Feb. 26, 2021

Booksmart & The Simpsons

Booksmart & The Simpsons
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A lot has been written about the Second Amendment to the United States constitution over the years, much of it in dispute over what the right to keep and bear arms means for individual Americans. What I'm sure we can all agree is that when this constitutional change was ratified in December of 1791, everyone attending shared a common dream that one day they would be able to see an immense Austrian man operating a belt fed machine gun like a childrens toy as he indiscriminately murders wave after wave of faceless goons. Those pioneers would be delighted to listen to this weeks podcast on the Top 5 Movie Guns if they weren't already dead, primarily of accidental gunshot wounds.

A coming of age buddy tale set on the eve of graduation is a difficult setting to achieve something distinctive in but that's exactly what first time director Olivia Wilde has set out to accomplish with 2019's Booksmart. Well-worn tropes are given a modern feminine makeover by writers  Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, Susanna Fogel, and Katie Silberman and leads Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever shine alongside an established supporting cast including Jason Sudekis, Lisa Kudrow and Will Forte. Will the Dads be woke enough to enjoy this one?

The Simpsons is one of the greatest television programmes of all time. Many would say thegreatest of all time in fact. And now they have the honour of being discussed by the Bad Dads. Sidey picked season 3 classic "Homer at the bat" for us to revisit and it's not long before the quotes and trivia are flowing on this icon of popular culture.

 If you can't get enough of our incredibly mediocre entertainment you can yell at us on twitter - @dads_film - or visit our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads



Reegs:welcome to bad. Dad's film review with Sidey, Dan, the wonderful Howie and me rigs. We'd love it. If you'd leave us a rating, or a review on the platform of your choice and come visit us on Twitter at dads. Fail more at our website, bad dads, film.com, where you can find blogs, many reviews, and our collection of top five movie somethings.

All right, everyone.

Dan:Yeah, pretty good.

Howie:Yeah, you don't sound all right. What's wrong with you?

Dan:like pepper. Pig is harming you.

Reegs:pick something up. Kids went to half term stuff, brought back a cold.

Sidey:Is that why your beds falling off what's happened?

Dan:Say that's quite the chop you had quite you had quite a mighty beard last time out.

Reegs:yeah, yeah. It was an accident. I was trying to just shape it. And I shaped it a little bit too close, got a bit lopsided, so shaped the other side. So it, and then suddenly I was like, Oh shit. Now this has really gone wrong. So I ran down to my wife and I was like, what do I do now? Do I just get rid of these bits on the side and then just have a goatee for a little bit while it grows back in?

Yeah, that's a good idea. So I ran back upstairs, got the reason, yeah. Z and just went straight through like the middle of the bed. So it's all had to come off.

Dan:you should've just left it like that.

Howie:This is all bullshit. This is all bullshit, because if any of you have seen Ramesh and Rob this week on sky, they've been training as a drag Queens and Romesh who has a quite spectacular bed, had to shave it off. Now I'm putting two and two together to make five hair rigs, but where are you? Not in your alter ego.

And singing and dancing in various cosmopolitan stone nightclubs. And it was just part of your act. It went a bit wrong. You couldn't get the makeup, right. And you just shaved it all off

Reegs:I mean, I did play a ferry at school, so

Howie:for 10 years.

Reegs:yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:if you're, if you're going on holiday, would you fly the plane yourself?


Sidey:the fuck would you try and be a barber? You haven't got the skills.



Dan:though. Surely we can trim a beard. We

Reegs:I think you should be able to trim a bed without having to shave the whole thing off.

Dan:yeah, you

Howie:we're talking fate, we're talking facial anal. It's important to see that there is a distinction. There is hard to clip the bed. If you're talking about the downstairs bed, I mean, do you use Veet do you pull tweezers? Do you bend over and ask your wife to do it? Is it part of a Metro marriage duties?

Sidey:You need to mind all the pilots as

Howie:Oh, the Clagg.

Sidey:Ben. We've just lost all

Dan:Or listeners

Sidey:have been with us.

Dan:didn't think you were getting that today? No, it looks good. It's taken years off here. It

Reegs:it. Doesn't

Dan:you look fab.

Sidey:That's that's rig story. What's everyone else been up to.

 Dan:I've been doing all kinds of annoying stuff. Partly. You know, some of it's just family orientated

Reegs:yeah, they are fucking

Dan:Yeah. You know, suddenly things are reopening here in Jersey where we are. So there's, there's suddenly more reason to go out and do things that you got quite used to not doing for so long.

But yeah, no, not, not too

Reegs:But it's still like, you can go to this restaurant, but you can only be in there for the, the duration of your meal. And the second that you've finished your plate, it's going to be taken away. And then you're just going to be giving you a coat out the door

Howie:I love

Reegs:you have to put my eat

Howie:I love it. Yep.

Sidey:We're going out on Friday for a 60th and we've got two hour slot. And the thing is like you can't order booze until you've ordered your food. It's fucking really regimented and I'm like, this is perfect. This is how it

Howie:Yes. Yes. I know. I fully agree. I can't be doing with this say sitting around faffing eight, inhale. Get rid of it. Leave.

Dan:There are some positives towards people that don't really like sitting in restaurants for hours and hours doing nothing. You just kind of shifted on. And now I know a lot of people don't know, I know to, some people are having is just to go to a restaurant and, you know, spend an hour and start is in, you know, an hour before

Reegs:We went to this restaurant in the Lake district, long plume, it was called and it was back at one o'clock in the guy's like it's going to take four hours, eat this. Lunch there's 17 courses. It was amazing. It was absolutely amazing.

Howie:17 courses. Who are you? Fucking Henry. The eight.

Reegs:Well, no, but some of them are basically just like a one

Dan:one Swan.

Reegs:Yeah. But.

Howie:W anyone been watching anything interested on tele I've, I've really enjoyed resident alien sky. So they've only gone four episodes in, but it's really funny. It's very different. I really recommend it, although I did through the power of sky Q find out that. My kids have worked out the sky pen and I've been fucking well watching it on the sly first thing in the morning.

So now I have to hide the remote controls from the kids in the evening. Well, no,


Reegs:somehow managed to order and pay for, and we don't have one-click ordering on the TV. You managed to order it and pay for the first season of Legion, which it's a good choice. It's a really good choice, but you know, we don't really know how she did it.

Sidey:I've got some new, weird internet obsessions. So I discovered can you hit this with a hammer? Have you seen that guy? It's it's just videos of him whacking things with the

Reegs:Like a bowling ball or a melon.

Sidey:and claws side, say he does his bathroom door. It does Valentine's day special. He did a jar of flowers.

I've started visor flowers, and he did a shower screen, which that he was really surprised. It didn't smash, but it's led me on to, is it a good idea to microwave this and also will it blend, which is a golden

Howie:you're down the rabbit hole. Now you're down the

Dan:what that sounds promising.

Sidey:yeah, it's

Dan:Talking of the internet. I have changed my Twitter thing. So anybody that now wants to follow me on Twitter as one of the bad dads can do that. If they look through the bad dad's account, they'll probably end up finding us at some point.

Sidey:I said we all have haven't we haven't. We rigs


Reegs:I think we all have, I think everybody

Howie:You can get fucked. I'm not changing it. I'm not changing it. I'm not changing it. All my social media, all my email, everything is that address for everything. Oh, I'm not fucking changing it for anyone.

Sidey:just the way your name

Reegs:It's just the way your name displays. Yeah.

Howie:Yep. I'm just going to get people go. Who the fuck are you? You all, you come see me. Not some, you're just a crap, dad, you know, a bad dad. Tell him. Okay. I might change it. I dunno. There's a fine line. I've got life privacy. You just, you just, you, you stumping all over it. You scumbag. So I'm not there in that.

Stand up for it. It's done. If you've got your own Twitter handle and you've had it for years, I'm standing up for it, whatever. Oh,

Sidey:By how he's off the team. I've nominated this week. They're all fucking great nominations. It's going to be the best show ever. Let's crack on with it. 

Reegs:So Sidey top five movie guns. Is that how it was phrased?

Sidey:Yes, it was, that was it. I originally in my head, when I was thinking of this thing, I was thinking of top five movie props and I thought that's fucking way too wide, a subject matter. So I'll go for guns. And then when I sat down to write down some guns, I realized this is still a fucking massively wide subject matter.

And I just had to stop because it was going on forever and ever, and ever. So. I think I will lead off with the M one 34 mini gun


Sidey:featured in predator, wielded by Arnie, but more, I think more recognizably by Blaine played by Jesse the body

Reegs:Old painless.

Sidey:Yeah. I ain't got time to bleed.

Howie:sexual Tyrannosaurus.

Dan:he gets absolutely nailed in that scene though. Doesn't he? He doesn't just get time to turn old, painless around and shoot, or

Reegs:they all go out late chumps.

Dan:do don't. They, they, they pretty much get like ease easily. The best camouflage predator in the world. Isn't he?

Sidey:well, blatant blends, wilderness thing, you know? He's got it picked up by hands, but in reality even though he's fucking nails, it, this thing weighs 85 pounds and it would be impossible for one person alone to wield. It also has a separate external power source to make it actually run. So it's

Dan:is it like one of those batteries, Gordon Gekko ride


Dan:the phone? He's got to take that with

Sidey:spoil the movie magic, but if this wouldn't be capable of in real


what's 85 pounds in real money

Sidey:A million stone. I

Dan:is it a million stone? Yeah.

Sidey:something like that.

Reegs:75 kilos, I just completely made that up. So. I don't think it will be you know, the scene where they all just fire their machine guns blindly into the jungle.

Dan:it up. Yeah,

Reegs:obviously all painless is firing in that

Dan:it is. Yeah.

Reegs:deforestation sequence was actually put in there to ridicule the studio execs who asked for more shooting scenes.

So the director just threw in an extended one where they basically just do that into nothing. And they were like, Oh yeah, brilliant. That's worked really

Howie:I'd say I've just done a quick search, 85 pounds. That's not, that's only like 35 kilos. So that is within the realms of possibility that he's holding it.

Reegs:for me. Yeah, for sure. Yeah.

Dan:he's got one. There were two.


Dan:Was that aimed at me? Right? Wow. Okay. So hello to my little friend. Now, you, you don't have a gun episode without. Tony Montana. Of course he's absolutely looking fantastic. You've got a common name with, what is it is a grenade launcher effect. I think at some point he's got a huge grenade launcher attached to an assault rifle and he EGS takes it. On the top of the stairs and starts letting it go after a a couple of nostrils full of Coke. He's

Reegs:he's just pretty much buried his whole face in the Coke. Isn't he?

Dan:it's, it's an iconic scene and, and, you know, if you're. Say hello to my little friend and then just open up. I mean, is there anybody picked up a big gun who hasn't said that before? Or just like the end of the couch or whatever it is and just pick and go hello to my little friend, just to wave it around the little we all done it.

Sidey:it's a cult  with an


Sidey:grenade on shirt attached and he, he fired a couple of rounds, I think, with the Grenada two clips which would take together jungle style from from the rifle itself.

Howie:Oh, go for that. There's an Eagle that was owned and used by bullet tooth, Tony from snatch compared to the other desert Eagle that he comes up against the sole Vinnie and Tyrone have. And he has a little speech where he says so Vinny's. They've basically gone against gun and he goes like a prick.

You're having second thoughts. You're shrinking. And your two little balls are shrinking with you. And the fact that you've got replica written on the side of your guns and the fact that I've got desert Eagle, 50 written on the side of mine should precipitate your balls into shrinking along with your presence now fuck off.

So yeah, there's quite a good typical guy Richie but they there's ego. I've actually fired one when we were on a stag, do it with in Estonia and they're horribly easy to use horribly, easy to use

Reegs:He's pointed something in blam.

Howie:well there's no, there's no recall recoil recoil compared to some of the other guns that will come up in this specifically one that Clint Eastwood has, which is just unusable when you ever go with it.

But yeah, so there's Eagle, Bulletproof, Tony, one of the best characters.

Reegs:The first two or three movies that I thought of as having really iconic weapons, guns in them were Rambo full metal jacket and John matrix in commando. And it turns out they were all using the same weapon, which is the M 60 a belt fed. A machine gun, animal mother in full metal jacket has the belt slung over one shoulder Rambo, obviously the same John matrix and commander.

The interesting one about the ammunition belting commando is that it gets longer every time they cut away and then come back to him. So that really is a fantastically amazing piece of kit.

Sidey:How he alluded to it before, but we should just go for it. It's the 44 Magnum of maybe all the, I dunno, maybe the most iconic of all day, Harry it's the Smith and Western model 29. It was discontinued in the late nineties. I'm afraid, but you can probably still find one in someone's collection somewhere.

Dan:most powerful handgun in the world.

Reegs:Barry from police Academy. Is this the same gun? And, and I believe it was his mum who gave it to him.

Sidey:I I'd forgotten about a little bit of the, the, obviously the famous scene, you know, do you feel lucky when he's, he's shooting all the bank robbers and then he goes up to the accuser and says the iconic line, but then he goes to walk away and the fellow says bus, I guts to know. And he just puts some fucking shoes and it, and it just clicks because obviously he's fired, there's six rounds, but I'm like, did he know?

Did he actually know? That's it just going to fucking decapitating with a fucking, you know, point blank Magnum shot to the head. It was fucking, it's cool. But he's, you know, his day, Harry, he's a

Dan:Harry. Yeah. And he made that gun famous. Really? I'm not a huge gun fan, to be honest, I don't know whether any of you guys are, I've never fired a gun. I'm not really interested in getting involved too much here in guns. That. That will probably trigger some people, but


Dan:Oh, the highest caliber gun ponds


Dan:But the. The dirty Harry gun is just, it's like Montana's gun. I was just looking at one of the facts that I wrote down. Did you know that that M two Oh three grenade launcher was customer guide for Scarface. And it was sold to a prop house and then used in predator and used in D E Harry Israel at some point. So Tony Montana's little friend is, is one of the more famous guns in movie history.

Howie:in movies to these guns are just pure blank. Fire is or something.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. Apparently you had to get this gun made because no, they wouldn't give him a real one that your shot blank too, or something. So he had to get a really good replica made and then they kept it, the prop company and farmed out for different films. Again. That's research folks. That's what that is.

Sidey: Dan, did you actually nominate anything about it or did you just

Dan:well, I think God just spout it out. A load of stuff. Didn't I? Well, if we're going to be talking more guns, then I'm going to bring in another Smith in Western then. And it's Travis Bickle. It's taxi driver. Travis is, it's a dark film.  So your man's Travis Becker, he makes a kind of sliding out of a wardrobe or a drawer or something that he runs down. And, and obviously that forms part of the last scene and everything, but he's you know, it's that famous kind of line, right?

You, you looking at me? I don't see anyone else in here. I guess you must be looking at me and then pulls out the gun day quick is,

Reegs:talking to me.

Dan:Yeah, you're looking at me. You're

Sidey:I think if you want to reference an iconic line, you'd better get it right.

Dan:it's one of the, the, the good things. I'm not good at.

  Howie:Men in black, the standard issue side um,  is normally the J two, which is the one that you see Tommy Lee Jones holster, but I'm going for the noisy cricket.

Reegs:The noisy cricket.

Howie:Which is the Diddy one, the tiny one that will Smith looks at it and goes, what the fuck in not so many words that a PG film could allow him to.

And but it absolutely ruins things that it fires into. And it's quite a cool idea. Agent K obviously D that's a will Smith's character. Yeah.

Sidey:We were sent a list. When the tweet went out for various people to come back to, it had a lot of good input. This and Chris who is at black belt, 21, he sent us a photo of someone who knows, got a collection of movie. Guns that he's made and the noisy cricket it's on the wall of of guns. I spot it straight away.

It's fucking cool. You should check out on Twitter. If you get a chance to, there is loads of loads of my list, just stuck on the wall straight away. Yeah.

Reegs:Batman 1989. Yeah. As the joker pulling out a revolver with a sort of enormous barrel from out of his trousers. Yeah. Jack Nixon. And he shoots the bat wing down in one shot, which either makes that gun absolutely amazing. Or the bat wing. Totally awesome. Awful. But yeah, that's an iconic one. The matrix Neo firing the Gatling gun from the helicopter.

There would have been upwards of 6,000 bullets fired at the rate that gun is fired that in the sequence that he. Fires it in Ash from evil, dead. This is my BoomStick that he uses to cowardly threaten a meek village. But one of my all time favorites is really actually a whole bunch of movie guns that are in district nine.

Because the guns are, which is the what's the


Reegs:Neill Blomkamp Nick. Yeah, the prawns, Neil Neill Blomkamp movie people get destroyed completely, you know, but they don't vaporize. They kind of burst and splatter into like a pile of meat and blood, which is lovely. And then when Vickers is in the mech suit, towards the end of the movie uses a gravity gun to pick up a pig carcass, which he fires at some movie then they sort of both explode through this shed.

It's really. Sensational. So all of the guns in district nine,

Sidey:How about the tune revolver? It's an animated firearm used by Eddie Balian and who framed? Roger rabbit?

Reegs:always who framed Roger rabbit. Isn't it. Every week that comes up, but yeah,

Sidey:such a great

Howie:Is that the one with the bullets?

Sidey:Yeah, it's a Smith Wesson, six 25 JM model given to Eddie as a present by your Saturday, Sam

Reegs:one of them is a native American Indian. Isn't

Sidey:yeah. Well, there's got the, obviously it's an animated Gunter has animated bullets and you've got a poorly cowboy smoking, a cigar, a civil war, soldier, a cavalryman a native American, a mustachioed cowboy and a mass bandit.

Dan:were the bullets aren't they

Reegs:the village people.

Dan:know that Yosemite Sam can't give his gun anymore. Same as Elmer Fudd. There they've been Looney tunes have banned guns from their cartoons

Reegs:is this a joke or I was

Dan:no, no,

Sidey:Yeah. I thought it


Dan:a genuine thing. It's genuine thing. It should be a joke based. Not they've. They've cut it out.

He's now got a site. Which looked pretty


Reegs:that's pretty.

Dan:Yeah. He's like, so he's going to go hunt wabbits with OSI five, which you know, but he can't take this Elma for the course. And Yosemite Sam is he's six years and outfit they've gone.

Reegs:so what would he have though? Just adjust to impotent rage.

Dan:just, just angry mate, they might give them a couple of.

You know, pots and pans do a clash together or

Howie:Avery Hypnos the rabbit every week.

Dan:don't know what they're going to do. What, how are they going to bring it into the, the modern kind

Sidey:humane traps

Dan:Yeah, that's

Sidey:and release.

Reegs:going to go through a conflict resolution process.

Dan:it's strange. So, you know, I thought they were responsible gun owners, but I'm

Reegs:Well, I suppose in that, in that vein, actually you've got famously in the ITI. We release that Spielberg daddy took the shotguns out of the scene in which they fly,

In the bikes and put a walkie talkies.

Yeah. Cause it's lampooned in a South park episode where it has like. Saving private Ryan and they're all being gunned down and the American soldiers are running up the beach throwing walkie-talkies.


Sidey:It's done.

Dan:Oh, that's a loaded question.  I'm gonna, I've got to mention Harrison Ford's gun, Indiana Jones

Reegs:of the lost Ark.

Dan:when he's just as that big kind of on. Market scene kind of

Sidey:what do you have to



Dan:yeah. And it basically, that's what it was, wasn't it, he just couldn't be bothered for the scene and he was like, there you go, bang.

Let's get

Reegs:yet it seems so perfect for the character

Dan:it's just absolutely brilliant. He just took total charge of of what should be on camera there and, and took him out.  

Howie:I'm going to go off pieced with a weird gun. Have you seen shoots him up with Clive Owen?

Dan:Oh with the carrot.

Howie:The carrots. So there's, so he's faced with a guy, who's got a knife. He's about to commit a C-section on his victim and he's got a gun and he points the gun at Clover. And Clive Owen realized it's all he's got is a half-eaten carrot.

And so he stuffs the carrot into those gob and then punches this carrot through his head. And the guy has just dropped to the floor and has gone falls down and he just says, eat your vegetables. So, but it's not really gone obviously. So I'll go for a, a conic one. And it's a favorite one. It's the shotgun from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator two that he has when he's on his motorbike.


Howie:Yeah. It's so good. The one-arm reload.

Reegs:it's not, it's not a thing that's possible to do. Can you be low to pump

Howie:He did it. He's done it.

Dan:about? We seen it on film. What more proof do you need?

Howie:And then he cut his, and then he cut his face and he showed his eye.

Reegs:Wow. That is method.


Dan:And then he went on to become governor of California.

Howie:Yeah. He lived the whole thing,

Dan:he's fantastic acting.

 Reegs:exist in switch or existence. It's this bizarre Cronenberg, alternate reality video game thing, movie. What are the weapons? A guy constructs it out of a chicken carcass. On his plate of food. So it's like a bone gun that fires human teeth pretty weird. I mean, that was just one of the more normal things that happened in that movie.

Naked gun. Another movie we talk about quite a lot, two and a half Norberg ducks behind the corner and he gets his pistol. Then he adds us a silencer or something onto it. Then another bit, then another bit, eventually he's sitting in a full-size anti-aircraft gun. The, the controversy though, is I, I thought a lot about things like the Ghostbusters proton pack.

Is that a movie gun,

Sidey:I don't think so because I looked at it as,

Reegs:but then what could you know, or like the Batman's batarang cause we're not like, you know, I said to you on Twitter, we're not going to do a top five boomerangs most slightly, so

Dan:Wait. I was, could we get that in.


Sidey:Sometimes he just has one that he throws, but other times he has, so say like Christian bale, he has ones that are actually in his suit that he does something or they shoot out of his suit. So I think you could probably make case for

Reegs:I'll tell you what we could have a future.

What I was thinking is in future, we do a top five movie weapons may be in the same episode that we have. Jamie chambers is interviewing. When we talk about the top five

Dan:know about guns.

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah. Today, what'd you think? And then we can have things like the proton pack and the bats are ranking in the top five weapons with Jamie chambers.

Dan:Well, that, that sounds I wonder if he's got a phaser or to the that might come into play because that's not strictly a gun either. Then is it a phaser?

Sidey:yeah, I'd say

Dan:You get away with phases.

Reegs:I didn't, I

Dan:What about, I guess kind of stick on, cause I was gonna say the, the, the no country for old man.

Reegs:The captive bolt on.


Sidey:Yeah, let's get


Howie:a gun.

Dan:I said deadly old thing.

Oh, you just looked so innocent guy just wandering around with a bit of

Reegs:well, I dunno.

Howie:pressured, pressurized gas, cylinder, and a bolt gun. So innocent.

Reegs:it's pure intimidation, pure intimidation. And the


Dan:would, if you knew what it was.

Reegs:Well, but with that haircut as well.

Dan:After you've seen him after you've spoken to him for a few minutes, that one scene where he flips the coin, that a guy in the hotel is it a hotel at a gas station or

Howie:Gas station.

Dan:he's just like, and you know, you know, if that coin had gone the other way, that guy was dead, you know, it was, it was literally you lucky son of a gun.

Reegs:But he does actually only use it once in the movie for it, for his purpose, which is strange because like you say, it's one of those things that you think about as soon as this conversation comes up, but you only see it in action once that's enough.

Dan:It's menacing, isn't it? It just takes you yeah. Once you know that it works.

Sidey:we've had a lot of big guns. This one's more of a, a gentleman's guidance, the Walther PPK Famously used by double Oh seven. It's introduced in the film. Dr. No, because originally James Bond would carry the Beretta, but chastises him and says, no, you've got to get rid of that. W we're using the Walther PPK.

It's it's a stronger, more effective gun and it's easy to conceal and bond actually tries to walk out of the office. W still having the Beretta in his pocket and um, has to tell him off yet again. And he used it to do a whole lot of killing and every time he does that iconic move at the start of the film where he shoots the

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:the blood pours down the screen.

That's obviously his Walther PPK during the damage.

Dan:They're nice tidy little handguns, emperor bond. I guess he can just put that in their dinner jacket and and pull it out when he needs to

Reegs:get out of his person


Sidey:Oh, shout out you bond hater.


Dan:You back background to me cause I've got a red Ryder BB gun


Dan:fight. Our favorite Christmas story film. Of course all our hero wanted was the red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, but every kept on telling me to shoot his eye out or shoot his eye out with that. In this absolute classic Christmas tale The, the gun plays a central part. And I think probably he does shoot his eye out.

There you go. He shot only

Howie:I was going to go for John Malcovich has gone in the line of fire, which is the plastic pistol that's in pieces that he makes at home and he gets it through metal detectors, then reassembles it. It's worth having a look at it's on the internet as a prop for sale, but it's entire theory behind it is completely true.

Especially with. 3d printing that you can do from home nowadays. And this was early nineties, you're 93 thriller. So he's basically trying to kill the president and it's a Clint Eastwood versus John Malcovich style film. Quite good.

Reegs:So if you are thinking of killing a public figure,

Howie:Go plastic


Sidey:How he's go some blueprints at home


Howie:at a printer.

Reegs:I do like in John wick, chapter two, they've got a  at the hotel but he's obviously not a wine expert. He's an expert in. Getting them right. Weaponry for any given operation. It's a funny scene. He probably would have recommended the  pod weapon from the fifth element. It's the, it's got everything.

On it basically notably the replay button, which fires a single shot. And then all the other shots go towards where that one was fired. It's a rocket launcher and arrow launcher net launch at a flame thrower. That was his favorite and the all new ice cube system which makes it one of the terrific bits of design from whoever it was that did all that urge.

And Paul Gotea was

Howie:Yeah, I have a weird bit of trivia about that film. So there is a personal trainer over here that sometimes does the rugby club stuff. And he was in the fifth element as one of zonks bodyguards. Cause he's like a big bodybuilder type and he had to wear a. Black leather, cutoff shorts, skin, tight top, and a skull cap as designed by John Paul Gaultier all in leather.

And so he still has everything that he's got. He's he's, he's a 19 stone man. And so those sorts of garments, perhaps aren't the most. Yeah, it's a look, let's just say it's a look.

Reegs:would he get up in the garb and allow us to post it on our social media platforms to let him say, you know, see genuine movie props. This is in

Howie:I don't think we need,

Dan:a little selfie from the bathroom.

Howie:I think, I don't think he puts the, puts it on anymore because let's just say it might not fit, but he has got pictures. They occasionally puts on Facebook and I'll try and find him.


Sidey:Got race car.

Reegs:Oh, you was just what I was going to say as well as the point view gun in Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy which was actually only in the film, not the TV series, but it was made up allegedly by, by Douglas Adams. But basically, yeah, you, you shoot someone and whoever gets a shot takes on the perspective of.

The person who's doing the shooting the alien volgans end up being defeated because they're shocked by the depressed robot Arthur. And so they will become depressed and go home. Uh it's that kind of, that kind of movie.

Sidey:We're going to dip back into the James Bond universe rigs. I know you're a big fan, but you'd like this one because actually it's your old boss. Scaramanga he has a golden gun, which he, the genius of it is it can break down for concealment is a pen, a cufflink and a lighter and a cigarette case.

Reegs:That's the silencer.

Sidey:you can take it on your, Oh, actually I was going to say, take it on as your carry on, but I don't think a cigarette

Reegs:I'm not sure that's as useful as it was, you know, 20 years ago.

Sidey:yeah. Only, only held one bullet, which would have the name of his victim carved

Howie:it wasn't proper size.

Sidey:so you've got to back yourself. You've


Sidey:You got to hit your Mark.

Howie:Missy, a bond. Mr. Bond makes you a bond. If you're killing him.

Sidey:It's better if rigs does it. Cause he's really looks at par

Reegs:thought, I don't really know how to, I don't really know how to do it.

Howie:Miss your band, miss your bond,

Dan:Well, I'm going to go in, I haven't got many lifts, but I've got quality. I've got judge dread.

And I'm I'm going in with the law giver was the name of his gun made by general arms. And what I really liked about this is it was useless in the hands of somebody that wasn't a judge. It had so many kind of special things that only the judge could use it, you know?

So it didn't matter if it fell on the floor or somebody else was able to grab it off him. It had no effect if it wasn't held. Yeah, that's right. It was something to do with a DNA thing that was going back. Why in the day, you know, they talked about all these things and it always interests me, the scifi films and things, because they do seem to tap into things that actually do go and happen like one in the future.

Not all of them. Of course, some of them are crazy and, and I'm funny, you know, they're written to be true, but some of them have just germs of truth in them or, or the spark of an idea that I'm sure it goes to help somebody just imagine. Can you imagine anything is not going to be built or happened in the first place?

But the, the law giver let's hope that actually never is built because it's a it's a big, old, horrible gun, I think. And I don't want to be in a, in a set you have of judges carrying them around.

Howie:you nearly alluded to it though with how you described it, but my next one is the BFG from doom. So that's the big fucking gun now. I haven't actually seen the film it's with the rock,

I think. Yeah. I was a big avid player of the game on the PC, in the mid. Late nineties. So I haven't seen the film, but yeah, I think it does carry across the abbreviation B F J.

It does. It does. Okay. Doom's available on the the switch at the minute for like to quit and I'm considering whether or not to allow my kids just apply it. ID software. If you want to a tweet, the team has they, whether or not I should be able to use it, let me know. But it does appear to be slightly inappropriate in some places.

Reegs:Probably the last one from me is going to be A load of different guns from the alien universe. You've got the century guns that they installed in the ceiling to push back the Zena morph, but perhaps more iconically than that, you've got whatever that pulse rifle thing is with the led with a display on it that counts down the number of bullets that you have left.

And they, I think they

Sidey:damn 56 smart gun.

Reegs:that what it's called? It's brilliant wielded obviously by Vasquez and Hudson and all of the main guys, but then towards the end, in order to save Newt, Ripley picks up the pulse rifle slash grenade launcher combo and then sellotape set or duck takes it to a flame thrower.

and then just takes a belt of grenades and the one woman army enters the queen space. And that is probably about as bad-ass as you could ever imagine.

Sidey:Ripley's just the M 41, eight pulse rifle with a M two 40 incarnate unit that she attaches. Yeah,

Reegs:Yeah. She's just about the most badass person on the planet at that point.

Sidey:I'll go for a couple of star Wars ones. Han Solo's DL 44 is the blaster. He is just a gun down Greedo in cold blood. And before he'd taken a shot in the canteen or most Eisley and chipped back, his bow caster is. And star Wars law is supposed to be the most powerful blaster in the entire star

Reegs:really. And then according to the force awakens, he had never bothered to actually have a go on it. And on the blaster. Was it? Oh, gee back. Yeah. No, he didn't. He never had to go on the blaster before, did he? So he was like, I've always wanted to do that or something. One of the really awful lines.

Sidey:The BoomStick ashes shotgun.


did he

Reegs:Yeah, my God, we're not even listening to ourselves as we're doing the show. Can't imagine anybody else actually bothering to.

Sidey:And then one that I've mentioned before is the M four car, an assault rifle, which was attached to Cherry's leg in that film. I can't

remember the name of planetary. Yeah. Which is just fucking cool.

Dan:All lights on the, the sniper gun from full metal jacket, which I think, you know, is he just picking out people from that tower? Right at the end, deserves a shout. Yeah. It might not be easy for it to find guns. Cause they're, they're not always. Cool guns. Are they, you know, sometimes they're they're heat, you know, heat is and are you packing heat?

You know, you've got that kind of talk or you've got somebody strapped, you know, step off. Cause I'm fully strapping, man.  Buster Suggs was carrying some serious hardware. I liked that, that gun scene as well, that we recently watched where he goes into the little Lou saloon while at the beginning. And he's, he's in his perfect white suit. And then just takes everybody down with his, his six year.

Sidey:yeah, I just waited most, I thought of Tuco from the good, the bad and the ugly. He, he makes a sort of hybrid guy nav different parts from the shop. And you know, it's like if, you know, you know, you get all the best bits. And he makes the, he shoots the, the, you know, those targets, the flip

round. He shoots them before they've even flipped

Reegs:Yeah, yeah,

Sidey:that, is that good? A shot. And also, I just thought the Moonraker laser, another James Bond one for you, right?

Reegs:Oh, but lasers and who

Sidey:Yeah, I know. It's, don't worry. I'm not gonna nominate. Cause I fell. It was gash. Right. Let's make it into a top four then. Dan, what you got?

Dan:well, I'm going to stick to my guns and I'm going Scarface

Sidey:Yeah, that's a good one.

Howie:I'll go Arnie terminated to shotgun on a motorbike.

Reegs:when I was going to do Arnie, but now, okay. So I'm going to go for the Zed F1 pod weapon from the fifth element.

Sidey:okay. I'm going to go for the tune revolver from who framed Roger rabbit.


Sidey:That's some solid firearms

Reegs:one from the listeners.


Sid, once I believe on this show, confess to having very much admired Olivia Wilde in Tron legacy, I believe there was a scene where she was sitting on the sofa.

Sidey:Because it was the perfect storm of having nominated this film and reading about her and then daft punk breaking up yesterday.

Howie:and having a boner, they didn't know what to do is

Sidey:I was wanting to listen to some of that music and I thought, Oh, do you know what? I haven't seen that picture for ages. I did. You could check my browser history. I was just straight onto the Olivia world Tron sitting down and just looked at it for a few minutes.

So yeah, she's fucking hot.

Reegs:But other than looking hot on her sofa, she also directed this week's film.

Sidey:She did. It's just her directorial debut. It's this 2019 Booksmart, which is a sort of American coming of age, buddy comedy. It follows the story of Amy and Molly who are lifelong friends who have. Committed all their time and energy to their academic pursuits at the expense of any kind of social life.

They are determined to take a path that they believe will lead to success that very much mapped out their future lives and they will not deviate or allow any sort of partying or nonsense to. Take them away from their path. The film opens with Molly, listening to this kind of motivational self-help sort of tape which sort of sums up her personality, but then it says, fuck, anyone who looks down on you, all this sort of thing.

I thought it was quite funny. And, and then they sort of had this intro to school life. It's the kind of,  thing that we've seen quite often before and they sort of films. And the, the, the crux of the, where the plot really kicks into gear is Molly's gone to the bathroom. Unisex toilets,

never seen that before.

That was a new, but certainly I don't think we have those in the UK. Not like, not like that. Anyway,

Reegs:Tell you what, though? 16, 17 years old at school unisex toys. I never would have had a shit at school. No, one's, he's going to do a massive chair at 16. He could

Sidey:but what you gotta do. Shit.

Reegs:going to see what I dunno, hold it all day or try and get a key, you know, shit break from. Um, Yeah, I know, but it could be


Dan:a tough, it's a tough moment coming in, straight in behind you.

Howie:I used to work. I used to work at a school until obviously they found out and there was a incident with the shooting at the school. Someone shattering a soap dispenser. I put, I put the lid on and it's been, obviously it took like about two weeks for it to come through.

Sidey:Yeah, we had a

score. Do you remember Jack highs? Jack Heights had to go and say, to say someone was shot on the floor fast forward, 30 years later, and someone did it in my work in the ladies toilet. One of the birds just fucking shout on the floor

Dan:is you. I'm afraid you're in both of those places.

Sidey:guilty. And any case Emma scene Molly is in a stall or a cubicle.

However you want to describe it. And she overhears three of her fellow classmates criticizing they say she's got a butter personality and

Reegs:Yay. It's interesting. Isn't it? Because she's not conventionally attractive. This is beanie

Feldstein, who is Jonah Hill's sister. She's not maybe conventionally attractive, but they straight away have a thing where one of the guys who's listening to conversation says. Oh, yeah. I, you know, I do find her attractive apart from when she talks.

So it's quite interesting already, like subversion of some of the bits. And then she comes out of the stool saying, Oh, I've got my life together. I've got a plan I'm going to get into Yale. Is it? I think is the

university she wants to go hot and the others are all a bit like, yeah, I'm going to Harvard.

And they're all massive achievers, even though she'd been looking down on them. And it's one of the first things that makes you. Think, okay. This is going to be slightly different. This movie.

Sidey:it's awkward for her for all of them because they've been caught taking a piss out of her, but you know, a few minutes before she was talking to our friend about AAA and way, you know, we learned why that girl was called AAA because she gets roadside assistance to the seniors at school. So I thought it was a really funny nickname, but actually, you know,

Reegs:When it turns out it's not at the end. It's You know kind of not misogynistic, but yes, it is a bit misogynistic, but it's women being misogynistic to each other. Yeah, exactly.

Sidey:she's happy to slut, shame someone. So in reality, you know, they're just doing what she was doing a few minutes ago, so she can't play the sort of the moral high ground. what she learns is that even though she's sacrificed everything to get into our school, What in fact has been happening is that everyone else has been leading their life, having a great time and also achieving and getting and just go.


Reegs:there's sort of snooty attitude that she's got about everybody else is just completely obliterated in a single conversation. And then she suddenly realizes we haven't had the parties. We haven't done all the other stuff.

Sidey:yeah. She has a panic. I'd done the whole way. I, you have to roll and then there's a school policy, if not discussing where you're going to school, because it can lead to, you know

Dan:and things. Yeah,

Sidey:know, jealousy and confrontational stuff, but yeah,

she's like they give a fuck, tell me where you fucking going to score.

And it like everyone, maybe the goal, you know, sports scholarship, like the day or that FIO. He he's going to go work for Google on a six figure salary. And that bit actually turns out to be quite key because someone says you, she says we didn't, you have to repeat seventh grade three times. And he's like, yeah, well, you know, it's the rule of three, but then later on that gets you out of a cause I forgot about that when they go to the party, which we can get into it later.

Cause I've got, that's my one issue, I think, with the film.  Molly and Amy decide, they've got to go to this graduation party that's happening tonight. Because they got to have this party. Amy has got the hots for one of the girls. They're called Ryan. Who looked like she was lifted straight out of mid nineties.

Reegs:Yeah. and I wasn't completely convinced what her sexual.


Reegs:No, not orientation. I didn't know if she was a boy or a girl at first because she has a name. Her name is Ryan. Which

Sidey:yeah, I never thought that was a unisex name. I just always assumed it was a dude's name.

Reegs:yeah. And she has a look that is

favored. Yeah. She's, it's an androgynous look, but she's definitely a girl.

Dan:Oh, I was going to say earlier when, just when we're talking about speaking. About the AAA go and who I think later on makes a comment, you know, I thought the boys might say something bad, but I didn't think the girls would as well. But there weren't any really, you know, to flip this kind of genre on its head a little bit, or to do something different, there weren't any really bad kids there.

Wasn't that kind of, you know, enemies there was,

Reegs:well, I think one of the major thing they were, I think one of the major things in, in the film is that it's the sort of naughty that's sort of the nerdy sort of haughty kids. That pride themselves in being woke and self-aware and all that stuff actually. There they're maybe not the nicest people themselves.

Yeah. And they are actually a bit cruel and the stereotypically cruel kids, aren't all that  Cruel in this that the girl has got loads of friends. The boy who's kind of got loads of money. They're not awful characters. The worst characters in terms of having character faults were probably Molly and Amy.

Sidey:they definitely were snooty. Like you said, it was a good way to describe them. They thought they were, they were better than everyone else just by, on basis of their academic achievements. Anyway, they decide they've got to get to this party because they've missed out that whole.  school career, they've not really had any fun like devote their Southwest studies.

So tonight they've got to make it happen. So we have this scene where they're getting ready, that Ivy's house, and set up a joke for the end of the film where she's talking about Ryan. And she doesn't really know what she would do or how to go about this. And then she talks about how she masturbates and she sort of looks at the shelf and it turns actually sort of uses her toy Panda which pays off at the end of the movie.

It's really funny.

Reegs:Well, Molly says there's like, it's, I is like half hanging out and Molly says to her something like, Oh, what happened to it side? And she's like, that was before anything happened between us. So is that a thing then to girls all have like, cause that seemed to be.

Dan:Yeah. You didn't know that that's a worst, huge thing. Yeah. All girls.


Dan:Yeah. You didn't know that all girls.

Reegs:See, cause my wife now she's got this rabbit thing that she's had, like she said, she said it since a kid, but now

Dan:that don't mean nothing. That don't mean.

Sidey:th the, the one problem that they have is that they don't know where the party is because they're not palliate or friends with anyone from high school. No one is willing to answer their call, to tell them where it is. Amy points out. They probably think we're bringing them up about schoolwork. So.

The one number that they do have is Jared. Who's the sort of school rich kid because it, it busts into the class with Mrs. VITAS at, I can't remember her name and she says, you're not, I don't know if you know, if he actually went to the school at all, did he? He did. Cause he went to the graduation, but anyway,

he, he's got a big flash motor.

You could tell he's got money and then he rocks up and takes them to

Reegs:in his car. It's got the number plate. Fuck boy.

Sidey:Fuck boy. Yeah. And it, in the back it's got, I didn't even know if it was his girlfriend or just someone who was not going to bat with them at GG

Reegs:Gigi. Yeah.

Yes, belly Lord. I enjoyed the character of Gigi.

Sidey:was Not meant to have such a major part in it.

But because she was so good, they kept writing more stuff for us to feature more prominently in the movie. Her special vitamins were in the back seat of the car. And she had told Jared that it was vitamin B12 and stuff like that. And she'd liked to. Crunch it up and snort. It helped her more quickly that way.

Clearly the girls know exactly what's going on. And as a viewers, you knew exactly what was going to happen. They're sitting there with his 10 open and you just knew it was gonna end up all over, which it did. They were very keen to get out of the car as soon as I knew what was going on. But. Jared takes them to the wrong party. Turns out to be his graduation party, a board, some massive super superyacht, which they are the only guests at.

Reegs:Yeah, they've got an ice tiger.

Dan:It's absolutely. Kick-ass

Reegs:was amazing. And there was like a gift bag to go home with that had like an iPod or something. And I dunno why they didn't

Howie:yeah. An iPad. Yeah.

Sidey:yeah, they didn't take the gift. They should have taken that with them.

Reegs:they didn't.

Sidey:At this particular party, Gigi gives them some strawberries but have some additives. And then she basically wrestles them upstairs sets off a load of fireworks and then tries to get them to jump into the water. Did you read about that scene?

She was, she wanted to do the diving off the boat herself. But the producers, whatever, like if you want to jump into that water and you need to actually wear a tampon because the water is so dirty, you'll get an infection.

Where the fuck were they filming that in a sewer? It was something, what the

Dan:may. Yeah


Dan:that sounds just really weird. I've never, yeah.

Reegs:She doesn't stick the tampon in and they don't dive into water. But in fact, what they do do is call an Uber or something, which tends ends up being driven by this school principal, Jason Sudokus. They, they have been talking a lot about wanting to have sex with Brian while they're in the back of the car.

Sidey:just put it down and you flip it up,


Sidey:it up.

Reegs:put it down, flip it up. But she decides that she should probably watch a bit of pornography to see if she can pick up any



I think every, you know, exactly what is about to happen in this scene.

But it still doesn't make it any less funnier when it does happen, which is that their principal Mr.

Brown gives them a lead to charge their phone and they end up belting out pornography as loud as they can through the

Sidey:need to says,


Sidey:that Cardi B.


Reegs:One thing I did notice is that that shot of the back of the car from the principal, they've it, there's all these lights and stuff all put up around AIDS, very pretty looking.

And actually there's a number of really nice moments of cinematography in, in this. This is not an insubstantial sort of directing debut, is it? Yeah.

Sidey:I thought that this was fucking stunning to look at many of the scenes that the fireworks looked great. Like you say that scene. A lot of it,  this sort of buddy Larry sort of comedy could just be a, just a point and shoot, you know, you don't necessarily need to have those touches to make it successful film, but you could tell that Olivia Wilde wanted to put a stamp on it and say, I guess this is sort of visual style that I'm going for.

And not only that, but the soundtrack is absolutely fucking killer in this movie.

Reegs:It really is.

Howie:she needed to put her stamp on it because it was a complete rip off a super bad. And a shitty version. I felt, I felt it was just something that didn't ring true with me because I was watching going, well, this is going to happen. This is going to happen. This is going to happen. Oh, that's even got Jonah Hill's sister as the lead character.

He was in Superman. There were elements that made, made me laugh. All the bits that you said were funny, but I just felt it was going to be drawn out to an obvious conclusion I don't know. It's almost politically incorrect to say that because it was based around those two girls. That's why they like it because I can laugh at all the North gags of American pie and Superbad and stuff like that.

But I felt it was trying too hard. I liked the idea of it in that. They weren't attempting to just, Oh God, we've got to get laid before the end of school, which is what Superbad effectively is, or take drugs or get drunk. It was more about having fun and creating a moment that they could talk about. So that was quite cool, but it seemed very formulaic and rang true with the lines of Superbad.

Very much. So to the point where. My wife and I watched it and she thought it was quite sweet and places, but totally agreed with me. And I thought I'll just Google it and see if anybody else has picked up. And I'd just been stupid here, but I mean, in a sense, it's a, you guys and a lot of people have said that and Olivia Wilde has really got angry about it.

And probably rightly so, because it's her own piece of work that she's

Sidey:Well, she didn't write it.

Howie:no, no, but it, I mean, it's hard Dera, directorial debut, and the last thing she probably wants to us have press saying,

um, Yeah, she's plagiarizing it and stuff like that. And it takes away the skill and craft that you've mentioned from the shooting and the sets and, and the atmosphere that she's trying to create.

And I just felt it was a shame that that was the case elements of it, that it did make me smile and make me laugh and I'll give it that. But, but because it was so formulaic and. All I kept thinking was immediately was, this is just another film that I've seen before, which I suspect Superbad perhaps is a generation behind.

If you're looking at a current audience, Superbad, repeat the generation before currently what would be liking this? So if they see it fresh, then yeah, they'll appreciate it more. And it has facets that identify with that generation more. Because society is a little bit cleaner that age, people are a bit more say responsible and aware of each other and some of the jokes in Superbad wouldn't that would have been made at the time.

Wouldn't be relevant to the time now. They couldn't be sad. People wouldn't say the sorts of real jock, awful stuff that sometimes comes across. Do you see what I mean?

Dan:No. I exactly. I agree. Yeah. I think, you know, Superbad, wasn't an original film. There had been one before that, that, that would have taken on. And, and if you go that back, that far, those jokes don't work. They she's upgraded kind of the, the, you know, it's growing up film, if you like, she she's made no attempt to growing up filming.

I thought it was a really great strong debut, to be honest, it's not aimed at me. You know, this isn't a film that it's aimed at me, but maybe somebody who's a a teen or, you know, a young adult or something is really connect more with this just because I think that's more of, but had lost for me. It did.

And it was the characters I thought the, which guy, Jared Well, it was really funny misfiring. I really liked just cause she was fine. And there was, there was a few other characters there that I liked because they weren't horrible. They weren't like, they were kind of down to earth and real realistic characters.

You know, sometimes they acted a bit of a Dick, but they weren't bad people, you know? So I, I liked that about it. You know, the fact that there was and again, probably going back a generation or three Superbad or films before

Howie:And then American pie would be an example of one for our generation.

Dan:exactly how having openly gay people and, and just wandering around that would have been like, Whoa, you know, but now it's very much, Oh, you're, you know, we've got Ryan going on and petite

Howie:But us that felt quite forced that, that the gay, the gay scene, the gay scene, the sex scene between Amy and, and hope felt really forced. It felt like it came out of nowhere as well.

Reegs:that was a bit odd. Wasn't it? And I guess you were going to talk about this side when we were doing the

Sidey:no, I wasn't. I was going to talk about miss fine and fair.

Dan:Yeah. I prefer B is fine, but there was, there was sort of some, some, some, you know, Good really good strong parts. And there was some, some less successful parts for me. I do have a little game to play because I was going to sit down. I was trying to get everybody to watch it. And I was, I said, Colin, I want to film to watch.

I think it was 13 plus or something on Netflix.

Sidey:Mrs because. I watched it twice. And then I clicked the age on it the second time, and I said, this is 13 plus. Cause I, you definitely get a different perspective when you pair it because I was thinking fucking hell, you know, I'd never let my daughter watch this when she's 13.

And I was thinking, fuck me, I'd watch light. Just the fucking worst hardcore pornography before I was


Sidey:mean? Um,

Dan:but I wouldn't. Yeah. I wouldn't want to be watching it.

Sidey:probably 30. It's just like the drugs references and stuff like that. It probably

Dan:Well, from the first minute, you know, from the first minute, cause I was going to watch it and then they didn't come down. They said, no, no, we'll chase off a while. I'm going to make a start on it. And after that first minute, she's meditated, isn't she?

And then the language after the first thing, are you going to shut the fuck up and get it? You know, it was just like, Whoa. Imagine if my daughter would have been in there watching this with us and it's just been like, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, we don't watch it all night. Looks from the wife and everything, but then it got me thinking why, okay.

The age rate in end, you know, that this is. Right. It differently in different countries. So aren't just going to have a little quiz for you. If you don't mind to, to say, if you can guess the age rating of this field in gonna start off with Czech Republic.

Sidey:did I do it just ages or

Dan:Yeah. It's just aged. I'm just going to do the ages. So this is 15, he's 15. He's got straight away

Sidey:throws about right. For me for this

Dan:Okay. Well what about in Singapore then?

 if any evolves and now it's a 13, is it 13? But what about

Reegs:You can get, you have to be a feat, anything bigger than a fetus

Dan:basically, yes, it's seven is seven years old. You'd have to be.


Dan:nine in Norway? And Brazil, Spain and South Africa, B 16. But the fact in, in Sweden and Denmark, this is seven. This is fine.

Sidey:about Delta airlines?

Reegs:Yeah. Well, you can't watch it at all there or not. All of

Sidey:heavily censored on Delta airlines. They cut out the sex scene which really upset Olivia Wilde. And they, they petitioned them to have it put back in because they said it was,

Reegs:what was it re what was it removed on the grounds of what.

Sidey:Just that it was a sex scene. And then when you're on an airplane and other people can see what's on your screen and they probably didn't

Reegs:You don't want to see

Sidey:being on set. But one of the, one of the points I wanted to make about the directorial stablish coordinate. This is a female led movie with a female director of all female writers.

And that really plays with scenes such as Amy. When she decides to go in the pool at the party, she. She stood behind Ryan watching Brian get undressed, but you don't, the camera does not linger on Amy's. You know, if this was like, say American pie or something like that, the camera would be on her ass, you know, it'd be, it'd be pointed around your house.

You don't see that you get the underwater shot of the kids swimming in the

Reegs:it's a really beautiful shot though. It's

Sidey:very, I don't want to say, yeah, I don't wanna say it's artsy or both, but it's a lot more

sensitively handled. And, and attract that plays while they're in the pool, by the way is fucking killer.


Reegs:was it?

Sidey:I should have looked it up, but I ha I've got the playlist, like I've


the soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal. Anyway, you've got Anderson pack on there. Run the jewels DJ shadow.

Sidey:Pretty much, mainly in death grips since watching this, but also you have the actual sex in itself, which again is handled completely differently because it's two girls and a female director. This isn't a sort of Larry I'm going to get all my best is actually to me. As if this was like, I was watching porn, but I'm like, no, it's different.

Today's I know it's also played for a comedic effect because it doesn't quite go

Dan:it goes horribly

Sidey:but, but the buildup is

Dan:We've all been there.

Sidey:it's not just like staring at someone's tits and ass and stuff like that. It's different. And and I, I liked it that way. I thought it was a lot better. The film does set you up to think that. It turns out that Molly has a crush on Nick. And it's only come to light on this night. And obviously we know about Amy's crush of Ryan and that the movie sets it up with the karaoke scene where there's a lot of touchy, feely notes between Amy and Ryan.

And there's a bear pong sort of flatly scene.

And you do think, although I didn't really buy that. That was one of the conversations we had where we watched his like. Where's that come from the bear pocket. Yeah, because they've never been socializing before. And the very first interaction she has is like, they're going to cop off together.

There's a little bit and it, obviously it doesn't happen. And they have this, this phrase that they used to get this Malala

of unconditional support. If you say that

Dan:I like

Sidey:person has to come with you,

Reegs:Yeah, you get one

Dan:I'm calling it. I'm calling it in. I'm calling in the Malala. I like that.

Sidey:is there and Amy goes to that, but it doesn't work the other way. As admins, Amy sees, then that Nick is getting off with Ryan.

So she's devastated. She wants to leave the party. But because Molly thinks she's going to have some success with Nick, she refuses to post, but she doesn't, she doesn't know what has gone down.

And so they had this big route and everyone films that Raul there's, everyone's got their camera up. And I thought that was going to play into something else later on.

I thought that was gonna be more of a play off of that, but there wasn't.

Reegs:millennials for you.

Sidey:Molly then goes after the big route, she goes, looking around the party sees what's got on. And obviously not only is she devastated because Ryan and Nick get off at each other, but she obviously knows then why Amy was upset and realize she's fucked it.

But then, you know, the, she does the runner,

Dan:Talking of upset and fucked it. I just upset the fucking beer bottle there. Spoon everywhere and fucked it all over the floor.

Sidey:There's this other thing that happens at the party with Mrs. Fire. So miss cause she's seems fucking a hair's breadth older than

the kids. Um, and she decides basically after about one mouthful of booze, that she's going to fuck one of the kids. And the first time I watched it, I'd forgotten that he was a little bit older, but he's still only 20 and he's still a high school.

It's a bit like

Reegs:I think if you reverse the

Sidey:if we reverse this and that's a bloke sleeping with a girl at the high school, it's a

Reegs:well, it's suddenly the plot of American beauty. Isn't it.

Howie:so also the plot of American pie. If you think about it as well, it's different as

Sidey:our fucking school years where teach her was, was

Dan:you let your voice go.

Sidey:of those things in real life are fucking serious, you

Reegs:Yeah. I thought that was a strange tone

Sidey:So that seems, yeah, slightly jarring and in the movie, but it doesn't, you don't see anything. And it's only spoken about very briefly, but slightly odd. Um, then the police turned up and basically bust the pie.

Howie:but why did they bust the pie? I didn't get that because it was someone, it wasn't like they were illegally in someone's house. It was

Sidey:I think the neighbors probably would've phoned in and said, there's a fucker later.

Dan:been not

Sidey:next door wrecking the


Reegs:was COVID. So you can only have eight people on a Tuesday. If the sun was between

six and four

Howie:And if you're singing sea shanties,

Reegs:on the way home she's driven, she is driven home by AAA. I can't remember the name of the. Actual student, which is really an

irony because do we not, it's an irony because she's massively humanized in this scene with the part that Dan was referring to right at the beginning, saying that she was surprised that the girls picked up on the nickname as well.

It's full of nice little touches like that, that humanize, otherwise one note characters in a lot of other movies.

Sidey:Where she sort of says, no, I'm not, I didn't fucking blow all those guys. I just gave them a lift home and was like, Oh right. Okay. She goes, no, I did. I, of course I fucking suck that Dick breaks. She goes, I want, I don't want to suck anyone's Dick where my dad could fucking walk in, you know? And you think, well, she's just a person making choices.

You're right. She was massive humanized and, and cause she had a, Brittany said I've never, I'm not going to let anyone know that I know you when we go to Yale.

Um, and that all plays out a lot nicer than they ended up, I guess, you know, led to believe they're going to be friendly from then on

Reegs:And the way everything plays out is that eventually Molly has to go and get Amy from jail. So Amy who has never really done very much at all by the end of the night is taken drugs, been to a party been arrested. Had her first lesbian proper lesbian experience encounter, which up a quite colorful encounter.


Reegs:But I think it probably finishes the way you'd expect this movie to finish. There's a big grand standing speech where Molly receives a standing ovation where she talks about how much she's learned. And then I think she steals. Fuck boy's car.

Sidey:well, they, they connect to the party. I don't know. Cause she she's, she criticizes him at his party saying you can't buy people's affection. It's not going to work. And actually they'll just. They'll see that and they'll resent you for it. And he ends up, he goes to the other party and they connect and they have a bit of a moment.

So I think he lends them the car. I thought he died in the car to

Dan:well, he really likes her. Doesn't he?

Sidey:yeah. He says that. He says you always just worked really hard at stuff. And that's why I like you. And he says he likes her. So they managed to get her out of this. Prison situation by exchanging some information about the local serial killer that they hadn't encountered with.




weird pizza guy. Yeah.

Reegs:don't know, but it's a strange, it's a strange scene in the film, because when you think back on it, they've been in the backseat of the car with this pizza delivery slash serial killer. But nothing. There's

Dan:King, a mosque with their hair.

Sidey:yeah, it was funny. So like you say, yeah, it does, it does play out in a sort of Conventional sort of ending in the sense that they graduate hope, hope comes back to Amy. And actually they, she gives her a number. He says, you know, forever, you know, meet up again. Bye bye. So there's some hope for their relationship.

And then we have the final scene of, well, actually, before we get to the final scene, we have the parents saying goodbye to the kids and that's where the Panda comes back into it and they keep smelling it and hugging and stuff and be like, Oh no.

Reegs:Oh, and the mother is Lisa Kudrow of friends, fame. And the father was will to from forte he's from last man on earth. I don't know if anybody ever watched that, but it's quite


Yeah. Then we have the goodbye at the airport where Molly's dropping her off. And I just managed to wangle a few more hours to go for pancakes and there's a quite emphatic fuck. Yeah. About going for pancakes and EDS. So, how are you not particularly one for you?

This one

Howie:no. I felt controversially been there, seen that there was elements that made me laugh, but that's because it was funny in the original films that I've watched previously.

Sidey:So you sending this one to bed early?

Howie:I was not entertained. Unfortunately.

Reegs:Yeah, I did like this. I think the it's got a witty script. There were several scenes that made me laugh. I think some, some of the things that you talked about, so ID, I think it's refreshing to see this kind of coming of age tale that you have seen. A lot of times before, but from a female perspective, a female director, you know, you don't, you definitely feel that in the movie.

So that makes it different. Anyway the cinematography is good. The short composition is nice use of color. Editing's good. There is even a stop motion section sort of about quarter of the way in when they've ingested some hallucinogens, which has really terrifically done as well. And the soundtrack is.

Absolutely bagging by one, the best soundtracks I've heard for a long time. Really, really seabed. So, yeah. I don't think you're going to watch this lots and lots of times, but it announces Olivia Wilde as a director to watch out for. And yeah, watch it. It's enjoyable.

Dan:Yeah, I'll kind of go along with that as well. It, it wasn't, I think aimed at me 20 something male okay. 30 something, maybe 40 something, male. But I recognize the some really great characters. So the Whiting, I think to get those characters developed an actors to, to. Bring them to life as well.

I really enjoyed some of those performances. I thought it was fantastically shot in there and their soundtrack again was, was really impressive. It didn't add me roaring with laughter, but it did have me chocolate and it did have me smile in a few places. This wasn't a film that as Rick said, I think you're going to go down and watch three, four or five times and recommend to all your friends, but.

You won't have a bad hour and a half watching it, particularly if you're, I, I think we've younger kids but not young, young, you know, sort of teen kids. I think that'd be pretty good. Or you're feeding in a bit of a silly mood with friends. Then this isn't a bad one to put on. I entered, I was entertained and I would say, you know, not worth staying up late, late for, but it's a good sleep overfill.

Sidey:I barely really enjoyed it, but from the weird teacher sort of KET fucking thing

Howie:I'm sure that's what it says on the poster.

Sidey:I thought the chemistry between the two leads was fantastic. Dan, the automator did the soundbite Festus fucking, absolutely nailed it, but levy Wilde's direction was you know, it gave it a fresh take on a story.

That kind of story that we have seen a lot of times before. But I fucking really enjoyed it. I thought it was fantastic. I've seen it twice this week and I'll probably watch it again. So for me extra treats for this one, I thought it was fantastic.

Reegs:So Sidey, you chose something pretty iconic for our kids speak to this

Sidey:like that. Yeah. I was thinking about nominating this last time and I can't remember why I bottled it, but this is the Simpsons and it's Homer at the bat.

Reegs:Mislabeled on Disney plus is home at bat. I believe

Sidey:Disney plus has it also in the wrong aspect ratio still? I noticed. Because the visual gag of the millionaires club doesn't really work on Disney plus

Dan:What was that gag? What was that guy? Cause.

Sidey:there's a sign on a lectern saying how much money you need to have to be in the millionaires club,

more than $1 million. It's not completely visible on Disney plus this episodes opens with a delivery of donuts to the power plant which probably quite a few episodes start like that. Homer chokes on one.

And the, the fellows look to the noticeboards where there's a Heimlich maneuver poster, but next to it is the signup sheet for the the powerplant softball team. On realizing that Homer manages to dislodge the offending donut and is fucking, super keen to sign up for it. The work team for the   league is that these guys have not really shared by any of his colleagues. He though has a secret weapon.

Dan:And that's all they need.

Sidey:well, they, they have a little thought bubble then pop up of what their secret weapon might be. So is it Springs on his feet to jump between different bases or is it Lenny thinks of a laser gun where he's just shooting everyone in the outfield? But it turns out to be wonder bat,

Howie:Yeah, amazing backstory for that. There was a thunderstorm when I w I ran outside and with an umbrella, I hit underneath the safest tree.

Sidey:it's a sheet of

Howie:Yeah. Sorry. Yeah.

Sidey:I showed him myself and hid under the nearest tree. Is it, is it taken from a film, but someone made it back like that.

Um, anyway, it gets the branch of the tree gets struck by lightning and Homer and sets about making a, a bat out

of it.

Howie:He's playing it

Sidey:what he says.

I put aside my homemade football, absolute blob shot. And then he's just like carving away at this log. And then

Howie:in bed.

Sidey:down my Bo my come to bed. It's like doing it

Dan:Go back to the Garret.

Sidey:So then we have this montage of the different games and they were winning every game. And I was like hitting fucking home homeowner to everybody, but we get there.

The  early scene of softball is when they play the the Springfield police department. And it's fucking brilliant the hang on, they would probably call it an umpire, I guess, cause them over to discuss the rules and Everything just revolves around drinking beer. So as the peer ratings, you round third, you got chug a beer down beer, Chuck Berry, Chuck paycheck all the wild, like the police radios going off chief Brigham's talented, fucking turn it off.

It's distracted game. And Homer, I think hits another winner and they were celebrating and they they're instructed to take down their license plates, all that sort of shit. This rarely really reminded me of when I used to have just a semblance of respect for my dad. He used to play Sunday league cricket for his local pub, that Don hotel.

And I would go watch and think that he was like, actually a human and all they would do. They'd be just bins full of flip-top gross. And I just thought the cricket was


Sidey:and they would just get, cause he couldn't drink back in those days on a Sunday.


Sidey:But they've cause I played for pub, they would just fucking empty out the Boozer, go down and play cricket and just fire through all these bears.

And it's exactly basically like how their softball game was going on in the, in this episode. Of course. The plot thickens when the powerplant team gets to the, the final,

Howie:against the Shelbyville nuclear power plants.


so about the aforementioned  menendez club the owner of the Shelbyville plot and anyone knows his name,


Reegs:in front of me. Aristotle AMA Adopolis.

Sidey:They have a million dollar wager on who's going to win the game.

Howie:with Mr. Burns.

Reegs:But burns has got a plan though.

Sidey:He says to Smithers, is it. Is it okay to cheat? And Susan says, no, what if I cheat? Yes.

Reegs:And to, to cheat, he decides to bring in some ringers.

Sidey:He's drawn up a list. Mr.

Bones of his own, his own list.


Howie:Dead I've wrote like 18 century or something like

Sidey:cap Hansen, Harry Hooper. Honus Wagner,

uh, Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Mordecai three finger Brown. They're all dead that will long since died off. So he said, come even say what he says these days. I do. Yeah. I think we probably can. He says fine. Go and get me some players living players. league, the



Howie:kill Hobbs.

Reegs:It's really

Sidey:It's a bit out of touch. Mr. Burns a little bit.

So we have then a roster of rigors who are given Meaningless kind of job title at the plot just to enable them to sign up for the softball team. Steve sacks, Wade Boggs, Ozzie Smith.

Howie:Oh, voiced, voiced by the players themselves.


Don Mattingly, dowel strawberry Ken Griffey.

Jr. Jose can Seiko and Mike Sasha.


Sidey:They were,

Reegs:choices though.

Sidey:no, I didn't obviously know. Some of the others, to be honest they basically all recorded their voices. This is one of the hardest episodes they've ever made in terms of, because they had so many voices to do. They had to record them any time they played. Was it the LA Dodgers? someone else when they were basically on the road and they, in the vicinity of where they make the sensors, they would get them in just do the voices quickly. Well, some of them quickly, as it turns out, others really struggled. And then they spend more time signing autographs and all that shit and actually doing the voice, but then they had to edit them altogether. And said that battery the same way there with the hypnotist and they're all making it, that was really, really challenging to do. And also the animators weren't used to making real people into Simpsons

Howie:Of course.

Sidey:was quite a struggle back then.


Howie:Real people, real people. I was thinking the gigantic worrisome.

Sidey:he, he was one of the ones that really struggled. He didn't understand when they were saying right. Like gave him the line. There's a party in my mouth and everyone's invited, he couldn't do it.

took him fucking ages. It

Reegs:of the gigantism.

Sidey:I think so. But he didn't, he didn't have a clue what it meant. It didn't, it was like, they'd just, just fucking read the light.

Gotcha. I mean, it doesn't matter if you understand it or not, but he struggled and also Pally. Jose can, Seiko was a fucking major decade about this.

Reegs:like he's a twat doesn't

Sidey:Yeah. It sounds like a complete prick.

Reegs:He disliked his thing. It's


model. Cause he said it didn't look like him. And then he, he had the part rewritten because it was cheating on his real life wife with that Knickerbocker, Apple

Sidey:Yeah. So he had to be more heroic, which is why they just had him. Getting the stuff out of the fire. Someone tried to interview him years later and he just hung up the phone and refused to take their their calls after him. They just mentioned this episode here, cause he's just a fucking wanker. But a lot of the other ones acknowledged that it made them far bigger stars than they were

Reegs:I do like it when Mr. Burns announces his ringers. To the rest of the workforce at home meets Darryl strawberry and says you're Darryl strawberry and strawberry says, yes, you play right field. Yes, I play right field too. So are you better than me? Well, I've never met you, but

it's just too many, too many, too many.

Good. I mean,

Dan:That's the

Reegs:from beginning to end a quote with

Howie:Oh, and the best part is won't go, Murray burns is continued pursuit of Mattingly sideburns the whole time let's ugliest shave your burns. I think you know what a sunburn is and he's just shaved the entirety of where his hair

Sidey:what do you think he did actually mean?

Reegs:well, it's clear. He doesn't know what a sideburn is, but it's based on a real thing because on

Sidey:No, it's not, no, it's not this predated the real thing.

Howie:Yeah, it predated it's another Simpson's prediction.

Reegs:Is it Mattingly benched

for refusing to have his haircut.

Sidey:Yeah. Having long hair

Reegs:Harry Shearer and Julie Kapner. Obviously the voices of Homer and that's not BARR, is it? That's

merge. Harry Shira. Yes. Sorry. Harry Shira is lots of other people. Yeah. They don't like the episode because it's focused on the guest stars and they didn't like how surreal it was.

Sidey:I find weird because it's just

Howie:one of the funniest. I like it where Marge is filming the baseball with Homer and he's scratching his bollix, whatever he's doing. And she looks away and points the camera down. Kids tell me when you'd, father's finished touching himself and it's just this. Five seconds of kids. Remember to tell me, yeah, we're telling you and it just keeps going.

And Gary,


Did I make the team? Yeah, you did. Are you Ken Griffey Jr? No, I'm sorry.

Dan:It's so subtle. It's so brilliantly written the Simpsons. So there's so much in almost every scene. I mean, you talk about the one, you know, if you say that written on the board, you couldn't see it because . They aspect. Wasn't correct, but there's so many little bits like that in the Simpsons. So many subtle lines that can go right over the heads of kids, but the adults get them.

And I think that's what keeps adults watching and all the different kinds of ages. There's something that just touches. And it often not just once in a, in a show is it happens repeatedly

Reegs:this, this particular episode is a John Schwartz welder episode, and he is responsible for. Most of the very rarely, rarely good Simpsons episodes. He did the monorail one he did the, see my vest 101, you know, I mean,

and, and

Howie:Made from real gorilla chest.


he's a

Howie:this sweater. It's red

Reegs:reclusive guy that used to like, he, I think he decided that he would work from home before all of this stuff, just so he could smoke.

And he just used to like send in his scripts. Like he was just this really absurd, like reclusive

Dan:Imagine how much work there is to do it because it is churning them out. I mean, how many episodes are there? The Simpsons to, to

Howie:three on 300, something like that.

Dan:Just to have, just to have the quality, the sheer quality that

Howie:I have to.

Dan:on bringing out. It's fantastic.

Howie:Noah, I would argue, and this is splitting hairs with an all-time great, that recent series have been

Reegs:Oh, this later the same sense. That's absolutely shit. But

Howie:But, but no, but yeah, yeah. This is a period of time. Everyone's a winner when you're going through them and it hit a hot hot street for a very long time that we'll be eternally grateful for.

But I would say the recent efforts where they got a few more celebrities in and things like that, it just felt like it's just my, a good measure for is. When my kids are in Disney, plus they go for the older episodes quite a lot and they say, see, this is, I think this is I'm going to roll a season eight.

Is it season three? I think they, I think they were watching up to about season eight and they were still chuckling because it's got all the tree house of horrors and things like that and all those. And the one that,

Sidey:say, go ahead.

Howie:sorry, I was going to say the one they watched the other day that I forgot about, which is an absolute classic is the one where Michael Jackson in.



Howie:Which is really sweet, unfortunately, obviously with Jackson and everything, it's kind of taken differently now, but it's a really lovely episode. He went around your house and he wore that glove

Sidey:Up to about season 11, maybe 12 it's really, really great. And then it's just shy. The film was shot as well. I thought it's basically when Phil Hartman died that was the load of the characters go on as well. So it, but

Howie:What characters did he do?

Sidey:Uh, Lima, Lima hearts

or the all the really funny fringe


Sidey:I think his wife shot him.

Reegs:Yeah, it was something bizarre.

We can't talk about this

episode without talking about them hitting on a really touching or moment of pressure that you don't really experience outside the harsh realities of the major leagues. And that's when you're getting abused from the stands, when you're a player.

Sidey:Even Maggie, she's doing the, like putting her hand to her mouth to pretend to shout a piece. Marge tries to chastise the kids and to stop him, but they're like, Professional athletes. It's you know, it just rolls off their back and will just shed a tear, but he was a fucking douche, you know, when when Mr.

Burns is lecturing the team about whatever, and he just keeps chipping and yet no hustle.

Reegs:Some of these guys have real bad attitudes,


Sidey:The night before the big game night, Mr. Bones is that they're  pondering how the game's going to go. And Mr. Brown says, well, you know, we've got nine ringers. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure something might happen could possibly happen to a few of them. Maybe even there's an outside chance that seven, eight or nine, you know, that that would never happen.

And then we, then we get the secrets

of all the different things that happens to the team. So. Steve sax is thrown in jail by Addie and Lou because

of every had some guy got murdered in New York city

Howie:Wouldn't have it a no.

Sidey:they never caught the guy. Mike Sosa develops radiation poisoning, but he was never going to play in the game. Anyway. He just wanted

to, He just wanted

to uh, an honest Ken Griffey Jr. Contracts gigantism how's that can, Seiko is preoccupied saving a woman's belongings from her house.

is knocked out by Barney.

Arguing about who? The grace? Yeah.

Howie:William peds.

Sidey:Don Mattingly is kicked off the team for refusing to shave off his sideburns. Roger claimants believes he's a chicken

Dan:See, he wasn't too precious about how he came across. Was he been saying, Oh, you going to pretend you a chicken?

Sidey:He voiced the chicken noises


Howie:does it. One of the most I get lost in

one of them. Get lost in a mystery.

Sidey:Yeah. I was just trying to think of his first name. Cause I said everyone else's first name and not his.

Reegs:Ozzie Smith.

Sidey:the Smith falls into this bizarre never-ending hole in the ground

Dan:Oh, taking photos on the way down.


And he wanted to come back for another guest spot on the Simpsons to show how he made it out of the,

Dan:Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:But they've never

Dan:They didn't have


Sidey:in there. Unfortunately though the man who plays homeless position,

dowel strawberry.

He's ready where they enabled us to play in the game. So the home was still benched, unfortunately.

Reegs:okay. Yeah.

Howie:but then burns makes a substitution for by baseball rules, softball rules that we, none of us can ever understand.

Dan:He has a tactical kind of brainwave doesn't he burns where he thinks he needs to, to be able to lead the team. And and he decides to take out the one of world-class player I've got left.

Sidey:but I've got nine home runs today.


Sidey:It doesn't want to left-handed hitter against the left-handed

Dan:that's right. Statistics. He's done the Moneyball thing.

Isn't it?

Sidey:It's it's what smart coaches do to win baseball games. So confidence is probably not high, but Homer basically where's the pitch on his head.

Dan:Broken the one, the bat.






Sidey:bases were loaded. So because home is home, it takes the hair. They're able to basically walk one round and they win the game, but all the while home is still

Dan:Just for all the photographs afterwards or the celebrations, they include him. He's just kind of unconscious at the laid down in the middle of it or

Sidey:there's a great, still have the whole team, you know, around that that's that

shot. And I was trying

Dan:or whatever.

Sidey:I couldn't get really good high res quality one for social media, unfortunately. So I just had to go to the generic Simpson's picture. But that's really cool. Cause I was still out cold on home plate.

Just fucking eat dust.

Reegs:and then at the end, even amongst brilliant songs of the Simpsons, this has to rank right up there

Sidey:well, yeah, Simpsons is one of those things where they will change the music every now and then, or they'll do something different in the credits even right at the very, very end of the credits they decide. And this is one of the ones where they changed the song, but like you say, the talking softball and it's, it's a great chair.

Reegs:but I even got the original singer Terry Kashmin who did the. Talking baseball song that it's parodying. He came in and recorded

Sidey:Yeah. didn't want to play at any softball.

Dan:not softball. No, no, you did.

Sidey:I had his buttocks.

Dan:Yeah. Never, never big, big bowl. You know, it just seemed

impossible. Yeah. No, never, never really got through that, but this Simpsons thing, this could go places. I reckon it's got potential.

Howie:you've called it down. You call it.

Dan:I reckon there's something in this. Thanks for putting me onto this one.

though it is.

Reegs:few more. Do you think.

Dan:it's, it's big in our house. Like it always has been, I think ever since we had TV it's the Simpsons has been a staple where you can go and. A joyous. So for half an hour you'll have a, you'll have a few lofts and it's it's a really easy go-to maybe too easy is the only thing I would say about it.

Now, there are so many episodes. Obviously they can't all be as funny as this one. But you can't really go too far along with a Simpsons episode. If you've looking for something you haven't got long an hour or less

Sidey:Avoid series one. I don't go any, don't go beyond the series. 11 would be my top tip and your, your, I don't actually like this. She has a horror ones, particularly. But everything else is gold. I often find myself during the Lionel hearts quotes because I really enjoy


Sidey:` Larry led Fritz adventure through the windshields and smoke yourself fan or get confident,

Dan:talk to Nick.


My kids, particularly, they do like, what are the tree house of horrors, where they're accusing everybody of which is being witches and a button Lisa in the congregation, but points at Lisa and goes, she's a witch, she's a witch. And he pretends to be a zombie. And my kids find this so funny. He goes, must drop.

Pantaloons and post down fucking CACs beds is ours. My son will. He just thinks it's the best thing he's ever seen. The substance of so much credit in the bank, I think all is forgiven, but our recommendation is to go for that sort of series range that you said society. I think

Sidey:yeah, well, in my head it's finished. Like I, I, I consider it to be done. I don't like, I wouldn't, I would never watch the new stuff. I just,

there's so many episodes of goal to go back on and Disney plus that,

Howie:They, they, they, they didn't have a finality to, to it. Future arm or the office of spin did have a final episode and it was super sweet and it worked really well. And I wonder if they will. Have to put the ax on the Simpsons say, because I don't know, Bart's voice, the actress that plays him can no longer do it.

And w when you hear it, you hear the latest episodes. The voices are going they're scratching. Yeah. You can hear it. It's losing it a bit so that they must, they must do a tie up.

Dan:but it is huge because they're in Czech Republic. Obviously they don't use the same voices, but they love the voices of the characters in their own countries as well. So you've got all these voiceover artists that have really owned bar and Homer and whatever in their own. Countries' voices and accents and things.

So as long as the

Reegs:seems crazy. Barely as

Dan:there. Yeah, it does.


Reegs:you say that because like the voices seem so much a

Dan:it's so important,

Reegs:its voice, but

Dan:but they pay the best people to get it. Yeah. They'll pay the best people and, and audition for the, you know, those funny voices in, in a different language that just capsulate the character bar or home or whoever is it.

I, I think this is going to go, they may go for a couple of bumps in the road, but this is huge and it's not going to stop being huge. I think writers will be attracted to this and they do that anyway. Don't they, they invite celebrity white is to come in and do an episode or produce an episode and things like that.

So yeah, still, still very, very strong for me to Simpsons.

Sidey:This episode in particular, I'd say probably in my top five, maybe top three

Simpsons episodes. It's fucking gold. It's way, way funnier that we've made it sound. It's absolutely brilliant. So for me, very much entertained by this one.

Reegs:Yeah, me too. Love the Simpsons. was, I think it was really the first time I'd ever watched an American show that I felt had a sense of humor. That was close to sort of my sense of humor. Cause a lot of them American comedies in the eighties and nineties, although being quite funny, I didn't no that they would necessarily my sense of gamer, but the Simpsons absolutely was.

And for a period of time, it was the finest writing probably anywhere for any TV series consistently. Very funny, brilliant characters. Yeah. Terrific. And this really is a terrific episode.

 Howie:yeah, I'm thoroughly entertained.

Dan:Believe that if you will, there you go.

Sidey:All right. Nice one. Thanks to our perfectly pleasing patriarchs. We've scaled the Heights of movies and TV based chat for another week. We must now retire to our other dad based duties and we will do so with as much enthusiasm as would be approached this show. I slightly less than none. Don't forget to tune in next Wednesday when we will be.

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