Dec. 24, 2021

The Hudsucker Proxy & Old Jacks Boat

The Hudsucker Proxy & Old Jacks Boat
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The Dads continue to reel from the loss of Reegs, with this week’s horrible take on STAND BY ME as well as Dan declining to tell his masturbation story being two particularly low points. Will they redeem themselves this week? I have literally no idea since I'm writing the notes before listening to the pod but I will assume not.
Due to the whole being Jewish thing we didn't have a Christmas tree in our house though confusingly we did celebrate Christmas at my grandma's house on the day itself in what was an orgy of crass commercialism, a pattern that persists in my family to this day and which we are depressingly bound to perpetuate despite not wanting to and indeed expressly trying to avoid it. The Christmas Tree is of course the altar beneath which we lay evidence of our material success, by which I mean we put presents under the tree. We start this week show with the Top 5 Christmas Trees, a subject which completely failed to engage our listeners and I can tell you is not actually all that easy having given it a few minutes’ worth of what might loosely be deemed 'thought'. There will no doubt be ELF, THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES and NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION as well as that insufferable dreck Dan forced us to watch last year, A CHRISTMAS STORY. If someone doesn't mention HOME ALONE, I'll be seething but I reckon I will be alright.
THE HUDSUCKER PROXY is still a movie I haven't properly seen which makes this part of the notes that little bit harder. The Coen brother's 1994 comedy is one of Sidey's favourite movies, but it opened to lukewarm reviews with one critic deeming it "asinine and insufferable", a quote which I've lazily copied from Wikipedia. With a cast including Bill Cobbs, Bruce Campbell and Anna Nicole Smith acting alongside such cinematic lightweights as Paul Newman, Tim Robbins and Jennifer Jason Leigh, I'm looking forward to hearing the dad's take and a debate about whether this is a Christmas movie at all I'm assuming.
OLD JACK'S BOAT is both the place where Howie lost his virginity and the name of a BBC children’s tv series about a retired fisherman who lives in a village on the North Yorkshire coast. Bernard Cribbins tells stories to his dog. One of the dads said it made him cry in our WhatsApp group, but I still don't know if he meant tears of boredom and frustration or tears of joy at capturing moments of quiet, gentle beauty etched on the face of a national treasure. Isn't it exciting to find out? No.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


The Hudsucker Proxy

Sidey: Welcome to bat dad's film review the film review podcast without an intro

because rigs does all that. And he is still, unfortunately, waylaid with COVID

Howie: lies fake lives. He's just isolating himself. He's becoming his own man. He started his own religion.

He's going to, he's going to start to live up there on the salt Plains and become not many wives.

I heard him say,

Sidey: Well, to be honest, it's fine that he's not here this week because this is our Christmas episode and he is not that way inclined, we would have to do a Hanukkah themed episode for rigs benefits. So I'm sending lots of. hugs or whatever it is, that people who like each other, do

But we

will crack on There's lots of stuff flying around.


watch. Have you guys seen anything this week?

Dan: I have, yeah, I've watched a Christmas thing with my daughter called Robin Robin which was good. It was a night, you know, been looking for things that don't go on too long. Aren't running into six series of and, you know, but give you a nice start middle and end in around about 30 minutes.

And there's a few of these on Netflix and prime. And one of them was Robin, Robin, and it was decent enough, 25, 30 minutes long. This story of a little Robin who's brought up by mice and thinks he's a mouse and he's. Altman animations and all the, the quality that comes with that. So it was, it was really nice, actually.

It was a nice Eve thing to watch.

Howie: I, as evidenced by my Twitter campaign became a grumpy old motherfucker because I went to, I had the misfortune or fortune, I don't know which does to go to the local cinema to see Spiderman.

So, and I'm going to spoil it, so don't worry, but it was ruined by the I'd say cunts and I don't use that word lightly behind me who bought, I think four weeks worth of food with them.

Sidey: Well, Is there a particular food item you don't like?

Howie: Do you know what popcorn you can get away with? Because it's in a cardboard

Dan: crisps

Howie: Yes. The crackling, what the hell are you eating? Is it for a good 15 minutes that I think they went through a box of quality streets.

It was crackling all the way through.

And then they started talking

Sidey: Yeah That's

Howie: that is unforgivable.

Sidey: Well, people get their phone out. I

went to Watch Shang Shea With rigs and meek and me got his phone out and it's one of the fold-out phones. That's fucking

massive and some guy behind you, just because you put your phone away? right? yeah, fucking damn right. You're bouncing

Howie: he's basically holding a torch,

but I'm Spiderman sucks at 10.

This is what I'd give it. I know. But there's people that are euphoric

Sidey: oh loads of people like Absolutely love it. Like my Twitter feed or the bad desperate, fear was just like, this movie is perfect, it's the best Marvel movie, blah, blah,

blah. I thought it was okay.

Howie: Yeah. I thought it was okay. And I've mentioned before, about two weeks before I went to see Ghostbusters at my preferred that Ghostbusters afterlife

Sidey: it's, you know, when a band puts out a greatest hits album, that's what it's like That's why I would equate it to so loads of stuff, loads of crap plays and stuff.


Loads of fucking millions. It's the numbers it's doing a fucking insane. It's like smash hit loads, People fucking love it. So I'm again in the minority. I did enjoy it. Actually.


have to say I

did enjoy it

Just wasn't. quite what I was hoping for.

Howie: And the other two things I've watched enough spoke that Dan, about this we've both now finished the, I'd say marathon slog of the Beatles.

Dan: a nine hour thing. Isn't it? Over three, three hour episodes. Get back

Howie: the payoff at the end of the live concert is quality, but I don't want to hear another Beatles song for a little bit just because I've had to hear the same song rehearsed 52 times in different voices by John Lennon and Paul McCartney going, oh, no, I think I've got to do that again, John, I've only done it 25 times perfectly.

And you just go fuck, just give yourself a break mate. He's just, he's just, and also Yoko Ono is just the devil incarnate.

Dan: It was a, certainly a thorough account of the, the sessions that they recorded there and how Peter Jackson is put it all together is just, it's a labor of love.

I mean, you can, you can that echoes through for me that he's really, really thought and try to, to connect this into as good a story as anyone could have done. And they referenced it a couple of times, we making a documentary, we've got a film right here, you know,

I don't think they would have thought it was going to come out quite.

Good as, as he's done it. Just if you're interested in bands and particularly the Beatles, obviously that the way their creative process worked in that it was a real insight

into that. I thought it was fantastic. The other thing that I watched was the mode David Sherpas AMA Dablam summit exhibition, exhibition, X petition, sorry.

When they climb I to it's a 25 minute thing on YouTube and it's, it follows a little bit of that 14 peaks. It was one of the Sherpas that was on there and he'd done some climbs as well, but again I will use a bit of a YouTube rabbit hole, 25 minutes long, but it's outrageous what those guys do.

Outrageous where they're camping. They've got this mountain is, is crazy. It's not one of those really high jaggedy mountains. Sharp looks like

Howie: small

Dan: Yeah, well, some of them seem, seem kind of, you know,

Howie: really

Dan: sharp and spiky and others seem like, oh, they're just high and you could climb up

them on

different ways in everything.

This was one of those really scary looking mountains and they were just perched on little tiny

Howie: crevices. It's scary,

Dan: But yeah, a decent watch again,

Sidey: Cool. Like how he, I went to watch. Spider-Man no way home which I did enjoy actually.

And I also continued my mid nineties movie extravaganza with in the line of fire and Alcatraz. Yeah. Pretty good. I hadn't seen it before. That was the gun. That gun. Yeah. Yeah. Malcovich plays a great psycho. he's really good at it. And it does make you think about, you know, sending these people off to do all your day work and then when they come back and, they're, you know, a bit unhinged. So that was, that was really

good And

Howie: podcasts

Sidey: I yeah I do like this It would have been 90 something and Clinton was like an old man there and he's still sort of playing this love interest with, like really

Dan: well, he's 92. I saw a photo of him today and he's looking great. You know, he,

Sidey: on churning out film after

Dan: he S he still looks like he's ready for an eye out. And

Sidey: is it crime match show is the recent one.


apparently a bit bit middling, but it's about. He gets sent to bring a kid back from ex-co. Who's got

Dan: Hey, good nineties though.

Still doing films. I mean it's

Howie: probably keeps him going.

Sidey: Yeah. It probably died if he stopped. Yeah. But yeah, He's a bit related in that film was really good. I really enjoyed that. And then I saw some other stuffs and like Christmas-y stuff and did all the homework just about, so yeah, it's been a fun week. We had a very in-depth submission for last week's top five


it was movie masturbation moments.

Yeah. and we had someone who's been with us since day one, Jeff kitchen,

he submitted a really in-depth I'm going to say thesis and it's, I don't know if you're familiar with the Troma movies.

at all.

Well, I'll just read out what he's said because it's very good. Trauma has been making exploitation movies since the seventies. Probably the most well known of those is the toxic adventure series, but you might have also come across such. movies that have better names than the actual films like surf Nazis must die or cannibal the musical, but Terrafirma is traumas.

B-movie Metta masterpiece where Lloyd Kaufman plays diluted blind director. Larry Benjamin were in the movie within the movie is attempting to bring the fourth installment of the toxic Avenger franchise to the screen A cul that involves rape and toxic aborting his own mother. If you add into the mix and onset love triangle between Jennifer special effects guy, Jerry and boom operator Casey, it's a compelling plot, but because this is a tribal movie, the first five minutes of the film contain

amputation and abortion Death by cornflakes and a suicidal shot to the head. Anyway, there's a memorable scene where Jennifer jokes off thinking of Casey, the intense boom operator shirtless made all the more awful in retrospect, because Casey is a serial killer. And in one of those things that dates the movie badly plays up the trans equals killer trait, Hollywood loves by having him be a hermaphrodite to James Gunn of guidance of the galaxy fame and suicide squad has a co-writing credit on this movie.


Howie: Jeff,

needs to see someone

Sidey: So that is in, I've actually seen surf Nazis must die and toxic Avenger, and I'm sure they did a swamp thing or is that am I thinking of that as the toxic Avenger, But yeah, I seen quite a few of

Dan: Okay, well, have we got any others was Jeff.

Sidey: Jeff's is the gestures

Dan: Jeff says,

Sidey: in a certain like fin.


Dan: you, we appreciate you. You get in touch

Sidey: This week's movie, top five themed thing was going to be candles, but I


Dan: you vetoed it. Didn't

Sidey: early because I just couldn't

Dan: What was you couldn't figure many candles,

Sidey: not that significant moments in films like Canada, like there's a candle over there, but I'm not going to

Dan: or that's why I said it because I saw that

Sidey: Right Okay

Dan: put me on the spot

Sidey: instead of come for Christmas trees

cause they're, you know,

Dan: seems

Sidey: also in films.

Yeah. So who wants to,

Dan: I suppose you, you've got to have the final slay on their seven year.

Howie: fucking well, you know, we've, we've got to, first of all, consider the two main Christmas trees, the Norway spruce, or well, actually three, the Fraser fir and Nordmann first as well. Okay. Now, what have you gone for this year?

I've gone for a Nordmann cause it is needle less ability and we've got a dog, so he's always like having a sniff and a piss.

Dan: Well, I, I branched out.

I went for I went for spruce li

Howie: oh, is that all the way from Hong Kong? That one? Yeah.

Dan: It's good. One.

Sidey: Have you seen the one in London where

they, the,

the Norway lot, they send a tree over and this one is, so barren

Howie: looks like it's been pulled through a window

Sidey: it looks Like it's already dead. and It's

lit up and it just looks absolutely appalling.

Howie: We truly have hit rock bottom when they think that the best way to go is to send us a shit Christmas tree as a country.


Dan: No chemistry there. Is there anymore?

Howie: Well, Mike, if I could kick off with my first tray. So it comes from a film that's a bit underrated, as long as you take it on face value. Batman returns with Danny DeVito's the penguin.

Sidey: I've got this

Howie: Yeah. And, and I always remember this has got Christopher Walken in it.

Michael Keaton was Batman. Yeah. Christmas day, Gotham city, socialites, Tucker, and S the cobble pop become the parents of a deformed baby boy Oswald. And this is really dark. They basically put him in like a prison style crib, and they Chuck it down the river in the icy river. And he buggers off down there and ultimately they throw them into the sewer is discovered by family of penguins underneath the Gotham zoo.

33 years later, a millionaire and philanthropist max Schreck played by Christopher Walken proposes to build a power plant supply Gotham with energy. And he's he's opposed by the mayor. During his speech in front of this giant Christmas tree Gotham comes under attacked by a disgraced former circus troop, the red triangle gang.

And it is.

Shaky sets, pantomime me in a way, but at the time I remember thinking this is absolutely quality. And I was of the atria thought air Batman. And it was a, it was a slightly lighter hearted Batman initially. And then it goes super bloody dark because Oswald going by the penguin then kidnaps and he kills the ice queen.

Who's standing glamorously in front of the Christmas tree and he, and the whole film was he's blamed it on Batman,

Sidey: It's a great it's a great Batman. film. And that I really liked the speech because it's in front of this fucking enormous, Christmas tree. and Christopher Walken is Matt shack. he turns, he says, oh, I forgot my speech and it goes, it goes, make sure I take it out on a what's her name, you know

Howie: Catwoman.

Sidey: yeah. And then he said, he turns around and he says, oh,

I wish I could hand out world. Peace and unconditional love after just saying like it's

going to

fucking take it outta wrapped in a big bar. And that's when that enormous Christmas present. arrives, Which is full of the the circus, trip.

Howie: the but Oswald copper pot or the pancreas he's fucking disgusting.

Oh, and it's properly.

I know it obviously isn't, but it just looks gross. Rips the ad off and it's hanging out of his mouth and his teeth are drip, black

Sidey: feral in the new

Howie: Yeah, I think it's, it was obviously not going to be as caricature comment comic, like

Sidey: no, it's not gonna be like the Gothic comment style. This is going to be dark, dark, dark. It looks great. Dan, if you go on.

Dan: Yeah, I do. It's a Christmas story. You remember? I made your watch this last Christmas Christmas before my baby. And it's basically a massive tree that takes up the whole house, but it's one of those classic sort of 1950s American perfect family. They all go off as the family to go to. The yard, where they sell trees and choose their tree and bring it back.

We, we did actually, we went to go and get our tree this, this weekend I've got a huge one and God goes, you're going to put it up yourself. I said, no, I'm going to put it up in the living room.

Sidey: I'm going to nominate home alone, two lost, lost

in New York

Dan: the white

Sidey: is the one McDonald's


Dan: Is it the white tree?

Sidey: no, It's the one at the Rockefeller.

Dan: Oh, right. Cause there's a few Christmas trees

Sidey: yeah, there is

the Rockefeller one because the Mrs and I on our first holiday together, went to New York at Christmas time and we saw that

similar tree. in the same place

Dan: Same tree. Exactly the same tree.

Sidey: So that one was quite good.

Fucking awful fucking dreadful.

Howie: COVID.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Couldn't couldn't really disagree. I mean, it was home alone was the, the good one. And yeah, no, it's watchable really good. Actually the home alone, it's still a laugh for kids and things.

Sidey: every year

Dan: alone. Two, three, and four. Yeah, it is.

Sidey: she wants to put it on every year And I know. how about you're up.

Howie: I was going to go for a bit of an obvious one with elf a film that I believe you hate.

Sidey: No, no, no I like it.

Howie: It's one of us hate

Sidey: Pete

Pete people, I like

beat Pete. hated will feral

Howie: That might be where I

Sidey: but I think then

came full circle. Once he'd eventually, saw around command, people can pick and Twitters and

Howie: Well, the scene, I was going to go for his, he's obviously working in the department store and he's left to decorate.

Area that he's been assigned. And obviously he works through the night. I have to admire his Lego skills for building the city scape. That is

Dan: Doesn't he cut out a load

Howie: Yeah. He does the Daisy chain type of thing and he immaculate immaculately presents it.

And so, so much so that the supervisor thinks that they've sent a man from HQ down to watch what's going on. That film still makes me laugh when they announced that Santa is coming and he fucking scraped Sanders go.

Dan: goes mad.

Howie: My kids, really, my kids laugh their head off at this two bits, one, the raccoon at the start that he tries to hug at the savages.

It like my daughter can't stop laughing. And my son loves the apps, loot quality kids style bit where he's eating spaghetti with m&ms and fucking Cola and the shoe. Cause obviously he's an elf and lives off sugar. And disturbingly at the end of that film with a sing along bit.

Sidey: why'd they do that?

Howie: Why, what it's meant, it's a proper insert your crying moment here.

And it's meant to get the Christmas spirit roll. And all it does is make you go,

Sidey: fuck this

Howie: no one would sing because everyone would just look at him and go get their phone out and film the weirdo. Who's felt singing on her own and it just become a meme. It's so cynical,

Sidey: there's another bit with a tree.

They get

similar to Christmas story.

They get an enormous fucking tree for that. If I and he jumps


Howie: the couch,

Sidey: and launches straight into the tree. So this is quite fun.

Dan: I've got one and you've probably never seen this or heard of it, but it is huge think Cinderella, but better. It is propel car. So you have seen it.

Sidey: Mentioned it before.

Dan: it before So this is a 1973 film and it is on every single year in Czech Republic and in Germany as well. I think, you know are few countries is a huge, the, the, the lady who's propel Kerr, she is just knockout. She's just gorgeous. And there's a charming prince. Who's terribly handsome and perfect.


It's a, yeah, I think Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, UK green Czech Republic. And it's pretty much the same narrative. There's a poor Cinderella type figure being kept from the Kings ball by the stepmother and her daughters in things there's walnuts and secret kind of magic and all that kind of, sort of stuffs in it as well.

But it's perfect for those looking for a real feel-good film. And if you can get a copy with subtitles or anything, then watch it. It's just perfect for when the fires were in. And you've eaten Christmas dinner to stick this in. Brilliant.

Sidey: Okay. One of the films that I watched recently, and I forgot to mention it's another of my nineties, ones. it was Christmas with the cranks,

which is Jamie Lee Curtis, and that master of comedy, Tim Allen

Dan Akroyd, Dan Accor is the enthusiastic neighbor. They have their daughter off to college and she's going to be staying away for Christmas. So they decided that

rather than

just have a fairly lackluster Christmas, just the two of them, they're going to fuck off on a cruise weirdly. They can't just go on holiday. I think they're going on Christmas day because they save a couple of thousand dollars by going



Sasha it's weird because they have to then Disavowed, any sort of engagement with Christmas. So there's no decorations, there's no presence. There's no, they give charitable donations every year.

So the people that turn up for like the police, go door to door, collected my no, we're not doing that. You can still do all that stuff just because you're going to hold it. it doesn't mean like it's just like ludicrous for, for the sake of it. So he gives out a letter to every single member of staff at work saying, I'm not good. I'm not doing like secret Santa or any Christmas presents or cards or anything like that. You're just like, this doesn't make any

sense So anyway,

Howie: Grinch,

Sidey: the local Scouts or whatever it is. Go door to door, selling Christmas trees And every year, he's like got the biggest, best tree.

And they're like, we've got one safe. He was like, no, don't want it this year. You

can fuck


And he's a pro He doesn't swear, but he's

quite abrupt with them. He's like, I'm not doing Christmas. I would just leave. And they're like crying. Of course, I met the daughter phones up out of the blue. and says, Daddy, we're coming back and I've got a boyfriend and we're getting married and it's like, what the fuck?

So they have to cancel that.

hastily arrange a Christmas She's like, we're still doing the Christmas party like every year. And they're like, yeah. Why don't you just say, no, you you weren't going to be here, so we're not doing it. So he has to go like cabin hands back to the tree salesman, say, oh, that, that tree that you had, have you got it?

They're like, no, we've got all the dead ones. Like you can have one of those. So his mate from opposite is going away and he has to like, wheel. He has, can I borrow your tree for a day? So he has to wheel this tree across the road. People think he's stealing it. It's a comedy classic

Dan: really

Sidey: there is

a scene not related to the Christmas tree where Jamie Lee Curtis is a


Howie: in the, in the, in the mall and the vicar and the vicar talks to a text.

Sidey: Yeah.

Which you work cause they are epic but there. is significant a Christmas tree.

action in it.

Howie: My next one is a bizarre film that I can't make my mind up about.

The kids watched it last week, polar express, which is that weird? Sorry. Yeah, Tom Hanks with that kind of weird rotoscoping style animation where everyone's dead in the eyes and you're not quite sure quite how it it's supposed to be chocolate box style, schmaltzy, Christmas affair. And it's meant a tick every box, every single box, but it comes across as dead.

It really does. I don't like it. I don't like it. I find it it's so cynically, cliched and set up and there's a huge Christmas tree at the end. It's this big monolith orange lit thing with the reindeer that cellar.

Sidey: fucking enormous.

The tree

Howie: Yeah. It's, it's like sort of the size of a town hall type of thing.

But it's just an odd film.

And I don't like C Tintin. If it was that Scott who did T the really famous tinting was Simon Pegg that kind of worked with that effect of the human actor with all the bubbles on becomes an animation CGI. But this, I just don't like a tool I re it's just, it's weird, but it gets a lot of air time and a lot of kids, but it was the polar express.

It's the perfect rest. And you're like, okay,

Dan: and Tom Hanks

as well. We always kind of puts bums on seats. Doesn't need to, to get people in.

Howie: Kabbalah? Yeah. He likes bums on seats.

Dan: I've, I've got lethal weapon,

Sidey: I've got this one

Dan: which is the, their shoe out in the Christmas tree a lot. And you know, Mel Gibson, Danny Glover.

I think they're just getting together now and they're just put in the you know, the, I can't even remember the same word. I just remember the them, you know, there's a big mullet going on with with male lots of bullets flying around the Christmas

Sidey: Lot of drugs getting

flown around

Dan: and, a bit of, yeah, a bit of

Sidey: Colombian marching,

Dan: Colombian marching powder.

I mean, all those, all those trees that we, you know, obviously the, the real trees I was decorating our tree with the kids, but they started screaming and complaining, so I had to take them down.

Sidey: Charlie brown, Christmas, I really like Charlie brown.

I'm wearing

a peanuts.

t-shirt as it happens

similar to. Christmas, for the cranks in that he has, he gets one of the bad, the shitty old trees

and what it

Dan: and all his friends have to help him make it look

Sidey: no, he said It's a

rallies against the commercial aspect of Christmas. And so he takes the,


brownie kind of dead looking tree and decorates that. And and, and just goes, goes for it.

Yeah. yeah, So it's it's nice. to Charlie brown is always nice.

Dan: Charlie Browns just on point most of the

Howie: it doesn't get shown on TV anymore.

Sidey: Does It does stateside

and the movie,

the recent movie, the peanuts movie is great.




Howie: Okay. I'll go for films that I watched long time ago. And I think many of us did the national Lampoon's. So they have their Christmas vacation holiday rule.

The problem tree, right from the start clock Griswold's Christmas tree causes issues. He burns it down is to get new one from the front yard. Once it's decorated, it's a lecture, kid

Sidey: my cats are going to do that. There always, it is a fake tree and it's got lights

you know, all round it for, and they constantly like chewing the wires or like,


Dan: out the cat. Yeah. Yeah. Well, ours keeps on trying to climb up

Sidey: They get it right in the middle of, it. I have to fucking

Dan: Well, we had to put, so it kept on climbing up the tree. So we put Allah menu all around the bottom and now we foiled our plans

Howie: Oh my God. And, and I was drawn into that story thinking

Sidey: that is the thing though. If you put, If

you put tinfoil on all the, if they

jump up

Howie: me.

Sidey: the counters, If you put that up they'll they won't do


Howie: at the bottom. I

Sidey: snakes.

I might spray the tree with WD 40 So she just slipped out of it.

Howie: Yeah, that'd be great. That is tremendous for a fire risk. That's tremendous. It stops any problems, Ron seal it as well.

Sidey: National Lampoon. So

Howie: Yeah. The Griswolds are fucking Chevy chase ever since then.


Sidey: complete.


Howie: Oh yeah, right. Yeah. Oh, I think I may have watched,

Sidey: you ever seen community the series? I really liked it. I haven't finished it. I got a bit bored of it because there's a lot of episodes, but the chat was that he was just a complete,

Howie: I think I was watching some, some, something about directors and I think it was what, how, how the movies were made on Netflix.

And I think there's one about Ridley Scott. And I believe that he was completely as a, as a rookie taken to town by Chevy chase so much so that everybody in industry just basically as turned against him because of the story has got out. And it really Scott, I think it is Ridley. Scott was just saying it was just awful to me.

Absolutely awful. And he's so demanding and he's like, I'm a star, that's the sort of, one of those sort of actors not tell you what I've had wealth of experience. I can help you and mold you. And you know, that sort of thing that you hear about actors who are

Dan: put him off the industry or together.

Howie: we'll try to luckily got taken on board by someone else to do aliens and England,

Dan: Is it about random me? Well it's white Christmas. Which is the classic Bing Crosby. I'm dreaming of

Sidey: white supremacist.

Dan: you, have you seen, have you seen this?

Sidey: Yes. Yeah, a long time ago.

Howie: No, sorry, go

Sidey: another one.

a holiday one holiday Inn or something.


Dan: Yeah, no, but this, this one hits the title song, you know, white Christmas and they open at the end.

This is a. it Danny? Danny Kay, I think is the other guy in it. Who's Danny Dyer. And

Howie: fucking Christmas.

Dan: it's got that innocence, but also that you know, that dated kind of attitudes in some areas as well, but being's voice. I mean,

Howie: Have you seen?

Dan: absolutely for Christmas, Bing Crosby's voice.

Howie: seen. I think a lot of us have probably seen it because it's now Ben Crosby and David Bowie, Bowie

Sidey: They didn't have a clue

Howie: who he was.

He didn't know where he was either.

Dan: No. Perfect. And it's, it's a decent song. It came out. Okay. Again, I suppose their advisors both say, no, it's worth it. This guy, and they're

going, oh, no idea. You'll get the older audience. You'll work with being whatever, you know? Yeah. It will give you extreme credibility

Howie: This man was makeup.

Dan: And yeah, Ben was, was huge.

Wasn't he, in, in his day it was bigger than that.

Howie: Oh yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Well,

Sidey: there's a Christmas


the Nakatomi Plaza. So therefore it must be a Christmas movie. When we get onto the main feature, I have got a load of chat about what constitutes a

Howie: Christmas. Okay. That's cool.

Dan: And does this fit that criteria? The fact that he's got a Christmas. Yeah.

Howie: die hard too though.

Also. Yes.

Dan: all set around

Howie: It's mainly cause the snow, no

Sidey: the vengeance is not

a summer

Howie: three. Isn't that

Sidey: That's where the vengeance

Howie: around New York with

Dan: Yes. Right. Yeah.

Howie: crap.

Sidey: Jackson's birthday. today.

Howie: Happy birthday, Samuel. But don't crack

Dan: He's looking

Sidey: does look well It

Howie: looking quality.

I was going to mention my last one, which is a bit of a film that just caught the other day, when was cook cooking tea with the kids and we watched Vince borns Fred Claus. All right, SOC formulaic and designed it to do with, it's got Kevin Spacey in it that kind of puts a bit rapey.

And there's there in Sanders grotto, and there's great big bloody tree. And it's, it's, it's always in shock because he's Fred Claus is seen as the crapper older brother or father Christmas, and it's his job to do the filing for the naughty list, which is surprisingly, still a weapon to use with my son.

So he's he's eight, is he eight or 9 0 9? He must be nine. I don't fucking know.

Sidey: daughters.

Howie: No. Well, I haven't specifically said it to her, but I think the fact that she is clever and understands things better than.

Sidey: she had a secondary school

Howie: she's secondary says he seven. So I think she gets it, but my son, I can still use the naughty list.

Sidey: oh My daughter, I mean, we've just been to Lapland.

And So that's what reinforced everything. She's true.

Howie: the lie is now properly embedded.

Dan: another 20 years of full on belief

Sidey: Which is great. It's great.


Howie: caught my. What? No. I caught my mum when I was 18 and living at home. And this is how terrible she is blesser. She's just she's crackers. She was doing my stocking and she knew I lived in the garage, long story. She knocked on the garage door again, another Luxor. And she goes, she don't look, father Christmas is putting your stock.

I'm 18. I live in the garage with the motorbikes. Hate to break this to your mum. But yeah, no, she's done the stock. He said, that's the only thing we do now for each, for men, the men, the WAF, we don't do the big presence. We just do crappy little ones that we put in a stocking and give to each other and say, and so the kids can go, what'd you get from father Christmas?

And I'm like, fucking orange.

Dan: and a lump of coal.

Cause I ain't been very good

Howie: This year, a bit of in fighting under the seat. Most she doesn't understand it's cold at the minute and I let some methane out under the sheets and I'm warming. I am warming.

I am exhaling and not being selfish, but apparently it's vulgar. It stinks. And it's a fucking disgrace quote, unquote, the dog doesn't mind it.

Dan: no, does it all the time?

Howie: I'm done

Dan: Well I've got a couple more star Trek, star Trek into dark. Well, that's Chris pine. That was the only thing. There was a connection there. Same place beyond the Pines. I thought that, I mean, they are technically Christmas trees.

Aren't they? I

Howie: or furniture

Dan: or


Yeah. Um


gremlins attack There was Gremlin's jumping out of Christmas trees

Howie: huge amount of work went into that film to do that because it was filmed in June. Wasn't it? Isn't it. Isn't that a

Dan: it. You've got to get a tree. You got to get all the decorations. You've got to walk or just keep it up from the last kind of Christmas That's an a, you know, you're going up early then on, you can say, geez, is it already June? Now I'm pretty much out of Christmas trees.

Sidey: It's a wonderful life, has a nice

tree Wouldn't be allowed in our house because it's decorated with tent salt. And that is definitely not

Dan: You don't do that.

Sidey: a decorative item in our


Dan: also get what it wouldn't lock in here.

There's covered

Sidey: I don't mind

Dan: man-cave.

Sidey: Chancellor.

The chancellor went like that

Dan: they used to put candles on trees. Didn't they? Until they started burning all the houses down

Sidey: for candles,

Dan: for candles,

Howie: he tried to get candles back into the

Dan: Yeah. I was just trying to squeeze it back in there.

Sidey: my last one

is Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.


they they do. They all have a Christmas scene. I can't remember, but they certainly a lot of them do.

And this one has in the great hall or whatever it is, you call it. I'm thinking back to my school days. Fucking loads of trees probably all magical as well.

Howie: Lots of candles

Sidey: There are lots of candles in


should have, we should have stuck with it.

But whittle that down.

Howie. What are you going to


Howie: I'm going to go for the Batman returns, giant tree

Sidey: Great shout.

Dan: I'm going to I I'm stumped here. I'm going to go for propel cur.

Sidey: I'm going

to go with Christmas with the cranks.

Dan: Okay. Well, there are, we've given,

Howie: to two

Dan: we've got, we've got spice and movies to fill there. Let us know what you think out there,

Sidey: Jeff kitchen

Dan: I've got a bit of a Christmas tree cuisine before we squeeze with the cheese.

So it's just 10 questions. I'll I'll read them out. And the,

Howie: because if you didn't read them out, this course has finished

Dan: just done over it. Okay. So w from which country did the modern day tradition of Christmas tree originate from

Sidey: Sweden?

Howie: Norway,

Dan: both. Are you a runner? Jeff Germany. I hear you say yes, that's correct. I don't know. I haven't got any information on why these answers are


Howie: dreaming of a swastika

Sidey: white supremacist Christmas,

Dan: which tree is the odd one out Douglas for noble for Scott's Pine


pine is Welsh pioneer noses, Welsh pine. Again, I've no reason why that is.

Howie: No such thing as emotion,

Dan: okay. But let's, let's see if you know this one in which year was the first Christmas tree farm established. Was it a 1880 B 1901 C 1923, D 1949 or E 2037.

Sidey: do that

Dan: is correct is 1901. He knows his stuff. What was he like? Was she there or was she

Sidey: probably the first tree

Dan: the first one in 1933? Which famous skyscraper building a new walk city. Big game. It began its famous Christmas tree

Sidey: tradition.

Dan: Have you gone? No, it's you're both wrong. It's the Rockefeller center. It's no, sorry. You just said Rockefeller.

It doesn't really now the first artificial Christmas trees were made from goose feathers, dyed green, true or false.

Sidey: True.

Howie: No folks That's horrible.

Dan: It's true.

It is. Yeah. What is the term for when a Christmas tree is covered with fake snow?



Howie: it wrinkled

Dan: It's flocked.

Howie: Flocked.

Dan: Yeah, There you go. There you

Howie: You've been flocked.

Dan: number seven Christmas trees are grown in 48 states of the USA. Is that true or false?

Sidey: False?

Dan: it is fault. And I do have a little bit of extra info for you on this one. All 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska grow Christmas trees.

Sidey: Oh, I thought we left. I was thinking of

Dan: No, they're all of them. The idea for the electric Christmas tree lights came from assistant of which famous inventor,

Sidey: Thomas Edison.

Howie: Tesla.

Dan: It was Edison. Okay. So it's so we're nearly locked on this.

98% of all Christmas trees are grown on farms, true or false. has

Sidey: True It's true

Dan: He's saying true. It is true. So we're, we're

locked on this then whoever gets this one, right. Wins.

We're we're absolutely. This is the


Howie: control. You can't do this. It's an absolute disgrace rates control.

Dan: This is the, a winner takes all Christmas quiz question. Which member of the British Royal family is credited with introducing the Christmas tree to the UK

Sidey: queen Vic

Howie: Yes, queen Vic.

Dan: You're both wrong. It's prince


queen Victoria's husband. Oh, so in the end Christmas,

Christmas was the winner. Yeah.

Howie: beautiful

Sidey: we don't have a exciting cheese jingle, but we do have some exciting


Dan: Yeah. Well, why have we not got a cheese for how he was

Howie: No, I just sat here and fucking with a box of family circle, Christmas biscuits, and I recognize it in eight of them. And I'm supposed to be on a reduce cholesterol. I am an asshole.

Sidey: Yeah Well, I bought some cheese down, also bought some cheese. You got yours from the French market.

Dan: so it's French

Sidey: So you are, you're a collaborator. There was lots of stuff going around on Facebook about boycotting.

the market because fucking



fisheries and stuff. And so


The food that they had was not going to be going back



Howie: exit.

Sidey: Yeah. So Danny picked up a slab of cheese. It's a

from OSH app, Patty, Molly accrue,

paid. It would be much better this. Accurate Lavay, which sounds like a lot of


Machine lava is washing machine Yeah. From our

Dan: so, geez.

Sidey: our app, Patsy, what is it?

Dan: I don't know, but there is,

Sidey: looks looks pretty aggressive. So we'll get a bowl for that.

Dan: Yeah, a cough a little bit. Doesn't it. It's got some kick

Sidey: I've also got here a smoked red Fox

it's it's it is

cheese. It's not an actual

Fox. It's delicately smoky with bursts of crunchiness and it's from the Belton farm, dairy it registers at. four On the cheese. act Yeah. So I don't want you to like to smell it It might up smoked cheese, but we'll give it a well, And also I've got an enormous pot

Stilton because I fucking love Stilton. And especially this time of year, it's the king of cheeses. So I've been talking to that. It's very good.

Dan: I haven't tried that

Sidey: I've also got


What is it again? Indian tomato chutney, which might go quite well with a smoked,


Dan: the forages jelly report from the chili kitchen.

That's a genuine Jersey article and we got some of the, the classic biscuit selection there as well.

Sidey: important it's all going on.

Dan: It takes his seamlessly into this week's

Sidey: week's movie Yeah. Which I, sort of unilaterally decided we were going to watch. This as our Christmas film.

It's our third Cohen brothers film of the year. So having

how old any Cohen content.

we've gone big on it

Dan: we've we've done

the hat

Howie: you have mentioned this film a long time ago to us and I've,

Sidey: Probably probably quite a few times. It's a, I mean, we could talk about the money side of it later on, but this is sort of famously like a big, big flop. This film,

Howie: It's not available on any streaming format.

Sidey: No, you can't get this. It seems almost been like locked away for some reason. It's not on prime. It's not on Netflix. It's not on sky It's not

Dan: You need to get an old DVD

copy or

Howie: Yes.

Sidey: Yeah.

So it's hard to find for some bizarre reason, but it's out there. If you look hard enough, you will be able to find it. You know, cards on the table.

It's a film. I really, really enjoyed So I wanted, I think none of you had seen it.

before I certainly

Dan: seen it, but it needed

watching again,

Sidey: think rigs or

Howie: I thought I'd seen it bits of it.

Sidey: So I I, I picked it and I've seen it quite a lot, but it has been a few years and I was thinking, hang on, is it actually, is it Christmas-y enough? And so I did sort of look into what is a Christmas movie? You know, because there's that annual

Dan: because you wanted to wedge this in

Sidey: discussion Well, I was I was thinking, oh, they, I was thinking no, it's more of a, a new year's thing, but now it's Christmas Eve. If there's some sort of nods either consciously or unconsciously to other Christmas films within it.

Howie: Trading places. It's a wonderful life there. Big influences on the film.

Sidey: is it to deal with release state would know because wherever we've discussed this before miracle on 34th street came out in June or something, for some reason,

Dan: No, I I'm, I've never really been hung up out the release date or movies. I don't think that would necessarily make it a Christmas movie.

Sidey: does it, how does it have to have Santa and all the

sort of

straight up Christmas tropes.

No, it doesn't.

Dan: I think it needs a, it needs a bell you know, like Christmas bells in that.

Sidey: Okay.

I think

Really? It's just having using Christmas as a sort of part of the storytelling within it.

So diehard, he's going


Howie: home for the holidays,

Sidey: you know, and it is sack Christmas

and this Christmas.


Dan: Well, one I didn't mention earlier actually was the apartment with Jack lemon, which is follows those same kind of rules. Cause it's set in and around Christmas, it's got this theme of loneliness and you know but that was, yeah, I didn't wedge it in, but maybe I could have.

Sidey: Yeah. So would, it would die hard work if it wasn't set at Christmas, we get it would, but you know, I like it.

And so therefore that's the only rule that really matters. So this is set at Christmas, it's, you know, it's snowing, it looks Christmasy. And at the end the way the plot ends is also quite significantly at Christmas. This is a 1994 Cohen brothers screwball kind of comedy, I guess you would describe it as and it starts off with our protagonist slash hero, Norvell bonds on it's the end of the

and it's being narrated and it's like, here's our hero.

He's normal. He's on the edge. of the, basically about to jump off. The

Dan: He's out, he's outside on the ledge of his on the high rise building that he works in and he he's


Yeah. And then it kind of zooms back in to the beginning of the story. And he's he's a gullible mail wound clerk that

Howie: even before that he's, he's come, he's come to the city to find a job as,

Sidey: He gets off the bus and the bus is from Muncie Indiana. and The koans loved these sort of small town like weird


He gets off the buses from the Muncie school of business administration. And he's looking to get a, you know, a leg up in the


Dan: ready to take on the world.

Sidey: Yeah. So he goes to this job center, I guess, and it has

all these

jobs flicking over on the

Howie: crazy.

That is if that's real, that's her rectus.

Sidey: everything.

required experience necessary. He's you know, he's got nothing. And I did

Dan: and then the, the kind of S got this almost Forrest Gump moment where the the newspaper just follows,

Sidey: well did you

want to know what some of the jobs were that

Dan: Yay. Yeah.

Howie: saw

the paper,

Sidey: cats meets, man. I don't even know what that is.

Goaltender goat herd got a sweep and rope braider are

some of the jobs that,

he's not qualified for. So yeah, like you say, he goes to the local diner and he's looking through the classifieds in the newspapers to find something that he might be able to do. And this is sort of at the same time being into cut with scenes of Hudsucker industries,

Howie: the board meeting

Sidey: they're having a board meeting about how tremendously successful their year's bed. The company secretary, I guess, it is It's just really off this. list of just how

Dan: You've got all the, all the fat cats around this huge

Sidey: all old white men with massive eyebrows, just like rich, beyond

Dan: counting, laughing, how rich they are.

Sidey: And he ends his, his presentation to the board by saying in short we're loaded and

they all ha But the chairman wearing Hudsucker, he's not quite as engaged with the rest of the board meeting, but then we go back to Norville. He's put his coffee down on the newspaper.

He's a bit, he's sort of down on his luck because he's not finding anything.

He puts some money down on the counter then take some back because actually you're going to need that. It is a few coins

Dan: Yeah. He's, he's starting to count the pennies, a little

Sidey: and he walks off down the street. And like you say, this gust of wind blows the newspaper,

out of the data and it hits him on the leg and he picks up and he sees this circle, the coffee cup circle round.

The Hudsucker

Dan: No, it's little details there. I mean, you expect this from the Cohen

Sidey: The circle comes back again and to get in

Dan: how that, how they connect scenes and with the circle that would make make perfect sense again. But it's just so clever cause you, you know that each time they've, they've thought of how is this getting to here, even if they're in completely different places, there's just little connecting dots all the way through.

And that's not that's not just for this film. I think they do that in, in lots of their films. They're really clever.

Howie: now I believe now is cut back to the boardroom. Yeah. And first of all, and it only dawned on me to the end that Hudsucker himself is Mr.


Sidey: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Howie: I didn't realize that. I didn't realize

Sidey: Jeffrey Labarsky

Howie: the Jeffrey LaBelle scare. I didn't realize that that was the actor.

Sidey: he gets up onto the boardroom table though.


Howie: he looks at his wall.

Sidey: Yeah, he's just sat there winding it

for ages

and is there's a lot of time stuff in this

Dan: exactly at 12

Sidey: And he, they all look at him like this is unusual What is he doing He's standing on the table and he just runs and launches himself out of the window

Dan: Yeah. Top floor 44 or 45

Sidey: not counting the mezzanine.

Dan: So then

Howie: interesting fact about New York windows. Interesting fact, obviously, cause it's very interesting. All new windows and skyscrapers need to open, so it might just be like an inch they open, but they have to open.

Sidey: Is there a reason for that?

Howie: I need to look this up as well, but they have to open

Sidey: buildings move. I wonder if it's just cause they need a bit of flat.

I don't know.

Howie: but I've been watching, I've seen a few films of like people visiting these high-rise old buildings.

I can just ask for windows and it is, oh no,

Dan: me, give me the willies that and they see quite good scene actually, because you you've just seen had soccer foam cells outside he's he's falling down and it, yeah, it gives you time to reflect on that. Get out of the way, get out of the way. But the, the guys up in the board room, they've got various degrees of of shock and reaction for me.

Howie: Just dulled, like when you could have opened it,

Dan: yeah, well, one of one or two of them yeah, could open the window and he goes, he never did anything easy way and they're both kind of big in him up and, and also very confused. One guy's upset. I don't know why, why would he do it? He looked happy to me. Like, you know, we got, we got all this money. And of course we got Sidney J Musburger

Sidey: He hasn't really been present in the meeting.

Howie: What, what an actor to, to roll out Paul Newman.

Sidey: They offered it to him

And he was quite keen, But he couldn't do it for cause you.

know, just shuttling water. So they waited 10 years to make it, to get him in it. in this film So that

they were committed to having a minute And, you would for an actor like that and he does, he play a lot of villains? I can't even, think

Dan: No, not really, but he's yeah. He's well,

Sidey: sure sure

Dan: he goes, he goes through and,

Sidey: Immediately he's like, what what's the, what happens to the stock? And they're like,

Dan: No, well, immediately takes the Monte Cristo that Hudsucker was smoking and says, right. It seems a shame to waste it

Sidey: and then yeah he's he's they worried about

Dan: and smoking a cigar he's taken over the


Sidey: And yeah, he said, w what happened? what's going to happen to his stock? And he said, well, he didn't leave a, will. he had no family. It'll just be put up for sale to the public and that shit, you know, we can't have this, you know, we're going to lose control of the company. It's going to go We want to, you

Dan: oh, that's right. The,

Sidey: are the

proper fat


Dan: the company rules when the chairman's gone, oh, stocks are going to be sold to the public.

And they're like, wait a minute. W we'll be fucking poor.

Sidey: But again. We cut back now because has got his job here. He is working in the mail room and it is fucking chaos and Bedlam.

He's getting screamed at his orientation.

Howie: I'd say it's more orientation. That's an interesting choice of words. The red farm is the green farm. You've got to have a receipt for the yellow form and the blue for

Sidey: no voucher. And then Th the term they use. I love, and I I've said it so very time since this staff at

1159 wearing Hardstock a chairman, owner merged with the infinite I love that. and and they've 10 seconds of silence. And it says this 10 seconds will be deducted. from your pay. And then we get novel. he's he's got the hang of it.

He's chucking letters where they need to go. And he, he looks at one letter and it's too big for the the

slot And he And he realized that the name next door is the father, you know, and he says,

smart air you think, maybe, but he's not. And then this fucking alarm goes off. All of a sudden this little dude storms in with a blue letter and everyone scalpers and hides, and he's

this comedic like flapping around panic.

bonds. I got a blue letter and he has to take this up to the top floor.

this is when we get to meet the. bus, the, the lift operator.

Dan: Hi buddy. My name is buzz is just like super annoying Lyft guy.

Sidey: Have you seen the wire at all?

Dan: I've started to watch it, but I'm not to the point where I've got any connection with

Sidey: press, press Ballou, ski This he's pressed blue-sky in the worst. So he went on to do something really great.

Dan: I really, okay. Well, he's got the files. I make the innovator what to watch he does, I say. And so

Sidey: he's

got to take this to Musburger.

fair Is that so blue I blue letter is clearly the most important communication in the office. it's from the desk of

Dan: in the building. Yeah. It's, it's do not, this needs to go directly into the

hand. And, and so that's what he does. And he's in the

Sidey: when he puts it in his apron

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: because if, before he delivers it, he wants to, he's got this great idea, which he just shows people and it's just a circle, just a

pencil drawn

circled on a bit of paper.

And he just keeps saying, you know, for kids And people are just as an audience. You're just like

what the


Dan: nodding along.

Most of the people, he shows it to looking at him with concern going, oh, well, yeah, you, you, you're not all there

Sidey: but the plan the plan that they've come up with the borders that they need to insert

Approx. This is

where the title comes from. the Hudson posts. They just a Patsy here. They're going to put in charge. It was fucking useless, depressed the stock price so they can buy it all back

Howie: and then offload him off,

Sidey: and then get rid

of him. So he weighs into Mossberg his office clearly like out of his depth shows him this circle thing and

Puts his foot in a, in a Ben that's on fire and just smashes base up when you've got

Howie: opens a window and bus, the Bernstein contractors or something.

Dan: Oh, he's a klutz. He's an absolute clown. You know, in a, in a short space of time, he's, he's made a bad impression to the point where Paul Newman decides this is the

Sidey: question it was like, this is

the guy, this is

the one we need Yeah This

Dan: charge. He will literally do whatever we want him to do. And and that's how they pitch him. And he's finds itself on the front page of the newspaper and having, you know, control of the company from the mailroom.

And he's still funny. Cause all the way through to film, you've got people that work with him in the mailroom still, still just treating him like shit, because he's he was always in the, and it's such a big company. You get that in companies, don't you where it's just, they're so big. You're not even sure it's the boss.

And you're like, I'm not doing that. And you go, do you know, that guy was a director in you're like, oh fuck yeah.

Sidey: but this is a, this is a big story.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And so it attracts the attention. of Amy

Howie: Amy Archer and the

Sidey: Archer 10 bucks.

She mentioned. that. I thought it so and I think

her role in the film is part of the reason why people might have been turned off. because I think the way she speaks in the film can be quite polarizing.

It's very full on the accent Is

like she? Yeah. It's, it's taken on two 11, this role. I like it,

but if someone says

she's fucking, unwatchable, I'd be like, get what you

get, where

Howie: Yeah. I can see people thinking that it's yeah, yeah. Firstly too much. But secondly, a piss take, but it's not meant to be, it is indicative of that type of character in that era, in that era of films that they're all American Italian, like this is in everything is a rhyme.

Everything has a reason. I am an investigator in, so like kind of whoa,

Dan: a man's world as well.

Howie: really bad, really.

Sidey: Yeah. So she's she's onto this story cause it doesn't sort of feel right that, you know, this, this guy would be running such a huge corporation.


So she sort of plants herself in there as his PA

And normal doesn't question it at all and just,

Dan: no, he's, he's very

Sidey: is so naive Yeah

Howie: either are naive and innocent and sweet or naive and fucking terribly stupid and, and, and, and a bit obnoxious with his views.

Dan: but yeah, he's all of those things is a flawed character himself, really.

I mean, As we go through and his rise he goes through that kind of character arc where he's also in our soul. He's an also to, to buzz at one point where he's is trying to pitch him an idea of a bendy straw. And he just kind of fucks it off in, in the, in the way that he would have hated

people doing to. his idea.


Howie: we get, we get two characters start to come out now of the signwriter on the door and the maintenance man for the clock. And they're obviously more than what they actually are to the movie anyway.

Sidey: He's quite sinister the assignment guy. Cause he just turns around and stares. He never

speaks. Yeah.

But the we've seen the, the maintenance man before, he's a sort of grumpy old man in dyno, Dana

Dan: and he's also then the writer from the beginning, he's

Sidey: yes. he's the one who's telling us what's going on.

But Amy says that she's from I don't know if she does she know he's from

Dan: No, no. She just had a stab at where you


Howie: no, no. She questions. She doesn't know, but she gets out of him that he's months from Muncie.

Dan: No, I, I, I remembered her just sat and he couldn't believe you are Muncie Gail where she's then probably where she

Sidey: song

Dan: She would have chosen any other kind of place. Yeah. Yeah. There's, there's a full kind of dance song, a dance that he does

Sidey: she's, she's got to kind of string this along now. This lie that She's from the same like tiny little small town. as him.

Dan: And occasionally he will, he'll throw in memories of Muncie and she will just be flummoxed to remember, or, or just go along with what he's he's talking about and get it wrong. And, but he never insist too much disease sort of you weren't there. When anything like that, he just kind of goes along,

Sidey: she meets Moses. Who's He's the, he's the odd job man, the building maintenance man. And he tells her what the plot is, that Musburger w what he's up to. You know, she takes that back to the chief, at the paper, but he doesn't, he doesn't believe it.

But normal has the presentation to the board about his extruded plastic. Dingers


called on the blueprint. It's got the

actual blueprint. And it's the circle. Then you've got the side view It is to lie, Brilliant,


he's doing a demonstration of basically as a Hulu here, we finally deduced and he's doing the demonstration and it's got gravel in it to give it a sound. And then they're all, they're all really baffled about. Like how'd, you know, when it's done, is there a big aversion for the obese and

they got all these questions.

and Musburger is just like it's perfect. It's exactly what we need. Or we need to plow ahead with this, you know, and then you get I just sort of newsreel sort of thing, of just millions of documents, getting stamped approved you'd get the whole burden.

Dan: Nice little montage.

Sidey: it is

a monster. I was thinking at the time, this has been a great montage for the the top five.

You see the accountants he, they do this whole great big, enormous ledger, and it's like cost to make 59 cents. sale price, 79 cents. And the guy look.

draws the

one in front.

Okay, great. Then it goes, it goes out to the shop and it's cut to normal waiting at his desk. And Amy, she wa she, she starts to like him she's she realizes that he's been played and she wants him to be successful.

 they're waiting you get to the shopkeeper. He, he puts the signup dollar 79, and you get this fucking screaming kids leaving school, and they all run past the toy shop. Everyone Ignores it. stickers, go on

Dollar $59, $29 50 cents, 25 cents free with any purchase and no one's touching it. And then it's fucking

creepy kid. I

remember the first time seeing this,

Howie: throws them out,

Sidey: yeah, it just rolls down to this fucking Woodland kid. He always reminds me of the kid from the shining

you know, Danny Torres as He picks her up and he's just like hula hooping and there's just rocking back and forth. And then all the kids like, oh, like really exaggerated, like kids,

kid acting of staring at him.

Dan: thing we've ever see,

Sidey: it

We got back to the kid and then He's steering the hoot, you know round your ankle and he's jumping over it. Then It cuts back to him doing it around his neck. And all the kids fucking leg it off And they

Dan: straw for the, for the crowd, the mob of kids that are

Howie: the USP.

Dan: It's like, oh my fucking


it's a knackers.

Well, let's go and get one. And the price starts going back

Sidey: travel was, it goes up to $3.

Dan: and, and the stock price rises higher than it has ever been before. And and they're not happy in the boardroom.

Sidey: is for their plan.

but he starts to believe his own hype and

We've got another montage of the successful years and there's newspaper reporters. And he says, I certainly didn't expect all this hoopla completely biased and and they all laugh.

And then he see him again, saying it later on, but not funny anymore. You know, it wasn't, it doesn't work. So he, starts to become a complete, a bit of an asshole. He's got a string quartet playing in his office and people giving him a manicure and a massage at the same time. And she starts to you know, he's changed He's, he's not you know, the, the innocent sort of naive normal he wants was

 It's revealed that Norville had given name of the job. And she turns out to be a newspaper reporter. So he is, they, they use this to sack him. So he is forced out of the company. And so he

Dan: always a broken man

Sidey: He's he's broken. And he goes, he's told, he's told she's, she's not what you thought she was, you know?

And they they'd had They had actually had this romantic,

Moment where he compares that to an IBEX.

And they, they have, they have cares. They've gone to the ball. So they, they, you know, he was romantically involved. He was keyed on I was smitten. And So was she but now that the truth is out, he's broken, he goes to he gets drunk. And then he goes to this bar that she, he knows, she likes, and it keeps holding him. I seen it, Steve Buscemi, his department. And he's like, no, this is a juice bar, like you know, it's a fucking dryer and he three or four more times.

He's still, trying to hold his martini. And She comes in and I love this, scene.

It's fucking great. And he's like, ha, you know, I can't believe it. How could you do this to me? And she says, I'm sorry. Nova. I wanted to tell you so many times and what he's telling you. and, and you a month ago.

and he just doesn't get it. at all. And She's like,



Dan: he just, he can't believe just how deep her lies have

Sidey: know And he

Dan: to the point of


Sidey: He runs off comes across buzz. Who's now stepping out with Anna Nicole Smith. the certified gold diggers Zaza. And he's got his idea for a bendy straw. So you don't have to drink, the drink like that anymore. You can, You can,


it and drink. And he's like stupid idea. But then it, we we've now we find ourselves back at the start point of he's gone back up to his office.

He's got his old apron on and he makes his way out to the,

Dan: So the ledge. Yeah. Well, this is where the new right is kind of also is right at the beginning of the film. So do you think he's gonna do it and and we find out and he does,

Howie: Well,

Sidey: Hey, doesn't


he does, but he falls, He's sort of, he has a second thought yeah,

Howie: the window.

Sidey: Yeah. He's clinging onto the edge, but eventually he he does fall off the edge to his

Dan: Yeah He didn't, he didn't want to go in the end, but he's, he slips and falls and pushed and nudged and, and he goes, and and he's going the same way as I would hard soccer. And that Paul it's always a bit of a shock.

I mean, I forgotten it to be honest. So as I always say, I would have been surprised the first time, I suppose, second time when he did it as well.

Sidey: Now strictly speaking, I'm never supposed to do that.

Dan: no, that's

Sidey: Moses has stuck his broom handle in the

Howie: winding,

Sidey: gears of the of a clock and frozen time.

Where novel is just suspended in space. still pretty high up. And he's just sort of oh, what's going on

And you Just hear it's a bit of music and you can kind of see something coming down and it's the angel of wearing Hudsucker.

Who gives him a pep talk and, you know, you should have done blah, blah, blah. And you never delivered my blue letter and he's got his apron on. It's like, oh shit. Yes, there. And it's the, the twist and the tale is that whoever they appoint as the new president



Dan: it left his last willing, left his loss, willing Testament effectively

Sidey: he was going to be Sydney.

Dan: Yeah. It somehow some other Christmas miracle, maybe Saturday it lowers him down.

Sidey: but now He falls again

because the, because the, the signwriter dude and Moses,

Dan: have a bit

Sidey: have a fight because he,


don't know what the motivation of the same white dude is. He's just like,

Dan: it's to keep the business rolling

Sidey: I guess

Dan: ships ship shape, making

Howie: I was wondering, is he supposed to represent death?

Sidey: Well,

Howie: Is this supposed to be, is there a meaning behind it? I'm missing

Sidey: possibly, but they still have a fight. And Moses punches him and his false teeth come out. And just as

Nova was about to hit the deck, he stops again, just literally above the floor, like, lit know, like a foot above the floor and it's the false teeth

of just stopping it enough.

And then they smash and he just falls and He's fine. And he runs back off to the bar and sees Amy and it's all happy

Dan: Yeah, they, they kind of, he has the, he has the shares. He has the,

Sidey: Yeah, they've they've tried to have him committed and all that during the film, but now it's Sydney, who's lost his marbles over, over the the trauma, the money trauma of not being in charge.

We get back to another board meeting and it's the same blueprint, again, of this plastic another circle with a straight line next trip. But this time it's the Frisbee. It says next great idea which has got to make the company, billions, I

Dan: He's an ideas, man.

Sidey: Yeah.

And so that, that's the end of it.

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: Did I miss my Hudsucker jumped in the first place?

Dan: Yeah. Cause it does explain it. It just got the, the greed and everything. I think it got too much. Yeah. It just he, he saw all this where I'm, I'm pretty sure

Sidey: yeah he was just on fulfills and had no family and blah

Howie: that's what it is.

Dan: And he just kind of given everything up and not really


Howie: this

Dan: true.

Howie: Focused on the

Dan: It was all money, money, money. Yeah. And he


just like all the other people in and around that, that boardroom.

And he

Howie: finally had the light switched on

Dan: also wasn't there a girl that he did. Hudsucker there was some story that he wished he had had done something. He had two ways to go and he chose the company and the money instead of the gal and the family, which is what advice he wanted to pass on as well.

Sidey: It's very sort of Capra a

a in style of this movie in terms of like Christmas-y stuff, it's a little bit like it's a wonderful life in terms of you've got, you know, the, the signwriter guy. Does he actually have a name? I'm not sure.

Howie: He does.

Dan: I mean, there's plenty of cigarette, cigar and pipe


Sidey: but

those those those two guys are. kind of like. The ghost of Christmas present, I guess. you know, There's this magical quality of being able to stop time and, and show him and tell him things about his past and his future and what, things could be like.

So it does, it does have that it has the happy ending They, They meet up again at that beatnik bar with Steve Buscemi and you know, Everything's all okay. Even though she like massively lied to him and pulled the wool over his eyes. But the, the part of the thing around this was that it was a real big flop. And it was the first time the koans had been given a decent budget to make a movie.

So they made to this point blood simple, which we spoke about raising Arizona Miller's crossing, which was great, but and Fink, which has been incredible. So they had four, like

Dan: So they gave him a hundred million and they don't make any money back.

Sidey: So they were given This, this, they were working with Joel silver on this.

Who was the producer. And they were given basically this cost 40 million which is a fair chunk of change. And This is what 94. And there's not

a lot. I mean, there's not a lot of visual effects in it. So a lot of that, the cost is pretty something else in this, you know, you've got a lot of stars Paul Newman, Tim Robin's office, Jennifer, Jason Leigh, you got Bruce Campbell makes an appearance.

John Goodman is in there. Steve Buscemi, Sam Raimi is in it. So a lot of money. How much do you think it did actually make?

Dan: Whoa. Is your sign? It's a flop. I would've thought. Yeah. I would've said sort of a, maybe even a half of half.

Sidey: didn't even get to three.

Yeah Which

Dan: On the back

Sidey: got a bit of a yeah

Dan: surprised

Sidey: Yeah. It would have had a lot of good, well, going into this.

but they're not,

I guess they're not smash hit films, but they would have had a lot of a good buzz got into it. But yeah, not even, it's been a bit of a cult success since then, but that's not going to make you,

Dan: I

mean, this isn't a film that you're going to belly laugh the way

Sidey: Oh did some of it? Yeah. I love

Dan: I mean, I laughed and I smiled, but it wasn't anything that I just thought you know, it's

Sidey: it's got all the Cohens, the sort of stuff you've got

Repeat repeat sort of casting that you see a lot, in that the dialogue is very snappy and very funny, but if you don't like


then it won't work for you. Tim Robbins is,

there's only a few things

This ensure any, and these, I

really particularly enjoy his, but he's fantastic at this, as this sort of bumbling.

oaf, who's just sort of naive Lee sort of comes across these successful ideas.

Howie: he's in high-fidelity. That's what he's

Sidey: Yeah It's the world music


Dan: he's the perfect Muncie man.


Sidey: Yeah Jennifer, Jason Leigh would probably put people off her performances. Like we said before, it's quite

Howie: it's 1930s

Dan: Apple Yeah, go spot does.

Sidey: But I, love it. I mean, they did, they, they did lose a lot of money on this, but then the film that they made office was Fargo, which was when they, you know, they won the Oscars for that. So, you know, they came back strong. in fact, the next, the next, in their filmography is Fargo, Big Lebowski. I brought the wear out though, the man who wasn't there.

So fucking absolute, like solid


Dan: I mean, they are fantastic directors, right. Is in everything else. This isn't my favorite film of theirs. I get a feeling it's probably in your top two or three. This one are there. Is

Sidey: Yeah, I really do. I it's probably it's no Lebowski is one to see the most, but this has probably been the most viewed after the for me.

Dan: right. Okay. Yeah. And it's the kind of film I think it does deserve another viewing. It's because it's so well shot. If you're interested in film and filmmakers, then any of the Cohen brother films there's, I mean, we watched Buster Scruggs as well.

Didn't we? And the ballad of tho and those little kind of vinegar threats.

Howie: I would just wait for you to say that.

Just wait for you for that.

Dan: was, you know, just, just a pleasure in filmmaking it as much as anything else.

Sidey: It premiered At the Sundance film festival things got fairly good reception, but then it also. At the Cannes film festival where it was competing for the Palme d'Or against pulp fiction,

So when you put it in

you know, that sort of company, obviously completely different films, but you know, probably 94, I think it was quite it was it

was a strong year.

It was a

really strong year.

So they would've got buried under a lot of other, other very successful films, but I would encourage people to go out and check this one out revisit it, especially this time. of year. I really, really

Dan: tenuous with the Christmas tenures. Yeah.

Sidey: right in there.

Dan: Clutch in a little bit. I felt, but it's a, yeah, it does have tones of, of Christmas in it. Redemption a star and again, in all that kind of a thing, it was, it was a decent watch. I did enjoy it. I mean, I, it was a long, long time since I've seen it.

I'd forgotten lots of it. So I'm really pleased to watch it again. And like you side, I would, I would happily recommend this film to, if you can find it.

Howie: That's the thing that's with us, the trouble. Why is it not available? Why are quite a few films?

Actually, we struggle sometimes to dig them out. And you, you do have to go to either a DVD or a streaming site to find it because. Oh, the subscription stuff where you want legit copy, where you'd be prepared to a lot of

Sidey: I was amazed that you couldn't even just

rent it on Amazon And I thought everything you could rent on Amazon So that was

Howie: That was what it was. Yeah, it just wasn't there.

I really enjoyed it. I think I'd seen a long time ago possibly when it was first out, but I'm not very well. I'm sure I've seen it before. I liked the story. I liked the finality of it all and the redemptive arc. And I agree, unfortunately, Dan, I think this is a holiday Phil holiday season film, which therefore kicks the Christmas box and it is a, it's almost a version of Scrooge in a way you got the goat, like you said, you've got the ghosts, you've got Jacob Marley coming down to warning him at the end and type of thing.

We've got hugged soccer, sorry, playing that role.

Stella karst. I didn't barely laugh. I did chortle. That would be the term I would use. I loved the set design. I love the stylized thirties buildings. I loved it. I love Paul Newman's office. I love that it's so stark and not,

Sidey: what's the thing, the, those desks ornaments that click

Howie: gosh, physics balls things

Sidey: is it,

Howie: off.


it, if you take it for what it is, which is meant to be a quirky piece of theatrical, take of. A tale that the Cohen brothers had put together and you go in going it's comb brothers film. There's going to be some film, something I've got. Look for, you know, something I've got to try and find out the circle.

I think you did enjoy, you did enjoy it, but if you took it on face value as a, I'm just going to watch this film still it's like, you might come away going. Huh? That's a weird, but no, thanks for that. You've been extolling the virtues of watching it for a while now, and I'm glad I watched it

Sidey: Howie. I put you on the spot

for a kids


and this is,

Dan: came up with this.

Howie: it, it came to the front of my mind, like a migraine. No, I can't remember why. I think it was, I think children's stuff. Children's stuff, kid stuff. And it popped into my head because my wife.

Cries watching this. And I get a little tear in the eye at the end as well. And this is something that we haven't watched for years because it's gone.

My kids have gone past the age group for this, but they watched it yesterday and actually were quite transfixed by it. But that's by the, by I think it must be a recessive memory. And this is old Jack's boat, which is on CBeebies.

Sidey: Yeah,

And this was the Christmas quest So it fulfills that Christmas.

Howie: Yes exactly.

There is no getting around it. This is a Christmas,

Dan: oh, a hundred

Howie: a hundred percent Christmas.

Sidey: Oh I put it on my daughter was doing something playing with the cats in the other room and she sprinted


the lounge. like, oh, you were just, so you really watching this?

It's like, yeah, I'm really watching it. So why is that

for the podcast. And she's like, oh, She sat she was so excited

too. And She sat down and watched it with,


Dan: Watched this with with my daughter and I pulled in my boy as


to watch her. I said, come on, you're watching this as well. And will you watch it for the podcast? And he goes, oh boy, is it? I go, it's old.

Jack's Pope. And a little


just went over his lips. And it was just like, oh, I remember this one. So he.

At the end of the couch and we all watched it like, and yeah you know, it's it was a nice, it was a nice little

Sidey: I had, well, I think you pre-warned us, Harry, This one's a bit of a tear-jerker. And I, I had a little look online and there was like


posts on the CPB, like TJ quite your kids are alive, but you will cry.

It's fucking full on story. but even like the

the intro bit of it, if he he's just like it's Christmas day. he's walking the dog

And he's walking around trying to find people to do this sing

song with him.

And everyone's just knocking him back.

for old man

on its own

Dan: We've got like cheese throwing up there hill. Oh, sorry Jack. Yeah. I promised I'll go in and helps them log some coal over

Sidey: there.


Dan: Keep coming out with all these excuses, not to go and sit down and he takes it like a trooper each time Disney

Howie: Bernard Cribbins and it, and he, so he meets Sam Spinnaker, captain Perry, WinCo to which there is controversy, Ernie starchy.

I think it's only star board actually. Emily scuttlebutt, who's a div miss bowline hitch. No, she's an annoying actress character in the other episodes. And then you didn't see it till the very end is rather saucy. Cheri Perry Winkle. Now she's played by framer, a gay man who was in doctor who and stuff.

Very abruptly left the original series.

Sidey: in my cast listing, it's just says, brackets series

Howie: Yeah, it's really weird. She just abruptly left and there were some complaints about this because she was originally deemed a bit too saucy. And in the first series, I remember watching it, she used to be the run, the cake shop, and she used to wear rather revealing tops. And she was very flirty with old Jack, which, I mean, I'm happy about that, this is written by Russell T.

Davis. So I had a quick look up at him and the reason why this story is quite strong. It's Dr. Hu. It's a sin queerness.

Yeah, so that's, that's kind of his main sort of bag of, of but my bag of work, his repertoire, and this really comes across as a proper story for kids it's animated real life and a bit of CGI kind of all thrown into one

Sidey: it's a bit of a sort of Jackanory thing.

isn't it?

So he does He did they have the same song at the start he does his walk about, and then he sits down in his comfy chair in his GAF, looks a little bit like a nautical man-cave

Dan: I was looking around at a few things though. Oh, I could do with some fishnet in an

air or something.

Sidey: and he details. he tells a tale. And this particular tale he tells is of the Christmas quest, which is with


Sue. She had three gifts which have been um

Howie: elaborately

Sidey: caught in a storm and blown out to sea. And their quest is to go and retrieve the. Gifts.

Dan: And it's his best friend they've been friends for for years and years.

And as a fiery redhead, she was pretty hot. Yeah. And so a young Jack, as they called him, then

Howie: work and we'll all get cold, like old siding. Do you remember you have old, old rigs of decrepit reeks, disintegrating, Howie crippled Rabinovich

Dan: Pete. Yeah.

Howie: That's now.

Dan: and they go off on, on their boat to try to find the, the presence and gifts that she's she's had blown away the first one's a top hat.

Sidey: it's supper iceberg.

Dan: it's an iceberg. And, and luckily, or is it a bird that nudges

Sidey: No, not the first one she says, well, what, how it's way too high, what are we going to do? And he says, don't worry,

And He's

got, I've got this whistle and he's going to whistle.

any fucking good. He plays this tune on

this way. I almost, I tried to do, I couldn't do it. He does one where he hums at the same time as


This particular whistle that he does this one summons a load of flying fish and they, one of them flies up and nudges the top pat down and they catch it and he's like, oh, it's the top hat.

What's that? for? And she says, Debbie. You might need it's not that. It's not that we've got two other things to go. So really go off the next one.

And the next one was

Dan: of flowers.

Sidey: on a cliff

Was it.

Dan: I don't know if it was on a cliff.

Sidey: a Rockledge, I

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: So he does another whistle. that's the stalk the stalk comes.



grabs it and flies over them and drops it down. for them to cash.

And she catches that. So you like pretty much know what's going on there.

Dan: I was still, I was

Sidey: we still

Dan: guessing I was still


Sidey: lost at sea

Dan: when I,

saw blurry.

Sidey: well, she's like, Oh,

I sort of less, a very prissy bunch of flowers. What's that for?

And it's just like, mind your business, you,

stupid or fuck we've got one more thing to find.

So they go out, and like you say they come across blurry. This is the enormous whale. That's fast

asleep. on it

Howie: The mermaid, which is Cheri Perry.


Sidey: okay because I was going to say Pearl

but the mermaid was very easy on the eye.

Howie: It's always helpful though.

Sidey: And I couldn't see what it was at first. So they say that she's like, what? What's, what's she say,

Dan: w I w I was guessing

Sidey: And I'm like

Dan: it might be a ring and it

Sidey: was a gold ring Yeah.

So Paul

The mermaid has. a feather,

which she tickles

the Louise

blurry, the whale who sneezes and the blowhole, water comes out the blowhole and fires the ring over to them, which they both catch together.

Dan: And what could this be for?

Sidey: Yeah, Well, they got, to, they wait until they go back to

Dan: they, do they have to get back and then she realizes, or she, she confesses it. Wasn't really blown away. She'd put them now. W what an F for Y Y. And obviously my, at this point, I know if you, but we are. Noses of practically to the television. We cannot come on board.

How what's going to happen? What is it going to be? And of course sailor, Sue and Jack getting married.

Sidey: she, yeah, she she proposes to him.

and it's just, And then, so he sort of returns the favor and post her, will you marry me and she says, yeah, of course, I'm like and then he, he's sort of, you could see it in his eyes, that he's and he keeps looking up. And my daughter, I said, why


Dan: Yeah. It cuts from story of young Jack and sailor. So back to current day old Jack who's alone.

Sidey: and he said, you know, we we had adventures every day.

And it really was amazing and it was incredible and he sort of keeps looking up in his eyes I'm sure


Howie: this point, my wife is crying I'm going, oh God, these really itchy today. My I

Dan: really dusty.

in my house at the time.

Sidey: So why is he keep looking at right there?

Katie. so she's in heaven, fucking and yeah, he's just telling the story of his dead boy.

Howie: Yeah. And then, and then he goes, and then he hears, and this is the bit that triggered Ray. Here's the brass band outside. Fuck

Dan: And then we, we realized that all the people that actually said that they couldn't sing with him that day had just got together banded together. And all at

the end of the pier is Jack was on the boat, which was snow proof. As, as I all the snow came down, it landed on this thing has been not on Jack a little bit of magic there.


and of course, sailor Sue loved to sing song at Christmas. So that was the reason why they did it all. And they wouldn't ever talk about, you know, and leave jackin. And Sonny actually said to me, we don't many people. Is that all he could get in a town. And it made me think back to the bait a little



Sidey: the whole way through, as soon as the Scott series, you've got the wide shot in the town and I was like, it's bright.

Dan: bait. And I said, Sonny, you know, what's probably happened here. I said,

Howie: It's bloody

Dan: houses have been bought up by which London folk and they're all in their London houses. And these are the only people left in the

Howie: you think each of you, he was inspired by this episode. Yeah.

Dan: who knows. But

Sidey: oh Jack was the last fishermen left in the


Dan: did make me think of both.

Howie: And then, and then the, the music stops and the the, the, the five, some of his friends and they go, oh, we loved her. We loved Taylor. So, and then it cuts to him and he opens his. And they do the little bit of BBC magic for the kids and the sailor SU winks, winks, always or something. And the little sparkle of sort of snow goes round, and then he kisses it and waves it.

At this point, the house is on the floor here, that there is a

Sidey: turns out that

Dan: tissues.

are everywhere.

Sidey: had murdered her

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: and buried her body

at sea

Howie: is

Dan: 25 years. He'd been down

Sidey: the camera,

the camera pans into the ocean. And she's

involved with concrete

blocks on her feet

Howie: on the coffee. There's a knocking on the coffin fucking booster jerk.

Sidey: This this was, this was strong. This was a good, a good nomination.

Howie: mean, my kids still liked it

Sidey: My daughter was so happy. that I was watching it,

Dan: Yeah. Oh, you know, even, even the boy who might not want him

Howie: him

Dan: he enjoyed it, enjoyed it. And for him, this dowager at 15 and for me, when I watched it first time round watching it with them yeah, it was,

Howie: It's a nice, it genuinely does feel like a bit of a Christmasy

Dan: Yeah. And you can watch this now on BBCI player. I

Howie: just search up on,

Dan: straight into this.

Howie: but it's another, it's got pretty high production

Sidey: Oh it's proper. Yeah. It's a burn Equipment is great in it.

he's really good. at The dog. Didn't matter an awful

Howie: No not really. I don't actually look quite scared.

I was as a, as a dog loser, I was watching him walk around the village. His towels between its legs looked

Sidey: Well it

looked freezing fucking cold

It was wet.

My daughter you made a comment about the dogs and the thing is cold.

and wet. It wants to get inside.

Howie: into the barge. They had no insulation. I don't

Sidey: The rainbow

Dan: it say it's all what happened to a, to sailor. So it thinks you might be next,

Howie: It's. A nice little Christmas thing to put on. Like you said, it's, it, it is designed for, for younger kids, but it's still got a nice little place

Sidey: oh that's how many your family you can all get along with this

Howie: family one. And like I said, be prepared to perhaps feel a little bit sad and sentimental

Sidey: That was fun. Season's greetings and all that.

We've Completed our Christmas assignment. But what happens at Christmas time is what often can happen is people can get a bit,


too much family time can lead to a bit of a silent night turns, to violent night, and that that has informed our nominations for next week.

Our top five how he is going to be

Howie: family fights,

Sidey: top five family fights. Midweek is going to be

Howie: fight club.

Sidey: And our main feature

Howie: is going to be the latest vehicle from.


Dan: Okay. Well that's a violent week we've got in


Howie: angry time is Christmas.

Dan: it can be. Can be, especially if you don't get the right pair of socks or,

Howie: correct.

Lego model number

Dan: the underpants are too tight,

whatever. you know,

Howie: I don't know what you get up to.

Sidey: So we will reconvene next time we we meet we'll we'll have Christmas presents to discuss et cetera. but also lots of violent guys on to get our teeth into. So all that remains is to say Sidey, signing out.

Dan: Merry Christmas, Dan's gone.

Howie: Happy Christmas Howie enjoy the Yuletide period, which is a really weird thing to say.

Sidey: Yeah. And enjoy other

Howie: holiday seasonal festivities,

Sidey: yeah, all that good stuff. Jerry. Oh.