Dec. 31, 2021

Wrath of Man & Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu

Wrath of Man & Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu
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Ok, I was really hoping that Reegs would have written some notes, but alas that hasn't happened!

We opted for a violent theme for this week's content. Nothing brings out ones violent tendencies more effectively than a family get together. That theory forms the basis of our Top 5 for this week - family fights.

Earlier on this year we reviewed Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen. As I recall that movie split opinion down the middle of our dad based panel. We've returned to the filmography of Mr Ritchie to see if we can all agree on something for once. That seems unlikely. But, in any case we watched Wrath Of Man and the early signs were promising.

Finally for our kids choice, inspired by our kids (and some dads) presents, we watched Lego Ninjago. Surely this will be a hit?!

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Wrath of Man

Sidey: Welcome to bad dads, firmer view. It's Dan Howie and myself sided tonight. Again with no intro, intro game has been poor.

Dan: I dunno. I think it's better without rigs.

Sidey: Big shout out to rigs who is now I believe free of COVID, but has a crippling back problems. So he is laid up for hopefully just one more week, and then we can have rigs back because I do feel that rig Springs, the most insightful film criticism, and also intro game is very strong.

So we miss your rigs. We're looking forward to having you back,

Howie: We haven't had enough one-star reviews for is overuse of verbiage as well for a long time.

Sidey: do miss

Howie: let's hope that while you're laying there in your pants, holding your back, that you can write something quite disaster,

Sidey: It did do the notes,

Howie: in his words, he reads, this is a desperate we are.

Dan: Yeah. It's much better. This podcast for me. We've got people who can speak,

Howie: call me old fashioned

Sidey: chaps, Xmas. How'd you get on any good gifts?

Dan: Yeah, it did. Okay. Did, okay. Got nice sort of jackets and socks got the socks. Of course,

Howie: What's a sort of jackets.

Dan: like a down jacket. You know, one of those, it's not like a real waterproof jacket or anything. It's straight jacket, a jacket potato. Note did very well. They're very well

Howie: I got tangerines Maltesers, which I thought was going to be the sum of my presence, because like us all we'd agreed with the better half, no presence this year. We're just spoiled the kids, et cetera. Yeah. Okay. So I went, oh, well, I'll go a bit crazy and bought her a pair of Christmas socks, you know, which are good.

She's even remarked that they're good. And then she pulls out the Lego technics with me looking like an absolute can't.

Dan: cheapskate at Christmas

Howie: important to be a cheapskate. And I did the typical dad thing of going, like trying to hide. The surprise of seeing what the kids had got for Christmas. Cause I'd bought like one or two gifts thinking that yeah.

You know, I've contributed and then gift after gift appeared that I had no idea it was. And then like like that My daughter, my daughter, gang, I've lost the ring. I've lost the ring. I'm like what ring? She'll let you know the one you bought me for Christmas. Oh yeah, fuck fucking useless. But my son was obsessed with Shang cheese stuff and I sent you some pictures of, I bought him alien vs.

Predator action dolls. So even though he's 10 years under the limits to watch these films, I feel it's a good grounding to get him used

Sidey: to his films in there.

Howie: Yeah. What was the first film you think you ever watched.

Sidey: Robocop and I was still at

Howie: Oh,

Sidey: school. Yeah.

Dan: I did Kumar, commando and chewing a sleepover at somebody's

Howie: Same set. Commando was definitely the first one and yeah, that's the first one. VHS Don road video. That's brilliant.

Dan: I bought some good stuff over, over the Christmas period, actually. I've, I've just started to watch on BBC I player the gal who with the dragon tattoo

Howie: they're in a big block on BBC four on they


Dan: amazing So they're on

on the catch up the Norwegian Swedish version or whatever Scandinavian version. Yeah. Really, really good. So I'm going to binge that I was up to like half, two last night watching it. I'll probably do the same again tonight. I watched Spiderman the homegrown.

In preparation for

Sidey: have you seen

Dan: new Spiderman film. And we can all go and watch tomorrow.

Sidey: far from home

Dan: They was far from home, but I wish I had seen before. I've watched them out of order. Watched really enjoyed homecoming, really enjoying homecoming probably more than I did the middle one, but I'm going to go and see the third one.

Cause that was Jake Gillan hall in the

Sidey: The girl in the first one is the one from black Klansman at the great big Afro.

Dan: Oh, right. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, she was, yeah. She's looking great in this as well. I watched the accountant cause it came on. Yeah.

Howie: been prompting me to watch

Dan: it's it was, it was decent. Started to watch June. But I haven't got food that the, yeah,

Sidey: No, the new one one,

Howie: and I've seen the old one, the old one's worth watching because it's just mental.

Dan: And the other one that I watched which I do recommend, and I've had a shout out online as well. Propel Kerr. And, and so there's a, there's a dry hassle nurse in flu ASIN brewery, which is the German one. And I'm sure that's absolutely nailed that pronunciation. Thank y'all. Thank you all. Thank you, Sharon.

Howie: Yeah. Peter said I have plowed through to what a plethora one, which was the wheel of time on Amazon prime.

Yeah. I'd say quite high production values and it has drawn me in, I thought it was quite good. So it's like another Lord of the rings variant.

And the next one again, another Lord of the rings star Varian is the Witcher series two with Mr. Cavill. My wife is watching it purely for Mr. Cavill,

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: which is fair enough, really. This is very different. This is like Lord of the rings for geeks with added fuck written all over it all the time. All the characters do ask fuck sake for fucking hell there's loads of effort and Jeff in it so far enjoying it.

The only thing I have about it is Cavill. I don't know if it's his voice, it must kill him to do the voice constantly. Cause he's doing an Aflac. He's doing a Batman everywhere by the fucker. It's all like this. And.

A fair place to the guy for it. But to think, you know what, I'm going to keep this accident all the way through worth of worth a try, but you need to start, you can't just join at season two wherever, because there's so much backstory and I, and the books are even more geeky

Sidey: Okay.

Howie: way by your side.

Sidey: Christmas is good. Got some good gifts. I also treated myself to a couple of things to sort of help with the pod. Yes. Got myself Al Carto stream deck to try and help speed things up. Editing wise. It's really boring. I also got myself a new mouse.

One of those ones. That's kind of like you're in a handshake position. It's supposed to stop you getting strain injury or something.

Dan: any good.

Sidey: Well, I've only just got it. I haven't really clicked with. I genuinely do. I do. I did. It's not just the South Africa. I did. I did buy a film last night. We watched Godzilla king of monsters, which is great.

Yeah, it's really great. It's stupid. And there's nothing left of the world, I think at the end of the fighting, but I did enjoy it. There was some other stuff that we always, we started a Netflix series called the girl from Oslo, which is like a Scandi kidnapped sort of kid thing.

Dan: Watch loads, a little Christmasy stuff, you know, the 10, 15 minute Christmas stuff that comes on.

And and that's been fun, you know, to, to dip in and dip out, but we had some good homework this week as well.

Sidey: did, we did, we did have some very good homework. We earlier on, we chat about fight club, which we're into masterpiece territory in my view, but that we've got some other stuff to look forward to later on in the show, we had a top five last week, but I not even Jeff kitchen, I don't believe contributed.

Dan: I wonder if it was, it was Darren leafy with the M as it leafy

Sidey: lately he's changed it to roughly for the festive period, which is great.

Dan: that makes perfect sense. Well done.

Sidey: It was, it was Christmas trees last week, but I don't believe

Dan: no, he didn't come out with

Sidey: anything was added to the list.

Dan: What did we have? What, what Christmas tree fund could we add in there?

Sidey: I think we just leave it as is.

Dan: Okay, the tree of Christmas past, well, I had a top five this week,

Sidey: Yes, we did have a top five.

Dan: and it was a bit of a classic subject, really, because this goes on doesn't it, we chose family fights cause TIS the season really TIS the

Sidey: yeah. I mean, we had the in-laws rounds a day. And the mother-in-law

Dan: it, loving it on you.

Sidey: specifically to watch the football which was disappointing in its own.

Right. But then just as it started, the mother-in-laws started launching into some tail and I'm like looking at it, like

Dan: you've saved this for now

Sidey: we just pipe down. And so yes we are doing, and we didn't fight. We didn't come to blows yet, but this is movie family fights.

Dan: Yeah. Well, as I, I, this isn't about when you're about to watch a movie and then the family say, come, we will going out now for a walk. Well, no, why now? This is more family fights. I did start off with a Christmas one though. I have a, got a Christmas one and it was Christmas story member that film that I really liked that none of you did.


Howie: it was all

Dan: It's okay. So.

Howie: thought it was okay

Dan: Again, they show shown on I player. So you can, you can watch that and prove. Yeah, no, honestly, if you listening to this is decent is really, really good. It's okay. If you've got kids who are enjoying Christmas and all the excitement that comes around there, but this family a dysfunctional and they're fighting over, and it was funny because they're fighting over presence, really they're fighting over not getting gifts and, and things.

And I've done a few others of, of fights. So I've got the fights of, of money and trust and big issues and, and all those kinds of things that we might fight off over Christmas, but Christmas story you can catch on, I play and is a good, and I don't care what side he says.

Howie: I'm, I'm going to interject with a family fight. That is not Christmas-y. And this is from, I might nominate for a mid-week or at some point have you seen legend with Tom Hardy as the craze?

 one that most of us have seen is the old Martin camp and Gary camp Spandau ballet one. That was from when

Dan: you said legend. I was

Howie: you can Tom cruise. Yeah. this is Tom Hardy playing both the craze and it's very cleverly done with obviously the split screen technology. So it doesn't look like a green screen top of super Superman, three ESC.

Now this features a load of fights in it that obviously Tom Hardy is fighting against himself and it's been cut and put together very cleverly. There is a horrific fight involving I'm going to go. I think it's yeah, Ron, who's the. The volatile one, if that makes any sense, because obviously they're both not quite large, but Ron's more volatile.

One who after wretch gets sort of settled down somewhat and tries to legitimize his business. And he's making a decent coin Ron's volatility con escape him when he resorts to criminal ways again, and thus turns the business on its head and it goes to shit. And there's a scene where Ron and rich confront each other in their club.

And it turns into a fucking dust up of unbelievable proportions. Cause they're both amateur boxers anyway, as characters and. Ron grabs reg by the bollix and it's cleverly done. Cause it's Tom Hardy on both sides, lifts him up, buys bollix. And then I think he smashes a bottle over a chair over his head, and there's a lot of abuse, you know, it's real good family abuse.

Cause yeah, the, his wife says something and he says, you're about as fucking barren as anything. There's nothing in you. And this is just after she had a miscarriage, you know, up the ante stuff and Ron's got his too.

Dan: the earth, the Cray Saudi earth. They were

Howie: no one, no arm

Dan: nobody that they was slit.

Howie: never hurt their own. Never out there are just fucking murdered and slaughtered their own if you cross them because they murdered George Cornell.

If you remember that guy and that's what fucking sets them off and that's what they eventually get prosecuted on. Never released, I think they both died behind the past and they.

Sidey: Very similar. I've got frozen from Disney. Ana. I always say that it really rolls my daughter Ana and Elsa, Elsa. She's obviously aware from a young age that she has these powers. And so she's kind of kept away and Ana doesn't understand why her sister won't play with her. Won't, be allowed near her or, or just be able to just, you know, normal stuff.

So there's this hastily arranged it's the coronation, isn't it of, of Elsa. And she's kind of freaking out because she isn't able to control her powers. And Ana has this to say, well, wind romance would be a underplaying. It because it's the same day she decides she's going to get married to this dude.

And they have a kickoff about it and Ana whips off his glove and all the powers are revealed and starts a big chain of events that that is the story of frozen. So yeah, it's just a family, sort of a family feud that kicks off the whole.

Howie: it's all about no, Ana is

Sidey: allegory?

Dan: I filmed that I watched this week and I didn't mention was the new one on Netflix with Leonardo

Howie: Oh don't spoil it.

Dan: Lawrence. Don't look up and okay. I won't go too far into it, but there's one scene where Leonardo DiCaprio and his wife in a situation with another woman in. In a hotel room and it's obvious what he's been up to the wife's turned up.

And there have a bit of a kind of ding dong, but not nothing too

spectacular in, in some of these family fuse that we're going to be talking about. But I just wanted to wedge that in because it is right now, that film

Sidey: everyone's talking about that online.

Dan: and really, really good movie. Maybe it's one that we'll, we'll do a more in depth review of, but

Sidey: someone asked us online. Mr. Bevis asked us to, to, to look at it.

Dan: Right. Okay. Well

Sidey: some point

Howie: click the plus

Dan: it's something I could talk about a lot longer, but I won't right now,

Howie: Come on. I'm on going straight to Disney again from side I'll go for the lion king. you got to be fast. So you got sky, you got Simba.

And then you've got fussy is extended family of complete fuckwits who say to him, Hey look, everything's fucked. Just fucking forget. Don't worry about it. Get over it. Get over. It's Poon bay, your fucking, wherever the hell he is. Pretty treacherous uncle there. Scaroni

Sidey: Yeah. Disney, Disney, a ruthless at killing off family members. And this one's particularly galling

Jeremy, Jeremy irons. Isn't it. He's just wicked as the voice

Howie: It's still carries real peril and weight behind it. Emotionally, if you watch it with kids, it's still codes is still holds it and it's, it's done so well so dramatically.

Sidey: Simba's, you know, like sniff around, like, you know, get up, you know, what's going on

Dan: do a new release of this.

Howie: there is a lion king too, which is bollock Simba's pride or something

Dan: talking about the original lion

Sidey: yeah, there's a Disney kids series, the pride or whatever they're called. But yeah, this is my foster says long, live the king, as he sort of pushes you away, he falls off the edge.

It's fucking barren, man.

Howie: And you've got, you've got some cameos from, is it Rowan Atkinson plays the fucking parrot to can weather. That is,

but yeah, I'm a slightly dysfunctional family.

I don't know what the term is for killing a member. It's not regicide. That's killed the king. Isn't it?

Sidey: patricide.

was a joke on them, on the radio for whatever it was. If patricide is getting your father and match size killing, and rather than countryside is killing Pierce Morgan. Yeah. Game of Thrones, that's all, it's all about families. The Lannisters being from, well, have to be the mum. I don't know, actually, but they're certainly incredibly dysfunctional. The fight slash killing I'm thinking of is Tyrian he's, he's been Just through it, you know, his family had just trying to get rid of him as I think it was the court case.

He sort of thing where he's on trial. And he goes off and kills Tywin while he's taking a shit.

Howie: Cause he's been banging his misses.

Sidey: Yeah. It's all very convoluted. Very like good it's it's it's it's I watched one the other day, a hard time where the, the ice, the night Kings doing later fighting it is great. You remember how good it was up until a certain point and this, this particular kill of Tywin Anissa being killed wise on the love is is brilliant.

And it was its at that time it was like top tier television, but sadly they weren't able to keep that going to the end.

Howie: Yeah. Who killed Jeffrey? I know he had his, he was poisoned, but who was it that

Sidey: it, I can't remember a name. It was.

Diana, Rick was the actress. She poised

Howie: oh,

Sidey: poisoning and she, I think she called him a cunt when which is quite full to hear, you know, Dame, Damon.

Dan: yeah it w it was top, top quality television

Howie: I still, I still fucking recall recoil how the man mounting killed the bloke with the killed by the

Sidey: Viper and it just crushed him.

Howie: him through the eyeballs with his thumbs off. Fuck.

not pleasant, but yeah, like you said, you forget how top tier it was. And when you look back at it, Yeah, the final series was

Sidey: I would like to rewatch it because, you know, I've, I've just seen it once, but it's just like knowing that it is that maybe it just won't watch the last bit. I haven't still liked it where they resolve the whole night carrying, you know, getting killed.

But after that anyway.

Dan: Yeah, well, that, that that's, family's right there.

Isn't it? Game of Thrones. I mean you sometimes, you know, families, your time and spicy, it's all relative Um of the films that I've, I've really, really enjoyed and it came out of nowhere that I got from this pod was mother this year. And they obviously have arguments within that juices in the characters.

And when, you know,

Sidey: she was selling reasonable

Dan: she was so unreasonable. So unreasonable mother

Howie: I, I, that, that is one of the films that I've watched with the fast forward button. Oh fuck. Ah,

Dan: Yeah. He's quite high. It's quite harrowing. There's some real kind of heavy moments and, and really welds you up and makes you angry as, as this film is aiming to do.

And it was. It's still one of the, the films that if somebody asked me, have you got a good one? I'm in the mood? I haven't seen, have you seen this? And I would say mother, because it's a genius, genius film really, really enjoyed it. There was really some of the big issues and that's when families can fight the most.

Isn't it.

Howie: Again, I'm going to go with some heavy hitting. So first of all, I went lion king and now I'm going for the nutty professor in the clumps.

One of my favorite rubbish films to watch on an afternoon. Oh eight, the first one with Eddie Murphy, there is a scene at the time. It was a very reminiscent of his coming to America, where he plays all the

Sidey: characters.

Howie: He plays all of the clumps at the dinner table bar one, which is the little boy Hercules Hercules.

And there is a grandma talking about how Mike Douglas and who he is. I think the TV star was the only white man who got her moist. Everyone starts retching. She starts coughing and everyone's covering their food. And the grand at the, I think the, the dad tells a he's going to throw out the house.

The mother then starts talking about it. She's like, oh, this is all Eddie Murphy. And he Murphy starts talking about potential. The mother story starts talking about getting a Kalanick and the dad says Kalanick, the only Kalanick I want coming out of my ass and he's farts everyone, then. My kids are screaming with laughter.

They're all just standing up and farting at the table. The fat kids called Hercules starts coughing and food starts coming out of his mouth. The nightly professor, professor's trying to lose weight then as an argument about how much salt you can use. And the guy tells him, you can eat what you want.

As long as you burn off the calories and used to go look, people are genetically predisposed to put wheat on and it's it's the film is fucking trash, but you'll, your kids will love it and you'll watch it and go, do you know what is actually moderately

Dan: lofts isn't there when there's during the standup comedian and body loves up there or whatever it is.

There's some, there's some, yeah, there's some good lines. Good Lawrence.

Howie: so yeah, a real hard hitting film, the nutty professor and the clumps to which I think there was two sequels.

Sidey: Okay

Howie: One may have gone straight to DVD.

Sidey: Well,

There's this small, independent movie star wars. There's a few of them, as it turns out and new hope sort of sets the scene and that's weirdly number four number five is called empire strikes back.

And in that. Hero Luke is fighting this guy who's all in black, he must be a member of a gang or something. They have a fight which kind of goes out into this weird platform. It goes to the middle of nowhere, which is odd. And he cuts off his hand. Luke has his hand cut off by his name was Darth Vader on the crossfader.

And he says that in a shocking revelation now spoiler alert everyone that he is actually, his father

Howie: No reason to watch it. Now you've told me

Sidey: I know. So

Dan: sound like it's going to catch you on this one anyway.

Sidey: that is that's a dad versus father, son scrap would have been to the death. You know, that was pretty full on that one.

And clearly the best film of the franchise empire strikes back. I don't think there's any debate about that.

Howie: I haven't seen him. Haven't seen him.

Sidey: Oh, well you should check them out. They're pretty good

Howie: yeah. I'll watch VHS. Someone must've liked,

Sidey: tomorrow, which is.


days ago, if you're listening to this on release day is the book of Boba Fett coming out on Disney plus. So I think Disney going to do that Wang thing where they do one episode a week, fuck off of that shit.

Dan: just let them all out. And that his

Sidey: Push it out

Howie: because

Sidey: I already, I've already paid you Disney. I've already paid the monthly subscription, so you don't need to drip feed it to me.

Yeah. Just fucking put it all out there. Oh, Hey, that

Howie: Oh,

Sidey: we don't need that fucking bullshit recap at the start of everything anyway.

Howie: So now

Sidey: But

Howie: I like is actually, oh, so I said earlier, I'm watching the Witcher and it's been a significant amount of time between the end of the last series. And now, and they do just a three-minute separate chapter.

That is a recap. And if you want, they've got this bloke, who's like a witch, a geek who does a five minute speed run of the entire series. And we watched it and it was really well done. It was a five minute speed up because there's so many names, so many things need

Dan: between series, I get it. But after every episode it's like,

Sidey: At least you get the skip recap button, but you wouldn't need that if you just put the whole fucking way.

Howie: Was it, was it 24 that used to last episode on 24

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: fucking Kiefer Sutherland. I know he's running. That's all I need to know. It's all in here. Just leave it.

Dan: first 15

minutes we

Sidey: episode, the first few episodes. I know it won't be any of these people in it yet because we've got a million twists to go through. So it's fine.

Dan: Well we, we talked about the big issues were mothering and presence with Christmas, Carol. I was meant to get a decent telescope actually for their kids. I said, I'd look into it, but we, the, the other kind of argument I find that goes on is trust. And page eight was the spy thriller.

I asked us all to watch a few months ago and it's as with any kind of spy thriller or spies trust is one of the big issues there. And there was the, the father daughter relationship going on here where they weren't quite sure.

And who to trust and where to go and what to do and all the rest of it. I love a spy thriller.

This wasn't, this was a trilogy by a British guy. Who'd, who'd written these three films and got bill Nighy and, and a really good cost in to do it. Right. Rachel vice was in it as well. I, I really enjoyed this. I know it wasn't everybody's cup of coffee, but it was other people's cups of tea. So I think that that went okay.

Yeah, it was, it was, it was a nice, you know, British spy thriller that.

Probably could have done a little bit more. I mean, it was trying to be it was trying to do all the best things that we

Sidey: do

Dan: so well.

Sidey: under the radar. Cause I hadn't heard of it till you nominated it.

Dan: And and Turk and K costs, I think was another one off this. And so on the battlefield was the other one or the trilogy and altogether a really decent showing as well.

Howie: No one likes one again, heavy hitting film, which I'm not sure either side he has seen or sorry. He hates a think you hate stepbrother.

Sidey: got it on the list as well. I I've seen it. Yeah. It's sort of cinema. I just don't like it as much as other welfare stuff.

Dan: I didn't think this was

Howie: they

Sidey: Don't touch my drum kit.

Howie: See, I think that scene where he's rubbing his testicles on the fucking drum kit and I like it at the end when.

Spoiler. He tells us, he tells his son and he steps on to make something of themselves.

So they film a video, the world, premiere of prestige. Worldwide's first music video, and they play it in this restaurant by our first act, huffing and puffing to back. Roll it. Roll at play close attention. Dad is going to look familiar. This is it. This is perfect. Is that my boat? Yes, it is. What are you doing on my boat?

The Nina, the opinion, the sense of Maria, or do you in the bottom while you're drinking sangria, not just a lemon heads on my dad's boat, you boat go down. Cause my Dick can float boats and hose poached that hose. We sell around the world and we go port to port. Every time I come, I produce a court that's offensive.

Brendan. I've got to have me boats and hose deadliest catch without the crabs. We're almost out of gas. Call the a raps. Now at this point, they've wrecked their dad's boat that they're supposed to be traveling around the world and it's fucking uproar. His dad loses the plot, completely throws them out the house.

There's just lots of. I genuinely, I really laughed out loud during this, especially the scenes with his obsessed sister-in-law who keeps trying to fuck him at every opportunity. And he's like, I don't know what to do. Leave me alone, leave me alone. I agree. It's not one of his pinnacle films, but it is.

I remember being in the cinema. I forgotten who I was with, but we laughed out loud when they do their homemade bunk bed. And they go this, have you seen that? But so they get their two single beds, put them on top of each other and ask permission. If they can make bunk beds. This is a project we've got so much room in here.

We've got so much room in here. You see one of them go underneath, then we'll fail jumps onto the top bunk and you just hear it collapse, go call an ambulance, call an ambulance and the whole fucking beds in pieces. So yeah, a family fuse, not between the two boys

Dan: I reckon that she's really close to home. Isn't it? You've done all that kind of stuff. And you're like, oh yeah, they all collapsed

Howie: tries to kill him. I think we're burying him.

Dan: that's

Howie: bearing alive in the back garden. Yeah. So step brothers

Sidey: I've got a couple more comedy ones.

Raging bull check, check. The mater is quite keen on a bit of wife beating. So that's always

not very much fun. Also child custody, battle misery first Kramer vs. Kramer is just a family fight from start to end

Dan: Christmas family

Sidey: Yeah, that's always a cherry one. And then this one we've had before home alone.

And I

Dan: trolling himself.

Sidey: distill it down to these two characters, this is the reason why I hate it so much is buzz and Kevin, the fight, I fucking despise that buzz. And that is why I cannot get on with this movie.

Howie: and to see it because they've ironically put bars in the new version of

Sidey: I've heard that really, really bad

Howie: the worst. Well, I'd say it's the worst thing I've ever seen. I'll put it out there. My, even my son who loves just drivel said, daddy, this is really bad. Isn't it?

Dan: Let's get cited. A t-shirt for that one. Then

Howie: It's genuine. I have a quick look. It's on Disney or now because they're hopelessly pushing it, but just give it a few minutes and see how

Dan: alone. What home loan?

Howie: I think it's homegrown for Christmas or something like that.

Dan: Okay.

They've not given it a number.

Howie: No, it's, it's horrific. The boy you hope gets home invaded personally invaded. You hope that Joe Pesci turns up and just does a casino on him and baseball bats him in a cornfield. Happy Christmas you motherfucker.

Dan: Well I've, I've got another comedy. I'm his godfather. and this is when shit gets real in families, I guess.

There's blood spilt and there's there's plenty of arguments that one of the things that struck me in this film, cause I really loved the books as well. And you obviously get all the characters, what they think in and, and how they're, they're assessing the other businessmen or mafiosos that come into the room.

And one of the meetings is Sonny is he's there. And you've got Marlon Brando talking to another kind of mafia guy and Sonny just says, oh no, we could do it that way. A steel was a glance over it. I mean, it says you don't ever fuck it. You know, if Don Corleone, Don is just said, it's not happen.

Don't go in say that it could

Sidey: happen,

Dan: know, don't undermine them at all. And, and that starts a whole chain of events. Really? That means that the Dawn gets wiped out and it's just business. They know that Sonny, if he's in position, we'll be more open to the plan. I think it was drugs

Sidey: It was drugs. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: No, we don't. We're not touching that.

Dan: we were sticking to the, the, the numbers gave me the prostitution game. We're not getting into the drug game. Yeah. There are good crimes

Howie: stick with the basics,

Dan: murder. And,

Howie: old basics.

Dan: So yeah, the godfather, there you go. Families, Michael Corleone and Sonny Corleone and Freddo as well as the other brother. And they all seem to be battling a little bit for power and for the Dawn's love.

Howie: My last two knives out, which we reviewed with, with with, with all the

Dan: have everyone in it

Howie: you know, absolutely everybody and the lovely antidote analysts.

No, no, her

Sidey: have you seen bond?

Howie: yeah. Yeah,

Sidey: She stills it.

Howie: yeah, she does. And.

One that's really quite sweet, bittersweet and funniest. Shaun of the dead Simon peg and bill Nye is bill Nye plays his stepdad and he just fucking hates this. He hates, he's never accepted him as he stepped. I'd always thought of him as being a fucking horrible person and he's just full of hatred and vitriol.

And then at the very end. Bill Nye basically says I was hard on you for a reason and all this, and I just wanted you to succeed and be something and all that. And in the meantime, he's turned into a fucking zombie. I saw some weird random, so the Facebook algorithm took me somewhere again on the watch button.

Sidey: Stop blaming the algorithm,

Howie: Well, the female bodybuilders, the liver king. Oh my God. Bill Nighy in all his films. You'll now look for this. Have you heard about this? Yeah. He never eats his fingers are almost few shut. He's got an illness.

Sidey: Mary Berry.

Howie: Yeah. Kind of it's like, it's like, yeah. It's like arthritis. Yeah, but he can't. So in all his scenes, he's never holding things.

So his hands are always closed as well. So they showed several clips from it and it was. Of Christ's fair play to the guy, but yeah, it's just one of

Dan: clever shots and you'll see him like holding up a mobile phone in, in the, the spy films that I watched it. And I don't know what it, what it is, but yeah,

Howie: MRI to his

Dan: it's only when you're looking for it that you notice it. Yeah.

Howie: So, yeah, so there's something you've not learned from me. So yeah, that's my last ones.

Sidey: Backdraft has some good Kurt Russell content. He has his younger brother joins the force and he just relentlessly bullies them to try and get them out in the end.

Physically there's no fisticuffs, but he does snap and say, I'm not going to fucking quit. You can fuck off. I'm not going to quit. So that's the film we haven't, I don't think mentioned before the Avengers slash Marvel stuff has loads of great big stories about infinity stones and, and all of that.

But the first Avengers film is ultimately a film about two brothers fighting Thor against low-key at its core is is a family kind of feud culminating in for taking his naughty brother back to ask God to be judged by Odin, I guess. And there's also Nebula and Gamora who are the two embittered assassin sisters who are for a large part of their arc are trying to kill each other.

Howie: the giant Avenger shaped like, well, though the giant villain shirt look at quality street, Sonos where his name is.

Sidey: Yeah. And my last one, I've got more turnarounds. We won't go into that. Cause we always talk about that. But million dollar baby Maggie has a lot of success. As a boxer, you seen that one.

Howie: I have in places I know what happens at the

Sidey: haven't. Ooh, I have to be nominated is Oscar winning, like solid gold. But she has a lot of success.

And has she's come from obviously a really impoverished sort of difficult upbringing. So once she's got a bit of cash, rather than just spunk it all, like the wall, she buys a a property, a sort of put some money back to for the family, for her mother and all that, but they just kick off and they don't want it because it means they won't.

Eligible for welfare. And and so they're, they're real really ungrateful and it just causes a big rift in the family, obviously. I can't believe, you know, I've seeing it as a gray film. It will definitely, definitely have to catch up on that.

Dan: look forward to putting that in. I was just looking there quickly cause it, it sparks a memory of mine. I'm trying to find the name of it.

One of the films where two brothers was fighting was warrior. Then if

Howie: Yeah.

We're Tom Hardy. That's a, you know what, that's a really underrated film.

Dan: is

Howie: Sorry

Sidey: it's a giant hole

Howie: No, it's not

Sidey: Oh that's a boxer or

Howie: ah, that's going to really piss me off. It's a really decent one. It's is it, is it another one of those based on a true story?

Dan: I think it is.

Howie: it is. Yeah.

Dan: And the other one that's that's really good is called Rams.

I dunno if you've seen that about it in Icelandic film of these two brothers fighting over just a family feud where they haven't spoken for years and then a, a disease comes into the, their stock and they're forced to go and start to speak to each other because they have to call the, the, the sheep and everything that they're looking after, but it's, it's an absolute surprise and a tour de force.

And it's, it's a really nice film

Sidey: That reminds me of one. Again, I've got this,

these pop into your head and think, oh, I must note that down cause we should, we should definitely read it. Have you ever seen the straight story? it was David Lynch. Schwab. Okay. Well, we'll have to watch that, but that is the story of one old man and his brother and they haven't spoken.

They've had a falling out for years and it's the story of his journey to go see his brother. So brilliant, brilliant. But I will say no more cause those, those are two films. I'd mostly be, have to see.

Howie: is the

Dan: use the other in warrior Y okay. Oh, excellent. Yeah, no, that's, that's a really, really good

Howie: Nick knows. He placed the dysfunctional dad.

Dan: Yes. Yeah. It's just great to have in any film, is any Nick Noey? Even though you can't understand him anymore, you know that he's saying good things have the subtitles on for Nick these days? The king speech will be my final one that I'm going to mention here.

Where is George? The six? I think he kind of deeply resented Edward the eighth or ninth though. I can't remember exactly from abdicated the throne and he had to go on

Sidey: bang some American check.

Dan: yeah. That's right. And he had to then go in thrust into the limelight where he really didn't want to be

Howie: And he had an oppressive father who basically shouted at and forgetting stammering. Yeah. Massively

Dan: really doesn't help if, if anybody doesn't know that already,

Howie: Yeah. It's not the

Dan: it was a D I see a really decent movie Ferris Bueller's day off. There were some arguments in that as well. I know you love it. So I mentioned it and my last one and it was just to go into the theme of, of money and class and everything was bait where they have, you know, families who are

Howie: all the brother and

Dan: over what should happen with,

Sidey: family boat.

Dan: family

boat and the family things.

And it was obviously a fantastic film that we got to review.

Howie: which was on film for the other week, Christmas Eve.

Dan: And I think you can still catch up. So check.

Sidey: All right. Well, what are we going to put into our top? Let's do four.

Jeff Ketchum at a fifth, I, or start off by putting in, I think game of Thrones

Howie: Yeah. Yeah.

Quintessential Lannister family. I'll go for the craze, their legacy. You Tom Hardy

Dan: I'll put in mother.

Sidey: Okay. One other having thought about it that I'd quite like to put it in the straight story, but you don't know it.

So maybe something

Howie: the lion Kings

Sidey: Oh, that is good. Actually. That is

Howie: just cause he's so fucking nasty.

Sidey: a Disney film as well. Yeah. Okay. Lion King's in, it's in we watched a film for this week show, which I don't think meets the criteria of the podcast, but it's Christmas and we didn't have a whole lot of time. And so we'd all seen this film where we thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about Jason Stephan. We watched rough of man,

Howie: Yeah. Guy Ritchie's returned to filmmaking sense.

The biggest piece of bullshit ever revealed. I think surely wasn't it

Dan: the gentleman, I

Sidey: He did. He did the Aladdin remake.

Howie: That from the record.

Sidey: in he did the elated. He did the Aladdin remake and then he did the gentlemen.

Howie: Oh, which I liked. And I think a lot of you didn't like


Sidey: Yeah. And it was weird.

Howie: will Smith fucking hell.

Sidey: Yeah. So this was I didn't,

Howie: happy Christmas

Sidey: I didn't realize that that this existed it popped up on prime.

We're at a loose end. And I thought, I didn't know what the fancy bit of staff in that sort of just silly violence, you know, and it, and it popped up just being directed by Girish, like, oh, okay. Like some of his stuff really disliked some of his stuff, so let's see how we get on with this one.

Howie: Combs films.


Dan: I really liked them. Yeah. I thought that was him. Really good. He's done locked stock

Sidey: like that love snatch.

Dan: Brilliant gentlemen. I, I really

Sidey: like that. Didn't like


Howie: Archie's did you see kiosk?

Sidey: no. Not good.

Howie: I be back him saying it and he says he talks RDS.

Sidey: Okay. So, well he owns a pub. It doesn't even with David Beckham paddock anyway, so it could go either way, this one rigs isn't here, but he really enjoyed this a lot.

Dan: this film.

Sidey: Yeah. The film starts off and it's it's chapters, it's titled intersections. So this starts off with the very opening scene where right in the midst of an armed robbery of a cash trot, you know, one of those armored sort of vans that goes around with the money in it.

And so we're front and center in in the, in the van as it's being robbed.

Howie: I'm always, for those, those sorts of federal four by four type Bulletproof vans, I must think they must be on the wane that service now, because yeah, everything's cashless.

I mean, you used to see, you see around where we are. Obviously you see the Securicor over, had the Ford, the purple Ford transit with the, the mail slide in, but these are serious vehicles they've got in the states in this film,

Sidey: Well you say about cashless on Christmas day. My daughter drew up a list of everyone who was in the room because the language was getting quite poor and she was charging us for the swearing. And I w she only had two. And that was because someone played a really bad card in Rami that we're playing which cost us the game.

And so I shout off for fuck sake. And anyway, I ended up going two pounds, but I don't have two pounds in cash. She keeps mentioning everyday, dad, you owe me two pounds. I'm like, well, I'll have to Revolute you or something. Yeah.

But this is old school. It's cash in a truck and they are robbed and it's a gang of masked assailants.

And it sorta reminded me a little bit of heat when the one wildcard in the group decides to kill. They're not intended to kill him. It's take the money and run.

Dan: you don't know that for a little while. Do you hear the gunshot sheets to see the reaction of people you don't actually

Sidey: someone, someone says, oh, you just killed a guard and a, an, a bystander.


Dan: they, they kind of have so this film, as you, as you said, they were, it twists, it turns, it tries to make a bit of a labyrinth with it, its plot.

And so it cuts back and it shows you same

Sidey: point of view. Yeah,

Dan: same part of the same from a different point of view.

Sidey: But this one, so that, and that's the end of the robbery. They get away. They take the stuff where they've killed a couple of people, which judging by the reaction, wasn't the plan.

It wasn't there. Wasn't supposed to get down. It was just take the money and run. Then we get, Jason's stay firm at his job interview. And they're saying, oh, your, these references are spot on, you know, blah, blah, blah. You've got the job. And he goes for his sort of shooting assessment, which he just barely passes.

He does the,

Dan: what you need to Polish, you need like seven out of 10, the pass.

So he gets seven out of 10 or 70

Sidey: they're like, whoa, just barely. But you're throwing is okay. He, he meets the guys I think called bullet everyone, cause it's a guy Richfield. Everyone has a nickname. And he's sort of whisked around the building as he's introduced to everyone.

You've got what's that guy who used to be famous, but now Josh

Howie: who my wife is obsessed with. Yes. She really liked when we were talking about this with other females in the room, there was a really, I was like, oh

Sidey: he's called boy

Howie: Yeah that's the weirdest.

Sidey: fairly

Howie: Imagine if your, that was your nickname. Hey boy, sweat. Can we refrain from calling me, call me anything else?

Anything else other than boy, sweat?

Sidey: On his first official day? I think he's, he's given the, the nickname of just H so him boys, sweat and bullet go out on a, on a dry, you know, to take some money somewhere. And they are attacked.

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: Bullet is out of the.

Boys swear nature in the truck and they're

Howie: he gets taken hostage

Sidey: freaking


He doesn't know what to do. He's trying to remember what the, what the sort of procedure is. Eight says, look, don't worry. We'll fucking

Howie: Yeah. Cause he says the procedure is something along the lines of, we should just leave him because he's had like 18 grand in cash, but in the van is a couple of Mel or something, basically it's again, going back to the whole thing, we were talking about numbers versus lives, money.

And so the procedure is you just fucking put it in reverse drive off

Sidey: that demanding $2 million for bullet. But stadiums. I know don't worry. Yeah. We're sorting this out.

Dan: I've this

Sidey: He goes out and basically kills all of them with like precision marksman scale. They're all like fucking out. He's a bit good considering only just parts of

Dan: w w yeah.

Sidey: ship.

Dan: boys, sweat, Davy. He's like he's melting

Sidey: Yeah. Panties,

Dan: well. Isn't it? He's

Howie: It's got post Malone,

Sidey: Yes. Yeah, I forgot

Howie: I surrendered that fucking, but it goes on the run.

Sidey: Doesn't he say, suck my Dick. If we get shot in the face,

Dan: Start your own Dick. And he shoots him in the head. Doesn't he?

Howie: not

the greatest way to go in your own words. What were his final words? He told me to suck my

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: Temper down the gravestone

Dan: so he's, he's clapped back into the into work he's

Howie: which we should say is the weirdest place I've ever seen. This is like a compound full of trucks for security. Wow. Is that real?

Dan: Secure security

Sidey: It's, it's a, it's a location, but on the pod we have had in the past places, locations that have been used multiple times in films which I like, so that LA section of road was used for speed.

For lot of land, there's a cave in. Swiss army man that was used in Batman. And then something about that particular location, the 40, 40 co company in here was also used as a police station in the Arnold Schwartzenegger movie, red heat.

Howie: Oh, great. Cool. We've we've John Belushi.


I should've known that. I am angry with my poor Arnie skills.

Sidey: He's interviewed upon going back to work and they say, well, it's a bit surprising that you imagined to shoot all these guys in the head with absolute perfect marksmanship

Howie: Have you got PTSD?

Sidey: only just, and he said, now the adrenaline like heightened my

Dan: yeah, he has, he has a great answer for everything. And there is snappy kind of dialogue.

Jason Statham all way through this is, is just kind of, it's a revenge film. We, you know, we, haven't

Sidey: we don't know that yet because I actually, in their scene, they say, they say, Carl, can you watch this footage of a previous robbery to see if you recognize anyone? And he sees, you can see in his eyes or something's upsetting him.

He's not. And he's just looking at, and it's the execution of the

Howie: bystander.

Sidey: And he's like, man,

Howie: And this is when you start to get the sort of threads that there is some other reason that there's an agenda that Jason states and his character H has. And it's, he's like th th th do they ask him if he'd like to go for a drink or something, and he kind of holds back.

Dan: that's right.

Yeah. And he he's just getting surveillance and he he's, he's piecing

Howie: him do something, but at this stage, the perspective and the chapter that we're in, you can't see quite what he's done, but he's kind of facing this. I think he's facing clock-in clock-out cards or something. Anyway,

Dan: Yeah. That's what it is, is just getting there identity that is, he knows he's going to need it when he's playing goes into operation at some stage.

So you know that he's joined up with this, this company, but you know, that not all is what

Sidey: well the, the police investigators then go to the FBI agent king played by Andy Garcia and they say this could be the guy that we've been looking for for so many years. But King's like now don't worry. Just, he says, let the painter paint.

If I let him hang on a minute, this is a bit weird. Someone pays my visit and gives them all the files on the Foursquare employees. And it's the only lady that worked so Dana and he has all her family pictures and all that sort of thing. So he later on, he gets romantically involved with her. They have sexual intercourse, but he discovers that she's got a big wedgie cash knocking about I think it was $125,000 which she's stolen.

Howie: Yeah, she's stolen that from for basically a bit on the side for retirement. But H spares her life, but he's, he basically threatens that he's going to put her somewhere else. So she doesn't, hosts back on any more information. Cause the thing just before this, when he's looking at all the information about all these various people, something that he dwells on is the autopsy report, which is quite important for the rest of the film towards the end.


Sidey: Yeah. So he's clearly, he's looking for someone who's on the inside at

dish out information to get all these to the robbers. There's gangs. That's basically the end of chapter one. It, it, it sort of fades out.

That was

Dan: Yeah. Th the crime has been done that we've met the characters. The scene has been set.

We know that statins kick-ass. We know that he's joined this security company, although he's massively, over-qualified, he's playing it down and he's also gathering information and we're not a hundred percent sure at this stage quite what's going on because they do cut back and they give you little,

Sidey: yeah, well, that's what happens.

We go


Yeah. We go into chapter two, which is scorched earth. And this is like you say, it's chapter two. It's from now. It's robbery day, the original robber that we've seen from an alternate point of view. And we see stay from, it gets a phone call from someone and it, his sort of reluctant, like now what you're doing and they, they want to know about this arm.

And he, he gives them the information about the army truck and they, they want to know which way it's

Dan: through

Sidey: And he says, all right, it's turning right.

Dan: That's all he's got to do. And he brings his, his son who's over on holiday visiting. He's divorced from that from the mother. So he spent some at a time with him and everything he does is, is for, for doggie. And he really say, no, no, look, I am not a don't find me. He does eventually get roped into doing this job.

And you're saying it's dead easy. Just got to tell me left or right. Unfortunately Douggie gets embroiled in this

Sidey: yeah doggy is his son and ducky is the one who was shot by it's Scott eastward as,

Howie: Unbelievable,

Sidey: Jan. He he executes him basically pretty fucking cold bloodedly as well.

Dan: It's it's bad. Isn't it? That, that scene where he, this guy has just gone off the rails.

He's a Nutter.

Howie: Yeah. He just lost for blood and

Dan: But you start to then understand what is driving

Sidey: Well, he charges in isn't. He, he sees it. It's about to go down and he charges towards him and he has shot multiple times and just hits the deck and then wakes up

Howie: but he's looked, he looks at the guy

Sidey: sees

Dan: dead. It looks dead. His eyes are

Howie: He's always a frozen,

Dan: He's not riding around in pain. He's just like his eyes have died and he's just staring straight ahead.

And the bad-ass, guy's looking at him for a long time actually, isn't he, before he, they pile him in the back of the van and they shoot off and think they've got away with it. Which to that point they had actually, it was about, I think six months, it takes a bit of a jump doesn't it? And

Sidey: He's in a coma for three weeks. So he wakes up in hostel and then learns that yes, his son did die. Which his wife ex-wife blames him for the whole thing. He goes and goes to meet agent king. Because he wants information about who's done this

Howie: And he basically goes round, basically killing just about everybody trying to get information.

One of them is fucking horrifically, dark as they go into a, like a

Sidey: brothel or something

Howie: with all sorts of fucking things. And they're quite shocked. They're quite shocked by it. They're they're they're not vigilante. Well, they recruit it turns out the H is basically the head of a crime Lord family.

Sidey: Well, there's been another robbery where he's got out of the car and the gang that have seen him and just ran straight away.

And it turns out that he's actually Mason, Hargreaves, this sort of big crime Lord. Yeah. And his minions were the ones that were the separate robbery, Solomon. They just fucking ran off and left into it. And then they just started going through this, this place. They get some information and they just fucking shoot people.

They're just asking. Everyone's gay. Have you ever seen any of the John wick movies? I feel like everyone now in films get shot in the head because that's because, and I do, there's lots of times when you watch a film and someone gets shot and you're like, just got to finish the person's going to jump up.

No chance in John wick or this because people just get fucking shot in

Dan: you know what annoys me and films is why they don't just shoot me in the kneecap so many times they're thinking, look, I don't want you to go, don't move anywhere.

And they get up and you're like, boom, just Schumann the Nico. You're not going anywhere then you're not going to run anywhere. yeah, just like it's, it's, it's fine. He's just not going to leave. He's not going anywhere.

Howie: to

Dan: don't shoot enough people in the knees I reckon. But yeah. Rafa man, back to that scene there where he just walking through.

Horror show where there's been all kinds of sickos to insect things. And he's like, he has no question in his mind that he's, he just goes around shooting everybody who was tied up there, whatever. No, there's no trial. There's no anything else in his mind. It's just like, they're just an inconvenience. He doesn't even want to think about anymore.

All he wants to do is concentrate on his son and all his mates, all his crew are there, tied up those people, haven't they? And they've got them all together and he should not bang, bang, bang

Sidey: everyone on the list basically is killed, but they don't.

I still don't have any information really. So basically come to the conclusion that it has to be an inside job. And then it, then we get the scene of states and getting his his false falsified records, his false references. And if so that he can go for the job at force co and, and that's where it sort of, at this point, all sort of tied up the backstory of how he gets in there and what his motivations are.

The next,

Dan: you, do you know the actor of the, his partner?

Have you seen him in much stuff before? I think it's is it Holt ma is hope McCurley McCluney he's he's the partner isn't he of

Sidey: he's bullet

Dan: the buzz haircut. Yeah. I've seen him in a few things, ease. He was in a serial killer thing series. That was pretty good mind hunter. it was called.

And he was one of the FBI profilers in that, and in this, he, he has that kind of, he's part of the plot twist.

Sidey: he's good in this. Yeah. I'd like to miss that's that we're up to is tied up everything and that's the end of chapter two. Then we get bad animals, bad. Which they say in the film, I don't know if they say it in the name of every chapter, but this one they do.

And this, this bit explains what the motivation of these guys, these armed robbers are there. Military veterans who've come back and they've got nothing to show. Yeah.

Dan: disaffected

Sidey: They're like the

Dan: oversaw over skilled doing now menial tasks that they don't feel I'm worthy to

Sidey: So like a bad 18.

Dan: Really bad

Sidey: yeah, so they, they just decide they're sort of petty crimes at first and it just escalates the next job has to be bigger than the last until we've got to this one where, where things sort of take a turn for the murderous.

Dan: And it's just one guy. Actually, the restaurant don't seem too, too bad. They, they know that what to do and how to strike fear in people

Howie: military, but you've got this loose cannon and Scott eastwards.

Dan: He wants to kill people while he

Howie: Yeah. He infringes. Every area of history. He, yeah, he goes, he infringes upon every era of not what to do on a heist job and is the, he's the fucking loose cannon classic loose cannon. But the leadership of the ministry group know that fact and just think, well, he's going to be good. It will come good to Nando.

Come good in the end.

Dan: Yeah. And he lets him down in a, in this and a few other moments, but he hasn't got the discipline

Sidey: no, he's wild and you can't have that in there. These sort of things, because from experience today, you know, that's not going to

Dan: they must have watched enough movies as well to see how this is going to

Sidey: but they're only getting only, but then they're getting hundreds of thousands per job, but that's not enough.

They're looking for that one. Big is so cliched.

Dan: them. So I

Sidey: One big job that you can retire on

Dan: W at one point is he's complaining.

Cause he makes like, was it 18 grand? And he had to get his ear knocked out and he lost his job and shit, he's fucking doing it for this kind of money we need. But the big payday comes.

Sidey: Yeah. So at the moment they they've just taken the vans, but they're like, well, what if we take the whole fucking Depot where all the money is and that'll be they, they, they aim that.


estimate that if they take the Foursquare go, they'll be about 150 million there. Boom.

Dan: I see. I'm just thinking, it seems such an outrageous fucking plan it because it's obviously going to be protected, you know that they're kick-ass you notice some guy going around her and the Mo.

Maybe not as kicker. Yeah. Maybe not as kick-ass as them. And they do have a man on the inside and they know there's a lot of protocol in these cages and, and wires and things that you have to get past before you get to the money.

But just that volume of money. How long did it take you to

Sidey: Well, this is,

Dan: and put it all in a van and

Sidey: Yeah. This has done on black Friday weekend. So it's a big shopping weekend.

So there is going to be a lot of cash flying around because people still do use cash, even though we don't people do because they've got, we don't know at this point who the inside man is, but we've had a few scenes where they go into detail about the security of gay in space. So you know that it's going to crop up,

you've got to do this and you've got to look into the camera and fucking the.


someone is working with them from the inside. So they know they're going to know how to get in. And the people on the inside will know who the sharp views are and who the fucking turkeys are. So they'll know broadly speaking, it's risky. I mean, you're, you're looking to take down a heavily armed fucking place, but they've got some inside knowledge there to help them. So it does go down and it's revealed bullet just says, look, this is going down today to stay thin.

Dan: really cool in the car. Then

Sidey: going down you're in

Howie: all, it just reveals

Dan: and state them it's it's music to his ears, really, because it's the end that he's been looking for the the final kind of peace in his own jokes off who shot his son and how to get close to

Sidey: them.

He says, you're the, you know, this is going down and you're going to, you're going to cooperate. So, yeah. Right. So they put over four of the guys get into the van in a four sort of heavy fucking artillery.

Howie: Roy shield, fucking Bulletproof armor.

Sidey: and the rest of them, follow them in a separate vehicle. They go, they get into the Depot and take some hostages.

Howie: Well, it turns into an absolute fucking military firefight as well.

Sidey: There's there's an armory. Yeah. Which is right by the thing.

Dan: I was that guy never got shot hours.

He get bullet, not got shot in the front there.

Howie: It's just, it's just basically what every American dreams of out of expected, he likes guns. They just pull down these warfare machines from the racks and just fire, like,

Dan: they're all over the arms, all got clips on them and all the rest of it. Yeah. And it's a massive firefight.

And of course there's only going to be one winner, but it takes a while to get there. Cause there's a few little pockets and fighting. Isn't it?

Howie: and there's no mercy for main character. Absolutely no mercy for

Dan: everybody's learned a little bit from game of Thrones where they're not fighting now just to kill off a

Howie: character. Jeopardy is

Dan: gone. Well, that fucking happens because game of Thrones was great at that.


Sidey: chat on, on our WhatsApp groups or whatever. And we don't want to spoil something, but we're talking about something.

Not everyone's necessarily seeing it. Someone would say, oh, don't spoil it. Cause I haven't seen it. And the joke that we always do is say they all die in this. They pretty much all die. So it's not a, it is a

Dan: not a spoiler

Sidey: Very few make out this alive and it is a lot of just. You get Dana and sweat boy.

And there's one other guy, I think just sort of hiding sort of cowardly, maybe sensibly behind behind one of these Ahmed fans. But it kills them.

Howie: slashes. Does he slit the throat?

Sidey: the throat, the throat slitting is later. That's probably the most grim death of all. There's a strangulation Mitch, Steven strangled, someone just loads, just relentless fucking violence at this point.

But they, they do get away with a shitload of money.

Howie: on court bikes, down tunnels.

Sidey: There's some, yeah, some convenient, underground tunnels, which they managed to

Dan: planning that it's not convenient as planning.

Sidey: And it's it's just Jan and bullet. John is Scott Eastwood. Like go isn't it.

Howie: Yeah, it is. It's them. And then they're at the end of the tunnel and bullet has a gun on him and goes to pull it and eastward fucking just puts him down because he's quicker to the draw

Dan: and we're closing in, on on obviously state them getting his

Howie: Well yeah, state them during this time has dropped a mobile phone into one of the big money backs and ACE word, basically loads.

Now that Eastwood has killed every single member of the gang. He shoves all the money and takes it and goes, and then I think, does it cut to several months later?


Sidey: is, but he's in his apartment. And the, the money bags is still there. So maybe it's straight after. But it strengthens blank, the phone in one of the bags just so that he can track, you know, use the GPS to find out where he is.

And he confronts Jan with the autopsy that we mentioned earlier. And he then executes him by shooting him in the same places that he shot, his

Dan: liver, spleen, heart lungs, or something like that.

Is it H

Howie: that says name of the chapter,

Dan: E yeah. That's. And they named the chapter

Sidey: You have a lung spleen and heart.

So he's dead and he doesn't take the money. He's not in it.

It's purely a revenge mission, death, whatever. So he tells the FBI agent king that is done. There's the location, boom CLA or I'm out.

Dan: So that was it. I mean, Garcia was the, the agent there and he's obviously wanted some bad people to disappear,

Howie: black ops

Dan: another bad guy to do it.

So he's like, okay, let's just see, let the painter paint, let you know this guy just mop

Howie: up.

Dan: and do everything for his it's off the books.

Howie: Do the dirty work for

Dan: know what's going on. We're going to keep her a loose kind of control on the strings here.

Howie: I wonder if there's, I wonder if that does actually happen in real life, they let

Dan: Oh, yeah,

I can leave it

there. Like yeah.

Howie: going, keep going.

Dan: check in that tomorrow or the day after one of the things that bugged me through it, I thought maybe it's just because I liked the character.

But bullet the Buzzcocks guy mine hunters, I thought he would be like, Aidan, you know, he would have helped state him out if he knew the score. He said, look, those guys. Killed my son. And now I'm a bad-ass guy and I want to kill them. I'm sure it had been

Howie: Nah, well, 150 million. That was the draw

Dan: but the money, the money, the money.

Yeah, you're right. Maybe the money, but he could have paid the money. Wasn't important. He would have said, look, keep all the money, just get me in there and do it. But Stayton didn't need anyone easiest, like wrath. He was fury, I guess. So this movie, I mean, it does have a familiar and forgettable plot that we've kind of seen, it does try and twist a little bit.

I'm not always sure for me. They added that much to it, but it was good. I mean, overall, I really enjoyed this and I, I would recommend it. I think it was guy Richie, maybe not his best, but it's, it's a good one to watch certainly

a couple of hours

Sidey: was a return to form

Howie: you know,

Dan: it was,

Sidey: having not invoiced enjoyed the

Dan: but I did enjoy the gentlemen.


Sidey: but this, I thought it was him trying something a little bit different than the usual. Sort of Cockneys and all that sort of stuff. He moved out to LA or wherever it was, he still had that fucking nickname thing. It's still quite, you know, glorifying the virus. But I still, I did enjoy that. I mean, it was reminiscent to me that the violence is very reminiscent to John wick.

But I, I did enjoy

Howie: There was a lower level of comedic,

Sidey: Yeah. Stephan didn't really have any funny lines.

Howie: wasn't anything of that sort

Sidey: No, one-liners after he killed someone.

Howie: nudge, wink, sort of stuff to the audience.

I see that all of that cost and the cost of the gentleman have been reunited for the next

Sidey: Yeah. And it was fucking Wang. just looks like the jam Hugh Grant's in it.


Howie: And is it cool? Oh, it's going to piss me off what it's called, but basically Jason Statham is again a secret agent with all Audrey. Yeah. And they look to infiltrate Hugh Grant's world who plays a billionaire drug Lord and they get Josh Hartnett to,

Sidey: He's an actor, isn't he? He's his favorite. He's his favorite

Howie: actor.

And they basically, Jason Statham becomes his manager and it all goes wrong. And I wonder how it's going to turn out. It looks like it's a mishmash of two films.

Sidey: my confidence is not high for that. We briefly mentioned it, but the climax of the film in the, the final fight, everyone dies apart from Jason stay firm. And Terry was played by Eddie Marsan who we didn't mention, but he's really cool.


Howie: boss.

Sidey: he's good. So nearly everyone dies in this money-wise I couldn't get a figure for the budget for this

Howie: Oh, it was 45 million. I found it.

Sidey: Okay. Winner or loser, how he sounds like you might know.

Dan: I would say this is a winner. People lap their shit up.

Sidey: 104 mil worldwide.

Howie: being at the

Sidey: No, I thought it was straight to

Howie: it's a straight to Amazon production.

Sidey: but it wasn't a hard to, it had a cinematic

Dan: this has got all you need are these kind of action, thriller kind of films?

Sidey: It's too long. It's too long.

Dan: well this is what, the longest part of that, because I think it's just over two hours or just under two

Sidey: 90 minutes

Dan: So it may be a little bit long. I mean, you, you do feel some of it was just taken from my team and the sort of strong together and stuff like that, but.

First time I've watched her put it on, particularly around Christmas time. When you may be a bit lethargic, can't really settle in to watch and you don't have to think too much of this. Just whack it on. There's always something happening. It

Sidey: it's actually a remake. It's an English language,

Howie: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: of a French thriller cash truck from 2004. We started Joan to Jada, which John of

Howie: Jonathan garden.

Dan: John, the

Howie: I think this is starting to become a weird genre.

No, of shoot them ups. Not, I don't mean it like that, but I mean there's lounge genre, film that's fully professional has a huge budget that people won't go to the cinema to watch, but would enjoy on their own TV. Like I wouldn't go and watch this at the cinema.

Sidey: Big enough that you, that you would get extra benefit from seeing this at the

Howie: It's

Sidey: It's not like June where you really see the

Howie: all on the flip side.

Spider-Man whether you like that sort of thing or Ghostbusters, I'd go to, I've gone to the cinema to see them. But this film is, it's a big budget film. It's got big actors, but I've watched it at home.

Sidey: it's still fairly generic

Howie: Yeah. Yeah. But I think there's a new thing now where Netflix and Amazon, even though this isn't a home brew production, if you like are making these big films that don't quite tick the cinema box, but don't, that's not to demean them.

Sidey: think, yeah, you're right. There could be now because a lot of things get a simultaneous release. There's a lot of things that go cinema and HBO max at the same time. So filmmakers could be looking at, we need to make this work big screen and small screen simultaneously.

Dan: televisions and sound systems is so much more advanced nowadays than they were when we were kids first growing up where you just got the sound from the TV and a little box. Now, you know, you got a 40, 50 inch flat screen TV with sound balls and stuff.

It gives you that cinematic experience at home. So the films can be a little bit bolder and bigger and braver won't catch everything you've got out of the cinema. They just say June a perfect example, where just the, the huge newness in the landscape of the film would satisfy you more, probably watching on a bigger screen.

But I don't know. I mean, it's, it's pretty nuts where they can do, and this is a perfect film for, you know, your TV at

Sidey: home. This is definitely for

Dan: an action movie without, as you point out all that big landscape, that means you would need a bigger view and experience.

Sidey: Yeah. But overall, I, I enjoyed this, but there's nothing here,

nothing new here, nothing that you haven't

Howie: There's no unique.

Dan: it's

Sidey: was fun. It was a fun Friday

Dan: you know, I think it's a fair, a fair score for it. You get, you're going to enjoy it. You're you watch it and it will be good fun.

Sidey: Riggs

has this down as guy Ritchie's best film by a distance and he

Dan: loves this. All this messages for rigs is maybe the odd, scary bit coming out that makes you shoot yourself.

Sidey: Test the season for lots of lots of,

Howie: yeah. This series is personally responsible for I'd say good, 20% false place in my son's bedroom and a good dent in the economy of the how family household.

Sidey: It's one of those things that is exists to promote a range of toys,

Howie: Correct because Lego lost their patterns for Lego. And the only way they can retain any form of patterns or trademark is by spooling out another series of like you get star wars Lego.

Cause they can't copy that or Ninjago Lego because they can't copy that. They can copy the basic Lego block, but that's where they come up with new ideas all the time.

Dan: Ah, interesting.

Howie: is a moneymaker.

Dan: Who would have thought.

Sidey: we're all Lego fans aren't we

Howie: Yeah,

Dan: it actually let you know, Lego is fucking brilliant. Isn't it? Minecraft now digital Lego. Everybody's got that, but Lego is just such a brilliant play toy

Howie: I've got too much Lego, but my excuse is that I think in my Facebook docs in mind, it will stave off.

So I on proven theory is that if I do Lego and sit there and go where the fuck is that piece that somehow is making my brain fight off.

Sidey: some truth in

Howie: Well, it's fighting off the decay and the inevitability of shitting myself.

Sidey: And well, nothing can prevent that. Well, I did look up online the other day, the no, the Imperial that you liked that you likes like star destroyer, 700 pounds, 4,800 piece

Dan: I mean, there's some crazy prices now. I love.

The summit of stuff, they've got the scenery, they go to the Taj Mahal, where you can make, and you can make all these different as well as the, the, the

Howie: kids' stuff.

Dan: stuff

Sidey: the architecture ranges, all the famous buildings.

Dan: We don't have one over here, but when I've been over into Germany or Holland, you go to the Lego shops and they've made those

incredible kind of

Howie: the one there Christmas during the shop to get the item that my son asked for, they had the Titanic in there, which is the biggest one. I think you can get at the minute and

Sidey: come with an iceberg,

Howie: comes with a door and a couple of fucking winging twats. The can't fit on it.

Dan: Somebody keeps leaving loads of Lego outs. I don't know what to make of it.

Howie: Oh my God. Oh.

Sidey: Finally, the show, Stevie Robinson is a, quite the Lego

Howie: Yeah, he's just, I've just looked at Twitter and he's making some form of deep sea dive. Like I shipped with shock, so fair play to him. My son did want that one, but it was sold out.

Sidey: Well, maybe you'll be able to acquire it from

Howie: Yeah. He bought the last one

Sidey: use her. But yeah, we watched Lego Ninjago, masters of spin Jitsu, and we watched series one episode one.

There are many, many

Howie: Yeah my, my I went to look at it on the Netflix profile and it said episode watched and I looked at my son has absolutely inhaled this series and he took great delight in narrating the whole fucking episode while I watched it.

Sidey: This one, it seemed like even though this was series one episode one, there was still a load of backstory. Cause we get we get chucked in. Yeah. There's like a previous big, bad, and they've acquired some sort of golden weapons from somewhere.

So there's been something going on, but anyway,

Dan: I wo is just kind of babysitting for ninjas playing video games and

Howie: This is before the Ninjago film as

Sidey: it was eight. I think it was where the film came out and it kind of ignored the series to that point.

Howie: Ah, right. Okay. That's where I was confused when we were introduced to Lloyd garment on who in the films is like one of the Ninjago, but it made sense

Dan: if you've seen any of the Lego movies or any of the Lego programs, you you've pretty much seen Ninjago as well.

It's just ninja twist on it and dragon and things, which all those. That toys that they sell in the shops go and replicate and everything, but straight into this, we've got Lord gonorrhea or God, what's his name? Lord go. Madonna Goma, Don,

Howie: Who's quite quite the Lego figure himself. He's basically to it's quite lazy. Lego man is to Lego men on top of each other to torsos. So he's got like the six arms forearms. Yeah. It's like, oh yeah. It's like that. So it's quite a lazy figure

Sidey: okay.

They are called out to the village locally where Lord Goma, Dawn has resurfaced.

But it turns out to be Lloyd, the son of And he's just after the sweets. Yeah. He, then they basically shoo him away. But he falls, no, he finds this trap door thing. He pulls a lever and falls down a here,

Dan: I mean, how much of this idea is come from teenage mutant hero turtles, you think? Because they've all got this form and they got different colors,

Sidey: Oh. They also had a dragon. H I was getting a bit of game of

Dan: game of Thrones.

So they

Howie: got a child abuser, Jimmy Savales kind of a monk rapist kid puncture, basically the nastiest man on earth. That guy, that master Chu, every fucking name is,

I don't know what his name is, but he just, everything they did wasn't good enough.

Everything they were, he was just, it was just a

Sidey: taking the ninja life.

Very seriously. You have to say

Howie: Yeah, they hadn't fully. And there were,

Sidey: there was some training montage as

Howie: yeah, there were.

also, they were using outside controllers for video games, which I, I can't figure out how they would have used them with their like cut pans.

Dan: This has been around for years. Cause my son was into this when he was six or something and we bought loads of the Lego for this and we bought loaded the dragons and stuff that goes with it. The television programs we

Sidey: 10 years has been going because January, 2011, it

Dan: Yeah. So he's, he's six he's 16 in, in February. So yeah, it was around about then and he loved it and I must admit it was one of those things that I enjoyed watching at the time.

I've probably seen this episode before today before and, and a ton of others, we, we watched loads of it. We've been buying him t-shirts and stuff and bed covers at one stage. So it got us stuff, it took our money.

Sidey: We hadn't seen it, but I put it on today to watch for, for this. My daughter wasn't sort of specifically watching the TV, but she was in the room, right. Sort of started watching it and she was engrossed, fucking straight away at caught her imagination. And we had to watch another three episodes, like on the spin because she fucking hooked straight

Dan: yeah. Y

Sidey: was still watching him when I left

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: come in here. So, so it's a big,

Dan: so there you go. I mean, that's, that's when, you know, it's hit the spot when the kids like it and okay. Is another consumerism kind of point, but it's, it's done.

Okay. It's there's enough about the storylines

Howie: bit shoddy in places

Dan: it improves as it goes through its eight series of this, you know, it's there's a ton

Sidey: and the rest, I think it's still going, but I, I don't know if it's cause she got a load of Lego for Christmas, so it just sort of captured, but it's weird that in that only the figures in this show are Lego. None of the other thought, you know, you would have made all the scenery and everything.

Like maybe that's too hard to do anime. I don't know.

Dan: No shit laziness really? Isn't it fortunate through the yeah. But th the toys got, I mean, they're lining up for blocks.

Sidey: Normally I work. That would be a bone of contention, the toy tired, but because it's Lego, something about it makes me feel like it's okay, because it's more,

Dan: expensive. What you get Lego. He's great. But I think putting the price on extra for this kind of stuff

Howie: Yeah, yeah. They put frame. No, I have a, a bugbear with my American colleagues from work. They refer to, they keep calling it Legos. It's not as it. What's the poorer of Legos.

Lego. They call it Lego. Nice Legos because they can see all the shit in the background of my web cab, in my isolation loft.

Sidey: Are they talking about, say your stranger things? Have you got Acto one?

Howie: Not yet.

Sidey: but if they saw like the stranger things thing and a one next to it, would you say those were Lego's?

I wouldn't,

Howie: I would say they're Lego made up of Lego pieces, but they going Legos

Dan: Sometimes you just got to try and find a way to build a relationship. And um

Sidey: They also say math instead of

Howie: Yeah, no,

Sidey: that's wrong as well.

Howie: Lloyd falls down the trap and goes down into what is the glass like cave of the serpent what's. So this episode's called the six snake, serpentine, something or another where he gets basically mine controlled by a serpent who's is look into my eyes and it's all very dodgy, but he ducks and the glassier reflection, zaps the general serpent type creature into being under his command.

And he does what every child would do. And when he has an army of the serpent on dead, which is going to invade a village to get

Sidey: He goes back to get the sweets and it teaches the Ninjago lesson because they weren't taking things seriously. But now there's a, an army of serpentine creatures and the village now under mind control. So they are having to now take the threat far more seriously and use their scales and blah, blah, blah messages learnt, et cetera.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. They they're trying to force, feed us some messages there as well. I don't think ever that really was the point.

My son enjoyed it. I think he just liked the spinny ninjas stuff. And the fact they were just called ninjas and they could jump around and pretend to kick and

Howie: punch you A lot of it, a lot of it is the fact that all the kids have the toys and they go, I've watched them do that. It's a tale. As old as time, I'm going to make my toys do what I've just seen on there. And

Sidey: It's got a kind of a reverence sort of sense of humor to it. It obviously doesn't take herself seriously. It was fun. My daughter was, yeah, just hooked on it straight away.

Howie: Yeah.

I hadn't watched any of the Ninjago stuff. The one I'd watched, I can't remember it's called, but it's more, it's the star wars off shot that they've had, which is a totally different storyline, but with all the main star wars characters, it's really funny.

It's genuinely really funny. I'll try and remember what I'm

Dan: They are good days. The Batman ones they've done. They've done home movies where

Howie: are strong,

Sidey: I used to play. Well, you've spent quite a lot of video games, but I did have anger problems at which would result in lots of broken staff, lots of broken controllers to the point where I would play the Lego video games, because those, it didn't matter if you died, you would just be reborn and you'd just carry on.

So I played loads of them and they were quite good because you could, you could finish the game easy enough, but there was loads of stuff, loads of stuff to collect and all that. And so there was, there was star wars ones, and there was one for like every different version. There was Indiana Jones, there's Harry Potter, there's all that sort of stuff.

So they were quite nerdy and I did quite enjoy those and they give you the story of everything as well.

Dan: Yeah. And this has been out long enough that you probably pick up all the toys cheaper.

Now they're not brand new. It's not the,

Howie: but what's good about this is with the Lego cartoons because there's so many of them, there is a story that runs, they're not just one-off standalone episodes.

There is, there is a story that runs

Sidey: No, I was expecting because this one was the, something of the snake people, wherever it was. I thought that would be this story in this episode, but because we watched three or four, we realize it actually it's, I haven't seen this whole series. I had imagined this series was all about the snake people and then the next series would be about something else.

So it doesn't press the reset button. It does have a continuous

Dan: and what they ran about 20 minutes long. It's, it's again, you know, decent enough stuff. Seven plus kind of age group. Probably get a lot from this. And yeah, if you've got to sit down and watch it, Netflix, I think it's on now.

It's up against tough competition, but it is still the kids seem to enjoy it right up there. Yeah.

Howie: I'm glad that there is stuff out there like that on Netflix, because you've got a guaranteed, this sounds like helicopter parenting that we fucking Nepal, but you've got a guaranteed safety net of is isn't. This is going to be relatively amusing. It's going to be safe. It's going to be fun. My daughter I've upgraded a Netflix account to like 13.

And some of the stuff on there she's watching and laughing and it's bollix and some of it is varying on the inappropriate as well. And it's that weird age range, whereas there's still stuff that's of quality that she'll watch that doesn't leave be going. Do you know what, if I'm going to have to sit here and sit through some of this, she like watches some of this shit and a reality kind of game show stuff.

That's on Netflix where it's all about big double entendre jokes for the, for the slightly older kids. And I'm like not really fair to be watching this yet. And, and, and it's just causing a load of fucking ball lake

Dan: I guess.

The reason behind this, you know, Lego's brands, very good. If they're going to buy the toys, you know, that the toys are going to be reasonably well made and they can be used in other Lego worlds or, you know, individually. So you know about them. And you know about the, as you say that the safety of, of the content they're going to put out, it's not going to do anything to damage them.

Yet. Cost is costly and it is selling shit, but it's on the better. One of those kinds of things


Howie: no fucking fall apart, unicorn shit that look that will not age well, you know, it'd be good for a year or two, that sort of thing.

But Lego will probably go on and your kids will play with stuff. They'll lose interest and focus for


Dan: stepping on Lego in the middle of the night to the rest of my life.

Sidey: Happy Christmas. This'll be, this'll be our last episode of the year.

Dan: year

Sidey: Yeah. So our first

Dan: to know that everybody that really


Sidey: for, for another year. We we've got nominations in for our first episode of 2022 from Peter

Dan: Peter, Andre,

Sidey: Peter Andre. The first top five of the year is going to be movie scenes involving.

 And that Pete texts me and said, that's inspired by the fact that I just bombed.

Howie: I'm not say people will be feeling terrible after new year's day, new year's Eve.

Sidey: The mid-week mentioned is CB for

The I've never seen it. So

Howie: you can feel the, you can feel the,

Sidey: the main feature is uncut gems. The Adam, the Netflix one, and the kids show his pinky and the brain.

And he's been so kind as to provide a specific episode. It's season one, episode 16, but I will send you the link to that. So lots of good stuff to look forward to all that remains is to say Sidey, signing out.

Howie: goodbye. Happy new year.