April 23, 2021

Palm Springs & Adventure Time

Palm Springs & Adventure Time
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You can't handle the truth! And the truth is that was probably the laziest possible way to introduce this weeks Top 5, which is all about Courtroom scenes. From high stakes and huge drama to reindeer hit-and-runs and everything in between, be sure not to miss out.

Andy Samberg's usual effervescence is exchanged for something approaching an almost zen like nihilism in PALM SPRINGS, showing on Amazon Prime this week. Taking the time loop conceit and adding anarchic new twists and a strong emotional undercurrent, the chemistry between the two leads is charming and the jokes frequent and funny. A must see.

There's really no way to explain the plot of this weeks children's feature, ADVENTURE TIME. We watched Season 6 Episode 6 "Breezy" which turned out to have been a controversial one that divided the fan base and caused many of them to stop watching. I don't see the big deal personally, after all, all we're talking about here is a young boy with a missing limb, flower growing from his stump, losing his virginity to an aggressive amorphous purple gaseous blob. Oh and this episode features the future classic line "Now you may partake of my pollen crumbles and become my drone", which I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing.     


Palm Springs


Reegs:Welcome to bad dads film review Each week we take a look back at a movie we missed while we were bringing up our kids And we talk about the mostly awful kids TV We're forced to endure We've got a a quartet of monstrous idiots for your delight this week in the form of society Dan Peter Andre and Andre Andre and myself reeks This episode will come out on Friday I have my COVID vaccine on Wednesday so if I get offered the Pfizer one I'm asking for flight is my superpower And if I get AstraZeneca this is my posthumous release from rigs as I've died from massive blood clots

Sidey:Yeah I had a great day after my job Yeah I felt like shit By my Brit And I'm now I'm impervious to pain or something

Reegs:Yeah Great Excellent And you've got yours Wednesday as well

Pete:Wednesday as well Yeah


Dan:And I'm not booked

Reegs:No no no shaming no

Sidey:putting us all at risk

Dan:it's always risk Isn't it

Reegs:What for you been watching this week I have been watching Brooklyn nine nine because I Andy Sandberg is kind of my mind crush at the moment so

Dan:how many of you got through I've seen quite a few of

Reegs:them the whole first season Yeah

Dan:really funny I

Reegs:And Terry crews as well Yeah yeah

Sidey:Everyone has to watch anything

Pete:No I've just been watching my homework I did catch half an hour of suicide squad and it was bollix

Sidey:It's really bad I watched love and monsters on Netflix

Reegs:any good I've got that on my list

Sidey:pretty good fun Yeah Yeah It's staffed but fun

Dan:I watched a Billie holiday biopic which really good actually It was good just about what was he

Reegs:Billy holiday Yeah

Dan:singer and she had As the power picks worries Do they throw a deeper kind of look at at somebody's life and not necessarily the part that you know about her that she's a singer this was heavily involved with her heroin addict addiction and everything but she

Reegs:Who plays her in the movie

Dan:An actress an actor an actor

Reegs:Right Okay

Dan:Yeah Didn't take it all in to be honest as far as who'd who took her but it was all good performances and it was just obviously banging soundtrack as

Reegs:Mm Hmm Great cheese what's on the cheese board

Sidey:I supply the cheese We've got a Stilton Yeah barely strong cheddar


Sidey:This size pretty soft

Reegs:You know come we have a bit more detailed

Sidey:Well it's all the way over there And if I move I go but it was a strong

Reegs:Pete You can read him

Pete:Yeah So the the cheddar is a vintage reserve Cornish quartz which is incredibly flavorful


Sidey:Oh And then we've got the goat cheese of some creamy joyousness that I keep buying Cause it's good

Reegs:So that featured we were playing over text a little game of cheese inspired movie titles Weren't we Because I had the many stare at goats cheese was one that I had on my list

Dan:Yeah There was a good will hunting

Reegs:Yeah Or the good the bad and the ugly

Pete:Yeah The dam busters

Reegs:That's a good one Yeah

Pete:Oh yes Yeah I like that

Reegs:I still didn't know what you did last summer

Pete:and despicable

Reegs:TA talk to the ricotta

Sidey:Yeah it did another question How ricotta and the goblet of fire

Reegs:Oh yeah Nice come on bear run Wow

Pete:Oh yeah

Reegs:I've got some good ones in here The Philadelphia experiment diamonds are for cheddar desperately seeking Borsa or the bull's-eye identity I couldn't I couldn't uh this is I'm really proud of this one Have artificial intelligence about that one Yeah

Dan:no I had a the the spy who loved Bri grated expectations Carlito's way

Reegs:Oh very


Reegs:Provolone Wolf McQuaid

Dan:Was Brie Lawson in any of those films No


Dan:Jesus Christ

Pete:Oh Jesus Christ Superstar


 So top five

Sidey:They switched off five Yeah I nominated

Reegs:what was it

Sidey:it courtroom scenes

Dan:forget what this one

Sidey:from for movies and or TV if you'd like should I go first


Sidey:I've got one I'm going to leave the one we spoke about for you this is my favorite actress I talk about her a lot It's Meryl Streep from the movie the absolute laugh riot Kramer vs Kramer and it's memorable for being just like the most miserable film and never wanting to go through that ever again

Dan:I think I watched your one

Sidey:Avoid avoid avoid ever since I saw this many years ago Very memorable

Reegs:Yeah Harrowing


 Dan:Tough tough watches those films When you come out and say that was harrowing I mean you're like Whoa

Reegs:Primal fair Does anybody see this one


Reegs:Richard Yeah At Norton he's a sort of flamboyant defense attorney who gets his clients acquitted Yeah Gear is Yeah and he represents the severely stammering ignored was kind of his breakthrough performance Wasn't it Yeah

Sidey:is a great performance

Reegs:Oh brilliant performance And I I've always found Richard Gere to be a bit vanilla I know an officer and a gentleman is an absolute classic and all you know some of those other ones but he's really good in this as well It's a really good performance from ed Norton There's a really twisty turny screenplay a number of great courtroom scenes but there's a climax in a courtroom scene where Richard Gere Richard Gere and then Laura Linney they take turns cross-examining ed Norton and provoking this huge outburst I don't really want to say too much more because if you haven't seen it there's quite some interesting stuff do do watch it's well-acted

Dan:I've seen that

Reegs:yeah that's a good one

Dan:Goodwill hunting the scene where Madame and


Represents himself in in court And actually he's represented himself in court about 20 times before won them all And this time he's got a judge who's actually looked at his notes and and decided you won't get the 21 you're going down whatever and sends me in But Matt diamonds Got the answers for everything he he's able to to quote a law from back in their day as good as any lawyer w which is why he's great at representing himself But yeah that was a really great seat actually

Pete:Okay So my first one is another guy who represents himself in a film that fuck him rarely jarred me when I saw it I was looking forward to The quiet dreamy Gerard Butler in in his film but law abiding citizen

Reegs:And it's a weird film

Pete:honestly if I close my eyes I can still see like the torture scene and then not the the the you know the the the head just on the table with all the blood pouring off it and the eyes out and the tongue fog it's fucking disgusting that bit

Reegs:So what is the courtroom scene Because

Pete:so the courtroom scene is after that So so basically the well the premise is his wife and daughter had been raped and killed


Pete:like it's fucking

Reegs:It's so

Pete:Um And then he goes to prison He sorry he he disappears for a long long time and he studies law studies a lot of you know he basically sets up this massive fucking revenge

Reegs:Oh it's ridiculous This elaborate plan to

Pete:one guy I think the at the execution he he tampers with the execution So it's a far more horrific and painful death than it should be Then he really cleverly in

Reegs:Well it's got a ridiculous plot which I'm just going to spoil where he he's he's built He knows he's an architect and he's in this prison cell and he's built a tunnel out of the prison cell So when they think he's in the cell he's actually out in the real world Fuck it about and then he like you can just imagine him like calculators He runs back through that way

Pete:The courtroom scene is is quite it's quite sort of clever and funny And so he represents himself and he comes over and you know and he's he's very sort of like meek he's he's committed these horrible crimes We've seen him do that but there's no Evidence other than circumstantial at the time but they say anyone who's capable of committing these crimes Like there they should be incarcerated huge flight risk et cetera et cetera He represents himself He refers to a couple of like legal precedent says he's a law abiding citizen which is where the title comes from and the judge basically goes along with them and says yeah I'm going to grow on bail And then he immediately Starts mocking her clapping and then turns on the judge to say you know this is what's wrong with you know the justice system and then just starts mocking her mocking everyone in the room that the you know the whole of the justice system And

Dan:he's one

Pete:yeah because he doesn't want his his revenge is is not to just be kind of like left to his own devices He wants to be incarcerated So so that he can act as his full revenge on on not just the people who committed the crime but on the justice system and as many people as possible

Reegs:some mental film there is

Pete:like yeah he he goes to town on the judge The last thing he says to her as he's being carted off is and I bet you take it up the ass you bitch it's quiet But to this day the the the torture scene and stuff that's not my bag at all And it fucking makes me feel a bit anxious Even talking about the food Yes

Sidey:Old school to kill a Mockingbird


Sidey:Gregory Peck as as Finch cross examining the rape victim male you'll and it's clear she's fucking bullshitting Yeah it didn't go down like that And you've got of the segregation in the in the courtroom or the the black people in the top And it's where everyone's trying to find themselves It feels you feel hot watching it It's really tense

Dan:isn't it How they can make those old black and white films in the shadows they could cast and everything It would just give the feeling of you know atmosphere that you you sometimes don't get in in other films This is

Sidey:it's a towering performance but Gregory Peck he's fucking

Reegs:Yeah You've talked about this one before You'd like

Sidey:Yeah This is a good one

Dan:Yeah Beautifully shot

Reegs:Ghostbusters to had some great great courtroom scene where Venkman's making jokes He's telling Louis Tali what to say And then the judge one Stephen the hammer Wexler goes on a bizarre and if I might be so bold unprofessional rant which ends up with him screaming about going back to pure methods of justice and having the Ghostbusters burned at the stake at which point the the villainous skill Arie brothers emerged anybody No not what nothing Just blank faces all around

Pete:I've seen the film I don't remember any of it

You got any good ones done

Dan:You can't have a

Pete:if you


Reegs:Naomi Naomi is X date That's what that one's for you Oh you're waiting for that

Dan:Yeah yeah I haven't seen this film in a long time actually but it's cruise Demi Moore Jack Nicholson

Sidey:Kevin bacon

Dan:as well

Sidey:is the defense

Reegs:Jack Nicholson's not actually in it all that

Sidey:but he steals it And that one performance he's just completely lost his cool

Dan:Ken or Phil Mahershala is something So yeah you don't see him much you know he's not in it He just float in as they do and and comes in and tells him me Tom cruise you can't handle that That's it simple as that off of you I've got work to do

Pete:I've got one here So this is really fucking powerful film based on a true story the true story of Carl BearShare in the film is men of honor with Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr And this is yeah about the the us Navy deep sea diver Um he's

Dan:What they did I just don't get it Why they'd made to make a film out of it but go on

Pete:I mean he's kind of beaten the odds once in that he's like horribly fucking persecuted by dinero his character predominantly but pretty much boiled his peers as well in trying to even get into the into the Navy in the first place they liked sabotage is like bag When he's trying to do like the welding at the bottom of the ladder I think he's down in the water longer than anybody else It's fucking horrible But at some point he makes it he's involved in a very sort of like heroic act where he saves a load of lives X quickly but his his leg gets like mangled in in you know on one of the on one of the ships he has to have his leg eventually amputated and has a prosthetic leg fitted He then wants to carry on his service and no one with a prosthetic limb has ever been a deep sea diver in the in the us Navy up to that point and by this time Rose Character is spiraled out of control and he's become a drunk and so on but he he decides to help Colbert share in his call to parents where they're going to consider whether or not he can he's fit to serve and he can't he walks into the courtroom and he you know he talks about his history and so on but they throw a big curve ball and bring in the actual deep sea diving suit that he would have to wear And the the rule is that he has to be able to walk 12 steps in the SU on dry land And he has to do it there in the courtroom And he's a fucking such a powerful performance by Cuba Gooding Jr And he gets had me in tears watching it knowing it's a true story as well Incredible But you know that particular scene just the fucking drive and determination against all odds of this guy like inspirational

Reegs:good one

Sidey:The wire again to TV

Dan:I've yet to catch up with all this wire not seeing it I'm like yeah I need a treat to be

Sidey:I thought was Sopranos Yeah

Pete:I am I've now that I have subtitles on everything I can watch it Cause I started watching I couldn't understand a fucking word that I was saying the accents

Dan:I've watched one

Pete:Yeah I couldn't understand it

Sidey:Yeah we have I would say like the ultimate sort of anti-hero character Omar in that he's not a drug dealer but he does Rob drug dealers Bad guy but

Reegs:It's like a Robin hood for the slum but he's also he's he's complex Cause he's gay

Sidey:a as a witness in this court case And then you've got the the defense attorney is basically the drug gangs man And he sort of what do you do It says to Omar who's dressed Like he has to wear a tie for court So he wears it like or funny like a tie like a scarf and he says I rip and run And he's like what does that mean Is that Rob drug dealers he just announces that as his occupation in court And then later on as he's just trying to basically discredit him as a witness and it just keeps out of you you know you're a criminal you feed off the drug you know the drug gangs or that you decipher money out the community And he just goes just like you man And he like stops in his tracks and it goes I got the shotgun you've got the briefcase So all in the game and he obviously has it really cool And even the judge does looks at the guys He's like well fucking done You there It's fucking it's just spot on

Reegs:And it's great as well because the guy that he's testifying against he's killed another character but he didn't actually see it but he's testifying He knows So you've got this like moral ambiguity because he's obviously sort of doing the right thing but for bad reasons or the wrong thing for good reasons or yeah yeah Yeah

Dan:I really like him

Reegs:had no idea who was

Sidey:I watched the whole series and didn't know that Idris Elba was you know it was not a yang

Reegs:Oh I got it about season three I think

Sidey:I think to the whole lot because he just wasn't he hadn't blown up then you know I hadn't come across I mean anything else but to watch the war but Dominic West he still sounds a bit sort of pantomime in this but he's sort of like the comedic character in it It's sort of like he says God does stupid shit in it

Reegs:He does decent funny shit


It's great Watch the wire

Sidey:it out Cause it is a fucking stone cold classic

Reegs:Watch the wire in the first air bud movie buddies got brought to the courtroom for the trial to determine who owns him and the judge eventually gets fed up with them arguing And so he allows buddy to choose the owner that he prefers liar Liar has one of the great great objections in court line in courtroom history Are you your honor I object And why is that Mr Reed Because it's devastating to my case It's a great great overall The 2000 animated movie grandma got run over by a reindeer I'm assuming you've all seen I'll always remember the eponymous grandma spank and Heimer and her Kayla fruit cakes This is all true A terrible Christmas story Special based on what I believe is a novelty song but I can't recall whether it features in the show The storyline shares some similarities with Stephen King's misery in Santa is involved in a hit and run with grandma on Christmas Eve and takes her back to the North pole for medical treatment I don't know whether he hobbles her if he does they did leave that part out anyway there's a number of ins and outs Santa is arrested and put on trial for kidnapping leaving the scene of an accident and negligence Yes the to then plot to Sue him Did you sing there anybody who can pay for billions of presence must be very rich I can't really remember how it all plays out but there is a lot of courtroom scenes and fruit case stuff there's a song about fruit cakes There's some sort of sabotage fruit cake a fruitcake used to revive a grandma spanking Jaime's

Pete:Don't know what you're talking about anymore

Reegs:and a spiked fruit cake which made the rain days go do Lally it's an appalling movie I would never recommend anyone to watch this

Pete:but it makes your child's for top five No Okay

 Dan:I'm gonna there's a couple I've got left that pretty strong

Reegs:not as strong as that Surely


Dan:of the court case but it is the scene where he gets sent down and he's protesting his innocence which leads into talking about a fantastic film First time I showed I showed this to my boy you know okay there you go He's 15 or whatever He 14 at the time I think we watched it There's a couple of hard scenes in there obviously but the overall film was just it was the same you know over over time it's aged so well it's still fantastic stories fantastic plot line a great ending

Pete:Yeah so film I have seen called a time to kill with Matthew mahogany and Samuel L.

Jackson I think Sandra Bullock's in it as well Yeah And the the the courts in especially like the you know the closing statement I mean it's fucking Harrowing like the storylines horrible I think probably as all four of us dads especially of girls the the whole fucking plot is is rarely like

Reegs:well I can't remember whether I've seen

Pete:Okay So so Samuel L Jackson's daughter ten-year-old daughter gets raped and fucking just like not just rapes it's it's yeah like beaten up and pissed on and it's fucking disgraceful and he kills at least one he kills a couple of the guys that evolved in it So then the the the story is about his court case Well his yeah his prosecution for the murders of the guy that's like a revenge killing and how there's a there's a lot of you know there's you know there's a lot of racial tension in it I think you know throughout Eva Yeah I mean somebody Al Jackson and Matthew mahogany is his his his lawyer but there's there's tensions between them because Samuel Jackson just sees him as like another like white guy part you know part of the same problem you know but Matthew McConaughey's closing statement is basically he goes he asks the jury and everyone in the courtroom to like close their eyes And then he just talks through in graphic detail whilst he's breaking down in tears about the the attack and then and he actually finishes It was like you know and now imagine that was a white girl as well and there's not a dry eye in the house and obviously he you know he he gets a successful verdict for for his client but really fucking powerful harrowing but like captivating film

Dan:Yeah Well I mean John Grisham I don't know if you've read the book I I've gone through most of his books there All legal thrillers or the good ones are and they can all spin a yarn They all can straight away You can imagine them in film you know and this was one of his early ones Actually this was one of the first five or six books that he did He's done sort of 25 26 And a lot of them have been turned into film and I had the firm a time to kill I think there's the client Pelican brief

Reegs:Do you know what I don't think I've really seen any of these movies It's like a whole genre

Dan:really yeah good books for holiday on a plane that kind of thing You know just if if you're waiting cause easy to read but they're they're intelligent enough to keep


Dan:a bit like DaVinci code or or something along that pace and and kind of you know style but I I like all all his stuff and yeah I was going to say I can mention a few of his within that That same kind of style

Sidey:The climax of the untouchables the jury are going to Trying to be replaced because the nose they've all been bought off their names are in the ledgers and that's rejected And he says to the judge actually your name's in the fucking ledger as well And so they do get changed which causes Mr Capone to lose his cool and they change he said fucking do something do something So I think this is ill-advised but he says I'll change the plea to guilty I thought you've you're fucking dead Like someone's going to kill you and yeah he kicks off and then you get the great scene Are they not sure that I like Elliot ness that much B it gets in the you know this thing never give up keep fighting blah blah blah And you just got dinero Capone just fucking losing it It's really I fucking loved that film It's just everything about that Film is great


Pete:I can I just I think Kevin Costner's a really blank actor in that film specifically

Sidey:where he's playing a fucking boring

Dan:like him I find him easy to watch again I've seen him in a a few things in some of the films have been that great like thinking the golf when he did TIG cup I

Sidey:I like that there was one it got released on Netflix a little while ago Just keep thinking about nominating because I don't think any of you seen it the the highway miniseries with Woody Harrison and this sort

Reegs:I haven't seen it yet

Sidey:it's pretty cool I might nominate that next but he's all right I think he's right I don't like him or dislike him but

Pete:I think it's it's performance cause one of the scenes for last week's top five had a support summary from the untouchables again and I immediately picked up on so his acting was fucking dreadful in that scene And again in that in that scene at the end I mean yeah He's he's done

Sidey:not as dreadful as Sean Connery's accent in it

Pete:No it's not you're

Sidey:I still love that

Pete:Yeah yeah Yeah Great film

Reegs:I just got round to me and we haven't talked about 12 angry men so

Dan:my next one So we do it a joint

Reegs:Yeah it's a great one Isn't it Yeah

Dan:if it's such a brilliant film I mean there's there's not so much of it set in the courtroom because most of us in the room

Sidey:I thought it's all it's all in the jury room isn't it It's one of those film That's all in one room

Dan:a there's a part that they go in to do the the verdict that's in the courtroom


Reegs:But yeah I mean it's mostly

Dan:it's in in that room where they're just sweltering and it it again it's just one of those films it's all in the writing and the performances obviously but it

Reegs:Henry Fonda

Dan:again you feel the heat you know it's black and white and just the colors and the and the shade the lighting that they've used means that when the actors look hot you're you're feeling hot

Reegs:Well no so they they over the course of the film he gradually lowers the the height of the camera and tightens the shots So everybody appears like so it just amps up the claustrophobia basically And then it's like a really good example of the Ms on scene is what they call it Isn't in filmmaking which like where maybe like a single shot from the movie represents the entire movie in itself And there's that very famous One of the 11 jurors and then Henry fonder is dura And then on the right hand side and everybody else on the left but it's full of stuff like that It's great It's one of the really real


Dan:So it's a film basically is a cut and dry case a guy's been accused of murder is a hot sweat in day The jury had just been art They've listened to the case They'd just been asked to go in consider the verdict and then go back out Everybody wants a wave These guys fucking guilt ESN let's do it But one guy is just wants to question it a little bit more And so the movie pans out and plays out and everything

Pete:and he's

Dan:sweating hot and you get those people that well you know you get outta here he you know he's guilty of sin and then somebody else but it's yeah so it's some fantastic performances And I'm just trying to think who else is in it There's a couple

Reegs:ed Begley Jr Is in it Henry Fonda

Dan:Fonda he's the main character but there was another guy whose name will come to me But he's one of those film guys that you would have definitely seen if ever you seen a black and white

Reegs:film Yeah

Dan:to have been in it

Reegs:Terrific Maybe check it out

Pete:Okay I'm just gonna rattle through a few of the ones that have got left from called the accused with Jodie foster in it where she won a she won the Oscar for her performance is incredible It's

Reegs:this one now where she's Nell or whatever

Pete:No she she like early again It's

Dan:Oh she's pretty good at she's pretty good at acting

Pete:now Yeah but yeah this this is another like harrowing one It's again it's it's about rapes gets gang rapes in a bar and then you know the film kind of you know she gets like taken apart in the in the courtroom and stuff but it's a fucking unbelievable performance from her so yeah another there's a really cool just to upset righ so really cool courtroom scene in Skyfall where that's a James Bond


Pete:Where did you yeah Where


Judy Dench is kind of trying to you know explain why we've seen the scene right And a silver comes in and it turns into a blood bath That's pretty cool

Dan:Have you got any funny courtroom

Pete:Yeah Well Leia Leia was was mentioned I haven't I haven't got any funny ones There's one scene that I did want to mention Shut up shut up shush there's for quite a film that I'm going to get absolutely torn to bits for fucking liking but it is a massive guilty pleasure mind patch Adams it's there's

like a big yeah

it's just like so I will hate it You've probably never seen it Yeah Yeah exactly I knew

you'd fucking hate it Yeah It doesn't surprise me that you don't like it even without having seen it But at that way it's a it's a true story A patchwork like Robin Williams is a fucking incredible actor

Sidey:You've loved him since bicentennial man

Pete:Oh I hate that film so

Reegs:much I've seen that

Pete:once it was enough for me Yeah There's there's a big like a emotional sort of plea He's he's getting his well he's been charged with practicing medicine without a license and so on And then they bring in all the ill kids that he's been treating at the end of it And they will put on their red noses and stuff as a show of support


Reegs:it was going to be a


Pete:yeah TV one and a fucking amazing seen game of Thrones The trial of Tyrian Lannister uh for Joffrey's murder which obviously he didn't do and it's such a again really powerful He turns on the whole courtroom on on on his whole family because of how he's been sort of stitched up and how he's been portrayed all his life my favorite line is watching your vicious busted die gave me more relief than a thousand lying halls

Strong buts


Sidey:Hmm social network has horribly unlikable Jesse Eisenberg playing horribly unlikable Mark Zuckerberg and he has this sort of smarmy horrible way and the court and all that Just

Reegs:I checked this was a deposition I don't know if

Sidey:that well

yeah Well I was wondering about some of these 

Dan:his courtroom is he

Reegs:Yeah I agree

Sidey:Quick one the dark night when the Patsy for Moroni pulls out a gun and to Harvey dent right in his face he fires there but he doesn't go off and he takes it off him and he walks up and he says if you want to kill upon public seven you better buy American And it's a bit cheesy but he's quite smooth And eco

Reegs:You've got the dark Knight rises as well You've got

Sidey:Oh the the

Reegs:kangaroo court that scarecrows running

 Sidey:the people versus Larry Flint

Reegs:Larry Flint was bright

Sidey:His Norton on the other side of the day he's the defendant And he's basically saying to the jury that you're a bunch of spoil products You can't have your cake and eat it You want free speech then You have these publications effectively and you have a choice whether you fucking look at it or you don't you go to the shop and buy it or you don't as a choice So stop you're fucking stupid crybaby twice and shooting everyone and just Gumby life basically And he won I think now he


Reegs:Know I've never seen it

Sidey:Yeah I'm pretty sure we did

Dan:Oh sorry Yeah I don't know about

Reegs:earlier today

Dan:earlier than today even

earlier than that

Reegs:I've got two more and then I can show

up Okay

Airplane to Dr Stone would you give the court your impression of Mr Striker

Pete:That's amazing

Reegs:I don't do impressions My training is in psychiatry and also the overmatch

Pete:okay Yeah I'll never be over your granddad

Reegs:I'll ever get And serial mum is anybody Remember that the Kathleen Turner she's like a sweet seeming housewife who in reality is a serial killer who murders Anyone who offends her puritanical values You've seen this one It's got Ricky Lake in it Matthew Lillard

Dan:kind of brings a bell but it's not committed it to memory

Reegs:Oh she goes apeshit in the trial at the end She like she she gets one of the witnesses to admit they were stoned So they can't testify She gets one swearing in court and gets removed And there's a really weird scene now where she discredits one witness by saying she found a transsexual themed Wenk mag in their room And that just seemed to be enough to discredit them completely

Dan:the last one I guess I would have is the verdict Paul Newman he plays an alcoholic lawyer who is takes one more kind of case and works his way through it I re I watched it a while back it's One of those films that I remember enjoying but I haven't seen against for for a little while I don't know if you guys have

seen it never seen this

Reegs:the verdict's in We haven't seen it

Dan:Well the verdict is would be to watch it then maybe it's one for our midweek

Pete:I've I've actually got one more I don't know if it counts or not it is in a courtroom but the the the best part about it is just outside the courtroom It's from new Jack city Which has everyone anyone senior Jack Sydney Really cool I really like it Anyway Nino Brown is played by Wesley Snipes It's about yeah it's got ice cube in it No yes no ice tea and Mario van Peebles but it's it's Nino Brown is it's kinda it's about the like the rise of crack and shit in New York And right at the end Nino Brown where's he such character He hope he's going to get his come up and it's cause he's a horrible boss It all the way through And he doesn't he gets off on some technical or he gets a much like reduced sentence and walks out the courtroom and you think he's got a got away with it but then some like old guy who he bloke pissed off like just some guy from the community that he pissed off halfway through the film He didn't like what he was doing in the community Just like walks up the stairs and just shoots him at the time And then he falls

down outside the courtroom


That is a great film Actually I haven't seen

that for a while Yeah That's a good one

Sidey:My cousin Vinny but I've never actually seen it I just know I know

Dan:No he's a really good

Sidey:I just remember it being famous or winning the Oscar and surprising everyone

Dan:It was like a bit like the full Monte or something It just came out of nowhere

Nobody's expecting it to be a big hit and it was

actually a

surprisingly funny really good

Reegs:Yeah I saw it a few years ago though Again that would be the second time and it didn't I didn't think it held up particularly well it'd be


like Joe Peshy his girlfriend's acts and it she's it's really fucking New York and naughty

Reegs:That's not Marissa to me Is

Pete:Yes it is Yeah Yeah


Sidey:a miracle on 34th street It's

Reegs:uh I haven't seen all the miracle third bridge

Sidey:legally blonde Dan with legally blonde seen

Reegs:It's one of those I think I should see

Sidey:with her spoon she gets someone off whatever it is by knowing about hairstyles basically



serendipitous Isn't it like

the perfect thing she would know about

Sidey:That's all of mine

Reegs:I'm going for the name of my sex Take 12 angry


Dan:Well um Goodwill hunting I dunno if that


Pete:I think mine does men of honor

Sidey:and mine to kill a mocking




Dan:So Palm Springs

Sidey:into the review till we got the obvious comparison Yeah I nominated it I nominated this one I've spoken about it a few times on previous shows because I'd managed to catch it at my local multiplex but I knew you guys hadn't had it appeared on prime video

Dan:Oh shoot You caught this actually the Santa Maria

Sidey:yeah yeah Definitely cinema I really enjoyed it the first time I saw it So I thought I'd nominate I see what you guys thought

Reegs:and you've come dressed as him

Sidey:I have got the exact same shirt as Niles from the movie Yeah

Reegs:Yeah I did that It's the same shorts

Sidey:no more pink No no yellow no bright yellow And I just didn't have any

it did the best


Sidey:In the movie Niles wakes up and It's a wedding day is partners getting ready They have some very unsatisfying sex and then he just Wang

Reegs:Jack's off Watch you go Yeah She says I don't want to get too sticky

Sidey:Yeah you can tell that there's things are not going well for them the day unfolds there's the elder sister She is the oldest students You have the bride she's kind of drunk and doesn't realize she's going to have to get up and make a speech but he bows her out Anyway they end up hooking up They go down and magic cave Repeat repeat repeat It's one of the it's

Reegs:They they go down to they go down to make out on the rocks Yeah And I had already figured out at this point because of the choreographed dance routine that he does this absolutely

Pete:It's fucking


Um there's was really making me laugh

uh that he that he'd been doing this for a while I don't think the movie is really trying to conceal that from you Well I didn't expect though It's when he's making out with her And then he suddenly shot in the shoulder by an arrow It's amazing


Sidey:Screaming was really really good She was properly


Pete:spends quite a lot of the early parts of the film Just sharing what the fuck like over and over

Dan:almost like she wasn't told about that was going to


You know it was it was it was fantastic So

Reegs:Get JK Simmons running in in full cammo gear uh hold Yeah boy holding a crossbow and

Dan:wants to see him you know just cause he didn't know he was in this film I just turned it on and


Dan:yeah He's

he's brilliant

Reegs:So he crawls what's his name


Sidey:yeah It's your you're a big fan of this actor at the moment

Reegs:He's my man

crush at the

Pete:I've never ever seen him before

Dan:Oh right Yeah

Pete:first I've not seen that It was the first thing I'd

Sidey:does He does record some music as well but it's like comedy

Reegs:Yeah He did pop star never stopped stopping which is pretty good It was actually pretty good It's like a mockumentary thing about this white rapper guy is Yeah But it's funnier than that probably suggests

Dan:is a Brooklyn nine nine I


is is clever And there's a there's a good few characters in that but he's yeah my boy put me on to onto that And then this is his step into Hollywood I

Albeit through a kind of independent film is


it was bought at Sundance It's the biggest over picture

Sidey:be smashed the record

Reegs:smashed the record He crawls into the cave he's


there Do you know what it beat the record by 69 cents

Reegs:Wow What was the previous record holder Do

Sidey:Uh No I don't know but it was 17 and a half million I

Reegs:Yeah Yeah It's a lot of spawn Dooley's he crawls into the cave dying of his wounds towards some light and he shouts back to Sarah don't follow me

Sidey:Don't care about that

Reegs:He is very very

clear about that

and then the time loop starts again

Sidey:talking about now why was he so keen to get on the Cape Cause to no other point when he dies does he need to go through the cave again  that particular bit

Pete:maybe to end the loop Cause he's probably in a lot of pain so he knows he will end the loop by going through So the ways he ends the loop either by dying falling asleep or by going through the cave So my guess was that he was in agony He got an arrow in the back of the leg as well which really would have hurt which is why he's crawling

Reegs:He points out at least once or twice And it becomes important later that dying a death in the ICU the intensive care unit is the worst way to


he's and he's done it a few times and this is what's quite good about the movie because it knows that you've seen a Groundhog day He never mentioned it but he knows that you know time loop movies and the things that

Dan:we're in a in a time loop issue a standard time

Reegs:It's one of those time loop situations I think he says that's enough Yeah Cause we know what that is and he you know there is a great scene where she's exploring which he has a weird freak out day where she realizes she's having the same day again Um and

Dan:been in there so long He can't remember what job he

Pete:used to

Dan:You know he he's he literally cannot remember and he has then gone and done everything that anyone could and would do


that 24 hours or whatever


he gets to live over and over again he knows every single move that is going to make He knows every single conversation somebody's going to say and how to get the best reaction from them I imagine in any given situation if he finds a a bomb in the wedding cake I


well they staged this elaborate thing Yeah

Dan:just so many clever scenes how how he used the the the time loop so much better than I think Groundhog day did actually you know I

Reegs:there are some good gags on

Dan:just to heat they they just use that that time loop and I think this guy is

Pete:well One of my favorites was was how the story of how Roy became involved like the night that they had where they just end up doing those drugs getting really fucked up And and then Roy gets introduced into the into the loop And then

Reegs:It's like hi he's like Oh I wish this night would never end So he takes him through the loop and then he's obviously viciously out for revenge It's brilliant I love the scene where she's going through her suicidal phase and the driving along in the car And he's she's like Oh I'm going to crash and die So he he takes his seatbelt off and leads his head on the dashboard It's just really funny he's this kind of jaded believes in nothing guy who's kind of

Dan:just been in this loop for so

long I mean

he's killed himself a a thousand times He's he's done everything imaginable He's

Reegs:blue too I think in a couple of lines of dialogue he says something about Oh you there's some sort of implication that you might have gone on a murderous rage Did anybody catch that in one of the lines Cause he says some things you can't some it's like it's some things you can't come back from or some things you can't

Pete:Yeah Because later on when she's it he he's like well even though it goes by resets every day he's saying to her like look we have to live with the consequences ourselves of what we do And yeah I didn't pick up on on


Reegs:part Maybe I just insert that part from my

Dan:Yeah Well no but you probably did Um but you're you're right there there was kind of elements of the dialogue that lend itself to being more broad in its interpretation of what the hell did he do You know Cause he just leaves it floating out there And then you think about maybe all things you would do which is why

Pete:well he deals with he deals with that in the windshields in the question about sex and here he's had set And I mean obviously that's probably one of the things that after all those times you think okay we're going to have various interactions with various

Dan:time is the first time with it though Isn't it You know because he's meeting her for the first

Pete:time at first at first he says that they'd never hooked up is what he says to her the first time But then when they go through the scene of all the different sexual encounters he's had and I can't remember is it Jeremy or


Pete:Like Jeffrey like the one where he basically gets bummed by that guy Like it's fucking brilliant

Reegs:that's it That's it


Dan:the that is where the dad

Pete:Yeah he makes up Oh and then there was your dad and it shows the scene

Dan:he so wrong

Reegs:and he's terrific that actor he always plays it I can't remember if you fucking Peter Gallagher That's right Yeah He's terrific as well Okay so we get lots of very funny scenes of them exploring all of the different permutations of the timely up until she's like suddenly she he's become very passive in this world Just stuff happens around him or he just lives to get through The moment is nothing He

Sidey:Well we've we sort of we find out it's later revealed Because we get a close up of their eyes as they wake up you just get the eye open but it sort of pans out and we've we see where she's waking up every


So she has she is reliving so she has she has slept with the groom

Pete:her sister's

Sidey:sister's partner that the night of the wet the night before the wedding So every every wedding day that she's wake up reliving she has a skill of having done this and this awful obviously feeding her So she is having to relive that sensation every day So she wants to get out of it


Sidey:But you do as as it progresses you also see them wake up and then they sort of smile because they know they're going to be having a good day together You know they they've started they've fallen for each

Dan:forward forward to that And one of the lines I don't know if it made you laugh but w would you kill me one more


Dan:just to beat the traffic

Reegs:Oh there's so many good lines when he meets Roy for the first time I like your hat Of course you do It's just fucking brilliant Absolutely brilliant He quotes Ts Elliot at him I can't admit to the burnt something or other and it's all about time and stuff That's why he buys him an extra shot of bourbon So that's great

Pete:One one thing that I was waiting for an exponent I thought there would be a reveal later on in the film was what she said to her sister because initially she thinks that I'll to get out of the loop She has to do a selfless act and she whispers something in a sister's ear and then they embrace So it clearly wasn't you know coming clean about the but we never find out what that


And that was it That was

Reegs:but it was what she believed would be the most selfless actually you could do but it doesn't close the loop Nothing appears to close the loop

So she sets about then learning quantum mechanics and all sorts of particle physics and stuff And she starts measuring she takes a very active role in closing the loop It's suddenly you haven't seen in a time loop movie before she's taking various measurements Oh yeah And before this at some point they go out to the desert take drugs and see some

brontosauruses walking across What was that about

Pete:I think it was just they were a mushrooms at the time Aren't they

Reegs:Yeah But they're there at the end again

Pete:They are there I think they it's just a a symbol

Dan:No I've done my research as Sundberg sees it the real message of that final shoot is are the dinosaurs in the decisions is that each of us as our own personal baggage of hopes and fears and foibles openly makes us our own reality And the thing is that so key about dinosaurs is that Sarah knows both see them

Pete:should have picked up on all

Reegs:real or they're having a acid flashback together Is it also

Dan:It's that's what it is what you want it to be

Reegs:that they get stuck in the time loop as well The dyno So that would be pretty


Reegs:did the Nana she was an interesting


Yeah Yeah Cause she some


Reegs:She was a bit weird

Pete:I can't remember what it is that she says but it was something that almost alluded to the fact that she'd been around for a little

Reegs:Well she says something about I've been to a lot of weddings and heard a lot of speeches but that

was the best or something but it's there's a

Sidey:online about various different people in this that could have been stuck in it Like the waitress a lot of people think spin in it

Pete:There's a really bizarre bit where she's like the waitress is like jacket him off in the car and saying like Oh I've once hit a guy with this car I don't think he ever walked again And that was it

Dan:Well what about little Joey is in dog


Yeah But

Dan:th that's the scene where

Pete:Roy's family

Dan:yeah he he's kind of just having this idyllic scene at home and the sprinklers and the bouncy castles and all the


of it in in the garden And and Joey's just watering shit in there and he'd be so happy She's

still he's still so happy

Pete:Yeah And you'll say he pays for something with a hundred dollar bill and tells the kids to keep the change as well Like knowing it's it's all

Reegs:means nothing It's very

Pete:yeah Yeah

Dan:One time I smoked a bunch of crystal


Dan:made it all the way to Corey or Kenny It was a huge

Reegs:to sit It's really good closes the loop or figures out a way to close the loop which involves blowing up a go but she does figure out a way And then he frightened to commit to the idea of moving on

Dan:after so long in in

Reegs:what you would be

Dan:actually lived He he's now he's found somebody he's quite happy to stay in that day with them over and over again because it suits him down to a T wakes up alone We have another gal that he You know quickly goes and hooks up with her in but he doesn't want that commitment dizzy He doesn't

want to wake up in the same place He's quite happy doing that at the moment and going about having that one perfect day where they just have fun where she's obviously wants reality

Pete:I mean he he then admits later on the he's that they've hooked up thousands of times And so he's obviously that's his favorite pastime is the bit where he kind of rescues her from the speech situation He delivers a bizarre but impressive speech So he knows how to how to win her over So

Reegs:Mm mm they but basically they do end up going back through the loop the movie kind of pulls the rug on you a little bit by I thought that was a bit cheap but This sort of reveal where they're in the swimming pool and then Oh no they come


but I you know they don't end a nice ending at that point Yeah Yeah it's it's great Isn't it Because there's a lot going on thematically that relates to the time loop concept And then you've got this whole question of like is timely it's Groundhog day now as of movie it's like

Dan:well it it almost could


couldn't it I mean this is the first one that I think has done it as explicitly as well This is Groundhog day too you know it could be it's it's the same characters going through the same wedding scene going through the same you know they they are different adventures on their day that you don't get to see but it's essentially the same conversations with people that they have each day but there was a more modern twist

on this

you know I think Adam Sandberg was fantastic in


and Particularly that scene that you know it gets you right from the beginning when he just so you know he he's the guy at the wedding who doesn't give a


Dan:He's there dressed in a Hawaiian

shirt open a can of beer

Pete:How many cans of beer does he open And I'd love to I'd love to count it's hundreds

Dan:lives the kind of life actually after a thousand days of live in that day And you've just you know you've met the first time he would have been on that day He realized that his missus is fucking someone else or the second or the third


And now it's just become numb to him He laughs it is about Oh they're born together Those two like you know he sent it in other

Reegs:Yeah well he's he's completely emotionally numb And so

Dan:absolutely you know and he's he's happy just getting drunk doing whatever he wants

Reegs:He's not even happy anymore He's just accepted it He's not even happy He's just he's just accepted it Yeah

Dan:Today tomorrow yesterday it's all the same

Sidey:looking online because you don't know how long it's not stated in the film how long he's definitely been going through this and online it's a damn they set the suggest The sweet spot is somewhere between 40 to 40 million years

Reegs:I figured it was more the latter than the former for


Sidey:long Yep

Pete:I did


Sidey:millions birthday one of the scenes Isn't it

Reegs:happy millions birthday dipshit So I set up this

Dan:just she's just said that isn't she or do you think that's born through conversation maybe that

Sidey:You'd have to do something for a long long time to forget your job

Reegs:think it's tied back to the dinosaur thing

Pete:I did wonder if that was A tale but there's also yeah Another scene where they like stage wait a minute

Dan:You think it was a cave They didn't even people around her

Reegs:No but the time loop is all Yeah

Pete:yeah But one of the scenes is where they like stage what they're going to do when they go into the bar Like there's some like there's some dance there's a fight set Like that's fucking great

Reegs:There's loads of good gags We haven't spoiled them All This is really worth watching Right It's

really funny

Pete:One thing I would say is when the gags stopped and the love story and the getting out of the time loop So I did find it dragged for a bit And yeah there was there was a spell where I was like I kind of like wanted it to to get towards the end And it was only a short film It's only like an hour and a half Isn't it It did It did drag for a little spell there for me for like 10 minutes or so but I'll forgive it You know there was a lot of really good stuff in there

Reegs:I like the journey of JK Simmons his character because he hates his banal existence He says he makes some quote about marriage being the what does he say I can't remember it but he says it's really shit He was more of a wordsmith than than I was Yeah It's one of those I wish I had written down but yeah he grows to kind of love the fact that he's stuck in this moment He he's got this tinge of regret that he'll never see his children grow up but on the same point he can live this day That's actually he's find some peace in his life but he's also had the instructions Should he ever wish to leave She leaves a note for him

She she'll message so yeah lots of good stuff here I actually watched this on Saturday night and then I watched it again today while I was working because I thought I wanted to see if it sort of held up and it was actually better on a

rewatch as

Dan:exactly what I was thinking Actually it seems just with so many jokes


you've reminded me of that I've just looked on and and laughed along with the first time myself I think it's one of those films that you Probably quite easily watch

Pete:definitely there's bits I can already think of like the dance scene at the beginning I want to watch that


Dan:when he's cutting into the first

dance know there's some really and I think as a comedic actor he's one of the better ones coming through actually but you can see that he has got a little more range as


Dan:at points there when he was obviously just kind of depressed with this light you know kind of out of the the norm And he's just living this life and going

Pete:through it Okay I can't remember the actor's name but the guy from forgetting Sarah Marshall

yes him So like the I could see that actor kind of playing maybe a little bit younger but like that actor playing this part but I'm glad it wasn't him I don't necessarily find him that Interesting And he seems to play the same certain character but this this guy seems to have more about him and will I think he's going to be in a lot He's probably been in a lot of stuff already but I'd never heard of

Reegs:know he's 42 same age as I am but he looks like half


age Yeah yeah yeah He's he's in better Nick and he rocks that shirt better than side as well

Reegs:Yeah I dunno You're looking pretty

smooth She was very good as well I didn't give you get her name


Sidey:Yes I did It's Kristin Miller Yachty

Reegs:Yeah I did I wasn't familiar with her but she was a bit more than the sort of manic pixie girl sort of cliche thing she was she had some agency in her life She's the one who resolves the plot She's the one who shakes him out

Dan:It goes to her as part of the main character

You know

it does flip almost over to being her story Time So

Reegs:and she's very good She's very she's funny in a different way Like it's sort of a bit like acting opposite someone like Jim Carrey in a way without him Sam but like you know he's going to be doing funny shit and that you you can't keep keep up with him doing that stuff So you've got to do something else to be funny and

Pete:and find stuff for him


Sidey:It didn't get any money stats per se because it was the time of COVID and it didn't get a proper set of metrics It was released around various drive-ins so I don't have a budget figure for you and box office

It made it made one and a half million dollars at drive-ins but what it was sold to streaming services for what we don't know

Dan:Yeah Well I I think it's that Again it's one of those films that nevermind the money It's a really good film to have made And I think it's I think this will stand the test of time and I think it's one of those films If you said to me we're watching this tomorrow or it


having just watched


there's enough there that would keep me


Dan:to laugh along with the second time knowing the jokes are coming knowing he's going to roll over that Guy's back when and put a chair down for him And knowing that he's going to say there's a bomb in the cake a fork in my face


Dan:that kind of thing There was plenty there to Laufer

Reegs:has made So all have Groundhog day to a certain extent over the last year You know whether you've been some people in the UK have been affected a lot more and I'm sure around the world than we have over here but you know they have really been properly in Groundhog day and this I'm sure like it captures the sort of essence of the times sort of thing So yeah this was really good Also cloud busting Kate Bush such a great use


Sidey:I didn't like the way they kind of mashed it around just cause I would have rather had the song in its entirety

Dan:put on the album


Sidey:Dan with you not entertained

Dan:yes No he was really good Fun really good fun I enjoyed this it was a modern Groundhog day Yeah Worked

Pete:Yeah Very entertained dragged for 10 minutes But other than that the rest of it was really really good

Reegs:Great Yeah Also you don't see lots of movies dealing with themes of depression a lot and I think that's quite interesting as well so yeah really funny And there's a lot there going on to add to rewatch ability

Sidey:Yeah you don't have to compare films that are you know that similar like like Groundhog day in this because they're both good in their own Right And they both are worthy of being around but if you're going to press me I prefer this to Groundhog day

Pete:I'd definitely go along with that

Having watched Groundhog day recently

Dan:even I mean Groundhog days Fantastic So bill Murray is one of my favorite actors but

think they did better with the and I think there's more legs in this kind of movie still You know I think this is has started a bit of a genre of of films and I I think



Dan:Repeat day in a time loop You know I mean whether it be in I one day if somebody's going to make it even even shorter you know whether it's going to be over a shorter period of time or or over a longer period of time where you live in a week or whatever make bigger decisions I mean there's lots of

Sidey:well it's been a star Trek next gen star Trek next gen episode like that

Reegs:Yeah Source code you know there's there's a there's a load of him I don't think I I find them all interesting to be honest all the time lead ones

Sidey:but I think that was a unanimous entertain So that's that's a good recommendation Yeah Go

Dan:watch that one It's on Amazon prime


Reegs:Big favorite of yours I know already

Sidey:Yeah Yeah I've been thinking about nominating this for ages and I just thought fuck it Now's the time So we went for adventure time which is a sort of cartoon network quirky kind of weird Barry long running series is this everyone's first stabber and adventure



Dan:I've watched I didn't get to watch this one but I have seen a lot of adventure time I'm a

Sidey:The one that I nominated was breezy which is

Reegs:This is a controversial


Yeah And I just picked it out at random And then when I looked up online there's lots of stuff online about this one So this story these are a continual narrative so they don't there's no reset button So this one we're joined is Finn and his dogs named Jake and Finn has now lost an arm and has

Pete:How did he lose his arm

Sidey:I don't


but he's also had a falling out with his dad so he's he's basically depressed but instead of an arm he has a flower

Reegs:he's on his stump of his arms stone piece Got a

flower coming out Isn't it

Sidey:it yeah And the doctor slash nurse wasn't sure of her qualifications She actually said bad dads too Did you notice that

Reegs:All right Because basically they're discussing his post-traumatic stress and

Pete:depression Why he walks the way he does You tracks somehow drags the back of his neck along the floor as he's walking like that But


Sidey:him you


Pete:I've got so many questions it's this there's so many questions about this but is it is it like you know like a future arm or something that you know it's more pitched to adults than I don't see a lot of kids necessarily watching this although my three-year-old loved it but he didn't know what the

fuck was

Sidey:slows the visual the shapes and eyes like Jake the dog could make him Savage to any shape And then you've got his girlfriend the re the Rainer corn Is it that she's half rainbow half unicorn

Pete:Yeah a dog says Oh I'm trying out a new face It's like a square or whatever

Reegs:Yeah He gets bored So he just tries out new face

Sidey:doctor So there's a few things that like people are talking about a lot on this on the internet because they've got a house to do but the doctor says to Jake fin sorry Ben you need to go out and enjoy yourself You know get some good vibes going which he basically takes to me Just got womanizing It just

basically goes

Reegs:say womanizing they're not really women

Pete:Th there's a succession of bizarre

Dan:not nine Is it Or 12 seven plus w what age

Sidey:it's it's Yeah it's young It's like probably seven plus something like that but he's got I would say like everyone likes this all ages

Dan:It does kind of branch over

Pete:I mean it's it's kissing is kissing that he goes for as opposed to

Sidey:making out And he just goes

Reegs:we might as well talk about this now though because

Sidey:when it gets to lumpy

Reegs:that lumpy princess he who is this sort of morphous purple cloud thing

Sidey:She vapes him

Reegs:him That is strongly implied in the cartoon that she she says something like I'm not It's playing in the kiddies pool I want to

Sidey:die Take a dive in the deep end

Reegs:Something like that And then she moves across in there's an awkward chuckle Great And then

Sidey:this extreme closeup of her mouth She's saying it And then

Reegs:And then he is he his flower comes off So he's like literally deflowered

Pete:Oh right Yeah yeah

Reegs:So yeah you should have

Pete:But but all the while the beat is the be called breeze

Sidey:Yeah but yeah he's been followed by a bee Who's fallen in love with his flower

stump And so

Pete:She keeps like looking longingly It is

Sidey:one enormous closeup of her face and she's saying or sad face so it's always bizarre like this there's always this weird so quick

Dan:episode I don't think so Is

Reegs:she she transforms into a sort of giant robot thing

Sidey:My queen bee she drinks the vol jelly and transforms

Reegs:then she unzips a thing on her pounds

Pete:she say

Sidey:She says you're worthy of having my pollen

Reegs:She says you know you could partake

no you can partake of my pollen crumbs And then she says Oh Now you can partake of my pollen crumbles and become my drone God

Yeah Oh no I was I was I actually rebound that when I was watching it earlier today it was brilliant

Sidey:he's he then imagines her as not being breezy but being bubblegum princess which is like one true love in the show It's a sheer peers Then his arm he gets so excited that his arm flower becomes a massive tree and then kind of explodes And he's left with a tree stump which he peels back which is now a honey arm which he shakes off in his arms back So people got pissed off about that because it was a disability just like wished away

Reegs:Ah yeah Okay


Dan:Geez If they seen this

Sidey:because he had it he had it for a long it wasn't just like a one off thing It was in four episodes So you're thinking Oh he's just going to continually Now they're going

to show they can do

Dan:shit that happens in adventure

Sidey:Oh I know But so this one loads of people stopped watching after this episode of the fan base of it's probably the the more Older

Pete:I don't if you address this but did you pick this episode because of this controversy in it or was it just totally random



a good one to pick

Sidey:picked one that I hadn't seen before

Dan:was about to say I've seen loads of them

Sidey:so so but there's loads of really cool characters that we didn't get to see in this episode I really liked Bemo I thought about canning this episode and pick him up at Bemo Cause I really liked that character but it EV every episode you watch will be weird and quirky and have these mad songs in them but they don't have the sort of the rep that this one's got Yeah

Reegs:They don't have a lot of rape in them Yeah Now you can partake of my Poland crumbles

Sidey:The the F the flour is just sort of launched up into there and eventually it comes down and just lands on her head and then the essay just cut straight away But at

Reegs:the end

Sidey:it's fucking weird

Reegs:here I was entertained

Dan:Yeah Well I I really love this cartoon I've watched a lot of them probably up until about season three I've probably seen most of them and then a bit of season four but I didn't get to see

Pete:this Just watch them by yourself with

Dan:no Sonny really loved this as well And

Pete:does he just like the like the like the irreverence and the surreal

Dan:I think so there there was a few shows There was a another one called the regular show which was around the time that we were watching this and that one And there was there was just quirky kind of stuff that made us laugh Yeah

Sidey:Conventions of gumball or something as well They just they used to follow each other on cartoon network

Reegs:It's like unbelievably sell it This got a sort of like almost like Reeves and Mortimer style like weird lunacy to it that

Dan:that's right Yeah That's that's why somebody having a flower is an arm that comes in back into a tree and


into back into an arm Isn't crazy in


you know it's


people This is like for universal watching it So it comes back to the point that I've made last week or the week before whatever about messages and stuff like that It's fucking no messages in there It's just mental but it's enjoyable It doesn't not everything has to be Oh And then

that like

Reegs:true That is definitely true

Pete:And I think that's that's so I watch all of these things with like I don't look necessarily for or what messages you give my children My three-year-old watch it I mean fuck knows what dreams he had that night or whatever but it wasn't concerning for me Yeah it was just fun He was entertained by like the the like the visuals of it the colors and the characters and stuff And he immediately wanted me to put another one on but we had to go and do something else but

Sidey:Well there's 283 episodes so yeah You know you've broken the back of it


Reegs:So a lot of people like this then

Sidey:Yeah This is mega mega successful there were at least some people that June den and then there were less of them after this episode because they really objected to I think it's all a bit woke but the rape scene is slightly fucking weird

Reegs:I really liked the intro music


well Yeah And the way it just ends with a fist bump It's great

Pete:Kind of understand Not not that I necessarily care but the arm thing it's like if I could child is watching it and they have you know you know don't have an arm or whatever then That they might think Oh that's quite cool Like this is like a cartoon thing You know it's like a representation of something that they can relate to whatever And then it grows back that might not be okay for that child to deal with it or whatever But I don't think that there was any intent or anything

Dan:I'm going to throw it

So cause this is season six episode six and


Dan:you say it they don't they run through

don't they this is kind of a story It's an adventure so to to see this episode on its own could give somebody that impression but it may be if you'd watch the whole

Sidey:You could also really slut shame fin and his episode

Reegs:which one's Finn

Pete:the main

the main character with the flower thing

Reegs:yeah yeah

Sidey:I enjoyed it

Pete:Yeah it was good


Sidey:Well rapidly closing in on our 200th episode we've done another one And a mid-weight one as well at the same time Very good fun That wasn't


Yes Yeah I enjoyed that I hope he did too

Sidey:Dan you're going to nominate for


Yeah I'm going to nominate a film would be bill Nighy I mentioned it earlier in the week I enjoyed it It's called page eight




know There we go kids TV is going to be disenchantment Is that the

Sidey:is it is it for kids Is it for everyone

Pete:I think it's for everyone it's

Sidey:Yeah Okay cool

Dan:Top five We're going to go for the top five Dance films

Sidey:That was a swerve I thought we're going somewhere else Dance darts

Dan:films Yeah we were top five 180

Sidey:it's going to be a struggle I kind of think about it So just has to have dancing in it or it has to be about dogs

Reegs:scenes They've got dancing in

Dan:dancing in it Exactly that


cool So yeah listen Most of all listen cause we liked download stats review and subscribe and

Reegs:Hey more importantly than that

Sidey time we have a competition that we're running


Sidey:We do have a competition running rigs and it's going to continue on for a period of time that we deemed necessary to close it off so make sure you find out what the question was which was what The score I awarded they live in our hundredth episode and then DM that dressy don't spoil the hearts of everyone else And you could win think it's a Picasso so that's really good So

Reegs:some exclusive they live artwork isn't

Sidey:Copyright infringing and all that as well all that good stuff subscribe and like and talk to us and all that good stuff But all that remains is to say Sidey signing out

Reegs:Yeah of course Again you one of these cause I'm not just not for but out Yeah

Dan:Gun's gone

Pete:Peter's out