April 9, 2021

The Secret in Their Eyes & Grizzy and the Lemmings

The Secret in Their Eyes & Grizzy and the Lemmings
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When scholars look back at the history of human development it's almost certain that our greatest invention will be deemed to be language, eclipsing even lead paint, pornography  and that device that delivers babies through centrifugal force by spinning the mother in a circle. There are many languages: more than 7000 in fact, although 23 of those account for in excess of half of the worlds population. Between the 5 of us Bad Dads we've just about mastered speaking English, so the idea that we could sit down and generate an entire Top 5 Movies Not In English seems ludicrous but somehow we've managed it.

As that discussion proves there are many fine movies in what is now known as International Cinema. One such effort from Argentinian director Juan José Campanella caught Peter Andre's eye so we sat down this week to watch 2009's The Secret In Their Eyes. A sprawling crime drama set against the historical backdrop of the impending seizure of power by the military junta in Argentina which ruled from the mid 70's through to the early 80's, the movie follows Ricardo Darín's Benjamín Esposito, a retired Argentinian federal justice agent, as he attempts to write a novel chronicling the unsatisfactorily closed case of a violent rape and murder. The investigation is intimately intertwined with the never-quite realised love for his boss Irene Hastings (Soledad Villamil) lending an unmistakeable air of sadness to already intensely affecting  circumstances.

No less profound is Netflix's Grizzy & The Lemmings, an animated tv show in which nature's vicious reality is exposed. The protagonists are species chosen from opposite ends of the animal kingdom and the equilibrium in their conflict maintained by pitting the huge and ferocious 'Grizzy' (a grizzly bear) against the cunning and fast 'The Lemmings' (some  lemmings). Caught in an endless cycle of escalating violence much like the devastating gang warfare of the Bloods and Crips, the show's French creators Josselin Charier and Antoine Rodelet cite a startling inspiration for the shows villainous lemmings.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads 


Secrets in Their Eyes


Reegs:Welcome to bad dads cheese review each week the bad dads review the cheeses we missed whilst raising our babies and the often awful Jesus we're now subjected to by our kids wanting there will be spoilers for the cheeses we're reviewing and some terrible cheese based puns So do listen carefully law we're recording from the

Pete:okay Philly Yes Sorry Sorry

Reegs:we're recording from the man cave this week on Easter Monday I think I've mentioned before my outer hatred of the Easter bunny He's right up there with Joffrey Baratheon and God in my list of most hated fictional Eric does but but my wife loves them kids or something like that And once their lives to be full of special moments so to celebrate and enjoy their innocence whilst it's still there So she came up with a fantastic letter from the Easter bunny and a scavenger hunt which the kids freaking loved I'm sure like lots of households and people listening to this There was however a really sad moment this weekend When we accidentally left the letter from the Easter bunny opening word this Easter bunny being proficient with all Microsoft office tools and my eldest sore it so neither my wife nor I felt like we could lie to her when she asked us if the Easter bunny was real that's seven and a half She's just too old to Their face lie too Like we almost certainly would have done for her four year old sister but equally she wasn't really ready for this devastating news The hardest part being her heroic stoicism when we just wanted her to have a great big cry we explained to her she was now a member of a secret club that tries to make the world a happier place by pretending that small promiscuous mammal leaves branded chocolate eggs and gardens and houses for young people every year which she seemed to agree made sense in context but yeah this was a heartbreaking loss of innocence that actually quite profoundly affected all of us And when she said I just wanted it to be real with tears in her eyes was you know quite a big horrible moment but she's taken it well And as of right now hasn't spoiled any of this for her younger sister which is a considerable

Sidey:Chris Christmas will be the one


Sidey:I don't really give a fuck about Easter

Reegs:no I fucking hate And the

Sidey:my daughter She already said last year do you do you put some you used to buy new or something And I said look put it this way I don't fucking dress up as a rabbit and go and leave eggs lying around So she's like okay if there's audio there's a seed of doubt I mean you can see them in the shop That's why I say you see them in the fucking shop and then you see them in the garden or wherever So you how do they not fucking put their fucking face

Dan:W w w we have

Reegs:Well they just want to believe

Dan:yeah because the the messages checks we have different traditions on

Reegs:it's the Easter dildo comes out

Dan:to where you get to the gallows today This is that they get big kind of sticks whips that you would No wine together branches of trees and they go round

Pete:beating girls

Dan:And obviously this has got out of hand in some stage in some village when they the guys have out a bit too much to drink and you see the women just like running down

Reegs:this are you being serious Is this a serious genuine

Dan:genuine check

Sidey:let's go away lightly Yeah

Dan:the Easter

Reegs:I'll tell her that we'll make it

Dan:get kind of gently whipped So YOKA yarn is proper came around this morning with this huge kind of whip thing And we all had to go

Reegs:The the story of the Easter buddy didn't quite finish there in that the Easter bunny had left some chocolate outside by the small fairy door that we have in our garden in a little tree the chocolate eggs left There were presumably discovered by some actual real life animal and were gone in the morning So we quickly left a handwritten note from the fairies offering some Easter bunny hairbands as compensation for them having eaten the chocolate And then almost certainly this is like huge amounts of cognitive dissonance at work But my daughter is absolutely gone for this Like you wouldn't believe And now my wife but she's not really chilled out about it She writes to the ferry three or four times a day is now like checking the tree and so my wife is now condemned for the next two years to be leaving notes Yeah you're saying no but we have managed to restore a little bit of happiness to the world Yeah

Dan:All the calm as you say Christmas that be the one

Reegs:Or you will fucking want to cry when

Sidey:Yeah Cause the blackmailing opportunities just getting dwindled


What about when Sonny you found out is he did he spoil it for your sister

Dan:It kind of just happened through school You

Reegs:That's the best way Isn't it

Dan:that we needed to have a conversation with them about I remember my sister ruined it for me on my 13th She just going to let me know on a card Yeah Then I knew for sure You know I'd suspected obviously for a couple of weeks

Sidey:We do have cheese as you alluded to



Sidey:Well I went again for the goat cheese that we had last week that I can't remember the name of but you can listen back to find out And I got a block of Stilton classic it's good stuff Pete you supplied a

Pete:Yeah I got a a couple of British cheeses a Cornish yogic which is fresh and lemonade with herbacious green notes and also a a roll right Which is savory buttery gooey a modern British classic

Reegs: Have you got a sophisticated pallet Could you eat a piece of cheese and go well that's got hints of like dog shit or whatever the

Pete:Definitely pick out dog shit and cheese Yeah It's sophisticated enough

Reegs:have like cause like with wine and shit there's like a whole massive

Pete:Yeah I'd like to think so on some level So yes I'm going

to say

Reegs:should have a segment

Pete:a blind taste test of of cheese

Reegs:you have to try and


Sidey:although I

Pete:remember back to you guys all remember Wacker day there was the tasting thing like the blind tasting but there was there was also stuff where like you could hold your if you hold someone's nose and make them eat stuff can be like yeah like mustard powder and cinnamon and people won't even be able to pick it out And then soon as you open the nostrils they choke on it so

Reegs:much like a decade

Sidey:And we've got a condiment of a preserve of some kind

Pete:It is yeah It's a fig and citrus condiment

Dan:You might it might hit me up with one of those bits on a Cracker with some of that

Pete:I w I will do Yeah And the cheese to lewd Yep

Sidey:Anyone watch anything good this week Riggs part from my homework assignments

Reegs:mostly just homework Yeah

Dan:Yeah Homework This week

Pete:visiting and enjoying far more than the first watch the it crowd have gone back We were talking about off-air we were talking about Matt Matt Berry but there's there's some really good or some good comedic actors in it and it is yeah it is funny There's been lots of lulls and up to the like the fourth episode fought sorry fourth season already So yeah I've been binge watching

Sidey:I've seen even a minute of that show all the people in there I really liked

Reegs:cause he liked Richard

Sidey:I loved that very light

Pete:Matt Berry in this he's fucking brilliant And it's Chris Morris is his dad before that and yeah they're both amazing their characters

it's worth Definitely

Dan:so I did actually was showing I watched scorpion on Netflix I don't know if you've heard of that based is a series based on the true story of a guy called Walter O'Brien who was Walt and he was he got the highest IQ or the fifth highest IQ ever recorded 197 And it kind of starts off him being busted by the FBI as a like a nine year old for breaking into NASA because he wanted the blueprints to the walkie on his on his on


Dan:that you get this whole kind of like You know squad of of people coming into this house and it's just a kid and he's got a form already said sign this I'll show you how I did it I you


Dan:he's super tuned on and then fast forward many many years later and this is kind of first episode

Reegs:he functional in society

Dan:yeah so th this is the this is where the inter interesting part actually So it's it's kind of a band of geniuses who can't function with the outside world until they find in this first series a waitress that's got a junior son and doesn't understand him at all until he starts working there just by chance to do a job as they and she starts then translating the world to them um for for that you know and and he's translates his son for her

Reegs:I definitely relate to the genius part Yeah

Dan:He's decent It was all off Good It started out and they're basically going inside the world and terrorists every week and that kind of thing But it's based on a true story So

Pete:Sounds interesting Yeah

Sidey:We watched Ghostbusters which was requested by my daughter

Reegs:which one the original Yeah Yeah


Dan:Yes Do a stands Slimer every For the last

Sidey:week we had a top five of something

Reegs:There was yeah

Sidey:Oh European stuff Oh we had loads of


Sidey:Some of them were I think

Reegs:the winner was Jeff kitchen with them

Sidey:I think we did cover off pretty much what was what was put out there by our listeners

Pete:I forgot to write it on my list but was Bram Stoker's Dracula which I really liked as a film

Reegs:was that set in a real foreign

Pete:So it must've been set in Transylvania which is a real place and in Europe Yeah Yeah That way Yeah Gary Oldman Yeah He

Dan:that kind of way Yeah

Reegs:All right So we'll go with wherever it was The peaches just yesterday

Sidey:Right We're being all kinds of like culture vultures in that this week with like foreign language stuff And a cartoon Yeah So listen to us with the subtitles on if you need to cause this is going to get hardcore


 What's the what's the theme of our top five

Pete:Okay So the top five is well what what is has been previously referred to as foreign language films but I think recently with the Oscars they pointed out a lot of the people that yeah exactly Yeah So if if you're

if your

Reegs:a language

Pete:so yeah there's another thing that features a language Now this is an so non English

Sidey:me of a Tim Vaughn joke

Pete:film Go ahead

Sidey:Cell phones up and said is that the local swimming baths And I said I don't know It depends what you're fighting from

Pete:So yeah so I guess what would have been previously known as to us who are where English is just about our first language it would be foreign language films so films that are not in the English language or certainly predominantly not in the first in the English language And I guess it was inspired by a couple of things that I've experienced on this podcast or listen to when you guys have reviewed them And also as I mentioned last week I've been watching Narcos which is I mean it jumps between English and Spanish quite a bit but I'd say it's predominantly in Spanish And there's probably a point in time where really really ignorantly I wouldn't have bothered watching anything that wasn't in English Just because it was

Dan:go through that that stage And I think you'd just miss out on lots of really

Pete:great absolutely I mean definitely like like different different you know like different ideas different sort of themes and cultures and everything in the way that I I I you know I've I've traveled a fair amount and enjoy going to not as much not as much as some here but yeah but yeah like just you know broadening your your cultural horizons And this is a

Reegs:so you mentioned on an earlier pod that you watched movies with the words on with your grandparents So that was obviously like a strong profound memory because it's tied up in the wider

Pete:thing I anything that I watch in English Oh I will put the subtitles on for as well is is as often as it like in you know unless they're not available but I tend to watch everything with English subtitles on yeah

Dan:Yeah Cause the Mrs is obviously hasn't English as a first language then we do the same

It just

means that you can follow along easier you know


Dan:But I I to be honest their hearing goes as well unless you've got you know some films we've had where they've just they're so loud and then they they cut

Reegs:up with

Dan:don't know what to do with with a remote So again tenant Yeah

Reegs:actually that was one of the advantages of watching the film because I was able to have a packet of crisps and watch the movie at the same time and still enjoy it because normally I have to stop it Cause like

Pete:You can't hear because of the noise of the Chris especially if it's like a kettle

chip or something like

Reegs:she was a

veggie store with a hummus

Sidey:if you try it try a

Reegs:Yeah We've got full middle-class Yeah

Pete:Yeah So that was why I chose this

Sidey:do you want to kick us off then with your first nomination

Pete:My my first nomination actually I'm going to leave that one because now as I'm sat here I'm wondering whether or not it was subtitled or was in fact dubbed I'm sure it was subtitled So I'm going to go come out with it Cause I think it was definitely the first

Sidey:hope you're wrong

Pete:I might you guys might be able to tell me but I remember as a child watching on channel four I think it was the original Godzilla movie which is 1954 And I've I've just assumed it would obviously it was in Japanese and I've just assumed that it was subtitles but now

Sidey:when he brought us in Japanese

Pete:definitely Rose in Japanese is a very Japanese rule but I remember like loving it as a kid It was I was I'm going to say about sort of you know 10 11 something like that when I've watched it And loved the film And I'd heard about Godzilla I think there was a cartoon in in the UK or America maybe Godzilla and God Zuki

Reegs:so you

Pete:Yeah Yeah That was like that was fairly Wang But this film I mean it was obviously it was a guy in a in a suit but you know but like knocking over like pap MSA buildings and so on but it was so that didn't kind of put me off and it kind of yeah I think it was it was the first of that type of film that got me into like you know like films with monster I'm not big into horror as I've mentioned before but monster films and like these yeah These these sorts of

Sidey:let's do a massive I sat down this week to watch Godzilla vs Kong


Didn't even make it through the credits where I was asleep It was just a bit too late So I'll get back onto that But yeah it's something that's still It still resonates with people

Pete:I th I think it's it's sort of fairly iconic in terms of like foreign films foreign language films it was one of the first things to sort of you know become more known to a wider Western audience and and I think probably was then the you know inspired a lot of other types of films after that So that was that was my first thoughts on this

Sidey:Groovy Ooh I don't know where to start Really Let's go for one that I the one I've watched most recently apart from this week's nomination is enter the fat dragon which is sort of martial arts comedy kick ass sort of film It's Donnie yen as a policeman He's transferring someone from Court to prison or something like that People break them out and he ends up dying And so his guilt over this sort of thing and he loses his job he gets fat and then something happens and he has to go back into this world but he's now wearing a fat suit So he looks like he's dressed up to be like Bruce Lee and the yellow sort of jumpsuit of but he's this big fat guy who's kicking everyone's ass It's

Reegs:the trailer looked amazing

Sidey:It's good Yeah It's worth it

Dan:It's from where this film this is

Reegs:Hong Kong I


Dan:but okay Okay No I heard it I

Sidey:And to the fat dragon Yeah I have a state

Reegs:City of God crime drama in the slums


Rio Poetry gays

present in

Reegs:couldn't I don't think Cody can you say

Dan:If you got that in their locker

Reegs:Nice Nice it's great it's it's lots of different things It's got this sort of frantic quick edit style lots of handheld camera stuff You get montages Lots of close-ups You get even some weird like bullet time rotating camera tricks it can be kind of disorientating especially if you're trying to read the subtitles but it's more energetic than anything else

Dan:absolute tour de force this


Dan:it's a

Sidey:What was that catch go Is it little little dice or



It changes

Reegs:in th the way the characters are introduced with these little stories Yeah And they were all kids mostly really from the slum it's an incredible story and

Pete:I think even that character it's like cause it starts off when they're all kids The thing that was like most kind of like jarring about this is how like how young some of the kids are when I mean this is I don't know if it's it's obviously inspired by there is a a place called city of God one of the slums or favelas or whatever And this is obviously inspired by real people and you know real types of the like these kinds of scenarios and you know kids as young as like 10 getting involved in like violent crime and you know stabbings and gunning down and stuff But what I think that little dose character is his name changes between the the opening sort of sequence And then when he's then the main guy and the gang and he's got like a another next he's upgraded his was

Reegs:could just punch him and then he gets shot yeah it's just terrific great characters the guy the main villain is scary but kind of tiny like just dumb fuck as well you know but you know he could go crazy at any moment it's kinda like it very like thematically and plot wise It's it's very similar to the fourth season of the wire If anybody watched that it was it was about the effect of the drug trade on on the school system in America And it's brilliant and this is very similar but yeah

Pete:yeah Great movie Yeah

Dan:Brilliant one Yeah Excellent I'll add that on my list as well I'm going to go with a black cat white cat Serbian film which I actually went to the trouble of buying the DVD too Cause I couldn't find it anywhere and it's a it's a comedy you know and it just really surprised me when I first watched this kind of that is it it's about a gypsy wedding if you like and a load of people with gambling debts and and kind of family problems and money problems and and all the rest of it And it's all mixed together and they're going along to you know all again different kinds of characters You've got huge circus act people and it it's too difficult to describe this but if you see the the front kind of cover I don't know if I just showed it It's like a guy with huge bug glosses and hardly any teeth smoking a cigar laugh into himself And it's full of that kind of character this whole film

Reegs:when I first it's interesting you bring up a comedy Cause when I first started thinking about this I was trying to think like does that work as well Because so much of comedy is about timing and stuff but I actually have actually got like five or six comedies on my list So clearly it does but yeah it is an interesting

Dan:it's interesting to see how how different cultures look at what makes them laugh you know


Dan:what what they found that that tickles in that way So this is Emma EMEA Krista coulda I think it did something in the Oscars but didn't win

Pete:Okay I've got these kinds of like in country or language order burn jump around a little bit So this was a film that I actually watched at not long after it come out at the to New Zealand film festival And I was by myself I just went to a film festival for a day and I saw ETOH mama tambien

Reegs:yeah yeah yeah yeah

Pete:Honestly fucking blew me away

It was I've got other films on this list that I've watched for various reasons just because I've happened upon them or friends Who've been watching them and I've watched the long or whatever And sometimes it just because they were quite comedy or whatever this was a really like again like tapping into I don't mind him being I was so ignorant to like foreign or internationals that cinema that wasn't you know your your books sounded British American and so on And this was a Mexican film like a real road trip like But you know what I mean Great I felt great after it but it's actually so there's some really like you know like dark topics in it Obviously the the girl that I think it's his cousins one of the characters cousin's wife Yeah She's like left the cousin but then wants to join these the slight two young guys on their like adventures to this to this sort of mythical place that they've heard of And you find out towards the end I think it is right at the end that she actually had to terminal cancer and she knew about it And she just wanted like one last kind of like journey of discovery

Reegs:kind of a sex comedy


it Yeah Yeah

Reegs:they both kind of have unsuccessful passes with her

Pete:with her And they were like before they even set off that it turns out they were they they were there is a season and the guys get yeah the guys sort of get involved with each other but it turns out even before they set off that they've both been sleeping with each other's girlfriends quite quite regularly as well

Reegs:I think the movie opens with them jerking off into the pool



Sidey:We've all been there This film same director as about prisoner basketball

Pete:yeah That

Reegs:that because he's also like famously does these really long takes and this eating Mammotome Yen's a really good example I think there's there's a car accident halfway through and


Reegs:following all of the things and it's it's maybe a five or six minute length shot And I love that stuff It's like really showy Offy stuff but I I really

Pete:love it A film I've watched by pure chance Like I could have done something different like that day I didn't seek it out and I just happened upon it And it stayed with me There's this whole time a really strong film

Sidey:I've got one then that's linked to that Cause it's the same lead actor Gael Garcia But now this is the motorcycle diaries 2004 It's the story of Ernesto Guevara who has a nickname and his mate who go on a road trip and his school holidays basically this was a film I had seen international firms were calling it that now before but this was the first one that really kind of blew me away I went to the cinema to see it with a friend of mine Mary and it's a sort of realization that fuck this So many films out there


Sidey:just not even touching because I'm just like pick headedly just sticking to Western films You know I don't mean Western but I mean like British or American films whereas and I and I I gotta be honest I've gone back into that and watching this week's film that we'll talk about later was another eye-opener like there's so much out there that you've got to get involved with

Reegs:one thing that makes me feel really really ignorant is I cannot get on with Bollywood movies at


No but that's a hugely

Reegs:but that's an entire you can't but I've like written off

Pete:I know it's a but it is like if you're not from that part of the world it is a niche as well You've got you've got

Reegs:billions of

Sidey:Yeah But



Reegs:I know

Sidey:a great export one but I know what you mean I don't really like ligament Not like it it's quite musical and that's not

Reegs:generally well it makes me feel like because culture is essentially essentially universal Like all cultures have the same stuff but then it feels like there's this huge slice of like art that I just cannot appreciate It makes me it makes me sort of feel like there's something that I don't understand about it That makes


it's just horses for courses you know

Reegs:very poor

Sidey:yeah But most of the kiddos it's great I mean the story is sort of pre Chez Guevara It's sort of a bit like an origin story if you like but just visually all the different places they visited it looks so fucking good

Dan:in his kind of path

Sidey:Yeah The chemistry between the two guys is great It's it's sort of quite a gentle story Really they go to different places He sees things opens his eyes to what's going on in the world but I don't think I've seen it since 2004 when I went to sit at the cinema though I'm pretty sure I bought the DVD but need to see it again It's it's fantastic Yeah

Reegs:I had bonbon El pero Anybody seen this My wife reminded me of this She had insisted we watched this it's set in Patagonia it's about an unemployed guy whose luck changes after being given a pedigree dog when he helps a woman on a on a on a on a highway sort of stranded in the middle of nowhere it's quite low key very minimalist it's a comedy it's a story more about dignity than anything else really And you know it's not just the kind of man meets dog and inseparable bond that brings them together You know there's a bit more going on I don't want to spoil it because I think you know you might particularly don't I think it's a bit more subtle and involved the main character was played by an unemployed guy that basically used to park the director's car for five years so yeah it's a it's a great film That's Bon Bon L pedal

Pete:a lot more sort of situations like that in in these sort of like less prominent like industries because you know that that's not hard that's highly unlikely to happen in a in a British or an American film or

Reegs:Irish It's highly unlikely


Pete:highly unlikely It happened in a in a like a British or American film and if it does it will be like a gimmick or whatever It will be a total removal Whereas I think a lot of things do happen like this where you know characters the you know real life characters serious interesting The fact that they're not highly polished you know stage school actors or actresses or whatever they they they will get more opportunities

Reegs:Well I think it's it's something to do with like how how they frame life Like I always think about like you know there's the German word Chardan Freud who is taking pleasure in other people's pain And you hear that and you don't go are the Germans you sick fucks like you know you think great There's a there's a

Pete:word there's a word that describes how I feel

Reegs:yeah exactly And that can be like it can be like that with art that somebody can frame something in a film and from a completely different perspective And you'll be like have your mind opened or it recognize something that you haven't been able to express


Dan:I've got one from 98 life is beautiful First time I ever watched this Have you seen this The Italian


Dan:It's it's set around world war two and Jewish kind of guy and his family taken into the prisoner of war camps It's a comedy it's one of the greatest kind of performances I think

Sidey:he won the Oscar didn't he he got on the chair Did those mad sort of acceptance thing he was dancing around Yeah

Dan:so basically dad is just a natural kind of comic and his whole thing This this whole film is shielding his kid from the actual horrors of what is going on cheers through comedy and saying it you know it's all a joke It's all laughing And the kids is just young enough that he's not sure who's you know if his dad's just joking around all the



it's a really lovely lovely beautiful film I won't I won't spoil it but

Reegs:Oh watch that

Pete:yeah you've mentioned it on here before And again it was it was one of the things one of the films that I thought back to when you were talking again like you know trying to broaden my horizons that'll be I I've not I've not had a chance to watch it yet but yeah CRI is for

Dan:those it's brutal

Pete:Okay Probably not quite as good but a friend of mine growing up who I'm not sure whether he's listening or not but if he ever found out that I did this topic and didn't mention this film he would he would be seriously let down So this is Tetsuo So there was actually there were three Tetsuo films made I only ever watched the first two of


Pete:so you've seen Tetsu iron man which is I mean it's it's fucked up I think it's only like an hour long So it's basically a metal fetish a guy that I think the opening scene is a guy trying to insert a metal rod into his own leg And then he kind of like there's a big long sequence of him like hobbling down the road sort of shouting and screaming and wailing Cause he's in a load of pain and eventually gets hit by a car and then the couple like get out and like they he's the guy has gone in a hedge or down a ravine And so they don't know where he is and they just saying I will stop and have sex against the tree whilst we're here and then the guy who's in the car He wakes up the next day and he's got like a spot on his face He goes to like squeeze the spot and a metal light spike comes out of his face and he starts so retaining into metal It just gets fucked up from there I think he gets like raped by like a mechanical dog and but by the end of it like the the the the the metal fetishist guy in there and the other guy they're just they they end up becoming a massive heap of metal with like two faces in it And and they just start talking about how they're going to take over They want to turn the whole world into metal It's fucking mental I've watched it And we used to like giggle about it And my friend and I used to call each other Ted cell I'd in a French accent for some reason even though it's Japanese And then we and then there was the body habitat So the body hammer which is like I think for the success believe it or not of the first one gave the the feller allowed more budgets go out and do like a proper like feature length film

Dan:like imagined

Pete:And this one I like honestly the the second

Reegs:Yeah but

Pete:is like long before the human sense of P that like Jeff like Japan especially we're doing these fucking crazy crazy

Reegs:Do you ever see Iraq Saki dodgy Did you ever see that one The legend of the overfeed It was like it's one of those like tentacle porn Yeah Like people being fisted by like a hundred foot tentacle penis monster And it's like really just so graphic and like bodies bursting and yeah

Pete:Yeah But it was it was kind of like it's only on here more for nostalgic reasons for me but I had to mention it

Sidey:Okay never ending meme generator downfall Um

Reegs:I didn't even think of this

Sidey:the story of the ultimate friend of rigs people it's towards the end where they're just living in the bunker there's just that scene that we've seen it a million times Anything anything topical is going on in the world It's just it's just a voiceover again of that same where Hitler's is fucking losing it looking at the map and all the generals have just stood there fucking shit and stuff but actually the whole film is fantastic I hope it's not funny but it's just that line Where is it Gerbils wife And they're all about to commit suicide And she says I just can't live in a world without national socialists and fucking ludicrous but the whole thing is fucking the film the performance is great I mean you've got to feel like is that guy going to ever be anyone other than Hitler You know like so fucking get it But it just all harks back to that scene And I've seen it with like bad weather over here or suppose being fucking shit or so it's just been done a million times and it's always funny

Reegs:Yeah hard-boiled anyone seen that The action classic Italian fat directed by John woo Absolute classic the action is has it has aged really well I think which not films from those times

Dan:when it first came out but not since

Reegs:but you've got two cops One undercover


Reegs:Yeah you've got the full double guns You dove slow motion You got Toni learn you know there were a number of collaborations between him and Joe Cherry I'm fat you've got the hospital sequence this sort of astonishing like long take where dozens of MOOCs are getting gunned down and there's all kinds of physical you know stuff


Reegs:on the screen unbelievable The film starts with a gunfight in a tea house that would probably end most other movies it's fantastic

Sidey:face off too one because that's John where as well as any reason I bring it up

Pete:separated Yeah Well great So really sorry to jump in down but I haven't seen hard-boiled but I actually seen a better tomorrow which I think was the first collaboration of John woo and cherry and fat And I think it was the one cherry and fat was a it was apparently an actor who's like he was on the wane and this about it tomorrow kicked off is is like or get increased his stock again and it's similar I think like there's like there's some brothers ones that head of a gang one's in in the police and again like sort of ridiculous kind of action Like there's a there's a corridor sequence where by the end of it like all the main guys who are just about in that last so they'd been shot four or 5,000 times at least And it's still going But I remember seeing seeing that film so

Dan:I see Right no I've not heard not seen that one And I don't know whether any of you guys have seen a Rififi yet the French film I've mentioned it


Dan:It's an old one again black and white film Jules DASA is our director on this one basically sent it around a bank robbery and You have usual characters of you know the the guy who's just out of prison and somebody else who needs a job and everything but it centered around the bank job for I think it's they do it in kind of real time and they go then silent all the way through your film She was just captured with the what's going on and and the way they shot And as they go in through it all the time in the lights and the alarms and all the rest of it and you're you're there with them the whole set of the way and the way that it kind of pans out afterwards of how the job as often these things do once the job's done where they will go where they split up and how that kind of falls


Dan:it really knits it all together Well and it's one of those memorable endings that I really enjoy Really good

Reegs:me What was it called again Rififi we've got to watch that you need to do it for a midweek mentioned Cause you've talked about it a few

Dan:I'll I'll I'll I'll watch it again It's probably been about three years since I've seen it I reckon I would watch it again

Pete:Yeah in an attempt to increase the length of the list that I've got here I've watched a film this week has gone another Mexican film called I'm no longer here which I happened upon and I would highly recommend watching this film is it's Netflix and it's so it's about so it's it's about a kid 17 he's growing up He's kind of like the head of a gang in like the Monterey slums And but what what he's decided to do is not get try and get involved with all like the violence and everything Like the his gang centers around the like Colombian music And I think it's is the is the the culture the subculture And it's I don't know if you've seen these guys it's a specific type of dancing and the hair styles are fucking mental It's like completely like shaved at the back with like long slicked down pointed sideburns And then like the top part is all spiked up dyed orange It's fucking at the beginning you're like Oh these guys have just got shit haircut by the end of it You're kind of like it because of like the whole light depth of the subculture behind it it it ends up looking cool for some

Reegs:It does finally explain your look here

Pete:Exactly right Yeah So like why why the why the select downside bands But he is unfortunately he gets embroiled in some like you know gang related violence like by the you know just misfortune and has to leave the country He gets smuggled out of the country ends up in New York and just you know put in with like he speaks no English And then it's kind of like his story about just Ben going from like there he's a bit of a local celebrity in in his in his like slum I guess but then goes to this place where no one knows who he is He doesn't speak any English and he's really struggling to get by and you're kind of rooting for him but ultimately it doesn't really work out for him He ends up back where where he started and because of his his absence loads of stuff has changed All the people in his gang have now become either they fallen out into like different things or they they fallen into the like the gang related violence again so it's kind of it's not necessarily a happy ending but the fuck it you know like the style around this film and the music and the and the cult the you know all these things I'd never seen before really really amazing and definitely worth watching no one famous in it But there was I think maybe your man with from that you've mentioned him a couple of times the the director That we're talking about each of moments I'm being and prisoner of Azkaban So I think him and Guillermo Del Toro who's Mexican as well Right they they do like a 20 minute sequence after the film like talking about it So it's obviously been sort of you know viewed a a high high level

Sidey:Cool crouching tiger Hidden dragon Yeah

Dan:one Yeah That's a good

Sidey:this was massive at the time There was a lot of chatter about this because I think it was it was gonna it was gonna do well everyone knew it was going to do well at the

Dan:wasn't it It was everybody had seen it Yeah

Sidey:awards season It was going to it was big but it had a different take on the the fighting style was all very balletic and very it wasn't your sort of use your harsh

Dan:in the air and the energy


Sidey:Yeah That's it it was it was a different sort of way of doing it it had cherry and fat has cropped up again He had a sword in it called green

Reegs:desk destiny

Sidey:Which was this really powered and it it wasn't magical but it was certainly not it was an artifact of a very sharp sword Michelle Yeoh was in it and it but it was stolen Was it by is her name Yeah who's really sexy and he died I think in the end he was was he poisoned but I remember Vividly going to cinema to see this it was at the old Odeon and the person in front of me the people behind the desk were saying just say where this is a subtitled movie and the people in front of me like Oh no well we'll watch we'll watch Armageddon instead or something

Reegs:sort of thing the cinema is absolutely made for you know it's like it's like watching ballet almost the fight choreography the way they do things is like so graceful the the fight choreographer was yen whooping was the guy that did the matrix

Sidey:but they had different things that he would spin up in the air land on the blade of the sword and jump off again And they would do like jumped through the trees Like they were flying Yeah

Reegs:right at the beginning of the movie I think where the two females protagonists are fighting each other at nighttime unbelievable They're leaping from the rooftops and

Sidey:A few others have sort of led off after this house of flying daggers and things but this was the


Reegs:the best one I felt

Sidey:daddy of them all It was great

Reegs:A couple of rattle through troll Hunter is a Norwegian found footage movie with you know exactly what it sounds like There are trolls that roam the forest but it's the the absurdity of the concept is treated really seriously and that makes it sort of something quite unique it's a horror and then of course in found footage it's a very worn out genre of movies You've seen a million of them but this has a good sense of humor a delicatessen The guys who did Emily you shown in Cairo that was their first directorial effort Have you seen this one It's like a surreal yeah surreal black comedy about when food has become scarce and the elite have food and the others eat each other which is really good And then train 2% which is a zombie movie Korean one you know the great zombie movies and never really so much about the zombies as they are about the people And this is you know another example of

Dan:Korean movies

Reegs:you seen have you seen train to be sad It's very violent but it's very good It's it's exhilarating you know end to end great special effects and then that unique stuff that you get in I feel like it's almost unique to Korean cinema where you have these very strange tonal shifts in the you know parasite was a little bit the same as well but this is the same in this Yeah But yeah that's a terrific movie That is a zombie movie Yeah


Dan:Well having mentioned parasite I'm probably just going to grab for a couple of old boy Have you seen old boy There's a there's a movie scene That one Peter

Pete:I have I haven't but I've heard I've heard all about it Yeah And there's there's a there's a remake as well as in yeah

Sidey:Yeah You know it's you know it's good when the Hollywood remake it

Reegs:spike Lee did it

uh weirdly with Josh Brolin it's got a scene in the original Korean one where he goes absolutely apeshit with with a hammer it's like another long take and he's like smacking people with the RS Very

Dan:It's it's really kind of crazy You don't want no wages a fear which I did a blog on You can get on the website as well That's I think it was a French film but it it had a lot of languages in actually I had Spanish and Italian and English as well So but but certainly a foreign language Fillmore at what we're saying we're going to international non-English


Dan:non-English language film seven samurai

Reegs:Mm mm

Dan:I think kickstarted all these kinds of films I mean star Wars is based on Kurosawa


Dan:it It's his influence is absolutely massive and seven samurai four hours long I think it was the first film I watched with an intermission but for Sunday you can't beat that film you know it's just absolutely brilliant when you're not doing anything else that day And you just want an absolute solidly brilliant film an Epic seven samurai

Pete:I've not seen it but that wouldn't do my research on this That came out top of a lot of these a lot of these lists

Sidey:a trailblazer

Dan:yeah it started off but he still holds his own It's still a really good movie you know because the characters are really strong and

Reegs:and a huge influence on George Lucas as well I mean it's been

Sidey:Oh so it's you know magnificent seven It's been remade again

Dan:seven Yeah

Sidey:Western audience

Dan:it brilliant

Pete:Okay sort of carrying on the South Korean and Western theme I've seen a film called the good the bad and the weird which I watched that in Australia And again ignorantly the first I think I watched it in a hostel and yeah I was just blown away by how kind of like you know polished and you know they have a big budget I mean I didn't know anything about South Korea and cinemas before I'd been South Korea and fi so I didn't know anything about the cinema or anything but it was it was such a it was a you know it was funny It was a lot of the things that we've already mentioned about you know South Korean films were can be really kind of like ultra violent and then like seriously hilarious all in the same sort of take even So it's it's a film about some three guys who were effectively trying to find some treasure effectively and also like the the the army or some you know some military or trying to find it as well So it's those three different guys And then the last ones I've got on my list so the 36 chambers of Shaolin

which I

Reegs:sure brothers SPV Yeah

Pete:yeah yeah And yep Just sort of happened upon that one day I also I've got a film that I also watched the New Zealand film festival a Japanese one called warm water under the red bridge which is a Bonkers story about a guy who leaves Tokyo to move to a village because his former colleague has told him about this village He goes there He basically meets up with this woman who lives near the red bridge has sex with her And she has a massive like you know ejaculation basically and raises all the water levels yeah You know around the village and and like mm basically everyone wants her to have these sexual encounters because she makes all like the flowers bloom in the village or brings all the fish in So that the fish

Dan:might have these thoughts but then to go and make a film

Pete:honestly I serve I've watched it I myself like just with my mouth open like thinking but at no point did it kind of like make it funny that she was having these huge like you know you never actually saw I think you saw kind of like some stuff you knew what was going on but it was more like water like gushing down the drains and the sit and the and the water level rising and stuff like that Fucking mental and the only other thing I wanted to mention not any one specific one but I don't know how highly regarded they are but Jackie Chan films specifically the stunts like knowing that he's doing all of these things himself they're fucking insane Like all the stuff that he does like jumping across buses and our windows And so many of the stunts had got wrong One of the one of the films that I watched I think it's like a police police story He liked jumps off a bus through a window but one of the windows is the one he's going to jump through He actually jumped straight through the wrong window like a real glass window and Fox himself up the falls He has like tumbling down like bamboo scaffolding and stuff He's broken so many bones and that he deserves a mention

Sidey:Definitely my last and then princess mana NACA is a studio Shipley film it's my favorite of theirs I had forgotten quite a lot about it So I sat down to watch it with my daughter and it's so fucking violent compared to the other stuff that they do which is a bit more fantasy kind of charming this one and the first sort of five minutes the guy protagonists something like that and if you know if she was just a little bit older it would have been okay but he's got a bow and arrow and you think that's relatively okay The first person who shoots out the heads of them then people are losing arms and legs And I was like okay well yeah this is just too much But the the actual story is it's a sort of environmental sort of tale is that's that's the theme of it but it's the usual sort of stewardship leads stuff You can kind of picture the animation yeah It Yeah I think it's I think it's their best well best is my favorite out of their lot it's really really great Another good one And then other things that we've kind of just mentioned but we've reviewed them on the pod before but parasite obviously is good One on the untouchables is a longstanding favorite

Dan:was I as well And three OD ski pro propel CU which is per Pelco

Reegs:propel Kerr the Christmas thing Is it

Dan:one three nuts for you that that translates as three

Sidey:same to you

Dan:or something basically that Cinderella

Reegs:I sent her into this

Sidey:sweet Distill that down to a top four

Dan:It's tough I I just like to apologize to all those people that are saying you missed this one you missed that one

Reegs:Oh man I've got so many on my list

Dan:so if you've got some tellers what we missed Well are you going to say

Pete:Pete Don't I that there's two that I've got that I would love to put in I'm hoping one of you goes for for one of them so can you come to me last place

Sidey:Okay I'm going to put in the motorcycle diaries

Reegs:of Chris Gordon He went to my school So that's the joke for about three people out there

Dan:I'm going for life

Pete:Okay So you haven't paid any of those but because you put the motorcycle diaries in and that's like it's got the same guy I was it was eating mama tambien or parasite and each of them Sambian was was amazing And I've watched it a really great time

Sidey:shines already

Pete:It's so fucking good though No no Each of them are tambien and there we go Sorry parasite

Sidey:That'd be fine


Reegs:You chose this week's movie Peter Andre

Pete:I did Yes I chose a I think it was a choice based on the the top five that I had picked So again wanting to to broaden those horizons of international films and what me broadening my horizons Yeah yeah yeah But it's better late than never So I chose this film I believe it it won the Oscar for best foreign language film or what is now known as best international film or whatever it's called now


Pete:Yeah and it had a lot of like really good reviews I think I quite I I read the very very sort of brief synopsis of what it was about and saw a couple of like stills from the film And I thought yeah this one looked interesting It didn't end up being what I thought it was going to be but I still had

Sidey:you didn't expect it to time travel and aliens to be Yeah

Pete:No I didn't expect any of that But so the film was the secret in their eyes which

Reegs:or was it secret in their eyes

Sidey:I think it's the secret in their eyes are stars

Pete:I saw the

Reegs:I there's a apparently bullshit remake with

and some other

Pete:That's right it's got I've forgotten her name Pretty woman In the remake I


Pete:think so Yeah that's not the one that that we watched we watched the 2009 Argentinian film which is basically the story about a I mean what was he a counselor

Sidey:It's a non-linear murder sort of mysteries with a side order of love


Reegs:It was never a hundred percent clear to me You would sort of talking about it just then exactly what his job was He worked at the judiciary Ben Hermien I suppose Yeah

Pete:I thought he was like a yeah he was like a legal counselor But presumably I think for the government so yes

Reegs:well because you've got separation of powers thing going on because there's the struggle between him and the executive And we can talk

Pete:about that

Dan:because I guess this


Dan:this is set In Argentina I'm not kind of sure of the political landscape there at the

Sidey:But they want they want the Falklands back I think

Dan:right Okay You still wanted that white

Pete:I don't I don't that didn't really come across in the film


Sidey:back of my mind the whole way

Pete:w when was this set sort of late seventies early eighties something like that

Reegs:is when the earliest yeah 74 75

Pete:this there seemed to be no no there was yeah they went to the they went to the football stadium Yeah

Reegs:the best

Sidey:That's probably the sequence we should talk

Reegs:Yeah That's amazing



Pete:there was yeah there was there was definitely some sort of political undercurrents going on during certainly the the middle and there to walk getting towards the end of the film a lot of the motivation or the the motivation behind why the guy didn't spend a long time in prison I think was was down to that

Reegs:yeah absolutely Well

Sidey:was recruited but we've probably jumping missing a lot of stuff The start now I was But I worked late and I was really tired And also I was flummoxing around trying to get the subtitle to work but the start it started with the train station sequence It did it very very quickly jump quickly into the rape

Pete:No it it the the train sequence that

Sidey:he's asleep

Pete:it was specifically it was the train sequence then it was your man Esposito Ben Hermien Esposito writing his his novel and first of all talking about like the the sort of the last breakfast between

Reegs:voices of the different characters affected in in the case that he's recounting he's doing it as the husband Right And he's

Pete:Yes Yeah Yeah So so it's it's yeah he is indeed He's he's talking about the that breakfast So the you know the I think she makes him lemon tea because he'd had a cough or something And then there's there's some like Berry jam that he's spreading on his toast And that it's very if

Dan:You remember in intimate detail when it actually turned out that was the last time she was going to S

Pete:he make him breakfast

Dan:Mike and breakfast and

Reegs:Although later of course there's a little bit about memory as well Cause he's like was it lemon tea or was it honey


Reegs:Was it actually this dermal that you know so the finer details what's real and not so already really cool stuff happening in this I I thought

Pete:honey tea thing Yeah but it's it's so it's first of all it's so and and that was the bit that kind of like not drew me in because I was I was already it was only the beginning of the film I was interested to see what was going to happen but it's gone from that part to him getting sort of frustrated and scrunching up and throwing it away So then the next thing is the pretty barbaric kind of rape scene which only showed like a a snippet

Sidey:yeah it's a very brief but It's like we spoke about the South Korea stuff where it's very jarring It does weigh the juxtaposition So you start off with the train sort of thing It's a bit like brief encounter with two people you know and the ones on the platform ones on the train and then not long at all after that you've got the straight into this fucking like rape homicide thing You like fucking out you know we actually ran a face to

Pete:Yeah And it and then it sort of cuts back to him in in the present day And he you know you can see there's all my I was I don't know if there was a tear in his eye or whatever but it was definitely he wasn't writing anything at that point And this was just him obviously like reflecting back to the to the scene that then he was one of the first people to to walk into the aftermath of with the girl lying sort of naked and beaten on the on the floor

Dan:I suppose to describe it So he's right in a novel And then he's recounting these stories back in in time as the novel goes back to remembering back to their cases So the case that he decides to explore as part of his book is is this case So he wants to go back and get some more papers and things to to remind him and and meet the people again to to jog his memory And Sarah and everyone else's has changed but this this was as we learn this was a case that actually did get solved but because of various

Sidey:it was an satisfactory kind of resolution

Pete:It got solved but not resolved necessarily Yeah But what what was it what was actually interesting So that the husband's name was you you told me Moralez it was called that they were referring to it as the Morales case And he was he was neither the the the victim nor the perpetrator Yeah That was his surname but it wasn't the name of Oh I guess she was by that time she was

married So yeah

Reegs:They were just married Weren't they

Liliano gelatto Yeah the guy who plays a Ben Hamin as positive I'm just enjoying saying that so many so much is a guy called Ricardo data Darlene I don't even know if that is Ricardo Darren He's got a really interesting face Doesn't it It's like the camera on him He's just interesting to look at

Dan:man Look

was it you know but exactly that a face that looks like it's tells its own story

Reegs:He looked like he was born with a beard Thanks He's got full

Sidey:for aging A dag Yes

Pete:Yeah Cause cause I I couldn't work out whether the sort of present day stuff was him you

Reegs:whether they'd been aged up or aged

Pete:or whether the the oldest stuff was him dag if

Reegs:guest it was something that in the middle actually and that they did both

Pete:it but it was it was very believable that the time difference I think it was 20 years between 25 years Yeah

Reegs:So he's he's he's basically writing about this obsessive pursuit of a brutal murderer but also right at the forefront of this is the relationship that he has with his she actually his immediate


Irene Menendez Hastings what did we Solidad the Villa V via Mead

Sidey:yeah the email Yeah I thought she was really focusing


Sidey:again like from being used to a different aesthetic him as a leading man and her as a leading lady Both brilliant but just a different aesthetic and I'm still right Beautiful I thought she was lovely and very believable relationship I thought in this

Reegs:he's a great character as well She's a you know she's she's high up in the judiciary Again I wasn't completely clear on what her like job title was but I'm not in their human resources department so it really doesn't matter but yeah they they have this chemistry this tension and it's all in little details there's a recurring motif of the door being left open because they're not discussing their personal feelings for each other which is just there all the time as well as this brutal horrible murder It's sort of all in intertwined

Dan:A couple of times they they kind of I think both make the mistake of thinking there's a different conversation about to


Dan:because they're ready for that conversation at different times in their lives


And as as it goes on and and the case is actually looked upon by Benjamin he noticed the photographs isn't he and that one guy in each of all these photographs is looking very very closely family photographs and fond friends is looking closely at the girl So

Reegs:my wife pointed out and I didn't pick up on it but it's a great shout Is that the reason he picked up on that is that we saw a photo of him looking at Irene

Pete:I pizza I picked up on that Yeah it was yeah I know I commented I was watching it with my other half and I commented like he'd noticed that about the pictures and then in all the pictures that it was Irene and him and

Reegs:there is a kind of like the killer and I are not so different type vibe but it's not done in the way it would have been done in a Hollywood A movie it's more about obsessive love

Dan:be you know murdering Irene or anything you know it was he was looking at her as somebody looks in love Whereas the other guy maybe was more

Pete:obsessed session Yeah It was

Dan:was the secret in their eyes You know his eyes were obviously looking and and they saw the guy which is how they hone in on what's his name Is it Gomez

Pete:the Douro Gomez Yeah

Dan:is a door Gomez Who's

Reegs:so they they have to steal some letters


Pete:From the mother's



Dan:to back it up Yeah

Pete:no no He they go to so him and his his sort of sidekick Sandoval who's a massive drunk Yeah

Dan:made me laugh So

um when he's he's talking about his answering the phone many excuses that he was he was coming up you know you have

this from the sperm

Reegs:leave a deposit

Dan:or withdrawal You had a few classics Yeah

Reegs:He was funny He was

Pete:Yeah So they they go to go him as his mother's place Cause they can't pin down where this Gomez is or even when they get

Reegs:relationship to the killer Hang on We haven't said that What is no not

Pete:childhood Yeah So the to the so the victim was a they were like childhood or in a in a circle of childhood friends These were cause she wasn't that old she was only in her early twenties wasn't she So a lot of the pictures were you know of her in our kind of friendship group I guess in teens and so on And this this is adore of featured in those pictures So she was just they were just childhood friends or within the same friendship group

Reegs:as the widowed husband is sitting in the train station every day because he's trying to wait for this guy

Pete:Yeah But then this is all after So w what happens is they go up to another part of Argentina because they've heard that this Gomez is working is working there but he's he's absconded before they get there They're not sure whether it's just because he's lost his job or whatever Cause he he's he's now on the run they eventually go to the mother's house they break in and and they they still they clumsily sort of steal some letters and that and they get kind of caught doing it We're not caught there And then but it it they it turns out that it's that it was them but then I think that they get told to leave it alone by by the boss and the boss's boss and it's only like a year later that they

Reegs:he's like this really flamboyant judge isn't he The guy who tells him to just fucking drop it Yeah and yeah yeah Later they

Pete:A year later they they they convinced the like the boss Irene to reopen the case so they can try and find this

Reegs:Well because the nut job guy from the executive branch of the right wing you know government that's been installed has had two completely unrelated guys who were basically just near the crime

Pete:Exactly Yeah So a lot of Bolivian builder or something and and another guy yeah

Reegs:And they everybody knows it's a lie They just beat the confession out of them So as we as you kind of said the case is solved but obviously not solved So they they're going to carry on investigating and they they start to decode the letters and the letters are very brief and they have no idea what they mean It's brilliant the way

Dan:where his his drunk colleague what's his


Dan:Sandra comes into his own because you kind of think what's he here for like you


Dan:I mean It can you not get anybody better than this guy but he's the one that that knows people and he knows to work out how how to decipher and translate these these letters to getting the guy getting the characteristics


Dan:a psychological profile of of the killer

Pete:Yeah So he so one of his friends from the bar is

Dan:ragingly one kid all the time And then

Reegs:And then just breaks the case It's brilliant It's amazing The way this happens

Pete:One of the friends from the bar points out that the all the themes in the letters are in fact relating to racing the football club

Reegs:Yeah Waste to play It's the

Pete:the names of the players Yeah And so they w they work out that the the that is probably a lead that they need to

Reegs:revealed in this really interesting way though because it's just the sound of our being really drunk and chatting with his mates You're not really sure what the fuck's going on but he's being smug and stuff And then the the way it's just really nicely

Pete:so that that's what gets them That's like the new bit of information that gets them to reopen the case And when they go to Irene that's one of those moments that you were talking about Dan where he goes where Esposito goes into the office first and says I've got something I need to tell you So she says Oh you better shut the door then And he's like why And then call Sandra violin And then it's about the case So gets it to reopen And then that's when they decided to go to the wrassling I think they they make reference to the fact that this is like the fourth or fifth time that they've been to the stadium But the you guys can talk about the shot

Reegs:Well just before this they have that great conversation about you can't change the nature of a man his passion

And that's how they know that he's going to be at the football match because so they stake out like you say the the stadium is it a last thing Can we say well is it yeah

Pete:It is harassing but apparently they use the stadium of order can

Reegs:Okay and then you get the reviewer a shot of the movie

Sidey:Well they yeah they they sort of think they've missed him They can't find him And they just happened to glance Well

Reegs:it starts it starts though up from a Zeppelin in the sky It's this like Eight or nine minutes One shot starts from a Zeppelin in the sky goes down onto the pitch As they're playing you can hear the commentator they're passing the ball between them The ball smacks off the top of the bar and into the crowd and the camera follows it straight into Esposito and a Sandoval in the crowd They're looking for Gomez it's unbelievably tense You know you've already seen this amazing thing This is what cinema is about for me and they're chasing they see Gomez don't they think it's moving through the

Dan:I'm believable that they've been able to pick them out in a absolutely you know 80 90 a hundred thousand people in that stadium And they're they're wall to wall and they're all getting a bit rowdy They're not sat on their seats Are they I mean this a lot already up and and

Reegs:show you

Dan:it and move in every corner every following and they're shouting and auger and over it all So to pick anyone out it

Pete:needle in a haystack

Dan:in a haystack And so as you said it's third or fourth or fifth time they've been but then it

Sidey:but he he bolts he he he clocks them and does doesn't run out and you get this extended even longer

Reegs:before it's he gets a hand on him and then they score and in the turmoil from that they lose it It's just brilliant And this is all one shot And then that's what you say like goes on this escape through this

Pete:and these like old stadia are like that though with like the stairwells that just go off in bizarre Yeah Yeah We like the older the older ones Yeah Yeah They're they're all kind of yeah It's not like it's like formulaic as they are right now It's like sort of stairwells going off in all kinds of different directions

Reegs:like being in a fucking car park basically so yeah you just get this unbelievable chase sequence still continuing from that shot that started in the Zeppelin going into the toilet there's kind of a kerfuffle He Gomez W is is not stopped by Romano buyers because they didn't bother to look at a fucking photo of him So they don't know who they're


Reegs:competent idiot and then the camera he steps out onto a ledge and the camera goes past him into the air And then he walks along the side of it It's just a brilliant and then it ends he eventually does get chased down on the pitch Yeah And he's he's just done on the middle of the pitch It's just breathtaking cinema Brilliant

Dan:And then so they have then their number one

Pete:soft So the

Sidey:why that they eventually extract this pseudo confession as it just

Pete:Well I was going to say I was going to say it goes from that incredible scene at the football stadium into another unbelievable scene in in the room where there were that that just riffing on that trying to work out

Sidey:well Irene kind of warns them off about you got to do it by the book sort of thing

Pete:she she thinks she

sees something in his eyes

Dan:as well she you know she goes against her her better kind of judgment

Sidey:Does she say first of all he's not strong enough

Dan:Yeah And she takes

Sidey:And then she

Pete:She just starts belittling him

Sidey:says is basically his his Dick's too small It's got a peanut Dick

Dan:this couldn't be the

Sidey:and he just can't fucking hack it So he actually

Reegs:his cock out

Pete:Yeah Which is a good

Reegs:a good decent it was

Pete:Especially flat said yeah

Sidey:It gives her a slap and just fucking screams I didn't say I fucked her or

Pete:Kilda Yeah

Sidey:So you get this confession and it's I just thought the way that they did it with her belittling it was


day brilliant acting again and again Yeah it does

Dan:know it's it gives a you think wow what's going on

Pete:Yeah because I think at first because that that that scene doesn't go the way Esposito wanted it to because he wants Sandra Valin and eventually they get they find cause he wonders where Sandra Velez Cause I think he they want to do good cop bad cop themselves and then Sandoval eventually gets kind of dragged in and he's absolutely off his face So they're like well he's no use And I think that's when Irene kind of like yeah steps up and and wins wins that moment for them

Reegs:Yeah Yeah And even though you're watching subtitles and I don't know about you but I found the subtitles at points fairly hard to read on the copy that I you know whenever it was displaying over a white background I don't know if that was something to do this also I was watching anyway

Sidey:I just find after a while this the subtitle is just you just absorbed

Reegs:them I agree I

Sidey:having to concentrate too hard

Reegs:Even though you're reading the words essentially on the screen the acting is there right She she's believable She's brilliant in this

Pete:Yeah You forget that you're watching a subtitled movie

Sidey:Yeah absolutely Even though we now have the confession it still doesn't go quite according to plan You think you've got him a hook line sinker

Pete:Yeah Well I th I think it's probably worth saying that the husband Maryella's is he's constantly asking the question you know what's going to happen to him and he doesn't believe in capital punishment because he thinks that's like a coal pal It's a it's a way of getting out And and he says like no no this is a rape rape homicide It will be life And he's like yeah

Sidey:him a promise

Pete:I promise you It will be Yeah

Dan:and and that's it He says also that he he doesn't you know believe in the capital punishment and he goes I'm not going to get away with that Like you know basically saying that my life's hell



Dan:to let him call a cop out of it He needs to


Dan:you know he needs to be

Pete:miserable because he asked w we'll we'll go mez get raped and murdered Cause that's you know the punishment fitting the crime

Dan:kind of stuff

Pete:or is it only a month I didn't

Sidey:So a month later he's out

Pete:yeah because he sees him on who sees his Maryella's that sees him on telly It's one of these like political it's like a yeah it's a political rally And in the background he spots Gomez And so

Dan:you know

Reegs:yep Yeah And then they have this chilling scene where they go to challenge the officials and they're like no he works for us It's useful having a guy who's a complete psycho And then you get another brilliant sequence where he gets in the lift with them

Pete:Oh fuck On


Reegs:And he just cocks the gun It's so Chile and he's such a smug cunt as well Yeah He likes

Pete:Fuck I eat turns around and looks at them as the door as the lift doors to

Sidey:off-camera the way it does that You just see them and you can just see his reflection in the back of the lift And he gives him the smack as the doors closed

Pete:I must've met one of the things that drew me to the to this film was there was the still of the three of them in the lift and him just kind of like with a gun And I don't know why I just thought that I or that that looks like they're they're going to go and do something really fucking cool or crazy

Yeah Cause

Dan:you feel like you're kind


peeking in on

it you

know that you haven't got that you have to almost crane your neck watching the television to see more you know really clever the way

Sidey:they have We done top five lifts

Pete:Yes yes Yeah That that would have made it Yeah Yeah

Reegs:So yeah he's out on the loose and Irene and Ben means I suppose

Pete:Yeah and it's probably worth like even more I mean he was a dangerous person anyway given you know what what he had clearly done and I'm fairly sure people like that Don't just do that as a one off that kind of thing But he's now yeah He's he's effectively like a a government employee and so yeah with a gun he can walk around freely He's got like a not a bit of an entourage as as we later find out he's got people that like work with or for him So he's now like a there's a lunatic sort of not even at large because he's you know

Reegs:I mean it's kind of secret police for the yeah Sandoval much against type has got plastered drunk Again I've been in a bar fight so Ben Hamina Esposito takes him home to his wife And


was a good scene Yeah

Pete:Right So so where where did this He D he doesn't take him to his wife this time

Reegs:He takes him

Dan:first time he does

Pete:take yeah yeah yeah

Dan:not interested She's like what are you doing Bringing

Pete:me out

Dan:And he's like well he lives here and he's like he's totaled and he's on your


She like ain't coming in is your problem It's like Oh

Pete:That was an earlier like similar Yeah

Reegs:He goes off to get her He takes him home

Pete:he takes him home and then goes to get the wife and then brings Springs the wife back to what I'm assuming is S is Esposito's places it Yeah So and we find that Sandoval has been well you know shot horribly Yeah There's there's like blood all up the wall and a smashed window And you know he's had more than one gunshot to the chest and the head So he's he's no longer with us

Reegs:So Ben Hamina Esposito needs to leave town and you get this Terrific You mentioned it You said it was briefing counter You're absolutely right As he's leaving town he gets Irene's help again another moment where he goes to see her and they miss the moment because now he's got to go into hiding away from

Sidey:10 years or so he's away Isn't it

Reegs:Yeah I think he is 10

Pete:ago It must be more than that because if it's if it's a 25 year difference

Reegs:all of this has happened over quite a long period of time as well

Pete:Yeah Yeah

Reegs:So he has to fuck off to the country It was something to do with her

Sidey:feudal her cousin's a feudal

Reegs:Yeah I lost what was happening


little bit

because her name is Hastings which obviously

Pete:Scottish Yeah

Reegs:So he yeah So then he's basically just in hiding for quite a long while until he he gets back in contact with Moralez

Pete:Yeah Yeah Well he it you felt like to find out that he's gone on to to marry and then divorce he's had a failed failed marriage I took it that he he was he was just returning back to his

Sidey:10 years was long

Pete:yeah he was just sort of like returning back to his life where he felt like his roots kind of thing and that's the point in which he obviously then goes and reengages with with Irene yeah Yeah she's done well

Reegs:but he tracks down Moralez as well who lives basically out in the middle of

Pete:nowhere It's like a recluse

Dan:the tray of food when he first came in Cause it was it was something that Caught me eye but obviously I didn't focus on it until afterwards when it's recount in his own mind So he goes to meet Marella is to the knee and then he wants to chat about the case and he doesn't really he doesn't want to get into it

Reegs:Wait it's really shady really to be honest And he's like

Dan:He's he's living you know the the life of a man whose whose life ended many years ago really He's he's taken a a big house in a small town and he lives on the edge of it He


Dan:the bank clerk still from there on a daily business And he's just kind of going about his business but as Benjamin kind of probes for his book he gets a little angry or about about bringing it up And he just says you know it's up to me what I want to do You're not you know and I might see him kind of leave But then there's someone else said isn't it That brings him back into it He said that you just can't leave it alone I just you know I need to know somebody So he brings him in and confesses actually to having met that guy one night Gomez and hijack him in his car Basically

Reegs:he's taking him out to the middle of nowhere as any and shot him

Dan:Sure And it

Pete:and killed them

Dan:to hide the sound that the bullets and that's it And he confesses then he says well you know

Reegs:That's why I did this all

Dan:what I did So don't don't worry about it


Reegs:It supposedly though Ben Hamina is positive He leaves And then he comes back What was the reason he came back It was

Sidey:I just don't think he was completely satisfied with


in his

Reegs:that's right He sees the big thing was drawing the curtains because he drew the curtains So I said why the fuck have you done that And then he replayed it's one of

Pete:Yeah And I think you know he saw the the guy clearly hadn't moved on There was still pictures of his wife around the house There was obviously no other love interest or anyone that that had come into her

Dan:a an orange and a like it looks like he'd been savaged to something and and you had a glass of water and it was just a yeah it was a it was a prison tray basically Wasn't it That it he'd taken out And as he calls back for the the cover at night across to watch Miralis he he watches him come out of his house and go into the barn and follows him in there And there he finds Actually he has remained true to his word in that he doesn't support the death penalty because for the last 25 years

Pete:or however long it's been mother


Murderer in prison in solitary confinement And hasn't

Sidey:Never never

Reegs:I had never spoken to him and it's clearly broken him completely broken And he's just

Sidey:it says that does nieces speak to

me or

something like that

Pete:please tell him to speak to me Like he even addresses

Dan:thing he says

Pete:out of it Yeah It's kind of You know you see these I mean we've we've seen a lot of films where there's been something horrific happened to you know a guy or someone a family member at the beginning And then you know the interesting part is how you know that's so horrific How does he get his revenge They don't always get their revenge And this seems to be about I mean it takes a lot of effort You've got to put a lot of you know time and yeah completely premeditated And you know this seems like you know a reasonable way to to punish the person who's like destroyed your entire life by just kind of keeping him alive but it's like a complete shallow of a life Isn't it


Reegs:it's different

Dan:it's a it's a completely different revenge Take this one This is best

Pete:Yeah And I liked that I liked the sort of the bit where it's like you know I suppose he toes kind of you know it's it's more kind of like but we'll determine what's happened Like you know and he acts incredibly well without ever saying anything rarely And then you kind of like address it goes to address Miralis and and Maryella's just says back to him and said you S you said life and it's almost like fuck it I I've just got yeah I've got yeah I'm getting a little low tangled on my back of my neck yeah

Dan:up and and it explains everything you know to all for for me you know all those parts then came together like wow Yeah this this guy there was all the signals were there when they would assigns


Pete:There's this quite a lot There's loads of subtleties and

Reegs:in this

Pete:We haven't even touched upon this a bit where I can't remember who it is that works out but it's worked out that it wasn't Gomez that killed Sandoval because the the photos were put down

Reegs:it's the it's it's a

Sidey:has some fairies about what might've happened

Reegs:the manifestation of his guilt around

it Right

Because he imagined this scenario where San devel turns the photos around


Reegs:and they come in and say Oh you're responsible And he goes yeah Yeah I am And they shoot him


Sidey:then he and then he says Oh maybe that didn't happen Maybe they just got knocked over in a fight or something But so we we get well for me it really satisfying resolution to that part of the story but that doesn't end there because it goes back to see Irene And finally we get this sort of it is explicit that they

it just talking they do talk about she's she's had a family but you know it's all it's obviously not the fairytale relationship that she wanted with this guy And the door closes then there's the


Dan:were always kind of meant

Sidey:they're obviously going to actually now confess how they feel about each other and and presumably gonna fight record

Dan:presumably for the record he he was kind of as soon as she walked in the office that first



Pete:yeah yeah Cassandra values to rib him about it you know Cause when he have a puppet him about his alcoholism and stuff like that and covering things up and he was like I like the way you cover up like your obsession with her and stuff It's

Dan:Just knock it straight back


Dan:he was always so comfortable talking to her Sandra vow because he didn't fancier Benjamin was just tongue tied every time she walked in the

Pete:room I mean is that right

Dan:Ben happy

Sidey:money The budget for this was a poultry $2

Reegs:2 million Wow


Wow Shows Sure That's 2010 Isn't it

Sidey:2009 This came out 2010 was the 2010 Oscar winner So you have $2 million What do you reckon Did it make any money

Reegs:Yeah a few

Dan:It made money but I would imagine that it's not you know it's not going to be Harry Potter numbers is it

Pete:go I'll go 30 million us

Sidey:Ain't gonna be that


Dan:I would I would say it was probably because you know you've got the the obviously the different market there you know we've Spanish and everything So 40

Sidey:in-betweens 35

Pete:We'll share the price then


Sidey:Yeah You can share that one That's good though 2 million into

35 Come back for the cycle


Dan:this film I think it's just a really nice kind of as you as you mentioned to me at the beginning it's a it's a thriller murder mystery with a little bit of love phone in there and it works really well They've just written it really well It's got these really interesting characters with all their flaws in which makes it mean she works too much and she Irene obviously Ben Harmon is he can't get over that you know for that how beautiful she is and and wastes so many years in


Dan:asking her out and

everything all that is

Reegs:But he's obsessive is as well though so

Dan:exactly They both had opportunities They've never taken in the past to get together All that is kind of going on with the the murder and the the injustice of that you feel that this young girl has been raped and murdered and then the the killer was just wandered off and nobody's done anything about it So you you know that that twist at the end

Pete:where you

Dan:you know it's terrible when this guy has done 25 years she's there but part of you thinks justice

as well isn't

it You know the the justice he was denied

Reegs:there is a lot of interesting stuff that you can read about the political backdrop in Argentina that I didn't know about But I was motivated to read about in after watching the movie

Dan:have been set what 1960s 1970s

Reegs:the earliest Yeah yeah it's lots of terrific stuff there that just adds to this great movie which you know good characters brilliant filmmaking yeah I'd seen this before actually so I knew it was going to be good I've watched that scene loads of times the the football stadium team is just brilliant


Dan:not entertained Just cause it's Peter's


Dan:I'll refuse to say it was no good feel really


All I'd want to say In addition to being really entertained it was just I like again part of why I wanted to to to do this and you know broaden the horizons look out to film So I wouldn't Auden

can't think of another analogy but I will think of one for next week Widen Yeah Yeah Why did my peripheral vision was was because I like I like films that don't go the way that you think they're going to go Like th th this one even though they do get together in the end and there is the comeuppance for the bad guy in the end it's not with a big fight scene or like you know like the goody kills the body or like in a fight it doesn't have to be like that and you know and that's kind of like that's far more Hollywood

Reegs:but it's complicated

Pete:Yeah It's it's someone's actually sat down and thought about it of a hell of a lot more to make it like a real like scenario that you can like engage with as opposed to just like yeah everyone can high five and whoop at the end because you know the goodies one or whatever there's there's a lot more subtlety and emotion put into

Reegs:And like you said and like we've pointed out various bits of foreshadowing sprinkled over the movie and little like motifs and recurring

It's great

Dan:the the the kind of goody who You know or that that kind of revenge enacted by somebody you actually going to root for I mean mind me a little bit of seven you know just the the the thought process that must have had to go into torturing somebody that much

you know

to to go into where obviously in seven he's got all these crate you know keeps one guy in his bed Disney He feeds him up too much and and all the rest of it So


Dan:of there's a thought

process gone


Dan:what he's done there


guess because I don't think it was stated but maybe I missed it but he obviously didn't go away like Ben Hamey didn't go away and turn him in for having kept this guy But we just worked it out Fuck him leave him in there Like yeah yeah so for me I really do enjoy a good rape homicide and this is right up there Like you say P it has the happy ending but it's nicely understated and played I'm not a nurse So I suppose traditional Hollywood way in that you know I didn't even think Once once he had the the resolution of the crime I didn't expect them to go in and do the bit with the love story but it was just nice at the end It wasn't like they didn't even care So you just got that bit of dialogue to let you knew

Pete:Well it was the symbolic chuffed closing of the door Finally the two of them in a room together Yeah

Reegs:And then the credits just play over that door and it's not a freeze frame It's



Sidey:police squad


Pete:Very much for these squad


Sidey:Right Kids television We've got some more foreign muck to


Yeah So I this is French there is no dialogue This is some like

Sidey:I watched this also with the subtitles on

Pete:Yeah you do it She sees some

Sidey:like bear laughing angry growling that sort


stuff Yeah So this was Yeah I want to I want to just take a like a step down from the higher brow stuff and go with grizzy and the lemming So the reason I mentioned this is cause I I was looking I was looking for something that was foreign language and I could have gone a bit further with it but it was just as I say since now she's French maid and it's only about six minutes long I think we've had we've had some long stuff in in the kids' segments recently my S not so much now but it was a spell where my now five-year-old would absolutely love this just because it was like it's fucking stupid And it's it's quite a slapstick humor in in animated form

Reegs:It's kind of it's sort of Tom and Jerry

Pete:Yeah That's that's kind of that's kind of like yeah It's it's nothing that hasn't been done before but just it's it's a grizzly bear and a load of lemmings that are the absolute bane of his life Yeah Yeah And like you I guess I'm guessing that none of you will ever go and watch another episode of this but you don't need to like the theme is exactly the same all the way through but they do get quite creative with the ways in which the lemmings irritate the fuck out of the grid out of grizzy

Reegs:In this episode grizzy is hot

Pete:He is

Reegs:so he decides to get in the fridge to cool down but lo and behold the lemmings are already there in a Maybe if I didn't see coming he throws some out the window and then they were electrified on the electricity poles Then they return a smashing Grizzlies head into the fridge door then launching an assault on grizzly using sharp vegetables such as carrots and hot chili pepper whilst grizzy whereas PPE made out of a watermelon


Reegs:I mean that's just the sort of


I was talking to Carol pounding in this episode


Dan:was really really painful

Reegs:just like violence over and over and over again No

Pete:and scratchy than than Tom and Jerry

Reegs:There were no lessons like taught or learned and the characters just continually come up with ways to mane each other

Pete:you've mentioned that because I long before I ever came on this podcast in in every kid's thing that you reviewed you'd always talk about the lessons that that what have we learned and what's you know good messages and everything And I'd always think a little head rugged for my voice and go like No no no no That's for you to do reassure their parents stop looking for cartoons to fucking teach your kids what to do and what not to do you do that And another direct influences in their life will

Reegs:got to be aware of what they're watching though and what messages it

Pete:Okay Like I'm I'm fairly likely that it's fairly unlikely that my children will like you know do a lot of what the lemmings were doing and grizzy was doing in there

Reegs:that you give her that will make her eventually lash out

Pete:but that's for different reasons

Reegs:Yeah So I mean that's it there's no plot of story They just continuously hurt each other Animation and design is good

Sidey:Yeah I thought it looked quite nice

Dan:I've seen this kind of thing before There's there's something

Sidey:else Bay

Exactly the same only that's Russian and this is French

Dan:Right Okay And I think that yeah they've got something similar in check as

Pete:but that they're not just hurting each other every episode are they

Dan:the bear looks identical I dunno Is it the same bear

Sidey:So th the resolution to his heating issue and this one is he buys an air conditioning



Reegs:Wait doesn't buy it It falls off the back of the heat's pulled along a highway Isn't he bite his tongue


Sidey:I was talking again Yeah But he Dumps it down and powers it up But at no point did we see him plug it in There was no power

Reegs:operating outside

Sidey:I'm calling bullshit

Dan:operated air condition unit that can actually

Reegs:but it did work very effectively really

Dan:worked really


was strong

Pete:too Well it's very powerful

Reegs:well and then the lemmings turn it up to frozen type thing Yeah

Sidey:But like you say it is just completely interchangeable between Tom and Jerry or why the Coty and the road runner or masher and bear or any other fucking stupid top lacks there's nothing new here I don't understand why it exists Like just watch one of the other ones Tom and Jerry was a bit funny with it or that oldest stuff but it's just it's so generic It's like appallingly generic I just don't get it

Dan:Best thing is seven minutes long

Reegs:I liked how psychotic it was I

Sidey:Yeah But that's all been done before it didn't do it in a new way

Reegs:yeah Mason was strong The gags are pretty funny yeah it's not you know gonna watch it but yeah I I did quite enjoy it The two guys behind the cartoon French guys I think

and Antwan Oh God delay And to be in cleanliness was he doing they they they wanted to come up with a GA to match Tom and Jerry or Roadrunner and all that stuff It was blatantly inspired by they finally hit upon the idea of or the after watching a 1958 Walt Disney documentary called white wilderness in which lemmings real lemmings were shot jumping off a cliff And this is where the popular myth comes from that lemmings throw themselves off a cliff what they didn't actually know and that you read afterwards is actually the producers who were throwing these animals off the back off the cliff and yeah that created this whole idea that they've got a collective brain and they like to jump off a cliff It's just some sick fuckers in

Pete:If nothing else if we hadn't have watched this we wouldn't have known



Yeah So there you go Yeah I quite like this

Dan:I watched it I must have it gave me a couple of smiles but not any real laughs or anything It's probably smiling because I knew it was over soon it as you said it it doesn't offer anything new everything It did It reminded me of something else that has been done better like the the lemons were minions or the minions do it better

Reegs:I'm scared of the minions

Dan:you've got you know ridiculous things like Cartoons do don't think it's really what my kids would go for but if it's on I'd probably just leave it on you know Cause it's over soon Yeah

Pete:yeah yeah Similar


Sidey:Right So we are rapidly And I mean it's next week episode 100 So we will be putting out a poll on Twitter and I mean something you vote on not a polished national we have all nominated a film and we'd like you guys out there to decide which one we're going to watch It worked tremendously The last time we


Reegs:it did it

Sidey:we even got an interview with the director out of it So that'll be


Sidey:I'm going for day live

Reegs:The John Carpenter It's a great movie I'm going for the Holy mountain and the Hondo John at that ski Esposito

Dan:I've got the white tiger featuring on Netflix at the

Pete:Yeah And I haven't looked where we can watch this yet but I'm going for cloud

Reegs:Nice Nice

Sidey:So happy with any of those two brands but you decide our fate is in your hands but until next week don't forget to subscribe and review and listen and talk to us on Twitter Cause we liked that a lot 

Reegs:is anybody up for a horror movie or

Sidey:Is it going to be the Babbitt Duke

Dan:Oh we got a choice Do we Or is

Reegs:Well no I just don't know whether it's a bit too much of the same or too soon from the last one or I've been I've been really wanting to do hereditary No for eight now you're out

Sidey:about It's the same dude as mid-summer

Dan:Oh for fuck sake ban No

Reegs:Okay All right Well think about that

Dan:that psychological onslaught of mid-summer

Reegs:top five is absolutely definitely Cause we've talked about it so many times tonight is best one last shot tracking shots in movies long shots once scenes that look as if they were one shots


Reegs:Cause I love him too

Sidey:TV wise

Reegs:well it was going to be all matched up with hereditary So I'll have to

Dan:what Sorry

Sidey:Yes it'd be fucked up shit The bed you made it made me reedit this round just to get this in and he's fucked It completely fucked It all we've got is a top five You'll let us know about the other stuff All that remains is to say society starting out