Feb. 18, 2022

A Ghost Story & Fireman Sam

A Ghost Story & Fireman Sam
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Since all attempts to capture proof of ghosts on film consist of grainy night-vision footage more like an amateur Pornhub channel than indisputable proof of life after death and your guaranteed never to encounter a ghost in real life unless you're completely insane, the cinema is where the idea of the spirit of a dead person or animal who refuses to depart the physical world has played out to greatest effect. From discussing masterpieces like THE SHINING or CASPER through to more lightweight entertainment like POLTERGEIST or RINGU the conversation never gets more personal than when Sidey recounts his experiences of catching THE WOMAN IN BLACK when he was far too young. Sure it makes for a funny story on a podcast but were the years of sleepless nights and trauma worth it? Of course they were, it didn't happen to you.
The absolute first thing you're going to notice about David Lowery's terrific and ambitious 2017 supernatural drama A GHOST STORY is the aspect ratio, it being filmed in a nostalgia evoking 1:33:1 format with vignetted curves, not because you’re an insufferably smug film enthusiast who likes to point these things out but because film is primarily a visual medium in my opinion and that is literally the first thing your eyes will see. Examining the existential horror of death, the passage of time, love, loss, the inevitability of mortality, whether creativity gives your life purpose and meaning and providing the single most authentic portrayal of grief in film via the much-discussed pie-eating scene, this absolutely blew me away. Ignore the lukewarm reception from a couple of the dads and take it from me, this is a must-see film.
The town of Pontypandy is home to one of the most prolific arsonists known to man, Norman Price. Perpetually aged 7 since his debut in the very first FIREMAN SAM episode (The Kite) way back in 1987, presumably his enforced endless youth fuels the rage behind his yearning for incendiary adventure. We watched Norman's Ghost, the twelfth episode of the seventh season which eschewed the charming hand animated puppetry of the original series for the soulless, bland CGI design that was common back in 2009 when this first aired. A lengthy and preachy monologue from the titular smoke eater rounds out the 10 minutes 32 seconds, which fails to deal with the big issues like 'where does all the funding come from?' and 'is the character Bella Lasagna a bit racist?'. Appalling.
We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


A Ghost Story

Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review. And I'm going to start with an apology in advance this weekend. That well, not to be too blunt about it. And I really am sorry to have to break it to you like this in the middle of your favorite podcast and all but ghosts aren't real. And since apparently one in five people do believe in the paranormal and that's almost certainly going to include some of you out there listening.

Well, we're going to have to agree to disagree on that point, but the difference is I have the microphone. So you're going to have to listen to me fairly close mindedly crap on your belief systems this week, as I blather on about how all the parent goes, phenomena can be rationally explained, and the people who believe they have experienced specters and hauntings were either affected by sleep related disorder.

The phenomenon known as para dolia, which is our human tendency to see faces and patterns in random imagery or just plain lunatics. So sorry about that. If you're a lunatic or a moron if you feel like getting your revenge on us for poking fun at your worldview, simply leave us a five star rating on apple podcasts or on Spotify, which has also recently released that functionality.

Even the free version. I think so if you're listening on either of those apps, just go ahead and do that right now. Press the button. Go on. We'll wait for you. Go on.

Sidey: do it,

Reegs: W go, go on.

Is that

you're done Yeah.

Okay, great. And now that you're back for India's 49th ranked TV and film podcast this week sees us getting funky with the Phantoms as we reviewed the 1990 classic ghost for the midweek mentioned, which I think we all enjoyed.

And that's a solid listen, if you have half an hour to spare tonight we're discussing the top five ghosts, continuing our vector of the specters with David Lowry's 2017 supernatural drama or a ghost story. And we're rounding that up with the fantastic phantasmagoria fireman, Sam season six, episode two Norman's ghost.

I don't know if you saw, I did that. With the ghosts.

Dan: connect

Reegs: yeah yeah

Dan: seamless

Reegs: yeah Yeah A quick Roundup of our four dads this week. First we have style icon Sidey. Assuming your style icon is Peaky. Blinders meets Timmy mallet. This week Sidey has given his daughter a crash course in the work of horror director, Dario, Argento.

So both she and he have plenty to say he's a David Lynch lover. And do you believe in ghosts? No. No. Next up it's Dan he's hold enough to remember the first person who died. Yeah.


it's very nice of him to attend this week's pod in fancy dresses. I can only assume that's what explains the disheveled hobo like appearance today.

And do you believe in ghosts?

Dan: I don't

Reegs: No, our third dad this week and the most prolific child, Spooner of us all is gruff on the outside, but terrifying on holy abomination on the inside, Peter, Andre, who occasionally doesn't get things and also does not believe in

Pete: I don't

Reegs: Yeah.


Sidey: Rakes where by you believing you're a true believer. no, no.

Call that call.



Reegs: go.

Pete: we believe in ghosts.

Reegs: Yeah.

And I said, he's a lunatic or a moron. So pick one of those Howie

Sidey: Not wanting to make the mistake of last week. We're all over the top five

was snow we were talking about last week. We had quite a few nominations coming out as from the Twitter verse. Richard Fitz, Thomas, was talking about the shining, which we also mentioned on the pod the snowball. Seen in elf and doctors, your Fargo.

Dan: Good shout.

Sidey: Classing it up there a little bit. Rigs, you chastised yourself for mentioning frozen because I said

minus points home alone was mentioned a couple of times. I spent it Hoff from empire strikes back, got a shout, a lot of Fargo's stuff.

Spy who loved me.

Reegs: Oh, have you got a winner out of all those great nominations?

Sidey: Well what do you think? I think Dr. Jovago she'd go in. Cause that's certainly film. We've never really spoken about

Reegs: I he came up with that. Was that Fitzy?

All right.

Sidey: Jen, This week's top five res

Reegs: Yes. Ghosts. Yeah. Hmm. Would you like a quick list of movies that you're not allowed to talk about?

Because they have the word ghost in the title, but they aren't about ghosts. Okay. ghosted ghost in the shell, the ghost in the darkness ghost world, go of Mississippi mission, impossible ghost protocol, ghost dog, where the samurai ghost in the machine and the ghost. So none of those to be talked about, I'm afraid

Sidey: Shell. That's


Reegs: go.

Is it? I don't really go. They,

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: I was thinking specifically this kind of you're handsome, or if I made like a really crude error there,

Sidey: well, there's the anime in any case. We also never spoke about what we

Reegs: Oh yeah.


Dan: you watch anything good? I, I, I watched Shane

Sidey: Oh no With that irritating child.

Dan: know the shine, a warning.

Sidey: Oh

Yeah. I've seen that. So I'm prime


Dan: Just a sports documentary on, I'm not a massive cricket fan, but he's an interesting character and you know, a hell of a, you appreciate the, the spin bowling and all that kind of thing, which is the only thing actually I ever did enjoy about cricket, but

to watch those bowlers, how they were just sort of log one in slow, but make it move to, to get the the batsman out.

And it was pretty good documentary actually really

Yeah. Yeah, it is. Yeah.

Pete: He makes, he makes for people who aren't that into cricket. There's a lot of commentary when you're, when you're obviously watching it, listening to it and he makes the commentary a lot more interesting. Cause he's, he's got no airs and graces.

It's not sort of like stuffy. Yeah. But he's a bit of an Anglophile as well.

Sidey: Yeah. When he played for Hampshire for

Pete: Yeah. So he he, and he comes up with, he's got his pretty much his entire life terminology. Huh? I don't think he still is or not, but he's, he's pretty

Reegs: a strange couple though. Isn't

Sidey: it

Pete: it was. Yeah. But there's a lot of like worn isms. He's he like invented a whole book because he was saying on his variations of bowling, there's only like three, but he came up.

Yeah. Well, he came up with like about eight different names for them just to keep people guessing. Cause people thought he had eight variations. We only had three.

Reegs: That one that he did on. Was it getting


Pete: Yeah. Brown around the back.

Sidey: paint. what do you watch?

Pete: So I haven't been watching a great deal. One, one thing I have started watching is did anyone watch the British kind of Lots of broads or middle-aged blokes abroad's series mad dogs.

Okay. So there's a us

Sidey: version

Pete: of it.

Have you seen that? No. So I started watching that.

Sidey: I watched the first episode.

Pete: Okay. So it's the same sort of premise, but it's, it's America to believes they go to and Ben Chaplin. Who's like the guy that they go to me out in Spain, he's in it, but playing a, and he's probably one of the guys that, that goes, goes out there.

Yeah. That guy. Yeah. And they meet and the guy who they go out to me is Billy, Billy Zane. But he's saying, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: Back to future.

Pete: And it's like, there's quite a few Pete like recognizable people. It's, it's quite called similar premise, just like dealt with in a slightly different way. I'm about halfway through it, but it's, it's intrigued me.

But what I remember from the series mad dogs was it, I thought it was a fucking brilliant series with an absolutely horrendous ending. And I I'm not yet I'm halfway through. I kind of expect it to be a really shit ending in this one as well, but they needed one series in the U S it was three in the

Sidey: it was three Yeah. It was John salmon.


that in it Yeah.

We watched Skyfall on Saturday cause Mrs. Wanted to watch the Daniel Craig and it was her birthday. So I allowed that

Reegs: though. Solid choice.

Sidey: just really good. We've been watching.



Reegs: I've watched some of that on your recommendation.

Sidey: What do you think

Reegs: I enjoyed it. Which one did I watch? I watched the first one with Conan O'Brien. That was quite good. And then I watched the one with Kunal.

I can't remember his

Sidey: from the eternal. Yeah. Yeah.

yeah. It's funny that one. And my daughters got into the Simpsons in a big way, so we've been like cherry picking real good ones I had loads of time cause I've watched the homework stuff really early this

Dan: Yeah.

I remember speaking to in the

Sidey: weekend

and then

Reegs: I've already done it

Sidey: I was fucking knackered for some reason.

So Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I was in bed like fucking, super early and just didn't take advantage of all that free time to watch it as much as I would've liked. I started to watch them birth of Kohut Joko and but I can't do it justice nights. I turned it off and I'll watch

it when more with it. Yeah. So that

Reegs: Ozark season four, I guess. Yeah, it's kinda silly, but Wendy's becoming like one of the most hateable psychotic characters on TV, so great. Makes my skin crawl like when she's on screen. Great.

Sidey: Well, let's get into this week's top five then.


Reegs: Ghostly goings on.

Sidey: Do you want to kick it off rigs?

Reegs: Yeah. Let's see, where are we going to start? I'm going to start with

Dan: field of dreams.

Sidey: Sorry.

Pete: Sorry.

Dan: Sorry. Did I did I spook out of turn?

Reegs: oh, oh,

Dan: but fielder dreams.


a classic, isn't it? I really love this movie. Of course, I'm going to come in with a, a sports type, a movie, if I can. And Kevin Costner really, I've watched tons of Kevin Costner films, and he's just an actor who I really enjoy seeing on the screen. He's got great presence. I know not all his, I know not all his his films have made the big splash, if you like that he would like to have with world and, you know postman.

Yeah. The postman never delivered. You know, there was a few that, that were on the edges, but Mr. Books, did you ever see that? That was a really good one where he played a serial killer,

Reegs: I have

Dan: yeah, it is a decent movie and field of dream. So he plays this farmer in Iowa who wants to he's having financial troubles.

And suddenly he starts hearing voices to, to build a baseball field on his, on his lawn, on his farm which is a really bad idea if you were trying to grow food on there, but eventually obviously the baseball ghosts of the past, come and play on the field and it's it's, it's, what's the team it's the. Don't use, isn't

Sidey: it's the 19, 19 white,

Dan: white socks.

Sidey: because they, if them


Dan: Joe

Sidey: they'd conspired to throw the world


Dan: right. Yeah. Yeah. So I loved it that much. I couldn't remember the team, but otherwise I did really enjoy this movie. Yeah. It's a build it and they'll come. So I think turn next though.

Pete: I've not seen field of dreams

Dan: fuck.

Pete: ever,

and nothing has ever compelled me to, because unlike you done, I find

Sidey: it's not about baseball

Pete: to be Mer and I couldn't give less of a fuck about

Sidey: It's not ready It's not ready but baseball is just the thing it's not about

Pete: just the premise in itself sounds daft, but I guess

Sidey: James Earl Jones great.

Pete: he's a he's in it.

Okay. Yeah. That's

Dan: man, he plays a, a writer that becomes

Sidey: he's also having the

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: voices

Pete: Okay. So which way we going

Sidey: down? It was

pretty chaotic last week. So it was just go this

way now.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: So I'm just looking through mine that mostly silly. I've not seen, I don't like horror films, so I haven't got any like horror films in here rarely.

One that was like a bit of a blockbuster. That I think polarized opinion was the sixth sense.

Sidey: If it was

Pete: there was some hate for it

Sidey: I thought,

Reegs: I think that was just backlash after it's

Pete: good. There was quite a lot of people that I, I can remember around the time it came out going. Oh yeah. It was fucking obvious that what the Tricia, I, it, it absolutely blindsided me.

I really

Dan: Yeah. I think people, some of them let the twist go out and it does kind of spoil the movie if you know that twist before you go in.

Reegs: Tony ruins it

Pete: yeah

Dan: so that would have been the only backlash I heard because yeah, the time it was.

Pete: but yeah, it's so pretty well. It's just playing Dr. Malcolm Crowe ghost, who is himself? A ghost.

Yeah. And and is it Haley? Joel Osment? Yeah. Can see him.

Reegs: it's got a Walberg Mark's brother but now that Donny.

he's a junkie at the beginning who gets like into the place. I think he kills

winners Yeah.

But yeah, he's actually dead the whole time.

Pete: Yeah, he is. Yeah. I didn't see it coming and it's oh my God. I've forgotten her name, but she's a really good actress and we've spoken about a lot.

So the Australian lady?

Dan: Nicole Kidman

Reegs: No, it's

from hereditary.

Toni Collette

Pete: yeah, Good actress whose name? I can never remember.

Sidey: Yeah. It's a good one. I've told this story before, so apologies for you three here, Who've had it for and anyone who was listening, he's had it for.

but I

saw a film when I was far too young to see it's called women and black.

It was a family holiday. and We were at my aunt and uncles GAF, and they were out in the conservative, whatever all the grownups chatting away and drink a wine. And the kids, we were just left to our own devices, watching the telly and this film was on it. And it, This is the 1999 version because there's a remake with Daniel Radcliffe, which I've fucking avoided.

But this is the 1989 directed TV movie. And it's about a lawyer who goes to this house. A woman has died and he's there to just tidy up our state and deal with all and everyone, he goes to speak to just like, like not they don't wanna talk to him. They're avoiding this fucking weird women in black blah, blah, blah, the scene that particularly haunted me.

And it fucking did like traumatized me genuinely. He is in bed. And I specifically remember it because it's sort of like, the setup is like how my bedroom was when I was a kid. So there's a window like directly, like when he's lying about, he's looking at this window and he's sort of trying to sleep and he hears some voices and then a child's voice does something like play with me or whatever.

And all of a sudden he's got like some toys in his hand and then there's the fucking thing burst through the window. And then I had to go to bed. Right. And, But not just that like that night, I was like the most terrified you can fucking be like,

I just couldn't sleep.

Dan: old are you.

Sidey: this would have been an 18, like all day, long.

It's fucking terrifying, but then for years and years, I would just like, couldn't sleep

because that's window,

of my bedroom. And just thinking about that, scene, it was so fucking vivid. And so that it, like for me is still to this day, like, yeah,

Dan: just think if we could just sneak in and put some toys in his hand, once

Sidey: when I, when I see that side of the family. line, I'm going over in a few months, then they always like, oh God.

But if we let you watch that, I still bring up, say like, so fucking like apologetic about it


Reegs: If one's not too

Pete: I've seen the Daniel record for in fact that's probably the scariest film that I've ever seen because it it's, it's not that scary. I don't think, but that's about as far as I'll go in terms of scares. I can't remember anything about it, so I didn't put it

Sidey: oh I'll be watching that No, I won't be watching it.


Reegs: The Spanish filmmaker, Alejandro Amina bar.

I'm going to say you took a Henry James Short story slash haunted mystery thing called the others which starts Nicole Kidman and her children in a creaky old house. And

Dan: in Jersey

Reegs: set in Jersey. Yeah, it's crazy. A big Hollywood will. No, it's not a big Hollywood. It's just a sort of quiet

atmosphere of con sort of creeping dread and a bit of a shock reveal at the end.

But there's some ghostly goings on and not everything is what it seems. It's a really good movie. And I think it's worth bringing up because of it being set here

Dan: well, the house is the one towards sin opens.

Isn't it?

Sidey: brother's house,

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: All right. Well, there you go.

Dan: It doesn't feature heavily in the film. Does it?

Reegs: Well, the whole movie is.

Dan: The outside of the house.

Pete: yeah. Are you talking about the inside?

Dan: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. No. Cause they can't leave the house because the kids are allergic to

Dan: stay light sunlight,

Reegs: Yeah. So, you know, the whole movie is set like in the

Dan: in the house.

As I understood it though, they just kind of use the outside of the house for the shot if it know somewhere else.

Reegs: Oh yeah. Don't take all the bloody

Nicole Kidman was here.

Dan: she was here just

Reegs: She had fish fingers and pasta

for dinner.

Pete: great.

Dan: Okay. Well do you may have then seen Scrooged

Reegs: I have seen that. yeah.

we watched it for this.

Dan: yeah. And that's my next one is a bill Murray one because my, my other one is going to be a bill Murray one as well, which we're probably going to talk about at some point Ghostbusters, but I'll, I'll leave somebody else to take that one off, but Scrooge was. It's still a brilliant Christmas movie for me. And obviously it tells the story of the Christmas past and the Christmas future goes. And bill Murray is Ebenezer who, who needs to, he played a TV executive. And he's a bit of a, can't be, there's a few laughs in there. But overall it, I mean, you're looking at me

like you never seen this. You've not seen this, Pete.

Pete: I'm not like I'm not a massive

Dan: was this was a big Christmas movie at the

Sidey: time.

I only saw it when we watched it for this.

Pete: Yeah.

And I, I hadn't seen Groundhog day until I was forced into watching it for this, like,

Reegs: cat Goldthwait is pretty memorable in that movie. Is the, is he the, the

taxi driver Yeah.

Dan: Yeah, he is. He's got that kind of I know if there's like a werewolf face or something, isn't he he's, he's driving

Reegs: he sounds like you, when you're trying to do a Christopher Walken impression, I think

Dan: and chewing a bumblebee or something.


Pete: As well, so not, not my next thing, but I'm going to throw it in there talking about that story, that the Christmas Carol story that's I find that there's a lot of these classics that are never done better than when they're done by the Muppets. Cause like the best, the best like treasure island, like iterations, Muppets, treasure island, and same with Muppet's Christmas, Carol, obviously with.

Sidey: The ghost of Christmas present, is my favorite

Pete: karma. Is

Sidey: gigantic felt thing

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: So you have Statler and Waldorf as

Molly, and Molly,

and then there's some mutant dull thing and then you have the pres the present one is this enormous, like cute. I can just not scary. at all.

Reegs: All right. Okay. I've transmogrified that into a terrifying memory. Cause I thought it was like all dark

Sidey: it's kind of gray, but it's nice.

and it just shuffles around.

in a

Pete: Yeah, yeah, That wasn't going to be my, my entry. I've got there's a few what I would call guilty pleasures on my list here. And one of them, one of them, I think I've mentioned before in the, like the Robert DeNiro, top five is a film star dust, which I'm Brady like,

Reegs: I've seen it.

Pete: You'd hate it. So because it's got Claire Danes in it, but it's got its massive sort of ensemble cast.

But part of the plot is that there's this like king on his death bed and he sends this like Ruby, like across the world and he's got these like seven or eight, seven. And whoever finds the Ruby, like takes the kingdom kind of thing. And so all these brothers then, like, it's kind of like a bit of a subplot to the main story, but they have to effectively just like kill each other.

Cause so that there's only one left with it and the yeah, yeah, yeah. And Henry, Henry Cavill is in it. There's, there's a lot of there's a lot of it is a bit of an ensemble cast, but like, so th these, these ghosts end up being, and so what happens is when one of the brothers kills another one, they then appear as ghosts.

Back in the old house lights sort of lined up along, along there, sort of like shell for the window silhouette.

So one of them gets like, like fully pushed out of a window. So he appears, but his face is all mangled. So they appear how they die. Like one's got a big ax in his head and so on and they are, the brothers are some of the Mark Strong, Jason Fleming, Rupert Everett, mark, Heath, Adam Buxton, and David Walliams just to name some of them, but yeah.

Bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, that film, I would recommend it and might even make it a mid-week mentioned. Cause there's a lot of anyone else seen it.

Sidey: blank.

Pete: Yeah,

Dan: I've seen it, but I liked it.

Pete: yeah,

Reegs: Well it's good talent involved in that.

Pete: yeah There is this like British and American

Reegs: Never so sure about David

Pete: and so-so got that preacher ice in it as well. But yeah. Other than that, it's it's good.

Reegs: oh, afterlife season three.

I have to say maybe it's just the whole world is so awful, but

Pete: but what

Reegs: I thought it was only okay.

Everybody was talking about how fucking amazing afterlife season three was. It was like

Pete: It didn't take It didn't improve it. He just, I think, well now it's like, oh, it's how many times can I get in there? And like, make it as like shocking as possible. But it's not that shocking because we say it all the time.

Anyway, we digress.

Sidey: Yeah. The I think original version, the superior version of return of the Jedi where, you know, things do start to take a turn for the shit. Cause it's all about fucking little cute Teddy bears that can take down an HTST could not happen. At the finale, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and Obi, one are

there as force ghosts.

And it's an, akin played by

Sebastian Shaw.

Whereas in the Redux version,

Pete: is

someone else

Sidey: Hayden Christian Stein affairs. And it's just shit and all those extra bits they in shit. and they also got rid of the song which was a terrible decision.

but they That's the iconic sort of trio.

Pete: Yeah. But false goes, start in empire strikes back. Oh, B one.

Sidey: I know but this is my

Reegs: choice.

Pete: Right.

Sidey: is the bit that I'm choosing

Pete: I see apologies. I thought that, Yeah.


Sidey: do you feel about uh


Pete: so I think it must've been the finale. I wasn't upset about the rank or writing cause we knew it was coming.

They set it up four or 5, 3, 4 episodes beforehand. The mods fuck

Sidey: A lot of hate for the guy, the mod guy who's spins


Reegs: it didn't bother me when I watched it.

I thought, I thought that looks kind of stupid, but I didn't care. I mean, he does it all the time in his movies and sometimes it looks

Sidey: good

Reegs: and wait, he does it and Desperado, I mean, you know, there's scenes of, you can put like side-by-side scenes of what's his chops looking cool doing it. Antonio Bandera.


I think I'm destined not to love anything. Star wars, again, like I did when I was a kid and I have to accept that because I did really like Booker Bob effect that the same thing you were saying, the Tuscan Raiders, Western stuff. Great. And then I, you know, it was a crowd pleasing, whatever the hell that was the last couple of episodes,


I enjoyed, it was

Pete: because in, in like in some of the things Timothy's on books, there's one that's set on the planet that the rankers are from.

And they are sort of like fairly Placid animals that people ride around and stuff. So that's not the first time in star wars, the law that they have been ridden. Was that what you took the most umbrage with or just the mods or

Sidey: So it

was daft, but I've really



Pete: the shark moment.

Sidey: Yeah. I wasn't talking about the rank up, it just the whole thing and like, you know, everyone's on just about to die, and they just introduce another character, and like the fucking worker who was like, had his leg blown off and was shot a million

times now.

He's fine.

And like, where's the stakes

Reegs: Anyway,

Sidey: I enjoyed it, but that's not

Dan: for me,

Sidey: that's that's what I was talking about with the

spike and stuff. Cause that's

Pete: crap that, but yeah.

Sidey: Anyway, force ghosts from return Jetta.

Reegs: Last week I spoke about snow buddies this week. It's spooky buddies, which I talked to, I referenced and that sees mud bud Butterball, Rosebud birder, and B-Dog accidentally summoning the Halloween hound using the Candyman method by saying his name three times in a mirror,

which was

a little detail that I enjoyed.

Apparently the hell hound needs to eat the souls of the five puppy siblings. And then pepper gorgeous beagle puppy has turned to stone in the first few minutes of the movie and becomes a ghost and has to work with the buddies to stop a warlock from taking over the world. I'm pretty sure you would have guessed that.

It's exactly as stupid as it sounds with surprisingly low peril of any kind, considering that is actually quite

Sidey: from

Reegs: Material it's got Diedrich Bader in it. Who has been in loads of loads of stuff that we've reviewed, including we did penguins and Marie Madagascar.

Sidey: Christmas.

Reegs: I mean, he was in Napoleon dynamite is Rex the fitness guru

Sidey: guys

Reegs: the American trousers. But no puppies were harmed in this one. So


Sidey: She was up for the watch. I want, Yeah, that's good.

Dan: Right. It's come back around to me.

So here's a spooky one you'd have seen this week. Uh The ring, the Japanese

Sidey: ring.

Reegs: Ringo, are you talking about the original

Dan: I remember this Ringo except this time it's about if you watch a video tape, one week later, you're going to die. And,

Reegs: I know, right. There'll be people and you get a phone call. I was thinking about this movie earlier. There's been like people who were like less than 20 or whatever, they're listening to that. Be like, watch a what and get a watt.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: But this was a good idea at the time. And

Dan: it was really scary. I remember it came out on one of the channel four film nights. So it was late at night on a Sunday. And I was out in a house in St.

Peter's or something and it felt spooky or already, cause it was, it was just in the country and then you've got.

Not really any jump scares or any of it's psychological, it's more just,

Sidey: the TV.

Dan: yeah, there's various kind of it's just hair. You just see the, the long hair, but the music and the score and everything just spooks the shower.

You P it was

Reegs: Oh it's a lot of

Pete: no not

a chance. I mean, I know

Dan: but it was rewarding after, as they read

Reegs: of like scary iconography of the Japanese horror and it, yeah, Hideo Nakata was the guy who did it.

His style is influenced a load of Japanese, of Western filmmakers.

Dan: And

we made this one, but there was no point

Reegs: it's James Ward. Burkitt's pal go over Pinsky.

Dan: Okay. Did you see it?

Was there any good because after I've watched this one, I just thought, well, that's, I can't see how it's going to improve on that. And as

Reegs: know probably hipster hipster, the original is better, but the remake is pretty good.

It's got Naomi Watts. Yeah. And there's just some things about horses at

night Yeah.

Pete: I won't be watching any of them.

Reegs: No. Well, not unless I nominated.

Pete: So in this section of the top fives, I normally like to try and find some interesting facts or trivia,

Reegs: find any

Pete: no facts at all about ghosts.

Reegs: They don't exist

Pete: I would, exactly.

That is a fact. There's I also try and find some world records that we can be, cause we've nailed a couple of world records on this podcast. We've done the hats and we've done. I mean, we haven't actually done it, but we can do

Reegs: we can do it. same

Sidey: distance

Pete: and I'm sure Dan was going to try and beat the, making the bed one. None of that, there are no world records. Cause again, ghosts do not exist. One thing I have got is as a story, and I'm only going to tell it I'll tell it quickly. I can only tell it now, now that I've left my, my, my job, because I was told a story about a colleague maybe a few months ago, it's about this like older guys, cause they're very quiet and unassuming in the office.

I was told this story. It's like, oh, you can't tell anyone, but now I've left that work. I can

Sidey: tell

Pete: tell everybody's only us, us four and the thousands and thousand listeners. It does involve a ghost. So this was in a previous job that this guy was in and he was they'd gone away for business, him and a colleague.

They were staying in a hotel. They had a joining room. And they play, you know, done the, you know, the um meeting they've gone up, like, you know, had, then I got up gone to bed. And then at about four in the morning, this guy sights of burst through the door, the adjoining room, this sites, as I say, older, quiet unassuming guy.

And was, I like turn the light on woken the guy up. And he was like, fucking, has anyone has anything been in your room? Has anyone been in your room? And he's like no. And he was like, ah, mate, this is really bad. I've just woken up with I went to bed and I had my pajamas on I've woken up. My pajamas were around my ankles.

I, I think I've just been raped by a ghost, but this, this was not a joke. This was like, the guy is like deadly serious. Probably wouldn't want this story repeated, but I've just told him that it fucking tickled me, especially when you like rape is a guy who's completely convinced.

Reegs: more like yeah

Pete: Who's not that he's like, you know, he's like shuffled up the bedroom pajamas of like rolled down or anything.

But he

Sidey: was

wearing pajamas is a

weird thing.

Pete: well, people do wear pajamas. I don't, but people, some people you don't know anyone who wears pajamas, they are a thing, right?

Reegs: Well, what are you calling? Agam what you calling pajamas?

not full trousers

to beds to warm

Pete: Well it depends where

Reegs: hot but what about shorts?

Pete: hang on this, this is the part of the story that we're having the most

Sidey: trouble with

Pete: the guys, the guy had pajamas on,

Reegs: no. Well,

clearly he fell asleep and had a weird dream. Yeah, there you go.

Pete: this, there's a million other explanations as with all the ghost stories.

Dan: yeah,

Pete: I know I'm going to go with a million before I got raped by a ghost

Reegs: Yeah, I agree. I

Dan: It's a little bit like the he brings his family to the front of the house and they would have reporters and said I fell into,

Reegs: yeah.

Pete: So that's I also have a quiz which we can maybe do a little bit later. What I will do is go with my second guilty pleasure. I'm going to get so much fucking hate for this, but I don't care. Cause I love a really, really, really, really like the films, parts of the Caribbean. I really fucking like them.

I will put them on quite a lot and watch segments of them. Most specifically ghost wise, all those probably goes in all of them. The very first one, the, the curse of the black Pearl, the whole crew are cursed to be ghosts and they have to do something with some coins, with some bloods and something and do a ritual to stop being ghosts.

Dan: Is that the answer to the quiz?

Pete: Nope.

Reegs: Davy Jones is in one of them

Pete: David Jones is in the second and third ones. Yeah. Bill Nye. He plays it. And even as Davy Jones, you can see his carpal tunnel syndrome where his two fingers. He's got a big lobster cloth all at one hand, but he stroked someone's face. He could see his fingers bent back.

Sidey: I turned it off.

The first time.

Pete: I really liked them.

I just find them fucking entertaining. Yeah, visually visually, brilliant and, and entertaining and, and yeah, like easy watching. I'm not talking about like, I've got a, you know, I've cleared the fucking, I've got a clear night and I'm going to sit down and watch that intently. This is like easy watching type go-tos, but guilty pleasure of mine.

Sidey: of the pod. James Ward Burkitt was like the art director

Pete: what I see, I know what I'm talking about. So yeah.

Sidey: Cast your mind back to 1996 for Peter Jackson's movie. The Frighteners saying that one

Oh, it's good. It's really, really,


Reegs: here's it? I

Sidey: Well, I've, haven't said one time, but I remember it. I remember enjoying it

Reegs: Yeah. Maybe this is a revisited because I have seen this reasonably recently and it's probably not quite as good as you remember.

Sidey: It's Michael J. Fox plays a character

Mr. Banister or something like that. And he can see, ghosts

And there are sort of, I don't know, maybe this facts of aged a bit, it's a little bit like ghosts. They don't look quite so great, but, there's lots of different ghosts couches, but Lee, our army.


drill Sergeant from full metal jacket is in it as the same guy. like screaming at him as

a ghost, That's the guy.

Reegs: a machine

Sidey: Yeah That's the That's who I'm putting in. It was Michael J Fox. His last ever film role.

Pete: really don't know.

Sidey: well,

Certainly as their lead, it was his last

Reegs: last non mouse film role.

Sidey: He played a doctor or a surgeon or something like that in scrubs who had


Pete: yeah.

Reegs: Poltergeist. See, now one,

Sidey: tube Hooper

Reegs: two poopy he's credited as the director, but it's more than a hand from Spellberg isn't it? And produced it. And then he said that he'd never put anybody what he put through, what put, what he put toe pooper through. Cause he, you know, like he would never make anybody direct one of his own movies again, because the experience they had together.

It seems like he was really indecisive on set. And even though Hooper did a lot of the storyboards and called action a few times, it sounds like more than one Spielberg did the setups for the, for the movie. It's great. So the story of a story of a family being haunted by, so you seeing

Dan: it

Reegs: And it sort of gently escalates from glasses suddenly smashing to cutlery to moving around to bending spoons and, and then there's scenes with

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah He was,

Dan: I remember this

Yeah it obviously looks dated now when you go

Reegs: it's still pretty

Dan: but it's your will, it's still because of its state interface.

It just makes it more spooky

Reegs: Yeah And, and it's the way the intensity goes up for all that sort of low key stuff. And then you've got like evil clown puppets and then carnivorous carnivorous trees.

And you've got a guy peeling his own face and the eh, you're enjoying that. And it's all set on an ancient Indian burial ground.

Pete: Yeah, fuck. All of that. I'm not watching any poles. I I've sort of seen clips and seen things fly across the room, not in the film, not in real life because ghosts don't exist. But yeah, no, I won't watch those, but I'm sure they're brilliant. It's just not, not my

Reegs: for you. Yeah. There was going

to be a few like that this week. I mean, I put spooky buddies in for


Pete: and, and all of mine are like basically kids films and shit. So yeah. So yeah, I can hold my own in this, Dan.

Dan: Okay. I'm just, I'm just scribbling down the Indiana Jones one actually. There, we've got there, the arc yeah. Raiders and all the ghosts at that at the end. That's a spooky seen white boy back there. But the one that I was going to talk about was Casper, the friendly ghost.

I mean he obviously came from a cartoon character. He wasn't one of those that was made from a toy first or, you know, he

Reegs: not a,

speaker in over here though, as it is in America, is it? Cause I didn't know, Casper in the same way, like cartoons and comics and stuff.

Did you,

Dan: Oh, I know I got, I got some comics that were, were Casper, so I was aware of it, but it wasn't like the, the mainstream ones.

It was an American

Reegs: Cause we would like

Sidey: I never bought to watch it. Cause I was just like, well,


Reegs: I only caught it for some reason, you know? Cause it was 1995.

Sidey: This is Christina Ricci.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Brad

Sidey: yeah

Dan: the yeah, he was the guy that did that. But it made a nearly 300 mill lists. I mean, it was it was a massive hit.

It was what was bigger than that?

Pete: Another Peter Jackson film, a lot of the rings return of the king.

I read the books before I'd ever seen the films and none of the whole thing that I'd like the men from Don heroine or wherever the army of the dead, none of that bothered me at all.

It was sounded cool. It played out. It was pretty cool. And I was fully on board with it. And then when I saw the film, I was like, fucking hell, this is just like, just save yourself the entire journey and the entire story and just go and get these guys. And they'll just fucking total, absolutely

Sidey: well, or Just

get the Eagles

to fly you.


Pete: all the, all the

Sidey: But Yeah.

but in the film,



memorable for me.

because it's a little bit shit. It was just like a fog

that goes through. It

just kills

Pete: yeah, Just a slightly colorful fog. Yeah, like the interaction between the, like the, the, the main guy and an Aragorn is pretty cool. And when they go into the bit, like where they go under the mountain and everything is all right, but then yeah, they just fucking run all over everyone and everything.

Sidey: Cheap and cheap mode.

Pete: it is. Yeah. I know, unfortunately, that kind of, that, that film, obviously it was still on a bit of a high at the beginning and it, and it kind of tapered off for me. And then it went into the, like the Hobbit bollix.

Sidey: hour long ending.

But Did you see the teaser stuff for the rings of


Pete: I haven't. Yeah.


Sidey: crappy. You're not a big fan of this fantasy sort of stuff.

I, not

Reegs: so much.

Sidey: Does look fucking

Pete: It's gotta be

Sidey: stocker for it Yeah And it's, They've chucked, like almost half a billion,

out of this like insane. amount of money and.

Dan: How do you need to spend that much? I mean, they going old school with the filming because I

Reegs: had to create a real dragon.

Dan: Wow.

Reegs: So that was that was

200 bill.

Pete: built

Dan: off Yeah,

Sidey: it needs it needs to be you know, Mega hair and I'm sure it'll do

Dan: he does now. Yeah.

Sidey: a lot of money and then the taste, you don't see a great deal, but it just enough. to poke you in a,

Pete: I worry about these things, cause it's almost like, well, I'm going to like game of Thrones almost like fell in, on its own on, on itself. It started off really, really fucking good. It was more about like characters and plot lines and everything.

Cause they didn't have the enormous budgets that they then finished with. Whereas this is straight out the gate, like, you know, enormous, ridiculous budgets. And I'm worried that it might kind of just collapse under its own weight,

Sidey: still less money than Jeff Bezos's later. superyacht, don't worry. There's plenty of money there.

Pete: cool.

Okay. Okay. Maybe I'll start worrying about it. That,

Sidey: That's good news. The entire cost of.


Going T TV one. Really really loved lost When it came out the first series was great. it was hurting and there were all these theories being bandaged about like, maybe they're all dead and this purgatory. And I'm sure someone from Los said, no, nothing we've heard, no fan theories are, that we've had a correct about what is Clearly as a series but no, they were just flying by the seat of their pants. And there was no fucking plan. And they were, it was true. They were all in poetry. They were all fucking dead and they were all effectively ghosts.

Reegs: Yeah, I cashed out,

Sidey: I stopped

Reegs: same as you well into it. First series fucking

Sidey: it. was great concepts. You know, when

it first came out got really bored with it.

It was fucking ludicrous after a while. And then I started seeing my most sad, and she was still into it. so I got back into it. I never bothered to go back and fill in the gaps of the ones I hadn't seen. So I saw, I probably missed like two and a half series and then saw the last series and a half.

Dan: I never saw any of it.

Sidey: That's


Pete: never interested me.

Dan: but I'm just going back to a common you made earlier that you don't like Claire Danes

Sidey: No I can't bearer

Dan: Homeland never seen that.

Sidey: by much. It

Dan: Wow. What a, what a,

what a show you're

Pete: irritating in it.

Sidey: Great. Should we good at that?

Pete: Does it well, it's good. First, the first two seasons that good.

No ghosts in it. I don't think.

Reegs: Do you ever watch TV?



Me too. So that's good. Cause I've got a couple of TV ones for you. The Soprano's season two, episode nine is called from where to eternity and it's where Chris Moltisanti is just emerging from his coma. He's been shot and he's got a message for Tony and Paulie walnuts.

He's had this dream that his father as being shot every night and he's told him three o'clock of course he's also really high on morphine and all sorts of stuff at the time, but Paulie's freaked out about it. And he eventually goes to see a psychic who has it's one of those call unexplained moments that they have in the Sopranos where suddenly the psychic is he's not even talking to Paulie and he's going, wait, everybody calm down, everybody calm.

You're all speaking really loudly. And it's obviously all the voices of all the people that poli has killed and he names one, Charlie who's Charlie, and Paulie's obviously freaked out and throws a a sort of a home is so homophobic, insult at them, throws a chair and leaves the room. But those were real ghosts. But definitely, definitely real was a ghost. Does anybody remember this? It was seared into my subconscious, despite only having seen it. Once it aired on BBC two in 1992

Sidey: pipes

Yeah Do you remember that


was quite scared by that Yeah

Reegs: me the fuck out this one. It was like a documentary with Michael Parkinson and

Sidey: Michael Park and bump Yeah

Yeah. I was

pre scheduled. this.

Reegs: Well, because it, nothing had really ever been done like it before it was this sort of jokey mockumentary before that was even a thing. And it's like going out to this house, that's supposedly haunted and it's supposed to, it's all being live and Michael Parkinson's in the studio. And then viewers are phoning in and adding little bits of plot to the story.

And it all suddenly escalates towards the end and goes really freaky with pipes.

Yeah. And it w he was a cool, like villain as well, because he wasn't one of these that had like a tragic backstory or something. He was just a Dick in real life. And then it was a deck when he was a ghost. But yeah, they had over 30,000 complaints about this because people thought it was real, including me.

I remember coming into the


and being like, what the fuck? No, I didn't complain about it, but yeah, going to school and like,

Dan: you believe in ghosts at this point,

Pete: No. Yeah, because I've got this, I've got this thing where I'm like anything too. I think I've heard about that. And then there's loads of these like ghost hunter type things.

Sidey: Nick, this is the


Pete: So stuff like that.

It's like, I like to like belittle it, but I'm also fucking terrified of it. Like, so I don't believe in ghosts, but would I stay in like a haunted mansion by myself in inverted commas towards imagined by myself overnight? Absolutely not. I don't want to stay anywhere by

Reegs: myself.

Pete: I'm I'm fucking, I get, I get so lonely so quickly, but yeah, so that I wouldn't have, I'd like to belittle it, but it's because I'm scared of it

Sidey: Yeah I remember And it was terrifying.

Reegs: there'll be some people listening to this going, fuck. Yeah, I remember

Pete: that.

Dan: No, I've got another spooky one ghost town. It was uh yeah.

Reegs: Isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: it's not shit. I mean, it's, it's average. It's it's like viewing Ricky is he plays just somebody eking through life and

And then he dies, but they revive him.

And when he comes back, he can see, go see, can see dead people and and they want a favor from him. And there's a few laughs in it as you would expect from device. Although I don't think he was involved in it right in it. I think it was it was somebody else, but it was his first leading film bowl

Reegs: does he mock people with a disability at some

Dan: Probably um

Pete: project.

Dan: no this, this one.

And it was, yeah, I remember watching it. It was a few laughs you knew where it was going to go pretty much, but it did have a slightly different view of of ghosts and wandering around without the horror, you know, it was trying to bring a bit of comedy into it. So there was that one, also another comedy, one B the Simpsons.

I mean, they're always bringing in ghost into couldn't remember particular episode, but there's definitely tons of ghosts in this

instance that they, they tend to be the

Pete: I've just remembered a TVC. Is there anyone remember rent's a

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: yeah,

Pete: yeah, yeah.

yeah Timothy Clay, Poland, Dobbin and, and all of that. Yeah, that could be a kid's TV shout for one, right? I,

Reegs: Was it?


I can remember the theme tune kind of renter goes

Pete: Yeah.

Yeah. I prefer the penguin mill which is a euphemism So the, that quiz that I was talking about, the, the

Reegs: stakes on that, didn't you

Pete: no, no, not steaks.

It's more sweet than savory rigs. But we've yeah, so we've got some more prizes to be one here. And this is like, when it takes all type stuff, there are in fact four packets of drumsticks. But one that I think Dan's going to be looking at, which is the rainbow

Dan: Oh my Lord.

Pete: are, they are,

Dan: glittering.

Yeah. Shining

Pete: are like little, little sour, rainbows of delight.

Dan: You have my

Pete: Okay. So this, this quiz is from the encyclopedia encyclopedia Britannica website. So obviously it's a very serious kind of you know, body. But as you'll see with the quizzes, they even run out of like ideas and there's some recurring themes in this. So it's all true or false questions. I'll

Reegs: go

Pete: Riggs has gone through for the first.

So I'll just ask the question and then quickly get your true or false. So question number one, according to descriptions or depictions provided by believers, a true ghost always appears in the likeness of a living being true or false side.

Sidey: True.

Reegs: always

in the eyes of believers. It's always a living being there are no.

So now like go sleep, check.

But what, like cats, I suppose there is always a

Pete: fell like you're overthinking this, right. It's true. Or false is 50 50.

Reegs: fucked false

Pete: False. And you said false and you said, no, it is in fact false. So that's a point a

Dan: when one of these,

Pete: Next question.

Reegs: at the moment.

Pete: So it starts off kind of fairly mundane ghost stories exists in all kinds of literature. From folktales to religious works to modern horror stories, true or false side,

Sidey: Okay

Reegs: Well, that is true. Yeah.

Dan: I'd say it's true.

Pete: What do you, you'd all be right in. You'll get a point.

Dan: Hang in

Pete: And now it starts going off at a bit of a tangent. All bats with white or gray fur are considered ghost bats. Let's start with you this for this time Sunday,

Dan: I would say false


Sidey: that question

Reegs: I would say false because I've never heard anyone describe that kind of bat as a ghost

Sidey: back. I'm going to say true.

because I'm lagging behind and I need to go.

Pete: You went false, you went false and you you've been true. It's false side. Your, your, your as shaman was say you're under the pump. Right. Question four losses in four rounds. Bearing in mind, this is an encyclopedia Britannica quiz losses in four rounds, puts a player in the word game ghosts out of the game.

Reegs: come on. Say that

Dan: been clear enough.

I don't think you need it

Pete: within four rounds, puts a player in the word game, ghosts out of the. So if you, if you're playing ghosts and you lose in four rounds or you you're out yes or no,

Reegs: Well he's ghosts.

Pete: I don't know.

Reegs: No,

Pete: So false, It's false Riggs. Riggs takes a

Dan: making a non-decision.

Pete: love

Reegs: long is this, Chris? Is

Pete: there's only 10 questions, but we've only done four.

There's a lot of procrastinating on your part though, reg. So if you could just, you just tell me what your next five answers are now? Then I can run belief in ghosts is based on the ancient notion that a human spirit or soul is separable from the body true or false. Dan.

Dan: True,

Sidey: true.

Pete: It's true points each.

Okay. We're in the home straight now guys and only one kind of ghost bat

Can can be found outside central or south America. Only one kind of goes back can be found outside central or south America, true or false rigs.

Reegs: It's true because there's only like a tiny place in the world because the way they've ever even heard of ghost bats,

Pete: it is indeed true.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah, this one I looked at before and I'm not even sure. And I anyway, both, both distinct ghost dance cults,

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: and then there's a comma. And then it said attempt by native Americans in the 19th century to re rehabilitate their original cultures were entirely divorced from Christianity. I don't understand the question

True. True.

Dan: True.

Pete: It's false. No one knows what that means

when there's more recurring themes here. When the ghost terminology is removed from the word game goes,

the game

is called and B

Reegs: Yeah, definitely. That makes complete sense.

Pete: true.

Dan: No, that's not true. They, just put the ghost


Pete: true. Riggs Riggs noses

Dan: Notice ghost.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: I think rigs is one, this

Pete: Only two more questions. In many societies, funeral rituals are believed to be, to prevent the ghost from haunting the living,

Reegs: well, but in many societies. So,

Pete: in

Dan: True.

Pete: True,


Dan: he said

Pete: true, true falls. Well, it's true. So Riggs.

Dan: So there, so there

Pete: And finally, and I think it's a good one to finish on

Sidey: ghost,

Pete: like vampire bats, ghost bats, feed on blood as a key part of their diet.

Dan: False,

Reegs: true.

Pete: It's

Reegs: Of course it's false there. Even the vampire bats don't do that either. Fuck it.


I've made shat myself

at the end there

Dan: I think you've just got, I'd just be happy with some Brainbow.

Pete: It was closed, unfortunately, Saturday you came last in with four Craven. You got six out of 10, but, but rigs, you knows you, you know, you'll go to annual ghost bats because you got seven out of 10. So the drumsticks and re and laces,

Reegs: I'm just going to take a packet of something here.

Dan: Nice.

Reegs: Score sheet jumps takes. I'm going to enjoy

Sidey: to go through

Pete: my last ones.

Reegs: That's all going to have to stay in because ghost bats now is now a thing cause it's already in

Pete: So it just goes to show how thin on the ground, like how's the slim pickings at the encyclopedia Britannica had with ghost. Cause it goes back, it's got three mentions, but I wanted to mention if someone else wants to talk about Ghostbusters, they should do.

And obviously the, the film that always comes up in the top five that Dan's already mentioned, no, one's actually spoken to. I'm going to say Lynn was thunder, but I want to go Harry Potter. Well specifically, there's quite a few there's there's a nearly headless neck and there's moaning Myrtle. And is it the gray lady?

It's quite hot. Yeah. Like she's the, the, the missing the last diadem, whatever that is. I think it's some kind of sex toy. Yeah.

Reegs: Sounds like quite a lot of ghost content.

Pete: a lot of ghosts in Harry Potter. Yeah. There's there's ghosts that I mean, I don't know, even like the paintings that they ghost. Cause it's usually people that died like Dawn French, like the singing lady and, and all of that.

Dan: has died.

Pete: No, no, no, no. She's she's now she's alive, but she is a painting.

Reegs: Dawn French.

Sidey: Well Slimer then Slimer



Reegs: The lady in the library at the beginning.



Sidey: And the blowjob ghost in the shining

the very end and also bill and Ted from bill and Ted's bogus journey.

Reegs: that's a good one. Yeah.

Sidey: Ghosts for a lot of it.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: good film. Best sequel ever.

Pete: What are you hanging in your house?

Sidey: it?

doesn't matter.

Pete: Okay.

Sidey: out. I'm out.

Reegs: it's good though. It's it's good. Best sequel ever. It's good. Good, cool,

good shout.

Pete: stop

Reegs: The conjuring was where I was going to finish up. James one is a director. I really like, but yeah, but then it's about the real life sort of ghostbusting couple ed and Lorraine. What are they called? Ed and Lorraine

Warren but it's Patrick Wilson and they're a


Yeah And it's pretty good. I mean, apart from

Sidey: the

Reegs: that it's like, shit. Yeah, no, and these movies are all really good. Even though, because I don't believe in ghosts, they just don't scare me or anything. It's all in a lot of astral, projection and

Sidey: Interesting. Lorraine Kelly fact is that

the guy that cuts my hair,

Dan: Phillip

Sidey: he's a barber He used to be a runner on a Friday TV and he was on, would it have been loose women or something like that? Anyway, he had to go and get something for it to Ryan Kelly and take it to him. And when he went into her dressing every single surface and I mean walls, the ceiling, the fucking tables, everything had pictures of what's that stupid kid who went missing

Dan: muddled

Sidey: Madeline McCann, everywhere, every single surface. And he's like what the fuck? So they go,

Reegs: Wow. That's odd.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Like a shrine.

Pete: Yeah, maybe she did it.

Reegs: Yeah.

I mean, I was just going to rant on about how all these movies that I really like are based on the, these horrible fraudsters who did all this damaging shit in real life and convinced really vulnerable people to, you know, and they're cashed in, on all that misery, but I really liked the movie.

So that's conflicting,


Pete: it?

It's a bit like religion in that sense.


Dan: Kelly shrine.

Reegs: Yeah. It's trying to

Sidey: Should we

Reegs: madness.

Sidey: have some sort of exorcism and get rid of most of these and leave it at four. I know I'm putting in, in any case.

Dan: I've got mine.

Reegs: me to ghost watch, I'm putting in ghost, watch, watch it

Sidey: on your back.


Pete: No ah I'm torn between the, the brothers in start us and the crew, the black Pearl.

Reegs: Oh go. for starters Cause it sounds

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. I'm going to go there. They're not even a main theme in the film, but they're just, yeah, they're in there and it's I liked the film, so yeah. Start us. The brothers,

Sidey: the woman in black is nailed on certainty for me.


Reegs: And then your favorite ghost thing.

where's the return of Peter. So it's the return of cheese.

Pete: Yeah, no, not for the first time this year. We, we did have some cheese a couple of weeks ago, but this is the return of my cheese subscription which I had to park for a little while, while, so it was being a dickhead doing Viganj dairy.

But I'm back from that. I've brought three cheeses along with me tonight. All of these new ones to us. We've not, we've not had before. I'll try and I'll do them in, in reverse order. I think.

Dan: Reverse of How how'd you reverse them?

Pete: I was in like least favorite to favorite. I thought you guys would be switched on to that.

Dan: Well for you we're going to work from regions for service from us.

Pete: which one are you saying as the worst out of the, the leaf one?

Yeah. It is a disappointment cause it looked very interesting. an historic cheese. The foil is a Chestnut leaf and is more than decorative. The leaves are harvested in the autumn applied when the cheeses fresh, the leaves are crucial to the development of the cheeses as they are dry when they're applied or they are applied, they absorb moisture from the cheese, which is gradually returned from them during the mature ration, allowing the paste to break down under the leaf,

Reegs: You can see that

Dan: it's an interesting process.

Pete: it doesn't actually deliver a great deal of the texture is, is poor.

Chore is, is chalky. It, there's a slight sort of hint of piss in the flavor of it. Somehow.

Sidey: Trump's bar soap or something like that,

I wouldn't I

wouldn't go back for that one,

Pete: No, although I've eaten quite a bit.

Yeah, it's a, yeah, it's a goat's cheese actually. It's

Sidey: You can tell

Pete: yeah. Sort of like a harder goat's cheese, which is, which is weird. And the leaf doesn't do anything really. It's just fucking pretentious. Bollix like a Patterson.

Sidey: The

Pete: next one is the I think it's this one, the Tom de Savoy, which is a semi from young unpasteurized cheese from the French Alps.

It has a distinct, thick gray rind with yellow or red molding and a beige or straw colored curd. The flavor is mild, soft and fruity. That's a cow's cheese from France. It's, it's a right. It's if you whack a load of pickle with it, it's

Sidey: nice stand up

Pete: it. Isn't a standout. The next one though, I think is the winner tonight.

It's actually I'm a fan it's the Nerf Chatel , which is very pointedly in the shape of a heart, given that it is Valentine's today.

Sidey: Such as our commitment to the podcast, we have all abandoned,

Pete: all fucked our birds right off so that we can be here to eat cheese. And I think we all agree. We enjoy each other's company more than our own partners.

Have I speaking for myself

Sidey: 100%

Pete: Nosha tell us a traditional soft white table cheese originating from the village of Nosha tell on play in the north Normandie. It is one of Frances oldest Jesus dating back as far as 10 35. And it was granted AOC status in 1969. This artist's anal nurse Chatel has a grainy close textured and thick paste covered with a soft Downy velvety bloomy rind matured for eight to 10 weeks to taste.

And texture is reminiscent of a common bear. Mushroomy rich nutty and slightly yeasty

Reegs: Don't have the vocabulary to describe anything.

Pete: neither do I just read from a bit of paper that I get given, but

Reegs: were your own tasting notes.

Pete: Maybe, maybe it's a little bit like Ronnie Barker. I'm, I've been ghost writing for myself for, for, for many years that I'll do a big reveal one day

Dan: Your subscription P is that something that you've renewed or

Pete: I've kept it going for over a year now?



Reegs: stolen it from

Dan: Yeah. Well, I wasn't sure if you'd been originally bought is a present.

Pete: oh, that's exactly. I was bought it as a present for six months and then such was my enjoyment. I have picked it up and I now have a standing order that

puts 20 pounds straight into the bank account of these guys. And then I pick up a little bag of cheese every

Dan: and now it's a segment that allows us to slide almost seamlessly

Sidey: Well, it does segue very nicely In fact,

Pete: But before you do, can I just shout out the gunpowder relish again. Thank you. Sorry. But sorry that, that

Sidey: it doesn't segway quite as neatly, still is pretty good Segway is Very nice into this week's movie, which rigs you nominated A ghost story. What do you think for the album? is that when you at the album, the poster art, whatever it is has a sort of what you could describe as like a novelty looking ghost on it.

And that is exactly what we have That's the kind of the big takeaway.

Reegs: Yeah.

yeah yeah

Dan: with a sheet

Reegs: on his head.



yeah That classic child's iconography. Yeah,

Pete: And

that was

Reegs: we can spoil all this on where he, so we should probably warn people

Sidey: Yeah. as always, we will be spoiling. So if you want to see it before listen to a spoiler and go ahead and do that

Reegs: which she probably should do. It's not all that long. I don't

Sidey: 90 minute runtime and

Reegs: because we are going to spoil it. So yeah.

Sidey: Well,

Reegs: What I think when it starts, I think the first thing you notice is there is the aspect ratio really isn't, it

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. It's like one of those old.

sort of photographs that you

Pete: With the round edges. Yeah. I did actually notice for the first time in my life, I noticed something like that. Yeah.

Sidey: Did you, do you know what the aspect ratio


Reegs: do it's 1 33 1. Yeah.

Sidey: Which obviously it was an a, you know, an artistic choice of the director.

Reegs: Yeah. I'm always immediately a bit about aspect ratios, but um

Dan: that display that otherwise it wouldn't if it had chosen

Reegs: when it does and it does less doesn't it has the effect of trapping people in a smaller area on the

Dan: Effectively.

What he's done here is just then close that space down. Yep.

Sidey: So it's the story of, I think unnamed.

yeah. Which is just the

actor Yeah. They have moved into this house which is as much a character, I guess, as anyone else in and I don't think it's immediately apparent, but sort of becomes clear that there's their relationship is strained

Reegs: Yeah. Well, we,

we do see them being tender.

Sidey: so, but there's a scene where he's fiddling around with the piano and she comes to speak to him and she never comes into focus in the shot. while she's speaking and he never looks round at her. And so I was like, oh, they're they're not getting. on.

Reegs: Oh God, I'm terrible for doing that though. I watched that and that's, you know what, specially, when I'm working, I just

Dan: it seemed, they got to a position where they were taking each other for granted a little

Sidey: Yeah. There were,

it was that sort of part of the relationship And

she, for whatever reason wanted to leave this house, And she'd been, cause she was, she was Googling and looking at other properties on her computer and saying something to him and he wanted to stay.

For more of a connection The piano that was in the house was there when they moved in and he's been using, it too, because he's a musician and I guess struggling kind of

not failed musician, but he's doing his own thing. And

Reegs: they were young couple aren't. They they're early on in their career. They're married, he's pursuing his

Sidey: Casey Affleck and


Pete: it's a fairly modest house. Isn't it? It's just like one floor is similar to the sort of static things in the the, oh my God, the David Lynch film that we watched the mid-week mentioned a straight story, and this is a ghost story, sort of a more modern version of, of those kind of static how's home.

Sidey: So we're sort of set up this,


not great relationship going on, but they're okay. They do have their moments. And then there's a, there's a night where they're in bed together and they hear a noise.

Reegs: Well, just before that, they're having a conversation, which I think is the magically important.

Cause she says they are talking about whether they want to, whoever was mentioning it, that whether they're going to move or not. And she says that she likes to hide things in places before she leaves in case she ever returns. And she says that, you know, there's a piece of me waiting here in the house, which I think becomes, you know, sort of thematically important.

Dan: It was one of those films. You'd probably want to watch what the subtitle was. Cause it was a little bit mumbly in places for me. Maybe it was for you as well that you couldn't. Yeah.

Pete: I watch all films,

Dan: yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: But there's barely any dialogue for the first 25, 30 minutes of the movie. Anyway,

Sidey: those

long sequences, that are very static. get on to how people felt about that, but yeah, so they have a

Reegs: often very beautiful though, as well. Especially the outside shots.

Sidey: They, they have this, the nighttime thing where they're in bed and they do hear a noise.

It's the piano sort of bang, like something bangs against the piano and makes noise and they get up to investigate. But nothing, but we're watching a film called a ghost story. thinking, well, you know,

it's gotta be something, it's gotta be,


Reegs: We

get a moment where they just get back into bed and we actually just watched them fall asleep,

Sidey: Well, there's sort of going to have sex.

Reegs: Yeah. But then it just


Sidey: it

doesn't have to say

We can move.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. He does.


Pete: sure isn't that she says we can stay.


Sidey: we,

can go

Pete: Got it.

Reegs: And then there's like a load of strange shots of light new universe. And then we're outside the house and then we're watching smoke, drift across the screen.

Sidey: BBQ, I guess.

Dan: But it is not, it's not side. It is what it is.

It's a, it's an auto wreck. It's yeah, he's dead in the front of the car. And it kind of breaks to the scene in the hospital where,


Reegs: just,

one thing I really liked about that, you don't see, it's like your own death.

It's completely unknowable. It's just, you see the aftermath, obviously, because we're getting to a different perspective, but because it happens off screen in such a small budget

Pete: movie,

Reegs: you know,

Dan: Well, he went to bed, he woke up one day and his dad, you know, that was kind of it, they, and they shoot it very quickly like that. And then you, you hear sounds in the hospital and questions being asked, I think she's there with the nurse and said, can I have a minute?


Pete: presumably there to identify the body

Sidey: I'm going to get that because surely there's no need,

Reegs: Well, it becomes

Dan: may be once

Sidey: Well the sheets and stuff, but like, there was no, there was no like question mark about who it was,

Dan: no, maybe what maybe it was once they've been pronounced dead at the scene,

Pete: formality or whatever, but

Dan: of, of

Sidey: it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme.

of things.

Dan: And then like a few other shots that we're going to talk about. It just

Sidey: stays on,

Dan: stays on the body. From the hallway shot into the, the theater where Katie Affleck's character see is under the sheet that he's been pulled over his dead body.

And then it's kind of that little comedy moment. Isn't there almost where.

Just twitches his head

Pete: It was a far more underwhelming version of the scene where John Snow comes back to life or just hovers. And you know, you like, you know, what's going to happen rarely, like, you know, that that, that he's gonna move or whatever comes alive.

But he just kind of sits up with a sheet on his head. And somehow it portrays like the confusion


Reegs: never once looked stupid.

Pete: no.

Sidey: it's called sad eyes.

The way they

cut into

Reegs: well but it does it though

Sidey: Did to me

Reegs: exactly.

or is it just a mask for you to project your own because at no point is making any


at all or

Sidey: Well, We watched Frank

Where Michael Fassbender had the, you know, the, the Pappy Marsha head And although that had, you know, a lot lines of dialogue in it than this, but it's still, he was able to convey a lot. And it's a same sort of thing with this with just sort of some physical acting you're picking up loads of things that are probably quite difficult to achieve,

Dan: seemingly impossible to, to achieve the surprise and confusion on somebody under a sheet.

But it that's, that's what I got from it as well. And it was maybe just the little movements and. All of a sudden he's, he's kind of up on his feet. And when he eventually wanders through the hospital out of there and starts going

Sidey: my name is

here's a here's a chance to

just go door door of light.

and he

got, got some stuff to finish first or


Reegs: really liked that because it just sort of like, it just takes any of the sort of notion of like God or anything out of it because he just, you know, at that moment that you choose is right, you know, what's going on, he's chosen not to go to the next stage.

This is the rest of it. It's not dealing with that aspect of it. We're going on this part of the journey now,

Pete: But then, like you say, he does eventually wonder back to the to the house.

Sidey: Okay. Yeah. It just sort of stands.

Pete: I'm wondering

Sidey: That's watching a grieve.

Reegs: w he, the robes, you see him walking across the countryside and stuff and he could look ridiculous, but the, the sheet, it kind of flows and

Dan: even in the hospital, there was just creases in the, in the sheet.

It must, I dunno whether it was just a normal sheet or whether they've

Reegs: It just sounds a bit mental

to be talking about how good she

Pete: even at this part, when they get, by the time he's obviously walked from the hospital, wherever that is to the home, you can see that the, the sheet is a little bit like muddy and a little bit dirty, even though


obviously, you know, not of this world and no one can see him and, you know,

Sidey: he had I think he had like a hoop or something random.

And then a few petticoats and then the, the sheet, or maybe a couple of sheets to give it that look


it wasn't just one sheet that they chucked over his

Pete: head. Yeah.

Sidey: But yeah he's

Pete: got, we haven't mentioned, it's got the eye holes, like the iconic kind of eye holes in the sheet, like the, the poster. Although it just at no point, can you see anything beyond that?

It's very dark. You can't see eyes or

Sidey: No no nothing

Pete: the holes. Yeah.

Sidey: So he just

Kind of watches in the house. who sees how she is grieving

and she's listed previous, previously. We've had her listened to one of his songs and she just gets up and walks off and now she's listened to it again I think the lyrics of the song are quite important

read them,

Pete: like about

Sidey: But time sort of starts to pass, you know there's one shot where it's her sort of leaving three times and that you don't know exactly how long, because things, time, time is really important in

Reegs: this.

Sidey: You don't know whether that's her. going, Coming back three times a day, or is that like months or years?

You just don't know. But obviously time does move on because she starts to she, moves on from the house and she moves on to

Pete: But I think the pie eating scene is one

Sidey: oh yeah,

we do

Pete: worth covering. Now I, I, I actually went back because at one point,

Sidey: did you time it?

Pete: yeah, I went back and and from the second she sits down and bearing in mind, she's already been in the shot and so's, he he's in the background.

She's like, got the pie, picked it up, got a cut. I got a fork or whatever. Then turn around and sat down from the point where she sits down to when she like, and start seeing the pie to when she like, gets up to go and be safe. That's four minutes, exactly. Of just watching a woman eating a pie.

Reegs: And yeah, it's probably got to be the most realistic portrayal of the sort of grief that you've ever

seen in a movie.

just watching this sort of really intimate thing. And he's kind of in the background. You can sort of see him, but at some points you're not even aware that he's there, even though he's suddenly you're looking like, oh right there, he is just standing there.

Yeah. And then she just peaks it all up into the gut wrenching stuff, but yeah, four minutes. Wow.

Pete: And at this point there hasn't been any dialogue at all. The audible dialogue anyway, like since they're like night in bed before Reese died. So probably 15 minutes, at least as kind of passed on by the, with absolutely no dialogue at all. In the film

Reegs: the pie that she ate was the first pie that she'd ever eaten.

Sidey: I believe It was vegan chocolate. You probably had a few,

in January

Pete: I

had some vigorous galaxy chocolate bars that were vegan and whatever. So is that explained in the film or is that research when you say the first pie she'd ever eaten

Reegs: in real life, the actress Rooney Mara

never eaten the pie

Doesn't that seem weird? I think that's the strangest part

Pete: I mean, I've never eaten a whole pie like that

Reegs: never eaten a pie.

Pete: I never eat in a pie.

Dan: I've got a photo of you in the PI's zone.

Pete: you have actually yeah. In Australia. Yeah. So definitely in a pie before I've eaten all of them.

Dan: she, she didn't keep this pie down long anyway. And as you say, time in this film is quite important and the jumps get, seem to get bigger and bigger actually.

Because there's one scene where she comes back with a guy and there's an expression there again of

You know, is I know anger is his his feelings

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: for him. It may not have seen so long, but I mean, looking back and speaking about it now, it could have been

Pete: Yeah You do see parsing of seasons and stuff like, you know, winter and summer and autumn and all of that.

Reegs: Yeah. But, and it's, but it's all done in these quite jarring cuts. You don't always know it takes you a moment. You're sort of like him


up timeline night. Where am I?

Pete: Yeah. And would that seem with the, with the other guy? It never focuses on them or maybe very late in the, in the shot. It focuses. And it's like from his perspective and, and you know, what's going on, but your not actually probably like him, like not actually wanting to watch it.

It's kind of like, he knows what's happening, but it's not in focus.

Dan: goes, that goes trick of moving stuff and

Pete: where he does. Yeah. He makes some books for like, not there. And then I don't think, but he makes some books like fly off the shelves. Isn't

Reegs: Yeah.

Well, I'm one of the books that falls off is

Sidey: house

Reegs: no


Dan: falls open on a particular passage. That means something to her. She's not long

Sidey: for this

Dan: then out of the house is she, it kind of moves on soon

Reegs: I love that. Seeing those, the one you were talking about where she leaves three times and it's shot from his perspective as he loses and you get this sense of her moving on and dealing with her grief,


then the song kicks in and it's a really swirling score and she drives off hopefully into a new life sort of thing.

Sidey: I honestly thought That was the end of the film

Pete: before she does, sorry, she writes a note on a bit of paper and folds it and slips it into like a, you know

Dan: crack. in the wall

Sidey: because my,

my sense of time It was all skipped because some of the shots are really long and you're like four minutes of watching someone. eat is a fucking long time. You Just do something for four minutes, you know, you realize

Reegs: The first 25, 30 minutes is

Sidey: and, and it's, it's slow going. And I thought, when she drove I thought, oh, that's going to be like, this must be like the end. You know, And it's like check the, the the runtime We, we're only 45 minutes in at that point. And was on the verge of at this point of getting a little bit bored.

I think I'd messaged Pete about it. And I was, oh God. Yeah. so

45 minutes, but things start to not the pace doesn't increase if you like, but it starts to get a lot, lot of interesting


starts down.

No, there wasn't any, sir. I'm

not I take it very well, but it starts to

Get more.

There's a lot more stuff to process and think about in the second

Pete: Yeah. And, and also, yeah, there's a, there's a bit more intrigued cause obviously she's gone off, but you stay, he stays in the house, so you're staying with him. So now it's

Reegs: Well you're suddenly, it's not the

story cause it's not ghost. It's not those

Pete: but there's also, he's also seen another ghost in the house that's kind of like neighboring and they have an amazing like conversation, which involves like clearly like waving under the sheets, but then some actual, you know, it's like, I'm waiting for.

Reegs: Hi. I'm waiting for someone who I don't remember.

Dan: Yeah. It's so sad. Isn't it? It's kind of both funny. Because

he's in like or, or the other ghosted in a, in a flowery kind of sheet. And

again, it's just got some of the, the acting underneath the sheet is fine here. Could they turn it around and it's the support? Oh, I thought you was someone, are

Pete: you there's even a bit. It just goes, oh, it just,

they're not even communicating in any way.

It just like it's subtitled. It just says, oh, but you can just almost like, see like the slumping under the sheet. It's, it's, it's amazing how it's done.

Sidey: the actual location. Another family moves in to, to the house, which kind of upsets him and angers him. And he starts to do

the proper ghost

Reegs: always was about the location,

Sidey: but but it's more for the audience. Now you start to see how the story progresses and he starts to do the real classic ghost stuff. He picks up a cup. And then he starts podcasting, you know, chucking all the plates

Reegs: well, the director literally said he wanted to recreate the scenes from Boulder guys, but from the ghost specific perspective.

Sidey: So that family, I think get spooked and moved out. And then I think it's the next sequence, the house party.

Was, has got Keisha


pretty rubbish musician. but anyway and a guy does this big, the longest chunk of dialogue that we get in the movie where he, he

explains about time and Beethoven and things that are going to be in human consciousness forever.

no matter

Reegs: sort of, it's quite a nihilistic take. It's

Sidey: Yeah. He's

bald as

Reegs: about

the pointlessness of existence and creativity. If we all end up dying, dying in a fiery Inferno but that sort of human will to do it anyway. And to be remembered through time through your acts of artistic expression,

Pete: an interesting scene.

You know, it, obviously it had like relevance to, to like the film, but I, I, I was also sat thinking like, oh God, imagine being a PI in fucking listening to this guy, like bang on

Reegs: Well, he's also wrong as

Pete: him yeah.

Reegs: Cause the ghost is standing right

behind him. Who's proved that it's not quite as simple as he makes it out to

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: He's bold as well. So

But there are squatters, I

think it's, they're not living in the gaff. They're just they're just rocked up and pieing there. What happens next? is it is


Pete: gets demolished?

Sidey: Is it cut back to him then on his own, again in the house? And this was a genuine jumps, gosh, man.

I fucking shit myself.

whether yeah

Dan: picking away at this and he's been doing this for a little while.

There's this message that's been put into the crack in the wall is what's keeping him there. Well, it seems to be anyway, it seems to be as focused and obviously can't just reach in and grab it. So, but it seems to be the most frustrating job in the world where he's just picking, you know, getting all his energy

Reegs: It's like Ceci first as well. You know, the guy was doomed to push the Boulder up to the top of the hill and then it rolls down the other side that, you know, just a task that can't be achieved because you can see he's just got a sheet.

Pete: Yeah.

Like reason for being when, like the, the sheet and the other half that goes to the other house. It's the waiting for somebody doesn't even know why it's like, that seems to be the thing that compels them to keep existing.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, it's important because when

they destroy

the house, she says the other ghost says in the dis in the debris of the house, she says, I don't think they're coming.

And then just from pools,

which I took to mean, she was also bound to the


but the destruction of the house was the thing that let her go.

Pete: yeah

Dan: I think there's a few different ways to read into it.

And it's, it's one of those films, isn't it? It's

Sidey: to

Dan: you, you own experiences and filters are going to

Sidey: there's a lot

here for


Dan: in diff different meaning, but you're white. That, that was the, the jump scare moment. I think hit it where,

Sidey: of see it,

Dan: because he's just about,

Sidey: of the screen

Dan: he seems

Sidey: through a window

Dan: get the piece of paper as well.

Sidey: and then smashing it.

Cause it wasn't that kind of ghost story, you know, where you were scared, you know, it's intriguing and stuff, but this was shit I've just maybe jumped a bit.

Dan: And then after that, we, we really up the pace as far as the

Sidey: it becomes a skyscraper.

Pete: that

Sidey: the whole area has been redeveloped into some futuristic or maybe like present day, whatever, but it's a, certainly a big old, tower block

Reegs: Well, and he's walking through the floors as well. If they're, I

kind of wanted to see him do a zoom call or something.

Do you know what I mean? He's walking around anyway. And he goes up to the top. And then when he's at the top, it's suddenly this sort of neon future,

Pete: I think that's to show you how much time has elapsed since everything had happened without actually confirming it for you is to say like, you know, this is, we're probably talking hundreds of years here, but,

Dan: but then it seems to loop back

Reegs: Well hang on. He takes a nosedive

Sidey: yeah he's decided

that that's enough. And he jumps off the top of this building which seems to send him back however many hundreds of years.

Pete: Yeah.

So like like Amish, like, oh, I know if they were like Amish wherever or just that's what the people would have been wearing in those days, but very kind of like basic rags and the fellow putting in, putting in the right, putting in the stakes in the ground where the property is going to be the plot, I guess.

Sidey: girl is humming his song.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: H ah, I didn't get that. I just saw with the note, cause she also writes a note

and leads her under a

Sidey: she's having the song that he.


Pete: oh, no. Yeah. Like cloud Atlas with the music that runs through it.

Sidey: Yeah But not as shit

Pete: went over your head side.

Sidey: did but they die almost instantly. He gets his blinks And then


Reegs: by presumably in native Americans is sort of the implication,

Sidey: They've all got arrows sticking out of them. And then he blinks again. and it's decomposing. corpses.

It's pretty grim.


Reegs: And


it's just fields again.

And then suddenly it's the


Dan: and it comes around to them again and he starts seeing himself.

Reegs: And I think it was obvious that this is what was going to happen. You know, it's not a reveal and yet it's still interesting and brilliant when they come through the

Pete: door. Yeah. It wasn't obvious to me that that was gonna happen, but yeah, yeah.

The, the scene then it's, it's them coming in as the viewing the property and he straight away, like he's intrigued by the piano, which is there and the ladies even, or we can get rid of it if you want. He's like known as keeper

who, sorry. Yeah.

Sidey: When he played The the piano, she pulled some sort of face.


Dan: and it was pretty good as well.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. And, and straight away you get the vibe he wants to be there.

She's not so fast.

Sidey: Yeah,

And well, as well, as soon as he played the piano, I was waiting for the scene where they're in bed at night. and there's gotta to be the noise. So you can See, it. You've got you've come like literally come full circle.

Reegs: Well,

I wasn't quite expecting is when he sees

himself and he watches the ghost watching her,

watching them.


Pete: And, and he, and the ghost watches him picking at the thingy again.

Reegs: yeah,

Pete: Yeah. That's all very paradoxical.

Reegs: Yes. So yeah, the, he does startle all the couple, like you said,

Sidey: I think that's when he says that's when Casey Affleck says, okay, we can go. And that's what he's like, no, we can't the ghost is sort of, I guess, thinking, no, we've got to stay.

I don't want you to go. And he bangs the piano and you get the different perspectives of them looking round. and then, I know, okay, nothing here. Let's go back to bed. So that really liked seeing it that way.

Reegs: And then he is successfully a, you know, he is able to successfully, I don't know,

Pete: he was able to successfully extract the, the message in the wall which we don't fucking see.

Reegs: It doesn't matter.

Sidey: You're never going


Reegs: lost in translation

Pete: great if it wasn't a message, just like a Dave was here or something like

Reegs: Patriot cock and balls.

Dan: this, this is the kind of meaning he's been looking for. Isn't it it's the closure, I guess, that he's he's needed. And as

Reegs: Wait

Dan: he reads it much like the other ghost in the other house.

Reegs: happy ending, I guess

Pete: Well, at least it's closure is the closure. It's like you finally

Sidey: but there's the other ghost. so I just took it to me and It was just going to happen forever and ever, and ever is cyclical.

Pete: Yeah But

Sidey: I don't know if

Pete: that particular ghost

Sidey: it was happy for him. Yeah.

Pete: life Well happy or whatever. We don't know someone, I presume knows what was written on it. No, no

Reegs: don't think there was anything.

I think Rooney Mara

Pete: was

Sidey: They asked her to write a note and not tell anyone what

Reegs: about Probably only her

Pete: bloody hell. That was frustrating. Stuff like that.

Isn't it? It could have been like a recipe for a really nice risotto or something. People are gonna miss out on

Reegs: it's this week's cheese

notes. just stuffed into the wall.

Sidey: So I'm still like trying to wrap my head around it. I think. thinking about it a lot.

It's a real,


Pete: in a diff very different way.

It's a little bit like a field in England in the it's, you know, there's there's elements where you're not sure what's going on, but like different

Sidey: of

Pete: pace and tone and everything, but still a headshot, something, again, that for a couple of weeks running now, I've found sort of compelling viewing without a huge amount happening.

And without me fully understand.

Sidey: certainly this one is, you know, it's not an explicit, you know, beginning, middle and end you know, says things happen. And it comes back on itself. And a lot of it is, there For your interpretation.

Reegs: I was going to say, I think a lot of it is what you want to bring to it and what you find important because there's lots of interpretations, I think that are equally valid.

Sidey: Yeah. I was sort of looking around on the internet and found a few threads where people were commenting and, you know, oh, I'd never thought of that. And other people, no, I didn't get that at all from it, you know, And cause it's

Reegs: I think it's about, you know, I read a lot that the director David Lowrey, it spun out of a real, yeah, my brother.

Yeah. It was a real conversation. He and his wife were having about whether to stay in Los Angeles after he did a movie peach dragon, which is a really weird trajectory for his career.

Sidey: where the money for this came from,

Reegs: Yeah. And or whether to move back to Texas. So I think it's, and he wanted to go. And I think it's definitely at least in part about his sense of being bound to a particular place in, you know, a sense of history, cause that is literally I'm of the opinion that film is a visual medium and that is literally what is happening on the screen.

Dan: yeah, there's not a lot of dialogue, so there's not a lot of to get to know characters and things like that. But surprisingly, for, as we mentioned for actors under a sheet, Casey Affleck does fantastically to get across the point of a lonely ghost and they're confused and startled person who, who seems to be getting for most of the films, just get into grip for the fact that he's even dead.

You know, he's just seems to be startled with that. And it doesn't, it's only really when the house is knocked down and, and he becomes lost finally kind of accepting something and then lets it go by killing himself and then coming round again and understanding through all the different times of people that have gone before and the connection he's got with that place and everything and her and and yeah, it, it runs through it for me.

I must admit I've enjoyed talking about it more than I probably enjoyed watching it. It was one, it was just, I, I enjoy these kinds of films normally. I think probably you need to be in the right frame of mind to watch if you're in, in for an action film where you.

You don't want to think too much cause it is a film.

I think there's worthy of a good discussion and talking a lot about afterwards and, and thinking about afterwards because it's heavy themes and everything, but yeah, for me, it wasn't, I know I enjoyed the performances and I love the idea. The sheet was some brilliant comic moments, but I did struggle with it for, for most of it.

I think the slow start just helps. Really? Yeah. I think it, it, it condemned it a little bit, but I did enjoy the, when it picked up pace towards the end, almost like after he killed himself

Reegs: Well I think that slow a bit of everything makes just so much more sense in the



the overall movie and you forgive it because it's hard going that first half an hour, you know, watching somebody a pie for four, four or five minutes is a long time.

And, and it goes from these sort of feelings of like, oh, this is really good. Really clever to, okay, this is going on a bit too ashy. This is a bit absurd to God. This has gone through absurd to profound again, and all sorts of stuff going


So yeah,

Pete: and, and again, like we were saying last week or two weeks ago, no, sorry.

It failed. There's no exposition at all. So you've got to try and draw your own conclusions of why certain things have been have, why certain things have happened, why certain things are being you know, being tight well, like taking place, the interactions between the coasts like themselves was quite amusing.

And again, I was, I was expecting more of a, I guess like a, a conclusion that wrap things up a little bit more for me. But I was, you know, it, it's not the sort of film that I think I'll watch again, anytime soon, the first after dragged second half got better, I've made that made all of it more interesting.

But yeah, it's, it's just the right side again, for me of interesting. Just the right side is sort of interesting that it, you know, the bits that you've mentioned, Dan and so on, made it worth how ma made the experience economy worth my time, without it being a film that I'm going to like shout about and sights of people.

Oh, you've got to watch this because that's, I think it's a, got to watch type film by it. It's I'm glad I did watch it though.

Sidey: Yeah, the first off it is it is slow going, you know, there's no getaway from that, but that is, like you say, rigs, that is the context of the, it's meant to be like choice.

And so when you get through it, it works But at the time, the first 45 minutes struggling a little bit. But once, once it was finished enjoyed it. Yeah, I really, I did enjoy it. And it definitely gets you thinking, there's, there's no getting around that. you, you, There's no easy conclusions to be drawn from it.

You have to.

Like you said it's what you bring to it. That you're understand from the film. I would definitely recommend it to people. I think, although we're saying it's slow pace, it's still only 90 minutes. So, you know, it's not one that you have to sit through for hour after hour yeah, it was,

it was

good. I'm

still still thinking about

Dan: it's you is unique, you know, it's, I love the fact that thrill makers and actors want to make these kinds of films and not just Hollywood, big blockbuster films, not all of them are going to hit the note for every person. This one did. I think it is a pretty big hit.

I mean, you would tell this light about, I think it was, you know, well, critically received well and the, the performances and everything, not nothing wrong with that. There's other films that we've watched the quite slow as well. That life just enjoyed a little bit more than this one, but it was it was nothing to do with the acting or anything like that.

I think it was as I say, I really enjoyed that side of it and it surprised me actually, because you, you talk about that and obviously you see the film poster and you think, well, how is this going to work? And it does work.

Reegs: I absolutely loved this. I thought it was brilliant. I'd recommend anyone to watch this. It is a bit of a challenge, but it's only 90 minutes or something, this movie.

And it'll get you thinking at the end about what does it mean to be alive right now in this particular time in place? Why do people get attached to things? Does love transcend time? What would it be like to spend eternity watching someone, you know, it's


yeah And then it all looks amazing as well.

And it, I can't believe that the sheet thing doesn't look stupid. The only problem is of course, Casey Affleck is a piece of shit. Isn't he? Yeah. Sex pest thing. So girls, there you go. But it wasn't always him under the, under the blanket.

Sidey: Cause it really first.

Reegs: Yeah.

Two, he's done two out of court settlements for stuff that happened on the, what was the movie that him and Joaquin Phoenix, which makes me think God is here.

Bloody sex pest as well. But the one where Phoenix pretends to be a rapper or


pretend it's on the filming of that movie. Some dodgy shit happened basically.

Sidey: Right. Okay. That's shit.

The budget for this was only a hundred thousand us.

Dan: Wow. Wow.

Pete: Wow. Would you consider what the light, the futuristic skyscraper type scenes and everything

Reegs: And he got, he got his mates. Who'd done Pete's dragon to do it for him, which was the Disney movie that he'd done

or Dreamworks or something.

Sidey: So what do you recommend the box office?



Dan: a hundred percent. I can't believe it was made for that little money. I mean, that for me, again, just changes, you know, the, the, my thought or the film, to be honest, because it's you know, that's accessible to most filmmakers, you know, fantastic Not give us a hundred grand. They won't be as good as that.

Be about me on the beach.

Sidey: Well, it did make some money, my 2 million,

not bad return for a hundred grand.


Dan: another five pound 49 off me or farmers in Yeah.

Sidey: Del Toro named This is his favorite film, in 2007 He called it a masterpiece. So, you know, he knows what he's



Dan: does. Yeah,

Reegs: to 17 to 17

Sidey: 18. yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

I remember mark Como talking about it when it came out. And I know I was planning to watch it then, so I am pleased that you, you brought it up and we've, we've watched it now. As I say, I dunno whether I would recommend this to the white person. I think it wouldn't be to everybody's taste, but if I was talking to the films about somebody and we discovered that we liked the same kind of movies, then this would be one that I could say, well, yeah, check this out.

Sidey: Is this the first time that the theme for the week has extended right through to the kids TV?


Can't remember.

another one

Pete: I did vampires and it was county dark

Sidey: Oh, okay. Right. Okay. well, in any case it's still a good achievement rigs because This is fireman Sam





Dan: yeah, it's just

Sidey: but we'll get onto that. When you nominated this, yes, I was thinking, oh, okay, cool. So I'm like stop motion a that kind of see kind of vibe

kind of like those

Pete: I was thinking postman, pat, Bob, the builder,

Sidey: and pats, the

closest thing I was thinking of because I'd never seen farmers. I was obviously way too old and kids never watched it. So I'd never had the chance to,

I didn't know It didn't fucking know as well. She thought that,

I would have avoided it for that reason. So

Reegs: Actually got a Welsh listener,

Sidey: okay. Well, can we get them to not listen

Um Imagine my horror

saying this

appalling CGI catastrophe,

on phones before me,

Reegs: it's ugly.

Sidey: very

Dan: The voices, wait, I watched this today with my daughter and she said the first comment those voices just so annoying and they, they just, whoa. It was just the kid's voice. They were very screechy. They were just very

Sidey: the girl in particular was so high pitched. I don't. Why did they do.

Dan: I don't know. It really, really just cut through any enjoyment.

Reegs: Yeah. So it's visually awful. The voice acting is terrible so we can

see where we go in

Dan: We're down to the story,

Pete: so here's the story you might want to run me through because I, I did, watched

Sidey: you get this wrong

Pete: I watched the episode. No, I'd say I, I, I have a naughty box and I've watched it on that. And it was season six episode, whatever Norman's ghost. I put that on and the 10 minute long episodes

Reegs: Yeah.

10 minutes 32 I thought I've done well here guys.

Give me a

Pete: Yeah. It did have that going for it. I was about seven or eight minutes in when I realized that this was not the episode. So what had happened? Something got mucked up somewhere. So I.

An episode where a character called Elvis plays, who's also a five and plays in a band and he's not going to play a gig.

And then he does

Reegs: it.

Dan: the CGI.

Pete: But no, no. no So it was, it was the right. It was just the once it was out of all the, you know, the seas, the episodes were out of there, like suppose orders. So after I'd watched that and I'd actually subjected JJ to it cause he was off school. So because he's got COVID, he actually probably prefers having COVID than watching five and Sam and after I'd subjected him to that, I then managed to find the right one, which is called something else.

But it was Norman's guys. And then I'd fucking given up the will to, to follow it or listen or watch really, it happened whilst I was in the room, but phone was out spending a lot of time looking at out the window and stuff.

Sidey: So

the plot is that a Norman who I gather is basically a serial arsonist.

He puts stuff happens and there's a pumpkin with a candle which he puts a like cloth over to make it look spookier.

Dan: to scare people and nobody's falling for his lame tricks. He's trying to make the curtain move with a piece of string and this like kid that's younger than him just goes each year.

We've a bit of string, just totally calls him out on it. So he gets all annoyed. So that was so funny. He was a spooky, I don't know. And then then you might normally gets really annoyed. And as, as you say um the, the mother of the house, the lady of the house, she put this candle in the pumpkin, in the window delis and the kids run out because there's a, the barbecue is going to be late.

It's Halloween,

Sidey: So

all kind of

Dan: off.

There's a massive, they've already been preempted. There's a big Halloween party and Sam's getting around there anyway, afterwards, I think Elvis.

Reegs: a practice earlier at putting out

Dan: Putting

Reegs: on fire

Dan: they look to be like maybe two pallets on there and there's three firemen around it, trying to put it out.

they're professionals. And as you, as you pointed out, Norman thinks as this is the moment to, to scare everybody. And he wants the, the effect of the ghost under the sheet, not thinking


Sidey: Yeah. I fucked it. So the the house is on fire. and they, they called farm and salmon is cronies

and they put it out

Be amazing.

Dan: Well,

well, let's, let's be honest. They, they let's just slow down there because there's a load more that happens here. You've missed out as his peace, not peace, not seeing this. So then fireman, Sam, get, they realized there's a fire. Oh no. Like, you know, they're already out the

Pete: we covered that, but

Dan: They're already out the

house. They've spotted it. Call fireman Sam. So they go, oh, we're going down there. Anyway, commander jumps in and he brings his green mask. He's got his green scary mask. And he jumps in and says, well, I'll come with you. Anyway. They zipped around the corner and farmers sign every astute.

Assess the situation. It goes, it's the bomb five. Is it? It's got two big, no, Sammy's in the house. You had notice this a flaming in the house.

Pete: I think so a fireman, like a professional, like sworn in sort of fireman has thought, oh, we're going to put out a fire. I will bring a scary

Sidey: No it's the chief


Reegs: chief. It's worse

Sidey: big boss, man.


Reegs: Worse than

Pete: that

Sidey: It's just a terrible example.

Bearing in mind.

Pete: inappropriate.

Sidey: It's your right. And then, because what happens is farmer Sam then gets in his fucking high horse

and starts fucking lecturing everyone about what they've done wrong and why they're pricks for setting five stuff.

But at no point, did he say listen, Dick? head, You shouldn't have bought that fucking

mask It's inappropriate health and safety.

Dan: because actually what happens is the fireman is given this lecture and everything, and Phyllis holds her hands up.

Didn't she? It says no one owns up first. So he did

Reegs: He's like I'm the cock

Dan: I put

Reegs: the sheet

over the

Dan: over it, but then said, I left the candle on attended.

Sidey: is on the silly bet shoe. I left a naked flame and

Pete: a kid,

Sidey: Yeah.

it was Ginger.

Reegs: And they all work together to clean up the mess. Don't they? But

Sam is

Dan: to do it, but the chief's only snuck up behind bear in mind.

He's already out a bit of a shock. He seen the house go off. You seen the house? God, it's just owned up. Not at enough, no. Ready. He scares the shower of him that he jumps into farming sands

Reegs: with the mask,

Dan: with the mask. He put

Reegs: wearing earlier Yeah.

Pete: mean, listen, that sounds like a brilliant practical joke. There's a time and a place

Reegs: then


Pete: it.

Dan: that wasn't it.

Reegs: Norman got community service for and next time he'll be in juvie.

Which is, you know,

Sidey: Norman has caused more emergencies than any other character in the series and watching his stuff like this, you can see why

Reegs: matching Ohio's mum's insurances here's your bill list is

two grand.

Sidey: This is God awful. I mean,


really, absolutely


Pete: bad. And I wouldn't, I haven't done a craving where I've just totally disrespected your light nomination rigs. I would have given I gave everything that I could just unfortunately to the wrong episode. And I had no more to give

Sidey: I bet it wasn't

any any worse than this. Yeah, dreadful. So series one to five we're on CBeebies they were the original stop motion

Yeah. and the original stop motion techniques you use for the show.

It took up to four days of production to get one minute of

animation. so you can understand why



to completely set out

Pete: else.

Reegs: And whereas now one of those NFT monkeys can just whack one out on a computer in about 15 seconds.

And it's like this drivel that we watched,

Sidey: it really was piss-poor There was, there was an attempt to make it sort of educational by having Sam lecture them about like,

don't set fire to your house and blah, blah, blah. But really, it was just like

irritating the patronized.

Reegs: Yeah. I wonder how far the sort of job name illiteration animation things can go.

You've got postman. Pat, Bob, the builder, Stuart, the sewer technician, Morris, the mortician and Colin, the chicken. Sexer

Dan: was strong? Yeah, probably more females in the, in these roles as well.

Sidey: Debbie, the dildo inspector.

Pete: What, yeah, why did you pick this? I know how it goes to knit, but whoa, this, I imagine there's lots and lots of children's things that have ghosts,

Reegs: No, you're exactly right. Was

Pete: like wacky races, like the gruesome too. So there's ghosts and summing anything,

Reegs: Well it was, it was a panic pick last week. Cause I hadn't thought when somebody put me on the spot about what I was going to do and I had that exact thought, I was like, I'll just pick something because it will be a funny gag when it's not all

goes all the way through, but I'll find an episode and

Dan: just to call this out, to be

Sidey: Yeah it is People need to know people need to know

Dan: oh, that's a solid


No, this is dump. If you were saying after season five, then you're looking at CGI.

Reegs: What did you think about the sort of indie version of the theme tune as well? It's like dear,

Dan: I wonder what, what I you know, a farm in Sam original episode would compare

Sidey: damn side better than this, but still setting Wells. I don't really, I

don't really hate the Welsh. It's just trendy to speak, Yeah. controversial.

Reegs: To be anti Welsh.

Sidey: Fucking worse them.

Reegs: The

Dan: save the whales.

Reegs: there is a lot of firemen and fire equipment for what appears to be a small town. Is it just because of


Sidey: Pandy. That's a portmanteau to real towns.

I just liked the word portmanteau that night.

They've got nine vehicles, in the port, port Ponty, panty fire service. Jupiter is the fire engine. Venus Phoenix. you Get in the theme, mercury. Hydrus

Neptune, Juno, Titan, and Bessie.

Reegs: Oh, they really fucked it.

There. They're like, oh God, just


name of

Pete: John

Sidey: Other vehicles include Trevor Evans, his boss, Mike floods, maintenance van nurse, Helen floods, ambulance car, Lizzy sparks animal rescue four by four Gareth.

Griffiths, Steam train.

Reegs: It's the population


Ponti Pandy that

justifies this

Pete: this

Sidey: I don't know But if you seen that postman? Pat is now he's got like helicopters and all sort of

Pete: stuff. I've seen that.

Sidey: Yeah.

I don't like that

Pete: I saw an episode with the helicopter in potion pattern it. I was okay with it.

Reegs: I read a theory that said the posting pat was an exiled Yakuza and that's why he only had three fingers.

Pete: oh, this is crap. Can we stop talking about it?

Sidey: Avoid,

avoid, avoid

Reegs: It's. Sam was barely in this episode is one of the things I remembered. It's mostly just that


little prick, Norman

starting fires

Pete: even just bearing in mind five and Sam, he imagined if you're a kid, there's nothing like he could, he just looks pretty much the same as every other kind of five minute, just slightly different hair color or whatever.

There was

Sidey: I was

appallingly generic

and not realistic because we

know for a fact that firemen don't do anything. They play chat manager all day and play

Pete: pool

Sidey: then rescue the old cat

Yes, that's a wrap for this week, apologies to the citizens of Ponti,

Pandy and the larger Welch community.

Reegs: Well, five men may and people who believe in ghosts are going to be, I'm sorry, we've lost you as listeners. If you've made it this far

Sidey: we're not going to announce nominations for a little while because we've got a lot of absenteeism coming up with trips to Nepal and Andorra and somewhere else and other places.

So we will still be doing our thing, but it'll just be just, just keep your eyes on our social channels to find out what we'll be up to. But it'll all be great. You don't have to worry about that. All that remains to say for now is that site is signing out

Dan: up.