Nov. 19, 2021

The Shape Of Water & The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants

The Shape Of Water & The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants
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The mirror is one of the truly great cinematic objects. Their use has fascinated viewers and directors alike and their rich metaphorical potential coupled with the innate visual properties they offer allow possibilities for their employment  in many different ways: to add new perspective to a scene, to imply a characters conflicting personalities or to facilitate jump scares to name a few. This weeks Top 5 looks at the films that used mirrors in the most compelling, novel or visually distinctive ways.

Guillermo del Toro is one of a trio of Mexican filmmakers including Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro Iñárritu whose work is essential viewing for anyone who considers themselves a film fan. THE SHAPE OF WATER is del Toro's 2017 critically acclaimed Oscar winner, an adult fairy tale featuring a love affair between Elisa Esposito (Sally Hawkins) and The Asset (Doug Jones), an aquatic-Lovecraftian abomination with a temperament and communication capability roughly equivalent to those of a dog, set against the backdrop of cold war paranoia in Baltimore, 1962. This is a stunning visual treat, although at times del Toro's obvious love for AMELIE becomes distracting. As  a metaphor for love and life and whatever it's an infantile one though and while I know that I am supposed to be enjoying what the coupling of the fish man and the woman represents, the symbolic sentiment of everyone finding a soul mate, and unique and different people being appreciated and all that but a) I think that’s total nonsense, there’s no such thing as a soul mate just as their is no such thing as a soul and b) she’s having sex with a sea monster, it’s a bit like teaching a gorilla sign language and then taking it home for a frolic in your back garden amongst the fig trees.

The probability of us enjoying a cartoon with the word 'underpants' in the title must be higher than Snoop Dogg's ceiling fan, so will THE EPIC TALES OF CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS fulfil it's potential? Captain Underpants and The Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flabulous sees George Beard, Harold Hutchins and their head teacher-turned-superhero Mr Krupp do battle with the evil Mr Meaner, whose bottom is turned temporarily monstrously large due to classmate Melvin's Pumpitupinator 2000. Delightfully silly, with plenty of visual invention and great har.

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Bad Dad


The Shape of Water

Reegs: Welcome to bat that's film review and welcome to this, which I think will be released on our two year anniversary of this silly little show. yeah,

I think So

November the 19th, I think so 162 movies reviewed and countless episodes of kiddies TV. Well, not countless 108 of them. In fact, I just, the number I counted over 236 hours of what I will very optimistically describe as entertainment unclogged from our collective dad consciousness like so much matted, pubic hair removed from a shower drain the team this week consists of Sidey without whom none of this would be possible is this whole thing was his idea.

It was him who bullied a, reluctant me into doing the show and he does all the editing and much of the social media stuff too. So if you want to blame anyone for all of this, then blame him.

Sidey: You can't blame me for Fisher king. No,

Reegs: no,

  1. But I could blame mysterious boy, Peter Andre, January Omni, the namesake of the former Jordan coddler. And Peter, I think you first came on the show for one of my favorite episodes, the peanut butter Falcon and treat zero.

Was that your,

Pete: that was my first, it was

Sidey: no that wasn't your first cause the first one


when you abused him on WhatsApp while he was in the group.

Pete: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. So it started off well,

Reegs: Yeah. But I did really enjoy that episode in you, you of course responsible, you know, you candidly discuss parenting a child with down


in that episode. And we found out my shocking musical taste reveal. We've never recovered from it. It was a great episode.

And of course you're also responsible for one of my favorite recent memories on the pod, namely being trolled by Dan, into oblivion, over not getting the fantastic Jim John moosh movie Patterson so much so that we genuinely very sweetly had a listener tweet his sadness at hearing you boys fight,

Sidey: He was worried that it was going to an actual fight.

Reegs: yeah.

So, but the trolling has


off. Yeah. But the, the trolling continues next up is Dan a veteran of the show he stepped in at the last minute to help us out with our kiss kiss, bang, bang episode, I think. And you barely look back and not just on account of the crippling back pain you experienced as a result of your advancing. It would be churlish of me not to mention how he makes or I won't. And then there's also me rigs. And clearly I like the sound of my own voice. We've had a two-star review lads. Yeah. It's our first one of those.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, I said I'm like Fran, who at least had the decency to tell us that he didn't like the show and what he didn't like about it, which is great.

Whoever the deuce dropper was didn't leave us any feedback.

Yeah. Or their name.


No, I think it's nothing. I think things are either fives or ones basically

Sidey: should be polarized enough to either leave a five or one.

Dan: there

Pete: we got a name for the two star reviewer,

Reegs: no. Yeah, exactly. So if you don't, you know, at two star reviews fair, but leave a review.

Tell us what you don't

Pete: I'll be honest lads. It was me after I got trolled by craving the other way.

Reegs: So there is two years bonkers, a

Pete: Well maybe it's two stars for the two years

Reegs: could be

Pete: symbolic.

Reegs: well, when we get to year 10, that


be we'll break apple.

Dan: Wow. So did any of you guys watch anything this week?


Sidey: I watched I'm going to say this week, but it's the thing I couldn't remember from last week I wish gangster squad. You've seen that

Reegs: I

Sidey: Ryan Gosling one I enjoyed her. She was good. And I did wear something else this week.

Oh fuck. I've forgotten again.

Dan: I, I just watched Jumanji the next level,

Sidey: really like

Dan: which was decent, which was decent.

Really good

Pete: quite a slow beginning. I couldn't remember anything about the first one other than obviously the, the game and stuff. And then there was loads of people in it at the beginning. I can't remember. Am I meant to know these people, Danny DeVito pops out all of a sudden,

Dan: it did take a little bit longer to get into the action if you


they set up a few new characters. Danny DeVito, Danny Glover was another. But once it, once you got into Jumanji, then the pace really picked up and it was, it was a really enjoyable

Pete: we all know the original was best because it had Robin Williams and

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: for that very reason.

Pete: see, I knew, I knew it.

Dan: I also watched was it snow piercer, snow

Reegs: Well, Snowpiercer,

Dan: Snowpiercer could you put me on to that? You said, oh, it's not a bad film. And we were, we were bouncing around on Saturday night, not knowing what to watch. And it was Chris Evans. Yeah. Um Yeah, that's every stranger Sam on there and Timmy mallet turned up as well.

It was this crazy. Crazy movie where the whole of society and life is whizzing around the world on a, on a train. And they've the people in the lower class need to, or want to get to the top. And it wasn't bad. It was quite you know, it could have been shit because they didn't have a lot to play with.

But I think with the direction yeah, he, he squeezed as much as he could out of that. And it was, it was a decent movie.

Pete: and you've remembered other things,

Sidey: red notice.

Reegs: Oh, how is it? Don't spoil it. Is it

Sidey: kind of enjoyed it?

Pete: talking with spoilers I've watched no time to die last night. Yeah, he does start then not going to lie. I had a tear. I had a T I

Reegs: in your cock

Pete: It was, it's a bond film. It's this, you know, they

Sidey: Yeah it is nothing villain and

Pete: Yeah. Like it's, it's not, it's not the best one. There's some good stuff in it. And it's a hot bird.

Cuban bird

Sidey: yeah well she's the knives out.

Pete: I've not seen it.

Reegs: She gets them out.

Pete: Not,

Sidey: on that She is fucking stunning And this

Pete: yeah, I genuinely welled up when he got fucking blown to

Sidey: Yeah there's no like oh did he survive that

Pete: angle and everything like that. Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler. I also watched over the course of the.

Reegs: Penny is his daughter.

Pete: No

Sidey: got a kid,

Pete: it's got a kit. I also watched over the fortnight that I haven't been around here for. I watched the, I thought I'd seen it and I had a gas going, I hadn't seen it.

Sidey: Oh

Pete: I watched that. Yeah, that's a fucking tear jerker as well.

Sidey: His, when like when his mate dies in his arms, basically you get to sit

back That's like you can see All these traumatic events that would've impacted him

Pete: map and I also watched just because I couldn't think what else to watch. And there was like Godzilla vs Kong or whatever. I watched that

Sidey: It's really good. It's great.

No it's great yeah. It's brilliant It's perfect

Pete: Too long to go through the plot

Sidey: Fight yeah. Kg is fighting. Brilliant.

Dan: you want to film like that.

Pete: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I was in the mood for something like that and yeah, I w I, I watched it. Yeah.

Reegs: I watched the guilty, which is Jake Gillan hall thing, where he's a nine 11

call operator thing. That's a Netflix. He think they're quite good at churning out these dramas with stars in, they've got a bit of a hook to them.

It's a remake of a Danish thing.

Pete: No, I've watched a film with Jake Gyllenhaal and he's caught he's in emergency services

Dan: That's a different one

Reegs: the guilty

Pete: is that

Reegs: and halfway What did I say?

Pete: said nine 11 it's to do with nine 11,

Reegs: no, no, no.

Sorry Yeah

Pete: what threw me. I've seen that I've watched that film in the last two weeks as well.

Reegs: Yeah. it's good It's it's it's okay. It's got a good herb

Pete: from a girl of women

Reegs: she's being abducted and she kind of is, but yeah, there's a good, I'm not going to know

time to

Pete: Watched it as well. Yeah, it was all

Reegs: it's a good performance from Jake Gillen hall.

And I watched a really stupid Netflix thing called hypnotic, which was about a guy who hypnotizes Kate Siegel into banging her and stuff. And that was also quite good. Netflix, just turn these original dramas out. I think they're given like young and other filmmakers a chance to see stuff and like, cause like the guilty thing was quite watchable.

Dan: So this good a thing on red tube as well, it was just this kind of amateur documentary, I guess you would call it. I'll have to give you the link later

Pete: Did it involve a washing machine that had broken down and a plumber getting cold, right? Yeah.

Dan: king

Reegs: If we got any things from last, like what was last week's top five

people do bother as


This is terrible He said, sorry, because we do enjoy getting

Sidey: hang on. Let's not do that.

Reegs: do bother.

Dan: These are the people

Reegs: Fuck them off. They'll tell kids.

No we

Sidey: we did, We had to have the kill bills. No one ever mentioned seven brides for seven brothers. I

don't think

Reegs: We haven't had home alone for a while. A couple of weeks ago, somebody put a home alone in for you.

it doesn't matter.

I'm sure somebody will find one

Sidey: There's the new one home alone.

Reegs: home

Sidey: the musical the series or something It's

apparently it's absolutely


Which surprises No one.

Dan: I was just looking online. See if we had any bride mentions from fans out there in the, in the Twitter verse. And we, I don't know. It's going to take me ages to look,

Sidey: Darren Leafly Anna chancellor, duck face and for weddings and a funeral.

The bride and care belt OBS Ellie in the pro Luke

Reegs: sorry

to oh, that's

Sidey: great.

Which As we know is really shit.

Mal all the way out in Australia So we really ought to mention that

Yeah. Princess bride and the bride from kill bell Muriel's wedding, which we also mentioned, but didn't put in. So what do you think out of that


probably want

Reegs: bride says it's got the word Bridey.

Sidey: Yeah.

It's baked Ryan. Well, Mel, Thank you very much. Princess bride is in Hey, Shane.

Pete: Yeah, I chose for our top five this week I chose mirrors.

Sidey: Can I guess at what possibly motivated.

is it trim peaks Yeah.

it might be

Pete: That's exactly what it was

Sidey: There's a couple of outstanding mirror scenes, which we can nominate, but we cannot spoil because I want these two to watch because I've got them

and I've just got

that one and the other


like how's Annie,

Pete: I was going to, I was going to open my opening entry to the self. I was going to be twin peaks because that is exactly what inspired this. And I

Reegs: you're not allowed to spoil it now

Pete: well, we're not gonna, we're not, I'll let, I'll let Sidey sort of like tiptoe through that delicately then.

I wa I also it was only in mentioning mirrors.

I hate the way Americans pronounce mirrors, mirrors. There's two of them. I mean, obviously they

Sidey: get

Pete: loads of hubs wrong. They even say herb, wrong. They say herb, and then there's like basil and oregano and then

Dan: Yeah I, I, you want to take a good, long, hard look at yourself because I


Pete: mirror, marriage mirror upon, but mirror is one and the other one is it's squirreled.

Not squirrel fucking

Sidey: float in the water A boy.

Pete: Oh, buoy. Fuck it. Come

Sidey: but that's totally off

Reegs: it's a weird word. Anyway,

Pete: Yeah, boy. But mirrors

Sidey: the last week, was an anniversary like the 35th or the 30th anniversary of a particular episode of twin peaks. And it was one of the mirror ones that I have. And it's someone looking in a mirror And the reflection is different.

Pete: It's not, then

Sidey: cannot, I


I will not

say anymore. Cause I know


spoke no times when I buy, will not spell that

Dan: Do you know squirrel in in Italian is

Pete: didn't know

Dan: there, you've learned something and it's, in check.

It's a funny word in whichever language you want to say,

Pete: squirrel is a perfectly normal word. Just don't pronounce it squirrel, but yeah, so, well, what you've proven is that, so twin peaks is this mirror content.

It's very key to the plot and you don't want to spoil it. I shan't spoil it

Sidey: the



where someone looks in the mirror and someone else looks back is my favorite episode of the whole


Pete: It's brilliant.

Sidey: Absolutely.

fucking killer. And the

ending, which was the old ending of the entire


is a mirror shot.

as well.

Pete: Okay. So what I can't open without then.

So I'm going to open with a recent, to me film that we've mentioned, that is probably one of the most nominated in top fives. It's the shining. So the boy Danny, Danny. So we've got, he's quite near the beginning. He started talking to himself in the marrow is his like imaginary friend in inverted commas.

And he's doing the little finger thing. So that's how he like talks to himself or his imaginary friend, but the iconic red rum, which ready fucking centers

Sidey: first time I saw that

on the Birch

Reegs: do it. There used to, we were primed for an impression.

Sidey: I was on the cusp of having like full on like panic attack the first time.

I sat like, Ooh,

Pete: It's

Dan: much the perfect horror film.

Isn't it It's just so tightly put together.

It's so well shot. It leaves you doing all the thinking about how bad this shit is going to be, and it leaves you just hanging. Enough kind of long enough on your own tip before they reveal anything. And you already, yeah. You already

Sidey: and builds and builds.

Dan: the music, the

Pete: no, you're you're right. It does exactly. It did exactly. To me what I would like a horror film to do to me, not just like fucking, just show me the insides of people. Like every 30 seconds. I don't want to do a little bit like, and in a totally, totally different way. Like the, the alien, the first couple of alien films, like we're just the suspense.

Like, it's like, I don't want to watch, but I'm going to cause this is compelling and it's fucking

Dan: time you see it, when you see red rum and then you realize it says murder,

Pete: that's the, the mirror that she, she likes, she wakes up, he's got a knife. He's just written red rum on the, on the wall or the door or whatever. And she cuddles him.

And as she does, she looks in the mirror and sees behind, or sorry, the mirror and sees behind her red rum. Yeah.

Dan: it's, it's fucking, just brilliantly spooky. Cause I just thought it was a horse before that

Sidey: you've seen

Reegs: yes.

Dan: With

Reegs: I enjoyed the movie more than I enjoyed the book, which is weird.

Dan: The Trainspotting dude in it, isn't it? Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. I was going to nominate it in the bam pose thing.

Cause it's got vampirey type things. Yeah.

Dan: Well, remember Peter, the enemy has only images and illusions destroy the image and you will break the enemy

Reegs: priestly

Dan: And this is the. Brilliant and the dragon. We go, well, I thought I'd just jump in there. Well, it's, it's pretty Bruce Lee it's it's final film before his mysterious death in 73. And it was

Reegs: He was look the impact he had on the world. He was 32

Dan: years old. Yeah. And it was released just six days after he died this movie. And

Sidey: you need to capitalize capitalize on the

Dan: what they did, didn't they? A classic martial arts film and this scene as it's kind of right towards the end, he goes into this hall of mirrors.

Does any, and they're, they're just mirrors and it's it's, it's a crazy, it's a crazy I've seen because he doesn't know where the guy's coming from. And, but being there ninja, he has he adapts and eventually wins and saves the day, but that's

Claw tiger. Kleiner claw hand that you just comes out from nowhere and just scrapes them.

And then it's only as the mirror start to smash that he, they start getting their bearings and you have the final fight, but yeah, that's, that's it. You can't mention mirrors in movies without that one.

Reegs: There's a terrific homage to that in John wick, chapter two, where he fights in this sort of neon lit hole of mirrors and

Dan: Well that they have the crazy mirrors like

Reegs: Yeah. And moving mirrors and he shoots the guy through the mirror

and Yeah,


Dan: Wouldn't that shoot him though?

not how mirrors work. Mirrors work. Yeah.

Reegs: Dan Nera over 17 mirrors in the mirror world. Susan is the guardian,

Pete: Ah, ah, limbo. Bimbo.

Reegs: Yeah, my wife and I still say that, oh, there she is. Again, all that. Yeah. But yeah mighty Boosh,

Pete: you forgot to take into account my mirror balls.

Reegs: Look at them. Shine.

Pete: It's amazing.

Sidey: We

all enjoy Dick

and boogie nights,

culminates all throughout the film, we have seen people's reaction to Doug Douglas, a gold member and it's not until the very end where he stands up in front of the mirror

and recite some lines and says I'm a big shining star and you see it in all his glory, but it sadly is prosthetic.

It's not the real McCoy,

No, it was not prophetic it's ethic. But yeah,

Dan: there's a good scene there. It's, it's kind of ripped off from raging bull. Isn't it? That last scene

Sidey: Well, we could have a whole sub genre of people talking. into a mirror Because like you say, raging bull is

Reegs: could have been a contender and all that,

Sidey: not just a bump,


is what I am,

Dan: And that's just how I was talking.

That's not a quote.

Pete: Well, same, same actor talking to himself in the


taxi driver in the mirror, a taxi driver, Robinson arrow. You're talking to me,

Dan: Travis pickle. You talking

I think he didn't get

Pete: doesn't sound like that.

But yeah, quite quiet. It's it's it's it almost becomes a montage of him practicing what he's going to say when he sees people, but also the rudimentary, like springy gun thing that he's made that comes out of his jacket

Reegs: and famously.


Sidey: I think

I was

Pete: Okay. Didn't know that, but yeah, that's pretty iconic.

That was one of the first ones I thought about.

Reegs: Yeah. That's a great one.

Sidey: Cheetah.

Dan: You talking to me, you don't why I put a magic mirror on the wall? Who's the fairest of them all.

Reegs: Oh yeah.

Dan: And you, you can take your

pick really is snow white

Pete: snow sleeping beauty. Yeah.

Dan: And um

Pete: you said magic mirror on the wall or not mirror mirror on the wall. Cause it isn't fucking mirror mirror on the wall.

Dan: Well, that's why I said

Pete: Yeah. But, but it's become, that's a Mandela effect thing.

Yeah. Where everybody says mirror, mirror on the wall. But

Dan: Well it's magic mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all. And you could take the Disney classic, which is the one that I'm kind of nominate in here. Which is 1937. You know? I mean, I w I, I w yeah, I was, I was just a young man at the time, of course, but you've also got a snow white, a tale of terror.

You've got mirror, mirror, snow white, and the Huntsman the 2012 film, which wasn't bad actually.

Reegs: Nikki

Dan: but the, the creepiest magic mirror is, is the Disney


Pete: you get asked to be in snowboard in seven, two or three weeks?

That's the first time I've ever tried out a short joke with you and I feel I felt uncomfortable doing it. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Dan: Well,

Sidey: probably around here.

Dan: you know, you you put it right back on reflection PD. Wasn't the best choice. Was it?

Reegs: Very good evil dead two is a movie I've talked about that. I love Sam Raimi did it. And it's got a great scene where Ash, who has just had to do something terrible is looking in a mirror and sort of slapping himself and saying, I'm fine.

I'm fine. And then suddenly his reflection leans out of the mirror and grabs him and says, I don't think so. We just caught up our girlfriend with a chain saw, does that sound fine? And then the reflection starts choking him in the camera. He moves back and he's choking himself. And then I think the whole room starts laughing.

So it's just a crazy, crazy scene. You know, this thing was made for an absolute pittance, so still hold it up as this huge golden standard for what you can achieve with kind of no money and just a lot of Ambien. And create something crazy. And another one I really wanted to talk about is the Jurassic park objects in mirror are closer than they appear seen. Well let's all talk about is such a great scene. I, I watched it again.

Dan: Big game hunter, aren't they?

The big game on a

Reegs: well they're back in the T-Rex paddock where they, where that iconic scene is.

Sidey: But they do the gateway and the Jeep Wrangler, which I wish I had a big load of detail

about this because I don't, unfortunately

Dan: well, it's that classic kind of mix between something that's funny and something that's scary as well when it's just, and the action of it all coming up at me.

Reegs: well but It's good as well

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: you'd have that scene earlier that the, the other scene that set there, that's so tense and set up for ages and you get the stirring in the water and whatnot.

And then this scene is you get the same beat where you see the water in the footprint, but this time he doesn't fuck about the T-Rex just comes straight out of the trees and they're off like, and the, the action scenes got a completely different rhythm to the previous one. And it's, it's actually really good cause it's like bashing bass bustling through the trees and, and all that stuff.

But yeah, you see its face in the rear view, not

Pete: or the wing

Reegs: the wing mirror and

it says objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

And it snaps

perfectly at the camera. It's great shot.

Pete: It's taken off in toy story two.

Dan: it took him ages to train the Toronto stories, Rex to do that

Pete: to appear perfectly.

Dan: amazing.

Sidey: Inception.

is a film. And when DiCaprio is sort of recruiting his team, he recruits Elliot page.

Elliot character. I can't remember the name, of, but is responsible for sort of building the worlds within

Dan: I thought that was his

Reegs: the architect was not the architect. The is

Sidey: sort of Yeah.

Reegs: She builds those crazy stairs.

Sidey: There's well, all kinds of stuff. At one point, they're in a, I think it was under a bridge or a tower or something, and they'd just pull it up essentially a massive door, but it's mirrored And it creates one of those effects, you know, when you mirror onto a mirror of the infinite

Reflections, and the whole thing is just really cool the way they do that.

Dan: That's a weird ass film as well.

Isn't it? It's one of those you need to concentrate on

Reegs: it gets worse. The more you watch it.

Pete: Oh, it does it cause I've watched it, I think twice.

And I'm still completely, I still get lost at the end, like too many levels of dream and yeah, I feel stupid watching it that I don't get it. And I was going to watch it again, but it gets

Reegs: Well yeah, that's, that was my experience in my

Pete: Yeah. Another film that includes a hall of mirrors, completely inexplicably to me, unless someone knows as the reason why it's the man with the golden gun where the best bond Raj he is.

SCARA scaremongers GAF and having a shootout there, it starts off on the beach. They're having like a pistols at Dawn or whatever time of day it is. And then they end up in Scaramanga scarf and he's got a fucking hall of mirrors in his guff up. Why is that? Do we know why that is? He's got like a fun house in his house.

Sidey: a midget.

Pete: He has. Well, yeah, but that doesn't explain why he's got

Dan: I've got a third nipple, I guess you just get to do this

Pete: he gets to look at it. You want to look at it from all angles. So you have, you build a hall of mirrors obviously, but yeah, he yeah, Raj beats him at his own game by sort of appearing or pretending to appear in places where he's not using the mirrors and eventually shoots and kills.

Scaramanga spoiler alert,

Dan: All smoke and mirrors. I was standing in front of the bedroom mirror looking over myself the other day, and I wasn't really happy with what I saw.

So I told the wife, you know, I feel horrible. Matt shape, ugly gray hair, losing teeth, losing hair, wrinkles spots. And I said to her, look, babe, I could use a compliment or two, you know, you said your eyesight's fine. LA confidential is the guy Pierce movie and guy Pierce was a guy who was in home and away or neighbors. I think it was home in a way. You remember him?

Pete: He was definitely in one of them.

Dan: I was in an and he's he's in this

Sidey: leather jacket,

Dan: leather jacket. Yeah, look really cool. But he wasn't actually that call, he wasn't as handsome as Brad or Jason or any of those, but the, the boy can act.


why he got his part, I think. And he, he's in another thing at the moment called Jack Black. I think it is a series or, which is really good anyway, but that's aside the point LA confidential, he plays a movie.

Yeah. He plays a cop and he's he's really straight and he's, he wants to do everything by the book.

There's loads of corruption in the city and everything,

it comes down to that in the end. Doesn't it? You know, that it is well, he, but he plays it straight, he to, to everyone. And there's, there's one kind of, one of those one way mirrors as they have in these holding rooms and everything. And

Pete: two way mirrors,

Sidey: No it's


way. It's a one way mirror because it's only married on one side,

Pete: right?

Dan: it. It

presents like a private view of the interrogation room.

Pete: window, but you've heard the saying two way mirror haven't you?

Sidey: I think you can get the ones that you, you can.


Dan: Yeah.

I've heard of double sided. Sticky tape. Yeah. Yeah. They do that. Yeah.

Sidey: it's great. the way they do it though, because you see the reflection of Oliver Cromwell as that interrogations got on, you know, the way they do it, so you can see everyone in the

shot even beyond the, mirror

and it's

fucking cool

Dan: and they, they use it at the interrogation room mirror in a few films, you know, I've, I've got

Reegs: all that bigger

Dan: Yeah, well well, was it the cabin in the woods as we watched? Not so long ago that had a, a funny one, didn't it.

Sidey: a list Hang on

Dan: and

Pete: One way mirrors

Sidey: No, the interrogation vibe

Dan: I think that it as well

Sidey: the

Dan: I never watched

Sidey: it's decent

Reegs: Yeah. It's pretty ludicrous. And it's

Sidey: of course waste bond. It's a gold bond.

Dan: Angelina Jolie,

Sidey: a girl. Jason Bourne film,


Yeah. it's got the the comedy bean, the Mr. Bean movie, has it and yeah, the cabin in the woods as well?


I probably those other


Dan: Yeah. That'd be

Pete: there's one in the, in the rock as well.

He, he breaks through the mirror. Warmack. I might've known you piece of shit.

Dan: strong.

Pete: I actually remember in Australia, I went for a PEs in a bar and I walked up to the rhinos and it was just glass, but like, it was just you piss against the glass. And there was behind the glass was a family sat on a picnic bench in the beer garden. So I, I didn't do a PEs. I walked back out, the toilets went all the way round into the beer garden and it was a one ma one way mirror.

So they were bliss it, so people would come in and piss and you're pissing like a foot away from like a kid's head without them like being aware of it at all.

Dan: some geniuses invented that

gene giggling

Pete: the amount of people you'd then say the big bear guard and later, like walking back out and looking around to see what was going on.

That was a nice little gimmick.

Reegs: Is it Candyman, anybody seen this one?

Dan: can

Sidey: remake.

Reegs: I haven't seen the remake. Yeah. Well this, this is good because you know,

Dan: is a horror film, isn't

Reegs: it is, but unlike most of the horror movies where it's like a horny counselor is responsible for it or a group of overzealous parents or something like that.

This is about America's history of like racism and the legacy of slavery because the candy man, who's never given another name in the.

He was the son of a slave who was lynched in the late 19th century for having a relationship with the daughter of a wealthy white man and not just Lynch, they cut his hand off and they smeared honey, honey, all over him.

Yeah. And they burn em and they spread his ashes over some housing projects in Chicago, some apparently quite famous ones. And I think probably the most famous thing about the movie is it's like riff on that old, urban legend thing. You can't look in a mirror and say Candyman five times, otherwise you summon him through the mirror.

And sometimes he's where he's got a hook for a hand,

like you said,

And sometimes he opens his mouth and millions of

bees flies out. It's based on Clive Barker book and it was originally set in like Liverpool and was about street. About social problems in Britain, but then moving it to America and having it be about the racial problems as well, added an extra layer.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. So yeah, this county man is really good and I, I am quite looking forward to seeing the

this one right there. Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman.

Pete: So I thought it was three

Sidey: That's

Reegs: you go. I've done it anyway.

Sidey: it's done it. Well, if we all

perished tonight.

you'll know

Dan: in

the man cave where I live.

Reegs: Well he comes from me first.


Sidey: when I was at school. Many years ago, I did media studies, which meant we got to watch films and study them. And one of the topics was British cinema of the 1940s. So we did a lot of Ealing films and there's an eating horror anthology called dead of night.

It's pretty good. One of the features, a cursed mirror

A cuckolded husband believes that his wife is having an affair. So he strangled her in front of the mirror. And then slits his own throat.

Yeah, it's decent. And then the new owner of the mirror, I think owner of the house, which has the mirror becomes possessed by the spirit that's in the mirror.

It's really surprising to have an Ealing. Cause you just think even in comedy you'd always just associate eating with those sorts of films, but they do other stuff. And this is definitely worth checking

Dan: Okay, cool. I think cleaning mirrors in movies, you know, somebody does that don't know it's a job. I could see myself doing.

Pete: he's good. It's is good. That's your best one for weeks?

In what I am now convinced is definitely one of my favorite films of all time, pulp fiction Vince vaguer, when he he goes out, he takes mayor Wallace out for, you know, on the date and they do the twist and shit, and then they come back.

Obviously they're getting on like a house on fire. And then, so he goes to the bathroom and, and gives himself a pep talk in the mirror.

Dan: all done it. We've always

said those talks out loud and

Pete: your mates misses.

Dan: slap yourself in the face and just say, I'm going to, I'm not,

Pete: So he says, so you're going to go out there. You're going to, you're going to say good night. I've had a very lovely evening, walk out the door, get in the car, go home, jerk off. And that's all you're going to do.

Dan: And he goes out there and she's just like a pile on the, on the couch, overdosed from the heroin that she's

taken Yeah

Pete: It doesn't go according to plan.

Dan: it's such a great pep talk in the toilet. Yeah. Fantastic. Is it come back round to me? Then I, I'm gonna I'm running out of ones that I've got written down here, but apocalypse now begins with this this kind of sequence showing PTSD rattle Martin sheen hold up in a hotel room in fucking Saigon. And he's, he's tormented by his memories and everything. And he kind of just folds around the room and he knocks over a mirror at that stage and everything just showing more bad luck coming his way, I guess. But what a fucking movie that is it's just such a, I went for a phase where I, all those kinds of nom movies, you know, so apocalypse now platoon born on the 4th of July, anything that was coming out of that area, there was just so many great films and so many great actors had been attracted and directors

into doing it.

 Anyway it was this movie that really set my love for that, John, we're going to be honest. The soundtracks fucking awesome. The CR is such a quotable film as well. And Marlon Brando was fantastic in it though of all the stories of making it and everything.

It was just

Reegs: crazy.

It just adds to it

Dan: It just adds to it. Cause it was fucking crazy. I think they go off to the Philippines and to shoot a lot of it. And it was just a drug filled kind of binge. And Marlon Brando was just basically doing what the fuck Marlin Brando did too. And he nails it of course in his own way. And clever, you know, Francis Ford coppers, clever direct, just kind of made it all.

Great. Yeah. That's why I said something like that.

Reegs: It's a Buffalo bill from a science. The lamb says he's. And have you ever tried it?

Pete: Well,

Reegs: Hidden your junk and stood there. Like you got a vagina, like

Pete: percent art I've I've got a story. I've got a story that not, not in a mirror, but I, I walked out it in a gym, in a gym with a mate of mine. I came out of the shower with my knob tuck between my legs and said oh, I'm in the wrong changing rooms just as my dad walked into that habit. Cause pat Palo, my best man at my wedding, like put that in his best man speech wasn't awkward. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Black Swan is a horny ballet.


Dan: false forwarded through this. Yeah, never. Yeah, I know, but I just wanted to see the, the heartbeats,


there wasn't really any, was there

Sidey: where's that, that one, the one famous scene. But the the combination is a smashed mirror. And a shard is impaled in our heroine, Natalie Portman.

But it's all unclear. Is it all in their minds, you know, you just don't know quite what's going on. But I think you should watch it properly. It's good. It's really

Dan: Okay. Yeah. Maybe if I'm scratching around for something it's always there, you know, to, to

Sidey: great ballet content

Dan: yeah. Strong,

Sidey: up there in terms of ballet

Reegs: He's never made a bad movie for me out of everything I've watched. Everything's interesting. Darren Aronofsky does.

Sidey: Mm,

Pete: I've not seen it, but, well,

Sidey: it's very good Very, very good.

Pete: Obviously we want to try and wrap things up quickly. So three, I'd say three fucking brilliant stellar films here. The makeup. Obviously Neo takes the red pill and then he's sat in a chair and he looks at the mirror and he goes, and he points, touches the mirror.

And then obviously it starts distorting everything. And then he awakens in the real world Terminator the, the terminations get shot. And then that really fucking graphic, albeit dated like animatronic sort of scene where he like cuts into his own eye and then puts his sunglasses on. And another fucking brilliant film home alone.

Where, where Kevin is a yeah, he's home alone in the Gulf. What else are you going to do? Yeah, he's like spiking up his hair and using all the products and stuff. And he puts after shave on his face and and it like, it makes him school, but that wouldn't happen because he has another shave. So just putting off the Shavonne.

If you put it on your leg, it's not going to burn. It's only because you've had a shave that it kind of the alcohol in it. So that wouldn't happen. So

Dan: maybe it went in his eyes,

Pete: no, it doesn't, it's on his cheeks. He slaps on his cheeks and then like, sort of does like a fate.

Sidey: burning his cheeks

Pete: fucking hilarious.

Sidey: hilarious.


Pete: no, I just wanted to get home alone in the,

Sidey: done.

Dan: Well I've got another another kind of story. When we were sat in the bar, we were sways and I noticed these two old drunks across from his office at that size in 10 years. And he


that's a mirror of my friend. But that was actually not a true story. And a true story.

I do have is Rocky. That was a true story. Do you remember the mirror?

There's loads of mirrors and Rocky. You could choose the, the training montage one, but one of the, one of the first bits actually in Rocky is you see normal walkie a day in the life as you're kind of introduced into him.

And he just going into doing his run and everything. And just before he's he goes to see Adrian, he, he's kind of talking to himself in the mirror, little Ben it's just shows his, his vulnerability and you realize fucking, oh, he wrote that, you know, I mean he's out of nowhere really. I mean, he was there, the attack. Fucking it was it as quick as that. Yeah. I mean, that's even more incredible then, but I mean, you get into the flow of these things, don't you? I

Reegs: think

Dan: three days, you

Reegs: can knock out a rockier, just

Dan: knock out a walk in three days once you're doing it. But he's practicing a joke to tell her, you know, and it just kind of shows how much he cares about this next scene that is, is written for himself.

But now it is life, you know, it, and it's one of the most vulnerable kind of moments and it shows what a great actor he was

Pete: not.

Dan: just writer, but, you know actor as well.

Reegs: A couple last ones for me, the first Spider-Man movie, Norman Osborn does a lot of talking to the green goblin in the mirror.

And obviously we've got that coming out soon, the trailer as well.

Sidey: which will be exciting, Days ago,

if you listening to this

Reegs: Sometime days ago. And what we do in the shadows as well shows. So it shows the downside of being a vampire because you have to get.

People to tell you what you look like. You can't see yourself,

Dan: we're on reflection, vampires on that. Scary.

Reegs: Yeah. And then I couldn't really not nominate the movie mirrors, mirrors which is really average Kiefer Sutherland type thing, but it's called mirrors.

Pete: Mirrors.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: Saturday night fever. Travolta


Dan: wait,

Sidey: getting ready He's blow drying his hair.

Dan: old man

Sidey: He's just wearing like black Speedo. He type

Dan: kinda tucked his cock behind him and his old man bursting,

Sidey: That's the one Harry Potter and the philosopher's


has the magic mirror. Yeah.

I show you not your face, but your heart's desire.

Reegs: It's that? Yeah. That's the first one.

Isn't it? I've seen

that. It doesn't he see his

Pete: parents? Yeah. His parents who have deceased.

Sidey: are no longer with them and American werewolf in London,

the musical the series a is David Kessler is the the dude.

And he's just, again, just looking in the mirror dead friend appears next to him in some sort of now looking quite dated makeup scares the shit out. of, and,

Reegs: No, man. The makeup's still pretty good in American werewolf.

Isn't it?

Sidey: Not that particular bit It looks like they've painted him green. It's like what people now have for Halloween makeup is not but the other stuff is impressive but that, that one looks particularly bef in my opinion. So that's

Pete: Okay. Last couple. Just picking up on there. I think in, in horror films it's used as a device for, especially like the, you know, bathroom cabinet mirrors where you, they open the bathroom cabinet


then when they closed it.

There's a face and that's then. So they, they, it's not taking it off, but it's used in like Shaun of the dead. When the guy.


Yeah, yeah. So he's, he's called Pete in the film. Isn't he? But he he's that like just being an asshole. Cause he's like the landlord or. But then by the second time it happens, he's, there's like a shout silhouette of him in the shower and he's just groaning.

And he has he has become a zombie. Last couple, a predator two is a film I like, and for some weird reason he has, he's had his arm hand cut off by Danny Glover and easy find the predator, finds himself in a bathroom, smashes the mirror and get some tiles and then gets his little medical kit that he's got out, which is, you know, it's very sort of first day conscious of M's carry that around.

And he ends up like cauterizing his stump using melted down mirror and tile.

Reegs: We've all done that.

Pete: Yeah. And the final, one of the Truman show, cause obviously the cameras, the mirrors are used to sort of do a lot of footage of him, like cleaning his teeth or whatever it is. And there's the scene where he, and he get some soap and any drawers, like at first they think, oh, maybe he's onto us because you're looking straight almost through the mirror.

And he draws like. And astronauts site helmet. And then, so it's like fantasizing that he's just landed on a planet or something like that. And it's quite a sweet film.

Sidey: should, midweek mentioned that.

I think

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. We can go back. But that's,

Sidey: One, I forgot that is a great sequence that we've spoken about before is contact where

Jodie foster, as a young Lang runs through the house to go to their cabinet and reaches up and the camera's somehow flips

and it's,

Reegs: it's like, you've been following the

Sidey: Yeah. So I don't think you actually see the mirror

Pete: mirror,


Reegs: go

Dan: it must be loads of camera tricks when they do this

Sidey: There is an explanation out there of how it's done,

Reegs: I forgot one as well that I wanted to mention face off.

you guys, I mean, there's some great stuff in there with the mirrors and they're shooting through them and that sort of stuff. And then, but when they meet, he says it's like looking in a mirror,


Pete: it's not

Sidey: mirror

Reegs: because he's

Dan: there's a good one in the impasse in as well when he's kind of looking at them, the bus, the bus kind of

Pete: oh I was so anxious in that scene.

Dan: reversing. So that.

Pete: Ah, I really want to do Vince Vega, but I, I might, I think I want to do Mr. Susan.

Reegs: Oh brilliant yeah,

Pete: there are, there are over 17 meters in the metal world.

Reegs: there are.

Dan: It's either for me, it's over that in one or it's enter the dragon, I'll go for the Bruce Lee. Enter the dragon.

Reegs: Good I will go with what was I going to go with? is some good flummoxing isn't it? Oh, Candyman.

Okay I was definitely going to go with candy, man. That's a great one,

Sidey: I'm putting in twin peaks.

Pete: Oh, that was the inspiration behind

Reegs: and then put in your nomination so we can ignore it. No, we,

Sidey: so we can flux around. and trying to remember what they were

Dan: definitely mention it. And

Sidey: because we get inundated with

so many.

It's just hard to keep track.

Pete: You should probably ask listeners to not spoil twin pizza because we could have spoken for half an hour just about twin peaks mirrors.

Sidey: Yeah. It's really bad for them to sprawl and stuff. So please don't do

Pete: that.

Dan: We're going to have to watch this aren't we, at some point twin

Pete: it's definitely worth watching fuck

Dan: Well,

Sidey: I mean it's achieved but you've been denying yourself.

been denying yourself some top tier assignment

Pete: This, this one, I'm actually going to change my position, cheese, a lead Trek, cheese farm, the family tricks or something like that.

Reegs: Yeah.

Nice Very good

Pete: Yeah.

I actually had to do the Liam Gallagher pose for that.

Sidey: Nailed it.



We have got Tuesday, Pete, you have suppliers.

Pete: I I've supplied three types of cheese.

None that we've ever got on the subscription before, but I think you've probably had a black bomber before I'd imagine

Sidey: a Christmas. stifle there.

Pete: Yeah. So that is a really solid, mature chatter.

Reegs: that I've got involved with the black bomber

Pete: Yep.


Quite squeaky. We've got a, I've never heard of this. It's a Babbo which is from Italy it's use, use milk.

It's a wash Ryan, so it stank before we kind of,

Sidey: It's not these

stinky on it's nervous

powers combined,

Pete: Yeah. So Navarro is a twist on the taleggio, which I think we, we all knew it was, yeah, it's got some slightly buttery flavors, fruitiness balanced with flavors of yeasty, bread dough, a hint of lemon, zest earth and plums. And of course we always want cheese that tastes of earth.

Dan: and

Sidey: I didn't get a lot of


Pete: not, yeah,

Sidey: bland

Pete: more interesting than it say.

It's it's all right. What I would say. And I'll bring them in now is the bell stomach pickled onions that were your shell from a couple of weeks ago. So I I bought them and they elevate any cheese. Yeah. And we still got Mrs. Pickle, pots extra chilies. And there's also not a right. I don't think anyone else has tried it.

Side gave it a whirl. It's a

which is an Italian rocker Lino with truffle. It's an almost obvious match. But inevitably, so inevitable because the attraction between the two foods is, is quite clear, the delicacy fruits of the earth with the great intensity of aromas and flavors enriches the clean and almost crisp texture of this little mature cheese, increasing its complexity and prestige.

Sidey: It is truffle though, for me, truffle is just too strong of flavor. I don't vibe with. it.

Pete: Yeah. I'm not as scared of it as you and I'm all over it.

Sidey: was the one that you brought along in its own Chop a wet box, because it is so

very pungent

Pete: stinks to high heaven.

Reegs: When

you opened that box, there was a sudden, it was like a demonic apparition in the room was they turned your

Dan: stomach. Did I had to leave the room for a moment? Which held that I was going anyway, but it settled after.

Pete: well, yeah, when I got it out the box, I, first of all thought I hadn't washed my penis for a couple of weeks, but

Dan: cause you know that smell yeah. It's.

It's not anything that's, that's entice me over to the cheese board at the moment.

Might have a drop a red light and give it a go.


the, the bowel Zhamak a


Sidey: one that looks like a block of


If you have that with a picker dine-in is a winner. because the cheese is fairly neutral, that segues very nicely into this week's movie Pete, which is one of your nominations.

Pete: It is, well, it is one of my nominations, but only by proxy because I was chatting to a a listener of of this very show.

Someone who you guys haven't been able to engage with at all, because he's not on social media. But yeah, a guy I work with who, yeah, he's a fan of the show listens to most of our episodes. And I kind of like meandered over to him at work and was like his name is Daniel and I ended over to him at work and said, have you got any films that you have watched in the last of that come out in the last five years, 10 years, whatever that you would say are either a must watch or you think would be quite divisive or, you know, like polarize people's opinions and self, because they seem to be good conversations when someone loves it, someone hates it, but it invokes kind of opinions, nonetheless.

And he said, have you seen the shape of war? By Guillermo Del Toro. And I said, no, never even heard of it. And he was like, oh, like Oscars and Oscar nominations and stuff like that. It's yeah, watch it and let me know what you think. So this is me and the rest of us now letting him know what we think.

So that was the film I nominated.

Sidey: It was you're right. It was the Oscar. winner. Right.

Best pitcher.

Pete: I'd never heard of it or seen any like posters or anything from it.

Sidey: I just knew it as the fish.



Pete: Well, then I sort of threw it out society. So have you seen shape of water? And he said, I, he said, no, I think it's the one where a bird Fox or fish.

And I was like, well, that seems like a really good film for us to watch.

Dan: Holly,

Pete: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. And did it,

Reegs: this. Yeah.

Pete: you had seen it. Yeah, yeah,

Reegs: yeah. Yeah. It's fish fucking movie.

Pete: yeah. Excellent. Yeah. So it's like an entirely new genre of porn that I had not considered.

Dan: you're

Pete: Watching and engaging with before, but

Dan: we had never considered. Cool. Alright. Okay. Good. Now it's an adult fairy tale, isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah. It's a Gothic fairytale thing that gamble Guillermo Del Toro does

Dan: he did Pan's labyrinth. Which was the one that I'd seen of his and remembered before, but he's done a few more as well as any hell boy.

Reegs: I really like all those movies.

Pete: not seen Pan's labyrinth, but I've heard lots of good things about that.

Reegs: great. Yeah.

But this is the shape of water and we start underwater, don't we dark? It's actually not clear at all where we are and there's a man's voice and the rating, and he's telling a story, isn't he?

Dan: and there it is.

Yeah. It's, it's, it's the is it the, the neighbor,

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: voice.

Yeah. So the, the neuritis turns out to be the, the the neighbor and he's telling the story of this woman.

Lifts next to him. And it opens up in this scene and on the, on the underwater, in our apartment,

Reegs: Well, it, it looks like the apartment's underwater. It's really cleverly done. And then there's the wa the water sort of evaporates away.

And it turns into her sleeping on the couch, sleeps on the chaise long.

Dan: Yeah. Nice. And you say,

Reegs: a good night's sleep on a chaise long, you

Pete: No, no,

Dan: well it depends how fucked you are, but



the you said it was beautifully shot. It all was, wasn't it? I mean, it really, I think that all the way through this film, it's just the visuals,

Pete: Yes. Straight away, you know, you're not watching something cheap that we could all make ourselves over a weekend. It's, it's pretty light captivating in terms

Dan: the colors in the in the

Reegs: it's so reminiscent of Amalie straight away, like the color palette. But anyway, yeah, it's still it's

Pete: in the opening sort of like narration, it explained it doesn't explain where she was found as a baby, by a river or something like that.

Is that when, when was

Dan: that's a little bit later.

Reegs: a little bit later

Dan: The, the coworker is

Pete: why. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry.

Dan: let a little bit like, but yeah, she's just she's a, she's a lady who we find out.

He works at

Sidey: She freaked herself off.

Dan: oh


Pete: straight

Sidey: right out right out the


Dan: fingers from the

Sidey: We've had Dick

Twice. And now we've had Bush.

Reegs: She's really

efficient because she sets her eggs to boil hard-boiled eggs eight minutes.

So, and she's already filled a bath and then she goes off for a wink. And then, so she's got eight minutes to get herself off, but she looks pretty efficient.

Pete: And she's got, and she's, it seems like a morning routine that she can buff herself in eight minutes. Yes.

Dan: overrun.

Reegs: Well it does later, doesn't


Clearly she lives above a theater.

Sidey: for the place that she

Reegs: Yeah.

It was kind of dirty

Dan: was, yeah. Which is strange because she was quite clean. Otherwise you thought she had given the place a bit of a tidy

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. Something that becomes quite well, very apparent quite quickly is that she is mute. She has no ability to talk at all and communicates to a neighbor through sign language. And her coworker also through sign language,

Dan: you kind of end up as translated some of the time for a


Reegs: yes,

They live above a movie theater.

Dan: or you get that shot quite early as

Reegs: you do really early on and it's playing the story of Ruth

Dan: setting, setting the scene where you see this young single female who lives above a theater.

Reegs: And that theater is pretty cool. It's, it's a pretty, pretty elegant


It's called the ELGAN theater in Toronto.

And that's where they held the premiere of the movie. So you can, so you've

got that matter thing,

And this is a few Mehta things about cinema and whatnot going on as well in the movie. Some of them on purpose and some of them, well,

other reasons maybe,

Pete: But she works as like a cleaner janitor clean up in a, like a, sort of a secret government laboratory

Dan: we're set in the

Pete: 1960s.

Yeah. 62. Yeah. Yeah. So she works as a cleaner, she's got a Powell cleaning pals, Zelda who sort of talks to her all day and kind of is taking her under her wing a bit.

Sidey: Spencer she's spending a few core things that she,

Pete: I don't think it's sort of too quick to fast forward to what has this laboratory is, is kind of doing, and there's a character we're introduced to a character called Strickland.

He's a, he's like a, an army.

Dan: a nice guy as the name would suggest

Pete: it's

Sidey: Michael Shannon.

Dan: it's crazy. And it's Strickland, you know,

Sidey: introduced to us when he takes a PEs and just they're there.



in the men's room

Dan: the cleaning

Sidey: cleaning up And He

just says, not necessarily you can stay. while I take a person That's it's really fucking

Reegs: He

says, right. Did he? He says, you can tell a lot about a man by whether he washes his hands before

Sidey: but she, she offers them. Italian said, is that no, no, I've already watched them before, I ever paid.

Pete: before or after

Reegs: he touches his Dick. And then he's like, and you can tell him that you can tell a lot about man. I didn't understand that straight away.

Cause you, you wash your hands afterwards. Right?

That's the,

Sidey: he.

And then he eats his favorite. Sweet. And he says it's it's a weakness of character. If you do it both times What do you fucking weirdo

Reegs: yeah. Anyway

Pete: of having a pissy. Sweet.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. So that

Sidey: so that sets the tone for him. He's very, he's got his cattle prod. He just leaves on the sink And it's bloodstained.

So, you know, this. guy's Pretty


Reegs: real Dale and the reason he's there is because they bring in the asset. That's what they describe it as it's the first we see is just a big, long metal cylinder sloshing about with water. But I think there's a raw maybe a from in there

sort of thing. Yeah. She also spends a lot of time with our neighbor Giles.

Who's a closet. Sort of middle-aged guy, Richard Jenkins. We saw him in a cabin in the


One of the guys

Pete: He

Dan: came actually pops up in there. A few different things like this just as, as

Pete: This is by far and away that, well, it's a film I've seen that he's had the biggest part and he's been in other things. I think he said numbs it stepbrothers. He's sort of like the dad and stuff, but he's always been like, ah, this is, he said part of the main, like cast here Yeah. But he was like on the screen quite a lot in this and

Sidey: is key to think he's a, he's an


He is very talented artists.

Reegs: He's brilliant.

Sidey: Yeah,

Pete: he does. He does like sign writing as well and

Dan: 1960s, instead of, you know, they did the original posters and


When they they'd hand paint them all, they're put on the side of a truck or a shop or something.

Reegs: Yeah. But I think that was on the, I, you know, on the verge of being pushed out as well

Dan: Well as, as it turns out, he loses his job a little bit late one

Reegs: Yeah, he does. He does eat depicts that modern sixties living at the time. And it's got a different aesthetic it's yellowy pastels, and it's bright red jelly at the beginning. And all the families had got this rictus grin and it's important later because when you see Strickland's home life, it's the same as is what he's drawn on.


Dan: he's done all the correct things. Isn't he through his, like, you know, you can imagine that he's, he's learned his trade he's he's done everything well.

And it, as it turns out, you know, he followed that kind of dream and things haven't worked out as, as he would like to, but I mean, kind of jumping ahead, because you've got the scene where they bring in the, the asset, this sea monster, and you, you kind of see that they're, they've dragged him in from the Amazon.

Sidey: Well the next, the next, before we see it, the next time we see Strickland is there's a scream.

Pete: It's

Sidey: a

great big scream and we don't know what it is. And he runs out into the hallway and you don't know quite what's happened.

And someone just shouts, he's losing a lot of blood and he's had his hand is half as well.

Two of his fingers bitten off. If they

say being off right away. You don't quite know. exactly how

they've come

Pete: apparent that, you know, we've started joining the dots between there's a sea creature and now it's just lost

Sidey: someone comes in and asks the two ladies to go in and clean and get out quick.

And so they it's what is it Liza? She, she paused some water down and these two fingers come out from under a cabinet if she just picks them up and puts them in her lunch,

Dan: W which is Sally Hawkins? Okay. She was good in this as well. I mean, she obviously

Sidey: doesn't say much

Dan: but I really like her. I mean, she's some voice as well. I've seen her in a few things, oh, she's

Pete: and anything else,

Dan: I really know

she'd been in other stuff.

Sidey: She

Reegs: in


Sidey: Yeah. That was after this Paddington too. Not seeing that. It's good.

I've seen almost all of her though,

Dan: So yeah, she finds herself. With Octavia cleaning out the, the enclosure, what is it? It's like a massive tank. And then you've got like a, a kind of,


shape tank of new,


upright and a big pool kind of tank where you can't see the bottom. You just see the, the top


the water.

Sidey: it's got some kind of green.

Something that I keep

Reegs: floating, chemically something or others.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: But it's, it's, it becomes obvious that she's become really curious about what this creature

Reegs: fish curious.

Pete: That's exactly what she is. Yeah.

Reegs: curious.

Sidey: she,

Reegs: she breaks into there starts having a lunch and all that. Then she, and she plays music, Benny Goodman.

Pete: Well, she starts leaving eggs, eggs out. And then you kind of see the creature sort of reveal itself.

Sidey: Yeah.

Creature from the black lagoon.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: yeah.

Pete: And yeah, and it's, it's you know,

Reegs: nice

from its regular torture breaks with

Strickland. to have an egg

Pete: Yeah. That's yeah. If there's anything

Sidey: You know one or two eggs though.

and then after that I'd want something

Reegs: yeah I wouldn't, I don't cold egg is anathema to me. No, it's the

Sidey: it's not


Dan: cool hand Luke seen almost going on, but yeah, I mean, this is just about obviously establishing trust and things and building a relationship. And slowly, slowly, she brings in the music as well and kind of,

Sidey: turns, she starts to turn the music off and he communicates, you know, basically said, I liked the music, you


it's nice.

Put it back


Dan: like the eggs

Sidey: scene where they keep, she keeps turning off and he, you know, they start to build


Reegs: but when we say communicates, he's utterly animalistic,

Sidey: Yeah. As then, but

you can tell that he's not screaming. He's, It's a, it's a noise enough. You can deduce enough that he likes the music and he sort of, You know, there's some

Reegs: That level of intelligence

Dan: There's a little bit

Pete: I think, I think there is, there is some more like he's well, what's clear is that he obviously doesn't have vocal chords and she doesn't have vocal chords. It's it's alluded to that. She's got, she's got scars on her neck and there was some kind of accident or whatever where she,

Reegs: was found with them as a


Pete: And, and it was assumed that her sort of vocal cords were damaged because of this.

So that's why she only communicates through sign language and, you know, they have to communicate physically. Rather than vocally, what, what, the bit I sort of, I didn't get is because the, the, like the, the backdrops, all of this is the space race, and it's kind of like really skirted over very quickly, almost like, ah, this sea creature will definitely help us get into space quicker.

Reegs: the idea is that he can breathe into different

Pete: Right. Got it. '

Sidey: cause They say about It's obviously a cold war thing and they say about that they set up a dog and then we laughed at them. But like

then they set up a person So yeah. It's about what they can do to get the,

Pete: Right. Okay. So that

Reegs: but yeah flimsy you're right.

Flimsy, but yeah, it's all going on. There is a new doctor at that facility. Robert Hoff Stetler, Michael Stuhlbarg. Yeah

Dan: which ones? Which they both sound like the doctor

Reegs: Oh, Stolberg is the actor. I did recognize him. Oh, I didn't, I haven't written it down, but he's actually a Soviet spy

Pete: now.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Dimitri here. And he tells his bosses that he believes the creatures can can, can, can communicate and they're


Sidey: well they're just going to kill it


dissect it Strickland has had enough? He's been, you can see he's been touching it which is obviously teaching him nothing, not learning anything from

touching his animal.

You've just wants him cut up dissected, what can we learn? But yeah, you're right. The the, the agent or the doctor convinced to no, he needs to be captured live,


Reegs: know,

Sidey: just purely

Dan: We can learn more if, if he's alive, but yeah, the the, the Russians as well one him dead, because if they can't have him, then nobody. Shit.

Pete: Yeah, that's it. But this, this this, this doctor is a scientist is even though he's like a KB KB KGB agent, he's also. Intrigued by this creature and he wants the creature capsule alive and well, he

Dan: The scientist is

Pete: much more to be gained from studying and observing and trying to interact and everything with, with the great,

Dan: So eventually Sally Hawkins Eliza she's, she's onto the fact that if I don't get him out of there, he is done. So she brings in the neighbor for a bit help, whoever originally doesn't want to help her, but then he goes to the, this is crazy.

It's crazy shit. You want to go into a nuclear or a facility guarded

Sidey: he can he knows that she's got more than just a, she's got a real connection to

Dan: she's got a crush. She's got a crush on.

Reegs: Well, he has his own motivations as well because he sort of had this flirtation with a pie shop. Boy,

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: is that a

Dan: The key line pie

Reegs: Yeah He's got a fridge full of these fucking horrible looking green


Sidey: green in

Reegs: Yeah. A huge amount of greens, the future.

Dan: Yeah. Well, he goes into the diner, doesn't he on this day where she's asked him for his help and he's refused to, and he finds out that the, the, the PI guy actually is isn't gay. He doesn't have a chance. In fact, he's a, he's a homophobe and he's he's a racist as well.

So all his dreams are shut. I didn't around eating all this pie, go into this same shop all the time to meet this cute pie guy. And it's bullshit. So he realizes, whereas my friends, you know, and I'll go back and why not fuck it. I'll help him

Pete: well,

Reegs: Institute

Pete: I'd say, I'd say his initial sort of stance of trying to dissuade her from this plan was kind of Sage advice.

I would, I'd be with him and say like, no breaking into it, like a government facility.

Dan: Hey you're

Pete: steal, steal a sea creature. It's not, you know? Yeah. There's, there's no good can come of that.

Dan: It's a unique

Sidey: not really the man with the temperament for this sort of


a little bit nervous as I get away driver,

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. Not ideal. Although quite a good forger. It hadn't dried, but it looked the part like the forgery for the, the documents,

Reegs: Oh there's a whole heist thing here. It's quite cleverly done. Isn't it? But there's probably no reason to

Pete: about No, there's not.

Reegs: detail

Pete: this time the KGB guy has realized what's happening.

Cause he, when he walks into the room and he always, he notices her the, the cleaner what's the name Eliza and knows that she's up to something he noticed. In one of the scenes that, where he's having a disagreement Strickland, he notices the camera being moved away from the unloading by, but doesn't say anything because he's now started counting onto the fact that this girl is very interested in the sea creature and may

Reegs: know also he's got a bit of a hard on for her. Cause when he bangs his wife, he puts up his

Pete: I was strictly and you're talking about, yeah, you're talking about show.

I was talking about the KGB guy is it knows what she is up to and cottons onto it, and then goes to sort of collaborate with her because, you know, he wants this. If he doesn't want this like creature to be chopped up, like what best case, worst case scenario, let it, let it go free. But yeah, you're absolutely right.

Strickland has taken a shine to her, I think because like it's all about domination and, and you know, for him and suppression, that's what he wants to do to the sea creature. That's what we want to do to all of his life. He wants it to the, the, the scientist.

Sidey: does his wife say to her? She just gets like one boob out

Pete: Oh, yeah,

Sidey: it's great.

Pete: That's great. Yeah,

Sidey: said something like, oh,

yeah, let's go upstairs or something And then he's just rattling

Reegs: it's a Pam sit down by his

Sidey: ankles

and he start almost thought it was going

to strangler in a minute.

with this like



Pete: He wants her to be mute because he's obviously fantasizing about Eliza, who he can quite easily take advantage of as far as he's concerned,

Dan: at one stage.

Doesn't it? I like it because you can't talk some, something along those

Sidey: I was with him on that,

Pete: I mean, he is like, I w I want to say at this point, like, he's a great actor. He fucking horrible. He's more of a monster than the actual monster in this film. He's absolutely hot. And he kind of looks a bit like a sea monster or a

Sidey: Yeah We talked about Adam driver being like Interesting to look at. it. And so say it's Michael Shannon. He's just


Dan: I must've been in this, I thought it was a bit over the top in, in his character. I thought he was, they forced it a little bit too much that the bad guy in this. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. at one point he just completely out himself as a racist as well

Dan: It just like they have a home that there's just no redeeming

Pete: but this, this is the sixties. I mean, obviously this isn't a true story, but you know, you imagine what they did, you know, they were sending dogs and monkeys and stuff up into space.

They'd fo like cut their head off something to find out something in a heartbeat and not give a shit. And also racism was absolutely alive and breathing in, in those times. So, yeah. I know what you mean. He was almost like an exaggeration. It is, but like, not quite as, as openly as, as it was back then, but yeah, it, I didn't disbelieve that there would be assholes like this, that, you know, in the military and only think with either themselves or like the, you know, the countries or like the generals fucking, you know, interests.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: They, I mean, there is a big heist, Dimitri, the Russian guy takes the lethal injection that he was supposed to give to the fish man and inject, support God

with it He got

Dan: he's the one, the one guy, I mean, he's just doing his


He just stopped the truck, the getaway

Pete: He's a KGB agent. He's

Reegs: but nah, that's like,

Dan: I thought that was a little bit harsh.

Reegs: yeah.

Maybe I missed that. Maybe there was one to knock

Dan: he goes, I mean,

Pete: again.

Dan: CCTV or


Pete: that as believer like his, his fascination would be with the sea creature. I don't think that that necessarily meant that he held human life in really high regard.

Reegs: no but I thought his idea was that he held life in regard.

It's one of the central themes

Dan: kind of goes he kind of goes back to his job. Doesn't he and goes to the next security guy.


Pete: won't be the first person.

And it being in the position that he's in and this, this is an extreme set of circumstances. Like, like you say, side collateral life, one security guard, American security guard dies so that they see key. So sea creature can be preserved fucking down with it.


Sidey: an agent, you know, placed within, He had, would have to have done some stuff to prove himself to be capable So I would

Pete: very much. So

Reegs: I don't think that is how it works though, because they just turned

Sidey: in movie

land is

Dan: scientist and to

Reegs: yeah,

it's much more

plausible that he was just a scientist that worked there and worked for his belief in it.

and I think

Dan: James Bond as

Reegs: anyway I

don't know if it's important because what is important, they take

the Fishman


Yeah. And she runs him a

Sidey: Yeah He gives her a box of that stuff that we don't know what it is. And it says he needs one of these once a week. Was it


Dan: Oh. It

needs an exact dose and she's lobbing it in there. And she

Sidey: Well, no, it's one of those, but it's


saline and she just gets table salt goes

Dan: Yay. Ish. No wonder he gets he'll as soon enough he does, but not before he's eating a cat and then

Sidey: my that was my favorite

Dan: then. got eat more. They, they, they go off together under the water with the

Sidey: we should talk about the cat?

cause that's important. He she's gone

off to work and mateys Charles, is that supposed to be babysitting and

Dan: one job

Sidey: The

Creek is just called the creature. Isn't it? Or the,

  1. It goes and checks the path is not there. And he's like, oh, and he goes out into the lounge I mean, he's got the cat and he's just eating his head, just like clean off and say, Hey,

Reegs: pretty graphic.

Pete: it was really jarring that bear. Yeah.

Sidey: noisy, and graphic.

Reegs: And then he swipes a Giles as well and gives him a slash mark. And then he sort of apologized this by putting his hand on his head and his

Pete: I think that's in a latest

Sidey: later it's later Yeah.

Pete: He barges past

Sidey: It's the cat thing

Pete: and storms out the, it wasn't apparent at the time, but he storms out of the apartment.

Yeah. I thought he just like pissed off back to the bathroom. But no he's left the apartment.

Yeah. Yeah,

Reegs: There's constantly movies playing and TVC

Pete: rings the laboratory and gets Eliza on the phone and explains, listen, he he's, he's done a runner. You need to get back. So yeah, she comes back and finds him in the, in the theater.

She sees like a blood stain on the door finds him in the theater, takes him back to the the apartment and bangs him. Yeah.


Reegs: she, blocks off all the cracks and the, the whatever in the door and all that stuff. And she runs all the taps in the bath and all the, she fills the whole room up

Pete: play in

Sidey: districts

Reegs: and you see smooth genitals.

And I thought like,

Sidey: does she not fuck them in the bath?

Reegs: does she

Pete: She's already. Yeah. She gets in the bath with him and then goes into work the next

Sidey: second Yeah because

Pete: she explains how the whole, so unlike the other films we've been watching recently where we've seen

Reegs: Yeah So there's like a smooth pod isn't there

Sidey: She does it like open up and

Pete: and then like something pops out. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah

Pete: So it's a shame you don't get to see his

Sidey: That would have been good

Reegs: No, I enjoyed that. I enjoyed that because I was wondering, it answers the question because you see them having a cuddle or whatever, and you see is like smooth pod thing. And I thought straight away he's got no Dick. And then, she really well, mom's it? Yeah.

Sidey: the second

one is where she she rose up a towel and.

which would not

categorically not work as it does in the film. And

Pete: you willing to suspend your disbelief bearing in mind? It's got a sea creature in it?

Sidey: know it's like country Panda. film is bullshit because there's no way he would've learned Kung Fu in that amount of time.

Pete: Well, no, you're absolutely right.

Sidey: He's

Pete: And a Panda can't jump that.

Sidey: No,

so that's nonsense. so no, I'm not willing to but in any, case she does flood the bathroom and obviously jars is like, where the fuck is all this water coming from? You see it pouring down into the movie theater. below.

free, very fucking


for the.

property. and he opens the door and catches the massive basically, but it's like happy for her.


Reegs: Yeah but that, I mean,

Pete: None of them care

Reegs: we've rescued

Sidey: this quick They don't go out for dinner or


Reegs: Isn't it? It's like

Sidey: he fucks on first day.

It's basically,

Pete: there is,

like a quite sort of obvious lack of judgment or concern by both like Giles and Zelda that she's having sex with this like

Sidey: I'm Josie I'm opening the door

to that scene. I'd be like, what the fuck?

is this?

Oh my God.

Pete: Okay.

Sidey: Smiles and

close the

door Oh, you kids. Yeah.

He just

fucking in my bathroom

Pete: elders kind of like going like, oh, tell us about it.


Sidey: you Fucking

weirdo. This



Reegs: And she tells her colleagues elder about it. Well, like we say, with the Miami and she is pretty fucking understanding about, imagine if you were like, oh, you know that porpoise we brought home. Fuck.

Sidey: Fuck. it's blow hole. He'd be like,


Pete: time for anyone to tell like a story, if they've done that with an animal. And so you've worked at the zoo, done No,

Reegs: We used to tell a story. I wish, I hope this guy listens to the part about a guy called Charles. And we used to say it when he was raped by a dolphin. That was it. That was it. But we maintained it and told it to everyone. So, you know,

Dan: it became true

Reegs: became true.

Yeah exactly

Pete: Fantastic. So what happens at this? Oh

Reegs: number. And this for me is, is really just shows how baffling this movie is to it. Like it's

Sidey: a song from

Fisher king

Reegs: when it goes kind of,

goes kind of black and white, right. Doesn't it. And then she starts singing.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Oh, and then it becomes this big musical number, but the song she's singing is you'll never know.

You'll never know how much I love you. You'll never know just how much I care. Literally saying you're just the dumb sentience sea creature that eats eggs and you'll never know

Sidey: why was it more



Pete: I took it as I took it as that

Sidey: she could have just that she could have just written it down

Pete: think she, she like

Reegs: Yeah because he was a dumb each region because he was

at the

Pete: he's, he's not just a dumb secret. He like, I mean, he say he ate a cat's head, right?

That's like not a normal thing to do. Obviously at some point they said, look, you can't really do that mate. And he then in a later scene, he's like trying to sort of like stroke the cats and be gentle with them. He's learned very.

Sidey: the cat.

Pete: Yeah, I didn't take that as like, she's you like taking the word sort of literally like this you're really fucking

Sidey: stupid.

Pete: You're never going to understand, like you don't even know. Yeah, yeah, exactly. I took it as, yeah, like she can't exactly. She absolutely literally cannot articulate how much she loves him and all the ways and the, on the level that she loves him.

Reegs: my reading better.

Pete: I think it, it plays down the, the, the, like the main feat of feature of this film,

Reegs: that He's a fish man and she fucked him. That's what's scaring.

Pete: how I get, like, because you, you know, that the, the meaning and the point of this film is, is that there is one,

Reegs: Yeah But there is seriously undermined by the fact that she fucks a fish. I mean, like it's all about the brave thing that it does at least try and do is that it's talking about a period in history when black people and homosexual

people didn't have a voice and they're the two biggest voices

in it.

But yeah, it puts it in with a fish fucking movie. What the fuck,

Sidey: There's

obviously an investigation going on all the, while that this is the fish fucking is happening about where's our asset gone, the higher ups and you got to get that fucker back, you know, that we have Dimitri meeting with his handlers. So they they're trying to establish exactly what's going on.

he's, he's feeling threatened by him. I know there's one, there's one bit where he's got the knife so it hidden behind his head in case anything kicks

off Yeah but I thought that

there wasn't like masterminds,

strike, c'mon, you know, like they keep saying strikes, squad or something that I've taken, you know, it's just some fucking idiots that have just done a smash and grab right on

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: That's why they get away with it. They

get questioned Don't they?

Pete: Boost

Sidey: Octavius.

If they ask me I'm a terrible liar, I'm just I'm not And then they ask her and she's completely fine. She's just like, Yeah. I don't know. Think about it. I needed to shave. well, that, wasn't

Reegs: I think it's supposed to be part of the silly fantasy, but I think basically you're supposed to just go with it for

Dan: yeah.

Cause, cause that's it after they've they've they busted him out, they turned back up to work, pretending nothing's wrong and get questioned, get away with it. But eventually Strickland is on the case anyways. And he goes to,

Sidey: bound to,


Dan: he, he figures it out and he goes in a, he

shoots the Russian

Pete: figure out that Eliza and Zelda have gotten a sensor. He figures out that the Russia, like he doesn't know that this guy is Russian. He says that he's got a lead to Hoff Stetler or whatever his name is, but he, he, he alludes that he's E it might be a bluff.

He might not be on to him, but he kind of suggests that he's onto him. He wants this guy followed, has him followed, and then that's. It becomes apparent that he's you know, he's a KGB agent, but at this point he hasn't, he's still because when he's got

Sidey: he goes to

Pete: it. He's like fingering his bullet

Sidey: he goes he goes to the meeting with the handlers, and he shoots them, shoots him a couple of times. And yeah, drags him away by

the bullet hole in

Pete: then starts

Reegs: same thing that happens in Pan's labyrinth

Pete: oh, okay. No fingers that holding his stomach and he's still at this stage. I, you know, give me the names ranks

Sidey: He would give him up.

And he,


Dan: Yeah,

Pete: And he tells me he's getting his

Sidey: face more metal than that.

Pete: Yeah. He probably had worse happened to him in like a Russian school or whatever. But anyway, he gives up the, the cleaners and Strickland goes around to Zelda's house first to meet C's elder and a husband. And

Reegs: it's

Dan: Yeah Yeah.

They a husband eventually gives him up Disney and then he goes to their apartment she's already made for the docs. And he's conveniently wrote that down on a piece of paper on the calendar.

Pete: A great idea. If you're going to move a sea creature to write down when you're doing it,

Sidey: where are you going to do it,

I mean, it didn't seem that many

places anyway.

Dan: docs Yeah. He got the

right place. And just, just as he's about to say his goodbyes and jump into the water, he gets a bullet. And so does she from Strickland on this kind of rainy dock side?

Sidey: We've already seen though that he has healed.

Dan: when he stuck their head his hand on his hand, his.

Sidey: is helping my eco, his hair back and also he

he fixes the scratch

Pete: He wasn't able to fix the headless cat though.

Sidey: That would have been that would have been very into like Paul territory,

Yeah. the Simon

Pegg movie.

Pete: but

Sidey: you said you've seen, that

Pete: I have seen it. Yeah.

Sidey: brings the bird back to life.


Pete: about that film.

Dan: his mouth. Yeah. Yeah. So he, he uses his healing power again and he always, everyone kicks ass and jumped into the water.

Pete: He heals himself first and then picks her up

Dan: just like him. Isn't it himself first.

Pete: Well, it'd be no use him not healing himself dying and then trying to resurrect.

So he, I think he does that in the right order.

Sidey: Straight away.

Pete: No, no. He jumps into the water with her. And then you sort of have this like, sort of, sort of prolonged scene of her under the water and then Giles takes over as the narrator again, which he did in

Sidey: Well he's He's smashed Ms. Strickland in the head with a,

Pete: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, the th the, the sea creature is sliced Strickland's throat at this point as well. And Zelda's rocked up with the, with the cops in tow jumps in the water. And then as Giles comes back in as, as the narrator, and this was, this was the bit that then I kind of started thinking, cause you see what, you know, you see something happened, like the creature, the asset embraces Eliza.

And she, you know, you see like the glowing bits that is usually the sign that he's healing something. Yup. And all of a sudden the scars on her neck open up like gills and she sort of, you know, comes back to life and sort of Giles is narrating the it's it's he leaves it's ambiguous. What you're saying.

I don't, I haven't got the exact, like transcripts of it, but it's along the lines of, I'd like to, I like to believe that the, you know, he saved a and that they lived happily ever after. And leaves it kind of ambiguous. I mean, you don't know it lose, so there was never a body found anything. So she could have just died in the sea creature pissed off, or it could have eaten, but

Reegs: yeah,

That's definitely possible.

Pete: yeah,

Dan: those are bits were just on review V. Which is, I thought was good. I looked at how they kind of went in and made a bit of the film and

Reegs: you think about doing that in here

Dan: could do just on the roof that brighten up. But that was, you know, cause it was such a you know, the, the glowing and everything that was the big scene he's healing and he's, he can do as you say, not just, you know, he can regenerate that the hair in that guy's head

Pete: it.

Dan: So oh, I thought that was that was, that was clever, you know, how they

Sidey: what'd you think


of the movie

Pete: I've really liked it I've genuinely really, really liked it. I was like, I wasn't sort of, I mean, I don't know what you guys think and I haven't sort of, I didn't go into it thinking this was a secret, you guys have probably seen a million fucking films with like super heroes, like Aqua Madden and stuff like that and go like it's like it's, it's nowhere near he wasn't as cool as that.


Sidey: whatever,


Reegs: that is different to this movie. I

Pete: It was very, very different. I took it as the, the overriding message of the film. And even though it's done in an extreme way, is that, you know, love comes in all shut. You can't help who you fall in love with. It's it's like right. Obviously it's extreme, but the fact that you know, that there's kind of this, this race there's elements of racism and there's elements of homophobia in it.

It's another film that similar to the ones that we've, I don't mean in the way that it's portrayed, but similar to the ones that we've watched recently.

It's about acceptance and understanding, and Zelda is very understanding of the face. Like, look, listen, this, this girl has like,

Reegs: fuck the

Pete: forget the fat. Right. I know.

I know you're being facetious though. Right? Right. Because part of the fact of like what he is for the time being, this is a girl who has had no seemingly no love, like in a life a little bit, like the guy we're talking about in the. Well, like previously she's had no kind of intimacy. She's obviously like she's buffing herself off every morning.

It's it's mentioned that she's had no intimacy. She's had no kind of like love or tenderness. I think Giles loves her, but is not in that way because he's homosexual. And eventually she has stumbled upon somebody in her life who she understands and who understands her because they cannot communicate through normal means they are misunderstood creatures.

One far more extreme than the other. And she resonates with him. And that's what I took from the film was that the message is it's not okay necessarily to fuck fish, but you can't

Sidey: help If you compelled to do it

Pete: who you fall in love with. And the understanding of the people that are around. Is the, you know, this is, this is a fantasy film.

It's not meant to be taken solely at face value, but I believe that there was a,

Reegs: but there is a literal thing as well though. And I think that is the problem it's seriously undermined when you've got a subtext that's about something that is massively undermined by what's literally happening on screen. I think it just takes away all the kind of authenticity to it all as well.

And when it's all like wrapped up in a satire, this.

Broad and simple, and the themes are like obvious and heavy handed and it's like, I dunno. It just,

Dan: Oscar widow.

Reegs: I know. I know.

Dan: this one, didn't it. One day they asked

Reegs: I think he's got like a really childish version and a really like infantile version of what love is basically. And it's like about soulmates and shit like

Pete: that, but why is that?

Hang on. Why is that? Infants are like, surely that's the purest form of it. It's the, these two people are absolutely

Reegs: If you believe in that, but life is much more complicated. I don't believe in things like soulmates. I do believe that people can get on brilliantly together. I don't, I don't like, but


your D I don't believe in a soul.


I can't say that, there's a soulmate

Pete: but it doesn't like, love.

Doesn't have to be like, oh, you really liked the same films or you really like going out for the, you know, similar meals or, or anything. No, it's all, it's just, it's a, it's a mutual attraction. Like the one that's like, almost like overwhelming

Reegs: part of it though

Pete: you cannot, you

Reegs: of it She's not going to have a whole life with this fucking fish man. Like let's say they go for a couple of weeks and it's lovely. They all swim off and all that girls going and flipping off and everything's beautiful. And then a couple of weeks later, she's like, right, I'm going to get a job I think. Or, and then Fishman is like,

Pete: Well, okay. So there's, there's another possible take on it is that she is more to him than she is to other humans.


Sidey: my question is she always benefit

Pete: I believe I took from it that she is of a, you know, she's.

Whatever the word is like creature breed, whatever species that's the

Dan: found by the river Wasn't

Pete: was found by the river. She's got these scars that aren't immediately, it's not immediately apparent that they will then end up being guilds.

I didn't give it any thought during the film at the end, they open up as gills. She's not she's. She is a misfit in what is the normal world. And she is encountered somebody who she's immediately drawn to who she feels she has more in common with than anyone else. And that's who she ends up going away with.

So I, again, I took whether that's the right take or not, I took the, she actually is more akin to his species and therefore is found her not

Reegs: but why couldn't they just make it on the grounds of compassion alone? It doesn't have to be a sexual thing that makes it a bit weird. It's like a free Willy ended with the guy giving him a, you know, the whale, giving him a hand job or something out of gratitude. It's just weird. It's

Pete: Yeah, it's just, like I say, it's a fancy show that there've been things I've watched in films that have been just as weird as that UN UN or weirder, and I've not gone. Ah, that's ruined the entire film for me. No,

Reegs: it didn't. It didn't. And there's loads. I really

Pete: it Yeah. I think, you know, you're talking about Oscars.

I don't know which ones it

Dan: Oh gee I'll just found that out here. It was up against the, the darkest day.


Reegs: See, that's brilliant Dunkirk and

Dan: three,

Reegs: as

Dan: three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri, which I thought was

Sidey: It was a shock. It was a shock

Reegs: They're all, they're all better movies in this and didn't see

Dan: result for it as well. Phantom thread, which I started watching actually

Reegs: Paul Thomas Anderson

Dan: With

Daniel Day Lewis,

Sidey: expected

Pete: Well, it's for, you know, the visual stuff, the, you know, the, the filming, the, all the stuff that I don't know anything about. And I, you know, but

Reegs: but you can enjoy

Pete: looking film. So I, I

Sidey: it was detailed and and looked good in that sense, but the color palette was just so drab. It kind of grabbed me down. I, I thought I was glad it had fish fucking in it because it was something to,

Pete: it's quite horny.

Sidey: Yeah. And it was just something to hang your hat on because it was just, it gave it a bit of interest. I honestly thought it was pretty boring, to be honest with you? Thought some of the the themes were fairly heavy handed and obvious. and I've just, I was surprised it.

if The film had so much hype, I thought loads of

gamma doctorial stuff is better than this.

Apart from the weirdness of it, I just didn't think there was much about it to be honest. It was only okay for

Reegs: That's so weird because I really enjoyed all the visual stuff in it. And

Sidey: it.

Reegs: unlike all the meta references, I didn't know them all, but I liked his love of cinema.

And I liked the fact that the idea that the movie magic was seeping up into her world, as much as the water was seeping back down into the theater and all that, you know, just there was loads of cool stuff it's a weird movie. It's a weird, she fucks a Fishman.

Pete: You know, I,

there are lots of fantasy films where everything is, is, you know, exaggerated or, or out there or whatever.

And obviously it's not meant to be taken totally at face value. Like here's a biopic of the woman who fucked her fish. It's that? Isn't the story for

Reegs: the other way around.

Pete: No, no, no. I thought exactly that it absolutely could not have. Like I'm a man fucking a fish woman. It would not, it wouldn't be except, but that's like, I think that's just a, sort of a, a society thing that was quite good. Yeah. I was, I was hoping there'd be more fish puns.

Dan: know what


Pete: Yeah.


Dan: No, I, I was much the same as you actually saw.

I've seen this before and I struggled for it the first time. So I was thrilled when you put it on it again.

Pete: And you had to pay for it. It was

Dan: I had to pay for it again. And now I think

Pete: it again next time

Dan: it's perfect And, and so I kind of thought I knew what I was getting because.

Oh, I've seen it. You know, I I'd seen it once. Didn't think I'll be revisiting it. And it was the same kind of thing, the same feeling I got the second time watching it.

No worse. There was lots to enjoy on it. And I, you know, the, the visuals I liked, I liked the performances. I really liked that Sally Hawkins. She was also in, made in Dagny them, I think was showed her a teen that I really liked her in. And it was bizarre, you know, it was definitely bizarre.

It was, but, and I got the messages for me and some of the, you know, some of those messages, like, yeah, Him buying the Cadillac at that point, you know, he's got to go and buy something, even though it wasn't his colory, he just needed to go


make himself feel good. And, and those kinds of messages coming through thought, oh, they were all of got it.

But it just, I didn't connect with it. I just struggled for it again, really looking at the watch and, you know, and it, it won an Oscar, which surprised me. I think it came in at the height. You know, it came in quite high hyped in my mind

when I

first watched it, I thought, oh, you know, settle down and watch this the first time through.

And maybe it was the hype that, that killed it for me.

Pete: Oh, I missed all of that. And I haven't, you've just listed loads of films that who is up against the, I understand it very, very strong films, but I've not seen any of them. So I went into this completely. I knew nothing about it. Never heard, never heard any of the hype and

Dan: sometimes the better way to go into one of these films.

And then you're nicely surprised when you


something, but we're not lubricated. Yeah. But when I'd heard, I heard it was the Oscar winner and then gone and watched it and yeah, it wasn't that strong for me. So maybe I'm judging it too harshly based on that criteria. But yeah, still, it was just a bit mere

Sidey: Friend friend of the pod, Kevin Smith, he's a big fan. He said.


Seeing something as beautiful as this makes me feel stupid for ever calling myself a director, but you directed tasks.

So, you know,

Dan: you still got a calf.

Sidey: don't be so

hard on

Pete: he should have had someone fuck the walrus and that would have worked better.

Sidey: that was the plan.

Pete: I was,

Sidey: the Let's talk numbers budget for this was 19.4 million us.

Reegs: That seems cheap.

Pete: That does seem

Reegs: How amazing it looked There was one scene. I don't know whether you caught it with the two drops of rain, I think on the windshield of a car as it's moving and it's yeah.

And they're

Dan: controlling water there. Isn't she in that kind

Sidey: Yeah that's what I thought, Yeah.

Pete: a very wet film with all the rain and the water and everything else and

Sidey: masturbating

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: So nine a snip but at 19.4, I suppose. There's no massive stars. Michael Shannon, probably the biggest star on this. Do you think it was a winner or loser? The box office?

Dan: I think it probably has made, yeah. Made a lot more money than then 20,

Sidey: it

Dan: is it 10 times?

Sidey: times

9, 995. So yeah.

pretty much. bang on 10 times. It's

Dan: Yeah. I mean,

amazing, amazing amount of money to make from this movie.

How much did Waterworld cost?

Sidey: Oh

Pete: 200 million,

Dan: What this made.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah, Fair is a fish fucking in an Oscar winner. You're going to make a bit of money on

Reegs: A lot of those movies we talked about are a lot better than

Sidey: . P I had high hopes for this, just from the title,


Pete: wasn't well. So I went in, I went into this half semi blind because I've seen the film

Sidey: I haven't

Pete: Captain underpants, which

Sidey: a book

Pete: theirs but I've never, yeah.

Sidey: the book Then the film then a series

Pete: I think it was a series of books. Was it? Or just one book? I don't

Sidey: if I know. there

Pete: But yeah. So then there was a film and then they made this as they have done.

I really liked the film to the point that I, I enjoyed it enough, but my, my boys watched it and loads of life far and toilet humor, gags and stuff, but like enough for me to kind of enough humor in it. The film is better is what I will say. And obviously weird Al Yankovic does the theme chain for it as well, which is pretty strong.

So this was something that my boys had watched the, the, the TV series off the back of having seen the film. Then they found this and then they will watch. My six-year-old old kind of stopped watching it after a couple, but my four year old carried on and he jumps back on board with this, when I said, look, do you want to, well, I'm going to watch this.

Do you want to watch it as many watched it and thought it was kind of entertaining again?

Dan: I made a Nellie sit and watch this for me,

Sidey: yeah, mate, man. And watch it with me. Yeah.

Dan: I thought she would

Sidey: We said the title

Pete: the epic tales of captain underpants

Reegs: and this particular episode,

Sidey: season one, episode one, and it's called

Dan: fabulous

Reegs: captain underpants and the frenzied farts of flabby flabby analysts.

Pete: Yeah Karen

Sidey: title,

captain underpants is the head teacher of their


who they can.

Pete: Control.

Sidey: into captain underpants.

Dan: Yeah. Which I didn't know. I'd heard that the books. But I not heard the

Pete: in the F in the film, how he becomes captain underpants, is they, so they, they do

Reegs: origin

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. So they, they do their own comic books. Was that I thought you two, especially with like this, cause it's comic comic book thing.

Yeah. Yeah. They, they kind of give a bit of it.

Reegs: they do a whole film of that basically

Pete: effectively. Yeah. Well, no, the, the whole, so the how they, they basically they're in trouble, again, they're in front of the headmaster and in an act of desperation, one of them has got a ring out of a corn flakes pack, like cereal packet.

They make their own light hit, no ring. And so he like in a desperate sort of like act to get out of detention or whatever, he just points the ringer. Yeah. And it works and it hypnotizes him and they, they

Sidey: the strip of naked

Pete: they turn it well, they said they basically, like, I think he's already read, like, they've got a

Reegs: he's already taken his clothes off

Pete: they've got a cup, they've got their comic book, which is captain underpants because they draw these comics and he then adopts the, the sort of like alter ego of captain underpants, which is, it's quite funny.

He's fat in underpants and he's got a Cape and he's a complete

Sidey: triangular shaped

Pete: he's already got. I think he's got a a toupee that sits on the top of his egg, like head.


Sidey: And this, I dunno if it doesn't the film, but his desk has a sign on it It says hope dies.


Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: I shot.

Reegs: The two kids are George Beard and Harold

Hutchins and they're just sort of permanently joke permanently, joking around really on a in this.

Dan: I like, I like how they introduce them. It goes, oh, he's the one with the crazy hairstyle. And he's the one with the neat hairstyle or something like


even though just for kids, you know, because they, they don't distinguish with the color


each of them.

They just point them out by their hairstyle was I thought that was a nice touch.

Sidey: there's there's a few other characters that are get introduced to. And I can't remember their names One's a sort of nerdy, kid, Melvin, who's got his sort of invention. So the episodes about 25 minutes, long and there's loads and loads of stuff going on. And you're sort of wondering how's this all going?

Tied together because Melvin's invented.


Reegs: the pump,

Pete: up

Sidey: Which he

initially uses on his arms. So he gets these enormously strong, like Popeye start


Reegs: which I think is the name of a porn star as well.

Dan: They flirted with this a couple of times with their

Reegs: he he's, he says to pass PE, you got to move this scale and it's got


arms on it. And it's so heavy that he like tries to use his ass to move it.

He couldn't even do it himself, even with his big ass. And anyway, yeah, it gets the, pump it up in eight. It doesn't need

Sidey: but yeah, there's, there's, There's loads of excuses. All the kids are coming up with excuses of why they're not going to take part.

Dan: What about the excuses are great. There they go. With the har,

Sidey: got great hair.

Reegs: Once she says

it's like a religious holiday, basically that's what

She intimates

for is her, her heart.

She's celebrating heart,

Dan: that was my daughter's

Sidey: keeps she keeps cropping up.

And I wasn't sure if, you know, if she was to someone who is throughout the whole series, just keeps going about a


Pete: She's not in the film.

Sidey: Okay. And then obviously, Melvin, he has this super strong arms and he's able to move it. He breaks the lever.

Reegs: as he walks over he's unbalanced because his arms are so big and he falls flat on his face,

Sidey: but there's

Yeah. There's so much going on. And they obviously can't think of any excuse. and they're going to have to do. 22 years and perpetual detentions until they get enough PE credits to move on.

Dan: and they kind of argue it even though it's cause it's a silly point. And then they, you know, they end up just going out and doing it anyway, don't they?

But then the, the pump money is somehow it gets sucked up the ass of the,

Sidey: well, they ended


in in the head teacher's office



they've done a comic book of

flappy fabulous,

which the PE teacher gets wind off. He finds it and the head teachers go nuts. and They have a scream off about who's the angriest, which goes on for ages.

And as the PE teacher leaves the room. And catches them. He's kind of falls onto the pump it up and later with his ass

Dan: And he's asked, becomes a big, massive, like, it was a bit like

Sidey: Yeah. The animation changes.

Reegs: chapter four.

Dan: This was clever as well.

Sidey: I really liked it Cause it's fucking, zany. it's loud. It's like, it's like an Edgar right. So of editing style of like by my bank. But sometimes it goes to live action. like, it'd be sock,


which just thought It


fucking brilliant,


was it panels or the narration? I just sounded like, oh,

shit. Want to

Dan: that's too close to pass. And then say that

Sidey: it's true. And they say this bit it's too violent. So he can only show you it through like a flip book style. emotion, or this is too rude. So you have to do the blah, blah, blah. So it keeps changing.

And then the really

gains momentum. And

I can't remember his name, the PE teacher misdemeanor misdemeanor, his ass is now fucking enormous.

And he becomes a sort of super veteran

Dan: who's the best character. Billy's bollix is it or

bus to go nuts. So he's asked basically looked like that.

Sidey: There was a couple

of scenes, especially when he's in the air. and he's

like two massive testes,

Dan: just how they used to draw in vid,

Reegs: they have to wake up captain underpants, don't they basically to, to, to get him going,

Pete: well, he's trapped under the cabinet that he's been shaking in anger

Dan: misdemeanors coming, crushing everything in his path and

chasing him with his massive butts.

So they they release the,

Sidey: captain,

Dan: the captain

who comics who saves the day

Sidey: Well, not before he has a couple of farts, like real loud, smelly farts


Reegs: the gases going up the nose.

Sidey: my daughter really liked that.

Reegs: And it daily threatens the girl, is it Jessica? Is that her name? The one with fabulous


Sidey: Yeah. One hair. One hair is out of

Reegs: yeah, she's talking about her heart, this bar.

Dan: Oh, and then yeah, it is, it turns out that the, the captain is, is sent into the air so high

Sidey: he's he's knocked out,

cold knocked

Dan: out cold from the fall or from the bar or something like that. And

Sidey: be able to fly and

Dan: he's gonna, he can't fly down and, and safely land, so he's gonna crash. But then the har saves the


Pete: in the pump

Reegs: no it doesn't it doesn't because it fakes it out.

The heart does get big,

But he misses

that and they try


get him in a like water bath or bird feeding

Sidey: tiny little bucket thing,

Reegs: which he misses his ground. But water of course transforms him back into

Mr crop. Is it

Sidey: But then her, her heart does go

in the pumper again.

Because it becomes

It goes up to levels.


Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. It's still hard. It just doesn't save him.

No. And also we did kind of miss that in there, like epic man of steel style confrontation. He gets punched around the world and collects the various

flags '

Sidey: cause that was that that was their punishment. Do a lap of the earth


Reegs: all the


Pete: But, but poignantly or very importantly eased by this time Melvin's arms have shrunk back down to normal size. So it shows that the, the effects of the pump it's up in eight or whatever it's called, do wear off. So thank God for that.

Reegs: Yeah, because he jumps on Mr. Crop's head. Well, he's a ass, but in the middle of it, it changes. And then he's just sitting when he's just sitting, he said,

Dan: and they get a photo.

Which means that they don't have to pee because they won't share it

Sidey: would they

put it

up on The wall as a teamwork

The teamwork posts there

Pete: Yeah. Or that, that thing outside the school is like, I smell like I smell my own feet. It's like, there's always like a motivational message outside. And that, that in the film that gets changed all the time in the scene.

So they, they just mess around with the words in that. And yeah, but everything ends up being okay.

Sidey: this was Fucking

great. It's so


Dan: stuff really was. I enjoyed it.

Pete: liked the film. You should have watched the film.

Dan: I enjoyed it way more than my daughter, I would

Sidey: I had started watching it,

Yesterday and then for some reason we had to stop. So I had to watch it tonight

as soon as the dog got home from school and she was straight away, we watched another one, we watched another ones like we can, but it does not now, but yeah, we're definitely going back for more of this, definitely.

Dan: Yeah. I'm going to turn it on again. I think it's even, my


would laugh at this it's I've not seen the film. No, I've not seen any of


I was aware of the books. I kind of flicked through them, but they look the same kind of animation is or drawings and things as diary, the wimpy kid in all the other kind of stuff.

But this way.

As you say the cut in the edit in the different ways that go from animation to puppets and ever, it just kept me attention. And there was lots of little jokes that we haven't even

Reegs: in the movie,

Pete: it has, like the flip book stuff and that it doesn't have the, I don't think it has the sock puppets. I don't remember that in it, but it's got loads of like irreverent where just even like

Reegs: little

Pete: touches, like when Melvin walks the pump it up and I are out at the gym.

Instead of just turning and we'll get you books out round in a big, so just stuff like that, there's no point in it. It's just there for like a small visual gag and it's full of is crammed full of stuff like that. The, the main light antagonist is professor poopy pants and in the film, which is a great name.

Yeah. And it's like I mentioned it in the, the, the toilets top five, the turbo toilet 3000 or whatever, which is at one of Melvin's inventions. And yeah, that becomes quite dangerous,

Sidey: Oh I haven't enjoyed

the kids' TV. This much since probably spirit.

mentors episode one

Reegs: coal,

Sidey: of our pod.

Reegs: Spirit's still on our house.

Sidey: It's not an as we come back to port patrol, but this will be, a, this will be on for a little while now.

I think.

Reegs: Yeah, this was good. I, I, the movies got Kevin Hart

Pete: Yeah. Kevin Hart's the George. I think it's George character.

Reegs: George Beard.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Great, great, great,

Sidey: . So at least one good nomination Pete. Possibly, possibly two, maybe. I don't know. Next week we're kind of on a bit of a hiatus, although

Dan: we're up

Sidey: we will still

have stuff for you. But basically I'm on holiday, so there'll be no one to edit.

So we'll have,

some other fun stuff going on as usual on release day. So there's that to look forward to rigs is going to do similar nominations for some time in the future

Reegs: Yeah. I dunno what they are and I'm going to leave it because it will be like a little bit of time. And then I can really underwhelm everybody by my

Sidey: Okay I'm trying to think when I get time to watch anything.

But anyway, we'll figure all that stuff out. for Now, all that remains is to say society signing out,

Reegs: rigs out.