

Pete:I've read it. And I think there's just all sort of like posthumously for, for all of them, but there's a McDonald's founder's day, which is


like Ray crock.

But I think not that long ago, they, they amended it and and incorporated the McDonald's brothers as part of that celebration or whatever,

Dan:Did Ron Hubbard go along as well? Or was it

Pete:I don't know who that is.

Dan:one hour Hubbard? You he's just, it, they seem to have similar personalities where they just like, want to take over the world.


Sidey:the director, of this John Lee Hancock, which I thought was the slang term for your signature.

Reegs:is. Yeah.

Sidey:Is his real name?

Reegs:I D I didn't look it up.

Sidey:Hmm. Okay. But the Cohen brothers really liked this script and they were going to try and make this movie.

Reegs:Oh, I could see that.

Sidey:Yeah. Would have been a bit more sort of strangely funny. But in the end, it clashed with hail Caesar. said what a shame

that fucking sucks.

Reegs:I thought this was. Really good when I watched it and even more interesting, the more I think about it because it was this really even handed portrayal of a guy who's kind of like needy and insecure and stuff at the beginning of the movie, chasing this dream in his fifties out on the road.

And then he hooks upon this idea and then he gradually like Keaton's performance is really good. He changes his whole demeanor over the film. So by the end, he is much more aggressive, like you said, so you've got this subtle portrayal you've also got for me, I consider myself like fairly illiterate where it comes to the economy and economics.

Like I only have a really basic level understanding of understanding around economics. So to have a movie kind of just present all these economic ideas, it really easily understandable chunks where like, you know, that's a nice sort of, sort of little teaching moment. And then you like get this sort of, it could be this really Savage.

Critique of America, but it's not because at the beginning it's supposed to be about

The purity of the original vision. And then it sort of gets warped by capitalism, basically into this twisted perverted version of itself. That's just designed to make money and is not about it's about,

Sidey:Is there anything, anytime you incorporate something and you've got shareholders, it's all about bottom line and profit and what their return is going to be.



Sidey:a sole trader or two brothers just doing something, because

Dan:film kind of just made me think what a bloody shame, you know, and maybe it's not even really croc's fault, you know, Ray Kroc quantity to franchise this business because he saw that it was

Sidey:well. I think there was a turning point when it became, you know, he did initially share the vision of it's got to be neat. You know, he goes mad,

when he sees the kids throwing stuff on the floor. He doesn't like that.


Dan:That's right. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:and he, And he does break the guys in the golf course, but


Dan:don't want chicken on

Sidey:that's that falls, that falls

Dan:but it falls away quite quickly. Once the money starts coming in,

Reegs:I don't basic things are,

it's all about maximizing profit. That's the only thing he's interested in.

So pretty soon it doesn't become much about the restaurant at all. You know, by three

Dan:Well, at least it's after that conversation in the bank, that seems to be the, the penny dropping moment where he's, he's overheard. And he goes to see a guy who again, become CEO or something he's right up there at the very top of McDonald's. And he's the one that tells him about you seem to be in the wrong business here, you know, the burger business you're in the land business.

And once he understands that he starts seeing the big money comes in and he's suddenly not interested in the burger business, you know, so it taken his eye off the ball and she's looking at the bottom line profits is, is where he's at. And what's really sad is that is the kind of moment where he needed to make a decision to, to go with the quality or go.

And, you know, McDonald's obviously has a quality or they wouldn't be the biggest restaurant in the world. They have a quality that they, that is consistent across all their

Reegs:restaurants, the absolute definition of a product, because you can expect certain levels of quality and delivery of the same thing over and over and over again, it's designed to


They will have like thousands upon thousands of employees as part of their business, just to ensure the, like the, the, the QC, not necessarily, we're not talking about a high-end product here, but just to make sure that, you know, like the rappers, the advertising, the outfits that the people are wearing, everything is absolutely like uniform they're following a strict sort of blueprint, like, like all the biggest


Pete:and they do with Apple or Disney or whatever it may be that that is in place here to

Dan:take the brand.

If you think of somebody who's in the 1950s in his fifties has done this and thought of it and they drive, cause this is a biopic really of the founder of, of this guy, Ray crock Michael Keaton. I think was fantastic in this. I really do. I think he was a, he's a fantastic actor, but this is a really strong performance because of the way the character changes that you kind of like him.

And then even at the end, you don't dislike him. He's kind of done what he's done. And you're a little bit of me was happy, you know? Oh, well done. You know, he's made it, he's kind of got his dream and everything. It's just my own kind of personal views on McDonald's and things these days is that they've gone too far with all this stuff.


Reegs:that you

Dan:have to top your cap,

Reegs:you, you work with kids who can't get into him placement and stuff, don't you, or do you not work with McDonald's? Do you work with McDonald's? Cause I don't, they do quite a lot of

Pete:They do a lot. Is that like community,

Reegs:you know,

Pete:any like. Business that moves to Jersey and all that they would have moved over before this, like you know, like community projects and like, they basically have to nowadays, if a, if a new brand or a chain is going to come to Jersey, they basically have to say, this is what we're going to do for Jersey.

And so McDonald's will be involved in that. They give employment opportunities for people like a lot of these sort of big franchises and stuff too. Yeah.

Reegs:I mean, it could be, you know, you could be really cynical about it and just say, it's, you know, just community showmanship, or you could

Sidey:any, any of that corporate social responsibility is all bullshit.

Dan:green. It is

Sidey:A hundred percent bullshit. it's advertising and PR

a little

Pete:of lip service. They just don't, I we'll have to tick that box. Like, you know, we'll have to sponsor this event and we'll have

Dan:it's sad when it comes to this

Pete:it is it's

Dan:they do have massive potential, as I said earlier, McDonald's if they chose, who could you imagine the difference they could make?

If they just said, look, we're going to, or, you know, and as.

Reegs:we all need to eat crickets,

Dan:meet comes in

Reegs:to eat.

Dan:as meat changes, you've got more protein plant based proteins in things that actually incredible. If you haven't tried them already do try them. Like a plant based burger is not like the old ones where put beet carrots and things.

They've got textures right in it more now. And certainly once you've got with a garnish on things, you know, it's a nice burger for, for anyone. I think once McDonald's starts invested in that kind of thing, they've got the ability to take it into every restaurant, boom, like that as a product, you know? So maybe that's when I'll start going again, but I haven't been

Pete:they feed 1% of the population of the planet as it

Dan:exactly, exactly, but, but there's going to be pressures on this.

Look at the situation we've been in, you know, look at what potentially could come in the future is as more

Reegs:you saying McDonald's started


Dan:That's what you're saying. That's what you're saying. Yeah,

Sidey:Well then why are you not entertained?

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah. I, I really liked this and I liked it more. The more I thought about it and I'll watch it again. I would think at some point,

Dan:yeah, I really liked how I could have spent another hour destined fucking McDonald's on here. To be honest, I think there are a bunch of bullshit.

Pete:He told about Ryan's world or McDonald's now because you're a big fan of Ryan's world.

Dan:Brian's role Rose bullshit as well. You know,

Pete:you love it. So yeah, I was surprisingly very entertained.

Sidey:So as I, and I forgot to mention to you about the financials the budget for it was 25 million.


Sidey:What, what do we think

winner or loser

Dan:Michael Keaton.


I didn't know anything about it.

Pete:me by totally.

Dan:I think

Reegs:Probably a loser

Dan:I reckon in America, everybody's at this with a burger and fries and gone sit


Sidey:you think loser, It wasn't loser

to it.

It was a million shy of its budget which just sort of surprises me. And that I thought the film was really good and I really enjoyed it, But then it doesn't smell because I never heard it.

I heard about it, read about it, knew and knew that it existed until it popped off on Amazon prime.

Reegs:It struck me as a story. I thought, why don't I know this story?

Sidey:it's the same.

Pete:it was my first foray into these types of films. I've not seen the social network or the like the appellees thing or the web, because I just think it was really boring.

Like these products are here. Great, fantastic, good luck to them. I'm not. I'm kind of ambivalent about the success of the product. Like we've got a friend he's got a product who would, who wouldn't want him to be really successful with it and for it to go global and all of this kind of stuff. So I'm not anti the concept necessarily, but the stories have never interested me, but I'm glad I've watched this.


Reegs:This week? We decided to review a kid's TV thing.

Sidey:Yeah, we did. And I nominated something that I enjoyed a lot from my childhood, but more sort of early teen years, I think this would have been well, hang on. It was 1994 to 96. So that would have made me about 14, 15 something.

Reegs:But do you think that's when it came out in the UK as well?

I don't know. I didn't look that up,

Sidey:feels about right. It's the tech. So this is the tech animated series. There have been two attempts at a live action series. I've not seen anything of the first one, but the stills of it looked fucking dreadful and the pit. Sarah phenibuts One on Amazon is pretty good actually.

Dan:Well, that's, that's what I watched,



Sidey:I wouldn't have found The episodes that I nominated.

Pete:Did you watch season two episode, one of the Peter Serafin of it's one,

Dan:tech series one to pilot.

Yeah. I watched a actually Yeah.


Good. Well, that's that? that is good. But we watched the animated one.

And it's series

two episode one.


Reegs:Put the link for it in the chat as well.

Dan:Did he, Oh, I don't read the chat


our episode opens with a gigantic sort of humanoid way or character emerging out of the ocean. His name is


Dan:fucking hell. Sounds so much better than the version I watched.

Sidey:It's quite involved. with the plot of this one for a 20 odd minute cartoon a lot. goes on. There's a lot of characters in this. You get very flitting scenes of some of the fringe heroes in it, but villain Wise there's a lot going on.

Dan:Well, in my misguided research, I did look that they was an animation. I thought, well, that looked okay. But then I went and watched the the Amazon one, the take, which I thought, you know, side, he's happy, he's relevant. He's going to be watching something that we can all see right now on our favorite streaming service.

But no, you, where did you find this from?

Sidey:Well, this one's available in all good. Online places


Sidey:blowhole basically disappears. Pretty much straight away,

Reegs:sort of rampages across America.

Sidey:Forrest Gump's run across America. He's done it before and now he's doing it again. There's No explanation

about why


Pete:a whale migration thing, but he just goes across land. Cause he's got arms and legs and yeah.

Sidey:th Then we get to

The tick and Arthur, his sidekick sort of nightly patrol.

And Offer. if you're not familiar, he is, has a sort of moth

Dan:he's a moth. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:been developed


Dan:up in series one the pilot of the tick

Sidey:In this one another character in a moth costume is basically watching them and stalking them a little bit


Sidey:Yeah She was hot caramel eater. Yeah.


Reegs:they're chasing the angry red herring

Sidey:Yeah, So there's him, there's the angry retag who's got got machine gun eyes

And then after that, there's the, the Swiss, did they have a name?

Reegs:The Swiss the Swiss industrial spies.

Sidey:Yeah You have Gigantic Swiss army knife.

Reegs:Yeah. And they're confronted by a sort of coward Batman deflate about, yeah. So yeah, it's really good to, you know, gallery of villains.

Sidey:where you also have a, in the, in the cafeteria, you have American made

and the sewer urchin,


Reegs:uh She hears the, she hears them yodeling and that's why yeah. The Swiss. So she goes in to help.

Pete:That's not the war cry, isn't it?

Reegs:it? Yeah.

Sidey:They, they have

a sort of romantic encounter effectively Arthur and Carmelita. Which tick then feels very put out because he now has lost his sidekick who's gotten chicks before

Pete:yeah it's a classic like hoes before bros.

Sidey:The tickler.

enormous and super strong and impervious to pain is effectively a kind of child who doesn't know how to deal with things in an appropriate way A lot of the time. So to deal with the loss of Arthur as his sidekick, he makes this sock crude wooden puppet,

Reegs:Oh boy.

Dan:Isn't that funny the

Pete:my penis.

Dan:way you say that don't, don't don't ticks develop because people don't face up to, or, you know, they have issues and things, you know, some people have ticks

Pete:I think it's tick in that sense.

It's the insects. The tick. Yeah.

Reegs:He's got super powers,

Dan:play on words

Pete:Yeah, but it's, it's like the I think is it, is it that craft night or whatever the making,

Sidey:Holy night

Pete:yeah, he'll be

Sidey:I held the macaroni duck?

in his face. yeah.

Reegs:Somehow. Right. I don't quite know how it happened because I may have tuned out for a minute or so, but they ended up inside blowhole.

Sidey:Well, what happens

Pete:was towards the

Sidey:first of all, Carmelita is really after this code which is on she thinks Arthur suit.

And there's all kinds of shenanigans going on. Like I said, it's very involved.

Dan:What kind of, what's the animation? Like, what am I,

Sidey:Do you remember the, yet? cause I was thinking about this, when we're watching it. of the X-Men cartoon that we've watched? It's kind of like that,

that sort of


Reegs:not as good as that even. I don't think, although I do like the design it's

Sidey:I would say that the animation style on this has aged quite poorly, it looks

a bit

crude, but not so much that to me.

I still love this. It didn't affect the enjoyment of the show, but it's not the best looking animation you've ever seen I say that.

Reegs:they burn, they it's like the ending of mid-summer because they burned the little wooden boy. take it out.

Pete:trigger the yeah, the escape from the, from the whale.


Reegs:I have to say

Dan:absolutely mind

Sidey:Well there's

Pete:Yeah. Yeah. If you've not, if

Sidey:there's a news reporter. Who's they they're trying to cover the story of blowhole and her microphone gets

caught in blowholes mouth and she, then is like flying around


Pete:started still tethered to, to blow hole at the end. I'd forgotten about her. And then when I saw her just like subtly, like

Dan:if this is like anything in my mind, this is an absolute, psychedelic. Trip.

Pete:So, so if one of us were sat here explaining what we'd seen to you, you think that we'd lost our minds,

Dan:The fact that there's three of us just makes me think I've lost my mind.

Sidey:some, This is a great dialogue in it. The tick.

Carmelita. No, sorry. It's office is Carmelita look or runaway whale. Don't ever try and swim against the mighty tide of justice. 

Reegs:Once again, we see that slime doesn't pay.

I have to say I enjoyed the world of this a lot more than the actual thing. Like I loved all the silly villains and like just describing it just now was hilarious. So I enjoyed that, but maybe at the time, I dunno, it could have been just that part of the viewing

Pete:Well, so you said you sort of tuned out a little bit.

You might have, I confessed to society on the way here that I was watching it and then the kids. So at first, like th the, the boys sat down with me and they enjoyed like the whale thing. And then eventually they were like, they looked like, look at me, like, what the fuck you watching? And it went off and, and then eventually they sort of like, started like making loads of noise.

I couldn't really watch it. So I sort of paused it and then something else went on and I never went back. I totally forgot to watch the rest of it because it didn't really,

Dan:so I'm just, I'm just piecing this together.

I never watched it. I watched the one thing you

Pete:I didn't watch all of

Dan:zoned out and you loved it. Sorry,

Sidey:I watched it, I watched

it fell asleep because it was really late. And I watched it again to make sure I had seen it, but I saw it the first time around as well, because there's three series over the tick.

Pete:I think I think that was a good as I think your description Briggs as where I am with it is that like, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the concept of it and a lot of the things that were going on, but didn't really give a shit about the storyline.

It didn't like hurt me in but it was, it was entertaining at the same time. Weird.

Reegs:I don't know that I enjoy the voice acting performance and maybe that's what makes me tune out.

Sidey:Do you know who does author's voice.


Sidey:Micky Dolenz

from the monkeys.

Reegs:I'm going to need more.

Pete:From the monkeys

Dan:Hey, we're the monkeys.


It's even, that's weird.

Reegs:I did enjoy the Villains in this. And it inspired me to come up with a little quiz for you. I don't know how much research you've done into the ticks world. Okay. This could be good. There's a, there's a name and a little backstory. And you tell me whether they're real or not. The first is dinosaur Neil just an ordinary paleontologist who wears a dinosaur costume every day, working on a scientific process to clone dinosaurs.

He accidentally ate one of the cloning experiments, confusing it for pastor. Of course the dinosaur DNA merged with his own, transforming him into a 70 foot dinosaur still retaining his original mustache.

Sidey:It's True.

Reegs:It is true.


Reegs:Yeah, of course it


Dan:didn't even hazard a guess. I was still breathing

Pete:true, like I know that this is in the middle of the credits, but the ones that aren't true.

Have you, is it, you who's written the, the backstory


Pete:you you've taken it from something else perhaps? Yeah.


of them, some of them are outlandish characters in other franchise properties. You've got me there. You have got me there in the quiz. Yeah. Okay. All right. Procrastination and man, I'll tell you his villain story tomorrow.


Pete:no, no.

Reegs:No, of course it isn't wall. Joshua Walden Meyer was happily working his part-time job one day, laying bricks and pouring cement. When he was caught in the blast of a massive explosion, the Blass sent one of the walls. Joshua had been working on tumbling down on top of him. Instead of crushing him, the accident bound him with the bricks, turning him into a living wall.

Spiderman defeated him by talking to him.

Pete:D is Spider-Man part of the Tex universe.

Sidey:possibly just giving that one away.

Reegs:That one didn't I wait, we can edit that one out. We can just go for that again. Surely

Sidey:I'm going to say that that is false.

Pete:Yeah. And I

Dan:going forward

Pete:it was, for me, it was true until he mentioned

Reegs:Yeah Yeah. I believe that one the deadly bulb,

he had the tragic deformity of having a live pig for his left leg. And he gave him the nickname peak leg, which he hated, which then inspired him to begin a life of crime.

Pete:Where does the bulb part come into it?


Pete:could be true.

Reegs:It's true.


Reegs:Uncle creamy and an actor playing the corporate mascot of uncle creamy ice cream before a horrible accident caused his body to fuse with the ice cream.

Sidey:not fusing going on

Ah, I say False



Reegs:Uncle creamy is true. Captain dandruff.

Dan:No, he's not real.


He's not professor pine nut, a Druid raised by pine trees and married to an Oak tree.


Reegs:No, that's false. The, the bread master once a brilliant Baker and food scientist. But G2 is hatred of inferior.

Store-bought breads and his elite, his personality, he turned to a life of terrorism.

Sidey:It's true.

And his sidekick thing is like a piece of butter

Reegs:battery pack.


Body parts, constantly falling asleep. Boy.

Sidey:Hopefully true.

Reegs:No, of course. Everyone's bullshit. Chair face chip and Dale. His head is literally a small chair attached to his shoulders.

Sidey:It's true.

Reegs:It's true. Some sort of wizard cat.

Sidey:Where's pit.

Dan:why not? Let's have a wizard

Sidey:it was

like a triangle.

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah. It's weird. I, no, that wasn't either. I declare us all losers.

Sidey:Fair enough.

So I would conclude then by saying that the tick is, S it holds up. It's excellent. I really enjoyed it.

Reegs:I might

enjoy the comics maybe a bit more. I don't know.

Sidey:Daniel thoughts on the Amazon prime

Dan:Yeah. Well, okay. I watched, I found out actually after I. I clicked on this, that I'd seen up to episode seven on this previously.

I thought I knew that I'd watched it. I didn't realize I'd watched that many and it kind of tapers off around there, but it started well it was it's real. It's actually a, quite a strange thing in that it doesn't really know what it wants to do. It it's, it goes from this same kind of character it's really sort of absurd and, and jumps around a lot.

And is that the guy, I think you mentioned his name before.


On stand wide. I'm going to give it a go. I'm going to totally butcher it, but he didn't butchered a ticky. He played it really well when every scene that he wasn't in wasn't that good. You know, I think it suffered from maybe the, the, his performance was so

Sidey:I think he struggled off the stage when I got canceled after that second series.

That one. Yeah.

Pete:I actually remember again a little bit like the episode. Itself.

I've watched this years ago and I think I've watched more than one ever. I would have watched a succession of, of episodes and then totally forgot about it for years and years until you, you

Dan:I never watched I never watched any of this the first time around.


Pete:So I knew what I was dealing with when you mentioned it, but yeah, just weird.

Funny, but yeah.

Dan:It's my choice this week. Isn't it?

Sidey:that it is,

Dan:Okay. Well, I've been preparing this for quite some time, so I'm excited to be able to pronounce these the top five and you'll get this as I go through the theme. But I'm going to go for the top five motor vehicle accidents in movies



You've got to think about that. Whiplash. That's going to be the film. Can you see the connection there? So that's where the JK Rowling and all the rest of them, or C K someone the kids TV, I I've, I've rifled through Nellie's Netflix account and found she had at least been interested in how to train your dragon legends.

So I don't know if that's a, another series, but it's on Netflix. We're going to go for season one episode. One of that. I always started at the start because I have I'm up to I'm hoping it's going to be good. You know, I hope it's going to be something that we can carry on a watch. And then the mid week it's a film I've been, it's been in my mind for a little while.

I haven't seen it in years and years and years. Legends of the fall with Brad Pitt. Have you guys seen that.

Sidey:No, I haven't seen it actually.

Dan:Okay. Well, well, I I've, you know, it's in Epic. So be in that mood give yeah, well, I think he's about, yeah, it's probably two and a half hours. So give yourself the time put yourself in the mood for it.

It's you know, if I could describe it

is when it's pissing it down with brain light, the fire

Sidey:We we're dining out on the Saturday

Dan:Yeah. So perfect. Then

Sidey:we could stick it onto the man-cave after dinner.

Dan:No problem.

Reegs:If I lit a fire in my house, it'd be a terrible fire hazard because we didn't have an open fire. So don't I just a bit of advice, listeners, don't light a

Pete:Don't set fires in your kitchen.

Reegs:or other rooms of the house.

Sidey:No, anyway, this week was fun. I think we had some pretty good stuff to watch as it turns out from our reviews.

Pete:If you do say so


well, onto me

Dan:some exciting

Sidey:and I

Dan:I think you,

Sidey:I am really excited to watch

cause I've I've watched some of, a whiplash and I can't remember what

Dan:whiplash, because no, none of you has seen it have you.

So this is going to be a treat for you.

Reegs:I've seen

Dan:really, really good movie. I have seen it once before, but I'll definitely say it again.

Sidey:Cool. Well I had a little whinge a couple of weeks ago because we were feeling down in the dumps about the numbers, but since then things have been great.

We've had lots of people tuning in and listening, possibly even new listeners.

So if

Dan:It's just the millions in China.

Reegs:cool ones. Who've been there a long time, like Bregy and Johnny UTA and, you know, male and a lot, Stacy, there's been loads of people who've been there

Sidey:No, we have a sort of a Very loyal following some of our listeners, which is great, but also it's nice to to welcome our new listeners at the end of the show.

So you can reach out.


Touch us via, usually Twitter's the best or that we should get our discord thing going possibly. But do get in touch and do keep listening because we get very excited about big download numbers. All that remains is to say Saturday signing out


Dan:that has gone