March 19, 2021

Avengers Endgame & Spider-Man Into The Multi-Verse

Avengers Endgame & Spider-Man Into The Multi-Verse

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made in excess of 23 billion dollars worldwide since Iron Man's debut in 2008 and superhero movies have become so ubiquitous that we take them for granted but this wasn't always the case. When I was younger, the notion that there might be a shared cinematic universe featuring even top tier Marvel characters seemed fanciful, never mind the fact that we now have entire movies dedicated to the exploits of talking raccoons and mono-sentenced walking trees. 22 movies later the first phase of Marvel Studio's movies has completed and now it's time for the Bad Dads to have their say. We begin this weeks episode with the top 5 Memorable Marvel Moments and it's fair to say that not all of the Dads have done their homework.

Where else could we start but right at the end with 2019's thrilling conclusion to the epic Infinity War Saga, Avengers: Endgame. Peter Andre is essentially a virgin where it comes to comic book movies - make up your own joke about Marvel nerds being virgins because I seriously can't be bothered - we're sure to scrutinise directors Joe and Anthony Russo's movie unlike anyone else.

Our kids program this week is the animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The first animated film in the Spider-Man franchise features a script by one half of the filmmaking duo Lord & Miller and the voice talents of well known actors such as Lily Tomlin, Liev Schreiber, Nic Cage and Mahershala Ali alongside less well known actors Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson and Hailee Steinfeld. It was the first non-Disney/Pixar film to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature since 2011's Rango but does it have enough in it's locker to impress a less than enthusiastic Peter?

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Reegs: Welcome to bird dad's film review each week, the fabulous fathers feast on the films we fail to see while we were bringing up our kids in the often, but not always awful things. Our children's watching are there for inflicted upon us with back in the man cave this week. Woo. Very exciting. We have some new new equipment that we're not entirely sure how to use.

So let's see how all this pans out. Now I play this mobile phone game with former bad dad podcast or anonymous meek called Marvel strike force.  My wife absolutely despises me playing. And one of the guys, a chap who goes by Dewey, Ukes listens to the podcast and he asked me why we'd never done a Marvel movie and you know, he's right.

We haven't done one. So this week is Marvel week, which you will have already heard us getting warmed up. If you have listened to it, talking about how it, the duck.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: gray film

Reegs: Given that it's Marvel week, I've decided to introduce us this week as some potential new superheroes. First up we have Sidey Sidey.

You could be Cowabunga when you drink milk, you gain the memories of the cow that was milked from Dan, your pun man. All you do is make puns in the hope of producing a pun. So enraging and subpar that the bad guy just cringes into submission. Dan got his powers from being struck by lightning through his own television set, whilst watching only fools and horses.

Finally, we have Peter Andre as the premature ejaculator, his battle cry. I'm sorry, it's been awhile. Your other choice is to be the super-villain spice who has the power to freeze time by which I mean the aromatic perennial evergreen herb, rather than the indefinite continued progress of existence.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: What about yourself?

Reegs: I'll just be Briggs. I've got the power to come BS.

Dan: Makes sense.

Reegs: So uh, um,   I have Peter on this week. I think we make a good force him for this because we've got Sidey and I would say I'm a definite Marvel movie, aficionados and comic readers and collectors and stuff.

Pete: I'm

Dan: glad we're all in the same room for this one. It's been a while, but it's nice to to see the whites of your eyes in, not so much to smell you, I must say.

to see actually your hand movements and gestures and things, as you try and convinces that these films are worth watching these Marvel films. Cause I've seen some of

Reegs: yeah. Where, where are you on the, the sort of

Dan: don't, I jump in like I, you know Oh, I thought you was going to ask me in which order I was watching him in things.

I was like, cause I know how geeky you get with it or you can't watch 16 before you've watched 18 or so.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well, they aren't in order the, the release order is not the chronological order. No.

Dan: They done it like that. I like him when they're good. Right. As with any field.

Reegs: and Peter, you, you w you're coming from a different place to us. You're not a comic book fan.

Pete: No, I've never read comic books. I I was sort of a fairly ordinary kid growing up. I spend a lot of time trying to have sex with girls or not reading comic books

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I'm not

Dan: Reader's wives.

Pete: I not having sex with girls, but also not reading comic books.


Reegs: it basically you have zero interest in the comic book medium, right? Correct. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Which I think

Pete: Films that, that you know, have been, or that have derived from the comics. So last week I, I was convinced last week when you made the, the nominations that again, it was yet more bullying. It was, it was direct.

It was a direct attack. This guy that you said that, that tweeted or whatever, probably doesn't exist. This is, was all, all a vehicle for I dunno. And once again, expressing your hatred of me and getting me off this

Reegs: take it personally.

Pete: I did. I, I feel like most of this is all about me, even, even when it's not

Reegs: Okay. Narcissists. Got it.

Pete: you finally arrived there. Yeah

Reegs: no, I, I, I think it, I think it's good because I think it balances us out a little bit. You know, not too, we could just sit here geeking about all of the movies, but you will sit back, I think probably checking you in on the second part of a two-part conclusion to a 22 film arc is probably a bit harsh, but we'll find that out when we do come to discuss this week's main feature, which is Avengers end game.

Pete: Yeah. I mean, I'll, I'll reserve my opinions and judgment. And so we, we cover that part later on, but yeah. It's probably worth saying that I had never watched a single Marvel film prior to this week nominations. Wow. Or read any of

Dan: I get a bit confused with Marvel and DC still. I don't really keep an eye on which one's, which they will kind of comic book, super heroes to me.

And I would probably not do well on a quiz over which one's Marvel and which ones DC, to be honest.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: I wouldn't get a hundred percent. I wouldn't know. I've watched them by just, they just kind of fall under a category of superhero kind of thing to me, I Marvel and DC, I've never quite got the rivalry thing.

You know,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I was staunch Marvel when I was a teenager. I would not have any interest in DC stuff.

Dan: Well, yeah, I see. That's what I,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I'm over that now.

Dan: yeah, I don't, I didn't see the difference

Pete: it probably fair to say though? That, because again, thinking back to my childhood and films that I'd watch that DC characters and films about them were far more prominent than Marvel

Reegs: I think the characters are a little bit more iconic Superman and Batman. I think you've, you don't have to be a comic book fan to know them and appreciate the impact on popular culture. I don't know that there's really,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: a Dick, it's just a shit character. It's boring.

Dan: He grossed a fair bit of coin though. Isn't he? Over the years, Superman, I mean, he captured the mainstream

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Batman I'm in, but Sid man, it's just like, so virtuous on people.

What's the point?

Pete: the, the Christopher Reeve films, I've never really gone back and watched the, the, the very first one, but is it the second one with like Zordon and those guys, that's still a film that I would watch again and again.

Reegs: it's still good. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Quite the, a horse rider as well.

Dan: who's the most famous or the best Marvel character.

Reegs: Well, I would think Spider-Man is probably

Sidey Endgame Full-2: a cinematic wise.

Dan: or for you personally

Sidey Endgame Full-2: don't know it's tough

Pete: Not being a fan, I'd say Spiderman was definitely the most prominent. He was a superhero that I was aware of that would have rivaled, Superman and Batman, as you know, in terms of popularity. And then the whole can then once you got past those two, the rest of them were completely unknown to me.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Hawk was great. And I did like Spider-Man and then when they had the venom and kind of stuff, that was really good as well. I didn't really like iron man and stuff like that. They're all a bit too vanilla. I went from Marvel to then liking, there was another comic book, stable called image. They had some really good stuff like sports and stuff like that.

And then later on the boys and

Reegs: preacher Garth Ennis. Well, they're more graphic novels. They are. I mean, that is, so preacher is, is, have you seen or read or seen any of that?

Dan: No, although I have been told to watch the Punisher, which is on

Pete: in actually

Dan: the moment I started watched like 20 minutes or so. But my boy carried on to watch it and he left me behind with it.

I think he's, he's towards the end of the first series now. And he's he's he's yeah, he's, he's done. He's he's just left me well behind he's binge, like yeah, he's binge like four in a row in and just couldn't catch up. But he's telling me it's good.

Pete: Yeah. It's decent.

Dan: Is that, is that DC or is that

Sidey Endgame Full-2: no, no that's marble, but there was a, so there was , that's not really the right term, but Daredevil. What was the bird?

Reegs: Jessica Jones?

Sidey Endgame Full-2: It was Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke cage and iron fisting. And they were all Marvel properties, but on Netflix.

And then when Disney saw that streaming was how everything was going to go, they canceled them all. And they've brought all their shows back to Disney plus, or that we've just had one division. You've got Falcon. And when soldiers starting on Friday, then you've got a low-key one. And then you've got a couple of other ones.

It's pretty relentless.

Dan: Yeah, I bought it. There's a lot to choose from. I used to have the top Trump cards. And you had all the characters. There was the miracle man. They've got so low to characters that haven't yet tapped into in that, that you expect it's going to be perfect.

Maybe someone like Jamie chambers will get apart from, from one of those characters or something, and you get all these different actors that will become that character, if you like, because they've only got a wider story. Good enough. Some of those characters further down the line, certainly on my top trumps.

Cause I'm remembering back to where like, you know, curiously weird enough to, to be a, a decent kind of film yet. Aqua Mandan. You're not long ago.

Reegs: DC.

Pete: DC. Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: The next Marvel one is a black widow prequel story, which I think is kind of a bit pointless because you'd know that she's going to survive and ultimately die in end game. And then you've got the internals. So I hadn't read that, but I, I wanted to have read it before the film comes out and it's such a whack book.

It's politics. It's really shit. I don't know why they've picked it, but obviously they'll rework it to make it work for the screen because generally they're pretty good at that. And also my cousin is a lead VFX guy on that. So that's interesting, but I'm not one over with that story. It's like crap.


Pete: I've got a question for you. So then you've, we've just in a five minute, like section hair covered, maybe 20 different film series characters, all of these kinds of things. And it's just seems to be relentless, like, like dozens and dozens of iterations or like, or whatever the word is a year, every single year of things being released.

And is there not so cynically it, like you've mentioned things in the past about various franchises, like, you know, pirates of the Caribbean star Wars, these kinds of things, where there is a following, regardless of whether you like the, the, the films or the characters or anything like that, but just cynically saying, Oh, they're just shutting them out just to make more money and more money, like, is like, do you not see any of that in this?

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah. But that's true of anything in life, as soon as you get shareholders and it's all about bottom line. So is the thing that they're doing to make the money for people interested in the business side of it. Is that any good? That's all I care about. You know, I don't like boats gaming, but I didn't like film ones.

I don't care how many times they fucking make those films.

Pete: Right. Okay. But why do you like everything? Just because it's Marvel?

Sidey Endgame Full-2: No, I don't like some of the films I'm on too, for example, is fucking crap.

Pete: And one and five and eight as well. Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well, I see it differently, but I don't, I'm not just a fanboy. Who's going to say these films are fucking great. Just because the comic book films it's like anything else. I mean,

Dan: A bit easy to do though. Like, you know, with star Wars, when star Wars came out, it was so many people that were just so excited for, for the film and they were calling it great before. Actually it was great. And you know, Marvel films, you will get fanboys that are, they'll just go and see everything and must be.

I go in, I see a lot of them, you know, it's not like  I avoid demos. I mean, I look forward to, to a Marvel film or a DC film or comic book, hero film, but so many of them have fallen short of, you know, something like Batman begins where you just think, wow, he's

Sidey Endgame Full-2: taking that

Dan: to another

Sidey Endgame Full-2: That was different level. And then the thing is with these, they're a film that the Mrs and I can enjoy together. We both like them. So that they've got that going for them. You say about, you know, they Flug in, you know, they just, is it a cash cow? And to a certain extent it is. But if you think about stories, there's only so many stories you can tell, like a love story, a death story, a heroic story of fucking whatever story.

There's only like a handful of actual real topics. So it's whether you can do something interesting with that. And generally Marvel a pretty good at that, that there is a theme, a consistent sort of complaint that people have about them is that the villains are pretty shit. And that is true. I think that is valid.

because you know that the good guys are going to win and that that's probably why something like end game and infinity war and end game are so good because there is actual real stakes. You'll probably won't agree with me, but there's, there's, there's things that state where you kind of knew got into it, that, that not everyone was going to get out of this one, whereas in all the individual hero films, you know, that

Reegs: going

Pete: well,

Dan: was going to ask you about that black widow, obviously scholar at your Hansen.

She doesn't make it and they write that character out of Marvel films. I can you not see, there's going to be always all the stories you think, just going to be pre that moment in her life. So there will

Reegs: Well, the black widow film is, is a pre-call.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: And then after that, I mean, you know, killing off characters and bringing them back is something that happens all the fucking time in comics, comic books.

So there's no reason it can't happen in comic book movies, except for the fact that the actresses get old.

Pete: again, again, cynically, I feel like these characters are only getting killed off. If there is no longer a market for them. I, you know, if,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well, they'll always

Pete: there's, if there's comics to be written. And movies to be made and they've killed off a character. Then they're cutting their nose off to spite their face.

They will resurrect that character somehow. And there's a million ways you can do it. And they, they will all come back if they are liked enough, if, if not like they do in soaps and stuff, if people stop, you know, and no longer interested in the character or a character arc or whatever, then they'll kill that character off.

So I felt like the only ones that will eventually just, just be dead forever will be the ones that people don't really give two shits about.

Reegs: Yeah. Or the ones that have negotiated to bigger contract and they have to kill them off like Robert Downey Jr.

Sidey: Well, he was done anyway. can't have, you can't be like 70 planet separate.

It doesn't work, but that's the what's going to happen. Like black widow. They just set in the store to. Pass the mantle on to Florence PA for the next, one's probably going to hand it over to Natalie Portman.

Reegs: is going to be the cause. That's the ultimate Thor as well. Isn't it. Or whatever new thought,

Sidey: This intro is way too long. Let's go straight to the other stuff that we're going to talk about.

We've covered a lot of comic book topics already, I think, but this is, we're going to talk about a top five, which rigs. This is all your nominations. So what we've got top five whys.

Reegs: it is the top five Marvel moments. I've it doesn't have to be MCU. Okay. And it doesn't, I am allowing streaming, if you want to talk about it.

Cause I am going to be talking about a couple of streaming ones.

Pete: I have a question. Yeah. What's MCU.

Reegs: The

Marvel cinematic universe. And I think it is one of the things that's quite remarkable is that we take for granted the fact that there is now a Marvel cinematic universe, because it really wasn't.

Pete: it Was a laughing stock.

Reegs: well, it wasn't a foregone conclusion that all of this was going to be as big as it was.

And when they came with the idea of putting The Marvel cinematic universe together. And they were going to launch that with iron man with Robert Downey, Jr. Although it looks in retrospect, like it was an easy decision to make iron man is not a particularly top tier character. I wouldn't necessarily say, I don't think a lot of people would have, he hasn't permeated the cultural zeitgeists like whole core or Spider-Man has or something like that.

And Robert Downey Jr. This was his recovery movie in many ways. He wasn't a big star. He'd been a star and then wasn't, and now was again after iron man, but yeah, it was definitely not a foregone conclusion that you could spend a hundred million dollars on this and make back four or five times your budget.

Pete: I've spent a reasonable amount of time in Hong Kong in the last like five and five years from now 10 years nearly. And I'm like, iron man is massive in Asia.

Like absolutely massive, like bigger than the whole bigger than Spider-Man.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: last 10 years that would probably be on the back of what the movies are done.

Pete: Yeah, I presume so. Yeah, I guess so, but I don't, I don't know about before that,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: He did some good negotiating on that deal.


Dan: Well, when you talk about the Marvel cinematic universe, you're talking to him about this, all these films coming together as to form some kind

Pete: project,

Reegs: Well, essentially the ones where Marvel said we're not because they, they loaned, if you like or licensed out their property to other Distributors.

So Fox had X men, Sony had Spiderman and iron man was the first one where they said, no, actually we're going to create a Marvel studios. We're going to hire our own directors. We're going to hire our own writers and we're gonna make this stuff ourselves and see where it goes. And like I say, you know, 22 films later and billions and billions and billions in gross it, it seems so obvious, but it wasn't.

Yeah. And actually I think that, yeah, iron man one is a good place for us to start with our top five. I had, I am iron man as one of the moments. It was the first movie Downey Jr. Is, is known for improvising dialogue. During his appearances is Tony stark. He, he actually, it turns out that he ad-lib the most iconic line from the movie.

I am iron man at the end of it. Kevin Fague fake phage yeah. So I in man, the first iron man movie ends with Tony stark holding a press conference and telling the world I am iron man. And that is actually a bit of a risky or different choices to the way that we'd seen superheroes portrayed.

In other movies, Superman always had a secret identity. Batman always had a secret

Dan: coming out and saying, I'm the superhero.

Reegs: And so this was different straight away, straight off the bat

Dan: It's like Elon Musk. Isn't

Reegs: it.

Pete: it

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Hey, it's tasty in iron man too.

Pete: So understand. I am iron man is like a catchphrase. That was ad-libbed by

Reegs: he ad-libbed it at the end. Yeah.

Pete: So I we can fact check this another time. So black Sabbath did a song called iron man and in it, it says I am iron man.

And that would have been way before these films. Yeah. So it's not an ad-lib well, it's an ad-lib, but it's

Sidey Endgame Full-2: wasn't a scripted line for him to say in the

Pete: right. Okay. So he's, he, he could have taken that from the black Sabbath song.

Reegs: He almost certainly did. I mean that, that movie has black Sabbath all over

Pete: it.

Reegs: Right. It's got war pigs and all sorts of of the black Sabbath tunes in it.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Same movie.

It's the same way he takes the, the warmonger is out into the desert and fires the Jericho missile and stands there, like in a Christ, like pose while the explosion not the actual explosion, but they're like the, the aftershock, the dust, everything flies over them and it's sets him up. He's, he's a, warmongering sort of prophet here is how he's sort of business works.

And his whole arc is this guilt over all these years of profiting off Wars and being a, you know, an arms, basically an arms dealer and iron man is basically his redemption story really. And that moment was pretty cool.

Reegs: Well, really almost the entire first phase of the MCU is about Tony star.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: You keep saying his missiles and

Reegs: stuff,

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: crates, you know, bombs everywhere.


Reegs: What have you got?

Pete: Okay. So I am not qualified to make any recommendations for this top five. I've only now, as of right now seen three Marvel films. So

Reegs: the three you had to watch this

Pete: and that was the three that I was forced to watch by, by a bully. The, so what I think is probably the best thing to do is if, if you guys go through your your picks for what you will hope will make the top five almost in a way where you try and convince me that these moments are iconic, so iconic, that they're worth watching.

And the one that I think is best sold to me that doesn't make the, your top pick. I will pick that as mine and I will commit to watching it

Reegs: That's a clever way of

Pete: of sitting back and just having a variable. So you guys,

Reegs: Yeah. And also, you know sort of nicely showing your disdain for our audience by saying I'm not going to do any research or

Pete: So an interesting spin you put on it that I've, I've done 10 hours of research this, this week into a, a subject that I had no interest in. So I think I've gone above and beyond for the listeners.

Dan: Well, FP, I've got one for you. Bennett, Dick Cumberbatch.

Pete: of him. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Very much so.

Dan: Dr strange. So he is one of the characters who's chosen, Dr. Strange or Dr. Strange is chosen him and he can kind of move time and everything. So the film that he made Was there was one scene actually, and he fights for the future of earth and he keeps dying. He goes to is a really kind of weird situation where he's on another planet with this big kind of

Reegs: it's another dimension door mammy. They don't have time there

Dan: is demand moon, not the Mo yeah. You get those names. Yeah, no, no, no. It's not dominoes. He's not

Reegs: Ian Darwin,

Dan: in that way. In Dow. He's fighting in Dowie for the future of earth and, and basically Gowey is. Just he's on him all the time. He's got all the power and everything. And he's got to kind of trick him through cleverness of being Cumberbatch.

Now, if that hasn't tempted you into watching this film, I don't know what else to, to level it be honest, but it's a good one. Dr. Strange. I liked the idea, the theme of it, moving time and everything

Sidey Endgame Full-2: very psychedelic and

Dan: can

Reegs: do.

Dan: Cause strange starts out as a, a chapters like you and I, you know, a kind of doctor, a brain

Sidey Endgame Full-2: an amazing surgeon, just like you too.

Dan: who who has a term crashing everything and then can't use his body as he wants dead to do the work he wants dead.

And then becomes you know Dr. Strange, after a strange kind of happenings, but that scene there. Where he's in this different dimension is, is decent. I liked that scene where he was kind of moving time and eat dies so many times some of the deaths are just absolutely

Reegs: Yeah, essentially he essentially traps himself and the big villain in a kind of Groundhog day, time loop of him. And he's just like, well, we'll just do this forever. Then you just keep killing me and I'll keep coming back. It's sort of, it was, I actually had that moment down as well, because I think it was the first Marvel movie that didn't finish with like giant blue lasers being short into the sky and an army of CGI robots like being defeated.

So that was a good one.

Pete: how did he break the cycle in end?

Reegs: Well, in the end Ian Darwin just kind of gives up, he's like, Oh fuck, this, this is rubbish. I'll tell you what, I'll

Pete: transferred to QPR. Yeah. Yeah. Can you give

Dan: me another 30 minutes sort of wrapped

Reegs: up


Pete: Yeah.

Okay. Thanks. So anyway, rigs, what's your pig

Reegs: blade a was Marvel's first mainstream box office success in the summer of 1998. And watching, have you seen that one? Where did he Snipes?

Pete: this is, this is Marvel. Yeah. Oh, okay. Well,

Reegs: this imagine if you had done some,

Pete: yeah. Well, I think I've only seen the first blade. Is there three blade films?

I've seen two of them. And remember,

Reegs: a bit of research or put some effort in,

I think it's the establishing moment in the very first movie is he goes blade the day, walking vampire played by Wesley Snipes and he turns up at a an underground sort of club really for vampires and there's blood coming from the sprinklers.

It looks like a fucking

Pete: And it's that song. Do you know who that song is by new order?

Reegs: what's the song?

Pete: I can't, I can't tell you the name of a song. I know it's the pump panel remix, but it's a banging like club Anthem and it's new order, but it's a, it's a really banging room

Reegs: and Wesley Snipes is just sort of really Gore, really killing people left right and center.

It's a great start because blade was a character I had absolutely no knowledge of. And it was a slightly different tone. It was, it was much more geared towards a mature audience. Um, They are with Mahershala Ali as blade.

Pete: Interesting.

Dan: What was Maharaja Arlene

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Greenbook

Reegs: in green book.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the way he did?


Dan: good. Really good. That was

Sidey: there's lots of good post credit scenes. You wouldn't have noticed that from what you've watched, but that I like in Avengers assemble after all the carnage and all the. The fighting and the relentless loud noises, they just sit down for a meal of a shwarma. And it's just quite interesting to see them having real life experience after all that I

Dan: what post credit they do that

Pete: after the battle

Reegs: New York in the first Avengers movie,

they sit down and have a Quebec

Pete: still in character or, or the actors. Right. Okay.

Reegs: That's a good one.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Hey

Pete: So in blade too, I can't remember. Oh one of, one of the guys, one of the brothers from bras


one of the antagonists I think, in in blade too. Is that right? Yeah. There we go. Okay. Dan, you'll pick.

Dan: Well I remember being on a, on a plane and watching the first Thor movie and. It was, you know, you obviously captive audience, you know, going anywhere on a plane.

And I, I

Sidey Endgame Full-2: going somewhere.

He must be

Dan: I suppose I was. Yeah. If I look at it like that, but you don't feel like you're going anywhere, you know, you can't get up, you've

Pete: got a

Dan: middle seat, you know, fat guy to the

Pete: Why don't you point at me when you said fat guy?

Dan: just she's wildly gestured in there. So, and I've already made up another word,

Pete: you're just taking bits out of a real word

Dan: do. I bought the size words. And it was one of the few films I actually remember watching on a plane. I very. So then often remember the films I've watched

Reegs: on a


Pete: That's the review that they wanted when making that

Reegs: One of the films, I remember watching on a plane,

Dan: yeah, she'll be like three stars. I remember this and I was proper knackered and I got through the minibar as

Pete: well.

Dan: But no, there, there was, there was lots of good scenes in that. And I think that's the thing about Marvel films and and this genre actually that it's just been elevated, foodie, acting the acting and the actors in these films now are fucking fantastic.

You've got Scarlet Johansson, you know, you've got Benedict Cumberbatch, you've

Reegs: got,

you've got Robert Redford, you've got Michelle Pfeiffer. You've got like huge, huge, huge

Sidey Endgame Full-2: you see the roll call at the end of the funeral sitting in the van game

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: pretty much everyone just still left. Fuck me.

Reegs: You

Pete: go

Dan: wrong. Like, you know what I mean? They really do make, take the most ridiculous plot lines and then make you almost tear up from, from them. And, and they laugh and they, they're funny, you know, they deliver they're, they they're comedy. And this film, I remember laughing out on the plane, you know, just like, wow, it totally surprised me.

So to pick one moment I can't,

Reegs: but

yeah, it is very good because they do the whole fish out of water thing because it's an as you know, and as guardian God, but it's in the middle of some hick town in America.

Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: but I raised what you got from

Reegs: what is cooler than the two miniaturized guys, yellow jacket and ant man having a fight inside a briefcase which is brilliant. So the, the fight happens in these guys can both shrink down to.

Pete: I saw around man and and go,

Reegs: of course you did. Yeah. So they can both shrink him in his enemy and they have a fight inside a briefcase.

There's a couple of really good gags in there. And man has to Dodge, a packet of lifesaver mints lull. And when a yellow jacket shouts, I'm going to disintegrate you. There's a mobile phone in the briefcase that loads up Siri queues up the cure's disintegration. So the whole fight is to the background of Siri belting out this song inside a briefcase, really imaginative.


Pete: So talking about imaginative dare I asked why there's a carriage called a yellow jacket.

Reegs: It's a type of Hornet or wasp. Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: like a yellow

Pete: that's what I say. Cause you

Dan: They had a

Pete: got a yellow jacket haven't you side. Yeah.

Dan: So all they had a wardrobe. Let's just call him yellow jacket, man.

Pete: Well, they do want to turn out these these movies pretty quickly. Yeah. So they just look in a wardrobe here,

Dan: Next red jacket,

Reegs: Now

Sidey Endgame Full-2: That was, that was great. Fun. That film, but I would love to have seen the Edgar Wright version. Yes. If they could have made that happen, but it wouldn't

Reegs: it didn't. No, he wouldn't. Although quite

Pete: a

Reegs: chunk of his stuff is still in the movie.

Isn't it? According to,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: yeah. He won't even talk about it though. How about then team Thor, it's a Marvel one shot of four when he's just living in an apartment with a guy called Daryl. It's just, he's just trying to have this just everyday life living with this office worker. And he's got his hammer more than they're in a drawer, just taking a nap you think of Hellman's birth and you think, Oh, he's big buff guy.

Good-looking dude. But when he'd see him do stuff like this, you realize his comic acting is actually spot on. He's actually really funny, which then takes you into Ragnar rock. And he's fucking great in that. But this was the first time you really see him. Well, I suppose you had a few one-liners and a vengeance and stuff, but this is like a proper comedy.

Pete: Avengers

Dan: game. I think he's,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah, but this is all that lot earlier. This is the first time he seemed really comedic. And I think this was actually done by Taika. Wasn't it? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Target woods.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Pre car crash.

Dan: Well, okay. I've got my, my last one that I've made a note of here anyway, was I found a sad moment that I thought I would share. It was Nebula who always just wanted a

Reegs: them.

Dan: And, and I think that was one of, and again, let's just say for the acting, you know, they really mean it, you know, they get, they get wiped down to you.

You're talking about a woman who's painted like a a machine talking to a green woman, and then they're talking about sisterhood and things like this, but they're so good at the acting, you know? Yeah. I actually do think, wow. Yeah you're like drawn into it. Yeah.

Reegs: I've got a hat trick of X men for you.

I've got Quicksilver's prison break in X-Men days of future, past is probably one of the best things in any of the X-Men movies, which is the scene of him breaking out of this, the slow motion scene in the kitchen when they're trying to.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I'm trying to think though it takes a future pass.

It's really good. Isn't it? Yeah, yeah,

Reegs: yeah. It's set to the song. Bottle so they stop it. You've got Nightcrawler's attack on the white house in X two, which was really good. The second next man,

Pete: his name?

Reegs: the guy who does it, Alan Cummings

Dan: X-Men kind of put me off a little bit. I would never go into the X-Men side of things, the Wolverines and all that. I missed the whole thing there is, is it worth delving into that,

Reegs: No, I wouldn't have said so. No,

Pete: I didn't know.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: They have real well, some high moments, but some absolute crushing lows, like X-Men last stand is fucking absolute dog

Dan: You seem such a shame cause they they've tried to string some

Sidey Endgame Full-2: They managed to NAB Jennifer Lawrence on a long-term deal. So before she'd hit the

Reegs: big

time Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: and she tried to get out of it. And basically it was forced and the performances are forced.

Like it's rarely shit. Yeah.

Pete: So I didn't realize that X-Men was Marvel until this very moment. And this probably goes a little bit of,

Dan: films. You've

Pete: well, I kind of, X-Men kind of put me off, like really trying to explore any more of this, in fact. So fellow bad dad, Howie, and I used to share a flat. And I remember at one point he watched yeah.

Sometimes when when he left it unlocked

Reegs: Japan with the loader dildos in the fridge.

Pete: No, that was South Korea. Um, But you said before that they're all the same. But the, yeah, so how we invited there was a few people around. And we sat down to watch X-Men the original first X men film and after half an hour or so I went off and did something like, I think I just walked into the corner and stared at it instead, because that was more entertaining.

And that really put me off all of this stuff, because I don't know what I want, what I was expecting, but I was expecting things as you know, at that time, I quite like the, say the Batman, like the Michael Keaton and you know, those ones. And, and I said, I liked a couple of the the original light, Superman films and stuff.

So I think I was expecting something along those lines may have been, this was I didn't know, or couldn't relate, not relate to, but I couldn't really sort of feel anything for any of the characters. And I thought it was bullshit. And that's why I pretty much put down all kinds of like comic books suit.

I think so. Yeah. I think that's probably where it came with that that was the first sort of superhero film. I remember watching and thinking, this is bullshit and I'm not into it.

Dan: And that's a James McAvoy in that as well.

Reegs: Well, not in that particular one, but in the later ones. Yeah, the Matthew Vaughn ones.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: young professor

Reegs: right. Yeah,

Pete: Yeah. And I also, I felt sorry for 'em. I can't remember their names. Serene. McKellen.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. I felt sorry for him. And I felt sorry for. Patrick. Yeah. Thinking like, like these, these are fucking phenomenal actors, like Shakespearian actors, like seriously impressive guys, like arcing about in some load of bullshit.

Reegs: Harry Potter in the fucking Lord of the rings.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: None of, none of Pete's arguments stand up to scrutiny. You'll learn

Pete: apart from my Bruce Springsteen

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah, that doesn't but yeah, you felt sorry for them.

I know you mean, but I'm sure they were consulted by the millions and millions of

Pete: no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay. Okay. So they don't need my petty, I don't think. But it's, it's it's, you know

Sidey Endgame Full-2: starting next gen.

Pete: right.

Which is like, yeah, I guess that, that's what I knew him as, but this, this felt like they were

Reegs: Yeah. So you can accept him as an intergalactic space pilot in the future,

but not a

Pete: at which this happens in a, in a lot of actors, careers where, you know, like, you know, Robert de Niro's made some unbelievable films and then, then he starts making like real light shit just for the money.

There we go. So, and, and loads of it, and there's, there's a whole sort of list of like, almost every actor has done this at some point they just start making films just for the money. And that's what that felt like to me. I might be wrong. I doubt it.

That was he in X-Men

Sidey Endgame Full-2: No, but he, he openly admitted that he just makes the movies to fund his life, collects art, and he just takes the money from that, just to buy more art. Sad.

Pete: I, I wonder where where sort of X men ranks as like Sarah McKellen's like Sarah, like achievements and stuff.

Dan: He's probably looking at his apartment in New York or wherever else it is.

And you're saying


Pete: no, no. Yeah, that's fine. But we know going back to the, so the Ryan's world's episode of the podcast that you're just totally money or insights and totally superficial and shallow. So I know that that's how you would think, but I'm just saying if, if Syria McKellen was to rank the films that he is most proud of in order, where do you think XPLAN would be right at the top.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the third Hobbit film

Pete: Oh yeah. That pool

Dan: under his Malibu beach house.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: but let's get some more moments because we've had to go

Reegs: it. We've hardly got any and we're all we're waffling on rages. I was gonna say before we get started with anyone like to get out, which is what captain America says in the winter soldier, when he's in the lift with crossbones and a whole bunch of other stuff,

Dan: is

that what he just kicks everyone's

Sidey Endgame Full-2: ass.

Reegs: He beats everybody up in the lift. It's a great moment.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: It does then

Reegs: choreography, and then there's a great little callback to it in Avengers, end

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah, there is. But then the fight, he beats up about 12 people in a, in a, in a lift. Great. Then he jumps out

Reegs: of the lifts

Sidey Endgame Full-2: and falls about 50 stories and is fine. And I don't remember him having like that level of Pat he lands on his shield, which I imagine would do a whole

Reegs: lot of damage. Yeah, I agree. His power levels are not completely consistent across the movies.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: but yeah, it is of course, Satan and the winter soldier is one of the

Reegs: better

Sidey Endgame Full-2: films that don't even say it's the best, but it's fucking good.

Dan: doesn't that argument come to an answer at the end of end game though, when he's actually worthy of the

Reegs: that's,


Sidey Endgame Full-2: gotta be one of the moments,


Dan: Yeah. Yeah. So,

Pete: yeah, it had been

Sidey Endgame Full-2: touched upon in age of Ultron, which is a Turkey, but it has some nice moments and they're all getting pissed up at a party who can lift Thor's hammer. Cause I only thought the one who's worthy, he can weld it

Dan: worthy. That's it

Sidey Endgame Full-2: and he gets a wobble out of it and they will sort of, there's a couple of clients he's like, fuck.

And I think vision's able

Reegs: lifted

Sidey Endgame Full-2: But then obviously we get the, we get this amazing fights in which we talk about when you get onto the movie and he's looks like they're going to lose again. And someone from somewhere wax fantasy with a hammer and he turns around and caps got it.

And I had a big fucking Thumper.

Reegs: Pete's shaking his head. You can't see this VP is, is, is burying his


Pete: Just thinking about all of the fucking nerds across the world, all creaming their pants.

Yeah. I knew that

Reegs: to the cinema with you. Didn't I? So I did, we went and sorted together. We, yeah,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: together. We've spoken about it before, but I I've been to cinema in the States. I don't know if you have, but there are a lot more animated than obviously what we are here.

And I can imagine what that would have

been like,

like a midnight showing with all the nerds. There would have been fucking

Pete: Oh my gosh.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: just absolute lizard.

Reegs: I'm going to

Dan: to check out, actually, wouldn't it go into the cinema there and on a, on a real

Reegs: kind of

Pete: rowdy trust is captain

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I feel like us watching, watching the footy, you know, England score at the last minute. It's

Pete: really that's

Sidey Endgame Full-2: like people celebrate and go mate. It's like that. It's like that.

Pete: there?

Dan: I remember having a few scenes in in Rocky when I was

Reegs: a


that you were in Rocky, when you were a kid


Dan: That was just, I was just another fighter in there in the back window. When you're in the cinema and people are kind of clapping a Rocky wa you know, or something like that, it didn't happen very often when I was a kid growing

Pete: up Yeah. Do you not think those people are fucking idiots?

Reegs: They're, they're just enjoying themselves.

Pete: It's not like live. It's not like it's a sporting event or something.

It's a film.


Dan: of it for people I've been on planes where they've clapped at the end. Have you ever been on a

Pete: plane when they land? Yeah, but that's so that the pilot can hear it. There's somebody who can receive that applause. No, one's receiving this applause in the cinema.

I know a guy

Sidey Endgame Full-2: It's a collective experience. Just enjoying something together. So we sort of cynical, but people who clap on an airplane, like, what did you think was going to

Dan: Yeah, I mean,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: You were just

Pete: well, the only time I've seen it is in Russia where they're on an arrow flight flight and they have a horrific, like 50% of all flights crash into the earth. So you're going to celebrate.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: fucking clap.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. True. Yeah. Well sort of Russia, Russian plate,

Reegs: Anywhere where Arnie can do a voice for what basically

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Avengers, infinity war is the one where they all die. It does have a moment of levity where the guardians eventually meet up with the Avengers and they're having a fight and star Wars says, where is Gomorrah?

And he keeps saying where Kamora, cause she's dead. He doesn't know that. And iron man shouts back. Well, I've got a better question for you. Who is Gomorrah and drag says I've got even better. One for you. Why is Gomorrah? It's hilarious.

Reegs: Stony faced Pete

Dan: Yes. You had to be there.

Reegs: Hulk smashing low-key in the original Avengers, puny God.

He just picks him up and throws him about all over the place. A dance-off bro, in guardians of the galaxy.

You don't like that scene

Sidey Endgame Full-2: It's one that could go either way,

Reegs: eats sort of distracts the bad guy by challenging him to dance off.

Dan: What about Star-Lord? As he's he's got the

Reegs: headphones


Sidey Endgame Full-2: a, that's a great one. You said before about where they had the, the touchback to it and any can't sing fish.

Pete: shit.

Dan: Yeah. That's why, yeah. That's a great moment of that series though. And actually gardens at a galaxy. Have you seen any of those Pete? They are surprisingly fucking

Sidey Endgame Full-2: it's surprising. Cause no one had read the comment. You said that I hadn't read the

Pete: think I know this is the one with like the Fox and the

Dan: this shouldn't work,

Pete: and the blue

person, the Fox, the twig in the blue person.

Dan: and, and something we've antlers as well or antlers the other

Pete: one

Dan: Tenneco's

Reegs: and Tanner, I think is the word you're looking

Dan: it? Um,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: mantis. You mean

Dan: yeah, I

Reegs: shouldn't call it a

Dan: shouldn't work that film, but the comic time in the acting, I think Bradley Cooper's the,

Reegs: he plays the Fox,

Dan: you know, I mean, they've got people that really, really good. And again, it's surprisingly fucking brilliant.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I've got one of the, one of mine is, is from that and

Reegs: Oh,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: group, he just says I'm great all the way through. He says I'm great. But when he comes, when he comes to sacrifice himself, he says, we are

Reegs: green

Sidey Endgame Full-2: but, but VIN diesel, right?

Dan: You don't get paid. You're

Sidey Endgame Full-2: He read. So he read each line individually.

He didn't just go into the booth and record. I'm great. And that was it. And he would like ask for direction,

Reegs: How should I say

Sidey Endgame Full-2: what's, what's going on? Like what's my character day. And then I

Pete: what's the emotion behind

Sidey Endgame Full-2: just say I'm

Pete: this or this is like Hodel, right? So this is a Hodel thing where, because Hodel said it in a million different ways, but all he said was Hodel. So it's the same sort of deal. Cause I've not seen. The tweet guy, he was at the end. There's a last thing. I'm not. Oh, he did say I am grew actually.

Yeah. Yeah. Wow. What a moment. There we go. There's one of my top moments.

Reegs: Okay.

Pete: Fuck. Ugh.

Reegs: Dr. Silvics naked, old man ass in Thor, the dark

Sidey Endgame Full-2: world.

Reegs: I

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the only, the only highlight from that movie

Reegs: the origin of Fury's missing I and captain Marvel, it was scratched out by a , which is a kind of Newton alien cat thing. I infesting you talked about it

Sidey Endgame Full-2: before,

Reegs: Yeah, this was, this was bad, wasn't it?

And it's bad. All around bad acting, bad plotting, bad, special effects, bad martial arts. Finn Jones is from game of

Sidey Endgame Full-2: He got screwed. He got, he got screwed though. Cause he turned up and they gave him fight choreography like an hour before they were filming it. And he had no chance to make you look good.

Reegs: He's always fucking banging on about Kern learn and it's just always, always the summiting, the awesome power of the iron fist.

And it takes fucking long time for the power of said fist to even be mentioned, let alone summoned.

Dan: I've

Sidey Endgame Full-2: So w what's

Pete: this? I don't know what you're talking about.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: This is it's on Netflix. You can check it

Pete: out.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Don't bother. No, the gun it's quite hot.

Reegs: I'll finish up my last one, doc ox arms from Spider-Man two. So Spider-Man two was directed by Sam Raimi and the only moment where he really goes full Ramy, like he was in evil, dead movies is the scene where doctor octopus who's sort of accidentally had surgical had, had, had sort


metal arms

Sidey Endgame Full-2: but he was called

Pete: I've seen this film, I've just remembered. It's the guy, the guy who plays dock trucks is the guy that's with Indiana Jones, right. At the very beginning of Raiders of the lost stock. Yeah. I've seen that film.

Reegs: And that's a great scene. It's the first scene where you get the proper Sam Raimi style. It's kind of, you get these point of view shots of the tentacles and alpha Molina

Sidey Endgame Full-2: But he was called Dr. Otto Octavia. So of course he was going to end up as an octopus.

Reegs: Yeah. He's not obsessed with forearms though. It's just like, well, I suppose six, if you include his regularly puny human arms

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Luis explaining everything when he's on true serum in an man of the West was really good.

Course him getting killed by

Reegs: Loki

with Nate

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Avengers. The airport battle scene in civil war

is really good. But the highlight would be as the first time you see giant


and iron man say something funny about it, which I can't remember. 

Reegs: And a bit that made me feel really old because he's trying to explain to. Peter Parker about empire empire strikes back. That's how they want to take down the big guy in it.

And he's like, I don't know what that is.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah, that was good. For Ragnar rock, when he shouts he's a friend from work is really good and also the climactic battle on the bridge is great when he appears and he's got his powers back and it's all to the tune of immigrant song by led Zeppelin and also Valkyrie walks struts down the bridge and it's so fucking hot and cool is a good one.

Right? Let's whittle it down to four, pay what you're putting in.

Pete: I've, I've, I've now got one. Only because it is a film. I had no idea it was anything to do with Marvel and I really, really liked it the first time round.

I haven't watched it for years though, but blade. So what have you said about blade? If it's just a film, that's a that's going in for me.

Dan: that. Okay. I'm going to choose a Stephen strange doctor, strange Groundhog moment.

Pete: Nice.

Reegs: Right. I'm going to go with IMI and man from the first movie where it all started

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Ki I'm going to go for, I'm going to go for Hawk. I'm smashing Loki around the same puny.

Reegs: God. Yeah. Nice.

Pete: Like it.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: main

feature breaks.

Reegs: I chose Avengers end game. The second part of the two movie finale to the 22 movie phase one, Marvel cinematic universe,

Dan: Strangely. It was only two. They normally milk three are these, these are long films though. Aren't they? So you had

Reegs: this is over three

Dan: this. Yeah, this, I understand that.

Reegs: Pete's nodding away.

Dan: I just, the way out was, yeah.

And then age of Ultron was the one before this wasn't

Sidey Endgame Full-2: it?

Reegs: No infinity

infinity Wars.

Dan: what was Asia Voltron? It wasn't a third one.

Reegs: then.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well, captain America, civil war is basically Avengers 2.5, but it's a captain America movie, but really it's an Avengers

Dan: movie.

Reegs: And what's that got to do with age of Ultron,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: But I always say, how did the Avengers movies

Reegs: go.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: So you've got, you've got assemble age of Ultron,

Pete: Got it.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: infinity war,

Reegs: and

Dan: gang bang

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: With sort of pseudo Avengers movie in the middle.

Dan: So, so in this for Peter and everybody else the last film fantas, who is this overlord, evil overlord dude, he is just decided to wipe out half the world's

Pete: population,

Dan: all species.

I think

Pete: watching, watching this film.

You kind of feel like I don't need to watch the previous one because it kind of went through what would have been. Yeah. Like the, the, the, the,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: previously on

Pete: yeah, exactly. So you knew about half of life in the universe of, in white whiteout and kind of why he did that. Yeah. Cause obviously,

well, there, there are elements where it went back to before that had obviously happened and spoke and dealt with why that he wanted that to happen.

And so on.

Reegs: I think it's a good point though.

If you're not a Marvel fan, you might be asking yourself, do I need to have seen all the Marvel superhero movies before this, to understand this movie? No, you don't, but you do have to have seen iron man, the Avengers, Thor, the dark world, guardians of the galaxy captain America, the winter soldier, Avengers, age of Ultron, captain America, civil war, Dr.

Strange Thor, Ragnarok, and the Wasserman of course, infinity war. So not exactly lightweight to really make head nor tail of this. It's a hard movie to review actually Avengers end game. It's a giant event movie, but that is not working on the traditional level of that kind of movie. It's the scale is certainly cinematic, but the sort of plot line running for that long is more like a television series almost.

It's designed to be the blockbuster of all blockbusters dozens and dozens of subplots that were years in the making colliding familiar faces from, from 20 other movies. It's really like nothing that has ever been really ever made in Hollywood before. Yeah, but that

Dan: say that was the kind of similar thing, you know, as you've got all these different themes going through Tolkin, and it comes down to big, final


and things like this, this for me is, is kind of a modern day.

Look at that, where they

Reegs: got three movies. I mean, this is, this is 22. By the time we get to the end of it. And every,

Pete: character,

Dan: they may not have stopped with the token ones


You know, there's still books and stories to be told, if you going to go into how deep

Pete: that. Yeah. But I get what you're saying is, you know, the, the end of Lord of the rings is a culmination of everything that started off with the whole bed.

And now I think they're going to go back and make a series of what happened with the rise of sour on and the forging of the ring, et cetera. So I think it's, it is, it has similarities, but like you say, not 22 films worth or whatever.

Reegs: it is. 23 days after Thanos has killed half of all life in the universe.

Tony stark and Nebula, Karen Ghillean are marooned. Get, sorry,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: just kidding.

Isn't it Gillen? Yeah.

Reegs: What did

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I


Pete: again,

 Reegs:  Nebula they're in deep space playing table

Sidey Endgame Full-2: football.

Reegs: Anyone who used to play that at

Sidey Endgame Full-2: school?

Reegs: Yeah, yeah,

yeah, yeah, no,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: foosball.

Reegs: It's, it's all doom and gloom. Really. Actually the, the movie really opens with Clint, Barton Hawkeye having his family snapped away from him in the middle of a sort of picnic, barbecue thing.

It's a, it's a harsh scene that

Sidey Endgame Full-2: that was going to be at the end of infinity war. But they thought actually, no, we'll move that to the

Reegs: stars.

Dan: Ah, yeah. Well, it is a great start, but when you're watching with younger children straight away, that's the first bit you, they see, you know, it's like, well,


Pete: So that, that, that bit, cause I I've only just remembered that bit and didn't think about it after, but so that his daughter disappearing was that's what happens when, when half of life was, so it wasn't like they were all like actually physically killed in battle and stuff.

They just disappeared ceased to exist. Right. Okay.

Reegs: Yeah.

And basically all it's. So half of the superheroes have vanished. Tony stark has, has the shit beaten out of him and is marooned in space. Pretty much thinking that he's going to die.

But then he's found by captain Marvel.

Pete: So captain Marvel's the lady. Right.

Okay. Okay. Cause I've got some questions about her and her powers and everything later on.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: some comments about

Reegs: have powers,

Pete: Yeah. Which seems to be just like completely like an utterly off the Richter scale. And why didn't she just fuck everyone up in the first place and saved us like 21 films

Sidey Endgame Full-2: single line of dialogue out about

Dan: that.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I had to, you know, this other planet

Sidey Endgame Full-2: it's doing stuff that I like to go and do that and get a haircut.

Pete: Yeah,

Dan: did, he did do like the universe, half the universe. So even if she was on another planet, she would have seen half the people there

Pete: And was the, it was, that was just at random, the, the half. It was just, yeah, totally. Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Barton was particularly unfortunate that he was the only survivor of

Pete: his

Sidey Endgame Full-2: his family. I used to really have the Hotspur, his wife,

Reegs: I don't remember her

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Linda Carr, Delaney. I think her name was, she was in the ER. I used to watch y'all she's hot.

Reegs: But she snapped away. And the remaining Avengers, which consists now of a Hulk as a smart Hoke professor, professor Hoke. Yeah. You sort of melded together the Braun and the brains.


Dan: that balance between being a massive green unit and not an, a raging angry man. So

Reegs: And it really looks like Mark. Refloat it? Doesn't it. Even though it's like a really big green man,

Pete: Just

Dan: there must have just swollen him up or something. Just

Pete: Yeah. So

Dan: him with collagen is telling you that we're going to keep him the same and you paint him green. You just put this funny green paint we've got from China. That was swelling

Pete: up.

Dan: That's what they did.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: We've got

Reegs: professor Hulk, captain America Thor black widow and no, yes. Rocket and war machine are all on earth. They go to go and find Thor who's drowning his

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well, that's been a

Dan: that's that's a really great

Sidey Endgame Full-2: well, before we get, before we get to that, we're still in present day at the start

of the movie.

And there's been something's happened that allows them, they detect this

Reegs: uh, use of stones being

Sidey Endgame Full-2: and it's the stones have been used again. So then, Oh, we'll track that we'll go there. And in the very first, basically first act they killed animals.

Reegs: did not see that coming.

Dan: what, what they're looking to do is they're Avengers. So they're looking to reverse what has just happened,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: They want to get the stones

Dan: they want to get the

Sidey Endgame Full-2: do another snap

Dan: and, and it's kind of, as it goes through, we as you say, they actually find

Reegs: fantas, fantas tells him that he used the stones to destroy the stones. Which enrages? Thor who promptly decapitates

Sidey Endgame Full-2: him.

Dan: Yeah, he got angry.

Reegs: Didn't


Dan: he got angry. That, I mean, that is a moment as well. Isn't it? In the

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: in the films. I just didn't mention it before, because we're going to bring it up again, but it's you don't see that coming.

Reegs: You


Dan: I mean? If anybody's going to do it, it's going to be thought, but then it sends him on a bit of a spiral of self pity.


Reegs: Well, when they realize that the, there is no way, even with  gone, there's still no way to bring back their loved, loved ones. It hasn't fixed anything. Yeah. And then we have a time jump.

Pete: What

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I think what's,

Pete: maybe.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: people probably shake his head, but I think what sets this film or these sorts of films apart from maybe other superhero films, which are just a bit more flimsy, is that the, the actions and the things that happen have consequences. And that probably most obvious to Thor's character, because it basically becomes an alcoholic.

Pete: Right. So, so I wanted to ask a question about this. So I'm assuming I've not seen any of the Thor films, so I'm assuming in those films, he kills some people, right? Some bodies get killed, right? And this Stan OSS is probably the worst body of all of like the Marvel films are innocent and he has wiped out half of the universe, including friends and family of, of loved ones and people that Thor is closed.

So why does he feel guilty about killing him?

Reegs: He feels guilty because he didn't take, he didn't decapitate him in

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the

face. He had a chance to. Kale fan was at the end of a finished wall before the

Pete: snap.

Right. Okay. Fine. That makes more sense. Okay. So that, that makes sense to me. The, do you think that they override the whole drinking thing right through it?

It just became like, it was a gimmick at first, but yeah, that's fine. Yeah, we, we get it. You're sad. You're drinking. Okay. The next scene, right? Your drink. Okay. There's bear. Oh, is there bear there? Yeah. There's bear. Even when he goes back to as God, it's like, where's the wine. It's just like, okay, we've got, we get the point and he's fallen on hard times.

And it's like that because

Dan: a bit of the old TMR in though.

You know, they took a bit of a comedic value in the fact that he was a God wandering around like was just falling over and falling into hard times. And the fact that they kept the gag going through him, going to the bow ski and go down. I, I, you know, it, it didn't go food or film.

I mean, because the moment actually, when push comes to shove and the lightning kind of hits his eyes in everything and he's off again, he Slims wide down. Doesn't

Reegs: No, no.

He stays

Sidey Endgame Full-2: He's got fat.

Reegs: It's quite interesting.

Dan: Oh man. I thought he slimmed right down here. Cause he's all his hair got done.

Pete: Now

Sidey Endgame Full-2: he had a plat in his bed, in his head to get done. But when you, because I had not noticed it before, but rewatching it for this, the misnomer, like, does he, does he stay fat? And then you can see a few scenes where he is still fat

Pete: and fat

Reegs: for

Sidey Endgame Full-2: gives, gives me hope.

Reegs: Yeah. So fat Thor is drowning, his sorrows. Meanwhile

Dan: sorry, just bit just to mention and Pete, you wouldn't have got this guy, but the New Zealand

Reegs: character

Dan: who cork who's like, Oh, I'm mate. Oh

Sidey Endgame Full-2: yeah.

Dan: gonna have that thinking. It was in, he was in guardians of the galaxy and it was just this random guy in the thing, you know, it, it just like, is there, he just chirps up with a few classic lines and just the way that he sounds and everything, and he, for him to turn up as Thor's kind of drinking buddy,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: he's getting trolled, they're playing Fortnite and he's getting trolled by someone online and

Reegs: master 69,

Dan: yeah, bro, just getting another, just get a cold

Pete: one 

Reegs: well, as they're sort of trying to, to bring or just before they go visit Thor, actually the true hero of the entire saga emerges. And it's a rat who runs over the dashboard of Scott Lang's van switching on the time machine, that magic Scott back from the quantum realm that he disappeared to at ant man and the wasp into present day earth.

And he obviously has no idea about the snapping. He runs straight to his house to try and see his daughter who has,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: well, he goes, he goes to the Memorial site first to see who's gone and he sees his name on there. Then he runs to see his daughter. Who's now got hot. And there's definitely a sort of, not really a montage, but you just get sort of different glimpses of how are the different Avengers of dealing with the grief of what's going on.

And so I would say, you know, we've seen Thor he's in, you know, the bottom of a bowl, black widow she's really struggling with all the rest of them are just kind of trying to keep busy. Clint's gone on a fucking one man killing spree. He's a mast fucking God knows how many bodies are just relentless,

Reegs: like


better than that.

He's got a really cool

Sidey Endgame Full-2: haircut.

Yeah. And there's no sort of ever like there's no comeback on the amount of murdering he's done. It's all fine because

Dan: Or the fact where did that rat come from? You know, I

Reegs: struggling to see the big

Dan: really got into that secure

Sidey Endgame Full-2: there's a storage locker. Find a way to drain pipe,

Dan: possibly,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: rat up

a drain pipe

Dan: I'll go with it. I mean,

Pete: in, in the entire film, that was the part that you felt was unbelievable.

Dan: put a rat

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: come in is set on this time machine.

Reegs: well, let's say it was a sentiment rat that knew what it was doing.

Pete: Is it splinter from the turtles? Is that, is that Marvel as well?

Dan: that are, that would have

Pete: Shane Shane they've missed a trick there. Yeah.

Reegs: Yes, you're right. They, they show the Avengers and various superheroes dealing with the fallout of it. There's some pretty neat scenes where, you know, there's people talking about their shared trauma because the world is a fucking massive mess as it would be if, if half of the people disappeared.

Dan: And, and again, going back to the quality of acting in this overall kind


film and, and series of films, you wouldn't, you know, again, just to, to believe that they're having this talk around and, and a therapy session and, and it's the end of the world stuff, but the actors are so strong, they actually do really commit

Reegs: to


Dan: and, and really kind of make it I mean, this is Marvel.

They, they, they spend millions and millions of pounds at best to X based actors, but it wouldn't work, I think, without that kind of depth of, of


Pete: Right? So, so one of the, the bits of credit that I'm going to give this film is exactly that point. It's, it's an absolute, like ensemble of actors. I haven't seen many, I've seen more Marvel films than I thought I'd seen actually, but the

Dan: up to six. We're

Pete: right, exactly.

But you know, a lot of these actors are obviously recognizable to me and they were all fucking brilliant actors in their own rights, in, in whatever it is that they do most of them. And that definitely comes across in terms of, I, at no point was I thinking that's a bit wooden or they're dialing that in or who the hell is that guy?

I mean, and another thing that. I want to another thing I want to pick up from as well from, you know, when you're talking about it in the top five, is that I understand now I have some sort of level of understanding of how massive these films are when people like Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer and Samuel L.

Jackson and Robert Redford have like absolute walk-ons, but not, not just for like, Oh, wow. They've got them in that fitness site. They are obviously people that are featured throughout the, the other, the other films. And they don't even have lines seven. Objection just stands there. And it, so that says in, obviously took home a big paycheck just for even doing that.

But for, for actors of that magnitude to just be not like, you know cameos for yeah,

exactly. Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: She literally stands still at the funeral of same for about 10

Reegs: seconds.

Pete: That's what you said. Yeah. And, and so I, that, that, that was not lost on me. Like the, you know, the magnitude of everything that has gone before in order for those types of actors to just be bit parts has two bits of credit.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Cool. Well, they determined that the gap we know is five years, Scott didn't initially know that he was only away

Reegs: for

five hours.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: So he is straight away onto this plan that they can somehow manipulate the quantum realm and they get this line of you, Scott, you're talking about a time machine and he's like, he's like, no, no, of course not.

Because that would be crazy. Yes I am. And then you get all these references to other time travel films which is quite

Reegs: funny

Yes. Back to the future time cop. They talk

Sidey Endgame Full-2: got tub time machine gets shout out.

Dan: of course you gain weight. It doesn't work like that. You say, or you say, you said it doesn't

Pete: work. What's the film. You mentioned that isn't a time for time-related first, like right there.

I can't remember.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I don't want to just completely walk through all the, the cause it's fucking three hours film. It would take forever. But what the, what the time travel allows us to do is then cleverly re examine or just re-enact highlights of other

Reegs: films,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: but, not in a sort of greatest hits way.

It's a, it's a re-imagining of a different perspective on these other scenes. Yeah.

Dan: sliding doors kind of moment. Isn't it? Where you could have gone, done a different thing or gone in a different direction and had a different outcome.

And when it goes through this, I mean, this is again Dr. Strange and who doesn't feature in a lot, but you wouldn't have known in the last film. He doesn't die. He

Pete: just.

Dan: That was like a hand circle in slips into another dimension or

Reegs: something.

I thought he


Dan: off work. No

Reegs: strange in infinity war.

Dan: Is it stranger? What there's, there's a few of the monks isn't there that are there. They haven't died. They've got the same ability. I think he's still alive though. Isn't he strange? Because he's the one that's planning, the, the odds of how to defeat

Reegs: fantas. Well, he runs through millions and millions of scenarios and has only one in which they win, you know, just one spoiler alert. So yeah, you're right. They do get to revisit these significant moments in the Marvel universe. And it is fun.

You get some really classic, there's a great bit where captain America has to face off against himself and you get a couple of quick fire. Good jokes about that being America's ass. And then when captain America says to himself I can do this all day and he's

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah. I

Reegs: his eyes. I know, I know

Dan: It does make me think, what were they doing those, but what would you do as you're finding yourself? He knows every move, you know,

Reegs: it's,


Sidey Endgame Full-2: he say

Dan: a little bit like tenant when he was fighting

Reegs: himself, and turn it

Dan: David tenant, you know what I'm saying? That feel.

Reegs: up into teams and they go through in time to different moments Barton and Hawkeye and black widow end up on Vamir where the red skull reappears wasn't expecting that. And then they have a fight to decide who can sacrifice themselves

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I have problem with that scene.

Reegs: What was your problem

Sidey Endgame Full-2: with this? Just let her jump

Reegs: right.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well, she had nothing. His whole fucking thing is about getting his family back. So why would he

Dan: tell my family, I love him

Reegs: because sacrifice his own life to bring his family back.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: What's the point though? You're not there to enjoy it. Oh. She's like, ah, you know, w you know, what's going to happen.

I'm like, yeah. See

if you go,

Reegs: the superhero game is for you.

So idea. I'm not sure you've quite,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: neutral.

Pete: have a question about that as well. I thought my understanding of the, the point of that, cause it's whatever the stone is called the soul stone.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: soul to take

Pete: Yeah. But it was, it was wasn't it more specifically like you had to like kill a loved one or sacrifice a loved one and she just killed herself.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well, they, they have, there's been hinted at a previous relationship, right?

From the get, go in

Dan: Yeah. They always seem

Pete: to


Dan: of sweet on each other. And although he's obviously married, but there's a,

there's a, there's a, yeah, there's a, there's a platonic love there.

So I think the soul stone accepts

Pete: it seems a bit flimsy, but

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the flimsiest one

Pete: And, and she, at no point, cause again, she's totally Eden. This black widow is totally like new to me. And at no point, do I, did you see any of her powers or what


Sidey Endgame Full-2: have any powers.

Pete: or she doesn't have any powers?

Sidey Endgame Full-2: good at

Reegs: She's just

Pete: So the film is going to be

Reegs: acid, but

Sidey Endgame Full-2: she's not

Pete: right? Yeah. Cause cause some of them do just seem to be just like ordinary people that are really good at fighting or martial arts

Sidey Endgame Full-2: or whatever.

Dan: captain America was to be honest, but then he seems to have

Reegs: some

anger, but he had the super seaman. Didn't he say?

Pete: I miss that scene. There's

Sidey Endgame Full-2: yeah, the Avengers there is a, does it, half of them are fucking, super powered, super, super powered. And others are just good at doing stuff. Like Hawkeye's good at golf. He says during the film. Yeah. He says, I, I cause they, they, cause he's

been in

Dan: one every time.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: He's been in and out of the films and they said, well, where are you in?

He's already retired for a bit, played 18 holes, shot 18 bull shit liar. So he's just good at golf and good at shooting bow and arrows, you know, black widows, just quite good at fighting. Whereas you've got like the sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange and all that. It's just, there's definite one

Dan: W so Supremes the, the, the gal who can,

Reegs: is that the

Sidey Endgame Full-2: bowl.

Reegs: Tilda Swinton,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well she was a source of a Supreme and it passed on to Dr. Stone. Y

Dan: No, I'm not thinking of how I'm thinking of the, the lady who's got fire in her eyes.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: It's captain Marvel.

Reegs: No, no wonder maximum off the

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Scarlet.

Dan: the Scarlet witch. Yeah. Cause there was quite a moment with her actually, when Troy, why

Reegs: he ended

Dan: towards the fight again, I was going to, I was going to mention

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Should we talk about the fight? Because it basically does all culminate after they've got the beans, they've done the click to bring everyone

Dan: back,

No, it's just stuff. It goes on a three hour film, but it's not at any time for me. It, it doesn't drag this stuff going on. I enjoyed

Reegs: watching it.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: 75% of the room thing

Pete: Right. So it's probably about Tony. I had to watch this in about six or seven

Dan: Yeah. It's cause you haven't seen the others may.

Pete: It was rarely, rarely have, it was a combination of, of trying to like knowing that it's three hours long and not really have other than when everyone else in the house has gone to bed.

I don't really have three hours in my day. So I was trying to like steal sort of 15, 20 minutes at a time as well. So there was some of that, but like no amounts of it made me want to just like shew the kids away and say, look, daddy's doing something really important. Like you go upstairs or whatever.

I, I had to like break this down into bite sized chunks to, to get through it. Obviously the, the, the sort of, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'd seen her admit to that. But it was obviously when it, you know, it all built up to that, to the sort of like the culmination, the final scenes and everything. I didn't like cut that in half or anything, but yeah, there was, there was quite a lot of before that final scene is obviously the bit where there was the nebular of the past and the, and the Nebula of now and the Nebula of the past came into the future and, and then left the gateway open for thoroughness.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: that's like something you mentioned before is like, Oh, w they can just kill people off and they'll come back to life. So we do get two characters resurrected in this. So you go, Maura has been killed in a Finch voice, so she's back in it. And

Dan: well,

Pete: harm


Sidey Endgame Full-2: suppose half of the ones that obviously the click was, but two that had actually died, you know, do make it

Pete: back.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: So there is always that possibility,

Dan: I, I, I never understood how they couldn't take black widow back

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well, they do specifically say at the end, like they're not coming back. Yeah.

Dan: like, yeah, it's the dead end. One is the soul stone. Maybe that has that power,

Pete: but


Dan: there's,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: within the battle. Then you've got this enormous, great playing field of everyone is now going to fight against everyone

Dan: which, which is really quite seen because you've basically got the ragtag army left of the, the Avengers

Sidey Endgame Full-2: there's three

Dan: three guys, you know it, and they're staring down Thanos.

Who's got his army in behind him. And then suddenly

Sidey Endgame Full-2: at that point, it's only, it's actually only cap

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: cat.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: He's done like iron man's out cold. I can't remember. And he he's, he knows he's going to die, you know, but he's not, he's not going to fucking give up. So he straps the shear back on and gets up and then he hears

Dan: say it just tightens it doesn't,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: on your left.

Dan: He's got a smash shield. He's looking at certain death and he just kind of tightens

Sidey Endgame Full-2: going to die when he's not on the floor or not.

Pete: One, one thing you mentioned before about the, the thing that's leveled at Marvel is like the, the bodies and so on it's it was surprising to me. I thought that this would be I don't know enough about it.

It was sober DC or, or other franchises and stuff, but there tends to be, so if there's like a team of goodie superhero, like X men or suicide squad or something like that, I don't know if their bodies are goodies or whatever the hell it is, but there's usually like if there's a team of goodies, it, they will fight a team of bodies.

And all of the, all of the characters in those teams are familiar. Whereas this, it surprised me that come the final sort of battle scene. It's rarely just. Everyone who's ever been in a good goodie in a Marvel comic or film or whatever against not against one guy. Right. I know it's a load of other people, but all of those other people are totally irrelevant.

They will just say monsters and big floaty things in the, in the, in the, in the sky. There was it. Yeah. I'm not, I'm not necessarily saying that. That was like weak. I'm just saying it was, it was surprising to me, like it kind of highlights what you were saying to me that there aren't enough bodies that were so cause obviously people that we've already touched upon it like the, the, the good guys, the characters that there've been loads of films about, they've all been, they're all prominent and popular enough to have all been brought back for their site final, like big face off.

But I imagine there's been bodies in every single one of these Marvel films, and they're not bringing any of

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the trouble

Pete: for this. They're just bringing Thanos back

Sidey Endgame Full-2: when you get to an army size level of battle, you you're always gonna get that faceless.

Lots of you had it in Avengers assemble where you just got these sort of generic things, and it doesn't matter how many die because you don't know them. And it doesn't matter. You get the same thing with storm troopers and star Wars with droids. And the first ones were Scottish people in Braveheart who cares if they all die.

Pete: So


Sidey Endgame Full-2: just a thing that

Pete: there's usually, there's usually more than one like antagonist. Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: but it's always been brought up to be Thanos has been the mad tight, and the one that's going to do it. And he's got his black order of the four other ones.

Pete: These are the other kind of like sourcer type guys that were kicking about, but they didn't really seem like they, they were like the, they were like those idiots in in the first pre-call of star Wars, like the, you know, the ones that keep banging on about this Imperial Senate and stuff, they were just like, you know, they, they're just kind of like a bit weathered and gray and shit outfits.

And it's like, so obviously expendable. So obviously just gonna die. Feebly like nothing really

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah. Is the valid, a valid complaint about any of these films is that, you know, the best ones in the series.

Tend to be the ones with the highest States where the goodies take a beating empire strikes back infinity war in this, you know, other films of that nature that can't

Reegs: make up.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: you

Dan: kind of expect them to get their ass whooped.

By, you know, basically Brad from the Goonies, which


you know, fairness it's the power in the stones though, you know, it's his master plan and the power in the

Sidey Endgame Full-2: star, inevitable,

Dan: there was that twist in it. As you, as you, we went into his as Nebula. Who's part daughter of him part machine and slave of him is manipulated.

So he can read her future

Pete: mind

Dan: and learn of the plan to stop him before he's been stopped. It was really clever,

Pete: you

know, that was really cleverly done and I

Dan: It really, really clever low loads of layers. They got great writers or great directors. They're great actors. I mean, for me, this film was just an absolute win it's.

It, you appreciate it more if you've seen, not all of those films that we've mentioned earlier. I mean, there was probably a dozen films there that you mentioned watching. Certainly God is at the galaxy, just because it's brilliant. And it will give you an extra


into the characters, I think, which makes little lines, like I am group

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I would say like of all of them, if you want it, like we said before, about committing to one and watching it that way, that's a fun one to watch.

Reegs: a


Pete: one.

guardians of the galaxy,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: good. But there's in this battle.

So there's loads and loads of great moments, especially like we've mentioned cap, getting Molnar and dishing out being then we've got these scenes where, so captain Marvel turns up and it just destroys a fucking enormous ship on our

Pete: own.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: And pretty much nearly beats down on us on a row.

Reegs: angry.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Now I'm not angry, but I'm thinking the problem with the villain for her going forward is even worse than all of the stuff that's come before because she's so fucking powerful who can ever like challenge her the same with Scarlet witch.

She fucking, nearly beats him. And it's even said in the TV series, it just gone that she could have beaten him on her own.

So you're

Pete: I, I asked myself the question at that point in time when the, when this thing just came flying out of the sky and just went straight through the ship, took the ship out in, in a, in a matter of seconds. My immediate question, like, why doesn't this bird just fly through Thanos

or fly

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the same

Pete: They just take everyone out in one fell swoop.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: It's this, it's the issue that I have received, man. Is that what, what the stakes are just, you know, you can't be beat, so she's going to have to get kryptonite.

Pete: what, that's why Superman two is good. Cause he loses his power.

Reegs: I think when all the superheroes do return from the snapping I think it takes on a bit of extra significance now because the first hero that they emerge from it's black Panther, Chadwick, Boseman, who sadly was the guy who died.

And it, it's hard not to S to sort of attach that significance to it because when he comes through the portal, he's all lit golden glowing from behind and that sort of thing.

Pete: So

Sidey Endgame Full-2: must've known, he was ill.

Pete: know. So egos will say in, in, in when you reviewed, was it black Panther you

Reegs: review? I just talked about

Pete: when you talked about it, but you said that he kept it from everybody too.

Like, you know, apart from obviously close, loved ones or whatever, to the, to the very end, I mean, w when those kinds of like whole started opening and everyone started walking through, I wondered if like anything.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: how your erection,

Pete: No, I just wondered if anything else in the entirety of cinematic history is cause more Virgin.

So our Stephie's then that moment right there,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I felt like a Virgin of the stiffy.

Pete: Just I don't know if there's anything you think can rival

Sidey Endgame Full-2: that.


Pete: Obviously it didn't mean

Sidey Endgame Full-2: for the trailer for Phantom menace got me That was one of the biggest hardens to flacid cock Actually now I took three watches of it to realize it was

Pete: shit.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: There is another issue I have with the battle, which is this comes about at the time of the me too movement which I'm totally fine with the me too movement and did just in the middle of this enormous

Pete: battle

Sidey Endgame Full-2: bodies all over the place, you get this scene of all the female


just happening to be.

And it's just so forced. Yeah.

Pete: I thought

Sidey Endgame Full-2: kind of argument that people will now say, Oh, you're just a bloke, fucking not at all. Like I've got a daughter. I would want her to watch these films and see female characters that are, you know, representative and relatable, not relatable cause that's secrets, but you know what I mean?

Like she can see something out there that's great for her. But when you just have in the midst of thousands of bodies, they all culminate one bit and the fucking lead one is Gwyneth Paltrow. Sorry. Right.

Pete: I'm glad you mentioned that because you know, like this, this film kind of like teetered right on the brink for me, like most of the way through, sometimes I hated it.

Sometimes I actually was sucked into it and thought, wow, this is fucking amazing. And seeing like Mrs. Coldplay rock up in a suit of armor for me, I mean, please tell me she hasn't gotten a film. Of our own, where she's flying around being a prick,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I think she does a bit in Ironman, three

Reegs: does she's rescued.

Pete: it's all it's all much

Reegs: the extremist thing in her as well.

Pete: it felt like, like the, you know, Gwenyth Paltrow behind the scenes was like, Oh, please, can I have like a suit of armor and fly around as well? That'd be really cool

Sidey Endgame Full-2: It just felt like they had to put it in because it was

Pete: a

Sidey Endgame Full-2: topical thing that needed to

Dan: and she's a big star and they don't want to lose her in the final battle, even though the, basically

Sidey Endgame Full-2: she has said that she's willing to

Pete: Yeah. But you know, Samuel Jackson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael dot, none of them are flying around in suits at the end. They're all big, bigger stars than her. And yeah, it was, I thought exactly the same. When you say like this sisterhood, it was like, it was almost like they were trying to like, again, I just thought cynically.

It was like right now they're trying to appeal to every single little corner of the globe. It's like, who haven't we represented? I don't know that the comic books represent a lot of people. Right. But it was almost like, Oh, have we had this moment? I don't know if they've had that moment where it's like, all the girls have to come together to do.

And it's all now we've captured that demographic as well. It's

Sidey Endgame Full-2: like you had like Scarlet witch, give us a bit of an ass kick. And you've already had like captain Marvel come and destroy

Pete: the

whole, they were the most badass characters. Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: all of them together into one shot. It doesn't make

Pete: I saw exactly the same misogyny. Well,

Dan: Well, there they win in the end. I know it is kind of a huge battle scene. Isn't it? So they will meet up in the car park and have a big fight after

Pete: they,

Dan: they kind of

Pete: come


Dan: their cars and everything hidden from, from

Pete: each

other, the fight scene in anchorman. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: If I don't see his face kind of drops cheers for a little bit, when he realizes, Ooh, wait a minute online, not fucking have this.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: when He does, he gets the gauntlet and does the snap,

Dan: Oh, well that that's. Yeah, but that seriously got, but even when they all turn up, I think there's just a flicker of doubt in his mind then, and sure enough, he gets his ass kicked.

But he's still on top of things in his own mind where he's just got to find this this glove with the stones, click his fingers and it's done. And they do the old switcheroo on

Sidey Endgame Full-2: him.

They do.

Reegs: And Tony does in an echo of the first movie. He says, I am iron man. And does the

Dan: Snapchat. And

I was glad he, he got it because he was the one that had a a preference of how things had to go.

Cause he had all the tech to be able

Reegs: to

travel just back on the snapping though, the new snapping that the iron man does to get all of the bad guys away.

I actually had a huge, huge problem with this moment because what are we really supposed to take away from that, that it's, that it's okay to have a weapon that can murder millions of people as long as the right side of doing it. I mean, what is that? Is that the, is that the takeaway message here?

It just doesn't, it's like really grotesque.

It's the complete opposite of heroism. Just like flicking your fingers and getting rid of people.

Pete: Is there, might've been some guys in the baddies army that were thinking about, you know, what, I might defect here and, and they got

Reegs: killed.

completely. Who's who's to say that, that giant snake thing going through the sky, he couldn't have a change of heart, like Nebula did or

Pete: Gomorrah

It might've been a Placid animal that got tortured into being like a drone in the army

Reegs: or


So it's

Dan: Austin Powers do that. They went through the the minions and they said they never get a fair break.


Reegs: you know, exactly what happened here. Absolutely, exactly what happened here. This is a really good movie and part of what makes it so good is such a good script because. You know, before you go in that the good guys are gonna win, you know, that they have to undo the ending of the previous movie in some way that you're already expecting it. How does it, how do you do that without it feeling like a really cheap cop-out how do you kill off the lead character that basically everybody knew was going to die and do it in a way that's still engaging and tens up and ends up being kind of smarter than, than you think it's

Pete: gonna be. Is it, this is iron man you're talking about.

So you can't, you knew he was that wasn't a big shocker.

Reegs: was up, but you know, everybody

Pete: knew that he was, he was going to

Reegs: die. So basically it all

Sidey Endgame Full-2: because there was a question Mark about his future as well. I thought he was gonna die. He only did Thor, Ragnarok if they did it over that side of the world and we'll do something

Reegs: different



Sidey Endgame Full-2: Okay. So he wasn't necessarily a given.

Reegs: So, you know, for it to still be engaging and in a, in a three hour plus movie where you basically know how everything is going to turn out to some degree or another, it's really a very significant achievement, I think,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: they went big on the marketing of like hashtag don't spoil the, the, they really pushed that.

Which is good. If you don't want to, like you say, you kind of know where it's going to go. You don't want the actual surprises to be ruined and it could be easily done with a film, this massive, like, you

Reegs: know,

one of the other things I, I really liked is Another criticism that you can level at the Marvel movies, other than the villain thing, which is a big one, is that they're constantly setting up future things.

So every movie that you're watching is setting up something else to happen. Something else happened, something else to happen. This was the first movie that just kind of looked back and went, look at all this amazing stuff that we've done over these 22 films. You know, the first one that was like a retrospective as part of it.

So yeah, I just think it's very clever writing

Pete: again, sort of not knowing what's gone before or what is to come. I was, I was surprised that Ironman bought it in the end or whatever. Cause I didn't, I assumed that when, you know, she comes over, Mrs.

Ironman comes over and is like like having that share in that moment, I assumed he was going to somehow be saved or whatever. And even after it, then I just thought after that they've still got these stones. Why don't they just bring him back?

Reegs: I, you can't

Pete: Why

Reegs: They

Pete: brought back half the universe?

Reegs: Yeah, but only the ones who were undone by the snapping, so they couldn't bring back vision and they couldn't bring back black widow because they didn't die as a result of that, which I guess also raises the possibility that fantas can come back.

If he was just snapping the

Pete: So you can only

Reegs: unsnap and

Pete: because he was killed by the stones, they was him using the stones that killed him as well, or earned less. He was too wounded from previous injuries or whatever. And he seemed to be like a bit. Worn out and run down by this. I imagine in all the other films he's taken a few hammerings or whatever, but I did just think like if they can bring back half the universe.

Reegs: it didn't.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: And and unless somebody's going to take the time and effort to get those stones back together and

Reegs: which was a whole nother

Pete: well, they were right there. Those stones, the stones were right there in the glove. He had them, when he died, he used them and they still had the sons. Cause then they had to go and put them back,

Reegs: which, which is just like hand waved away.

Oh yeah. Captain America. But the more about where they were. Don't worry

Pete: about


Reegs: Just don't. Yeah.

Pete: it.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. And then he kind of goes to the old guy on the benches and he turns into the old guy on the bench. Suddenly cap went against the plan. He's changed time in, in ways that we don't know how things.

Pete: could be. So th th I thought that'd be, it was quite cool. So basically he went back in time and put the stones back. He was manly, come back, did and just stayed there and then lived lived a, sort of a full different, yeah. I mean, I don't know about his backstory or anything, but I thought that was quite cool.

Reegs: own

Pete: nice.

nice. Yeah,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah.

Pete: a

Dan: Strange one. And, and it also didn't change anything else in the future of the world, even though every

Reegs: other time,

Dan: whenever you change something, go back,


Sidey Endgame Full-2: he didn't get the Almanac.

Dan: I didn't get the Almanac.

We're not sure. Maybe it was mindful is the cap would have been all the way through his life. So he's not to challenge time changing too much.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: that bit, that bit was another setting up for the future. Cause that's that one set

Reegs: up

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the CV

Dan: show basically as you're setting up some of yours. Yeah. They take a lot of liberties with it like that.

I think, you know that where they just want to set something else up and okay. Maybe that's absolutely fine, but I wonder what the,

you know,

the, the real, why is would have thought of that on the original. Comic book you know, where they want it, the integrity of that character to be kept rather

Sidey Endgame Full-2: day

Dan: setting

Sidey Endgame Full-2: they change all the time. You know,

Dan: to keep the wheels

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the writers these days, they'll, they'll just be given a run. You'll get right. You've you've got a cap story to tell them that you've

Dan: These days, I'm

thinking about the original writers of those characters who might

Sidey Endgame Full-2: fucking in the ground, so they give a

Dan: they are that's it, they've signed it away.

Reegs: the

Pete: Comic books are all still being written. Are they for these

Sidey Endgame Full-2: they, they just, they literally press the reset button a few years back and just put them all back to like number one and start again.

Pete: Right? Yeah.

Dan: People go and give

Pete: Just redoing original stories in a slightly different way in a more

Reegs: modern

some of that, some of

Pete: yeah. Okay. Okay.

again again, is that not just a device to appeal to a different audience? They probably look, I feel like behind that is like a team of people who are looking to go like, right. What demographics are absolutely loved thought or not many women, or how do we like that?

You know, that, that, that does like completely undermine the integrity of that character. I'm not saying, well, I'm not saying it's all you can't have. There's obviously very strong, powerful. I thought that the baddest ass characters in the Avengers or whatever they are, where the girls w you know, it was this captain Marvel, you can just fly through everything.

And the other guy with the red heart is a go with a red eyes and so on. So I, I'm just saying, like, it feels a little bit like a gimmick

Sidey Endgame Full-2: that decision-making no doubt happens, but you know, every film out there, it goes through a test screening where they'll gauge people's reactions to

Pete: X,

Y, to make films 25, 26, 27,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: You are probably. Echoing some thoughts shared by Martin Scorsese who let's be honest is not a huge fan of the, the Marvel cinematic

Reegs: universe.


says, it's not

Sidey Endgame Full-2: cinema.

He says, it's not cinema. It says what does he say? And the closest I can think of them as well-made, as they are without just doing the best they can under the circumstances is theme parks. It isn't the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experience says to another human being.

So he's,

Pete: I think, and I'm not just saying this, like, I completely agree with that sentiment. So if I go, if I think back to my favorite superhero in inverted commas, film, or films, it would be the Christopher Nolan, Batman films where yeah, it's a super hero. Yeah. It's like a you know an, an alternate universe or whatever you want to call it, but it is believable, eh, you know, they are, and the character goes as there's so much depth to that character and all of his experiences and the people around them and so on.

And so I kind of, I think I understand what's being said there, having said that in terms of like, I've not seen any Marvel films in the cinema, but in terms of like, like, you know, visually this film was just fucking unbelievable and, and, and, and what was very powerful and strong in a lot of ways. It wasn't, like I said, I, I, I kind of teetered between, Oh, this is all a bit ridiculous to actually know this is fucking, really cool.

So, Oh God, no Nazi, you know, I'm not a fan of that. It was yeah, I won't let on where I landed just, yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: it. 356 mil


Dan: 300. Whoa, you can't just paint over that. I mean, that's got to be the biggest

Sidey Endgame Full-2: budget. Well, hang on because it's

Pete: What did it make?

Sidey Endgame Full-2: three, hang on.

It's 356 mil on the film, plus another 200 million on the marketing.

Pete: fucks.


Sidey Endgame Full-2: So we're over half a billion already.

Dan: for over

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Do you think it's a win or lose?

Reegs: well, I, it was the biggest for a long while until this week. I think it was the biggest box office of all time. And then they re released avatar again, just for, in China, just to fuck up the

Sidey Endgame Full-2: They did. He was currently at $2.8 billion.

Dan: Wow. Wow. I mean, you, it's a big bet though, in it half a billion, if it turned into Howard

Reegs: deduct yourself

Dan: know, that it had been an absolute,

Reegs: But

Pete: I think what they've done is with the actors, with the storyline, with the, with the visual effect, with everything about it, but with a lot of the devices that they plant within this film and probably all the other films that they're leaving, no stone unturned in terms of audience, they are literally going out to every single

Reegs: last there's something in

Pete: pet.

They are, there is a representation for like almost everybody, and that is why it was always going to be a success. And that's why as impressed as I was about a lot of it, there's still this massive amount of cynicism that I have about it, that it was made. To make money, not for, not just for the, for the art and for the end

Dan: but ask what Marty has a problem with.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah. I don't think I, you know, I think you can still enjoy these and still enjoy cinema as Scorsese says cinema, but I don't think the two are mutually exclusive adjusted for inflation gone with the wind is still number one. Is it? Yes. A billion trillion. I don't know, but it's just, it's just the biggest when it took avatars, great.

What's the appetite to when James Cameron posted a picture of the, a from the Avengers posters, sinking the Titanic. And then when avatar they'd be released in China, it took back the number one, they sent some bullshit. I love you. 3000 to him was either cheesy, but like let's wrap it up. We're done.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah, I think so.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Dan, where are you not entertained

Dan: That I wasn't sides. Yeah. Love this film loved lots of these Marvel films, actually lots of these superhero films. I haven't seen them in order. I haven't seen them all. Didn't attract from enjoying this film three hours. You think?

Geez, that's a long time, but it's three hours of well spent time. It's like when you've watched a movie, some movies last like 90 minutes and you think, Oh, like what shot again? It's like doing that, but then not watching it again, but watching the other half to the, see the film that you wanted to watch.

So it's really

Sidey Endgame Full-2: good.

Pete: Hey. Okay. So I, I disagree about, you know, three, so personally I can't see myself ever sitting down and watching this film again, unless some of my kids want to watch it. And then I might, and if I'm in the same room, I'll probably sit down and watch it again. Right. It was visually incredible.

The, the acting, the roll call and the acting and the performances and everything is, is phenomenal, no questions. I thought a lot of the, you know, the story and the script was really cleverly done. I know we've picked some, some holes in some of the, some of it, but, you know, in, in general, like to put together something that, that ends like that and pull everything together is a phenomenal amount of work.

As I sit here right now, I genuinely felt nothing for any single character in the entire film, not one of the superheroes, not any of them made me think, Oh, I really want to go and watch their backstory. I really want to go and watch that film. I don't know if it's, cause I didn't see anything to do with it as a kid, 2008.

I think it was Ironman. I can't even remember how I was 30, no 20, well, I dunno what it was. Yeah. But so I, I didn't start watching the films then and I will go and watch guardians of the galaxy because you guys recommended that I should. But I was entertained in a lot of ways, but yeah, it's, it's not my bag,


Sidey Endgame Full-2: no,

Reegs: yeah, I, I

Sidey Endgame Full-2: liked


Dan: See,


how you answer Pete

Pete: fuck it. Sorry.

Reegs: I know, I thought this was amazing. I can't believe they really were able to pull this off. If I, if I'm completely honest, just the same thing that your mother said to me. I, it, it sort of, you know, the whole thing transcends any kind of like traditional sort of film criticism, because it's not like that it's this enormous cultural event and product as well.

It's been packaged together. There's plenty of, of heart and love

Dan: research to go into, as Pete said, researching every single. It's part of society to make sure we're hitting that.


Reegs: we're

Pete: that.

I don't think that necessarily makes it a good thing.

Dan: Well,

maybe not, but what they're doing, I think there's been, science's gone into this film to say, cause

Pete: you can't

Dan: gamble with 500 million and just say,

Pete: but that's it,

that's the point is it's not a gamble. They are thinking like, Oh, what do the people in Myanmar really like, Oh, we'll have to put something that they can like draw out of it. Yeah.

Reegs: It's just cynical is that I think the only part where you

Pete: can

Reegs: stretching is there is the sort of women of Marvel moment

Dan: the market, not me.

Reegs: And

I like the fact that you've got this massive spectacle, but underneath it, it's still largely about fathers and daughters and sons really because you know, the, the emotional through line is Nebula trying to please her father fairness.

You've got Tony stark dealing with his daddy issues as well. So

Pete: well, these kids are left and his kids are left orphaned.

Dan: got that. It's also kind of the theme of you do anything for family, you know, even to the point

Sidey Endgame Full-2: of

Oh, you're going to, you're going to love this week nominations there. Yeah, for me, this was probably the, the best you could hope for out of, cause it could have been a real crushing disappointment if it hadn't hit.

But it did. It's not a perfect movie. There's I think it's got a couple of floors, but I've really, really enjoyed it. I don't know if you read, if you've read the comic book stories, this is completely different story, but they were sort of, I guess probably unfilmable as they were so to do such a good job the way they did it was just a fucking absolute win.

Loved it.  

Reegs: just to counteract our opinions though. It's always like, we were all, we all seem to enjoy this. Other people disagreed, Bailey VC said Thanos should have been a darker purple. I'm disappointed in everybody and everything. Now, my depression has skyrocketed since watching this.

Thanks. End game. Hope you're happy now I'm not. And Alex, Ronald said, I've never seen a Marvel film, and I do not plan to ever I'm here because I wasn't sure if the end game was one word or two words, and I'm still not

Pete: sure.

Reegs: Both one star review. So that's the,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the other side




TV it's yet more Marvel rigs. Where we at

Reegs: Went for? Actually what is this fucking thing

Sidey Endgame Full-2: It's called Spider-Man into the spy. Diverse. Yeah,


Reegs: one. This is the story of the new Spider-Man Myles Miralis. This is a Sony animation movie. So it's not part of the official Marvel cinematic universe.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: No, cause we're still on Peter Parker in that.

Reegs: Yes. Yeah, this is the story of the teenager miles Morales.

He's struggling to live up to the expectations of his father. Now the father was cool.


Yeah, Jefferson Davis. Now anybody remember that name because it rang a bell and then I looked it up The dad's name, Jefferson Davis. He was famously the president of the Confederacy and the guy who ordered the bombardment of Fort Sumter, which kicked off the American civil war.

So what the fuck is that about having a black character named art? It's like having a Jewish character called . Do you know what I mean? It's like, it's so raw. I don't, it feels to me like I've either massively missed something there or anyway. Yeah. Very, very weird. I think as a


Dan: talked

Reegs: about


Yeah. Rule of thumb, don't name a heroic character after a real historical villain, unless, unless you have, you know, want to do a lot of explaining of that anyway he is it's going to boarding school miles is, and he visits his uncle, Aaron who is teaching him about how to paint graffiti at which point miles is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains spider likability.

Similar to, to Spider-Man. I didn't see where the spider came from. Were we

Sidey Endgame Full-2: No, it was just wondering around, I was just wondering around,

Reegs: wandering around being radioactive, ready to

Sidey Endgame Full-2: maybe they did say something, but I don't really recall that was Mahershala Ali. Yes. I didn't know that the first time I watched it.

Reegs: He have the new


Sidey Endgame Full-2: And you might find this hard to believe, but I didn't realize the first time I watched this, that Spider-Man NWA was

Pete: Nicholas. didn't know that. Yeah.

Knowing that.

Reegs: So really this is through a series of convoluted events, kingpin bait played by Liev Schreiber. It basically created a method of bringing parallel universes together, which is how we end up with multiple spider


in the, in the real world where miles Morales is.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah. And so visually this is a fucking absolute treat, this film and all of the spider characters are animated in different


Which makes it on the screen look very, very unique. I

Reegs: suppose.

There's really nothing quite like this animation wise. I felt like the frame rate took a little bit of getting used to that.

The movements sometimes seem kind

Sidey Endgame Full-2: they deliberately played around with the frame rate of Mars

Reegs: himself

Pete: right

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the movie to make him look awkward and ill at


If you really want to geek out about it, it would normally run at 24 frames per


but he was running at 12.

right. Okay,

Dan: half them. That's quite a lot in there.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah.

Dan: I just did the

Reegs: math



King pin kills. Spider-Man the original Spider-Man which is, is surprising.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Well you had to go because, you know,

Reegs: smiles.


Miles then tries to honor the original Spider-Man legacy and become the new superhero, the new Spiderman. But he fails rather drastically at this and then needs a sort of older sort of what's the word I'm looking


Pete: Battle weary.

Reegs: Yes. That's a good one. Battle weary Spider-Man Peter B. Parker and all the Spiderman who sort of teaches him how to be the real spider hero that we all know he can be.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Mm.


Pete: but

but who also needs this, I guess, project of a new pretender, new characters, new Spider-Man to help with it.

Yeah, exactly. To help with his ultimately redemptive arc from his parallel

Reegs: universe.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yes. There's all that stuff going on. But really, I think the most striking thing about this film is the way it looks. They really wanted to put you in a comic book with this

Pete: Yeah. This

Sidey Endgame Full-2: of such a fucking great success story.

Reegs: as well. And, and I think there are so many different visual styles at play here as well, because the real world that Myles inhabits has got a kind of gritty realness to it.

But then you can insert Spider-Man Noah who comes from a black and white hard-boiled detective 1932 type era. You


Dan: clever idea just to bring in the


again, you know, similar to, we spoke about on the mid-week mentioned with how the duck, that idea with the multi-verse and it's come white round, you know, I mean, it was talking about 86 there and it is it's come around this to much more modern feature.

And I liked the way they're going with it. One of the things that, that makes me worry for the future, this kind of thing is, is as you mentioned earlier, we, cause I think it's one of those it's been licensed out to Sony or whoever it is that there's made this film. So will they get to make another one?

Now this one's been a bit of a hit being a bit of a success or will Marvel just to try, you know, just to pull that back in and say, Oh yeah,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: well, they, that's a really complicated deal. This is a Sony because Sony had the license for Spider-Man. So there will be a sequel to this.

Dan: Excellent.



Pete: news.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: but Marvel. Basically leased him back to do the MCU films. So when he's appearing in that, that sort of co-opted from so-and-so, he's still, although the IP is Marvel, it's still owned technically by Sony. It's all very

Dan: convoluted.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: So there's only a limited

Dan: to that. eventually

it comes back to Marvel. I would imagine after

Sidey Endgame Full-2: point, I mean, they'll, they could probably buy Sony at this point.

I mean, they just, just an absolute cash juggernaut, like, you know like downloaded the books of Spider-Man new after this shot.

Yeah. It's really boring. The origin story. There was spider ham, you know, that,

Reegs: he was bitten by a radioactive

Sidey Endgame Full-2: pig. He's a spider that was bitten by radioactive

Reegs: I think that's amazing is amazing.

And it, and the way that also, I love, I love the fact that when he falls into the dimensional rift, he does it in a sort of Christ pose. He's the only character to do it. It's such a staple of the superhero genre now where they make comparisons to the Christ pose. Yeah. Maybe the wa the, the couple of criticisms you can level at the movie are that that supporting cast is not utilized as brilliantly as it could be.

I like, I would have liked to have seen a bit more of penny Parker in the spider robot thing, whatever the hell that was. I'd like to see more of Spider-Man wire and, and spider pig who has a soaking wet hand when we

Pete: first

Reegs: meet him for reasons that

Dan: spider pig. I was a Simpsons

Pete: It was yeah, no spider ham.

Reegs: Yeah.

But yeah. Why is his hand?

Pete: So I don't know any, any, and he says, Oh, it's not. Cause I've just been to the toilet or something like that. So, yeah.

Reegs: Just leaves that

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. That's one of the unsolved riddles from this film,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Dr. Octopus is femaleness. Yeah. And it's it's a double dip of Marvel appearances for this actress.

Reegs: Who's

Sidey Endgame Full-2: the actress,

Catherine Hahn,

Reegs: Catherine.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Very recent. She was the villain in one division.

Reegs: Well, Agatha Harkness. Was that head, was it? Oh, right. Okay. That's one of the things that I enjoyed, the, the gender flipping on doctor octopus, I'm sure it probably enraged some nerds somewhere. Also it lent, it created one of the funnier moments in the movie when they're trying to escape.

And they're G agreeing about with a bagel and the, all the, the whole canteen stands up because they think he's stealing a bagel. And Peter Parker throws the bagel at someone. It hits them on the head and it says bagels in

Pete: the air,

Reegs: which I quite enjoyed.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: it. Yeah,

Reegs: what

Pete: I've watched it. I'm going to say last night and I fucking loved it. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I looked like visually again, like ridiculous in it and yeah. Type of animation I've never seen before. Yeah, it was, it was visually stunning. What I really liked about it was it w it, it starts it, I mean, again, yeah, I don't, I'm laboring the point, but I've never been a big superhero fan, but I've been aware of Spiderman all my life.

They were cartoons when I was growing up. I have actually, now, when I think about it, seeing some of the Spider-Man films, that would have been some of the original Marvel ones, the yeah, the, they, they were really boring. They never really, so I feel like I know the, kind of like the Spider-Man story, this was totally new and fresh and not what I was expecting.

And so I've really liked the, you know, the, the taking it, the, the, the, the central character was really interesting. I didn't know how it was going to time with Ms. Spider-Man and then obviously it, it became apparent that he was going to be like a replacement or this, this universe is Spider-Man. So you know, I, like, I liked the music and I like the

Reegs: and

Pete: it.

Yeah. It was fucking really cool. And yeah, it, it just I, my plan was to the first 10, 15 minutes of it, fast forward to the last 10, 15 minutes of it, and then read the synopsis on Wikipedia or something. And then pretend that I'd watched the film or just admit that I didn't really have the time to it.

I, I th I, I did actually watch this when the kids were still up and shooed them away and they watched the, like the iPad or whatever was started buried all of this in one go and loved every minute of it. I thought

Reegs: And you were not convinced where you, you,


Pete: at all. I saw two hours of a kid's thing, and it was the last thing that I watched of the, you know, the, the nominations and really, I, I was giving, I was giving this, this, like, I, I knew that the main event would be Avengers, Avengers end game.

And I thought, Oh, this is just going to be something


Reegs: stained by the time you go to this

Pete: yeah. Pretty much. And totally. Yeah. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I will definitely watch the secret of this. Cause it was a, I mean, it's not going to have the same element of surprise, but I really, really liked

Reegs: this.

I think, I mean, visually this really is, it's so difficult to describe because there's so many different styles years, but it's, it really does have to be seen to be believed doesn't

Pete: it?

Sidey Endgame Full-2: They had 180 animators working on it. It was one of the biggest animation crews ever used on a, on an animated picture. And yeah, that worked really paid off because it is absolutely stunning. It, it scooped a load of awards, the biggest ones being the golden globe, the critics choice, and they won the Academy award for best animated feature as well.


Pete: scribbled

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Monetary wise, the budget for this was 90 minutes. Just fair work

Reegs: for

Dan: It is here

180, those hundred 80 animators are in the right job. Aren't they?

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah. And obviously it did very well. It made 375 mils. So therefore,

Dan: That's a decent return. Even, you know, going back to the metric of, of end game, you know, half a million, my two and a half billion you know, times five of what you kind of invest is gotta be rated as a success.

Isn't it? I dunno, what they, they kind of make is a flop when it's obviously pulling even that's not a success, is it because it hasn't made any money, they've done it to make money, particularly when they're investing, not somebody art house movies or some of the smaller movies, but when you're making a movie for 90 million or 500 million, then you, you need it to make money,

you know?

So, but that's big box again, you know,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: it's, it's big bucks, but you can tell, I think you can tell where things like this, that there's obviously people working on this who really give a shit, you know, they really want to make something that's brilliant. It's not just a. It's just, it's not just a cash cow.

Like some of them

Dan: Which, which I think is the risk of Marvel as an overall kind of

Reegs: entity that they'll become a saturation

Dan: out anything, because they'll know you've got those hardcore fans that will watch it and you'll be able to make, you know, a movie for a hundred million on Spider-Man. And you'll definitely make that a hundred million back.

You know, even if it's auto shit, you'll make that a hundred million back because

Sidey Endgame Full-2: But I think people will, people will have worked on this and now they've given it everything because of what they probably had a bit of a carte blanche to go and make something visually

Dan: stunning. It they've got good deal with Sony.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: yeah, I think you'll, you'll look back on this and there'll be certain films and you'll say like toy story. Um, you know, I'm trying to think of other ones, but this where the landmark fucking stand the test of time, these are a cut above. And it just happens to be a superhero story. That's going

Pete: I think what you said the site is absolutely right. Unlike an game where there was, for me, a lot of cynicism, like looking at it, there was none of that whatsoever with this.

It was like, they just decided to, you know, take a character that is familiar to most people, but do something totally different with it. It wasn't just like a big like geek out. I didn't need to know all of the background of, of Spiderman at no point. Did I feel like it was, yeah, like a nerd Fest or all that.

It was like patronizing me or he was like reaching for anything. It's like, they just saw we're going to make something really fucking cool, a new idea in a new way, leave it out there and just let, whoever wants to enjoy this. Enjoy it. And that, that came across massively for me.


Reegs: Yeah. Really creative. If I've got to have one criticism it's really the counterpoint to what you were saying.

I think Peter is that actually


I think, although miles is probably a victory for sort of being inclusive. I found him as a character, fairly bland. You know, he's got his hero's journey is kind of two of the most worn themes in entertainment. You know, you've got an, a sort of believe in yourself type message.

And he's got some daddy issues. It's like, there's nothing fantastically interesting there for me. also the whole like, believe in yourself and he'll be able to use his power powers that kind of happens between scenes off screen, that he can suddenly use his powers on command.

So, you know, but I am reaching for, for a criticism there it's really, my only criticism is that miles himself was, I felt fairly bland and not doing anything new, but there's so much creativity in the music choices, in the visual representation, in the storytelling choices in the way that it goes into that unbelievable final act where, I mean, imagine if you were on LSD watching all that crazy shit that happens when the Collider

Dan: didn't have to imagine we actually

Pete: some

somehow it wasn't disorientating when it, when like, if you'd have walked in to just that final scene, you'd never have had a chance of understanding what the hell was going on, or even been able to bear to watch it, but it all built up to

Reegs: that

mode. Yeah. And it, and it really worked. So yeah, this, this was really, really terrific stuffed full of creativity and heart.

Yeah, love this. It's not just for children. Maybe it's not even for

Sidey Endgame Full-2: children

  right. Great to be back in the

Reegs: main case,

Sidey Endgame Full-2: that was a long and in-depth Marvel first. I've got some nominations for you for

Reegs: next


Sidey Endgame Full-2: We are going to watch Dan. Make some

notes. So you don't have to ask

us a hundred times during the week. We've got a top five of movies featuring a casino

Reegs: casino.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah. That's one of them,

Reegs: casino,

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: our main feature. We are going to be watching fast and furious seven.

Pete: Yes,

Dan: are fucking

Pete: kidding

  1. Fuck

Dan: and furious

Sidey Endgame Full-2: Yeah. Dropping you in

Reegs: Oh, it's amazing.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: dropping you at number seven. It's on Netflix

Reegs: Is

Pete: It's deliberate again.

Reegs: And

Sidey Endgame Full-2: I've deliberately chosen it. Yeah.

Dan: well, I am furious, so we will see

Sidey Endgame Full-2: see how fast you get kids' TV.

We're going to watch the Flintstones. I will send you

Reegs: an email.

Well, an old one or, or they redone it or something. All right.

Sidey Endgame Full-2: And our mid-week mentioned for next week is going to be bloodsport.

Pete: No. It's nice.

Dan: Yay.

Reegs: Well, I'm looking forward to

Pete: that.


Dan: I tell you what, if anybody listening to this has not seen bloodsport already. I suggest you quickly watch

Sidey Endgame Full-2: it's worth a revisit. That's also on Netflix. So you can get some JC VD  get your fix before next Wednesday where we spoil it all for you. That's it.

That's all we got. Thanks for listening, dude. We've had a few reviews, which is Ben our first reviews for a long while. So thanks about more,

Reegs: pleased. Somebody, somebody said they don't know what they're doing, but it's fun anyway, so thank you,

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Dan: Thank you very much. We appreciate

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