April 8, 2022

Boiling Point & Andy and the Band

Boiling Point & Andy and the Band
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Before your phone rendered the entire idea of  literature redundant as it continues to deepen its inexorable grip on your soul, you may well remember reading something called a book. They aren’t novel to noted bibliophile Howie; well he can at least recall seeing a movie which had books in it as he picked the Top 5 Books in Movies for us to discuss, presumably in an ill-fated attempt to convince us he isn't the knuckle dragging simpleton we know he is.
We watched BOILING POINT, the astonishing Netflix film from writer/director Philip Barantini. Things deteriorate over the course of one evening for Head Chef Andy; already metaphorically spinning plates before entering his restaurant, a snivelling little pencil pusher has downgraded his Health and Safety rating to three stars. With a dining room packed full of obnoxious racists and demanding Instagram influencers, an unexpected visit from partner/mentor/rival Alastair Skye and a famously caustic food critic comes at exactly the wrong moment. Front of house Beth's hopeless inexperience shows as she increases the pressure on a kitchen already burdened with language barriers, basic health violations, lazy kitchen porters, self-harming pastry chefs and, if you can believe it, much, much more. An utterly compelling technical achievement, the cast are all excellent with dazzling performances from Stephen Graham, Vinette Robinson, Ray Panthaki and Stephen McMillan in particular. Filmed in a single take which strengthens the general mood of anxiety that starts as soon as this film begins and continues to gather pace right towards the climax, this is highly recommended by all of the Dads.
Andy Day is Cbeebies longest serving presenter, starting way back in 2007, so the chances are that if you have spawned a child since then you will have heard of him. Unlike two of our dads who profess to being oblivious of the multi-talented performer. Not to worry though, Andy superfan Dan is on hand to guide us as we discuss ANDY AND THE BAND, a two season CBBS series about a problem-solving kiddy rock band who help their fans. In the episode "Ruby the Superfan", Andy's sister Ruby wants to meet her hero, a vlogger named Fay Moss putting their latest gig at risk. With roadie Whiff dressed up like a one-man Whitesnake and only too happy to take their place, will the band appease Fay and her surly bodyguard Sebastian long enough for Ruby to meet her idol AND make the gig in time? Will there be a cleverly crafted message about being aware of what might be fake or true in the media which also subtly highlights the collective vapidity and lies of social media and plots about how you should avoid celebrity worship and learn your friends are your real heroes? Well, yes. now that you come to mention it. Good wholesome content. Although  thinking about who the groupies are for this band is a troubling thought.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Boiling Point


Welcome to bad dads, film, review, and indulgence. If you will, in a little retrospective it's we look back at 203 episodes published including this one. And in that time we've had 116 top five conversations, which is an astonishingly depressing fact. I think we can collectively agree. They've ranged from the typical sorts of conversations.

Movie fans have probably always had at some point collectively best on he film best twist in a movie, best movie death, to other more personal and confessional, top fives, like movies that made us angry. Man crushes things. We were embarrassed to watch with our parents or characters that scared us as a child.

We've discussed the body of work. So some of our favorite actors and directors, Clint Eastwood, Robert DeNiro, and Robert Redford for some baffling reason we've had cat candid, but at least it's sincere attempts to discuss underrepresented participants in cinema like female directors, LGBTQ plus characters or cats.

 Is that Joe KK? That's when I wish I had a proofreader, I dunno. There's been topics looking at specific aspects of filmmaking, including worst sets, long takes, title drops, special effects. And then we've had a huge number of oddly specific things like fridges buses, lifts, and sand, and all that time.

We've had a couple of near misses, but never yet come up with the same topic twice. This week's top five movies, that feature books being the closest we've strayed to doing it. But we've clarified now, not movies based on books, books in movies.

And we Yeah.

Right. Okay. Let's see. This week sees us back with a full house at the man cave with the triumphant return of someone who's been missing for a few weeks.

Yes. The moth is back and also Dan is back from holiday. Do tell us whether you had a good time, but in the interests of appeasing my solipsism and general disinterest perhaps you'd be kind enough to keep it brief. Perhaps tell us if you saw anything interesting on the plane on the way over there or on the way back, something like that.

Dan: Watch June. Yeah. Finally got around to watching that

Reegs: on a

plane on

Dan: a plane. Yeah.

Howie: The

Reegs: up on the

Howie: in the format,

You've always wanted

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: exactly. I, that perfect sort of three inch screen that you want to watch it on. It was decent. I quite liked it though. Obviously there's going to be a June

Sidey: Well

Dan: or another

Sidey: that hadn't been decided when this was out. So if they hadn't made it, you'd have been like leave me hanging Cause it is right.

You know

Dan: You can't just finish your, there is pointless. I mean, you might as well

Sidey: it's just

all scene setting and then you like waiting for

Howie: I've

Dan: for something to happen.

Howie: I've got stuck in a June. Wormhole on social media, like Tik, TOK, and Instagram. You get all these proper self-professed know-it-alls about dune, cause it's almost like a

Dan: well it's Frank Herbert

Howie: oh my God. They go into the explanation of all the characters. There's a small, small detail of about 50,000 years worth of civilization that they extrapolate in there.

One of 700 videos on YouTube. I'll keep finding myself, watching them as well. When she'd go out more.

Dan: I also managed to squeeze in venom the new let there be carnage.

Sidey: Is it worth

watching. No, no, I didn't. I turned the first one off.

Dan: no. In fact it was I didn't get through the whole film. Not because the flight was landing Eva, just one

Reegs: We also have regular poor, poor Pater and that's like bad society here, obviously.

And now we have Howie. And in order to get you to know you a little bit more, I just have a few questions spawned from the mind of my children to rapid fire answer. So these are the kinds of questions that are important to get to know you when you're a kid. How old are you?

favorite color.

Howie: blue.

Reegs: At what animal would you like to ride? I suspect a strong preference towards horse here. From the way the question

Howie: is

Reegs: The very disturbing, do you ever pick your nose and rub it on the wall when no one is looking

okay. And finally, why don't crabs have eyebrows?

Howie: There's no need for them because why would you need something sideways eyebrows go downwards.

So you don't need them.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. I don't that I find that explanation. Very plausible.

Thank you Yeah

Howie: That's it. Quick, quick, quick fire. Just like the questions I had about Jimmy Saffell, but

Reegs: So it's your show this week? How are you've

Howie: Yeah. It's completely my show all about me,

Reegs: and you did the magician in the mid week and we all collectively agreed.

That was magnificent, except for society who didn't mention that he thought it was fucking awful, but

Sidey: well,

I'm not sure that I, it just didn't, it wasn't a hit with me personally, but I think maybe I should be visited.


I didn't pick up on a lot of things that you guys were talking about. So maybe it's one I should reengage with

Dan: So these short movies and you're like 85 minutes or

Reegs: and think something.

Howie: Yeah.

That's, that's one of the reasons why I felt it would be a hit because it's a small amount of our time too, to use, whereas we could be wasting it looking after our children instead.

Reegs: Yeah And you, do you want to other nominations where, so we've got the top five books in movies or

lit books or

Howie: books that are in films that are fictional,

Reegs: we've got the boiling point movie,


Off of Netflix. Yeah. Do you watch that? Cause we're going to spoil it. So do watch that first before

Sidey: one. There's another quick runtime,

Reegs: Yeah. And if you just a quick, I'll say yes, definitely worth watching. So there you go.

Howie: but make sure you had any ulcer pills or anything that like a

Reegs: have a glass of wine ready?

Howie: things like that.

And then.

Dug into the BBC archive of what my children sometimes watch and chosen Andy and the band of Andy and the dinosaur fame, wherever the hell it was.

Reegs: Andy day.

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: And then the gland.

Reegs: So that's, that's this week show.

Howie: Yeah. What, what have you been watching this week? Apart from me?

Reegs: Well, why don't you tell us how we you're

Howie: Alright, well, I I've I've I binged with my wife the peacemaker, the, the spinoff of the suicide squad, which I originally thought my wife will hate this and I'll probably get quite tired of, and I absolutely both of us absolutely loved it.

I thought it.

Funny irreverence, irreverent easy for me not to say I'm just completely daft and I hope, I kind of hope they don't bother with a second series because I just felt it worked and it has

Reegs: I loved

Howie: John Siena was

Reegs: as amazing in it.

Howie: Absolutely. But he plays the role exactly as it's needed. Not too serious.

The, the jokes are

Reegs: Well but there is like a hole if you want it as well. There's a whole load of stuff about, you know, father's


and you know, what it means to change and yeah, there's all kinds of cool stuff going on. And the

Howie: oh, interesting sequence. What is that all about? It's amazing. The eighties dance

Reegs: as well.

Have you seen this? A nice, so it's just baffling to you.

It's great

Dan: is based on the movie, the

Howie: So have you seen this? Have you seen the suicide squad?

Sidey: Is that the old George Clooney.


Dan: We came right back

Howie: no suicide squad is the third,

Dan: wasn't that good?

Howie: the second one, which isn't that good either, really? To be honest. But John Sienna plays, the peacemaker doesn't need the second one is he, he's not in the first one, is he? No. In the second one. And he plays a character that has a sense of justice, which involves him killing anybody that he feels as guilty with no concern for collateral damage.

Sidey: He's not very peaceful himself.

Howie: it could be, it could have been a complete deck out Fest. This is a load of bollocks, but it's very funny.

Reegs: It's very funny. It's very violent, but there's also some good thematic stuff

Dan: W do I need to have seen the suicide squad to, to enjoy this? No.

Howie: No,

but what's the second suicide squad. See, kind of get where he comes from. Cause there's one or two scenes that kick back to

Reegs: it doesn't

Howie: it doesn't matter though.


Reegs: It does It really

  1. Yeah,

Howie: all right.

Sidey: it's better than that.

Howie: I did laugh, but it's like,

Sidey: is it. I

Howie: anyway, anyway the other thing that I've watched is I watched the first episode of Disney's moon night, which I really enjoyed. I think that could go quite interesting places.

Sidey: Six episodes.

Howie: yeah. Ethan Hawke's character there's loads of stuff on Tinton net that it's he's potentially count Dracula, which is a weird one.

Reegs: Spoiler spoiler

Sidey: cage.

Dan: And have they actually released all the episodes or are they drip

Howie: No, they're dripping it like Mandalorian

Sidey: already paid the

fucking subscription Just give me the whole thing.

Howie: It's. I, I like his alter ego of the vegan museum gift shop. Stephen. I like him. I think he's quite funny. And I like, I liked the whole idea.

Sidey: van Dyke.

Howie: Yeah. So his accent.


And then lastly significantly late to the party I have just started because I now know that it's finished. I've just started episode two of Peaky blinders,

and I've enjoyed it so far. It's a rather,

Dan: It took me more than two episodes to get into that actually. But once I'd done about three or four, I started

Howie: to

Dan: really enjoy actually. But I stuck with it for the first three episodes before it paid me back. Really.

Reegs: It's really good when Tom Hardy. And and what's his name? Kilian. Kilian.

Howie: Murphy.

Reegs: When they're both like mega acting in a, at the same time, it's just great.

Dan: big

Sidey: I've done the same as you, then how I've waited for it to finish.

I'm going to start watching it now. Yeah,

Howie: so Netflix

Dan: how many episodes, how many seasons are there?

Sidey: five, Six.

Dan: There may be one season I actually haven't seen

Sidey: Just

finished, just

Dan: right then I haven't.

Reegs: the seasons are short.

There are only like six to eight episodes. I think. So.

Howie: And the final thing that I watched with my son ghost rider with Nicholas cage,

Reegs: the


Howie: the first one. And so, cause he wanted to see it Netflix.

It finishes in about a week's time before it's taken off and it says it's a fish Dean. I was like, I can't remember it being that bad. And it was actually actually okay for him to watch a bit, a bit, bit a few demonic deaths, but he just knows that that's not real. And there was no swearing. Oh, monitor for it all.

Is there

Reegs: no there is one there's one. Fuck you. Because he says it to him as ghost rider. There's a common.

Anyway here.

Howie: I must have missed that unless I just filtered it out. My son didn't make any comments about it.

Reegs: Yeah. But it's a, yeah. It's okay.

Howie: He likes that sort of shit.

Reegs: is there a bit with like M and Ms and stuff where he's transforming the first time and he's saying,

Howie: I can't remember.

I know even Mendez is hot as hell in

Reegs: you do remember you watched this movie recently though.

Howie: I watched it, but I think I was taking pictures of something.

Reegs: Okay. Moving swiftly on what has anybody else watched this week?

Howie: My pictures

Dan: I watched the mind hammers of course getting a good one. And then I watched a documentary on Vanger called invincible. I don't know if you've seen that re yeah. Which was again, you know, one of those sport in things that I enjoy to watch. And then other than the homework, I, I haven't really had much more time to dig into anything.

Sidey: We watched Harry Potter and. the Chamber of secrets, high Prosser and the, or what comes



it goblet

of fire? No

it's prisoner prisoner of Azkaban, goblet of fire.

Audra, Phoenix half-blood prince. And we're on. Definitely. That is part one. So That was quite,


lot of stuff in one week. and I also rewatch the sparks brothers movie. cause it's Fucking great. And I watched moon night and I've also been watching Picard series too. which I'm enjoying. I think I'm enjoying not sure. There's an Easter egg.

in the last one, there was a phone number you have, you've been watching. it.

Howie: I I've, I've just watched one episode of season two so far,

Sidey: so

Q's back in it and he leaves something for, it's not data, but it's Brent Spiner plays him. He end, he picks up and he's got a phone number. And if you phone it key will break you down.

the phone.


This is quite cool,

Howie: I'm really worried that Patrick Stewart is going to die on set.

Sidey: but it is only three Three

seasons they're going to do, but you kind of feel like you need to Ralph because he's fucking old well into his eighties. So that lot, and I felt like there was something else that we started watching. him, but I can't remember.

No I've been trying to get to see moon for.

yeah. I'm up for that. But

I can't find anywhere


Reegs: save it for the pods that that's

Sidey: it could do, like a trashy disaster movie.


I'm looking forward to that, but then that was it. That was quite a lot actually that we watched. So you have a decent week of viewing?

Yuri's good.

I like

Dan: Wow. Wow.

Reegs: Mostly the homework and I did finish peacemaker and I really loved it, but we already waxed on about

Sidey: Cool, Cool. Cool. We'll

cast your mind back a mere seven days we had

Reegs: Excellent.

Sidey: cracking. Yeah. We had quite a few

Dan: I'm letting you know right now, this could go anywhere.

Sidey: We had one from Matthew House 69 on Twitter,

Howie: sounds fucking ice,

Sidey: which

was the Godzilla 1988 Godzilla

movie, which had loads of Godzilla eggs.

It was

Reegs: You've got quite a lot of followers on Twitter. I noticed that

Sidey: And so the left wing people that he's,

Howie: I, I buy followers. I buy followers as long as. So do anything that is against the far right movement of my family.

Reegs: I've got 56 followers on Twitter. It's pitiful in a

Howie: I don't know how many followers I've got. I'm interested now. And it's literally, I genuinely don't know.

Dan: I've found out that I've got a thousand people following me on Facebook or something. And then I realized I've probably been hacked. have not got a thousand friends.

So do not trust any

Reegs: haven't even got three

Sidey: Anyway, we had some

other, other nominations, down Leafly,

Mr. Strong from the Mr.

Howie: Oh yes, yes, yes.

Sidey: our first Mr. Mann nomination, because he also, ate eggs for

Howie: a lot

Reegs: strong, to be

Howie: I'm sure he had two dozen eggs for breakfast.

Reegs: Hey Mr. Strong what about Mr. Greedy? That guy was a fat fuck. I bet he ate

Sidey: no fat shaming on this pod.

Reegs: but he was greedy

Sidey: Mel was

coming in with some


stuff. Again, flipped, which was a Rob Reiner film. The whole thing revolves around two kids that live next door to each other. The girl gives him eggs from their chickens. He doesn't want them, but he tried. Sounds interesting.

Reegs: that isn't entirely egg related movie

Sidey: Yeah. And Rob Reiner said, this that's sounds pretty strong. Okay.

That was about, it. I feel like Mr.


Reegs: Mr.

Mann is cocoa and as an eight. Yeah. Mr. Strong.

Sidey: Yeah, so that was that

How are you today? Very clear and easy to understand

top five topic for this week.

Howie: yes, it's easy if you're not a fucking idiot. Or I was shown up to be at an uncommunicative bastard and hadn't explained myself properly, which I think was the latter.

Reegs: oh, you wrote something and then changed the semantic definition after you were

Howie: Oh, no. Cause my example that I gave is the one that I'm going to start with. yeah. So I went for books in films and I should have specified, they're not really out there. They're not books that you could go and buy. It's not like,

Reegs: oh, they have to be fake books.

Howie: well, no they're books that exist within the framework of the film. And, but they've not

Sidey: specific it's

not a film

adaptation of a

Howie: Yes. It's not that. Yeah. It's it could be a prop is done. Your list has gone to shit or you're right.

Dan: no, it's obviously a novel subject.

Howie: I fell, I fucking walked

Reegs: we've missed it. We've missed you done.

Dan: I, I thought you'd lost the plot to be honest. know, let's, let's go for it anyway.

Sidey: give us

your first one That should clarify it,

Howie: Right. The first one's clarifies the Tobin spirit guide from Ghostbusters and John Horace Tobin race stance, go-to guide for supernatural references. For instance, in the film, he refers to it for the information on the cult of Goza. And it's the ultimate guide for that. If, for instance, you were to look up chapter 27, you would see botanical specific avoidance and spectrum manifestations, class five for roaming vapors.

Reegs: that's what I full

Howie: Yeah. See,

Reegs: So nasty apparition.

Howie: I haven't found that on Amazon book search yet.

Reegs: I'll bet you can, because

Howie: Yeah. And I bet there's

Reegs: a load of these actual fake books as real books. Now

Howie: see, that's the thing, but,

Sidey: that also Continues on Ghostbusters street. Well, I think it's

about two months in a row

that we've mentioned it. goes places

Reegs: the

Sidey: such a versatile movie

Howie: so, yeah, so I will go with that. It is referred to quite a lot in the films.

Thank you. End of. Clarification done

Dan: Right over to me.

Reegs: Are you going to do that thing where you interrupt people? Just try to establish,

Dan: Would I um I'm going to go for the wonderful author, Paul Sheldon who's who wrote obviously the, the wonderful books misery from miseries return and I. Probably in the last three or four months. And I hadn't seen it for years before that. What a great movie still it's really, you know, chilling Kathy Bates is, is fantastic in it.

Reegs: And this one's all about books as well,

Dan: and it, yeah, it really is. So it's the, the plot is Paul Sheldon goes to a random kind of, not random, the same little lodge in the, in the Hills in Aspen or wherever is Colorado to finish his book. He has this routine where I'd love a bottle of

that nice, expensive champagne and a cigarette.

And he finishes his book and on the way back, he's erodes his car and he saved by Kathy Bates who happens

Reegs: number


Dan: number one fan. Oh, so she's a terrible psychopath who doesn't like the way that his book ended and and hobbles him and torches him until he

Reegs: yeah.

Well, while he's

captive at her place, his new book comes out in it.

Sidey: I've never seen it.

Dan: Wow. Okay. Oh, it's a

Reegs: Oh it's weaker. We've got them. You'd like a, it's a

Howie: horrible ankle break.

Dan: The, the, the name can, isn't it, is it Paul? Paul, James Kat. James con. Yeah. That's what I said.

Reegs: he come and he's written this novel this way. Cause there's two novels. So he's written this one called fast cars and it's a departure from his normal style and he's, he wants to be taken as a,

As a serious literary writer and he's famous for writing these misery books, misery chestain, she's a nun and they're a bit trashy.

Romancey detective, he thinks. And a while he's like under her, Annie Wilkes is captivity. The book comes out that he's been any kills her off in the book. And she's fucking pest, man. She's

Dan: well, there's, there's the scene where you just see him at the, on his bed.

And he's, she's looked after him. She's nursed him back. He would have been dead without her because it was in bad shape in, in kind of the car and it's full snow and everything. And she's heaved him out and got him into bed. But the scene where the lightning and the thunder just cracks and you see a shadow at the bottom of his bed and she's not fucking happy.

It's just one of those that when I watched this. Originally on a plane actually going to Canada years and years ago. You remember it, you

Reegs: well even a book a book features in the climax as well. Maybe we won't spoil that if somebody hasn't seen it, but you know, he has to write this other book under duress while he's there.

And it turns out to be the best work of his career as well. And it features in the climax is really clever. It's book, book, book, book, book.

Dan: you go over to, you

Reegs: No

Sidey: I'll go for, I've got a double header really from the back to the future movies. So


culmination of the film, the.

first one

Where everything's is the mega happy ending. And George McFly comes into the house with a box and it's his great work. of this novel that he's written called a match made in space


the cover.

is basically what Marty had done to him.

in bad. Made him listen to Van Halen, really loud and said he was Darth Vader and all that sort of stuff.

So it's become you know, this sort of meta thing,

where he.

future son has come back and done all this stuff anyway. That was pretty cool. But the second

film I

Reegs: there's, there's like a visual guide to back to the future and it expands upon what the plot of the, what is it called the book and

Sidey: match

Reegs: match made in space would have been yeah.

Sidey: that Sounds like

Reegs: bullshit.

Sidey: But

The the second movie, the whole. plot of the film. I don't know if we're going to allow this as

a book,


Howie: no I just, yeah, I know. You're going to say

Sidey: The Almanac,

Howie: Sports Almanac.

Sidey: I was gonna say it's a magazine perhaps

Howie: No.

Sidey: I've got it. I was going to argue the toss to that. It was a book.

So yeah, the, the Almanac V goes, arrive, falls into the hands of bef causing

him to

Howie: become Donald

Sidey: when basically

It looks like him

um forced. Marty's mum to get boob job,

Yeah. So into that and yeah, and he has to get it back and, you know, reset the timeline as it were Leah Thompson directed. the last

Episode of Picard,

I just saw her name goes, Oh,

that's a, his mum who, it was totally fine for him to bang in

the pause because it wasn't

his mom at that time.

So yeah. Double header of bats, future movies.

Reegs: Yeah. Two good choices there side. Yeah, I think. Did you have them on your list

Howie: Yeah, I did. I'd written the words. Sidey loves his mum being shacked. I'd actually written that

Reegs: adaptation was the first movie, my wife and I ever watched together, like.

Sidey: That

Reegs: 12 years ago afterwards, she said she liked it, but hated Nick cage.

Sidey: Oh

Reegs: the dance we've been doing. That's the dance we've been doing for the last 12 years. So this is a spike Jones and Charlie Koufman movie and the story behind the movie and the movie itself uh tied together in a delightfully post-modern way. Have you guys seen this one

Sidey: adaptation?

Dan: don't think I have

Reegs: Right.

So basically Charlie Kaufman, the guy who's written the movie was hired to adapt the book, the orchid thief by Susan Orleans, which was originally a magazine article, fleshed out to be a book about this sort of.

Criminal horticulturalists basically who was stealing orchids. And so Calvin wanted to write about the book and talk about the themes of the book, but as he worked on it, he realized he had basically no idea how to do it because it's basically an essay about flowers and loss.

And it didn't have any way to like make a compelling movie. So basically as the deadline was approaching, he started, he decided to make the movie about him trying to make the movie of trying to make the book.

And it's as weird as it sounds. And he he turns in this script eventually that has twin of his character called Donald who's this more confident, outgoing, there's a lot going on on one level.

It really is an adaptation of the source material, that book. But it's also about the story of Calvin trying to figure.

How to do this without making it a corny Hollywood bullshit. And then it's all got his other stuff about his typical themes, about difficulty with relationships and how uncomfortable he is with people involved in his work.

But, and it's also the story of Meryl Streep, Susan, or liens, the real person, her feeling of loneliness and emptiness, and a struggle to be understood and understand how the orchid stealer could want something so badly to go and steal things. And it's all wrapped up in this bait. Basically. I really love this movie, to tell,

Sidey: this the one where they go into sort of the


making of Malcovich.

as well.

You see you see

Reegs: yeah, yeah,

Sidey: get John COOs that back in.

Reegs: he gets taken off on a yeah. Yeah. It's it's really great. Also there's Charles Darwin and dinosaurs in a shootout and alligators and stuff as well. So,

It's all those other, like post-modern things going on.

Howie: my next one is based on two books and it's a guilty, sorry. It's based on two films and it's a guilty pleasure. Pete Flambeau would appreciate this quote, John Wilder. Now this is based on romancing, the stone and jewel of the Nile, both written by Joe molder, who isn't obviously it's um correct.

I love these two films with Billy ocean that when the going get all that crap, the tough get going and all that. And.

Romancing the stone, dah, dah, dah, dah. Amazing. These are proper eighties

Reegs: gimmick was sort of the, she was like a novelist who

Howie: romantic mills and boon mills and

Reegs: she didn't have any adventure in our life, but she then accidentally ends up going on big

Howie: She goes to

on the bus and go somewhere else or because there's a drug deal going on and all sorts of stuff. And

Reegs: Michael Douglas is like a criminal bird stealer or

Howie: It's like a ease down in south America, stealing tropical birds to sell and all sorts of stuff. And he's a bit of a hunter, but he looks good. He looks good in

Sidey: I watched this not So long ago because it's on Disney plus the second one. And a lot of the time, just sort of wondering how is Danny DeVito in movies, but How the fuck

so fucking


Howie: it? It's.

It's just eighties. Crap. I love it. And the two books, obviously she's a prolific writer of mills and

Dan: got the Savage secret. You've got Love's wicked kiss, the rabbit juice passions, lovely lie.

And treasures of lost. These are all John Wilder Yeah

Reegs: sound great. Don't

Dan: They really do. Yeah.

Howie: all available at the shelf and the dentists that's got like practical photography, aviation, monthly, some random books at the bottom.

Dan: Yeah. If your heart racing, you know, you're always sobbing. This is quality stuff.

Howie: to you, Dan.

Dan: Okay, well it's difficult. I didn't find this subject quite as, as easy as, as you're doing I had the book on mazes but I got lost in it and um yeah, it's that bad?

I'm afraid. So I, I'm gonna go for I've lost the piece of paper where it says which one I'm going to go for. Let me just find it. It's the, it's the boat locker field of dreams, Terrence man. And it was the film that obviously you build it and they will come. Kevin Costner goes off to find the voice of or the, the man called terrorists man that this voice keeps.

Getting into his head and saying, you've got fine. This guy he's, he's not quite sure why. And who's the active James Earl Jones who thinks he's just a hippie from the

Reegs: Wait what movie is this

Dan: field of dreams.

Reegs: What did you say? The boat

Dan: the boat rocker was the name of the book that Terrence Mann,

Howie: It's the book that he wrote that basically has forced him to go into private hiding

Dan: kind

Howie: so annoyed with it

Dan: a JD salad though or something, you know, but it's he's

Reegs: I feel like I might never have seen this

Sidey: Hey it's devastating saying, I think we should midway cakes. It's a

Dan: You've never seen,

Reegs: I don't know. Every time someone describes it, I ended up being completely baffled. So

Sidey: Joe Jackson right

Dan: It's. Yeah, so it's a, it's a really nice, nice movie. And yeah, the book in it anyway is, is this called the boat rocker, but costing is performance fantastic in this. And he's just at the time it's pink Costner. Really? He had, obviously, after this lots of other

Howie: After dances with wolves

Dan: a wolves, it was off the dancers of wolves SIS,

Howie: peak.

Sidey: I just thought that he, after this. He had loads of other films.

Dan: He did upload over films.

Sidey: He did. He did

Dan: See, there's, that's absolutely true.

Sidey: I'm going to put you out your missed you then. whereas Anderson movies have

Howie: a library

Sidey: beaucoup literature,


going to talk to

you about the Royal Tenenbaums, Cause I really love that. film And there are fucking loads in that one as well. So I'm just going to list them. We've got old Custer by Eli cash Wildcat by Eli cash. I

think old customers, old customers, Well, my head's on the phone.


about him getting it's like, why would they say I'm

specifically not a genius?

Dan: I've I've seen the the cover of that and he's just like Custer swatting, our Indians.

Sidey: doing a will Smith

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Dudley's welds by rallies, Sinclair, the peculiar neurodegenerative inhabitants of the

Cozaar. We at all by rally Sinclair accounting for everything a guide to personal finance by Henry Sherman family of geniuses, by ethylene Tenenbaum three plays by Margot Tenenbaum and Levinson's in the trees by Margot Tenenbaum. and the thing


where's Anderson as he gives you this one shot of the cover of the mall as well incredible detail that he puts into

which kind of

grates And some people, I think

cause it's sort of

style over substance, but I really like it. I think it's great.

And I,

I liked the family of geniuses.

but it's it's

Yeah, wonderful. And then in the PD-L1 that we

reviewed moon Mo's kingdom the young

girl Susie Bishop, when she runs away from home, she takes a lot of books with her and she takes, their, I've got the names of them. the Shelley and the secret universe. The Francine Odysseys go from Jupiter disappearance of the sixth grade, the light of the seven matchsticks and return of anti Lorraine. So lots of, and then every other film, like the grand Budapest hotel, all that stuff as well.


Reegs: Well it isn't the plot. The whole plot of a is about stealing and Burkitt's now. So

Dan: I've. I've got a list of books that have never been written. If you want to hear a couple of them healthy foods by crispy bacon lying on the porch by Matt and defense by Barry Cade.

Starting a fire by Amber's really long books by Warren P. Desert by Sue Flay,

the grave diggers handbook by barium deep.

Reegs: terrible,


Howie: brilliant,

Reegs: The Babadook, whereas an Australian horror movie that I really liked directed by Jennifer Kent. And it's about the widowed Amelia and her weird little free Choe son, Samuel who screams and shouts a lot and is introduced playing with a catapult and darts and stuff.

And talking about bashing monsters heads in with a rock and a, the title mystic Babadook is in fact, Mr. Babbo duke, miss stupor, duke he's like a towering shadows. Horrible figure wearing a top hat with like long chlorine fingers and a pale grinning, like E

Dan: not watching

Reegs: face, any haunts, those people who read a terrifying pop-up book called the Babadook it's done in this light sort of modern, but cute, but evil type style. So the pop-up book manifesting actually it's you know, and as the, as the monster becomes more and more Sapient the book and sorry, as the, as they read the book, the monster becomes sort of more and more real. And it's a manifestation of her grief, basically about the loss of her widowed husband.

But also it's the movie highlights many sort of relatable struggles of parenting because the kids still sleeps with the mother every night and she can't even have a wink one night and that's shown in the thing. And you know, and it's also, it's about

the fear of not loving your child enough and whether like motherhood or father had crushes your soul.

It's great, great stuff. I highly highly recommend. No, it's, it's it's, you know, this is, I know we don't do horror. You know, we don't love horror around these parts, but we have enjoyed a few that I've picked over the years and I, one day we'll pick maybe something like.

Dan: secret window was another one that I had. Um And uh that's Johnny Depp. Remember that one? It used to be an actor and he, he plays a writer here that is kind of finishing off a book.

And he's also embroiled in a kind of psychological warfare within himself, I think. And he actually goes on a bit of a rampage, but he's not sure who he is and that kind of thing. It's, it's not bad. You know, Johnny Depp's huge star and you'd normally find that there people watches his films, whatever, but he normally picks pretty

Reegs: I enjoyed secret window It's got a decent like twist that you see coming a mile off, but yeah, it's good.

Howie: I'm going to go for a book that is the biggest lie in publishing the never-ending story, a bibliophile bust in books. You hides in a bookstore one day, the bookstore owner warns the boy about a book as it's not safe to read busty, instills the book and leaves a note that he will return it.

And it basically, as he reads it, it takes you into a world of Fantasia a force called the nothing, which I think is quite lazy to call something like nothing. Yeah, but it's not really a never ending story because obviously at the end of the film, there was then the never-ending story too. So it's just an absolute SEMA rights issue here.

Sidey: the never-ending story,

Reegs: but it was pretty dark as

Howie: yeah, that there's a scene in it that I remember. Yeah. The horse in the swamp. I remember my kids actually getting quite distressed by that. Yeah. Mega LOLs,

Sidey: Lionel huts mentioned that he said he's it's w w what does he actually say? This is a clear cut as my case against the, neverending story.

or something like that.


if it's made it, into Simpsons. It must be good.

Howie: must be true.

All right. Sidey.

Reegs: Oh, it's so confusing

Sidey: I've got, well, one that


cropped up through what I was watching this week, which was Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. So in that one that con someone's been doing something and they don't know exactly who's pulling the strings, They end up in the chamber of secrets there's a basilisk, but it's all being done by a kid down there called Tom riddle

And he has a diary.

And as it turns out, as you watched through later on through the films, they explain what's happened. What Voldemort has done is he split his soul and hidden pieces of his soul in seven different things


to preserve him. Should anything happen? They are horcrux is. And the first one, I think it's the first one that's destroyed Is the diary. And so he's actually trying to perform this ritual to bring himself back using this diary. And in the end, Harry kills the list that's in there and using a tooth. He stabs the diary

and it's quite gruesome actually

let a blood

comes flying out and and you can see it's having an effect on Tom riddle. And he does a thing in the, in the air, like you do it, with a sparkler, he spells out his name is Tom something riddle, which is an anagram of volume Lord Voldemort. And so he stabs it a few more times and it turns out he's destroying the one of these hall cruxes. and so he explodes into, interference quite

like full on for like,

cause they're young kids in this they're really young.

we didn't watch the first

one again.

because I find them just too fucking young and the prompts are just shit

But This one is still like

they are kiddies, but they're getting to grips

with that, you know, performing


Dan: kind of what put me off the Harry potters. And I've never watched them in order

Sidey: when you watch which one is it? I was watching one with my daughter child gets possessed on a bridge and it's like something that the fucking Exodus is fucking full on. And I was start looking, at my daughter. I was like, is this

appropriate? I think it was called

butterfly. Yeah. She's like

suspended in midair and fucking thrown around and smashed on the floor. And you're Like this is fucking

like brutal.

Reegs: are they? What's the rating on a

Sidey: PG

Howie: And then I think the end ones are twelves is the last sort of

Reegs: can do quite a lot. If you don't show blood, I guess you can

Sidey: there's no swearing. There's none of that. It's just,

Reegs: and then they just get up and they're fine afterwards.

So the no

Sidey: no, no like


Reegs: of the violence

Sidey: some people die and stuff.

Howie: Yeah. There's yeah. There's degree. He eat

Sidey: Yeah. he died. I think that's my favorite one actually. goblet far. But anyway, this was chamber of secrets and it has the diary, which is a whole

Howie: there are lots of Harry Potter books. If he wants to get like all the magic books,

Sidey: I looked it up. I looked up cause

What's the ginger

Howie: Weasley

Sidey: Ron Weasley mentioned a book that he's his mother read to him and it's called Giggy burgundy It's dead. It's got to be long stupidly. So I thought I'll just Google, like other books. And honestly, there's like three or 400. I couldn't even like, it's ridiculous. So I didn't even bother

making less than because there's just millions and millions and millions yeah. So chamber secrets.

Reegs: Nice. I, you getting, let me have this, it's the space Corps directive from a red dwarf, which is like a list of rules

Sidey: and

Reegs: regulations. It's an ebook, a physical,

Sidey: I don't think we've ever had red dwarf. So that has to go

Howie: in.

Reegs: This is dedicated to listing all of the regulations of the space, cause in extreme detail and rim, as sort of comically misquotes, the mitzvot of running gag, except for a few times, for the rare occasions where he does get them.

Right. But some of the rules I got include 3, 4, 1, 2, 4, no officer with false teeth should attempt oral sex in zero gravity. A seven to three Terraform is, are expressly forbidden from recreating.

1 74, 2, no member of the court should ever report for active duty and a ginger toupee. And finally 1 9, 6 1 5 6.

Any officer caught sniffing the saddle of the exercise bicycle in the women's gym will be discharged without trial.

Dan: What a program.

This was, I mean, it was just such a budget program, but loved it. You just, as soon as it came on it was what we talked about in school the next day. Did you say it was everybody singing, the theme tune and everything

Reegs: It really had a peak I think, of about two or three seasons. And then

Sidey: they should never brought it back when it went on Dave the channel Dave non-English listeners brought it back and it was not good. But it did, it did have a two or three suit.


where it was

Fucking gold.

Like I think

Most people would agree the Western one

with the

virus is

fucking absolutely art as well

It's so good.

Reegs: There's a few out there.

Howie: I'll go for quick one again. Indiana Jones and the last crusade, the grail diary, which is a beautiful piece of work from Sean Connery is Henry Jones and he plays.

Yeah. I, I love it when you, when you, if you find a book or a diary like that, and it's got its diagrams inside and all that, and it's, it's, it's a lovely, it's got like little snippets and collections. And I remember years ago, I think I found something that. My granddad have just like a diary of where he'd been and stuff like that.

And it's got

the bodies where they were buried, the suitcases, all that sort of stuff, that went off on a So they go next up, Dan.

Dan: Well, jokes, I'm voting my shelf to blame. But I, I will mention the wonder boys which is the first one that I thought of actually, when you brought up this subjects, their film with, again, Michael Douglas who we mentioned earlier, but this time he is, has written a book called the arsonist daughter and it's his. First book that came out and he's kind of living off that he's a professor now and he's, he's writing Tobey.

Maguire is in this you've got ripped on in it as well. The Katie Holmes who used to be married to friends of the pod, Tom cruise yeah. And I really liked this film, actually. It was a nice kind of pace. It was light. But with drama comedy, I like Michael Douglas.

Reegs: He doesn't let you

Dan: He, you know, we've learned to like each other again, over the years, we did have that fallen out.

But anyway you know, now that he's back with her, he's fine.

But th this was, this was really good. And he, he just kind of gets stoned a lot at the time and he's cruising through life and he's he's, he's making things very you know, he gets one girl pregnant and he's, I've got a relationship going on with another girl as well.

So it's all kind of complex web of, of lies and things. Yeah, it's good. And he's got books in it and eventually he, yeah, he eventually sorts himself out. Yeah. So hopefully you'll forgive me for, for the Catherine. Sorry.

Sidey: I've got one that might be our first advert.

Reegs: Oh

Sidey: If you'll let me have it

or not Um

Reegs: it.


Dan: I know says John R Hartley

Sidey: flight fly fishing by Jr.

Dan: Jr. Hartley.

Sidey: I think was the Abbot for yellow

Howie: Pages. Yeah. Oh, You do.

Sidey: And that's that's one of those, We touched on it earlier. One of those books that

wasn't a book that became

a book. afterwards, because I


it turning up at school and people were buying it.

Why would you

buy it?


in fly fishing

Dan: it in the red triangle shop in the

Sidey: Yeah it was some dodgy old

fuck trying to track down this


Reegs: that's a good one

Sidey: Yeah. So there you go.

An advert.

Howie: Very good one.

Reegs: Uh I can't a couple, I could guess we're coming to the end. So, so a couple of basic instincts, she was working on sexy fem fertile Sharon Stone. Catherine Tremmel was working on a book called shooter, which was about a cop who got involved with the wrong woman. And then he's with

Dan: Th the shining there's another quick one. There was a book in it. Can't

Reegs: It was

Dan: it was, but Jack Torrance is, is writing something other than red wrong he's right in a

Reegs: work and no play makes a dollar boy

Dan: boy

Reegs: stand by me

Dan: Oh, good one. Yeah.

Reegs: bad Tecan and what else? There was a few, you already said the grail diary didn't you we've got the Necronomicon, which we've already had nominated by a well, actually Pacey nominated the evil dead, and he nominated the gag a farewell to arms,

which was a great, great gag.

That's in there. Went from

Sidey: evil, pretty. She nominated the

Reegs: The Necronomicon which is in the three evil, dead movies and famously Ash gets the incantation wrong. Klaatu Verado nuclear and you know, summons the deadites over the Necronomicon. And also that was in Friday the 13th. I want to say it's part nine.

Jason goes to hell. No, because that's,

Jason in Manhattan. I know that one specifically, this was the one where they started to introduce, like at the end Freddy's thing came out and it sets up the Jason versus Freddy thing. But in this one, Sam Raimi lent the net pro Necronomicon plot.

Prop from the evil dead that was shooting on the same lot to Jason nine.

So it's in the same universe and the, in a thing that sounds like fan fiction gone horribly, horribly wrong. And I think has absolutely nothing to either franchise. They actually have that Pamela vol he's summoned Jason via the Necronomicon. So that is something that connects those things. It's horrible.

Howie: My my last two are vampire related. I've got blade, the vampire Bible, deacon frost, reassembling the archive text to awaken the blood.

God translated by Pearl, who you remember dies from the UV lights, which is horrific. And the last one is society thought. You'd have heard this one the vampire Slayer handbook from Buffy. How to instruct as a Slayer. It's the first book to record and codify magic. Let's be done.

Dan: Okay. Well, I I've got one from beetle juice handbook of the recently deceased. So just in case you need to know what to do when the time comes.

I've not seen this, but it really intrigued me that the title is from how I met your mother. And it's called of course you were still single take a look at yourself, you dumb slot. And that was the name of that book. I've not seen it. I don't know if you've seen the film. But it was in my research.

I, I found that. Yeah.

Reegs: eh even talking about the shiny earlier at one point, Shelly Duval is reading I'm the catcher in the rye in a

which can't be a mistake because Kubrick is very famously break sound things.

So that stuff, that's about a guy who has a mental breakdown as

Sidey: So that's a real book.

Reegs: Is that a different thing? Could we,

Sidey: no cause I've got one I've got, I've got I've got another one, which is a real book. So Donnie Darko. They talk about 21 stories by Graham Greene. And in particular, one of those short stories is called the destructors and they talk about that.

in it.

Howie: Glad you mentioned Graham Greene.

He wrote, he made a really good film that we reviewed once

Reegs: somebody actually downloaded that episode today. So some poor,

Howie: unfortunate,

Sidey: and

then they

talk about the plot or the destructors, which is kind of what they're doing They do some of that destructive stuff in the film as well. But they also talk about a book called or its features in the movie, the philosophy of time, travel by Roberta Sparrow which I think they glimpse glimpse, a couple of pages but people have then taken that and expanded upon.

And that's a good film that we were going to get someone on to talk

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Phil was going to come and talk about that and tell us, tell us all about it.

Sidey: Yeah. And then a couple of other ones pulp fiction. John Travolta, Vincent Vega, he's seen a couple of times reading a


called modesty blaze

Reegs: modesty plays. Why do I know that

Sidey: it's a character created


1963 by Peter O'Donnell for a comic strip?

British intelligence spy. and he's seen twice, he's reading it on the loop for some reason. And then the other one Pete would have possibly nominated this, but the opening credits to blackhead of the third

feature, Blackadder going through a kind of library, I guess it's the prince Regent sort of collection of books.

Then every time it comes to them, pulling out a book, and it's the title of the episode, which we're about to watch, So you get dish and dishonesty, ink, and in capability, NABA Notability sentence and entity, Amy and Amy ability and Juul and duality.


Reegs: good title.


Sidey: that's me. I'm done.


Dan: labyrinth was the only other one that I was going to add in.

Reegs: yeah of course you were because just so you could do

the brush it

Dan: just so I could do Toby's mind now. So and through dangers untold and hot chips are numbered.

Reegs: I think should do the rest of the, like

Dan: Oh yeah.

Howie: I think I said the whole films. Cause if you could please, I said, I think we're all spent, I'm going to go forward turban spirit guide Ghostbusters.

Reegs: Dan

Dan: I show go for the arsonist daughter in the wonder boys.

Sidey: I'm going to put in fly fishing by J R Hartley.

Reegs: wonderful nomination that I'm going to put an adaptation.

Sidey: And we have had. A few already nominations,

Reegs: what are they? Cause it's sometimes good to

pay a

Sidey: to peer suits. Probably, pissy and Brit sheep, but a lot of people wait

until they hear the



putting out, but

I was

good that we're getting them in early.

this last couple of weeks have been great.

So we'll, we'll reel all them off next week

Dan: just while we're, we're talking about people just like to thank her, Johnny, Utah actually been in touch and he's getting one of these special, bad dads badges that we made. So um

Sidey: suppress

Dan: the press, badge dad. Exactly.

Sidey: Howie.

Howie: Hello.

Sidey: This movie was trending on

Howie: Yeah Cause I am well cool.

Reegs: I already wanted to see this. So this was right up my street. When you pick this,

Howie: I thought it looked promising because it was one hour 10.

It's quite sure. I think it's one.

Reegs: hour,

Sidey: 10

Reegs: minutes. Was it this? About an hour and a half?

Howie: Nah, right. We need that anyway. Yeah, it was, it was, and I had a

Sidey: and it's called boiling

Howie: boiling point and a warning to anybody that hasn't seen it. It's worth watching it for you. Listen to this. And also if you do watch it, it will give you high levels of anxiety and also you will get and rage.

And if you've worked in the hospitality industry, like I, and my wife have during our lives, you will be fucking raging, anger. Everything about this is just, oh, the situation that is set up, the people involved, the customer relations, the way that the restaurant is set out.

Reegs: And of course the medium itself is designed to be hectic as well, because it is done in a single uninterrupted. One shot

Howie: So clever.

Sidey: editing

Reegs: does make the editing easier. You're right. Yeah.

Howie: I was wondering how it was filmed and it must've been done in light. Would you say vignette? Is that what the right term or small place

Reegs: it was done as it was, they had four goes at it. They thought they were going to get eight, but they had four because COVID stroke.

So they had, they nailed it on the third take, even though there's some argument, whether the fourth was actually better, but Steven Green. Strongly believed the third one was better. One. They went with that

one. It's an astonishing feat of choreography and technical endeavor and acting and

Sidey: can, we can get into it, but I found myself sometimes during the movie, just thinking about how they'd done it.

And like, it would


take me out of the film. I'm thinking. And I

thinking, what

if someone fucked that up and you had to just press reset and fucking go again, you'd be so fucking annoyed. But anyway,

let's talk about the

Dan: there were any joins, they they've

Reegs: there weren't there on there on

Sidey: so

Reegs: what it looks like

Sidey: that we watched. Would

that is three.

I think it's three separate parts.

cut to make it look like what This is genuinely

all in one. go.

Reegs: And if maybe you could say, you know, you often talk about whether or not that's gimmicky, but here it adds to the story because it's one extraordinary night over one restaurant.

And although sometimes the plot sort of stretches credulity is supposed to be this evening that goes from bad to worse. And you listened to that in



Dan: immediately there's, there's a pace to the film. Cause he's walking to work, he's taken a phone call and he's having that kind of conversation.

Yeah. Yeah. I'll be there in a minute and

Sidey: absolutely


the tone, because

things are already going wrong. He's

Howie: private life

Sidey: to his

ex-wife he's

missed. It sounds like he's missed something. Probably a sons. Oh, that's what it is. So he's like, just let me speak to him before he goes to bed. or tell him, you. know, I'm really sorry.

And he's, he's Obviously fucked up and

Reegs: he's already metaphorically spinning lots of plates before he even enters the restaurant, which is the first thing that he does and people greet him. But there's a a health inspection underway.

Howie: Oh, sorry. I was just going to social drop. I was just gonna say, I immediately thought from this point it was going to be like a lock film where it was a focus on a singular character, but it isn't that it isn't, it is, there is a significant amount of focus on steam Graham's character, chef Andy Jones.

But it is about the whole

Reegs: oh he's far for him in every scene of the movie.

Sidey: It's an ensemble.

critical to it. So yeah, we enter the restaurant for the first time and you get the first character he thinks going to be the most hateable person you've ever seen in your entire life.

Reegs: Ether. SMOs Snavely little pen pusher.

Sidey: got a

I don't know if it.


Howie: personality,

Sidey: or whatever,

and now he's getting his own

Reegs: way. He's got a tiny amount of power and he wants

Sidey: he's using it. all Yeah

Reegs: it's like, oh man, you just hate this guy

Howie: take a seat, take a seat. I'm like, you're telling him to take a seat in his own restaurants.

Sidey: Well he he sort of has a go at the chef first about the duck.

Reegs: That's Ray pan. Faqih who I recognized from EastEnders. He's the sort of fiery chef to

Howie: that's what I was trying to, I was trying to work out where I'd seen him before.

Sidey: he's, he's just


quizzing people about how you, how you

prepared that,

and then what'd you do to it.

And what temperature is that? And then he makes a comment about some tiles and then he's just like, within

earshot says he keeps scratching his beard and he's just

got this smarmy, horrible

fucking web.

And he just,

I you know


he has, he has his job to do for you because you don't want to eat in a fucking shitty restaurant. I get that. But the, he purposely has a way of just riling everyone up and just rubbing people up the wrong way. And it

culminates with him, downgrading them from the highest rating of five.



a three.

Reegs: and he's telling a story as well. It's important for the plot because he's basically saying part of the reason is all the violations you've seen today, which include many other things we haven't talked about were always stirs of not being cleaned up properly

Sidey: washing hands in the

Reegs: washing hands in the food prep area and all sorts of other stuff going on, that's wrong.

But he's, there's also recordkeeping to be done and he's been flawless at doing it up until two months ago, and then it's kind of tailed off. So we know that this is where Andy is in his life. Now that things are falling apart. And it adds to the tension of, of what's going to happen

Sidey: He's got a half-step, he's got a Hasad file, which is hazard and critical control

Dan: Th th this, this guy kinda, he put, he points out the he goes to the temperature, the fridge it's, it is regulation, but you know,

Howie: Eight degrees

Reegs: I'd prefer it to be five, just a few

Dan: but it is regulation. Yes, but say it was just a stickler for, for being too anal about everything and yeah, he was one of those people who designed to irritate you right from the beginning. And he, he was fantastic in that,

Sidey: Well, that

leads to

Then calling summoning all the staff into the back room. No, I think it might even just be in the actual

Howie: pastry, washing up area

Sidey: and

Dan: hadn't quite opened the restaurant at this

Sidey: There's no customers there, but then very, very

quickly there are



was a bit weird one, but anyway, he kind of goes a bit Gordon Ramsey and just fucking borates everyone.

like Fucking this. and

Reegs: He's not really like that, that I know what you

Sidey: He doesn't miss moments but

he does quickly come full circle and he's like, I shouldn't have reacted like that. And it's my fault


so it gets people backwards

Reegs: because the turbot is off the menu. Right. Because he forgot to restock it. And so it's become clear.

A lot of the problems in the

restaurant are really here

Howie: Hmm. And, and, and it turns out he's also not ordered beef and other

Reegs: And he's got a hyper competent sous chef, whose name is Carly, I think who is basically keeping everything going for him, but she knows that

Howie: Yeah, she was highly believable as a what'd you call? Not a head chef, but he's second in command. Sous chef, sorry.

Played by the net Robinson. I thought,

Reegs: great as is everybody in this,

Howie: Yeah. I have to say, yeah. She, as a character she's holding the Fort, she's basically covering up.

And the head chefs faults, his failings, his logistic nightmares, his personal trauma. She's also got a point she's, she's trying to not only keep the restaurant going, but she's at a career junction as well.

And she's asked him to pose a question to the management and the owner and his daughter. Who's the head of house about a wage increase because she's considering a position somewhere else. And that brings in another character who is fucking annoying beyond all levels. And that's the head of

Sidey: where he kind

of implies that

it's done or it's

taken care of because it gets dropped in and later on. Yeah, we do meet the front of house manager

And they have a team meeting and it turns out that someone is not there yet. someone's

running late.

and they they're trying to cover, for her.

Reegs: She's an actress and she's one of the waitresses

Sidey: leads to, a fucking Bose

Dan: well, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Everybody hasn't quite done their job. She's overbooked the restaurant.

Reegs: Yeah Well things are starting and also in the restaurant like there's a few little time bonds starting to emerge because they were aware that somebody is booked and they're going to do a marriage proposal. And we're also aware that they suddenly drop in. There's going to, there's someone, who's got a nut allergy, which, you know, you obviously know what's going to happen, but it's

Sidey: Yeah. You're waiting for it You're kind of way. Who's the one that's going to fuck This

Reegs: And then,

Dan: out as celebrity chef is going to sit down and eat at the, at the table as well. And we learned later that he has history. And as, as well as

Reegs: mentor slash

Dan: being his mentor, and then the first table you go to is table seven.

I think where you've got this.

Sidey: He S he now supersedes the health and safety guy has been the person you hate most of the entire world.

Dan: but what was interesting as well, just before this, they have this kind of pep talk and, you know, they get everybody in and they say, you know, we can do this. We team up, it will be fine. We've got a good menu.

Sidey: We should also say this is Christmas time. So it's, it's


Dan: before Christmas. So everybody's a chocker but you know, all the things that, how the restaurant trade works, I guess it gives you a little insight to that, you know? Well, we haven't got quite as much out, well, I'll give him half beers, you know, we'll go, we'll do this. And we can, we can feed this in this way and we can push the Vedge and we can push this because that's where we got a lot of great.

Okay, we'll do that. And it opens up on the first waitress going or hi, I'm Robin. I'm going to be your waitress tonight. Can I get you anything to drink? Lovely. It turns out when they're doing sit delivered, it's not Robin that brings them back and this guy straight away becomes

Howie: he's a racist, he's a racist isn't he

Reegs: it's horrendous Yeah. He's this noxious big spender and he's there with family. It looks like, and he's bought the most expensive bottle

Dan: most expensive.

Reegs: I just

Howie: And then your orders for people, it chooses for them rather than the labeling them

Reegs: I find the way that people relate to people who are serving them in restaurants is a really key indicator about their personality.

You can tell a lot about someone by the way that they relate in that situation. And yeah, he's, he's just horrible. And like you say, when the black waitress returns with the drinks,

Sidey: he's

Reegs: oh,

Dan: well, to be fair, these 200 pound bottle of wine, you've got to let it breathe a bit.

Sidey: Oh, he was dreadful.

I was thinking I would never like, just cause you wouldn't do anyway.

by that.

but I would think

they're going to fucking do something

to your food.

If You

go percent. Would've done

Reegs: a trio of decades up vying to be the most hateable people in here, but they're not probably the worst, but yeah, there, there Instagram influencers who want the chef to knock up a steak and chips, even though it's not on the menu and the front of house allows it to happen because she wants the social media stuff, but she has no fear.

She doesn't think about what that means for the kitchen and the stress that places under.

Howie: So my upbringing has been since, since I was about three or four years old, my family had run restaurants.

be about 15 years ago, I've run restaurants. I've obviously had access to behind the scenes constantly.

I've worked in them and this is so true to form all of the stresses. The thing you mentioned, Dan, with the displacing various items to get them out the door, you know, half a pint here, put the veggie on a special, this sort of stuff. It's all so true. It's all so stressful. And one thing that was really quite eyeopening was seeing the, the, the, the focus on a little part that we just missed at the start was the relationship between the pastry chef and her assistant.

And he gets picked up on having his sleeves and he's clear, and he's like covering is covering. And it's so true that I've seen in the chef environment. It's so volatile. It's so fast pace. It's so busy that personal issues have to be put to one side and a matter. There are people I I've, for instance, I've worked at a restaurant where a, guy's just been told that his mom's died, but he's got to work the rest of the shift.

And they're like, can your

Reegs: That scene where it's revealed that the young kid has been self-harming that scene has stayed with me. It's like, you know, the two actors in that it's such

Howie: brilliant We'll

Sidey: Steven Graham, his wife. I didn't know that two officers. Yeah.

Yeah. Rather that has any relevance to anything.

Reegs: kids? I mean, because he cries just completely on cue, but you know, it's,

Howie: it's genuinely

Reegs: like doing this in like a single thing it's

Howie: and you genuinely failed.

It's heartfelt from her where she just holds him and says,

Sidey: We don't do this

Howie: no not now.

Sidey: She comforts him As much as she can in that moment,

but she's real We'll talk afterwards, but I'll help you. And then Stephen Graham comes in and tastes the I think it's

like creme pat Weber's, he's making. his ass fucking good that


he's and he's happy,

and he's done something really good So you're like, thank


I couldn't take away

Dan: Now it wasn't the time to totally break his heart.

Howie: But, sorry. Yeah, but what you're saying about the whole environment of, if we just go back to what you said about the influences and the way that the front of house is so in or of the Instagram, ULAR of the social media coverage of the advertising, there is a restaurant over here where I recently opened about a year and a half ago, and I was there now and I was watching the front of house

the front of house clearly, exactly the same situ almost like for likes situation.

The place was totally going to shit beyond all. We got served our meal at 1:00 AM and we went in at nine, but we got trashed. So it didn't matter.

Reegs: 1:00

Howie: Yeah. Completely. And, and it was and it was just crazy. It was crazy. And you could see, and now I understand it's doing a lot better because they've just gone and replaced everybody and get rid of that.


Sidey: were just buying a sushi in from


Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: And it's compounded actually, when somebody sends something back, I think it might even be the racist twat. Isn't it it's from his table. They send lamb back. It's been served pink, of course, because, but anyway, they have to cremate it, but she's saying,

Sidey: well it's really

bad because then the, the the chef gets his backup about it.

And when it's ready to go back out, he says, I want you to tell the table that it was supposed to be anything. or not That type of thing. Don't send you out with that

mess that table. It just don't do it. And she has to stand there and say, this the kitchen. Just want you to know. And you're like, oh

Howie: she doesn't really well and it leaves him looking like a twat and he can only respond with just a kind of,

Reegs: but but I I think it's the final store, isn't it? The push is Carly and birth to have a confrontation. It, the lamb. And

Howie: No, it's the, it's the beef that she has to do the steak off

Reegs: Oh yeah, that's

right Yeah

Dan: Yeah. Th there's a, there's a few issues. There's another guy who turns in pretty late. He's the, he's the dishwasher. And already his, his other dishwasher has been doing everything and getting. Sort of in trouble for doing it all to wise, they're not done quick enough.

He said, look, I'm pregnant. I'm on my own. I'm doing twice as much. This guy hasn't even turned in. He turns in,

Sidey: the football

Dan: he starts watching a football on his phone. He goes

Reegs: Well it's really clever because the camera


him and it obviously gives them a chance to reset and

Sidey: what

Reegs: they need to do. But, and you are thinking that a little bit, but it still adds to the story because he goes out and gets an eighth of a weed or whatever, and comes back in.


Dan: and yeah, he's got all the time in the world while the stress of the restaurant. And he's just all going to do the Benz, which is the easiest job in there in the whole restaurant is just walking outside, having a cigarette,

meeting his mate, and then coming back out again.

Sidey: Yeah. now when the guy arrives, who is the chap, who's going to propose to his misses.

He says, no, you've got my email about the nut allergy and I forget her name, but the lady who's managing the front of house.

she's like

oh, I did. Yeah. But just remind me. And so she scribbles down a hundred note. it gives it and you're. thinking this is going to fucking go, right. So I'm going to go wrong. And so she tells the kitchen and they said it should be on the fucking system.

Like why is


not in the system? And then in the chaos of everything going on around the the French


who's during

the cold, the cold station, and just says, just use that one, just do that. And you're like, oh, here we go. here we go. And he, they use a dressing that has Walnut oil and I think

on, and you're just waiting for this time bomb to go off.

Reegs: That's a great plating up sequence there though,

as well That looked like a real thing where the two of them are plating up a sequence of food directly in there, moving around each other and doing bits. It's like a two minute sequence of doing it while they're having a conversation. Really clever.

Dan: yeah, it was real master chef stuff, actually, that you could see that they'd obviously had a lot of training in a kitchen getting used to it.

And, and the method of, of working within each other, they looked a proper restaurant team and the actors all the way through this, where we're fantastic.

Reegs: but yeah, the plate of food with the

Sidey: so that's a bit before actually, but we should be we've missed

out a big chunk because we've got the celebrity chef, who's

recognizable as Jason Fleming.

Who comes in and he's such

Howie: a

Sidey: pretentious wanker, And he's, he's doing this real passive aggressive thing about the food where he'll compliment it up to a

point, but then he'd like, but it's, you know, it's just missing


And then

he asks, he asked for a little dish of some fucking


but he flips over it in a real chefy way. As I see, There you go. And he's unbeknownst, everyone who's brought in this famous

food critic.

which rarely puts the shit up


Howie: stressing that she's an asshole when in

Sidey: she's

Howie: she's lovely.

Sidey: she's

actually, no, I'm not, I'm not

on duty tonight.

I'm just


Reegs: they've said to Andy as well, he's like, why didn't you tell me that he was coming? And they were like, well, we did. And you know, you've missed it. So,

Dan: yeah, there's a, there's a lot, we start to realize Andy's Andy's mist and a, he's got this water

Reegs: you asleep by the third quarter of that third quarter.

Now third, final, third, let's say the final panel.

Dan: And yeah, it, things are starting to kind of unravel as the as evening goes on because the, the influences of add their stake and there's been a big argument over that, over putting that extra meal in, into the on, onto an already busy evening.

The allergy.

Reegs: Well, she's she, I mean, she gets served that, and it kicks off straight away because it's a nut

Dan: is about, but just, I think it's just before that we find out that Andy is actually in more trouble and, and has a different kind of relationship with this celebrity

Howie: chef.

Dan: Then,

Sidey: to

Dan: first one, he, he feels that he actually has all these dishes.

And he's created a man and this celebrity chef has stolen some of his dishes and, and he's, you know, they're arguing

Sidey: he says oh you bad?

I see you've had a chicory, you know, that's, oh, that's yours. Now

Reegs: We see them at one point serving a dish with chicory on it as well.

Sidey: Yeah. I did say that.

and he, yeah. He says yeah,

six weeks, I've been trying to get hold of you. You haven't fucking returned any of my calls. I need my fucking tour to grant.

Dan: and then you're like, whoa,

Sidey: Yeah that's new information yeah.

Dan: There's, there's something that's that's not quite right here. And you

Sidey: well he's been built up because he's this successful restaurant who's got on tablets, television career and you assume that he's incredibly successful when he says, I need that fucking 200 grand because I'm going to go bust. So you need to fucking make it right. And then when the allergy kicks off, he's like, right. Fucking sack all them.

And I'll come in with you as your partner. and then We'll

Reegs: Well, he says, blame it on Carly.

Howie: Yes, he does. Yeah.

Dan: the only way out

Reegs: in and be like partner with you. And we'll take, cause he's, enviously eyeing the restaurant. And he seen him cooking to hundreds of people in these thinking because the restaurant is enormous and it's full, right.

That's over the course of the movie. We've seen it go from completely empty to completely full night. And now we've got an ambulance and

Howie: that would be my only take back from the film is I like you, sorry. I was a bit miffed by the times

Sidey: It's not the camera almost spins.

and it's gone from having,

no one in it. to being almost

full at one point, but

Howie: It's not a biggie,

Reegs: It's showing like what happened over four hours happening over an hour and a half, I guess. But yeah, because the ambulance turns up in about 30 seconds, think pretty much from when it's

Sidey: central London,

Reegs: she gets, she gets done with a pen or whatever, and the Instagram influences are taking videos of it.

Cause they're cans obviously. And there's like an inquisition isn't there about what happens and, and then eventually re re-pin Sakhi Freeman. I think his character is he's like you did it. It's you, you fucked it up.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Well they track back through all the dishes and she says, no, we put that one out. Is it Camille? Her name


that she says, no. one ever used that dressing on that. one that went out and set the pace gesture of what's in that,


but not oil.

And she's like, oh, there it is.

And they all fuck off those that fight. And then it's just Carly and Andy and he's like, no, it's me. I fucked it. You know, I've, I've fucked it all up.

It's all my I was supposed to blame.

you. Yeah. He says, And he just lets it all out

Reegs: she quits doesn't she,

Sidey: She's gone to

Dan: she

She, just says, I'm going to go for their salvage job. You've got to

Sidey: know fucking don't blame her

Dan: and and then he goes in and he's been promising to call his boy back the whole time because he keeps messing him.

He's he's made a couple of they've had a couple of like minute 32nd conversations where each time he's just been pulled away and says, look, I've got to go. He's got to go. And egos into the back office. And then it's getting right towards the end of the film here. So you see that the real problem where the 200 grand is gone is gone up his nose and and he's, and the water bottle that we've seen him drinking from the whole time, his his vodka in it.

And he's been called out by the other, the

Sidey: says he used to always turn up stinking, a booze.

it's been, levered. we don't know where he's been living, but he's not, he's only just moved into

a flat, so

Reegs: Yeah. He'd been living in the office at the at work. Yeah.

Dan: And yeah. Then he's, you know, he's, he makes his phone call and he, you feel like, okay, he has just done this line of Coke and he has just had this last kind of, but you start getting rid of all the the, he starts sort of empty in the vodka

Sidey: go to rehab.

Dan: to rehab He wants to turn himself around. But he hasn't, he's already done too much. He's already gone too far and he collapses while I was making his way back through to the restaurant.

Sidey: And,

the credits roll

Dan: and

Howie: fate when it fades to black. And you just hear them.

Yeah. You can talk it in the dark.

Reegs: I figured it was the Sopranos ending where he died, but

I hope it's fate uncertain Let's say,

Dan: So.

It was Pacey because of the way it was shot.

It was anxiety levels. Again were just through the roof with this because I had to switch it off and then watch it again the next morning.

Sidey: I took a little

Dan: got in quite

Sidey: intermission

Dan: yeah,

Sidey: about halfway through.


Reegs: oh no, man, just strap yourself in and fucking go full

Dan: yeah. Yeah. It w it was, it was, it was a tough one to watch for me, for, for that kind of reason, not because of the performances or because of the plot line.

It was just, it was meant to be like that. It was meant it's a bit like uncut

Reegs: was like uncut gems.

Dan: is a little bit like that, you know, where they, they they're purposely trying to make you feel as stressed and shitty as the characters in there to give you a sense of,

Sidey: really successful during that

Dan: really is. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: and it's an astonishing technical thing and you're right. Sometimes that


out of it a little bit, but I

Dan: didn't me, but they didn't didn't even think of it actually being in one take.

Reegs: it's like a documentary, which is so weird. When you think about what's going on to say this like a documentary, because basically the total opposite of that, it's a really finely choreographed ballet, but

Dan: Stephen Graham was in venom carnage with the worst fucking accent, like, you know, so I was really pleased to hear him just back to his night of Scouts in this

Sidey: fucking good at

Dan: A.

When he's on form like this, he says, good. As we've gotten in British acting. I think, you know, he's, he's really developing into a fine, fine actor. And I think it's he's choosing roles that really suit him as well. And this did, he was totally believable as

Reegs: but they're all good

Dan: yeah, they are,

Reegs: name it like any P any like, because the young kids, the pastry chef Ray pan FAC he's great.

The sous chef VIN. I can't remember her name. Somebody

Sidey: Robinson. Robinson Yeah

Reegs: She was amazing. You know, all of them

Howie: I say I've written an Alice Freeman who plays Beth. You slightly feel sorry for her when she's in tears in the toilet. Cause she's clearly doing this job. She's daddy's girl, she's been given this golden job to do.

Sidey: fucking chewed out by Carly.

Like you No one fucking likes you here We will fucking

hate you.

Howie: She

Sidey: fucking train your team. And she absolutely.

it's obviously this pen up thing has been building for ages. and She really lets her have it.

Reegs: Yeah. And it's slightly misplaced as well because you know that she also has to be having that conversation with Andy.

when she does

Sidey: that

that emerges then that he's promised to pay rise, but it hasn't been approved at all.

And he just dropped in the shit again.

Reegs: Yeah Yeah, because there's all this good stuff about ambition as well. And, you know,

Sidey: I

don't know how people work in that.

kind of environment.

Because that you see, you see things like kitchen nightmares and Gordon Ramsey, where it is just showing you one extreme side of it. And it's not always like that, Like we ate behavior, oh, look at us. And it's like the most serene like car. kitchen environment.

You could ever be in.

So it's not always like that, but

Reegs: Yeah. When we ate actually in the

Sidey: in the

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was brilliant because yeah, there was no shouting. That

Howie: I would argue that that's because it's a low volume restaurant. Yes. Yeah.

Sidey: not a hundred


Reegs: But they were doing complicated stuff though. It's

Sidey: like but but I don't know.

There are obviously, it's a, it's a hot stressed, fucking fast paced environment where like you say

people's problems.

are just put to one side and

you've got a crack on it. You know, you can't just fucking walk out and leave people in the shit.

Reegs: I am not, that is not for me. The intensity of that kind of environment. I know it's not, I know like a more representative film would have been an hour and a half of it being fairly boring, but the intensity of that environment,

Howie: it's not pleasant

Dan: I can't cook for myself. Nevermind fucking like hundreds of people or anything. I mean, it's a stress to, to think that you've got a time at all to get it all done.

I know there's a team of people and they, they seem to be a really good team. You can imagine three months, six months

Sidey: before he was on top of his

Dan: he was on top of their game it

Reegs: not a it's not a prop kitchen either. There's like real cooking, real stoves, real knives and all that stuff. There's a lot of shit that could've gone wrong.

You know,

Sidey: I don't

have any budgetary information for you.

I don't know if this was originally Netflix or did it have a cinematic or was it all cause of COVID it went,

Howie: I think it was a Netflix film that had a small release.

Sidey: Cause they brought somebody that took 700 grands, but I don't know what the budget for it was, but I don't really care cause I

enjoy it. because I thought it was really really good,

I enjoyed

the performances.

What I would say is the very first time that we saw him, I thought he won't make it through this. He's not gonna make it through this film. I kind of felt like he was going to either stop. somewhere to have a. heart attack, because it's sort of immediately setting you up for this fucking like nightmare


You'd kind of know boiling point, has gotta be like that but I didn't disappoint me I saw it was fucking excellent.

Reegs: It's still immersive despite all that stuff, you know? Cause the plot stretches credulity. You might see some of it is hard to swallow, but

Dan: I did it.

I D I,

Reegs: sorry, sorry. Sorry.

Sidey: I,

Dan: didn't take it like that. I thought. And maybe it was just the optimist in me that things were going to turn out. All right. And this guy was going to juggle all these, these moments in his life and come out, smelling the roses and

Howie: then go again

Reegs: oh but I'll be honest. I don't know whether


I don't know whether they completely stuck the ending


  1. Did it really work? I don't, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I don't know how you would have ended it, but anyway.


Howie: I think they should have ended it just with him, with his head in his hands. And then knowing it's going to happen

Reegs: it's suddenly kind of the way it just kind of stopped and I was a bit confused about, cause he pukes or he put some stuff in a flower pot or something and then it kind of cuts to black. Doesn't it? And it, you don't know what he's doing. And I

Howie: he's on the floor gurgling.

Dan: Yeah. I dunno, wherever he is. He's he's putting some there. It's just fallen and staggered down onto the onto the flowerpot, but he was obviously under the influence again on the massive stress and during kin Coken and the stress of the situation, it's just been too much from as well as the, you know, the months that have been leading up to the 200 grand over the top, you know, I mean, there's a, there's a lot going on there.

Yeah, it is a film that, that makes you feel something again, you know, it's a,

Reegs: it's to be a strong recommend from the bad dads, they said


Sidey: absolute. Yeah, definitely.

Dan: Yeah, definitely go get to Netflix and watch this one and and try, try. And yeah, as you said at the top, maybe bring a glass of wine review just to settle down with

Howie: I'm just looking at my notes going,

Sidey: Is it about and in the band?

Howie: oh, is thank God for that, Andy and the band to see BBC children's choice. Another potential. I hate this type of

Sidey: well,



is absolutely ubiquitous on CBeebies isn't he?

Howie: well, he is, but he's also got that worrying. How old are you?

Reegs: Well, he's been in it since 2000. So he's the longest serving children's TV presenter. Andy day is saying. Yeah.

Dan: yeah. At a six foot four. He's also the

Howie: tallest. I'd say

Reegs: It's a six for

Howie: he's a, he's a big gun

Reegs: I saw he was tall, but six

Dan: that makes him a giant, I think if you're six foot four, you officially a giant.

Howie: especially in TV world, everyone's Diddy.

Reegs: So don't talk, smack talk. Cause he's taller than all of us.

Sidey: I reckon we could.


Howie: Yeah. He, Andy, Andy for me really is Andy. And his adventures from Andy and Andy and ventures with all these archeological time travel shit.

That's what I used to watch with the kids quite a lot. And we just flicked it on CBBC because sky was playing up and CBC's obviously when previous we watched it and this came up and I thought, oh right. And the kids actually seemingly thought it was okay. Andy and the band where Andy seeming me has a strange band with a strange tour bus.

He is the front man. He can sing in a kind of TV children's sort of way, so he can get by. You can pull it off a little bit as, as an actual band lead man. And as you said, Danny, six foot four, and you

Sidey: he's got a pretty rad


by bomber


Reegs: I was jealous of his jacket straight away.

Dan: you know, he's, he's a definite sock

Howie: And this episode was Ruby, the superfan or stalker. It could be this

Sidey: His sister somehow

Howie: We'll see it.

Reegs: Yes. I saw that. Yeah. it. And she's like a good 30 years younger than him

Sidey: There was

something else There was something

else that didn't cloud

Reegs: there's

Howie: This was the anti Zuckerberg episode as what my summation of it all was the non social medias for Cannes was the kind of

Reegs: Well we can get into that because I enjoyed the message in

Howie: So a lot of this was all to do. There's I dunno what my notes fucking mean. Hair code, pink

Reegs: No I've got that Don't worry We can get, yeah.

Howie: who looks a bit like Cartman eats cheesy puffs, like Cartman, whose account that's, who he

Reegs: no I can decode some of that, but we should talk about, because there's an intro sequence, which I guess is probably the intro sequence

Sidey: with the automatic tuning thing.

Reegs: Yeah, no. With the, with the, he goes, hi, I'm Andy and this is the band hit it. And then they launch into a tune. We get introduced to mark. She's on the

drums She's daring, brave and wild.

Sidey: And if you

picked up on that. But yeah, they're not exactly.

Sonic youth, are they?

Reegs: No,

you've got blue. He's cool. And he plays bass.

Sidey: Is he that cool?

Reegs: got Mac, the inventor and he's on keyboards and Rio. He's like a rock garden. He's on guitar. So he set the stage for the band

Dan: I have to confess.


was aware of Andy before this we've watched this.

And and he's quite big in our house. We, we like Andy and there's when, when my daughter did this fund raising thing he, he liked some of our posts as well. So we've always been, oh, you know, Andy though, we watched his stuff and, and all that kind of thing. And there's this guy, every. Every day I do the school one, there's this guy that kind of looks like him.

And my daughter and I go, oh, there's Andy, like every time and we kind of wave and, and he, this guy's probably just like, who the hell are these people, but we call him Mandy. So he features quite strongly in our world anyway. And I'm w we're fans of this show. I know it's kind of, it's all, you know, it's, it's, it's TV, it's all geared up, but the messaging I think is really positive.

And I think he's, he's a, a really good influence on, on kids and getting them in. And he does a big anti-bullying thing as well. Which, which is obviously great. And yeah, I just think he's one of those Mr. Tickle kind of, you know, people on CBB sees that you do this to tumble.

Howie: Mr. Sacco, who has now had to have

Dan: obviously everybody knows about

Howie: history. Mr.

Reegs: yeah It's Mr. Tickle still allowed

Howie: No. Cause he used to basically stand outside people's houses and it would go, Mr.

Tickles arm extends across the room.

Sidey: toilet,

Reegs: which is pretty creepy.

Howie: Mr. Green is having a shit after eating 25 pounds of cheese. Mr. Tickle was tickling his balls.

Reegs: Wait that's about touching people without permission.

Isn't it So that's not cool. Fuck you, Mr. Tickle. Yeah

Howie: it's, clear from the initial start of the episode that the roadie has it in for the band and he has dreams of soft metal glamor and being the front man himself.

And is thwarting the bands gig.

Sidey: trying to have them cancel cancel.


Reegs: Yeah, he is.

Howie: And so yeah,

Reegs: pratting about with one of the keyboardist max inventions, this auto tuner, and it turns his voice sort of comically high, like he's on and then alert an alarm sounds. And it's a bit like making fun with That we

Sidey: watch

Reegs: somebody slides in on a thing, except like you say, it is Ruby, who is like 30 years younger than him and black and is his sister. And her, her thing is that she wants to meet her hero, who is a fucking blogger

Howie: Yeah. An influencer of Instagram

Reegs: And I was cringing fucking hard at this point. I was like, oh

Howie: but I was going to say something Kara, see what twats do this sort of crap on the internet in a

Reegs: Wow But

Howie: of phrase.

Reegs: I would say don't judge Howie. Cause it D it doesn't go that way does it.

Sidey: But she says, I've

seen all her fades and I I've got all her much and she points to something

like barefoot broach thing that she's

Howie: So they kind of set up the whole catfish entrapment type

Reegs: attempt to dox her.

Basically They want to get her personal details out in, in real life. Don't they? So.

And wifi thinks they'll get distracted, the band helping out Ruby. And so they'll miss the gig and he'll take their place and be the lead sort

Howie: And then they kind of meet this influencer and she's got a security guard called Sebastian,

Reegs: She's

Howie: who is an Sebastian is a.

Sidey: is a


Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Is he, when a transsexual,

Sidey: Yeah He goes off on his fashion, adventure

like cross dressing

Reegs: He just puts on a flowery


Sidey: Exactly exactly Right

Dan: wine

Howie: You got read into these things. You have to go further than what actually is

Sidey: Read between the

Reegs: All right. So I just thought, okay, fine.

Sidey: Also also Andy appears across dressed.


I was into that bit.


Reegs: I have

Howie: One of the bands suddenly becomes fashion myth, Bruno, and puts on a weird vice. And I was like, where's this come from?

Dan: He was quite good, actually. Wasn't he, when he was dressed up as the yeah,

Reegs: as they come up with this plan, don't they to take her into this photo shoot that they've staged.

And she goes all diva and she dashes out this list of demands for including water that has to be served at three degrees below room temperature with a seven twizzles

Dan: w and, and this kind of been means that the, this Andy sister is. Less impressed by

Sidey: well, she she's

the runner. She becomes the runner and she's, she's sent off to get this drink. And she's also been told to video the whole thing, cause it's going to be the latest blog And when

it emerges

that she's she's only had six Twizzlers of the lemon, and not seven as

Reegs: It's strongly reminiscent. I thought a boiling point. This part was the time bomb. The twizzles

Sidey: Yeah She goes apoplectic and kicks off about you know, this water's not right. And although the house of cards comes tumbling down. as it emerges that she's not actually the assistant they are.

Which is she's sort of into it when she says she's a fan.

at first,

Then she's not happy

about it.

Reegs: she, she says she wants her to delete the footage. Doesn't she? And she's like being all cynical towards her.

Sidey: you been filming

this whole

time? Yeah. You asked me to

Reegs: She, she bribes she attends to pry, but you can be in my next on boxing vid and she's like, I don't want to be, she basically just says, I don't want to be your fan anymore. Your bitch.

Sidey: twat. Yeah. And then with who's controlling things from, from what is clearly not a control power turns the lights off.

Howie: I did say it was unrealistic hacking from Cartman in my notes.

Sidey: Yeah.

He just goes and the lights go off and then she's got some different clothes on that she just fucks off after it. Didn't she?

Howie: Yeah. And then they do a song about killing the social media monster and it ends in Glastonbury or something.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, it was, you know,

it it it's the whole message about like, you know, your heroes turning out to be twats and not being taken in by social media


all of that.

I absolutely not bullying and all sorts of stuff. Great, great, great. And Andy can sing and the song at the end is a pretty catchy sort of pop

Dan: I mean, it's, it's,

Reegs: type

Dan: it's geared at sort of under tens, isn't it? I mean, and the music and everything and the, the energy and the, the dress, the, the language, the delivery is all geared for that kind of thing.

They don't

Reegs: no swearing no violence

Dan: all lovely. Kind of real,

you know

Howie: There's a whole episode, but

Dan: in front of this and no

Sidey: absolutely quintessentially Like CBeebies you recognize the style immediately

Reegs: and yet mystifying the I've missed this whole guy because I, yeah, what I know,

Sidey: I

give you a list of his


other shows

we've got greatest dinosaurs, epic chases, cutest moments, epic fails, backpack finds talking machine epic houses.

Then Andy Stein, short ventures. Andy secret hideout Andy's worldwide. Andy's baby animals Andy safari adventures and his prehistoric adventures and his aquatic adventures Andy, and the, band Andy's dinosaur toy box,

Reegs: there is right. Sometimes people like those guys from making fun, they listen to the potty.

If Andy listens to this, he should get in touch. Cause we like to talk to him. I record when

Sidey: Well, can I Can I shock And

amaze you. We have we entered a an Andi Based

competition on CBeebies and one assigned CD of Andy and the band. We have that

at home. I do.


Howie: there's a whole episode later on where Andy loses the plot takes over cocaine and there's a conservative ship by his dad. And then there's a whole load of episodes about the legal battle. Yeah. There's a whole lot about the legal battle.

Reegs: intense legal drama for like 10


Dan: Spears or something. Yeah. Okay.

Reegs: I would love to watch that. Yeah,

Dan: this is for me recommended I would I'd watch another

Howie: episode.

Dan: I like, yeah,

Reegs: I was absolutely geared up to hate this because it could, I was geared up to hate it because of the PR you know, PR precocious elements, some of it, but the message. I was just like, bang. That's got me one over

Sidey: Yeah. I, I absolutely hated it. but It's not for me. It's it's so like saccharin I'm happy. Ababa, But for kids. Yeah. Great. messages great. It looks great.

It was produced. well.

instance I despised


Howie: it's it's bizarre how popular those live events for CBBC stuff is especially the CBeebies where they do like all the storytelling things, events that you can go to and stuff.

Sidey: as a potential victim

Reegs: Wow. Why is that? Can that

stay in That is edgy that one?

Howie: I would say that if this was American, I would have thrown the TV through the window.

Reegs: Probably

Howie: It would have been off. It would have been even more saccharin than the UK. It'd be awful.

Dan: I, I take your point. I think there's, without somebody like Andy being the front man and delivering this, then it could go really wrong, but he just seems to get the tone and the balance.

Right. He he's, he kind of, yeah, he kind of, he kind of points a bit of fun at himself. He doesn't take himself too seriously, obviously. And he looks like he is having fun and he is doing it for the

Sidey: I do wonder what these people are like when they get home. And they've been doing all this kid's entertainment all day, just think, oh fucking

kill me

Dan: I get the, I get the

Howie: a belt over his

Dan: I get the feeling

Reegs: I don't think

Dan: that this guy

Reegs: that at all I think they could I

Dan: I think he's genuine. I think he eats,

Reegs: if he's he's he probably, you know, like you're saying he's involved in anti-bullying and


I mean, you know, he's probably quite passionate about this stuff. I would think it takes a lot of, well, that is so random.

Although I did acute, I did accuse the art ninja deny have been a bit like Rolf Harris. But no, this was good. And it had that really good sequence where the bus moved like underwater and like very and yeah, I enjoyed that.

Sidey: I mean, I, I thought it was good. Yeah.

I, this is

a strong recommend for me.

Yeah, just for kids, not for adults.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah,

Reegs: No, I probably wouldn't want to watch another episode ever again.

Sidey: Well, Howie strong nomination game this week.

Howie: Lucky, lucky

Sidey: making up for Brighton rock or they to go

Howie: Brian rock.

Sidey: We're not going to announce Naaman, a nomination for next week because we are still going to have stuff out there,

I'm away and

you're fucking

Reegs: everything else falls apart cause society's away. So I don't

Sidey: one to edit. So but we're doing extra stuff tonight,


we will have content for your much to your

relief but yeah, I will be, I am going to sunny Belfast for a week.


see some family

Howie: I'm going to a studio somewhere to film my only fans, content,

Reegs: Is it the people who terrified you with the women in black?

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. He said, Yeah. I'm going around the house


Reegs: you mentioned that.

Sidey: and flat by the way, summer as well. I think isn't No, he's got some

some sort of

family holiday somewhere, but,

Dan: Well everybody's away all the time. I never was so lucky going away.

Sidey: so, yeah, we'll we'll we shall return well as normal, but it just won't be as normal. Yeah. So

Reegs: We'll still be regular. I'm sure.

Sidey: regular as clockwork habit of until then inside he signing out