June 3, 2022

The Lighthouse & The Magic Roundabout

The Lighthouse & The Magic Roundabout

This weeks show was masterminded by Bad Dad Sidey who would have pleased the many protective headgear enthusiasts in our audience by nominating the Top 5 Helmets for us to discuss. Will we manage to talk about this subject without a lot of puerility and giggling? I wouldn't have thought so.

THE LIGHTHOUSE (2019) was director Robert Egger's sophomore effort after debut THE VVITCH polarised the horror community with its emphasis on tone and atmosphere at the expense of shocks and sees Willem Dafoe's Thomas Wake and Robert Pattinson's Ephraim Winslow as wickie's tasked with tending and caring for a lighthouse for a month on a small isolated island. Shot using a rare 1:19:1 aspect ratio using authentic Petzval and Bauch & Lomb lenses on black and white film which induces a sense of claustrophobia to go along with the anxiety created by the constant oppressive droning of the foghorn, this is in some ways a very conventional A24 movie, as it veers from tense period pscyhological drama to lovecraftian horror via fart jokes and Promethean allegories. I enjoyed this one more in retrospect than when I was actually watching it.

Sidey has been a big fan of THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT since his teens so thought we should finally give this the Bad Dads treatment. The episode "Dougal's Glasses" sees the disconsolate dog moaning and generally being a bit nasty as he fears his eyes have gone for good. Does this still hold up? Absolutely not.

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Bad Dads


The Lighthouse

Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review, just a bunch of dudes sitting around in their underwear review and other guys, no, wait, sorry. That's the intro for my other podcast, dad, bods review. No, this is bad. Dad's film reviewing like the name of the podcast suggests it's just a bunch of dads giving their bad opinions about movies.

As we attempt to watch everything we missed while we were too busy parenting to go to the cinema.

This week show was mind gazumped all over our collective gesture by Baghdad originated Sidey who would have pleased the many protective headgear enthusiasts in our audience by nominating the top five helmets us to discuss and hopefully his helmet hipsters we'll have your favorite crash hat covered.

We're also discussing the 2019 Robert Eggers drama, horror comedy the lighthouse and finishing up with us, casting an eye back at the quintessentially British, except it's really French though. The magic roundabout, which I'm sure our kids watched once probably all that's left is to introduce the remaining bad dad starting with Dan.

And I don't know if I've ever pointed this out before, but Dan is a little bit older than the rest of us. Uh Yeah, but aging gracefully uh which is really just another way of saying you're slowly looking worse. And finally there's me Riggs.

Sidey: Hello. You're very

Reegs: Yeah. So you're, you've returned from a triumphant cycling experience

Sidey: I didn't, I, When you say triumphant, I didn't win it, but I did make it round. a hundred mile course,


Reegs: with that, I use triumphant

Sidey: London and Essex.


Reegs: a hundred

Sidey: Yeah, it did in five hours, 49 minutes

If anyone

is interested,


Dan: speedy, speedy Gonzalez,

Sidey: Well, The speed the speed down. If you want to know if it was 28.2 kilometers per hour average

Dan: miles per hour,

Sidey: that I don't know,

but you can work

it back from the time and the distance.

Reegs: Well, it's an amazing achievement. At five hours, four hours, three hours,

Sidey: Some weirdos did it in

three hours, something

Reegs: that'd be an amazing achievement. Well

Dan: a hundred

Sidey: a hundred miles

Dan: in five hours, 20 minutes,

Sidey: was 49.

Dan: 49.

Sidey: had a hot.

And yeah,

so we were playing alongside mile 49, we all came to a grinding halt. Someone said, oh, there's been, you know,

there's marshals

So we all had to stop and so there was a tailback of like five miles of just cause it was 25,000 people doing it. And it was just on this road. is just as far as you can see, cause it was all on closed roads. They've closed all the roads for us. And, and the word got back from the front that it was someone who had a heart attack up at the front and they'd have to get an air ambulance to come get the guy.

I would've just rolled him off to the side. So we didn't have to stop because

Dan: Severely

Reegs: it adds a little bit of mileage to journey. To be honest, if you've got to go round him, that's

Sidey: Yeah. And starting and stopping. is quite an issue around that many people. but not Really. But it was fine, but it did it probably just not

Dan: Are you all in Lycra? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. For a long

Reegs: And I did ask you how your you know, how your beats were afterwards. Cause that's

Sidey: I saw a bit of a sore bum for like The rest



Reegs: You offered to send me photos.


Sidey: because when he met me,

I was literally naked.

Dan: Well, you don't use a C Eva do

Sidey: just a

Dan: So yeah,

Sidey: but

yes, I'm back for a week. And then I'm going off back to London to start


wherever we are as we cycled down to Dover and I get the ferry across and the soccer down in Paris.

So that's another 350 miles to look forward to.

Yeah, That's what charity.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: This one was for five. this one's for charity.

Dan: okay. Cause it's, even though, I mean, it's a lot up and down, isn't there a

Sidey: I hope hopefully not too much, but anyway that's what I did. Did you watch anything on the television?

Dan: while you were doing hundreds of miles of cycling? I was watching Ricky device

Sidey: Oh that. stand up thing

Dan: Yeah, the nature super nature.

Sidey: I don't know if I can be bothered to watch that

Dan: I did. I mean, it it's Ricky vase, you, you kind of know what you're, you're going to get. You you'll get some really great laughs in there, some intelligent kind of law and then some bizarre, more kind of weird stuff that maybe it doesn't hit the, all the notes, but yeah, I, I enjoyed it.

I, I think he's, he's really, really clever.

Sidey: I think he is, but I'm not sure it's a great standup. I know, to be honest, it may be just me, because there's only one or two stand-ups I

really do

enjoy Doug Stanhope really is about it.

Yeah. Yeah,

Dan: but no, he he's, he's also you know a social commentator through, through his comedy and I enjoy that anyway.

I think it's it's interesting to see those opinions ed with such comedic value, you know I watched a little bit then afterwards of the Penn Taver which is still hasn't got any further. I'm just chipping away at that when I'm watching. What the watch. And the other thing that I do when I'm wondering what they watch and I did this week was just a YouTube rabbit hole and started checking out old movies, little clips and things like that.

And also Paolo Maldini,

Sidey: okay. Masterclass

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: makes

Reegs: I stranger things. Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty good.

Sidey: I'm looking forward

to getting stuck into that.

I did find time in my hotel room to watch, OB one.

Dan: Oh, that's the other thing I've watched. Yeah. I've watched two episodes of that

Sidey: and how he

Went early with his disappointment on it. And I'll have to

say I kind of share


Dan: I'm so pleased that you two came in with those low reviews.

Cause it brought my expectations right down. I watched it, I enjoyed it.

Sidey: I mean, I will finish it off,

But it's just

a bit like, it just feels so unnecessary.

Reegs: The sky will could thing just feels,

Sidey: I'm over the Skype thing as well. It's

Reegs: they, the the inquisitor, the, I can't remember her name, but she's pretty cool.

Yeah. I like her.

Sidey: It seems like a brat. I wanted just

six episodes of implant, battle, chest alone in his cave and like looking at the lightsaber longingly and stuff.

not all this other bullshit that we a hundred percent would have known about before they made it up in the back of a cigarette packet.


Dan: Oh, well you, you guys are really getting into, into the world where I've just taken it as almost

Sidey: it looks

so nice. All the green screen

Dan: I never,

I know. Well, yeah, McGregor's super in it. And I dunno. It's is it, it's got enough to keep me watching

Sidey: when

he goes off.

world and he

talks to the

hipster with like the fringe and shit, like pink hair and stuff. That was his daughter.

Reegs: Alright I think it's all put together well, in a different aspect of the, I was going to say the Marvel. There you go. The star wars universe. I just had another sky Walker

Sidey: I just rather have a new, interesting story about something else.

That's what

Dan: well, I mean the Mandalorian Boba Fett were both great examples of taking these other characters

Sidey: then looping it back.


Dan: then coming into it.

But yeah, I mean, I like it. I think it's going to work and we'll see where it goes. Anyway,

Sidey: We will,

Reegs: Luke Skywalker,

Sidey: we done,

a top


about last time. It was Howie that nominated boiling water scenes, where it's turned out to be

Dan: tougher

Sidey: very, very difficult. And we did four, I think we left out fatal attraction because it was The only nomination that we had online, which was by Andy Conley.

So thank you for that.

So that goes in and completes that top

Reegs: just about, yeah. Sid. You restored my faith in the top five a year. And Dan have actually recently with Razzies and then this week's nomination helmets, which turned out to be a terrific,

Thing to talk about because there are a lot of helmets in, in cinemas. Yeah.

Sidey: We've had a

Oh, I don't think there is a collective. noun for

Dan: there must

Sidey: but we've had.

quite a few

Dropped upon us already online. So we should probably mention


in our chat given that's why we

do it.

Some guy called Matt Howe 69.

Nominated the film hot rod, which looks like Adam

Reegs: Adam Samberg Yeah. Have you seen that one? Yeah. It's good comedy. Yeah.

Sidey: He's sporting a kind of vintage motorcycle helmet with white stars on a red band, but he's teamed it with a quite incredible mustache.

Reegs: and he's a, he's a stunt driver.

I have seen this film probably three times at a point in my life. And I can't tell you anything about it. It's crazy. But it's, it's pretty funny. I remember that.

Sidey: Yeah. And then another motorcycle helmet Mel nominated Maxwell Caulfield from Greece too. I don't think I've seen in Greece to gotta be honest with you

Dan: I have yeah, that's, that's a bizarre and outlandish out there.

Reegs: Yeah, she knows that we hate Greece, but

Sidey: she loves it.

she loves

Reegs: love it.

Dan: but Greece too is, is the, I think I've seen it once. You know, it's not anything bad. It's got this whole different slick guy in, who's almost better looking than Travolta it's. Um Yeah.

It's, it's unbelievable.

Reegs: what inspired you to pick Helmut Sidey? What were you thinking about or

Sidey: I dunno. I honestly

Reegs: Maybe it was with your cycling in mind

Sidey: possibly.


Now you mentioned it I don't have a single light cycling helmet

of okay, cool. Shall we do a sub. Oh star wars? because I've got Quite a few of those.

Reegs: It is fertile ground for, for helmets star wars and the goodies had some, you know, it's, let's get some out of the way the goodies, because you had the rebel pilots with their gold shields and

Sidey: well, the.

next thing, the next minimum is really cool. So what I'll tell you a little bit backstory about my helmet collection was that I had a I ordered a Stormtrooper helmet, in my peak star wars geekdom And that was going to be

the start of a collection where I was

going to get, Cause I liked the story, but I really liked, and it's probably my favorite I've all the star wars one was the sculpture.

of a helmet.

But when the storm trooper helmet arrived, it was like a really shit replica version. It was just so lacking in detail.

So it

was really not impressed with it.

Reegs: Was it expensive?

Sidey: No.

I don't know about a hundred quid or something,


then when I looked into it, but when I looked into it to get the real good ones

you're talking like yeah, you could talk in like silly money.

So I was like, the right scrapping that project. That's not happening. And it, you know, it was like, it looks shit and it was, you couldn't really put it on it, like in any sort of comfortable way. So I was just like last Bolick. So that that ended, but storm trip is great.

Reegs: Have you still got it?

Sidey: No I've lost that many house moves to go.

Reegs: Yeah. The storm trooper one is

Sidey: I didn't like it when they re

Did the Stormtrooper helmets for the

CLO more ones. Yeah. No. The earlier ones, like when they first came out about and the clone war ones,

Reegs: with the more sort of scooped your peace thing,

Sidey: but the storm, the, so storm two from episode four and then scout chipper from a challenge on the speed of bikes.

They were fucking rad.

Reegs: Yeah. And the death troopers. So I've got to give it to the, you know, the sequels so that they are pretty cool as

Dan: knew you star wars notes, we'd have this covered. So I just wrote storm troopers and I thought, oh, well, that would cover.

Sidey: And then

Dan: all I know,

Sidey: I think we saw it actually in the

recap episode one of OB one where Anna kin gets the staff Vader helmet put on for the first time and he's obviously


down and it it's put on mechanically.

and you

hear it

Reegs: hae the breath

Sidey: and then it's, it's really

cool. And it's such an iconic like, cause when he's first saw him in a new hope, you know, cutting down a door, the storms it just fucking like kills people and

you know, strangles that guy off, off the floor, throws him on the ground like this guy's fucking seriously

Bad-ass and you're like 10, watching this.

It was just such an iconic helmet.

Reegs: Yeah. I also like the side ones, the Imperial Royal guard, the bread guys. They had like a real sleek polished helmet.

Sidey: Yeah. There was where the tie fire and the extremes. I kind of put them in the same bracket. Then you've got the Mandalorian stuff. So obviously Baba fat, but then that's now been expanded over the whole Mandalore



Reegs: it's such a cool design. I don't mind seeing different iterations of it.

Sidey: really bad ass,

Reegs: And the Knights ran my VAD cool helmets for like the three seconds they were in it before

Sidey: there was another one that I really liked I had a toilet And it was, you know, the little action figures and the habit was just like a spongy one.

It was layer as a bounty Honda. And she says,

what's up?

Reegs: yeah, as well,

Sidey: it was like a, like conical out to the front kind of thing. So that was cool. So basically a million helmets just

Dan: There's There's, a, there's a fair few helmets there.

Sidey: And

math nominate a few of those. He had Bob, well, he's got. Bob's fat And I

Reegs: he probably

Sidey: think you pronounce it. He has Vader as well. So yeah, he's covered off some pretty good. ones. There

Reegs: He had Batman in there and I thought it's, it's a cowl. Isn't it? I'm not

Sidey: but it is there to give him protection.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: What's the difference between a cowl

And a helmet. then?

Reegs: Yeah. I don't know. Maybe it is. I mean, you're right. It's protection. It's protective headgear. So is a helmet. I think it probably, yeah.

Sidey: I was

wondering if we were going to get some like masks, put in there. We're going to have to have a real fight about it, but I've made sure I didn't put any of those in

Reegs: Dan, tell us about your favorite helmet.

Dan: Well, my favor, I could tough to, to whittle it down.

Sidey: to just one,

Dan: But I'm, I'm gonna mention a film. I haven't mentioned before. It's a, it was actually a TV film. And so it shouldn't really get a mention, but it was just one of those films that stuck with me when I was a kid.

And it's called something for Joey. I don't know if you've ever heard of it. It's it was this true story about a guy called John cappelletti who won the Heisman trophy while his brother was going through leukemia. And they, you know, it was just one of those

Sidey: the Heisman trophy being

the best player in


Dan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So he's and he he's.

It's just this kind of story is a kid. I remember. And, you know, obviously put the seeds with the helmets in, in where he's got to, he's promised he's going to score like five touchdowns or something in a match or throw five touchdowns or something. They said, I promised it, I've got to do it to the coach.

Like, you know, so then he goes and does this kind of an impossible task through conversations with his brother going back to the hospital and things like that. It's just such a sweet, lovely, and I'm a sucker for these things. Like, you know, so sports, few tears, all the rest of it. And and so I looked him with that one

Reegs: Yeah. Nice. Like it. Yeah. Well follow it inspired by your story of sweetness and all that. I'll go for one of the real legends and sounds like a real nice guy. Brick Maraniss and he unites for films via his helmets Spaceballs. Obviously, do you ever see that there's star wars, parody space.

Yeah. Yeah. And then Ghostbusters, while he's being interviewed as Vince cloth, though, he's got that kind of chemo. It's a helmet, I would say. And then he also in. Honey. I changed the size of things franchise in both of those movies, he has a sort of big helmet on, so yeah,

Sidey: He's a fan of big


Reegs: likes a

Sidey: Yeah.

Okay, cool. Iron man.

Reegs: Well Marvel.

Sidey: Yeah, but iron man, because he had a really jazzy helmet.

wear, his helmet could actually talk to.

Reegs: Yeah, that's true. Yeah,

Dan: yeah,

Reegs: yeah, yeah.

Sidey: It could do all sorts of things and

he had throughout the month, throughout his life, in the MCU, there were 19 different variants of his helmet.

Dan: Wow.

Sidey: Do you want me to list all his

helmets out for

Dan: you just give us a three or four?

Reegs: That's a lot. That is a lot,

Sidey: but then obviously more that we didn't get shown in the films because obviously we start off in iron man. One with mark one, two and three,

iron man.

Two, we get four, and five and

six in Avengers. We get seven in Ironman three. Then we said Al was 50. So we get 42

and the iron Legion, arm is on iron man three, the silver Centurion is mark 33.

anyway, it just goes on and on. So we get up to by the end of it, where, at an end game, where up to suit number 85. And there's the bonus pepper Potts rescue arm at one in

that as well. So

she's got to sh even she gets

her helmet on how on screen

Dan: and then they give one to Spiderman at one point

Sidey: well.

here's this more of a, well, I said, Nana, I, don't know. I think that's

Reegs: well, I, the, I dunno if it's time to talk about it in Marvel, but I have a bit of a beef with their helmets. They have the helmets that just emerge from a button, like, because the actors like mostly wants their face to be on screen.

It's like a button on their neck, like star Lord is a bit guilty of that. And Thor does it. you know a friend from work that one and uh he's got his helmet, this retractable helmet. I would go on record and say, I'm not fan of the retractable helmet.

Sidey: You just wanted to be

Reegs: where you know, it doesn't need to be a

Sidey: it's a bit annoying if you have to carry it around with you all the time.

Reegs: Yeah. Fight wearing a helmet.

Sidey: Yeah.



um Iron man was my, yeah.

it's you know, whereas a lot of helmets,

Dan: It's difficult for me to get away from the sports helmets, to be honest terms and find helmets. And I watched a film with Kurt Russell.

I've mentioned it before. And he's against all odds. He's got absolutely no chance because he's got to beat the Russians at ice hockey. Miracle. Do you remember this movie? Have you seen it yet? Okay, so it's, it's a good movie. I mean, he's got Curt, you know, and Really, they, they big it up and I got carried away while watching it.

True story. They, it w I think it was the

Sidey: Oh is it the miracle miracle on

ice or they're all students or whatever

And they beat the, USSR,

Dan: the, the Russians, yeah, the USSR and they've, they've practiced and done, and, you know, he goes through it and they've got no chance. I mean, there's still America, there's still bloody good plays. It's not like they've whittled a team together from Jersey or something to take on the Russians.

But it it's really good. And there's enough goosebumps in this to make it, you know an instant classic really for, for sports movies. Fans definitely. I mean, I could go through three or four others here. Invincible, another one, mark. Walberg seeing that one. So it's about a guy who feels he's still got it.

He's working in a bar. I could still, you know, and he tries out there, the Philadelphia Eagles, another true story, Philadelphia Eagles.

An open draft. I mean, can you imagine this in the seventies? No, he was, he was a player, an outfield player. And imagine now on TV it's, I mean, we just we're opening up, you know, to everyone.

And I imagine like when a premier league

Sidey: I went on strike though, was it the replacement's era?

Dan: It may have been, there may have been some backstory of, of players or, or financial problems or whatever it was that led them to take this decision. And he tried out and he made it and you know, he's got all that pride and all that kind of thing.

I really great helmet, green ones. Jerry Maguire is the other one kind of that went to my mind as well with Cuba Gooding Jr. Tom cruise. And he, yeah, he does that great kind of he gets absolutely slammed in the end zone and he's lying down and they'll run in over it. Yeah. Helmets off spill out and everywhere.

Everyone's coming along. How are you doing, how are you doing issues? Let me enjoy the moment. And then he gets up and does a little, a little dance just to melt the crowd and everything and, and his big contract to show me.

Reegs: Well, you've, you've inspired me, Dan, because I've got a couple of sports ones in my own. The last boy scout.

you remember that? And the it's yeah, it's got an amazing opening sequence where there's an American football game going

Dan: hard in the serum, rain and everything coming down

Reegs: last minute or whatever. Chuck's the ball to him and he runs and he runs through the first couple of guys and it's this amazing thing. And then it looks like he's going to get taken down and he pulls a gun out of his trousers and shoots the guy and then keeps going, runs into the end zone.

It's like this incredible scene

Dan: quite, it was a definite flag on the play there

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And his helmet was definitely heavily involved in that. And another one I saw somebody online. It might even been you Dan complaining about Friday night lights and the helmets were not period

Dan: accurately

Reegs: for 1988.

Sidey: Just shocking.

Reegs: Yeah, a couple of, couple of sports.

He ones for you.

Sidey: I've got a couple of military ones for you, if you're feeling that way. Inclined

Dan: military helmet.

Sidey: Yeah. Have you seen


Jake Gyllenhaal? he is wearing in that film, the personal armor system for ground troops helmets or the P a S G T pass glute. That I was, this was set during the Persian Gulf war They were wearing the standard Pierce GT helmet.

This was actually introduced to the 1980s

and it was the first

standard issue helmet to be made of Kevlar instead of steel Which gave it

a significant improvement

over the previous helmet that they want, which is the M one, which was worn of course, by John Wayne and the sands of Iwo Jima. The M one was the sort of classic, if you think of that military style helmet.

Dan: tiny little

Reegs: yeah, yeah.

Quite boldly.

Sidey: Yes. Whereas it wasn't as great protection apparently as the capital version

Dan: Okay. Cause you always thought they would just kind of skim off that one. You know, it was rounded wasn't it? So it just like chinch Jean,

Sidey: well, that's what you're saying.

Yeah. But apparently

Reegs: at the end one you were talking

Sidey: the joke he will, He wore, the M one,

as death

Reegs: one from full metal jacket as well. Do you say that? Yeah. No. Do you know? So that's an iconic helmet as well. The one with born to kill

Sidey: Yeah, that's right. and they still use the PAs GT now So it's still it's still in a

Reegs: instead of good helmet, if you like, if you need a hell, if you're in battle and you need a

Sidey: go to your local military surplus

store and get yourself

Reegs: but just your helmet shop,

Sidey: Yeah. True

Dan: that well talking of helmets and wore helmets while you were just

Sidey: Waxing


Dan: there.

Can you remember that scene in saving private Ryan? and they, well, he takes, he takes his helmet off. Yo, that was like, and then next thing,

Sidey: Never

danced again.

Dan: the never danced again. That's a better way of putting it, but yeah, that, that's, that's a heavy scene now, man, first time I watched that movie and there was obviously a hype around it.

You, you knew that you was an intense battle scene coming into it, but it really did bring a lot of, you know, just the horror and the absolute chaos into why that's Dunkirk there.

Sidey: Yeah, it

was Philip. I remember, you know, felt like you held your breath

Dan: Yeah. And, and that scene where the guy had kind of just, oh, bloody hell, but it just hit me.

And he took his helmet off to have a look at the whole it made. And while he's doing that, he's got shot again, you know, and.


so many moments like that. There were just totally deflating after, you know, bring you up and take you down. And as they're working their way up to the beach and people are just dropping all the time.

Yeah, I mean, it's, it's loads of helmets.

Sidey: Great.

Reegs: Yeah, there are, there are a lot of helmets, so I like a nice looking helmet. and a couple of nice looking helmets. I can think of the rocketeers. Yeah, it's a good design for a helmet.

Sidey: Yes. And not just protection. at one, because it's got

it's got like a fender, helps him, I guess, stare where He's


Dan: this I'm Mel Gibson's first direction. Directorial debut. The Rocketeer.

Reegs: I think it was, I want to say Joe Johnson maybe, but,

Dan: you say Joe

Yeah. Well, I mean, helmet wise it's

Reegs: I, and another nice looking helmet is gladiator. He's got a sort of spiky helmet.

Sidey: Yes. this one gives the full face protection as well, because like you say, it spiky on top. I have a picture of it

and then it comes down to cover his nose and cheeks, and then it has the two bars. that come down Almost like a goatee

And it was adopted as the, mask of MF doom

who is a

MC that

I particularly like

and listening to, Who's no longer with us. so yeah, I had a double whammy on that music and film

do like that one, I was thinking, well, there must be some good space ones

Reegs: And there are

Sidey: and there are, but they're

generally kind of

the same.

Dan: I w I was right. It is the man without a face that Mel Gibson did his first film. Yeah.

Reegs: and I've always

Dan: the man without a face. That was his first.

Sidey: So yeah. Space ones. And I was thinking, yeah, that'd be some good ones. And there are, but there are also a lot

of, sort of

generic, you know, space it with a glass advisory thing. But one of the I liked in an animated style was buzz light year.

For the click action. And it comes down and you can get the toy, but it does the same.

And then something that was slightly just different from the norm

in terms of

space, helmets was the 2001 space Odyssey suits because they were, they were a colorful ensemble. When, you know, I like


kind of vibe, but the helmet itself, wasn't just, just verical kind of thing with a big glass dome. It was more tapered out to the front and

obviously the same color as the suit.

And then it had a slight, quite a smaller glass

Reegs: yeah Yeah. So more restricted field division. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Dan: Yes. Super kind of future looking in the seventies kind of helped me. It

Sidey: and then

Dan: was one of those, this is how the future will look,

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Well you of course have the scene where, oh my God, what's his



Reegs: Dave.

Sidey: No way How's keep saying.

his name, Dave,

But Dave is sitting there and basically traveling through space and time, and it's all being kind of projected. You're seeing the colors and the light going across his helmet, which is nice.

Dan: Yeah. They have interstellar another time traveling, helmet, film good helmet.

Reegs: Takes a helmet off at the end.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. That that's that's another, I mean, Paul is a glory.

Sidey: Oh yeah,

Dan: It's kind of that, yeah, that, that kind of gritty look at military. And well he's, if you haven't seen it, it's, it's an absolute classic of it's an antiwar film effectively about these guys that get whichever way they're, they're going over, going over the top.

And if they don't go over the top, they're going to the firing squad. They're between a rock and a hard place and compassion sort of, does it come today, the fence or not? Won't spoil it, but you should go and watch that one great helmets in there. You know, I mean, this is the, all the costumes and everything, anything like Kubrick stuff, he just nails those

Sidey: Great helmet contributions from Kubrick tonight. I've got some more fantasy stuff.

I want to call out Soran from Lord of the rings. He

has a really like epic helmet. It's

it's spike it hugely spiky on top.

Reegs: Doesn't it come right

Sidey: and it comes right down beyond, I guess beyond his face whether you can never see his face, It Joe out, down below his chin. It's really epic. It's covered it. Doesn't appear to really have any eye holes as such, but it must do. But it's very sinister looking and aggressive whilst also giving a good level of protection.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Strong. Yeah.

Which is what you want in a helmet. Really, isn't it? I mean my granddad actually was, he was highly decorated during world war two. And you know, we're talking about earlier and they think it might have been the tinsel and blue on his helmet that might've helped get him shot. But did you know the word helmet is derived from the word helm,

an old English word for a protective head covering. Now I thought Pete Andre, who normally brings in the facts might, might appreciate that. And and one last kind of personal helmet story of When I was, I was a helmet safety tester. That job I did my head in, in the end. Um So I left I've mentioned a couple of sports movies, so I'm going to go for, for one more completely different this one's Ford versus Ferrari.

So not completely different, but have you seen this with oh, okay. Right. So we've got Matt Damon and Baylor

and they play Carol Shelby and drive a Ken miles. And they. Battle of court for him, a Ference, as they try to design a car, that's going to beat for Rory from Ford and you know, the laws of physics and all that needs to be rewritten and broken.

As a, as they go and try and do this at the 24 hour Lamar race in 1966 is when Westtown won the world cup.

Sidey: Okay. Well I've only got, well, I've got two more.

but second, one's a bit of a cheat because I haven't seen any of those films, but the one that I have seen, and this one's integral to the whole


And it's a shiny polished helmet and we all have polished our helmet from time to time. This one is Robocop.

So it's kind of not really a helmet at all, but it still is because his whole top of his head is covered in a

Metal Chrome dome


which would give him protection.


Dan: but you have to take your helmet off. I mean, if a helmets,

Sidey: as long as it gets protection to your head, you're,

you're good to

Reegs: headgear, I

Dan: Okay. What does that make out?

Scholar helmet of sorts?

Reegs: well only if you believe

Sidey: then there was someone, a real life person whose helmet I'm very familiar with, but I haven't seen any of these five


that tell his story It's Ned Kelly.

Dan: Oh, I have,

Sidey: So


Dan: a really good helmet. Actually.

Sidey: It's just like a bucket

like a metal

Dan: keep ledgers in one film with Ned Kelly

Sidey: yeah, so there's the, I

probably wasn't the 9, 19 0 6 story of the Kelly gang. I don't think it was in that one. there's

Dan: No

Sidey: one called Ned Kelly. Then There's another one called Ned Kelly. Which featured Mick Jagger.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Then there's the 2003.

That was probably,

Dan: That would have been

Sidey: also called Ned Kelly

And then as the true history of the Kelly gang, which is true 20, 20, so very recent, but I haven't seen any of

Dan: the 2003 Ned Kelly one will be my next mid-week mentioned, I reckon, because I've forgotten all about that and how good it

Sidey: And it's tasty. Okay.

Dan: Well I've remembered it being good. Let's see.

Sidey: But it's. Yeah, so I, visual representation, it's basically a big metal bucket,

with sort of a crude, strip ice chip cut out of it.

And it's got bullet holes, actually in it where, you know, it's literally stopped bullets from hitting him.

in the head,

Reegs: The the night who says knee or wherever, he's got one a little bit like that. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I think there's so many helmets to talk about. We could talk about, I could talk about helmets forever.

Dan: long into the night,

Sidey: Yeah. but

shall we compile a list of just our very favorite

Reegs: Yeah It's going to be so hard. There's ones I haven't mentioned like 300 has a lovely

Sidey: That's been, w that's been mentioned online by maps. So we've got some others

that we haven't

mentioned such as

Spartacus 300 ant, man. That is a good

helmet actually,

Reegs: nice helmet. Few nice helmets in that actually.

Sidey: And I w I couldn't nominate myself because I hadn't thought of it. And when I saw, imagine a relation with the shredder.

Reegs: Oh, what a great

Sidey: great shout.

predators. Well, I was I'm ignoring about predator, but I suppose it is a helmet

Reegs: It's a

Sidey: Yeah.

So in any case, right? What we're we going to put in? breaks?

Reegs: Oh, wow. How to choose just one helmet. I can, am I going to have to be like re I'm going to have to pick Darth Vader's helmet?

It's so cool. It's like my favorite helmet. It really

Dan: well, I will go for driver Ken miles in Ford versus Ferrari his helmet that he wears his kind of snazzy little thing. That's the Baylor. And

Sidey: is it like aerodynamically designed?

Dan: it's kind of very sixties, you know, just round and and funky.

Sidey: Okay.

I'm going to put in a Maximus slash MF doom from gladiator.

Reegs: Nice Nice, A nice

Dan: I tell you, we talked about the cycling ones, you know, those big pointy ones that they've got as well.



they're really

Reegs: Can we put math's helmet in the shredder

Sidey: Yeah, I should. I just got to go and then one other, I think we should put grease.

two in,

Reegs: Well, let's just see though,

Sidey: We'll see if we

Reegs: we've talked about helmet.

We've enjoyed talking about helmets. I think other people might enjoy talking about

Sidey: it's the Most

that we've ever repeated the topic in

a top five ever.

Reegs: No cheese or anything this

Sidey: No. Dan isn't even laid on any anciliary snacks.

for us.

Dan: not done very well for you this week in my voice. We've got


we've got coffee and alcohol keepers

Sidey: Yeah we've got coffee. and it's good. It's good enough.

Reegs: And that segues very neatly, I think,

Dan: well. That's why

Sidey: well. we could have had some

TURPs and

honey. yeah, because

we watched the lighthouse and let's just get it

out there, right from the start.

if you're a bird lover, this is not the movie. for

Dan: Well, I do have to say that no birds or sea goals in this case for our homes while making this movie, one of the facts that I, I wanted to just establish for myself that the gold scenes were filmed with a puppet, which were digitally replace with real seagulls.

And they were trained rescue, see goals, need lady tramp and Johnny. And they reshot the scenes with the Realty goals in front of a green STI screen at the studio in the, in the UK. So,

Reegs: So it's fair to say, Dan, you were triggered by seeing in this, and that's a fair point because when we talk about this, there were, we were talking earlier about whether we should spoil movies or not, but we're going to do it anyway because we figure everybody who's seen it.

Would've seen it by now. And there's a lot too

triggering stuff to talk about in

Sidey: can you spoil this movie to a certain extent in any case,

shall we start by talking

about aspect ratios?

Because I know that's a

favorite of

Dan: well, I purposely didn't make any notes on this because I thought Simon, this is your very much your fee field.

Sidey: correct.

Reegs: Which is a sort of rare aspect ratio from early cinema, Fritz Lang's M used it. The opening shot was filmed with a pet's Val lens, which was designed around

Dan: And and what

does that mean to the viewer is basically just a squarer kind of frame. Isn't

Sidey: Yeah. Was It ghost story. We watched it was,

Dan: Similar

Reegs: yeah, that was one 17 something I think, but, and that had curved edges, but

Dan: well, this had slight, slightly

Reegs: no, it was really stark.

It was very narrow and claustrophobic straight away.

Sidey: And I don't know if you know Dan, but

it was shot on double

X stock,

black and white film, and that required them to use more light to get the


that they needed. Yeah, I knew you would know that,

Reegs: Yeah, so it looks pretty

distinctive, like an old. Silent movie.

Sidey: during the civil war.


Reegs: And yeah, it opens with like an eerie short of a boat coming out of the gray mist. And then two men get off and, and

Dan: two others,

Reegs: you get these shots of the moving slowly and taking this stuff and then Pattinson just with his mustache, just like looking into the camera.

Dan: where does only, there's only a. In what, mainly two characters in the whole film. You see two more at the beginning, who are the lighthouse keepers from the previous watch the wikis.

Sidey: knew that's a new term for me. There's a few firsts watching this

Dan: well, the word Wiki is 19th century slang for lighthouse keeper based on the WIC trimming that was required by lighthouse keepers. So those two wikis had just finished an hour to adjust going in

Reegs: There is a continuing

Dan: and

Sidey: siren horn.

Reegs: drone, the fog horn it's sort of indescribable. Yeah. Well, but it's more, yeah, there was less cow and more.

Dan: yeah. Yes,

Sidey: But yes, it was like that and it was


And give this

sense of,

Repetitiveness, but also


Reegs: Oh, it was just, it's, it's a very unsettling experience to watch.

Dan: I'm glad you, I mean, it was just filled. The whole film is designed or certainly the beginning of it. And for lots of it, you just feel very uncomfortable.

We're very anxious. It's claustrophobic. It's

Reegs: At board for a lot of it as well. At the beginning, it was a chore, the, you know, a lot

Sidey: Well, Willem Defoe sets out his stall quietly. He does by just farting, you know, with no care

for the fact that they're showing a room or whatever. just

Reegs: Well, that did at least clue me in that it was okay to laugh at it because a lot of it, I was like, I thought I was like, is this like the most pretentious thing I've ever seen? Or, and then suddenly he's fighting. I was like, okay, I'm supposed to laugh at it.

It's all right. I can.

Sidey: I,


Dan: very little dialogue within

Sidey: yeah, I hadn't

seen this, but I knew at some point I was going to watch

  1. So I had steered clear of learning too much about the film, but still

kind of knew it was


to be weird.

going into it.


You knew it was like

a couple


guys in isolation. So it was going to be some sort of insanity thing. But That's the impression I got anyway, going into it without

having read anything too much about it.

And so

That's pretty much where this movie goes, but it takes a while to get into it.

Reegs: Yeah. It's kind of hard to describe because you know, nothing happens for a while.

We see the.

What's his name because I don't want to get it wrong at the beginning of air fry him, he's calling himself. But there is a it's not to spoil it, but,

Dan: yeah

Reegs: well that's his real name. Yeah. We'll find that out later, but working really hard. Basically. It has to do everything. He's filling the oil and there's the constant Blair.

And he's found this figurine of a mermaid in his bed that he's taken out and he's constantly jacking off too. And then one night he has a vision of logs and then any Wade's out to the water and there's a mermaid there in any wakes up and he wants to stop wake. That's the kind of movie this is.

Sidey: Yeah.

The roles of the two fellows are really clearly defined right

from the get-go Willem Defoe. Just very impressive.

He's Like

no, I fucking look after like, You

do everything else and

he's they're obsessed, but basically the light becomes the obsession. And why is he not letting me up there? I want,

to fucking see the light, got to see the light,

Reegs: Well, he occasionally sees him like dancing naked and looking at the

Sidey: Yeah, No fucking

like take the bed pans out, you


do all the really hideous jobs.

And then at one point,

they, he goes to get some water and

the waters

or polluters, like got to sort that out and it's the

first sort of

thing we get with the seagulls. so

there's a seat.

No, it's not the first cause the other ones the wheelbarrow just blocks it just blocks it by

not moving. But then

there's the dead sea, go in the water supply So he has to get that out.

And another seagull comes down.

Yeah. Which he

just manages to grab and

Just batters into oblivion. Just slams it.

again. And again,

Dan: Well, he's already been warned at this stage that don't upset. The seagulls they're bad. It's

Sidey: that wouldn't move

Dan: up upset. I see gold because they're there, they hold the souls of sailors that have otherwise not been able to pass on properly.

Sidey: He's, He's got a wheelbarrow full of coal That's his name? He was trying to move and the seagull won't get, his way, throws a bit of coal and

women. Suppose I don't, if I could do

that and they have a disability wax

Dan: a Caesar. So we're on this kind of rock in the middle of nowhere. Huge like lighthouse these guys looking after it. It's, it's pretty bleak. He's as you say, he's, he'd gone into the into the role thinking he was gonna get. Share with us that he was going to be more of an equal partner, but he's quickly put

Reegs: be, he wants to see the light

Dan: yeah, well, he quickly put in his place by William Defoe says, no, no, I look like you do all this other stuff.

And they're, you know, it's not a funny film. There are some, there are some the scene where he has to take that that big, heavy fucking load of oil to the top of the lighthouse. And he goes, why did you choose this? Can take that back down again. And he must have heard him pocking clanking it all the way up there, and you can see it's fucking heavy and it's lows, but it's it's not looking for laughs is it?

I mean, it's, it's mainly just trying to, to annoy and,

Sidey: Well it's just I think it's just trying to disorientate you and, I don't think that there's really any, well, this is how I would look at it. that there's really any anchored meaning to

it necessarily There's a lot of


that's there for

your interpretation

Reegs: and to enjoy just it's his sense of

Sidey: your own

Reegs: the directors, I think.


Dan: Well, I mean, this is art house and you know, there's some of it, I think you,

Reegs: well, a lot of it it's like watching a kind of stage play of people because it's Defoe like mega acting and patterns, then both getting absolutely plastic because the water supply is gone and they're just drinking all the

Sidey: time,

Reegs: heavily intoxicated one night, they, you know, they come to like dance together and then there's like a moment, like, are they going to care?

And then they have a fight. Like, you know,

Sidey: they slow


Reegs: they slow down. Yeah. It's all kind

Sidey: of

Reegs: weird, but it feels a bit like watching, like I say, like watching students acting or something a

Sidey: Yeah. They're supposed to be there for just a four week period. But when they go to leave, there was this huge

storm kicks off and they can't get out.

And so they running out of supplies and running. out of

Reegs: Yeah Well that's because of the seagull, have we really described what happens with that? Have you said that

Dan: well, yeah, I mean, well, after it's been beaten to, to,

Reegs: you don't want to talk much about that? So

Dan: he then the wind changes this is blamed on the sea goals, death, and by William Defoe and he makes,

Sidey: can we just be clear that it's Willem?

Dan: he knows when you know him as well as I do.

And he anyway has a a fantastic kind of scene where he delivers this horrible curse upon.

Sidey: way he's lit as well.

Yeah. Brilliant.

Dan: Yeah. I mean the, the lighting of this film and the, the atmosphere, he they're able to create through shooting in this manner. This particular, you know, it's dark it's it's, they, you know, it's a lighthouse and it was actually based on a, on a true story as well of, or loosely.

Reegs: that girl in

Dan: so. Yeah. Well, I mean,

Reegs: but th th the scene that you're talking about, where you go with the big speech and all that, it's actually starts with a bit where they're arguing about dinner. Cause he's making

Sidey: lots

Reegs: Yeah. And then, yeah, it

Dan: And that's it. And they've

Reegs: that big curse. It's crazy.

Dan: they've said a lot worse to each other and acted a lot worse to each other, but it seems that the limit of what he can take

Reegs: Well, he tells

Dan: in his cooking.

Reegs: in that curse, he tells him that he will become a, nothing for the harpies and the souls of dead sailors to Peck and claw and feed upon only he'd be laptop and swallowed.

Sidey: We, we have

had a couple of scenes of the mermaid and you

said it before Dan, and this was the first for me. I've never seen a mermaid's vagina before, but I

can tick that one off now.

because We


Dan: didn't really see that coming. I mean, it was just a really weird scene and there are lots of weird scenes, but within that, and what we've got here is a guy maybe two guys, we're not sure who are going insane or being on an island for such a long period of time. They should have got off the island.

The, the window changed. It meant that the storms were just too crazy. And even though that it might be calm on land out here, it was going to be absolute Bedlam. Risk put in a boat there to take them away. So the foods run out. I one at one stage, I think, oh, I ran out of supplies. Willem Defoe makes him dig a hole and bring out a crate.

Obviously it's filled with more booze and whiskey and that's what's keeps him alive and ticking over for the next.

Sidey: but there is a definite deteriorating


state at one point, Robyn Patterson posed up the lobster problems ahead in it.

Dan: yeah, there's, there's a lot of,


Sidey: Not know

Dan: what's real.

Sidey: or things that you thought might have been the case. Maybe aren't the

Reegs: Well then they're both starting to Gaslight each other as well. Which becomes a bit more explicit about who's doing what and who's who as well, a little bit, because Thomas they're both called Thomas obviously. And yeah. Wake is also an interesting surname for a character, right? It's objects that move through water and waking you from a dream and

Sidey: Yeah. Robin Patterson admits that

in his previous employment, there had

been an accident and he saw

his boss


Dan: in the lumber business.

Sidey: He didn't, he says To do anything, but he didn't he say he didn't

help him either.

He just, he just

watched the guy die.

And then there's a few then flashes of another

Reegs: Yeah.

And he sometimes thinks about this person when he jacks off to the figurine

Sidey: and then stops the failure rate. Yeah.

is a totally normal thing to do

Dan: It's at one point, I think he, he peeps through at

Sidey: like

Dan: At

Sidey: this the same way. He's naked

Dan: at the, well there's one in the lighthouse where he's naked and there seems to be some kind of snake or lizard kind of creature up there, a tentacle or something.

But there's another one I couldn't say because it was so dark, it seemed he was humping. Did you, did you get that scene or he he's peaking through at one point where he's, he's cleaning outside

Reegs: He was jacking off quite a lot in there.

Dan: little, and he looks through Willem Defoe down on the bed who, I don't know, it wasn't clear to me what I was looking at.

It was just kind of shapes and shadows and things. But it looked like maybe that guy's humping the bed

Reegs: one night he gets the the idea to kind of get the key, doesn't he?

Sidey: He's just obsessed with it. He's been denied this whole time. He's

been denied

and he's obsessed with.


Dan: Of relief and release coming at the thought of getting off this eyelids, which then didn't happen.

It really set him back and accelerated that kind of madness that, that took hold because the drinking jacked right up they were still having a 10, the lighthouse and everything still meaning to do that, but it was and there's a lot of really shit jobs. I mean, w in that weather, it was, it was, it was a real barren place to live.

And as you say, you know we got an early picture of our he's going to live, how they're going to live together. I mean, they said very little, they didn't even say hello to the guys, the two guys coming off, you know, who've been there probably, you know, nine weeks or whatever, the length of time they needed to be there.

And a long time you go, oh,

Sidey: go back and you think how real is everything? Do you know what



You just don't know, but know At the start? Wake opposite toast, at Robin Patterson just refuses it right out the

gate. He's a prick about

that. You know, he just, and he said, I know you must finish. You always finish a toast. you know? So we've seen it being a prick.

Dan: for them, have that side in

Sidey: Yeah. So we're getting to the theories and stuff afterwards, but then what is it that kicks off?

Because there's a scene where Robin Patterson is.

kind of on his haunches and Willem Defoe is above him And it's frozen and his eyes. well that it's

not frozen, that they're just holding

Reegs: he's got going for the key and and he's got a knife as well and he's oh yeah, no.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. He's

Sidey: eyes become the light beaming down into Robin Patterson's face and Willem Defoe is naked. And you can see a bit of Muff.


He's just there just because the scene isn't frozen they're just standing, still holding the post.

It's just so

Reegs: like a tablet. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: Bizarre.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: Then it goes shining.

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: with the ax.

Reegs: So wake goes out and smashes up the lifeboat. So they can't leave the cottage,

Sidey: wouldn't have want to take that?

Dan: Well, he was doing that. I thought to save his life, he just said, look, you can't go out. And that I need to smash this boat up because this guy is dragging the boat out and he, ain't going to last five minutes in there and we've lost them the boat or whatever it is, he's going to lose his Yeah. Well, he's definitely losing a boat by I, that was the, the, the, I thought, why w if he didn't give a shit, it would just go, go on and off you go. He's

Reegs: But moments later when they go back to the thing, he's like, why did you smash up the

Sidey: yeah. Then it flips. It flips and

you're completely.

Reegs: like, what?

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

So, and you don't know whether he's like gaslighting him or it's actually

Sidey: Yeah You're just completely like bemused. Well,

certainly I was.

Reegs: Yeah, because I mean, it really does. Completely like escalate from here. They have like another drunken night and the cottage gets completely flooded. And this is when Pattinson's character finds his like log book or wherever his diary Wake's diary about him. And he says, he, he like reads it.

He's constantly masturbating. Does do any hard work darkies wages and all that stuff. So he finds out that. So he's obviously really pissed off. And then what happens after that? This is when he gets really pissed off, isn't it? And he's like

he's talking about the farts and all that. And then they have to fight.

Dan: really start telling each other how, what they think of each other

Sidey: Th they have the bunkers fight, which

then gets interspersed with all sorts of other crazy imagery.

And so he

he's beating the shit out of

Willem Defoe, wake who then becomes the other guy.

I was just assuming that was his

old boss that died


was there the other

Dan: really brutal beating as well. Wasn't it? I mean, there wasn't,

Reegs: Yeah, no, it was the, it was the other, the headless one, wasn't it, or,

Sidey: yeah. And then the, the octopus

sea monster tentacle comes along.

Reegs: Yeah. And then the mermaid is they're making a kind of screeching where siren. Yeah.

Dan: You know, for me, the film by this stage has just become a,

Reegs: well, there's plenty of crazy shit still to go because he, he puts a collar on him because he's

Sidey: to work.

It's always on the floor. Is that worth? Is that

Reegs: him an old dog? And so he drags him downstairs as a, as a dog, and then he buries him it

Sidey: he's already dug a, hole and he says, get in there

and he gives this big, long speech all the, while

he's being covered in dirt and buried alive. And, But he actually

dies before

or say, Well, he


he expires before he's completely. And so he just kind

of leaves

him, but remembers before he

buries him that he's got the key on him.

So Pattinson gets the key off him and goes back to the lighthouse

at which point we don't in fact runs in with ax


I can access him right in the shoulder.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I mean, if you weren't confused before that

Reegs: was that. And that's about all the bit about shouting about spilling his beans. That's what he's. Yeah. I mean, it's gone completely

Sidey: If it sounds like we're just

regurgitating like narrative, like not a single, like narrative thread and just random scenes

that have, that's pretty much what the movie is like.

Reegs: Yeah. And then with wake gone, Pattinson can finally go up to the light. And he when he goes up and he opens the thing and it's pulsing, and then he opens a little store that does the side door open itself,

Sidey: obviously.

Spins as the, as you'd imagine like how to do, but it stops when it gets up there.

Then a door just opens of its own, accord

Reegs: the door,

Sidey: and he looks in at

the light, and just screams. And the soundtrack is just dialed up to 11. it's so loud. I'd imagine

watching this in cinema would

give you a headache, Cause it was like full on and he screams this like

lunatic, you know,

completely deranged

like out of control

scream, You can see right down because the way it's shot.

you can see right down his

Reegs: These teeth look a weird because the knee

Sidey: he's covered in blood and stuff. Yeah.

Reegs: it look really like. Yeah.

Sidey: And he falls back down the stairs. And it cuts.

Reegs: Yeah. I, you hear him

Dan: fall as well

Reegs: all bones.

Dan: because it's obviously like round staircase and he's just keeps going and going and going.

Sidey: must have gone so far that he must have fall out through the door

Dan: and onto the beach.

Reegs: Yeah, well until the rocks where he is,

Sidey: his eyes gone

Reegs: I it's being packed out. Yeah.

Dan: Well the curse has come true effectively. Yeah, it, it was it was a really strange film, but it did have me kind of fascinated with it. It was, you know, I, I wasn't bored by it. I was always watching even, you know, it was a slow start, a really slow start to be honest. And he didn't, I didn't really know where it was going to go if it, you know, if it's going to be supernatural, he's going to be a, you know, a, a different kind of thing.

But he soon became just with all these weird scenes, you know, it's very much what you put on to it. And I just thought it was the madness of the claustrophobia, the isolation, and whether you were seeing it from one or the other character. It may have been both of them, you know, just that length of time.

Those two guys didn't really like each other that much. Anyway.

Sidey: First of all, I was


four weeks, isn't that long it's about where you to go that.

fucking off the rails.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

But it was longer though, because of the store mates imply, then you lose tart time because Patterson's character starts drinking all the

Dan: time.

Reegs: Like nobody drinks water anymore. Yeah. They're drinking TURPs. And who knows what else there? Yeah. So yeah, this was


Dan: you know what I mean? So any other forms of communication are out there?

It's just them two on the island

Reegs: and the lighthouse.

Dan: lighthouse yet.

Reegs: This was often an intensely horrible experience to watch really.

But I have enjoyed thinking about it afterwards. I must say

Sidey: in the script. the lighthouse is explicitly

Hmm, like meant to be an erect


Dan: well they look like that. Don't they

Reegs: you know, some people might think this is the most pretentious thing ever, but I happen to think it's probably really funny, but only in retrospect. And it's be difficult to watch again, just because it's such an intense

Dan: Yeah I have my doubts who would appeal to a larger kind of general audience, this thing

Sidey: Yeah. If you like a Twilight fan and you came to this, guy's got Robin Pattinson and he'd been in for a


Reegs: If you want to see Pattinson drink a load of shit, nearly have a fight and then case with Willem Dafoe and then puke everywhere.

And then start again with all that stuff. Then this is the kind of thing you might enjoy.

Sidey: I was fucking amazing. in this

Dan: He really was. Yeah. In fact, I I've I've it's one of the more enjoyable things I've seen him in, in a long time, to be honest, that performance for me, him, I thought he was really good.

I think he.

Fitted that, that part and all coming together with the scene of the curse which I just thought was, yeah, fantastic act in,

Sidey: I, you know, I was wondering, like,

was that two people, you know,

Reegs: who knows, I mean, there's loads of

Sidey: cause they got the same name and they're trying to

tell you, it's the same.

Reegs: I mean, there's, and there is all this stuff and you know, you don't want to get too artsy-fartsy about it, but you know, all this stuff about Prometheus's and it's explicitly in there, and I think it's just his, this guy's stuff is interests and there is a sense of humor around it.


Sidey: Have you seen the witch?


Reegs: Yeah. I liked that. Yeah.

Dan: Well, I, my thorough research discovered that the story was loosely based on the real life tragedy in 1801 called the smalls lighthouse tragedy in which two Welsh lighthouse keepers, both Nate and Thomas became trapped on their lighthouse station during a storm.

And when one man died,

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: it said to have driven the other man mad. And then various stories I think from that have, but you think back in their day light how important they were, you know, for their ships and everything to go out there to do that job, to keep the,

the, lamp burning, you know, all the way through the night and everything.

And it would have been bleak and harsh and mean out there in the north sea or wherever it is, you know, the English channel or whichever cold places this was set in. Then. Yeah. I mean, it's a, it's a of job, isn't it? And I'm sure that that kind of thing back in the day would have is a perfect ghost kind of story.

But this was a weird watch then just a straightforward kind of narrative thing. You've got to be ready to go with all the symbolism in it.

Reegs: it. Well, it's a difficult one to recommend.

Isn't it? That's the thing. Although like I have enjoyed it, but you

Dan: If you'd like these dark atmospheric art house movies, then we've brilliant acting and great light, really great line.

It's not as black and white is not hard to watch. It's some of the, the the scenes in it. I mean, they're, they're hard. They're that the Sego scene is, is really a tough one. Cause it's just boom. He's, he's taken it

Sidey: it's a great study in like you know, mental deterioration of, you know, in isolation

and that sort of thing. And I don't know how good a job we did of describing it, but it it's as crazy as it sounds.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And there's loads of allegory and stuff that you can enjoy a few one, that sort of thing.

But also, you know, it could just be about

Sidey: two


Reegs: people. Yeah. Who lost the plot, you know? Cause they drank too much and were isolated too long.

Dan: yeah,

it's, it's what you make of it. I think there's some what you think of it.


Reegs: I

Dan: maybe give it a go

Reegs: continues to like everything. I'm like, I think I'm falling in love with Robert Pattinson.

I think Mr. Burnson

Sidey: Batman. yet.

Reegs: no,

Sidey: you

like that,

but you're like this too.

Dan: Geez, no cheese. And now it's kids TV.

Sidey: yes, it is. Kids' TV. Now I nominated this because it's a big favorite of mine for me.

teenage years, actually.

So it had a bit

of a revival in terms of

it being a bit here from cool the magic roundabout. And there was a shop over here called alternative


Do you remember that?

And they had a lot of magic roundabout t-shirts

So I had the


of this, And then

there were cuddly toys. So I had all the cuddly toys, of all the characters

of this as well. So I nominated the magic roundabout and I selected Dougal's glasses.

roster watch.

Reegs: I do remember your, you know, your period where you were into

Sidey: that's your animal. Yeah.

Me and Chris Gordon. Yeah. Met a lot to

Dan: I was just thinking of alternative three. Was that on snow hill?

Sidey: No,

Reegs: down by where both format kitchens is now opposite there

Sidey: by the Oxford pub.

No, not that was the Cambridge. Cambridge. yeah.

Dan: Okay.

Reegs: Off the corner of new

Dan: I remember the name. Yeah.

Sidey: So it had like all like the call records and stuff you could get in there.

No, but they were in the, they were in that shop. That's where you went to get all the cool


Reegs: So the magic roundabout, it's another one with a pretty iconic theme tune.

Sidey: Yes. Which you can hear now, wasn't the accident. I've also

For our listening pleasure bought


of vinyl record for us to enjoy because there's a

film. So what

this is, is originally a

French thing. And the version that we


was using the old French visuals, but with completely different story and voiceover

Reegs: and well, this story is they didn't want to pay for the translations, isn't it?

So they made, they made up the storylines based on what was happening. So it was often kind of quite disconnected and it's got this sort of quintessentially British sense of humor about it.

Sidey: Yeah. Right. So let's

get into it

because I had high hopes or certainly in.

like a


the word.

for it. Yeah. In my mind, in my mind, this is going to be like really great.

So I nominated this one and we watched it and they're all on YouTube. So the quality is, is not great.

Dan: It's pretty grainy,

Sidey: pretty grainy.


it was it, wasn't a


Dan: does detract a little bit in

Sidey: yeah, it wasn't a good version of it,

that we


Dan: you do the sounds no problem. And as

Sidey: oh, you pick it up, no bother, but it just does. it's not, it's not

high definition as to say that. And I have to say that watching it again now it's not as great as I remember it.

Dan: Well, I don't really remember this. I was too young

to, to have seen this first time round and I was, you know, I was aware of it and I've seen episodes. I was never really into it. But I listened to this episode. And I enjoyed the, the, as you say, the quintessentially British sense of humor that they put on Dougal here.

Who's, who's got a pair of glasses and what is he? He's a little dog

Reegs: he's a kind of, disconsolate kind of downbeat

Sidey: He's really negative. Yeah. It's a bit like ER, if you like, from Winnie the,


Reegs: yeah, and he's like me at my worst, the constant kind of droning what's the you sin.

Oh God, isn't everything

Sidey: Yeah Florence says to him, why you got glasses, because I'm deaf, you know,

he's just kind of Saki and

just downbeat all the time. So he's never quite sure what can breed of dog is supposed

to be. It's just

generic, like


shaggy dog.

So we only get a few of the characters in this episode as it happens.


Florence mainly is just Google going on and on and on about his glasses, which he's not. Whereas if the gag is that he's got the. you know, like you do a bow on your head, not over his eyes and he's going on about how well. they can see. So Florence walks up and then we get a


glimpse glimpse of Zebedee, at the very

Reegs: Well, no, Hey, Florence walks up and he's just really rude to her. She says, what's the problem with the glasses? And he's like, oh, and you think I'm going deaf and like spin a knob. And she's just trying to point out like, you know, wearing them properly.

Sidey: Yeah. That's the crux of it. I mean, it is only like sub five minutes this episode.

Dan: I bet you miss it so much in that ah, he went around and he was just picking up how well he could see and all the things you could do and, and, you know, and it sounds shit like I've just said it, but it's with the, the little bit of humor that they use I mean it's a very limited kind of set, isn't it, there's a couple of paper trees that he wanders in and out and, and a chair.

And I think that the, the voice actors do it all or the script. Why is. They've done a white, you know, I think it was, it was enough. I didn't know that, that there was a French translation that they

Sidey: So it was originally Serge Danno who made this

And then the the English narration is done by Nigel planer.

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: Young ones. Yeah.


Reegs: I mean, we, we limited through the plot limit. We went through the plot there and it petered out to nothing, which is exactly what happens in a show kind of thing is strangely disappointing. I wonder if we picked a dud episode if we'd had like a bit more Dylan

Sidey: Yeah So we didn't get Brian the snail or Dillon, the kind of stones.

Reegs: is that Brian is like a hyperactive snail law.

Sidey: He's subverts The snail


Dan: an early tele Toby's kind of thing?

Sidey: It's got no,

but it's got a little bit of a, in the night garden vibe to it because everybody

always appears and says right time for bed.

Reegs: Yeah.

But it was on about like six o'clock. So that's a lot of parents were catching it and other people were catching it as well.

Sidey: There was all this bullshit about it being like

someone's hallucination you know, it

Reegs: each one representing a drug and blah, blah, blah, bullshit. When.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: But yeah, this one was a strangely downbeat affair.

Maybe a whole episode centered around this like depressing dog

Sidey: I never noticed. Yeah. He Was

really been a joke. I never noticed at the time, how much of a hipster Florence is? She's got a kind of like fade her hair, It's just a little bit of heroin, like a reverse


And then she's wearing what looks like orthopedic shoes.

It's Very Nathan barley.

I think

Reegs: Lady Gaga had in mind

Sidey: Yeah, Yeah.

Reegs: kind of aesthetic. I think the animation is kind of clunky, but

Sidey: well well, this was originally animated 1965.

So I mean, it is old.

Reegs: Yeah. There was monstrous attempts, I think, to make like CGI versions

Sidey: there was

Reegs: movies

Dan: no, this isn't that it's kind of real, real little

Sidey: It's got a kind of old School charm to

it, but it certainly not as fun.

Well, this episode is certainly not as fun as I remember.

it being.

but you,

Dan: I, I'm sort of going against you guys in the fact that I actually really

Sidey: I, heard you chocolate few times while we watched it.

Dan: I thought for, you know, for what it is, I I'd come in kind of thinking it's not going to be that great or whatever.

The, the best thing about his is on under five minutes, but it was that British sense of humor and just that old school thing. And yeah, he made the, the joker on deaf by the tickets and nobody thought he was, he was, yeah, he was a little bit, but I mean, Just banter and he was off, there was no harm. it's just a little joke of sarcasm, you know,

Sidey: don't have Brian in the Snow, we don't have debt and we don't have, Erwin trued, and we don't

barely any of his

equity in this

Dan: I wouldn't, you know, if I get the opportunity maybe to see it in a better version, not YouTube, because it was a bit too grainy for me. But the, if a watch had this came on prime or something one time, or, and just watch it with the kids, I'd, I'd probably put it on

Reegs: I would watch another to see if we, if we just picked a bad one.

Dan: Yeah. But I don't think this was a bad one. This one I was saying, I thought he was, it was quite good for me. So,

Sidey: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: I

was left feeling a little bit disappointed. I have to say,

Dan: I like to go,

Sidey: I'll bring the toy around. You can. put them in the man-cave.

Reegs: want to hear the vinyl.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, we'll do that afterwards on that bombshell.

It's not a strong recommend from me.

I like that,


Dan: three.

Sidey: Yeah. Right. So next week I'm not around

So I'm


Dan: to Paris

Sidey: a whole continent.

Dan: How'd you do the sea

Sidey: pedalo wow.

Yeah. That's the hardest





Dan: got to get the current,

Sidey: I'm hoping for good weather. I have road started to Jersey. previous.

you know,

So that means there's no one to edit, but fortunately we've got a couple of shorter, like midweek vibe across the week to put out. So if you thought that the lighthouse was crazy

you've seen nothing yet,

for one of these and the other one we're going vintage


there's that. So what we'd like to do if regular or new

listeners would

like to nominate something for us to look at,

over the next


and then we'll try and review them, speak about them in our next episode.

Reegs: Yeah. And if you want it to email us instead of Twittering, you know, it's all on the website, but dad's

Sidey: but you can, you can conduct us in all manner of ways. but Twitter is where You're most likely to find us,

Reegs: but let us know pretty quick.

And then we'll review as many as we can.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. Kid shows an old movie, or current movie that's in the timeframe, what is

our timeframe

Dan: think any movie that you nominate, we will get around to seeing it at some point, for sure.

We'll stick it on the list and hopefully we'll get through as many as we can before the next pot.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Cool. Right. Well, on that bombshell Saturday, signing out