April 22, 2022

The King of Staten Island & The Loud House

The King of Staten Island & The Loud House

As impossible as it is to imagine if all you ever do is listen to his razor sharp mental gymnastics and displays of intellectual acuity on the podcast, but Bad Dad Dan can from time to time be forgetful so it wasn't completely clear to me at first whether this week’s Top 5 Ice was chosen despite having the similarly themed Snow selection by Dan himself only a few weeks back. And hopefully whilst you ruminate on that shock revelation about the reliability or otherwise of Dan's memory, it will distract you from the fact that I don't actually have a proper way to end this paragraph.
THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND is in some ways a very conventional Judd Apatow film: aspiring tattooist and self-medicating slacker Scott Carlin (Pete Davidson) is an acerbic 24-year-old with delayed onset adulthood. When firefighter Ray (Bill Burr) begins dating his mother (Marisa Tomei), Scott struggles to accept their relationship whilst finally being forced to confront the death of his father, also a firefighter, who died in action heroically attempting a dangerous rescue. Apatow's body of work often places male protagonists with arrested emotional development in situations of extreme life crises, but this is an unusually poignant and moving story arc, made even more authentic and real when you realise that Davidson's own fireman father died during 9/11. An honest and real, if not always likeable, depiction of someone with depression and anxiety processing real-life trauma, the movie finishes with just enough hope to feel uplifting without being corny. Excellent support from Maude Apatow and especially Bel Powley levels out what is a male-heavy cast which also features a great turn from real life former firefighter Steve Buscemi.
Dan picked THE LOUD HOUSE on his daughter’s recommendation, so we watched two episodes "Left in The Dark" and "Get the Message". 11-year-old Lincoln Loud is desperate to watch the live season finale of his favourite tv show about the Academy of Really Good Ghost Hunters (ARGGH) but as the only boy in a family of eleven, he'll have to come up with a way to occupy all ten sisters before he can commandeer the TV. An instantly relatable premise turns out to be a great way to introduce the siblings, with each character getting an early  chance to make an impression and some wholesome values on display as whilst the siblings fight it's clear that they respect, love and look after each other which is especially important given that the unexplainedly absent parents are almost certainly drug addicts or dead. The show has extremely strong representation which is something that we like to see with an interracial gay married couple, a trans character and a bisexual. Bit of everything really, so that's nice. Continuing the long tradition here at Bad Dads of finding out that art we like has been made by people of dubious character, writer Chris Savino was Me Too'd like so many other pieces of sh*t we have talked about on the pod. What a majestic world we live in.

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The King of Staten Island


Welcome to bad dad's film. Who would have thought that bringing a life into this world that was totally physically and mentally dependent upon its parents would be time consuming? Well, it turns out that it was which meant we missed a lot of the movies we wanted to watch. So now having reclaimed a little part of our lives, again, we decided to sit down and watch these films and then decided to go one better and inflict that on the general public, in the form of this podcast there will be some spoilers and some explicit content as usual.

This week show has been curated by notable cultural file. Dan, who was inexplicably chosen ice for this week's top five, having chosen snow only a few weeks back. And you forgot about that or did you somehow want to Pratt on about your holiday or something? There's I failed. There must be a reason for.

Oh, right. Okay. You obviously had some puns to get out that you'd missed. Also featuring this week, it's the 20, 20 Judd Apatow comedy, the king of Staten island, a comedy about processing male trauma and what could be more traumatic than listening to these three males? Talking. So I, as a little aside, I watched, have you seen the bubble Judd?

Sidey: No but I remember you mentioning it to me

Reegs: it's God awful. You know how I do tend to look for the good in things. And I don't like to talk about stuff if it's shit, because that's

Sidey: just

Reegs: this is fucking awful time. Watch the aides dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. Everybody involved should be really, really ashamed.

We finish up this week with two episodes of the rather excellent. The loud house Nickelodeon animation originally running on Netflix, or it was Nickelodeon. Now it's running on Netflix. Two episodes seemed a bit harsh if I'm honest. But I guess this is your show and the man-cave is kind of yours.

And I think as we experienced while you were away down, it's just not the same. Without you here, you know, we were unable to work the coffee machine and we were inundated with flying creatures. So,

Dan: Yeah. See, it's not easy keeping this place on the controllers. It, yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And societies here as well. Uh And it's just been, we've just had the long Easter thing, which was really nice.

We were, I was just saying, we all seem to have had a nice four days or whatever, but then I did spend this afternoon massacring flies because you know, it's the flying creatures have come out cause there's been a bit of sun. And then my little one has been disturbed by the flying creatures now

Sidey: but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

Reegs: and then removing splinter, you know, dad's

Dan: stuff,

Reegs: that sort

Dan: Excellent. Now I didn't really get around to watch him much this week. We, we watched a couple of movies. We did a midweek recordings for, and the, the holy mountain still sticks in my mind.

So we're going to release that episode at, at some point. And and if you haven't seen it, maybe just watch the trailer to get a small idea of what we went through.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. I would say it's, it's not for everybody. But we enjoyed it. I think you said it's very, yeah. Anyway, listen to that episode when it comes out, whenever that is.

Sidey: Yeah.

I'm looking forward to editing that and hearing what you guys thought it rakes. Did you watch anything this

Reegs: Well, I watched the same two things is, is Dan really?


Sidey: I watched few things. we finished off the Harry Potter saga. so we did definitely have those part one and two, a and looking for something on a sort of similar thing.

Cause my daughter really enjoyed them.

We're now plowing through the Lord of the rings. trilogy. So we did fellowship yesterday, extended version. It was three hours, 48. And we've currently on two towers, so yeah, They're really

Good. And I also managed to catch an episode

of Bergerac,

Which was a real treat

fucking no, No, they did film an episode in my primary school way back when, but I still wasn't in that.

but I love it It's so good.

Dan: downtown

Reegs: Donna, that

Dan: that, see, I'm the brilliant detective.

Sidey: Jim Bergerac

Dan: you're at Q,

Sidey: desert Georgia

in Jersey

Dan: a program stalling Jersey. Really?

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: it was good.

Sidey: We had a top five. if You cast your mind back many, many weeks which was top five books.

Reegs: Yeah. It's just had to be books in movies,

Sidey: Yes. Not

Reegs: movie

Sidey: based on books.

And we did a few nominations preachy coming in hot with the Necronomicon

And then

Some, some mysterious scale Peter Andre Nominated the monster book of monsters from high Pasa and Piercey with the farewell to arms gag from able to,

to I feel like that has to be the one that goes in

Reegs: Anytime evil, dead two has mentioned. I'm happy with it.

Sidey: So there we go.

Dan: Good work. Thanks for them.

Sidey: Top five ice. Yeah,

Dan: it wasn't at all rushed or

Sidey: I, was doing a bit of a list-making on this and I said, I haven't really spoken about this one recently and then another one is for sure. I've talked about it. So I went on the website and just did a quick look


Well, I did a control F and put eyes That no haven't done ice, and then you just mentioned it. It was snow. See, that's where the, the crossover has come

from But

Reegs: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So I actually,

thankfully I still had my notes so I could go back and at least make sure I didn't talk about the same shit as a last time,

Dan: that's what you did. That that's what you could've

Reegs: I could have

Dan: So we still might get the same shit.

Sidey: but I I've also taken maybe a few liberties cause you didn't you just put ice.

There was no, you know so

Dan: it quite

Sidey: we'll we'll see We can have a good discussion


Dan: new Jack city ice tea.

Sidey: Well, there you go. Then that's one

of mine

Dan: ice isn't there.

Sidey: we've gone and done lead us, lead us off.

Dan: Okay. I'll lead you astray.

Ice cold in Alex was

actually, I'm not even sure there is ice in this, but there's, there's certainly a, it's just a cold beer,

Sidey: cause I thought about this just cause it's in the

title Yeah

Dan: it, bro. I did said ice, so I've left it. And that is the the fantastic film with John Mills. Getting a truck across the desert against all odds and and all the, eventually that ensures have you seen that,

Reegs: No, but you've talked about it before. It's the one where they have to get the beer over and it's some shit American beer,

Dan: it's w no, it, they, they're all talking about a beer when they get there. But they're not transporting beer. No, I think it's it's themselves and maybe something in the truck, but it was more about getting themselves to Alexandra, which is across the desert, but this is a chop, chop quality film.

And we, we watched a black and white film, the other.

And going back into those movies, skin's a black and white ones, a film war, and, and films like this from, you know, you think this is straight after the war or pretty much so there's a, there's a lot. That's just because it's so soon after that period, that just feels a lot more authentic.

Reegs: processing a load of stuff

Dan: yeah, so it's I really love these moves and when they're done well, they'll stand up, but anything that we've got going out these days, so that's my start. I, for ice,

Sidey: Okie dokie. Uh We talked about an ice hockey movie in our midweek episode, a mystery Alaska,

possibly even better. I saw your movie would be blades of glory,


is the battle of Chaz, Michael Michaels and Jimmy

McElroy which culminates in them doing the legendary

Iron Lotus maneuver, which.


Dan: So it would have been pulled

Sidey: never been pulled off. the

capitated people

Dan: killed people.

Sidey: So There's

loads of stuff like sliding on the ice and getting like hideous, nipple rash and all that sort of stuff. But my favorite scene of the film is when strands van Wardenburg played by will Arnett and

Charles Michael Michael's Well, federal welfare there chasing around a big long tracer, they're skating through like frozen rivers and whatever. And then then they have to cross the road and chase just slows down to an absolute standstill. And I just love

willing that he's fucking, absolutely brilliant.

Yeah And then

You know, they, I think they shoots him with a crossbow. He shoots the mascot in the lobby, without, so there's loads of ice skating content, which is great. And will Arnett who I love. So yeah, that's, that's.

going in.

Reegs: Permit me to, to, to do a sort of double nomination of the same kind of thing. One is obviously captain America famously he downs the the enemy bomber into, is it Alaska it's somewhere in the middle of nowhere is an into the ice and becomes frozen a human Popsicle.

In fact, I think I might even call him Capsugel at one

Sidey: point Yeah.

Reegs: one of the movies and then against that very much, the same story is the movie California, man. Remember

that with

Dan: I do. Yay. Came out of a block of

Reegs: yeah, sure. Nast in and Pauly shore and Pauly shore is kind of this stoner guy. It's like a dream triumvirate that Sean asked him, Pauly shore and Brendan Fraser.

And he was link and he, they pulled him out of the EBIS to dig in a swimming pool in his back garden. Do you remember? And then he

Sidey: I haven't seen it. I remember I remember the film,

what is about but I never seen

Dan: yeah, They, they unearthed kind of Neanderthal man, and then bring them to college with him

Reegs: me


Dan: make them call

Reegs: any, you know, needless to say, of course, is he's like weird and it says, you know, exchange, they introduce him at high school as this exchange student and everybody thinks it'd be, becomes popular.

And then Sean asked in his popular by association with him and the climax is a race against time thing where the school bully is going to expose his identity. But even if he does what the fuck he's of caveman anyway. Yeah, it was good. Yeah. But actually, I mean, I say that it was really good, but when I looked it up today, I saw loads and loads and loads of terrible, terrible reviews for it.

So I could be completely wrong. Would I recommend you watch


Dan: It's no good. Right. I, I'm going to go for touching the void, which was a kind of adventure documentary

Sidey: the name of your sex

Dan: and possibly not it, have you seen this one?

Reegs: Brilliant

Dan: it's it's so based on a true story of two guys who not necessarily friends, but friends in adventure, they both got these kind of extreme you know, adventure, sports drive in them and they want to go and climb mountains and do all this kind of thing. So they're just two of them and they find themselves in a situation where one.

And they're harnessed to each

Reegs: he's fallen through an ice crevasse or whatever, and he's hanging from a rope and he does what you have to do. He

Dan: He cuts the rope. Thanks. Well that guy's probably already dead. And if I stay here with him hanging on me, I'm going to die too. So he cuts it. And he's manages then to still get back up.

And I think he,

Reegs: Well, I think the crazy thing about this is that the story is, is at the same time being told by the guy who was cut

Dan: on the other side, that

Reegs: you know, that he makes it, which you would think would undercut the tension, but it absolutely


because they talk about, they talk about the moment he cut him loose.

And it's still obviously a very raw moment for him to talk about knowing it's the right thing to do. But the guy who did it has got terrible guilt about it.

Dan: Kind of film based on those themes and also the survival story, which is kind of dramatized to show you what, what had happened. This guy who's literally

Reegs: a mountain with a broken leg

Dan: Oh unbelievable. You know, how, what he must be thinking, going through, just acting out of pure kind of survival instinct. So

Reegs: I remember that

there's a bit right towards the end where he's basically about to give up. And he realizes he can smell shit he's but he's basically the point. Like, I can't go any further.

I'm going to die. This is it. And he's like, I'm drifting off. And then he's like, he can't die because he smells shit. then he suddenly realizes that I smell shit.

There must be people or something nearby. So he was in the latrines basically of the base camp. It's

Dan: Yeah. Yeah

Sidey: Oh,

well, some films that I don't typically like are the ice age saga,

but they

do feature quite a lot of ice.

including like continent.

Reegs: those smoothies.

scrap. What about scrap

Sidey: But that's what I was going to talk about Because it's topical. But

there's loads of them. There's like continental drift and

all sorts of stuff and scratch.

Is a squirrel squirrel who has this ongoing

saga of trying to, trying to eat this acorn or at least get his hands on this acorn. But did you see that it's been in the news this week?

Reegs: No. What this real scrap?

Sidey: Well, yes, because he never got

the squirrel NEFA got the acorn, but Disney, this had bought, had taken over the studio, which I neglected to write down the name of,

and they were like, right. You're all fucking gone or whatever this the students finished. this all up, up to now. Yeah. And they're like, okay. One last thing we need to do. And they animated scrap, actually getting the acorn and eating it.

It was their last hurrah That's, so that's actually done then that.

happened to suite. So that was pretty cool.

Reegs: So that's cannon now. He

Sidey: yeah, he does get it. So that was worth

Reegs: mentioning. I feel strangely heartened by that.

Sidey: That's good. That's good.

Dan: can sleep a little bit sounded tonight.

Reegs: yeah. Can do. Yeah. Uh

Dan: Hanger is another one that I thought could come in there. Break the ice. There were like um it was the Stallone one where he went mountain climbing and um and John Lithgo was the he played a couple of evil genius kind of villains in, in those days. Didn't he? But in, in this one, it was, you know, obviously Stallone doing even more extreme things and he'd ever done in a boxing ring.

And it was your why? You know, I remember watching it enjoying the, this movie is one I haven't seen in a long time, to be honest. I dunno. You guys, you'd never seen it. Yeah. It's just one of those big blockbusters that I didn't go to the cinema and watch it. But at the time I think it was soon after it came out.

I'd I'd watched it and enjoyed it and I've not seen it since that's the cliff hanger.


Reegs: Well, yeah.

Dan: I? Oh

Reegs: I'll I'll start with the big Lebowski. It's a waste drinking, a white, Russian that's got ice in it. If you make a white rushing correctly, as does the sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist that they have in Groundhog day, which I think he pisses himself laughing at when she orders it the first time.

And then he orders it obviously to seduce her and he does some ice sculpting. Doesn't he I'm just remembering that now. Doesn't he like chainsaw a fucking Swana of ice or

Sidey: I've got an ice sculpting one

Reegs: Oh, go on interrupt Dan, because

Sidey: Edward Scissorhands.

Reegs: Oh Yeah.

Sidey: He's got scissors

Reegs: fans Yeah.

Sidey: we and a rider. They live in

this sort of suburban sort of place. And she goes out, of the front door and

it's snowing, but

it's the like shards of,

ice, basically And he's sculpted this

huge, it's an angel, isn't it? I

think. And it's, I think he was actually in Florida, so probably the first time she might've ever seen snow.

So it's crossing over into snow, but the actual ice sculpture is what generates the snow.



Reegs: that recently?


Dan: I haven't seen it recently, but I've seen it.

Sidey: 1990 that sounds like a



Reegs: makes me always think of the port Edward penis hands.

Dan: right? Yeah.

Reegs: You can imagine

the you can imagine that version.

Sidey: sculpt ice where those things

Dan: Did it come back around to me? Home alone would just, just a wedge that in there is as much as anything else.

Reegs: but that's more snow. What are you going?

Dan: There's ice, ice on the on the steps. When he slips and falls side, eat in a funny, a guy,

Reegs: Well, that's a good one in

Dan: wait, it's a crack job. You didn't see it coming.

Sidey: Batman

and Robin is a fucking appalling film, quite frankly.

Dan: Which one are we talking

Sidey: That's the,

one that has Batman

and Robin, in it as CLU Clune dog, and Chris.

Dan: Chris

Reegs: Chris O'Donnell This is nipples on the bat suit, the opening shots. It's like rubber on Batman's ass and crotch and stuff.

Like it's

Dan: straight

Sidey: horny.

Reegs: Joel Schumacher.

Sidey: it has that sort of upscale.

Alicia Silverstone ringing the doorbell

a bit and a school got outfit. which is Quite

good. But it does have a short play. Mr.

Freeze, Dr. Victor

freeze He has some lines, like what called the dinosaurs? The ice age, which isn't funny.

Let's kick some ice core party.

Reegs: You're not sending me to the cooler

Dan: I used to see you. That would have been in red hate

Reegs: allow me to break the ice.

Sidey: Tonight's forecast. of freezes coming, freezing. hell Batman tonight, hell freezes over, et cetera, et cetera.

In total, he makes 16 ice related puns.

Reegs: No, I'm going to have to correct you there. I've got over 24 in my

Sidey: Well, there's, there's more puns that aren't isolated

Reegs: yeah, I'll right. Okay. These are okay.

Dan: are you feeling isolated?

Sidey: but the, his, His origin story is that

his wife

Nora has a terminal disease and he cryogenically freezes her. But then the company say they're going

to pull the

plug on his funding to cure this.

disease. So he goes to the lab and does some tinkering and it, blows up, which

Dan: trying to

Sidey: alters has. Yeah. Which alters his DNA to make him miss into the Mr. Freeze that we know and tolerate.


there's various different versions, not, so not in the actual film, but in different versions of the story she survives and he fours and all that's left is his head in a jar, which is way better than what happens in this.

Dan: Got cold feet.

Reegs: Well, vanilla ice was in teenage mutant ninja turtles, the

Sidey: That was going to be my Trump card.

You've got that


Reegs: And he was also in that's my boy, which I have seen it's the Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler, vanilla ice movie and vanilla ice, plain, like a fictionalized version of himself. It's pretty good. Well it's yeah. And what else? Yeah, we've already said about ice cube haven't we?


Dan: I mean, you can fit in a lot of films in and around this. I mean, we've you think of the ice and address? That's more, the bonds

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: triple X to the next level with ice cube as well, while I was going with that.

Reegs: oh yeah. I don't know which one

Sidey: the second one?

Dan: W one for the one for the family again? Jack Foster. I don't know if I talked about this

Reegs: I talked about that Yeah Cause there's a horror version as well. You should go back and listen to the episode,

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. That was pretty decent. There was Kate and in it again,

not stained by the Batman there.

He was a decent

Sidey: Would stayed by the


Dan: because you talked about the Batman and Robin been no good. So he wasn't, he

Reegs: but that was a clean dog

Dan: Yeah, he

Sidey: Kim was, legit used to coming back to do it again And The thing thingy thingy,

Reegs: The other one before it with Val Kilmer is possibly worse than Batman and yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Well, in this tear, jerking heartwarming family movie Jack Frost is a singer in a band whose truck goes off and his son

Reegs: he turns into a mutant snowman

Dan: into a talking snowman. Yeah.

Reegs: And the kid plays a fucking harmonica and shit.

Dan: and he's really good at he's really good at making

Reegs: snowballs server. The snowball fight. Yeah.

Sidey: classic Could I do a triple frozen person nomination? Phillip J fry from Futurama. He is frozen or new year's Eve in 1999. And is thought out in the year, 3000 Austin Powers. Austin Bowers has two characters, two main characters, both frozen Dr. Evil and

Reegs: the Dutch guy What about the Dutch guy? Wasn't it? Who he was?

Sidey: gold member.

Reegs: Yeah. Was he, oh, he just went through

Sidey: Can't remember to be honest with you, that was pretty tough. And also John Spartan and Simon Phoenix, the two best named characters possibly ever

in demolition, man, I don't really understand the concept of cryo prisons.

It seems like the easiest way to do time in prison ever,

Reegs: particularly as don't they, they learn skills while they're in status. Don't they? And one of them, I think Phoenix gets like combat skills or something, which is just the most. Yeah, exactly. Just stupid. Yeah, No good.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: Well, Jason X is the 10th installment.

Believe it or not in the Friday, the 13th franchise and sees the writers of the series, kind of like. Absolutely into the absurdity of the, the thing and just go after what

you you

really? Yeah no, they've really got it with this one. If you like this sort of thing on like

Dan: goes

Reegs: yeah. And they go for the creative kills and this one, and it sees sees.

They tried, basically they do eventually capture Jason

Dan: When you say creative kills, what would give me an example of a creative

Reegs: well, in this one he memorably put somebody's face into like was it liquid nitrogen and then shattered their head. Kitchen

Dan: Is that scientifically true? Would that happen?

Reegs: I don't know. I guess if you were

exposed to liquid nitrogen for long enough.

Yeah. But yeah, he is actually captured by the us government in this one, strangely enough. But, and they tried to, they convict him, which is just an amazing thing. If you think about him

and then they


Dan: they unmask him at any point you see who

Reegs: oh he's been on mass before. I can't remember him this one. Yeah. And then they tried to execute him, but they can't, they, you know, they try a number of different ways, but he just doesn't stay dead.

So they want to study him for his powers and they freeze him. Like you're talking about cryogenically in any wakes up 400 years in the future and goes on a rampage in a spaceship

Sidey: but it's the holograms that is killing.

Reegs: There is a virtual reality part where he gets sent back to the simulated part, like the first movie.

And yeah, it's pretty cool. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. Moore, I've seen once and it's one of those films that as has documentary, but it, it really stayed with me is wow. On such a subject. I just couldn't believe it was going to be as interested in it and exciting and enthralling. It was March of the penguins. I don't know if you've ever seen it is narrated by Morgan Freeman and it kind of just follows the penguins.

Annual March across the ice and everything, but it was just done in such a fantastic way, which shows you the, the odds of survival and kind of hones in, and the camel works fantastic. It's got the absolute beauty of, you know, the landscape and everything. It's a really top, top film. And Morgan Freeman was kind of, I mean, he's still obviously Morgan Freeman, but then he, used to be a penguin.

He actually was a penguin. And in this film, you see him being born. The metamorphosis from egg to penguin to Morgan is quite touching. It's really

Sidey: you want an aeration done though.

he's like you go to guy.

Dan: Each year. Well, people just try and copy his voice if they can't actually bring his voice. No, I mean, but we could bring Morgan in here Andy frame, just to say those two words.

Sidey: fucking that fucking weirdo Zuckerberg have Morgan Freeman.

do the

voice for all his like automations in his home,

Reegs: or whatever.

Sidey: Titanic has some ice



Yeah, It does.

I recently was at the Titanic exhibition in Belfast. because That's where it was built. That was good.

Dan: Did I take any of the blame for it then? Are you kidding then I used the wrong kind of divots or, or something like that, or

Sidey: so

Reegs: it's was

Sidey: don't know exactly it?

don't know exactly, But there's, there's what I noticed So they were

building two ships at

the time

the Olympia and the Titanic.

Right. And a guy was transferred from the Titanic to them for a Very, very short notice very quickly. And, he and it's just

on one little bit of the exhibition was thought to have the key for the storage look at that had, the binoculars for the guy on the crow's nest.

So they were just almost up there just like fucking twiddling their thumbs.

And didn't see, that I spoke to it. it was too late to turn out the way That's.

a theory of what happened.

I don't know if I remember telling you about what happened when I watched, Titanic the first time. It was really

irritating. Anyway. And another film reef, you mentioned

A variant of this, but terminated


the T 1000, is doused with I think it's liquid nitrogen


And only hasn't been as sites and

memorably says, I still have Easter baby. And shoot 70 shutters to the ground

because he's frozen,

but unfortunately didn't like some big


type area.

Dan: and he molds back together again. Yeah, yeah. But that's good one. Yeah, no.

Reegs: And then parodied in hot shorts as

Sidey: well.

Reegs: That one and I think Saddam Hussein ends up getting like merged with his dog or whatever, and he becomes like a dog person.

Oh, well the thing had some ice in it. I thought game of Thrones, you know, fire and ice and all that. Yeah. Yeah. One of something target area in and all that it was probably more um fortress of solitude is an ice like fortress.

Sidey: of

Reegs: yeah,

that's you

Dan: are no heat. It all arguments this week in ice.

Sidey: Any more done.

Dan: well, I, I could run through sort of ones that are probably mentioned in the snow episode.

Th things like Snowpiercer really watched, you know, in the last 12 months they've been out ages and ages.

Sidey: frozen in that


Dan: They were, they at one point they put the arm out, don't they of the whole of the train. And that's the punishment. You kind of get your arm frozen off and it shot is the gray was one with Liam Neeson and I watched another film of his actually it's.

Just out the black light or it was trash, real crap. Yeah. We were rubbish. Where is this? The gray was one of those that he's churning out. And one of them hits, you know, after taking, he just seems to have done these 90 minute action

Sidey: movies,

Reegs: Oh But not when he was processing the grief of his dead wife in the gray and it was a Joe Carnahan one. Yeah. I really

Dan: Yeah. That was decent with the wolves and everything.

Sidey: He was in Derry girls last week.

Did you see that?

Dan: there we go,

Sidey: The channel four accommodates. Good.

Dan: I'm okay. And we did a live, of course that's a pod episode we'd done earlier about the rugby team who crashed in the Andes and forced to eat themselves. We did that pod.

So if you haven't heard that you could go back and see what we think of that, but then there's me Groundhog day. Also, Ned Ned Bryson.

Sidey: I'll, I'll rattle through a couple

Quickly diehard too. I remember right. John McClain stabbed someone with a nice circle through the IO. If I remember rightly happy feet, They do some dancing on top of a sort of glacier.

Dan: penguin one.

Sidey: Yeah. And

Reegs: George Miller. It's good that you have

Sidey: shatter don't they, some of the glacier to go down to the number 11, they do that by dancing, which is idiotic raging that you took my teenage mutant ninja turtles to,

the secret.

They use one.

Reegs: How did the song

Sidey: ninja rap

went a bit like that. And the day after tomorrow is of course a whole ice age coming in. And I just wanted to mention it because Dennis Quaid is a paleoclimatologist, which is a good word. And then finally empire strikes back

The rebel base is

on ice planet Hoth, which is the sixth planet in the Hoff system.

Dan: Wow. Okay. I didn't

Reegs: in the summer

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: Fishing is absolutely fantastic there.

Dan: Sugar

and spice and all things, ice.

Sidey: Should we whittle it

Dan: we should do,

I'm going to go from Archie to penguins. I'm basing that off the one time. I've seen it many years

Reegs: seeing Morgan

Dan: I'm, I'll put my hat on that because I remember it being solid then, and it wouldn't have

Sidey: it's cold

Dan: got any worse.

Sidey: Well, I think we should put in, as we both had it teenage mutant ninja, turtles too.

because that's never going to come up again, but then put something else in

Reegs: I'm going to go for the frozen snot from dumb and dumber.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: They flight got icicles

of snot

Dan: yeah. And the other guy's hands are clammy.

Sidey: Well, I'm going to put in.

then Batman and Robin

Reegs: Nice That will probably never go in again as

Sidey: limited opportunities for

Reegs: What's an eclectic

Dan: It really is. Show us and tell us your ice related theme. Why not

I did it again. I chose a movie and this time it was the king of Staten island.

Sidey: Are we calling this a comedy?

Dan: It's a comedy drama. I think that's fair to say. Yeah, it's a, it's a it's a semi auto buyer biography, but it's a, it's one of those

A coming of age movie where it isn't, it it's a

Sidey: well, I wouldn't even say it's

nice, but look a great.

Reegs: It's about a man processing his trauma


And what's happened to him in his life to bring himself. I mean, it starts with, you know, the start point is a good place because it sets the mood for where he is. Because in the movie he's just driving along and suddenly he unbutton, he unbuckles, his seatbelt doesn't even closes his eyes and puts his foot down on the accelerator on the highway.

Yeah. And you think, God

Dan: yeah, he's playing kind of chicken with himself. Isn't he? And playing that game of how long can you close your eyes whilst driving a car? And he does really well actually, because he manages to do it for a lot longer than felt comfortable watching. And just when you think he's going to open a meat, kind of just squishes him closed a little bit tighter and ease.

There's already a crash that's happened when he opens his eyes. It seems that way. Isn't it

Reegs: he ricochets off another car as he

as he opens his

Dan: around crash that's already happened. I think

Reegs: No, no, it happens as he kind of, he, he ricochets off another car and they, that other car smashes into another car behind him as he goes off and he opens his eyes and he just buries it off, but he puts his seatbelt on and he's like, sorry, but it's like,

Dan: oh, there's a whole pile up behind

Reegs: ever had suicidal thoughts when you're driving is I think that's

Sidey: no, but I do think what would happen if I just like,

Reegs: that's why? I mean, I know it's not, I don't mean

Sidey: I'd have it in like, nearly every scenario, like what happens if I just like

tripped and fell off that cliff? Or, you know?

Reegs: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: Well, mine went up in driving on kind of roads in, in Europe or something you're, you're flying along and there's people crazy driving that, that scares me more than anything that I might do myself.

Just other people are flying by so

Reegs: I just think it's a common thing. I think when

people drive like what would happen if I

Dan: of course. Yeah. Yeah. So, but you see with him, his, his daughter actually turn into actions. He's doing this shit on the

Reegs: Well he's clearly starting from a place where he's deeply, deeply traumatized.

So when you see him in the next few scenes where he's joking around with his mates and getting high a lot and

Dan: and joking about his dead dad and things like that, that he he's, which is where the traumas come from.

And we learn these he's kind of 24 year old. Katie's got this. Kind of group of mates who aren't doing anything either. They're all kind of not working or not doing much smoking weed.

Reegs: What were their names? I've got their

Dan: We got Oscar Igor and Richie.

Reegs: Yeah. Igor is the kind of he's he's the one who says he's having a long distance relationship with this and they're saying he's been

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: And it does look like he's clearly being

Dan: he shows him a photo, doesn't he on his phone? And they're like, yeah, you're definitely being catfished

Sidey: here.

Pete Davidson. sister.


Dan: Okay.

Sidey: So yeah, he's 24. His father, it turns out died. He's a fireman. He died when he was seven. I think they say in a hotel. And we learned like, Th th what the story is, the true story of Pete Davidson's father.

But yeah, so he's hasn't coped with this. Well, at all, he has a sister who's going off to. college and she seems far more well adjusted.

Reegs: Yes. Was she there? It's implied that she's been at least partially raised in her adult years by a family friend, because she's at a graduation party of a rich family friend and he's there and he doesn't want to be there.

He wants to be high.

Sidey: That's his only coping mechanism really is to be with his mates

and get stoned.

Reegs: Yeah. And yeah, he's he's aspirations. He wants to be a tattoo artist. He wants to open a tattoo, a tattoo retro

Dan: Yeah This is big dream. Isn't it it's own

Sidey: I'm not sure you'd ever be allowed to.

Dan: No, but

Reegs: it seems like it's bad for both

Dan: despite being told in, in various times in the, in this film where he's still kind of dreaming of

Reegs: I know, I don't feel that he's necessarily a good advert for tattoos himself because his body is kind of a, a canvas of doodles more than more

Dan: what is this style about him? The, the cat was brilliant. The one he did on his friend's belly using the belly button as the cats are. So, and it's kind of just turning to facia and say, hello. I thought that was quite clever, but yeah. Do you want that on you for the rest of your life?

Reegs: I think he looks pretty cool, but I think it's a thing to walk around like that, isn't it?

I mean,

Dan: oh, I liked him a lot of

Reegs: Yeah I did

Dan: though. They did, they looked really

Sidey: He's got a striking, looking chap to me. He looks like, you know, the monkey with the symbols. that He's got that look on his face to me.


he's yeah, he's big tall. Yeah.

He's big tall kind of ganglia dude. And obviously this is, I think he has tattoos in real life, but he's covered.

in them in this.


Reegs: All right. Does he know? I just assumed that was

Sidey: I don't know to the extent of what, what was added for the film. and what was his own real life tattoos, but

Dan: yeah,

Reegs: he's pretty cool.

Dan: Well so, so one scene,

Reegs: fucked up,

Dan: one scene, and it is kind of, it gives you a, an idea of his love for tattooing and his deeply irresponsible nature when a kid gets lost or is, is looking for somebody else and

Sidey: I mean he's clearly a young child as

Dan: Yeah. He's he's seven, he's nine he's 10,

Sidey: but I think he says, or whatever.

he's like 15. So he's fine. He's Not 15,

on the

Dan: even at 15, you can't tattoo people, but I much to his mates, I'm kind of humor and a little bit of shock that

Sidey: what was it The kids once was he going to get


Dan: It was going to get the Punisher and

Reegs: he does a line. He gets a

Dan: he gets alone in before the kid kind of reels away crying and in pain.

And, and he says, well, what are you going to do? You're going to not finish it. He can't

Reegs: crazy scene Isn't it Because it's funny, but it is pretty uncomfortable as well. You think he's not really going to do this?

Dan: Yeah, but he does an ease friend. I think it's it's Eagle who says I've chose the wrong friends here. And you, and you think, oh, there's a, there's a little bit of sense in one of his friends, you might actually think this wrong, but Cut to the next scene.

And we, we meet bill Burr. Who's who's Ray. And he's the, the socks. He he's, the father had a kid who's just been tattooed and he turns up at Scott Davidson. Yeah, Scott isn't. It is his name's Scott's

Reegs: he lives with his mother. Marissa told me.

And they, the house is still, I mean, there's literally a shrine in the corner to his dead father.

So, and he still lives there and bombs out there and built

Sidey: Yeah. Filbert turns up.

Ray. He is let's say slightly disgruntled at the fact that his son has been tattooed in the middle of

the day


the sun park,

Reegs: they said the woods, but it looked like the beach to me.

Sidey: Yeah. I thought

they were on the shoreline there anyway, he's spiking screaming and going fucking crazy. And Like you've got to get this fucking sorted out.

You're paying for it and

rather she's like,

she's sort of disbelief at first.

Well that He wouldn't, he wouldn't have

Reegs: he wouldn't have done that.

Sidey: And then he sort of pops

his head


because Fuck.

Reegs: Yeah,


Sidey: done it

Dan: he has done it and he's got this kind of, well, he kind of want it. He's still not. Yeah. He still doesn't see, the problem is still doesn't see, or doesn't give a fuck enough to, to really care.

But bill Burr he re ready. He really goes for Margie. He goes for Scott's mum,

Reegs: absolutely Beijing, but he is raging, but more with the raging.

because he wants to woo her and she has not

had anybody romantically in her life at 17 years since the father passed.


Sidey: so she's horny, res raised a divorcee.

Reegs: she's a nurse as well, and she's, oh, I can get you access to the laser transmogrify that will get rid of the tattoo. So you know, that many things connect up like that and it leads to a love

Sidey: Well yeah, he comes back pretty much the next day and was like, oh, hi, you're not told how long it is, but it's not long after And he's like, I'm really sorry that I flew off the handle like that.

I think appropriately, to be honest it sorted. But actually is it, okay if we go out and so they start a relationship she's gone from one fireman to, as it turns out another fireman, which is a huge fucking trigger for Scott to lose

his shit.

Reegs: Yeah. Understandably, I think because Scott has tremendous issues.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: and he's, he's quite open with his mum about that and easel almost.

Guilt Sarah on a few occasions saying about our, you know, I've got fucking issues. What the hell are you doing this? And, and this is a little bit further down the line. They've met a few times. They're not saying I love you, but they're also not feeling if the other one said it. They wouldn't say it back.

And they've, they've kept this relationship. You see a few scenes of re kind of sneaking out the houses or sneaking in the house when Scott's left or whatever. And you really, and you see them having a great time. They're going out there, you know, dinner and ice creams and all that kind of thing. So you feel that she deserves some kind of happiness and and,

Reegs: and

when he tries to connect with Scott as well, and he takes him to a baseball Yankees

Dan: Yeah. Well, he says, what'd you like basketball? And he goes well, no, I, you know, I'm gang key's fan and it's not the New York Yankees. It's

Sidey: bullshit majored in

Dan: yeah, it's the Staten island Yankees. And then you think, well, he didn't even really like, you know, he said he liked basketball, not baseball, but he ends up going with way and his mates to, to watch one of these games as part of a bonding,

Reegs: Yeah they're all firefighters as well. And it's a good team because you've got American vandals, whatever the guy is. He's good. And but I think most poignantly Steve Buscemi is there. And I did know before this, that he was a firefighter and he volunteered, I think at nine 11. So you know, that is something that is quite, you know, you, when you know that it makes it especially profound, but I don't think it robs it of anything that when they're

Dan: well I didn't know that.

And I thought he was fantastic in this

Reegs: Well, they're having a disagreement because Scott is very upfront. He's like firefighters are selfish, they shouldn't have families. You know, the grief and trauma that I've experienced is your fault. You know, it's caused by you putting yourself in situations. His father was this big hero. If we said that his father

Dan: no, but it's implied a few times. Isn't it?

Reegs: They talk about it openly. He was, everybody knows his father. He, you know,

Dan: oh, he's perfect. Yeah. He's it. Father gave him a lot. Give him a lot to live up

Sidey: he's been given this hero storyline. As we learn a bit more about him. He's flawed just like everyone else.

you know, who he was Probably a bit gung ho and what he did. And you know,


Reegs: well, at one point when Scott and I'm bill bird, what's the character's name, Scott, Scott, and Ray fall out.

They've had a wrestle outside. He dumps him in the swimming

pool. Doesn't even they fall out.

Dan: Yeah. It's it's, it's all, it's all right. Winning that fight.

Reegs: he's like, you like your father. He was in our soul too. Like, you know,

Dan: Yeah, no, he, he, they get a little bit nasty with each

Sidey: But The reason that they've had a dustup is he, Scott is sort of convinced himself that there must be something wrong with Ray. You know, it can't be, just this like stand-up guy. And he's without any provocation or reason, he's like, he's a psychopath, is something wrong with him.

You know, we've got to find out he's no good for mom. So he goes to,

he, well,

he's told he has to be. raise kids to school. He has to start doing. Getting something going in his life, taking some responsibility

Dan: for he's living at home,

Sidey: told, he's going to leave the house He got nine months and he's out. So you need to start doing stuff.

And the first thing you do is walk the kids to school. So he bows starts building up a little bit of a rapport with the kids, but he also with res

with Ray's ex wife. I thought they were going to

Reegs: It's good to the relation. We shouldn't really brush over that relationship because this is important. Isn't

Sidey: Yeah. But the, bit of information he,

she tells him that he's a down and out they're divorced. He's trying to negotiate less custody of the kids. One meal a week. And a afternoon, I think a Wednesday and a Sunday afternoon and that he lost all their money gambling. So he's like brilliant. I can fucking go like dish. To down on him, get him out of our lives. And we'll

Dan: Would they bond cooling, calling him a cut and everything? Don't they, they, they just have this great afternoon drinking wine smoking

Sidey: I really thought they were going to fuck.

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: But We don't see him. tell his mum. We'd just say the aftermath, which, which then leads into

this fight

We, like you say, Ray, Chuck's him in

the pool

and then Risa to make comes back and just hopes them. Both is like, you're an asshole. Get out. And you, you shouldn't have fucking gotten, you know, you won't let me live my life. So you're out as well go. So they're both gone.

Reegs: Yeah. And so Scott is sleeping rough for a little while. And what we haven't mentioned is that he's had this sort of crazy relationship with a friend who was really good at what was her name? Was it mass, you know, Casey, Kelsey,

Sidey: Kelsey,

Reegs: Kelsey, she was an English actress.

I didn't

Sidey: really,

Reegs: but I believe so. She was really good and she's a good character in this. She's kind of wants to be more than just friends and more than just fuck buddies with Scott.

Sidey: Aero

Dan: Yeah. She's kind of quirky in her own way. And she loves him to bits, but he can't really see in himself what she finds attractive or anything. So yeah,

Reegs: And that's mirrored a little bit in her obsession because she is also in love with Staten island where they're from, they've talked about how shitty it is, but she loves it and she wants to be a city

Sidey: She wants to make it great again.

Reegs: Yeah. She says it can be like Brooklyn.

Dan: Yes.

Great. Staten island. I

Sidey: never been.

Dan: Yeah. Get the ferry over.

Reegs: yeah. So yeah, he's, he's, he goes to crash at hers, but then it kind of, then she realizes, oh, he's kind of got nowhere to go and it's not a relationship thing. Did you just come over to fuck me? So you had somewhere to stay and he's turfed out of there. And then eventually he ends up at the fire station

Dan: I liked her for that though. She didn't, you know, she was really keen on it and read it, but she, she said, not like this, you know, it's like sling your hook on the yeah, I'm not being used, you know, she wants more, but she's always open wide enough to know that he's not looking for the same thing is she is at that time.

So yeah, he has to go cap in hand to the fire station and ask Ray who really doesn't like, and who really doesn't like him to give him a break and he plays the card. Doesn't need the one card he's got, he said, look, if you want to get back with my mum, you've got to be nice to me. And so Ray kind of sees that logic and gives him a bed for the night.

Reegs: Oh, actually. One thing. We didn't talk about that just before. It's really the Nordea. If you like, is that he ends up in this ridiculous robbery, doesn't he with?

His mates. They go

Sidey: they've mentioned it once and he walked away.

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: They're going to base, it. they've got the.


To a pharmacy and they're going to take all that.

Was it like cocaine or something like

Reegs: Content? I think it was something like that.

Sidey: And so he says, no,

This is fucking crazy. I'm not doing that. Like, no, and he walks away, but after this, he he does end up going back and he's just meant to be the


And it, if anyone comes, just text me

Dan: Europe or something like that, wasn't it?

Oh, you up

Reegs: That just sounds like

Sidey: we're gonna fuck

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: anyway, but they, yeah, it

Sidey: It's a botched, it's a completely botched robbery because the people

Dan: he's playing video games. But the people that actually haven't left the building they they're still in there, so he couldn't have seen him go in cause they were already in there. And guns shots are fired. I don't think the guy dies disease.

Just kind of,

Sidey: in prison.

Dan: yeah. Um

Reegs: Caught the Weasley friend and

Dan: Of them.

Reegs: the other one, but Scott doesn't. Yeah. And that's his lowest point ends up at the fire station. Like you said, cap in hand. Can you take me in

Dan: that's right. Yeah. It's funny lately because we go to prison and we, we see Carla, which is Igor's imaginary girlfriend. And,

Reegs: she's real

Dan: yeah, she's real and I'm sure he says, oh, she's, she's really hot.

And that's your sister then?

Sidey: But we've had a little bit of an upward change in his fortunes a little bit. Cause he's built up a little bit of a, a rapport with the kids that he's been walking to school. The one that he tattooed is really into superheroes. So he draws him a picture and he's able to

he's able to

sort of relate to them in a way. And, And we do see him starting to make a connection with someone that isn't just as mum. And it and it is quite meaningful. And so you starting to think, oh, maybe it's fortunate enough to going to, you know, just start to, to change a little bit, but he's been tapped out, but then he starts to bond with the guys in the fire

Dan: Yeah, they have a great way of waking them up each morning. Or

Reegs: it looks

Dan: yeah, so they, they play a few pranks and with cold water and fire hoses and shit like that, but already at this

Reegs: and they get them doing menial jobs as well in exchange for, for being there, he's cleaning the toilets and stuff and yeah,

Sidey: but he doesn't hate It just he's sort of like, okay, hold on. this is life.

I got to fucking get

Dan: yeah, he is. And he's already taken another job that he really didn't like it as a waiter. But he seemed to do it, you know, I mean, he was, you could see clearly didn't want to be there, but he wasn't having complete meltdowns. So that work and that camaraderie within the firehouse, it, it kind of gives

Reegs: character

Dan: Yeah. It gives him a bit of confidence,

Sidey: they, they invite him to come in a ride along to an actual

Fire rescue and he watches the guys and you know, it's just to imply it, he's obviously thinking about his father would have done this.

Ray goes

Reegs: well, he's seen Ray into it in a completely new light, basically. Isn't he, you know, Ray, he's always been this horrible guy and he's watched him risk his life to, you know, and it's dramatic.

And obviously processing his own feelings and grief and trauma and all that. And then he's also bonding with them because he feels like they're real human beings. So they open up to him as

Dan: well.

there's a great scene in the bowl afterwards, where they're talking about his dad being an actual fucking nutcase and saying, you know, he's you know, he, he died in this this hotel, I think wasn't it.

Yeah. But before that he was, he was the guy, he got loaded cocaine and

Reegs: He and Steve Shamie

Dan: yeah, they were all on it. Like, you know, and having these, like riding on top of the

Sidey: fell off he fell off the

truck the ragers it was got along. it was like hanging onto the windscreen and then kiss the police or when he got pulled over. Cause it was somebody who went to school, with and say like, okay,

is a real person who is flawed and

fucking crazy and an idiot just like everyone

Reegs: Yeah. So he's starting to understand himself and his father and accept himself a little bit more when it, especially like, because he's had so many problems with drugs and then hearing that his hero father also clearly had his

Dan: enjoyment where they always yeah. His experience with it. Yeah.

Reegs: was probably something that was relatable for him.

Sidey: And so he does sit down with his mother and say, how come you never told me or all of these things about dad. And she's like, I just wanted you to have positive memories of him,

isn't necessarily the best way for him.

Reegs: Well it's resulted in him never being able to move on, right. Because he's a 20 foot.

He is a 24 year old. Man-child the proper

Sidey: He says all that. stuff himself. he says, I'm not ready to move out you can't kick me out I'm fucking.

useless. bro. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Reegs: Yeah. And that fear to engage with the world is, is, and then, you know, to see how that character, that, that wall is built up, where he's rejected everybody and he's constantly pushing everybody away.

And then with these firemen, he's able to suddenly rebuild himself a little bit in their image.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: It's really touching that conversation with his mother because he says we've never really talked about it but I really missed out.

and it's a really messy and me like fucking out. And then

And then he says, you know, you deserve to have someone and you know, basically apologize for all the fucking crazy shit he's been doing. and he just has this really honest heart to heart conversation. with his mom it was really nice.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: I gotta ask you, man, because I was, I was thinking of you the whole way through this. Cause I know that you is, is this call to

Dan: talk

Reegs: about, or is it yet

because I know that you lost your father when

Dan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not young. No.

Well, yeah, I suppose I am quite young on I no, it was just a few years ago, but I mean, it's still war

Reegs: but that is still young You know?

I consider, you know, you're not that much older than me and I consider that still young.

Dan: yeah, yeah. Well, I guess for me personally then yeah. Is, but it, it wasn't anything I was thinking of during the time I was more into the the character, to be honest, you know, and I was feeling things for him because I think this is so well-acted, I, you know, he's, he's not a, obviously a Shakespeare actor, this guy, you know, he's playing himself in many parts in this.

And I think he said, it's like 75%, you know, from

Reegs: I didn't actually know that about this until after the fact, but it feels so raw and authentic

Dan: father actually was a fireman who died in nine 11, you know? So when it, yeah,

Reegs: But you can feel it resonates throughout the whole movie. Cause I, like I say, I don't often, if I don't know about stuff. Spoiler in advance, but I felt that the whole way through that and it was

Dan: yeah yeah, certainly in the performances, it's what, you know, it's him and he brings that to screen. Yeah, I mean then he's finally kind of gets the confidence and the in self together enough and he's wished good luck by Ray and he's dropped off at the ferry station and he goes to meet what's the name?

Kelsey. Yeah. He goes to meet Kelsey and she's like, well, what you're doing, you know, I've got like this kind of test today to work for the city and he goes, yeah, yeah. I've just come to wish you luck and see if I can help. And then he professes his love to her on the Staten island ferry.

Th they go off and, and he says, he'll wait for, which is like three and a half hours or something.

He goes, yeah. Okay. And he's just kind of looking at it to

Reegs: when he looks up. I think it's the first time maybe the camera just moves up and he looks up at the sun, I

Sidey: no, it's it, he looks up at where the two towers were,

Reegs: Of

Sidey: whereas dad, his real dad.

Dan: Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Sidey: still kind of pointed

Dan: and, and there you go, sort of close a play and I really thought that this was a heart on the sleeve film.

You know, I really thought this was evident all the way through. I knew the story anyway, and I'd actually seen this film before, but I couldn't even remember that I'd seen it, but it's not because it wasn't bad. It's just because my memory is terrible, but what'd you think?

Reegs: Yeah, I really like

this I I don't think, I thought it was particularly funny. There are funny moments in it, but it's, it's just,

Sidey: no So I would say it's more on the drama side. and then there's a few. yeah, like

you say, there's a

few little moments that if I don't remember laughing in the film

Reegs: He's utterly compelling on screen and you feel the rawness of everything about it. And yeah, I really enjoyed it.

Dan: And I'd say it's quite an unusual looking actor as well, you know, is a, is a lead man. Somebody who's, you know, looks like him behaves the way he does. But this story was him,

Sidey: date and Kim Kardashian now.

So for me



Dan: Ariana Grande de

Sidey: hated this until he got told to start walking the kids.

And then I just started to like bond with him and, Jody and I fucking loved it It was the end, but it took me fucking ages.

to gauge it.

Reegs: He's not very

Sidey: It's not like well, no one's like wearing it. But that's because of, you know, all the stuff that's gone on, but I just find every was slug and nothing was, you know, cause it's an appetite movie and I was like, where are the laughs? You know, it's not like as films are quite often.


You know, a bloke who's dysfunctional like 40 year old Virgin. or not dark.

And I was like, They're funny.

I, I

enjoy those where like, I'm not getting anything out of this, but then it, once I realized what kind of different movie they were going for, I fucking doubt Towards the end, I was loving

Dan: Yeah. Okay. All right. Okay. Yeah. Interesting. I mean, it was yeah, it's a slow burner, certainly, you know to, before you can really find yourself invested in him and their character. I think he's meant

Reegs: I just think he was like it was like the least Hollywood portrayal of sort of depression I've ever seen because you know, they try and show it with like people being really sad, but they don't show him being kind of petty and nasty and just putting up walls and giving up and you know, and, and that sort of thing.

And that's a more honest assessment

Sidey: because it's written by him, you know, someone, he, he has openly admit he's

had suicidal thoughts and stuff.

So you know that the experiences you're seeing on film are real experiences that he's had.

Reegs: And it's that the story arc has got just enough upswing that it's not like

Sidey: sweet

Reegs: at the end.

It's not everything's fixed, but at least there's an upswing, it's it felt unusually poignant and

Sidey: Yeah he's still got a way to go in his journey.

Reegs: but it's the first time that you think he might have a

Dan: what a sacrifice Ray makes to allow him to tattoo him.

Sidey: Oh, we didn't talk about that. But yeah, Ray does says you can just fucking tattoo my back. I never gonna fucking see it. And you can just practice

And then when they show it, you're like, oh my God, it's fucking awful. Absolutely awful. but then you do get the shot of the nice bit, which is him, his mom, his sister who's re they've really had a difficult relationship. and Ray, And then his dad in a kind of like heaven sort of a thing above them or, and like, oh, it's really nice, but they don't show that immediately. Like it's fucking



Reegs: no. His sister is a good one as well, because her experience she's like, oh, you know, you get to be an asshole and do nothing.

And you know, it's not just your story. I've got my shit going on as well, but we haven't seen it, but like, that's all

Dan: honesty.

Reegs: as well. Yeah.

Sidey: It was supposed to have a full cinematic release, but it didn't because COVID intervened. So it was supposed to have its premiere at the south by Southwest festival in 2020, that was canceled Then it was rescheduled at the Tribeca

or Tribeca Tribeca. Again, that was canceled eventually made its way to all the streaming services V O D


Reegs: video on demand,


Sidey: on demand

Yeah. So don't have any sort of budget or box office Data for you, but it has made an estimated 40 million from VOD sales. We've seen a decent.

Dan: Yeah, it does. Yeah. I'm sure certain that it'd be more than it costs.

Sidey: but Let's hope so.

Reegs: Yeah, I would, I would say this is a recommend for me.

Sidey: Strong recommend.

Dan: Excellent. Go and watch it.

Sidey: Roadhouse. Well, kids. Yeah. strange choice for kids?


Dan: Did I choose that?

Sidey: No,

Reegs: it was the loud house.

Sidey: Oh Yeah.

Reegs: You've, you've reviewed the wrong one side. Just taking your notes

Dan: from Patrick Swayze to another kind of

Reegs: but you did, you did force two apps. I felt one would have been enough, but I mean, it's good job. I liked it.

Dan: It was a double episode. Wasn't it? They're all

Sidey: it's one of those things where they, they hammer too

Dan: it's 22 minutes no, no, there was one that was we've snow.

And I thought

Sidey: informer.

Dan: One of the

Reegs: you know so daddy me snow me echo


Dan: That's it,

Sidey: It's two episodes because they would have crammed some adverts in the middle to sell your toys. But this is now on streaming. cause This was originally a Nickelodeon. property,

Reegs: thing Yeah.

Dan: But it doesn't. Yeah, you don't have to go through the adverts.

Sidey: No, you don't have that


Dan: in

Reegs: The premise is kind of right there in the theme tune, which is a pretty good theme tune.

And the premise is that there is 10 girls and one boy in the house, the loud house, and it is allowed house.

And the house is loud

Dan: We're, we're opening up. The first one was, ah, wasn't it.

Reegs: Yes. Left in the dark. It was called. Do you notice the baby said Pooh as it walked off after the theme right at the top titles on and it came up, we just it had the ghost hunter, hunter specter, specter hunter. And he was the head of the academy of really good ghost hunters or

Dan: ah, shuffle was quite good.

Reegs: And it.

was a takeoff of one of those like celebrity ghost hunter. Yeah. Anybody who watches that is like just a knuckle dragging simpleton. Yeah.

Dan: Well, I've I've never seen it, but I knew they were ripping off a a go show weren't they?

And he loves this, this kid and

Sidey: Lincoln,

Dan: Lincoln

Reegs: Lincoln and it sets up this thing because it's his favorite show.

And he wants to watch the live season finale of it. And he's like, I'm in a house full of 10 girls. How am I going to get to watch my favorite program at this particular time? I need to occupy the whole you sort of cast. And so we get introduced to all of them as he sort of solves their individual problems,

Dan: kind of twins who always in, in together. I'm going to get the episodes mixed up a little bit

Reegs: yeah, no, no, that's the second one. This one is the one where. Yeah. With the ghosts basically. And they are introduced to everyone who wants to watch the TV. He's got, he, he won his mate. Clyde has got a crush on his sister. I think that might be a recurring

Sidey: It is

Reegs: thing.

So he, anyway, he tries to distract everyone. He just strikes the youngest two with a tea pie. Do they? Yeah. Then he gets one to film the TV party. He gets the latest stuff for the science girl.

Dan: Yeah, there's, there's kind of going through to characters all your

Reegs: as a sport. He one that he plays American football where the, wherever he puts, he gaslights the vain one into thinking that she has spots and the short-haired guitar one is given us some sort of rock show, flashlight thing.

And then. He gets Lori's phone and gives it to her and she fucks off and the baby goes to sleep. It's quite touching.

he like gives her a little kiss

Dan: and he knows

Reegs: to watch his

Dan: triumphant. So he goes and sits on the, on the couch.

Reegs: It's such a relatable thing. You're rooting for him the whole way in this house.

It's like, you know, he's engineered everything so we can sit down and watch your favorite program

Dan: And who's there, but Lucy, his kind of golf sister who just keeps appearing out of nowhere.

Reegs: about me And, she

Dan: and she's into something as well when it's not the same as him. And she's there first, that's the walls of the house. He knows it. So he's temps are into watching the TV on another TV.

Dad's old, black and white TV, which would make her program even more

Reegs: Well, he goes a bit hipster, doesn't he say, oh, it'll look better on a black and white like shit old TV. And he does carry this thing out.

It's enormous. It's not a Scot huge black and

Sidey: Well let's see Our T's CLT has cathode Ray

Dan: And so he logs that out and when he plugged it in all the lights in the house go out and is it's just


Reegs: can't believe it Okay

Dan: No, no. Where he sees the plug's a bit dodgy, but he does it anyway. All the lights go out and the older girls and him. Kinda meet up and scare each other. There's

Reegs: well they go dancing

Dan: pill isn't there. Then he give her,

Reegs: Well, one of the sisters has been experimented on she's fused jellyfish, DNA into a cookie that she's eaten and now she's sort of bio

Sidey: luminescence

Reegs: yeah and they huddle around her.

And then they sort of make their own ghost hunter type video thing where he's using the night


Dan: down to the basement and turn the lights back on, and that's what ends up happening. They make their own video because by the time he gets back upstairs, it's the end and they're rubbing it in aren't they they're saying it's the best program ever.

If you miss this one. Oh my Lord. And he's fucked up. But then he sat around with his sisters

Reegs: Wow. They bring him like some popcorn and a

drink and I settled down and they've instantly edited together the footage of the mall downstairs into a movie. And I thought

Sidey: of course. I was gonna say, of course, you know,

Reegs: lot about how

Sidey: you know, the pain of how an edit


Reegs: And she's like done it in seconds. So

Sidey: bullshit. It doesn't happen like that.

Reegs: yeah. So

Dan: so that was episode,

Reegs: that.


Dan: episode one episode, two followed. Obviously the animation is what else is like that what's

Reegs: Well, cause the guy we can talk about him because he's interesting. He, he did did

Sidey: Chris Savino. Yeah. it Sounds like a character in the Sopranos.

Reegs: Yes. Didn't he do like the powder puff girls and Dexter's laboratory and some of the stuff that's got a kind of similar aesthetic and kind of similar themes, but all into something different.

It's his own personal experiences because he grew up in a house where he was the ninth of 10 and he had five sisters and four brothers, I think. So he knew what it was like to live in a house where you had to fight for your

Dan: allowed house

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Well, he he'd worked on Ren and Stimpy.

Hey Arnold Dexter's lab. So that's where you're getting into that sort of stuff. So he was a storyboard artist on Powerpuff girls.

Reegs: You can see Ren and Stimpy and this a little bit as well.

Do we want to talk about the second episode or do we want it to go straight to the fact that Chris Savino was me tuned into oblivion? Again, it's normally in the movie we talk about this, but yeah, it's him.

Sidey: quite a lot of kid stuff.

we've been watching.

What did he do

Reegs: Hey, hang on. I've got it here. He multiple allegations of sexual harassment inappropriate behavior existed for at least a decade. As many as a dozen women accused him of sexual unwanted sexual advances. He said he was deeply sorry. And now he is a born again, Christian. He did 40 hours of community service counseling.

Sidey: That's a shame because there is some other stuff that happens in the show, which is quite positive. It's a

Reegs: great representation in


Sidey: Clyde's parents are too. It's a, he has two dads, It's an interracial gay, couple. So Good representation. They're kind of nailed two in one.

Reegs: Yeah. And one of the characters, the rock star one lunar is bisexual, which comes out in a later episode because they do age them up.

Laurie goes off to college at

one point or

Sidey: That's unusual for her.

Reegs: Yeah. And this, the there's a character Dana dufrasne who is a transgender female character played by a transgender female actor, Maddie Taylor.

Sidey: Uh

Reegs: And some sharp Lee's sister is a lesbian played by the pan sexual actor. Alison stoner is pansexual. I looked this up today, which is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

So absolutely everything is on the table.

I asked makes life a lot more interesting though. Or is that a really ignorant thing to say? I don't

Sidey: know.

just have whatever it's crack on. You.

write this rigs

You really liked it.

Reegs: I did. Yeah. I thought the animation style was quite good. I just enjoyed the whole thing of the, it wasn't really very nasty that he, he was trying to do stuff nicely And there was often a decent message in it somewhere or tender moment in it. And I liked the animation style. And then when I read about the representation, I enjoyed that factor. So

Dan: yeah, good. I watched this with my daughter and she was kind of into it. She knew it all, which I think she must've watched this two or three times, but she's kind of past the age now where this is interesting to her, but,

Reegs: I liked it more than that

Dan: about, yeah, but she's probably about the age.

I would suggest this was for her. She probably just seen it.

Sidey: there's been six Seasons of it. and It's been okayed for a seventh, so it's going, it's going strong. I see people really like it, it just passed me by completely, to be honest with you. I was completely neutral with it, which is the worst thing to ever have I just. yeah,

some a bit Malcolm in the middle a little bit.

but not as funny. And

Dan: I must admit I, I sat and I didn't read into it that much. I know I nominated it, but it was one of those things where I'd seen and heard enough about. And and as I watched it and both my daughter and I who, yeah, maybe it was her enjoying not enjoying it that

Sidey: Yeah, because I watched it with my daughter and I didn't really get much I forgot to ask her, do you want us,

Dan: Can say can't you, if they're really enjoying it, they're laughing. They're longer. They

Sidey: straight away, she'll always say can we watch another one to watch another one. but I didn't get any of that

But their representation stuff definitely is really good. And you know, the way rigs describes it sounds really good.

at this It just wasn't the reaction I had to

Reegs: well. You didn't see that. I just felt there was like quite a lot of love in it

Sidey: Yeah. No, that's, that is good.

That was good

Reegs: around at all. Right. They're just, they're just gone.

Sidey: Maybe I'm just a massive cynic. and I just want to watch violent, like transformer style cartoons. I'm not happy, if it's not that

but no, I'm good

stuff. in that just it wasn't a hit with me, but it wasn't hate it or anything. It was just

a bit


Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Well, it's I've been away and it's good to be back. I have, I have missed a weekly film chats. Oh, I'll pick out some nominations. I don't have them to hand because I haven't done them.

Reegs: It yet? Is it

Sidey: it's going to be me. Yeah.

Reegs: what you think if you've got any initial

Sidey: do have some, some ideas. I'm really terrible. No, I can't even think of them. I've got them written down. I think I'm a little pad. I'm not good at making it a themed things. So they'd probably just be

like three random

factors like a tractor

But when you

Dan: no theme.

Sidey: I'm sure you'll be very excited to hear those. So listeners, please hit us up with an ice scene or some sort of ice themed content for our top five. But other than that, we're out. All that remains is to say Sidey signing out.