May 13, 2022

Call Me By Your Name & BabyTV

Call Me By Your Name & BabyTV

We begin this week’s show with a chat about the Top 5 Pre or Post Kill or Injury one-liners, a topic which baffled poor Dan with its complexity and caused one Bad Dad to lament that an interesting looking topic on paper does not always correspond to an interesting topic to talk about. Still, if terrible puns and worse impressions are your jam you might get a kick out of this week’s chat.
Our main feature is the 2017 Luca Guadagnino film CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, a coming-of-age story following 17-year-old Elio (Timothée Chalomet) and his awakening sexual relationship with American graduate student Oliver. Set somewhere in northern Italy in 1983, Oliver's secrecy over his homosexuality is mirrored in the Perlman families own cultural and religious identity as 'Jews of discretion' and as the burgeoning relationship heads towards its inevitable conclusion, Elio's father, in an almost movie stealing scene from Michael Stuhlbarg, demonstrates a model of loving and supporting parenting, completely accepting Elio's orientation and helping him to move onwards from his heartbreak. You do not have to be put off because the movie features long languid stretches of mood and place and the actors are switching from English to French to Italian and the mother is reading a 16th century German poem about unrequited love because everyone can enjoy a good peach masturbation scene. Also, Jewish queerness and the acceptance of your child’s sexual orientation are not often topics for movies so there's that too but be warned most of the Dads felt this was just a bit too slow and the movie skirts a line with the boyish Chalomet and the playing 24 but actually 30 Armie Hammer age difference being too much for some to tolerate. Oh, and Hammer is a cannibal in waiting too which is not great.
It should be noted that screentime for children under 2 years old is strongly discouraged by researchers and paediatricians due to its potentially adverse effects on behaviour and cognitive development. And with that disclaimer out of the way, BABY TV was certainly the first tv programme or channel my eldest ever watched so this week we settled down to chat about some of their terrible cheap looking flash style animations. HUNGRY HENRY is a Mexican cat who wears a neckerchief and sombrero and really needs to find a new restaurant since his local hosted by chef George never has his chosen order in stock. We are treated to a vague approximation of the production line in an almost charming segment that isn't quite the pinnacle of the Baby TV offering. No, that honour belongs to anthropomorphic easter eggs with small yellow legs and googly eyes known as EGGBIRDS, who will also feature in this week’s chat. With that kind of line-up why wouldn't you be listening in your droves?

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Call Me By Your Name


Welcome to Baghdad's film review. Let's be honest. Just another film review podcast. Really only in this one, the gimmick is that we're watching movies we missed while we were too busy being fathers to indulge our favorite pastime. And just because we thought it might be funny, we also chat about the things our children watch too recently served a cease and desist order by , popular, Iraqi movie appraisal radio station.

Baghdad's film review. We've resolved to carry on

and keep bringing you

our mediocre content starting this week with us discussing the top five pre or post death injury. One liners.

Dan: Glad I got that all down because I didn't.

Reegs: And then we'll be putting the B into LGBTQ plus with the 2017 martial arts action movie. Okay. It's more a slow meditation on love lust Judaism parenting and does contain some peach. fucking call me by your name. And then we're taking a look back at what I'm thinking may well be the very first TV program my eldest ever watched and paid any attention to, which was the output from baby TV, including hungry Henry egg bird.

And some of the other ones you doubtless know. So well finally that's a, there's just a quick Roundup of intro. So we're not just nameless, plebs, hurling, our badly thought out views into the void. First up, we have Sidey amount of distinction and occasional incest fantasies Saturday last week we failed to record our kids thing and had to redo it, which was a bit of a pain.

Can we just verify, we are in fact recording,

Sidey: we are recording. Don't forget that we are. I also forgot to insert

Reegs: The rest of

Sidey: females Yeah.

So it had to do that late.

So yeah, all went really well. Last week.

Reegs: we also have Dan who's dad jokes So without doubt the data of us all, And occasionally likes to review the wrong movie.

Dan: Yeah. Or, yeah,

Reegs: peach fucking in yours this

Dan: wrong topic altogether.


Reegs: All that. yeah. All

Dan: I blame the WhatsApp messages, you know, there

Reegs: not clear

Dan: many of them there's are so many, got like million every time I go on there, it's like fi mainly from Howie with some kind of tech share or there's there's stuff. I just don't know where he finds this stuff.

Where is it?

Reegs: It's mostly knowing when it's okay to click on it?

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. That's true.

Reegs: And then there's me rigs. I had two new followers on Twitter this week.

So I've got a bit of a spring in my


Dan: got three now.

Reegs: 57. I think one of them is a guy trying to sell me NFTs and crypto,


Sidey: he

Reegs: said

something about

Spider-Man So

he counts too. I


Dan: Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Did you buy crypto then?

Reegs: not yet, you know? No.

Dan: Good, good time.

Reegs: am having a lobotomy Next week.

So I'll probably buy some after that. Yeah.

Sidey: it was a good weight though. We should mention because we just, for some reason we don't know why, other than I just general awesomeness had a fucking lot of lessons like.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah.


Sidey: nice. It doesn't really mean anything in terms of like

Reegs: well, it is

Sidey: wider contracts but it's just a nice validation of you know, that we chat and some people in Sintra enjoy it, which is

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Because I, I know it probably seems completely shambolic, but actually quite a lot of effort goes into


Sidey: Yeah. And we do, we don't even know if it should mention it, but it does cost us a few quid as well.

So it's nice when people are doing not listening and there've been a lot of you this week. So thanks everyone for that. It's really good. We did a top five last week as well. And what I did slightly changed it last week. If you can remember to ask for nominations bit earlier than I normally had said that we had quite a lot of nominations to chat about on the show or we did.

And there were some that we didn't even get to mention. So. Andy Connolly mentioned a final destination one. I think it was one of the ones that cropped up in the show anyway, but he also did the day of the


Reegs: of the dead


Sidey: where the guy gets his head ripped off by like a load of zombies. Now that's pretty grim.

Reegs: That's a good

Sidey: So that was good.

And I think breech, he came in late. It was really, she was the catalyst for this whole

Reegs: Yeah.

She came in with Jason X, the Android woman taken down Jason. with like a rocket launcher thing we looked for. We hoped it had a good,

like one liner that would

help us introduce this week's topic, but she just goes, yeah, it's, there w there were stronger ones

Sidey: Cool.

 so we like to talk about things that we've watched during the week. Dan, what, what have you been up to.

Dan: Not a lot really. I did the homework. I have started to watch the pen tablet, which is a Mike Myers thing happening on

Sidey: I think all three of us have got stuck into that. I'm really like the very beginning, probably like half of the first episode,

Dan: Well, Alma an episode. I can't remember if I started to watch half the second, but yeah.

Sidey: I mean it's awful Isn't it though

Dan: in it's. I dunno, my is made me chocolate

Sidey: I know I'm genuinely, I've loved it so far, but I am also thinking.

This is just fucking shit.

Dan: Oh, what the actual context of

Sidey: like this shitty makeup stuff. It's like,

Dan: it's all over the top. I, yeah, it's

Reegs: just, Hasn't moved on like at all, from like 20 years ago. It's so bizarre.

Dan: is the characters he's got though? I think a really kind of clever and funny. No, I think there is some really good ones in

Sidey: I mean, I haven't joined yet. I haven't joining it, but it's just like, when we bought this like 30 years ago, didn't we

Dan: something similar.

I mean, he's got

Reegs: sets all like they've been reused

from the Austin powers movies as well.

Dan: and even the suits that, cause he he's a few different characters, so he wears lots of different makeup and things, but you can tell it's him and you've seen him doing that in different kind of movies again. So it has that.

Reegs: it's all just different kind of white guys. though in a.

All right. Well, why, why couldn't he have just got some other like funny act, but I dunno, I'll reserve judgment. I saw the first episode and I spent about 15 minutes going, God, this is a really


throwback. And then there were a couple of lines. as I okay, I'm willing to, and then it was dragging a little bit and then it ended, and there was kind of a good gag when they went from Canada into America that I enjoyed.

And I dunno, I might watch another one. It's got to do

Dan: the goal was t-shirt. He said Canada been living the American dream without violence, since whatever, you know, it's 1860 or whatever.


Sidey: way, way

Reegs: There was a good bit of self-deprecating Canadian humidity.

I dunno, it's who is the chick?

So easy beats. is it? No, she's really good. Anyway. I know. it's nice. Is it test Thompson? I don't know. It's somebody really good, That is in it and there's quite a few really good. There's the English. She played,


Dan: it's gone. Isn't it it's completely gone. I can't, I can't help you. But yeah, one episode in I'd watch that.

I also watched a film called the goat and it's the guy Moriarty what's his name? We've watched him in a few different

Sidey: Oh he was in


Dan: was in pride as well. Do you know who, I mean, he's a guy who plays Moriarty in their Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sidey: People come for the film knowledge. They've come to the wrong

Reegs: No, give me something else though that he's been in


Sidey: Fleabag. He was the priest

in Fleabag he was in, he was the book shop owner in pride.

Reegs: Okay. pride. we watched that for


Sidey: he's got hair,

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Face

kind of a round

Reegs: One

Sidey: Yeah He's really good at

Dan: He's a really good actor

Sidey: M called him a cunt in specter, in the James Bond for a specter.

this is great for the listeners. They love this.

Dan: I will just Andrew Scott,

Reegs: Andrew Scott. Yeah.

Dan: So he's in

Reegs: He's very good.

Dan: He

Reegs: that's not going to stay. in surely

Dan: really

Sidey: scapegoat, Danny, you said you watched scapegoat earlier.

Reegs: This was a, this is my movie idea about a goat that escapes.

Dan: No, this was a completely different film. Andrew Scott, the guy who played Sherlock, he was also the Yeah. He would play Moriarty in Sherlock and he was also employed,

Sidey: right Yeah And I think he was in Fleabag. He was the, the horny priest flew in. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: I'm not seeing that Fleabag. good. I like him anyway. And when I see him in things I tend to kind of gravitate towards him because

Sidey: it's so memorable


Dan: he is so memorable, he's just one of those guys. You don't forget his name for like 10 minutes. But he, but he's plays just got a small part in it. Actually. He's, there's, there's a guy who goes into he's a teacher and he just gets the sack because somebody else has come in. So he's, he's hitting the road. He just goes, okay, shakes the hand and a guy. And he's just like world at his feet. Stops at the pub and meets a guy who looks exactly like him.

And it turns out this guy's an aristocrat, who's got his own problems and they end up swapping and they go into a, he goes to live his life and realize it's just the world of problems. He's about to inherit and becomes obviously the scapegoat for a lot less, but then starts turning it around. Andrew Scott plays his brother who he's always been a real cunt to, but now he's this other character just looks exactly like his brother and even the mother can't recognize him.

And it goes on. It was half decent. It was half these and I put it on because I didn't want to watch call me by your name because I looked here and I fought fucking how weeks, what have you done here? There's an Italian movie that I just wasn't in the mood for like a foreign language film for all. So I D I didn't know anything about it.

I just saw that. And I fought, no, I'll watch this instead tonight, but then I got round to watch in the main feature along with the midweek.

Reegs: I always Ark. Yeah.

Sidey: that they dumped the second half,

Reegs: they have. Yeah. So I'm about midway through

episode 11.

I want to say


of the final season. So

Yeah. a little bit mediocre.

You felt like they maybe wrote themselves into a corner, but we just had a pretty good episode.

So yeah, no spoilers, cause I wouldn't know, time to diet, but yeah. now you suck.

Sidey: Cool. We watched yesterday, Robin heard the Walt Disney one from the seventies, I

want to

Dan: call turn one. Oh yeah. I love the animation around those times,

Sidey: but it is just like, it's all the same vocal talent from jungle book and like little John it's just fucking Ballou, you know, it's just exactly like, and

But that was good.

I quite fancied made Marian. So yeah, it was interesting because she's a Fox And then yeah, the pen tablet, I think that was about it really. I was quite late getting to the homework as well. So it was all a bit of a, it was a bit of a rush last few days, but yeah, it seems like that was about all we got around to. Oh no, there was something else I finished Moonlight eventually. Cause I'm late on So I still haven't finished Picard and also strange

new world started really get home that worst. So it was pretty mediocre, to be honest,

Reegs: I couldn't see what was happening a lot in it.

Sidey: It's just

Reegs: It was really dark.

Dan: Well, I have still been watching the LA story, the LA Lakers winning time.

And I catch up to that each episode, it comes out really good. Still.

Sidey: cool

Reegs: Normally we try and say something funny on that outro bit. Wouldn't we? but we didn't this


maybe we'll try and say something funny on the intro bit for this for the top five.

Sidey: Yeah. What is this stuff? I've done

Dan: This was the top five lines before kill

Sidey: Oh, so not


Dan: Or, or just after was, is that

Reegs: yeah, yeah, Yeah.

Dan: In and around the, at death, it was a line delivered to, to kind of make that funny or not,

Sidey: pre or post Kell one-liners

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: that wasn't your original go

Dan: No, I did have a, a stab at all. One line is in there.

Sidey: in the history of movies.

Reegs: So basically any line in a

Dan: Yeah, that's what I thought you were given is that boards kind of remit, but nevermind. I've got one anyway.

I managed to do a little bit research just off the top of my head. And there was the older Yippiekiyay motherfucker. You know, to movie

Sidey: Well, I think it's, I think it's diehard too is now when he blows up the plane,

Dan: is the diehard too.

Sidey: he say it in the first one

Dan: I know. I it's a, it's a new one for

He's just got the, come off the plane that is head into Rio with all the money on and all the terrorists and they're getting away with it, but he's, he's managed to pull out Bruce Willis the. The fuel tank. So there's a big leak of fuel that's coming from the from the plane as he jumps off the wing.

And and he's got a lighter Zippo lighter, which he kind of flex up and down.

Reegs: A flat

Sidey: or something. It's

Dan: maybe it's a flare

Zippo lighter on There's one just above your head there. I think that's where it came from. And and it gives it the, the line you pre-K motherfucker, which was everybody was saying the next day.

Sidey: And then a then a model airplane blows


Dan: But it had that kind of streak of fire going up towards the plane, which I

Sidey: yeah.

Have you ever seen it in films where someone flicks a cigarette like that would not, it would not work.

It needs to be a naked flame, like a cigarette, but would not, and would never, ever cause that to happen

Dan: so disappointing. Well, even

Reegs: I, if I'm ever walking away and want to look cool,

Sidey: and the garage just like pour a load of fuel on the floor and then take up smoking and flick a cigarette and watch everyone freak out and nothing will happen. Yeah. Do it, do it.

Dan: on a mobile phone.

Sidey: Yeah. That's a weird one as well.

Reegs: Well, I, I have to start with commando because otherwise

these are just going

to be screaming in my brain for the rest of the top five. And commando has loads of them. Let's all get involved because there's gotta be some impressions here

Dan: that must've been in there.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Is that on the plane?

Reegs: Yes,

He incapacitates the guy sitting next to


He's dead tired. When I promised to kill you last

I lied

Sidey: Which rhino Wolf castle does in the Simpsons to piece of cake. Remember when I said, I'd eat your last. I lied. Well that's a double cause he then says in the car I had to let him go. I had to let him go.

Reegs: Yeah,


let him

Dan: didn't He

Reegs: And any

Dan: some steam.

Reegs: Bennett? Yeah. With a, with a pipe against a boiler, let off some steam Bennet. And then Kirby, when general Kirby arrives at the


did you leave anything for us? Just bodies.

Sidey: I know like, obviously Arnie's renowned for, you know, the Austrian Oak and his body, but I think in this one, his physique is like, absolutely tip toe is like incredible

Dan: peak kind of movie Arnie, isn't it EAs

Sidey: carrying

Reegs: I'll probably have to accept to this point in my life. They'll never look as good as

Sidey: Never say never,

never say never. He just carried that log at the start. It was just amazing with like the deer and

Dan: If you're like I'd know, 10 to 15, 16 year old kid and you see a guy who's got muscles on his muscles, carrying a log start of a film

Sidey: called John matrix.

Dan: you're just like, settle down, get in. Cause I'm going to watch this, get the coax,

Reegs: but they are great lines as well, you know, designed to make him look a complete bad-ass and there's loads for for Arnie as well as

Sidey: Yeah of course like the famous one, obviously I'll be back which he does a lot. We mentioned Aster love Easter baby on another part a few weeks

Reegs: I'll be back. Just they've done it so many times now.

I don't know how many

We watched dark fate. What was that number?

Sidey: Yeah. And Sarah Connor says it in that

Reegs: Yeah. So that's been done a few different


Ironically comedically. badly. I've set up in a

has there been like a, whale be back or she'll be back or something like that?


Sidey: Well I'm still on the Noni tip. I've got running, man.

Because I was thinking there were more. One nine is after he killed each hero or whatever they're called or champions, is that

the champion yeah,

But really it's only Sub-Zero and bustle where he does a proper one liner and Sub-Zero, he does two, you get to double down on that one. So he curates them with the barbed wire from around the ice rink and says what a pain in the neck, what the pain in the neck.

And then he shouts to Kellyanne. And I think he, I think it's the wrong word. I think they, they could've done it better say Kellyanne, here's your, Sub-Zero now a plane's zero. And I'm like, it should be absolutely zero. It should. It shouldn't it. I don't know. Just seems bad to me. And then. Both. So that's a fucking grim death, but they're doing the classic, you know, normally, normally it's like the, the darker just above someone's eye or something like that.

But this time it's the chainsaw. Now they're jeweling. Like who's going to


stronger obviously on he's gonna be stronger. And it goes between the legs and up which is going to smart a little bit. He, he had, he had to split but the other, the other guys don't really get a proper,

I mean, there are loads of other one-liners, but not like proper kill ones

Reegs: lawyer gets one to

Sidey: based on dead

Reegs: the contract. don't forget to send me a copy.

Dan: He goes off with a pen in his

Sidey: Yeah. But fucking love that film. But I was expecting more kill one on this.

Dan: Yeah. I mean, there there's tons in, in loads, Arnie films isn't there, but I I'm going to go out Pachino with Scarface because it's just, you know, it is one of those classic movie lines and it say hello to my little friend

Reegs: Have you got that impression in the

Dan: I think I just did it.

Sidey: I

think you've done it a few times.

Dan: Yeah. So it just fires on the, he does a mountain of Coke on a Tony Montana mountain Coke top of the stairs on his beautiful mansion.

And he's just pointing it down to like a final showdown. Isn't easy. Absolutely. AK 47 or a big machine gun. He said

Sidey: it's like cause the doors blow up Don't they it's more it's got like a grenade attachment. Isn't it? Cause I'm sure he

blows the doors open

Dan: I don't

Reegs: And he's got, he has got a grenade launcher at one


Dan: big gun, a bloody big gun. But there is. Yeah. So how autumn I live, where,

Reegs: Darth Vader's got a good one in rogue. One.


Careful not to choke on your aspirations director as he's like.

Sidey: Oh yeah

Dan: was so

Reegs: Was

that good?

Dan: that was really good. Yeah. You're the new DOLLF man?

Reegs: It dogs. Soldiers. Do you remember that one? It was the, where Wolfie movie with, is it Sean PERTs? We were uh near like a bunch of soldiers

like whole hold up in a, in a country farmhouse.

And as the guy, the character spoon is he's, he's, he's being devoured by werewolves. He shouts, I hope I give you the shit She fucking wimps. It's a pretty

Dan: through your mind. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And then one that we watched it earlier, actually I just love it so much. Django Unchained.

I hope. what is he saying?

Dan: Jamie? Jamie Fox.

Reegs: Yeah,

I did not.

I Wasn't sure about going for the accent.

Sidey: Yeah, it's fine.

Dan: American accent.

Reegs: I liked the way he died. Boy,

Sidey: It's

Reegs: is that right.

Sidey: And what's, he got pinned on his because he shoots through like a page or something.

I can't remember the film that,

Dan: and it's a, it's a slot, isn't it? A slavery paper or, I mean, he's been torn in order all the way he does. He likes the way he does this. He's been telling him that same line the whole way through,

Reegs: he looks so sharp as

Dan: yeah. Yeah,

Sidey: And that blue suit. Yeah. I think we should Wade through a bunch of James Bond movies, because they're obviously renowned for obviously he has the one-liners when he's having sex.

There's loads of those, but there's, we're talking about deaths here, but I do like, Dr know, when he says to money, penny, that he couldn't take her out because he'd be court-martialed for illegal use of government equipment, which is quite low, but Goldfinger has a double whammy of electrocution.


So we have the henchman that he launched into the bath. Who's about to shoot him. And he chucks, I think it's a little rad or something or rage or something into the bath and electrocutes him. And he says shocking, positively, shocking. And then later on, arguably the greatest henchman of all time or job with is a sharp hat.

He wings it at bond and it messes and gets stuck in the bars of Fort Knox volt. And when he goes to retrieve it, bond wax, the electric cable and electrocute SIM and Phoenix says, where's your Butler friend and bond replies. He blew a fuse. That was terrible.

Dan: there. There was a there was one

Reegs: psycho isn't he bond

to just be able to come up with those puns just after


Dan: always cool. Just shows how cool he is under pressure. Doesn't it? That

Reegs: psychotic.

Dan: potentially.

There's one, I think Sean, Connery's he's on the beach and he turns the spear gun on a henchman and says I think he got the point.

Sidey: Yeah. That's that's Sean Connery and Thunderball, that's my favorite bond movie actually. So I do know that one yet, but he does you're right.

You've got these now the scene. And he does say, I think he got the point

race. You've got some more,

Reegs: I got a double whammy from blade the fourth Marvel movie after Howard, the duck the dolphin grim Punisher, the captain America. sort of director TV movie thing.

And then this one. So like I said, it, like, if he thought that the N the exists, the new phase of


what is it? Phase four is only, okay.

Yeah. Well, you should've seen where it began, but blade blade was like a real, A great movie. Yeah.

And it's got two in this one. You've got Kris Kristofferson's character of what's his name. That's going to annoy me now. He's catchy fuckers at the bad time as he pumps the shotgun. And then he calls you got bleed himself. Some motherfuckers always

trying to

ice skate up hill a great line. Yeah. He delivers it better than I do.


Sidey: well I marginally

Reegs: was this a good topic or is this just like.

Dan: There's another gruesome one. Isn't it, we've done a few groups. And so on. We had the capitations last week and it's another kill zone this week. It, they don't, I mean, the bond ones, the comedic ones, they kind of make me laugh.

And I guess most of these are to be honest, you know, they're they're they kind of just make you smile. We don't they a little bit, but

Sidey: well this one didn't because I've got an animated one.

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: And so obviously someone dying, an animated film was not so great. And it's the lion king where Jeremy irons.

He's got what the fuck's the king called

me faster,

on the, on that ravine near on the cliff. And he lets him go or pushes him off. And it says long, live the king, you know, dark

Reegs: Yeah. It's, it's big Shakespearian drama,

Isn't it? Cause it's all for the

the crown and it's the brother and the sister involved.

in the

the monkey.

Dan: well kind of a fantasy one then princess bride. And it was one of those movies I loved as a kid and I've probably seen this four or five times and I've, I've watched with my kids. And you've got


sword fight a guy and they meet. As he's challenges our hero to a fight. And they realized that actually both incredible swordsmen and, and they end up getting on and working together.

But because his overriding mission in life is to kill the guy that killed his father. And he says, that's what I'm going to do. My name is indigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die. And that's what he wants to say to the guy and get him. And even as a kid, you, you want him to do that because you're thinking, oh, he killed his dad.

You know, you feel for the character and everything eventually gets to do that in one of the, in one of the scenes and says that line. I like that. Do you see that movie? Yeah.

Yeah You've never seen it.

Sidey: I've seen it.

Dan: Oh, you didn't got Peter folk. And Fred Savage. So they were like,

Reegs: done the load of

Sidey: here.

He's metered. Yeah. He's out of the pitch. Yeah. Just


fired Just got fired from the wonder years reboot, you know, that we watched him reviewed and really liked. He's just been bend off for inappropriate behavior on set.

Reegs: It's going to be one of us


P it'll be Pete next, but

Dan: Fred

Reegs: fucking

Sidey: Savage Fred is gone.

Reegs: I'm still

thinking about

this Dodge, this Trinity. it was pretty

Sidey: That is really good. We should give that more kudos because you know, it's bullet time, which was fucking cutting edge, you know, so super stylized and it's got this kind of green filter on it as well, so that it kind of looks like a computer game almost.

And this thing's been just dodging, like machine gunfire basically. And then she just appears, bad-ass just fucking standing like right next to him and just shoots him in the fucking temple, you know? And you see him fling back. It's really fucking cool.

Reegs: Yeah. He's I keep thinking about nominating the new one for this.

Cause I did finally see it.

Sidey: Oh, did you? Okay. I didn't know that I would have. I'd love to know where you think

Reegs: Well, we can talk about it if you want. I don't know. I don't know. That's why I maybe want to watch it, it. Wasn't what I thought it was going to be. But none of the sequels weren't either

Dan: not saying these

Reegs: the

Sidey: one of the worst films I've ever seen genuinely.

One of the worst I've ever seen.

Reegs: Yeah. I want to watch it again before. I really, I need

to think about it.

Sidey: And when you hear the stuff about what happened, I kind of.

It's like a pro they've just like they were going to make a film

and they were going to do it. And they were okay Well

Reegs: it in it.

Sidey: well, yeah, it's, it's like really massive fucking crap, but I didn't like that either sequence either.

So maybe on the wrong person to ask Deadpool to Peter, I don't know if this actually counts reading it back, but Peter, who was just like the random guy that joined the X force

and he's putting on the sun cream.

Reegs: Delaney,


Sidey: Yeah. Look at him. And he's like, I don't know much about this cable fellow by guarantee you, he hasn't killed as many people as melanoma has.

And then I think he dies. Does he get, is he Lennon?

What kills him?

yeah, he, cause they always jump out the plane and the only one that survives is I'm the lucky one. I can't remember her name.

And obviously dead for invisible man. Yeah. And. Ripley in aliens. Cause what's this fairly recently.

And at the climax of the movie, she wears the exo-suit that they've seen. You've got a little glimpse of earlier in the film and she comes out and the alien queen is there on the, on the deck with Newt. And she says, get away from her, you bitch. And then they have a little wrestle on the thing it's fucking, really cool.

And you know, a woman doing it and not the blokes all the

Reegs: Yeah. Well, I was just thinking that's the first, other than the other one, other than Trinity, the other, the only woman women that we've discussed if you've got any others, Dan, You you look like you've got that. You've got so many that you can't get them all.


Dan: Well, no, the next one actually I had was was pulp fiction and you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance pawn you.

And he gives him the

Sidey: he does lay his

Dan: he lays the vengeance, Samuel Samuel. So yeah, I mean, w what can you say about that movie that we haven't already said in other times, but it's, it's top, isn't it?

I mean, it's it's the reason we will know Tarantino

and that line yeah, I mean, it's, it's probably been,

Sidey: yeah it's pretty iconic ones

Dan: and is, yeah. Excellent.

Sidey: I'm just scanning through.

I don't think I do have any more ladies on my list, which is a bit shit really for me, but I guess that's symptomatic of, you know, the state of cinema. However, what I do have boy Scheider

in jaws,

smile You

Dan: son of a

Sidey: bitch. And then I think then they can smile. Really.

Dan: Well jaws. No, that's it he's just about a fro well he shooting, was he spear gunning the,

Sidey: Navy shoes the snipers there

Dan: the something wasn't

Sidey: was the scuba canister

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: and he blows up. So yeah,

any more for any more?

Reegs: Well, yeah, I mean, there's loads in there.

Sidey: Any, how about any movies that we don't often mention?

Dan: Shoot them up was one that I had, and that was Clive Owen who Rams a carrot down a guy's mouth and it punches it. So it goes out the back of his head. That was kind of any, he says, eat your vegetables.

Sidey: Do you think that that is actually possible?


Reegs: What is it, what kind of carrot? Organic.

Sidey: Yeah. And I think it would have to be like really fresh because they go kind of bendy you don't when you get another fridge and a little bit older, like a bit


Dan: I've held some stiff carrots in my time.

Sidey: you think it's doable

Dan: If you punch somebody hard, I think you could probably kill

Sidey: think yeah Okay

Dan: I don't know, wherever it come through the back of their head, like it did in that thing, but I think you'd probably just choke them. Wouldn't

Reegs: with the carer. Of course I fucking

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

I D I think he does it through the, I at one point in that film as well.

He uses the carrot a few times. Yeah. We'll be talking about other fruit and vegetables later, but


shall not pass was another one.

Sidey: Yeah I had that because we watched

Dan: from a wizard. Yeah. Gandalf that was the fellowship.

Sidey: It was, yeah, the Balrog takes him down. I've got a sliced alone and Cobra will probably be, see Cobra a bit later on, in less Cobra sleeps, but Cobra, he says your disease and I'm the cure. We don't often talk about that movie anymore. We've


feel like you're, you're down on your own topic

Reegs: I am a bit, I am a bit I think a spare of a washout. Isn't it really

Dan: well, we've got a few, a few good ones here. The,

Reegs: man.

we had dark man earlier, which was a


And that's topical because Sam Raimi

Sidey: bringing it back

Dan: See, my original topic of course is

Reegs: but that was just any line

Dan: yeah. Yeah, it was. Yeah. No, I think yeah, no, it was yeah. Looking back.

Sidey: Well, I've got a couple of westerns for you, John Wayne and true grit.

Fill your hand, you son of a bitch. He doesn't say anything like that, to be honest. And then outlaw Josey Wales. I love that movie. He's being constantly chased and there's a guy after him and they meet in a saloon and he says, are you a bounty hunter? And he says, well, you know, battling hunt is a way to make a living.

He says, Diane, ain't no way to make a living. It's fucking guns. And down falls through the doors, you know, classic, just all really cliched stuff, but fucking cool. And then obviously you've got dirty Harry, but that's, that was on the post. And we have, we've had a few nominations online. One of them, I don't know.

I don't know. I can't picture the movie Simon Pershad with. All right, we'll call it a draw. Anyone know what that's from?

Dan: Well, no, not off the top of my head.

All right, we'll call it a draw.

Sidey: I'm drawing a blank and I want, and then Mel w with her favorite of all time is Corey Haim from the lost boys death by stereo.

Reegs: I watched this earlier today.

Sidey: lost boys,

or just that particular the

Reegs: scene after Malad put it up.

It's a good one. One of the bad guys, Dwayne is attacking core dream boat, Corey Haim, and he fires an arrow at him. And he's like you missed.

soccer. And Haim says only once pal and any fires, an arrow back at him. And it launches him into an enormous like eighties The style stereo stereo system. And it's like sparks flying everywhere and heavy rocks playing it's tasty stuff.

Dan: We've come at this from the wrong angle. This isn't a film he's talking about.

It's a scene and it Monte Py, fin, the Knights are fighting.

Reegs: a, Yeah.

Dan: I remember there's two nights and they just have that

and he just keeps on fighting, but he doesn't give up and he he's just down to like a, an arm or something. Oh, I will quit draw as they will go

Sidey: Oh that is good. Actually. That's very good.


Reegs: and then I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass

Sidey: and I'm all out of bubblegum. Yeah, that's good. We reviewed that one too. That was

Reegs: my pick.

Dan: I say, no, I love, I love the smell of napalm in the morning. That's apocalypse now. And all the bombs are coming down. I don't know whether that will count. Probably not. Yeah.

Reegs: why it's

Dan: why he was in,

Reegs: shit.

Sidey: Right. Well, so you're going to put in, they

Reegs: no, I'm not, no I'm putting in commando, let off some steam Bennett. Cause it's just, yeah,

Sidey: and also there's a teacher at our daughter's school called

Reegs: Mrs. Bennett,

Sidey: we we that every time we get around there

Reegs: one of the kids in in Sylvie's class cause Mrs. Bender

Dan: princess bride for me. Yeah

Sidey: oh, I didn't mention this one. Oh, no, I don't want to do that. And I feel like we need to have some, well, that one was going to be John Marino in Leon when he says this is from

Matilda as he's like dying

Dan: the emotional one.

Sidey: And it's scary almost one of my favorite Gary Oldman, but I was just completely like off the chart bonkers, like corrupt cop.

And it's the pen from the grenade and then boom. It just blows up. It's really cool. But I was feeling like Ripley from aliens. Get away from her. You bet she'd go in because I'd like to have a lady on the list.

Dan: Great fucking movie

Sidey: anymore. Was that three or should we let our listeners,

Reegs: they probably won't be bothered.

Sidey: well, Mel's put a good one in there

Reegs: Yeah. Oh yeah. Well, Let's put that one in already. That's nice.

Let's have

Sidey: And then let us know some more. Nominations for one liners pre or post a kill

Reegs: or D like injury scene. I think that's, what's bothering me. There's like, it's not specific enough.

Sidey: Okay. Well, Dan's got a nominated top five topic this week, so we can look forward to the specificity of that. Call me by your name. Yeah. Call me by your name.

Reegs: Yeah.


Sidey: Yeah.

We did, you know anything about this?

Reegs: Okay. Only that it came out

around the time that my youngest was born and

I missed a whole load of movies around this time. And I went back and looked around that time period. And I looked for movies that people had enjoyed basically.

And this one stood out and I knew nothing about it. And I thought, all right, I'll pick that.

Sidey: Yeah. I didn't know anything about it. I didn't recognize the poster or blah, blah, blah. And I didn't

Reegs: I knew one thing about it, a really

weird thing about it that I discovered when we did our top five special effects things. Which was that they digitally raised his testicles. That was the One

thing I knew about. it's such a strange thing to know about a movie.

Sidey: There were a lot of wardrobe malfunctions because there's a lot of short shorts content, which always I'm here for that kind of thing. So yeah. Talk us through it.

Reegs: Yeah. Well it's the, this is the third of director Guardia Nino's desire trilogy. Did you know that?

Sidey: is?

It his trilogy, the office trilogy.

Reegs: Oh go on. I don't know.

Sidey: I, I thought, but

easily be

Reegs: and there is a bigger splash as well. That is definitely.

a movie. I'm

pretty sure of it


Am I going to be made to look like a fucking,


Sidey: I don't know. Probably not. Don't think I even made any notes about we'll just leave it at that. Yeah. And its features Armie hammer.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And is it just Timothy Charlemagne or is it Tim? Cause it's got all kinds of all kinds of accents and

Dan: he been in before hammer.

Reegs: He was in sorry to bother you, that we watched and enjoyed

Sidey: man from uncle.

Reegs: Lone ranger,

Sidey: you may have read about him on the internet because we can get into that later.

Reegs: Do we have to?

Sidey: But yes he arrives essentially at the house and it wasn't immediately clear exactly what his role was. But he's the professor's assistant.

That's what he

Dan: six weeks, eight weeks in the summer, he comes to this beautiful idyllic Italian farmhouse.

Reegs: Yep. And he has, he has promising academics intern for the family.

Which is Michael still still.

Sidey: Yeah. And he sort of puts him to the test without telling him by making a incorrect observation about the entomology of a word.


Which he goes into this long fucking faces about where, where it comes from. And they all look around at each other, Hey, he passed the test, you know?

Reegs: validates in.

Sidey: But all the while we've got the young child, Leo played by Timothy Shalla Mae

who is barely skinny. But he's,

Dan: I've seen him in other things. I can't

Reegs: Well, you've seen him probably in June. Yeah.

Sidey: He's kind of. I dunno. W w what's he doing? He's just a child is 17 and the film, but he's a musician he's talented, clearly a talented pianist

Reegs: well it's just a long board summer for here, man. You know, he knows all the people there kind of thing. That he's in trouble. At the new guy. I think one of the things that's kind of conspicuous about Armie hammer is that he's wearing a Morgan, Dovid a star of David around his neck. He's clearly Jewish and their family are Jewish

Sidey: as

Reegs: well.

And, that comes out because he says that they're Jews of discretion. And

he means

that, you know, they sort of hide


Jewish identity, which is an interesting facet of the movie that you don't often see discussed on screen. So, I, I enjoyed all that, but anyway, they're bound Together by their Jewishness, by their Jewish identity and by, well, at first kind of distrust, but, or not distrust, but

I can't find the right words. He's antagonistic

towards him. But the camera is clearly following his gaze.

which is to look at,

Sidey: He's interim, but he has he, I guess, to sort of in a sort of self preservation way of like, well, I'm not going to let myself fall for him and get hurt. Cause this guy's temporary is also a lot older than it.

Well, he's older than him. I think he's supposed to be 24. Isn't he?

Reegs: It's two. It's supposed to be 26. I think there's a, what is it?

Sidey: But to me it looks like just visually, it looks lighter, but anyway,

Reegs: Armie hammer is 30.

in, in real life and looks at least 30. I think he, you know, the the age gap between. Is, is quite noticeable,

Sidey: Yeah But there's a scene at the dinner table where he excuses himself and it might be the first day when he's jet lagged and he just wants to sleep.

Now. It can't be there cause he, cause he says about, oh, don't you find him rude when he just says later. And he's trying to sort of shoot him down. I think it's just like, like we said before, I think it's just a thing where he's trying not to let himself be in Tim too much, you so we get a lot of

Reegs: we get these scenes of

the, like the camera gazing at his body, basically as they play volleyball, it's kind of a top gun moment there.

Sidey: Well Armie hammer has a

Dan: this point he kind of gives him a massage doesn't he? And he, he doesn't want to be held by him, but he said you know which they refer back to it a little bit later in the film. But this

Reegs: Oh yeah,

Dan: just kind of touching him.

Reegs: So his touch doesn't he? But

Sidey: but I mean he's already had a.

Interaction with one of the ladies in the town.

Dan: Yeah, they, they, they were in, I mean, it said what, 1983, they said, isn't it. So there's loads of AEs dancing going on and those

Sidey: it's guys Wartman

Dan: wa the Walkmans everywhere,

Sidey: there's a psychedelic first tune that plays a couple of times in the film. It's a great song. So yeah, there's those little touch points that great Teesha.

Yeah. As loving that, that it really does set it, even though if it didn't have those things, you could be there almost anytime. Cause you were in this old Italian setting, which doesn't give you any sort of time references. Do you know what I mean? But they just put these things, like you get a couple of shots of him with his Walkman.

So, you know, put that straight away you're in the eighties, you know? So there's some nice detailing going on. Yeah.

Dan: Beautiful. You know, the whole area and everything. This, this is, this is, this idyllic summer is kind of just soft a little bit, you know,

Sidey: It is but for a kid you could see why he'd be bored.

Dan: I'd be bored, but he reads a lot. I mean, he goes over a lot. He knows

Sidey: everywhere

Dan: he's

Reegs: Well, they were a family of intellectuals. they they talk in and out of, English.

Dan: I don't, I don't think he's bored.

I think he's more just growing and finding himself now. You know what I mean? It's like, he talks about last summer. That was the goal from last summer because there's a, there's a girl that comes on the scene with

Sidey: Yeah He does have a sort of interaction with some with a local lady.

But interspersed with him, there's one scene where Armie hammer and him go swimming and he catches a glimpse of him putting on his, his trunks. And you're like, he's clearly attracted to him, you know? And later on he just goes in and literally buries his head in his shorts and smells his crotch

Dan: Yeah. If you were unsure their feelings or between, because nothing's been said or totally obvious up until this point,

Sidey: it hasn't been explicitly stated, but it is obvious what it

Reegs: but I think it's an interesting parallel because Oliver, it, like you say it hasn't been explicitly stated, he secretive about his homosexuality. It's implied because of it being frowned upon by his parents, his father in particular, but he's secretive about his homosexuality in the way that Timothy Charlemagne his family are secretive about their Jewish identity.

So that way there, you know, that, that how they're all intertwined like that,

Sidey: that

they give up a Bible being quite liberal though. I thought,

Dan: Oh really, really liberal. I mean, he's, he's 17 is smoking indoors in front of the parents and things. So you think straight away. Okay. Parents are cool with that. He's having a drink at one point in the party.

He has a really Frank conversation with, with dad and Oliver at a

Sidey: we had sex last night

Dan: no, that's it. Class night. Yeah. Oh yeah. Why didn't you? Oh, well what happens? He goes, oh, I think if I'd made the move, she would have, oh, maybe next time you can then. And it's just this kind of a conversation, you know, really open.

I just thought, oh, this is him talking to his dad. And, and you know, he's probably putting that on for Oliver there as well to say, you know, look, I I'm, you know, you're not the only

Reegs: I don't think. So it's like a model of like open parenting, you know, it's quite plays out through the

Dan: Yeah, yeah, no, they have that relationship, you know, but I don't know whether he's bringing that up then to, to say anything or, you know,

I dunno, there's a loss.

I don't know about this film, but he's is very open and he, he seems to be trusted by his parents. There are a couple of times they say, look where to show, or, you know, they're coming around, please. When you, we're going to ask you to play piano for his, please play and things, but it's more,

Reegs: he learned to play that.

Sidey: Yeah. I was getting like para the dog vibes. He's going to like fumble it in front of all the people watch it, but I fucking nailed

it Yeah.

Dan: So yeah, I mean, he's, he's a, an intellectual kid. Isn't he smart. They trust him. He's he's very independent and he

Reegs: And a couple of the, At least a couple of the local ladies are interested in him, including Masia there. he does eventually kind of seduce.

Sidey: Oh. So when I, when I did flip this on, right. Because it says, I did read the very brief synopsis and it comes up with the warnings about, you know, but I think they're quite generic, but it said age 13 plus. So I wasn't expecting any nudity. But when Mazda.

Oliver. No, there's not a lot of his army hammer.

They, with me, when Leo and Mazda get together, she is topless and

Reegs: Well, not the first time they have a sort of

fumbled attempt outside where he geezers on her stomach.

Sidey: Yeah. And then there's this

Reegs: was that it was a little flash there side, like, oh yeah. I remember that

Sidey: So it's just like last night and then they go, they go into somatic room where there's a sort of crude, like mattress on the floor.

It's a bit smack Denny. And they, they get it on and it's like nearly like going down and I was like 13 fucking years up pull. It should be way more than, than it should be a 15, at least.

Reegs: topless

like you said, as well.

Sidey: Anyway, it was fine. So he sort of, I don't know, he's, he's sort of fighting. It's true south. I think,

Reegs: Yeah, well, they, they, they go out, we miss kind of the buildup where he became interested. You know, we sort of, I don't know how we fumbled our way

Sidey: Well, but w what I would say about it, the runtime for this is like two hours 15, and it is a slow pace. Um And so you do have long stretches of the films where they really are setting the scene and drawing out the relationship and the intricacies of just them spending time together and connecting.

And it would be hard for us to really describe that without just literally saying they go on a bike ride, have a SERM, they go to a cafe, they go to a shot. I mean, it is just a lot of stuff, like really sort of everyday things that they do together, but just build the connection. So that does happen.

But at the same time, he's also sleeping with this Mazda, the local guy who's really infatuated with him.

Reegs: Yeah,

that was very well put those side. Cause that is, it's kind of hard to


this movie, but

it's all about the relationships.

Sidey: It basically just cuts her off then after that, because they, then things do start to accelerate in their relationship between Oliver and

Reegs: yeah.

They, well, there is one core kind of, they go, they go out don't they, and they're down by the lake at his spot Yeah.

But he says we don't have to go any further.

We haven't done anything, you know, and they've, they've expressed this mutual attraction, I guess, but there's definitely a like sense that they shouldn't be doing it, but

Sidey: yeah,

Dan: no. Then, then they kind of go quiet for a couple of days as an a

Sidey: They don't talk to each other at all. They tired and like go cold Turkey. And like, we should talk about it because while the film was going on, I was thinking the age difference between them was.

Baker. Cause it looks

like visually it does look like Armie hammer is like fucking double his age almost. And Timothy Charlemagne is a pretty slight looking gazy you know? So even

Reegs: It's like on the edge of what looks acceptable in

it basically.

Sidey: Yeah. So it's a little bit giant when he's just literally got his hand on his Dick and it's not like implied.

It's like, they're like, they show you it between his legs. He's got his hands. Right, right. And his crotch. And yeah, they don't do anything, but I think they have a case. But nothing more than that at this point. And then they had this two day break.

Reegs: I don't think it's this big meeting of minds. I never get this sense that much. I don't know. It's like a holiday romance, isn't it? The last

Dan: It's

Reegs: for

Dan: I think it's an awakening or this, you know, this young guy, 17 he's finding.

What he, you know,

who I am, you know, and he's both got a girl and a boy and it's an awakening for him and it's his parents. I mean, we can, we cut for all the best scene for me is the dad. And I know that

Reegs: oh no, no, no way. Whoa.

Dan: We got lots, lots to get into, but I mean, there's, there's lots going on, but the relationship with his parents, it's all white there.

The relationship is although they're obviously having you know, tight relationships outside of what people can see, they, the parents can see there's a, a friendship building here. They can see that there's something special going on.

Reegs: yeah. And they tried to sheet, they try to give him a means to express it through this scene where the.

I think he's got his head on his father's lap and she's reading German poetry to, him. it sounds like the widen gears thing you could ever describe, but I'm just watching him do this. She's reading this poem and it's about a Knight who's got who can't you know, who's got unrequited


what is the actual did anybody?

Sidey: speak or

something like that

Reegs: And he talks about it with Oliver. And so he makes it really clear to Oliver.

Dan: Like if you feel something go and say it, you know, don't, don't make it

Reegs: and meanwhile, as well.


Charlemagne his character has also started conspicuously adopting a more Jewish identity as well. He's now wearing a Morgan David and there's a couple of other things that he, so, you know, now his it's interesting that he is now expressing both his Jewishness and his queerness as well in the same way that army

I just find it. I find this an interesting topic because I never. see Any other aspects of due day as it may expressed on the

screen. And So

to see this one like gay Jews get, well, not even gay bisexual Jews, like 1% of the population or 2% of the population is bisexual. And then it's just fascinating.

Sidey: Is it genuinely, are we talking about earlier?

Reegs: I guess, both of them.

Sidey: Do you think he's genuinely, or that's just something,

Reegs: he has sex with men and women in this I consider that you know, he seems to be attracted to men and women.

Dan: they, they do. I, I'm not sure whether the woman is more of a facade they need to put on for the,

Reegs: I don't think so. He seems, I don't think he doesn't seem

to have to do that. He's just seems to enjoy

Dan: I met more Oliver.

Reegs: Oh yeah. So I'll have a, Yeah.

I think, yeah, I don't know. Yeah. Maybe

Dan: as, as a, as a young man growing up with his parents, I think he's free to express whatever he wants to, and he does that in a very open way and he shares it all. But Oliver, I think is, is hasn't had that, you know, he hasn't had that kind of he's needed to, to shield his true feelings.

Reegs: he has done. Yeah.

no, you're right.

Dan: so there, there does we're back in this kind of Scag den room where it, where the peach,

Sidey: So my Mrs was like, he is fucking not gonna, cause he starts poking his finger into the, the peach and

Reegs: And it's already,

like smashing you in the head with the metaphor in it. Let's be honest when he's fingering a

Sidey: This This, movie is like quite a lot of subtlety about it. And they do take their time with things that we mentioned about, you know, just building. But this one is just like, this is going to happen right now. And so he pulls basically the stone out of the peach and it's getting, it's getting very, very

Dan: you know, I nearly bought peaches there.

Sidey: flicks out on the floor and then work down. It goes, and you're like, what? The, I didn't see this coming.

Dan: and he likes the feeling because a few seconds later it's a, it's a field, isn't it?

The peach. And he, he kind of just sits that down on the side, falls asleep.

Sidey: yeah I wasn't into that I was

Dan: all over him. And he just rolls over and goes to sleep. And I was thinking, boy, that thing's a bit

Sidey: and leaves the peace. You know,

Dan: just at the side there. Yeah. Like he's going to have a bite a bit later. Which is nearly what happens when Oliver comes in, finds him kisses him.

I think he's going down on him. And he goes, what you've been up to

Reegs: Yeah Well he recognizes it. Yeah.

the peach Folker Yeah. We were all thinking

American pie, or something, right?

Yeah, Yeah,

Dan: Yeah. Well it's

Sidey: yeah,

So he, he sort of takes the Mickey out of him a little bit. But Leo starts to cry and he's. He's upset because he knows that their time is, is, is going to be briefed together. And he's sad about that and also probably pretty fucking embarrassed that his TJ's page has been found

Dan: although to, to combat that he does actually try to eat it Oliver, but

Sidey: Yeah It was like, oh, Amanda do that. But each to their own, no judgment here.

Dan: Then he is Oliver's leaving time.

Sidey: Well they do, they do consummate the whole thing, you know, they, they,

Reegs: no, hang on. they they

they go, they get given a trip don't need the parents kind of suggest a trip to Bergamo

Dan: mother

does really, I think. And and she's also

Reegs: it's like a subtle portray or because a lot of the like stereotypes of Jewish women in, she like completely subverts them, but she did actually kind of manipulate the story a bit here by sending them away.

And they're free to express their and Jewish identities. I don't like, sorry to keep banging on about, it I just see it's really fascinating part of it.


They're together and they touch hands in a it's it's touching, isn't it? I think Is it romantic or something. They touch Fingers as they walk in the alleys. and

Dan: I think they've really found someone that they connected with.

They're really special when the, and they know also that they can't be together right now, you know, or whatever,

Reegs: but they are free for a brief moment. Aren't they, they, they dance in the streets to those punks. They're singing the song. Yeah. Psychedelic furs again. exactly.

Dan: That's right. And the he froze up cause they've had too much to drink, but then he, he gets him, he gets him back home.

Reegs: And have they consummated their

relationship. at This point,

They called each other by their names because that's a sort of thing they do.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah, they have, they do. And their kind of feels a little bit more than just a holiday romance.

Certainly for Leo, you know, cause you are seeing it, it's his story. And I think maybe, you know, an infatuation and they never say they love each other or anything like that.

But it does seem to be, it was probably his first time, you know, so it's going to have that extra significance for him. But it is time sadly for Oliver to go back.

He's only on a, you know, a summer thing and he has to go back to the U S

And so I think we, we just then cut to earlier, walking through the houses has slightly different. He's got a kind of different hairstyle


Dan: he's gone full kind of eighties with their shirt

Sidey: going a bit Yeah a bit I thought it was a little

bit cute and he was he's walking through the house.

This is Walkman and the phone rings, he's just sat. And the phone rings and he says, I'll get it. And he answers the phone and it's.

Reegs: Importantly, it's Conacher as well.

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Cause he comes

Sidey: them lighting The

Reegs: curves and they so they're now, you know, despite them being Jews of discretion there now. Yeah. And I often think about this because we don't, I'm Jewish and I, you know, we never really talk about it. And lots of people, have loads of weird feelings about Jews. And yeah. So, and we don't express it at all in my house, which is weird, I guess, actually, now that I say that

Sidey: yeah. As in your habit, like your old man would go all in, right?

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

My old man does, we don't really have any expression of it and that's would be my fault because I'm not into it. But it's weird. in it? When it's part of like your cultural identity, but

you're not,

you know, you're like an atheist, and it's like, that's weird.

too, to kind of get your head


Sidey: like David

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But yeah, they, that he has the phone call and he drops this bomb on him that he's engaged to be able to a lady. So he's still kind of closeted

Dan: been going on for a few years, which makes

Sidey: or is he by, I don't know.

Dan: it made me think was that his first time as well, was it

Sidey: I just thought

Dan: And, and, you know,

Sidey: I thought that was his true self and this thing is just like, he's keeping up appearances it's, you know, his beard or whatever.

Cause it is maybe he doesn't have the freedom to express himself and live his life. know don't forget this is set. This is in the eighties. Yeah.


Reegs: far. You mean just that's his father saying completely that's his life. Are you saying

Sidey: now Oliver saying that he's getting married to a

Reegs: Oh yes.

yeah, yeah.

Sidey: he's he's, still being held back and closeted.

In his life and not able to just say, I'm not gay, I'm not marrying a woman or whatever, or we don't know exactly. It's I guess it's your interpretation of what you've


Reegs: mean, he was definitely had to be, he was definitely secretive about his about his homosexuality.

Sidey: And so they, the parents get a quick pick up the phone and have a quick chat, but leave Leo to speak to him. And he says, well, probably does he say, I'll never see, we'll never see each other again. So, I mean, cause it is obviously left very sad. And then we just have this. Did you watch the whole thing of him

Reegs: just

Sidey: looking at it?


Dan: well, but before, before

Reegs: we have missed the

Dan: point that I, I


actually was the best scene in the, in the whole film.

Sidey: Talking to the old

Dan: yeah, the father who just has a lovely speech about you know, how we had such a lovely thing that he could see that, and it's, it's very special. And that he's got to follow his heart and he's kind of for the first time coming out to his dad, I guess, where

Reegs: And he tells him to kind of celebrate it. Doesn't he? What you had and

Dan: And dad's so cool. Then he drops the bomb that actually. He wasn't brave enough or that, you know, it didn't happen for him, but he had the chance. And then he goes, what does mom know? And he goes, no, I don't think she does.

Reegs: I don't, I'm not sure. I don't, know. I don't know. I F I fell all the way through.

I, I actually felt that that was, you know, the, the case actually with the father. I thought that bit was gonna, that was gonna come out

Dan: because he does have some two gay friends that come and visit for a time. So he's obviously, you know, and he, he says, well, what don't you like about?

And they're they're gay or ridiculous. And he is obviously in the way he said it. And the way the family is, they're all very, very comfortable with anybody coming in and whatever they know, no judgements in this house. Cool as

Reegs: Oh, It's a beautiful moment between him and his father is just spellbinding.

And It's just this model of open. supportive parenting. And like, you, are going to have to deal with your kid's sexuality. I was thinking about this the other day. It's like, so weird to think about because my eldest is like eight, but yours is like finger bag in a chick and all that at the

Dan: I

Reegs: like, so,

Dan: that is not happening. No,

Reegs: but

Dan: but he does have a girlfriend.

Reegs: I mean? Yeah. So he's 16, Like you've got to come to terms with that and know what that means and like, yeah. It's just weird to think about that. Is it? It's not weird. It's just part of the journey, I guess, but

Dan: yeah.

For me, if I could have a household like this Italian

Reegs: what a fucking enormous one with the maiden, like

Dan: All that. No, you know, just that free, you know, if it feels like that, I'd hope it does, you know, I hope people can come in and be who you are, whoever you want to be.

No judgment, as long as you're not an asshole is

Reegs: and they would use, they would use, they would use

Dan: And they were,

Sidey: yeah but it does, it does culminate with this long scene after I got it in the wrong order of him having this conversation and it being basically the end of their relationship and that's it full stop on it? The phone call is like the very last thing. And Aliyah just sort of looks into the fireplace just for ages and cries and the camera just lingers on and why you can see all the stuff going on behind him, the getting ready for the Hanukkah


Dan: He doesn't just cry though. He kind of smile. It's almost like he's living food, the memories and the joys of it all, but yeah,

Reegs: Well, we know that earlier. I think Leo is going to be okay.

Right? That's the, That's the whole thing. And he's grieving this relationship at the time it's a bit more uncertain for Armie hammer, just like real

Sidey: Yeah, so.

Reegs: I did. Yeah. I Really, really loved this. Yeah. Loved it.

Dan: Yeah. I enjoyed it. I didn't really, really love it. It was it was slow for me.

There was, you know, I understood the, the, the understanding that they want it to get the, the layers of relationship on it. I thought they'd built it well, and I, It did send sort of those memories of idyllic summers, you know, when you think back to you your own kind of past, and you think, oh, you know, summer romances and all that kind of thing.

Sidey: Remember when I thought that page.


Dan: All that

Reegs: Well, have you ever attempted sex with any kind of produce,

Dan: I don't believe I have not that I'm a pain few melons, no melon, anyone.

Sidey: I was only all right with this. It was, it felt far too long for me and a bit slow. And I thought the performance was a good, I did enjoy certainly Timothy's shallow method. It was really good. I found it a little bit jarring because the age difference does seem too much for me. It's it looks far we've mentioned it already, but it looks far bigger gap than actually is in certainly the, the source material, but also that it was just, I just kept getting bogged down with like, it's just fucking rich people, you know, there's fucking boys by intellectual.

They don't give a fuck about them and they're shitty problems at the same day, but an asset problems that was getting on my nerves. This'll be our lights, but I wouldn't rush it to watch it again.

I didn't see snap that, all that the Jewish connection with it completely passed me by to be honest with you which would have added an extra layer of something for me.

Had I picked up on that.

Reegs: I think, well, I just think it's probably fairly like, like only a small

percentage of people

are really gonna be interested in that,

Dan: but it does have some really beautiful messages in it.

Sidey: and certainly the conversation with his

Dan: I really liked.

You know, the, the conversation with the dad, the openness with a family about these things even to the point where they, you know, just the trust, because I though he was 17 We wouldn't classify as an adult. They treat him like an adult for all intents and purposes. Allowed him to make those decisions, realize, you know, maybe at 17, what do you do in six months?

He's 18 and you can't, you know,

Sidey: So part of me going, oh my God, you know, it's really over the age of consent in Italy, it's 14. So, you know, different,

Reegs: it does,

Sidey: culture

Reegs: borderline creepy.

Sidey: it was creepy. And then, you know, you've got the army hammer stuff, which isn't really relevant to the film at all,


Reegs: about it before as well, cannibal, whatever


I'm pretty sure we have here when we did. I'm sorry to bother you. He was in that so

Dan: well, it's been me to do something or,

Reegs: and I like him,

Sidey: some people understandably he was texting people and it wasn't just like, I want to fuck you. It was fucking like deranged and I have got some of that stuff.

Reegs: cannibals stuff.

Sidey: Yeah. It was kind of, I'm thinking of breaking your ribs. Wow.

Head rush brand you tattoo, you mark. You shave your head, keep your hair with me, cut a piece of your skin off and make you cook it for me.

 The people were screenshotting all these texts. He was sending to them and then they put them out online and you're like, wow, that is some next level fucking deranged shit.

So I don't know really what's happening. But there's like tons of reports of like, you know, people who've had sex with them, then there's been like safe words, sat and he's just ignored all that. And I've been a fucking, really horrible bastard. Yeah. It's grim. It's fucking grim stuff.

Dan: I have these two guys gay anyway.

Do you know?

Reegs: I dunno. I

never thought to look it up. actually. How cool.

Sidey: I


Dan: I mean, obviously lots of, lots of guy on guy kissing and everything in here. And

Reegs: Yeah. But it's not particularly gratuitous, the camera cuts away when they have sex, the camera looks out the window.

Sidey: It always pans away really, really soon into it. It's like you say, it's not gratuitous, no deck.

Unfortunately only on the statue that they dredge up. They, they didn't do. So they only did one scene of rehearsal for the movie and the director got the two of them together in a, in the garden or whatever I said. Right. Yeah.

Dan: You

Sidey: start getting sharp, making out and start getting on with it. And so they did, and he was like, no, it needs to be more passionate, you know, and it's not believable.

You need to be ready to get into it. So they started going and they were everyone just fucked off and left them. And I didn't realize it because they were going at it, you know, on the, on the floor. So, you know, they're obviously comfortable and what they were doing, you know?

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: yeah. He's very good. Timothy Sharla, may my wife really fancy then, Ben then questioned if it was all right.

Fancy him and all sorts of stuff.

I think Jewish

queerness is not the sort of thing that you see represented in movies all the time. Neither is themes about children like the sexuality of your offspring and how you might want to model that in your house. You know being a bisexual man in the eighties, what that experience is like

these things, you don't see represented all the time and to have all this Jewishness about it and.

Was cool for me

Dan: really positive or

Sidey: the sanctuary has some Sioux fan or soft Jan. However you want to


  1. Jan Stevens had two tracks of his original

Yeah. And something about Gideon

Gideon, which are really good.

Reegs: mysteries of Lovit mystery of love is really


Sidey: So worth checking out for that alone.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: I'd never seen this before.

Reegs: how'd you not

Dan: Nope. Never even heard of it.

Sidey: No. Your kids were probably out that you're out of the danger zone by, by the

time this

Dan: So when, when, what year was this

Sidey: it's just ongoing

Dan: it? Yeah, but I mean, it must've started at some

Sidey: TV

Reegs: baby TV. It was probably going, you probably just didn't have access to the internet when you would get, did you even have phones?

Sidey: we said it was a channel on sky as well.

You could just say when my mother used to come and do a lot of childcare for us often come home and this would be on. So I did, I was inflicted quite a lot of this stuff and it's just sort of segments of just these on repeat for 24 hours, you know?

Reegs: flash animation.

Sidey: Yeah.

It never, it never stops. It just loop around all 24 hours a day.

Dan: well, I watched two and there were quite different animations.

Actually. I watched the first one was about

Sidey: hungry Henry

Dan: Yeah. And the second one was

Reegs: wasn't really about oranges. It

Dan: Well, you know, had oranges in it and the other one was about, it was about food production. Really? Wasn't it, it was quite clever like that. So the first one, yeah, you you've got Henry wee, who is, what is Henry?

Reegs: He's a Mexican cat

Sidey: with purple tail

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: chief

Dan: So he's pretty

Reegs: sombrero

Dan: And he

Sidey: goes back to this restaurant all the time and I would not because it's fucking shit.

Reegs: Well George, George, the restaurant. owner. He's he's also front of house, So

Sidey: He obviously can't keep the staff. That's the problem. So it gives them the menu every time and says, oh, Henry, I've got a cookie, something really


Dan: love how one page is dedicated to each meal on the menu.

Sidey: It's

Reegs: And it's a picture

Sidey: grapes or.

Reegs: a banana

Sidey: or, oh, and this is the case oh, this is what I want.

I want this it's I didn't know what it was. It was a glass of orange juice.

Reegs: Yeah.

I didn't know. Quite at first that it was a bit of a reveal. Wasn't that to wait for him to say.


Sidey: And, and every time he's like, oh fuck, we're all out. If that, so your

Dan: is it every time he's out of it?

Reegs: a Clever than that, because he gets all evasive at first. He's like, oh, well, want an omelet. that's better than orange juice. so, you know, but you did, you knew something was up.

didn't you

Sidey: And then Henry normally gets on the table. I guess he'd be able to fucking brat. It's like, I want the fucking orange juice. You know,

he he won't take no for an answer. So the dude that runs the show is like,

If you want orange juice, you better fuck up the shop and get some oranges.

Cause we haven't gotten a so every time he has to go out and fucking get his own

Reegs: Yeah.

it's not so much of an edge to it. is that though is it he's more, like, yeah,

Dan: it.

They're all doing it with a smile on their face, but is basically fuck off and get your own oranges. So he goes to the shop who says much the same actually.

Sidey: well what

Dan: we don't have them.

Sidey: he goes trotting through this town and he's clearly like Mexican and he's got an accent and he's wearing a sombrero and the town is like, kind of got that kind of stereotype, look about it. You know, it's, it's a mixed down. Then he goes to the, was it the first shop?

And it's some Cockney in there. And then when he goes to the packing shed, that's like another Brit.

Reegs: yeah, yeah,

Sidey: you're like, where are we in the


Reegs: yeah. And all the places are completely interlinked because he has to go where where does he go first?

The greengrocer's

Sidey: grocer.

Reegs: And then he walks instantly into the packing shed.

Sidey: Yeah It says give me a case, just give me a case of oranges. There's a little shit.

Reegs: Yeah.

And he's like, , no, it's out in the orchard. So he's instantly

in the orchard. So all these places are completely

connected. I just, think it's interesting that in space,

these places

are just instantly connected

Dan: and he finds him because he comes back the first time he goes back and he goes, where's the groceries again.

And then they send them up. But after that, he knows the way to the, to the packing yards and then the orchard where the oranges

Sidey: yeah, it does

Dan: found

Sidey: happy ending because he does source some oranges, which he takes back to.

Reegs: but He

takes it back through the packing

shed. and the green

Sidey: It's linear It's very linear and he gets his own wishes.

Dan: I suppose.

a little kid. I'm wondering where orange juice comes from. This can be quite a nice little

Sidey: thing

Dan: to watch. I was watching it with again, my daughter is I forced her to watch and she just said on we've gone from ODT TV to baby TV.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: And so I made her watch another

Reegs: Well, what, what, what did you think of hungry Henry,

Dan: hungry Henry, actually.

Okay. So it does I like the animation on, on hungry. What's it called again? Yeah. And I liked that part. Actually, the fact that it was really kind of linear through and it showed a little kid where the orange juice comes from, it comes from oranges. It goes into the packing yard, goes to the shop and you can go and get

Reegs: I never got that.

Sidey: so these, these poor suckers have to do all the labor and grow it. Then these wankers take it from them. And then you go to these guys and they really Jack the price up and make it like

Dan: But some little kids going, let's just go straight to the orchard. Let's go and get all the orange juice. Let's let's just, let's just go straight there.

You know? So it's um I, I, like, I thought that was um

Reegs: oranges

Sidey: I don't know

if there's a different adjective

Reegs: for each ego, scrumping for oranges.

Sidey: But this is one of the better baby TV products for me.

I used to quite enjoy this one

Reegs: Yeah. I think, I think the next one is the best one.

Dan: Oh, okay. Talk me through what happened.

Reegs: Well,

about 45. seconds of That just absolutely fucking a name with these like walking Easter eggs. We'd like googly eyes. and duck

Sidey: It's reminiscent of like a demonstration of computer graphics from an amiga or something


Dan: eight. Is that it really blurry? I couldn't make it out. I was thinking, yeah, they seem to be floating on just that gray floor, you know, is they couldn't be bothered to color in, we've done the eggs.

That's enough.

Reegs: the eggs. One of them has got like a Mohawk. I want to say. just one. And the the music really is just top tier

Dan: One of them just, well, I'd like, like targets over is something, you know, I dunno it was it was bizarre. I dunno, what was going on? I dunno.


Reegs: Well, th the lead egg Bird commands. The other egg birds down Doesn't in front of him.

They've, they've improvised a stage, which

Dan: is,

Reegs: like, and there's a curtain made out of, I'm not sure, but also some

clothes and I don't they haven't got armed. So who's wearing a t-shirt there.

anyway. It's probably

not all that


but so they've improvised the stage and then the small white egg bird.


to the front.

Dan: We've got about nine egg birds in a V formation is something looking at the stage. And there's a curtain that gets drawn, probably holds the secret of the t-shirt behind that curtain.

Reegs: Well, no, the white egg bag goes

behind Disney's

Sidey: and

then he comes out it comes out

slightly transformed.

Reegs: it's got like

Sidey: three prongs coming out of him on the

Dan: And what was it billed him? I don't get it. Well, it turned into the sun eventually. Didn't

Reegs: Excel

Dan: just gone straight in at the end, but I'm just trying to find some meaning in this show because this

Sidey: This is more abstract

than hungry Henry.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. I really didn't

Reegs: because they, they, the egg birds have a lot of guests

don't they like he's wearing.

so Where is he? One of them says, is he, is, does. He says, oh, he's like a Hawaiian luau


outfit. And they all

fucking laugh at him, don't know, decades later. and

he goes back

Dan: there. It's all like

Reegs: yeah, but that is genuinely.

what the intonation is. Isn't

Sidey: Yeah. It just flashes up a picture of what someone's thought. And like you say, they just liked him. It was irritating me because it was like, they'd ripped off a clanger sound.

Reegs: a little bit.

Sidey: fuck off, leave that for the client as you bankers.

Reegs: And the the lead egg bird is on a kind of perch and he's encouraging them to mock the one who's got it wrong and the other way, but Then the white egg bird goes back and he puts on a bit more of the


And there's one, is really excited to have a guess. And, this is when we say it's a sunflower. I was right there fucking with him.

I thought it was a Sunday. But I turned

Dan: was at that stage.

Reegs: No, it wasn't done because eventually it turned out to be the, son and the one who gets it. so fucking excited.

Sidey: such a

show off

Reegs: the



excitement levels when he does get it. And it is what it is.

Sidey: Yeah. That's really it.

Dan: I mean, these comment about five minutes, that's the blessing, I suppose.

Sidey: Yeah. But it's a relentless juggernaut of this way. If you ever get better, you know, if a

Reegs: at the end, when he's like wearing the sun costume

and they're all in.

a circle. around him. Did it remind you of Midsummer? Did you think they were going to, so I'm into a bad costume. This is why I was thinking about what I was watching. Is it a Southern coast? They're all dancing and singing around him


Sidey: I hope so, but I don't, I didn't get that

Dan: a

lot less

Sidey: I mean,

Well, I say, obviously I think that there's some thought gone into all these things about what they are trying to achieve in terms of teaching kids and bringing in awareness to like, cause it's fucking infantile, you know? And there's probably a lot of maybe even


Dan: that, one was, I think, putting kids back

Sidey: I did read that there there's nine categories that they're trying to cover.

Our first concepts, nature and animals, music, and art imagination and creativity, building friendships, songs, and rhymes guessing. Activities and bedtime which they cover all throughout these things. And it is like you say, it's 24 hours, it's a relentless juggernaut. You know, if your kid's not sleeping and you have to get them up, you know, you could stick the tele on this.

This might, you know, placate them for a little while. There, I would say that there are some varying qualities it's charting the numbers on baby

to that I used to love

Reegs: Charlie and the numbers is good. Yeah. As is. I couldn't nominate this topic without talking about kids and pets. Do you remember.

that one?

It was another one with the really inane intro, a really horrible intro music. And then it like the house, the cartoon house, metamorphosize is into like a physical house and it's like a real pet. And at first it's stuff like puppies and rabbits and all the usual stuff it starts to get a little bit more esoteric, like a snake


I think maybe a stick insect, Then this is genuinely true when I have my gallbladder out and I came around after my operation, my wife had sent me one where it was a fucking

pigeon. as a pat.


Sidey: That'd be our house so yeah, it's probably good. It's just painful. Where's


Dan: as, as I understand it, they've, you've got these loads of

Little characters and vinegar bits of and so you've got different favorites, I guess there's loads of egg men, ones, and there's loads

Reegs: It's only one egg

Dan: Henry. I was there only year,

Reegs: Oh no. There are lots of episodes of them, I guess,

I'm pretty sure You're not really supposed to, if your kids are watching and my kids did watch this. And now when I look back, I think they're not probably supposed to watch TV when they're this young.

Sidey: Well, the way of the world, isn't it?

Reegs: Yeah.

Because it is simple as


Sidey: yeah, I mean, it's just basic, I don't know how to wrap it up really, because it just, it is what it is.

It's baby TV. So if you've got a baby that probably get, you know, get something out of this, you might be able to pump them down and go and like wash a few dishes while they're doing it. And I think that's probably what we used

Reegs: yeah. That is basically might get 15 minutes, especially if they can't

walk yet.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Perfect.

Sidey: All right. Well, we've cogitated


Dan: come up with,

Sidey: yeah. We've had some interesting selections this week. I think it's fair to say.

But thanks.

Reegs: Well, I was down on the topic and then YouTube kind of didn't like the movie, so that's a

Sidey: didn't hate it, but wasn't as good as six underground.

Reegs: Oh, wow. I mean, it's not the barometer now as well.

Sidey: No, I was just trying to think of a Michael bay film just to troll you, but that's the first one that came into my head.

Reegs: that's not even the worst one,

Sidey: No apparently

ambulance is actually all right

Reegs: quite, it might actually be it. Isn't going to be

Sidey: We should watch it. We should do it for the port and any case. Dan's got some things we're going to do for the pod this week, Dan.

Dan: Yeah. I'm going to do a top five Razzy nominated films.

Sidey: Interesting

Dan: So it could be winners if you like reeks or it could just be those that are nominated.

Reegs: Golden raspberries,


Dan: it? Yeah, the it's a weird award, but it's been going quite a while. Isn't it? So I think there should be plenty of films there to choose from. Kevin Costner is going to be stolen in our mid week. That's going to be Waterworld.

Sidey: I've never seen it

Dan: you've never seen it. I've seen it once. It was a massive.

Budget film. It didn't do well at the box office. I think it was on the back of dancing with wolves or, or something that constantly had done really big and to do something even bigger. But it's been years and years since I've seen it. So I thought check that one out for them,

Reegs: Was anybody golden raspberry nominated in that day?

Dan: I believe Dennis Hopper was with with best supporting actor. So we'll have to keep an eye on that. See how are we actually did? Nobody is the main

Sidey: Bob Odenkirk,

Dan: him. Yeah. And that, I don't know a lot about, I just seen it the poster on, I think Netflix or,

Sidey: I'm excited for that

Dan: so we'll go for that. And then the kids' TV is good.

We're going back to probably even before my past, to be honest, I, I remember this as a kid, but I think it was more, my sister's watching it. Mr. Ben. remember Mr. Ben. Yeah. So I didn't I watched it as a kid, but again, not for years and I'll get one of the kids to watch this with me and I'll I'll try and get that to you next week and let you know, we thought,

Sidey: cool. I'm looking forward to that. Cause I haven't seen either of those movies, so that's good.

But all it remains for now is to say somebody signing out.

Reegs: sounds