Nov. 12, 2021

Gone Girl & High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Gone Girl & High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Watch out diary writers, you're apparently all self-obsessed narcissists with delusions of significance, and for some baffling reason Howie has it in for you this week. The Top 5 movie Brides appears to be what set him off as our resident Ray Mears lover apparently can't think of a single movie featuring a wedding. As unlikely as that seems, we do manage to stay wedded to the idea and finish off this weeks offering.

GONE GIRL is David Fincher's 2014 adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel of the same name. A slick and very silly psychological thriller, Rosamund Pike plays the girl from the title of the movie who has gone somewhere and Ben Affleck is her errant husband accused of her disappearance. Twists and turns galore in this one so make sure you've seen the movie before you tune in. Unless of course what you're tuning in for is to hear three men marveling at Ben Affleck's junk and one man who managed to miss it. No easy feat either, the darn thing nearly poked one of my eyes out from here.

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: THE MUSICAL: THE SERIES is exactly the kind ironically self-aware TV series title I would normally avoid were it not for the obligations of this podcast however Disney have excelled themselves here. By cleverly setting this series in the real world rather than the world of the movie, this works for the casual viewer not beholden by nostalgia to the 2006 franchise starter, and by assuming a mockumentary presentation style there's room for some meta commentary about musicals in general without being too hipster post-modern or insincere. Unless of course you think its  depiction of teen love is over-sexualised and the lack of connection to the original universe disrespects the legions of fans of the original, as one of us did.

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Gone Girl

Reegs: Welcome to Baghdad's film review the podcast that was started as a way to get a guaranteed night off from our parental obligations once a week. And it's morphed somewhere along the way into an all encompassing passion project, satisfying our creative outlet, allowing us to connect with some truly incredible individuals and making an almost infinitely tiny, but enormously gratifying contribution to the world.

But also more importantly, continues to give us a guaranteed night off once a week. Our formula is pretty well established by now. We're watching movies and kids' TV and chatting about them both in the perhaps mistaken, but ultimately sincere belief that it's as valid to critique Oscar. The grouch as it is to review Oscar winners. actually pretty good patent pending.

Dan: as well.

Reegs: Yeah. Geez. Yeah. Don't forget. Geez. As is often the case, we do discuss the spoilers and that's going to be especially significant in discussing this week's twisty, turny thriller gone girl. We also have high school musical, the musical, the series to look forward to, and we'll be starting things off with our usual top five this week, this week being top five brides, which I know you in particular, how we uh looking forward

Howie: to

Reegs: before that we do have last week stock five we did get a number of bus picks online, including one in stock, home in Sydney and a Bauhaus bus,

Sidey: Mr. Pershad,


Reegs: is a very agreeable.

Yeah. Dan, I know you were pouring through all of the submissions we had from listeners of which there were many for our top five by century. Which one did you

Dan: Yeah I liked that one.

Sidey: The night bus.

Dan: Yeah.


Reegs: did have plenty of

nominations for that

Dan: a strong one. Yeah.

had Jeff kitchens.

He was

Reegs: yeah, no, there were actual real people. So anybody been watching anything interesting. Dan's going to say the football and west hands, so we can just

Dan: there is all that, but I've been watching actually, I'm a film that I've been saying there's really, really good. I've watched once upon a time in America this week it's taken a couple of times.

You forget how graphic the rape scenes are in this film.

Sidey: James Woods,

five hours long.

Dan: a spat three, three, and a bit hours. About as long as the Irishman, I guess. And

Yeah. W I mean, I been years since I've seen it remembered really enjoying it, and I'm getting into the business end of it. Now I've still got about 35 minutes to go. Um And wait was the long rape scene. It was really kind of great. You just think, geez noodles, what the hell are you doing? Like which is Robert de Niro's character. But yeah, it's an epic is an absolute, huge epic of a, of a film. And I'm enjoying that. Yeah. This week, as well as the football,

Howie: I've I've started a process of education with the kids and we've watched the first Spider-Man and you realize how shit Tobey Maguire is?

Reegs: No,

Howie: no,

Reegs: no. I liked, I liked the first bite of mine. I


Howie: my kids actually, and I actually agree, we prefer Andrew Garfield. So we've got to that one now. So we watched the first Andrew Garfield one and this all leads into the fact that the other stuff we've been watching mainly is movie trailers.


Reegs: just trailers

Howie: on YouTube, cause that's the easiest thing to watch.

Sidey: trailers?

Howie: I know of honest. Yeah, the ones that we've watched we've watched the eternal, which my kids will like. Despite the fact, it seems to have been panned quite a lot across film reviews and more, more.

Morbius is it more?

Reegs: Jared Leto?

Howie: So I'm interested to see how that turns out

Reegs: Probably garbage

Howie: well, it links into two kind of references for a film that I hold daily, which is blade.

So at the cinema blades on, in 4k at the minute

Reegs: Yeah. I saw that I would be up for

Howie: Yeah it's been, it's been zipped up and apparently I read today at the end of the attorneys. I know it's in the post

Sidey: Yeah But it's still.

I mean, I know it, but other people

Howie: I don't know anything else about the eternal film, but I've, I don't know.

Anyway, from the press release that Maharashtra,

Reegs: Mahershala Ali,

Sidey: Yeah. Well, we're going to


Reegs: turn up his blade at

Sidey: No,

it's a kit kit. Harrington's character who is not

powered, reaches for a sword. And Mahershala Ali says something.

So, you


Howie: Just cause I want to know how he fits into the whole, because I didn't realize that he's obviously the first Marvel character that had a big

Sidey: no How

the dark

Howie: apologies. And the other thing I've watched on Netflix is the pre-qual I've watched about three quarters of it. Two army of thieves, you know, the army with a safecracker. Yeah, it's quite good. I quite like the guy that, the quirky character who plays the German safecracker guys it's, I've watched about three of it and it's quite, it's a bit predictable in places, but it's, it's watchable.

Sidey: I watched for your eyes only

if was on

ITV on Saturday

Yeah, it was good.

and something else. I watched another movie that wasn't a foster home. I cannot for the life of me think what it was, and loads of strictly standup stuff.

Reegs: Oh, nice.

Yeah Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.


Howie: I wonder if it's, is it he, that started that petition to stop James Corden being in.

Sidey: hates him

Howie: Yeah. Yeah. It's a big sketch about him

Reegs: Squid game. Um It's wait.



It's all right. No, we're just on the marbles episode. It's it's the design is great and all that. I'm surprised it's as big a deal as everybody says it is.

I, I do really like it cause I liked that kind of weird Korean stuff, but it's got surprisingly mainstream,

Howie: I think it's because it's, it's a provoker of, so would you do it? It's one of those ones where people think, oh, I reckon I

Reegs: no, the answer is just no though, isn't it? So it's like

Howie: yeah, well, yeah, but I know I've had compensation.

People who have gotten yada really?

Reegs: No they wouldn't. They, they

Howie: they're quite skint. One of those very

Dan: well, you wouldn't, you wouldn't want go because it is, my understanding is, and I haven't seen it, but they don't have a choice.

Reegs: Yeah They did They all chose. They chose back in episode two. I did quite enjoy

Dan: well, they, they, they, they will have the chance not to go into those crazy games and kill each other. They decided

Sidey: They did they did the first one. And then they, they have to have a vote in the movement, majority votes go out then they call go out. So they do go out. and they actually

they're all like bums down, out So we're in debt. And So they actually decided, fuck, it We just go back

Reegs: It's good. Creepy. I think the design is great with all the masks and

shit Yeah Looking forward to the porn version

Howie: but what series twos out we're going to be made? Sorry, not

Sidey: Of

course it is 440 million or something like that

people have watched.

Howie: Jeremy, have you seen the video of the Korean guy whose phone number was used? It's amazing. So Netflix have given him 150 grand and said, sorry. And they've, they've done all the admin

Sidey: change a number.

Howie: No, but he said, I want to keep the number. Cause just cause it's actually getting me tick-tock views and his phone.

You've never seen an iPhone. Get it. So.

You know, when you get a notification, it goes and a little thing pops up. His phone is literally going and it's like, it's like a travelator and he's just holding it to the screen, go and just look at this. And people are nonstop texting. So you

Reegs: turn my

notifications off. I think

Howie: Well, yeah he is. But he just does it for the,

he does it. Yeah, it does. It does it for the F the thirst of followers.

Dan: it made how much, how much millions you

Sidey: but it? Does it doesn't because it's Nestle expert.

They said, I said something like 140 plus people have watched

Dan: 140

people have watched you.

That's fucking crazy.

Sidey: I know. I can't

even fathom a number that high

Dan: comprehend that amount of people? No, no, I haven't got that many people on Facebook. You think though, I mean, if it has, if it has attracted 140 people, they're just going to go through all the sea life creatures, aren't they? I mean, you'd have a dolphin, there'll be octopus and Platypus. Trout. Yeah.

Howie: going to happen.

Dan: Jeez. He could get up to 150 people that kind

Howie: Ah, you fucking crazy. You are. What'd you get another 10 people from, I've seen your Facebook,

Sidey: Top five

Howie: rank who watches films about brides women, sad women.

Well, that's the only thing I can fucking think of.

Dan: yeah, there was, this is the top brides in

Sidey: memorable movie brides.

Reegs: like I said to you in the chat, how he there's been a million

Howie: Yeah Yeah, but I'm not going to, I'm not, I have my

not my prerogative. My, my standing in this is I only ever mentioned things that I have seen.

Cause I reckon I could get a list out off of just Googling shimmy, brides, you fucking can't and Google. That's an exact search terminology. If you want further search terminology, speak to me, I'm an expert, but.

Reegs: but you might not remember something or get,

Howie: you trust him. See, now

Reegs: I don't know. I

Howie: I was

Reegs: going to be a lot of movies that people mentioned that you're going to go. Oh yeah. Okay.

Howie: The wedding planner. There you go.

Sidey: I haven't seen that one.

Howie: the Revit shit. It's got weddings in it,

Reegs: but it's not weddings. It's brides though.

Howie: just got shit in it. Then

Sidey: okay. Well, do you want to give us one of your

meager offerings


Dan: they're normally quite engaging. Aren't they?

Howie: Oh, brilliant.

Thank you. My first one Robin heard the Disney animated cartoon. That's got a bride in it at the end, made Marion and Robinhood and they get married at the end and it's all very jolly.

Reegs: Is she also a Fox?

Howie: Is she

Sidey: doesn't she poison him though

in the real story.

doesn't she?

Reegs: Hey

Howie: Maid Marian

Reegs: yeah. Poisons Robin hood.

Howie: No. Cause well, which version are we thinking? The Kevin customer and she's dressed as a suit of armor and she decks him and she remembers bobbing of Locksley.

Sidey: I think I have to look that up later on, There you go. See that wasn't too

tough. You


Howie: Well, y'all got that one and at the end fucking that lion and in the Kevin cost one Kevin Costa, one king. Yeah. King Richard turns up then he, oh, hello. I've been fucking off killing Muslims. Oh. And I'll, and I'll do something with this wedding and I'll only let it happen when I've given permission to fuck off mate.

You've been away for fucking ages. He'd done. Fuck all. I'm Robin. That's what I would have said at that point. And it would have been an altogether very different film, especially for Disney,

Dan: for them.

Howie: but Yeah.

that's, that's my contribution. The Robin and Disney

Reegs: good angry stuff.

Dan: I'm looking because I went for weddings rather than brides, because I didn't read the WhatsApp messages correctly. Um

Sidey: She, in a wedding, there would be a bride.

Dan: yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: salvage

Dan: see if we can. Well, the first one then is the godfather. I had an it's around that scene where Marlon Brando is actually conducting family business.

Isn't he on his granddaughter's wedding day. And her name is the bride and and she's getting married, but of course, around this overhand the scene, you've got Marlon Brando holding court in his room and, and you get all these people who, who want to come. Yeah. Yeah. He he's come back for the wedding and everything.

I I said, no Sicilian can refuse any requests on his daughter's wedding day. And, and so you get all kinds of mine. Oh yeah. He'll pay the price in the end. She got all these kinds of requests come in. And of course, one of them is the the undertaker who, whose econ. So he just had enough, he wants the title, his pallbearers, and he's he kinda comes in and, and, and does, he says, you know, there's the guy who's upset my daughter or whatever it is. And he sends around heavies who beats their shit out. The guys that did it to his daughter. And then later on in the film, of course, when he needs him to do his very best work, to have an open casket for, I think it's Sonny's funeral.

He calls in the favor. But it's, it's a great start

Reegs: Yeah That I like that Yeah Yeah I mean, that was a great film that you Flomax your way through. Yeah.

Dan: Well, there's another one. There was the nuclear fallout. Did you see that one? Oh, the, the, the groom was glowing. And th the boy she was positively radiant.

Sidey: Rachel McAdams. Remember her? She has played a bride at least three times time. Travelers, time. Traveler's wife.

Howie: Yes.

Sidey: The notebook.

Reegs: time.

Sidey: and Well, I was going for wedding crap. 'cause I've seen that one. That is a comedy film. style, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as the titular wedding crashes.

Dan: I liked this film.

Sidey: It's the last

Vince form film that I've liked,

Howie: right after dodgeball then.

Dan: Yeah.


yeah. It was yeah. I'm Wilson and Vince for an actually really good chemistry in this

Sidey: They they they crashed this particular wedding that has both Isla Fisher who Vince Vaughn falls for, and Rachel McAdams who Wilson falls for. And so the story eventually. When the. the lull is where they own up to being, you know, wedding crashes and blah, blah, blah.

So she goes off and she's marrying someone else and they have to crash that wedding and tell, her, I say, how is the bride dressed up? And all that gear looking

Dan: they, where they've got all these kind of lines, they've been to so many weddings, they know who to speak to. They know who to chat about. They know who to go in and they know which girls are going to be hot to trot if you like it.

And which

Sidey: Oh the chase dancer, the little girl

Dan: the little girls. And I say, speak to the grandmother, you know, everybody's laughing. I who's that guy. And he's going, you just a motorboat motherfucker on you just put in his face between two big tits. I remember that bit and laughed.

Sidey: It's a funny film, but, I'm


Oh, It's

good? I mean,

He he is that he's their mentor He's taught them all the Shakespeare. he's now moved on to crashing funerals And at the end you see them crashing a funeral and crying on some guy's It's wrong.

Reegs: Oh, I mean, I kill bell. Ooma. Thurman is literally the bride that is her character name.

And it's a typical story in the, in the, as soon as the woman gets married, she wants to quit her job. Of course her job being a professional assassin.

Howie: I really didn't like this firm.

no, I felt it was an even more OTT version of oh, I've forgotten.

The name broke down. Saints, Brooke dog. Saint

Reegs: boondock saints

Howie: that's the one. Yeah, mid-week mentioned. Cause it was midweek and I've forgotten.

Reegs: I love to kill bill

Howie: and I can see why people like it. I just

Sidey: it's volume two, where

you see the actual. It's the rehearsal. Isn't it.

Where it all

goes tits up. She's saying she's not going to do it. And the what's the name of the gang? Can't remember now,

Reegs: The black members are they,

Sidey: like


Reegs: who the girls squad is on

Sidey: anyway they all turn up and offer.

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: Yeah, I really liked this film. I thought he was,

Sidey: probably

Reegs: I haven't seen it in so long. I remember being so bitterly, bitterly disappointed by it. The first time round


Dan: Okay. Brides, is it, is it coming back around to me? Was it gone back to Howie again?

Reegs: Yeah, me too.

Howie: just the way I am suddenly

ring me. So I'm talking just as fast as I can to you

Dan: That's nice.

Reegs: was very

Howie: tense on it. Now, what wedding was that from? Quite a, it was from a classic Scott and Charlene marrying in neighbors from November, 1988, which attracted 20 million

Sidey: viewers.

Howie: I think I was too

bizarrely. They were married a year before in Australia for their version. So it took a year to get the Aussie version into the UK.

Sidey: I remember when Scott had potentially drowned and when they found him, that was the switch to the Jason Donovan


Because it was something else before that.

Reegs: yes. Yeah. Some good

Sidey: And then she was not, well, she had aids or something



So the wedding was going to be

off, but he kissed, I was this big romantic gesture said that they were both had aids

and they're

by themselves. Go ahead, you could buy it like the video

of the,

of that episode and stuff at Woolworth's.

Howie: Bloody hell.

Reegs: They should have got married in real life that they let us down. Didn't they? Jason,

Howie: I'm sure they were, they were playing hide the sausage.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I thought he was preferred the company.

of men.

Reegs: If you're listening, either review Jason Donovan or Kylie Minogue

do let us know if you were playing hide the

Howie: if Jason slipped you one in the Outback or she played his didgeridoo.

Dan: just let us know if you've got any inside info on

Howie: Yeah. I mean, it was I always thought the Alf Stewart came across from home in a way. And he was involved in Kylie at all. Jason

Reegs: That was good

Howie: you're drunk guy.

Reegs: That was a good one. How are you said that, you

Sidey: especially the singing,

Howie: it really was,

Reegs: I didn't care

Dan: your your neighbors information and facts is second to none really it's

Howie: oh, now your neighbors was that thing that you used to watch when you came home from school.

Sidey: huge fan,

Howie: in quantum leap, which obviously sadly um

Sidey: died

Howie: yeah, 85, I think it was,

Sidey: yeah,

I liked quite, maybe You could

get home. HomeAway was first, then neighbors Then it was for me, It was starting next gen.

Howie: BBC two. Yup. Good. Cool.

Dan: a little tip for those people that are married never go to bed mad. You got to stay up and fight. That's

Howie: what

Dan: we do. I'm looking for another film to mention here.

I, haven't got a great list, but coming to America is

Howie: Lisa Lisa McDowell

Dan: it's. Yes, exactly. That's the bright and Eddie Murphy's in African prints in need of a wife and wants to avoid her an arranged marriage. So he wants to find his Queenie journeys to Queens in, in new walk and and finds his, his queen there.

And it's a. Yeah, I a bit dated now, of course. And and I think that another stab at doing

Howie: they did on Amazon. They made it and it's exactly the same as the other one. And I found myself laughing

Dan: I really, it

Howie: junk, but it's

Dan: it was funny again. Okay. But yeah, when it first came out, I was, I was major chortling at this.

It was,

Howie: When you think of garbage,

Dan: yeah, the Royal penis is clean. He was just, he lived such a fantastic life out there. And and it made you wonder why he was going to go and clean in McDougal's who wasn't McDonald McDowell's

Reegs: That the golden arches, the golden M's or

Howie: something like that.

Yeah. Cause it was, it was it the Zamunda?

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: It's not what I was going to say. It's not Wakanda is Amanda.

Dan: I hadn't that

Reegs: that is a crossover I would watch, I think,

Howie: Oh, I meant to say, sorry. Speaking of crossovers or not, I should have mentioned this at the start. I watched the Netflix the harder they fall, we're just thinking of how, what impact you have shopper.

It's a bag of shit.

I thought it was going to be good. I really didn't like it at all. And I put on a film forum, how much I didn't, I just didn't really go for it. The plot didn't really take me in. It was a bit predictable and it just seemed, it was trying too hard to be cool. The abuse that I received from people calling me a white supremacist cunt.

It was like, it was like someone who preprinted my bio.

Dan: the uh was what's the premise of this? Not nothing to do with the Jimmy cliff one or the same

Howie: No this is just all about how Cowboys were actually African-American people and

all the famous Cowboys. The narrative has been stolen to be white men throughout and thus every single character wasn't African-American descent or Latino.

And it stylistic it's kind of, it's just tries too hard to be called, but the abuse that I received for giving a fairly neutral, I didn't really like it kind of response.


There is a wedding in Scarface.

It's actually a wedding montage. It's a set it's a wedding. Montage is set to the tune of push it to the limit, which is the tune how he might sing it for us later. Michelle Pfeiffer and albertino both wear white to this wedding and they make out for a really, really long time

Howie: past the wedding

Sidey: Yeah There's no church time, which They just fell on

Reegs: Did you have sex on your wedding day?

Howie: uh Brother

Sidey: I was gonna say dad, but

Reegs: Jackie off in the morning, doesn't count a day.

Dan: well, I, I,

Howie: is that what you wrote in your

Dan: I changed our um our bed with a trampoline. Oh, she hit the fucking roof. You wouldn't believe it

Sidey: I'm I'm

married. So I

Reegs: It probably would be remiss not to talk about the end of the graduate, although I guess, is she technically a bright this

Sidey: Doesn't have to be married?

Reegs: Yeah. Yes. And he stood there pounding on the glass and of course that scene. Those were

Howie: graphic

scene to throw into the seventies, wherever it was, early seventies.

Reegs: and then they get on the bus. Don't they tying in with last week's topic.

That's so enraged, Peter,

Howie: are they supposed to have had sex? Is that why they're grinning?

Reegs: No, they're, they're

Sidey: just fucked


Reegs: Yeah. They've

Sidey: the groom to go off for them,

Who's been fucking her mom.

Reegs: and they both a bit like what have we done as well? A little bit. You can see it on their

Sidey: it's weird. Like He's been groomed by her mother.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: It's quite creepy

Reegs: And she's

Sidey: had a horny

Reegs: and then they do it in Wayne's world and he turns up, and it's not the wedding.

He has to go across to another one

Howie: they have that well-known NRA film. Maxtor here's the guarantee.

Reegs: And I think they do it in Spaceballs as well. You know, the Mel Brooks star wars, he one there's princess Vesper. She's a bride Kush. Isn't there. The narcoleptic blonde guy. I

Sidey: I don't remember that Well grandpa Simpson.

does it

to stop? Mrs. marrying. I don't like you and it's like, don't care. As long as you don't marry. Mr. Burns.

Reegs: Yeah. And then at the end of Spider-Man to Mary Jane does it to a flash. She fucks him off at the alter and swings off a Spiderman,

Dan: leaving it very light. Isn't

Reegs: it,

Dan: that stage,

Howie: And then Andrew golf who kills her and the next one. Cause he tries to rescue her. She falls down that pole.

Reegs: well, she deserved, it was I think crass. She didn't even leave him a note. She just fucks him off and there's like, you know,

She paid

for it with her life, I suppose. So that's good.

Howie: I was going to go for a legit one, which is. I got a film that I actually saw that involved a wedding, my big fat Greek wedding Tula Porter colors was really hoping for a simple wedding ceremony and dress, but then her whole family got involved and this film really shines for me.

The fact that I think it might be, the dad thinks that the chemical spray you put on windows window lien can cure all forms of illness and he just walks around holding it. And if someone feels ill spray them with window lead, I aspire to that level of


level of bleach use in family setting. I think I'm going to hit that level soon cause that my kids are just mucky bastards.

Reegs: Nice.

Howie: So yeah, my big fat Greek wedding, which actually is quite funny,

Reegs: just start hazing them down in the garden prison style. I think with the kids,

Howie: it would be all right. But if you use a pressure washer, Hertz,

Reegs: the car chair. I love a

Dan: Gotcha broad grass, the movie in Paris course Chucky, which is Christine Kavanagh stops his father's wedding to cocoa, which is Susan Sarandon at the Notradame car.

So using a repertoire dinosaur robot you remember this, of course since Chucky can't speak, it's actually John Claude, which is John Lithgo, who verbally objects to the wet improve, proven that cocoa trap, the children I've ripped all that off the internet. None of it was mine. I don't know what

Howie: Oh, so you said Notre Dame, is it Dom come on, Notre Dame.

Reegs: Dean.

Dan: you know, it depends how,

Reegs: How Irish American you are.

Dan: But I do remember what Gratz I do remember what, Gretz the movie? they were decent of our grads. He was, did you not like it? Oh, we're going to have to, I'm going to have to nominate this. Cause I think you're you're wrong. Jason,

it was well, you know, I enjoyed it.

I'm going to have to find an absolute lolling episode to attempt you back into, into the rug rat world.

Right? Okay. I've got another one while I'm going on such a roll. The hangover this was

Howie: the first one I genuinely laughed a lot

Dan: And so it was right at the end, after they've had all their adventures, he's turned up it with the most where this kind of skin that you would ever go to a, a wedding burnt from the sun too much, three

Howie: He's basically trapped on the

Dan: trapped on the, on the roof. If you haven't seen it, he's trapped on the roof the whole time.

And it's this is good film. I mean, not only is a good film. There's, there's a brilliant best man speech as well, which is probably worth mentioning somebody filmed some of the best man speech is a really good I think he says this was actually an, a later hangover, so I've kind of put it all on the app.

Just merged them into one big hangover as mine, as mine.

And yeah, he says, of course, it's in Stew's first marriage. There was that whore in Las Vegas, which is just what you want to squeeze into any best man wedding.

Howie: Yeah, the, I think is it at the end of the first one and the second one where they go through the photo roll?

Sidey: Oh,

Dan: right

Howie: Yeah

Sidey: have you seen the third one?

Howie: no, I haven't. Is it avoid? Okay. Yeah,

Dan: well, I saw the first one without any of the hype. It was just, oh, do you want to watch this? And I was really, really surprised and, and enjoyed it

Howie: Allan and the casino and they play the rain man.

Sidey: Good fellows. Karen is the brides. The wedding scene is pretty cool.

It's got all the, all


the made man are there and poorly, is it

he's introducing to all the family and it's Tom has told me and Paulie and Everyone's got the same name and he said, oh, okay. I confuse myself, sometimes

And it's so it's Cara narrating the

whole seat And

she's describing oh, my head was spinning and everyone's just handing them envelopes of money.

as a SAC, despite that the top table, just for the money. And they get up to move and she's like, oh, you know, we can't. And he's like, no that money.




outset 85. So that one was a really, slightly

unusual set from the criminal

Dan: Did they pin the money on the, on the dress or was it, they were put it in a

Sidey: that just handing

a it's a

sort of fancy envelopes but

Howie: it's just money.

They need to launder.

Reegs: I've

got a

couple of accidental brides for you. Arrested development George, Michael, and maybe get married accidentally don't they um


Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And there's been this whole unresolved sexual tension thing going on for such a long time. And then the same thing, I guess, less sexual tension is in Muppets take Manhattan, which is the, the Frank Oz one. It's the last of the original trilogy of Muppet movies, where, where it was all Jim Henson and directed by Frank Oz.

And it's kind of an origin story where the Muppets know each other in school and they're doing a musical and stuff. And the play that they're doing has a scene where Kermit marries miss piggy. And then it's supposed to be Gonzo and then they swap them out for a real minister. So in the thing, but then the actor who played it was.

A minister in real

Dan: So they really

Reegs: So

there's this whole like Metta thing going on, like inception levels of postmodernism carrying on about where the Kermit the frog and

Dan: Or indeed the actors that are the hand, wherever they married.

Sidey: I heard

similar that the music video for November, rain Kinds

of roses, that

AXA rose had put a

real minister in for the scene where he marries the,


Howie: yeah, I'd heard that too. Yeah.


Reegs: That's cool

Sidey: Yeah. Or,

Or if not cool on your

Howie: for real,

Reegs: I still, it's not as big a bastard as the guy who just for no reason, jumps through the cake starts raining and he just fucking like, does a body cross through the gate? No reason Dick.

Howie: my final one because I'm lane is Julia Julia or drew Barrymore and the wedding singer with Adam Sandler and. It's an Adam saw in the film. So it's going to be completely cheesy. I really like it. I, I genuinely laughed at it and watched it and just thought, yeah, this is fun. I like it. And at the end with Billy idol as well, it's so it's just cheese worthy, but it's a good one.

And the boy George sound alike at the, as the wedding band and also the loses the plot when he's

Sidey: cure sort of

Howie: Yeah. When he goes fucking nuts.

Sidey: I saw that

film, The first time I was probably in my like


film snob attitude

I still really liked it. just a good one.

you Shen Drew Bible It's hot in this.


Howie: and mate is the slut.

Sidey: Oh yeah, well, yeah.

Howie: And I liked the fact that there is mate Sandler's mate, who drives the limo. Where's that fucking Michael Jackson glove. There's the cuff like a fucking weirdo.

Dan: Well, I I've got father of the bride, which is Steve Martin film. And it was one, one when he was still funny in there. So he is the father of the bride and his, his daughter, Annie is coming back after a few months in Europe, like three months and saying she's getting married and he's got that kind of feeling of, I don't want my daughter to go and

Reegs: the wedding from hell as well

Dan: And he's got all the family, all the money he needs to spend.

Martin short is in this who's the wedding planner, the coordinate a fucking fantastic. It was just so it was brilliant in these films. And he was really underused, I think is, is an actor Martin short, fantastic comedy actor. And, and this was a really good one. It is spawned a couple of remakes and or sequel, sorry.

Sidey: cause I think this was a remake

Dan: Yeah, it might have been a remake, but it did a couple of M C calls and which one is good, but this was, this was decent, this one.

Sidey: Oh, rattler Fu a few Ariel and Eric get married in the little mermaid. And she has to what's the word,

Dan: get married

Sidey: give up

her mermaidy nurse. her mermaid heritage

to become human so she can marry Eric,

Howie: just the wedding that causes frozen's parents to die, according to the

Sidey: yeah yeah

Reegs: that was terrifying that Ursula or wherever she was,

Howie: she's a BBW.

Reegs: But she's got tentacles as well.

Sidey: So she, she

has to give up her


powers or whatever or Return of the king

Lord of rings that have turned to the king.

Arwin Tyler. She also

has to give up her Elvish nurse It's always the women

Howie: She gives up her immortality to marry him.

Reegs: If only I could think of a single Elvish record, a record by Elvis Presley to drop in

there I can't think of a single yeah.

Sidey: So those are kind of related. And then Shrek is, I guess the opposite A princess Fiona retains her bogging

nurse She could have been fit. I think they were supposed to be some moral tale to

Reegs: Yeah.

She ends up looking at him rather than him looking like her, even though we had seen, I think earlier in on, and we had a Shrek who had been normalized.

Howie: Yes. And he was a brute, barely handsome,

Reegs: rugged fellow. Not unlike yourself,

Howie: Do you know what I, I thought that,

Reegs: Hmm.


Dan: To what Julia Roberts has been a bride on cereal,

Occasions runaway bride the

The what's the, the prostitute one

Howie: Pretty woman,

Dan: woman.

Howie: Prostitute one.

Dan: you knew what I meant those straight away.

Yeah, I think she was a bride in that as well. Towards the end, I think they get hitched don't know. She looks good in a wedding dress, I guess, and they just keep on putting her in it for weddings and a funeral courses. The other kind of elephant in the room is if you're going to talk about brides, Andie, MacDowell gets married there.

I think that's one of those ones where we talked about where

the left at the aisle, or, you know, something like that, or she does it to him as he's about to get married. And she said that she's split now. I think that's it. He goes to her wedding, Hugh grant and she goes through with it and he doesn't say anything.

His wedding. She turns up and says, oh, I've split up with my belly now, do you want to get together? And he goes, oh, actually, yes I do. Oh

Reegs: Really honestly.


Howie: more

Reegs: tons, more. I think this was that hard. Red dwarf, a star bug crashes on a Guelph moon. And they need to get an Oxy generation unit and they have to trade for, with the local golf tribe, the Kenner to Huawei. And they offer the many gifts to trade.

Any of you, big red

Dan: bulls,

Reegs: fans.

They're, they're the sort of horrible beast things like, you know, long hair. Well, it, it gets into that, the thing. But yeah, basically he'll only trade the parts that they need. If LR marries his best looking daughter, this horrible warty Olga thing, he describes her as less attractive than his own armpit after 20 games of table tennis. And she's called and so yeah, they have a wedding scene in a heart and she's dressed as a bride because apparently in Guelph tradition, it's the same as Britain, you know, humans. Yeah. Well, human Christian tradition that the bride wears white and listed there and they do actually go for plan B, which is listed legs.

It a

Dan: th this, this was a fantastic show though, really was, this was one that I used to watch a lot of

Sidey: shouldn't have brought it back

Dan: there there was one episode where he I think he, they were locked in and he took a lock serum and, and then he was able to get this like one in a billion code on the door and he just goes, oh, it's 5, 4, 2, 1 7, 9.

Oh. That was lucky. And opens the door and it gets away. It was just full of lots of brilliant comments, comedy, great sketches and

Reegs: One I wanted to bring up. But I can't remember which movie it is, so you'll have to help me, but it's one of the most defining features other than what you spoiled in bond for me the other week is, is that the one where she dies.

Sidey: He gets


Reegs: she dies.

 but yeah, so that, that always made quite an impression on me. That bond finally gets this moment of,

He finally gets his moment of happiness and then it's all cruelly robbed from him.

Howie: I was just gonna say the bond film, you mentioned you'd watched for your eyes only, is that the one where she gets killed? The one that Roger Moore falls in love with Jewish one. I mean, she gets killed on the sand dunes and the buggies.

Sidey: No, that's, that's sort of actually a secret service.

Howie: Oh

Sidey: Yes.

Howie: Cause I thought there was a rod. There is a Roger Moore one where he, somebody dies

Sidey: Oh the bog guys frequently die,

Three hours only has one without really irritating ice skater.

Howie: Oh yeah. The one who's a bit, it's a bit a child

Sidey: yeah

Howie: molester realizing

Sidey: Well, she comes on to him and he actually tells her no

Howie: I think you'll find I'm 58

Sidey: about 50 years older

Howie: knew all 14.

Sidey: A more done.

Well, I've got a few KIPP and Lafonda in Napoleon Dynamite you're kind of led to believe that she's fictional, he's being catfished or whatever, but no, it's, it's legit.

She is

she's the real deal. And they have this sort of synth backed sort of wedding where they do some karaoke


stuff And it's fucking incredible I really, really had the hots for Alyson Hannigan in Buffy. She played Willow and she was then whatever the character's name was in American pie movies.

And then they had a whole movie called American wedding, which was devoted to Jim and her

getting hedged and it's crap.

But she's hot. And I like,

Howie: I was surprised if you come up with the app, a film that you guys were

Sidey: it's on the

list here. Yeah. Mama Mia

Dan: that, and sound of music

Reegs: course, They didn't get


Sidey: but does sort of bride.

Dan: still a bride reeks.

Sidey: And then we should, of course mentioned the greatest star wars movie of all episode two, is sack of the clowns where Padma and Anna can get hitched.

And they're just

on their own

being watched by two joins as They get married.

Howie: So that's what we've all wanted really think of the cost savings.

Reegs: It's kind of draw you to be a witness to a marriage, I guess they


observe it


Sidey: they've witnessed everything in the entire history of the galaxy


I Muriel's wedding.


Reegs: That's a good one.

Howie: miracles.

Reegs: Yeah. I was thinking about that movie today. Do you remember, you know, Rhonda? I think it is a character who just fucking falls down and is like paralyzed, just sort of out of nowhere after they're having that, like awkward fumble on the couch

Sidey: yeah, I didn't see


Reegs: the sex scene thing coming.

It she's got a cup of tea and he unzips the

Sidey: the

Reegs: bag type thing.

Yeah Yeah a good

Howie: terrible

Reegs: Very bad things. Was Peter Berg's first movie back in 90 98, which was a long time before he directed Friday night lights. He also did the awful battleship and the fumbled Hancock.

Dan: a

Reegs: Yeah though. Yeah. He's the John Fabro one.

I really remember liking this movie maybe was,

Sidey: prostitute.

Reegs: Well, yeah, basically Jeremy Piven who seems who's onscreen and offscreen. Persona is basically the same thing now. Isn't it. And he accidentally kills stripper and porn star Coby, Ty. He impales her head on the back of a door. Doesn't even he's having sex.

Howie: it's a shower

Reegs: And maybe it's a shower, it's an accident. But it goes horribly wrong and then things get worse from there.

Howie: We've all been in this scenario.

Reegs: yeah, exactly. It's the stack duke on completely monumentally wrong in Vegas. Cameron Diaz plays the bride to be Laura. And when Favero breaks down and tells her what happened on his steak, do you know which now includes killing a security guard and dismembering corpses and burying them in desert and all sorts of other horrible things.

She won't be denied her dream wedding and she's a star, anyone who gets in her way, including Christine Slater who gets bludgeoned to death on her wedding day. And then it's got this brutal ending where Fabro ends up with his legs amputated. And Cameron Diaz is looking after him for the rest of his life.

It's like miserable, miserable. I should probably watch it to see if it is funny or just really horribly nihilistic. Like, like it sounds now

Howie: it links neatly into the film.

Sidey: Well, let's make our waiting list of four briars. How are we going to put in,

Howie: going to go for maid Marian, the animated Disney version.

Sidey: Okay. dad

Dan: W I'll already go for the godfather and that Boyd in that

Sidey: I'm going to keep it gangster as well.

Go for Karen

in good fellows.

Reegs: I'm going to go for the horror movie, ready, ready, or not starring Samantha. We Samarra weaving, which is all about a bride on her wedding day having to survive a night. And it's really good. I would recommend

Sidey: Cool.

Send us in your nominations

Dan: and your wedding photos

Sidey: of brides. We want pictures,

of the price from

all around the

Reegs: doesn't necessarily have to be yours. So is there any

Dan: Any

Howie: any videos?

Dan: gal? Really?

Howie: Oh

Reegs: boy.

Dan: Oh boy. Yeah.

Howie: Or Willem Defoe

Reegs: I

Dan: send any photos

Reegs: where brides are allowed to be boys. So I tried to, I wasn't sure about that. I wasn't sure

Howie: How is your work laptop typing all these search terms?

Sidey: I don't know.

Dan: Are we going to talk cheese?

Sidey: We all kind talk cheese down because we've got a plethora.

I dunno what the collective noun is for cheese, but we've got a lot of it

Dan: not a plethora

Sidey: because You've supplied

some down.

Dan: Yeah. It's not like me. Is it? There's some, some of this one, it's the one with hosing, you know, the one at home is Tom and Jerry cheese.

Sidey: Like a Dutch rudder or something


Dan: that's what they call it. I think

Sidey: we've got the remnants of last week's cheese. I have also bought along a Colston, Bassett blue Stilton, very classic It's creamy and smooth with well-balanced blue notes handmade by a small dairy using traditional methods,

Dan: What is the

Reegs: Um Traditional

ma hands made out of real


Sidey: rent it And

milk and

Dan: right

Reegs: is that it there?

Sidey: No.

it's over there.

Dan: the, the one with bits

Sidey: it's the thin slice because blue.

doesn't always go down

that road here.

I've also got.

a hands Becks.

Howie: Ah

Sidey: Which isn't a, it's a pasteurized cow's milk, cheese, organic, rich buttery, triple cream cheese,



yogurt tea notes made by nettle bed Creamery. with their own


Howie: be good though. So a person who likes cheese is called a tourer file.

Reegs: Yes.

I did know that

Howie: to add to your name

Reegs: I know. I did know that. Cause I looked up once

Howie: and a group of cheese.

This is good. That board over there is known as a truckle of cheese,

Sidey: truck,

Dan: truck,

Howie: of

Reegs: How'd you spell truckle

Dan: truck,

Howie: T R

Reegs: or brother

Howie: Yeah. As in a trucker version version, one of us is dead. One of us is dead. Let's that's the song that they do.

Dan: theme tune.

Sidey: And then

we've got leftover of Mrs. Pickle, pots extra chili pickled onions.

Reegs: Now I had an interesting experience for them last week because yeah, because Peter gave me one and I was all like, woo. And I was all like, oh, that was really tame, blah, blah, blah. And then I had another one and it assaulted me.


Dan: some of this cheese just goes over Pete's head

Sidey: I also

Dan: doesn't quite get it

Sidey: I also think he'd be really upset if we ate

all the pickled onions and not leave money for next week.

Dan: So let's do that

Sidey: how he's also supplied some post. Cheese cake,

Reegs: Yeah. Of which has already had an absolute punishing.

Sidey: We've got cherry Bakewell some French fancies and some coconut macaroons

Dan: w with, with the usual beverages. Well saying that we don't have coffee on the go today.

We've got tea, Assamese tea. And

Howie: and then we had a power cut.

Dan: yeah, we had a slight Flomex with power because there was too much heat in the

Howie: it was when it was just, there was too much coming off us, first of all. And then the,

Dan: extended to the electric fires.

Howie: century electric iron fire next to me that almost set fire to a poker table.

Sidey: Well that segues very neatly actually into this week's main feature, which was gone girl. As nominated by me

because I've

never seen it.

I have. Now

Dan: Have now went to the cinema to see

Sidey: Wow You don't go to the cinema

Dan: no, no. It was a

Sidey: What was it.

about this

Dan: it I think it was a date night, actually. It was one of those that.

We're going to the cinema and this was the choice that we made. Yeah. Yeah.

Howie: jobs on the back row.

Dan: was you start looking over each other. I mean, from that, from the first scene he, he's kind of stroking a, a hair and on the, on the, on the bed and you think, oh, and then he's saying, what's going on in there? What's what are you thinking about?

What you, what you feeling and I'm, I want to crush my wife's head and you're like, whoa, why? Okay. And you, you kind of get an early sense of, of this relationship and it's yeah, not as

Reegs: well, it puts you off balance straight away, doesn't it? And then it's straight away. You've got the suggestion that he's

Dan: Well, it makes you think I'm not the only one.

Reegs: And I bet you've got that, like in the opening seconds, that implication, that he's violent towards women. And that is something that. Hinted at, and then fulfilled a couple of times throughout the movie, which is interesting.

Dan: So give us a summary then Sidey, what this, this was about. How did it start over then? The bit that I've just said, how it started?

Howie: and how this is structured.

Reegs: no, that's right. That's okay.

Sidey: It It's

their wedding anniversary. It's The fifth wedding anniversary, which is significant.

because it's

Dan: Yeah, well, th th there, those, that couple that remembers all that shit straight off, aren't they all, she is at least there's,

Sidey: she doesn't miss

Dan: she doesn't miss much.

She's really Uber smart. And, and they've this

Reegs: called you don't remember your wedding days

Dan: I did a champions league fine, or it was it was arsenal Barcelona, layman got sent off early doors. You remember it?

Reegs: Do you remember that? Yeah,

Dan: that? They May 17th, 2006. So remember but that wasn't there. Same thing going on

Sidey: well he comes home on their wedding anniversary and she is not has disappeared gone, if you Yeah

Howie: fifth wedding anniversary, and he plays is he an aspiring writer or teach? No, it's her parents it's even worse. That's why it makes it even worse.

Dan: She,

kind of had the idea that the parents then gave it structure a lot. Like Ryan's parents were doing Ryan's world where he's got kind of an idea and they've just said, oh, there's something in this little exploit that idea and turn it into her idea and put it all in a trust fund for her.

But in fact, they just over lived their lives to spend all that money, as well as we, we find out,

Reegs: the children's books are, they overshadow her completely because they're like an idealized version of what Amy,

Dan: Yeah, amazing. Amy M she played in the volleyball team, but got cut. Amazing. Amy made varsity and then you've got, you know, she was amazing.

Amy was you know, on the debate team where she got.

Not so far. So everything that she wasn't quite perfect at amazing Amy, this character that she had help invent with her parents. And it made her fortune was amazing at

Sidey: So There's some evidence around the GAF that there's potentially been a bit of a struggle.

That all is not well. That potentially Nick, is it Nick? Has murder.

Dan: well as the viewer though, you, you know, that's not true all the way through. There's never any kind of

Howie: well, it's not explicitly laid out because his day starts by him going, he goes around the town, he goes to a bar.

He has a drink straight away

Reegs: owns a bar called the bar

Howie: with his, twin sister with his twin sister. And then he goes back home and then he sees the, he kind of turns up. She's not there. There's a table overturned with smashed glass.

And that's when he's, I think in that situation, I would be a lot more panicky than he is he's color or she's, I don't know where she is, but that's, as you realize, that's just his attitude to it.

He's not a panicky person. He's somebody that just, there are those sorts of people, but they, but the perception of them is that they come across badly to what is now a hugely media run circus, because we have so many of these and it gives an opportunity for us all to go, oh, he did it, or they did it. And that's how it all works.

That's how the sort of story is being framed at the moment of he's the, he's the husband that doesn't look as sorry. And as worried as he should be.

Dan: But as, as the viewer, you see him go into the house asking Amy, how are you doing? You know, so you know that he's not killed her because you wouldn't go and shout in an empty house to, to full nobody.

Would you? So I always understood that he wasn't, the, he didn't really kill her. Maybe something else had gone on, but there was a case of mistaken identity here and he invites them the police, as you say, they're involved. And the police detective as seen these kinds of scenes before, normally it's, it's somebody who knows the victim.

So she's going around the house with one kind of thought on that as well. When he is innocently kind of showing oh, this is that. This is that. And there's little spots of blood that she catches and there's evidence of The, you know, the, the room being staged for a fight rather than actually having had a fight, if a hair expert, I say she's straight away, not a hundred percent believing the story, but following up on leads and things.

And as you say that the eventually after two or three days they saying, whoa, it's we're going to have to put out a press release and you're going to have to go and find the media and the television, which is where we see him. Exactly. As you said, how are we not really engaging and, and not how maybe the, the stream viewer immediately.

Look as a grieving person, who's, who's lost a, their wife or something.

Reegs: Yeah Well, he makes the mistake of being caught comically smiling, basically. It's, it's pretty, it's where he's kind of aloof and he's got reasons for that as well, which come out later too. He's accosted in the corridor of the press conference thing by a girl who was in episodes.

Did anybody watch that the Stephen Mangan terms and Greg thing? Yeah, so she was in that and she also liked there's this awkward encounter where she takes a photo of him in, and then he asks her to delete it. And she doesn't. So the movies, like you said, it was sort of playing around with perception and what people want to look like in the media and that sort of thing.

Dan: So what we've got is this famous child author missing, and her husband

Reegs: Well, she's not the author. It's important because it looms over her. She's the parents are the authors of it. It's this idealized thing. And it's obviously been like emotional abuse for throughout her life. This amazing Amy hanging over you, literally this amazing thing.

And he'd kind of swept. We missed her being because this movie jumps around in time. That's why we're flummoxing a little bit, but we'd met them earlier in the film where they had this big case in a, in a sugar thing that had come out of the back of a bakery. And they'd had those, one of those like witty meetups that only people in a Hollywood

Dan: really cool people have.

Reegs: And


pat flick hides his chin.

And I didn't know if it was cause he suddenly, did you notice his physique?

Sidey: Donald Justice?

Reegs: yeah. And sometimes he looked enormous in this, so anyway, yeah, they've done the press conference. We've seen his marriage proposal to her. He describes her as having a a world-class vagina is that yeah. East belt in for questioning and th the police, they dislike him really don't they, they dislike is they're suspicious and they're certainly resentful of him as well.

Howie: they don't believe his story that all she does all day is sit at home and do things. She has no friends apparently, and these things start to unravel.

They aren't quite what he says they are, but through no fault of him,

Dan: well, we, we learn then that there's another girl on the scene as well. Because as his life closes in and the media circus around them and the police and everything evermore looking onto him the amazingly amazing Emily in Koski comes on the

Sidey: you may have seen her in the blurred lines

Dan: yeah, well, I follow her on Instagram. She's

Howie: and in general you follow her.

Dan: wherever I can. So she's his lover and student and she's having an affair.

Reegs: It partially explains

Nick Dunn's aloofness, and general anxiety, or maybe lack of emotional engagement in what's going on.

Apart from the fact that obviously their marriage has become troubled, which we see

Sidey: they both lost their jobs and they had that They'd been forced to move back to this town

from New York,

Howie: to look after his mom,

Reegs: His mother had cancer. There's a series of sort of unfortunate, huge life events. Like you say, they both lose their job, which would be enormously horrible. Then the parents need to borrow all her money from her trust fund.

Because therefore they've got no money. And then like you say, they had to move to, and he kind of just makes the decision. We're going to go. And

Howie: Wisconsin

Reegs: no, it's Missouri because they've got the death penalty there.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. So that, so they're in a place where they don't really want to be. And they, in this marriage, they've kind of, they've always had this agreement. They're not going to be a certain couple. They're not going to be the couple that always on each other's backs and things.

They're still going to be cool. They're still going to do all the things that they want to do with their lives. But increasingly they take advantage or disrespect each other to the point of moving to Missouri without actually having that conversation or, or given away all the money that she's got.

And ask him for a prenup before that they're getting married and things. So there was a little bit of static that was in the, in the marriage.

They've taken jumps and they felt they'd done each other favors without it really being appreciated or recognized. And, and so there was a resentment that had been building up and that had led to this affair because she caught them kissing outside the bar one night.

And that's when

Reegs: Recreating that moment in the

Dan: Exactly Even that's it, he did the same shit she did on him with this new girl. And and that really, really her,

Reegs: back in the present is a midnight vigil and Noel comes forward who we haven't seen before, but she's a neighbor and she's like, oh, I knew her Amy really, really well.

It was a best friend. And he's like, I don't even know who this person is. Never met her before. And she shouts out she was pregnant.

Dan: And then he's kind of why

Reegs: he's flummoxed by this

Dan: And sure enough Noel and and Amy had been friends, they were there's photographs of them together. There's photographs of them having drinks and with the kids and everything.

So this guy's understanding of his wife just seems to be further and further from what the police are beginning to in their

Reegs: again, doesn't it because we find out as well that he'd upped her life insurance

Howie: and financial troubles. He bought all these like golf clubs and TVs, and he's like, I haven't got a clue about any of this.

Dan: And it's only a matter of time before the the young girl with the student, his lover breaks her silence as well.

So they start looking at lawyers because

Sidey: well, while all that's going

Dan: next closing in,

Sidey: We then get the, the flip of, I think the, in the bottom corner of the screen, it pops up and says how many days she's been gone. And then we get, she appears Rosemont pike and she explains exactly what's going on. Exactly how she's done it. How meticulous our plan is.

And you're

Dan: Well, this bit is really fucking freaky because this is the bit you want all your, your wives and your girlfriends, just to stop listening to, because the ideas that came out, it was, they were just so clever when they, I mean, she said it takes time.

Sidey: She's planned everything She's

Dan: it can be done.

Sidey: She's

got a drip, she's she's dreading blood into a pot She writes the entire diary that incriminates him just in one day.

She just writes this whole thing out.


Howie: cleans badly.

Sidey: Yeah. It's all you see


Dan: Oh, he's

Sidey: warped mind is

Dan: and it's

Reegs: Well, she she befriends that idiot neighbor and get so drunk on lemonade and then sort of breaks the toilet or whatever. So she collects her peers so she can pretend that she's pregnant. I mean,

Dan: And that, that idea wasn't it, it was like collect sort of your, your pregnant friends, pice, put it into your doctors, then you've got a pregnancy on your record. And so then she had this kind of proof of being

Reegs: she's got this fake pregnancy and she's staged the crime scene to make Nick look guilty. And then she's fucked off to miles away, a lodge in the middle of nowhere, perfectly cut her hair

Sidey: and

Reegs: dyed it in a toilet somewhere,

Howie: And she's left an envelope that says clue one.

Reegs: yeah,

Howie: And so there's a treasure trail.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, we kind of skipped that bit in the whole first bit. There is, they've had this thing on their wedding anniversary where they send each other or she sends clues and it was sort of fun at first, but now it's gone a bit twisted.

Dan: Well I think it's just the pressure that he kind of puts on himself in trying to keep up with this amazing, you know, when somebody bought you an amazing president or somebody has done something so fantastic and you think brilliant, and then they do it again, then they do it again.

And again, it suddenly puts on a bit of pressure for you thinking, what the fuck should I do? Like yeah. And he's feeling this he's he kind of later on admits, you know, I, I was punching really, I was shooting. I was acting as this brilliant, clever, larger than life person, but actually I just wanted to sit on the couch and watch football, you know, whatever he wanted to do, whereas she was much more creative and exceptional than that.

Reegs: So her plan is basically to fuck off to the middle of nowhere with a load of cash, change, her name completely to Nancy.

It seems to involve killing herself is the end

Sidey: She has a post-it note. It says, kill yourself.

Reegs: which is the ultimate act of framing neck. I guess

Howie: was she intending to actually kill herself? Is that

Sidey: Well, she takes the post off, so I guess she changed her mind, but that was, that was certainly thinking at one

Dan: and it was more than one point.

I think that that post, it was changed on different dates that she, she kept on moving it forward. So she's in a, in a place where she's found out basically about the affair and she wants revenge. I mean, this is kind of like Glenn close Michael Douglas fatal attraction film, but you know, in a completely different viewpoint where she's saying, no, I'm not going to be the one I was going to kill myself.

I was going to kill myself. Why should I. And she flipped that stuff around and she knew she was clever and patient and manipulative enough to make it all happen. And that's what she's trying to put in place here. So yeah, she's taken a different identity. She's living in a, like a motel miles away, like 12 hours after the disappearance is perfect.

Reegs: Next, getting slaughtered in the media. There's some,

Dan: they hate him.

Reegs: they hate him. They've already convicted him. So he goes off to New York to find Tana bolt.

Sidey: well, we see some of these these sort of daytime TV programs. with These awful hosts. where they, they're doing Exactly what you just said. there, because they're just saying that

he's guilty, you know,

that this guy's a murderer And it's do you remember in the Simpsons when he's got the, Venus candy on the girls. It's that sort of program. where it's So like, you know, just paying this, guy's a monster, but it's, you know, it does look like that way, but

Dan: Trial by

Sidey: Yeah this

Reegs: Well, we know he didn't do it. She's the complete psycho here. So

Sidey: but it's that, it's this sort of stuff.

These are some of the points that I really liked about the movie was that, yeah, she's a psycho but, but you're conflicted because he's not a sympathetic character either. So you're like, oh

where am I suppose?

yeah. And, and then all this stuff about the media, about the, because he does lawyer up, he, there's a guy there's a lawyer who specializes in this husbands, who've murdered their wife type scenario.



a a hundred thousand

dollars retainer, which he doesn't have, but his twin sister's gonna,

Dan: Mortgage your house, the ball, whatever twin sisters, fucking brilliant in there. She is, is solid. A friend and and sister.

He could ever wish to have, because she doesn't question him even really through the darkest moment seriously. And it's all pointed towards him. I

Sidey: figured it out

Reegs: Well, the lawyer has given him the contact details of two other people

who have had

experiences with her.

So one of them is Tommy Johara a guy who has been charged and convicted. I think of sexual assault. It turns out to be scoot. McNary, who's an actor. I quite like. And Nick goes off to meet him in a bar. And he says that he and Amy had dated for a while, but he like tried to back off on the relationship.

So one night she'd seduced him, told him that she'd wanted rough sex. And then she'd staged a scene afterwards that she'd like been bound and had a risk tied up. And then she'd like assaulted herself basically. And then claimed that she, that this guy had raped her. And he basically, he pleaded guilty to it because


Dan: pleaded to the letter, the

Reegs: exactly because it was just so, so obviously.

She's got it. It's a troubling aspect of the story that she's got a, you

know a history of faking rape is a big, you know, anyway, but this was written by a woman. So I don't know if that changes my mind or something. Maybe I misunderstand anyway, she's clearly really evil. And the other one is Desi Neil, Patrick Harris.

Dan: Yeah. He's a, he's an interesting character in

Sidey: that

Dan: as well.

Sidey: clearly still obsessed with her. not over whatever it was that they


Howie: wealthy American psycho vibe coming off of him.

Dan: Yeah. He's he, you don't really find, I, I don't remember them explaining what his job was, but he was obviously like CEO of something.

Company, because he was, he, yeah, he w he was driving around in kind of Lamborghinis lives in

Reegs: wait. He says to her, I'll come and live in my lake house is


Dan: you up there. It's secluded and private and everything. Perfect. You're so good to me.

Reegs: And it is pretty buzzing

to be fair

Sidey: But What had happened because she calls him out of the blue '

Howie: cause she, the people she's basically abandoned life and is in like a equivalent of a trailer park, holiday home. She befriends a younger girl and the robber who she, this younger girl basically sauces as something's not quite right.

And she gets an idea of what's going on and her and her boyfriend, who's just as bad hold her up. I think he might be knife point.

Sidey: She dropped

out a stack of my


Howie: Yeah. And they, they, they, they take all our money off of her and she realizes that she's, that, that, that plan route is fucked. So she needs to go down a separate route, which is to get into the clutches.

The name of the chapters is Casey Desi. Thank you. And she goes to disease and Desi lives a life where in this, like I said, lake house, it's got video cameras everywhere, and already, as soon as she comes in and sees the cameras, you can see her thinking about and plotting what she's going to attempt next.

And she sits down for a meal with Desi and they're watching TV and Ben Affleck's character. Nick does a press conference integrators interview. Doesn't they with like a one-to-one interviewer.

Sidey: Yeah, It was really good that same because that woman clearly is, is gunning for him. And they've tried to prep him his lawyers I'll prep. You like us to deposition.

This is what you're gonna say. You need to be, this certain terminology. works better and blah blah. blah. And at

that moment, the students. gives her.

press conference

And they're like, right, we're fucked. We can't go on this now because this moment has been taken away. We cannot do it.

And actually Nick, Ben Affleck says no,

no, I'll do

  1. and he goes on and he fucking wows them. Just by being, obviously he's manipulating

Howie: it,

Sidey: a bit, but he's just accepts all the criticism.

And then you just cut to the aftermath. I don't know what it is that she goes and looks out of the internet because oh, you crushed? It is, there's like some instantaneous,


pole Yeah. like

you're amazing. That's what they see. And so she needs to start putting a plan into overdrive and it just gets fucking twisted.

Dan: Well it does. And so at this stage, he is still a firm suspect in the, in the murder of his wife.

And he he's, he's not, not quite at that point where he's still on. The television is just after that he gets charged, but he's lied to his sister on a couple occasions. One notably been the the student, the, the lover, but on a couple of other things, he's, he's kept his twin sister in the dark over things, which is really damaged her confidence in him.

And at one point she does kind of question, is there anything you're not telling me? And I, and she says, look, I would never ask you. You know if you did it, but is there something you're not telling me because let's face it, you bullshit. So there's that going on as well? And that's his most loyal supporter, really?

The, the person who who's got his back for everything. So yeah. She's then this seen this, this is crazy. So she's she started to put together a video diary of her having been raped and abused by Desi for 30 days

Sidey: gives us some clothes and stuff, and he just wants


Dan: oh, he's looking after her,

Sidey: morph into this sort of relationship straight away.

Dan: he he's, he's obviously, as you said, little bit twisted and lost and obsessed.

And he's been told as much, a couple of times, isn't he? I think to stay away and she's kept him on a string. And now when she comes home from work, she finally got her light piece of the plan. She, she sees. But husband could have me back here, you know, he's, he's paid his price, I'll go back, but I need to get rid of him now, how I'm going to make it.

So she slices his phone as he's fucking her. And

Sidey: the stuff that happens before that. She she ties something around her leg because I was watching it with. the misses. my daughter didn't want

Reegs: one.

Sidey: And so what the hell is going on? And like, she's going to pretend that she's been held captive. You know, and she says she's clocked where the best cameras are and she's in the banging on the window, screaming, and then she gets this, what happened next?

She got the wine bottle.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Takes the wrapper off moments, like what is going on? I'm like, it's a rape, You know, she just see I reached the wine bar down and simulates a, basically a sexual


Reegs: she shows up for us. You learn later.

Sidey: fucking

Reegs: yeah. So she's simulating a rape.


Sidey: Yeah.

And then

Dan: I think he don't, they don't twist it. They just kind of push it.

Sidey: Okay Dry,

Dan: Try. Yeah.

Sidey: He comes home and she instigates sex and it doesn't go so well.

for him.

Dan: No, no, not at all. It's over all far too quickly,

Reegs: Super,

super hard though

Dan: it is his life. And then,

Reegs: So she's looking absolutely amazing basically. And she just grabs him. She can't have enough of him as he get, as soon as he comes through the door and she puts the, slams him down on the bed and then she reaches under the pillow and pulls out a box cutter that we'd seen earlier.

And she just slashes his throat. We'd done all this already

Sidey: no no


Reegs: okay Yeah. So

Sidey: just seemed to like

Reegs: slashes his throat and his fucking blood, absolutely everywhere. And she's sort of on top of him as well, I

Dan: she does seem to

Sidey: just seems to let it ride down or no she's not phased by

Dan: no, no, she's she got it everywhere. And then her next scene, she, she rolls back home food in the car where all the press there outside.

Sidey: And,

Dan: and it's quite funny actually, because he comes out and sees her. And she staggers over like, oh, the, the victim. And as she falls into

Reegs: she swoons

Dan: he, yeah, that's his first words, are you fucking bitch? And she then

Sidey: Scott

Dan: So he's got a catcher in front of all the cameras. And

Reegs: right What are the amazing things about this movie? Is there any normal movie would have ended right there, but this one goes on for like another half an hour. So it's great. Cause that, that would have just been, you know, any other trashy movie,

Dan: Oh yeah. Yeah. Guess what happens next or whatever, where they tell you in this

Reegs: They tell you exactly. And what happens next is that she weaves now a fabricated story to the cops about Desi raping her. Cause she staged it. Even though some of that, like the cop who was suspicious of bat Fleck Is now suspicious of her and saying like, hang on a minute, this there's, none of this adds up.

And they were all just hand-waving it away because it's this, the story kind of makes the optics make sense

Dan: Well, now, now everybody had loved Amy. You know what I mean? It had been all over America. Everyone had hated him. And it's all turned back onto the head. She's got a legitimate story of how she's

Howie: escaped

Dan: escape. There's apparently videos that she's made, which obviously stand up after the investigation and the police want to wipe their hands of it.

They've got other stuff to do. The media has kind of taken it on now and there be moving on to other things to do so that the original copper is taken off the, off the case and, and told, you know, you just wasting time here. Don't put this woman through anything more.

Howie: and then you get to see Dick

Sidey: fucking big.


Reegs: It seemed to me a big thing. Isn't it? Yeah.


Howie: it. Got a lazy, low bone.

Reegs: I mean the hospital though, they just send their home drenched in blood. Yeah. Well just because they must've enjoyed the idea like we did, if the symbolism of her washing the blood off in the child with her,

Sidey: because

Reegs: it's the only reason that explains why

she goes

Dan: time about a wash after being catered in

Reegs: it's

stupid but it's stupid.

The whole movie is kind of really, I did really enjoy it, but we'll get into that. But

Howie: Could have easily had a wire, just shove it up his ass, come on. Yeah. Details. Those spy pens that you used to be able to get, you know, with the microphones.

Reegs: But I don't think they bang. No. Do they? It's all about establishing that he's not wearing a wire, like you say, but, and she's washing the blood off and blah, blah, blah. And everything's going to be fine now.

Dan: And to his credit, he's like, what the fuck? Isn't he he's like my wife murdered. Some

Sidey: and he's, he's out. he's tells a number of times I'm leaving.

Right. And she says, I've got you a gift.

And he says, no, instead. And I was thinking I was of what she knows that sort of shaped rectangular sort of flattish box and

he's like

open the gift. And they've got a letter. is that when there's the media and the GAF, it that reveal? Anyway, he opens the gift and there's a pregnancy test and it's

Howie: yes, it is.

It's just before the interview

Sidey: they come down the

Howie: with the proper news

Sidey: yeah the one who'd painted him

as guilty before now wants to suck up to them. as

Howie: accused him of

Dan: and he's like, well, it ain't fucking mine. No, it's not.

It's it's it's the guy she killed. It's

Howie: No,


his sperm

Reegs: it.

There was, there was a thing earlier about I think they tried for, he'd gone for a sperm

sample and there was a thing about she taken it. Yeah. Yeah. So she'd obviously like what Turkey basted herself or I'd and I got it done anyway. So yeah, she, it was his kid because that's what you'd want to do is have a kid now at this point with her.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. He's kind of forced into it then

Howie: I wouldn't be surprised if, well, obviously that holds Damocles sword above his head. If he ever leaves, she says you'll never see this child ever

Reegs: Well, but what does happen though actually is really quite astonishing because he it escalates it and he kind of grabs her and sort of slammed her head against the wall. It's actually pretty violent.

Cause he's a big guy as

Sidey: our account.

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: says back to them about 10 times

Dan: Yeah. And and she says, I'm a fucking winner, you know, I'm not gonna, you know this is what I do. I'm not going to quit. I killed to stay with you. That's how far I'll fucking go. And and then he realizes he is locked in.

He, he's just not going to be able to, to shake this. This woman for me is life. And He kind of goes along with it. Doesn't he? So on the, in the TV, they put on him again and, and we're having a baby. And then it's kind of told the whole world what a magnificent story. This is, you know, from the outside it's a woman got abducted.

The man always maintained his innocence, then he was innocent and then they had a baby and stayed together or what a supportive, lovely that's. And it's amazing. Amy is, you know, it's

Sidey: she says kiss my cheek. And it just kind of like leans over and goes nowhere. near and goes.


Dan: yeah.

Sidey: That's great.

Dan: It's it's

Reegs: And then I think it ends with the same shot at the beginning where she he's toying with her hair and she looks.

Sidey: She was someone

Reegs: there,



Dan: was something else. Yeah. I mean, and as you said, he wasn't a fantastic character himself, but he, he wasn't. He wasn't a murderer, you know, he wasn't the, the kind of things, but some of the dumb moves he made, like when there's the he's, he's having the interview for the one-on-one to kind of prove his innocence or convince people that he had nothing to do with the disappearance.

And he's kind of smiling at the makeup girl and, you know, those kinds of things you just can't help himself to do. He's just one of those kinds of assholes.

Sidey: I had had to do my notes before watching the film

Dan: reason.

Sidey: so I have a, it's quite formulate the way I do mine and I can kind of do it without reading everything but I had seen in the trivia

Ben Affleck's forefront or So I was really excited see as

Dan: Y yeah. Well, healthy meat.

Sidey: disappointed.

Dan: Yeah, it

Sidey: I think he also saw Neil Patrick Harris his deck as

Reegs: I don't remember his Dick

Sidey: for the price of, one.

Dan: There you go. And, and this film actually it didn't Dick around,

Reegs: I that's a kind of like trashy Paul Verhoeven style, like basic instinct, femme fatale, erotic, thriller thing, really well-made and well acted and proposed serous and stupid.

But you know, it's not very real, but yeah, it was great. I did

Sidey: I like the stuff about the

media And how it was, this is the reality of how things work is you have to, you have to win over it. It has to be, you know, the trial is a public opinion. You


yourself a certain way. So this

Reegs: himself is kind of a guy who's been through a lot of that as well.

Been through

Dan: Yeah, the bit of me too, about him, didn't he? For what, for one point didn't he have some

Howie: Allegedly

Dan: alleged allergy allegations?

Howie: Alec guys. Gosh,

Dan: I think, yeah, I think there was a Wikipedia thing that I read that it was somebody said that he felt Ross and somebody else

Sidey: said

Dan: know, that he, and he did say, I, I apologize.

I acted in appropriately nothing to Jimmy Savile about him or anything, but it was you know, it wasn't clear when it came to that, but and he played that part the new year in this, he was a womanizer basically.

Howie: I actually liked Ben Affleck's character. I was worried that I was just going to ask the fucking better. He's just going to talk like back then. And he didn't and. I think he was just a daft guy. Who'd got bored. It was a shit end of his life. His Mrs was just a psycho. And I think her behavior was at the point where he realized, you know what, doing treasure hunts every fucking year.

Isn't my thing anymore. And I genuinely think he wasn't a nasty person. I just think he was a fucking stupid person

Reegs: Well there there's other things going on though, because they had a lot of external pressures because the, both of them losing their jobs, the mom and cancer, all happening, having to relocate all happened in a small period of time.

And then the fact that she was completely mental as well. She's like a super villain in their slate. She could have been. Yeah. She's like knows the future. And like, she's amazing.

Dan: like you said, he is just a normal guy. Who's.

You know, disaffected with his marriage in his life and everything. He wants a bit of a change. He's met, there's some hot student who is really, really hot and he's been fucking her for 18 months.

So when the why finds out she's pissed off, but she just gets like, in the most, this is this plan to get even is just, or, or to, you know, as it comes around to get him back is just

Reegs: I think they should have chatted about it,

Dan: yeah. Maybe

Reegs: to some therapy together, maybe would be like, because I, you know, it's difficult.

Both relationships can come back from that. I think so.

Dan: I wonder in this film though, whether she, cause she seems really cool the whole way through like she's always in control of what she wants to do and really, you know, in a. Just I, but there is a kind of a flummox moment after she gets robbed in the motel.

Howie: Fragility

Dan: yeah. And, and she she's like panicking what to do.

Cause I don't think Desi was in the original plan.

Reegs: Well, no, because the original plan, I think, genuinely ended with her topping herself and then suddenly she didn't want to I

Dan: kind of,

Howie: well I knew, I knew she was a psychopath from the moment that she started writing a diary for fuck's sake.

Have you got anything better to do their diary crack?

And what the fuck? It's just so boring. Writing diaries is bought it's it's it's it's narcissistic to be writing a diary. It's fucking narcissistic to be writing a diary. I felt like this all fuck off I today, I went to the woods. Well done.

Fucking as a prize, she was a psychopath. I'm on Ben Affleck's team for this I'm if you've got time to write a diary.

Reegs: because of the diary,

Howie: Yeah, because it shows that she had nothing going on. He was doing, he was working in a school trying to sort something out, at least bring some money in. Well, she don't, she's fucking moping around the house being a psychopath, writing a diary, thinking about treasure hunts.

She's not paying the fucking electricity Belushi.

Reegs: Well

Howie: a mad

Reegs: that is a bizarre take.

Dan: Yeah. That, that one's, that one's different to how I saw it, but there, it was certainly with the diarrhea.

Howie: feeling the vibes. Pete, if I don't understand this film,

Dan: I think she was, she wrote that just to stitch him up. I dunno,

Reegs: Yeah, she did. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then she burned it in the furnace, but only a little bit so enough that you could read it still silly. But it's interesting that it was written by a woman, I think because the fact that she is a super villain rape fake.

It's a bit troubling as a female character, but then it's written by a woman. So I should maybe shut up about yeah, exactly. But it's all like troubling victim blaming stuff. And, you know, I dunno, I think Aflac is good in it because like, he was a bit of an asshole in real life, maybe around this point and then yeah,

Dan: he was good at it. And, and well, to be honest, it was, it was well acted throughout. It was there wasn't a poor performance and there was even having seen this.

And so knowing what happened it was a while back, it was on at the cinema it was lots of that. I'd forgotten, but I w I enjoyed this again, you know, watching it again, and I didn't think I would actually, because I didn't remember enjoying it that much the first time around, but just the way the films put together, it does jump forward and back plenty.

There's the characters that are in it. The, the media, how that portrays.

Yeah, the victim, the, the, the, the, the whole law system and everything that gets involved in, in the opinions is, is really interested in Israel. So

Reegs: Well, there's, there's like a consistent theme about that. Manipulation of reality and perception.

I think you were talking about it, how he, or she does it at the end when she tells her story, he does it when he's hiding things, you know, and then they're being primed to do it by different people in different ways to the media, to the police to each other. So, yeah, that's

probably interesting

Dan: did you think of the, the lovers breasts? Did you see those?

Sidey: I have seen them.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: You saw them there. They respect

Reegs: Yeah.

Yeah, they were.

Dan: felt that was

Reegs: He shot more than 50 takes for on average for this.

So he was a real perfectionist and I guess trying to catch it pretty much on average, I think that was the number of takes. He did aids for over 500 hours of footage. So he went all Kubrick.

Howie: popular.

Reegs: Yeah. John ham was nearly the Nick Dunn character, which I can see

a Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogan. No, it's a flat. No, isn't it. But yeah, really the star of the show has got to be Rozman pike being just bonkers, kind of mega reacting in some of this as well. So

Howie: our voice annoyed me throughout. It was like so slow and I'm fucked. And he was like a drawl. That was false. Cause obviously she's British, isn't she?

Yes. Her acting as a psycho. Amazing. I just got annoyed by her accent.

Reegs: She trained herself not to blink or something. I

Sidey: Oh that's Hannibal plastic, Hannibal Uh the score is bucking. excellent. Trent Reznor and Atticus Finch, who also did

Reegs: Yeah. It's quite a sleepy score though. I was listening to it today at work and I, it was,

Sidey: yeah, I haven't, I haven't listed it Obviously with the film, but it was inspired by David Fincher had a trip to a spa and the music there was obviously supposed to be a relaxing, but it made him feel really uncomfortable.

so that was

the brief he gave to them

for that

Reegs: Yeah. I can get that. That's exactly the vibe I would have if I had the words. Yeah, no, that's good.

Sidey: The budget for this was $61 million. David Fincher's most successful



Reegs: I

Dan: It definitely made money.

Sidey: so it has made just shy of 370 million.

Dan: Cause I was about 14.

Sidey: yeah. Well, well done. That's so that's his most successful movie. Where would you rank this in his

Reegs: Somewhere towards the middle. I think I did enjoy this, but it surprised me all the praise. I probably preferred Zodiac and bike club and other David venture movies more than this, but you know, good. It is good.

Howie: Yeah. I agree. I agree. It was, I'm saying very different toward normally watch and. I agree with what you said most normal films would have stopped when she turned up bloodied on the driveway. And it was interesting to see the full development of the complete psychopath and the whole of fucky strapped.

Reegs: The kid is going to have a kid with her. It's crazy.

Dan: Yeah, that was, that was a real twist in the sister. Really hated it as well. I mean, she was almost like the.


only normal person in it in the whole kind of thing. And her reaction was generally, yeah.


Sidey: I really, really enjoyed this though. It was definitely

Dan: Yeah, it's, it's, it's something that, you know, if you're in for a thriller, then, then this is a good

Sidey: high school

musical, the musical,

is the Worst

titles program we've ever reviewed.

Reegs: No, it's great. I loved

Sidey: Did you like

Reegs: Yeah. I enjoyed that

Sidey: When I

Reegs: the gate.

Sidey: started, when I started to watch it, it made sense. but

Howie: I was gutted when it came on, because I was expecting high school musical, which I quite like, I think it's all right. You know, I've had it on in the background was cooking and

Dan: seeing it. This is my first exposure to

Howie: but

Reegs: Yes me too.

Howie: but this is a false representation of what high school musical is.

Reegs: well, no, but I think to people who don't care about it or have never seen it, this was a much more interesting way to introduce the concept rather than through nostalgia. So for somebody like me, who'd never seen any of them. This was actually the meta aspect, which I thought was going to annoy me didn't at all.

Because it's set in the real world where high school musical was a thing and yeah.

Dan: Yeah,

east high,

Howie: Well, that's

Dan: that's where the original idea for high school musical had come for me.

It'd been a big hit show and they're bringing it back to somebody's bright idea is to

Reegs: well, she was a backing dancer in the high school musical, the original, and she's come back as a drama teacher to stage a musical because they'd never had the musical of high school musical at the high school where high school musical,

Sidey: the

Reegs: the musical

Howie: Have you seen,

Reegs: filmed.

Howie: have you seen examples of real life, high school musicals in real high

Sidey: No thank

Howie: F fucking terrible?

I would S I would quote a lot of them in Jersey as well. They often get put on Twitter. This is our high school musical year eight bollocks. It's absolutely.

Sidey: think back to my schooling

and there would've been no one willing, you know, it just wouldn't have been a thing. It would Not in a million years.

Howie: Well, one of the teachers would have taken you into the habit Davis theater and had really gone for a good pounding on the drums with you. But

Dan: Yeah, no, they're really keen in this though. Aren't they, all the students are signing up. It's like, suddenly you can be the coolest person ever

Howie: if you've got a clipboard.

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: he was good. I liked

Sidey: That's the crux of the story is that the, this young couple Mimi, isn't it. And

Reegs: Ricky.

Sidey: and Ricky And we get some flashbacks too.

Yeah well, first of all, he says that he put the relationship on pause and then shit. they meet up

Dan: yeah. Typical teenage scene in a bedroom.

Sidey: She says she says,


W you know I, I met someone. And then it flashes back to what happened was she had written this song.

and post on Instagram.


Reegs: I think Coco in a, you know, on a ukulele, it was,

Sidey: yeah. She, she tells him that she loves him and he shits himself it doesn't know what to do.

And that's when he puts the relationship on pause. So she's heartbroken. And she is now with this, a jock who can fucking dance and sing and fucking do everything

Yeah. He seemed like a Dick

Reegs: had though how it was on point.

Howie: I see this is where, that is one example of why the Mrs. And I went, this is fucking terrible.

And an example of oversexualizing teenagers immediately from this whole, the fucking what? 15 sick. They

Reegs: Well how old are They supposed to be I don't know,

Howie: because if they're 15, 16, I think it's.

Sidey: The juniors.


Howie: Yeah. So it's, it's the whole thing. I'm sat there with my 11 year old daughter. And the data me's going, you're not going to fucking go near any blokes until you're at least 25.

And they're multimillionaires that sort of comedy rad dad put. But the point is there seems to be a lot on American star, teen dramas and stuff. You've got to get so involved with the other sex, or

Sidey: that I thought

Howie: heavy handed it's constant. I mean, I don't remember

Sidey: finger. I

he has a little kiss. It was, there was not even any time with, I thought the relationships were pretty appropriate for

the age

Howie: will know, I'm not talking about the, the graphicness of, I mean, it's that getting in so deep the telling

Sidey: teenage hormones. I

Howie: whoa.

Reegs: Yeah but that was the story though.

That was, she told me she loved him and had this big public


of affection and he freaked out and broke the relationship. But that's, that's how it starts, you know? And you can see that happening with, I dunno, they supposed to be 15 or 16. So are you

Howie: Do you know anybody that publicly people were telling each other that maybe it's a generational thing.

Did you know of people saying, I love you at 15,

Reegs: 15.

  1. Yeah. I knew they were probably a couples where that happened. Yeah, of course they did.

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: I lived a very sheltered life.

Sidey: well, so basically as soon as he gets wind that she is now dating

Howie: jerk

Sidey: High, first sexy, super achieving, student, he realizes he's made a fucking blender and he needs to make a play to win her back. He hates musicals.

He's, clear. he's been very emphatic about that. But the big grand gesture that he's going to attempt is to audition for high school musical musical

Dan: the high school,

Sidey: because it just so happens that despite his loafing of musicals, he can play the guitar and sing

Reegs: really well. And he does that. He does the song

Sidey: he had the better hair out

of the

Reegs: maybe, maybe

Dan: NASA debate, this kind of rage and rage. But

Reegs: didn't, he does the same song that she did at the beginning.

Sidey: How would you feel if,

someone had written you a song about like that and put it on social media for everyone to see

Howie: psychopath

gone, girl, gone go

Sidey: I would, have, I would have been


like, what are you

Dan: well, it all depends on who they are

Howie: Well, yeah, if you're married, if you're, if you're tragics like us and deep long-term relationships, if the, if my Mrs uses a form of social media other than picks what the

Sidey: she's still on friends United,

Howie: she's in my space, learning HTML three, whatever it is we'd be like, oh, that's quite cheesy and you've probably laugh.

But if you're 15, you'd be mortified. Absolutely mortified.

Reegs: There's they're setting up a sort of villain in the series at the audition who seems to be, I think it's own named Gina.

Howie: She's the better

Sidey: she's a sophomore.

She's older

Reegs: She, gets to do a good

Dan: oh the tall girl. Yeah. Yeah. She,

she looked too tall for the part though, is to play the lead character next to is it Ricky?

Who yeah, it's

Reegs: well, but at that point you thought it was going to be the other guy

Dan: Oh yeah, no, she would have suited EGA, Egypt. They could have been

Sidey: that's probably where I was going to go. Isn't it?

Reegs: well, that's what, that's where it was going in this, of course, until he does his big rendition of a I think I kind of want to, you know, and she the lights go out and then he illuminates her with his camera phone and she does this big swelling ballady

Dan: it me? Or is there a flicker from her that she might be interested in him after all.

Reegs: Yeah of

Sidey: she wanted a three-way,

Reegs: But then

Howie: she gets moist,

Reegs: there is a weird scene afterwards where she basically says to him, like, you've, gatecrashed my artistic expression


your thing.

Sidey: Yeah, she does it.

Reegs: and this is my thing, and now you're muscling in on it, which I thought was interesting.

Sidey: She said, You

don't get to come back and fucking do this now. Like, you know,

you fucked it

fuck off.


Reegs: that, it's exactly the debate. I think that

Sidey: be more more elegantly, like you said it though, to be fair.

Dan: So it was that the end of this, this one.

Reegs: pretty much.

Dan: Yeah. I didn't watch another

Sidey: Yeah, they, they, they slapped the, they start the cars cause they, it is the audition. They, you know, they're all these sort of like stupidly good looking kids do their thing and they slap up there. who's made into which part and that, that was basically the end.

Dan: sure. The auditions quickly though. And they were dancing and they were brilliant. They were really, really

Sidey: it's like you know, fame for

Dan: yeah,

Reegs: yeah.

Howie: school kids.

Reegs: No, but they could, you could see, they were all talented that when he just gets the guitar out and saying great, absolutely great, really talented.

Dan: It reminds me of Kurt Zuma when he raced away off to that

sorry rate.

Reegs: This was good.

Yeah, I

Howie: it was terrible.

Reegs: I enjoyed this. It was really sincere. I


the, the aspect that the like whole matter aspect of it

Sidey: was

Reegs: off, but because the whole, the series aspect of high school musical, the musical, the series is it's this sort of folk mockumentary thing, which actually doesn't get explained, I guess, in this episode, but maybe does

Sidey: camera is like it's like an observer.


It's sort of moving around it's

like somewhat,

Reegs: It's yeah.

It had a kind of arrested development type vibe to it. But without the cynicism, to me, I thought this was kind of endearingly sweet. And I didn't see

Howie: Oh, there is absolute bollix and if anyone watches it and likes it, you must love am DRAM, but being like ironically terrible.

Reegs: and the songs were

Howie: No, but high school musical is. Yeah, I don't like it, but I totally appreciate the original movie in terms of, yeah, they are really talented kids. They are of a stage school. It's going to be smarmy. It's going to be cheesy. There's going to be stereotypes. It's going to be the jock is going to be the, the

Sidey: oh hacker is a bit Zac

Howie: is grown a bit today in a it's worse helmet, head and Lego man and isolation all mixed into one.

But I just, there is so much tripe in this, that Disney had just gone as another fucking money, spent a less drag this out.


Reegs: for people like

Howie: My kids hated it and they liked high school musical.

Sidey: I said to her, right, You're going to watch this one with me and

she's like,


what is

it It's blah, you know, just sit down and watch it? And she, I think she lost a 10 minutes.

Like, can I go play with something? And I said, yeah, go on. Then she just, I think they were just a bit too old for her. It

Howie: That's what I thought. I get the concept. And yes, it's an original idea of the, it being like Metta. But I think it detracts from the original product, which actually is obviously a successful product, which isn't to my taste.

But I appreciate for the skills and talent that people have that do it.

Sidey: I really thought that I would fucking detest this but I'm so surprised.

Howie: you got into it

Sidey: First thing was service. Like that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going

to be.

a I mean, don't run, we're going to sit and watch the rest of the series. But if my daughter had been into it and wanted to watch more, I wouldn't have had a problem with

Reegs: it.

It was a bit long would be my only

Sidey: yeah, this was 38 minutes.

I don't know if that's because it's the pilot. Maybe the rest of slightly short. I don't know.

But it was all


Dan: Yeah.

I was, I was in the same kind of places as you. I dunno whether you haven't seen the original detracted four, have you seen the original? So I dunno because you've seen the original movie, whether that kind of made you feel differently about

Reegs: they have a diary in it. Is that why you hated it so much?

Howie: No there was, there was this bit where this bloke drove a bus and he just laid in bed and nothing really happened.

Dan: Ah, you

Howie: And then

Dan: any poetry in there? It

Reegs: have a an ambiguous relationship with his wife upon which you could project all sorts of


Howie: It already bad air cut like me, but apart from the.

Watch the original, I reckon, I reckon Nellie will like it, the, like the original, she watched the film, not the TV series. Watch the film. Yeah. Watch the film, not the TV series. And it spit dated in places because it's, God knows how many years old it is now.

Dan: Yeah. And, and this is why I was kind of surprised, but wasn't because I thought, well, I've heard of this. I knew it was a massive, massive hair it's gone over. And the fact that this was pretty decent, shouldn't surprise me too much, but there's they often get things wrong they have for you. But for me, this was decent enough.

Again, if my daughter had wanted to watch more artists and watch the river

Reegs: and they did talk about it's okay for on a bit. And he's pretty cool.

Sidey: Yeah, I

do like about Zac Efron.

Howie: good mustache in a minute.

Sidey: What's that for?

Howie: just growing a mustache. No, no, no. He's just grown a Mazy.

Sidey: Enjoyed. I think some tremendous nominations from myself, even if, I do say, so few technical girls this week. So hopefully that doesn't derail us, but I do have the nominations from Pete for next week. Dan, are you ready with your


Dan: down?

Sidey: the top five, his top five movie mirrors.

The midweek mentioned is the Fisher king. Is that right?

Is that what I

Howie: said

Sidey: the main feature is the shape of water.

The fish

fucking film, and the kids thing is epic tales of captain underpants, season one episode one,

Howie: Corey, tell you that some certified winner

Sidey: that's on Netflix

For your viewing pleasure


Reegs: how we seal of approval straight away.

I don't use anything. That's sleeveless on a man. I it's just too

Howie: No, no, this look, this look it's like a Bananarama.

Reegs: I probably prefer that. Look to the, just the sleeveless look.

Howie: Can't get away with anything in this fucking place.

Sidey: Okay. So all that remains really is to say, Saturday, signing

Reegs: rigs out

Dan: Dan's gone.