May 5, 2021

Midweek Mention... Only Fools and Horses

Midweek Mention... Only Fools and Horses

Peter Andre felt like choosing something a little different for our first entry in our Best Of British week.

It's still a feature length creations,  it is in fact the Only Fools and Horses December 1985 Christmas Special - To Hull and Back. 

One of the Dads was less than enthused about the prospect of a ninety minute slog through this, but perhaps Del Boy et al can change his mind!


Only Fools


Reegs: What did we watch

Pete: We watched a feature-length episode of only fools and horses Yeah

Sidey: it was a Christmas special

Pete: Was that a Christmas special I wasn't I wasn't aware

Reegs: for

Sidey: Susan for this was originally screened on the 25th of December 1985 The same year that hounds of love came out by

Pete: Oh there we go So yeah Lots of good things that year I plumped for this predominantly So it was the first ever feature length episode of only fools and horses to Hollenback so I only went for that one cause it was the first one he didn't

Reegs: have a sorry to get into this space Was it the first one that did it Didn't have a laughter

Sidey: Yeah it was the first one that

Pete: one with no laughter

Sidey: locations on film without the studio audience

Reegs: because the scope was noticeably bigger than

Pete: Well yeah then the next head and Nelson Mandela house and the usual places that they would have been set previously to that although

Reegs: start in the next head don't we That's where we opened the story up

Pete: Yeah With some some horrible looking pints and other that would be before widgets on the bottom of pint glasses So you remember pints in the eighties and a lot of the nineties didn't have any bubbles in them And so and sometimes in bars in Jersey and stuff they still don't

Reegs: definitely pre COVID because there was no distancing Everybody was

Sidey: Everyone was at all the gang all the gang with the

Reegs: no eating

Pete: Yeah there's

Dan: 64 only falls in horses Episodes in the entirety was your only falls fan guess you

Pete: were massive massive fan

Sidey: when this was announced last week there was a suspicion that someone wasn't but I've I'm in I've always been fan

Dan: I'm really in I

Sidey: Although I have to say I didn't like it so much when he was older but

Pete: yeah I know what you mean I've I've felt the same Yeah yeah yeah yeah And they yeah I

Reegs: they really fucked over the story because the good one was when they went off and they'd made all their millions finally they'd done it and that's where it should have ended And then making them bankrupt after that was just an awful

Pete: it was just squeezing a bit more than it already been squeezed out of it And the and yeah the the sort of the visual humor like part of the visual humor and and there's this is humorous for me on on Every level but some of it was just you know tell boys kind of like Roden T busy-ness like is is like bobbing and weaving literally and you know the scrapes and obviously that that was curtailed as he got really old and couldn't move And even like Nicholas Lyndhurst didn't he looked like a boy even when he was 30 But then when he was genuinely an old man that then It it yeah I was I was a bit sad seeing him as an old man in it

Dan: They're all written by a guy called John Sullivan who must've just be an absolute

Sidey: a sings He sings the song as well

Pete: Yeah he does Yeah yeah yeah no no no The

Sidey: can talk about the music because

Pete: the the intro was John Sullivan The outro was Chaz and Dave I think or was Chaz and Dave

Reegs: Music

Sidey: is written by a guy called Ronny Hazlehurst

Reegs: Right I know that

Sidey: he did a lot of this era or the sitcoms all that

Reegs: faulty towers

Sidey: where he did Sorry which is the shit sit-com but it's the best They've Jen Matt Berry of it Crowd and boost and all

Pete: that

Sidey: sort of thing He has abandoned They cover them all He's a massive

Dan: sorry Or

Reegs: wasn't that The porridge something or other as well

Sidey: Well anyway Matt Bray is a massive fan of all of Ronnie Hazlehurst So he covers all this and the cover of sorry is fucking great But yeah this music is also very iconic

Dan: Yeah Oh I know It's it's fantastic And David Jason was cost quite late on this He was Jim Broadbent who was was one in the in the run

Reegs: That's who that was Yeah that was Jim Broadbent Right The copper Slater I was staring at him going Oh it's licking I know

Pete: of the reasons why I wanted to to pick this episode as well because Slater is like is a character Very few and far between his appearances He makes one appearance before this one early on is must be the first seasonal too Cause grandad's in it And again this there's a rarely Funny storyline and twist about where he he basically gives the Hellboy immunity from prosecution If he tells him who stole some microwaves or whatever and it ends up that it was Del boy himself So it's they

Reegs: you're talking about granddad This is one of the things I get confused There was granddad was different to uncle Albert

Pete: Yes Yes He was

Reegs: different because the actor did die Did he then they just shamelessly

Pete: Well they they brought in uncle Albert in the the episode where they had granddad's funeral Cause it was his brother He he'd come to the funeral and even that was done seamlessly and brilliantly He just basically that he gets brought by his his niece and nephew to the funeral And because he's such a pain in the ass they basically do a runner and leave him and leave uncle Albert Nice at the white

Reegs: it's better than

Sidey: I didn't particularly like the granddad ones

Pete: I know I know I know what you mean Yeah I I do like the dynamic because again

Dan: they were learning their trade a little bit in those days I think they were honed in to the characters and by the time granddad came in

Pete: you mean uncle Albert Komen Yeah

Dan: Albert came in I think they'd they really knew the characters and they were starting to become then one of the best loved programs and John Sullivan I think he's right Went and got you know between So series three in series six seven

Pete: Yeah

Dan: was just the best thing on television

Pete: A lot of so cause I've watched all of the you know the stuff on gold and it'll go through our skin you know interviewing the cast and and I've watched a thing a big interview with John Sullivan so on and a lot of the stories and the bits that are genuine Like basically he said he like he grew up in London and you'd go down the market You go to the pub you go to all the places that that The characters in only fools and horses were bare and you would hear these stories and some of them like he embellished and so on but like th th the the the infamous chandelier scene that actually happened so many of these things actually and he would have known guys who dabbled in smuggling diamonds or watches or jewelry and stuff like that

Dan: you've heard in a pub and if you've got a note pad and pen and you're just writing it down cause you want

Reegs: to design ideas

Dan: for there You're going to come out with gold on ya on research in this did you find out who owns one of the three Wheeler Trotter

Pete: cars

Dan: I think there was only four or five used over the series Ricky Hatton

Pete: this

Dan: So bought one of the the reliant wiggles

Sidey: it is

Dan: Another I

Pete: come we got the unreliable one

Dan: sold for 44 grand in 2007

Reegs: Well

Dan: And a third

Reegs: is

Dan: at the national motor museum in Bollea Bulli

Pete: speeding

Dan: and alongside doc Brown's DeLorean from back to

Pete: Oh very very similar cars and storylines Yeah

Dan: one or the other one will take you into you know

Reegs: rumor Has it get the reliant the Regal wherever it was up to 88 mile an hour It will go back in time

Sidey: But

Pete: like the three wheel van is another visual Joke that just runs and runs There's you know there's this famous episodes where

Reegs: today years old when I figured out that Trotter's independent trading is tits

Pete: Yeah Well tit

Reegs: Did you

Pete: Yeah

Reegs: everybody knew that already Yeah

Pete: trusts us independent trading tit Yeah Again another but that they don't explain that ever It's just there for you They leave it out there and you pick it up eventually

Dan: And this one did you notice cause it wasn't that racy really it was always nice solid family entertainment but it did have a couple of you know Jokes that might have just slipped through at certain times and particularly in the earlier days I think there was a little bit more saucy in those days

Pete: know So when his his pursuit of birds was a feature in the early ones especially some of the ones that hung around with Rodney it was like a lot younger

Reegs: Cassandra I think I think I might have fancy Cassandra a bit She had a very severe

Pete: No I know Even even looking back at yeah She's she doesn't it doesn't do a lot for me

Sidey: first

Dan: She w well they they both of them one in this

Pete: No this is this is predates both of them I think Yeah

Sidey: days

Dan: But yeah it was

Pete: I mean so in terms of the story

Dan: just he flipped there He flipped the bird Yeah

Sidey: yeah they didn't they didn't realize when they read the thing I read about that they just clearly missed it They would have cut it

Pete: Oh yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah He goes Oh yeah Funny Look at me I'm laughing And he points to his face like

Reegs: Pastor census

Pete: yeah Yeah I mean it's probably worth saying as well and acknowledging that like if you go back to the very earliest episodes and and then you know and in this one and over time I think I th I like to think that they did move with the times but there's some No not wholly inappropriate but some some slightly you know what now looking back there's some you know racial racially

Reegs: it's a product of its time

Pete: yeah yeah yeah

Reegs: is some stuff that

Pete: some jokes that Yeah I don't think it was ever fully at the expense of anyone but in in again in earlier episodes they they you know they it was it was very light London was it was very sort of like multicultural the show There'd be you know there'd be one of them set in an Indian restaurant One of them certain a Chinese restaurant there's

Dan: noticed

Reegs: Well the joke was always on Del boy and it was

Pete: It was always his the thing is as much as whether you love them or not And most people would struggle to to not Be sort of not warm to him on some level but he was ignorant and part of the character well you know part of the joke was his ignorance And even as his kid brother is not that much sharper would point out where he's a bit of an idiot quite a lot of times the whole French you know make using French words

Dan: that allows this to age a little bit

Pete: better

Dan: I mean they use stereotypical names and things Yeah

Sidey: There's a pretty bad one in this episode where they're in the next head and I think it's reggae music playing and uncle

Pete: I don't know I didn't I didn't immediately assume I know what he says He says Oh I can't hear over this monkey music or whatever but I don't I don't know if it is reggae And I just saw you know my my Nan or grandad would have said something like that If it was punk music or anything Yeah They were But that but not specifically

Sidey: didn't sound great There's another bit like Robin if someone says packages

Pete: There is yeah Yeah Yup

Sidey: And they put black guide And then

Pete: Yeah but again that's that's the they're using that as like a they basically what it does is it's the setup of the joke It's like saying so yeah it's 10 pound for everyone Oh And 15 pound for the black feller And he's like immediately Oh I thought you said it was 10 pounds He was like yeah 10 pounds immediately takes his money So he's It's it is controversial and it's to an extent and it is definitely sort of skating on thin ice and you wouldn't really want to touch touch that in today's sort of stuff

Sidey: still broadcast it now but I think at the start they would say there's some

Pete: Yeah Yeah Right It's more references but what I do think all the way through and obviously you know I was alive in 1985 not necessarily in London but I have family from London and Dan you've obviously got family from London as well

Sidey: Brag

Pete: think I I think they I think that it was that they spoke how people would speak They used the terminology that people would have used in those areas It was authentic Definitely Albeit if they were to do remakes now they'd definitely be you know more careful with with the use of language and so on but you

Dan: you said that only fools and horses I think was one of those shows that gave lots of opportunities for the multicultural society that we lived in then to To have a place on screen inside a sit-com that was going to sort of 10 million people

Reegs: Well they had I mean Denzel was a recurring

Pete: Absolutely Yeah yeah

Dan: my

Reegs: of the

Pete: yeah Yeah Brilliant and and in this and this episode in particular it's like I mean he's only four four seasons in but he's already haunted by because they've been friends since they were kids I don't know if any year you watched 'em rock and chips like the pre-call staff to two and it is it is really good It's nothing like as good as only fools and horses but Denzel's a character in that when they will kids they've just left school They're just going out and finding jobs and so on And Denzel's in that as well And so he plays the part so brilliantly because he loves Del boy and he'd do anything for him within reason but he's also completely like tired and haunted by him at the same time Yeah Finish

Dan: redundancy money And they go forward to kind of a list of things at one stage in this episode of the things that I think boy stitched him up against an egg Oh well Yeah

Pete: I

Dan: He had it we always talked about his wife Corinne no it will always come up and she would have been in it more but she actually she she died quite early actually about 31 alcohol and substance abuse the actress and she had I I bring this up because I know rigs is a big fan she had a a two year long relationship with the iconic musician David Bowie and


Her cousin Mia Motley was elected prime minister of Barbados

Reegs: and was lead singer of Motley crew

Pete: Yeah

Dan: Well there you go You just raise the level

Sidey: I

Reegs: no I just completely made that up Del boy basically gets in with Boise and Abdul w where was Abdul from Did anyone know

Pete: I don't know if he was w what'd you mean I dunno if he was a a recurring character

Reegs: Oh he was just a one-off for maybe for this

Dan: been in it

Pete: Possibly Yeah Yeah Boise obviously is

Dan: golden wasn't he he was down from Hatton garden

Reegs: Is that what it was You have the opportunity to basically buy some gems some diamonds and Del boy's going to get paid 15 K to take 50 grand worth of cash in a briefcase over to Holland to Amsterdam to buy 150,000 pounds worth of diamonds and bring them back to Blighty

Dan: that with probably missing a customs

Sidey: Next day

Pete: Yeah So it's smuggling diamonds specifically and it's carrying a caseload of what turns out to be counterfeit money as well I mean it's a little bit of a removal for it but again it's believable Like Del boy has dabbled with you know hooky gear and stuff That's fallen off the back of the lorry right from the get go he's he's a fly

Reegs: at the beginning of this

Dan: He he's he's for a bit of a tough state at the moment And he his head K's funny actually And lots of this is funny His head gets turned at 10 grand then Abdo not knowing him as

Reegs: well

Dan: Goes Oh no we can go to 12


So then it gets a little sniff There might be room for more negotiation

Pete: areas and ends

Dan: up with 15 on agreeing to make the deal to go through And obviously he's it's a dangerous deal and it is a big departure from doughboys normal wheeling

Reegs: it's just slightly higher stakes there It's it is Yeah Yeah

Dan: Which is why he is not one of the suspects

Pete: because

Dan: As it transpires and Rodney learns to know of it tells him it's a bit dangerous but they the money's kind of winking to harden and both they they're told to meet up with Roy Slater which is Jim

Reegs: Borden

Dan: who's

Pete: Well slate Slater Slater seeks him out because he knows he he he absolutely does not suspect that they'll boy would be involved in this sort of thing So but he goes to seek him out because he knows he moves in the circles that he would fight He would hear something on the on the grapevine which is a little bit It's a little bit flawed because one thing you would know about Delbert is that he would never ever grass He'd never be an informant He'd never be one of slate his goons ever So the fact that slate has gone to him

Dan: having lost his judgment a little bit And he's he's just kind of probably further up shit's Creek then

Sidey: he

Dan: really

Sidey: slime and orphan

Reegs: Yeah I found him a real menacing presence in this I was quite surprised she

Pete: isn't it again So I don't know if you know this rigs but he turns out to be Raquel's ex husband

Reegs: I did not know

Pete: later on when she

Reegs: done

Pete: It is a vegan That was a big so sorry for if anyone's but I mean if you're not going to if you've not watched all of only hold fools and horses

Reegs: haven't listened this far if they don't know

Pete: what no I mean part of what right Just just I know part of why I wanted to choose this is because I could have pizza Loads of the theme was British I was going to be a British film and there's a load of things that I could have picked and thought about picking but I thought Well for me is I chronically British is I wanted to go for a feature length one because we normally review films in the mid week mentioned And one I wanted to revisit some of this stuff which I watch it anytime it's on UK gold I'll watch an episode but also if there's anybody who does listen that is doesn't have a fucking clue what we're talking about I don't know if it might be a leap but it's definitely worth watching And I don't know where you'd pick it up if you went right to the beginning you

Dan: kind of start to care from the characters It's easy to do with the quality of writing on offer here and yeah some of it might be a little bit dated but once you know the the characters you'll laugh with them along with them at them

Pete: And later on sort of you know have a little tear in your eye over some of the things that happens it's yeah It goes beyond comedy

Dan: No I mean so so this episode we've got Trotter doing that final deal with Boise and Abdul in the back of Denzel's van they're having a a discussion about how the deal was going to be done and the police get alerted Abdo and

Pete: or jump

Dan: of the van but it doesn't get out in time and is taken down to the doctor whole way He gets the

Sidey: that meeting in the back of the lorry Don't know if you know this but Michael Mann is a big fan of any this was the direct inspiration for the scene and heat

Dan: there you go Wow

Reegs: Are you making you're making that fucking

Dan: Well he's definitely ripped it off as an even if he says he didn't

Sidey: Slate is all over him Isn't he knows he knows he's just

Pete: what did he know He knows Poisson Abdullah the money man Yeah

Dan: up so they're just waiting for the coup and he's asking Dell to do it

Pete: Now now actually it's it's a set up because this is Slater's gig This is what he does He a up with van Cleef Yeah So he knows it because he's in on it because unbeknownst to us and them he's in on it He sat in this up

Sidey: he's got his sort of defi sort of assistance Yeah He's he's a real shit too

Pete: Yeah

Sidey: but that plays out quite nicely but essentially they realized that they could charter a sort of fishing by or whatever is to get across the North sea

Pete: This is very

Dan: So the genius idea

Pete: drop down

Dan: Doesn't

Sidey: it


Dan: Instead of flying in where they're covering all the bases and they know that diamonds are going to be smuggled It will it will just say like we were on a boat

and he

Pete: say

Reegs: ferry not the fairy Hill renter boat

Pete: And of course they know an expert Marianna in in their own uncle

Dan: Rodney wasn't it for a long time Me And then when they'll finally understood what was worrying him was the fact that he thought that They were going to be saved in it You go no no no I've got a you know I've got an expert I've

Pete: got

Dan: in and who who should he bring in next scene is cut really well

Reegs: Actually

Dan: it it doesn't leave you guessing for too

Sidey: long Well you know it's the South so perfect You know it you know

Dan: Straightaway and uncle Albert self the off the train to meet him and he's going to be there

Sidey: fucking useless

Pete: It's it's brilliant There's so much there's so much like comedy in the you know the whole setup of it And then the boat with like Rodney feeling sick from the get go And he's talking about blood and veins and everything Oh yeah Then so seeing them on the on the Junes or whatever Yeah

Dan: he's working too hard and hallucinate in because he keeps hitting Dell everywhere Brilliant And he's watching him as he's just sailing off on the North sea and he's gone on to the sand dunes for a bit of what I need to get some fresh air and some sea breeze And he can't believe it He stays out there and those on the high seas in front of him

Pete: And then yeah I mean almost ludicrously they end up having to ask for directions to Holland from a guy on an oil rig it's over there

Dan: and then of course they they go they do the deal nevermind that it's it's a load of

Sidey: But we are we learned that it's actually been given counterfeit

Dan: counterfeit money So that that makes things difficult but They somehow make it through at one point they think they're going to be arrested

Sidey: Well Dell Dell keeps saying I asked everyone is

Pete: And then obviously like there's a there's a nod to the fact that more is going on then than you realize when van Cleef makes the phone call after they've left Say Oh yeah he's just left Yeah It's Derek Trotter So and then yeah there's there's the quite amusing chase scene which considering I don't know what age uncle Albert is The actor Buster Maryfield I don't know what age he is but he puts it a bit of a shift Like it's it's actually him running like he's right Already running as a 70 something year old man quicker

Dan: is it actually only 41 years

Pete: old Mike you yeah A tougher paper around than you Yeah

Reegs: your notes for that one Yeah

Pete: And again Michael Mann was a huge fan of a lot of his characters were yeah

Reegs: Oh it's I mean this is going on forever

Pete: it is going on forever and the whole time you've been waiting to jump in an absolutely pan this rig so I can tell it on your face what I

Reegs: no no

Pete: I'm I'm ready with my counter arguments Okay Yeah So

Reegs: you haven't heard what I've got to say yet

Pete: will go go and say it but I mean first thing I'll say is you're absolutely right but

Dan: let let's let's just wrap up the what what's happened here because you've got them coming back where of course they think it's a good idea

Pete: just

Dan: follow a ferry home

Pete: they follow it in the wrong direction first Yeah

Dan: But eventually they they get back after being lost in the normalcy again And they get back home to Peckham meet with Boise and outdoor at the Knight's head and they're cornered by

Pete: yeah it's not at the next head I don't know where it is but it's not it's not the next heard No no no So some some building but it doesn't really matter But Slater bursts in and says one is diaspora with his with his sombrero

Dan: off to a sunnier climes and makes him a deal

Pete: he says I'll take everything and I won't tell anyone

Dan: Yeah Or you'll go to prison so with a mission filed they head off home the choice

Pete: and they've lifted like so Delbert is taken out two of his caseloads from his cuff links and pocketed a couple of the real diamonds Rodney's also taken the 15 grand which they believe to be counterfeit And isn't an stuff I hate stuff like that I see that in films where You know like all that money just like thrown

Dan: the shooters and they were ended up being worth a

Reegs: the direct inspiration lock stock Here

Dan: what'd they say well your wife is a big

Reegs: guy Richie

Pete: That was the end breeze Let's go Come on I got I'll just roll My no one can see this I'm just rolling up my sleeves

Reegs: I didn't particularly like this as a as a kid which is when it would have been on but and my parents didn't watch it either So I suspect you guys might've watched it with your parents when you were younger so that you know there's a bit of an element of that going on I do remember the Christmas specials I have watched Bits and pieces of the seasons have obviously seen all of the bits that have been absolutely repeated to fucking death about Dell falling through the bar the chandelier Batman and Robin And that's not really the show's fault but familiarity of those things breeds contempt a little I also am only lately that about David Jason I think he's good as a second Player like a supporting character was really good with when he Barker and some of the stuff that he did but I think he's a little bit limited and I don't find his like dropping something and pulling a face and then spluttering into a drink the same stuff over again It just doesn't make me laugh And I can't I'm not it just doesn't work for me And then also the character of Del boy when I was younger Yeah The criminality element of it sort of bothered me and I didn't really realize like now looking back and I can see what factors Britain was like in 1985 and what these people were going through But as a kid and I've always held onto that sort of thing of because he is just a crim

Pete: He's not just he's not just the crim though It's like the thing is I know I'm sure you do Dan I don't know about your side I know I've got genuinely I've got family members that are not identical but have a lot of similarity They've grown up in a You know in a different environment So the one we live in here in Jersey and honestly they would be almost like

Reegs: people off or be really

Pete: like Oh like this sort of honor amongst seat Like you know it as long as as long as people weren't getting hurt Like a lot of things a lot

Reegs: people are they're getting ripped

Pete: no no no I mean I mean physic physically as long as people aren't getting physically hurt like you know lifting lifting things from people's houses and stuff like that it was I'm not saying it's okay I'm not saying it's okay And I haven't done it or anything but yeah This this was a way for Pete This was genuinely a way for people fly pitch it fly pitching was was in markets So that that was genuine It was all off the back of a lorry that you know people would

Reegs: Well I'm I think I'm less judgmental about it now that I'm older Cause I can see how much more complicated the situation can be Also with the show itself even as a kid I felt I could see the jokes coming a mile off and then they're milked and milked and milk And then you get like constant reaction shots which like slows the pace down of the whole thing to a crawl And I really hated the canned laughter which is why when I watched this This was actually better than I remembered it I did enjoy the fact There was no laughter track that that actually really helped it And it because the stakes were a bit bigger and it was you know it was well-written it was a bit better than I remember it

Dan: at some stage I

Pete: Yeah they did Yeah they did Yeah But obviously the feature the feature length ones In all of the feature length ones there are like cause I've got to flesh it out It can't just be you know a quick sort of scene down the nags head market and a little kind of like Oh he's having a TIFF with his girlfriend kind of thing It has to be fleshed out a lot more There's the jolly boys outing is Fucking brilliant Miami twice is absolutely amazing And again this is where he basically ends up getting in with a a gangster out in Miami Who's the spitting image of him It's played by David Jason as well but it becomes a really good sort of like gimmick in in that sort of feature length episode And again I think probably

Dan: one as well where Rodney had to pretend he was a 13 year old

Pete: boy Aw

Reegs: remember that as well That was brilliant

Pete: gold Yeah That is absolute gold Yeah

Reegs: That

Sidey: was the name of the club

Pete: The groovy gang It's the groovy gang Yeah He comes second in a skateboarding competition Yeah I know Yeah absolutely brilliant But I mean the thing is so I get it with the visual gags some of it I mean I'm not a big fan of of slapstick necessarily And and I I'll be I'll be honest the bar the bar scene It was like they showed it I think before it came out actually in the episode So it spoiled it and that's been shown over and over again and lots of the visual ones but for me the the real like brilliance and this is in is in the script the dialogue but the delivery it's to say David Jason isn't good As a leading leading

Reegs: would say that I just said for me that's

Pete: I mean his is his tie I mean he is Del boy There is He is in the way that he learned from a master like Ronnie Barker who who could be absolutely unbelievably like well totally believable as completely different characters So like the ones that he played and David Jason sort of grew up learning from him And I think he absolutely nails it with with Del boy And he is the leader Everyone bounces off him in in every single scene his timing his delivery His posture his facial expressions That the way he uses language very cleverly because he doesn't speak like that Normally it's it's a it's a inquiry It wouldn't have run for that long And it appealed to as many people had it not and it doesn't just appeal to working class people I don't think I think there's this things in it It doesn't just appeal to working class Londoners It appeals to the masses where it's certainly used to in terms of like the note we're talking like 20 million Or viewers for the Christmas specials And so on obviously there were only four channels You didn't have much much choice would probably be something weighing on the other on the other channels but like the queen speech or whatever but Oh mind you Yeah I'd probably try and record strong man but Jeff capes but yeah

Reegs: to love that

Pete: Yeah Th this for me is it's It is I know it's a massive cliche but It's a national institution only fools and horses And I will continue to watch the episode I can get it If my if my kids don't grow up enjoying it because it's not their sort of comedy or whatever I'll get that Oh that's absolutely fine I'm not going to force it on him but I'll watch I'll watch it till

Dan: a generations So

Pete: June Does does your I mean your boys the oldest is

Dan: hasn't gone into it just yet but I think that this will find Fans in a in a younger generation because it funny it's funny

Pete: you know

Dan: is is generally brilliant And and the actors you know I had a couple of spinoff series didn't it only falls in horses You had

Reegs: green something

Pete: Oh yeah I didn't go anywhere near that

Dan: of them

Pete: I mean we've not even it's I mean one of the one of the best characters for me in like you know British sort of comedy history is trigger Not just because you know like his lines or whatever he barely features in this He's just a little bit at the beginning

Sidey: real character

Reegs: I saw this today Oh

Pete: fuck His character name

Sidey: Colin

Reegs: Colin

Pete: Never ever knew that

Sidey: Roger Lloyd Lloyd

Pete: but yeah. Roger Laurie pack. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Sid you've, you've remained sort of reasonably quiet throughout this.

Sidey: Well, apart from the Michael Mann trivia I really liked it. I really, really liked it. I hadn't seen an episode for a long while, so I was excited to watch it again and I really liked it.

Pete: I, I, if I look for an episode, I'll try and watch one of the feature length ones that they do. They do more for me, the other ones that find seven in the background, if I'm doing something, but I love sitting down and watching the feature length ones,

Dan: tended to have that, that hook at the end. Didn't know that last kind of punches this


did. And, and I've read, you know, sometimes it was their winning, getting the last laugh.

Sometimes it was when. You thought it had one, but actually it just kind

of lost

Pete: Yeah. Well this one was bitter sweet. It was bitter sweet. This one. It, yeah.

Dan: sweet. Yeah. As, as far in 15 grand outside the

Pete: window have to suffer high stuff like that?