Jan. 28, 2022

The Guard & Centaurworld

The Guard & Centaurworld
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"Should men cry?" is a question that literally no one asks anymore because we all know that the correct answer is "of course, as long as it's done in the right way", that is to say that it's expressed in a manner which continues to conform to society's expectations and understanding of masculinity and male vulnerability. Shedding tears from extreme physical pain is permitted as is using it as part of a cheap seduction routine, exactly as Sidey’s friend did during a screening of TITANIC which he still feels so bitter about some 20 years later. But will that movie make it into this week’s Top 5 Crying scenes? I wouldn’t have thought so but let’s see what the Dads offer up.
Howie chose this week’s main feature, John Michael McDonagh's THE GUARD, a buddy cop crime caper with a strong cast. Brendan Gleeson, probably best known for his work as Victor in THE SMURFS 2 received acclaim for his contribution alongside Don Cheadle (SWORDFISH) and Mark Strong who played Dave Summers in 1998's THE MAN WITH RAIN IN HIS SHOES. Yes, as you can possibly tell by now I haven't actually seen this movie or indeed heard of it before today which makes writing this part of the show notes tricky. At the risk of trivializing what may be a great movie I've never heard of before and am yet to enjoy, all I really want to know is does Don Cheadle do a silly Irish accent?
I often find myself wondering whether centaurs still exist is another way of saying I've literally never had that thought before but there's no doubt some nutballs out there somewhere who can provide charts and diagrams and theories proving the part human, part horse creatures were in fact real and actually still are. Netflix’s CENTAURWORLD also boasts a list of great and varied performers with the likes of Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit and Arrested Development’s Tony Hale working alongside Jamie Cullum, Wendy Malick and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in an animated series exploring the strange world inhabited by these truly disgusting and unnatural abominations.
We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


The Guard

Sidey: Welcome to Baghdad film review, where we are, but three this evening but I'm told that's the magic number

Rigs can't be here tonight He is still dealing with all kinds of COVID related stuff, which is really shit. And we miss him very much and I'm sure he would love to hear from everyone. So if you want to bombard him with nice messages on Twitter, send him money

perhaps, I'm

Howie: news,

Sidey: Yeah. news, news, especially no, I'm not going to say that money would

read. I'm sure his ease, his suffering somewhat as well.

So um

Howie: not here because he's still recovering from eating vegan cheese

Sidey: yeah, Pete's on a vegan low as well. So P and Riggs, hopefully back next week, but we will plow on, we had a top five last week,

which we'll talk about, which is robots had a few nominations it was one of them

RTD to craft work.

The um that's more more musical. I don't know if we put,

Robocop into me.

Howie: I don't think we did.

Sidey: Well, I think it should go

in cause it's fucking tremendous.

I we're talking about the poor the hope and one, Not the shitty fucking remake. version.

Howie: not gone near that. I don't want to tarnish the image.

Sidey: So that is in.


per chance. did you watch anything that wasn't homework related

Howie: I did the family have been watching Hawkeye series on Disney, which is quite a nice one. Yeah. Really enjoying it. It's actually quite a nice one. I'm interested to see where it goes.

We've got our episode four, which has revealed that there is a black widow that's just popped up.

Sidey: Elena. Have you seen,

the black widow

Howie: Yes, we have. We've seen that. So that was quite cool. We've also been watching, of course Bob fats, which peaked w w w went back up in my estimations after the

Sidey: the

Howie: yeah, yeah. So it was quite happy with that.

And then we, I watched on my own the one that's quite relevant to you going away down the 14 peaks with we'd mixed emotions about that in the, I have no doubt. That is He is an unbelievable athlete. An unbelievable climber and the film is just amazing in places I worry, he's going to get his comeuppance and it's going to one day lead to hundreds of other climbers getting killed.

Cause he so confident. And a lot of the time he's pissed out of his, oh, he's hung over to fuck. He setting world records for endurance climbing. He is amazing, but I'm just worried that he did those. He did the 14 peaks and then they went, what? Yes. And I, I, I just really worry. He's going to get something horrific happens to him

Dan: well fingers crossed he doesn't, but I tell you your point.

It's just so amazingly crazy what he's done compared to what anybody else did. I mean, normally you climber an 8,000 meter peak, like one a year, you know, maybe they'll do two. The previous record was 16 years for, for good cause, you know, or seven years or whatever it was took them a long time each doing it in six months and he's running up and down these

Howie: he did. He did Everest and two other mountains, all above 8,000 feet in 48 hours.

Sidey: I think The first one in the film

you know, they do it and then they come down and then someone stuck up there. So they just

go back

Howie: well, but the big floor in the film and I don't, this is, this is a complete idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about. Talking to him about at film is why didn't they do the Chinese ones first and get them nailed down? Well, yeah, but do you know what I was thinking? Why is it so the climbing season or

Dan: climbing seasons? I think he also wanted to build a bit of momentum to get sponsorship and things. So he was doing the more affordable ones and the

Howie: ones

Dan: he had better access to first.

And as momentum started building, one of the things that really got me in this this documentary was when he finished the challenge and he came


off that last peak and he had about 20 Nepalese reporters around and he quite rightly pointed out if this would have been a Western expedition,

they would have this w we wouldn't have been able to see for journalists here.

They would have been, you know, all the rest of it. So what he's doing for the Nepalese climbing community, I think is just fantastic. And, and given these people who basically have dragged up, you

Howie: well, they're just carried if carried up rich Europeans supplies and everything

Dan: Without getting any of the credit or, or kudos that they deserve. So he's, he's shown a light on that, but maybe he's had to do it in such an extra ordinary race, almost worthy or its own discussion. They said maybe we could do a special kind of


episode or something similar for that because yeah, I love this and I have gone over to Nepal in what another month or so.

And I'm sure there's going to be just loads of his presence and that

kind of feeling

around and just really ramped up the the pole is the guides, the, the climbers and everyone else to give them the kudos they deserve really. But yeah, maybe someone we can chat about another time I did Baba FA as well because I'm just addicted to it really love that.

Sidey: it's getting a bit of a hard time online. I've seen.

Dan: Well, they just don't know what they're on

Sidey: Yeah, I agree. I think it's great.

Dan: I also watched a thing called D pass, which is a sky box set based on the bridge of

Howie: Oh yes. Yeah, yeah. It's based on the tunnel. That's what,

Dan: bridge the tunnel.

Howie: Are you talking about the murder

Sidey: Because the bridge, the Danish

slash Swedish thing is the fucking greatest murder mystery program of all

Dan: Well they say this is a based on that.

Howie: it's a continuation of the story

Dan: based on a Austrian and German. It's a sky original Austrian Germany detectives on either side that a board were found this body that is that's been put over a border stone.

Sidey: Okay So that's exactly how the bridge starts. Is it halfway across the bridge is a corpse has been cut in half, one, half, So on one side,

Howie: I, which is exactly the same as the tunnel,

Sidey: the tunnel is the English.

Howie: English Remake is really

Sidey: I'll watch that, but You've got to, got


watch that it is all time.

Howie: Yeah, it is. It is.

Dan: Oh, maybe I should start with the bridge and then go to

Sidey: I would definitely start with the bridge just because honestly it's like,

it's 10 out of 10.

It's fucking

so good. It's so

Dan: Right? Big talk.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. It's big. I will stand by That one. Anything else?

Dan: No, I didn't get much else done. TV

Sidey: Okay I been rewatching some Doug Stan hope stuff. Cause it all appeared on Amazon prime. So one of his standup routines called no refunds is on there and It's fucking brilliant. More Beatles stuff.

get back.

Dan: Be nearly

Sidey: no I'm still I'm at the very

end of the second

chapter Ringo I still don't think he's spoken he just sort of sits there, smoking and I bought all

their fucking shit

But I'm basically in it for the threads and the tea drinking.

like the music's got Pretty boring.

Dan: Yeah It does get repetitive by

Sidey: I think now George George Harrison is now my favorite. His club was fucking on rail. There's one

bit he's wearing these like boot slipper

Howie: Yes. Yes.

Sidey: they're amazing.

Howie: My favorite of the whole thing you'll get to see him is the guy that works in the Beatles apple office, front of house who stalls the police?

Sidey: Okay

Dan: yeah.

Howie: He's just

Dan: Yeah. Big guy with

Sidey: I've seen him a few times

Howie: him and the other guy.

There's two of them. They stole the place with utter stupidity.

Sidey: I'm looking forward to that because it's a bit kind of repetitive at


Howie: Oh

Dan: you start to get. The performance, you know, and, and then the, the crowds and just

Sidey: building for a long

Howie: uh Lennon, you'll see, watch Lennon, Lennon for the performance, flicks, a switch and changes to something that is like a superstar. And it's really bizarre. He is properly a superstar when he sings compared to him just sort of jamming and being contributory

Sidey: not to be too dominant.

whereas McCartney doesn't give a

Howie: Yeah. He's a fuck off.

Sidey: I also watched, did you ever see the Hitman

Dan: man and her

Sidey: No, I've always got it the wrong way round. Is it the body guards set? My, the Hitman's bodyguard.

Howie: Yeah. With Ryan

Sidey: Yeah So there's another one now

it's the Hitman's body guards, wife or the

wife has a bird for summer. it's good, but I am bored of Ryan Reynolds, shtick of just like, I, like, I don't need another Deadpool film because they're just the same old stuff. But Salma Hayek, swearing, and this film is fucking unreal. It really is quite incredible. And I started watching pacemaker. Well, I don't know if you've seen the suicide squad movie.

The second one

Howie: I have is just

Sidey: the pacemaker

Howie: is one of the wrestler. What's his name? John Siena,

Sidey: Yeah. He's got a spinoff series. I started watching


Howie: Netflix. Now

Sidey: it's on HBO, max, which is definitely where I saw it

Dan: just just about swearing. Just before I had to, I did a swear in front of the kids. And Nellie looked to me like with those eyes wide open in shock, she said, then I know I said, Ooh, do you know who said, oh, contact.

And I said, go on. No, go on. Say it.

Shit. Fuck. And she started, you know, little, 10 year old coming out

with all this and

Howie: Oh no.

Dan: she didn't drop the

C bomb not in English. She knew in check.

So yeah she goes she goes, shit, fuck bitch, arse check. She got up just to see what

she'd been hearing in the in the um in the school yard

Howie: I'm not going to venture. That was mine. Cause Microsoft will use it everyday. Conversational points. Hi mom, going for a fucking shit or the toilet as his name,

Sidey: Kleenex out there ready for.

this week,

Howie: Yeah. And not the way that I'd hoped this week. At work, it's where we get told about our pay. And I just thought I was just sobbing quietly into my,

Sidey: first pay cuts. The deepest.

Howie: it is. It is. It is it's compounded by the fact that your electricity bill is off the scale so much that you have secretly at this moment, remotely turned off the heating of the house.

But I'm warm. So that's all that counts. And as we say in our family, if you don't wear a jumper, you're a deck, it's a family, family motto. So they've just got to learn. I've just paid for some new double glazed windows. So in the end I'm not winning.

Dan: going to die.

Howie: Yeah, no, no.

Dan: just be cold a bit.

Howie: bit, bit frosty. This is, I know, actually I've just kind of randomly going to, it's supposed to be a top crying moments in films or sobbing.

Dan: Not moments we quiet up, but they're

Howie: exactly. Yes. So yeah. So an example of somebody that has really. Love of the art of acting, cried, their eyes out or sobbed

Sidey: or

not done it very well. Cause I got a

Howie: yeah. Or wailed or flayed about senselessly and made themselves look like a decade. That sort of level

Sidey: Are you a crier of movies

Howie: I have started.

Sidey: Yeah. I think since I've become a parent, it's a lot easier.

to pick out emotionally about Shit.

Dan: Fuck I quiet. Like America's got talent me. I'm

Sidey: I would cry if I was my choice

Howie: cry if I was watching out deck,

Dan: they hit the gold buzzer,

Howie: I have to say, so the one that I it's not part of this list, but the one that I've cried at recently is afterlife.

Yeah. So I

Sidey: Oh my God. I saw one clip. Okay. So I haven't watched

it because obviously

when my son died, it just came out then and rigs was like, don't watch


It's Brilliant. But don't watch it. It's too. It'd be too much. So I haven't seen any of it. And I saw it. I obviously know what he's about And I've seen loads


takes stuff that it's still fucking, really funny.

And I saw just the other day when he goes to the cancer

Howie: ward,

Sidey: for the kids And is talking to that a couple of little kids and one of them says really come back, I know one of them says the name of his, his wife.

and I was like, fucking

fluid And then, and then another kid He says,

do you come back and see me. And he's like, yeah. Okay. I'll come back And he's and then the next day. and he said, Yeah. I'll come back every day until you're better.

And The kid says all when I'm in heaven. he like,


Howie: yeah. It's it's it is the most bizarre TV you'll watch because it is moments of funny there moments of incredible sadness and then moments of absolute depravity and the there's the C bomb.

Sidey: outtakes

Howie: Oh, the outtakes. Yeah. Season two is significantly the strongest. And then the last episode of the very last series is, as you said, a proper move it's prophesied.

But anyway, going back to the list I'm going to go for. The first one and it's side is non favorite. Tom Hanks in Castaway, where? Yeah, when Wilson disappears off and, and it's, it's, it's, man's struggle with loneliness. That's what it is. So Wilson has netball. Is it volleyball or netball?

Sidey: Volleyball volleyball

Howie: is his companion is one-to-one.

And as they are on their escape from the island, he survived that. And as they drift off, he wakes up one morning, he's near the end of his he's nearly on deck. He's on death's door and the raft is all broken up and Wilson drifts off and he knows he can't get him. And he just returns back to the raft and lays there, flailing about wounds and it's.

And I always think about actors and crying, and there is such a fine line between. Getting it on the nub and doing it right. Or looking like a complete twat.

Yeah. And there are some that are just shocker, but there

Dan: Hanks is, you know, is

Howie: it should know what he's doing.

Dan: knows what he's doing does in a year.

And he said he spent four years alone on that desert


I didn't actually,

Howie: I didn't

Dan: I didn't write this film that much, to be honest cost Hawaii. I thought

well acted and, and reasonably well done, but it wasn't, it didn't get, get me as much as his other films I've seen, whether it's just been one actor or,

Howie: did we watch the Robert Redford's the sailing one. Yeah. That was particularly bleak.

Dan: Yeah it? was Yeah.

But yeah,

you know, him crying over a ball, he actually, at one point, I think he froze it away and then he goes back for it. Doesn't he? Because he

Sidey: just

Dan: realized he had a Raul out of rail with a ball

Sidey: I saw this at a cinema in America, so like a prophet


and the plane crash bit was fucking like, geez.

You know,

it was really good. I I do like Tom Hanks, but not like a

mega Fannie Mae. So you know, my feelings about Forrest Gump, but this, I think this is a

Dan: the way that the two fake it's stuck, stuck

Howie: in

Dan: my mind for this movie, which you can really kind of empathize with somebody eat. Then you wait you out with like the bottom of a ice skate in boot or something, wasn't it.


Howie: He gets rid of the

Dan: But you do that when you've, when you've got a tooth fakeness drift,

Sidey: Well the snacks that we've got tonight, someone's going to have a

Dan: get a guarantee? Well I've got another Tom Hanks film. It's a 1999 is the green mile.

Howie: John coffee.

Dan: So it takes place on death row in Southern prison in, in the thirties. But it's not Hanks this time. Who's crying.

It's is everyone else he plays a prison guard. Who's a pretty good guy on death row and he's got a team around him and they, they seem to.

Got respect for the inmates there. and they're, they're good guys. Generally, there is one bad apple that comes in and tries to shake things up a little bit, but one of the inmate

big guy coffee yeah.

John coffee is about to be executed for a murder. He didn't commit. I mean, he

Howie: two little

Dan: little girls

Killed and

he obviously has this magical power. They realize that it's an injustice. And then when they've actually got

Sidey: Tom Hanks is Dick doesn't They

Dan: yeah he

sorts that

Sidey: sort of says problem out. And they realize that

Dan: He's got the

Sidey: a healer You know, he's, he's

Dan: And when they, when he was saying he couldn't take it away, he wasn't talking

Sidey: there in time.

Dan: you know, the, the murder of these girls.

He was talking about saving


and being able to draw out the the death from them, the poison. But he.

It goes through. Disney says, I don't want the hood over my head and everything, I'm scared of the dark. And he says, just this big giant of a man right. He's not a dry eye in, in a house. And is there, is there the guards kind of put him through and

Howie: there's a particularly grizzly death in that, isn't it?

Because the shithead,

Sidey: He doesn't wet the

Howie: doesn't work the sponge fucking hell on the electric chair, horrific

Dan: a good connection. So they, they kind of just frazzled him and burn him in and he ends up getting his, his bad luck as well

Howie: Yeah. I think he gets sort of shunted off her

Dan: yeah, that was

Howie: green

Dan: jerker green mile

Howie: Sid,

Sidey: do you remember the disaster artist, which we


a long time ago? Well, then the movie, the real movie the room the culminates with Tommy Wiseau trashing a room and screaming.

And I haven't actually seen all of the room. I've just seen like bits of it. And this is definitely worth looking up on YouTube because obviously it's famed for being the worst movie ever made or claim to be the worst movie ever made. And it certainly it's gotta be up there and he's supposed to be going, you know, completely losing it.

And it's such a labored

and he's

just screaming. And then

Half-heartedly like trashing the river, like really slowly pushing things off, like almost carefully, like we might have to do another take. So I've had outbreak over there and he's just screaming and sort of crying, but it's like an alien trying to


like a human it's so

strange It really is weird Yeah

Dan: so bizarre. I mean, the whole story of this guy where he got his money from to do this film and and then the fact that.

It actually is a film we've heard of, and then he's got remade.

It's just amazing.

Sidey: I Don't watch it. But watch this scene just put in like

the room Tommy was I crying is fucking, so. weird.

Howie: Well I was looking at how actors can get the tears rolling and apparently the easiest way of doing it is to think of a loved one or most commonly, apparently it's a family dog, and that's how you get crying. But if you can't do that because you're heartless you stick menthol tears.

Underneath. So it's like a menthol vapor stick. And if you put them under your eyes, it will go straight. Well, it won't like hurts you, but it will make your eyes just run because of the vapor fumes. Right? So top tip there, if you want to get away with anything, cover yourself in Vicks.

My favorite move that I was going to go for Matthew mahogany in interstellar where he's watching the video messages of his kids that he's let it I'm aware that you haven't seen this. I keep saying this every time I talk about it's a

Sidey: I know because I saw this crop off in my

research and I was like

Howie: well, effectively he goes off and because of scientific principles, I don't fully understand one year.

Is equivalent to one hour on the spaceship. So his kids that he's left behind are growing up and they fucking hate it. Well, one of them fucking hates him and he does that whole thing where he actually is crying. And then I was reading up about it. And the sign of an Oscar winning cry is if you do the body shake as well, you do the whole proper fucking, and you have the whole Fleck fluxion of body and all sorts.

And then if you can get a bit snotty to come out as well, that you smear on your sleeve, you're just, you're, you're, you're getting the people's vote.

Dan: you know, it is a moving scene. He's, he's hundreds of billions of miles away. And I think he seen his video of his daughter around the same age as


when he left and realize his life just kind of go and buy for them as well. Goodwill hunting

Howie: Oh yeah.

Dan: one. I love this movie. I do. I think it's really good.

And he's he's a 20 year old math genius. Matt Damon, a character. Well, and he's he's always in trouble and

he's, yeah he's a tough upbringing. And so he needs as part of a court recommendation to see a psychologist as well, which is Robin Williams.

Sidey: I don't know the extent first of quite how bad his upbringing spin.

It's this scene that also

Dan: yeah, he's he sits says nothing for the first sort of hour or two hours or first session and having seen it, done it and been there before Wobben Williams, a character is just sitting there and wait and impatient with him. And just, he's about to nod off that's when we'll start to talk to him and tell him lots about his family and lots of his friends and things in

Sidey: for the joke doesn't mean he starts off with a joke about the pilot over the PA someone about, you know, giving me, I need a hand job


the stewardess runs it. That's how I started breaks the ice and then yeah, it all starts to, flow from there the chat,

Dan: And it also kind of rips him to pieces through his observations. And it's all theory. It's all kind of, hasn't really

Howie: the life

Dan: no life

Howie: it's just, he's just a bookish asshole, Matt David at this point,

Dan: And a it's it's Dr.

McGuire, isn't it. And they eventually developed this bonds and, and he helps him with his face, his feelings and in this kind of crying scene where he just says, it's not your

fault, It's not your fault. And he just keeps on going over and over again, it makes me think of Robin Williams as well, because obviously he had such a, you know, the tragic end that it's you,

you want it to give him a hug and just say, it's not your fault.

It's not your fault as well. But it works in this case for, for for well

And it was a proper sobbing and hugs and and finally he can face up to all these other emotions going on that you just kinda let it out a good cry. Does


then it,

Sidey: American history X

Dan: it's been a while since I've seen this one, but at Norton.

Sidey: Yeah,

very very good movie. I think the director, I think we've spoken about before he wanted to have his name taken off because he really didn't like it, or he he didn't like the final edit of it or something like that.

But because he slagged it, he took it and I bet the newspaper slacking it. you can't have your name taken off. So anyway, I think it was really good apart from the very end, because it ends with Edward Furlong being gunned down in the, in the bathroom. He's shot and killed at Northern rug runs in grabs him and hugs him.

And does a really shit unconvincing cry, which I think had, no, one's really good He's a he's a solid that there's some films I really, really like. But obviously crying. not,

one of

his strengths

Howie: oh, I'm really pissed off your

Dan: Look at me. I'm crying.

Sidey: it just it's just weak. So a shame because the rest of the movie is actually really good.

Howie: Yeah. It's been a while since I've seen that.

All I can remember is the horrific.

Sidey: We all know about great

Howie: about that death, right. I'm going to go for earth

and yeah, it's not me watching yoga with Adrian in the mornings. As I diligently do to cure my old man's bag. It's offering Rocky Balboa at the end of the bouts, just wanting to get past everybody and shout for his wife. Who's Sattler. not, not too happy about the fact. And

Dan: suppose this walkie first

Howie: it must be the first one that I'm thinking of is the first one.

Sidey: Yeah. Rocky three. Rocky three has a good cry when

Howie: Yeah.

Dan: This is when I have my Rocky recommendation here to, to jump on that as well. So there's that? Rocky, Rocky loves it quiets. Isn't he all the emotion of the big fight. And

Mickey dice. We all had a tear in our eye where Mickey died.

So Stallone is a Rocky just sobbing over their dead body of, of Mickey. And it, yeah, it's, it's it's sort of funny. It shouldn't be, you know, but he's he he's got trouble getting his words out as an

Howie: Dawn.

Dan: it's a, yeah, it's, it's the, it's the fight. He wasn't going to get up for Mickey and it was very, very emotional

Howie: do you know, he's still got the turtles that he bought?

Dan: Yeah I'm sure

Howie: Still owned. Still has those turtles that he buys from the pet shop in the Yes. That's random. You don't want to know that fact you'll forget something like, do you choose up to allow that fact to stay in your head?

Sidey: I've got a couple of cries One's a movie ones, TV that have become memes. And the first one is Toby Maguire as Spiderman. And he does this awful kind of gurning cry, face which is

a meme And

the other one is James van der Beek from Dawson's Creek. Who does this pathetically weak,

and kind of, obviously putting a face.

It's not great, podcast content, but he, he

It's just like it's

apt for Dawson's Creek.

Cause it's such

a fucking pathetic program that I used to, like and every time if we were having a conversation on on email or whatever, and someone moaned about anything.

you'd say you'd get bombarded with James VanDerBeek during his cry face. So they're quite good, but a proper one would be a film that you hadn't seen until recently. How it ITI.

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: which You heartlessly. I think didn't cry at

Howie: I didn't cry at it because

Sidey: I did cry there, but I was, when I was sort of as a child, at a cinema and it was proffered like devastation. But when he fucks off back


Yeah, I can, Kristen absolutely cry

Dan: There's so many sad bits in

Sidey: Well when he dies and

Dan: gets ill. When he's got to leave at the end.

Sidey: and he points you know, puts his head and it's crying. everyone.

else is crying.

Howie: So that scene is what the actor who played Elliot had to do for the, I don't know, the rehearsal reel it's available on YouTube. It's worth watching actually. And Spielberg cost him purely on the fact that he was able to cry pretty much on demand. And I, I worry though, because this is something I was thinking about whenever you see something with children and they look into stress or they're crying, you like,

are they look especially young kids, like you see, are you scared of the fuck out of the, behind the camera

Sidey: I think there's a lot of protections in place, these days for stuff like that.

Howie: I dunno. I'm sure that the the Hollywood Illuminati have done something, you know, bill Clinton's flashed his cock or a picture of Jeffrey Epstein and ever gone to the island. I'm, I'm going to go for TV one and it's quite a good one. It's a quite well-publicized now, but it's one that I genuinely remember because I was a big fan of the fresh prince of Bel-Air when I came home from school. And it's really good. It's well, ranting uncle Phil, about why his dad didn't love him. And apparently if you read about it will, Smith's background is pretty Schacht as well in real life.

And a lot of this part of the scene where he is proper upset was unscripted in places there's genuine emotion. He genuinely did like, so the actor who plays uncle Phil who's now passed away actually was a real father figure to will Smith and a guide. And it had some real genuine tears and energy in

Sidey: season four, episode 24 puppers got a brand new skews And he's

Obviously the dad's back on the say, but then he lets him down again. And these. guys are just shouting. Yeah. Uncle fail, you know, I'm going to get you know, real honey. We're going to have kids. and I'm going to be amazing. of you're way better father than he ever was. And then he just stopped himself and he says, but why didn't he want


Why? doesn't he want, man?

He's fucking it's moving.


It's for a daft program about a guy wearing his blazer inside and stuff like that.

Dan: yeah. You,

Sidey: see it


Dan: would think you might get some happy tears out of it, but yeah, it's a real emotional

Howie: Every episode was just jazzy. Jeff been thrown out episodes. Dan, you go for it,

Dan: Well, I was thinking of a Brad Pitt film. I've got a couple of you actually, but I'm going to start with one that we did a midweek for a couple of months ago, legends of the and twisting Brad Pitt is visiting his brother's grave who died in the great war which promotes yeah, a massive waterworks going on.

nobody's ever looked better. He just, oh, you just want to put your arm around him then, you know?


he's clutching his, his face in his hands and making those weird throat


and everything. And not that weird that he's unattractive, you know, but he sort of a. Just, yeah, he looks incredible crying, but there's another one.

I'll just go because it's Brad Pitt as well when it's seven. So legend four was 19 94, 7 95. He has not stopped crying. And again, it's a, it's a loved one that sets the, the tears. When Kevin

Sidey: the box what's in, the

Dan: what's in what's in the box, what's in the box and it's just absolutely harrowing.

Sidey: he's smells. Isn't he mills.

And I can't remember,

Dan: it's, it's such a dark

Sidey: wash it again about a year ago.

Dan: all I did and he said dark atmospheric film, even in the

Sidey: constantly pouring down. It's miserable It's just fucking

so bleak

Howie: That's 25 years ago.

Dan: Detention and everything.

Yeah I mean it stands up This is one of those films I watched a year ago. Still stands up now, 25 years old. It's it's really fucking good. Apparently PA said it would do it. The head's got to stay in the box though.

That was a


of the contract He never wanted to do any of that because he would have been seen Gwenyth

Sidey: they were married,

I think at the time.

or certainly, but they met. did they get married? Were they just

engaged I

Dan: dunno, wherever it was. Yeah. There were an

Sidey: Yeah, they were, they were, yeah.

Dan: but you know, it he's a,

Sidey: it's the bad guy wins,

then that failed. The bad guys plan comes to fruition and it all fucking

pays off it. Doesn't

Dan: it? Yeah. Kevin's spicy. Just a, loves it when a plan comes together.

But the the tears flowed there

Sidey: I've got another Kevin Spacey, our favorite sex offender,

movie, American beauty.

Remember that one. I think he won the Oscar. He starts off with him winking in the shower.

Dan: I'm gonna go with the messages who won't finish them off or whatever, or catches him. Isn't it, that's

Sidey: bit later on he's yeah, he wakes twice

and Yeah.

The next door neighbor, Frank played by Chris Cooper. Who's he's, he's concerned that his son is gay, but he's clearly closeted himself and he goes to speak to Lester's Kevin Spacey's character in the garage.

And he cries and Kevin Spacey like compensate me and he tries to kiss him,

So there's a car, there's a crying kind of closeted thing going on It's it's key because he then later on, he goes off and shoots him. It's he's obviously got a lot of stuff

going on. that he Can't deal with

Howie: a little

Sidey: I have a snap from, for a long long,

Howie: No,

no, I haven't either very long time and mean to Sue.

Sidey: yeah. And


Howie: It could be a mid-week or maybe to go and revisit.

Sidey: tough to figure out if we want to do a sex offender film, but I don't see Why not?

Dan: That's your cue.

Howie: my cue. I'm going to go for Sharon Stone playing ginger in casino. She actually does a tremendous job of bawling her eyes out and losing the plot. Robert DeNiro, when she's an emotionally smashed up cocaine head, it's just a, it's a hell of a role.

I think she got some decent awards for this in

Dan: turned into a hell of an actress, actually for somebody who was just, or actor

Howie: a glamour

Dan: somebody who was, you know, put in there because she looked great. It seemed to be on the, on the face of it, but she grew into roles like this casino and

stuff and

Sidey: performance in basic instinct is,

Dan: chop.


Sidey: Just, you know, ask my mum had watched it with me,

you know, great.

Dan: Yeah Brilliant.

Howie: but yeah. Proper snort I'm a SCARA dribbling down screaming, a total mess, great bit of emotional crying. Didn't cry quite as much as obviously Joe Peshy does at the very end where he gets a fucking baseball bat into a pit in a field, which is one of the most horrific ways to go, oh man. Horrific.

But yeah Sharon Stone,

Dan: well, we love a game adults sometimes and whoever takes the first point is known as first blood, which is the same as this movie.

It's the 82 John Rambo one and he's as a total meltdown, doesn't he the, at the end of the first one and he's just run in and waving at nobody. And you can't understand what you're saying. But you know, he's got his tank top and big muscles and everything and, and clearly having a breakdown after he's been kind of holed up and he's back from the war and disaffected and misunderstood and everything.

It's It's one of those films actually, where I've watched back a few years ago and it's almost teeing up. I mean, it's, it's, it's a real heavy drama is what it is Rambo the first one. And it's the second one first blood part to where it starts getting

Sidey: Yeah You kind of forget the first One's not that

violent. It's not supervised.

Dan: it's, it's a real kind of lone Wolf going on setting traps only because he's, he's been, feels like he's been pursued and pushed into a corner and not appreciated for the time he's given for his country and everything.

So is that message for it, but then it just set up for completely like ridiculous, but you know, it was like one man army stuff after that, but yeah, first blood had again, trying to show Stallone's range really. And he, he's pretty decent. Emily's wit and all these things as well, which is, you know, Rocky and Rambos and things.


Sidey: I've got a few TV ones to get through. One of my favorite shows, which again is like suffering from sex offender.

Nurse is Buffy the vampire Slayer it is exceptional at times, there's a few episodes that stand out There's the silent one where the gentlemen take everyone's voice. That's really good. There's the musical one called once more with feeling, but there's the episode.

There's the episode where Buffy's mum.

has died.

So Buffy comes home and there's some flowers been left on the doorstep for her mom and she started seeing someone.

So she picks him up to bring them out and she's like, mom, mom, and she's just fucking dead on the couch. She's had a brain aneurysm. And the whole episode is just about them processing this grief and dealing with it's really like full on for


Howie: drama.

Sidey: if it was facing me.

That's what it is. So it was good, but he's a fucking horrible, best at apparently just with mash.

I don't know if you've ever used to watch mash. I've seen every episode about five times over because my dad's still to this day

an episode every day.

So Since

I was doing my GCSE

Howie: is,

Sidey: which would have been 94, 95 every day he watches, mash every single fucking


I think

he, It was, it was on one of those fucking shitty old channels, but he's also got them all recorded on the sky, but certain he'll pause it. Even like when it

went on longer than the war, that it there's a lot. And the first,

the first captain a Colonel who was in charge of the the 47 seventh was kind of Henry Blake and he obviously left the show and he does his episode and he was gone and they're all doing some surgery and a fucking PA announcement comes over. just says that his plane was shot down and fucking everyone died.

And everyone's like, and like,

that was So unnecessary

Howie: we don't want this actor back kill him.

Sidey: And then Sesame


don't know if you've ever seen this one, but


There's a character in it a human character in it called Mr. Hooper. who is friends with some of the characters


it's got, so he had actually died. He had died in real life. Okay. So they'd had to, deal with this. they'd had to deal with it. You know,

in the show

So they've got the whole, basically the whole cast and they're all doing something.

And big bird says, well, I'm going to give this. I might get fucking emotional.

just as Hybris. they

they He's got a picture and He says, well, I want to give it to Mr. Hooper. And they say, well, sorry, big bird

Ms. Davis, not rad. You can't, you might be able to give it

to him.

And he's like, oh, well I'll just give it to him later. And they're like, no, no, he's, he's dead.

You know, he's, he's gone. And they're like, well, what does that mean? And they're having to


to a fucking massive yellow butt that that this guy's dead. And he's just like, I don't what is this guy is having to say, when someone's dead, that said They won't be coming back. until they're gone for good, like, you know,

And, but you can see the cast, they're all fucking like devastated because this fucking night and it's a fucking like infants broke.

I mean, it's deep stuff man. It's and that's what

your team is that it's not just to see.

Howie: it's

Dan: the big issues

Sidey: Yeah

Howie: to do that. Cause I mean, it's gotta be an issue that is faced. I will go for, and this is my last one. I'm going to go for the one that I think my strongest it's. In the Goonies, his confession to the fraternities. When he, they asked him to F they basically only want wanting him to confess as to what the fuck is he doing?

And where's the rest of the kids. And it's really dark this thing. Cause I've watched it go on YouTube today. He's got him around the neck and they're threatening to put his hand in the blender. And he goes, and he screams at the end. I've always wanted to play the piano and he put his hand in the blender.

But instead of confessing to where the kids are, they say to, they make the fatal grammatical mistake and say stuff from the beginning and three, I once did this and then the, some, he basically builds up the fact that I think I can't remember, but I think he peaks in his jacket. makes peek puke. Yeah.

And then he stands across the cinema while he's making all the puke sounds that he's because everyone's making the cinema, his nose is everywhere. His eyes are everywhere. And one of the fatalities just looks at her and goes, I like this kid. So yeah, that's my last one. I'll go for chunk from the goonie.

Dan: I'll,

squeeze in a couple here.


You remember this

Sidey: she, cries

in just about every film.

Dan: well, yeah, she could acquire, but the scene that I was thinking about is when she's scared shitless, she knows her time is up and she goes to knock on the door of loan. And she's just like, please let me in, please.

Sidey: Well, He's.

there. Isn't he, Gary Oldman's shot up her parents.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: So she has to pretend that that's not her place.

I knocked on the door. So please answer. Please answer, please start. But she's fucking,

Dan: the chairs

Sidey: her dead parents

Dan: old rolling foo and, and he does, he opens the door and lets her in and they have this fantastic, well, he's a brilliant fucking film.

Isn't yeah, it real, I'm sure that's going to be one that, that stands up and Matilda. She's so close to being killed and and you know, Natalie Portman, she's so young there as well, you know, I mean, and still fantastic actress now, actor keeps saying that the other one dead man walking another nineties one and again, a really heroin film.

Me. He's a hard motherfucker. Sean Penn, who has no intention of admitting his guilt or doing anything, he w he's on death row. You've got sister Helen, the the sexy Susan, Sarah Jane, although she.

Howie: correct.

Dan: She was she was still looking good in the last film we seen, which wasn't sure. Yeah. Which wasn't that long ago.

In fact, she was looking

Sidey: that was

Howie: 2010,

Sidey: great

Dan: really great. And he, we know he's gonna go, we know he's, he's dead. He might not admit the, the murders, but the judge has already sent in stem. They know he's done it, they've got the evidence and he's you know, big performance as well, you know, Sean Penn and Susan sourdough and taken on this.

And yeah, he he eventually kind of.

Has that seen with her where they both end up crying cause he just lets it out he's trying to repent a little bit and he's trying to go through um yeah, he did it, he did it, he fucking did it, but he wouldn't even she's there for his soul isn't she, she's not there for, for whatever.

But she believes in all this as well. So, you know, she's trying to just make him feel something. And yeah, it was, it was a teary one again, you got any more side,

Sidey: Coffee 6 cents, right at the end. after I'm Haley, Joel Osment has told everyone that you can see dead people he's he's in the car with his mom. And he says that he can see her mother, his grandmother and Toni Collette says, would.

Do I make her proud? And he says, yeah, every day and she fucking goes,

and is she's a great

actress. she's really,

Howie: vastly underrated. Yeah.

Sidey: And then we have oh, Ooh, Harry Potter and the goblet of fire where are Pat's dies. And Harry has to bring him back, because his corpse back to the big tournament where his parents were there. And everyone's there and Harry has this really shit growing scene.

It's a bitch. Stupid. I've got another one, but I'm gonna leave it off. It's a David Lynch film, but I am gonna do my next three. Midweek is, is going to be a trilogy of David Lynch movies. So I'll leave that one out. But my last one we're in a glass case of emotion, Ron burgundy.

Dan: Oh, in the, in the um in the phone booth.

Sidey: mean a glass case of emotion.

Howie: is that milk was a bad choice

Sidey: so we need

to make that into a.


Howie: three yet. I would like to I'll tell you what I'm going to go for the proper loneliness and desperation of Tom Hanks on cost away when he's lost Wilson.

Dan: it's a Goodwill hunting for me,

Sidey: That's good Cool I'm going to go for 80

Howie: for the classic one,

Sidey: and then perhaps Riggs and Jeff kitchen.

or anyone else out there would like to,

Dan: Any Jay jerkers or

Sidey: their way into our top five.

Dan: anything. We'd

Howie: no tears just jokers.

Sidey: Snacks.

Yeah, we don't have cheese review this way. We've taken a break from cheese. What we have got

Dan: to be fair. I needed to

take a break from cheese after the vegan cheese affair of, of last week,

Sidey: Yeah. we've got a whole lot of sugary stuff going on today. I have brought along My favorite.

ever suites, which are

they Are is it your all time phase

Dan: spit out

Sidey: Yeah. You spit them out immediately.

They are classic candy corn. They


Impossible to describe flavor-wise it's kind of like

cheap fudge. That's got like, like a hard shell around it and then some sort of indescribable flavor.

basically. It's just.


Howie: I imagine that what they've got is they've got loads of sugar, sashays from cafeterias in those little, little, little sachets, and just poured them into a pot. Yeah. A bit of coloring, a bit of spit made it slightly solid.

Some solidification has taken place slightly difficult, and then you eat them and you just kind of go, I think I'll have another one because they've got PCP in them

Sidey: Basically I've got a

big, massive sugar addiction. So they are about as pure sugar as you can get. that. we've got every different flavor of club

Howie: mint or orange club,

Dan: and got some Mr. Kaplan's going on

Sidey: We've got some ma Yeah, we've got some Battenberg

thing is

Dan: big jam coconut rings.

Sidey: Yeah, they're good as well. So and some Pringles

Howie: and that's your five per day covered.

Sidey: That is, and that segues very

nicely into this weeks into

this movie,

which was the 2011 Irish movie. The

guard Howie

Howie: Yeah, it was, it was instantly the director. His brother is the Bruge director.

So he's at a crack. It's a film with not as great commercial success. I believe obviously, because I think just about most people have seen Bruce,

Sidey: I haven't actually,

Howie: But nonetheless, this was recommended to me from a significant contingent of my Irish friends and it's stars. It's got quite stellar cast in the way that it's got Brendan Gleason as Sergeant Jerry Boyle, as an officer of the local Garda police in the Connemara district, which is west of Ireland, basically father Ted Ville.

And you've got Don Cheadle as FBI agent Wendell. Just to be clear is not in the behavioral unit. You've got marked strong as Clive Cornell and Liam Cunningham game of Thrones as Francis shinny Skiffington

Dan: did he play in game of

Howie: oh, he played one of the generals up the north sidekick

Sidey: Snow's

Howie: confidant.

Sidey: hand man

Howie: Yeah.

 this is a dark comedy, would you say?

Yeah, dark comedy. And it starts off you've got aerial footage of a hot hatch in rural Ireland speed, along with a load of teenagers. He got rockstar nerd playing at full tilt and they, I think they're doing every substance under the sun, I think. And they're having a bit of. And they zoom past a police car on patrol, which has got Boyle in it.

And it just zooms it on boils head and you hear a crack and he's not even interested.

Dan: rolls his

Howie: rolls his eyes when he hears this almighty crash. And then the next scene is the car upside down in bits or the occupants laying everywhere and boil standing there. Ponderously going through each of their pockets.

And he finds like a bag of now, this is where I am not street cred, but is it heroin? He finds and some tabs as well.

Dan: found

Sidey: was something there was something that,

you just flicked away and then

Howie: He goes, your mother wouldn't like that. Your mother wouldn't take

Dan: he knows these boys.

He's the local Bobby. And he was just in kind of a little lay by, by the hedge watching these guys speed on probably just trying to have a, have a bit of a caper, whatever. And that is upset his day to begin with, but then he finds these drugs and he, he drops one of the acids and you see this little kind of smiley acid face come up very quickly, almost simply liminal message.

And he turns to the sea breves in and just says what a fucking beautiful day. And then that's kind of the beginning of the film when you think, well, it gives you,

Howie: tone

Dan: yeah. Yay. Sets the tone. It gives you a sense of this this character, this, this copper and how, how many of zero fucks he gives. And we see that

Howie: and it cuts through his bedroom, the most gaudy green bedroom, and he is laying in bed and he is not looking great health wise. He's looking a bit,

Sidey: look after himself


Dan: get this narration over the top of the, it's almost like somebody's reading the script. As in, you know, the Sergeant walked through, he put on his green top there, you know, and you have that over the top of the did you get that as well?

Howie: Have you got, have you

Sidey: you might be watching it with audio,

Howie: audio description on

Dan: T what is great with audio description? You never watched it with audio. I thought that was part of this. was fantastic with it. I thought it was so deadpan the way that got delivered all the way through.

Sidey: pretty

Howie: no, that's brilliant because I was thinking I've watched a

Sidey: Yeah I was thinking lot of those what's going on. I didn't hear that.

Dan: that's what I've done because I put the subtitles on, I must done

Sidey: Yeah you have.

Dan: what a great way to watch it. It was like, you get this deadpan comedy thing going over the top of it. It made the film brilliant for me. I think I've made notes on that going now. How excellent. What a great


Howie: do this. Oh, that's amazing. And, and as, as the audio description clearly shows Boyle's putting on his uniform and it's, it's kinda got Western music and it's like a gunfighter going to battle type of thing, but not so dramatic in, in, in that it's a battle, but he's getting ready to go out.

And the first scene that we S the first part that we see as he gets in his cop car, and he drives to like a cul-de-sac and there's emergency.

Yeah. And you,

Dan: So this, the audio description Vanessa is fucking brilliant because basically he's gone from his house where he goes, he puts on his nice shining uniform, it's against a green wall.

He gets in his car and he drives, he sees his,

he sees his his fellow police officer. And then the first thing he says is, well, that, fuck, if you got me here, like, so you've just taken, this is nice to audio description, which I thought was part of the fucking film,

Sidey: like

Dan: no way. And then he goes straight into this line and it just works.

It really works. You need to watch this with audio description on

Howie: his new partners. McBride

Sidey: Yes. Adrian Aiden McBride.

the corpse of the murdered guy has a plant pot

kind of on his,

crotch. And they.

kind of.

think it's Some, sort of a cult serial killer

Dan: he wants it to be, doesn't he?

Sidey: Hey, grabs him by like he puts his hand on his deck. yeah,

Howie: he goes, oh, I've got the gift. I've got the gift. And he hasn't written the other cops not getting the fact that it's a joke. But when he walks in to the crime scene, there's a local Perver, who's a photographer is nothing to do with the official crime scenes, just taking photos of the dead body. I'm really worried about that.

Lad. We're really worried about that, but yeah, he's trying to, as you said, ruse it towards some form of a cult killing and there's like a five and a half. Is it three, is there a number written in blood on the wall? And he goes, what does that mean? He goes, oh, you know, there's eight and half as in the film.

And then there's

Dan: theory, they will go in on,

Howie: has any other numbers.

Sidey: Should he be touching that? And the crime scene pre

Howie: Have you checked the house for money as well?

Dan: Well, he just kinda met this new partner of his, this new copper. He doesn't like him. He froze the coffee away.

Straightway says my drinks are fucking latte he's done away with that. He's a, he's an all round kind of copied. It doesn't give a fuck. And they, they talked about me at some point being an independent. I wasn't sure whether he was just kind of voted there by the people and

they couldn't fly him out.

But he had that kind of attitude about him, where he was like, I'm basically untouch war. Do what the fuck I

Howie: at least like the sheriff in the town, in those areas of rural islands, you love a district policemen, like a community officer that will roll that whole area.

And they might occasionally have assistance like this, but bride or, and they always refer to it's like of them and us relationship when he talks about the Dublin police. it's like a them and us thing. So, but it's his land. What, what, what he says tends to go. There's never going to be anything major going on, but in this case, obviously there's a murder

Sidey: and he's told that you've got to go.

to this, This sort of presentation that's been put on We've got a, we've got an FBI guy over to do this thing. You've got to get his off fuck

Dan: Yeah. The Vokey cops all kind of excited by Olin ease, not

Sidey: No, he doesn't want to,

Howie: Yeah, he he's he's first of all,

He obviously calls the police and says what's going on. But they arrest somebody called Billy Devaney and they interrogate him.

is the guy

Dan: They get a phone call. Don't they suggesting

Howie: it's him. So, yeah. So this is where Liam Cunningham's character is trying to put a Patsy up for the fact that that guy has been killed, but he, they, they, he, Lauder's up this local guy who they call the Italian, he goes, I'm not Italian. Well, you look Italian.

And then he says he says, you know, you saw, it makes some throwaway line about Andy Murray and all that shit. He, as I was playing squash, I'm not playing fucking tennis. Oh, you're a Ted Bundy now are you? And it's just like, it's just total inept cops. when they reviewing this guy's record, it goes, all right.

It says here you've, you've had beastiality sheep. Oh, it was a lamb. I didn't realize. And they're just, oh, okay.

Dan: Would have assumed you would have thought you would have assumed. Yeah. But they, they go in eventually to this

Howie: FBI

Dan: FBI conference overview of, of operation that's going on. And there's a massive drug deal when they're a half a billion

Sidey: 500 million.

Dan: That's half a billion lads, you know, there's half a million,

Sidey: It's Don Cheadle

doing during the during the talk and he's obviously super professional super on it. He's having to keep looking over at someone to change the slice, which he's got irritated by

and then boil, just chirps up with like super



They know that it's this gang of people that they're after

Dan: showing all the crime photographs on that?

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: mugshots,

Sidey: and he just puts his hand up in the middle of this thing.


Dan: the only guy putting his hand

Sidey: What is it And he says, I thought it was only black fellows that were drug datas. And he's like, what the

Howie: and it, but he continues and goes on those other fellows, what fellas? Oh, the Mexicans, you know, the mules, the meals. And he goes, you sir good to go. You, you serve says the most offensive thing and he's excuses, I'm Irish.

It's part of my culture. And it's like, oh my God,

Dan: listen, something's come up. And I'm not just talking about my cock.

I mean, he's, he's got a load of lines that it just proves time and time again. And he just testing people because he's, he's actually. In his heart. He's not, we, you like him. He's not a bad guy. He's well, I did, I, you know, I thought that he did have a good heart and he wanted to do the right thing. But he's just he, yeah, unconventional, when he, he, he teases Don shadows character just to, to almost like him, doesn't he, he keeps on coming up with

Sidey: these

Dan: horrible kind of racist jokes, but he's saying it right to him.

He's not hiding away. And he is saying, I'm taking the piss out. You're here. Like, and

he doesn't like it, but he starts to come

Howie: well Cheadle says there's four men here that we're looking for. And then boil just says one more thing and goes, no, it's not it's three, because one of them. Dead in the morgue that boy's dead in the morgue and

Dan: sure he's dead? And he starts giving him a poke and yeah, he's,

he's gone

Howie: fingers, fucking sick. But this is what prompts a boil and cheat, or to go to the village that boil works out off and they have a car journey and Cheeto basically, as I can't tell if you're just fucking stupid or super fucking smart, because the conversation they do have, as you said, is boil just says the most outlandish things, like, have you taken crack where you bought up on the projects?

You know, and, and

Dan: Every stereotype

Howie: And he says, oh, you're a family, man. Yeah. I've got two kids. Do you wanna see a picture? No, I don't want to see a picture of kids. Just look exactly as they do go to what I'm not interested,

Dan: me a really



Sidey: But whilst all that's been going on, Brian, his new partner has pulled over a car,

With, the gang with the lieutenants in it.

And Surprisingly during the film he's just fucking gunned down, No he's killed like,


Dan: way. Yeah.

Howie: Mark Strong I'm not here to fucking dig a body or move it. You know, I'm a drug dealer and my money transport. I'm not here for it.

Dan: He's got that attitude all

the way Food a food, a film has an he of he's pissed off with the people that he works for.

And they said, well, you know, we had drunk daily. You've got to kind of think there might be one or two unreliable characters in here, but

Howie: well there's a, there's a scene that comes up next and I was hoping for rigs is encyclopedic knowledge of horror. So am I have to rely on use ID that I didn't look this up, but there is, it cuts to him sitting on the sofa and he's watching the.

That's what it said in the notes, which I assume is a horror film of absolute and it's super loud. There's a screaming sound. And then the doorbell rings and it's late at night and it's McBride's wife who he mistaken for a woman from the agency, which you realize is not quite the case.

Sidey: Yeah. I saw when I was reading up about stuff.

The stuff that, what he was what was on.

the screen, but I didn't recognize,

it twice.

Howie: Yeah. I just wondered if it was, if there was a significance to it.

Dan: w where that scene that's McBride's wife and she's, I'm worried about him because he's been missing like six hours or, or, you know, it hadn't been quite 24 hours.

He w he hadn't turned up that night, but that is not anything that he wouldn't do. He said he was on his way home. He's not there she's come to his boss. He doesn't give a fuck one way or the other he's convinced that. Or maybe he's out, maybe he's done something else. It will turn up. Cause he doesn't, they meet again.

And you find out from her that actually she was just a wife for appearances.

Sidey: dollar yeah.

he's gay, and she's just made for the qualities

Dan: Yeah. And to give him that respectability that he was after in a, in a conservative kind of town and, and place, but

Sidey: do some door to door stuff.

And a lot of the people who don't, there's a vow of not talking to law enforcement.

So they

Howie: Th there is, but it's not helped by the fact that a boil doesn't accompany him because it's his day off. And yeah, there's in the pub

Dan: he's got it. He's had it booked him for ages.

Howie: there is a scene that kind of matters to potentially the end just before that, where Don Cheadle is jogging on the beach and he looks to his left and there's like a long distance swimmer battling gets the surfer, then just comes out and it's Boyle who does not look like.

Sidey: that he had been in the Olympics.

He came

Howie: In Seoul, those damn Russians,

Dan: or is the audio


Howie: Oh God,

Dan: the FBI cop wanders down the beach and glances left to see a bulbous figure floating in the water,

a sweat you know it

Howie: oh my God,

Dan: It was absolutely brilliant. Honestly, I recommend you watch it again with the audio.

Howie: So yeah. And him and boiler chatting away and as he said, he admits he's a long distance swimmer and, and Don Cheetos character is just like, bullshit. I call absolute bullshit on this.

Sidey: I probably would have as

well. to be honest

Howie: Well, yeah, I think so too.

Dan: In that same mountain, that choppy water, when he was, it was going along and again, the audio description says he makes absolutely no effort just to swim through the

waves Like he was in a child's paddling

Howie: Oh my God. Well, as side he said it, he goes off to the pub but he also gets dressed up for a little liaison with two hookers from

Dan: A

day of debauchery is what he's got planned. Isn't it? He's got the hookers, he's got the, the wine, the drugs, he's got everything he needs for a great time. And he wasn't going to say no because some fuckers died on his day off and an FBI goes here to try and sort

it out.

He was, yeah. He said 24 hours from my experience, it will be fine

Sidey: oh, his way back from his liaison he does, come across, my bride's car,

a local

sort of suicide hotspots, but he's convinced today, he wouldn't have,

Dan: yeah, he knows

Sidey: this is not right.

Dan: something's fishy here now. And he gets in touch with, with his wife again and tells her is much that he, he believed foul plays at play.

Howie: And then he goes to, I think he, I think he goes to this, the point where he goes to the bar and he gets kind of drunk with Don Cheadle makes a reference to a suit looking like he's a joker, a Batman.

And then there's a Maltese Falcon reference. This is where that point is. He then reveals again, more things about himself, which normal police wouldn't do. Like the fact he's tried crack cocaine. Um But then, then they see.

They CCTV footage of the Italian guy that we mentioned to BCLC where the sheep smashing the hell out of some guy with the back of a rifle.

And they notice in the background that it's Liam Cunningham and mark Strong's car, I think it might know, might not be much talking about, but the other guy's character who were at the pub at the same time.

Dan: Yeah. It's, it's the bad guys that are there. There's also a couple of scenes where he goes off to see his dying

Howie: Yes. In be interspersed with this. His mother's like a hospice

Dan: that's right And you can see where he gets his kind of sense of humor from, because mum's just like him, isn't it. She she's like bored is

fucking this old people's home and she's waiting to die.

I think she's been given sort

Sidey: some live


Dan: wants the simple things in life now and, and a few more drinks before she goes off and, and he's happy to bend all the rules to make sure that happens anyway.

Sidey: well Yeah,


Dan: good son. He's a good

Sidey: but she kills herself.

Howie: no. Yeah. She just holds the pills and then just take them all in one go. So at this point in the film, we also realize that the main Dublin police who were on the case with the FBI are all on the take. So the drug dealers have already got them in the bag for a load of cash and have managed to persuade them that there's going to be a diversion to a different port,

Sidey: Yeah They they feed some incorrect Intel


To keep people off the scent obviously what's really happening which is where the drugs are being smuggled in the half a billion.

Howie: And, and, and

Dan: million, lots,

Sidey: What does it sound? The audio description?

Dan: and lots of money.

Howie: this is interspersed also with a brief encounter with a little boy who is.

Clearly under no supervision whatsoever who just rolls about on a bike there's dogs tie too. And he approaches Boyle out in some marshland and has told him that he's found a stash of guns, which apparently is like the thing to occasionally find nowadays in Ireland, which is left over by the IRA.

And there's, Kalashnikovs, there's shotguns. There's pistols. Yeah. There's the, the, the gay gun as, as they, as they aptly describe it at one point when he hands it back over to the IRA. I don't know, IRA member, or I don't know that the bloke who's meets him at the

Dan: delivery guy.

Howie: guy and he queries, why did he, I didn't think that there were gay men in the IRA and he goes, oh yeah, well, that's how we got into

Dan: Yeah. We needed

Howie: we need to get it.

Dan: the and they just

Howie: But the IRA sort of guys said, we're missing a few guns here. Where's the clash takeoffs. Where's the shotgun. Where's the pistol. Oh,

Dan: like, Hey, do I get a thank you for there? So what, you know, he's if a few it may be the mice ate them. He said, and, and kind of leaves it like that.

So we know that he's got.

Already from the beginning, you know, that he's a complex character, this guy he's, he's both a goodie, a buddies he's do some brilliant things. He'll do some, some absolutely outrageous things. He lives on his own moles. And, and he's happy with that. You've got Clive corner, which is mark Strong's character.

Who's also very kind of sure of himself


knows what he wants to do and what he wants out of the thing and what he's prepared to do as you pointed out earlier, they shoot him there, the copper and he said, well, I'm not lifting the body. I don't do manual labor. I'll be in the car boys. You fucking sought that out.

So he's quite happy just to take the money do the drugs, make the deal and fuck off. And at one point he's making the payoff to the cops. Isn't he? And they meet at the end of the pier and he brings down there.

The case Germany, he gives it over and the copper gives it, is it all there? He just ripped him to pieces.

He goes, excuse me. He goes, is it all there? And he goes, no, I've skimmed a couple of grand off the top. And they go, what? Of course he's fucking all day. That's why we're here. Isn't it.

Howie: I've always thought that I was just like, why would you

Dan: that's the pay off here. We pay you your powers. You keep out your fucking noses out of our businesses, the pay off.

Why, why the fuck would I take money? Because it's all in a

Sidey: Ever Kenny ever tells boil at, in in this bar that the, the drugs are going to be coming in to county cork. That's what they've been told. Obviously that's bogus information So Boyle goes home. And David O'Leary is waiting, for him.

Dan: Irish football

Sidey: that's right Yeah. he's got him at gunpoint,

and it's one of those things in films, and he goes right back to the good, the bad, the ugly, where two cases, it fucking shoot, don't talk just shoot. And he fucking engaged him in this conversation and he gets him by start scratching his balls. And he says, I just, you know, sorry, but I fought these two


and now I've got crabs or whatever is, and they start having this chat and he knows he's going to,

fucking get it. And like, it just like guy's obviously a fucking moron. You know, he's a shooter, but he's not.

the brightest.

So they literally sat in two chairs, opposite each other. and he pulls out. his tiny little gun, shoots him right in the heart. You know, the case is fucked and I think he gives him, does he finish him off Which is his


Dan: he just

Howie: just let him go?

Dan: is so much, I want it to do. And he goes, what are you going to fucking run with?

The bulls in Pamplona was yah. He's like absolutely no sympathy for him. He's like, fuck you.

Sidey: So we get another seat of him

dressing up because he knows now that this is bollix,

Howie: this

Sidey: this, this county court thing is not, it's not right.

Howie: It's the reverse, it's the start of the film.

Sidey: he puts on his,

his military.

best dress, or however you describe it, it says

It's more like a ceremonial

Smart uniform, as opposed to your day to day police opposite garb. And he's, I, I took that to mean that, you know, he knew he was going to die

This was the final.

is just

Dan: He want it to look good

Sidey: go again and do this And I'm going to live my best. yeah.

Dan: And that's what he does. He realizes that the entire FBI investigation has gone up the coast. They've they've given him that they paid off everybody. Who's going to be around for this big deal down on the docks and is only, he, that knows it's going to happen.

He goes to the gal, he says goodbye to the

Howie: wish I'd known you better

Dan: you'd known you better. The wife of McBride, his partner. And she kind of just gets upset as he's driving away because she thinks I'll fucking know he's, he's going to do something. He, you know, he's got a gun and I dunno what the fuck's going on.

And he heads down to the poor. He makes a

Sidey: he radios in to Everett and says,


bollix it, you know, you need to, this is where it's going to down.

and he doesn't buy it, but

Dan: he knows just about enough about

Sidey: respected now enough if I had enough tunings in throwings that he's like, actually


Dan: he's a mother fucking clever. Maybe he's really, really clever. So he just, as a, he's got to the poor and he's kind of ready to go down there and take these guys on Everetts turned


Howie: And have you got anybody? What we've decided? The two I've got nobody just make sure they drifts a coffin. Like those boys from Iraq and he's got fuck

Dan: Yeah It goes, oh, is it you'll be awake? Is there not enough women and children down there too, for you to shoot or something He just constantly taking the piss out this guy.

Sidey: Yeah. The line about Waco is brilliant. The FBI

has not, had this much sponsors. they've

burned all those kids in Waco, fucking out. This guy's ruthless. So They basically


They just go, well, actually, no Everett Dante was, he does take cover and give some covering fire with the clash.

Howie: coffee

Sidey: And

Howie: But

Sidey: Boyle just,

walks, towards them,

Like absolute Deathwish shoots. There's a couple of obviously goons, you know, they're going

to go So they get shot first, then it's marked strong. And it literally is just like a game of chicken and walking towards each other, It gets hit in the arm but nights of me it might shorten, it takes a few hits and then he, he's, you know, it's, there's no

Dan: well, it was,

It was

Howie: down on one knee. He doesn't eat like a proper target man,

Dan: It was funny line cause a few times for, he goes, why I'm on it? He goes, fuck it on. Hey, what's he think he's in fucking Detroit. Does he, you know, he's all these Americanisms come in. So when he just goes flesh wound at the end there, I think he's, he's kind of having a wink to the camera there as well, but there's, there's so many great throwaway lines in this,

Howie: obviously firing, covering, doing cover fire. And then does he fall,

Sidey: I think it's Liam Cunningham gets a shot


and hits him.

And as he goes down, he sprays it out of a machine gun fire and it hits these


and that the whole boat catches fire.

But in the the sort of Malai, he's been shot. Ball's already been shot, but it's just a flesh wound. And Laurie Cunningham has been shot as well. So he's retreated into the boat,

which is now on fire

Howie: this, weird camera angle of him jumping into the boat, like a GoPro shot. What the fuck? I was like, where's this come from?

Sidey: and he goes in does he shoot him again? I can't

Dan: No he just goes he's on a big double bed in the main

Sidey: pretty seriously

Howie: Yeah, he's fucked

Dan: I


I think he, I think he does take another shot or he's

Sidey: might share him

Dan: so he can't shoot him back.

by, so he takes the gun away, so he shot, but he's not dead.

He's just dying boats on fire And he's got all the time in the world or just starts having this conversation. I'm thinking, get the fuck out of there. Because

Sidey: you're really rooting for him, even though

he's been an RSR he said some stuff, which is just fucking outrageous, but like you say, daddy's still managed just to get you on site, you know? So you're you are, they're like fucking get out of there. like, you've bought, you've got them all, they're all dead. They're going to die. Like get the, fuck

Howie: he said with Cheadle, just as he's about to go down all guns blazing. I'm pretty much fucked. Anyway, they'll find me whatever happens. So he saying that I've crossed them, the Irish don't forget. So he's in his mind, this is a suicide mission because, or he disappears, which leaves

Dan: which leaves the open

Sidey: it does,

it does after a while walk away from the flames.

In time

and, and Liam Cunningham, which just says character's name, but it's a weird Francis, she he's Skiffington, he, He says, I'm not going to fucking beg you, but he does. He's like, ah, and so he

walks out as he walks out the door, it properly goes,

on, you know, you think, oh,

and then you get a Cheatle view of it and it fucking boom.

The whole thing

goes up

Dan: exploded

Sidey: gone he's only just walked out of that room. And So you're like, fuck, he's gonna cut to the next day. Or whenever it is Don, Tito has gone back to the scene. He's bandaged up, He's got his arm in a sling and he's kind of looking out and that throwaway sort of comment from before about his time and soul in the Olympics.

And he's like, it's obviously buttocks and to someone chaps up and

Dan: we said a photographer and the little

Sidey: pervy he says, well, it's


Dan: take you more photographs

Sidey: He said, it's easy enough to look it up and he's like, oh,

and you get this.

sort of, well maybe it's, you know, he's done you know, Alcatraz, he's just fucking, strap off. And he's, he's he's gone off somewhere, you know? Cause he's a long distance


Dan: he, well, he did make that previous line, as you pointed out.

They aren't rich. Don't forget. And you know, he's, he knows that if he survives

Howie: stole weapons off the IRA

Dan: don't take 500 million, although that's fucking bullshit. It's only 200 million. Cause he goes street value.

I dunno where they're buying their coat quieter. Get my coconut brilliant, brilliant fucking lines in this great performance from your main man. Gleason. I

Sidey: Yeah.

Absolute star. So good in this.

I'd never heard of it

Dan: look and and smile and that.

Sidey: is like an old cop you know, seen it all, is just so sort of disenfranchised from it all,

but it but but still it's like small town stuff as well.

Dan: echoes of, of bill Murray in his performance, in just the, the, the facial

Sidey: expressions

Dan: and the yeah. And the way that he was just able to be, that every man that you liked, but was

Sidey: a sarcastic kind of miserable but funny, just that kind of like selfish way about him, but also at the same time, you see enough things from him where you're like, actually he's not a bad guy. He's just been able to get away with being an ass

off for so

long or you

Dan: Gran Torino, you know, where you've got Clint, Eastwood's kind of at you to life and to people and he's, he's a bit,

Howie: he's got no filter,

Dan: and, and yeah, no


and everything, I think

For this type of film was one of the best I've seen on the pod, this kind of comedy action film

Howie: audio description.

Dan: description, absolutely made it. I highly recommend the audio scripts in this. It brings a whole new level of comedy to it.

Tell you, I wouldn't want to watch it without it. It was absolutely brilliant with the audio descriptions on perfect timing

Sidey: This was a real surprise for me because I had never heard of


And I didn't really read anything about it or I saw it was, this is going to sound, terrible, but I saw it was an Irish thing you know?

Not that much enthusiasm

for it. And then As soon as it started, I was like, this is

fucking great. It's really


Dan: that I'd not

Sidey: But the first scene of everybody just like drop some acid and you're like fuck, it's like funny. and just, it just worth watching just for Brenda Gleason's one night I was filming. just so fucking

Howie: cool.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Definitely recommended. I would say that. Go and watch it soon. This one, I think it's, you will have a real, really, really good laugh. So how are you? I think there's more than makes up for point and walk after all those years.

I think

Howie: to go from one cop drama to

Dan: be honest you've done some absolute brilliant ones. I was thinking of the, the skateboard film

Sidey: mid nineties

Dan: Mid nineties, which

Sidey: I think that was the, that was the one after bright Roxy. You redeem yourself

really quickly

Howie: had to redeem myself because I couldn't get

Dan: well this is, this was right up there for me. A really

Sidey: money-wise this one was, it costs 6 million to

Dan: Wow. Okay.

Sidey: And it did it did well. We made 20 million. I think there's some stuff about it being the most successful Irish

film. And

Dan: it's interesting. We, we watched one a midweek the other week with the New Zealand film council sponsored that was brain dead. And then the Irish film

Howie: Oh, this was, yeah, this was lottery money from the Irish lottery. Yeah.

Dan: And I, I just think that these guys, these committees, I dunno what other films they they've done, but obviously they're in charge of a budget and need to go and make this work. And I just think this was a real win for them. I'm glad it's made money and I'm glad it's done well

Howie: it's

got mixed reviews though. This film quite considerable mixed reviews. Some people, well, yeah, no, not in this room, but it's become, I'll use the term, but I don't like it it's become a bit of a victim of cancel culture because of the racial undertones of his comments that he says. But they, they are, they are racist and offensive, but

Sidey: he was, I don't think that his character was

racist I think he was doing it to piss people off and be be controversial.

Which does that make you racist?

I don't think that's what he

Howie: Yes I I'd go with that too. And I think it has been overshadowed. Because his brother is a more successful director.

Sidey: Well, his Brother. You mentioned it. He directed Brenda Gleason in six shooter and in Bruge This is John Michael Madonna, Martin Madonna did those films.

So this isn't filmmaking family?

Howie: Yeah. Yeah. Good stuff. And like I said, a word of mouth to me about it. It's available on prime to pay. So it's not available as a, as a part of your

Sidey: slight less than a pint.

So definitely definitely watch this

Howie: and quite short, which is always a winner.

Sidey: Yeah. These days an hour and a half is,

Howie: It's standard

Dan: optimum and this is yeah, it's, it's, you'll have a laugh watching this for sure.

Sidey: Kate's thing? A little while ago. I think it might've been, you nominate it. We watched, was it

Howie: Yeah, I think it was, yeah. Yeah. The

Sidey: which was gay,

Howie: guy,

Sidey: This,

Howie: this is a new level.

Sidey: the guy saying,

I've ever seen.

Howie: Well, to caveat there. So with kids choices, I'm quite good about this. I do try and listen to what my kids are talking to me about.

And both of them have watched everything on this series, two seasons with an ending finale episode that is nearly two hours long and they absolutely love it. And I was like, what the fuck is this? And and to be fair. So central world, it's what we're talking about on Netflix. It's a Netflix own series.

And when you watch the first episode, like I nominated for us to watch it looks like some quite cool sort of anime of a girl on a horse riding away from various.

Dan: game of


Sidey: Yeah,

yeah. It's animated, it's game of

Thrones battle

Howie: yeah, With trolls and God knows what and

Sidey: animation

Howie: yeah

Sidey: Rarely

well done.

Howie: And I'm told, and I actually have seen it that when you go into the next series, most of the episodes are like this.

And the two hour, the two hour ending episode is in that style of animation throughout

Sidey: ending it finished. for good.

Or are there going to be

Howie: I believe it's finished for good. I believe it's finished. Good. But we'll have to say

Dan: interesting because I had to check the age of this the first minute or two, because it was

Sidey: pretty brutal.

Dan: yeah, seven plus. So it was a

Howie: Destroyed burnt to a crisp she's on her own.

She's a young girl of what, 12, 13, where we assume on a horse she seems to have a relationship with a horse understands what's going on. And she's going through the valley

Sidey: They have an artifact,

Howie: which is like a, sort of a shoe horn that's glows blue or something. You should know shoe horn. Yeah. Whole shoe. Once they shoe or a shoe horn.

There's this real delicate scene. We're trying to put his boots on shoe horn. Fuck me

and the horse and the rider get forced onto an edge of a cliff. And the horse is dangling over the

Sidey: yes The

way you trigger, this thing, it seems is by falling off a

cliff. you'll do

Dan: there's an entire like ORC army coming to

Howie: hit the girl.

Dan: there.

Sidey: it was a bit Lord of the rings with the Eric high kind of

Howie: Yes. Yeah.

Dan: Even with the glowing artifact, you know, tells you

Howie: Sore on. Yeah. And all this.

Dan: yeah, they, they're fucked. It's like Thelma and Louise off the edge of the cliff, but on a horse. And at one point while at the end, though, the artifact comes on an ORC. He's just about to grab it. The horse kind of kicks him out the way, gets it in its teeth, slides off the cliff and she grabs the artifact

string. and The horse has got

the other end.

And it's,

Sidey: California It's a portal It's some, some sort of portal

Dan: they're trying

Sidey: a, certainly a big flash of light

the next thing we know

Howie: Oh my

Dan: in the real world that horse and rider are dead. But then we go far from the real

Sidey: we get that sort of cliche thing of a, an eye opening, you know, the boat, the tele is all black and and it just sort of you can see that it sniping and we've been transported into some other


Howie: musical worlds

Sidey: juxtaposition between what we've just seen.

to where we are now. is the most Like

Howie: What?

Sidey: radical change that You can possibly imagine.

Howie: We are presented with the neon pinks, bright yellows, crazy blue sky, a total change in animation,

Sidey: Yeah It's I would say The animation

the main horse still looks decent, but the rest of it is quite crude.

Howie: Yeah, I would agree. I thought it was like a.

And you're presented with the strange wall center type beast.

They're not sentences as in the Harry Potter style centers.

Sidey: like Really camp.

Howie: Yeah. There is series of five characters. There's purple tin, who has this weird giraffe head face thing. You've got Glendale who has massive alien eyes, who is a kleptomaniac, who has a portal in his TBI. You have my favorite, which is Chad, who ha who's his special Paris to have a handsome face for eight seconds.

You've got Zulia who is got like a zebra and a hot ass. And his special power is gossip and having a shapely main. And then you've got this fucking weird pink Lama scent or thing called whammer Mamet, WIC.

WIC, who's pink and NATA has power of levitation and can harness forceful energy. And as a psychopath, he wants for.

Sidey: She reminded me or they, I don't know what the correct pronoun is that they reminded me of, you know, the, same colored, but the villain from toy story three the Teddy bear,

dad was keeping him like

because She was obviously

keeping them in this place with the force, but Didn't want anyone to leave. So she was Pretending to be all friendly, but really it was like having everyone under her

Howie: Yeah. It reminded me a bit of the difference between the, you know, the Lego movie. When they go into the fucking Duplo world, it was like that it was like this weird normal, what the fuck? Where are we?

Dan: Yeah. Th the, the animation, like change, I'm just trying to think where adventure land type,

Sidey: and this the actual background of it and the look and design to me, it was a total rip off of adventure time,

total rip

Howie: I would agree

Dan: the eyes of the, you know, they have that they look like they're crying and they go begging kind of

Howie: And during all this, the horse has realized it can talk. Yeah.

Dan: And it's freaking, it

Howie: it's freaking so

Sidey: point

Howie: I can point and it's looking for its rider.

Dan: basically it seemed to me from this first episode that the rider had been absorbed into the horse

Sidey: and

Dan: was um why? Okay.

Because they do flashback at one point where the horse is sleeping and you just see a white space with the rider again. And she can't quite hold on to

Sidey: just says

Dan: So says horse wakes up again and finds him on the


rainbow train tractor to nowhere.

Howie: I double-checked with the kids and said the horse hasn't absorbed. The girl has a say.

And they said, no, because the main point of the entire quest episode is if you watch it all the way they find each other, and there is some spectacular visionary, there's like the nowhere king and things like that. It goes off on a, there are proper centrals and things like that. And

Dan: well, this is set up to go fucking anywhere after where, where we've just been, because we've been at Lord at a range, we've been at the kind of heavy anime animation.

Now we're in adventure land, but the horse is still kind of drawn in this animal style, but everything else is, is this soft, gooey,

Howie: marshmallow fucking nuts.

Dan: And really camp

Sidey: the musical week I think

Dan: really breaking

Sidey: or four different numbers.

Howie: Now we need to be careful with our discrediting of musical enterprises on children's TV, because we've had a shocker based on last week, we kind of discredited and cancer massively for its music.

Have you seen what's happened?

Sidey: the

Howie: Biggest selling Disney song of all time. It's number one in the charts.

Brian, wherever the one who was what's his bloody

Sidey: don't talk about Bruno

Howie: Bruno that's number one, number five is the other song. The one that we didn't

Sidey: by I just didn't raise

Howie: what the fuck. So obviously things like musical seems to be the dirty girl.

Sidey: songs in this were better than the songs in

Howie: like. Yeah.

Dan: strong, strong songs in there so far.

It was okay. They had that one about rainbows.

Sidey: Yeah. I I said to my daughter, right, con put fucking Nintendo switch down, we're going to we've got to watch something for the pod. That was merely a few hours

Dan: ago.

Sidey: and she was like, well, I'm going to watch my iPad.

She wanted to watch how to train your dragon for the millions time. So she put that on with her headphones and we were watching. this And it so colorful obviously. And so out there that it kept


catching a ride. and after about five minutes, She turned that off and started watching this and fucking Loved it.

I got say I fucking really enjoyed it. as well as great.

Dan: Well, I was, I was re I really liked the beginning. I thought, oh, I could get into this. This seemed like a good store.

And then it


to this and it took me, it took me a few minutes to, to really get into it. But I was sat much like you were on the couch with a child that wasn't interested and, and a wife that was less

interested as well but just because it, the color and the, you know, there's something happening and.

Natalie started watching it. So she, she was really, and she said, I think I'll watch another one. You know, she was getting into, I started to watch the second one after this as well, just because I was curious to see if they were going to get through the, to the forest.

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: So it's going to have me once or twice more there.

Sidey: when you, when you see the sort of album art, you know what I mean?

The picture on Netflix, there is some of the characters with a great big rainbow flag around. So I was like, that's pretty cab, you know? And it is like one of the guys

things I've ever seen. which I thought it

was yeah I'm into it

Dan: like it, she said her feedback was I'd rather watch pepper pig, and she doesn't like pepper

Sidey: but take that as a bad take

Dan: yeah.

Howie: by pepper pig. But yeah, like I said, this has completely dropped. Both my son and my daughter, and they really like it. And it has a payoff at the end, in this big two hour finale.

Dan: I like the fact there's an end to this

Sidey: yeah, that does

Dan: that appeals more

Sidey: joins me

Howie: it's two series. So two seasons even so.

And there are very keen to watch it again. So wherever, if it goes back on awkwardly, like you said, I want to see what happens because obviously they are contained within this world. The what, the, the psychopathic pink Lama has them under their control, her control and cheese.

And the horse has made as basically through song dance, interpretive dance, and other really camp actions as persuaded them that we need to go through this dome forcefield that you've created amongst yourself. And the other secret power they seem to have is to be able to shoot miniature versions

Sidey: of

Howie: themselves everywhere.

What was that all about?

Dan: And they, they don't know where they

go They're like these little miniature

Sidey: shoot That's going to pay off later

Howie: it does. Apparently there is an entire episode that explains

Sidey: It's gonna say

Dan: they're just kind of born and then horrified it they've own existence and run off into the bushes.

Sidey: Yeah, I'll I'll be putting for the, for the us to watch more of this. I really enjoyed it. My daughter seemed to be into it. She was just laughing her head off.

  1. Cause it is fucking crazy.

It is crazy.

Dan: Yeah. If you want to sound crazy, this is it.

Sidey: Howie. that was a strong, week, a very strong, week. I

have some nominations, which I think you should watch just in case. I know your lined up to have a week off next week, but nominations are Are you writing this down, down

Dan: I'm going to,

I'm going up

Sidey: Okay. So this is going to be the first of my David Lynch trilogy of nominations. So the midweek is the straight story, which you may have seen before.

It's 1999. I Think that came have you seen that one? It's good. It's about tractor The top five topic will be houseplants

that that

might be subject to change, but we'll go with houseplants for now. The main feature is a movie called a field in England.

Dan: How do I know that? What's that

Sidey: I don't know. You might have been to a field once

Dan: That will be it. Is it a festival film or something now?

Sidey: it's a,

horror, a thriller. I think it's actually,

a third cause you know, I'm not a fan of horror either, so I wouldn't do, it, but I did hear some stuff. about it. I digress. The kids stuff is the lion guard, but specifically we are going for season one, episode nine the search for you, TAMU. Some more good musical content that to be had

So we're hoping that all things being equal. rigs, Hopefully we'll be able to

Howie: it

Sidey: next week, which would be great but let's not

Dan: rise from the flames

Sidey: could happen in the next seven days. So let's just keep our fingers crossed all that remains for now is to say Saturday, signing out.