Jan. 14, 2022

Don't Look Up & The Wonder Years

Don't Look Up & The Wonder Years
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If there's one thing Hollywood loves doing it's killing us all and given the current state of our world I think we should let them. The first disaster movie, 1936's SAN FRANCISCO, was about the earthquake which ripped that city apart back in 1908 and that sort of interesting trivia is exactly the kind of thing you won't get any more of as we discuss our Top 5 Disaster movies. What you will get is incredible special effects, Gerard Butler, ham-fisted environmental messages, Roland Emmerich, dubious science, mile high tsunamis repeatedly crashing into the New York skyline and a Michael Bay movie which divides us all.
Adam McKay's movies have a habit of making an impact on us and the recently released DON'T LOOK UP with its five time Oscar winning cast and cinematography by Linus Sandgren (LA LA LAND, NO TIME TO DIE) was one we had to watch. The plot sees mulleted astrophysicist Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) discover a comet on a direct collision course with earth, which is where we live. You and I. Attempting to alert the world to the imminent and very real danger, Dibiasky and her professor, Dr Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) face challenges greater than merely a President reluctant to do anything about the problem before the mid-terms. This one seems to have polarized critics, let's see what it does to the dads.
"What would you do if I sang out of tune?" yes just the opening bars of The Beatle's classic With A Little Help From My friends as belted out by gravel-throated English rocker Joe Crocker should be enough to conjure up memories of THE WONDER YEARS. We're talking about the new Disney+ reboot which centres around the Williams family in Alabama in 1968, as we experience pivotal moments in the American black civil rights movement through the eyes of 12 year old Dean (Elisha "EJ" Williams) who fell madly in love with a girl he met on the first day of school and desperately wants to avoid being embarrassed during baseball. 

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Don't Look Up

Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review the film review podcast that threw together a clip art style logo a couple of years ago and thought, fuck it. That we'll do a philosophy we've embedded into the core of the show. I'm sure you'll agree. I know it's not about trademarks here at the man cave. It's about movies and a little bit about kids TV and often quite a lot of cheese content, which is nice if you like that sort of thing.

And as usual, some fruity language and some spoiler referred content this week promises to be even more catastrophic than usual with the top five disaster movies. The third Adam McKay produced or directed film we've reviewed in the last few months, the Netflix exclusive don't look up well hustlers was produced by him and the big short,

Dan: stand by me. Wasn't done by him.

Reegs: no and we've got the rebooted the wonder years with at least one of us being a huge, huge fan of the original series. So,

Sidey: someone

might be.

but it's not me.

Reegs: I'm just going to check, we've got all the vital things sorted we need to before we kick off this week show. So the cutlery is configured in the correct fork knife spoon order. Yeah the

toilet paper correctly situated in the overhanging position. Yeah. The the indifference machine that charges the power in the man-cave sufficiently charged by my reaction to the Novak Djokovich story. And have we correctly did use that contemporary art is objectively better than classical art? Yeah. Okay, great. Well then on with the show.

Dan: was this about?

Sidey: Novak's pharaohs. so

an opportunity

Dan: Nigel Farage, we're

Sidey: jump on board, the Novak, Djokovic, vaccination, immigration fiasco to Curry favor with

Reegs: well known refugee helper, Nigel

Sidey: with that part of the world, because he's trying to keep them out of the.

Howie: Hmm Nigel Farrage one, a Nigel Farrage. That's all he had to say about that.

Reegs: Yeah. And then Andy Murray had a Twitter exchange with them. That was very interesting.

Howie: So Mason that we have more outrage about Djokovich being held against his will for a few days, then that Nadine's a hallway he's been in Iran for six years, whatever it

Reegs: No, I don't care about the joke of each things, least

Howie: It's amazing that it links into what we're going to review today, but how culture is skewed to look at the bullshit rather than the actual sort of substance of the world.

Anyway, that's a downer for an opening.

Dan: will get worse from here, folks. But hang in there anyway, we've got a top five after we ask society what he watched this week,

Sidey: Hmm, good question. I didn't traumatized my daughter with anything,

Howie: terminate, terminate a predator.

Sidey: age appropriate. But I did watch,


I've what I,

should say is that my watching of staff has been interrupted because I bought a Nintendo switch.

So I've been

playing a bit of Mario Odyssey, but also did manage to find that toast of Tinseltown is on BBC. I play, I

Don't know if you're familiar with toast of London.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah it's fucking great. So it used to be a channel four thing. It's now found its way onto BBC and he's moved to Hollywood. tremendous. the first episodes got Larry David in it.

So really gone big

on it

Dan: I'll check that

Sidey: but you should watch the toast of London first and then,

Howie: although I watched a Matt Berry related thing this week, Boba Fett,

Dan: That's

Howie: a book of Baba berries in it. Yeah. So he plays the droid, you know, the, the, the one that talks to Bob effect and introduces people. So he's, he's, he's a cut.

Yeah. That's Matt

Sidey: I thought that episode was

fucking, eight

Howie: oh, I'm loving it. Absolutely loving. It

Dan: star wars content I've ever seen. Episode two of Bubba fat was the best star wars things I've ever seen

Sidey: it was, I dunno, it was great. I just really, really enjoyed it,

I'd much prefer

when it's a smaller story. rather than The whole universe is at stake because that's silly. This was just like some people with some jeopardy and just much, much


Dan: was just so entertaining.


Sidey: Have

you seen it

Oh man.

Reegs: amongst

Dan: it all to come. You've got it all to

Sidey: given it like high praise, so we'll never live up to it, but it

Reegs: I did really enjoy the Mandalorian. So

Sidey: it's up there. It's right

Dan: I watched 'em back to the Outback, which was a recommendation from Pete or Andre. He had watched it with his,

Sidey: crocodile.

Dundee to

Howie: about

Dan: no, it was a, a kind of Australian Madagascar thing that was going on. Pete told me his kids really liked it. I sat down and watched it with my youngest and yeah.

Pete had a solid choice. I think that, that was really nice. I also watched on your recommendation, I think over our WhatsApp ad Astra, which I hadn't seen before.

Reegs: that could be a nomination it's in the window and I

Sidey: just

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. It was.

Sidey: think piece.

Dan: It kind of, kind of was, I mean, there is, I like these Saifai other world films and Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, a good cost.

Reegs: son

Dan: It was, yeah, that's right. It was in deep space in Jupiter. Watchable, certainly watchable. Yeah,

Howie: the moon car chase and, and, and the, and the, the star

Sidey: When all the robots are paired,


Reegs: girl with three tits and it was


Howie: Colin Farrell fucked it all up.

Sidey: What about you mate?

Oh, of course you have to watch. I haven't watched that

Reegs: all of it and it's funny and it's camp and it's surprising. It's just good fun TV

Howie: profile.

Reegs: yeah.

Howie: I I binge watched with my wife silent sees on Netflix, the Korean SkyFii which is worth a try. It's quite slow paced in places, endings a bit, but overall.

Yeah, but you get into it and he kind of, it's quite absorbing and it's got a different,

Dan: Like a sponge

Howie: Yeah. Well, that's quite relevant.

Yeah. That's quite relevant.

Dan: See the quiet relevancy.

Howie: And there's, there's a bit, there's a bit of thrill. It's a bit alien esque in its horror in that it's of it's implied.

Sidey: Okay. We had a top five last the subject was vomiting,

Howie: which I would like to nominate into silence. Sees vomit scene is the best someone drowns in. And blood and everything comes out of their systems.

I can't explain it until you see it.

Dan: way your eyes light up. When you say that is

Sidey: It does sound good

Howie: Clarice

Sidey: we had basically everyone else that nominated was team America,

Howie: when you have to go for that then?

Dan: Well, one of them is going in

Howie: to America.

Sidey: I think we put in did

Dan: we,

Reegs: I think we did.

Sidey: So what was the name of that program?

Howie: Silence sees, try it, try it. But the vomit

Sidey: How many hours long is it before

I get to the ending? which you said uh shit

Howie: five. I reckon

Dan: or you, you call in all the people out there in the Twitter-verse silent sees.

Reegs: Okay.

Sidey: We've got a new top five topic.

Dan: Yeah. It's a, it's a catastrophe. It's disaster movies and I fought the first one. Actually, I've got two that should just be in the top of anybody's

Reegs: Can I, is it just I do apologize for interrupting Dan, we did. We've all talked about not talking over each other and we I wondered if we could just clarify, I've gone for just disaster movies, so not kind you things or

Dan: got two films that will give you an instant

Reegs: No alien invasion. So I've not really got alien invasions.

Dan: had cats

Reegs: I've gone for disaster

Dan: as, as the first disaster movie,

Sidey: Oh, I have I have got, a monster movie. Sorry.

Reegs: Well I'm just trying to establish the boundaries, you know, cause like, well, you know, I haven't gone for like superhero

Dan: no, we'll pull you up about it is as we go on, let's hear him first. It's yeah, not cats, although that was a disaster. I'm gonna, I'm going to put in Titanic as the, the big kind of disaster movie that happened. It's bigger than that happened about happened 106 years ago,

Reegs: it wasn't 106 years ago.

Dan: 106.

Just, just let that sink in a long time ago. And obviously you've got Kate Winslow.

Sidey: Golden globe last night

Dan: she, she wins him every week. Doesn't she? She's brilliant. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio who really was given, this is a huge budget, massive height to the film and carried it off as they all did.

Sidey: really a big DiCaprio fan at this point? Cause he was


to me, he was just like, pretty boy

or the girls loved him but Yeah. That was.


But because they had those twins in, But

Dan: what's, he what's eating Gilbert grape. I've always liked him. I thought he's a really good actor. And he's always seemed to me shied away from those those roles that have turned him into a, more of a, a sex symbol and, and he's looked for, for real actors roles.

And, and in this, it could have been a disaster. It could have been a real kind of bait didn't it has cleaned up and there wasn't a dry eye in the house, particularly

Sidey: when I watched it bollocks this

Dan: Yeah. You didn't like it. No, I've watched it once or twice and I've watched it with different NGOs and we've had a nice time watching it

Sidey: Oh, I hate it. It was just fuck it. I've got it on the list because,

  1. was such because it was such an epic and it won so much and blah, blah, blah. And it broke the records, for this, that, or the other it's just schmaltzy fucking sentimental bullshit. He could've gotten the door at the end. didn't

like it,

There's also things where

Like the captain's going down with the ship, but I felt and I'm like whoa, that one would have known the camera wasn't there

to film that.

You know, I just

Howie: Do you know? Matthew mahogany was meant to, was cast originally as Jack in Titanic instead of

Dan: oh, I didn't know that.

No. Okay. Matthew McConaughey, who

Sidey: but you know, it's a triumph know visually,

I suppose it

it looked quite good.

Dan: it was

a huge film to try to take on and do justice. And I, I felt they did. It certainly wasn't crap. It wasn't a lot, it might not have everybody's favorite and you can pick holes in any film

Reegs: I'm tempted to just like slaughter it and say it was rubbish, but I haven't seen it in such a long time.

And I look at movies in a bit of a different way these days, maybe it'd be worth giving another shot to

Dan: probably why. I mean, it's been

Sidey: part of the problem. Right.


have said this story before in the pod is that I watched it with a group.

of friends.

And there were girls there and one of the, lads started to cry and I'm sure it was all just a fucking

affectation because it goes, actually Look how fucking sensitive I am. fuck off. No, I w that really. fucking bothers me to this

Dan: No, I, I th that was genuine

Howie: and it ruined

Sidey: I was 1997

Howie: and you were sat there. You were sat there with a popcorn on your lap, whole inserted and the fucking

Sidey: Yeah

Howie: the room with his, with a crying.

Sidey: Not a fan of that one,

Dan: Right. Okay. Well, give us what you got.

Sidey: Okay. Ah, well, we could talk basically for hours about Roland


because he has quite the disaster movie CV. And I think,

think my

favorite of them is 2012 which ticks so many disaster movie cliche, trope things.

My favorite. is The plane taking off on

the runway as

it's just crumbling away behind them?

Howie: And yeah. And there's the scene where the planes in the air and the cart that subway train goes over the top of it because the San Francisco levels are all over the show.

Sidey: It's it's got John

Q as the

is your leading man. Who's not really your sort of archetype or like big honky leading man for this kind of movie. you'd normally expect it to be the rock or

Gerald Butler.

And he's done a few of

them which we can talk about and I really liked John Case out. He's great. And this is just like what I expect from.

a disaster maybe you've just everything dialed up to 11 it's staffed, you know, it's so fucking implausible. The science behind it is just fucking ridiculous. And It's fucking brilliant.

Howie: It's Noah's Ark at the end. And was it the rich or the rich have bought seats on these arc?

Sidey: bad Russian accent

Reegs: dollars a ticket, which seems about right for where we are as a society. Right now, I would say

Dan: a bit of a theme going through disaster movies where we just know the rich again, they've already saw it. They've got their rockets belt and they're poor or

Reegs: works out particularly well for

Dan: not all of them.

Some of them.

Howie: Some of them are not all.

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: But that, that's a really good movie, actually,

Sidey: Got I've seen that quite a few times

Dan: yeah, it's

Howie: the

Sidey: Conspiracy

Howie: He's quite funny.

Sidey: A little snapshot into the future of what everyone. does. So many people are going to be like

Reegs: well, the day after tomorrow is another Emerick joint. Bad-ass scientist, Dennis Quaid walks across America after the ice age in order to find his bland son, Jake Gillan hall.

Howie: Can I, can I read through how I described that from? Cause I had this with my choices, Jake Gyllenhaal hides in a library, burning tax books, the coldest presented as a force that chases people down the Royal family would die.

There's loads of dead people. There's a decent scene with wolves on board. That's how I would summarize, but I enjoyed it. Cause it's one of those films, isn't it? It's just a

Reegs: Yeah I did quite like the movie.

It's like ham-fisted but like really earnest messaging about global warming. I dunno. But you've got to love to be preached out by Hollywood. So they're known for scaling back and recycling. I'm sure. Oh, it's one of a number of the movies that we'll talk about where a tidal wave demolish is New York. And it, the, you know, obviously after the year 2000, you know, this was a 2004 movie. I think it happens in 2012. It happens certainly in one other movie that we will end up talking about, but yeah, New York gets destroyed all these writers and directors continuing to, well, no process.

What happened to after the twin

Dan: well, w whenever, you know, five people survive at the end of a disaster movie. It's like off the reason it like the entire world is gone, but, oh, there we go. We've got five left.

Howie: I'm going to go for a classic. I'm going to go for it on I get it. Home Armageddon, 1998, Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael bay slush Fest.

It's got Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, over the top plot, rock ballads, matcha ism of the highest order, unrealistic NASA proposition. Luckily America can save the day again, loads of slow-mo

Sidey: So what's easier


miners to become astronauts or astronauts

to do some mining.

What Do you reckon would be, the safer bet?

Dan: Well, these mines are a pretty specialist work, so let's send the miners up into space. This is my guilty pleasure. This my sister and I have watched this together so many times. And the Eric Smith soundtrack

Howie: Cause I miss you me, but don't want to miss a thing.

Dan: that's

Howie: And

Dan: why we don't make this a singing pod, but,

Howie: Well, no, that's well done. We were talking about new ideas and features. I'm sure that our singing nonstop movie medleys could be the way forwards

Sidey: They say to the

crew, Like, what do you want for doing this

job? And one of them

just says we don't want to pay tax anymore.

That's a really weird, to

Reegs: comes up with it straight away though, as well

Sidey: Disgruntled about a tax bill.

He's just

happy this in arrears.

So I fucking don't want to pay

that You couldn't ask for anything.

Howie: There is a, so the, the, the quote that you asked about train astronauts, Ben Affleck said, he asked Michael what, why it was easy to train all drillers. And he was told, he told me to shut the fuck up. So that was the end of that talk. NASA have a disclaimer at the end of the film, disassociating itself with the science in this film for Harry stamper to do the explosion, he would need an H bomb, a billion times stronger than big Ivan, which at the time was Russia's biggest nuclear bomb.

Ultimately scientists estimate that an asteroid would have to be about 96 kilometers or 60 miles wide to completely inartfully wipe out life on our planet. So basically Jersey and Guernsey

Sidey: okay well,

the the asteroid and this one, they say that it's bigger than Texas. or something as

Howie: That's bigger than France.

Sidey: and Texas measures north to south and east to west is about 1,245 kilometers by 1,290 kilometers.

Dan: So the science is sound in Armageddon. It's absolutely sound

Sidey: Now the, the asteroid that impacted our 66 million years ago. It's I dunno, I'm gonna pronounce this really badly,

Dan: Just a young boy

Sidey: church club that was only, so

that destroyed that hit the earth and wiped out. 70% of all life on earth. that was 10 kilometers in diameter. So this is, you know,

a lot bigger than that. Anyone know how to calculate the gravity of an asteroid

you can do it

using Newton's law universal law of gravitation? it's where M is mass and G is the universal gravitational constant. So it's cheek or GM over R squared. I mean, I know, that Harry and Dan would know that, but for your benefit

and everyone else how you do it so it's, it's just a massive, massive asteroid.

That you know, they're not going to

Dan: Well I dunno because you've got Bruce Willis there.

Sidey: that's true.


Dan: So

Howie: and he realize he relies on sheer fucking bloody mindedness to get that drill bit down. The 800

Sidey: Which one of them does.

He stays out

Howie: He stays out there and Ben Affleck goes off to

Dan: be

Reegs: So can I just, we'll just establish you all love Armageddon. It's a great movie. Can, is have you got no. All right. Now you love it though. Guilty pleasure, blah, blah, blah. Can I tell you why you're a moron for thinking that


because it's Michael bay? Well, cause it had it all, didn't it painfully incoherent editing terrible spinning cameras, scientists portrayed as idiots, which is a common theme, I think, across all of the movies.

Well, no, but uh yeah, th in that we get the awesome might and glory of the American in a military industrial complex. We get oddly nasty, humorous characters, unhelpful stereotypes of running time, at least an hour too long, and no attempt whatsoever to tell the story visually with anything other than the mood of an aggressive primary school bully.

So that's Michael bay for you? My friend Michael bay.

Howie: I'd like the sound of this director. I want to see more of him,

Reegs: I don't, why am I

Sidey: I just recently watched the third bad boys filming.

Reegs: How is it?

Sidey: it's great.

Dan: Well, okay. I've got another one. It's called the impossible is we're view and McGregor and it's based on the 2004 tsunami. So it's another true story one. And this hit boxing day just off the coast of Indonesia, but it, you know, 250,000 people died. And these this family based in around this family were in a, in an.

Of the west coast, I think of Thailand and the wave came and it hit him and they all got split up and it was it was impossible. They would find each other again, or they would all survive, but you watch a film, you find out this one particular family had had a good story in it. They were able to find each other and and they survived it, but it was um I was out there at a time.

Yeah. So it was my mum and dad were out there at the time as well. So I was on a little island just below this one. But because where it was situated just behind the tip of Sumatra, it kind of it, I missed you'll hear action. Yeah. Ma'am it's sways. We're both out there at a time. But just into the north where the, the ripple effected not been buffered by the tip of some archery got devastated.

I mean, let's say thousands of people, my mum and dad were caught right in it. They were on the water, they were fighting for their lives and all the rest of it. So it was really gnarly. But this film you know, it was tough for my mom to go. She went to cinema to watch it with my brother and shit.

Oh, we shot in a gun, like, cause it just brought too many memories back really harrowing. But it was a really, really good film and he's kind of uplifting in the way that this family does make it. And and you see some of the, it was, I didn't, but it is. Yeah.

Sidey: Oh, geo storm.

Dan: ah, tell you what I, I had this written down as a film. Should I watch, I was going to

Sidey: you

Absolutely should watch it down. I say that wholeheartedly. because It's amazing. It's a Gerald Butler one? It's another Roland Emmerich one.

This one is where the climate has gone askew and they've put this net, this basically mesh around the entire planet

oh, what's it called?

it's it's named after the boy the Dyke. Isn't The,


got it. They've given it this


Dan: can't call them that anymore,

Sidey: Well, I know, but

Honestly it's just like, the science is just so preposterous and it's amazing.

And you know, like all these rarely trashy disaster, ticking every box going. You should absolutely

Howie: which are a Butler's disaster film. I've watched one recently. And I can't remember if it is GSM. It's one where the world does actually come to

Sidey: know.

Howie: Okay.

Reegs: Which one is that one? Because both I've seen

Howie: Great. Yes, Greenland. That's the one I watched.

Oh fuck.

Reegs: Yeah. I've seen both of those movies and I can't remember really anything about either


Sidey: geo storm geo storm, they've already

done a sort of solution and it's all very science-y whereas well, we can talk about it now, then.

if it, now, if I run it

Greenland is just, it's a 24 hours of them trying to get to,

a bunker

Howie: yes. Hi exert. How high

Sidey: no there is no stopping it.

Reegs: That's the one where there's the scene of like, oh, get you're allowed to get on the bus and he's at the party or whatever.


Sidey: Yeah thanks So

Howie: yeah, he said his son won't

Reegs: good moment of tension,

Howie: his, son's forgotten his

Sidey: well there's there's a there's an airplane I don't know if it is an airplane where they're like, you know, We're already at capacity.

and they're like,

no, I've got to get on with my son And they, you know, they, They do get on and you know again, it's like the airplane just takes off in time, you know? Has that, and then, then that one, the weld does doesn't end per se, but only the people in the bunker, make it.

you get the I don't know if it's post credits or it's just the very, very last shot is them opening the door. of The bunker going back out. It's like six months down the line after the the thing has hit and they go out and they have to start everything again.


Reegs: Excellent

Sidey: It's tremendous.

that was two for one that was two for one for you

Dan: Check that one out.

Reegs: One I haven't seen probably since it was like on ITV on a Sunday or something like that. And I can't say, I remember. Much about it, other than it having Helen Hunt and bill Paxton, it was Twista. Yeah.

Sidey: Uh Friends Johnny Courtney did a film review for it. when we're at school.

There's nothing like a good movie and this is

nothing like,

a good movie.

Howie: It's got the flying cow. That's really it. And

Reegs: That is literally the only thing that I can remember

Howie: It's got a pickup truck that they kept reversing into a tornado to release little S minium, foil and bits of stainless steel bugs, so they can measure the vortex. And then there's they go at the end? I think they chained themselves to the foundations of a water water.

Sidey: And I just get ripped to

Howie: Yeah. And the tornado there in the middle of the tornado.

And there's this moment of clarity where the roaring tornado start from warring and then yeah. And they basically rump. That's what,

Sidey: they're all, you know, That's

a real thing people do. There are storm chasers

you know,

they go and do that It's fucking crazy. But the documentary is about that better than

Howie: Oh, go for one like another guilty pleasure because it's so fucking terrible. Don't taste peak.

I love it.

Reegs: This is Tommy Lee Jones one or is it

Howie: volcano.

Sidey: is what we, you mentioned it last week

about Films that come along.

at the same time from different studios that they've obviously got spies working on each other's they've got a volcano movie. we need

to do volcano

Howie: get some lava piss bras, Lynn and Linda Hamilton star in this a nice idea for a firm idyllic town in Midwest America, lots of scientific accuracy, actually for this one. It's all about. Is this seismologists. But it has rather a logical ending really annoying scene

storyline within it, of the grandmother who I would have left to die.

She refuses to leave the peak, the kids steal the four wheel drive piece of shit. Drive up the top of the mountain to rescuer hilarity ensues, where the old granny, thankfully sacrifices herself by walking through an acidic lake to push the boat to the end. And I know I had no sympathy for them losing their ground at this point.

There is a terrible fucking four wheel drive that Pierce drives through lava is fucking terrible. But the bit that annoys me is at the very end Pierce has broken his arm horrifically it's proper fucking that's fracture ward plus operation. You're going to die.

Reegs: Bone


Howie: Yeah. Yes, proper mashed. He basically drives as fast as he can after the.

Propulsion block what they call it, the, not the prophylactic the, the, the, the, basically the explosion of a volcano that pushes everything fucking forward. That guy gets shoved into a mine shaft for several days until he's rescued, because he pulls a beacon of some like locator thing. And then at the end, it does that thing in a movie where people are fucking really badly injured.

There's like cleanup crews, but they're just sort of nursing a major

Sidey: sat on the back of an ambulance

Howie: of round was Pierce really would be done at this point. And they're like, nice work there decade, wherever your name is slap on back. And you're like, fucking get this man. And Ivy

Sidey: a proper leading man. Nice. like

really handsome. There's

a scene. I really like

at the start, when it starts kicking off.

And there's that little sort of rock thing where people go for a dip and you know, you can see, it coming and it just overheats and then It's just like, comedy dead bodies and this spice fucking it's got that brilliant mid nineties. aesthetic. I like I'm really into nineties films at

Dan: Well the the, voices you'll know all the same. It's like, you didn't see it coming and you know, it doesn't matter the film it's you know, no matter how hard you get, it's just the same voice on all these disaster films. Sorry that that was a different one, but it's the same voice.

And any of these years I was doing the research. I just,

Reegs: I used to know the name of that guy. And do you know who you mean?

You know, he used to do

Dan: does all the food. He does all the trailers for all the films. It seems

Reegs: time ago.

Dan: I see. Well another true to life disaster film is alive. It's the, the story of I think it was a Euro or Uruguayan. Yeah. Uruguayan rugby team who crashed in the Andes in the 1970s and had to, to survive while they waited for rescue, which didn't come.

So they ended up eating them like the dead passengers and nibbling in around to keep alive before one of them, or two of them made the walk over the Andes to, to go and get help and, and save the. 15 or 20 remaining passengers that, where we're still struggling for, for life and everything in there in the remains of the plane.

I remember reading a book to this and being told this story when I was a kid as well. So it always fascinated me the movie, not as good as the book, but really good account of what would have been another horrific disaster. And I don't know. I mean, oh yeah,

Sidey: I wouldn't even wait that long.

Dan: yeah. Well, yeah, you would have been like, Hey, you still got other food.

You're like nibbling into people. No, I mean, as, as a, as a veggie I don't think those situations yeah, it's I can give it the hat. I was just live off the hair for what hair is the kale of humans. Yeah. But

Reegs: yeah.

Howie: That's why you bought

Reegs: Completely bored.

Sidey: Back to me

this might fall foul of your rules.


I've got

Clover fields.

Dan: It's a disaster, isn't it?

Sidey: I mean, a lot of stuff gets broken or we could dial it down a lot smaller scale I've got the birds.

Reegs: No. Ooh. Yeah,

Dan: Alfred,

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: tell us about that. What happens is loads of

Sidey: As long as the

birds Yeah.

Dan: Fucking

Sidey: I'm

trying to cast my mind back to what the cat cat list is. Is it two lovebirds that they separate? That kicks it all off?

Dan: I can't remember. It's been such a long time. I remember the scene and she's in the phone box and they're kind of attacking

Sidey: Well there's one bit where she just looks around and it's really area.

There's just all these Telegraph. poles in And there's just millions of birds. Just sat

waiting, you know?

And then, you know, the attacks start happening

Reegs: like being in a room with a bird.

Sidey: Yeah.

Oh, My



that I bought

I came home one day.


There was shit like bird shit in the


I thought, What the fuck?

And I just walked around the corner and this fucking

pitch and flew out.

And That's


most terrified I've ever been in


entire And We just left the kitchen window open and go ahead. fucking hell. That was not just bird shit there. It was like human shit after that I


really lost

Reegs: control.

Sidey: But also, we've had a couple of times in the last few years where seagulls have been nesting and then the seagull chick has fallen down and makes the way into our garden. And then when you go out to get into the rolls Royce Phantom that we got out there,

and see you guys just fucking

swooped down.

And they're fucking violent. That's what this film

  1. Like, not quite as violent as


was. But yeah, there's, and there's all the birds and it does kind of look a bit dated, but it's still a really effective, and all of a sudden it's famous for how much of an asshole he was to Tippi Hedren, really particularly horrible to

Reegs: her.

Yeah. He was always horrible to his leading women.

Wasn't yeah,

Dan: but I've had a C go in the kitchen before I've left the door open in summer. And it's just amazing to see because there are big, beautiful birds. But you can't really converse with them. No, they're, they're, they're very, they're very mind, mind, mind me, me, me.

Yeah. They're set in their ways. And, and once they had you know, destroyed all the food and everything is out on the counter, they, they left quite a

Howie: We got, we had a seagull coming here, our big patio doors, and I think a cat had half killed it. I remember as a kid, my dad going nothing to say, I'm going to say typical dad go outside and cost me. I'd probably look out the window.

And he goes, I'm just going to put it out of its misery. And he held it by the feet and swung it against the wall as hard as he could. And all he did was put fucking feathers everywhere. And it was like jam on the wall feathers everywhere. Are we curious? Fucking see you go, fuck he see, go and clear up the mess.

Well, it's your mess, dad.

not real. They're not real. They're drones. Aren't they.

Reegs: deep impact,

Howie: again. And we back in

Dan: Morgan. Freeman's this one. Isn't it

Howie: it really annoys me this film, but I'll let you go on. I'll tell you why.

Reegs: I can't remember whether I enjoyed it, particularly it's the Elijah word one. He discovers it. It's basically the plot of don't look up.

Dan: Well, he he's the president. I think isn't he and more Morgan Freeman.

Sidey: more than, and is president This one, this is the better asteroid movie out of this and Armageddon.

Dan: Well, what I know, but I do like the lottery for survivors thing that they had

Howie: Oh yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.


Howie: Ah, fuck off.

Reegs: it's another one with a mega tsunami at the end that destroys New York and then Elijah wood out runs it on a motocross

Howie: with a, with a baby. And so any fucking people eat if people just got to higher ground sort of stood on the fucking highway, I'll get each other saying their goodbyes.

If you just fucking ran up that hill because he was being a cut on that motorbike, I was watching him going. You are lame. And then he did that. Oh, That's that's something that's quite good now is seeing my kids get irate. They watched Jurassic park three

Reegs: watching your kids getting angry. It's brilliant.

Howie: that they got, they got, they got angry at Tila.

Telio really, when she was basically baiting dinosaurs by screaming for her kid's name and Magnuson car, or we're fucking going mental at the tele, she's useless. Tell her to shut up. Why is she shouting and what? This is what

Sidey: I can't tell her

Howie: I've tried,

Sidey: But the, this was a favorite of mine because not the films any good, but we took the name of the Astro cause they named the astroid Wolf Biederman And there were some people that I used to work with who we didn't think did a lot So we would like sarcastic, say they had a deep impact. And then one of them just became

known as Wolf Biederman for being the ultimate deep impact. So an email would come around to my side, my fucking ass will beat them and again, always got a special place in my heart. That

Howie: I will go for, I am legend if you'd allow that can know this is an apocalyptic rather than a yeah. So will Smith cures cancer, but enables on vacation a slight trade-off there it's a rip off of the omega man, isn't it effectively? Yeah. Roaming the streets killing zombies, talking to mannequins has like a Sunday in Jersey.

The trap, the bit that annoys me is obviously the trappers, his dog is wounded and he has to strangle him to death. So that for me, put the film in a, I can't watch this again, top of thing, but what's interesting about this film is I've never seen a film have so much press about the alternative ending, which they'd filmed and never released.

So there's, if you go on, you go on YouTube. The alternate ending is apparently more popular than the actual one, which

Reegs: yeah, I've seen it.

I, in the other one, there's on bees, go and rescue the zombie or something,

Howie: the head zombie rescues the one that he has captured trying to cure. And it shows that there's an ounce of humanity in the zombies. But I think in

Sidey: But that film was always better before the zombies the solitary stuff in New that was always much better

And they

Reegs: the Batman Superman thing in the background.

Sidey: and they just look so like really shit and generic. The design of the monsters

Howie: It's meant to be jumped scare film. Isn't it really? And like you said, once you've seen them, it loses that

Learner of the filmed premise.

Dan: Well, I know how these go, you know, the earthquake movie shake people up and the hurricane movies blow people away. The avalanche is going to win it by a landslide, of course.

But I would like to put in the Poseidon

Howie: accreditation

Dan: with gene Hackman. Do you know that genes? 91 or 96 now? Yeah. Seen him. And he just goes riding his bikes or, yeah, it doesn't act anymore. Gave up 16, 17 years ago. And he's looking away, isn't he Egypt posted a picture of just let us know he's alive, you know?

And he still would so, but Poseidon, adventure is one of those early disaster films that I watched as a kid on TV. And remembered. I've seen it three or four times. Now. It used to come on around school holidays. Maybe it was Christmas or, or some such time. And gene Hackman played a priest who was a drinking hard living priest, who wouldn't be afraid to swear and all the rest of it.

But when the, the kind of tidal wave hits a white school or whatever it is that turns the big effectively Titanic kind of ship the Poseidon upside down, he leads this band of passengers to the, to the top of the ship before getting freed. And some of them die on the way, but it's, it's a really good one.

And one of those early dissolves to films that you can watch with the kids that isn't going to keep them up to many nights, you know, a lot of payroll and things,

Sidey: Leslie Nelson in that at a

Dan: he may be. Yeah, I think he, I'm pretty sure he is dancing around then. There's a, there's a few characters that you would see. Yeah, there's a few characters you've seen from other films and, some such good ones, the Poseidon adventure,

Sidey: I think that

Dan: they remade.


Reegs: They did. Was that any good

Dan: Didn't watch it.

Sidey: I always think of that as a companion piece with towering


which I didn't actually add to my

list. Cause I, although I've seen it as a long, long time

ago, and I can't really remember, much


Reegs: say

Dan: there's a building on fire

Howie: They haven't got fire equipment big enough to

Dan: Why did I

Howie: it did

Sidey: I think it was clad with

Howie: Greenfeld style. Yeah.

Dan: and they, they keep, they keep saying, I remember thinking, why did I keep building them so high?

We can't save people, but yeah, that's what it is. Side.

Sidey: Yes.

Perfect storm is about fishing.

the disaster

is the overfishing of the supply of fish in the sea. So that was a There was also

three big storms collided to make the

perfect storm.

In it's Marky mark, and Clooney Clooney before like mega stardom. So it was still like post-it Yar trying to make his way in the movies. still able

Dan: he did. Talking about fishing and mark Walberg deep water horizon is another one that, that is another true story that had that huge oil spill and on the deep, deep water horizon oil rig and Mount wall.

But I mean that devastated Marine life, you know,

Reegs: Yeah, it was

Dan: Mar was the most disgusting.

Sidey: but perfect storm is.


Yeah, pretty

Dan: there's a couple of good scenes where there's big waves in the little boats trying to get up and down it. But yeah,

Sidey: They had a problem with that ice making things, so they weren't gonna be able to get the catch back

And so they decided to stay out for something while they tried to fix it that was a

Reegs: A movie that everyone thought that was bad, that I enjoyed was the.

I've seen that one. Hilary Swank. Yeah. The premise is that for some reason, the inner core of the earth has stopped rotating causing the planet sick electromagnetic field to deteriorate playing havoc with flocks of birds and people with pacemakers.

So they send all those guys to the core, to the center of the earth to restart it, using a nuclear weapon, which sounds like a great idea.

And yeah, exactly. So far so stupid. And scientifically speaking, this one is pretty silly. Apparently rated the most scientifically inaccurate disaster movie ever in a poll of legitimate scientists conducted a few years back by a news outlet

in Australia

Dan: Romaine's remains factual our net car in that

Reegs: Mm Yeah, he was.

Dan: Lindo.

Howie: Have you seen the

Reegs: Greenwood Stanley Tucci was a pretty good cost. Yeah, I did actually really liked this. Me, if you got the confused patrons, like I know your harrowing experiences sounds absolutely. How did that end? Did you have

Sidey: well, I had to chase the fucking thing around the kitchen till and my heart, honestly,

I jumped out of my skin. and I had Yeah. And then I had to

explain when my mate came home,

cause we

Reegs: did chase out the window or

Sidey: like it just Like you know, it was

obviously gonna fly away from me and you know, it's a rectangular room with a big window. fucking go that way. you know, but they're so reluctant when you want them to go somewhere. So eventually I did bundle it out. I think it may have even gone into the into the hallway, into the bathroom, got out of that way But then you know, my mate came home my mate came home and I had to like, explain why there's Burchiel

Dan: well,

Howie: not been scatting.

Sidey: you

Dan: bother

Sidey: no one's going to believe this it's fucking ludicrous, but yeah, that's what

Reegs: Yeah, I, the core, I liked the fact that three-quarters of the way through, they revealed that the call was stopped because the us government were testing a weapon,

Howie: I is an earthquake weapon or something there something,

Reegs: yeah

Dan: is it Harrisburg? I mean, ed Harris tends to be in lots of disaster movies. Well, someone that looks like ed Harris, if it's not ed Harris, I think that's kind of almost

Howie: are you thinking of the guy in Armageddon? That's Harry that's. Bruce Willis is his mate

Reegs: Bruce Greenwood. Cause he was in this one as

Howie: well.

Reegs: but is that

Dan: Yeah Might be you need somebody who's kind of thin on top and got a stocky face with a best. Any disaster movie.

Howie: Have you seen the Arnett carts meme? That's going around about the joker.

Sidey: seeing

Howie: that one. So when he's Harvey dense, it goes just what rewatch Batman,

dark Knight one with the joke, when he says it's amazing how Harvey Dent's character only realizes it's the joker. When he pulls his face mask down and it cuts and he's just see fucking the joke.

And it's all fucking made up around his eyes and he pokes with it. Oh, now it's the joker. Yes. During the rounds today. My last nomination will be for San Andreas, which is a classic one with the rock. My tip from this is never go to the west coast, is that appears to be the Zenith of terrestrial apocalypse.

The rock as a trained coast guard, fire rescue tough all around American hero. Inexplicably links up with his ex-wife to chase and find their daughter who's at a rather hot Alexandria D'Addario. She stars as the accomplished girl guide, running to a safe spot in the city, which invariably turns into the most dangerous spot in the world.

Lots of disaster star, CGI buildings and total waves. There is a decent scene where all the boats rush out of the Harbor into an incoming wave. Again, giving me notes for which boat I'd like to buy, because I've watched that and think, well, I wouldn't go for a, I won't go for hard-nose. I'd go for a rib.

Cause the rib I think would get more speed up and go over the crest of the wave, but there's some decent CGI there and then there's a bed at the end where there's a bit of volatile.

Reegs: What testicles?

Howie: Parabolics. Wow.

Reegs: It's got the rocket. Isn't it

Sidey: Doesn't rock. Do a skyscraper one as

Howie: Oh with

one leg. Has he got, he plays a character with one leg?

Sidey: I thought he was in a skyscraper sort of disaster

Reegs: There was a movie I think, called sky

Howie: skyscraper. Yes. No, you're right. You're

Sidey: really likes it. I haven't seen it.

Reegs: My dad could never remember his name, mark commode.

So I said, I told him to just think mark toilet. And now

commode toilet and Now he can

Dan: I was thinking your dad never remembers is it's another, another problem. And talking of not remembering I'm pretty much out of the ones I've written down.

Sidey: Okay. Well, I've got one and your grown, but it's contagion the story of a global pandemic. Need to say any more about other than granite Patriot dies and has a


cut off and stuff, so that's good, but



Howie: It's just not to qualify. It was called skyscraper with Dwayne Johnson and yes, he does. He has lost his left leg.

Reegs: Wow.

What year is

Howie: 2 20 18.

Yeah. It's I suppose it's done really well.

Sidey: anymore.

Reegs: What have I got? I did a airplane I thought, and it kind of destroyed these movies in many ways. Didn't it?

Sidey: but there was a serious one There wasn't an airport, was it?

Reegs: Yes, maybe. Yeah, I dunno. I had sunshine as well on my list. I don't know where Danny Boyle, I always liked his movie. So gotta say,

Dan: yeah you get

Sidey: There's a black a monster

Reegs: Yeah.

I always thought about this, that it's like the general consensus. It was like, oh, it's an interesting and beautiful looking movie. And then it it's got intriguing ideas and then it devolves into a slasher movie and I.

It's got both those things that makes it great. So yeah, it's got cliff Curtis, maybe that was the guy you were talking about.

Michelle Yeoh and yeah, Danny Boyle. I

Howie: I D there's not enough UV paint in the world to save me. If I went on that ship in sunshine, I'd be just stuck in a fucking basement crying, going factor 50. Isn't enough

Reegs: got to put a hazmat suit on when you use a microwave in

Howie: there. Well, I have to be careful around those sorts of things

Sidey: anymore. I've got a couple

I Sage five is the collision


Howie: get that one.

Sidey: is Pretty good films are a bit, of a hit in our house. And then

you'll allow it but the war of the worlds, the 1950s.


Dan: Well, it's a

Reegs: small alien invasion.

Dan: it's a disaster though. Isn't it?

Reegs: I don't know if that was the top.

You know, I think we've got to get narrower.

Dan: harsh. Well, I've got an easy one to put in, but how are you going to do it or am I

Armageddon? That's for me, it goes in, it is my guilty pleasure

Sidey: for 2012

Howie: don't taste peak.

Sidey: that's a good one.

So Jeff kitchen and others, please let us know what you,

Dan: and yeah, I reached out to Jeff actually across multiple different Jeff's and I'm hoping he had five or six different Jeff's I've yeah.

So I'd love to hear from you, Jeff.

Sidey: because

Dan: We watched another movie.

Reegs: we did

Howie: and to review

Dan: it's the hottest thing on Netflix right now, I guess. It's it's got a cast of superstars all the

Sidey: And it had over a hundred million downloads

Dan: That's

Howie: Is that a record? Cause bred notice was the record. Wasn't it? Apparently.

Sidey: record.

Dan: This

Reegs: Five Oscar winning actors in it,

Dan: Yeah. Eight nominations. So sewing silly. Don't look up is the name of this movie and it's it's a disaster movie.

Reegs: We start with the million dollar man, Kate DB ASCII.

Maybe she's making toast and she was Jennifer Lawrence, drinking tea, doing science-y

Howie: stuff.

Reegs: is incredible. The haircut isn't

Dan: strong,

Sidey: Yeah. It's kind of like hipster scientist kind of do

Howie: slash seventies, German

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: I, yeah, I dunno. It's not

Dan: a PhD student. Dr. Kate

Reegs: Yeah.

She's rapping along to Wu-Tang clan. Ain't nothing to fuck

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: Strong, strong start that a great bit of character building as well with the Merlot and the science and all that.

Dan: And then she makes a an astounding discovery of a comment orbiting within the solar system and and tells her professor Dr. Randall, Mindy, which is played by up and coming guy.

Sidey: I think I've seen him

as some other

Dan: one or two things, Lee, Leo, he goes by and

Howie: did a book about practical boating,

Dan: yeah that's right. Yeah. He celebrates with her and, and the rest of his small team in this fantastic discovery.

And they want to know where this comment's going to end up what what's going to be the arc of this comment. And they've got all the, the math and the

Sidey: the maths

Dan: do it. And between herself and,

Reegs: well generally we shouldn't just skip over. They do the math cause I'm sure. Side, we were talking about this earlier. They were, we're using Gauss's method of orbital determination and the average Astro metric, uncertainty of naught point naught for art seconds.

Yes. Combined with top ecentric vectors. Remember we were chuckling about that and the initial coordinates and then they check the ephemeris and it's the calculation that works out. How close the

Sidey: how feminine it

Reegs: yes. Th the comment gets.

Yeah. Yeah. But that is actually a really good scene where he's working it out on the board and he's like, you can see, he can't believe.


Dan: He spent six months, apparently Leonardo DiCaprio in learning this kind of equations and maths and everything specifically for this role.

So you can't say only half did it. He went for it

Sidey: with real life astronomer and also film consultant Amy Mainzer according to them and Adam McKay he really did get into it and spend about six months of quality education on orbital dynamics.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And well, they, they find there's a problem. As the, as the maths kind of problem starts to be solved, they find out that it's on a direct collision course with earth and that's this earth, that's this earth.

There. Where, where, where no, no. The one where Westheimer absolutely massive. That and and the other problem and the real kind of crutch in this film is that nobody really cares or wants to know.

Reegs: well. They call Dr. Colder, who is the head of NASA, I think, to give her the data and what they've worked out. And she gets a planetary defense coordination

Howie: This

Reegs: head Dr.

Teddy Oglethorpe, who was Rob Morgan from stranger and this is where they say this comment is five to 10 kilometers wide, and it's going to hit the earth and it will be in six months, 14 days. And it's been immediately verified independently as well. It's an extinction level event, Everybody is going to die.

Dan: Shit is hitting the fan in six months. And the truth of the matter is, and you would expect it with the science behind this film to give it more credence is that is actually a window that could happen. I mean, there's stuff in the far system that they wouldn't know about until it came within six months of hitting us.

So that that's,

Howie: that's a fucking downer anyway,

Dan: Yeah, yeah.

Reegs: They go to the white house, don't they? Because,

Sidey: Well, they have to take it to the top,

Dan: take it to the top right to the top and

Reegs: not before J law needs to stop to get high.

Dan: Well you would do. And apparently she did on set as well. Just

Reegs: methods mathematics DiCaprio did quantum mechanics and

Dan: that over let's let's try it. Yeah.

Howie: features side, his favorite actress in a minute.

Sidey: She was

Reegs: well not before, not before. So the trio go

And the other two

Dan: Dr. Randall and doctor Dr. DB ASCII, or head

Reegs: they go and make, they go and meet general themes. Did you get that? Let me see his name.

Howie: Well

Reegs: And and they're going to meet the president. Who's obviously notoriously late and they wait and wait and wait and wait.

And they can't believe that what they've got to do is go and tell the president that they've got six months

Dan: Well, this is what I say, this isn't happening, right? K, this isn't real.

This is some sort of alternate realities. Say something, say something, Kate. And then she goes, I've got to get high. And then.

Howie: well, you don't forget that the general has sold them some snacks.

Reegs: It was probably, this was my favorite gag in the

whole film

Dan: Yeah. So that's, I'll be, has been spoiled with this too much because it is so new and people have

Reegs: nah

Sidey: a hundred million people have seen it. So I

Reegs: Everybody's seen it,

Dan: you're fucked.

If you listening to this now. No, it's

Sidey: well

we get, we, we meet obviously the general or maybe we do

meet the president, but we also meet, and

this is my favorite character in the movie was Jonah hill.

Howie: Donald Trump's son.

Sidey: Yes. Jason or lean

Reegs: Jared Kushner slash Ivana. Trump

Sidey: Really amazing. I mean, yeah, Like you say, it's obvious and it's quite sort of ham-fisted what they're going for, but he's just so fucking obnoxious the same way there. they're still waiting and he just throws two bottles of water on the,


Howie: and the T tells her toes to piss on some fucking toilet paper.

Sidey: If we need the bathroom, we'll

Just put some paper

Howie: and for Brie and for breeze,

Reegs: he shuts the door, then he opens, he goes, do you want to come? And she goes, yeah. And then he shuts the door.

Dan: Yeah He's really really mean. And

Howie: amazingly mean amazing character play here.

Dan: I mean so he is Jason early-on or Leon and president Orlean named after obviously the floods in everything in new Orleans. So there's lots of little things in this that inside jokes, if you like.

And I think it's one of those films that would probably be. Be worthy of repeat viewing to pick up on more, these little gems that are lay around in the, in the film.

But when they get into explain what they found the decision is to sit tight and assess

Howie: because it doesn't politically meet their requirements as of that time and

Dan: And we've got Meryl Streep as, as El Presidente here, who's playing a female. Donald Trump.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah

Howie: It gets more votes for pictures of a smoking that's

Sidey: I can't remember was

it where they just about to go for reelection.

Is that why

Howie: She was doing badly in the midterms and

Sidey: going to like,


Reegs: it didn't play well, the midterms were in three weeks, so it wasn't a good, the timing was terrible. Let's be honest. So sit tight and, and assassin also because there's been a shit storm brewing over Orleans Trump's pick for Supreme court nominee, the sheriff Conlin.

He's been posing as a life model. And so that's, that's not been great and she's a former reality TV star and she's sort of anti-intellectualism and anti-science and guilty of cronyism and nepotism that's, that's her and her son is Jason in it. And that's who you were talking about,

Sidey: you fucking bag.

Dan: Yeah.

That's why we're the nuclear codes in, he's got a 30,000 pound bag that he carries around the

Reegs: she's got a picture of Steven Seagal on her desk.

Howie: as well, we're hugging, but it's best be aware that the Sohn is pretty much off his head constantly on MTMA and various other concoctions. He's just constantly on it. It's the sniffing, the looking around the anxiety, the everything, and that's kind of how he's field. And that gives you an idea as to how he's making the judgments, that the president can't be bothered to comment upon nothing is taken seriously in this office, unless it's something that benefits them.

Dan: No, he's really happy at one point where he just he's pleased at his Molly's coming up just at the right time, isn't it?

Reegs: but they've got a teller that everybody's going to do.

Dan: And she doesn't accept it. She doesn't want it. She is not convenient. So she sends them away and sends our doctors on a media tour to try and convince the world that what is happening is real.


we've got to try and do something about it. And so they're sent on these chat shows

Howie: is it called the big rim

Dan: the daily

Howie: daily rip with,

with Gwyneth Paltrow doled up to the eyeballs and she


Reegs: Kate

Howie: Kate Blanchette.

Reegs: I didn't realize that until after the movie I had to look at. Yeah, she is really good at it. So they ha they go on the talk shows, but they're not just doing that.

They've had all the science independently verified. They've talked to the New York Herald, which is a serious newspaper. That's also about the story. And we've also gotten introduced to mark Rylance is subpoena issue. Well and he's unveiling the apple like new bash 14.3 phone

Dan: I still, every scene is in.

And for me it's the star of the whole film. I just think his

Sidey: creepy dude

Dan: absolutely

Howie: between Steve jobs, either Musk and Bezos,

Reegs: tiny faced labor, exploiter and pandemic denier, Elon Musk.

Howie: allegedly.

Reegs: no,

Dan: So he's got this fantastic voice and this fantastic character Egypt brings in. So he's introduced, as you say, like Steve jobs, introducing the new iPhone and he is there's children coming out on stage with him who off stage.

He's just rude as fuck too. He doesn't care. It's bash, isn't it? The the name of his, his tech company. And they've got an idea how they can potentially save the world a little bit further down the

Reegs: Sorry It's just why, when we first get introduced to him, he's doing that presentation. That's the first


When we see him and it just, as they introduce him, it says, please remember to avoid direct eye contact, sudden movements, coughing, or negative facial movements. It's amazing. It's a great load.

Dan: it's just a, an, a super controlled world that he lives in. And he's got all this. Techie sat at the top of the tree has got the ear of the president. And you realize actually, as a, as a super donor, it gives him access into a lot of the areas in the conversations that only the highest ranking politicians should have.

But this is president Orleans and she's completely, as you say, corrupt and full of it. So we've got quite a a disaster on unraveling as Leo and Kate. That's one actor's name and one character's name come together to try to alert everybody really nobody's listening. Nobody cares. And this is what really, I guess, I enjoyed about the film as much as anything, because it is one of those things it's holding a mirror up to everybody's face and saying, look, this is what's fucking going on here.

And the scene that really got me, I guess, is when they're on the daily rip and you've got Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate and they're, they're talking about this is coming on and she's losing it. She just,

Sidey: well she just keeps reading off the, the auto prompter thing and did this big sort of stupid,


and just

like pretending

And like you say Jennifer Lawrence, K, she just fucking loses.

Reegs: was, she has a complete meltdown live on TV and becomes a meme.

Dan: well, this is it. She's saying that we're not being clear. We're trying to tell you the entire planet is about to be destroyed. And the, the call kind of TV host for daytime TV. Who's trying to keep everything light and happy. He goes, okay then. And you know, it's something we do.

We just try and keep even the bad news light around here. We just want to move forward. And there's obviously subplots of you know, a pop group cup or famous group that are breaking up and everything. So that's taken on the big news, but yeah, it's a, you know,

Jack Bremmer. Who's the TV host who's played by Tyler Perry.

Reegs: He sounds, he says, this sounds very exciting,

Dan: Yeah. He's like, well, the entire planet world is, is it's damaging. Will it hit this one house in particular, my ex-wife's house. And he's just trying to make everything. And of course, as you say, she's made into a Mo a meme for really having too much reality for people.

And that's, you know, people hate for reality on television, don't they? And I think that's one of the really important and great points they get across here that people want authenticity when they're given too much of it. The turned

Howie: Well, this is the vilification of all the people that you see on the news that are deemed to be scientists, people with intellect, and they're dumbed down by people that they're shown up. You look at the abuse people like whether you agree or disagree, The process, but Chris witty the, the COVID lead scientist for the government.

He's abused by people he's made out of memes. He's talked about, by the way, he

Sidey: made out of me.

Howie: he's made out of memes, pure memes.

It's amazing. But he's T he says he has the piss taken out of him and commented on how he looks and how he stack it and how he stands next to that fucking Womble with, with his Dick out, making more kids every five minutes and wallpapering his house with 10,000 pounds of raw paper.

But that's by the, by and that, and she's one of those people. She's one of the intellectuals that are deemed to be of a lower worth to society. And instead, the focus is on company. Random moment between two reality TV, star musicians, and her frustration boils over so much. And then you see all the interlinked stories like her ex boyfriend, who at one point was saying how much it was fantastic.

She was going up there and being part of the lead story on this big daytime show to him, then making a fortune out of selling a book about how I avoided a psychopath, how I slept with a psycho and all this

Reegs: That's her ex-boyfriend is it him Ash Patel. He was in yesterday.

Dan: That's right.

Howie: I still haven't seen that, but was the Beatles one? Isn't it?

Dan: It was a really nice film now. And yeah, you get lots of, kind of almost no drop in performances like that. Very short, but faces and, and actors you would have definitely seen before. So it's not going well, is it as they, as they make their way

Reegs: well, you say that, but Brie makes apart Bri. Kate. Okay. I got really confused earlier on with who you were talking about with the cakes. We've got Kate Blanchett, Kate,

Dan: We do, I should try and stick to the character

Reegs: Oh no. Let's just stay confused and see what happens, yeah. Bree makes a pass at Leo and he's polling really well, to be fair.

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: Can you say his beard shaved? So he's become.

Howie: when we came in today, is this part of your look by

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. In the notes last week, I said, I looked like a haunted Harry potato, which is probably fairly accurate. The news about the comment though, to the general public has about the same level of traction as the weather report or the local traffic. I think

Dan: it's really poor. People just don't want to hear it. And one of the things the president says actually at the time is you cannot tell people 100% they are going to die. And she's right there. I mean, you couldn't tell Pete, you know, there had to have some hope. They do eventually get some kind of response where they're going to send a load of drones up organ to send load and missiles and nuclear warheads to break up the rock and and put it into fragments around and isolate the damage.


Appy, obviously to hear that something's being done. There's a, there's a big audible sigh of relief when they hear, oh, for fuck's sake, they are actually doing something

Reegs: yeah, but it's only being done because president Orleans is sent sheriff Conlon the new life model, a picture of a


So she's had to latch onto the story. Hasn't

Dan: yeah, she needs a bigger story to, to blow that one out the sky,

Howie: She needs a ceremony. That's something I have a share video with the warships and the

Dan: Yeah I know the one you're going for

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: So they've, They've got DiCaprio on board.


they've sidelines,

Howie: Jennifer

Sidey: Jen Florence and, Oglethorpe? And she basically fucks it all up. Well, she tries to do some, some more press and PR about it, but she is

fatally threatened out of it. And so she goes and fucks Timothy shallow.

Reegs: now.

Howie: It does what he does quite well there, she's working at like a quickie Mart type of thing, and she, and he picks her up.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Well, bef yeah, they, yeah. So where have we got to, if we'd done that they've had, if they had a failed attempt yet if we'd done that yet

Dan: we haven't quite got to there. The first fire would attempt to breaking up the, the asteroid, the comment

Howie: with Ron Perlman as the lead astronauts.

Dan: Yeah. They send, they send Ron in, they need a hero. It doesn't actually need somebody to go up into space with all those nuclear warheads, but they need a hero.

And Ron Perlman is going to be our hero. So

Reegs: and they announced it all on that. Fucking, what are those big boats with the guns? Warships and there's red, white, and blue and all Yeah.

Dr. Mindy becomes the face of it. And cause he, like we said and then Cate Blanchett puts her hand on his cock on TV and they start in the fair.

Dan: Yeah, it is. It's crazy. So you've got these two people, these two scientists that have gone into alert the world about a comment is going to kill everyone at six months. One of them goes nuts on TV just because it's the reality is that it's happening and nobody fucking listening and the frustration bubbles over.

And, and then the other one really wants to work within the system and try to get as many people aware of what's going on

and yeah, and

Reegs: just swept away by

Dan: he swept away, but he also, he also wants to work within the system. You see there isn't. She's gone apeshit and she's been ostracized. She's a meme. You know, nobody's going to listen to her.

He's trying to work within the system, but equally gets lost and none of his efforts go anywhere. And it just kind of has that situation where you're fucked if you do. And you're fucked if you don't. And I think that's what this film is, gets across so well that, you know, the, the scientific community is either laughed at.

Or even if you play the system, you, you, they bent it your way. And they've tried to say, oh, you can't be with us. If you're not going to agree and try to get them to, to change their, you know, the facts of reality, that's going to happen just to Sue another kind of narrative.

Reegs: So anyway, where are we? We, they, they have a go don't. They, they launched this mission with old NASA tech and the plan is to follow. This nuclear bombs out there basically, and just blow the fucking shit out of it as far away as they can. And it launches all with a big sort of, you know, it goes, it goes, okay.

Howie: Apart from Ron Poman speech.

Reegs: Oh yeah,

Howie: Fuck it. Hell

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: Oh my God.

Reegs: But then it just sort of stops it just kind of, the guy goes are

Howie: no the, the character who's the Steve jobs miracle man turns up at the launch. Mark Rylance turns up and says Madam president can have a word and basically it's revealed that.

Turned off the launch or she's canceled the launch halfway through and all the missiles returned back to worth because his astrophysics science department has worked out that there are trillions of dollars worth of essential minerals and precious metals on this comments that if they strategically blow up in various places, it will land in various spots around the earth and they can go mine or the money from it and eliminate world poverty.

Dan: Yeah, that's the, that's the plan, isn't it? They see this comment is a potential cash cow, not the horrifying death bringer. They actually is. They see the money in

Reegs: Yeah, because it makes, did he say because it makes the mobile phone stuff and

Dan: Yeah it's got lots of that kind of

Reegs: And he's just because of the Chinese have got it

Howie: well, this is where the Leonardo DiCaprio character just totally starts to lose the plot and despair, but mainly because it's not scientifically peered reviewed and the figures are he's again, dismissed by mark Rylance his characters. My scientists can provide X, Y, Z statistics on anything we can predict your death.

Your P your death will be predicted as rather mundane and boring and

Reegs: He'll he'll die alone.

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: What does he say? You've got we've got 200 million or is it 2 million. data points on

We know everything about you.

Everything that's going to happen

Howie: You've got colon polyps and all this

Reegs: Four or five, but they're benign. I think he says

Dan: Yeah.

He also lets president Orleans know that she's going to die by a blunt rock. And they just kind of shaking their heads to, as to what that might be. And then we forget all about that. We move on and there's another attempt to blow up the, the asteroid this time with.

Sidey: his own

Dan: his

own tech, these specially designed drones that are going to settle on to the asteroid and then drilling blow up.

So it's, we can save all these precious metals.

Howie: Well, this is an example of how private enterprise is now more powerful than government.

And it's what we see today. You got Bezos's penis shaped rockets,

Sidey: this was like a space X. thing

Howie: Yeah, yeah, exactly. That, and it shows the power that they have over government where previously in our lifetime, the only people that went anywhere out of the atmosphere work governments, because it was such an unobtainable technology, both financially and intellectually.

But now everybody's got hold of it

Reegs: well, just before though the launch of it, the Chinese, the Russians and the Indians they, they get together don't they to have a basher that using kind of the same plan

as it

Howie: Yeah. Because they're excluded from the agreement.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: yeah it's not a world. Joining forces to, to take this on as a humanity, we're going to do it.

It's very much individual nations trying to get together. But as the clock ticks, they, they start working a little bit closer together, but the clock

Sidey: Kraft is destroyed


Reegs: yeah, but the, I guess one of the other things that's happening is that the comment is now more visible and you know, there's a social media campaign. Just look up,

Dan: this is the title.

Yeah. And this, this goes to show cause you still got rallies. Of people saying, don't look up, just put one foot in front of the other, head down and keep marching forward. Don't let them,

Reegs: landmark, you know,

Dan: don't let them trick you. Don't let them, you know, this is all about, you know, trying to turn it into immigration or they're trying to turn it on to the narrative completely differently.

Until it is as simple as that, just look up, you know, just look up and then it's done. I know it's called, don't look up, but they do. They just look up and it's as simple as that. And then they can't deny the truth. Cause you get that one guy at the rally going, what the fuck? Wait a minute. They lied to us.

And it suddenly starts tumbling around them. This

Reegs: the denial,

Dan: the denial, the denial of what is right in their face cannot be denied any longer.

Sidey: Yeah, it's

the final chance really to stop it.

But immediately on launch they lose four. I think there's 25, something like that. Drones that are sending

Dan: Okay. It's okay. We can still do it.

Sidey: expected loss

four or five, just crash on on launch, they get down to like the absolute limit. And then it becomes clear that they're not going to be able to do it. and everyone. just realizes that We are is this is,

Dan: just kind of filter out the room. Don't they, he looks over his

Sidey: like goes to the secret door So

Dan: I'm just gonna, I'm just going to go into the back and they slip off Jonah

Reegs: no, he says he needs to use the bathroom.

I also need to use the bathroom.

Sidey: Yeah. So The president goes, she leaves her son, Jonah Hill behind

Howie: the handbag

Sidey: I think

I think just by mistake, she does realize didn't she went, she's like, oh fuck. Yeah, But still leaves him. And they do give to Caprio the chance to join them.

Dan: No,

he wants to spend the time

Sidey: because what's happened is he's had this affair, his wife has caught him, confronted him about

Reegs: Oh, that's a good scene that she's like, this is what it's like to live with them. And she throws the medicines like that's for his depression, that's for his anxiety. That's for his blood pressure or

Sidey: Here's the lady,

from the one that James were Burkett

Reegs: Yeah. She's really good.

Sidey: Yeah. We should know her name.

But he reconciled with her, Everyone basically because

they know their time is up. So, we're having a

and he

Reegs: they just, they, they have a final evening of total

Sidey: She says it's all right.

I fucked your college


Reegs: amazing. I love that one. Yeah.

Howie: but it's lovely. The scene where they're all at a table, obviously gets farcical at the very end where they're trying to just not look outside and just keep going.

Sidey: you do? I don't

Howie: Yeah, exactly.

Sidey: Not alone. Like he was told he

Reegs: and the

Sidey: a spiteful thing that you said

Reegs: No, I think it was the algorithm going wrong. Right. Because he's not, he's been proven pretty, not perfect because like we said, the plant, did we say that the plan to fragment the asteroid is gone

Sidey: disaster

Reegs: We've said all them

Dan: it's

Melanie Lynskey is the character. No,

Sidey: I don't want to live in this world

Yeah. It

was really good.

But yeah, they, they there's the scene where it hits I sort of half an hour to go. I was it yeah, we're gonna make it, is it what's gonna happen. But no, it

Reegs: Yeah.

And it's you get the aftermath really as much as anything it's Bonnie ever a second nature.

I like and it's like cars and shit floating around them. What I wondered was whether it was a twist of reference, cause there's a cow

Dan: Y yeah. I mean, there's lots of lies in this film.

I would say there's, there's lots of hidden meanings and, and things you can read into even bash. And you know, some of the other, the, the names of the characters, everything's been really

Sidey: Yeah there's some hidden things, but also a lot of it is

as subtle as a fucking sledgehammer.

now though, that that's a good thing or a bad thing. Depends on your point of view. I I really enjoyed it.

You know, I thought

these sort of things the right way to present them because the kind of movie it is. It's not a subtle but we are treated to a couple of further scenes So we get a mid credit and a post credit.

Reegs: about 10 minutes of credits anyway, in

Howie: is 10 minutes of credits

Reegs: but yeah, so you get 22,000 years. Did we say they've all got on the space ship? It's all the people you'd want.

Isn't it on a space ship out like the heads of oil corporations and banks

Sidey: lobbyists

Reegs: be a, some politicians and yeah. So 2000 people, lucky people have gone on Elon Musk's spaceship


find another planet.

Dan: 3000 years later, they wake up from their cryo freeze chamber Chu.


Howie: 48% died, success,

Sidey: great

Reegs: And they exit and they're completely naked

Howie: Butterfly

tattoo on our also

Reegs: Yep. And whale on her asshole fry. Okay.

Dan: gotta, you gotta, you gotta pause and kinda zoom in

Howie: in the extras, the extras of watching that.

Reegs: and they're all naked. And she strolls out there. Oh,

Sidey: there's some alien creatures, not seen as strange species or something

Dan: It

looks a little bit like the bird out of up.

Sidey: yes. Yeah, And it bites her head and just takes that down and fucking kills that.

Dan: Hey, look, I think that's a boardwalk brilliant. Cause I, yeah, I've forgotten all about how she died and, and and his kind of scientific algorithm is, is produced this into the future 23,000 years. It's got a right and obviously it got Leo wrong because he died not alone, but with his family at the dinner table.

Sidey: Where are we to assume that the 2000 that went off into space, they're all died on this planet.

Hope hopefully

Reegs: Oh yeah. Well, it didn't seem much of a plan because they're just like naked and they've got nothing else. And they're just suddenly

Dan: I'm going to start out

Sidey: I guess there was some thing

Reegs: some clothes,

Sidey: I guess there was something packed away or they probably had to be cryo naked for the cryo.

Dan: Otherwise you turn

Sidey: presumably some pods of stuff.

who cares,

Dan: like the fly, you would have turned into your underpants

Reegs: release,

like one or two people, like a security, like a porn to go first, really.

Sidey: Have you ever seen flash Gordon,

Reegs: No.

Sidey: Where they step out onto an alien planet with no spacer and just go take a big deep breath. It's good. Oxygen

That's what I should have done this. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: So we get that. Yeah, she gets killed. They're all going to get killed those ones. But also after everything else we get Jonah hill emerging from the rubble having survived the

Howie: and for his mum and then, and then going, I'm the only human alive and he's talking to his camera and his member will hit like, and subscribe. You know?

Dan: Yeah. It's I know we have it at the end of the film, the world is over. It's finished. It's done.

Sidey: Yeah. So

this movie got a bit of a kicking.

from the critics weren't hugely,


Howie: but a lot of climate change, protest type people like George money bots, the guardian guy who's quite well renowned said identified with nearly everything in this film.

And it was like a documentary to me, which is quite

Dan: I think for the scientific community, because this was written before the pandemic as well. So it's worth pointing out that he hasn't lived through this kind of scientific denial and then written about it. This was, you know, thought of way before that it's just happens to have come out around this time.

And a lot of the stuff that he's written about coming true, if you like through these last couple of years is just further cemented the, the strength of the script for me and, and just the feeling. Yeah, well, this does go on, you know, you've got scientists, you've got all these people that whenever it suits people to listen to and understand and believe, yes, they will take it.

But whenever it doesn't, then a different narrative goes on. And when the scientists over freak out, they get made fun of if they play along the lines, they get taken advantage of. And it's a, you know, it's a, it's a real, really hit the nose hard so I can imagine people didn't like it.

Reegs: Well, I, I actually wanted to like it more than I actually really did.

I, you know, if this was out of five disasters, it's only a two, two for me, I think you know, given the quality of the actors and the Ron I, you know, but everything is spelled out for you painfully in the movies, way too long. And yeah, this lack of subtlety that you talked about, it's not quite funny enough.

There was, I enjoyed talking about it, but it's not funny enough or satirical enough to be anything more than possibly entertaining. It's a bit damning

Howie: think it's spelled out hugely and long enough? Because there is an element of morality from the filmmakers in that they are hoping that the people that are parodied in this. Are actually going to watch it. And this is the only way that it could get through to, there are such fucking stupid people out

Sidey: there.

Reegs: this movie is not going to change anyone's

Sidey: No, it's not. I think the people that don't like that stuff, won't watch it because they know what it's about and who it's targeting, and they're

already in denial about I agree

I, I'm the same. I probably won't watch it again. But I did enjoy watching it. like you say, Dan, it might have been filmed before the pandemic, but there's other stuff, you know, it's clearly politics and the whole now culture of alternative facts.

can choose what to actual scientifically fucking proven facts or


you know, like the rise of the flat earthers and it's clearly fucking bonkers. So you have to say to

people oh, well, that's your opinion. And I have to respect it. No, I should just fucking shoot you in the head.


Dan: Well, this is why you need something is as clear as a comic coming straight at you and to tell people, look, you know, just look up there is,

Reegs: Yeah. But

then that's the point though, isn't it, but real world problems are much more like real that like, because like COVID or something that is about people who are talking about where the things are unjustifiably alarming versus safety and it's, you know, and then the people who are choosing to explore it that,

Dan: Well, I think this is a, you know, a disaster movie that obviously has the comment, but maybe the real disaster is, is the state of affairs, you know, that we're we're in and that we continue to be in.

And I think that's where this, for me, it was really, really strong movie. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was, yeah. Okay. Some of it really subtle, some of it really on the nose and in your face and everything, but I take your point how we, there's a there's enough people out there that need it spoonfed to them.

And I think they've taken that

Reegs: not going to be convinced by

watching this though. Are

Dan: Well, I dunno, probably not, probably,

Reegs: Meryl Streep and well,

Dan: probably not, but I, I just think that You know, it it's important that this does hold up a mirror to people and just say, look how fucking stupid you are in denying what is literally right in front of your face.

Like the flat earth is and things, you know, I mean,

Howie: you're going to get a lot of young people watching this who perhaps are of the more, the most important person in my life is a reality TV star type of shit. And they'll go, oh, Jennifer Lawrence is Leonardo

Reegs: people are probably more engaged about this stuff sometimes than adults are

Howie: I'd say young people, young people are, but the, the age, the demographic I'm talking about other people that are so twenties to 30 fives people I've worked with people I know who only wore.

Love island, desperate Housewives with dildos up their arses that exists the exact title of the show who have no concept. They don't watch sky news because it's, oh, it's not facts. BBC's against people. Yeah. MSCM all this bollix and they just want shit like that. And they'll ironically, they'll watch a film like this, cause they'll go, oh, it's got it's a actors actress named.

I like here, Jennifer Lawrence is a big name. And if they watch it, I, I really believe that the filmmaker, as I said, just to foreign damage, just mentioning then. His heart of heart. Hoping if I can change a couple of people's minds, then that might be a no matter how much of a sledgehammer is to crack a nut in terms of the message there's there's obviously I would prefer to have this message conveyed across in a scientifically accurate sir, David Attenborough style thing that would approach it without a satirical angle that weren't alienates you.

Trump has a new flat earth is and hope that it gets through that way.

Potentially people are so stupid. They don't watch anything like that. They don't watch documentaries. They're not, they are, they'll watch their Fox news. They're GB news. They'll watch some bullshit reality show on a Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening.

And that's the context of their viewing, you know, in their reading. Isn't anything around that. So, yeah, I, I, I enjoyed the film. It was a bit too close to home in places. Cause it felt like a fucking documentary in areas. Cause you're like, oh my God, that's that presenter from that TV channel that's Lawrence Fox sort of thing.

That sort of shit.

Reegs: Yeah, it was pretty depressing.

Howie: It was depressing. And the star of the show was Jonah hill.

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: I think he was brilliant in it. He, he was really good at

Sidey: Well, I


Reegs: funny enough given everybody in there.

Sidey: Yeah. I think why I enjoyed or more

The guy

the white riots, his character where he talks about data and how everything.

has been. That's the more chilling

stuff know everything about you. Everything is

Like my phone's to, if I say a product, I'll get an advert on it.

That sort of stuff is Because there isn't a comment as far as we know about hit us, but that sort of stuff is there. It's

Howie: real,

Sidey: being monitored all the fucking We've got nanobots in

Reegs: well. So

Sidey: ah, fuck it. What would you do with your last six months?

Howie: Oh, would genuinely just go off grid, be with the family, not talk to anybody else in the world. I'll try it. If

I'm afraid. Not I wouldn't, I would not interrupt. I wouldn't interact with anybody, but the family and I would, and if

Sidey: we would last

six months.

Howie: when I say family, when I say family, it's me, the dog and a back catalog of podcasts, walking down the beach in my fucking high-top Carrie malls. What about you guys? What would you guys do?

Sidey: I I

know I'm going to get really boring. and It depends what you can do. You know what I



Dan: get as many girls pregnant as I could. I think,

Sidey: that'd be

Dan: knowing I'd never have to face the music.

Sidey: So no change for you


Dan: all Pete

Sidey: potentially, you know, you're not gonna be able to travel because people aren't gonna be doing their day job of flying planes, you know what I mean?

So I dunno. I don't know. I probably eat myself into

Howie: Sorry,

just fucking sat there. Covered in fucking flunks. I love lumps. Just say

Sidey: Ben Stiller at the end of


Howie: it's a glandular thing.

Dan: yeah. Well, for me it was a hit. I think it's on Netflix. Now go make up your own mind.

Probably won't watch it again right after watching it. But I'd, I'd watch it again at some point. And I think the message is really important and I think it's it's very clever

Sidey: Let us know what you think.

Dan: Wow. What'd you it's that one? Isn't it. The one that he is

Sidey: Yeah, I was

super enthusiastic

I recall last week about it

Dan: soundtrack. First of all, though, they open with

Reegs: Joe

Cocker will

Dan: from my friends.

Hey him? Why was Joe Don? He shit.

Sidey: hate his voice. Hate his songs.

Dan: Oh boy. Okay.

Reegs: everybody can imitate him. Can't they is strange because

Dan: you had salmon Dave Curtis Mayfield Otis Redding

Reegs: Chaz and Dave

Dan: Chaz and Dave. No, he is a kicking soundtrack. I love, I love this

Howie: but that's, that's what the one years originally was. It was originally moments of time mixed with soundtracks of that moment as well. But that's caused me problem because that's why it's never really been shown a lot because there's so much litigation over. Did you have permission to use that song?

And that's why it's never really gone on the streaming services.

Reegs: I probably would have ignored it on the streaming services as much as I pretty much ignored it when it was around the first

Sidey: Yeah. So I have to say looking back. I don't know why I think about it. I think I hate that show. I don't remember ever, watching it

I don't know. I Think

I saw Just few clips of it. And I was like for,

because I made this point before, when I was the youngster so long time ago, I really, really would much prefer animated than live action. And maybe when it was around, I was just a little bit too young to get it. And it probably had adverts in which

would irritate me as well. So I just didn't connect with it.

I probably don't hate it as much as I made out, but I don't like Joe Cocker

Howie: of it, the original wonder years that both make me cry. Both. I still remember as a kid, one is I think it's when his brother tries to go to visit. And his best mate makes it. And he Wayne

Reegs: killed in


Howie: best mate. Yeah. And winder can't Wayne.

Can't go to Vietnam. I think he's got like flat feet or something and it's really tragic. And then the other one is when he, he does the story where he grows up with his dog and his dog, basically all the way through. Cause this is a thing for me. Obviously his dog is like this piece of shit he hates and that they almost have sex, but

And him become like best buddies, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Sidey: to cry You're going

Howie: I'm gonna cry. And at the end he goes to university and his dog just stands at the window and he goes with his mum, then his mum narrates it and goes, she's sat at the window waiting for him. And he never came back. Oh no, my mom's on the floor crying. Mainly probably because of my GCSE results at the time.

But yeah, so I, I just think, I remember watching the one days on channel four

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: but they pull on the hearts strings and the, the original one used to be directed guy called Bob brush.

Sidey: And

Dan: my, my brother had.

Howie: Boom boom.

Dan: well, my brother and I used to make fun of the name as well, but it would be a waste to say Bob brush first.

And it's just another silly little memory I had from, from watching this. And it was through rose tinted glasses. I did watch it back though. The original through streaming service, tough to find new, say, I think there's only one, two episodes you could see. And it really just whetted my appetite for more.

I'd love to have shown this to my kids cause I loved the whole series and the, the messages that were

Howie: wholesome.

Dan: awesome. Yeah. And, and so this one, anyway, they've rebooted it, they've done it 2021 and I really liked the way they did it. As soon as it said one years, I was like, oh wow. Is that they've shown it again.

And then I found out is this reboot? So they've looked at it completely differently. They've got

New kids. They've got the same period of time though. And we're looking back at the one the years, Fu I'm a young black kid who's growing up in a similar environment is Kevin Arnold would have done.

But he's seen it through his eyes. And his name is Dean. Yeah. Kevin

Reegs: It's important It's 1968 is important and it's Montgomery. Wow. they get, and it's a Montgomery, Alabama and of Alabama of course has been a pivotal setting for the civil rights movement in America. You know, there was Rosa parks in 1955. You got bloody Sunday in

Sidey: bloody

Reegs: Yeah, exactly.

Dan: Yeah There's a lot going on at the time and this for my kids when we're watching it. Even my oldest it's is highlight in some of those big kind of historical moments.

Howie: Did you pause it every so often to explain.

Sidey: when the sister was on?

Dan: A few times. No, for it though,

Howie: I had to pause because they're like, what's that why she got a gun and all that sort of stuff. So Josephine did a quick history, 1 0 1

Sidey: stop tour

Howie: stop tour of racial segregation and the black Panthers.

Sidey: because Yeah, she, she comes in from the car. She's been smoking her boyfriend. and She had a black Panther.


and she, Yeah,

Dan: well that's, I'm Laura karaoke.

Am I pronouncing that right?

Sidey: here

Dan: yeah, she played Kim and then you've got Alicia Williams is Dean Williams. He's the. The main kind of kid,

Howie: I have to say child actors, I hate. And this child, I do not hate. He was really good.

Dan: Oh, I think you had duly hill from the west wing, it was in that. Did you ever see him in you've never seen the west wing. That is a fucking epic series.

Sidey: It would be good

Dan: sets down there. So you'd have to take someone over and borrow. You got Don Cheadle. Who's no writing. And he's a, is an older Dean looking back kind of stand by me ask isn't it. The voice that comes through side.

Yeah, I know. They just loved that there.

Howie: Losing them. You're losing him.

Dan: And then you've got his friends Mario Neal as Corey, long Dean's friend. Julian learner, Brad hit-man Dean's friend, and Milan Roy as Keisha Clemons, the apple of beans. I

Sidey: So if anyone

hasn't worked this out yet.

Dan did some

Dan: research this week. Can me reading well, what do you think

Howie: thought they call him black Jesus, because he's trying to unify the

Dan: they they make a lot of fun of everything in this film. I found that, you know, it was it, wasn't afraid to poke fun at themselves and and play with the wonder years theme. They weren't, you know, they're ripping it off and it didn't mind it

Sidey: Yeah. It was quite funny that the

this sort of

first interaction he has with his parents when he runs in and he

catches his sister, get off of the guy in the car, but he hears his dad's song on the radio. So he runs in straight away and he goes to put the radio. in his monks. You did not just come in this house and not say anything and oh,

sorry, but you know, an assistant comes in and and says that songs on the radio.

she's like, don't stop talking.

put the radio. on, you know? And so They

had these great sort of family interactions. But then on the flip side of it is you had these, like you said, rigs


things going on behind the scenes the racial.

Pointed out I tried to make it which culminated at the end of this episode, with the

Reegs: what it's just after segregation, isn't it. And and they're still in the, you know, like white kids won't use the same

Howie: foundation,

Reegs: as the black kids apart from his friend. But I don't know if he counts because he's Jewish like me.

Isn't that if that counts as being

Sidey: white,

Reegs: They want to play baseball, but they're not allowed to or they don't understand the ramifications. They're just like, we go to the same school, we should be able to play each other. I think he

Howie: says, I got the flip side of it, which the father then goes, but we've got our own legs. Why do we need them?

Dan: Well, he he's attempted to organize the first kind of integrated baseball game between his team and his friend Brad's team.

And you know, they're kids and they're, they're learning about, you know, the adult world and how shit that can be. As they, I mean, I, haven't got a lot of the plot I'm up to.

Episode three, sorry. So they drip feed this on, on that earth, not Netflix on Disney and Disney. Yeah. Yeah. And, and so I've, I've kind of forgotten the plot.

This one, to be honest, I know the big reveal at the end, which is where, you know, there obviously Martin Luther king gets shot.

Reegs: well.

There's a lot of character establishing

Dan: is, yeah, so dad

Reegs: and theme and, and palette and all that stuff going on.

Sidey: You got it, He starts playing little league baseball and you've got the dads they're sort

of coaching from the stands, the worst parenting and the coach is, was it.


Who was, who was the, what was the relationship between the coach and the old man? Or was it just, it was a coach,

Howie: the coaches, the

Sidey: So he's, he's, he's actually coaching saying, right. This pitch is going to be

so Stanford and his dad, Shannon, no stand back as a fastball. And so he's, You know, and he's got this constant back, literal back and forth but he doesn't know what he's doing and he's getting all yeah, the grownups are not doing what they're supposed to do. And he's trying to like do it as a kid and then they start having this.

Yeah. But then it, they're having this huge embarrassing router in front of everyone.

And the mom actually comes over and says, do not do this in front of the white people. And that's when the the cup will come over and say, well, we've just want to say how sorry we Luther King's been


and they didn't know. You know, then ramifications of how much communities, to these people.

They're all like beside themselves,

Reegs: it's a shock wave, isn't

Dan: And that kind of Tara was out then to the end of the

Howie: well, he goes cycling, doesn't he and that into the night. And he comes across a playground.

Dan: that's right. Yeah. And he finds this subplot of hidden, at least the apple of his eye, this Chiesa Chiesa PISA, Clemons. I think that's the little girl, it's the Winnie Cooper of, you know, it, and he sees his best friend kissing her.


yeah, he's, he's just, it's just the end of a shit day. The shittiest thing that could have happened. And it, it probably for him eclipses everything else as

Reegs: He doesn't understand it yet. No.

Dan: but yeah,

Reegs: Change is going to come play by spreading over the end credits.

Dan: And, and so it's really a kind of emotional and I paused it as, as you did a couple of times, and we talked about, you know segregation and

Howie: Who Martin Luther king was? They had no idea. I mean, my kids are

Reegs: I just think how mad it is.

It's not that long.

Dan: no, it's not a total.

Reegs: just fucking mad. Like how, what

Howie: yeah the, I think it does well to show that when you're a teenager, those small problems, like your best mates, snogging the girl that you like are so huge in your life yet in the background is an almighty great big monolith of an issue that when you look back go, that was the real problem.

That was just a little fucking thing. But it's obviously reflected well to the perspective of the viewer, that the main problem that's focused on is his love life, rather than the loss of the civil rights leader and the leader of the nation, too many of those people that lived in Alabama at that time.

Dan: I liked that he was just like,

Howie: be cool.

Reegs: Just

be cool. He says sometimes his recording studio smell funny after This soundtrack is really good. Like we talked about with the Otis Redding and you got some Curtis Mayfield and you've got Booker T and the mgs. He's not affiliated to the wrestler as

Sidey: as like

well are you saying no, there wasn't a wrestling affiliation because this I read was directed by Fred Savage, who if I'm reading it right.

Is the son of the match.

Hey man,

Reegs: Savage

Dan: and Lily

Sidey: That's right. yeah,

Dan: yeah,

Sidey: some lineage.

Dan: But obviously he played Kevin Arnold in the wonder years, so There's a strong link for this. And I, you know, talking about them, dropping it once a week, rather than just giving us the whole series.

Now, the nice thing about that is that we will sit around on maybe a Sunday and we'll go call and we're going to watch the one the years, cause this is a hit in our house. And it's something that you know, when you've got kids at different ages to try and find something that suits everyone is really difficult, but this seems to have done that in our house where we could just sit

Reegs: quite mature. I think

Dan: It is, but I mean, my, my kids are what, 10 and 16 next month. So they're, they're ready for this kind of program I think. And it, particularly if we can stop it for, for my youngest and just explain a few issues along the way, and then you feel like it's kind of almost educational as well as the soundtrack, which is banging.

Reegs: Yeah, I liked it. I watched it with Sidey,

Sidey: Yeah. we we shed a Disney plus

Reegs: subscription. And yeah, I enjoyed it. And if I get Disney plus, so I would watch more of it. Yeah. Yeah. I, it sort of reminded me of the I don't know if you ever saw everybody hates Chris. It was a sitcom Yeah.

Dan: yeah, I've heard the name, but I've not watched it

Reegs: nuanced,

Dan: now.

Saudi, you didn't like the original one or maybe never watched it gave it

Sidey: Yeah Perhaps a bit unjust that that opinion But I, I, this was a surprise one for me. I did enjoy it. here. I really

Dan: Okay. I'm pleased.

Sidey: I probably treat him some more. I just Disney plus one week, one episode a week

Dan: Well, yeah, I mean it noise particularly on Baba family shock, you just binge watch, but this to have it kind of drip fed it to is

Sidey: It's less irritating for this, but the other stuff

Howie: just

Reegs: I think there was a time where with the original one, two years where, you know, the nerdy Paul with the glasses,

Howie: people said it was Marilyn Manson.

Reegs: it was a poor, I think there was a point in my life where I genuinely believed that might be possible.

Like when I, maybe when I first heard the rumors, like, oh, it makes so much fucking sense.

Sidey: that,

the Marilyn Manson.

Reegs: yeah,

Howie: It looks like,

Reegs: well, I don't even know if it does, but it just made

Howie: what I find weird and I need, I can't put my finger on it. No

name of my shorts of my pants. No, my penis was something to do with the way that it was filmed. It was kind of like, it felt.

it felt like it was dated already.

So it felt like I was watching this on channel four and I don't know if it was Don Cheetos voice. It felt like it was a slight, it felt authentic. I tried it. This is what I'm trying. So it felt like it was a shot in a slightly softer focus. There was a thing, actually I saw the other day saying why can't everything be shot?

Like it was in the nineties, it was a lot nicer. And this felt like it was in a softer focus. That was the voiceover. It, it felt like

I've said already, it felt authentic. And I think that was in part because the child actors didn't feel like high school musical actors. That's the best way I think I can say they felt like they weren't like, hi, I'm straight out of school.

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. Look at me, look at me. Oh, you've got to see the latest star. That's on the wonder years, these kids seemed almost anonymous and.

Sidey: Well, th the child performances will make or break things for me because I find them generally to be

terrible but they were good in

Howie: yeah, there can be jarring, really jarring and OTT and

trying to stand out to be the next big child star, which I don't think these ones came out like that, that young, the young lady who played Dean, this could be probably a

Dan: Yeah. Alicia, Alicia Williams. Yeah. I thought he was really good. And his sister, as you pointed out, looked great and was I thought they were all strong performances and what really surprised me when this came on and I knew nothing about it, other than just seeing the title there.

And I was kind of half expecting the original wonder years. So to see a black family take the place of the Arnold, the Williams now, and just totally look at it from that set of eyes. I just thought it was genius. I really, it just helped me from the, from the very beginning. So you should check this out solid choices this week. That is,

Sidey: they were

all good choices. I think even the midweek, I think we had a unanimous success

Great success.

I wonder if

rigs nominations for next week will be as joyous.

Dan: in strong.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, we're going to have a mid-week mention of executive decision. Is it the uh Kurt Russell. Okay.

On the Virgin for that. So I'm looking forward to

Sidey: That'd be fine.

Reegs: The top five is going to be top five movie robots. We haven't done that before.

Dan: Johnny five just comes into my head, but we've done that.


Reegs: yeah,

Dan: we didn't think much of it as I remember it. Let's go for that.

Reegs: The movie is going to be robot and Frank, which

Sidey: oh, then, oh what's his name?

He was skeletal

Reegs: yeah. Franklin gala.

And the kids thing is going to be Encanto, which I'm assuming you've probably all seen already

Howie: Disney film

Reegs: the Disney plus.


Sidey: suppose like it sounds.

Have you, so you've the

two movies. Both vaginal

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. It's all Virgin for me actually. The kids have been bugging me to watch Canto for ages. So I'm going to sit down and watch it with them. It's the big hit a house,

Sidey: going to

Howie: in Colombia.

Reegs: here.

Dan: What'd you know, about robot and Frank,

Reegs: Not a lot.

Really? Other


Dan: seen, yeah, I think I've seen the poster for it, but I've not clicked on it yet, so, oh, look forward to that.

Sidey: well, I'm, I'm, I'm very excited actually about

Dan: yeah.

I'm I'm on watch one of them tonight.

Sidey: Not before I've crossed you at dots though. but for now all that remains is to say Sidey, signing