Oct. 15, 2021

Prisoners & Inspector Gadget

Prisoners & Inspector Gadget
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Inspired by this week’s main feature, Reegs took the easy way out and nominated the Top 5 Prisoners for our discussion. As it happens this was pretty fruitful territory as there has been one or two movies made featuring prisoners over the years.
With the release of Denis Villeneuve's DUNE imminent we decided to look back at his 2013 English language debut PRISONERS. A kidnapping thriller exploiting parents worst fears, with incredibly intense performances from leads Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal and able support from Terence Howard, Melissa Leo and especially Paul Dano, it's the confident film-making and gorgeously grey suburban cinematography courtesy of the Oscar winning Roger Deakins which elevates this film in the face of some laboured symbolism and plot contrivances which occasionally stretch credulity.
Co-created by Andy Heyward, Jean Chalopin and Bruno Bianchi, the 1983 classic animation INSPECTOR GADGET  was rebooted as a 3D CGI monstrosity back in 2015 and then streamed by Netflix from 2017 onwards. Set approximately 5 years after the events of the original series, this sequel to the original cartoon sees the clueless cyborg cop’s retirement put on hold until his nemesis, Dr Claw, has been defeated. We are asking the big questions this week: how did Gadget receive his horrifying abilities? Is he a man or a simulation of a man? What percentage of his head is taken up with storing helicopter blades? Can Gadget ever be killed? And how was it that the genius Dr Claw never realised his schemes are being foiled by a 10-year-old girl and her curiously surly dog?
We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads



Reegs: Welcome to bad dads feeling. Did you know that there were over 17 podcasts for every man, woman and child on the earth? You probably didn't because I just made it up. But the fact is there are a lot of podcasts out there and you're listening to ours. So thanks for that. Join us here at bad dads. As we dive back in time to when our collective offspring first reared their ugly heads to deprive us of the movies we would have watched as cinema fans, where we not knee deep in nappies wipes, and numerous, numerous changes of socks.

This week show sees you incarcerated with us for the next 90 minutes or so, as we discuss the top five movie prisoners, then the 2013 thriller prisoners, and we finish up on the other side of the law with a review of Netflix is inspector gadget review. That just leads us to introduce this week's inmates in Baghdad jail.

First up, we have Sidey imprisoned on multiple charges of Meryl street pate with no chance of parole and Dan sentence for his crimes against cinema and more specifically the English language to watch the movie Friday night lights on repeat for the rest of time. And then there's me rigs. I got done for breaking into people's homes and shaving their cats.

So that's us then on with the show.

Sidey: Did you watch anything at all this week?


Dan: Yeah. I'll watch the puppy on last night. It was a film that

Sidey: Instagram story.

Dan: apparently it is. I didn't know that you couldn't show boobs on Instagram, I don't think so.

I was still on there today. It was just like a grainy clip of the beginning of the film and I was,

Sidey: yeah,


Dan: that's right. 1930s Paris before Pappy or had been. You know, accused of this crime and it wasn't bad. Exactly. Just a young kind of slug on the road, but he eventually goes to devil's island and it's, I'm not Dustin Hoffman this time.

It's the other guy who played

Reegs: Charlie Hunnam


Dan: It's Freddie mercury out there on yeah. Yeah. He's he plays newest Degas. Who's the forger that Pappy on kind of worked with and teamed up with, and

Reegs: I heard his shit though.

Sidey: this


Dan: I went into it thinking it can't stand up to the, I've read the book three or four times at least. And I've seen the movie that many times a huge fan of Steve McQueen, huge fan of Dustin Hoffman, but this wasn't bad.

It may be because I thought it would be shit and my expectations were low.

Reegs: Well, 10 interestingly as well, the writer of that was Aaron Gosey Koski. And he did the screenplay for the patio on remake and he did the screenplay for tonight's movie prisoners. So that's a very

Sidey: fortunate

Reegs: turn of events.


Sidey: I watched a few things this week. I started and finished squid game. which was, which was a lot

Reegs: I mean, everybody's talking

Sidey: everyone's banging on about it. It's that sort of ubiquitous Netflix series, but really did enjoy a lot. I wasn't,

Reegs: I haven't put a toe in yet. I mean, is it, I do want to say sounds like it's up my street. Is it, is it good? Is it worth the hype?

Sidey: Yeah.

it's sort of echoes of hunger games, about a Royale that kind of thing. It's super fucking, violent and like unbelievably violent. It's great.

I really enjoyed it. I watched a couple of documentaries I've watched the Nirvana in the UK thing That's on the BBC. I perhaps quite interesting actually.

Reegs: Did you see the baby from the cover of nevermind is suing


Sidey: for getting his Dick out. Yeah.

Dan: I think they've taken them off some future

Reegs: they're going to, yeah, but it, the irony of him standing there wearing a t-shirt with the thing on holding a copy of the album sleeve to sort of fight his, cause about he's saying this thing ruined his life. I mean, yeah,

Sidey: I think he's just being a bit of an opportunist

Reegs: if you're listening, you're getting a one-star review from us Nevada, baby.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: I'm sure. There was some other stuff, but but then, then the homework, we had a top five last week, which was trees.

Reegs: yes, we had numerous entrances. Entrances is that.

Sidey: Entries

Reegs: entries.

for centuries. I think the sheer volume and weight of nominations for Robin hood, prince of

Sidey: thieves

Reegs: is going to put that in.

So thank you, everybody who nominated that, which was really a lot of you, I think male and a few others.

Sidey: Yeah. There was a Legion of Robin hood nominators

Dan: marry men

Sidey: and women

Dan: and women.

Reegs: and, and,

Sidey: or the editing doesn't categorize thusly.

this week's movie, top five was your choice weeks. And it was

Reegs: the top five movie prisoners.

Sidey: So

Reegs: there was a lot of

Sidey: there is a lot, I mean,

Reegs: The film prisoners.

Yeah. They were gonna watch. Yeah.

Was that way round. Yeah.

Sidey: did you

go like just an overview. Have you gone? for like Jail prison or have you gone and sort of more abstract?

Reegs: I think I hope a bit of both. I don't know.

Sidey: So it should be fun.

Reegs: I've mostly gone traditional jail, but I'm definitely anybody. Who's got a movie where somebody is basically in a jail, but they don't know it is also acceptable.

Sidey: Okay.

Hmm. Okay.

Go for it. Then

Reegs: Well, I'm going to start with the first one that I thought of really it's a collection of some of the greatest prisoners ever in the Simon west action. Connie. It's a great movie. We gave us iconic lines, like put the

Sidey: buddies.

Reegs: back in the box. It's the 90, 97 story of Nick Cage's Cameron Poe, who accidentally kills a man who tried to assault his wife and he's then paroled and boarded onto a flight with a load of horrible bastards on it, including this incredible list.

A mass murderer, William Billy Bedlam Bedford, a serial rapist. John Johnny 23 Bakker played by Danny Trejo. You got Garland, the Marietta Mangola green played by Steve Buschemi. You've got Bing rains is diamond dog Jones. And of course John Malcovich Malcovich Malcovich is Cyrus the virus Grissom. I think probably the greatest collection of movie prisoners of all time

Dan: It's worthy of a mid-week mention isn't it. One point

Reegs: it's way too fucking long though. That movie, it goes on forever and ever, and ever

Dan: well I'll keep it short. And in the name of the father is the, the opening gambit for me because it was a film. I remember watching Young, you know, sort of 18, 19 and being really angry.

Um yeah Yeah. It's the, the story of the Guilford four in the McGuire? Seven wrongly accused of bombings IRA. No, they didn't take off. They did 20 years in jail.

Reegs: like the Birmingham six. Didn't do it either. Did they? And the, probably the fucking hateful eight didn't do it in

Dan: no, but Daniel Day Lewis did do it. He won all kinds of awards for this and his, the Pete possible white, is

Sidey: it

Dan: that's it as well plays his father.

And it just, if you haven't seen it it's the story of them going to prison, falsely accused and Being prisoner in jail in the UK for close on 20 years. And it's infuriating just how wrong they got it and how how they just corruption in the prison system and the justice system, let them all

Reegs: Yeah, it was an outrage. The police fed them up.

Dan: Oh, it's horrible. Really, really horrible. But Daniel Day Lewis in this was, it was kind of my introduction to him being just, wow, this guy's out there on his own when it comes to

Reegs: and he did actually get himself falsely

Dan: He did

Reegs: and incarcerated for four years.

Didn't it? Yeah.

Sidey: Toy story three.


Pretty much a prison movie.

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: They are imprisoned in the rough room in the nursery, but they are also physically captured and imprisoned in upside down toy baskets within the movie. So. it's both. Abstract and literal imprisonment.

Reegs: I love that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Got any others in that similar sort of vein where you've gone a bit,

Sidey: maybe,


Reegs: are you teasing up?

Sidey: Well, okay. I'd like to make any notes on this one, but the matrix everyone is essentially imprisoned in

Reegs: Oh yeah. It's good thinking. So what do you reckon in the new matrix? Morpheus is a bad guy, right? That's what we can deduce from the trailer. I would think


Sidey: what is young Morpheus

Reegs: I reckon he's going to be an

Sidey: Larry is not in

Reegs: my pick. I've watched that trailer now about 2 trillion times. I think he's going to be an agent. You heard it here first The Paddington movies are a real recent gem in my eyes. They've managed to charm me at least if not my kids, particularly, they've got an old fashioned approach to storytelling, but we're the Natalie modern and contemporary story too, where you've got like old fashioned English puns, but interesting immigration stories buried subtly in there in Paddington to our friend from deepest that you've seen this one, Dan yeah.

Friend from deepest, darkest Peru. Who's now a fixture in the vibrant and colorful London community from the first movie. But it's dear aunt, Lucy's back in Peru and she's about to turn 100 and he wants to get the perfect gift, which he finds. Dazzling sequence where he finds this pop-up book in an old Victorian shops.

So he works hard with much comic hilarity in searing to buy the book. But then insteps Hugh grant as the incredibly named Phoenix Buchanan. And he's brilliant as the flamboyant villain who ends up framing pattern Paddington for Nick in the book and he ends up in prison. And obviously it's one of those where, you know, where the story is going to go.

You know, he falls in with a gang of tough guys, led by the prison, cook knuckles, McGinty played by Brendan Gleason. And yeah, there's a whole sort of elaborate jail break type

Dan: don't they make the best ever food is something the chef

Reegs: Well, he makes him marmalade Dan

Dan: That's it.

Reegs: and he made it makes him civilized.

Sidey: you know, the difference between jam and marmalade,

Reegs: Is it the bits? No, it can't be the bits saying appeal.

Sidey: because you can have smooth

Reegs: Yeah, but having specifically the Pethel the, not the, the, the Brian.

Sidey: You

can't mom, laid your cock up your mom's ass,

Reegs: right? So Paddington two,

Dan: Okay. Well the, the count of missed the count, the count, the


count of Monte Cristo. Have you seen this movie?

Reegs: a long time ago?

Dan: Really? Again, it was just one of those pleasant surprises that you think it's not going to be that great. Watched it guy Pearce. Fantastic. In it. The story, obviously

Reegs: I'm thinking of the original,

Dan: ah, not seeing the one with guy Pierce, right?

Brilliant Henry Young Henry Cavill in it as well, directed by Kevin Reynolds did Waterworld Robin hood. And did you know always with Costner doing stuff, but

Reegs: if Reynolds, Kev,

Dan: Kevin you no

special. K yeah, it's it's really good. What is it do Maurice, the writer, Alec

Reegs: Alexandria Duma, Shawshank redemption. He calls it dumb ass. Doesn't it?

Dan: Well, I've nearly done

Sidey: that'd be a nice segue.

Reegs: I was going to veto the Shawshank redemption. It's just like the most obvious thing in the world.

Sidey: talk about it, but not put it in

Dan: Andy frame. Well, it's got to be mentioned is a prison film. It's pretty much number one on all IMDBs charts, in any other film charts.

Reegs: And there's a sequence where a guy plays the harmonica in it at night in a jail, which slightly

Dan: it's got all those kinds of scenes

Sidey: solitary. So, he's, you know, he's doing Imprisonment within the prison, you know, the hardest time you can do

Dan: Well, Pappy on solitary was solitary. That was five years he did. And they put him in darkness for some of it. I mean,

Sidey: imagine the peace and quiet.

Dan: oh, it'd be lovely.

Sidey: I've got a double bell of George Clooney films to out of sight

Dan: Lopez as well.

Sidey: Yes.

Jennifer uh he plays Jack Foley.

And this is probably in, well, certainly my opinion.


That's her son. it's George at his most smooth, I think before it sort of descends into like almost self parodying in ocean's 11 and all that stuff.

Eh, He's Jack Foley and the opening of the film is him the story sort of chopped up, but essentially it's him breaking out of prison and being captured by Jennifer Lopez, Karen, Sysco, as she

is called. Who's there completely by chance and see. some, dirt getting flicking up into the island and then some prisoners pop out from the tunnel, they've made and clearly grabs her and puts her into the boot of the


And you have that really great to see. The other one would be, oh brother, where art, thou the chain gang where they're well they're on the run, but they are, they have been imprisoned. So two really excellent Clooney films, but I think if you've made me choose out of the site would be my favorite out of the two, those two,

Reegs: Really

Sidey: but that's a tough call.

Dan: Lee child book or something like that?

Was it, or the out of

Sidey: Elmore Leonard. Yeah.

Reegs: I've got a couple of superhero examples for you, neither a particularly successful. These are really more about the prisons than the prisoner. The first is Magneto's plastic

Sidey: prison

Reegs: in X-Men two, and he gets broken out of prison. Cause mystique goes in shags that guy in there and injects what liquid like iron or something into him.

And then he pulls it out and by atom out of his skin, use it like into a tiny marble, which he uses to destroy the plastic prison and then kind of floats his way out of there. So, I mean, they really should've thought about that. Also both Superman too, and the man of steel movie see general Zod in their crew thrown into the Phantom zone, which is a prison basically an interdimensional wasteland with no hope of escape, of course, unless the plot needs you to come out of it.

But they are essentially prisoners. So.

Dan: Right. Well,

Reegs: do we think that's a bit too vague or can I claim those

Dan: can claim him cause I'll probably go worse with vagueness, but I'm top of the world, ma do you know the film? Based on that

Reegs: the water boy?

Dan: no, it's it's white heat, James Cagney a plane.

Reegs: James

Dan: Well, it was more the words than the accent, you know?

But he plays like a psychotic convict where the mother complex, who escapes and leads a gang into a chemical plant on a payroll heist. And of course I think goes wrong when you've got that kind of combo. But James Cagney is fantastic. And this is one of those, you know, the, the real 1930s, Tommy gun gangster and,

Reegs: before my

Dan: plays it.

Oh, there again went into cinema. No, it's, it's really, really good. It will stand up against most movies that we would have watched recently. It's 1930s, it's black and white is James Cagney. It. It takes all the boxes for me. I know it's not everybody's but check it out. You won't waste your time.

Sidey: Okay. Escape from Alcatraz is Dr.

Trice is a prison.

I don't know if he know that it's a prison and Clint. Eastwood's plays Frank Morris.

Reegs: I've not seen her.

Sidey: Oh, it's good. It's it's just a really kind of straight storytelling. There's no sort of bells and whistles about it. It's just the story. This guy, he sort of paints all the prisoners as being like really nice. when In fact, they're all, you know, murderers and like complete discover the earth. There's a guy who paints one of the most memorable scenes in the film. They take his paints away. from him And he cuts off his hand, and cuts his fingers off its fucking grip, Clint's, This is similar to Shawshank. He's just spent years tunneling away.

And then eventually, you know, they go and check this out and there's this like real comedy sort of like bundled up stuff. And I think it's like a mannequin's head or something like that, that. he's got from somewhere

Reegs: that sounds terrifying.

Sidey: And he in the film gets away, but I think probably died in the water because I don't think anyone ever did escape or not confirmed.

Maybe they just don't tell you

that They got away

Dan: never

Reegs: movies they were always escaping from Alcatraz where they was

Sidey: like

Reegs: the shit it's prison ever.

Dan: Though. Yeah, there is kind of a it's notorious for being very difficult.

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: Oh, go with, I guess this goes on the slightly more abstract side, but in the Truman show, I would argue that he was he was

a prisoner basically was he was living his entire life trapped in a fabricated reality.

Was he, was he really allowed out there? I don't know if he's a prisoner, but it's always good to talk about that movie. alien three, when you type it out is written as alien cubed because no one could stop Microsoft word doing that. Apparently. So that had to be, that had to be alien.

Really? The tiny little three. Yeah. But that's the whole planet is a voluntary prison planet. It's got Charles S.

As the spiritual leader of the prisoners, and then it's got great performance from Ralph Brown is the prisoner nicknamed 85. Cause that's what his IQ was and he's got Charles dance.

He plays this sort of love interest for, for Sigourney Weaver's end, like killed about an hour into the movie. But yeah, that's a prison planet and they were a bunch of prisoners.


Dan: there was there was this guy with a star who died in prison, but he never got to finish his sentence. It was all right. Well now Vince Everett is a construction worker accident emerged as a man in a ball arrested, sent to Gerald for manslaughter and his life changes when he learns to play the guitar.

Joe House rock it's a, is, is the big E Elvis. Yeah, he looks brilliant in the 1968 comeback and you know it but Joel house rock,

Reegs: all I'm saying is in the 68, specially was that's when you could see we had an extra cheeseburger,

Dan: where we've had this argument off air a little earlier, I think Elvis looks incredible in a 68

Reegs: He does. He does, but that's

Dan: as end off,

Reegs: when the eating started

Dan: no, he's just looks cute. He looks just, just right. He's brilliant. And he looked fantastic in, in jailhouse rock is Vince Everett as well.

Sidey: I've got another double bill, but this is going on to TV mode.

I'm going to pick two episodes from blackhead that goes forth. Corporal punishment is the episode where they kill The carrier pigeon.

and eat it, melt shirts beloved speckled gym and the Blackadder is called marshals. And he is going to be shot at Dawn by the firing squad. It's great. The other episode, I'm going to nominate his private plane, which is the greatest episode, certainly greatest sitcom episode, benefit, but probably the greatest episode. of Anything ever on television.

Reegs: Wow. It's high praise

Sidey: Rick male, one with with flash art and his flying squadron. His nickname the 20 minutes is so

Reegs: the name of the episode?

Cause I'm going to have to go and watch this plane, private

Sidey: It's Fucking genius and blackout. George and Baldrige joined the 20 minutes just because that's the average. They think that you're going to be flying for, but it's the life expectancy is 20 minutes and then they crash land across enemy lines and they're captured.

And they are

they're held in the castle of the fiendish red Baron by by eight Edmonson and.

it is

Genius. If anyone was not seen this, you need to check it out. So in the UK gold or fucking YouTube or whatever, a million times a day. But every time this doesn't get old, ever Pete will be delighted And that has been spoken about, but,

Reegs: he will be creaming listening at home the dark Knight had one of the jokers goons in a prison cell and he starts complaining of stomach pain.

And then you find out he's got a bomb in his sewn, into him, which the joker can activate, which is pretty nice. So he was a prisoner that didn't last very long. Yeah. The joker he's always joking around Dinny is always joking. American history X doesn't really take place much of it in prison, but it's definitely a story about a prisoner, the transformation of Derek, Edward Norton

Sidey: vineyard,

Reegs: Derek vineyard.


Sidey: He's cured of his racism It's nice. Isn't it?

Reegs: Yeah, that happened nicely. Didn't it? But they lost Edward Furlong along the way, which was sad. But it was a great crime drama that made a big impact. Didn't have a great cast as

Sidey: What was the name of the director?

Because he hated the studio meddling? and he,

Reegs: It's not Finch. No.

Sidey: he wanted to take his name off the production.

Yeah, the whole,

of the film. He always wanted his name to be expunged from the record, but he had taken out an advert, I think in the New York times panning the film and the studio and, you know, there's the Alan Smithee thing. If you want if you want to not be associated with it, they will replace your name with Alan Smithee, but you cannot have said anything negative about it in the press, So they couldn't do that.

So he's still got his name on it, but actually the film is really good. I don't know what is something that happens along the way that he disgruntled about

We really ought to know his name.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Some guy, if you're listening, whoever you were,


could uh

Sidey: come on the

Dan: Paul let us know what went

Reegs: know who you are.

Dan: I had a

Reegs: Well, hang on a minute, Dan,

Dan: sorry. We skipped over that.

Reegs: there.

Well, I was just going to, you know, before I forgot about escape plan, anybody seen that it's the solidly enjoyable Stallone action movie where Schwartzenegger gets to play the comedy relief role. Yeah. This is a real thing. He plays Ray Breslin introduced in the beginning of the movie as an inmate in a maximum security prison.

And you get to see him like study the guard shift patterns and he's drawing diagrams and making tools out of shit. Scott lying around in the cells, you know, making a kind of. Plan to escape. And then he does escape him. We're only a few minutes into the movie movie and then even the least savvy movie goer of all time knows there's something else going on here.

And of course it is that he's employed by the prison service to get into, into these maximum security places and then get himself out again and identify all their weaknesses. But he takes this dodgy from the star. But a job off the books to get this like black site type place called the tomb. And the inmates are all kept in like David Blaine style, glass boxes, and the guards were creepy masks.

Like they go into the eyes wide shut sex party thing. And then Schwartzenegger turns up playing Rob Meyer. Who's a fellow inmate who assists with the plan. A lot of his running time consists of being beaten up or beating up other people. So he can be carried away to solitary and work out where the cameras are and that sort of thing.

And it's got Vinnie Jones as the warden's right-hand man, which is pretty shit. But the warden himself is played by Jim

and he's like channeling a kind of smarmy Christ basically from it's like the passion of the Christ, but in this movie. So yeah, watch it. Escape plan. It's good.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: Or it's mediocre.

Dan: I know Steve McQueen one captain Hiltz in the great escape.

Reegs: He's going to make it don't he, every time,

Dan: this was you know, based on a true story, he was involved in saving 76 men and he tried to jump the wire and his bike didn't quite make it, but

Reegs: he invented the thing of

Dan: bounce in the bowl, on, on the wall and catching it again.

I mean, if poppy all had that epi sound for five years, she was beat. They didn't give him anything. Scum.

Sidey: which going?

Dan: Yeah, that's right. It was Ray Winston's kind of breakout film if of him in Boston or with omelette daddy now and goes around, hitting people with a

Reegs: fucking tool.

Of people who went on to star in like the bell and EastEnders and

Sidey: Yeah. That was the kid with the glasses who was in. But the Hannah, Heidi. high sort of follow-up thing with the house,


it was like the posh you know, the, the aristocracy lived upstairs and the story was

11, like Sue, Paul I'd know that a lot were downstairs the servant's quarters and all that.

Dan: Oh, okay. Yeah.

Sidey: another thing. We don't know the name of,

Dan: thing. Midnight express.

Reegs: that's a good one in it.

Dan: it. So it was the, again, the true story of Billy Hayes who smuggled a couple of kgs or hash fruit, Turkey got I think four year

Reegs: five years

Dan: for it, but then it got bumped up to like 30 and he started to, to want to escape before he was too

Sidey: got to take the midnight express,

Reegs: You've got the guards. They like to beat them across the feet.

Don't they? And there's some sex stuff going on. Quite kinky actually. It's you know, do you know it was directed by Alan Parker who the movie that he did previously to this was seem alone. Yeah.

Bonkers, bonkers,

Dan: Jodie foster one, but the, the kids, yeah.

Reegs: Yeah And this midnight express is really great.

It's got John hurt in it and he's got Randy Quaid as well. And he's like bonkers now, but,

Dan: but it was, it was decent back

Reegs: in this tense.

Sidey: Ooh, John coffee from green mile.

Dan: Uh We talking about this one today. Yeah.

Sidey: you cry when you're

Dan: Tom

Reegs: I thought this was another one that should have been on the banned list.

Sidey: Yeah. I wasn't going to

Dwell on that one. Another one that should just be banned. It's too good Hannibal Lecter.

But we always impersonate that

Escape from New York.

Reegs: Yes,

Sidey: snake. Priskin the Manhattan. Manhattan has been, Yeah. Manhattan has become the, the island, the whole, whole of Manhattan, is become a maximum security prison and the president's plane crash lands in it. So they have to bust them out. It's got a tremendous cost. Donald Pleasants


leave enclave. Ernest Borgnine, Harry Dean Stanton.

And your man himself, Kurt Russell.

Reegs: They always talk about remaking that one. I just

Sidey: What was escape from LA as well?

Reegs: Yeah. I don't think that's very good.

Sidey: And then, Yeah. they should probably just quit, but you should definitely check that

one out then. It was probably, you were probably a bit old at 1981. This came out.

So yeah,

Dan: God. Yeah. I was having my hip operation then

Reegs: a large part of the Muppets most wanted, which I think was the C call was about Kermit attempt to escape the ghoulag. If you remember.

He had the evil clone or not clone brother, or it had a,

Dan: beauty spot

Reegs: don't know what you're allowed to say or a mole. Is that, or a wat

Dan: a mole on a frog.

Reegs: to mole on the frog?

Yeah, so I don't know if that really counts in face-off cast Detroit. He's no shore night. I get confused because it's so deep and twisted. But Sean Archer or they, somebody takes somebody else's face and has to go into prison

Sidey: I want to take his face off.

Reegs: Yeah. And Gothica anybody seen that completely preposterous movie by Matea Kassovitz?

Who did

Sidey: what's it called?

Reegs: It's called.

no Gothic or this one, it's got hairy belly as a prison psychiatrist accused of murdering her husband at Charles. I started actually from a movie before he winds up, she gets locked in her own prison. She's a, she's a prison psychiatrist accused of murdering her husband who then ends up being locked in the prison that she was formerly the

Dan: Would I be wrong in remembering a sex scene in that or

Sidey: monsters ball.

Dan: that's what I'm trying to think of.

Reegs: Oh no, this is far far Celia. There's like berries being haunted by a ghost of a dead girl. And Robert Downey Jr. Is a smarmy prick in it. And I really liked this movie. It's really stupid, but yeah, you know, it makes total sense to lock up a prison psychiatrist who was working at a place in that place.

I mean, just the whole premise makes total sense.

Dan: Okay. There is a film about a beaver that was sent to prison. The evidence was damning brew.

You ever, ever seen that one? Robert Redford film. Okay. Another one I'm going to educate you on. So Robert Redford turns up a lot, Arkansas state prison determined to clean up corruption. He's the new warden only. Nobody knows he's the new warden. He goes in as a prisoner and clever. yeah, it's decent.

As you would expect. I mean, it would have been a big big deal back in the day with a Lister, like light Bobby. And it's a, it's a really good prison movie and it's got prisoners in Riggs

Reegs: Yeah, it's perfect for this week's top five, but you go with it any more side.

Sidey: I didn't want to talk about this one because I

don't think

I don't think either of you two seen it.

 Logan lucky.

Reegs: I'm going to nominate it one

Sidey: week. Clearly

Reegs: nominated this week

Sidey: Because it's, our man, Daniel Craig is, incarcerated, and they have to do some kind of jailbreak to get him involved in their highest plan. So I'll say no more, but it is spoiler Excellent.

Well, I certainly enjoyed it anyway.

Reegs: The Burt Reynolds, 1974 comedy, the longest yard, that's been remade at least three times. It's got at least two of those have got Burt Reynolds in cause he was in the one with Adam Sandler and it Vinnie Jones. And with backroom in that movie or someone ridiculous they play, they all play.

Paul wrecking, Cru, a former NFL quarterback locked up after, you know, doing shit and whatever. And then he has to take on the prison guards and the actual, I actually half enjoyed the Adams. I'm the one I really have to say. I know that that's like, yeah, I know, I know

Dan: you gotta, you gotta be in the white mood for those moves, but yeah, it was one I've seen and it wasn't too bad.

Six out of 10 kind of stuff. 12 monkeys I had I have not seen that. It's kind of a mental asylum, but I think there's some prison

Reegs: prison

Dan: content in there as well.

Reegs: And of course the prisoner in that he ends up sharing a cell doesn't need with the guy and it's like Brad Pitt the information that he gives in no. Or the information that Cole gives him, ends up orchestrating the events of the movie sort of thing.

Dan: coming back round again.


Reegs: Yeah, exactly. Thank you. That's a much more elegant way of saying it.

Dan: Denzel

Sidey: Denzel

Dan: play in a Rubin Carter who was accused of a murder. He was a boxer and went down for like a, a triple homicide or something got, got years and years could have been a contender immortalized in Bob Dylan's song the hurricane.

And it's a really decent film actually. Have you seen this one

Sidey: No, but I did see the fight or the weekend.

Dan: Yeah. Okay. So fury,

Reegs: theory.

Sidey: like

Reegs: How was it? Cause I haven't seen

Dan: Did you stay up and watch it?

Sidey: know?

Dan: Yeah, so yeah, he's his two big guys chopper. It was quite the, quite the site.

Sidey: Here's what we don't mention very often, But I need just a quick confirmation on is how you say his name, Nicholas cage, raising Arizona. Is it HII, Madonna or is it hi, I'm guessing it's HR. just so long since I seen it. So he is a sort of petty criminal, bouncing from different crime and getting captured released capture released during these civil petty crimes.

And then he falls in love with the prison mugshot photographer played by Holly hunter and it's Cohen brothers and It's one of those rare things Nicholas cage film that I really like and also cool hand, Luke

of course,

Reegs: Paul Newman,

Sidey: which features

imprisonment and eggs.

Reegs: Yeah.

And as sort of he's this like Christ like

Sidey: it's

Reegs: he among the inmates sort of thing.

I guess a carpool of last ones from me is that probably where the stage we're at. Yeah. Somehow back in 1995, someone managed to convince MGM studios to funnel a bunch of money into a weird adaptation of a British Colt comic book novel about why he's cracking punk, driving a tank through an apocalyptic Australia in the movie tank.

See now

Sidey: yeah. I never saw it.

Reegs: Yeah. It's so weird. One Lori Petty it's maybe not quite successful, but

Sidey: yeah, Yeah.

Reegs: she plays the sort of hyperactive tomboy character and we get some good prison stuff in the opening scenes and some good world-building stuff. She escapes imprisonment by the wastelands, fascist depresses the water and power company, which are sort of militarized corporation, which hordes, water and cruelly attacks, anyone who has their own which they, you know, they're not a good company to work.

Sidey: it has

Reegs: be said. When they fire employees, they killed them with machines that harvest water from their bodies which I don't even think the current conservative government would tolerate,

Sidey: It's probably going to be debated.


Reegs: It's worth watching for the inventive design of the movie, which takes actual stuff. Like the guy, Jamie Hewlett, just say key bits of the movie just got missed.

They just forgot to film things. So they had to put, no, it's not. I looked that up. It's different guy. Cause I was like, oh my God, that'd be amazing. But so they had to fill it with cutaways and drawings from the cartoon and animation sequences, which were basically never intended to be seen. So that's weird.

It's got future David Lynch collaborator, Naomi Watts in it is jet girl. And it's really watchable for its turn is a super soldier enhanced by kangaroo DNA.

Dan: Beautiful.

Sidey: I stay who was of course, good friends with Boise from

any person horses,

Reegs: apparently.

Sidey: of internet.

Dan: Well, to wrap up my side Superman member, Chrissy weaves one where he's got the, the guys go off into space in like a

Reegs: the Phantom zone. Yeah, I was talking about that.

Dan: you, did you mention

Sidey: that

Dan: I was obviously he listening attentively old boy.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Dan: Again that's kind of, you know, it's not, when you, when you talked about prisons not being really prisons, that's obviously the, a guys just locked off for 20 years has no idea why in some suburban house he can't get out of, but it's all been reinforced and food gets slid through a door and he gets gassed every day and all that kind of shit's going on.

That's a weird movie. You feel stunned coming out of that film? I think the first time you've seen it, it's just, I remember I was at Garcia's house and we were, were watching movies and his flatmate came and said, oh, you got any to recommend and nice jolly, happy guy. Like and we gave him my old boy on DVD and he came back like three hours later with different man who is like it age tinny, just grown weary of anything

Reegs: the original Korean one you're talking about. Right. So, I mean, he ends up,

Dan: I've not bothered to see the remake. Oh,

Reegs: I have seen it

Dan: I have. Yeah,

Reegs: bad as you would think, but it's not a patch on the original.

Dan: really isn't. I did watch it. Yeah. A prophet, which I quickly mentioned a couple of weeks ago. And I think that's pretty much it, other than dead man walking with Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon director, Tim Robbins. And Sean Penn is a guy on death row.


Sidey: for it.

Dan: who's unrepentant and Susan's trying to save his soul.

Sidey: Yeah. Does

Dan: Well, that would be a massive spoiler. Yes, she does.

Sidey: Right. then let's confine some of these to the imprisonment of a top.

four rigs weekend.


Reegs: Well, I'm probably going to go for law abiding citizen, which is the really stupid Gerard Butler movie, where he plays an architect. He gets himself into prison and he's built a secret tunnel out of it. And he can go and run his diabolical schemes really stupid, but I really enjoyed it. And he's the quiet, good prison content in

Dan: Well, I I've been this tough actually, because I'm a great prisoner has been Steve McQueen in both great escape and Pappy or but I can't split those really. So I'm going to go for, for Jimmy Cagney, James Cagney and white heat.

Sidey: Oh, I'm going to put in private plane Blackadder goes for. So That's the top three.

Do we want to make, you want to add one more?

Reegs: no, let's get two from the

Sidey: listeners

Reegs: So send us your nominations

Sidey: It's time for cheese,

Reegs: cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese. If we'd done that one before,

Dan: probably we got cheese but not a lot

Reegs: oh, the fashion. What is going

Sidey: We've got some Stilton?

That's all we've got started with the very, very best biscuit again,

The hopeless

Dan: We've recycled them. We've also got some malteser buttons that I've tucked

Sidey: less cheesy.

but equally. Excellent. And that's it on the cheese front. We've got our next selection from our cheese subscription coming next week.

So lots to be excited about and

Reegs: Well, and there's talk of a fondue. Isn't there,

Sidey: Well, I keep putting

it on the group who's not for the Christmas.

Dan: I've never had a fondue, but I'll

Sidey: is spectacular

Dan: let's do it.

Sidey: Yeah. P I've I've put that in peace court.

He knows he's going to collect the chiefs next week. And I told him to book a night,

Dan: Do you have to book a book?

What happens? What's the

Reegs: has to, we have to book a night with him. Cause he's got a new human isn't he, but you can just phone them up and they just, you get fucking fondue.

Sidey: you have in your house, but It'd be nice to go out.

Dan: How out, why? Okay. Let's do that. Sounds like a

Sidey: fun

Reegs: Why would it be nice to do that out into the world?

Sidey: Yeah, because we'd have that. And then we can go check them out for bitches Yo,

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: what, leave the man-cave scary

Reegs: sounds crazy to me, but

Sidey: that, or segues very neatly into this week's movie, this very light and fluffy romcom that, you nominated for us rigs. What is it?

Reegs: Yeah. It was prisoners.

Canadian director, Denny Villeneuve has dune coming out on 21st of October in the UK. It's really soon.

Sidey: I'm booked in set on that night.

Reegs: Nice. We've already reviewed the terrific arrival in an earlier podcast, which I think we all enjoyed. That was Emmy did blade runner 2049.

Dan: Have you seen the original June?

Sidey: No, just it's a bit too campy

Dan: was a Frank Herbert or something.

Sidey: He's the author. Yeah. And then David Lynch

Reegs: staying

Dan: staying was in it and it had

Sidey: and your, your. number one fan

Jean-Luc Picard.

Dan: Jean-Luc Picard. Yeah. Is in there. Yeah, the book's really good. But it just seemed at the time that first June was just too big, a film to issue, wasn't it?

Sidey: I wanted to

know the story before I go and see that film, but we're getting way off topic now, but


I knew I just wouldn't get through the Is this no chance Cause I fall asleep, like at the drop of a hat when I stopped reading. So I downloaded the audio book and I still

fall asleep and I've listened to the 10 minutes, the first 10 minutes, about 20 times. And then Scott get fed through it. So I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and go, watch the film without,

Reegs: Can you do it while you're working?

Dan: I was just saying he listens to it in the car. That's the

Sidey: it's probably good. I think, I think the story is quite complex. So You need to.


Give it some

Dan: well, he's big, he's a big world, you know, he's got all this spice going on and

Sidey: spice up your life,

Dan: the spice out.

Sidey: every boy and every girl

Dan: Anyway, we are getting off topic

Reegs: Well we are, and we aren't because I was shamelessly cashing in, on people's interests on a of adapt movie. So wanted to see cause before all of this, that, and he was involved in there since Akario in blade runner 2049 and other stuff back in 2013, just as my eldest daughter was being born, he released his first English language, movie prisoners.

So not really knowing anything about it, other than it being a sort of suspenseful thriller that I'd managed to stay spoiler free of for about eight years. I thought we should give it a go and see if the guy has got some chops when it's not all giant space worms and attempting to articulate what consciousness might be like if you could experience the past, present and future simultaneously.

So that's how we came up with prisoners.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: I didn't have a clue that this existed not I fucking Scooby-Doo. I didn't know it was Danny Villanova didn't know anything about it. So I was completely cold grantees. Didn't look up. This is not just nothing.

to do

Reegs: that. Isn't it? If you can.

Dan: Well, I, it had been on my radar in, is far I've seen a trailer for it.

And then thought, no, that's going to scare the shit out of me. I'll never watch that. Thanks for so

Sidey: but it's

not a

Dan: of those psychological thrillers isn't it it it gets

into your head makes you feel anxiety. Yeah.

Sidey: It's very bleak.

Reegs: it preys on what is probably your worst nightmare as a parent. And we'll, we can get into that. The movie starts with Hugh Jackman and his son.

We are going to spoil this.

That was good. One. Sorry. I've got, we are gonna spoil this. Sorry. Somebody wants to say, can we just say whether it's really good straight up front

Sidey: I really enjoyed.

Reegs: okay. You really enjoyed it. Yeah, it was it really good that I did the it was good.

Yeah Okay.

Well go and watch the movie and then come back. It's going to spoil the shit out of it. So huge Jackman and his son are hunting deer they're doing, he's saying the Lord's prayer in any shoots at

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: So, I don't know instantly what I'm supposed to think about that scene.

Really. I, cause there's some religion and stuff going on and we're getting some scene setting.

Dan: They're not vegans, you know that from the beginning?


Sidey: No they're well, they're Well,

pleased that they've shot this


and There's loads of shots of crosses and stuff.

right out the gate.

Reegs: Yes. But it's not. Yeah.

I suppose it establishes huge admin is a sort of survivalist type character on the edge of that.

When we go back to his house later, we see that he's stocking things

Sidey: up

Reegs: and so we're in Pennsylvania, a huge Japanese Keller Dover, and his wife, grace his son, Ralph and his daughter. They're all celebrating Thanksgiving. Aren't they? With Terrence Howard and his wife.

And they're all getting kind of pissed up and yeah, the drinks are flowing.

The trumpets being played really badly,

Dan: live basically in the same estate on the same street, just a few houses

Reegs: I think. Can you even see, you might even be able to see the other house, I think, from where they are. It's close. It's close. Yeah. The kids go out for, for a walk. The two youngest kids are Anna and joy.

And they're being Played with, by the elder siblings as well have taken him out for a stroll and they find this RV and the kids start like jumping on the RV and stuff. And then it becomes clear that there might be somebody in there. So they all sort of scamper away height hi-jinks yeah. It's a bit rowdy in it.

It's a bit like,

Dan: I mean, it's just, it's ju well,

Reegs: Yeah I'd be pissed off. These kids are about six, if my six-year-old well, but she probably would. She's five for the main she'd do

Dan: it's in the kind of street where they wouldn't normally

Sidey: There's no there's no reason for this RV to be, that is a creepy, look at our face. Oh. So All the it's been like the one in Paul.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And anyway, they go back and they're having dinner and it's all sort of hunky Dory.

And then at some point the kids, they need to go and get a whistle from the other house.

It's not really clear what happened. It's so chillingly relatable this bit. It made me think of the McCanns where the adults are getting a little bit drunk and having a good time and their guard is down and the responsibility they're not as responsible as they really should be.

And suddenly the kids are gone

Dan: Well, they, they do say don't they all, you can go, but make sure your, your brother goes with you again, but they're kids and they don't actually bother going to ask the Bob who's downstairs in the

Reegs: Oh, they say something it's not heard. The two youngest are out on their own, the six-year-olds you could know

Dan: And then a little while later in the evening, it is clear they're missing and shit hitting the fan. Everybody's running around, looking

Sidey: No Johnny.


Reegs: I mean, my heart is pounding, just even talking about this now. So when you're like watching the movie and you're watching this

Sidey: and have you ever lost

Your kids for any moment of time like that. Yeah.

Reegs: Even for like five, 10 seconds, even that is, is enough to be.

Dan: Yeah, I lost somebody else's once. Can you look after it? And I was like they've gone. That's not a nice feeling. That's that's really not.

Sidey: sick?

Dan: anytime, anytime. No worries.

Reegs: Do you feel I'm harsh that cause I do blame all of the parents straight away for this.

Dan: Well, it's hard to blame the, the kids because

Reegs: well, yeah, I

Dan: So, but I that's where I go to.

Sidey: blame the kidnappers more.

Dan: Yeah, of course. It's the weirdos out there, but

Reegs: anyway, the kids are gone and we're introduced to low-key I D Y

Sidey: it's weird choice when you've got loads of other Marvel collections in this anyway,

Reegs: he

Sidey: and then you've just

got the fucking character name.

Reegs: I mean, I didn't like it.

Dan: What? They didn't like the name or Jake Gillen hose acting in this.

Sidey: he was good.

Reegs: I hated the name. It's stupid. Why give your character such a stupid name? He is absolutely brilliant in this. He's covered in tattoos. He's got a cool haircut. Yeah. He's

Sidey: he's got a cross, I think tattooed on his hand.


Reegs: He's doing this like weird blinking tic that I sometimes do, which is weird to watch somebody do.

Sidey: They were all

great journals, like character


Reegs: He's got Freemasons ring on.

Sidey: but the kids point out that there was an RV hanging around, so breast is their suspicion straight away. Right. We need to find that. And they, they sort of go around door to door. In fact, anyone see anything? No, one's really got a fucking clue.

Reegs: They are led to the RV eventually it's the edge of a forest by a petrol station at night.

And detective low-key goes there, doesn't need to re to arrest and it's absolutely lashing down rain and he sort of gets to the, the driver's door. This is a weird scene. I didn't really know what was happening here. The car, the RV reverses very suddenly and impounds straight-forward into a tree. And then they're approaching, show me your hands, show me your hands, screaming out and show your hands. There's a few cars there now. And inside is Alex Jones. Who's not the horrible bastard who denies that the murders took place at Sandy hook. But it's Paul Danoe Dano.

He's really becoming an actor.

I enjoy seeing you look at his filmography. He was in elk op. We watched that Swiss army man

Dan: That was unforgettable.

Reegs: Yeah.

Two episodes of the Soprano's as well,

Dan: So

Sidey: he's, he's got these big glasses, He's very meek. His voice is very, very shy very low


wise. Does it looks creepy straight away. but It doesn't really make you think that it's trying to make, you, I don't know, it's conflicting because he's a suspect, but at the same time, you're like, he can't be the guy.

He just doesn't look like,

Dan: I mean, I wasn't sure. I thought maybe it's a big

Sidey: app also. It's too early in the film

Reegs: Well, you don't know, that's the thing and

Sidey: There's a lot of

Reegs: playing with that, it plays with that a lot.

Sidey: But he says something, there

Reegs: him. Isn't even, it becomes clear that he's got

Sidey: severe learning

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: They say that he has the sort of mental capacity of like a 10 year old boy.

but he's clearly a lot older than that.

So there

Reegs: haven't found

Sidey: there's no evidence there. There's nothing they can charge him, with so they can hold him for 48 hours and that's it. Then they have to release him. But all the while quite naturally, he, Jacqueline's getting very upset about this.

I no, you, this is the guy you need to fucking judge him. And then that gives you some more time to yeah. Probably case or whatever it is then we can't hold a guy with no evidence and no dada

Reegs: and the family are all falling apart. As you might imagine, the wife, it's a bit of an unfortunate thing because she mostly just takes drugs and goes to sleep in this,

Sidey: Can I just, Just kind of

completely put to one side.

which is shit,

Reegs: but he, it is huge, huge Jackman's performance, really? And it is all like

Sidey: rage,

Reegs: rage and

Sidey: guilt and

Reegs: all of

Dan: yeah,

he, he's angry. They're letting him out. And he, they're saying he's, he's 10 years old in his mind and he's trying to say, well, look, he can drive a car.

He's he's he's

Sidey: having

Dan: you over here. No, he's having you over here.

Sidey: but they do release him and Hugh Jackman grabs and he says some words,


Reegs: they didn't cry until I left them. He whispers it. They didn't cry until I left

Dan: that kind of


Reegs: kind of smile on his face. And the reaction from Jackman is like, he can't believe what he's heard,

Dan: that only cements his

Sidey: it's a trigger for him for everything that follows which is not, not great for pull down.

I really

Dan: no. So he's, he's his turn to be abducted then. And huge Chapman starts to take the law into his own hands.

And if the police can't get a confession out of this guy and information then he will, and we go back to these kinds of survival skills and this, this kind of mindset, he knows also that. You know, within a week he's got, and then most kids don't return after that. So

Sidey: I don't think it was even as long as that, I thought it was 24 hours. You had all four hours You're unlikely to find anyone. But He has him hold up in a derelict house and he goes over to Terrence Howard, the other father got to show you something. and It brings him over to the GAF and he's like, this is no, this is wrong. You know, you can't be doing this, but still hangs around what he fucking beats the

Dan: Well that that's it.

Reegs: Well, that's part of it, isn't it? That is part of it

Dan: Paul Dano is is held against his whirlwind, this derelict house and starts being tortured for information.

Reegs: It's utterly, utterly brutal. And the camera just shows you the aftermath particularly. I

Sidey: yeah, you get

three or four probably more than that way. He's just punching his face.

And then a little later it cuts to his sort of handcuffed to a synchrony And you see his face and it's fucking,

Reegs: It's unbelievable.

Sidey: brutal.

Reegs: Only barely looks human. Meanwhile, low key is on the fucking

Sidey: now

Reegs: deer. Loki is on the, on the hunt for local heat Peter files because he has, he knows that there's no evidence for what's going on with Alex Jones.

He hasn't noticed that Alex Jones is and about, yeah, he's, he's hunting local paedophiles because he goes too far. Done. I think it is. And he's like checking around the place and if you got any dodgy material here and stuff, and then he knows he's basically the, guy's got a fucking torture dungeon in his basement behind the fridge, a very odd part of the movie, this and a mummified corpse attached to a chair

Dan: we have a

Reegs: with the necklace.


Dan: the only kind of identifiable feature on this guy. Who's been down there for an indeterminate amount of time. And, and then, so the, the investigation kind of flips again. And there's there's new suspects

Sidey: and yeah.

Reegs: Well, there's a candle light vigil. Isn't there. And as our mate, Jim, or you don't even know him, so it's like the smallest reference in the world.

And I don't think he even listens to the podcast is basically just for me inside. But yeah, it looks David Dalmatian. It's not actually, it's just mulching his website as the thing to teach or teach yourself how to say it, which is cute. Isn't but

Sidey: he's sort of snooping around a bit too, sort of log

Reegs: being weird. Isn't he

Sidey: Loki staring at him like you're a bit off and he catches a glimpse.

and does a runner.

Reegs: Yeah. So Jim Fox off and low-key follows him, but he gets away. Doesn't he?

Sidey: He is a weird fuck

Dan: Well, this, this time he gets away, but a little bit later he's reintroduced as an he, because.

They, they talk about some clothes that he's either bought or he's buying his kids' clothes. So the on, on his rounds Loki has, has found a shopkeeper who says, oh yeah, he comes in and he buys clothes.

I'll give it, I'll give you a ring next time he's in. And

Reegs: this is really where they fucked the OBS the case up, because they should have been all over this tip. It's sorry. It bothered me this bit because it's supposed to be in the real world, but it becomes quite increasingly clear.

This is getting a bit preposterous, some

Dan: I was going to wait to the things that bothered me about this towards the end, but yeah, I think after two thirds of the film and you're, you're really quite strong and there's some big moments and build into it.

The final, third of the film, which we're kind of getting into now does start to be a few plot holes and things. And this particular character is not well explained to me. Maybe it's something I miss. Maybe it's something I'll, I'll learn. Now, when you can tell me what happened.

Reegs: Well as they treat you, I mean, he's searching for him. He's got a drawing that he's done. Well, not he's. What is that job, but that is a quite a cool job and must be really fucking difficult to, you know, like when you work for the police and you do the drawings for

Dan: artists

Reegs: And how would you even begin? I can see you now. And I wouldn't know how to describe your face to anyone.

Hello? Yeah,

definitely, yeah.

Sidey: He's got like amaz drawing all over his house.

Reegs: Yeah. So yes, they track him down yet. He's got a severed pig's head in the sink. Yeah. Which is nice.

Sidey: First the least of the worries.

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: It's a lot of weird shit going down

Sidey: at about a dozen sort of storage crates in a room or padlocked up.

Reegs: Oh my

Dan: And we have, we have

Reegs: And now you're thinking the kids are probably in there.

Dan: And we have seen him previous to this. I jumped forward a little bit creeping around the family's house and going into the kids' rooms

Reegs: and stuff,

Dan: which is a terribly risky mood move and

Reegs: and mood when you're in that mood for creeping into kids' bedrooms

Dan: And that, that don't belong to you. But where did he come from this guy?

Did they

Reegs: they do, they do, they do it all plays into the final reveal. But that doesn't happen quite yet because they do eventually get him. Don't a David Dalmatian in the house and they take him back to the police station and this is really another fuck up. But Loki gets enraged. Doesn't he? And there's a sort of scuffle and a Dalmatian takes the gun and blows his own fucking head off.

Dan: Yeah. It's quite quite a scene that

Sidey: Well, I think we should mention the crates because

Reegs: oh fuck. Did we not

Sidey: know We mentioned that we didn't say what was in them. Because

Loki, Loki smashes, a few open and it's full of clothes, but also snakes,

bloodstains close as well.

Reegs: It's horrible. Isn't it?

Dan: a box of horrors. Really? Isn't it? Yeah. It's horrible.

Reegs: watching this and you kick it. You expecting to find a child in

Sidey: was a hundred percent

Reegs: blood on dismembered. You're getting snakes. It's really weird, but Loki's, you know, they've shown throughout that he's impassioned by this case and he wants

Dan: never lost a case.

Reegs: and he's never lost a case. Yeah. Yeah.

Anyway, yeah. So they've, they've got David Dalmatian back at the station and there's kind of a scuffle and this was sloppy again from Loki.

Cause Dalmatian is allowed to shoot himself in the head and blows over.

Sidey: He

makes a right mess of the wall.

Reegs: Yeah. Not before he's drawn some mazes and shit on a piece of paper which low-key begins to recognize when he shows the photos of the things to the parents. He sees the,

Dan: And th th the priests going the dungeon is also got that necklace and things that relates to this kind of pedophile ring or something that's going on.

And then you have the news that one of the girls has been found.

Reegs: Well, hang on just before that, I wanted to mention this bit down because I thought you'd appreciate this. Calla continues to torture.

Alex is place. We see him first with an angle grinder. This is funny because first you think, oh my God, what's he going to do with the angle grinder? Because we've seen all sorts of horrible shit happening. And then second you see he's using the DeWalt D 2 8 1 1 3, spindle thread.

Sidey: though.

Reegs: Ah, wait, Scott, this is the really stupid these got the 900 watt power output.

And of course, that product isn't designed for use in America. Isn't, it's only for countries that use the 220 volts.

Sidey: Oh, what does that just a complete

Dan: These are the kind of plot holes that just made me really difficultly, enjoyed this, this film.

Reegs: Yeah. But he did build a weird shower slash confession based for him where he like torches him with freezing water or hot

Sidey: Yeah. It's only got scolding hot water or freezing cold.

and he gives him a wash every now and then just

freshen them up a little bit.

Dan: so, so basically huge Jackman has turned into a real bad son of a gun here.

Sidey: I was thinking to myself watching it. Like you can never come back from that. Now in best case scenario is that you do find your daughter, but you are now going to prison like your, or your like a deranged maniac.


you can never

Dan: to live with that you've got to live with that kind of

Sidey: and it does need to get caught because

Loki walks up at this place.

He follows

him to a liquor store Hugh Jackman walks away from the liquor store and he's, where's he going? And it, but he knows he's being, or he realizes that he's being followed, so he comes over and he just tries to sort of get rid of him but sure enough, like he does eventually track him back to this derelict place and is it almost on the cusp of discovering Alex Jones you know, saved by the telephone call and he has to leave he's dragged away. So again, it's like this nearly, you know, nearly rumbled, but not quite. I was thinking to myself, you aren't, you, you have to get caught at some point, and you know,

there's no,

When you, you're so far down that sort of torture rabbit hole,

you as no out

Dan: This is what I,

Reegs: done unspeakable things to this guy.

Dan: this is what I thought the film dealt quite well.

We've asked these interesting questions, certainly again, sort of large parts of it where it's, you know, evil fighting evil and anger and violence leading to more anger and violence. And, and how that just kind of, you know, is, is going to keep going round and round. We do find that one of the girls has escaped and it's the, the Birch girl.

The other not huge Jackman's little

Reegs: Terrence Howard Stillwater

Dan: is Terrance Harris' daughter. And


they will want answered questions and

Reegs: Chapman straight in there just want to pump her for information, isn't he?

Yeah. He just slapped it out of her. If

Dan: He would have done, he would have done, he was in that

Reegs: put her in the shower

Dan: and their parents are just so happy to have him back. There's been a quite a strain on, on their friendship and everything because of the way that Hugh Jackman is his torture in Alex Jones.

Sidey: But yeah, because

Dan: they know about it but they don't

Sidey: the wife, has has been taken to see. she's seen it all and she's sort of okay with it.

Well, she's like, Well,

We don't have to do it, but we don't have to stop it either. You know? So She's kind of less say fair about the whole torture thing.

Reegs: Low-key event eventually tracks. Well, he, he does eventually chase Keller to the abandoned building that Kelly's father owns. That is now the prison for a pool day. No, any.

Paul Danoe. And then this is where the movie turns to

Alex's aren't Holly,

Dan: Who we've seen a couple of times she's, she's come as kind of the responsible guardian when he was released and, and helped him sign his name.

And there was one time before who Jasmine had gone looking for a little more information on Alec Jones who was missing at the time, but not reported missing or not in the big thought to the police at that stage. And she had been pretty nice and played it pretty cool. But we now realize actually is Hugh Jackman has after he's been told you were there by the little gal that's the only information that she can, she can give out.

And he goes, well, where have I been? Won't fuck up in at that woman's house. They've got to be there. And so he's going to go and do a job on her, but she knows he's coming.

Reegs: Yeah. He works up there with his tool belt and all that under the pretense of

Dan: fixing a door or a tap or

Reegs: I don't know, it's all a bit cat and

Dan: she's got a bad hand covered with, you know, she's holding a gun and it's, it's, she's got a tea towel wrapped around it or something.

So she eventually turns the gun on him. Knows why he's there. And, and he's going to be there a long time because she's a bit of an expert when it comes to keeping prisoners, we

Sidey: but he he says to her, well, you'll have to either Fucking shoot me. or I said, she just shoots. it.

Dan: You love

Sidey: totally causes bluff.

Dan: Yeah. That's what you do to somebody. I mean, if they're bad-ass and I've got a gun and they say, you're going to shoot, I'll shoot me in the leg.

I don't kill you up, but boom, how's your knee cap. Now

Reegs: And then she starts a long monologue talking about her motivation, which is basically her kid died of cancer.

And so

Dan: And

her husband raised a war against God.

Reegs: Yeah. So they, they abducted and kill or abuse children too many for them to count to wage a war on God, to turn, turn parents into revenge, crazed monsters, which is basically what huge Jasmine has done.

Left. It's not, I mean, that's not a watertight plan, is it that.

Sidey: No. But she

from what she says at the end. I think she was expecting to be caught at some point. She She's looking for that,


That release, but she's another person who's got this sort of subterranean torture, dungeon, thing going on.

those. Yeah. They

seem to be 10. a penny over there

Dan: quiet.

Sidey: and all it takes is you've got to move the old Was it Pontiac.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And there's a sort of crude trapdoor and

Reegs: there have been several conspicuous shots of this dusty Pontiac throughout the movie. Lots of

Dan: well, it was her ex-husbands who disappeared and all the way through the film, I thought it might be him. Cause they never said he was dead, that he just disappeared or he went away. So I thought, well, maybe he's pulling the strings, but we actually find out that Paul Dano, Alex Jones is not even their kid.


Sidey: choosing

Dan: the first kid that they abducted.

Reegs: as was David Dalmatian, Jim, from

Dan: and that, that was the point. Was it? David Dalmatian was another kid. They just kinda manipulated to do the devil's work that they're, they're farming out and pushing out. So

Reegs: so Alice, just to recap here, Allard Jones, the guy from the snowman has been

a victim of child abuse his whole life, and has now been beaten essentially to death, almost to death by huge Chatman. And he's also a victim himself.

Dan: he's, he's, he's at a real tough time of it. One of the things that bothered me in this was the fact that the forensics went through the, the RV. Couldn't find a hair, not a piece of wall,

Reegs: No.

Dan: But we know that the girls were in there and they got transported to to, to the aunt's house.

Reegs: there's quite a lot that doesn't add up and I think we're supposed to just go with it. There's low. I mean, Jake Gyllenhaal keeps getting himself into these impossible situations because he had to carry the plot on.

He goes back to the house to tell her that Alex is that he's found Alex huge Jasmine. Oh, if we said he got shot and then he's been made to drink this fucking black goo to make him go, go to sleep. And she shoved him under the girl. And then low-key comes to Zoe found Alex And he then sees the necklace with the maze pattern on it in a.

from the PIDO in farther Dunn's

Dan: She realizes her husband was the PIDO or there was some kind of connection.

Reegs: shoots him, I thought in the head, but it's like a grazing bullet, isn't it?

Sidey: happens quite a lot.

Reegs: And he kills her and then he grabs the kid.


Sidey: Yeah, she was she's injecting the child with something, whether it was just to keep her asleep or to actually kill her off. And then he has to drive You get this really tense drive to the hospital, to the ER, while he's


Dan: more than a graze. He's losing load of blood. He's got a drive.

Probably like I know an hour for heavy traffic, pissing

Sidey: he's weaving in and out and over the camera's getting more and more out of focus with, you know, cause he can't see.


rather than, and he's like, oh, is it going to get tense.

Everything's at stake at this point. We don't know if the kid's going to survive. We don't.


if fuse Jacqueline's going to survive. We don't know if, you know, Jake general is going to stack it or whatever. you know, it's always quite, it's quite

Reegs: you wouldn't, you know, if the movie just killed everybody, now you could see that happening. So,

Sidey: but it doesn't, and it gives you a huge newspaper exposition dump, or an ending where every, like every headline on the papers about the story and tells you what's happened.

Yeah. So out of Jones has gone back to the family. After 26 years of being away, a huge Jacqueline is still missing. We're led to believe at this point that he's dead because he was bleeding out in a hole under the ground, never to be found. Yeah.

Reegs: the

kids have returned, but at what cost given how traumatized the others were

Sidey: she was just a bit quiet when she brought up in the hospital room.

Reegs: Yeah. She probably be all right.

Sidey: yes, she seemed fine.

Reegs: Give her a couple of episodes of dive club. She'll be like on it.

But yeah, it's pretty downbeat ending and radio heads. Codex is playing, which I liked that song. And it's a

Sidey: that they're doing a big remained search back at the house and

Dan: bigger than that.

Sidey: Yeah. Jake journal.

Here's some whistling

Dan: I'll often after the generator is gone, everybody's gone

Sidey: fucked off for the day

Dan: the ground's too hard to be

Sidey: and he's looking around and that answer does give you a sort of glimmer of well he's alive, but he's got a fucking prison.

Yeah. That's your

Dan: but

Reegs: And it was the whistle that the

Sidey: kids went to

Reegs: go and find right at the

beginning yeah,

Dan: wanted to tie that up again. Yeah. Remembered that bit. I, you know, this was a film as I, as I pointed out white at the top that I wouldn't have watched because of the subject matter. And the fact that I really don't like feeling like I'm biting my nails all the way for a film and I just got that anxiety, but that's what this film kind of pulls you on.


Trying to make you feel uncomfortable is trying to say, well, what would you do in, in that position as the parent? What would you do? If you really believe somebody that has got an answer you need to get for your kids or, or whatever. And Hugh Jackman, there is certainly given some of the, the reaction that you would feel you would want to give, but then you kind of see that other side of it because he didn't know all the facts.


Sidey: and people will just tell you what you want to hear when you're torturing them. You're not going to necessarily.


Facts or an actual answer.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But the, so to be completely honest with you, the way the film was going I was

a little

bit uneasy and we'd been to visit my son in the church, this church yard in the morning, which didn't go brilliantly.

So when we were watching this about kids, I had to check if the kids died or not. I needed to know I could always, I wouldn't be able to watch it all. So I was able to watch the rest of the film quite relieved. And so I did, I, I did quite actually quite enjoy It, if it had gone differently, I probably wouldn't even carry it or watch it.

Cause it was fucking tense. But as it, turned out and it being more of a thriller than like murder sort of fucking kid homicide thing. I actually was all right. with it. I did quite enjoy it Few plot holes for sure. But I was able to put that to one side and just sort of get on with it. I got the performances.

were really good.

Reegs: Yeah. The performances are great. Huge Statman and Jake Gillen hall are both great in this. And I really liked Gillen Hall's character. He's conveyed so much. And then he was all this massive contradictions because he was at pains to be really professional a lot of the time. And he was dedicated to his job, but he didn't show any signs of being particularly burned out by it.

He was just this weird guy

Dan: some of the Newsies got to had to deliver. You just think, fuck, you know, that's, that's absolute bullshit his job in the world, isn't it. And you've got these parents and you know, survival guys like Hugh Jackman who would rip your fucking head off. If he thought he was going to get in many answers and he'd say, no, I've got to let him go.

And, you know, and to, to put all that kind of professionalism across as he does, you know, it's, it's a lead we're looking at, we're not ruling anything out and all those kinds of answers performance is nothing wrong with him whatsoever. And two-thirds of the film. I was hating it, but enjoying it at the same time, I really felt uncomfortable.

I didn't know what was going to happen. I was really.

On edge where we've lots of it, but then the, the plot holes, or just, maybe it moved too fast in certain parts, or it didn't time up quite as neatly as it is it had done. And I thought it didn't really explore too much in the the potential of, you know, the good versus evil and people turning bad, good people going bad and that kind of subject matter.

But you know, it's, it, it, it was a long movie actually, what was there?

hours, two

and a half hours. So they, they couldn't stretch it out much longer. And it felt like that a little bit for me at the end that,

Sidey: I, the run time, a couple of times,

Dan: Yeah. We've, we've got another sort of, we've only got half an hour to go here and they've got to get this, this and this sorted out, you know?

But it was entertaining. It was it was a movie that on. Thought about the next day. And and it does ask those questions, however uncomfortable, you know, they are, there you go. What the fuck would I do? Which I do because the two fathers have have different kinds of reactions to it.

Reegs: The story is a little bit more, you know, it's so relatable that fear that drives there.

And we probably didn't play it up as much, but it feels like the whole way through there's a ticking clock and the plot likes to remind you

Sidey: that,

Reegs: you know, and the kids haven't been found and it's tense and all the way through looks great. It's Roger Deakins did the cinematography and he was to go. I did 1917, all of the performances from the, from the two guys and the supporting cars to great.

There's some dumb shit in it. Her whole reveal is kind of like silly Scooby-Doo stuff. And you know, there's a later plot contrivance and stuff, but what elevates it are the two great performances. And then the really good filmmaking. I have to say where it's like, they introduce stuff that always becomes relevant later.

There's a good economy of storytelling there. If they show you something it's for a reason, if they hint at something to play it off in a different way, that's also done for, you know, it's, it's, it's really confident, brave filmmaking, and they kind of dangle out this who turns out to be the central villain in the story, and really by the laws of Hollywood filmmaking and all that stuff, you should guess it's her, but I didn't.

And it sounds like you guys didn't


watching the movie,

Sidey: it's like an episode of like law and order where they go someone's house you meet them once early on. and You never see them again. And You always know if you think about the structure.

of how these work,

It's always that person,

Reegs: but I'm great. It's well,

Sidey: I was, I was engrossed enough

Reegs: the P yeah, everything else is enough to take you away

Dan: even to the point where, you know,

Knew that she'd done it. I was thinking, oh, she was getting him to write the name. Wasn't she a making sure that he was writing the name, she'd given him rather than his real name, which would have busted as being one of the people that adopted him.

Reegs: Lee Daniels, who was the guy who did monsters ball, which was the one that you were talking about. Yeah. And precious. So he did that movie as well. He was attached to this one for a while and I bring it up because he wanted Oprah Winfrey for the psycho role,

Sidey: right.

Reegs: which would have been a different movie.

But apparently when he told the producers, he was trying to get her, he was fired because they were like, that's ridiculous. So yeah.

Sidey: Well the budget for it was 46 million.

cherry door number like this.

you reckon that made


Dan: I think one of the trailers said opened at number one at the box office. So I'm assuming this made some box with those big guns in it as well.

Reegs: I don't know, cause I never really heard anybody talk about it broke even

Sidey: at 122 mil, which,


always surprised that things like this, is successful because it is so grim, but it is a good thriller.

is compelling, you know? So, you know, there's lots of fans of those sort of

things, I guess

Dan: I must admit. Yeah, I missed the hype around this or that,

Sidey: I'd never heard of it at all,

Dan: it come out. But

Reegs: I like a thriller,

Sidey: so do I? is

less sort of like kid murdering would be

Reegs: yeah, this, cause this is, this is like really, really harrowing and then like really stupid sometimes at the same.

Sidey: Yeah, it's only a sort of half happy ending. as well,

Reegs: It's not a happy ending at all.

Sidey: So the kid, the kids are found,

Reegs: yeah, but they're going to be traumatized for life and huge. Their father is going to be incarcerated for the rest of his life or at least going to have to live with what you did in that commuter. I mean, it's just, yeah,

Dan: yeah. Yeah. It's, it's a very, there's no, no real happy nurse in it.

It's not much humor at all. They're not alone, not, not a lot of laughs. So if you're in the mood for that kind of bleak child adopting

Sidey: centric,

Dan: Peto centric, film with

Reegs: but it is good

Dan: but it is good for, and we have a good

Reegs: good acting.

Dan: is not my kind of movie. I've seen it once. I probably wouldn't ever see it again, but that's not to say it's not a, you know, a strong film.

It's just not my kind of film.

Reegs: It's worth it for detective Lakey, fucking

Dan: Yeah

Sidey: inspector gadget?

Dan: Yeah, we watched inspector gadget.

Sidey: not the old, one from our youth.

Reegs: no,



inspector gadget 2.0

Sidey: yeah. That's what it was called. The episode

Dan: episode one season

Sidey: one

but it was called not the show, as a whole, It just, this particular episode. was called 2.0.

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: It was, wine.

Reegs: this is the 2015 sequel

Sidey: Here's a sequel Yeah. It's a direct sequel to the original,

Reegs: which I liked the sequel to the original inspector gadget, which was a 1983 classic cartoon that we all, how did you feel about the


Sidey: really go with a visual? No, no,


Dan: liked the original again, strong theme tune. I even watched on the strength of inspector gadget cartoon. I watched the Matthew Broderick,

Reegs: I've seen that.

Dan: Back in the day it was white. It was up there with 3.0, to be honest. Maybe they should have just left inspector gadget where it was which was Saturday morning television, or, you know, when I was about

Sidey: it had the, the animation style was very much reminded me of poor patrol visually the way it looked and story writing was up there as Well,

Reegs: Yeah. I th the animation really put me off. I have to say straight away. And the original was so good back in 1983. If you look at it, it's not just rose tinted glasses. It was really good.

Dan: No really nice animation. It did put me off straight rates visually I'm off this episode.

Yeah. I could see where they would go with it, trying to be a sequel and you could oh, okay. There was a bit of thought, but,

Sidey: So what happens is that the Chlor, whatever his name

Reegs: Dr. Claude is quite hard to remember.

Sidey: has been defeated. but Did that happen in the old series Cause I don't remember a resolution. So what's happened here is that

Reegs: he's gone captain America as, and

Sidey: Yeah. he's in the eyes and inspector gadget is now retired, playing golf.


Reegs: still got this.

Dan: I love, I, I must admit that was my favorite bit. I loved that bit seen inspector gadget,

Reegs: it's being retired

Dan: With the golf it's actually talking about, it sounds a lot better than it is.

So if you think this sounds good, it's not, he is white, but in spite of it, the clue Dr. Claw has resurfaced out the ice. There's some minion in the, in the darkness helping him. And then you've got expect to gadget in the full golf club

as well.

And, and playing I'm playing around with his different bats and he's

Reegs: comically big hammer thing to hit the ball and, and whatnot. Meanwhile at HQ, penny from the original series, isn't that a few years older.

Dan: So I didn't I didn't even remember, my boy walked by and I said, oh, what's this like, and he goes, he watched bacteria free minutes. And he said, well, they in the original, the, the gal and the

Sidey: dog.

Dan: I said, no, yeah,

but yeah, and then it was because the animation was just so different. It didn't seem to say.

Reegs: Well, but always, really, it's always been penny and brain story, but a gadget is just the bumbling clue. So ask idiot with lots of horrific implications when you start pulling him

Dan: been, it been a long, long time since I've really even settled down to watch any games.

Reegs: So Chlor is refrozen. Meanwhile, she is unfrozen, not rephrasing

Sidey: defrosted, defrosted. That's

Reegs: good one. Yeah. Which causes him to be pulled out of retirement and you get Quimby because it's got all the original characters in it and he comes out of the, a golf hole to give him his briefing and come back to the

Dan: The most strange spots.

Reegs: And penny is got the hots for talent, a new

Sidey: is constantly a new person whose silhouette is very similar to the guy that


Claude was talking to on the screen,

Reegs: that I thought I was maybe too subtle, maybe.

Dan: you saying they was this, ah, you guys, you guys

Reegs: so there's some stuff where the infiltrates, the HQ doesn't even, he's pretending to be a And you recruit for the team, which I never got the name of, and it's not clear who cause inspect to catch it in place that he works for the police, but this is much more like a

Dan: Is CIA or, or

or something like that. And I am worried about the vetting because they've obviously, you know, had some interviews or they've been able to find this new recruit from somewhere and, you know, one, as you say, the, the silhouette.

Sidey: Kind condemned

Dan: him

Reegs: well, but Penny's hoodwinked because, because he, so

Dan: planned it. Yeah.

She she's blinded by love. Yeah.

Reegs: This was a completely unneeded element to the story, which resurfaces three or four times in the episode, this whole attraction thing between them, which is weird

Dan: they even have these little kind of breakout moments of cartoons where there's just, their eyes are replaced by hearts looking at each other.

Reegs: or anime style or something. I did actually quite like the design of that bit, but she she's had her sort of paper and pen from the original thing, upgraded into like a holographic wristwatch thing and brain. He's just kind of surly all the

Sidey: time.


Dan: Yeah. Well he, as soon as he heard gadgets coming back, he was packing his suitcase.

Wasn't he an

Reegs: he put through the guys are fucking prick gadget.

Sidey: Yeah. And has terrible golf etiquette.

But he just plays he? plays through those two old boys that are just having a nice quiet round of golf and he plays through it and then he gets a mallet out and let's just not, that's not regulation I'm pretty sure I had more than 14 clubs if that's the case.

It's just a real prick and


Reegs: black though.

Sidey: Well, whilst I hate snobby.


Course sharks, I do play golf. I draw the line at a, you know, huge, huge matter on the grain. That's just not

that's not right

Reegs: right.

Sidey: No, no.

So he's a prick on and off. The job,

Reegs: He gets upgraded. Doesn't need to fight Dr. Clore and they give him a new uniform and that,

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: kind of basically the old

Dan: So this was on, was it Netflix?

Reegs: not

Sidey: Well, it is hosted currently on Netflix, but hopefully they'll boot it soon, but it was originally a Canadian.


Dan: but about 11 minutes long. There was two episodes here though. It wasn't there. Did you watch both of them? Yeah, I got through halfway through the second one. We only, we only charged to watch one, so I did one and a half cause I wanted this to be good. You know, I, I was a gadget fan. I liked as I say the cartoon when, and as a kids, it just didn't hold it though.

And it's, it was the animation more than anything. I think for me it was

Sidey: I always found the gadget thing. Like He is so bombastic and everything's so over the top, but it's just relentlessly like that, you know? all the time. And it's just like wears thin after two minutes like fuck off. And this was no change. here. It was exactly the same.

It looked really budget straight away and watching it. I was thinking I bet there's loads of toys, but I don't think this lasted very long. I don't, I think maybe just the one season, I don't know. Um

Reegs: Episodes were made. It played from January to September with 26 episodes. And that was it.

The, yeah, the CGI is hideous and the character looks awful. It's like an uncanny valley version of inspector gadget, but it didn't. Remind me at least if the things that were good about the original inspector gadget, the bumbling idiot, you got the poor dog,

Dan: the gadgets.

I liked that, you know, I mean he could never pull the white one out the bag when he wanted to, but it was maybe it was just more funny when I was

Reegs: Oh wait, do you remember when he would like go to like a different country, like Spain or something? It would still play the Gachet music, but be like a flamenco version. They looked at a little bit,

Sidey: It reminded me of when we had a fence address do, and I've mentioned, this before,

Dan: is the best

Sidey: but a friend of the pod Norm had an inspector gadget outfit and it's still to this day, the best friend's address outfit anyone's ever had.

But there, Hopefully there is still

Somewhere, some photographic evidence of it.

which we'll try and

Dan: I think I've got a photo of that somewhere.

Sidey: fucking Brilliant.

Far better than watching this.

Reegs: A significant portion of his head is used to store helicopter blades. Isn't it? Which so I think, I mean, is he, now he must be basically an AI pretty

Sidey: much Yeah.

Reegs: so, you know.

Dan: Yeah.

I, and I think Walt Disney to they own this, I

Reegs: no it's all Canadian. It was a three, three current

Dan: the right stone and it's that kind of thing that

Sidey: we're thinking of making an

Dan: I,

you know, maybe the character in this because I don't know, there's something in it, you know, that's why it disappointed me.

I think, because I, I just thought this could be a really good cartoon. It could be something really clever. And

Reegs: Oh,

I liked to catch it. Cause I liked penny and brain and I hated gadget in a way because he was always bumbling into success. And I fucking hate those people who just shamble around through life and suddenly success just falls on them and he would like, just go and fucking, there's just going to abandon people.

It's like his daughter or whatever she was niece or

Sidey: something.

Reegs: It was like 10 or

12 years. He just abandoned her at a moment's notice to go and do something. And she was always the one solving the crime.

Dan: You're one of those people that worked hard and then gets things.

Reegs: No, you just, yeah. But I did appreciate it was introduced as a sequel, not a reboot.

I do really wonder like where the claw was born with his arm like that, or. Like, did he have a claw for a handle

Dan: kind of like a pink

Reegs: where he was missing? He's got,

Sidey: the whole thing was they needed to find his claw. Like it gave him, it gave him powers or something. So he was

having all these novelty, other clause?


Reegs: but with this, is that a birth like difference or was like, was he born with like just a missing

Sidey: or it, something happened? That was the origin of his fullness. Yeah. Well his rage and

Reegs: yeah, it did catch it too. It

Dan: He's a doctor.

Reegs: who

Sidey: oh, maybe he went to the evil doctor medical school with Dr. evil.

Reegs: I dunno. And then the really big questions, like, did he did, how did he get to be like this in the first place?

Like, did he volunteer to be

Sidey: this program,

Dan: who gadget or Chloe you talking about.

Gotcha. I always figured he was in an accident and they try to put them back together. Yeah. Something like that.

Reegs: Yeah.

But then why did they put all this stuff inside? It's such a bumbling idiot.

Sidey: it,

Dan: I think it doesn't

Reegs: doesn't bear any scrutiny at all.

When you start thinking about it.

Sidey: I would not recommend this.

Reegs: No

Dan: No, I wouldn't either. Which is a shame I think gadget will come back stronger one day.

Sidey: No, I think it's, I think his dance is done.

Reegs: I would recommend to early gadget episodes in the original run in gadgets replacement and busy signal. Those are both episodes where gadget perfs on someone using is like long neck and stuff like that. Yeah.

Sidey: So

Reegs: that's worth watching probably.

we still have a shameful number of giveaway codes for crew Ella. I mean, if you've listened to the pod this far, we'll just tell you it's 75, although go and listen to, you know, the answer is 75. Just texts is 70. If you can get a

Sidey: free movie,

Reegs: a free movie,

Sidey: Speak about.

Reegs: we will do. Yeah.

Sidey: That's exciting.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: We Have some nominations from Pete who, all things being equal is going to be, here next week with cheese. pay? It's given us a famed week

for next week.

Dan: thoughts about it.

Sidey: He just put a lot of thought into these. to his credit. So the mid weeker is going to be from dusk till Dawn which is good because shocker I've never seen it.

Reegs: Oh.

do you know anything about it?

Sidey: Yeah, almost all of it.

Top five is vampires, top five movie vampires, or vampire films, et cetera.

Main film is let the right one in which is a remake of the Swedish one.

Reegs: Are we watching the original or the remake

Dan: is this another

Sidey: 2008. Let the right one in,

Dan: Is this going to be like double bubble then? So I've shipped myself all this week and now I've got to out and do it again next week.

Sidey: them just as much as you, so you can have to take it up to him.

He's got kids, You've probably seen it

Reegs: a couple of times

Sidey: And the kids thing is count. Duck killer

So that fits in quite nicely with all that. That's exciting. We've got


Reegs: he's a vampire.

Sidey: Yeah, it's been a really cool. week cause we've had to speak to our very good friend of the pod. James would Burke it about the really exciting shatter belt project, which, we're fucking, really thrilled

and backers of that.

if you don't mind. So that's cool. We're really looking forward to seeing some of that in the, hopefully not too distant future, but for now all that remains is to say Saturday, signing out.