April 1, 2022

The Power of the Dog & Bananaman

The Power of the Dog & Bananaman

An egg is of course the fertilized ovum of an animal that grows and develops as an embryo inside some kind of organic vessel. And as delicious as that sounds, they are only to be consumed when they are hot, never cold as everyone in their right mind truly understands. Last week you may recall Sidey snorting with derision at the thought of compiling a Top 5 Eggs but it turns out Howie was some kind of egg savant, listing numerous egg or egg related scenes and movies in a matter of seconds. Sadly our favourite ginger insult magnet isn't joining us this week and neither is Bad Dad Dan, still journeying in far flung places, which is a shame because the pun potential as far as eggs are concerned is cracking. Should I make a few of my own? Maybe I'll whisk it.
Jane Campion won the Best Director Oscar at the 94th Academy Awards, which was a sterile affair with very few incidents to note of any kind, for the THE POWER OF THE DOG, which is definitely NOT a western. In 1925 Montana, wealthy cattle farm owner George Burbank (Jesse Plemons) marries widower Rose Gordon (Kirsten Dunst), much to the anger of George's brother Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), a macho, vicious bully who prefers spending his days working the ranch and his evenings tormenting Rose. As Rose's son Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee) begins to spend more time with Phil, a more complicated picture emerges. Is Phil a desperately repressed and lonely individual pining for his former lover? Or are we watching the grooming process of a sexual predator?  A fascinating and often very beautiful movie with stunning cinematography, this was liked or loved by all of us to some degree or another. Like an arthouse period drama slash revenge thriller, with a straightforward narrative that was more a triumph of mood and tone for my money. Well worth checking out. But not a western.
Peter's refusal to honour the central conceit of the show and instead focus on his childhood favourites continues as we look back at BANANAMAN. Essentially the DC superhero Shazam! but for Bananas, when schoolboy Eric eats a Banana he becomes the potassium filled superhero. We review season 2 episode 3's "Trouble At The Mill" in which our hero runs afoul of his villainous counterpart Appleman. This British animation classic features The Goodies who were less than impressed by the final product apparently and even back in the day I wasn't all that keen on this beyond the theme tune. But what a theme tune it was!

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The Power of the Dog

Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review the podcast, which knows that Chris rock can take a punch better than will. Smith can take a joke. Yes. Was of course and unforgettable Oscars this year, though. I wish we could say the same about the actual movies that were nominated. Most of which I haven't seen actually today is terribly unfair.

A young listeners might have seen the baffling spectacle of a Hollywood superstar assault another man in front of an audience of millions and be unaware that there was a point in time where we actually revered our celebs. In fact, celebrity worship was so demented in and ingrained in our culture. It was briefly legal for even minor celebs like Jeff capes to drive on the pavement and indiscriminately Madame pedestrians, just for laughs.

In fact, it was considered such an honor. I vividly recall my friend, Jeff hurling himself under the wheels of Dane Dale. Winton's voxel Astra, just to have the privilege of having his body mangled into pieces by the guy who hosted supermarkets.

Yeah, there was a time where a celebrity celebrity could do no wrong.

We'd watch them do anything. We'd even watch them pile along the red carpet for the Oscars, like famous livestock for us to judge, as they grin, posing for photos, occasionally proudly holding their families aloft. Like there were papier-mache sculptures made in a remedial art class just to prove they're human.

Like the rest of us. Now, of course, we've discovered that every other celebrity has either a sex pass a tax Dodger or bristling with impotent rage. Maybe it was always like this. I don't know. do you think you saw it? I mean, is it time to stop mod? I've only got the scene setting, which says that we're at the man-cave this week and there's a trio of dad's Peter, myself, rigs and Sidey this week do we want it, is anybody got anything to say about the baffling

Sidey: the Oscars I w I

have a bit

of a routine when I wake up I, the alarm goes off. I don't immediately spring out of bed. I saw check

the news

and that sort

of stuff. And that

was obviously the first thing that popped up. And then I really give a shit. So I, went straight to the winners and I was

a bit disappointed,

I haven't seen the one

that won best coder that won the best film.

I did see the sound

of metal,

So it

feels like deaf films are like

disregard at the

Reegs: moment.

Sidey: But I was a bit, just, well, we'll get onto it Cause our main feature was nominated for the

best film

Reegs: Oh it was in every category just about Cody spit fee was up for

Sidey: 12 nominations, I

Reegs: And she won best director Jane

Sidey: Yeah.

But I'd also, I had

seen Belfast

and I was kind of hoping that might get get the nod. But anyhow.

I don't know


I was chatting to Mrs. Batch today and it was, I don't know how I would react if someone just stands up there in front of fucking loads of people.


It takes the PSA AMS and something that's obviously

Reegs: oh it was a cruel and horrible and unnecessary joke. And Chris rock should have known a lot better.

It was he particularly for this thing, because it's a problem that black women experience as well, right? Alopecia, not all black women beads more prevalent and it's an

Sidey: if she had done something stupid you know, and that's the

I know you don't like Ricky device, but when he does the golden Globes, he said the I'll take the piss


of stuff that they've done. He won't go, ha ha. you've got no hair.

You know, he'll say you fucking broke the

law, you did something. And it was take the piss out

of that. Whereas this was

kind of personal.

Reegs: Asian, the fucking gone on stage and assaulted him though. It's so unbelievable.

Sidey: would have been funny if they'd taken the Oscar off it

Reegs: 20 minutes later, he's receiving a, I dunno, I feel very.

Complicated contradictory load of feelings all wrapped up in that, but it means that we're not talking about the movie.

So we choose a shame because the Oscars have been like, you know, we've just decided we don't need things like editing and

yeah. Cinematography, I don't know if they still bother with that. One is the, is that important for movies these days? I'm not sure. But what we did have of course, was the first ever public voting category.

It's the fan favorite award? This the first ever Oscar thing, there was two things now. This was a June was up for it, power, the dog's Spiderman. But the winner was Zack Snyder's army of the dead proving how worthless we are. Species and a sequence from another Snyder film was crown. This is so cringe-worthy another new Oscar category, most cheer worthy moment in a movie.

And it was the flash enters the speed force from Zack Snyder's justice league. And it's worth clipping on, you know, looking at a clip of the Oscars just to see them read that out to a room full of silent

Sidey: That is hilarious because it just shows how far apart, like the academy are to like the audience

It's just like miles apart

of what people want to see


Reegs: yeah. there you go.

Sidey: Did you

watch anything Oscar worthy or otherwise

Reegs: we started inventing Ana, which is the Netflix sort of dramatization about Anna Sorokin, who is a con-artist

Pete: Yeah, yeah. I've read about her the other week

Reegs: And it's got the girl Ruth from Ozarks. Ozark. Yeah. So she plays Anna.

So yeah. Yeah, I like it. Yeah.

Sidey: Cool

Reegs: Decent. It's a crazy story. I wonder if the documentary about what she did might be more interesting. I don't know. There's barely any, it's difficult to know. What's true about any of it. So

Sidey: been awhile since we've seen your pizza,

Pete: yeah. And I've, I've used that time to set myself a little mission and I have been fulfilling this mission quite an alarming rate of consumption.

I have started watching in the advised order, all of the Marvel

Sidey: Oh is this your announcement?

Pete: Yeah. Which I thought

Sidey: So you're doing quite a logically

Pete: I'm doing them. So there's a, there's a a rotten tomatoes article that says how to watch all 27 movies,

Sidey: What about the TV series. as well?

Pete: It's no, for just for

Reegs: Well it's not watching them in the order of release.

It's some new

Pete: no, it's not.

So, oh, very quickly. Run through the films that I have watched in the, oh, you want to guess?

Sidey: Well, I don't need to get, I sort of work it out.

It'd be

start must be captured in America

first Avenger, correct.


Pete: just read them out? Okay. Captain Marvel is second iron man, iron man to Hulk

Sidey: that you've seen, all

Pete: saw I've watched all of these in the last couple of weeks,

Sidey: the biggest part of shit ever

Pete: Fucking Mickey Rourke.

Oh my God.

Sidey: whip.

Pete: And I think, you know, now I'm learning more about what you're saying about like the, like the bad guys and everything said, they seem to, I don't know where they got this, this notion from, they seem to put like old, famous, like re like good act, really good actors. But I think maybe they were trying to copy the, like the, the sort of the, the, like the Batman film.

So like Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito and people. I know Danny, DeVito's not like an Oscar winner.

Like taking it, but because the films are all action films, they're more sort of like dark and character driven and storyline driven that works. But then you're getting like fucking night, Jeff Bridges flying around in a suit, Mickey Rourke, looking like a Pete looking like Mickey Rourke, actually with a Russian accent and foe and stuff.

And just putting like guy Pearson. Yeah. That they're all fairly Wang. I enjoyed some of the films. I really like captain America. What drew me into it? I'll tell you very I won't list all the films I've got up to the end of phase two. So the last film I watched today

Sidey: was

Pete: ant man. So I've seen two Avengers.

I'd already seen both of the guardians of the galaxy. So that saved me some time.

Sidey: It was originally down to direct. Ant man, which would have been great captain America too, and went to soldiers probably right up there in my favorites.

Scarlet is so hot in that

Pete: Fuck. She's incredible. She's incredible. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: scene. Great lifts.

Pete: yeah. So yeah, what got me into it.

So I was, I was away for work. I was in a hotel room on this by myself. And there's only so many things you can do in a hotel room by yourself. Um Yeah, so once I killed the prostitute I'd um I then decided to put the TV on and I saw it was Hugo weaving talking to Felch from Harry Potter. What's his name?

Frey Walder. The old English actor. And I was like, oh, this is quite interesting. What is this? I didn't know how long it had been on for. And then this was the captain America original, like the first captain America film and it was nothing like what I thought captain America would be about.

I just, it seemed like, ah, here's a guy and he's brilliant. And yeah, but it's like a really fucking, like cool different like story and the fact that he's then frozen for 70 odd years in coma. So anyway, that's, that's what sort of set me on the path. Some of these films are shy. I thought the whole quorum was shy it with fucking Uman.

No Avengers like blah, blah, blah. I got so, so

Reegs: that was pretty big at the time though.

It, nothing had ever really been done like that to have all those characters into. I know it's easy to look back now and go,

Pete: is having seen like an Avengers angle. Looking back at like the CGI and everything for that. Unlike, even though they've got it a lot better with the the other guy mark Gruffalo his whole could looks a lot better, but yeah, it was, it was pitched that film.

I know I've watched all the answer out, man. Like I said, which today, which was like a nice release from the millions of like exploding buildings and fuck it. I found myself kind of sat there going, like I'm doing it because I've set myself, this, this is a challenge. And some of the films are a challenge to watch because they are really fucking Samy and totally unnecessary in as far as moving the whole store, the whole Marvel universe thing along.

But I really liked that, man. I mean, it's preposterous and fucking stupid about

Sidey: Thomas the tank engine and stuff like that

Pete: No, that those bits are brilliant, but like, you know, flying around on ants and controlling ants to like, let us set off bombs and stuff. That's all like Tosh, but it was, it was a nice palette cleanser.

And I think I'm

Sidey: you know the next

Pete: the next one is a. Captain America, civil war.

Sidey: Oh, that's good. Good.

Pete: I was it. Yeah. Then I've got black widow. And then some, some Spider-Man black Panther. Dr. Strange Thor, Ragnar rock at Madam wasp loads. Still to go.

Sidey: Okay You got some real good ones. to come up, then

Pete: Probably

Sidey: rock Ragnar It's

Pete: Yeah. I liked Thor was a character that the films themselves are, they brilliant.

Dark world

Sidey: first time I thought was shit. The second one was

really shit.


Reegs: Well, it's terrible. Yeah.

Sidey: Anyway, that's a lot of stuff.

Pete: And I finished the first season of the. And now I've watched the first episode. It's fucking brutal. It's really like

Sidey: Two is real, real grim

stuff. It's great. Yeah. it's

Pete: But fucking brilliant.

Sidey: So Friday evening I was left to my own devices at home the message.

was out My daughter was at a sleep over So I watched jackass forever

Reegs: He also gunned me and left me

Sidey: Yeah, I did. I tried

to I tried to I tried to but people wouldn't

let me take their children to the school thing. So I, I

Pete: heard rumors.

Sidey: So I couldn't go to that. So I stayed home and watched jackass forever, which is fucking.

you either like light or you don't like to enjoy it, it's fucking some of the stuff.

you know, how is,

Reegs: Are there any ones that, cause

Sidey: they got new people in it

Reegs: you feel really sick. Is there any like what's the worst, like eating their own shit wherever the,

Sidey: I don't know. That's that was more de Sanchez, there's not,

Pete: oh, this shit there's been shitting and puking a lot in jackass.

Sidey: There's

there's a few of the cameraman's about to puke because of some of the stuff they do.


Aaron McGee, he he he's testing out a cup, you know, the stuff that protects your Dick when you play in sports so they, they UFC guy just punches him then an ice hockey player just

fucking let us. a complete bullseye. And it you know, it's obviously hard it's, but then he's just like, like sitting on the four legs, spread just Dick and balls, like sort of protect most thing. I wanted them just Pogo sticks on it. And you're like, and it's blood and it's, oh, it's completely smeared all over the floor. It's just like, what the hell is that? That's the level of like, you know, intellectual stuff that I watched this week. It was great.

Other than that it was just homework. So you know, that was good.

Reegs: we have any nominations side.

Sidey: We did have

a top five to complete from last week. That was the

topic of

pens. Pens in films. We mentioned last week because

Pearcey went

early. He got really Addy. That


Reegs: Thanks for that.

Sidey: great. Andy Conley,

Reegs: He gave us the stabbing in the back from running man.

Pete: was the first one I thought of,

Sidey: Yeah. Andy Connolly came in with a, quite a few You had Batman, 89 1, the joker stabbing,

a guy with a quail and the pen is

mightier than the sword.

line. And he had Boris from Goldeneye the pen, same lie, which we mentioned, and also casino patchy, which we glazed

over but it's fucking brutally violent.

Reegs: maybe we should put it in, but it was, we had a lot of deaths by Penn

Sidey: Yeah. Darren Leafly also brought

in the, PA the pen from golden

Knight And I'm

sure that Malka Mel, has been really number one fan recently.

I'm sure she came in with another nomination

Reegs: I bet she, she got a murders pen for us side or just one that

Sidey: We ha she did. I, D I knew, I remember this male came in with Penn nomination, Percy Jackson's, it's a pen, but when it uncapped, it's a sword, there's still a weapon, but it kind of cool. not one that we'd had by anyone


So I do like that And also Mel has really been on top of a nomination game. So

feel like that that's a strong one I should also point out

because while I'm looking at our Twitter

feed someone insulted one of the cost of making fun, which we reviewed last week


the show.

I thought that, it was you, but it was actually me. It was me.

and the guys, I'm going to say all of them from making fun, actually listened to the episode

and tweeted us

because I referred to Jackman as

the boring one, because he's intelligent and does all the mathematical

calculations and the engineering side of it. And so he's petitioning Netflix for series two to change his name from the engineer to the boring one.

So I am sorry about that.

Reegs: I love that

Sidey: but you

are kind of boring,

Reegs: and I love the way that you Dassel it me about it as well. It's like, oh, it was, you know, you can go and listen to the

Sidey: yeah I kind of listen back even though I'm sure you're right. But I I do apologize. I am a big fan of that. show, so I'm hoping

that season two does get made and that you do change your name to the boy.

one. That'd be funny.

So yeah, that's it. Males is going into complete the

top five.

Reegs: So that was Percy Jackson

Sidey: Yeah. Action


Reegs: L's brother

Sidey: Yeah. Pay another week

where you've had two stabs that nominating a top five


Pete: Yeah. But this time it wasn't because I'd

Sidey: it's not because, you're a prick

Pete: no, I hadn't fucked it and picked something that we'd already done before. I just thought it was going to be quite boring. And then I, I don't know what the inspiration was. I, I wasn't happy with what I'd picked.

We might cover that at some point.

Sidey: Cause

Pete: we've covered.

Sidey: you happy.

Pete: Yeah, just,

Reegs: Sid was flummoxing around saying, oh, this is going to be really, really hard. And then Howie. Yeah. Howie, the knuckle dragging simpleton reeled off. It was, this was like his, it was like rain, man. It was like, this was, he'd been preparing his whole life because he just reeled off about 10 films, all different types of eggs as well.

It was

Pete: that's that's the, that's the key here is that you.

Sidey: just

Pete: the one you'd forgotten. Yeah. But yeah, there's all different types of X one. The one thing I'm going to rule out here is that I believe, and it's, it's a term I've only become familiar with since doing this podcast, but I'm not thinking about Easter eggs and Easter eggs, the actual Easter eggs, I will accept, but not Easter eggs as in

Sidey: it's got to be an actual for

Pete: people in the film that are referenced.

Yeah. Well, I'm just explaining it out loud for my own benefit and hoping that you're nodding and not have got it. Right. Cause I didn't know, because I didn't know what the emperor's new

Reegs: I actually had assumed that rule was in there. So I don't have, I didn't try and sneak one in like, oh,

Pete: Good, good, good, good, good.

good So yeah, so eggs, I think it's, you know, it's quite versatile. The egg itself is very versatile. We covered it on this podcast when we were talking about chefs, hats, and how they have like a hundred different ruffles or whatever, you'd call them. And it's because of the hundred different ways that you can cook an egg.

Reegs: Yeah. Where are you like an AQP? Dear

Pete: Do like an egg. Yeah.

Reegs: All leg.

Any kind of egg won't eat or,

Pete: Yeah. No one that's gone off. Yeah. One that's like riddled with salmonella or something. I'll do like a poached egg with a, with a, you know, on toast or whatever

Sidey: could never be bothered to poach when

they'd rather just sit as

Pete: I was given. The, the uh

Sidey: thing for poaching.

Pete: the, no, no, no. Sorry. I was given a tip on how to do it. Just crack the eggs, insert a bit of clingfilm with a crocodile clip, a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.

Put them in four minutes. I come out nice and Uzi.

Reegs: My message is good at them. I don't like cold egg at all in any form. So cold, hard boiled egg note out, gone any kind of hot egg fried poached

Pete: scrambled

Reegs: you

Sidey: Yeah I did like a scrub. I like runny scrambled. Not,

no we have to slice it

Pete: What it's about to,

Reegs: that cold air could know that can do one.

Pete: okay.

Sidey: Let's get into then Pete, what have you got for us?

Pete: So my first one is, so I I'm not a horror fan, as you know, and normally I wouldn't watch films like that.

There is a film though that I did enjoy it and it starts off with what I can only describe as a, as a, an absolute massacre. Oh, you know, where a guy gets knocked unconscious and then his, his wife and all his children get savagely, attacked and eaten. And the film is finding Nemo and. Marlin, the dad comes round and finds out that everyone's been killed by a Barracuda.

He looks down and he sees one solitary little egg, and that egg is Nimo. And so he becomes incredibly like overbearing and over sensitive and protective of his child. Who

Reegs: Cause NEMA also has a

Pete: he's got a little flipper. One of his fins is, is not formed like correctly, but he then goes on a, on a fun journey and it's a fun film and I like it

Reegs: It's it's one of those like shocking starts, isn't it? When they all go. Absolutely. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Well, until I added the context of finding Nemo now, that's effectively what happens? You don't see the massacre, but you know, it's happened. There's a, an evil looking Barracuda. Yeah. And yeah, but fun ensues thereafter.

Sidey: Aliens.

Reegs: The second

Sidey: Plural. Yeah. Is the

second in the ongoing,

fee? well, I think it's ongoing. I don't know if that's true,

actually alien saga only case. And the first film, obviously we just have a solitary Xenomorph and a face hugger, but in the second one Ripley ends up after various shenanigans, finding herself right in the nest, in the, in the uh

Pete: the queen,

Sidey: the queen, and the queen is kind of, a. She's

stationary, she's fish fixed, you know, she's

kind of

in just one

Pete: she's

up on the ceiling.

Sidey: she is just so horrible.


canal Vatche where she's just plunking like egg after egg. And we know what happens with those things.

So Ripley is equipped with a flame thrower and she

takes him

to task.

Reegs: does.

Sidey: I don't know what kind of egg preparation that is from bay

Pete: Yeah. I've written, flown by. That's exactly what I've.

With some Brandy, it would've

Sidey: yeah.

much to the

Well, displeasure,

Reegs: she's not over the moon.

Sidey: She rips herself out of her.

wherever. I dunno what the right word for it is because she's

Reegs: it's a kind of a nest. It's a birth thing too, but I

Sidey: but but she's she's fixed Cause she

has to rip her like almost her legs out to get to attack, it. Didn't she she's, she's kind of like created in

Pete: So Connie's looking really good there.

Sidey: yeah Like I like her, but not sexually.

Pete: I know I've got a thing for

Reegs: so bad-ass in those movies where she just likes straight, like duck tapes, fucking grenade, launcher to a

Sidey: She's definitely

Reegs: goes straight back into the alien, like mental those eggs. They look on the poster. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but the iconic poster for aliens has the wrong egg on it.

It has a crack at the bottom. It was based on a hens egg

Sidey: Cause they fought they're like a four leaf

Reegs: Yeah. They're more sort of flowery aren't they? The way they open,

Pete: but

then they, they feature right the way through.

Sorry, if I'm supporting someone's nomination for the feature, by the way, through the, the whole like alien and predator, like

Sidey: Yeah I think they're in

Pete: Prometheus's like, yeah, they, they, there's a load of like black goo comes out of them and from ETS. But yeah. I,

no, I've not,

Sidey: I've not

Pete: alien covenant. Yeah. Yeah, no, not seen it.

I liked that. I quite like

Sidey: yeah I got it right with it.



Pete: thanks

Reegs: a couple just off a few quick ones, Ghostbusters, the eggs frying on the counter top was,

Sidey: as a quick one

Reegs: well, you know, the cause there was, there was a lot of egg content and you know, nobody wants to hear us choosing on about Ghostbusters.

But it's, it was a pretty freaky scene. The um and Sigourney. Yeah. Ballad of Buster Scruggs had Tom waits, his character preparing eggs. He was the what? The goldmine of the prospector in the best scene in the movie, it had him preparing and snakes. One of the Sergio Leone, Eastwood movies. I don't know which one I'm going to say.

It was a few dollars more, I'm not a hundred percent sure has him doing the old one-handed crack and fry. You know, the old

Sidey: Stephanie not good, man. The ugly, maybe it is dollars more.

Reegs: Yeah. Do you know that move? They, how you get

Pete: Yeah. I'm all right with that. Yeah. I can do the 100 crackers. Loads of shell goes in it, but it gives a fuck.

Reegs: And what would you say? A temperature up

high, medium. Where was your egg go

Sidey: My medium is light

My so my hub is

on a scale of one to 10. I had fried eggs tonight has happened because we had bubble

and squeak dinner but leftover from yesterday's roast. I

Reegs: on that lovely

Sidey: so yeah, so all that stuff in the pan and then an egg on

the top.

So I normally go and I'm going to go high. So I probably like a seven or eight out of 10.

And then I scale it down. Yeah.

cause I like you've got to have a runny yolk.

So I kind of like special around to make sure the whites

is set

And then run a yoke. Boom. on top

Let's go This other

Well, if the wave, if you go hot at the start, it won't go all over the place.

Sort of keep it Its structure. intact. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: That is the key is to, is to go hot, but then you, you have to tend to it the whole time. It's not something. Yeah. You're not walking away at any point. You're not

Reegs: feel every egg is fairly unpredictable. Like, you know, I wouldn't say I've got my technique down that I could deliver it perfectly every time,

Sidey: you can cheat. You get one of those rings.

I would never

Reegs: that

Pete: gripping content,

Sidey: great at content

Reegs: comes first. What the people want.

Pete: Yeah. That's one of the screaming for would anyone like some ag

Sidey: Yes

Pete: Okay. So we've got some, I quite like distance and speed related records. So we've got the furthest distance to catch and then somebody else, sorry to throw and then catch a, an egg without it breaking.

This is an uncooked egg any hazard again, anyone has to guess,

Sidey: we

used to do this

at school.

Do you remember

Pete: Yeah. On, on the lawn. Yeah. Yeah. So

Sidey: I'm going to say 110.


Reegs: You can throw it 110 meters and egg.

Well, I suppose a machine,

Sidey: good arms

Pete: No, it's not a machine. This is a human arm throw

Reegs: I, 70 meters.

Pete: It's 98.51 meters.

And it was done in 1978. So it is not, yeah, that is a great year. It was done by Johnny Foley. He threw it.

Sidey: brother,

Pete: And Keith Thomas quarter. Yeah, Jeff Thomas, his brother. So he caught her another quick one the world record egg and spoon hundred meters

guests. So you know,

Reegs: A hundred meters Aiken spoon, 17 seconds.

Sidey: 18.


Pete: Fuck you. Now 16.5, nine seconds by Sally Pitt by Sally Pearson.

Sidey: trying to think of another person.

Adam Adam sister.

Pete: And then I've got, and then, and then they get weirder after that. So I'll come back to those. But next ag shout for okay. Talking about cooking eggs. So in the film, anger management Adam Sandler is a, a prick and he has anger management.

He has anger issue, sorry. And he is provided with a, an, an anger management therapist who is Jack Nicholson, who fuck it. He's brilliant in the film. And he basically infiltrates every kind of aspect of, of Adam Sandler's life. And so in, in an early scene, when they've like, come together, Adam Simon cooking and breakfast, which is some amongst other stuff,

And yeah, he just walks to the plate over to Jack Nicholson who's then just like picks up the eggs with a fork, puts it back down on the plate and, and smashes the plate off the wall and screams, like I said over easy.


Reegs: sorry for easy.

What would we call that? Is that just me? When you

Sidey: I think they just flip it very

Pete: flip?

Sidey: I don't want to send the point of that

Reegs: I do it.

Pete: just to, just to set you up, which is to, to prevent, having to do what you were talking about before, where you splashed the oil on the top of the egg. It's just to kind of give it that final set. So you don't get any like gloopy bits. It's just a quick flip and then onto

Sidey: that if I'm having a fried egg sandwich.

I will, I will pop the yolk.


Pete: Yeah Cause you

Sidey: Cause I don't want


Pete: explosion. Yeah.

Sidey: I want to avoid that

But If it's just on the plate, that I'm eating, then I would go over easy. Oh, It's running as possible. Absolutely. I'm Even happy for some, like,

clear we're


Pete: Certainly that then overdone.

Sidey: Yeah,

Of course

Reegs: I'd go running all the time, but it's a disaster with a bed.

Sidey: I'm

going to go for cool hand, Luke.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Which is a

film that stars Paul Newman. And he won the Oscar for his

performance has Luke and he

has to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs you wouldn't be up for

this rigs

cause they're cold

Reegs: Yeah. I've watched the scene today actually just to familiarize myself with it.

Yeah, it's great.

Sidey: I've mentioned it before that I watched jackass forever there's back when it was

just the TV series,

They tried to recreate

it, see if it was possible. And it just

led to a lot of vomiting,

a lot of vomiting, which you see in all its glory. So it didn't look like it was actually doable. But

Reegs: Paul Newman did

Sidey: cool as fuck.


Pete: Not saying that

Reegs: W Gaston in beauty and the beast, he famously really sings about eating four dozen eggs every morning to help him get cut as he was growing up in the troubling domestic abuse, normalizing beauty, and the beast is the original one.

Pete: I love it.

Reegs: Now he's an adult of course, eats five dozen eggs a day, which does bear bag a few questions, namely, just how many eggs he's eaten and what would the potential side effects would be.

And if we break the maths down, which I'm sure you'd all like to do

out I'm going to work out, Pete. You guys help me with the numbers here. All right, guys. So I've got some assumptions for you. So walk it through and you, you do the math. We'll see. So Google tells me that guest on was roughly 36 years old at the time of the events of the film.

So it's all sun sighted, let's say started eating four dozen eggs from the time he could start eating as a child. So we'll say two from when, when the age of two onwards. So he ate 48 eggs every day until he was an adult when he was 18. And then he started eating five dozen eggs a day. 48. So let's work it out.

So 48 times 365 times 16 is Peter,

Pete: M a 280,320,

Reegs: Yeah. That's that's right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And then 18 years as an adult eating 60 eggs a day. So 60 times 365 times 18, which is Sidey.

Sidey: Did the did a 394,200.

Reegs: Yeah. And then adding that is right. Yeah. Yeah. And then adding those two figures up gives us Peter,

Pete: that's obviously 674,520 in total.

Reegs: Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Fantastic. Or if you just assume 4,800 calories per day, it makes it hang on a minute. It's 189 million, 216,000 calories.

Pete: Okay. And that's why he's roughly the size of a barge.

Sidey: that is a lot. And

I would imagine

I don't know if this is true, but

I, in my head like eggs would make

you constipated. I don't know if that's, true or not.

Reegs: I think the risk of having high cholesterol, it's gotta be gotta be, you know, up there. Yeah. I don't know. I, I think death basically egg overdoses, that thing.

Pete: Yeah

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: yeah,

Reegs: yeah. Yeah.

So an astonishing amount of eggs, really

Pete: Unbelievable, unbelievable. Some more records. So I found that there was a load of records, but they be quite boring, but then we started getting on some balancing records.

Sidey: like balancer.

Pete: Yeah. Which I think is very, is quite niche. And that's why I thought maybe it's the records that we can break. So here's some records that we can break.

So the records for the most eggs balanced on the back of a hand. I know what you're thinking. Like if there's probably two guys you're thinking of that, do this, but the one that's got the record is the Iraqi guy, Ebrahim Siddique. Oh yeah. Yeah. So it's his, can you, can you

Sidey: so like, not wanting top

of the oven

Pete: So, you can, if you splay the fingers, you're, you're effectively holding eggs in between your fingers and then the rest of them are all balanced on the back of the hand, on and on the other eggs.

Sidey: 36.

Reegs: Well, that's good. I was going to go 25.

Pete: Okay. Well, I think there's a record. We can break them. Cause it's 18.

Sidey: We could do that. We could

do that with the hat at

the same


Reegs: That would be good. Yeah.

Pete: And then the, and then this, this is this'll be a cool one. So the amount of eggs balanced vertically on top of each other

Reegs: one,

Pete: you're right with four, four, it was actually done. It was achieved on Christmas day. That last Christmas 2021. And it was the other guy that you were thinking of Mohammed Al Abdel, Mohammed, Mohammed, MK, bell of Yemen.

Did it

Reegs: MK bell. I wonder tartan was

Pete: a Scottish case or no?

Reegs: Four eggs did

Pete: Balance vertically on top of each

Sidey: other.

Reegs: I would like to see a picture of

Pete: Yeah, I haven't, I don't have one, but we can do it later and take a picture of it. So it's achievable. And then just very quickly just an interesting, I was in my research. I stumbled across this. There's a Strava group called I stuck nine cream eggs up my bum, where 191 people have allegedly run a 400 meter course with nine capris cream eggs up their bum.

The record holder is a guy called John P and I'm calling bullshit on this 46 seconds. Bearing on the actual world record is 43.0 seconds. So that did not happen, but there is actually, there's a.

Who has been awarded the local legend award, a guy called Paul Benny, who is, who was attempted this seven times.


Reegs: I think if you just like having stuff up your bum, just

Pete: and then

Reegs: it.


Pete: 400 meters. Yeah. I don't know if this has been officially verified by like Nora smoke water from the, well, no, maybe they're still in the, in the, in the.

Sidey: Yeah, but that's the conductor.

Pete: It doesn't say that they have to still be like, yeah I don't fancy that job. Mind you. They'd probably end up in the bargain Bennett, like pound world or something. So, yeah, that's it. I don't, did I pick a film? No. No. Okay. Well, I'm going to, and I'm going to go for cause it's funny as fuck airplane. Leslie Nelson.

When, obviously the patients or the sorry, the passengers become patients because they will start feeling sick. One of the ladies he goes to investigate and then there's this just fucking bizarre, hilarious scene of him pulling eggs out of this, this lady's mouth, but like, not even like disguising that him, like pulling his sleeve up and reaching down to do it.

It's just fucking brilliant. And then like the last thing he pulls out, he then just like cracks on an egg, on a cup and a little bird flies out. Yeah. Pointless, but fucking hilarious. All at the same time

Reegs: I think we reviewed it.

Pete: we did indeed. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: I think

the very start of, look, who's talking,

has A shitload of talking.


On its journey to find the egg. And you know, one does

and they're, I, I think that the span talking?

I think they are there and then they're like, ah, made it. And you see that you see the moment of conception

and the it like barring its way into the how did they film that must've been a small camera up someone's what's it?

Reegs: I don't know how they did it to be fair,

but all the person, what are we to assume though, that all of the personality comes from the sperm in that case, because it's got a voice and all that in

Pete: But it's just tracking the sperms journey. So we're only hearing the sperms perspective, the camera wasn't fixed on the egg and.

Sidey: ah, get off.


Pete: don't, I don't know. I think you're overthinking that Riggs. Yeah.

Reegs: could be,

Sidey: That was the only one that I just I could think of.

Reegs: He tried very hard. In the Simpsons they see a baby rhinoceros hatch out of an egg which Lisa says that they don't do that by it, but hummus points out that they bloody well do because you've just seen it.

Super Mario brothers was the movie world's attempt to cash in on the popularity of the video games. You remember that

Pete: tell you, who is it? Was Bob Hoskins in it?

Reegs: Hoskins? Yeah.

Pete: I don't think I've seen the film.

Reegs: now. It's what you would do get an Englishman to play a Brooklyn based Italian immigrant. Yeah, so they, they, they chose this property chiefly concerned with an Italian plumber who eats mushrooms, punches, bricks, collects coins and murders, hundreds and hundreds of turtles.

But they, they took some elements of. And then made this like weird dystopia where humans have all from dinosaurs and Dennis Hopper is in it channeling a little bit blue velvet as president Cooper.

Sidey: to fuck.

Reegs: Yeah.

It's, it's a weird, weird movie cause they kind of did that thing where you go like full dark and adult, but it's fucking super Mario brothers.

But there's a few egg touches as you might expect from a society that's evolved from dinosaurs. Well, okay. It's kind of basically one joke that it's repeated a few times throughout the movie where a woman's walking around with a pram, but it's got an egg in it. Yeah. So and then Daisy, the sort of archeology.

She's not a princess, but she would have been in the game. She also came from an egg or something and has a bit of a meatier. Right. It's not, you know, it's one of those things that doesn't have much fidelity to the source material. There's no mushroom consumption, size, changing Perona plants, flagpole climbing, magic

Pete: this is all pre Yoshi.

Reegs: no. I think they, we, they missed a real opportunity to see Bob Hoskins eat a leaf and pretend to be a Rick raccoon.

Sidey: John it's John Leguizamo. Luigi.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Pete: That's good knowledge considering

Sidey: I haven't watched

Reegs: we should

Sidey: a


Reegs: midweek, I think.

Pete: Oh, wow. Okay. I know that we all here are big fans of Willie and my favorite Willie is Willy Wonka


one of the Gosling children that Senate probably the most gas leaver RUCA salt who's knowingly like British, it's a weird kind of like American British hybrid, this thing, isn't it.

But anyway, yeah, so she's, she's yeah, she's a horrible little shit. And yeah, she wants absolutely everything that she sees in, in the chocolate factory. Yeah, her patients, whereas then when she hasn't received any of it. So when they get to the bit with the golden geese or the geese that lay golden eggs, sorry.

She wants one of those and she does a song. It's quite a good song. I want it now. And it all culminates in her getting on the, like the weighing the scales or whatever it is. And, and the, the, the scales decide that she is a bad egg herself. And that she goes off to the furnace. I think it is.

Yeah. So we didn't, I don't know if we saw her again.

Reegs: best place for her.

Pete: Yeah. But yeah, she was a little shit. Never seen that actress do anything else, but.


Reegs: was horribly killed in the fiery.

Pete: Cause, cause it's a true story. It's a D in the documentary. That is, yeah. And just a reminder that in Dutch, it's called Sharky into shock. A lot of the fabric.

Sidey: Okay. A couple of egg eating scenes twin peaks, you know, I'm a fan.

Norma has a diner and her mother comes to visit with her dodgy new fella and she eats some food and the diner, which is an omelet, I think, and she spits it out.

and it says


did she

say? Well, whatever foul did you get these from And later on, it turns out Norman is very nervous because it's a food critic in town. And then she gets, she gets the paper and there's a bad review and it turns out it's actually her mother

who couldn't even fucking like,

just give her a nice review or just not Revere.

It's all. If it, wasn't good, just leave it out.

So she's fucking shout over. and daughter, Then Rocky in his training regime, he's eating much like Gaston, but a

little less. I think

he has five raw eggs just in a thing. I couldn't,

Reegs: You haven't done

Sidey: no I couldn't I couldn't do

Pete: I've never done it. I'll give it a try.

Sidey: yeah,

Bring on the


Pete: Bring them on.

Sidey: No, I don't think I'd be like that.

Reegs: It's making me heave. Just thinking about it

Sidey: So yeah, Rocky,

just drinking works.

Reegs: That is a good one. The Soprano's season four, episode nine is an episode called whoever did this. It's one of the truly great episodes. And that means it's probably one of the best episodes of TV of all time.

And one of the really prominent things about this product is, is how much of a role food plays a, all of the points in every scene. This in this one it's the one where Ralph , his son is in hospital. After he's been shot playing with a bow and arrow. You remember this beat and Tony and Ralph's horse PIO Maya.

There's another food reference. He's been mysterious. There's been like a fire at the stables. Tony goes to talk to Ralphie to break to him the horrible news that the horse has just died to the man whose child is in hospital, in a coma. But Ralphie's being a bit dodgy and he's trying to steer the conversation elsewhere and he's making eggs.

And he says about the secret to making great eggs apparently is to throw sour cream in. This is his take anyway Basically straight after that Tony and Ralph get into a fight that ends up with Ralph dead on the kitchen floor. And his heroin addled nephew.

Pete: He was the one that was checking Tony sister. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was a deck it a

Reegs: He was, yeah, but he, yeah, he's, he's this pivotal scene and it's tense around this eggs that he makes with sour cream. I don't know, never tried it with sour

Pete: No I haven't. But that's, that's what you said. That is, what's so good about the surprise that it just takes normal, not normal situations, but like, you know, criminal underworld situations, but puts them in normal settings.

So two guys in a flat talking Wells, one's making breakfast and stuff. It doesn't, they're not all like shady exchanges behind a warehouse and, you know, in prison and stuff, it's very much makes it kind of like makes it sort of real. And it takes the glamor away from. You know, being in the mob which I know, not everybody that doesn't seem glamorous, but to a lot of people, it would seem, but yeah, it's it normalizes a lot of it incredibly well, I think, which is why it's so, so appealing.

Yeah. Great show. Great. Yeah. Content. I'll just rattle off a few. Jurassic park some eggs, dinosaur, eggs, little baby Raptors and stuff, getting born

Sidey: They're all kind of looking at

Pete: Yeah, they are looking at it. Richard Attenborough is like really creepy so I can come on little one, come on, let it away. Like he's.

Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. He probably died before you tree got him. I reckon. Shape of water.


Eliza woos, the the sea monster where the boiled egg, which is, you know, what my tactic would be for. I was gonna try and chug a fish a film that we mentioned on the midweek mansion that was, was Lampooning of top gun, but hot shots.

Top of Harley, when he finally gets to seduce Ramana it goes back to her GAF and bizarrely uses her stomach as a grill. And he's like breaking up the hash Browns that really good. He's like breaking them off onto thing, but he's like crack. I think the first thing he does is crack a couple of things on that.

And that is really well done as well. Cause it looks like a stomach and it's frying exits. Yeah. It's it's incredible. I've got a couple more TV ones I'll come around. So my next go last one. Harry Potter, goblet of fire, one of the realms, they ha they are given a big ag and state. They there's no explanation as to what happens.

I got to try and work out. And I think Cedric Diggory does Harry a solid and says, why don't you take it to the bath? And then they go in Mo he's with moaning, moaning, Myrtle in the bath. And the egg kind of like sings when it's submerged in like hot water. And he, he works out what he needs to do.

Sidey: I'm gonna go one more and it is how would the duck, but I don't know if

the egg

is in

the movie or if it's

just the poster

art and the post-war has his beak, basically

poking out of a gigantic egg, and he's smoking a


And we all know that it's still the greatest Marvel film.

ever made.

So definitely worth it. Yeah.

Reegs: Do you remember it cost your mind backside to the second episode we watched chef? He makes a just a plate of eggs and toast in it and it just looks absolutely amazing is cooking with his, you know, free Spiro after he's bend off his restaurant stuff.

What else have we got? There was a few more.

Pete: My last ones are just TV ones. We've got the, the dragon eggs from game of Thrones. They feature a fairly prominent fairly prominently and

Sidey: season one anyway

Pete: Yep. Yeah. There's also the, the egg of manta MB and the mighty Boosh, which is, I love getting referenced in there.

But then the, the. Thing that's ever happened to TV blackout of there's quite a few quotes that, that feature eggs. They're all from Baca that goes forth. There's Hilari

will cover me in eggs and flour and bake me for 40 minutes. You've also got um the cooking one, like had a sister trick when he says that he can cook. He says there are amoeba on Saturn who can boil a better egg than you. And then the last one after like I said, he's going to join the 20 minutes as a, and melchett says, oh, you know, in that case, you. You're all right by me and welcome SMO my sister anytime and darling says, are you sure about this?

He goes, certainly you should hear the noise she makes and she it's a boiled egg. Yup. That's me all done. So start, start entering eggs into the top five into the, through the birthing tube and into the top five.

Sidey: Ah, well, ah, for me at mine,


a toss up between cool hand,

Luke, to

feel like

we have, we're going to get that,

in a give, but also

the same token.

Look who's talking is unlikely to

make a whole load of other top five. lists.

I'm going, and I'm going to go.

with look, who's talking.

Pete: Interesting.

Reegs: I'll go with one that I've just remembered. Actually how's moving castle which was a GEC, not any of the studio Ghibli stuff. And this is me as AKI one. It's about a girl who gets turned into an old woman and howl is a wizard. story. It's got great scene where he's making breakfast and there's bacon and egg it's animated, but it's like the most salivating looking.

And of course, because it's exactly thing also the sauce pan tries to eat the food. But yeah, so yeah, that, that how's moving castle.

Pete: Interesting one. I'm torn, I'm torn between alien franchise egg content and finding Nemo. This is always the, like the choice that I have to make in my life.

Sidey: That's true

Pete: I feel like aliens probably made it into some, so finding Nemo hasn't so let's go with Nimo.

Reegs: Well, we've got two animated movies in there. That's

Sidey: We've also had a nomination again, early this week for Darren Leafly, who has also mentioned Ghostbusters like on the counter one,

which we just skimmed

by, but also chicken.


Reegs: more animated stuff,

Sidey: payment for the

spit rats to bring stuff for building the escape vehicle.

Pete: Yeah They're kind of like really like hungrily waiting for eggs to be

Sidey: Yeah

Pete: delivered

Sidey: So that's that's pretty cool. We got another good early nomination.

Reegs: Yeah. Isn't his egg laying ability or otherwise actually a key part of the plot or am I No, no. In chicken run.

Sidey: I haven't seen it because it's

Pete: What'd you say

Reegs: Yeah. No, but there's a whole,

Pete: was this, so there's a,

Reegs: did I just dream this?

Pete: there's a cop, a Cockerel that can lay eggs. What are you talking about?

Reegs: No, I'll have to go back and

Pete: yeah, you're absolutely having one rigs.

Sidey: I was a bit surprised. I wasn't expecting

a sort of Western nomination for me. P

Pete: So

Sidey: this to make up for the misery of top gun? You thought

Pete: No, no, no, no, no, no. So what I like to do is, as I, so unlike you side, I have a, don't have a completely closed mind. I can formulate an opinion on something and then I can go back to that opinion and see if it still stands.


Reegs: Well, the bad news is though, if this was an attempt to watch a Western, it's not really a Western, so,

Pete: Okay. So, so what I, I, I've also done, I think a couple of times now. Cause it was, it, was it hell or high water that so Western it's like just the same fucking story, like Cowboys V Indians and John Wayne fucking bow killing everyone and winning and all that.

Ah, and saloon doors and shit. Like, no, not,

Sidey: It's

Pete: thank you very much.

Sidey: windows.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just like the same, basically like the westerns until, until I dunno, westerns in my head. Exactly the same fucking story and boring. So I don't particularly like westerns and I definitely don't like dogs, but I thought I will, I'll try to, you know,

Reegs: This is more of a drama with occasional hat wearing and

Pete: it's set in a, in a,

against a Western backdrop, let's say,

Sidey: I would say this would be a revisionist.

Western if you really

want to say it's a Western?

it's it's

Reegs: it's,

not, it's a period

Sidey: Well what is west is, is set in that part of


Reegs: isn't any Outlaws or sheriffs or jails or train robberies or,

Pete: you

mean all the, all the shit that's in every single Western film that makes them all completely

Reegs: saloon doors. Yeah. It's not, it's not that it's a period drama, but anyway.

Pete: Yeah. Okay. So, but I didn't know anything really about it. What I did, what I did know is that it was up for the Oscar.

Sidey: nominations.


Pete: was up for a load of Oscars and I thought that with the Oscars coming up in fact that last night as we're recording now it would have potentially one or not.

I think it was possibly favorite for the Oscar for the best picture.

Reegs: There was a lot of talk. Definitely.

Pete: anyway, that's, that's kind of like what compelled me to suggest it and

Reegs: and it did in fact, I mean, you know, it did, in fact, when it won best director, anyway, for Jane Campion, it didn't win best film, but she did take home best director.

Pete: So out of the 12, it was nominated for, we think how many it, one, one

Reegs: I can't remember where the Cody Smit

Sidey: No I don't think he did I think he might've just been the one, I don't think it wasn't the soundtrack either Cause Johnny Marwan didn't he for wherever he was.

Pete: I don't know. It also I really, I liked Benedict Cumberbatch as an actor. He's really fucking impressive character actor and delivers incredible performances. And I knew he was prominent in this as well. So yeah, this didn't seem like the sort of film that I'd watch at any other time, unless it was for this podcast.

So it was a good thing too, for me to nominate, I thought,

Reegs: All right. Let's crack into it.

Pete: Okay. I can nag. Okay. He's gonna walk us through it. Okay. I won't do it justice particularly, but it sets in 1925 Montana. And we've got a couple of brothers who bizarrely share a room. They seem to have a massive run.

That they live on and they sleep in the same room. Anyone pick up on that as being odd,

but it's separate beds, but this, this bill that you see it straight away as though this building is far bigger than just one room. And yet they sleep in that room. No other real life family, or anyone else to speak of other than a load of Cowboys or Callahan's


Wherever the, wherever they refer, like wherever they're referred to in the film, I think and they have, they've gone on that, moving the cattle somewhere or something like that. And they go to they end up

Reegs: they're, they're sort of opposites of each other really aren't they? Because you've got George is the kind of cause it's not immediately clear, but they come from a wealthy family and jewel and they've been to colleges and universities, both of them have, and George is back and he has sort of, but he dresses in a suit and yeah, it's odd looking gentlemen.

I have to say Jesse Plemons. He is. And then Phil is very much a cowhand he's constantly got chaps he's covered in dirt and grease. We've see him being capable out in the field steering. Cattle away from an anthrax, written a cowl early on, and then castrating a bull at one point as

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Later on. Yeah, it does it with his bare

Sidey: the the dead stare. you mentioned the one That's the dive man. Facts is key because he says to the the, the rest of

the crews, I don't go, don't go near that. It's probably a dive

manufacturer, but he'd keep away


that. It's dangerous. I wonder if that will have,

any relevance

later on

Pete: Yeah. Maybe, but yeah, they, they end up at an N that is run by one of your

Sidey: saloon doors and that end

Pete: I didn't see

Sidey: more like someone's front room.

Pete: yeah, it is. It's it's it's a place that they've, they've oversee somehow books in advance, maybe booking.com or something like.

Sidey: that.

Pete: So that they're expected and they've got a big table there and that they go in there, but you can see straight away that that fill is very like domineering and his, like he he's personality.

Yeah. Yeah. He's, he's a complete bull back. And his personality like imposes on every room and situation and scenario that he

Sidey: are, they all look up to him or the, or the fellows you know, he's the leader of

the gang. And however he behaves is, that's

Reegs: but it's mostly because he's a huge burly and he bullies his brother all the time, calls him fat. So we did see Jesse Plemons in the bath and his nipples were very far apart.

I don't sorry that his nipple shaming or something, but

Pete: Yeah, I don't, but yeah, I don't think they're key

to the plot of this

Sidey: film.

Reegs: one thing

that is key though, is when they, they do sit down in the it's an N yeah. To have some food and the table is set by Peter.

Rose's son.

Sidey: I had a problem with that because she didn't look, they didn't look much of an age difference between the two of them

I didn't think

Reegs: Well it's ambiguously there anyway, because he doesn't call her mother. He calls her

Pete: rose Yeah But I mean, he's, he's about to go to college age. So he's like, like mid to late teens, isn't he? And so, yeah, she could conceivably be mid to late thirties,

Reegs: fit. I mean, yeah,

Pete: She,

Reegs: no, but she would have been it's 1925. She would have been pregnant when she was like 18 or whatever, you know?


Sidey: I do, I mentioned it

on our WhatsApp group, I do have a little bit of problem with, Kirsten dance. I'm not a huge fan of hers. So when I, because I had started watching this before you nominated it and I turned off at this

point I was like fuck off and all watching

Pete: Well winchy

Sidey: when she emerged Yeah. So

back this is where I picked it up for the second time.

Pete: Okay.

And there's no, there's no, the father is not in the scene. He killed himself. We later find out

Reegs: It's made them kind of pariah is you know, it's shameful for them basically. But yeah, Peter has set the table he's you know, he's an in effect, looking chap who dresses mostly in kind of white distinctively, I think he's drawing attention to himself.

He's made some paper to lips or flowers that he's put them as table decorations. And Phil is disgusted by Peter basically. And he uses one of the two lips to light a cigarette. I think

Pete: he does. Yeah. Yeah. He, yeah, he's, he's pretty horrible

Sidey: with it A little bit

first though. He has his finger in the,

like it's a bum hole.

Pete: Right.

Reegs: yeah, didn't pick up on that

Pete: maybe, maybe w what, what there is and what the thing there has been even before this point is like, sort of references to another guy who is prominent in the brothers' lives, but specifically Phil's guy called Bronco

Reegs: Oh well, no, the way this is introduced is brilliant. Do you remember the, like the order of how it happens because it's when George and rose get together and it's the scene where fel is listening to them, have sex and he, and he's disgusted by it and he's annoyed by it. And he goes out to the barn.

This is the first time we see this guy being mentioned, and he goes out to Polish the saddle and, you know, you think, and he's all lovingly doing it and it's got this plaque on it. It says in loving memory of,

Sidey: got love hearts on it.

Reegs: as it got love

Sidey: Yeah It's Penn it's pinned up with two


like metal fastenings, but they're shaped as love

Reegs: Yeah.

In loving memory of Bronco Henry.

Sidey: and then he says Bronco Henry about A thousand times

throughout the rest of the


Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: really in

Pete: you

Sidey: why he's

Pete: out that this guy was basically his, you know, who showed him the ways of the, the, the cowboy taught him everything about,

well, yeah, that becomes apparent later, but he obviously, you know, he taught him how to ride a horse.

He taught him how to do loads of stuff. And at some point he'd died. I can't remember how he died, but

Reegs: I don't think, I don't recall, actually. I'm

Sidey: I don't remember it being disclosed

but it could be all kinds of disease. I mean, I think life expectancy was, you know, not that that high. We should, I feel like we should mention

a little bit more about

Peter because he is you touched on it, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone who's like slight or

as he's

he's almost like, you know, turn him sideways.

He might disappear. There was a scene where rose sees him and is

buying him clothes

and pick her. And she's like, are you eating? And she pauses Tries to

tuck your shirt into his jeans. Like he must weigh like


stone aside, fucking tiny, but tall

he's really gangly. And he specifically buys a pair of like white

Plimsouls. So he couldn't, he couldn't be further away from the sort of cowboy aesthetic and lifestyle.

Cause he's, studios. he wants to be a

surgeon. He goes out at one

point, then he

sets a trap and and brings home

a bunny rabbit. And he is, so I thought they were going to keep it as a pet. And then, you know, it just comes to the next bed. The camera sort of moves over his shoulder and he's dissecting


And then doing these very you know, accurate drawings as well.

He's obviously very talented.

Pete: Yeah,

Sidey: He's He's a scholar.

Pete: Yes. But that in itself then kind of gives it, you know, it's not, he's not done it for like torture purposes, obviously there's that, but there's a, there's a cliche of like, you know, murder and like psychopaths and everything.

And like, they start off with animals and all of this thing, but you know, this is, he is, he wants to be a surgeon and he sees it as, you know, he's, he's caught this rabbit and then. Know, was kind to it for a time and then killed it and and dissected it.

George and rose ended up striking up a rote she's she's, you know, clearly kind of like very lonely and unhappy.

Georgia's not, you know, particularly charismatic or, or extrovert himself, but he's very kind to her. He like helps a, you go, they go back and he goes back another time afterwards and sees that she's struggling with, you know, with, with, you know, preparing the food and putting things out on the table.

I think Peter was meant to be helping and he's gone off to do something else.

Sidey: to get Comes here

Pete: and helps her out. And then, you know, it moves very quickly from that point where they become an item. You see,

Sidey: when he moves, he moves out into the family home, which

Enrages judge fell because he

he just immediately

sees her and calls her out as a

gold deck where she wants, she want to be with you, you, like, what you are offering?

Just money.

Like, she's not with you. for your looks like he's a fucking

horrible bastard, like,

Reegs: but it's already pretty clear. That, that comes from a place of insecurity. On Phil's behalf, you know, he is a vicious bully all the time, but he, you know, he feels majorly threatened

Pete: Yeah.

There's one particularly horrible thing he does with George buys Rosa piano, because she's mentioned that she used to play in the, like the pits at the cinema theater, whatever it is

Reegs: constantly belittles it by calling it.


Pete: Yeah. And and she's obviously not particularly great on it. She'd like she's trying to play a tune that she had, not like nowhere near mastered and while she's playing it, because Phil, you know, up til now, we've seen Phil playing a banjo a few times and while she's playing it downstairs, he goes, he walks past, goes upstairs, gets his banjo and plays it like perfectly an

Reegs: it's almost a bit of a subversion at first because you think like, you think just for a minute, are they going to bond over this, this musical thing they can do, but no, it's just another way for him to bully her,

Sidey: Yeah And George is trying to encourage her, but he goes too far with it and he wants to invite the local dignitaries round the governor


dinner because

he he's definitely like

more white collar.

He wants to be like a society, man. So he wants to get

them out and impress them

with this incredible, you know piano skills,

that she has, but she's clearly not ready to perform. And she's Just

sort of shushed every time

Pete: first time she meets the parents as well, but

Sidey: the old man was some age money man was some

Pete: Yeah, he goes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The big gaps in, in the, in the ages here

Sidey: tries to say, I

don't want to do it. she's just shushed. I know. we're

going to be great You'll be

Reegs: show how shallow their relationship is because it's excruciating, he forces her to do

Pete: it.

Reegs: It's

excruciating She can't do

Sidey: there's a sort of close-up of her hands on the on the keys

and she just plays one sort of key. and say, sorry, I can't play


It's really humiliating.

And I

Pete: And, and fell again. So not only, not only does he, is he horrible to rose again, but he's also.

George I felt George off as well, because like Georgia said, look, any chance you can have a wash because the governor's coming in, the parents are coming and everything.

And he, rather than that, he just sits and, you know, fucking around Bronco Henry stuff again, and just like wallows and then eventually bring, brings himself out at the end of the dinner party, like all covered in shit. The governor's kind of like, oh, you know, you're good, that's honest. Uh And all of this kind of stuff, but then it, it then Philly fucking horrible east.

He's like, oh yeah. Did rose play for you? I like, how did that go? Knowing that it would have been a shit, shit storm, but and rose by now what he said, right. At the end of that scene, she then like knocks back a cocktail. And I think cause the, the, the, the ex-husband. And he killed himself had had a drink problem.

And so yeah. And th th th that's mentioned that she doesn't drink a great deal because of that, but then

Sidey: if I can escalate a situation.

Pete: Yeah. So now

Sidey: Really

Pete: from then on, she seemed to be, you know, nipping out around the well she's, she's got bottles, stashed all over the ranch.

Sidey: Kind of known,


Pete: yeah,

Sidey: just like, but she seemed to

deteriorate, not just in the sense


she was now quite it. I thought she'd lost it. She'd lost her marbles. And there was a scene where Peter comes home because he's been spending time with fel. He's sort of well at the same time taking

him under his wing, but also to bully him like

this one, to see where he lets him go out of the

horse, but just so

can fall over

laugh at him in front

of all the lads, But then he he's

obviously there's his repressed. homosexual. And so his, you


at one point

Peter sees him when he's bathing naked,

Pete: Well, this, this is it. So before, before that, so Phil has got his, like little, like Haven, his own light, special place, which then kind of becomes apparent was obviously where he went with, like Bronco Henry.

There's some stuff stashed in the tree. There's some light, you know, homo, erotic porn, art, like homoerotic art, let's say. But then there's also,

Sidey: pamphlets

Pete: ambulates. Yeah. And then there's this like little sort of Creek that he, you know, he strips off and he'll, he'll go,

Reegs: but it's the first time because the cowboy is a facade and it's, you know, that's the symbol of his repression, basically. That's the uniform he wears to the world. And when he gets himself clean you know, you see this as

Sidey: content.

Reegs: I meant to go back and have a look.

I wasn't, I didn't,

Pete: No, it doesn't, it doesn't linger on the deck, but there's definitely

Sidey: yeah It's about the same as back first Dick

in gone girl, you just get, a glimpse, you could pause it easily if you want.


Reegs: But, and then there's another scene where he masturbates with a scarf, I think from Bronco Henry,

Pete: Bronco, Henry scuffs, I'm imagining that he stuffs down his pants and as a federal, I think it's not long after that, that pizza like happens upon his little like safe place.

Let's say. And then Phil is fucking furious and like chases him away. But then the next, the next day, I think even the next scene, there's like a bit of light lined up by the side of the road. And, and, and Pete is doing summaries walking PA and then Phil sort of encouraged him to come over. And then he starts like platting, this, this last with the, you know, with some of the hide that he's got.

And Peter takes an interest in it. And he almost like start the, now he said, oh, you know, it gives, it gives him an opportunity to do it, or he does something and he said, oh yeah, you did that quite well. And then starts, it's a bizarre, cause like you say, initially it starts off as,

Taking an interest in him, but still like, you know, ridiculing him and deriding him in front of everybody else.

But, but, but being kind of like what seemingly fairly genuinely nice to him when it's just the.

Sidey: he's obviously tormented in his own mind and he doesn't know how to Obviously it's

a completely

macho, only

environment where a man fucking

Reegs: well, I accept that he is the main instigator of that environment and you know, it doesn't ha they take, like you said earlier, they take their lead from him. He's he creates that culture of

Sidey: based

Reegs: masculinity.

Pete: Yeah. He's a product of that environment and is, is just replicating that environment. I mean, not that I'm saying that, you know, everything he does is okay in this film because it's absolutely not, but you can imagine like being like a homosexual man growing up in that environment, we we've watched the film Moonlight and it's a, you know, very, very different sort of setting, but similar kind of like themes and that it's just, it's just not okay to be homosexual at that time in that, in that environment.

And he is, as you say, is, looks up, everyone looks up to him as this, like, you know, macho kind of like figurehead.

Sidey: Well, the bullet

that I was mentioning was when Peter comes home and rose come and talk to me, come and talk to me for a minute. And she's obviously like sozzled and she starts playing around with, I think

it's she's got


thing of sugar and she's,

pouring that I think. and she's talking, I thought she was trying

to fuck him at one point. she thought, I thought she was trying to come on to, him.

Pete: well, her own son.

Sidey: it watched it again She she's,

Reegs: she

was out of her

Sidey: yeah I thought, I thought she'd gone. I thought

she had lost her marbles complete.

She wasn't just

Pissed I thought she'd completely lost it.

Reegs: Well, and also she's, she's horrified that this Burley is getting together with her son and maybe that's had an impact because, you know, she's desperately trying

Pete: she thinks that this film or this film is just going to harm him.

Reegs: Well, and he is, he is grooming him.

You know, he's grooming him in the same way that Bronco Henry groomed him. And, and it's a shame because, you know, obviously. Well, it becomes circular, doesn't it? Because Peter himself, like you were talking about the shoes, the shoes and the shirt and stuff, they were a symbol of his, like, don't give a fuck attitude because he is outwardly quite a feminine.

And he doesn't care about that around the cattle hands and P you know, Phil envies that and hates him for it, but also sees it as an opportunity, I think, to kind of have his way with them.

Pete: Yeah, potentially. Yeah, it is. It is complicated because at this point you're, you're still, you're not sure how you know, that, that Peter's, he's not frightened of him necessarily because he, he talks to him, he confronts her, he confronts him. He does, but he goes and does stuff with him. So you're not sure whether or not.

He might be the attraction there. See, there, there might be an attraction there, like a reciprocal attraction. You're not sure whether, you know, what's what's going on on or not. What, what is, what is important is one day Peter goes out once he's learned how to ride, he's going, he goes out by himself.

Sidey: he says to his

mother, before he goes out, he said it doesn't, don't worry.

It won't always

be like this. He doesn't

have to be like this. And you know, we'll see, we'll see God. And he likes to say he has been

learning to ride. He's gone out


few times on his own, and we see

a descent that he goes down which looked pretty

fucking hairy,

pretty steep.

And it goes out to the steer that has died from anthrax.

poisoning and starts cutting it up.

Pete: Yeah, I know at this point, I just assume that it's, this is another one of his projects.

Like the rabbit was where he's just going to say

Sidey: I know I was pretty explicitly clear to what was going to

Reegs: I thought everything was signposted a million miles off

Pete: caught. And on at this point, I just, I just thought that, that, that was part of it. It was only when it was only when, like the, you know, like the hides become a thing, because like, Phil's got this thing where he like, takes all the hides off the cows, but then, the native Americans come around and then it's like, they, you know, they just want some hides and some other stuff.

And Phil makes it explicitly clear to absolutely everybody do not sell these things Dino. So it just burn them at the end of it. Cause he's a fucking horrible boss that, and he doesn't want anyone getting anything. And then rose just, just out of pure spite just

Sidey: the housekeeper came back in and seemed like she was a bit rattled by the whole thing.

I thought she'd just got out

and said, no, you can't have it, but she's like, water, I need a drink Or something. and then they


to rose that, no, we can't, they can't be sold or given away They just get burned. No, one's to have them. And she's like, right. Sees an opportunity


Well get one over on hand, but also do something nice someone else.

I think a little bit.

yeah, mostly. it was. Yeah. But but she

must've known I was having repercussions anyway, So she

chases the native

people down and says those hides you can have And

they give her some gloves and she almost immediately collapses from alcohol poisoning and just general

kind of ill.


It Wasn't exactly. Explicitly made clear, but she's certainly,

I thought she might died actually,

when they were trying

to revive her on

the floor, it seemed

Reegs: it all happened very suddenly.

It didn't, it

Sidey: obviously Phil comes back.

and is Fucking enraged by the fact that someone, and he knows immediately that it's rose, that's

given away his Heights. And it's just pure childish, like spoiled



They were mine. I won't fucking go to anyone else.

Pete: How dare anyone challenged

Sidey: I was going to use them and he was going to use them to

braid this rope.

Pete: Well, he's king he's. Yeah. He, what he is doing seemingly is, is making this rope for Peter. He wants to make him a less SU before he goes back to college, this is like a thing that he wants to do for him.

And, and seemingly I can't think of any like nasty reason why he would want to do that. It seems to be like a genuine

Sidey: well I shaved that Bronco had me probably made one for

him and he's just a fan

Pete: that, that, that there's, there's the reasoning. Yeah. But it was at that point when Peter chimes in and goes, oh yeah, I I've got hides that you can have, like, that, that was when I was like, okay,

Sidey: well he'd also there's there was a

rabbit in a woodpile. And they've been taught.

He says, we used to play this game when we were kids throw all the

all the logs away and, and see how long it who could make the

animal runaway, But he causes an enormous great big cut on his hand.

Yeah. Stylistically done in the film. is just a shot of some barley or wheat or

where it was on the ground.

And You just see blood dripping down it. And I was thinking

it was that

the rabbit where's that come from. Cause he's not showing them straight away that it's his hand. And then

he's like, oh, you've cut yourself.

And so obviously formulate a plan about how I

can. I can get one over here

Pete: this scene, just before they, like the rabbit comes along, that, you know, Phil's asking him questions about his dad's and he's talking opening up about how he found his dad's after he killed him something, he hung himself and how he liked, you know, got the body down and everything that this, you know, at this point, I still didn't know which way this was going to go.

I didn't know if they were going to like end up

Sidey: Well he's telling he's telling those stories

about how his dad had killed himself and how he cut them down. And then maybe

not exactly at this

point, but Phil's saying,

it gives a bit more backstory

about Bronco Henry. About

he saved my life. We're out, the weather turned nasty. We laid together

and He's like were you naked. And it's like this they fucks, you know,


Pete: this kind of like progress is fairly quickly from there. And I think, I don't think we're missing anything out. And

like soon you see Phil is like one morning. He's not out on the ranch as he normally would

Sidey: Well you see, you see him, you see the technique of

how they make the Lassie, the rope

and his dunk, the hide in the water to make it


apply ball.

And then

Reegs: wound in

Sidey: you see the blood from his mixing with the obviously infested,

hide and him doing some plays and talking a

bit more about

Bronco Henry and getting

a hard on and then The next morning it's like, filtering come down for

breakfast. and he's looking


Pete: George goes up and eventually Phil gets out of bed and sort of wonder sort of thing he collapses.

Doesn't he? Yeah. So yeah. And it's, and then the next scene, you just see, yeah. George is like, fucking, yeah, look at it. Coffin.

Reegs: up. You know, they've removed the cowboy disguise and he is Phil cause he's clean shaven in a suit and he is D E D D.

Pete: He never does it again.

Reegs: And, and the doctor says he's he died of anthrax poisoning and, and George says, that's not right.

You know, it's, he didn't touch diseased animals, draws back to it. And then it just cuts to Peter, in the Remy, he's holding, he's holding the rope

and he's got gloves on and he just puts it under his bed. I think

Sidey: is completely white. of calling bullshit. on this. Those trainers would not be



Reegs: The whites, you have to clean them with a toothbrush.

Sidey: They they're there. And he puts, they just reached under, put them under the bed. He's keeping that rope. the murder weapon.

Pete: Yeah. And I think he looks, he looks out the window rose and George and rose seems to already be in better shape. And I think he's got a bit of a smile on his face.

Sidey: Yeah. And then it cuts someone's reading

that Bible reading from,

Pete: Yeah I think it's Peter himself is reading


Sidey: It's something, something, somebody in

the power

Pete: got yeah, so it's it's the book of common prayer and it's some 20 to deliver my soul from the sword, my darling from the power of the dog, the dog.

Yeah. Yeah. And he has a little smile to himself. And that's the end of the film. And he has it's it's, it's an opportunist murder.

Reegs: I think. So that's

Pete: It can't have been the, the, his plan when he came back from college, it's like, oh no, what I'm going to do here is get some disease hide and blah, blah.

Yeah. Because it needed rose to give the hides away, you know, it you know, but at the point that he saw his opportunity he, he jumped upon it

Reegs: Well the moment that fell was vulnerable with him, basically. So it's awful as Phil was.

Pete: Yeah. He got his comeuppance quite kind of very sort of poetically because it was a couple of themes in his life that killed him, the, the homosexual homosexuality, because if it was only that, that led him to like, strike up this like attempted relationship with, with Peter and also like the cowboy element.

With the hide and the making of the LASU. So it was yeah, he got his just desserts in the end. How did everyone feel about the film?

Sidey: Ah, fuck, I loved it. I thought

It was brilliant.

Even with cast and dance now I fucking loved it. It was amazing. Really good. I was disappointed. I didn't win best film at the Oscars, but I haven't seen all the other contenders, but I thought this was fucking.

Pete: Yeah. This was a it's. I don't know how long the film is. Anyone. Remember it didn't really


Didn't really sort of

Sidey: even mentioned the score

Reegs: Jonny Greenwood

Sidey: Which a couple of times I

think just got a bit

Reegs: too much for me a few

Sidey: the bit Where she goes to see the native American guys about the hides I was like this is too much, but other times I thought it was great.

Reegs: This didn't quite do it for me. It was, I mean, there was, it was okay. It just was slightly less than the, some of it was, I found the narrative was bungled a bit. It was the sort of tone and mood was all really good. And there was many like beautiful painterly shots of the distance and all that, you know, all that stuff.

But I just, none of it quite hits and I don't, I'm not a massive fan of Cumberbatch showed that I never warmed to him at all, in anything and in this. And then

Pete: I don't think you're meant to warm to him. I think,

Reegs: no, no, I know that, but I

Pete: presence. Like he, he is not like, terrifying is not the right word.

He's just like really

Reegs: It's a, Burley's awful.

Pete: But that's his that's his acting performance that is,

Reegs: He's very good in this. He is very good in this. I don't know. There's a bit of, there's a, I know the story is about Phil's repression. But there's also a bit of an unfortunate, like regressive Subutex that goes a bit like when men act match show and are aggressive and hateful towards women.

It's because they're secretly gay and now is a bit of an unfortunate, like kind of trope So, I dunno.

Pete: I mean, he's not just hateful towards women. He's hateful towards

loads of people in this, like the repression

Reegs: but this story is kind of between rose and fill as much as you know, that's what, yeah.

I dunno. It's yeah, it just didn't quite land. I wanted it to be better than it was, I think. And I preferred if, if you like gay Cowboys are preferred Brokeback mountain

Sidey: I haven't seen that. I've

Reegs: Oh man. That is, we gotta we'll we'll have to midweek it. It's brilliant. It's beautiful.

Sidey: just any deck

Reegs: I can't remember. It's it'll make your heart sing and then

Pete: but this, this isn't that story.


Reegs: no, I know it isn't. I know it's no, but it's kind of just like an art house, revenge, thriller, and I kind of liked that stuff, but it was, you know,

Sidey: this is way harder than Topcon.

Pete: Not the, not the

Reegs: to know.

Pete: no, I, I I'm with you, sir. I really liked it. And what I liked about it is it's, it's, it's one of those films that, you know, there's, there's enough kind of like intrigue and mystery and what's going on there.

And like, I know that he's been horrible, but there's going to be not, not everyone that plays that sort of character. No, these sorts of characters. Don't always get their comeuppance in, in, in, you know, cinema and everything. But, you know, I've wanted, I've wondered where it was going to go, wondered how it was going to develop.

I didn't see it being a quite, you know, it's not, it's, it's almost a bit of a twist. But I didn't see it going like that. I didn't see. You'd like, basically that. Peter

Sidey: Yeah. As it was going along, I thought

cause it's it

for me when, as soon as he said to his mother it doesn't have, to, I thought he's going to kill him. But before that I thought his brother might end up having to like

shoot him or something. Cause he was not you never see him with a guy

and He's always in a suit, and very well put together. So I wasn't sure how it was going to play out. But

Reegs: Well, as soon as he does the cow thing, I thought it was so fucking obvious what was going to happen. There was no tension left in the movie at

Sidey: No. Well, let's see if He fucked it up maybe, but there

was a slight unfortunate

thing because I fell asleep

As I often do. So

I'd watch jackass and the misses out. and I thought well, I'll watch this tonight. cause she really wants to watch top gun with me.

So I'll do that Saturday night, So I watched this Friday night better sleep. And then when I put

the tele back

on to find out where I was and we watch it it was coming back to in the coffin as I put it in, He dies

and I had to go back like

40 minutes. So I knew that he was going to die, unfortunately. But

I still did really enjoy it.

I thought it was great. I just love

westerns. And this was really great.

 Jesse Plemons and

Kirsten Dunst are a real life Couple.

Reegs: Yeah. Do they have children? So I think their children might look a bit unusual.

Pete: potatoes.

Sidey: They have

two sons.

They also played

husband and wife in the TV series Fargo.

So they They're quite typecast


Reegs: the husband and wife.

Weird. And he's there pretty weird in that as well. Actually.

Sidey: I've not seen the series. I can't bring myself to watch it.

I felt like a teeth.

Pete: Okay. That's that's a really because you said you switched this film off. Because presumably of her teeth. And then you ended up watching all of it and

Sidey: I like it.

yeah. So I'm not closed mind. P I'm I'm I've I will change my mind if something's good

you know,

I'm not like, you know chance better to come about, to do the thing where he didn't wash

for two weeks at the outset of the shoe. And I always think That's bullshit. Just act.

Reegs: Yeah. And also they didn't socialize at all him and Kirsten Dunst except at weekends. So,

Sidey: Well, she Jane Campion introduced him to the Cast at the beginning of the shoot saying this has been a ditch, You weren't meeting him until the end of the shoe. And so he stayed in character.

supposedly for the whole thing. We should probably talk about Jane Campion being a complete Dick


Reegs: Oh, she fucked it. She was so good when she dismissed Sam Elliott, like just made

Pete: what, what is all this cause I did, I did

Sidey: So at the, was it The Baptist? The BAFTAs she won best director as

well. And she got up on stage and said, cause there's the one

that will Smith won best

actor for king.


is a

story of him as Venus and Serena his father

bringing them through the race or whatever.

So they were at

this awards thing and she stood up in front


fucking everyone and had decided to say this and thought this

was a good idea and said, oh, I know that you're black. And you've been subjected to racism your whole life, but I have to

make films and compete with men.


everyone's like,

what the

fuck? you talking about what the

fuck are you

Reegs: It wasn't quite, it was a bit more pithy than that,

Sidey: That was the crux

Reegs: it was kind of the crux of it.

Sidey: It's like Okay. Yeah. I Get it. You've had to

deal with that sexist

environment, but you know, what the fuck you

Pete: Yeah. So like, yeah, like claiming to have been

Sidey: like my, my discrimination

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. My

Sidey: worse than your discrimination.

What the fuck?

Pete: sake. Yeah.

Sidey: It was clumsy

Pete: I I'm

I am not the guy that will, you know I separate the art from the artist, so I'm like, right, okay. Fucking you can't in 2023, you can't go, oh, well that person's had that, that someone, and it might be true that they did this and said this so that now I'm going to cancel all their fucking films.

Like for all eternity it's too fucking much, you know? But, so I didn't know that about her

Sidey: Well, I watched this after having

known that and I enjoyed the film every deck, but whatever.

Pete: Yeah.

Like it's a completely like stupid.

Reegs: she makes a good movie. This looks

Pete: Yeah, a lot of musicians, actors, fucking directors and everything like our total balance, but they can still fucking do incredible things.

And this is, I wouldn't say this is an incredible film by any stretch, but it's a, it's a really fucking strong film. I think it's

Sidey: pull down. I was

originally cast to be, George without done it a bit more for you.

Reegs: would have enjoyed that. Yeah.

Sidey: we just kind of split then strongly recommend for me and GP. think

not not so much

Reegs: I did enjoy it.

I'm not in any hurry to see it again, I think is what I would

Pete: I will watch it again. I will watch it again. Cause I think there's probably, there's a lot of stuff going on in scenes that I think by the time you've w by the end where you know exactly what's happened, I think going and watching it again, and then seeing, you know, feels about, I wonder how not I'm saying that, that you sympathize with Phil necessarily, right.

You'd understand a lot more why he's like that and you'd understand Peter's car. It would be more interesting, I think, to see his character development as well, knowing what he ends up doing at the end. So I definitely,

Reegs: of Norman Bates. Kind of, that's what it is sort of west to east, sort of like

Pete: it'd be like scrunching up your face.

Was that like that's

Reegs: I know, but I think it, the movie's trying to

Pete: that, you know, you hate the classics, you hate Lawrence of Arabia. You won't watch it. You hate psycho now. So I know like there's all that, but they're classics for a reason. And you're like, no, listen, it's I understand why this film wouldn't be for everybody.

And certainly there's nothing that would have compelled me to have watched it beforehand, but just because I thought it would be a good topic and, and point point to have watched and reviewed it, given that the Oscars were last night. And yeah, you can, I can see why it got a load of nominations. The performances are fantastic

Sidey: this an egg content.

and it was a, some cooking, some eggs at some point.

Pete: I'm sure there must've been. Yeah.

Reegs: I saw like an 11 minute super cut today made up of just like 15, second clips of people eating and preparing

Sidey: I saw that same one in My research

Pete: as well.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: The girl who plays, is

it Lulu? One of the, not

the house, not the main housekeeper, the young girl. She wrapped my brain where I recognized that she's

the girl from last night. in Soho.


she's gone on to

do something as a leading lady. And She's not much

in this anyway. We've gone on for a long time after I said, just don't recommend. And it is Westland. A throwback kids content.

Pete: I'm that's become kind of like my thing at this. There's nothing that like any of my children watch now that most of it's too fucking ghastly to recommend, or I don't pay any attention. So what I like to do is, is hark back to yesteryear and revisit things that I, and presumably we all watches as as kids and see if how it is now because

Sidey: get into it.

Pete: okay, let's get into it.

Well, yeah, this is this is banana, man.

Sidey: today.

Pete: I didn't.

Reegs: I haven't had a banana for a little while,

Pete: Yeah. I can tell you, you can see how it's affecting you

Reegs: Potassium deficient maybe

Pete: Yeah. You're all pent up.

Sidey: I say you were a fan of this as a,

wee boy

Pete: as a kid. Yeah, I think it was. I couldn't tell you when it was on, I'm going to say like

Sidey: 1983 to 1986

Pete: No, no, no, but I mean like what she was, it, it was definitely part

Sidey: early late

after school

Pete: and after school job, not a Saturday morning job,

Sidey: I had some toys with this and I

remember having, yeah. And I had one of those books. It was like a coloring book, but it was, outlines

And he just

got a wet paint brush and he

painted over it I know the colors would appear

Pete: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: just blank. Yeah. It's Really shit. But


we rewatched banana man and a specific episode,

Any particular reason you picked?

Pete: Yeah, because I, I, if someone would've said to me, right. Name five things that about banana man, one of them would have been apple man. And I just remembered apple man. Cause I was thinking, oh, how cool is that Well, that was his first

Reegs: wow Peter, that's not entirely true.

Sidey: morph update moth update

child of the moth

Pete: Son of moth

Reegs: this again

Pete: is is, is that bigger or smaller than the uh

Sidey: large that

Reegs: He turns up Peter you'll find apparently in the first season episode for a split second in the episode, jaws of steel among a load of other villains, but his official debut is this episode, season two's trouble at the minute.

Pete: Yeah. So, yeah, so, and I just remember apple man looking quite funny and and I liked that about it. I just sort of like, you got banana bread and all the other villains are just fucking weirdos. But none of them, none of the others were fruit based superheroes, which is what I'm really, after in life,

Sidey: he been sort of invented by like a little Gestapo man.


Pete: Yeah. There's a little Nazi called something that I should know, doctor

Reegs: Hey, apple men's oh, stock to gloom

Pete: Dr gloom.


Reegs: we have it. Have we explained the central concept of banana man yet though. Cause people don't may not know.

Pete: yeah, it's a kid called Eric and he lives in a KC or Ave

Sidey: We've got a kick-ass

theme tune,

Pete: yeah, it has got a

Sidey: goes like this.

Pete: that is, that is a strong intro and a lot of these older cartoons and stuff, even if the cartoons themselves are shite, the a, the theme tune seems to be pretty strong. Good. Yeah. Theme

Reegs: And so, yeah, but he goes, yeah, he goes and sees Dr. Gloom. Doesn't

Pete: Well, hang on you, you just said we haven't described what, what the whole sort of thing is about. And we were just doing that and he'd throw anything on, in case he wrote a lad called Eric lives there.

And he's a bit of a weird kind of like scruffy looking Nerf, herder

Sidey: Timbrook Taylor,

Pete: it's temperature. This is the goodies. This is all of the goodies are in, this is a correct. Graham

Sidey: garden's Graham Graham's garden,

Pete: gray. Him and bill ADI.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: I didn't know that until today or

Sidey: yeah,

Pete: Yeah. Now this is the goodies who I don't, I'd never found them particularly funny individually.

Bellatti did a lot of birdwatching stuff. Yeah. And the others. Yeah. And the others just disappeared. Again, you tree probably took those guys down as

Reegs: Oh, it wasn't Pilati me to do as well. So I dunno. yeah.

Pete: So yeah. Anyway, Eric, when he eats a banana that sends into banana man, so he, I liked the way he changed. Like this light bulb kind of went down and hit the floor and then


back up again and he was wearing it. But another reason I really liked banana, man, I just remembered is that on a staggered?

And Tallinn, th the theme of superheroes and I dressed up as banana man, and unfortunately it ended up costing me quite a lot of money because banana man clearly didn't have any pockets and a point in the evening where I'd stashed all my cash in a sock. And I think some light fingered exotic dancers had maybe stolen my money out of my sock.

Reegs: Oh, to, yeah. So don't go to a strip club in a banana

Pete: In a banana man outfit. Yeah.

Reegs: It's good advice

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: It's like a, it's a bit like a parody of Shizam really isn't it? Cause he's a school boy in any,

Sidey: becomes a big strapping hero.

Reegs: and then another one that was like, that was a bit was super tight as well. He was just normal Teddy and then he like whispered.

So I always assumed it was a racial.


Sidey: nose

Reegs: whispered that. And then

Sidey: nose, spotty


came and sprinkled the magic dust on super tat and Brent boy, him to life. I fucking loved. Don't fucking sexy. load the toys

Pete: it's a bony in it and Yeah. So anyway, this has been automatic on they're very short four minute episodes. We, yeah, basically Eric's hanging out with. Apple man has got a, it's got a hilarious regional accent we say in Bristolian or something.

Sidey: west country Yeah.

Pete: So obviously with it being apples and Zoe eater and stuff like that yeah, he's got a funny accent, but he's a, he's a body.

He's got muscles where no one else has got muscles and they show the middle of the top of his foot. And so that was the only laugh and it really

Reegs: bizarre. But now on a man Superman isn't

Sidey: But unbelievably basic this

Reegs: Oh, the animations are awful. Isn't it awful, awful, awful. Dr. Gloom, who is the Nazi that you were talking about and he's an ex general blight as well. I think they've somehow figured out that Eric knows who banana man is.

I can eat this thing is four minutes long and I think I've watched it twice and I missed it both times. So they're going to persuade him to go to the old saw mill which Eric does against his better judgment to be fair. He's pretty clear about it. Not being a good idea when he goes with his cousin.

I thought you seemed attracted to her. I dunno whether I'm reading too much into that or that was but at the saw mill, they are accosted by apple man. Yeah.

Pete: And then isn't he going to, he's going to soar and half isn't he

Sidey: yeah. but he say like James Bond style. to a log, which is going

down to this big secular sort it's

Pete: just shoot her.

If, if you get locked in bonds, it just shoot him.

Reegs: then a passing Crow just drops off a banana for,

Sidey: Yeah. Which has been ADI. Yeah.

Pete: I think I think, that that's, that's the theme throughout, like this Crow is a bit of like a guardian angel for Eric because he knows

Sidey: there's also no writer, he

does, he drops the banana banana man. Eric turns into banana man, and then.

he says, I know

I'll shoot it with my banana laser. And you know, like, God, this is fucking Awful.

Reegs: Yeah. And it was, it was really like budget. Like somebody had stuck a sticker over the animation for a minute. Yeah. There was I thought he, he rolls a bunch of logs, a apple man, and he bonks him on the head with a log and then a maquette comes out of an apple and it's like his kryptonite or And then there's a baffling exchange at the end, which I think is a joke or a panel or something. This is what happened. One of my I'm watches, apple man runoff. And he says, I'm disappointed. I prefer my villains with more backbone. And the crone said, the Crow says you must've frightened him. Boss turned his knees to jelly.

And then he looks at the camera and goes apple jelly. It was like, what is that? That's not even joke. That's

Pete: Well, apple jelly is like, like apple sauce on your pork, maybe

Reegs: just saying a thing exists. a joke.

Pete: so. Yeah. And it would have been better. So now we've got to split banana split

Reegs: that would have been a lot better.

Pete: I do like a banana split. They had do people feel about those? Yeah. I haven't had one since, since the eighties,

Reegs: what's in a proper banana split, is it just

Pete: ice cream? Banana squirty cream, some source. And they flake Tolman's normally on the top.

Yeah, no hundreds and thousands. No.

Reegs: And then at the end, he it's like an M Superman to where he flows backwards in time, but

Pete: like the fact they swim in the air banana man. Does it an apple? Man's doing it at the beginning as well. It's not all hateable this?

Sidey: No, it was four minutes long, It's I was a big fan of that this was fucking I mean,



LA, but I could laugh at it. It was that bad.

Pete: right. So I honestly, I could, so my four year old Charlie is, is really, really easily pleased when it comes to like TV or any sort of like, you know, visual content or whatever. He will quite often I can say, look, come and watch this for me. And he'll sit and watch it.

And then at the end, I'll say, do you want to watch some more? And you'll say yes or no. He walked in. I said, come and watch us for me. And he sat down and he just looked at it for like 30 seconds and then just walked off again. So that, that in itself is like yeah, that's,

Reegs: I've got a bit of rogues gallery, if you're interested for, for banana man, there was obviously Dr. Gloom and apple man. There was weatherman clay, man, the heavy mob auntie who is a nanny

Pete: Oh, I, I saw an episode with auntie in. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: There was the nurse bubblegum Burt skunk woman who was an homage to Catwoman and the Scotsman who controls haggis is with a set of bagpipes.

Sidey: It sounds funny? but it's fucking

Reegs: Yeah, probably all four.

Sidey: The people

that made this didn't like it belong on some shareholders said that he hated it and it was a horrible mess. And

Reegs: I remember thinking this was only okay. As a kid.

Sidey: No I liked it.

Pete: I liked it Yeah. You had the toys, a company, the toys. Did you have apple, man?


Sidey: like a cuddly toy

Pete: rare.

Sidey: and a cuddly toy.

of banana man. Yeah.

No like action figures.

Pete: Okay.

And action, apple man. Action figure. I'd buy right now. I still like apple, man. I'd just like, cause he looks

Sidey: if he had the voice if he could make him do his breasts country, accent Strong would not recommend.

for me

Pete: no, no. Don't don't watch this,

Reegs: know. But dude, listen to the song

Pete: do that.

Sidey: You already have, if you call it to

this part. of

the pod Yeah,

Reegs: Yeah. It's very matter.

Sidey: okey-dokey, we've been flapping our gums for far too

long. Now I've got how he's

nominations for next week? Would you like to yes. And probably Dan's going to maybe join us

next week. I think,

Reegs: I wonder what stories he's got to tell.

Sidey: Probably really boring. The mid weeker is the


We've got

a top


There was some discussion, but it's top five of fake.

Do they have to be fake books that appear in films are not films that are based on a book, but books that appear in films. Okay. We're down with that we will understanding

Reegs: that appear in films, fake books

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: Is that it vape,

books that

Sidey: that I think that was what was


We can argue the toss


week. The film is boiling point on

Netflix. And the

kids thing is Andy in the band

Reegs: Andy, in the band

Sidey: episode one

season one, if anyone wants to watch along. So that's, that's what we've

Reegs: and in the band D

Sidey: is it

Andy? The guy

who's in all the CBB stuff.

Who's got hair. like I'm Berets. I

bet it

Pete: got hair.

Sidey: Yeah On his

Pete: That's not, not

Reegs: doesn't narrow it down.

Sidey: like curly hair.

Pete: Oh, I know. Yeah. Yeah. The guy just like the dinosaur Andy's adventures. Yeah. Yeah. I quite like him.

Sidey: Yeah You recommend something suspect, is around. I don't either way you said that.

Pete: No, no, no. It's just because I first I was thinking about like Justin from Justin's house, he's like Peter, Peter, Peter, but yeah. And maybe not so much that's right.

Sidey: shocking revelation

And all that remains is to say Saturday, signing


Pete: out.