Dec. 3, 2021

Hustlers & Teletubbies

Hustlers & Teletubbies
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This week sees us paying homage to the montage and though it's really an editing technique if you want to be pedantic about it which I do, they're a useful tool in the screenwriters arsenal too, perhaps being used to propel the plot forward as in the classic ROCKY-style training montage or maybe used to set tone and weave plotlines together as in The Story Of The Apartment sequence in the brilliant Brazilian crime drama CITY OF GOD. Join us as we chat through some of our favourite examples and as always, let us know your favourite too and we'll bring it up next week.
HUSTLERS (2019) is a movie based on a magazine article about a series of real crimes that took place after the financial crash in September 2008. Destiny (Constance Wu) is a new girl on the dancing scene and is quickly taken under the wing of alpha female Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) who teaches her the ropes at Moves strip club. When the money runs out the girls find themselves with limited options, and, desperate to bring back the good times to the club and make a quick buck for their various dependants, they decide to exploit their former customers by drugging them and running up huge credit card debt in their name. Given their clientele is made up almost exclusively of Wall Street types or shady sexual predators, this is essentially a victimless crime.
Teletubby Land was actually a farmer's field in Stratford-Upon-Avon so our frankly ridiculous speculation about the origins of the TELETUBBIES is largely redundant. Don’t think about that while you listen to us ramble. As fathers of course we have all seen the adventures of Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy and Tinky Winky many times before so it seems surprising it's taken us this long to get round to chatting about the giant, colourful space aliens, with their uncanny valley baby features and television stomachs broadcasting real world children's stories twice in the same 20 minute programme. Twice! What monsters these people are.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dad



Reegs: Welcome to about dad's film review. The podcast that saw the well and truly overcrowded film, enthusiast, genre, and thought asked to we did recently passed by and in fact smash through what was to us anyway, a pretty significant milestone, 25,000 downloads. That's pretty cool. it's all

Dan: day's work.

Reegs: It's not a lot to sum Sid and I are members of a technical community on podcasting and barely a week goes by where some mouth breathing, humble, bragging, true crime podcast that doesn't post a screenshot asking whether their podcast on true crimes involving the rape and murder of your dad, which has been released for 15 minutes and has 2 million downloads is performing.

But we were genuinely chuffed to hit that.

Sidey: Is this a good amount of downloads? or Fuck


Reegs: yeah and we it's witchcraft to hit that market and we genuinely only once used an automated bot,

Sidey: Yeah. Which he goes back to that. But I

actually was I was so

thrilled. I was run over by a

steam engine I was chuffed a bit.

Reegs: Oh, very good. But yeah so it's just real people who've listened to us, which is cool.

So thank you for listening to our sharing, our dubious takes and our infantiles in jokes and all that.

Dan: So

Sidey: it's about time you started paying us,


Dan: if we could have a pound for each download,

Sidey: That'd be lovely.

Reegs: This week show is of course, brought to you by co-host society, Dan and myself reeks. And we're going to be discussing the top five movie montage is

what did I say?

Montage. GEs Montage

Sidey: we do.

Reegs: Yeah, we're going to be talking about the 2019 Jennifer Lopez, true crime movie hustlers

and the preschool phenomenon Teletubbies,

which we as parents will times,

Sidey: Yeah. We were supposed to be joined by Howie, but he had to pull out

Reegs: He did let us know out his thoughts about the main

Sidey: We'll get onto that when we yeah.

Reegs: you've just returned Sidey from Lapland, where you were bothering elves and

Sidey: such.

Yeah. It was fucking great. Yeah. It's really good. Yeah.

Reegs: Tell us, I mean, spoil it for me cause I'm never going to go to Lapland. I don't

Sidey: It's really cold. It was minus 25 when we got there,

Reegs: it was

Sidey: Chile. We were the

first guests of the season,

but also for years because of COVID. So

when we got there, everything like the snow, everything was

just fucking completely immaculate.

It was crisp. We met the big guy met Santa. He was real, so that was good. Driver's snow.

Reegs: look good to you? Like, are there like elves working behind the scenes in the top?

Like where's the toy shop? Do they see that? And

Sidey: they don't see that, but you, you get the,

let's say the one, we mentioned

of course it's the real one. so we


you get

picked up


a reindeer, putting a sleigh and

you actually get in that and you go off

and it actually started snowing while

we were doing it was pretty fucking cool. Yeah. You fly in and you

land. And an elf comes out of this hot cabin in the woods type of scenario and she

Reegs: Is it a regular sized person, but are they wearing like Elfie is or

Sidey: like your height.

Yeah. You'd need to be, it was Chile. And then they show you

inside and you meet Santa and then we go, and that was

all great. But then we got to drive snowmobiles, which was fucking rad. That was so unfair. Yeah. So yeah, the big guy was there. My daughter had actually got him a gift. which was, he was blown away

by that.

Dan: the tables on the big

Sidey: fucking brown nose, trying to get on the good list.

like that Um

Reegs: smart ploy though

Dan: That's

Sidey: But there was one

particular family on the trip who uh complete, camp. so

that was good. Yeah,

Dan: not, you guys

Sidey: no, we were,

Dan: different set.

Sidey: no, fuck

  1. everything

is like, is quite a lot of organized funds. So it's you're at this hotel, it's a

lot of guests. So

the hotel is

full and the actually isn't big enough to be able to host everyone for say mealtimes

and all that So It's all divided into groups and you get a coach to wherever you need to go.

in those. this is the time. And they specifically


for that one you can't be fucking late because it is all fucking divvied out. time slots and whatever. So Don't be fucking wankers. and another one that

they were late for that. Of course. And another one,

the Husky sledding one, they were like half

an hour late. And it's like, You fucking ignorant council, like get on the fucking bus. and their kids were awful

Reegs: you the whole

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. I would have fucking had them killed

It instantly like without.

a hint of fucking like remorse. they should, should've been killed that's 13

Reegs: was there when they turned up where they, what was

their demeanor? Were they embarrassed or

Sidey: just couldn't give a fuck,

Reegs: but they ain't

Sidey: what? The one

Reegs: they English. They turned a

Sidey: They were, I think all west ham fans, They, the Husky one, they were late because they didn't

want to miss

lunch, get to lunch earlier. You fucked. Anyway, that's enough of that. They can mask.

The side effect of being away. Was that I did download.


had no wifi, I should say.

So. I

had preloaded my iPad with a few films to watch

when I had

a bit of downtime,

So I watched war dogs

I really liked Jonah hill and miles teller

one Joni has got some crazy life in there. I did enjoy that. And I

also watched Shannon.

Reegs: Oh, nice. I'm

going to choose

that one time.

Sidey: good. It's very good. I've seen that one yet. yeah, it's good.

And I've been also getting too, I've got a little bit left to go in it. The cop, the



wife, their lover, and

the thing here. yeah, And that's been good So far. I'm enjoying that. I'm also talking into

He-Man season


which has been Great. So far

Reegs: and Kevin Smith eat He just wouldn't leave

Sidey: alone started Hawkeye and also have queued up, but not watched. I was going to ask you, Dan, because this would be up your alley, the Beatles get back.

thing on Disney. Plus

Dan: No, I've not seen the Peter Jackson

Reegs: man. I

watched them. It's amazing.

Just doing get back.

Sidey: I've seen that clip Yeah.

Reegs: is amazing

Sidey: out of nowhere. just fucking out talent, real talent.

Reegs: Yeah.

But forced talent as well. He just makes it

happen out of

nowhere. It's just

Dan: yeah, that, I mean, that is, that is going to be well worth seeing. So it's out now that one in on Disney, is it right? Okay. Cause I, yeah, it was a few months ago.

I'd seen the trailers and everything look tasty. I've been waiting actually for the Netflix documentary, the book I've just been reading, which is beyond possible 14 peaks. And it's about this guy, NIMS, di perjury, or who decided to, it's just fucking crazy climb. All 14 mountains, over 8,000 meters in as quick, a time as possible.

The previous record was seven years. He said he would do it in seven months. Like literally he goes up Everest. He comes back down and then he goes up

and Mackaloo, which had the arms next to it within 48 hours. He's done all three. I mean, people go up.

So it was, it was basically visas and travel and that kind of thing, you know, it was just organization.

He could have done if, if there to just smooth the path and I'm floating for it had probably done it even quicker. It's not. So he know

Reegs: first time

Dan: it was his, he'd done some 8,000 meter mountains before I think two or three, he just found he was really good at them. I mean, he's a bad-ass guy, you

Reegs: matching that though. I'm

really fucking good at

climbing mountains. As long as they're 8,000, it's the 7,900.

I can't do it.

Dan: It's just incredible. The, the achievement, what he's done to show what is possible, because basically you would have said back in the 1950s, when you know, sad man, Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, a climbing Everest for the first time. What he's doing, then it would have been impossible. Of course, they got different equipment, you know, they've got better suits and everything to protect them from the cold radios and oxygen where they need it, but it's still the, the effort to have gone and done that.

Reegs: Did you say this was a Netflix

Dan: So this a Netflix documentary is out now and it's, it's really decent, but you know, the, the other climate ones who scene which I like to put here as a nomination, I think. So it will either be this one or free solo that

Reegs: I've seen

Dan: Quite a

Sidey: and so his brother

Dan: that's right.


Sidey: raked, he must have,

Reegs: Yeah, well, I had,

Considerable man flu and I was down for a while

and it

Sidey: down

Reegs: and it gave me

time to explore the Halloween franchise. And I started with number one, which is just obviously an absolute masterpiece and number

two, which I really fondly enjoyed Number three, I didn't realize it was

a completely

unrelated movie.

Very bizarre.

Can, you know exploding

Sidey: It's not Michael Myers.

Reegs: he's

briefly on TV at one point.

That's the

Sidey: he can never say no.

Reegs: now.

I would recommend doing what I did

actually watching more then four, five and six, which explores this bizarre cult thing. Six is terrible, but five is okay. And then it

sort of reboots

it with H2O,

Sidey: which

Reegs: remember I went to the cinema to, it was pretty good and

that kind of

picks up after Halloween too.

So and then the one after that, Two after that, which are both pretty dreadful. And then it goes to the Rob zombie ones and that's just awful. And I had to stop there,

Dan: never knew there were so many, to be

Reegs: yeah, there are a lot, but I was trying to build up to nominate the proper

rebooting I

haven't seen.

No. Well, the one before that

Sidey: though,

Reegs: there's ha

there's I think it's just called Halloween again, but it's kind of a reboot, made in 2018, which I'm led to believe was pretty good.

So I'm building up to watch that at some

Dan: we had a top five of mirrors.

Sidey: mirrors. Yeah, we did

We did have some, preachy nominated something, but only by the power of a gift. and I don't honestly know what it is.

Dan: No.

Sidey: you get back to us, get back to us and inform us,

That's J Gillen hall. That is,

Richie we need, We need closure

on that. Male all

the way from Australia has done, obviously the magic mirror from you know, mirror mirror on the wall. We've got the

magic mirror, from Shrek and Harry Potter, and then Nate

showing disrespect to mirrors in Ted lasso, which I've not seen.

And I really want to get,

in involved.

Reegs: yeah, I want to see that.

Sidey: Dustin can read and watch stuff

on Twitter, nominate the

craft which does actually

looks pretty cool. And Peter Weaver just simply says.


Reegs: Yeah, that's

a good one. Mike Flanagan movie Karen

Galen. It's good. Actually. It's really good.

about an evil mirror.

Sidey: That's a lot. fair Fairlight we should put in breaches just so

that we sort


forced her,

Reegs: you for the unspecified GIF.

That is

the winner of our top five hail to one specified GIF.

Dan: Okay. If, if CA was it Kate Gillen,

Sidey: Karen Gillan.


Dan: if she's in a hall, would she be. Okay. Gillen hall.

Reegs: Karen


Dan: Karen, Gillan. Yeah, maybe not.

Reegs: There might be a joke in there somewhere.

I'm not

Dan: We'll explore that another day. Did we have a top five this month, week, day?

Reegs: We did

Dan: We did.

Sidey: We Absolutely. Do have a top five


week? It's rigs nomination. So I'll let him do. the uh

Reegs: Yeah,

I think this is the only way to start this week's top five,

Dan: Oh, that was nice. He's given away a few secrets to a good montage there within the lyrics.

Reegs: completely without permission. I'm really sorry about that. But it's really the only way to start the top five movie montage is because it so successfully deconstructs the montage,

Dan: and the, the montage in that particular clip was team America,

Sidey: You've not seen.

it then. Oh, Great. Where's any particular reason why you touched it

Dan: is puppets.

Sidey: Yeah. It's so much better for it.

Dan: yeah,

no, I've never really been a big puppet person. I think. Anomalisa found that out with me as well.

Reegs: do you feel about the Muppets

Dan: Not, you know, I liked the Muppets, but I've, I've not been I, I, maybe I may be a marketist

Sidey: They do

like they send up, you know, what the whole

purpose of using the puppets is

funny. in it. And it's fucking

Dan: Maybe I'll give it a go if you force

Sidey: Is there a sex scene? It's just Really incredible.

There's also the montage moment.

Reegs: Yes. So montage is French comes from Mondale,

which Pete

was here to do that. It means to Mount or to assemble. And it uses one of the most important concepts in editing which is the cooler Schoff effect, which we've probably all read a little bit about this week.

I've been


it This for it was named after a great Russian filmmaker.

Sidey: Lev

Reegs: Coolish off. And he was able to demonstrate that an audience derives more meaning from the interaction of two sequential shots than from a single shot. So he could, you could show a man's face and then show a bowl of soup and the audience thinks he's hungry, or you show them ads the same man's face and you show a check and we assume he's horny.

And it's like a really important principle in filmmaking and montages exploited that to show individual clips connected, making an entire sequence,


showing a series of compressed events to show time passing

Sidey: in.

the store.

Thomas passe,

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: we

could have a whole sub genre of just fight training.

montages. I've got a lot of those

Reegs: I mean, Rocky,

Sidey: every Rocky film, I think has a montage.

Reegs: it does. Yeah.

Dan: And there some Selma, oh, some and some are just totally fucking amazing. Aren't

Reegs: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean the classic


from the first movie where you get the iconic music and these running along the train

Sidey: tracks,

then he's

Reegs: ma he's running through the markets and the streets of his hometown, and then he's using a speed bag.

And then, you know, you understand he's been hit in the stomach, he's pounding meat in the


Yeah. And you know, he's getting faster and stronger and the music is literally telling

Dan: oh, don't fire

Reegs: not in this one though.


Dan: that one

Reegs: yeah, that's for I've fought. Right. So Rocky for almost a third of its runtime is montage. know I've talked for ages, but do you mind if I get

into them?

Because right at the beginning we got one. We got, so we got seven montage in Rocky four, right at the beginning, we get the clubber Lang fight with eye of the tiger. And then

it's not until almost halfway through the movie

that you get.




after Rocky has

agreed to fight Drake Drago in Russia, he goes off to think about moments from all the other Rocky Mo

movies in


car Yeah

Dan: film probably about I know, two months ago. It's still great. It's a

Reegs: It plays the whole track, the whole album track of no easy way out

by Robert Tapper four

and a half minutes of montage.

While he thinks about the

previous movies,

then you get a few bars of burning heart and by survivors, they look for a farm in Russia and

then you get the first training montage, which is the brilliant


Sidey: way

Reegs: Dry goes in the lab and


in the snow and this show it, you know,

Dan: that's a great montage

Sidey: actually.

running machine where it's basically a


Dan: yeah, he's got all the, the high spec devices, and basically Rocky's got

he's got some snow and a log to

Reegs: have but you've got the great shots of Drago's like smashing out his sparring partners and Rocky's chopping down a tree with an ax. It's like, ah, it's brilliant. And then after that one, there's one almost straight after it switches the hearts on fire one it's Vince, the Cola did that one, a hearts on fire.

We were just listening to it before it's written. But with Joe

Esposito who did

the best around,

which was in the karate kid montage that

will almost certainly talk

about, and that's

what he's training in the band doing the sit-ups and lifting the

Sidey: weights.

Dan: Oh, I wonder if they've got special montage people or they They just think why I will we'll do this,

Reegs: There is no Rocky four actually has someone called James Simons and he's credited as montage

Dan: Yeah I can imagine it's such a specialist kind of.

Reegs: So then after that

rounds four to 14 of

the five, 14 rounds of the big fight, they're all a montage as well. And then it ends on a montage

with hearts on fire, So there is Rocky


Dan: well, all the Rockies really. I mean, they're, they're all in there with some, as you pointed out some fantastic montage stuff. I guess tough to follow that because it's it is the, the montage of, of the gods really isn't it.

Sidey: Gone it. Oh but

Dan: a, there's a good one in blood. As well. I mean, I think any of these eighties films they loved the montage didn't they? It was very eighties thing. I think it must've just been going on, but you've got the you've got Jean-Claude van Damme. He's, he's Frank ducks, as we know um true story stationed in Hong Kong.

And well, the. No specific to tune in the, in the background, but he's, he's kind of smacking trees and bamboo and all the rest of it getting fit and ready. It's got that 1980s martial arts theme. And we, we see Frank go from just a, an average martial arts fight at the beginning of montage to absolute ninja montage.

Sidey: just

Reegs: classic

Dan: Yeah. His character development and

Sidey: Tanaka.

So Marcus is his coach, but he sort of ties him up In some weird sort

of fetish

BDSM machine to see his Dick,

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: but He tenses his Dick so hard.

that He breaks the whole machine. And he's also awesome.

Or whatever Mahershala is not specified

Dan: a.

Sidey: Mm. He

also has a similar kind of vibe going on in kickboxer which was the film that followed a year after he's. His brother is paralyzed by a Mai Thai fire called Tung PO a


of mine, who's now a complete conspiracy. Now

We used to quote this bill a lot because it hasn't really cheesy kind of VanDamme dialogue, but the accent just takes it up to 11,

it's fucking great

it's not as good as bloodsport,

but it is still very


He is,

again, has this sort of mentor older, wiser,


know, expert that mentors him by some sort of synthy kind of soundtrack. As great as bloodsport, but it is basically a carbon copy of exactly the same shit. I'm Not very good fighter, Great montage, brilliant fighter.

Reegs: Watchmen

the sort

of intro I really love the movie watch, man. I

think it's almost

as good as, or maybe even better. I know that's heresy. change to doc Manhattan being the

Sidey: a lot

Reegs: But anyway, the whole thing set to Bob Dylan's times they are changing. And then it's like a timeline of events that occurs in the alternate.

Have you seen Watchmen?

Dan: Yeah. Well, you let me, the the book is voting. Yeah. The

Sidey: yeah,

Dan: she was reading

Sidey: good.

Reegs: And you see

how, you know, it's this stunning sequence where you see how the world has been slightly different. You get. The original night owl, the forties version a robber in the drawer, and it's got Batman's parents and you get the silk Spectre in the comedian and the the aircraft, the Enola gay as it bonds her Oshima with silk Spectre on the side, and then you've got doc Manhattan meets JFK, and then JFK being shot by the

Sidey: comedian.

Reegs: you get the famous photograph of the flower in the gun, with Bob Dylan, Nixon being elected. And all of it is like this whole mini story setting up the world, all to the sort of three minutes of this and, and Zack Snyder has done it a few times to establish the like him

Dan: Well, that's where they use best. Isn't it to just move the story along and to get big kind of plots into small spaces and, and just put it through that way. But not always like that. Sometimes it's just to, to build characters and things, isn't it. And one was the breakfast club and you've got they will dance in a long term a song we are not alone.

And it's just kind of shows the, the friends now a little more comfortable despite their differences as they've all been kind of put in detention on a, on a Saturday in

Reegs: aren't they bend this ball joint

to the detention and they're all getting hammered.

Dan: And yeah,

Reegs: name bender.

If I just made it,

Dan: no, I think it is bender is his name. Yeah. And yeah, I mean, it's, it's, it's a great movie that, and this is a, this is a good montage to go along with it a bit, bit dancing, bit rhythm, you know?

And they're in it as well

Reegs: of all, what's his name? Anthony Michael Hall. Whoever's

the one who science.



gets stoned and starts doing like racist, black impressions. Doesn't he's

like, oh, chicken hot. Do you smoke? Or sort of like, that now me doing

Sidey: it

Reegs: And

then Emilio estimators gets really high and

breaks a door by shouting in the

Dan: Yeah. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. It's all kind of, part of the the, the thrill of being high, I guess.

Sidey: The godfather

is not

immune from yeah. From having a montage, And it's the it's the

finale where we're at the christening

of his neck. He's going to be the godfather,

to and the dude, the vicar priest, wherever he's called he's he's

saying about the

devil, do you renounce him?

And then you have a montage of all the other different crime bosses being fucking executed at the same time. Yeah. So It's showing you

you know, two

separate things. It's not a training one.

It's a slightly different way of showing

you his full

descent or transformation into

the godfather.

It's a powerful one.

Dan: Yeah. There's lots of lots of edit in there. Isn't

Sidey: it?

Dan: It just kind

Sidey: It's just gone

Dan: over in.

Sidey: cut back, gun back. It's great.

Reegs: Bill Murray suicides in Groundhog day. they're not as many as you, as you remember. Actually, I watched a few of them today. He's obviously Pittsburgh weatherman,


corners assigned to cover the Groundhog day festivities what's pucks at horny. Yeah. There's actually a couple of good montages in the movie.


that There's the suicide montage where you got I've got you, babe. And then he goes downstairs

in he gets to the

toaster and gets in the bath.

Sidey: And

Reegs: he steps out in front of a truck and he jumps from a church tower and stuff. And there's another good one as well, where he's perfecting his seduction


Do you remember that? And

he's talking to,

Dan: the waitress

Reegs: not the waitress. The she works with He's talking, he's chatting her up in the bar and he asks her what she did at college. I think

she said, oh, I believe it or not. I studied 19th century French poetry. And he just goes, what a wasted time? And it just cuts right. To show that moment happening. Lots of good. And there's yeah, there's some other bits a bit like that. That's great.

Dan: Now th there's

Reegs: we've been talking about this

Dan: we was just talking about earlier. So I thought you might've had it on your montage scene as well, but you've got, you've got Johnny who's, I'm a perfectionist and dancing and you've got Jennifer Gray who, whose baby. And she's working really hard to be the Stella dancers by the end of the movie.

And you know, they've got this kind of sexual tension going on and it's a, it's a holiday romance. Obviously Johnny is the cool kid on the block. He's the guy who knows all the moves and she's just becoming a woman really. And she's she's with her dad and her mom and her sister. And it's, it's a family thing, but she sneaks off to have a secret dance sessions and great montage.

You've got that lifting up of the water, you know, in the

Reegs: it's the same as the Rocky

montage or the other, it's like a fight training being a really good dancer,

Dan: right.


Reegs: see the character progression

Dan: it, I'm onto a montage. We'll work in many ways, shapes and forms. And it worked in this, this was, this was a strong montage.

Sidey: I've got another movie with multiple montage


yeah. Whereas any

dose anyway the Royal Tenenbaums. yeah. We have an establishing montage, but it's given us the whole cast broken down. So you have Royal Tenenbaums himself as being broke. His thing, we see him being evicted from his hotel room,

he lives in we see Richie his

tennis career and its failure and is clearly infatuation with Margo Eli cash has shown to us as a successful writer, but he's very insecure. We've got Margo herself as a very secretive sort of character and has done many different sort of paths in her life.


so, on and so, on and so, on. but my favorite one in the film is the needle in the hay montage, Which is Luke Wilson's character.

If you guys named her Richie, he is clearly depressed and the needle in the hay is the track by Elliot.

Smith It's playing at the top and the montage has him just showing it looks in the mirror. And he's obviously got his big bed and his long hair and he starts to hack it off and you see


mirror cuts to the Saint with bits falling head, And then I think the lights

quickly flash and then it's blood. And you, without explicitly showing it, you know, that he's slit his wrists.

So it's, another real powerful one. And the soundtrack, everything works really well. I mean, it's where's, Alison is fucking

Reegs: the montage as well. It's a

really good one in that

movie Another one where he does the background check on,


as well. And he goes through like her sexual

Sidey: Oh yeah. Yeah. yeah,


Reegs: She started I think a real master

of montage is a right.

You know, a baby driver is the whole movie is kind of a montage, but in particular he uses them to do these like transitions. He was rejected from film school twice.

good. Right. So there's you know, hope for you out there. If you're interested in that sort of thing, his, his movies are always like cut to a rhythm and a

Sidey: beat,

Reegs: but

then he he's got this way of transitioning between.

Seeing showing you like somebody's morning routine with a smear of jam and a Pierce and you know, something like that, like in Shaun of the dead know, various iterations of his plans that always end up

Winchester and you get a lot of like tone and comedy rhythm and energy injected he's like a real

Dan: top man. And another one that I've, I've got here for montage is the the brilliant lust for life. One from train in. So you've got it, it kind of, again, just builds the characters.

Doesn't it? You, by the end of the montage, you know, What these kinds of people are like, you've got sick boy and fouls a player then denies it's his fault. You've got Begbie fouls, a player in small was about it, you know, so you've got these other ones spot runs away from the bowl and just we dilly fire was to make it.

And you know, Tommy, the, the golden boy is playing well holding players. So you've got this kind of understanding of and that's the best montage is I think, you know, when they really move it along and before, you know, it very quick, short space of time, you would have known, you know, lots of about a character or about a situation.

Then it would have taken a lot longer if they'd followed the, the, the theme they did maybe in the mid week, as we said, where it was all plot, plot, plot, you know, of, of they could have done with a montage maybe in that, in the in the Dan brown thing. Yeah. But yeah. They

Reegs: just montage

the entire movie.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Quite Good. We've mentioned it, where we haven't discussed it. That's also multiple montage is we've got the

classic fight training montage, but also the end fight sequence up until the Johnny fight is a montage of all the

Dan: of all the little

fight in

Sidey: not because it's a tournament. It's not just Daniels fighting. They also show some of the other people in the Cobra Kai guys beating them and then

Reegs: looks like Luke Skywalker

Sidey: dies. and also it's just a month until Cobra is back,

Yeah. That's exciting.

It's very exciting

Reegs: they're already

Dan: 4,

Reegs: and aren't, they like 90%

of the way through season five as

Sidey: I believe. So.

Dan: Yeah. I see a strong, it's going to keep on giving the montage that keeps giving.

Sidey: Nolan's

Reegs: good with the old montage. He uses it in Batman begins. It seems like it's just the training but it's not, there's actually

a few different things going on with character as well, because do card, who is at that point is also secretly Raza, algal.

going you know,

that you can look back later and see what's getting and he also sets him on the path of vengeance that, you know, ends becoming Batman. And then Nolan often likes

to finish his

movies with montage is I think the ending of memento is basically a montage where you sort of see the events of the film in as well. I know you haven't

seen that Dunkirk

Dan: You've not seen interstellar. Wow. Oh, that's a nice one to come.

Reegs: And the end of usual

suspects is a montage together



verbal Ken

Dan: went on.

Footloose is my final montage suggestion. And it's it's when Kevin bacon Ren is trying to teach where lard, which is played by who played by Christopher Penn out of dance.

Kevin Bacon's the new boy in town is

Sidey: dancing his band or

Dan: is dancing his band in, in this town. He can't believe it. So they all sneak off to her, a barn and that kind of thing, and just dance, just dance. But

you know, there's there's some big bromance moments in this

Sidey: Loggins, isn't it.

Dan: it's, Kenny Loggins and, and it's also, let's hear it for the boy by Denise Williams in, in this one, I think.

So it's not that hardcore training scene, but it shows that kind of progression. It's a fun way that there is a new

Reegs: no he's relieving his, his stress is isn't

ease like pounding out against the world as

Dan: yeah. And he he's, he's also making a, a friend in a new town and that kind of thing, teaching him how to end it. He gets a little bit better courses and, and it's all great.

Sidey: mate. I'll rattle through the rest of mine then up starts with the

heart rate, heart rending

relationship history of our

Reegs: Yeah.



Dan: Fredrickson,

Sidey: it's the best bit of the film. The rest is really boring. As we know we all agree on that. Ghostbusters has when they


fully become.

the, the

the crew And it's all busy. That's all done via montage,

Reegs: and then it's that

weird moment where Dan Akroyd gets a blowjob from a

Sidey: ghost. Yeah,

Yeah. And in a PG


Reegs: Which I reckon I was probably about 23

before I realized what was going on

Sidey: Yeah. Busting makes them feel good and Milan is another training montage, but it's also about transsexuals, I suppose the song is I'll make a man out of you

because she obviously

isn't allowed to fight in the army as a, as a lady.

So she has to pull the wool over their eyes. She's hot

as well.

I'm talking about the animated version, not the

Genocide supporting live-action remake. Well, I haven't It's good

That, well, the animated ones.

Really good. Yeah. I mean, she's no princess Jasmine, but.

she is still super hot,

Reegs: Fight club.

There's a homework assignment, which is to start

a fight with

a total stranger and lose a,

which is harder than you think actually.

And it shows some people sort of attempting it. There's a guy spraying him with

water and the sprayed.

Dan: talking about this. There's only one first rule about fight club

Sidey: Well, that was project mayhem.

Reegs: yeah, that

was project mayhem there's the failed seduction

of even Wally, which is pretty good.

Also up there with up one and then probably if we're finishing up, continue.

And it makes

me fucking laugh. How conspiracy theorists, they point to this thing like war games and exercises that took place a few years ago is evidence that COVID

Sidey: this fucking


Reegs: Zed burns and Steven Soderbergh,

they brought

contagion to us.

I think 2011. Yeah. And at the end of the movie, it shows

what caused

the global pandemic. Penn Yeah. Pumped Almac.

And it basically, it was Gwyneth Paltrow's fault. Basically a construction crew from her company is cutting down a tree in a forest in China, which causes some bats to And one bat had the virus and it grabs a piece of banana and it's perched above a pig's pen

and the pig

eats the dropped banana and then it's slaughtered at a market for food and the chef handles the dead pig and he touches

Sidey: of the

Reegs: And then he's touching with his hands, hasn't washed his hands and he goes out to

the and he poses us all.

So it was all Gwyneth Paltrow's fault. It's basically

assume you, Hey uh

Sidey: massively.

Reegs: Yeah. So

Dan: Even more now.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: but She does die


Has a headscarf. And so that wasn't all bad.

Dan: It's going to be tough to, to pick the, which Rocky montage for me should go in. So I'm going to listen to what you to say.

Sidey: Well, I'm going to be putting in the needle and hate montage from the

Reegs: Oh, nice. I am going to go

with the

first training montage Drago in the laboratory in the snow

Dan: That's a strong one. I I'm also going to go Rocky though. So we're going to double walkie because it's there the one handed pushups, Rocky punching raw meat and running up there. The famous steps in, in Philadelphia museum of art that a in Rocky, the original that I would nominate him

Sidey: Do you reckon a day goes by where someone doesn't

do that run in Philadelphia.

Dan: there is not a doubt.

Sidey: We


then to nominations from our devoted listeners So we look forward to hearing what you think.


I have

suppliers with

some cheese this evening. No

jingle though, I'm afraid. Just the three of us.

We've got some leftover cheese.

but Dan listed a little bit manky in there. Do you want to buy, have bought us some


Vernier pasteurized

cow's milk,



soft and Garry with hints of fruit and wine Washed is a washed rind

Reegs: When you get in the fruits in the


Sidey: I'm not going to lie. It tastes just like Bri. Really?

So it's nice enough, but it doesn't. Yeah. It doesn't have a real distinctive vibe going with it.

Dan: Then we have one line before

Sidey: I think when I picked this up, I thought, oh I've never tried that one. Let's have that one. I mean, I've read the thing out, at home as I think I'm pretty sure we have, had

Dan: it's just the, the kind of flowered

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: I recognize

Sidey: then worky whole cheddar.

Cause I know Daniel that. It's the sort of thing that you might enjoy.

Dan: That was nice. Yeah. You gave me a little slice of that

Sidey: So that


Reegs: anus of a Wiki.

Sidey: Yes, exactly. And It's smooth and full flavored with nutty. That's probably what


anus bit, there's the nutty bit earthy notes

from maturing in the worky holes cave.

which definitely sounds like a euphemism.

for something.

So that's the cheese dealt with and that segues very nicely

into this week's movie rigs, which you nominated.

Reegs: Yes, had, it was hustlers.

Sidey: Should we

go straight into how he's feedback before we get into port?

Or do you want to save that to later?

Reegs: Oh, I don't know. You keen to get it out there he hated it.

Didn't he,

Sidey: he fucking hated it.

He said, it's the worst thing he's ever seen.

both here, man. his

misses Really heard this. She called it tripe and yeah, he went big on It's the worst thing.

You've seen

Reegs: I think three messages about how much he hated it, which is quite a lot.

Sidey: Yeah. Like over days. So you know, it wasn't just all in a row. yeah. about it. Yeah.

Reegs: I had been recommended this movie by someone who used to listen to the pod, I think, and described it as only.

Okay. Which I think

Sidey: is, a step up from,

Reegs: Yeah, so it's a sort of true crime movie starring Jennifer Lopez.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And it took place after the financial crash, mostly the crime part, but the movie starts before it in 2007,

Sidey: It's, straight into a strip club. effectively. It's a struggling. Stripper who sees a very successful dancer, stripper.


Dan: once a bit of

Reegs: well we start

Dan: is based on an article, isn't it, it's a true story boys, based on a true

story, which

was featured in it in an article. So it was that it was a big story, big news story at, at, at a

Sidey: time.

Dan: And yeah, it's, as you said, this it's, it's based in a, in a strip club,

Reegs: and it, and it starts with Constance, Wu who's destiny, and she's kind of backstage.

And there's all stuff happening around her. And then it's this sort of, it's a sort of Scorsese is long take. She

walks through the back

Dan: camera just in, behind the shoulder wandering now on moving along at the same speed into she's going through meeting different characters that Palestinian food is seen.

Yeah. I mean, it's just out that like good fellows, isn't it?

Reegs: it is Yeah. And she goes out onto stage and there's like a group of salivating, idiotic men waving money at them.

And then she goes back off stage down onto the floor, all in a single take. There's no cuts yet. And some guy shouts a racial slur, basically, Lucy, Lou come over here. and it's all impressive stuff. And it's Janet Jackson's control is playing in the background or there's quite

Sidey: I thought It was

showing us having initially having a good night, you know, money-wise and then it

it goes along and

just to give, a cut to the.

house and

then someone basically shakes her down for some money. As I'm an hour shakes that amps more money.

I think she finds out the money when

she's carrying it. And she's made about

1890 bucks or something

Dan: for a night's work where she's had to deal with some real

Sidey: scumbags

Dan: who, oh, just drunken idiots, it best, you

Sidey: know?

Dan: And yeah, it didn't seem a lot of money she'd come out with did it. And she, you can see, she looks at it and she's like, fucking it.

And that goes straight to grandmother because she's living with her grandmother. Who's, who's bought her up is where we're kind of we find out or you, you know, and everything goes to her. So she's, she's straight back at, into, into work again. Isn't she? Until she meets J-Lo until she sees this absolute queen, this stunner having guys throwing money

Sidey: Ramona,

Dan: Ramona


Yeah. And she's, she's got this big kind of.

Stage show where she comes out

Sidey: and we haven't seen Constance or destiny rather perform as such,

but we do see that Ramona. She does the whole pole dance routine. The guys just fucking throwing bundles of cash. at Her on the stage It is literally covered in money. There's people putting the dollar bills in a outfit. I actually walks off stage She says to destiny, doesn't money make you horny Something like, that.

Reegs: my wife hated this movie. I think she certainly hated this scene, started playing with her phone straight away. She was the power of J LO's ass because it was really a thing. But anyway it's actually very purposefully and carefully shot from Destiny's perspective, from any, any of the men in the audience.

So although it is very male gazey because it is a stripper J-Lo she's 52 this year, I think. So

she was 50

Sidey: incredible.

Reegs: she does look amazing. She's doing all this athletic shit, but the intent of the performance is to show it. Destiny's perspective, who is in all of this powerful enviable

And the camera is she's a

giant on screen, this powerful presence of femininity. So what I'm trying to say is the sequence is actually shot from the female gaze

Dan: Yeah

Sidey: yeah.

I would just be asked cracks and text,

Dan: female director as well. I think

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And,

Dan: You see J-Lo working the pole and what she's doing

Sidey: there,

Dan: ain't easy. It ain't easy, you know, I mean, she's,

Reegs: couldn't fucking do it.

Sidey: away

Dan: You know, she's got one leg leg wrapped around this pole and one arm and she's able to control herself and hold herself and move

Sidey: Is this the, where she's showing her the moves or the actual routine?

Dan: I think it it's

Sidey: she does a bit of routine shit.

Dan: a little bit

Sidey: They have a, they, they meet

She's upstairs having a cigarette in a fur coat. And this bit, I thought it was a bit daft. They

Dan: I must be on thought this was one of the better scenes of the film.

Sidey: just thought that the introduction they'd just

became friends and like, after about one second of meeting each other, she was just like,


Okay. I'll mother had

Dan: Yeah, I

Sidey: I was like, well, that happened

Dan: it, well, it was cause it was so early.

I didn't, you know, I just thought I'll maybe that's the pace of, of things and how we're going to move through and I can take it that she's just kind of opened the coat up for a straight away. And it's two girls on a, on a cold, like New York rooftop. And she's got the most warm looking legs and coat that she just wraps around this

Reegs: I never understood at all, whether or not there was supposed to be a sexual

Sidey: elements.

Dan: I wasn't sure at that stage there, but no there is, it's, it's very much almost a, a mother daughter

Reegs: of

Dan: relationship where she's just taken literally under the wing, you know, there you go.

Reegs: And she's going to show

you the ropes, doesn't

she? And

we get a kind of montage really?

Dan: We don't see ropes. No.

Reegs: but we get

Sidey: she

Reegs: tells them how to make money

out of which are the

right guys to dance for

Dan: Oh, she educate. So

Sidey: here.

Reegs: how

to exploit the


Sidey: drunk, but not so drunk that they can't sign

a check, all that sort of stuff,

Reegs: the right


Sidey: for the wedding ring,

Dan: extremely streetwise and knows exactly the power of, of her position and how to, to work. And you know, I've never been to many strip clubs to be honest, but the ones that I have been to I've always had that feeling that the girls are very much in control, you know, and that they, they know what they're doing a lot more than I

Sidey: you've got to go into a strip club note, you know, everyone knows that it's completely transactional, you know, but there are, there'll be idiots.

Do You see it in this where they just fall for these girls and they just like giving all their money away.

and that's when you get in trouble. But

I've been to a few in my time.

Had some good,

Reegs: I I've never been to

a strip club, so, but why

Dan: I'd never been

Reegs: weird though Like just have

you had to check, like do

what they do in this,

Dan: No, I've never had a lap dance or

Reegs: dancing

Dan: that.

Well, Thailand's the only other place that I've been to and you go down you know, in Bangkok, there's, there's a couple of famous roads that are the red light district.

And I walked down there as a kid with my folks, you know, what I go shops and everything on one side. And it's just, you know, bars and everything going along on there on the other side. So it's it's kind of unavoidable. And it's all very much partner the life and the, the culture and the jobs and things that people do out there.

But yeah, this anyway,

Sidey: all of that's going to get cut. J J though is I dunno, I, I sort of, and especially when you see a home life later on that she had been a sort of victim,

She had to fight her way up and now she was at the sort of top, she was a single mum. I think at some. she said she, there was some formal glories that she'd been a centerfold.


now she was, I don't know, touring or just go around different clubs and making some money. So she'd fought her way back up to a place where she was in charge of the situation. And She knew how to make money have all these things, And she was doing very well for herself. So she had all the know-how that she was then going to tell. Destiny has to make a few quid and you you'd

get a few montages damn of them doing really well, you know, champagnes flying everywhere. At one point

We see Cardi B and Lizzo also

making a Perez

Reegs: they're bonding over vibrators and boyfriends

and boob jobs and stuff.

Sidey: And I'll share, it comes to the club

and that's when that all, every single girl has got on stage to dance for our show. and It's all fucking going mad.

And then it's straight away goes to the financial crisis of 2008. And it all fucking shuts down all their fun is now fucking gone.

Well, the

Reegs: story as well,

is being told to


Dan: we cut back. Don't worry. The film kind of cuts. So, you know, very early on, this is, this is from an interview. And yeah, 2008 financial crisis hits.

And a lot of the people that were spending big bucks in these strip clubs and everything suddenly out of work out of business, it's it has that knock on effect to everything and

Reegs: we're not really

shown a huge amount about those people, the men

In the strip clubs, they were kind of faceless wall street,

idiots, throwing

Sidey: Yeah. Quick guys on the bottom, you see

a fat guy. Who's like just a bit nervous, And so you won't get much out of him, then you get the middle guys. And then there was a, what's the actor's name

I can't think of His name

He's the CEO guy and they show him.

he, he comes,

he doesn't come in through the front door, only through

Dan: the

Sidey: the back street. And then he goes into


Reegs: That was


Wiley or Wailea,

Sidey: Wally. Yeah.

Reegs: pulp fiction

Sidey: Yeah.

He goes in the special elevator that goes up to the

room that has got, the only person that's got no cameras and they're the guys they really want,

Reegs: there's not a lot of S


sexual stuff happening.

I don't

think it's there.

It's not like blowjobs and stuff were being handed out by the strip. Is the lap dances or more the girls together in front of the men.

Dan: but a call to action later on, down in the line

Reegs: Well that's that's later,


Dan: later on, but nothing, nothing here.

Yeah, it's it kind of hits the girls in the, in the jobs because suddenly the work's not there and they're let go and they have to get into a variety of other work.

Reegs: Well destiny gets



Dan: destiny gets a boyfriend and then pregnant and is soon left alone looking after the kid herself. I think isn't

Reegs: says, I hope it's a boy and there's a smash cut to three it's a girl

Dan: That's why know?

Sidey: they just have some argument. We don't know what it's about, but he leaves. And so, you know, she's a single mum dislike Ramona


they, she, she has to eventually be, we get another, I guess again, another montage of her having different job interviews and trying to find some line of work.

But she's I think it was a high school dropout. even. So she has no qualifications to speak of. She Can't even go a job and retail. So we're back into the strip clubs again.

Dan: Yeah.

And lo and behold, she bumps back into a old Mike Ramona.

Reegs: the matron. Oh

  1. She bumped into

the matron

first mum Did you

Dan: Which is played by the, the

Reegs: Mercedes rule from the Fisher king.

Dan: the Fisher king who won her Oscar.

Reegs: And the clubs now are mostly staffed by sort of stunning Russian model types who are handing out jobs.

In the back

Sidey: and

Reegs: less like whatever

Dan: The gallows now doing more for less money and doing stuff that the girls in their previous role were just entertainers and dancers and things.

Now they're, they're going further and it's become a lot different.

Reegs: There's a sad scene where destiny is scammed basically into giving a guy a blowjob it's carefully, very carefully shot from her perspective and never goes above her eye line.

So you're never away from

Sidey: she sort

Reegs: And then she finds out later that

Sidey: she's

Reegs: really sunk

to rock bottom. I think,

Sidey: you

Dan: know


Sidey: he says, he says, oh, a hundred. And she said, we're not supposed to And he says, okay, fuck it, 300. And then she cuts to the interview and she cries. And she said, I wasn't til after that that I wrote, It was just

two twenties.

something like that. Yeah. Barren

Dan: it was, and she's actually also talking to, to this, I think around this time in the diner again with Ramona and they're starting to hatch a plan on how to get more money and start hustling,

Reegs: Ramon has been working

at like, somewhere like the gap or something like folding clothes and her boss is a real asshole and won't let her have time off to go and see Blair, even a shift.


You know,

they're, they're

Dan: He was such an asshole. Wasn't he? That guy, he was like do I look like one of those guys too? I look like I've got

Reegs: no he says do I what's either father or

Dan: That's


Sidey: Yeah. no

Dan: It was either father to, why should I give a fuck? Yeah.

Reegs: So they're all

Dan: to someone

Reegs: making minimum wage or nothing else, and they've got limited so decide to come up. Well, Ramona comes up with this

plan. Doesn't she to go



just before that, it starts a bit, not as bad as that, because she is, she calls it fishing and she wants to get guys drunk and bring him back to the club, get him really drunk back at the gloves so that they max out their cards.

Sidey: shots

So they just slimmed their head back.

the drink over the bar.

Yeah. it

Dan: of starts off with almost like, oh God, you know, if they ever see, when you go to these places,

Get you drunk, don't they? I mean, you know, they're not, not with the cost of the drinks to be honest, but I mean, they're always by the girls of drink and whatever it is to the, the price things go right up.

And they know, obviously getting the guy drunk, he'll spend a bit more money and eventually, you know, if the guy's really happy, if he's on drugs or he's doing Coke, he spending even more and so encouraging, that was probably in their mind. And then going that next level was starting to drop the guys.

Reegs: Yeah. And they're working off their old client book, essentially people that they knew before the financial crash of

bringing into


Dan: And MDMI

Sidey: it's a Catman to

knock them out.

an empty may to make them happy.

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: we see that the state of some of these fellows they're in a bad way.

Dan: well, they, they, they're both completely mommed out, but happy and smiling and, and handing over their, their card and or they

Sidey: well that getting

the card out even, and just waving

in front of him and

he sort of going and go, Ooh,

Dan: get, it gets worse and worse? Doesn't it, it gets, it's an extra step each time where before it was, you know,

Reegs: there's a scene of the making


it's like baking between a mother and daughter,

making a ketamine and MGMA and they're both fucked on the floor

Sidey: You know, the morning after the night before where they're obviously getting phone calls from these guys saying,

you know,

fuck I didn't mean to spend that or that. you know, you think you've done

Dan: texts on my phone saying I fucking spent too

Sidey: She's really ruthless now. It's just like, well, you know what? you're going to call

the police or, tell you what,

Reegs: are having a good tie in what you're talking


Blah, blah, blah. Don't you remember? And a lot of

the time the men are

too embarrassed or ashamed to

Dan: Yeah. Or shit. Yeah. It shouldn't have been there in the first place maybe. So yeah, they've, they've, they've

Sidey: but business business is booming again and they are making some serious,


Dan: you know how much they were making?

Sidey: How much

Dan: So

Sidey: is this from the article?

Dan: this is from the article. And oh, it's not from the article actually. It's from an interview of, of one of the guys that had been scammed because it was all over the news in, in America. And you know, the, the news, the 24 hour news programs had picked it up.

So one guy got a hundred thousand dollars charged on his card in one night at some club in

Sidey: we today see Jayla, just phone she's on the phone, someone who says you max it out.

to 50,

Well, they disagree don't

Reegs: they have a business

disagreement really, because she wants to just fucking Mo light slash everybody and burn their cards as quickly as possible. And destiny would rather sort of keep them on and exploit them slowly over time.

Dan: Yeah. Malcolm a bit. That's right. Yeah.

Reegs: but it is good businesses. Good. They have a really successful Christmas.

They've hired a load of other

Sidey: yeah. Business is so good.

They need some extra body.

So there's

W what were the names of the girls?

Dan: what were they? They're franchising basically. They start to realize this is so good. And they, they can't keep and other girls I think cotton up.

So you get the sisters, there's one scene. Isn't there. All my sisters are coming and then you get

Sidey: they just marched down

Dan: Power walking,

Reegs: say

Dan: three gorgeous women, just common to join their fourth. Gorgeous mate. Who's chatting to this lucky guy. Who's well thinks. He's lucky. He's about to get drugged and robbed. Cause that's, that's kind of what happens.

Isn't it. Each time

Reegs: the morality of it, it's never really discussed in any detail. It's just, this is

Dan: well, it is justified well by Ramona at one point when they're discussing it for the first time and she, she gives a kind of insight on the financial crisis from her point of view, where she says, look, these guys are fucked.

Every, if you're not, you know, who's not one of them gone to jail, none have gone anywhere. You know, this is just our way of, of getting a little bit back and doing it. These are complete lowlifes. These guys that's

Reegs: the

Dan: she has, I think goes along those lines,

Reegs: all the shots in the club bathed in neon and all the shots and you see all this. The clients, the customers, the men, their houses are all these white, pristine apartments and, and huge houses in the suburbs. And the girls as they're making money are getting the same things. the same, stuff. So they're just trading on the same level as their, their clients that's, that's how they it, but they're having to bring shady and shady girls in and they bring in Dawn who's Madeline brewer, eyed girl from the Handmaid's tale.

Sidey: had been she's

Reegs: reckless and just asking for trouble, if

Dan: maybe well, th th they, yeah, they start getting girls that have just come out of jail or have a, a drug history, basically fucking liabilities when you're, when you're trying to do a hustle and you're trying to get somebody, cause the operation itself is you need to be quite subtle.

So they get the four girls, one guy who's just lucky to be there. I can't believe a beautiful girl is sitting next to him. He's just an everyday Joe, but maybe had a good week and feeling a bit confident, having a couple of drinks and, and they just kind of, you know, descend in on him, get him drunk, drug his drink, get him into a taxi, spend all his money.

And yeah, you know, this is

Reegs: well, things do go wrong for them. There's one night where Mercedes has got a client and he's jumped out of a front window and he's missed the pool

Dan: Well, this is, yeah, this is getting hairy now. Isn't it. They've taken a few more risks and they're taking people home rather than then going to the clubs because they're trying to cut the clubs out of it.

Sidey: made an arrangement with the nightclubs to whatever

Obviously it's being spent in the club where they would get cut of that But if they were. Why the fuck are we doing that? Where we could just take it off. So let's go back to the GAF.

But then


Reegs: the risks are higher and suddenly there's a naked dude on the floor.


saw his penis. You

Sidey: said yeah. Three weeks in a row of Dick

Reegs: to see a penis. I didn't know it was there, but there you go.

Sidey: Mercedes was wearing the denim swimsuit that Ramona was talking about us, her fashion

brands didn't notice that


Reegs: It's a good comedy scene where the guy kind of stirs when the, they, they bundle him naked into the


and then the, yeah, the cops are there and he sort of stares and she nails him and then they take him to the. Hospital. And then she has to, for some reason, she hasn't even got time to change her top. I guess she enjoyed the symbolism of going

Dan: with

Sidey: I really enjoyed the, the drop-off a and E because obviously they've got a dragger drug the guy out of the car and

she just,

immediately, oh, my husband he's just gone about five

foot, just stops.

He gets back in the car and tries Yeah. But yeah,

Reegs: she does, it is kind of clunky this bit, but she drops her kid off at school with the blood stain of the night

Sidey: before and her


Reegs: goes home and her grandmother has died whilst watching television and it's sudden, and it's


Sidey: and it's tragic

Reegs: know, real,

Sidey: yeah, not a sexy that, but no, not really.

Reegs: And then Julia styles then cuts back in the report. And she

she asks was Doug the last

Sidey: straw

Reegs: she says. His name was

Dan: first.

Reegs: you remember

Sidey: that?

Reegs: because they do go onto, I don't know whether they said the real guy's name or something,

Dan: when it, maybe for the article point of view, they were just saying that names were protected. It something, but yeah, Doug was a client who was actually a really nice guy. He was it had a rough deal. Not so rough that he couldn't go down to you know, a strip club or something load girls, but he didn't maybe deserve what add, calm me down to it.

Low on confidence. I think his wife had left him and, and he was trying to cheer himself up and, and they

Reegs: lost his job

Dan: they lost, he lost his job because they spent all the money on his corporate card. And and I think also his mortgage was

Sidey: you hear him plead and say, so can you just credit it back onto my debit card because that's where my mortgage is going from when I can't afford to not, you know, pay my mortgage.

So that's pretty barren. You start to hear the actual consequences of what they're doing to people.

Dan: And and dog then feels forced to go to the police. And

Reegs: well he's already been to the police because he's recorded the conversation and she, and destiny

is almost admitted her on it. And then at the same time as this has been happening, Dawn, the dodgy one eyed handmade

who was caught being dodgy.

She's been flipped



wearing a wire now and trying to trap Ramona and Mercedes and

destiny. And they are all eventually caught. Aren't they, it's another


Dan: Yeah Jerry lo Ramona is done outside the, the ATM and and lets the kind of money flutter away. And apparently that, that happened as well. That was a, that was a scene

Reegs: Explain

that load track, which I

do quite like, the police tell

destiny that they'll take her child away unless


Dan: child.

Reegs: Yeah.

So, and they offer a deal in and she takes it and she explains that to Ramon her outside. why,

Sidey: mm.

Dan: and she kind of understands they have a, they kind of hug it out. Then they don't sort of fuss and fight. And things like that. I don't know where they went like that in real life.

I think. I remember listening to some, somebody saying that it didn't go like that. It wasn't quite like that, but they didn't get on, you know,

Sidey: she didn't get.

Chico probation Didn't she


Dan: didn't get

probation for five years.

Sidey: Yeah. Same for Ramona wasn't

  1. for

and then The other ones

were getting

like weekends spending

the weekends in prison and then I thought it was really weird.

Reegs: I'd never heard of

that spending your weekends in jail,

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. But she destiny calls up

Julia Stiles as journalist. catcher that I cannot for the life of me. remember her

name? Elizabeth

and she wants to know a bit about what did Ramona think of me? Did she ever say

and she said,

well, I only interviewed her once. And she said she she'd wanted to keep her most valuable possessions.

Cause they've obviously taken everything

And she has a picture of destiny.

Reegs: She's got her grandpa

Sidey: is like,


Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah,


no, you're right. And she has this cherished photo of

of destiny. So she, She did actually have a genuine connection with that.

And So events with Elizabeth and you

should reach out to her and actually, reconnect

Dan: well I think that's yeah. Where it kind of, that they had obviously had a blow and hadn't got back together and maybe there was light there, you know, maybe it could be, and they would have had a blast at some point, you know?

I mean, we've all this kind of going on. It's it's, you know,

From the girl's point of view there, you know, as they've justified it to themselves, through the financial crash and the people that they're doing, I imagine it for some of the people, in some of the ways it would have been easier to justify it.

And some of the men like Doug and things in destiny seem to have that conscience all the way through the film that, that men, that she, she wanted to draw the line a lot sooner than Ramona who was just going to push it until something bad was going to happen. You know? I mean, potentially the guys could have been worse.

They could have died one of the

Sidey: go.

Reegs: Well that was the way it was headed.

Dan: Yeah

Sidey: it? Yeah.

Reegs: That, that was what the guy who fell out the

Sidey: We know that how he didn't get on with this, but what, how did you guys

feel with this It

Dan: Wasn't familiar Eva.

Sidey: Didn't dig it.

Dan: I didn't dig it at all. No, it was it was, it was one that I had to go to in a few watches.

Yeah, it was I, you know, it just didn't get me. I didn't, I didn't think that there was enough tension in it really, it just kind of, I dunno where it was or there, it just didn't move along. At the same pace that he threatened to at the start, I wanted to enjoy it. I want it to, to get into it, but nah, I couldn't really, I couldn't, I can't really say much more.

It just wasn't for me, this

Reegs: it's

probably a six or seven out of

10 really?

For me that I did like it. I thought it was interesting because, because of the argument that it makes about female empowerment, right. Which is going to come around a movie like this, but

it's always,

it's always going to be hard to make a case for a movie like this being about female empowerment, but they referred to themselves only as And this is a movie with basically an all female cast written by a woman directed by a woman based on an article written by a woman about a bunch of real women in it. And it's a kind of story that you mostly see with men, thriller so yeah.

Dan: For me as well though, like, you know, probably a five or six out of 10 for me, you know,

Reegs: it becomes scattered towards the end.

The third act kind of, just didn't really grab me and

the children and motherhood is

a bit of a prop in it. But I did

like the J lo and

destiny staff. JLo's really good in this. and crime stuff is interesting the way it's done.

Sidey: he's gonna think I'm trolling him

We did sometimes like go completely opposite. I really enjoyed this.

Yeah, I really did.

I haven't enjoyed J-Lo in anything like musical or acting wise since outside, which was fucking tremendous. in, I thought she was brilliant in this.

He didn't like outside fucking hell down.

I don't know if it's because my expectations were low because how he had had three separate pops at this on the, on the chat. So I was thinking God, this is going to be dreadful and he sort of captured me not just cause it's strip clubs and stuff, but

I just thought it was quite good. it did. It felt like, good fellows in the sense that it was Henry helping and treat or whatever And she was.

And there was some crimes going on and stuff. Scorsese was actually he passed, he was offered this and passed on directing it. Let me start fucking masterpiece by any means, but it wa it didn't overstayed his welcome. There was lots of nice eye candy. The story was quite interesting. I've been to a few strip clubs in my time and you can straight, you know, when you you pitch yourself, and you know that the girls are coming up to

you. Hi. Hey, Dan, do you wanna dance? oh, you're hearing a bachelor party, fucking sound. you know,


thinking right.

Doors, you know, cash, cash, cash

Dan: When they see,

Sidey: so

you could see, you could kind of see how, or, you know, how the whole thing works, you know, from the

from the dancer's

point of view of you are the the cash cow and they're going to, fucking try and make money or that's what you're there for everyone understand. So yeah, I did. I got a kick out of this.

I enjoyed it. Sorry. How are you? I think I've taken the piss out of you, but I'm not into January and the Mrs. Rose. she really enjoyed it.

yeah. she did.

Dan: Yeah, no

Reegs: yeah. Ah, I, I, to be fair, I

pretty much agree with everything you said


Dan: Bit of a struggle for me, didn't really get into it. I, I, you know, I appreciate it that there was some good acting performances.

Even the story in the article I thought were interested in enough. There was a little bit, maybe not enough, and I know that it wasn't the, you know, this kind of film, but the fact that, you know, the, the morality of what they were doing and things was questioned a couple of times, but there wasn't that kind of film, they're all in it.

They're all going through it. And

you know

Reegs: was interesting because

it did remind me a lot at the time of the big, short, when we were watching, I

Dan: guess

Reegs: because of

Sidey: the themes and stuff

Reegs: same. And then it was Adam McKay and will Ferrell were the

McKay directed

Sidey: producer Cardi B, we mentioned she was she had a, I guess, a cameo sort of parents, and this is a stripper, but she was a stripper. And she did admit to doing this sort of thing.

illegally dragging men and

exploited them earlier on in her career.

Reegs: Cardi B

Sidey: Yeah.


Reegs: And Lizzo

was in there.

Sidey: I like Liz actually

I think she's quite funny. The scene

where they're cooking up the drugs

and They're passed out. is supposed to mimic the twins in the shining of the dead bodies.

the way they laid out,

which is kind of

Dan: Y okay. That w that was, I mean, the work, good scenes in this I thought when destiny meet and J-Lo on the rooftop, I thought that was a really good scene. On how you, you mentioned it earlier.

And I thought that bacon scene was good as well. Some of the dance scenes, when Asha came in, you can, you know, that it looked a great night and

Sidey: to his own music,

Dan: to

Reegs: whole part of the movie where

they're exploiting guys and it's getting worse and, you know, thing, it's comedy and tragedy and all that sort of stuff going on.

That's all really good. That stuff. It's just bungle, bungles. The end of it.

The motherhood thing is a bit I didn't

fully understand their relationship other than instant mother hen.

Sidey: Like yeah. Scott Walker on the soundtrack as well.

So that's always a good


Reegs: I listened to that track today, though.

It was

difficult. Listen, maybe

gotta be in the right


Sidey: Oh

budget. This was 20 million. So they just got the green light eventually, because they couldn't find a director for it. Eventually the

what's the name that wrote it directed it. And it was done and dusted. in about six months, I think it was it was a quick production.

So budget was 20 million. I was wondering how much J-Lo would have made for this. Cause she was, you know,

shedding a lot of skin. And I was thinking about when Holly Berry

got boobs out and swordfish and she

got paid

a hell of a lot of money for

that. But, then the budget being 20 minutes, I thought maybe

Reegs: did she get her boobs J-Lo

Sidey: no, no, but yeah, a lot of skin on show she was in fine form for

Dan: or for any age

Sidey: for the age that she is


Reegs: 52.

Sidey: up

Yeah. So yeah, like 20 million for the budget. would you reckon?

Dan: Well, I reckon J-Lo is probably taking some of the percentage and I don't normally look, but I, I know that this was a winner,

Sidey: 158 mill? She's decent return. Yeah.

Her music is fucking dreadful. I really, really hate.


Dan: Yeah. I'm not a massive fan of her. You know, music or acting wise, to be honest, it's not like, oh, it is a J-Lo film. I'm going to go and see it. What is it? J lo

Sidey: I'm not saying, is it the cell? you think that's quite good day?

Reegs: yeah. Focus But,

Sidey: yes outside you're wrong down is brilliant and

I'm back on Bob out. Cause it's

Reegs: turn is really good. And she's really good in that as


Seeing that one

Oliver stone

Dan: It's really

Sidey: So I'm a fan.

Dan and Howard,

Reegs: I'm more convinced of it talked about it as

Dan: Yeah. I mean, it, it, it takes on a, again, an interesting story. I just don't think it,

Sidey: so let's say that it's a draw. to 2 42 against

our devoted listeners will have to let us know what they

think is a,

Reegs: could could give us

his a pod when he comes back

settle it. Maybe

Sidey: it'd be interesting to hear what some of our female

listeners thought of this movie,

if they've seen it,

if you haven't, it's on Netflix, check it out and then let us know what you think.

Dan: Telly tabbies,

Sidey: I'm amazed. It's taken us this long to get round to Teletubbies, but was

it you

who nominated in the night garden, Which is a kind of sequel sort of thing. to this companion

Reegs: yes Made by the same production company. Ragdoll. I think

Sidey: yeah,

but this is the


Reegs: the multiple BAFTA award-winning tele Toby's that

Dan: you don't know what tele Tommy's is, then you've probably been living under a rock. Everybody knows what tele and yeah. How many awards is this? One

Reegs: well, I need two BAFTAs

that I saw only to nominated for many more, sorts of stuff, but serialized out to lots of different. Every country's got a variant

Sidey: on yesterday. Yes.

Dan: Lots of different dolls and toys and all that kind of stuff came from this as well. Didn't

Reegs: Yeah. Principally just the plush dolls of the,

Dan: they weren't cheap when they first came

Sidey: these were one of the ones, do you remember? I don't know if it happens so much anymore, but there was a a time when there was a toy that you couldn't get at Christmas time and these, the one year it was these.

Reegs: and now it's just stuff like crisps. can't get crisps and

Dan: what was, what was the Schwarzenegger film? Was it jingle all the way or something that was around that same theme of not being able to get the Christmas present in time? I'm not quite at a Christmas edition.

Reegs: Not yet.

This one starts like many of the others with the individual Toby's sliding down the


Sidey: Four and a half minutes before we got into what this was, which I guess is the same in every thing. Because You have the same intro. It's so fucking labor. this program.

Dan: Well, they, the, the intro, I hadn't seen this for years. And I'd kind of forgotten that I could fast forward through the first, like 10 minutes and lost nothing over the plot

Reegs: when I gave it my all for this,

Dan: Yeah, I did.

Reegs: I really watched it because I thought I haven't seen

Dan: I watched it today.

Reegs: this was something that, yeah, same.


was something that you could put on and the kids would be raptured by

Sidey: age.

Dan: by

Reegs: So he would buy you 20 the Teletubbies themselves, they've got this sort of giant baby aliens, aren't they? And they've got squid games, style

geometric shapes on their antennas to denote their authority within the hierarchy.

Sidey: is

Reegs: because they're prisoners in a nightmarish. Ghoulag where they're controlled by the omniscient narrator and son.

Sidey: The potentially bio genetically engineered slaves. Yeah,

Dan: They don't come across that way. They will kind of happy, laughing and joking

Reegs: are they because there's an eerie noise in this one and then a giant paper, wind turbine outside calls them to do its bidding.

They have well yes,

exactly Their antenna light up.

And then their stomachs receive a scrambled pattern.

Dan: like a,

tele on their tummy

Sidey: they blow in each others too.


Reegs: Well, we haven't got to that quite yet because you have to get through the real life bit,

is always hard tele Toby's evolve to have televisions in their stomachs or where they

Sidey: are the designs.

So I've been ethically, I would say almost certainly like the bog.

Reegs: we're told about Chinese new year.

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: bye

Sidey: I did a glazed over a little bit.

of this bit.

Dan: no,

Reegs: It was Jonathan you're right? Yeah, I've got

Dan: So it was Jonathan and his brother Howard and his sister, Chloe, I believe. They're all, they're having fun as their uncle Tony tell me shook the the Dragon's head and and they all would have been funny. You'd

Reegs: because it was 1997 This is going right

Dan: why it looks,

Reegs: new year, the year of the dragon,

Dan: gave a lettuce to the

Sidey: Good luck.

Dan: Good luck lettuce didn't know that.

Reegs: It must've been, I


Dan: so. Yeah.

Reegs: And evil son smiles.

The Toby's have done well.

Sidey: Do you remember

rigs, if you cast your mind? back 9 97. That

was our last year at secondary school That'd be to college and in the sixth form changing room, the art. boy. So it was like a timid out doors, Mikey

rain, they would record this and then we'd all be watching like good fellows or something like Larry would be on, the, on the, you know, the

fucking VHS TV thing.

And the art lot would come in and say, no, fuck that. And they just make everyone more tele television.


Dan: um Scene of the IntelliJ Tommy's here, goes into the Chinese new year and then they come out and then he goes back in again. I thought that was

Reegs: unnecessary. Isn't it really

Dan: But then I realized, obviously it's aimed at kids and it's reiterating the fact and

Reegs: I know, but you could do without that

Dan: it did, it did seem an unnecessary surprise.

Sidey: I mean, there are with every one of these ones that we do when we're talking about kids stuff, there is two ways to look at it. because. It's

for kids, right?

This is For

infant Children

The Problem is I had to watch it with my eyes as an adult at work, JP doesn't listen to me


no children there. So it was like fucking torture.

And then the worst thing that I do, but I do it every single time is check how long it is. And I was thinking this would be 10 minutes and it was

20 And It takes so long

to get into the bit. I'm like, where's the fucking Chinese, new, the Chinese new year. bit, like, you know, they're fucking rolling around on

the floor and making stupid


at each other. And then

I started to look at them and and determined, Yo, They are slightly different. looking, you know, They're not just the four, just different colors, their faces are slightly different And one. Looks a little bit more like a dog and blah, blah, blah, Oh my God. This is fucking.

tragic. Yeah, it's great. Probably, but it's not

Reegs: I dunno if it does it, is it, I don't know what it's like educational value is. I haven't

Sidey: They say hello to each other, and then they say goodbye at the end. And it's teaching them niceties and a little bit of, I don't know, kids.

What age group

this is aimed at. Do they really

pick up about Chinese

new year? Maybe I don't know. Through osmosis, they might learn a little bit,

Dan: I

Reegs: is fun to pick up in isolation, the


that's happening, because like in this one, we still haven't got to the main, like,

Sidey: bit of fun

Dan: no, that

it, no, that wasn't the main bit, the main bit was the Chinese new year and you're learning something, but then maybe that's a slightly older kid and then it goes down into, or maybe it says in kids because the, what they called those things, they're like the.

Reegs: well,

they call it a tutor

Dan: They call it a two, but what they

Sidey: it's one of those.

Like a small

vuvuzela that has

Reegs: yeah party

Sidey: inevitably breaks. The second

Reegs: It's there No word

for that in English.

What is that?

Sidey: It's like a party

Reegs: party with

Sidey: the horn in this, they call it a tutor. you can kind of picture the thing. It's that paper thing on the end of the horn that you,

smoke, the kids blow into and it rolls out?

and it goes, well, it

Reegs: materializes

from nowhere, but the omniscient narrator, because the Teletubbies do live in a fully deterministic

universe because the

narrator knows everything that's going to happen before it

And they, but they can interact and listen

to Well, it's just the voice, isn't it.

So the tutor appears and the flowers shake and ask what's


then PO arrives on those scooter and finds


Dan: and doesn't

Reegs: blows the tutor

Dan: see it, but,

Reegs: is

it's enormous as

well. It's, it's, it's extends as long as she is high.

Dan: Yeah.

It's a big old tutor

Reegs: and

she laughs and the evil baby agrees

in the sun.

Dan: then who comes?

Is it, is it

Reegs: Lala turns


Dan: Lala. They come in order LA LA, because it doesn't want to give it straight away.

Reegs: No, she's happy to hand it over. It's fine. It's all happy

Dan: they managed to see it

Reegs: Yeah they, do

Dan: to blows or, or anything

Reegs: into giggle fits and she, she

blows on the tutor.

and it goes speaker and they collapsed to the floor in laughter.

Dan: The tutor tickles the bum

Sidey: He

Reegs: tickles it's


Dan: tutes. Blows and tutes all the way across the Hills and everything. And it goes to about fours for television sets.


Reegs: And then the narrator says about, oh, they decide to give it a very big blow. And the, both of


the Toby's just laugh as if they can hear it. And the blow is funny and then they blow it and yeah. And then it gets Tinky Winky spam.

And Tinky Winky, I think is the one that was a gay icon.

Isn't it? the purple one with the

triangle symbol I think is also associated

Sidey: definitely a script game.

Do you want to tell me, tell me height.

facts. yeah, Yeah I think I had never paid any attention. I kind of thought they were all the same. just different colors that all over six feet

Well, and the

people playing them all under six feet tall, Paul Paul, the red one is six foot, six inches Lala. the yellow one, Six feet, five inches tall. I would've said that PO is the smallest. Dipsy

The green one is eight

feet tall.

and Tinky Winky.

The purple one is 10 feet tall

Reegs: Wow.

Sidey: So, So

then the rabbits that, go around are those giant fucking rabbit, that breed of Jack, because otherwise they would be


Reegs: that's the cross

of the breed. If you

Sidey: it I do

Reegs: it's a, the blank. Two booths got Vienna, gray crossbreed of rabbit,

Sidey: are enormous.

and the area

that they live in real life, the area the people that only got so fucking fed up

with people going,

there, they flooded it basically turned it into a reservoir or a lake

Dan: They

needed to flood their land.

Sidey: Yeah. It's called the Windstar and in workshare site. And yeah, were just fucking loads of trespassers and people going up there. So they fucking flooded it. It doesn't relate, which I thought was quite good.


Reegs: the Tubby phone was going to be able to transport the TBI to the real world putting that as a potential crossover, but the

matrix, which would be nice.

Sidey: It's voiced by Jane Horrocks. just fine.

Remember her Little


Reegs: I mean, I, I don't think I'd recommend to a listener to watch this, but

it was okay to revisit it and

Dan: were the

kids if you, if you've got, if you've got little ones and you want 20 minutes, then this is

Sidey: And they made 367 episodes.


Dan: minutes. You

Sidey: one per day.

Dan: make it effectively bring up your children. If you just sit in this for all the episodes. Yeah.

Sidey: Is there a spinoff a thing or the. tiddly tabbies

Reegs: Yeah, fuck there. Isn't

is there?

Sidey: I

do believe so. Yeah, they were in the revival series names of Mimi Dadaab bar ping brew runin Dugald date. And be pumping

that's way

Reegs: too many.

Sidey: They got their own animated spinoff series in 2018.

Dan: I can't believe you just know this off the top of

Sidey: your yeah, I know.

Reegs: Maybe we should visit that

at some point.

Sidey: Briggs is alluded to it already, but the sun baby is actually a


Dan: Is, this official stuff

Sidey: Yes. People

Reegs: throughout the program, it screams

at the TBI sometimes in annoyance.

Sidey: People see a demonic visage take over the baby's face as it expands just for a second, right before it explodes.

I sending a subliminal horrific image to the children.

Dan: There's definitely something a bit weird. Isn't it?

Sidey: There's also a Harry Potter.


Reegs: Yeah. Yes,

of course. Yeah. Go on.

Dan: Dumbledore

Sidey: And when I both came out at 1997 the antenna on the head of Tinky Winky Dipsy and Poe are the three symbols when combined that create the definitely harrows

Hallows From

Dan: the

Sidey: One episode was so terrifying, The Seesaw episode, which had a lion and a bear make made of moving cutouts that they had to withdraw that one. because It was too scary for

Reegs: Yes. I saw that it's I honestly, I, the shapes on their head, I just thought squid game the whole way through because of the and then the mask.

Dan: would they always the live television parts in

Reegs: Yeah but it was regionalized as

well I think so if you were in Spain, you'd get

Dan: make more sense, I guess, to them

Sidey: the original Tinky Winky was sacked.

Reegs: Was he drinking

Sidey: His interpretation of the role was not acceptable. I'm proud of the work I did. I was always the one to test out the limitations of the costume

Sorry, candidates,

candidates for the metropolitan police. Special brands were asked to name all four Teletubbies in the entry six.

Dan: Well, you've got to be

Reegs: If you were a parent you'd know

Sidey: it, was to just to test the breadth of their knowledge

Simon Shelton, Who was Tinky Winky said in 2013, we used to receive a lot of fan mail from kids and parents. I suppose. We're a bit like the beetle.

Reegs: I love it. think that story about the guy who


sacked for his interpretation is really interesting. I can't imagine.

Yeah. you're listening

Sidey: his name Dave Thompson So can't be too hard to track down and would, and Andrew Davenport, who

Yeah Kenwood they were the owners of ragdoll, the production company, which

made this they sold it in 2013.

Have you any idea how much?

money they might have made from that

Dan: I reckon that was a time to get out? Because there was

Reegs: When did you say

Sidey: 2013?

Reegs: Yeah. Cause there was a reboot. I wonder if that was before or

Sidey: I think that was after

Dan: reckon they probably sold it for like a hundred million or something.

Sidey: No the 17.4 million. it's still decent, but they would have owned the rights, You know

all the time that it was The merchandising I've got some stat about, the

Dan: they made

Sidey: you bear

Dan: made some bucks.

Sidey: bear with me. This is all good content.

Reegs: This is what people are paying

Dan: Yeah

Sidey: that's what they should be paying for.

Dan: It is just send us one Pence.

Sidey: So the series Robert rapid became a commercial success in Britain and abroad and won multiple BAFTA awards and was nominated for two daytime Emmys throughout his run. blah, blah, blah. a single based on this show's theme song reached number one in the UK singles chart in 97 and remained in the top 75 for

Dan: uh

Sidey: Selling

over a million

copies by 2000 October, 2000, the franchise had generated over 1 billion

in merchandising sales.


Dan: somebody is making some money,

Sidey: They'd made a fair whack

of cash

by the time they just flogged it. So, you know, they did okay Out of this.

Dan: Okay. Well, they probably got another idea. What else have they done to say they went

Sidey: they did in the night

Dan: in the night

Sidey: actively the same thing. Yeah.

But better is better than it

Dan: A little more complex. Yeah.

Sidey: I found it painful, frankly, to watch.

Reegs: I didn't mind

Sidey: I'm not the target audience, so who cares?

what I think


Reegs: enjoyed

sort of see it revisiting it one last time and then just describing the plot is fun because it's so ridiculous.

Dan: it's probably

Reegs: There's a bit where he, the green one Dipsy

gets tickled

and he's wearing the giant pimp hat. you remember? It's a black and white pimp. And

so he must be about 11 foot tall with

that fucking out on.

Dan: either way, they just kind of fall about laughing over the,

Sidey: you can interpret everything in different ways and I'm sure when they're making it, like, let's do this. because You know, you can affect you, do whatever you want and have a laugh behind the scenes of what your

you know,

anchored meaning of it Kids taught me to pick up on the same stuff.

as you are, but I've

Reegs: enjoyed the,

the real life bet the first time round, but then the second time round was it felt like a punishment.

Dan: I th I think it's, I think it's still a useful parenting tool.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. It's great.

It definitely obviously works for, for real young kitties,

Dan: I, watched it with my daughter. And she's yeah,

Sidey: must have hated

Dan: was nine. No, she sat there and

Sidey: just, she just

Dan: kind of kids, it's just easy watching, you know, and there's something

Sidey: I would've thought she would find it too infantile.

for, you know,

Dan: normally she would, I would, I think, but we just sat there and we watched it and she didn't,

Sidey: fair enough.

Dan: you know, it's just,

Sidey: I wonder what, how he preferred this or hustlers.

Reegs: and he'd have

to watch


episodes of this for it to be the

Sidey: same

Dan: thing.

Sidey: Right. Well, it's a good to be back in our normal podcast routine.

I hope you enjoyed the stuff that we put out last week but that does leave us with no spares. So we will have to get together and record some

extra episodes as well as what we're going to do for next week, which I'm nominating


We're going to do top five movie masturbations the

mid weeker is going to be Peter Jackson's braindead.

And the

main feature is American animals, which is

Evan Peters.

And someone else, maybe miles teller. That's not true, actually, but it is him And then a kids thing. I haven't determined yet what that's going to be.


you familiar with brain-dead Dan?

Dan: no.

Sidey: I think you're really going to like that?

Dan: Nine. K. And what'd you say the main one was again,

Sidey: American animals

Dan: animals,

Sidey: it's 2016, something like that.

Dan: Go. Okay.

Sidey: I think it might just be, us to be again. But we'll see how we get on

Dan: thousands of listeners out there as well.

Reegs: you've got to say about brain date.

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: It's Peter Jackson. you know, So beetles, What could go wrong? So

We'll find out what you thought about that next week until then all that remains is to say Sadie signing out, REITs