Nov. 3, 2021

Midweek Mention... Let It Ride

Midweek Mention... Let It Ride

Dan was let loose to nominate this week. Long time listeners may have heard Dan mention this movie a few times down the years. We watched LET IT RIDE (1989). A movie starring a fella whose name we couldn't agree how to pronounce.

Dan makes some outrageous claims on the merits of the movie, while the rest of us struggle to reconcile the movie's message against the actual toll that gambling addiction takes on people. It really was a lot of fun! 


Let it Ride

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: you've mentioned this one a few times down.

Dan: I have, yeah. It's called let it ride. It's a Richard Dreyfus film is from the eighties. And it's probably the best film of the eighties there. I'm finding that out there. Yeah. Yeah. I know. Yeah. The one that you didn't even bother watching rigs. Boy, let let's ask the question.

Did you watch it, Pete?

Pete: I did, but it's not the best film of the eighties. Conan the barbarian is the best film of the eighties.

Dan: See, that's what I'm up

Sidey: I

did watch this I wish I was Sunday, Sunday morning. Quite a good time to watch this. And

I don't know. I don't know if I could go with that. Sure. When It was Dalton's bond films in the eighties.

Dan: Okay Right. And and your self weeks, what did you think of it?

Reegs: I'm afraid I didn't catch this one done.

So I'll try and keep it to myself.

Sidey: We're going to try and set it to you.

Pete: Yeah. Did do that thing. Dad does, when he doesn't watch films that you nominate where he says, oh, you've got to try and sell it to me.

Reegs: Yeah. It's a tough sell.

Sidey: It's gonna be tough. So cause this is as mediocre.


Reegs: like,

Dan: Well, okay. Right. Let's let's talk about what this film is. It's the It's basically a guy, Richard Dreyfus. Who's having the luckiest day ever down the racetrack his home homeless, falling out around him.

He's made all these promises to the messes. He's going to stop gambling. He's going to quit it. Oh. Tomorrow is going to be the star of that new start for them. But in between that happening and him working as a cab driver late at night with another friend, they get. he

Sidey: creepy because his mate Looney

is a cab driver and he's recording all of his passengers.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: So there's some

people like making. out

Pete: Yeah. There's, there's some like some legal

Sidey: some PornHub related content, along these lines, but there's, there's two fellows. Yeah. There's two fellows chatting

And they are talking about Along the lines of


We'll fucking wet night

Dan: I got the horse right here. The name of George. Yeah. It's like that kind of start, you know? So

Reegs: well, what's that because I have no context. So was that something from the movie or right. Okay.

Dan: a famous

Sidey: Dreyfus gets wind of this conversation. and

Pete: Sorry to sorry to interrupt. Are we sticking with Dreyfus? Are we saying it? I would say Richard Dreyfuss, not total lifeless

Sidey: I don't, I don't really

Pete: you guys know, you're saying it like David Bowie would say,

Reegs: I would've said Richard

Dreyfus, I

Pete: thrive first as well. Yeah, just Dreyfus and Richard Dreyfus.

Sidey: Oh, D his name's Jay Trotter, He could go to that if you.

prefer go character name.

Yeah. Hey, where he's clearly

Dan: It's related to Del boy, which is obviously comes in. You

Sidey: He's got this hot tip then from his mate. Do you recognize him, Cause he's a fucking weird looking.

Dan: Yeah, he's been, I

Sidey: is from the New York dolls.

Dan: right. Okay. I think he's been also in Scrooged

Sidey: He was, he was a cab driver and Scrooge typecast,

but Yeah.

he's a musician first and foremost. He was in

New York

Dan: Jim.

John Musha, we're going to be talking about later in in another. Pod. He attracts a lot of musician types within the the film community and everything to come in, but I'd not seen this guy actually, other I don't know, I started to think I was actually talking about the film we're going to be talking about, but nevermind that go on.

Sidey: so Anyway, he's got this hot chip and he's going to put.


Dan: Can we edit all that

Sidey: No definitely not. The

crux of is They've got this tip. It can't lose. So their toes and he's going to have one

Pete: isn't there, something like this, there's something foul is a foot like they've done something in, I don't know a lot about horse racing, but the reason that they know it's such a hot tip is because they've done something like not fed it for a month or so.

They've, they've held it. No, it's not

Reegs: enhanced it,

Pete: but they've done something that is like, not, is either illegal or it's not horseracing etiquette. And because of this, and I didn't really understand what it was. They've held it back.

Dan: held it back. So they they've either told the jockeys not to run at its full pace, hold it back a little bit. So it doesn't win. And the odds increase for it to win the next

Pete: Make

Sidey: But then it was weird because it goes to.

put the bat on and they

there's just a queue for a certain kind of steak. It's a $50.

when line, I don't understand this because this is not how you bet over here. So you just got to put you just pick a horse and you, you can only put 50 on it on this window.

You just get a ticket and then whatever the odds are,

Pete: it's like tables in Vegas where it's

Sidey: Yeah. But that's a fixed odds game.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: is I, you know, I would say if, to me that horses, I,

I'm, I know it's going to win. as in a That's where he thinks. He's short, it's going to be. And So I would want to put more than 50 on


Dan: where you can put a hundred on it or, you know parts or any multiple of 50. I think

Sidey: yeah, cause he does that night or when the

Dan: There may be another way of doing it, but for the, for the key

Sidey: peace quite into his bang. He wants to put a bet on each way on the nose.

Pete: Yeah, maybe. And um I think at one,

Reegs: I don't know what any of that means. Cause I don't do bad. I don't understand

Sidey: each way is for a place and all the noses for when you're crossing the streams. If you do both.

Reegs: Yeah. But I, yeah.

Pete: So something else, which I, so maybe that's like a, an American way of betting.

Another thing that just irritated me all the way through the film. When they referred to the horse instead of referring to either its name or just saying number four, they had to say the number four horse every single time, or what are you? Oh, I'm betting on the number seven horse. Oh, oh. What about the number eight horse?

It's like, okay. We understand that it's horses. Yeah. We understand it's horses that you're betting on. Do you have to keep reinforcing the whole.

Reegs: So when you're watching the race, you can get

Pete: and they're shouting go on the number four horse, go on the number four horse. It's like, you could save yourself so many syllables by just cutting out the word horse.

We know it's horses. It's horse racing. Shut up. Anyway,

I've got a lot of, I've got a newborn in the house I'm so fucking angry right now,

Sidey: but this horse does in fact.


Dan: Charity

Pete: but it's a photo

Sidey: it's a Photo it's

Pete: shoot. Photo finish. Yeah, it's posing. Yeah. It's pouting for

Dan: the only way charity can lose is if it gets hit by light. In the star and blocks. How would you like those odds? So he's friend being the such the loser. He is, he doesn't bet on this horse and he bets on another horse, which loses, but Richard Dreyfus, Trotter. He is Dickie, Dreyfus. He's, he's happy. He's cuisine.

He's wanting.

Pete: he say

Reegs: How much did he win?

Pete: he wins. It's like 70 something dollars in the first

Sidey: 740 something

Pete: Is that the first one?

Dan: and it's a decent amount. And

Pete: it's not

Dan: the eighties.

Pete: money though.

Reegs: though 1980s though, that was, would have been a serious chunk of Moolah.

Pete: when you put it into the context of obviously.

We were going to talk about the fact that he doubles down on other horses and stuff. So, but when you put it into the context of how much he wins later on, and, and that is him coming out, like with zero 700 quid is fuck all, but I guess he needs that 700 quid in order to then go on this journey.

Dan: Well, what was that? No, a hot dog or a hamburger cost. A dollar 50. So gives you

Sidey: I've got the final figure in adjusted

for inflation.


Dan: right?


So we've got a variety of characters in and around the race track that just general losers and bombs that, that hang around the now or within his kind of friendship list or, or people that he knows. And.

Sidey: doesn't have those loads of sort of


Pete: like deadbeats and fucking weirdos. Is that weird over the long hair that comes up and just start screaming at Emma

Dan: Oh, cheeseburger or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. There's so it's filled with these kinds of characters you ask him for, for tips. And then when he gives them one, they laugh at him saying he had to got a fucking chance. What are you doing? But. He, he takes all his money and instead of going home and starting his life again with the wifi, he doubles down on it and he goes, let it ride to Robbie Coltrane.


Sidey: as the cashier

Dan: Who's the

Sidey: the cost is strong in this

Dan: Yeah. The cast is

Reegs: Why is there some sort of like magic

Sidey: straightaway? He gets he, he prays in the bog and He goes to the toilet and he says a prayer to the toilet gods.


He, then he has this feeling that this is his lucky day. This is this real So he has another bat. It wins,

There's a pickpocket go round and hit. There's a mistaken identity where they

he gets, he gets pinched for this basically. And while he is in the clink, the horse, he was going to back.

Okay. so he's like, oh, it's divine intervention. They've saved me. This is my lucky day. So


Reegs: Oh, well that then encourages him to bet again, fucking hell.

So, I mean, but this is

Sidey: like any gambler,

Reegs: Isn't it. I mean, we supposed to be enjoying this because it just sounds like a really awful story so far.

Dan: you know, you're talking about

Sidey: it's lighthearted it's is played for, for

Dan: you might be walking around lucky.

Reegs: I know, but if you listen to like Paul Merson talking recently about his gambling

Sidey: comment on that because the same week that his documentary came out, we watched this film,

Pete: the there is there isn't really a message in this film, you know, a lot of you know, films where

Sidey: and it's a


Dan: you could be walking around. Lucky.

Sidey: No. It's like, even if you're

Pete: it's definitely not an anti-gambling film at any point

Sidey: message is that

even though you're, you've got a gambling problem and your misses is about to leave you, You should, you should plow on through. because you will one day, hit that day where you went five bets in a

Dan: going to win. You're going to be lucky.

Reegs: So when does Ray Winston's head beam into this and he tells you the

Pete: so they use Robbie called Coltrane and said for some reason

Dan: but you know, he's, he's a cabbie that comes king for a day around the track. And as he. But again he becomes a bit of a, a king in the racetrack. They can't believe it. You know, they, all these people are saying what are you going to do? What you're going to do? And he's like, let it ride Robbie Coltrane yeah the the

Pete: We've, we've missed. We've missed a bit because, because what happens when,

Dan: missed the whole lot

Pete: important.

It's important because what happens. He has got hold of this tape, which is the recording of the guys in the back of the taxi, talking about this dead set, that he then backs that you then wins on. He then takes that tape to the paddock. Is that what it's called? Where the owners are there and the trainers and says, listen, so, you know, you got recorded in a cab, here's the tape.

And they're like, right, fuck it. Because they've done something illegal that they shouldn't have. They lie. Are you asshole? Right? How much money do you want to just fuck off and there? And then he's like, no, I just want to give this tape to you. It's the only copy I promise you. And I just want to say, thank you.

You've saved my bacon hair. Cause I've, I'm now 700 quit ups. So thanks very much. They, they believe his that he's genuine. And so then this guy. Listen, if you're going to go do some more gambling, why don't you take my ticket or whatever it is for the, for the jockey club. So like the we're all like the holy polo lawyer do that gambling.

Yeah. So,

Reegs: where you can bet big.

Pete: yeah. So now he's like escalated. So this, he gets to, he gets like initially like far more respect and so on. And the guy even gives him his tie to get into the jockey club. And that, that's how he ends up kind of like elevating his standing within this kind of day's racing.

Sidey: He meets Jennifer Tilly's boobs in the VIP bit.

Pete: They are hands down the best fucking thing about this film. They are out of control. Unbelievable.

Dan: great thing about this film. I

Pete: Well, the only two things that were good. No, not the only stuff that's harsh, but they are the best two things in this film. By some distance I have fucking

Sidey: but he is He's neglecting his wife and she obviously knows exactly where he's at and it's Terry God, She's hot in this.

She is really.

Dan: Yeah. another good reason to enjoy this film. So she's increasingly disappointed in him as well. And they have a big kind of argument in the jockey club where the jockey club show how snobby they are. He's like, well, fuck you you know, and he goes back down and he bets again

Pete: Yeah. At first, because he sort of like in the jockey club, so everybody thinks, well he's here. So he must be someone, you know, important or retch or whatever. He gets a bit of heat from the, from the birds in there gets a bit of respect and a few nods from the fellows that are in there, because anyone who's in there is, is like, you know, going to be like a high roller.

I have like a, a high standing, but then you see this significant class divide becoming more apparent and that he's him and his messes have a night dust stops in this jockey club. It's it's not cool. And they quickly realize that he's just a bomb. He's got like. And he tells them all to shove it.

Dan: Well, he does. When he wins again, doesn't he finds out he's won again and he's like, fuck off up one of what, you know, just go mad.

And they're like, Ooh, that's,

Reegs: How much has he made at this point? Now big

Sidey: It gets

up to 68 grand.

Reegs: Okay.

Sidey: Well he went 69,000 law and then he gives, it, gives a few things away. It gets down to 68.

Dan: Yeah

Pete: but then with that, he works it out like with, so half of it goes straight to the IRS and then with the rest, that is all stuff that he's either promised he's going to give his messages or things he needs to pay off or whatever.

He writes it all down on a bit of paper. And he's got a big fat zero out of this 69 grand when, so he actually physically has the cash, but it's all, it's all on a promise to, to other stuff. So. You know, that's the, the age old thing that do you walk away and, you know, square everything off or do you go again?

What do you think he did site Riggs.

Reegs: well, it's his lucky day.

So I think he bets again.

Pete: you might be right

Sidey: Well he goes to the bar and he says we should all pool our money. Cause everyone wants to know what he's doing. and they want a copy him


Dan: They will cheer in him looking to pull our money. Yeah. And we're going to get a horse. Yeah. And we're going to divide it all up and they're like, well, wait a minute. What my money's going to be involved now? No, no, I'm not risking all the money.

I've got you escort the money you've got. So he takes that and he goes back to Robbie Coltrane, who hasn't got the amount of. Tickets that he would need in the $50 window ticket. So he takes him down to another room, the counting room, where there's a shake kind of crying over all the oil money he's lost and, and they go in and give him a receipt and he goes to bet

Sidey: this

is the bit, I didn't

Dan: three horse, I think it was when it Pete

Sidey: I didn't understand this bit because He says,

well, you can, you can put all this money on 68,000 pound bet. They're sorry That $68,000 bet is it. But that.

that will

Crippled the odds, you know, so, you know and I was thinking? That's bullshit. You just, you take the price.

Dan: Again, there's some kind of betting

Sidey: over here, if you

went So if you're betting on the grand

Dan: the odds. Yeah.

Sidey: I'm back in a hundred to one horse. I want that a hundred, 101 price before it goes down. And there's only bet in six to eight grand.

I'm sure. Like in the

Dan: well I don't know wherever he gets

Sidey: from 40 to one to eight to one.

Dan: I dunno whether he gets those odds

Sidey: He got eight to one because.

he won when it wins, he went he won

Reegs: How has he chosen this horse? Sorry, what did, what did you

Pete: So he there's just it's, it is blind luck, but he he's, but because he's hot because he's hot hit. There's one of them that he goes, so one of them quite cleverly, he goes out and asks all the people who normally give him the tips like, oh, who you, who are you back in? And they go, oh, the number 700 number.

And there's this like whole kind of, like of, of every, and they say everything, but the number 300. So that's the one that he puts the money on and that one wins. I think the very last one, it's his, it's his mate loony or whatever who says, ah, yeah, you'd have to be fucking mad about this horse

Dan: back in the paddock, aren't they? And he says, whatever you do, don't bet on this horse.

Pete: oh yeah, yeah,

Dan: looks at him, it winks it

Pete: the horse winks

Dan: and it's called hot to trot.

So his name being Trotter It's enough of a sign for him on

Reegs: it decent wink? Did it, did you feel convinced by the horses wink

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: I I'm I'm easily taken by a horses

Pete: and then

Sidey: it races.


Pete: guess what

Sidey: get a rarely rarely anticlimactic, fucking an ending.

Pete: Another photo shoot.

Dan: but he knows it's one. Everybody else is going around, but he just, he kind of winked at him

Sidey: because the first photo shape he's nervous as fuck but this one, he just started. and he just looks, he breaks it just a couple of times he breaks the fourth wall and he says, I'm having a really good day.

That's it

Dan: his misses comes back into the

Reegs: sounds

Dan: it's fucking amazing this film. So.

Pete: It's definitely not amazing.


Dan: It's one of the greatest films of all time

Sidey: genuinely

Dan: I really love this film. I've seen it probably six times, maybe

Pete: when you said one of the greatest films of all time, but is there no sense of sarcasm in

Dan: Understanding it's not going to be everybody's favorite film of all time.

Pete: reason why you like this. Is it like

Dan: I have no idea where, I mean, I, I like, I like a flatter now and again, I like

Pete: Richard Pence

Dan: Yeah. I bet. I bet. You know, nothing if I could, but you know I'm not a big gambler or anything. I like, I like the film were. Oh, I re I like Robbie Coltrane in it. I just thought it was a really well-written full of great lines.

Great scenes. There was plenty of light entertainment. There's nothing that's gonna make you feel anxious or really. Oh boy. Now I know you like those firms are horror films. You like to, to shit yourself and then kind of mop it up and get this just a nice kind of, you know, where it's

Reegs: no, it sounds like a sort of time capsule of really bad eighties values around

Pete: what I would say in its defense is that at the time I would imagine that it would have been.

Like it was bringing, bringing something that I've not really seen a lot of films about horse racing. Like the gambling aspect is obviously quite exciting. Horse racing in general, as the subject matter. Isn't particularly great for doing a film about necessarily.

Dan: a couple of

Pete: Well, I have, this is pretty much the only one I've seen.

I'd say at the time, I reckon it would have been like a funny zany. We've had a couple of conversations about eighties films where the short circuit, it's nothing like short sex. You know, at the time it would have been a bit wacky, zany. He was he slightly larger than life. Character. It's well acted. He's he's a great actor and Robbie Coltrane's very good.

And there's, there's other good actors in it. Good performances. So the, the characters are a bit kind of like not really believable, but there is good performances. I think at the time it probably would have been a bit of a, a bit of a hit. But now as a film, it just doesn't stand up to like anything by today's standards at all.

For me,

Dan: tell you who disagrees.

Pete: Richard

Dan: ginger Tompkins on Google reviews. And he said, if you've ever been a gambler or want to have no Mon, this is the movie for you. You will laugh all the way to the bank. And also Ray

he, he just five months ago, he said this.

I watched this movie every three or four months, and I love it every time. Boom, you can check them out on Google reviews.

Pete: I feel silly now

Sidey: there is a good cost in this we've mentioned, it's got Mr. Dreyfuss Dreyfus.

The gays are from New York dolls, Terry garde, Jennifer Tilly, Robbie Coltrane. So I've got Cynthia Nixon from sex and the city. Yeah, the ginger one.

So with all that talent, they matched a rack of a budget.

They spent $18 million

Reegs: That

Dan: peanuts. Really? When you think of the enjoyment it's given

Pete: everyone,

Sidey: but do you think it was a winner or


Dan: percent of fucking winner

Pete: It's going to have been a winner

Dan: all the way

Pete: I would imagine

Dan: It was a long shot maybe, but it came in

Sidey: fucking lost loads that you only made $5 million.

Dan: Well, get off your high horse.

Sidey: we watched this, and we mentioned that we alluded to it before the same way that Paul Merson has gambling

documentary was out.

I don't know if any of you saw.


I saw, clips of it. I've read the article about it and So

yeah, but he's a scum is Chelsea fan and a Gooner say, fuck,


Reegs: but it's still the way his life is. However

Sidey: I'm


It terrible this in this there's no, like oh, gambling's a bit dodgy. don't gamble. Don't gamble with anything that you can't afford to.

lose. It's just like fucking gamble as much as you want. Go with it. There's no jeopardy. There's


Reegs: no danger

Pete: There's nothing to lose

Dan: no, no disagree. Cause you do see all the losers around the track, you

Sidey: don't have a great time.

Pete: he's one of them and it all comes good.

Dan: It does. And it will come good for everyone.

If you keep gambling enough

Sidey: he won. he did end up winning

$544,000, which in today's money is 1.18 million,

Dan: which is a decent amount to

Sidey: a good day. but he would have fucking lost it the next week. Cause that's

he's a gambler.

Dan: No, cause he was stopping after this. He was stopping after this. I mean, it's, it's got a cult following.

Reegs: and occult following. Is it cool?

Dan: Anyway,

Reegs: I ask it

Dan: I mean,

Sidey: directed. Well, hang on. It's a definite knife, man. it was directed by a fellow called Joe Pytka is only directed One of the film

Dan: where he does adverts most of the time

Sidey: Whereas jet is another motion picture

it's a

stinker close

Space jam

Dan: space jam. Oh,

Sidey: terrible,

not the new one,

Dan: the one with

Sidey: MJ what bugs bunny

Dan: bugs bunny and bill Murray's in it as well. Yeah, that's a fucking, no, the great movie.

Sidey: It's awful.

Dan: I've watched that in Shimla one time when I was in India.

Sidey: This film though, we watch for me just completely mediocre. I watched it on Sunday morning. The messages and the kid were doing something. So they were out a bit and it was.


Ish. Just put on, switch your brain off and just


through a film, but it wasn't good.

You know what I mean? I wouldn't recommend It to it. I wouldn't say

go and watch this because there's a million other firms you could watch the better

Pete: you miss nothing rigs.

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: Honestly, rigs. You've got to watch this because this is, this is, this is in my top 10

movies This

Sidey: up. No way, no way.

Dan: love this movie. I got the horse ride here.

The name is George .

Sidey: tough This is a top 10 movie. All right. Fair play.

Reegs: I might never watch

Pete: this