Sept. 17, 2021

Gold & Q-Force

Gold & Q-Force
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This week’s show is brought to you from the mind of everyone's favourite sea defecator, Howie. There's been a notable rise in diversity on screen over the last few years as evidenced by the increasing number of LGBTQ+ characters so we thought we would celebrate them with this week’s Top 5. We did our very best not to offend anyone!
The McConaissance attempted to continue with 2016's drama GOLD, starring the Texan alongside Edgar Ramirez in director Stephen Gaghan's inspired by true events story of the Bre-x mining scandal. It's the late 1980's and prospector and mining company owner Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) is so desperate to impress his late father he literally follows his dreams to Indonesia, alongside geologist and heartthrob Michael Acosta in order to hunt for gold. There are some great actors in this; Bryce Dallas Howard, Toby Kebbel, Corey Stoll, all wasted on a disappointing script which mined little in the way of emotional drama from its characters. An insufferably sweaty performance from McConaughey, there's little to like about his Kenny and not a lot interesting to say about him. Avoid, although do listen to us talk about it.
We finish up this week’s show with a look at Netflix's new animated series Q-FORCE. When the dashing valedictorian of the American Intelligence Agency (AIA), Steve Maryweather, comes out as gay during his graduation ceremony it appears his career has been ended instantaneously. Ten years on and managing a team of LGBT+ misfit spies without any cases assigned to them, Steve decides to take matters into his own hands and initiate his own wetwork when a Chechen terrorist conducts business from a local gay bar. Quips aplenty in this fun, and very gay, show!
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Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads




Welcome to bad dads film review with your co-host society. Dan Howie and myself rigs. As we sit down to rewatch all those movies we've missed over the years due to our parental obligations. This week promises to get us into a lot of hot water, as we attempt to talk about and not hugely offend anyone in our top five LGBTQ plus characters, our main feature is the 2016.


Movie gold. And as usual we finish up with the kids choice this week being Netflix is Q4. I suspect we will have to stay well clear of any puns facts or technical details this week about sexual orientation or gender, which means this week's show. We'll probably clock in a little under 10 minutes, a little shout out this week to Cormack from innovative solutions.

I have no idea whether he listens to the pod, but I did have a zoom meeting with him this week. And unbeknownst to him, I assume someone had left a post-it note with the words. I am a twat emblazoned across it all in caps. And every time he took a sip of his coffee, the entire screen virtually filled with that bold proclamation.

So that was a nice thing. Shout out to you. Cormick

Dan: nice.

Sidey: wow.

Howie: Well done that's the classic slap a post-it note on the back of someone as they walked around the office, but done in a new way.

Reegs: Yeah, it

Howie: Good

Dan: day. Kick me.

Howie: I think we were just talking there about being careful with our language.

I think the only thing we can be sure of is that we must call him throughout Matthew mahogany

Reegs: Matthew mahogany.

Howie: that's the only correct pronunciation that we can cope with. Yeah. I think that's a fact,

Reegs: go with that.

Dan: Matthew McConahey

Howie: cat amongst the

Dan: there you go.

Who knows?

Reegs: So two of us this week went to the cinema, which is pretty cool. I don't know whether you guys

Howie: out in the cinema after the incident. no.

Reegs: no,

Dan: know. Well, I just pulled down the projector on the, in the man cave here. And that, that would do me. But what did you guys go to see?

Reegs: We went to see Shang Chi

Dan: Okay.

Reegs: the legend of the 10

Dan: Oh, why I saw the trailer. So how was the actual feature?

Sidey: I fell asleep. twice.

Dan: Was it, was it afternoon or

Sidey: it was Evening, and I, I did do a monster cycle ride on Sunday morning. So I was a bit fatigued, but I, S I was awake. I want to say, for us, I just, feel your head go, boom. And that was only during that, the boring. Basically. they talking the fighting. It was really cool.

The film went to a whole place. I wasn't expecting to at all. Yeah.

Reegs: They agreed.

Howie: Did you have to pick a mix that cost you.

Sidey: Yeah,

Howie: they still do that. So it was good to know there's things back to normal

Reegs: levels

Howie: 18 quid, a bag.

Dan: They're too risky

Sidey: no no, that's all

good. But the best rebels are the coffee and the orange cream. ones.

Dan: No, you're

Reegs: lost your damn mind

Dan: think you've just lost a

Sidey: and you can tell what they are because of the size of them, You can basically traffic, all the


Dan: to carry on with this, which we're losing listeners

Reegs: You get a rogue one that you think is, and it turns out to be a malteser,

Sidey: but if you like rebels, but you don't like the coffee and orange ones, save them and send them to me because they're my favorites

Reegs: at dad's underscore film.

If you can, we'll DM them to

Howie: my cinema treat of choice is you ask for a medium box of popcorn empty. And then you get a small box of popcorn filled with a pack of Maltesers and then pour both into one tub.

So you have salty popcorn with chocolate Maltesers

Reegs: And this is something I've seen them do in American movies as well with chocolate covered

Dan: I, I w I think I watched that in a movie not long ago. They mixed them and I, yeah.


Reegs: Yeah. Well, if you're a complete freak and like to mix two unrelated

Howie: Andrea and I make a hole underneath as well to stick the obligatory comedy sausage.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Did you guys watch anything that's worth talking to the listeners about

Dan: I can't

Howie: yeah, yeah. Yeah. I finished off a three 10 to Yuma, which I hadn't seen.

Yeah, it was all right.

You know, Russell Crowe, Christian Bell, bit of a cliche cowboy, Western likable, bad guy type of thing. Yeah. You know,

Reegs: I haven't seen it in a long time. It's quite long if I

Howie: It is. And it took four elliptical training sessions to watch it through. It's maintaining the standard way

Reegs: and how many elliptical training sessions out of five would you give it?

Howie: I'd give it a sweaty three out of five. Yeah.

Dan: Featuring of films has been quite this week. I watched a bit of the premier league.

Yeah. So not really related to this.

Reegs: we had plenty of.

Interaction for last week's telephone stuff. I've got a sample here. A lot of these were mentioned multiple times aliens in the attic.

I haven't seen that movie. So I don't know the scene. The lady killers, Superman darlin for murder. A lot of times when a stranger calls a lot of times a nightmare on Elm street. A lot of times the matrix, a lot of times, Dick Tracy was a great shout from our friends over at sleeper wire, but might have to wait until best mobile device as does the Erickson Jr.

9, 8, 8 from tomorrow, never dies which our friend bong dog on Twitter submitted Xanadu hassle for our, gave us back to the future. There was a lot of doctor, strange ones and Boris love you. Dan Danoff gave us a one with forced perspective where an army guy walks through the screen and he picks up the phone and the handset is enormous.

I think you were talking about it.

Dan: Oh yeah, it was yeah, there was a scene from a Val Kilmer film,

Sidey: top secret


Dan: secret.

Reegs: I think that might have been it.

Sidey: Yes Yes.

Well, let me know if there's any change in his condition. He's dead.

Reegs: So loads of

Howie: great.

Reegs: stuff there.

I do have yours on here. Go

Howie: Which is the funniest, it's the inspect to clue. So hello. And the maid opens the door and fires him out of the window and he opens the door and goes back downstairs and was smashed again. My kids thought that was genius

Reegs: Well, it is genius clue. So's phone call. I think it's got to complete the top five surely

Sidey: we have insider trading, but

Dan: there you go.

Sidey: So we have a Top five this week of best. I never get these initials in the right way.

L G PTQ plus.

Howie: yeah. Well, I think

Sidey: is that the right.

Dan: I can never get a straight answer.

Howie: Is that the first of the cuts?

Sidey: Which wasn't exactly how you described it to us, how he, first of all, but this is what we're going with.

Howie: I appreciate the clarity on my initial WhatsApp message and well done.

Sidey: Yeah. So I've

got a

list, a lot of films that we've reviewed on the pod. So we must be very

Good at representation on our show.

Reegs: I tried to get one of each

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: a G a B a T. The queue was problematic because that's quite, yeah, but it's still something different because it's, you shouldn't identify somebody as queer, unless they specifically identified themselves as being queer because it's.

A derogatory connotation to it, as well as,

Dan: it used to just mean strange didn't it, without being personal to anyone. And then it got kind of used as a derogatory term.

Reegs: Well, it's now just a sexual identity,

Dan: And now it's a


Howie: well, within our parents' generation. Queer the term would, in terms of acting, would you would have characters from the carry on films like Kenneth Williams, he would be seen as a bit queer or Dick Emory from like the Saturday afternoon, evening kind of very camp shows.

So that's where that terminology for

Reegs: Slocum's Percy and

Howie: yeah. All

Reegs: Who is that guy? Dad. And that was back when

Dan: Howard.

Howie: No. Well, Frankie, Howard's obviously one of the carry on ones. Oh I know who you mean, and it's really going to know him. John Inman, John Inman, and, and, and bizarrely that form of overtly open sexuality. It was more acceptable than just say somebody who just happened to be gay in or anything like that.

That was deemed totally unacceptable. It was well, there's obviously

Sidey: the

Howie: illegal yeah. Criminal

Sidey: 67 68.

Howie: the movie industry has always had this strange dichotomy with society where one aspect of it is so openly out there and acceptable,

Reegs: I was going to say, because there hasn't really been any gay people, as far as I'm aware of who worked in film industry up until it was legal. Right.

Dan: Yeah, exactly. That no, nobody was able to, to come out, but obviously, you know, going right back into the day, one of my first ones in talking about queer it's mentioned in In the Maltese Falcon, and we've got Joel Cairo, who is again, I think there was a thing called the Hayes law or a restriction around what, what the code.

Yeah. They, they could put in and what they couldn't put in, you know, just to keep the peace and to keep America beautiful and safe again

and everything.

So loads of people just misrepresented and, and having all different kinds of like I do with the English language. And Joe Cairo anyways, played by Peter Lorre.

And he works for Casper Gutman and he's portrayed as this like wimpy delicate and sleazy fairy really. And, you know

Humphrey Bogart, you clearly suspicious and scornful of his appearance and everything. And he really doesn't you know, pay too much respect to him at all. Maybe feels threatened by it for food at times and everything. And you know, I, I dunno whether they, they tried to make him as a negative kind of character within this film.

Obviously this is one that we watched little wall backwards in it. And you can probably catch up and see what we thought of it. It was amazing. Donating, I save yourself a

Howie: be a few Twitters happy

Dan: you know, it looks down, I've read the book and it does it doesn't, you know, big up homosexuality or anything. It's I dunno if Hamot was, was a little bit, you know, anti this or, or whatever.



feelings between Cairo and his Wilmer, you know, the, the, the body guard, there was something going on there w within the book and everything as well. And it was the only real true, genuine, loving feeling and affection in that. Whereas spade was always quite standoffish with the Gallo and everything, and obviously Gutman was in, so it was an interesting thing, but yeah, he, Mr.

Joel Cairo, you know, he's a small guy, medium high. He was, you know, smooth and his features were, were very kind of polished and everything. And he was made to this stereotypical kind of guy at the time. And yeah, he was called queer. He had short mincing, bobbing steps and everything.

Language that, you know, probably you'd be offended at now.

But this was over time as well. And there's going to have a few of these films, I guess, that are just over time.

Reegs: Well,

if you

go for as a lesbian. Okay.

Howie: I'll check my bag. Now I'm going to go for an ambiguous one. So we've got Albus Dumbledore now in Harry

Reegs: that. So I'm kind of Potter.

Howie: Yeah. So in, in the Potter realm it is more, it is not really considered throughout until he gets the fantastic beasts films. While Dumbledore sexuality was never addressed in any of the Harry Potter movies, the author J K Rowling confirmed.

He was in fact gay during the 2007 interview. The magical, fantastic beast off is apparently going to, well, it's continuing, it's going to slowly explore Dumbledore, which in this case is Jude law's acting of the younger Dumbledore giving a true identity illustration of the, of a masterful.

A strong, gay, leading character, which will be interesting to see the reaction of the people that get angry over anything. And also, I think it will, I think children are far more accepting of gay sexuality as pretty much the normal thing. If I chat to my kids about it, they're not like, well, I am now me and rigs.

Well, they don't even see it as that. They just see it as, oh, he loves him or she loves her or they love each other and they don't re maybe it's his innocence as well, but they don't,

Reegs: that's what it is.

Howie: but there's also the whole, they don't see it as a negative. That's probably it. Whereas

Sidey: getting together with anyone as a negative,

I mean, cruise, all that stuff you want to do is just fucking disaster

Dan: doesn't matter what sex you are, as soon as you're in a relationship eat shit.

Sidey: That is an interesting one though, because she's obviously written him. Jackie Brown's obviously written Albus Dumbledore as a gay man. And yeah, if you look into other stuff that she said, she's a, it's called a turf.

She, she


Reegs: she says trans women.

Aren't real

Sidey: women


denies all of

that, so she's a one on one hand. So being inclusive and, and having certain types of

whatever it is. But then on the other hand, she's saying, no, that is bullshit. You can't have that

Reegs: we establish some common ground that we will? I mean, I CA I strongly disagree with

Sidey: JJ brown.

Reegs: I can understand that somebody can feel any number of gender or sexual orientations and can have the right to choose.

Dan: No, I think everyone should be exactly. Yeah. It's nuts to think

Sidey: I don't know,

why anyone would take it upon themselves to even give a shit

about what someone else wants to tell you. Like

Dan: why give a fuck.

Reegs: Yeah. I mean, obviously it does need to be, I can't think of the word it's not regulated, but

Howie: I think the only issue that I ever come up with an issue and that's my fucking fault, not theirs is when you get to sport because it's that classic south park episode that they do relating to trans just Chan's gender wrestling.

And they have like the women's champion versus the new up-and-coming transgender. And it's basically macho man, Randy Savage in a dress. And that's obviously to get to the extremes, but the point being that


Reegs: the definitions then at that level of elite sport become very

Howie: Yeah And you get, when you get biologically born women feeling like they have lost the ability to express their abilities, At their chosen sports and it's in Vedic by somebody that perhaps has a biological advantage.

And it's all, it's so complicated. I don't think

Reegs: say, you could say that

Howie: maybe we could, I'm not, I'm not educated. I am not informed enough to make a logical conclusion about it. I just perceive it from the outside as something that's quite hard to understand.

Reegs: It's at the cutting edge with sport, because there has to be because we want to be able to put athletes into two categories.

And basically what we're saying is there isn't two categories

Dan: No, this one, maybe we all just going to have to fight it off and run it off against each other and just say, bro, they came first. They came

Howie: And that's where I think that the JK Rowling statement isn't black and white and what she's reading and what she's saying is there are aspects of it that have been construed by one side and the other to bolster their argument for or against what she's saying.

So Albus Dumbledore is my first entry into the L G B T Q. What's the plus I'm really thick.

Sidey: everything else is not captured by those letters.

Howie: Fair enough.

Dan: What can I choose the, sorry, I'm a little confused. What is a queer, I mean, in a

Sidey: I think it's another one where it's not captured by the other


Dan: but what is it then?

Sidey: wherever you want it to be.

Dan: Okay. It's just so I could be queer.

Reegs: I I think queer, it's not just queer. I think it stands for questioning as well. So it, the boundaries are blurry. Everybody.

Sidey: could be a straight person

Dan: range

Reegs: LGTBQ plus is now the most widely

Dan: Well I wouldn't say we all fit in that somewhere. If you're going to say curious is questioning or strange, you know, which is what I thought he was just wrong.

Quite strange, I guess,

Reegs: Well, it includes cis-gender as well, which

would be us,

which is good.

Dan: So we can't really offend us. Can we We'll find a way.

Reegs: I'm going to stead of all this wishy washing around. I'm gonna start off with the lesbian and gay to get the L M G

out of the way. My lesbian is going to be from, can you ever forgive me? Which was the movie we watched on the pod

Dan: Oh, okay. Ishmael somewhere was their name

Reegs: Israel, Lee, Israel. She was a literary forger and I was surprised by her powerful performance and part of it, it's a romance that she has with Dolly Wells is shy bookstore owner which is kind of at the heart of the movie and yeah, a bit of cat abuse as well.

So that's my lesbian out of the way. Um

Dan: E. Grant of course, put in a stellar performance in that as well. We was a,

got a nomination

Sidey: rough.


Reegs: yeah, he has.

Dan: why what's happened to it. Oh, of course. Yes she did.


Reegs: You were talking to him on Twitter

Dan: I did. Yeah, no, but when you said couple of weeks,

it was last week.

Reegs: My gay is going to be Brokeback mountain.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: well the thing about this, everybody says this is the gay cowboy movie and everybody is wrong because they are in fact shepherd. So it's the gay shepherd movie. But watching these two dudes fall in love Jake Gillen hall is D oh Dan. Oh, it's, it's been outstanding. He's led your performances, the sort of painfully in the closet and repressed NS. There's tragedies, as you might expect really stirs the emotions. That one is a proper love story. So that's my lesbian and gay

Bisexual is, were hard to find tidy. Have you got any bisexuals in your

Sidey: list?

probably some

Reegs: wasn't there. One in Buffy, didn't Buffy ever bisexual. I kept seeing Willow or someone. Was she

Sidey: Well,


Sidey: Rosenberg was a straight girl who then came out and had a relationship with, her partner.


Reegs: no. She was

Sidey: little bit less anyone that comes out, you know, is, I don't know.

Dan: I've got, I've got,

Sidey: I hadn't thought that one. because it's really Good.

Dan: I've got a

Reegs: Oh can we have it just to do the

Sidey: beat,

Reegs: of the

Dan: Okay. It's Lisbeth Salander from a girl with the dragon tattoo. which is yeah, which is a fantastic or trio books or trilogy of books.

But the films were okay. Daniel Craig in one, I think they did a Swedish one as

Howie: ones one's worth watching

Dan: and they're decent enough, but don't touch the books,

Howie: Watch,

watch the Swedish ones because you know, the social worker that she gets revenge on

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: it's

Dan: no, I've seen it. Yeah. Whether they go, she goes full for psycho on him and cuts cuts it into him.

Doesn't she? A, the rapist or whatever, and, and leaves him with the scars to last a lifetime.

Sidey: Uh Well, I've got a straight actually, but the movie is undeniably gay. It's I think this is the first for us.

Oh no. It's our first John Walters waters film, John Waters played

for stage two different people the movie is called pecker. I don't know if

anyone's seen this one.


stars Edward Furlong. He is the titular character pecker. He has a sort of dead end job, but has a hobby of shitty sort of photography. Obviously it's set in Baltimore like all John Waters films, he is photography sort of catches on and ends up with them going, having to go to New York to mix with all these sort of socialites and all these sorts of art snobs, and they sort of rally against it and end up getting all these new Yorkers back to Baltimore meeting all these fucking, just insane characters. and it's the first time I became aware of teabagging. because 98. So it would have been

I wasn't 98. It's the

same year as Russia. I would have been Yeah. 20, 21.

Dan: teabags

Sidey: No.

Dan: Drinks in

Sidey: they drag all these New York, arty types to the local gay

bar. And then there's all these just guys just

teabagging on the stage and stuff. It's fucking brilliant. definitely. Definitely. worth it. So their main character, pecker is not who I'm nominating. It's really everyone

else in this movie because it is a spectacular.

Dan: Okay. Well let's be honest here. I haven't got many

going to go for um Buffalo bill. What was his name or James gum. And he's the the main antagonist of Thomas Harris, 1988 novel silence of the lambs. And then 91 And I've only done this because I was hoping that if we each hasn't got it, we'll, we'll, we'll make sure that he gets,

Reegs: skirt or else who cooks the else, girl.

Dan: and that was Buffalo bill. Who's a serial killer who murders overweight women in their skins, so he can make a woman suit for himself. But

Howie: Taylor's oldest time.

Dan: yes, it is.

Sidey: He covers what's he, he,

Reegs: He was not a very flattering portrayal. And really that is mostly transgender people's portrayal in is either the butt of a joke or there's always like something kind of meant to be duplicitous about it. Do you know what I mean? Like it's played for a sort of like they're

Dan: CD or yeah, yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well, I mean, we, we had one just recently this week, while I'm rattling on it. Tatiana, Kiki Rodriguez as Cindy and Tangerine that whole film, which to be honest, we will, you know, probably not going to watch, unless Pete, it said, check it out and watch, but we were all equally impressed on, on how brilliant this whole kind of story unfolded and the characters in it.

And you didn't care that they were trans women or whatever. It just made it, it was a funny film on the streets with real people and it was really great.

Howie: I was going to go for my secret favorite film.

Sidey: Oh,

Howie: It is fucking tragic, this film, and I must have seen it too many times on ITV for mannequin with Martin short came Cottrell Martin short Martin short works for Illustra, the department store and Kim Cottrell.

One of the mannequins comes alive. It's got an amazing soundtrack star Trek star ship. Nothing's gonna stop us now, but the character that I'm nominating is the other shop dresser. And it's a straight actor called Musheshe Taylor. And he plays a guy called Hollywood Montrose, and it is brilliant. He is so OTT.

He's a proper. He has the Elton John glasses. He drives a pink Cadillac. He basically is the unwitting hero out of it all because he helped makes sure that Martin shore and Kim patrol fall in love. And yeah. And, and it's, it's again, another bizarre one where a film in the mid eighties, where there is a lot of repression for gay men.

And and this is a box office film where one of the main characters is an extravagantly OTT, clearly gay man. And he has quite a few funny lines. It's very cliche. It's very stereotyping in places it's not offensive. There's nothing he's not having to have. Underhand or like it's a derogatory about him because it is supposed to be a family film.

So there's no downside to it in a way. I know it takes a lot of the cliche boxes, but it's, he's a lovely character and he's funny. And, and if you watch the film, you'll, you'll, it's dated batty obviously, but it's still watchable and places. I really like it. It reminds me of just watching crap when I was a kid.



Reegs: mannequin on the move.

Is that the second one

Sidey: It's not

in the same

Howie: okay. I D I have a motorbike purely because I ride around with a mannequin on the back, like he does in the scenes. So it's like, I'll live the dream.

Reegs: Did, did it that, that uh does anybody recognize that music it's the music from the blue oyster bar in the police academy franchise? Probably a deeply homophobic representation, I would say. But it was a gay bar and that music came on and everybody used to laugh and that's

Howie: When it is played, people still do go and dance and do the, was it the tango that they do? The waltz

Reegs: One person you might find there is popular womanizer James Bond because in Skyfall he has an exchange with

yeah. Raul, what's his name? Yeah. But what's the guy's um Javier Bardem,

Howie: horrible prosthetic golf

Reegs: he's holding him. And he's like says some sort of flirty, like there's a first time for everything. And bond says, what makes you think this is my first time or something?

So I'm a little flirty sexual things are, they clearly banged, which

Sidey: is

Reegs: pretty hot.

Howie: His hand up bonds leg or something.

Reegs: Yeah.

Yeah. And then Bruno,

Sidey: oh, you

Reegs: seen that?

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: I've I

Reegs: my favorite Yeah.

I still think probably my favorite part is when he decides that he being too gaze is preventing him from being famous. He He comes back straight a few months later organizing a cage fight.

You've seen this bit.

Yeah. And he's under the pseudonym straight Dave and he's cloud in military gear and he comes out and he's shouting all this stuff out to the cloud.

Who's ready for a hetero Fest. And then he rips off his clothes. You know, who's proud, who's proud to be straight. And he's got all the crowd going like straight pride, straight pride, like doing Nazi salutes and stuff. And when it goes quiet, some guy in the audience like shouts faggot at him, and then some middle-aged guy just kind of comes out of the crowd and sort of rushes him.

And they have like a, quite a full-on wrestle. The guy's got a bloody face and a bloody nose and it's all happy. Dumb fucking rednecks are cheering it on is a straight Dave starts to pound him. And then he pushes him up against the cage and kisses him and it starts playing. My heart will go on. And then all these fucking drunk rednecks are like like, well, they're just hurt first.

They're hurling like beer cans in and hurling abuse at them, but they're in the cage, but then it gets, the passion gets up. They're taking each other's clothes off and Bruno's like getting off with this guy, like quite. And he started to pull his pants down and shit and chairs are starting to come throwing in and it looked pretty crazy.

Howie: Baron Cohen has got formed for that when he does when he does Talladega nights, you rekey bill B and he's plays the French F1 driver and they just have that passionate embrace at the end with the music.

Reegs: So that's a good

Dan: is a good one. There,

Sidey: existed on TV before there was a movie.

wasn't, there Bruno. And he would just go and interview people.

And I remember when he was, he'd go up to these again, like probably far right. Just complete lunatics. And they didn't how they didn't realize what was going on. And he shoved the microphone in this guy's face. And he says, do you have a message for the Austrian gay community? And he's just like, don't Be fucking gay,

It's like just getting completely destroyed. here. You idiot. It's so funny.

Reegs: some moron,

Sidey: Let's go for rayon

Dallas, buyers club. Another film that we really enjoyed,

Dan: Jeremy I think for

Sidey: Oscar winner, first, and this one highlighting this sort of aids crisis. As well as a gay transgender woman is that right?

I put my foot in it there.

Reegs: way what Jared Leto, his character was a

Howie: transgender woman. Who's transgender,


Reegs: By a logical man,

Howie: became a woman, a transgender woman

Reegs: identified sexually and gender as a woman. but her,

Sidey: this is the minefield. but

Reegs: But

Dan: at, we stepping all over and blowing up, who knows,

Reegs: a lesbian then, is that what you're saying?

Sidey: Because

Reegs: they were a woman anyway, it's complicated

Dan: no offense, but you know, it's, it's one of those where we're going to get a little bit wrong maybe

Reegs: Wait, it's just common. It just shows you the beauty, the broad

Dan: It's a rainbow, it's a rainbow, you know, there's all different colors.

Even people that fall on the LGBT Q plus. Somebody's going to feel like they haven't been represented by that. You know, there'll be some people that will just go, oh, what about this? So you do your best. And I, I think as long as there's no hate in the heart and you know, you're going about it and you're giving people full respect and basically do what the fuck you like, this is what I say, as long as you're not harming anyone,

Sidey: Yeah.

but Ryan, yeah, performance.

Excellent. And I say that as someone who really doesn't like Gerald letter, so but this was, a real, it was a winner.

Dan: to

Sidey: like him. I don't like anything else that he's done ever?

Hmm. Maybe that's not true, but,

I find it very irritating

Dan: but it sounds okay. Now,

Reegs: This stuff he did is the joke. It just made him sound really

Dan: My boy is my boy, boys, uncle Monte. Of course. He, he's a, yeah, I'm a lonely old guy who's totally in his own world. As far as thinking that we've no, and, and I is ever going to you know, be sexually attracted to the guy, but it's a fantastic film.

And I know when we thought about this subject, I thought about uncle Monte, but there's two or three others in there that I would like to mention before we go over battler, the sexist Billie Jean Jean King is Emissary. Who plays the tennis player in, in that film, based on the rule I've champion tennis player who played against some,

some, some dude it was Steve Carroll.

And he, he was a good amateur tennis player in the men's game and said that he could beat her. And they,

Howie: did

Dan: yeah, they did this public spectacle almost like, you know, the boxes that the wrestlers do now and everything just to ramp up the, the figures and ramp, there was a little more needle to it. In those days.

They hadn't perfected the art of manipulate in the media to, to make as much money as possible as McGregor would do. And my weather and that kind of thing who, you know, would ramp it up to get more and more millions. But there was, there was certainly a bit of that in this, and it was a really decent movie.

Actually. I enjoyed that battler. The second.

Howie: I was going to go for a variety of actors, Terence stamp, Hugo weaving guy, pice, the adventures of Priscilla queen of the desert.


Reegs: Actually seen this.

Howie: it's heartwarming film that is dominated by APA songs. Isn't it? All right.

Reegs: Really

Sidey: oh, are you excited about their new music?

Howie: There's one or two episodes in it, but the rest of it's very heartwarming. It focuses on the unconventional relationships between the dance troop that go on a coach into a very raw, serious Australian Outback. That's slightly less than acceptable accepting of their act. Surprisingly, based on those types of characters that they come across Hugo weaving plays the role of they're all drag Queens, Hugo

Reegs: forget. He

Howie: weaving is the, it has a son it's kind of revolves around that relationship there of him trying to get acceptance from him

Dan: plays the gay guy in the full Bhante doesn't he Hugo weaving does it doesn't need to become the it's not that Hugo

Reegs: No different,

Dan: is different Hugo, you know, where's the, who's the guy in the full Bonnie.

Sorry to cut you off there, but I'm on that plane of thought. Now there's in the full Monte. There's two guys in their characters that end up climbing through the window and having to take off all their clothes. this, is this just something I've made up in my mind?


Howie: no, I don't think so.

Dan: Is he in the full Bonnie

Sidey: I don't believe


Howie: don't think so.

Dan: then?

It's not him?

Howie: Yeah, no I recommend, I was thinking of actually, I haven't, I don't know what

services are available at the minute I left to be a DVD or something you get hold of.

Reegs: people still watch.

Do you still watch

Howie: I've now that I'm in the loft through isolation? Various war crimes. I have found the tub or chest of DVDs and I aim to go through them. I found rendezvous to Bellville the other day, which was a film that was mentioned in one of the podcasts on your watch that so yeah, there's something quite nice about that.

So but anyway I'd recommend you have a look at this film suit. We think it does. It does tick a lot of the cliche boxes, but it's enjoyable. It's got some nice, it's got Taren stamping it folks. So

Reegs: Well I was going to go with Asia, Kate, Dillon arguably the most famous nonbinary which I think is the same thing as gender queer actor in Hollywood unforgettably in billions, did you watch

Sidey: that shit?

Reegs: They play Taylor Mason and they introduce themselves as my pronouns.

Are they theirs and them, and it really did take me. It made me take notice straight away and I think it's becoming a thing that's kind of more common

Howie: yeah. We have to start all meetings with that.

Reegs: do

Howie: W w with the U S worked for us company and it's seen as if you meet new people, you tell them, you're start in pronoun.

I say piece of shit.

Reegs: Yeah. Wow. So that really is something that we're going to be doing.

Howie: It's email signature.

Reegs: So what do you say

Howie: I'm just gonna just call me Matthew,

Sidey: You say it in a lot of Twitter stuff, people's biases, she or him here

Dan: a lot more now,

Sidey: but

Reegs: that's not right though. Matthew, everybody knows what your name

Howie: Yeah, I know. But I, I avoid people worrying about it.

Sidey: but then They are worrying about it because you haven't, told them

Reegs: them that

Howie: No, no. I put on the thing

and they, yeah.

Reegs: They also play the adjudicator in John wick, chapter three. Parabellum

Sidey: yeah,

Reegs: the high tables representative.

And that's really crazy. Yeah, they are. And probably if we've really got to speed through I w and I, and I've got an asexual for you. Can I

Sidey: just for you? It's bras,

Reegs: Bras I tonight throughout we've had a naked asexual man up and stick a watching some pornography.

Have you reached any conclusions? And the asexual guy shakes his head and he says, well, I hope that's been in some help. And then sleep away camp I've finished on this one pre crying game. This was a blatant rip off of Friday, the 13th, including the summer camp setting the unseen killer, a child with a disturbed, past a crazy twist that comes out of nowhere.

There's a troubled the new girl, Angela at a camp who barely eats or talks probably because of that time. Brother and dad died in a speed boat accident. So, and she was sent to live with her, with her. Prude aunt Martha. Yeah, no, this is great. Various people are mean to her. They make fun of her for being shy and having small tits and for being a lesbian for some reason.

And then somebody starts murdering people and it really could be anyone. But in the astonishing final few moments of the movie, it's revealed that Angela is actually Peter, the boy survivor of the opening motorboat accident. And we see him slash her standing naked, above a headless corpse with his male genitalia on full display, making strange animalistic noises.

But what's really scary is not that revelation

Howie: intimate history

Reegs: Penis the whole time. But probably because of the limitations of the filmmaking technology at the time, they only allowed them to super impose the sort of a frozen image of the young kid girl actresses face onto the body of her muscular naked adult man

Sidey: you to prison.

For that

Howie: I'm sure this is like a court case

Reegs: she would have still been over the age, but still it's. And his, her face is like frozen in this rictus grin somewhere between the ecstasy and agony of having a huge shit. And it's just like one of the most fucked up things you'll ever see. I think the people, the filmmakers were actually afraid of like literally afraid of gay people.

Like they might destroy them. Cause there's like a flashback scene where the kid sees two guys in bed together that's portrayed as like this harrowing event. Yeah. But the weird touches in it make it really a must see for anyone and anybody who has seen this sleep away camp will know exactly what

Sidey: Okay.

Dan: Well I'm going to

in ahead of Sidey, yeah okay. Dog day afternoon which is a sunny watch kitsch, which is Al Pachino. His bisexual character is he's trying to Rob a bank to pay for sex reassignment surgery for his partner. And oh, it's a fairly mad film. This actually Al Pachino I think it's Lee. Is it Chris?

Saron Don the other actor. Who's, who's in this who plays like this trans woman looking for, and there they've connected. They want to Rob a bank for this reason so they can get surgery. It's been a while since I've seen this actually, but it's one of those opportunity albertino performances again, that just elevated his star in status.

And it's a, it's a fairly

common film to say that's one of his best ones.

Sidey: Okay. Bunch of films that we've reviewed pride

we all really, enjoyed We Really


that sky. Amy from Booksmart, how you, weren't a big fan of this photo? I love it. Amy

was the, the friend of the other friend she had come out, but had no experience. It was a bit flummoxed. And we see her journey through sort of infatuation with one girl.

leading to a comedy sort of


with another girl and then eventually swapping numbers and becoming partner where she fingers her, somewhere. She shouldn't, as well. One that we haven't reviewed and I fucking never will. Is the Rocky horror picture show favorite of sexually repressed accountants everywhere Dan,

Reegs: actually listening to

Sidey: Dan inflicted the soundtrack on us earlier.

And that's all about all that kind of just, I just don't like this film,

Dan: My

Reegs: dressing up like a twat and

Dan: sister liked this film.

Sidey: I think it's more all the, all the dress up stuff that people do, the conventions about it and all these fucking idiots I just don't like it

Reegs: fun of doing it all together. There's absolutely no room for being a cynic.

There probably. That's what I despise.

Sidey: I hate the music.

in it

as well. So the soundtrack is not

Dan: we haven't mentioned,

Sidey: or Moonlight as well.

We watched Moonlight

Dan: oh yeah,

Reegs: good,

Sidey: probably better than a, just a throw away line. like that. But

Reegs: It's going to be my it's going to be my one that I'm going to

Sidey: mention it because it's

Reegs: so good.

Dan: so strong yet. There's bumblebee Cumberbatch who did the historical drama about Alan cheering?

The imitation game where he did the crypto analysis of Nygma and help shorten the war by.

Two years or something, saving thousands and hundreds of thousands of lives. And of course we, the British decided to convict him of indecency because he's gay in and making

Sidey: chemically castrated.

Dan: castrated. And then he later commit suicide.

This is the guy who invented the computer. It still just like a, oh, a huge wall of shame in the in the British history,

Reegs: it's still the name of the test though.

Isn't it


True artificial

Howie: yeah. Touring

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: Although I just want to just say factually Charles Babich infant. Did the computer calm down? No, these facts

Reegs: Especially you're a Plymouth man as well. You should know that.

Howie: Plymouth universe. Yep. January my last one will be birdcage with Nathan loan. Robin Williams, Hank Azaria almond Goldman is the openly gay owner of a drag club in south beach called the birdcage with his life partner, Albert replay by Nathan Lane and a feminine flamboyant man.

And they lived together in an apartment above the bird cage with Agador who's Hank Azaria, who is it's so OTT. It's probably very offensive to people.

Reegs: I've not actually seen it. I think it's a

Howie: There's a it's it's it is a celebration. The front, there is an original French version that was made and they've made this version. I like the film.

Dan: the original.

Howie: I thought it was, it was a French film though.

But it's, if you, if you see it, if it's on the listings, because it's one of those films, like an ITV four that gets shown up, watch it.

It's moderately amusing. It's quite funny. It's very cliched. But as with all of them, we'd be here

Reegs: messy CPR.

Howie: almost to

Reegs: I mean, I there's tons, there really

Howie: Yeah. There are

Reegs: I don't know how quickly, but we've got no time. So you know,

Sidey: Yeah it's about Elton John he's glasses, making guy, I think heavenly creatures, was an early

pier Jackson and Kate Winslet.

one. and she's gay. Philadelphia has Tom Hanks winning an Oscar.

Howie: Let me interrupt today as well.

Reegs: gay

Sidey: He's gay and had aids and Bruce Springsteen great fucking song. And then of course

Reegs: It's going to be a good one because switch was going to be a dude in the real world and a girl

Sidey: Hence the switch.

Reegs: in a

Sidey: Well that's.


Reegs: I wonder whether they'll do that in this movie. I would think that was

Dan: Ronnie Cray,

Reegs: happening.

Dan: Tom Hardy

Howie: yeah, that's another one. I was going to say Adam West and Burt ward, flash, Gordon,

Dan: mama Mia.

We watched recently you had Colin Firth come out white at the end of the film.

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: You liked that one. Didn't you read? No.

Sidey: on that bombshell then shall we.


make this into top four, go fair rigs,

Reegs: Kyron from that. Absolutely brilliant Barry Jenkins movie Moonlight that we watched on the pardon that had a sort of completely new definition of masculinity and homosexuality and stuff.


Dan: boys, my boys, this uncle Montin in Richard Griffith. It was tough actually because also Joel Cairo, Peter Laurie's character deserves a strong.

Howie: I'm going to go for birdcage with the two of them says to me, Robin Williamson, Nathan Lane's characters of Armand, Goldman, and Albert.

Sidey: I'm going to put in pecker because it's really good film and we never have any John Waters staff and TB.

Howie: she

is a conned of me, a tasty yellow beef, a mail kit from

but I try to be discreet. Oh, geez.

Reegs: A cheese

Sidey: that's combining the mighty Boosh


the time of my life.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: excellent.

Howie: Thank you

Sidey: Much like the cheese selection that I have provided tonight, which is limited to cheeses, but

Dan: is a third

Sidey: there is a third

that's been haunting us for weeks and weeks where we've never eaten it.

And what I bought tonight, we've got a cheddar. It's the Wiki hole, which is smooth and full flavored with nutty earthy notes from maturing in the Wiki, hole caves.

Reegs: I like, it's got a nice texture to it. I thought

Sidey: I haven't tried it yet. because I've been feasting upon the number one revelation, which is a rock for which you've described as dog shit,

Howie: Well, at one point we were all checking our shoes to make sure we hadn't stood anything.

Sidey: And

just for generally,

Dan: but it's

Sidey: you have tried it.

it doesn't taste like it smells

Reegs: no completely overpowering as the smell is.

Dan: couldn't eat that whole chunk though, or anything.

Sidey: a lot for one night

Howie: will try some later

Sidey: It's tangy. It's Def it's got a real sharp township with a



Reegs: it's like punches you in the face, but it's also tackling your balls at

Howie: Sluck a night out with you then. Yeah. I mean, as my taste buds have deteriorated, I've started to appreciate, geez, let's just take it this time.

Sidey: Well, that all segues very neatly into this week's movie, which how are you paying.

Howie: Yeah, dude, it was my usual fuck. It's my chair to choose. I'll go on Amazon prime. That's free that won't get anyone angry and having to rent or perhaps accidentally view on an internet website. And I chose gold, always note just gold with Matthew mahogany and it's currently on Amazon prime and this is a 2000 and oh God, you should've written this down 6, 16, 16 film.

It's I don't know. I'm have to be breathing. I think I must be,


harm. I'm not masturbating on the pod again. I swear. The film is loosely based on the true story of the 1993 brief dash X and as at Brex or bricks mining scandal in Canadia, when a massive gold deposit was supposedly discovered in the jungles of Indonesia.

This film also stars part from Matthew mahogany, Edgar Ramirez. He might have seen in jungle cruise.

He's hot. I have officially stated to me by my wife and

Reegs: I's

Howie: is that what I put on my Tinder profile

Sidey: a good looking man

Howie: I've got and someone who looked quite, quite curvy in this price. How would Dallas? Yeah. And so I was reliably informed by my wife again that she was post-pregnancy at this point.

So she's got pregnancy curves. So if that doesn't put it down on it for you weeks, I don't know what

Sidey: your, into that

Howie: you listening to that song website. This film has been, as I stated, based around a true story, but has been heavily changed for massive legal reasons in so much as it follows the plot loosely of what actually happened. Lots of things have changed. Names of characters, location of the industry, of the gold companies involved. there's a lot of conjecture about the ending of whether or not a lot of that happens.

And also the main character. It's still unclear whether he is guilty or innocent. And there's a lot of things that went on as well. If you go and dig deep into the true story, but we're reviewing the film, so we'll take it as it is. Our main lead Matthew mahogany plays Kenny Wells. He's helped running his father's mining and prospecting company called is it Washoe Washoe, which sounds like a Japanese detergent.

He leads a fairly successful career and he's given the lead on a significant project. Now at this point, you, you meet him. He is Matthew McConaughey has gone full character. He's got beer, gut, false teeth balding, which is awesome because my wife went, I don't fancy him anymore. There's another one off the list.

now this is the bit that the, the scene that you see if him in the office is his dad sort of impart some life advice onto him. And I wish I'd written it down, but it's something to do with work is work and life is just blue sky. It's something like that now. This leads to an aspect of cinematography at the end that we just need to be mindful of, which I will go into as we get to there.

So there's that his father dies and seven years later, he's trying to run the company unsuccessfully of his girlfriend's bar with a skeleton crew. He looks rough as fuck would be the term I would use. And he is clearly down on his luck. The business has gone to shit. They're not prospecting any viable claims and he's at his wit's end. He this is honestly not sure he comes up with the has a dream doesn't know that he's going to find golden Indonesia

Reegs: Yeah. What he's talking to Toby Kebbell for some reason do you remember that, man? You so suddenly he's Matthew mahogany is in a hotel room talking to Toby Campbell. And so we've seen little bits about his life and such.

But he is talking about a time that he went to bed and then have a dream that he had of the Indonesian jungle of Borneo in 1987 and dream boat, Michael Acosta, like a Ramirez. He's a geologist

Howie: the ring of fire theory, and we're not talking about decent Curry.

Reegs: No, I learned about this in Octonauts recently watching a, about the ring of fire with my youngster.


Dan: This is w is it the tectonic plates or someone can, they they've shifted. And they they've decided that this is where they would have thrown up the biggest chance of finding

Reegs: The he's certainly saying there's pressure and heat and time that have all been involved at this plate plate place that has caused mineralization, which I believe is an adjective.

And he, this Edgar Ramirez had discovered a copper mine the largest copper mine in south Asia before. So everyone

Howie: has got some credibility.

Sidey: is

Dan: he's

the hot ticket in town.

Reegs: and Kenny's got this kind of wild-eyed belief that he's going to be able to sort of get his father's is constantly seeking his father's approval.

He ran the successful mining company and Kenny thinks that he can, and he's driven by this dream to go out to,

Sidey: he's desperate as well,

Reegs: he's


Dan: desperate. I mean, he he's, he's selling family jewelry and things.

Reegs: He says I'm going to go away for a few days. And then he sells her watch in a pawn shop and fucks off to Indonesia, I think to meet

Sidey: She puts up with a lot in this film.

Howie: does, doesn't she, she really does. When I see things like that.

When someone is that skin that poor, I just start fretting and thinking about how the fuck is he affording? How does he get paid for a taxi? How does he pay for the hotel? How much money did he

Sidey: gap

Howie: I get, I get wrapped up in the stupidity.

Sidey: It doesn't have a lot to say


they're working out of a bar and he's sleeping on her couch. So he's yeah,

he's just not affording an awful lot.

Dan: one of those characters that goes all in and you know, he's

Reegs: well he's prospecting on a new frontier

Dan: Yeah. Well, I say

Reegs: is, is in Indonesia and he basically makes a deal with Edgar Ramirez, the dream.

Dan: Well,

that's it. Well, they use the back of a napkin, don't they? And they've got this napkin contract that says

Howie: you don't, you don't see it.

Do you

Reegs: see the napkin,

Howie: Yeah. But you don't see the 50 50 part.

Reegs: I

Dan: not until the end

Howie: Not until the,

Reegs: I thought you did anyway. Yeah, it does come into play at the

Dan: talk about it, you know, it's 50 50. They make this napkin contract in a, in a hotel in Indonesia and then head off into the jungle to, to go.

Reegs: people panning in the streams.


Dan: Yeah. So they notice there's gold in them there Hills somewhere. But they're not able to find it. I mean, it's a,

Reegs: well, they, they th they need capital to develop the mine and they need money to bribe the local police and politicians and that sort of shit. So Kenny comes up and says, I'll give you all the money.

And he goes off to raise it. And Michael stays there to develop the site at the place that he's picked is the place that they're going to start. Well, I was going to say drilling, but it's mining,

Sidey: isn't it

Howie: it's, it's taking core samples of the land to prepare. So when a core sample is taken, it undergoes a process where it's it's not interfered with it's sealed with wax in a sack and then sent to a lab or something like that, where it's verified for parts, particulates of whatever minerals or gold or whatever it is that's in there.

Reegs: Yeah. So that basically to prevent

Howie: yeah. Yeah. And to.

The legitimacy of what is available at this site in terms of prospecting gold deposits. during this time sample, after sample is being sent off, money is depleted. There is no samples

Reegs: got addicted to the sperm bank, isn't it sample after sample,

Howie: nothing was coming back and I caught malaria.

Reegs: Yeah, well he does catch malaria and there's a monsoon everything's going wrong really? Isn't it. At the mine site,

Dan: th th they're not having a good time down by the river all day. And well,

Reegs: well, when Kenny wakes up, though, there has been an extraordinary revelation as an Sid.

Sidey: It's bigger than that.

Reegs: Yeah. The extraordinary revelation is of course that they have struck.

Sidey: gold mine.

Reegs: they've got themselves a gold mine. So Kenny was out with malaria, but they've got a huge gold deposit law. And after celebrating Kenny goes back, he's still all kind of crazy and wild-eyed and insane. And he sets up a new office for Washoe and he's approached by a bank and all sorts

Howie: of,

Reegs: shit.

Dan: The capital is not a problem. People want to

Reegs: invest

Dan: and they even float on the stock

Sidey: Yeah. So it becomes clear that it's more about that to him. It's more about the pride in the business and getting that back on on top on the pedestal, than all the other stuff that comes with it until it becomes a bit too much access, but you see, you get the state of him Sliding the name back into the, the, you know, the name plaque, wherever you call it on the on the office, we're back, we're back in business, you know, my dad's name and all that. you know,

once all that

Reegs: I, of course naming rights become very importantly in

Sidey: applause as well.

Reegs: Yeah,

Howie: Yeah. I mean, they, that they're approaching, they're approached by the venture capitalists, a 20 million venture goes public. And then you get a think it's at this point, you get the first flash forward to the police interview.

Reegs: where you'd had one earlier.

But yeah, it,

Howie: the major one where they say to him. So they've gone to the venture, capitalists, the backers and so forth. And in order to get them on board, he's taken them to Indonesia and it's proved to be such a success. This dropping them in to this. Other world full of danger. And these bankers are like, wow, they've totally blown away by it.

And you then flash forward to the police interview. And he said, the first question they said to him, so who was it that persuaded them to go to the Indonesian jungle? Was it you? And, and he goes, and he's kind of reticent to answer. And then he finally says it was Mike, Mike got them into the jungle.

And that's when you obviously started to realize that this story will unravel because the police are significantly involved in questioning him


a major

Reegs: clear though, at this point what their involvement is, but I agree.

Yeah. You're

Howie: some

Reegs: like, okay, something's gone

Howie: Yeah.

Dan: a lot of drinking in this movie as well.

Howie: oh yeah.

Dan: see, like Kenny's, he has a fair amount of booze it's

Reegs: Yeah. Well, I mean, Kenny, he gets to mug it the camera quite a lot and be sweaty and drink and

Dan: I was surprised because, you know, I didn't think they sold drink to minus.

Howie: Oh fuck Well done.

Reegs: there's there's a magazine called the gold Digger and they're desperate for a story about the site that Kenny found it with Michael and booze saying, and the stock has gone crazy. And Stacy Keach is in it now. Clive trying to offer him money, like you were saying And they get the douche bag, guy who mugged off Kenny at the beginning now

Howie: to manage the

Reegs: back and be his slave here,

Howie: 300. Is this 300 million off a part?

Or is that later

Reegs: there was a lot of money

Sidey: for the naming rights.

Reegs: And then there's some stuff with his missus who suspects infidelity. And she's probably right too. But worse than that, she thinks these new guys are taking her husband for a ride basically. And they kind of are everybody's riding his

Sidey: aren't they?

Howie: They call him a raccoon under their breath or some fucking mad raccoon and she fucking goes up and has a drink with them.

Reegs: And it, Bruce Greenwood pops up for a bit. It wasn't clear what his involvement completely was. Remember him. But then also there was a guy from Barrick gold and that was Corey Stoll, who I like. And they learn suddenly it all starts to go a bit sour.

The Indonesian soul soldiers are locking people out of the mines. The permits have been revoked by the local minister. So

Dan: oh, they're fucked. They're in Indonesia. The, the suddenly the, the government and the army have turned against them.

Reegs: And he had a deal on the table, didn't they? And he turned it down over the naming rights.

So you were

Dan: well, this is it.

And they've had an, an independent then company who would come in and assess the, the gold valuation and, and everything. And it turns out that it's not what it seems


Howie: river it's river gold,

Dan: with a gold, which they can tell because it's, it's a smooth around the gold rather than a sharp gold. So there's all these kind of tests and everything that go into prove that.

In fact, they've just bumped up the samples with this river goal to try and give the illusion that it's a gold mine showing incredible stumbles.

Reegs: I, I, so I'm dumb as fuck. And I, that came completely out of the blue for me, that it was Ramirez had been, what did they call it?

Salting, salting the samples which meant spitting these extra bits of golden. So faking it and that's, and then, so it's kind of, you know, everybody was supposed to be investing in the stock and making loads of money while it, but it was all bullshit. So,

Howie: it's a bluff, it's one big bluff and he was getting the river. Am I get this right? He's getting the river gold off the locals by giving them clean

Sidey: water.

Howie: Yeah. So that was, yeah. So Ramirez.

The start

Reegs: keep seeing them panning it because he's getting their samples. He's paying them for it.

Howie: with water, non malarial water, you know

Reegs: God, what a piece of shit.

Howie: Well, this is a, it's almost like he's Mike has created this situation through a variety of reasons. One of which is I think he has a genuine friendship with Kenny and doesn't want him to do badly because Kenny has gone out on a limb legitimately with his last cent and helped him out.

Secondly, he has this professional pride, which he feels everybody has laughed him, laughed at him and ignored his theory. So he wants to make his theory. Correct. And then lastly got obviously the, the private gain, which is the wealth that could be gone from this fraud, basically exploitation of the system, which

Reegs: the stock market

Howie: Yeah. Massive manipulation.

Reegs: fraud. Ramirez is fucked off with 160 odd

Howie: he's got the Indonesian government to reopen the mine again through the Indonesian president son and given him stock options as well. So

Reegs: but they get

Dan: oh, is it there's mass, there's massive corruption behind the scenes and under it, and eventually as it, as this kind of flashback settles in and you start to see the interview a little bit more and obviously he's, he's bang to rights.

He is, hasn't got any money. He realizes himself that he's being done by Ramirez as well as he's come through this this conversation and well, the, the goldmine is, is, is shit really? Isn't it. It's, it's not worth anything. It's it's taken, it's had a lot of Ford and. The scene, actually it comes down on to Ramirez is in, in the helicopter and it kind of flashes to that.

Doesn't it where you get this

Howie: the FBI guy's telling what he thinks has happened to Ramirez,

Dan: and he won't believe it. You know, he won't believe that he's daddy saying, no, this guy's fucking not dead. He's

Sidey: he's been captured.

Dan: been capped. He's made this shit up. He's paid somebody to tell this story or he's doing something. Cause he, he thinks he's been done

Sidey: well, the cops that they found, cause they they're saying that he was forced to jump out of a helicopter. Yeah. You know, some decent altitudes and the corpse had its face and hands chewed off by animals that there was no identification possible, which all seems very convenient

Howie: And then it was a, then the body was incinerated.

Sidey: So he's on the run basically with $164 million of ill gotten gains.

Howie: And the Indonesian president and his son are far richer than at the start

Dan: yeah. And then they saying

Howie: They're fine.

Dan: silence is golden, they're doing nothing. And you've, you've got really then the last scene, which gives every, you know, it's that final twist, isn't it? Cause there there's a a letter that

Sidey: Well, the FBI, they've not been able

to pin anything

Dan: No Anzor Kenny, no

Howie: And they drop all chart. Well, they just say you're free to go

Reegs: because there's no evidence that Kenny was colluding with there. And he has, he's basically

Dan: well, he's lost everything as everybody else has lost everything.

Reegs: not everybody else done.

Dan: no. Well,

Reegs: everything because Edgar Ramirez got 160 million.

Dan: He did, but he's dead is as we think we know, do, did he send that envelope containing a check for 84

Sidey: Well, he sends, like You mentioned he sends, the, opens this envelope and it has the napkin contracts. It says 50 50. And he has

Dan: Check for the bank at your rotor for 84 million or something in it.

Sidey: You 2 million. Yeah.

And just says, and it just says 50, 50,

Dan: And you don't know wherever he sent that before he's got on the, on the chopper and been dumped out. Or he's

Reegs: point, it's not really clear whether mahogany knew the whole way through the movie that this was bullshit or not. And it's quite frustrating. They never really tried to

Dan: I mean, I think what they're trying to get across here is that he's still alive.

He hasn't stitched him up. He sent him the money and he's, he's pretty pleased that despite everything there was honor amongst thieves here and he's got the money and it just like phase

Howie: Wanted to believe so much that he talked himself into believing it, it was too good to be true, but he wouldn't allow himself to think that it goes, it's got to happen to me. I did a bit of research on what allegedly did actually happen. So when the fraud began to unravel rapidly in 1997, the Philippines, so the Brex geologists Ramirez was actually a Filipino called Michael D.

Guzman. And again, he was reported to have committed suicide by jumping from a helicopter in Indonesia, a body was found four days later in the jungle missing the hands and feet in with the penis surgically removed. In addition, the body was reportedly eaten by animals and was only identified pre-molars

Reegs: Can you be identified by the penis? What was the point

Howie: It depends if they go to your website. According to the journalist, John, but Beth, the body had gone missing from the morgue of the town, from which the helicopter flew. The remains of Guzman were found 400 meters from a logging road. No one saw the body except another Filipino geologist. And one of the five women who consider themselves his wife was receiving monetary payments from somebody long after the supposed death of the Guzman.


Reegs: what are you saying? Some of that might not be true,

Howie: goodness nice. But the penny stock price of the mind reached a peak of 286 Canadian dollars from penny stock, which is fucking enormous. And ever since then, they've now put in regulations because it was such an enormous billions of fraud. Big, big pension funds lost loads out of this.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: good job, nothing like that ever happened again, after

Howie: Yeah, it was

Dan: learned their lesson. Well,

Howie: finance industry

Dan: this film for me it was based on true stories or true events and things, but so it's bullshit, but for me it wasn't quite enough bullshit. They.

It was a, it was a straight film. I enjoyed it. I've seen this a couple of times now. I think it might be the second or third time that I've seen it.

So it's not normally a film. I would have watched that many times to be honest, I would, would've said once was enough and I've, I've ended up watching it a couple of times and I enjoyed it once. After watching it this time, obviously I know the plot line, I know everything that's going to happen and go through this, but it just made me think about it a little more critically.

And it's a great, potentially a great story. You know, it's a really exciting gold prospector's and, and Indonesia and everything. Great performances, you know? Mahana who is fantastic. He's got

Reegs: MPC or is he

Howie: Did he ham it

Dan: No, I liked him.

Howie: he overreacted.

Dan: I really liked him and this. I, I thought I, I like him anyway. I think he's a fantastic actor.

And I thought he was really good in this and, you know, put an effort on the line to strike it rich. I, I thought it was exciting and it started, I wanted to like it more. I want you to do this to do better and tell the story a little bit more. It's only based on true events, make it a little more exciting.

It just seemed a little bit formulaic as it, as it went through.

Reegs: Events sound really interesting and

Dan: but they weren't really that true either. That's the thing. It didn't stay that close. They there's some of it, as you mentioned, there, there, he did go on a helicopter and he did do this kind of bits and pieces, but I don't think it was as, as close to the truth as as it could have been, or it wasn't as far fetched as it could have been it for me.

You found somewhere in the middle, which didn't hit that sweet spot for me.

Howie: could have gone a bit too far though. If you think it stuck to the truth, it could have turned into a version of like the big short, and then you would have had to have explanations of what the hell is going on with all the venture capitalists and all that sort of stuff

Dan: Yeah. It w it wasn't, it wasn't that kind of movie like it.

And bear in mind. I have seen this a couple more times than probably you know, the first time then than I should have done.

Reegs: I mean, Bryce, Dallas Howard was in this. I can't remember anything she did apart from stand around, looking worried.

Sidey: Yeah. She, She kind of dialed in a little bit. I thought that. Mahogany Fairfax, Jeremy committed to it. I thought it was a fat suit, but it wasn't.

He actually gained the weight, shaved his

head did all

Dan: he he was saying he 47 pounds, he put on and he

Howie: false teeth.

Dan: and beer

Sidey: I know I've been preparing for

Dan: all the night. I mean,

Howie: also typecast

Sidey: He


45 pounds for Dallas buyers club and put on 47 for this that's it's a good yo-yoing

But I just found him a bit

pantomime me a bit. kind of at the top. Ramirez I thought it was really good. I did enjoy him. I did enjoy the location stuff in the jungle was really


Dan: was epic. That was some really great jungle

Sidey: back in the boardroom and all the rest of those scenes that just found it a little bit dull, to be honest.

There were bits where I just was

losing concentration on it.

It was just a bit of a, so-so film for me. This one. Yeah, I agree.

Reegs: Soundtrack was decent. We've been singing a few of the songs. We are Diggy pop with that sort of Leonard Cohen esque song gold at the beginning was good. And then orange juice rip it up, which we've been singing new order, temptation, Pixies, joy division television we're on there.

The director, Steven Gagan Gargen has had an interesting career. He wrote and directed Syriana.

Sidey: Yeah, that was the last one we did before this one.

Reegs: Yeah. Which had the fat George.

Sidey: 11 years between, films.

Reegs: so he's obviously got a thing for getting his leading men fat.

Sidey: He's a feeder,

Reegs: Yeah. He's

a feeder Exactly. And he did the screenplay for traffic and then he wrote and directed do little,

Sidey: Wow

Reegs: as yet unseen by me, at least Downey Jr.

Reboot, which I know is a bit of a disaster. The writers Patrick Massett, and John's him and worked on the black list as well as Lara Croft tomb Raider. That's the 2011 one massive star. No, have you, Mass. It started in two episodes of quantum leap, which is

Sidey: a

Reegs: interesting, yeah.

Bryce, Dallas Howard has Jurassic world dominion up soon, which just sounds like a dinosaur theme.

Sex dungeon. Yeah. A bit. Yeah. Yeah. She was in a dog's way home that made you a little angry. Matthew McConney he attempted to continue. The McConnell has since. He was the bad guy in the terrible dark tower movie. Have you seen

Howie: Yeah. With the cell. Is it within yourself? Where's the, yeah. Yeah. The books apparently quite good.

And they food.

Reegs: Stephen King's. Our fans are like screaming at us now. And then the serenity movie, which just has to be seen to be believed and might well be a podcast

Sidey: is McConaughey. this is his third film about a search for

Reegs: Is it

Sidey: Yeah. that's the thing for it.

Dan: seen two of them. I don't we've I've

Sidey: Which one of these same

Dan: The other one

Howie: Sahara, is it?

Yeah. I've seen that with dark pet

Sidey: and fool's gold.

Dan: Oh no. I've seen them all. Actually. I have seen

Sidey: You've done the Trinity.

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: well, let's talk money on this because the budget for it was $20 million.

Dan: Okay. That's that's fairly cheap.

Howie: It would have made some

Reegs: I never heard of this movie until you mentioned it. I'd never heard

Dan: I watched a trailer and it sucked me in the first time that I thought McConnell who gold.

This, this sounds really good and I'll watch it. And I, I enjoyed it the first time round, you know, it was, it promised a bit more than actually delivered, but it was, it was good

Sidey: what do you think it made money or lost money?

Dan: I think it made money. Well, I've watched it three times bloody hell.

Sidey: it did lose. any of my 15 of it's 20 back.

Dan: Well, I reckon I've paid 10.

Sidey: It was prime, so I didn't have to waste any


on it Thankfully, I didn't hate it. It was just,

Howie: I think, I think Dan got it kind of there. It could have been something

Sidey: in many ways. It committed that like the worst movie crime for me of just being like,

boring and not I'd rather like hate something, you know,

It's just a bit middle of the road.

Dan: Yeah. I dunno if it was gold, silver, bronze, evil.

Sidey: How You nominated something in our kid's section, which clearly

is not,

a kids thing.

Howie: I was thinking of six formers. It said 16 plus. So technically under the age of 18, you are a child.

Dan: I w I watched this at about 1130 last night and I'm really disappointed. I didn't sit down with my boy and watch it. Who's 15.

And would it be.


as a more yeah. And Natty bit of a stretch

Howie: for an 11 year

Dan: they, they use language in this and they have references in this that are very adult and I'm very political and very clever a lot at a time

Sidey: is.

Howie: Queer force, but it's called Q force.

Reegs: Q4. So I'd never heard of this. This was a complete

Dan: new to me and Netflix original

Howie: Netflix original, a group of undervalued LGBTQ super spies center it's animation by just so we have to tell that and is centered on a gay secret agent who liked James Bond is he's called Steve Merryweather, but they know affectionately as agent Mary, as they try to prove themselves on a personal and professional adventure one day after graduation.

Reegs: He comes out as gay his graduation. Cause it's on the same day as the repeal of the don't ask, don't

Dan: I'll go straight out and say, I fucking really enjoyed this.

I, it was it was, I loved the way that they, they played the, I can see it being made into a film. It's almost like a, a cartoon that you could see, you know, somebody's taken on these characters because you had him, he was the best at everything. He was, he finished top of the class all the, the technical skills or the analytical skills or the, the running and, and everything else.

They gave him the top job. He was going to be the commander in chief of the secret spy service that they were doing.

On the, on the pedestal in front of everyone, as you say, rigs, he comes out and

Howie: They insisted that they

Dan: they instantly take you down. I just thought that was just a nice way to accelerate through the

Sidey: Oh, there's been a miscount

Dan: oh, wait a minute.


Sidey: Actually a, this guy who's straight. That's not important.

Howie: And so the main character, Steve Merryweather is voiced by Sean Hayes. Who's Jack from will and grace you've also. Yeah. And you've also got

Sidey: David is his book.

Howie: who's the,

Reegs: right at the end of the episode. Did that tweaked

for me?

Howie: Yeah. So from stranger things,

 yeah, so he gets posted off to he toping it's, is it Moscow?

Is it all of these postings? And you get sent to west Hollywood's where he's been there for 10 and then it cuts. He's been there for 10 years. He's basically running an Airbnb we've to awful nature is German tourists, and they keep opening their legs, showing him that guts. Nice ball, sack shots. And they're asking about the towels and they're genuinely asking who he is, but he's also got a team of other.

LGBT other agents, it's got a mechanic and driver Deb, a disguise artist, twink, who I've seen in other episodes is really funny.

Reegs: Agenda fluid drag queen.

Howie: he's

Dan: goes and Draya grand Yeah,

Reegs: my God That was the best joke by distance, the REO and the

Howie: at your brother's gay. And and they've also got like a computer geek who is an expert hacker called stat.

The team, as you said

Reegs: seems to be moody and likes mountain

Dan: that's that's kind of a Lisbeth Salander

Howie: Yes. Yeah, it is. It is. Yeah. That's a good point.

Reegs: I quite enjoyed the fact that the team was kind of already there.

Howie: Yeah, there was there's there's no

Reegs: no,

Dan: pace of this was really good, even to the point where, you know, they oh, white, straight away. They do the recount, as soon as he comes out as gay.

Oh, we're having a recount and it gives, you know you know, confusion on, on where people's agendas are and they just go, right. Let's do it. And it moves through very fast. They skipped across cause 10 years after he goes into west Hollywood and he realized, oh, I'm just put here because this is where lots of gay people hang out.

So they're boxing me into this

Howie: and they'll get, well, they're tired of these continual no assignments from the AIA

Reegs: in

that, in that Hollywood or wherever, where is it?

Howie: west Hollywood.

Reegs: Hollywood. Right? When the cameras zooms in, it's like the most, the biggest collection of gay


you've ever seen. And he's played for laughs and you're like, okay, all right.

Dan: Yeah. It's

Sidey: written by a gay man. same

Reegs: okay. I think it's okay to say this is like the gayest thing I've ever seen

Howie: well,

Dan: I think it's a compliment in this case. Yeah.

Howie: they intercept a Chechnyan terrorists, a gay bar. I mean, I don't think you could get any gayer and he comes onto him as well.

And they, they basically I've linked the terrorist to a nuclear bomb

Dan: one time I'll get a, make you pregnant or something? Oh yeah. I mean, it's full on, so this is, this is adult theme.

Kids' television. There's there's some brilliant lines. They talk about the Taliban in it. They talk about finding a Malaysian plane. They talk about this has got Tracy Chapman. This is fast car written all over it for that was fucking brilliant. The Subaru, what was it then?

Howie: a family fucking wagon and he

Reegs: Yeah, but it came into its own at the end.

Dan: We could fly. It could do everything. And yeah, it was

Reegs: I liked the way as well. They were derogatorily referred. That's not a word, is it

Dan: It is in

Reegs: derogatory?

They were referred to in a derogatory way as Q4, as queer force. And then they take the name and they make it. We like it. Yeah. And it's like, I liked that little, the, you know, empowerment

Dan: Well, and you you've got the, you've got the antiheroes as well.

Haven't you, you've got the all souls that are running the show. There's the guy who's given the top job just because he's.

You've got the alpha male

Howie: buck

Dan: kind of chief who, who can't ever imagine giving a woman

or remind

Sidey: me of Jonah Jameson from Spider-Man and then so he's the big boss. Then there's the middle management. That woman who's just screaming all the time. and she won't give them an assignment.

So they basically steal the way onto an assignment and do well on that.

Reegs: Twinkle or whatever his name

Dan: Yeah. And

Reegs: is Ariana Grande's

Dan: and this

Reegs: Shout out to my gay brother who is gay.

Sidey: one of the things that stuck with me, I don't know why is the the boss? The woman in the middle is the boss. She gets wind that they're doing all this, what they've been told to stay out of it and she's going fucking nuts.

And she rings her. She she's like does.

Secretary is this bring me back so I can hang up on you. She froze on Chris screams that hangs up the phone. It's like, I'll do that summer.

Dan: cheek, stuff like this.

Howie: I like the, I can't some of the Lang, like you said, it's clean up for kids, but the language, when they

Dan: that my boy would love this. I reckon I'm gonna have to try him on

Howie: round the, the force turn round in. They're like LA and there's Rick buck sitting there, what are you doing here? I'm here to check up on you sodomites. And it's like, oh my God.

Reegs: Yeah,

Howie: There's just like, fucking

Reegs: funny.

Dan: was, they didn't, they didn't shy away from all the bad language and bullshit though. You would have heard and it makes it more realistic. I think when Q4 to getting together and they think, well, fuck it. They are the best, you know, I mean, it's a classic kind of discrimination, isn't it? That they're, they're the best of what they do.

And just purely because they're women or they're gay or LGBTQ plus, whatever it is, they're being put down because basically they're not a middle-aged white guy, you know, then you, you know, good.

Sidey: It reminded me a little bit of Archer.

Howie: Yes.

Sidey: any that saw like that, that sort of stuff. Very far I really enjoyed it.

I've watched more of this. It was, it was really good. It hasn't been that well received.

Online, because I looked at the metrics like 25% is the review rating on rotten tomatoes.

Howie: Do you think there's a lot of angry, middle white class people going,

Sidey: know what

Howie: don't get

Dan: I think you have to stick with this kind of show though. I think it's it's good, Ryan.

You, you can't deny. It is funny. And as I watched his first day, it was late last night before, so I only watched the one, but I will happily watch some more. And I think it's the kind of characters that are strong enough to be written into a film or something, or I really enjoyed it

Sidey: Yeah, me too. I got a kick out of this.

I was laughing quite a lot. I enjoyed it. Yeah.

Dan: some lows.

Reegs: Yeah. As long as they can keep up the PA, like this was a really strong opening episode, lots of good jokes. As long as they would keep that up, I would keep watching.

Dan: And, and that's the other thing, opening episodes. Aren't always that strong, you know, sometimes there's a lot of character

Sidey: development


Dan: and things and they got through that really well.

And I think so credit to the writers is really good.

Howie: it was prompted on Netflix based on my viewing. God knows what is going on with my viewing. And yeah, and I watched the trailer, the trailer shows some of the other like later episodes and like I said, the character.

Comes into it a bit

Sidey: more.

Howie: And there's lots of quite cutting remarks But yeah, no, a surprise one that I think I'll dip in and out of.

Sidey: I don't think we offended or at least I hope that we didn't offend too many people with all of that chat

Dan: this week,

Sidey: week.

Reegs: I think we had a good stab at that.

Sidey: We might have possibly inadvertently done something, but you know, we had the best of intentions.

Howie: Just mute the comments on any Twitter statements.

We do. No replies, no comments,

Reegs: lead depend on what you leave in.

Sidey: That's true.

Well there's a lot of cancel culture going around. so we'll have to be careful. You're going to nominate for next week. What you got for us.

Reegs: I have got a top five for you to let those

Sidey: Yep

Reegs: Should we have one of those? I think we

Sidey: one of those

Reegs: for a while.

I'm going to have the top five box office bombs. Have we ever had that before? You can interpret that.

Dan: bombs.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Top five bombs.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: any

that's only one interpretation.

Dan: Top five bombs. That's where we're going. I've I've thought of one straight away

Reegs: bombs,

the 2018 movie mortal engines will be our feature

Sidey: film.

Reegs: And then we're going to go back a little in think about Bob, the builder which you all, probably all have a little perspective on, we're going to watch a particular episode, which I'll send you the link for us on YouTube. If you want to join in that episode is wallpaper Wendy.

Dan: I like that one.

Sidey: She got covered in his paste.

Dan: mucking, dizzy vote to

Howie: He's a fucking asshole milking you.

Sidey: That was good. Next week. Sounds like a lot of fun. I think possibly Pete might be joining us, baby sitch depending though, because

Reegs: baby will be here by then.

Sidey: but baby probably will be here, but I'm not sure that that will mean he's available.

Reegs: He might, may bring it here. That'd be proper, bad, bad

Sidey: would be, yeah, that'd be really good.

All that remains though for now is to say Sidey, signing out.

Reegs: Thank you for listening.

Dan: guys. Gone.

Howie: Goodbye.