March 26, 2021

Furious 7 & The Flintstones

Furious 7 & The Flintstones
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The Casino can be an intoxicating place in more way than one, especially if you like gambling which I don't. The unquestionable pathway to happiness that gambling guarantees, the glamour, the risk, the reward, the shared social experience: it all sounds awful, just as fake as the Eiffel Tower that famously adorns the Vegas strip. This weeks top 5 promises all of the subtlety and style of that famous American city, a mecca for the perpetually misguided and the intellectually stunted, so of course we're big fans.

Sitting shotgun in a car driven by Dominic "Dom" Toretto (Vin Diesel) must be a terrifying experience as even a routine trip to Tesco would become a bowel-emptying, physics-defying descent down the side of a sidescraper. Were I ever to find myself in that scenario I'd exert a measure of control over the situation by monopolising the stereo so I could at least listen to Kruder & Dorfmeister while firemen cut my lifeless body from the flaming wreckage. Yes we're taking a plunge into the Fast & Furious franchise and we're starting with 2015's Furious 7 (or Fast & Furious 7 to give it its onscreen title). The film is overshadowed to a degree by the death of co-lead Paul Walker who was tragically killed in a car accident, with his scenes completed using unseen footage and his brothers as stand-ins. For a franchise sincerely built upon an unshakeable belief that strangers can become family, and a clearly close-knit cast operating like a family, this lends the movie an unmistakeable ironic sadness.

The Flintstones, remember them? They were an animated sitcom family who routinely abused animals in order to perform menial tasks and lived sexually liberated lives with their neighbours, The Rubbles and to a lesser extent, their pet dinosaur Dino. Arguably the most famous and beloved of the animation powerhouse Hanna-Barbera's output, everyone remembers the theme tune at the very least and if pressed I'm sure it would be universally acknowledged as a classic. But was it really any good? We watch The Flintstones' New Neighbors so you don't have to.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads 



Furious 7

Reegs:Welcome to Baghdad's film review the podcast where fathers who missed out on movies watch your children

Wait that's not right as we collectively wonder where how his leave of absence has taken him a my money is on an extended sexcapade featuring a Moonlight tourist with paddleboard salesman dressed as Margaret Thatcher we find ourselves once again relaxing in the luxurious surrounds of the man-cave with me Your co-host rigs Sid



and Peter Andre What what's going Pete

Pete:Not a lot I've brought some GS with me

Reegs:You've got some tea You have got some cheese Tell us about the cheese

Pete:I brought with me today Some quite pungent rock for a very strong double Lincoln shirt shatter and an a truffle Bree So yeah

Dan:have you got any normal

Pete:No no

no Normal What what you think And like baby bell and dairy Leigh and stuff like that

Dan:the harder cheeses you

Pete:Now there's a there's a the double Lincoln chair will be up your alley

Sidey:We'll say something like that

Dan:No no


Dan:liked cathedral city but I know that's not maybe gonna go on to your

Pete:I think you need to broaden your cheese horizons

Dan:hit me up with some liquor here

Pete:right now

Dan:Well you know and you weren't good time

Pete:Okay When we have an interlude


And we talked about you trying to match your cheeses to reviews or the parts of the film So have you have you prepared that No No Good Well that'll be good when you come to do that then Okay

Pete:Yeah it's going to be difficult because if I was I did actually give it about 10 seconds of thought but I think yeah if you know I won't go into depth as to why I didn't but it was it was difficult and seemed like a lot of effort

Dan:would write it What was the basic idea that

Pete:Well it his idea that he wanted to somehow impose upon me but I wasn't able to I just didn't really want to go with it

Reegs:I'm looking forward to when it comes up later Yeah Cheese Yeah

Sidey:Anyway this is going to be now a weekly segment on the pod So I hope

Reegs:Let's hope it's better than that


Dan:It's just a slice

Pete:trying to reach a wider audience Yeah

Reegs:I watched justice league the Zack Snyder Cut

Sidey:Got it It's been just all over the fucking Twitter feed Yeah I watched half of it because

Dan:I've heard of this Yeah This

Reegs:it's four hours


Reegs:It's really is


you know what this is Pete

Pete:No it's super superheroes and no I did a three hour superhero film recently I'm not doing a four hour

Reegs:do this It's it's too long but it's miles better than Wieden's cut And yeah I and I'm still offended by the aspect ratio I won't stop it about


Two directors have made the same film because they had a load of time and film over Corona So they give this other guy a second chance at it This is how I understand it is that right

Reegs:it's Mo Zack Snyder's

Sidey:daughter died

Reegs:whilst he was I mean he basically finished the movie as you can see

Sidey:and then someone else had to come in and finish it and they did have to jump on It

Dan:Okay Right So I don't need to

Sidey:was a complete prick apparently

Dan:and so so he's come back because he wasn't happy with how that

Sidey:but I let it cry babies on the internet demanded that he was allowed to come back And because there was fuck what else going on and locked down They thought it why the fuck not they put

out yeah

Dan:And and now you and now you've watched that and it's better read

Reegs:Yeah I preferred it Yeah But the aspect ratio is just

Pete:I don't know what an aspect ratio is and I won't watch either version


You talking about shit both versions of shit Fuck off


Reegs:Well if we got on the show this week

Sidey:we've got a top five a film and then some good stuff

Reegs:mixing it up a bit


Reegs:Sid It was your choice for top

Sidey:was I picked the topic which has so far generated no enthusiasm on the interwebs but we're looking at memorable movie casino Things I

Dan:you say casino Not Cascio's

Reegs:if you've done the wrong research

Sidey:if you've got a whole long list of cashiers I'd be impressed

Dan:The one on more is worse than back to the future I had it was John candies and trains planes automobiles I mean this is

Sidey:Should I go first

Reegs:Yeah Yeah I could just does an illegal gambling den qualify I can't remember my

Sidey:specifics It seems you've obviously looked into it


Pete:I I that I've got one that I was hoping that that would allow for but but before you start what was the inspiration for this Okay Off you go

Sidey:know where the thought came from but that's how it tends to work I'm going to go for a film which Probably still in my top five favorite movies It always it always was and I made soon So I think it probably was up in that it's John Favreau and Vince Vaughn in swingers Mike is having a real hard time getting over his girlfriend has dumped him

Dan:hard time He's a broken man

Sidey:Have you seen this one Pete

Pete:I've not seen it

Not through belligerence or anything I just it's passed me by

Sidey:Yeah It's a low budget kind of 


Sidey:Indie hit launched loads of careers It's basically trend to play by Vince Vaughn is his big breakout He is fucking brilliant in it He enforces this this trip this mid-week trip from LA down to Vegas up to Vegas whichever way it works you're sort of picturing the traditional you know swirling around and Caesar's palace or something like that But instead they end up in this real beat up probably not on the strip casino and the evening doesn't go to plan Mikey They they've they've got this idea that they're going to be pretend to be high rollers and get comped all this stuff they lose all the money at the first hand of blackjack they played it right You know you always doubled down on 11 but the cars don't come up and he loses his money and then they're in half And like often they do have some success Well Trent has some success with the ladies it's a great soundtrack It's a great film I really really recommend you watch it it's not streaming anywhere but I own it So I'll maybe I'll send it your way it's a great film

Dan:it's been a while since I've seen that It's a great show Yeah

Reegs:film I've talked about a few times on the pod that I absolutely love is fear and loathing in Las Vegas this sort of counter-culture book and movie by Hunter S Thompson sort of father of Gonzo journalism it's all there There's a large chunk of the movie set on the Vegas strip In and out of casinos there's a bar scene in a casino where Raul Duke who is Johnny Depp playing a sort of Hunter S Thompson proxy He's just coming up on acid and he sees the floor sort of flooding and changing and he's screaming about golf shoes And I think and then as he's walking through the the version of the what's it called Is it circus circus The name of the it's called it's called bazooka circus in this and there's a guy with an ape you know just going on a merry-go-round it's just that you can't tell the craziness it's a movie I absolutely love yeah big casino stuff going on in there

Dan:on that one down as well So okay It's not Casio it's casinos the one that kind of comes to mind I guess is leaving Las Vegas Cause I went to the cinema to watch this was I went to the city defense I think they they showed it there and Is she an old cinema in Jersey that isn't here anymore and I remember at a time not really enjoying the film

Sidey:this is fucking awful

Dan:No it's not awful

Reegs:it's not awful but it's not an entertaining film It's

Dan:yeah it's not a happy kind of film but I've watched it again since and I really enjoyed it the second time I really really did and obviously it's it focuses on Nick cage going to end his life out in Vegas

Reegs:He's gone to drink himself to death Isn't he

Dan:and he's in an art casinos He meets a Hoka who's beautiful


Dan:Elizabeth Shue coupler memorable scenes with her in it as well Yeah really great Really great movie This

Reegs:it's a very sad sad movie

Dan:took a second watching for me to enjoy this


Dan:Um but worth it

Pete:you have found out that side

Sidey:No I don't like it

Pete:I've never seen it

Reegs:Oscar winning Nick

Dan:Yeah This this was this was his big you know performance I guess And he he

Reegs:And so she Elizabeth she

Dan:And he promised stuff up until after this And then he seemed to just go and do some crazy stuff after this time turning so into an action hero

Reegs:So it was written and directed by Mike Figgis and we were recently contacted by his cousin Jason figures who's got a new movie called Winefred Meeks that's going to be released on 27th of April and we hopefully be having a chat with him soon So that ties in nicely to that


 Pete:I dunno if I have misunderstood this but you guys are all talking about films and I've specifically zeroed eroded on scenes within films Okay Okay Fine So the first one that I've got on my list is a film I absolutely love this film I know Wrigley don't like the actor but rain man is for me I think it's a fucking brilliant film

Reegs:who don't know like Hoffman

Pete:You said the other week that you didn't like Hoffman Oh when when we were when we were reviewing that Western weird thing that he was in The one that Dan Dan said was like family viewing and it had like wanking off in the bath and stuff Yeah So specifically obviously I'm not going to go through the the backstory of the film I think it's an unbelievable performance by a Dustin Hoffman I do as I've alluded to in previous podcasts I do spend quite some time around people with autism So and obviously not everyone with autism is the same but there's this performance like stands up as far as I'm concerned I also really like Tom cruise his early stuff Like I think when he's I mean the thing is it's easy to say he's a prick because he plays prick so fucking well and he's a total prick in this but he does have a quite a big deeming arc in the film But specifically after the the famous toothpick scene And then I think he counts out some cards on select the bonnet of his car And then he's got a load of cards in his hand and asked like you know it's Raymond like what's what's left Are you immediately like it says Then they go to Vegas and there's like quite I think it's one of the more iconic scenes of the film sort of measures him for a SU has it you know has a haircut and everything They come down the escalator and then the the scene where he just he's counting cards through six decks and just absolutely crushing it even to the point where he's thrown away his card knowing what's coming when he's he's likely you know lots of Queens lots of Queens like that And then the next four cards that come out of Queens It's it's yeah it's an impressive like scene

Reegs:he look at it now it's probably a bit insensitive compared to what you would make now because it's probably a few unhelpful stereotypes Like you know the Oh sort of the savant type element that people can be

Pete:Yeah probably probably but I think you know there there are

Reegs:But it's still a really good film And for the time as well trying to bring a subject like that into the main stream was was probably a bit different So


Sidey:Hangover follows on nicely from that one because they they take off that blackjack scene Don't they it's Is that the one that has then gives you the meme of Zach Galifianakis with all the equations around

Pete:Yeah Yeah That's that's what it's from Yeah Yeah Cause cause yeah it is It's like it's likening him to rain man

Sidey:Yeah And then when that so that's the scene of the movie the casino scene but the whole film is essentially set in a casino or surrounding area of Las Vegas because it's a yeah Stack du slash bachelor party gone a bit wild a bit to say the least but if that was the scene I think and it follows on quite nicely from the rain man chat as well


don't know if I've seen all of them There's three of them Isn't there

Sidey:third one is an absolute Turkey

Pete:a total travesty Yeah

Sidey:second one's just

Pete:Yeah regurgitation in a different

Reegs:this one I think I watched I thought it was okay but everybody was going completely crazy for it Weren't they

Pete:It it is a good film It was I feel like it was you know there were films in the eighties There's always been like kind of like bachelor party theme films and some but this was done on like a big scale with like recognize well Brett light Bradley Cooper and uh you know it was and then you know with what's it like cameos from Mike Tyson and you know it was a it was just I think it was a strong film

Dan:love this film


It came as a surprise to me as well It was one of those way

Pete:it's one of the few films that I went to see at the cinema because everyone was talking normally if someone like if people are banging on about something I'll be like Oh I'll wait for it to come out and I'll watch on telly and I'll you know what I'll I'll judge it for myself but I kind of jumped on board with it and I'm glad I did

Reegs:I just every time I see Bradley Cooper I think he's probably a huge prick

Sidey:it's not very believable that his character would be mates with ed Helms in his films because they are completely different And he's mostly memorable

Pete:yeah But some of us are friends and some of us are sound and others a deck So

Sidey:the films good It's the end credits that make it the photos from the night

Pete:yeah that is good Yeah It kind of pieces that the night the whole night together doesn't it Yeah


Reegs:Honey I blew up the kid is the lesser known installment in the honey I changed the size of things franchise anybody's Anybody's seen that before the so Scott Rick Moran Maraniss returning right now It's the second one returning his wanes There's Liz Linky he's moved to Nevada and he somehow and really very carelessly

Dan:I can't remember

Reegs:Well wait wait wait He's coming He's coming It's very careless because given this you know given the circumstances of the first movie probably what you wouldn't do is accidentally hit your two year old toddler son with a growth Ray that turns him into a sort of 50 foot tall So so there's like Godzilla re-ask mayhem on the last Vegas strip



turning your toddler 50 and you're just marching him down the street There you

Sidey:normal size

Reegs:scenes of him sort of drooling on the hard rock hotel and then having an Epic meltdown Cause he's not allowed to drink the chemicals under the SIG and then just fall asleep on the strip Yeah No it's a good movie No it's terrible actually

but it's got to be mentioned Okay

Dan:Right Well I'll I'll if we're just saying anything then I will go for

the sting I think it's actually craps They're playing a lot of their time Isn't it with a dice rather than

Reegs:It's that We have to get seven

Dan:yeah There's seven 11 There's certain numbers you've got to hit is a really good game

Sidey:Have you ever been to a casino Yeah that's the one that seems to have the most energy and people fucking shout and go mad I've watched it and would rather play blackjack

Dan:some brilliant tables on the internet You get they're all kind of horseshoe shaped and you roll the


Dan:down and bounces off the sides and everything And yeah You move you can bet on different chips and different

Reegs:no I'd go to do my first row and just like trip over the side Yeah

Pete:wing it in someone's bear like three tables away Yeah

Dan:That is a great movie The staying it was one of those classic You wait till the last minute reveals of are they going to get away over there Are they are they not You've seen this


I've not seen it

Dan:You've not seen this thing Okay

Pete:I'm on the wrong podcast I haven't seen many films

Reegs:You haven't seen it either


the right film to to go and see you know it's the right podcast to put you on onto good movies worth it And this thing is definitely worth it it's it's a classic it's a sting you know there's


Reegs:Yeah You get as a as a viewer as well you get stunned by the plot which is pretty cool too

Pete:Don't don't spoil it then It sounds good It does sound good

Reegs:yeah watch it

Pete:I've got what what I think is a fairly iconic comedy scene from Austin Powers which is when when Austin or Richie Cunningham and his wife Oprah come over to to sort of chat to number one at the at the blackjack table And number one think he he's dealt 17 He hits on it cause he's got yeah It's got an x-ray patch And and he claims that he likes to live dangerously and then Austin gets dealt five

There's a lot of

funny moments in that film less so in the in the in the succeeding films but yeah that was that was a good one

 Sidey:Right Let's go for this is the opening of the scene re Riggs is a big big fan of this franchise

Pete:Let's go

Sidey:There's a card game going on It's just very posh looking casino This one dinner jackets all the way and the car's going on It's not valid bonk bonk

Pete:and the game is

Sidey:Backup Burt Bacharach

Pete:around Yeah

Sidey:and the ladies she's it keeps losing to whoever's got the share and she goes

Reegs:can we have just got the shoe

Sidey:that's what they call


Sidey:deck of the big long deck is shuffled there with and she's adding to rehab

Pete:actual shoe

Dan:There's a Wellington boot being handed around

Sidey:the bloke says to her I admire your courage miss And she says a trench Sylvia trench which is a great name I admire your luck Mr And the camera sort of pans up And it's it's seen Connery and the music concert is bond James Bond Very iconic

Pete:That was the first time that was said in in cause that's in to know isn't it Yeah yeah Yes Not not doctor No Yes

Sidey:But there was that other one but seeing around

Reegs:What's the one with uh

Sidey:David Nevin That's Christina

Reegs:the I think it's an Asian lady Maybe she's doing tarot cards I don't even think it's a

Pete:Oh she's not That's I'm living Let die That's Jane


Pete:Jane Seymour Yeah Hot And she's not Asian but she is doing tarot cards and that is Roger Moore And that's a fantastic film

Reegs:it's not casino

Sidey:it died the dude the other day

Pete:Sam D T


Pete:Oh Oh I know


Pete:who sorry

Sidey:I can't remember his

Pete:the guy that's an alien Yeah I forgot his name Yeah I know who you mean Yeah

Reegs:Yeah Fair Koto

Pete:Yes That's right That's absolutely right He's called like Tenango

it Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah There's no casino in that film that was rigs fault

Sidey:yeah because you're up

Reegs:21 is not the age at which Kevin Spacey will no longer grope you or make an inappropriate advance but it's the true story of the MIT blackjack team Has anybody seen this

Sidey:comments Yes I have seen it And I've also read the book

Reegs:Yeah And well that's the problem isn't it Because the movie takes a really fascinating true story and then just plays up the mundane melodrama and whitewashes it all Yeah So but it wasn't an excuse to make a bit of a joke about Kevin Spacey So

Sidey:Yeah This films entertaining off It's sort of reminds me of now you see it

Reegs:No you don't know it was now you see me

Sidey:You see me in that It's

Reegs:and they never caught this equal Now you don't I just what is wrong with them This is called it Now you see me too seeing you

Dan:Now you see me

Sidey:I also I also enjoy a game of blackjack so I quite like this film at the time I was going to Vegas quite a lot and gambling quite a bit So this was a good fit around that time for me

Reegs:Yeah Did you try any card counting or you're not allowed


Sidey:No they cut you It's not they're not allowed to just they'll kick you out if you're doing well


Dan:How well would you have to do

Pete:no sir Seriously Well if they're going to kick you out just because they think you're counting through six decks of cards

Sidey:There are them So there are casinos that will be single deck So you can count you know how many Kings going out for example but when there's 10 decks you never know but there are casinos that will let you do it Cause they want you in there

Reegs:even if Dan had four Kings in his hand he wouldn't know how many were left

Dan:I still wouldn't



Dan:it's not my game I prefer the dice and with that I will take it to let it ride which is a film on pretty sure has a casino scene because it's it's centered around gambling and there is more the horses actually Richard Dreyfus and the guy from Cracker



he plays the teller in it and it's the story of a man's incredible luck I think I might have talked about it on the

Sidey:plot before

Dan:and also said to you to watch it have you any of you got round to that


Dan:when you get home late one So I really liked this It was just a sweet film about a guy who's a and Dreyfus is that kind of brings it that



cause he's a sweet actor as in a you know so he's he's just having an extraordinary day his wife has obviously heard all these stories before and you know he's not really listening too much but he's just got a spring in his step this day And there's just the characters around In fact he's one of those films that I wish they would have done more of or another one explored the characters that around the race track which I just think it's so interesting and in a in a casino you know the people that hang around these places and and they're I think they're fascinating So this was a good good example A I reckon

Pete:Just come out with it casino it was mentioned so be like Rick spoilt it last week by mentioning it but yeah there's obviously lots and lots of scenes about it's a really really strong film with like really strong performances like

Dan:of th this film for me it was you know you had good fellows and and that kind of what other films there was once

Reegs:spot of the main streets

Dan:Main street you know so this was almost the last one there They they did a few more maybe Donnie Brasco was yeah that was Johnny Depp's kind of go in as well just to get into that that genre but this casino was you know


Dan:and the ones that we associated from the godfather and and from kind of you know big heavyweight films anyway with gangsters in

Pete:Yeah I mean th the the struggle of being good fellows in casino almost like that that they're such strong films And I can't work out whether Joe Pesci is more of a in good fellows or in casino I'm not sure he is a really strong actor though because he's such a hateable wanker in these films but that's what he's there to do He's like just you know like one of the scenes where he he he's he's blown his credit and Robinson arrows giving him more credit and the you know like the manager of the casinos there And then just because he's questioned him he just starts beating him with one of like the phones that's just up on the wall Cause he's such a shit by this So it's so it's really sort of sinister as well Some of the scenes is there's the two

Reegs:the shine box scene That's this one isn't it Is that good fellas

Pete:Yeah Now this this one's got like this there's two guys that are on they're kind of in cahoots on different tables One of them there's a there's a dealer Who's a or crew here Is it who's like looking at his cars up at co putting his cards up a little bit too high a guy on a table seeing them And then there's like a Morse code tapping

Reegs:link across to

Pete:Yeah Yeah So that that Clara and up Sam Roth well is it the Robinson Erin's character I think but he likes spots What they're doing grabs one of them

Reegs:puts his head in the vice right Is this the guy

Pete:No this is the guy that they they smash it they get the angle grinder out first like to threaten him and then they apt and then he just comes in like really calm and you just go like Oh you know what you're doing with the with the cards there can you do that with your left hand as well And then they ask the question the guy just innocently answering the question and they just take to his hand with a hammer and then get the other guy in and said listen you can you can have the money and the hammer or you can just walk out of here and tell all your friends no one fucks around in this casino And like that was the message sent But yeah it's it's full it's full on and brutal Sharon Stone is a complete fuck up in this film Hot yeah Great film

Reegs: It starts with an explosion doesn't it

Pete:Yeah yeah survives

Yeah yeah yeah

Reegs:explosion It's really awful

Pete:yeah yeah And Joe Peshy getting it at the end is fairly Savage as well yeah yeah

Sidey:man The sound

Pete:yeah yeah

Sidey:so we lightened it up We're not sure it's that light actually casino Royale has obviously the pretty Epic poker scene which is the crux of the movie It doesn't seem a very solid plan to

Pete:no it's quite flimsy How they how he's got to play Yeah no no There's hundreds of millions on the side Yeah I think it is

Sidey:million with a 5 million

Pete:like critical to the

Dan:time They'll look at that and they'll go that's literally Pence They're playing for 10

Pete:It was the first time in a bond film that poker has been the game in the casino though It's always been back her out There's been some blackjack and there's been some there was

Reegs:play poker

Pete:there was craps and diamonds are forever And that was that was yeah but it's got plenty O'Toole and it with a massive others just swinging around over the over the crabs table Yeah it is



Sidey:A bond bond gets poisoned halfway through the game and dies but it's resuscitated by no he he

Pete:Oh yeah yeah yeah The defibrillator

Sidey:comes down and no obviously knows how to use it and gets back And he goes back to the table and he says I'm sorry You know that last hand nearly killed


Reegs:Canto Bight is where the galaxies 1% go in star Wars episode seven the last Jedi most of them are Tony stark style war profiteers whose success and access is built upon exploitation and the tears of baby WorkKeys Finn and Rose go to find Benicio Del Toro's character who I can't remember the name of it's Yeah It's the worst part of that movie They escape on some and horses

Pete:Yeah fuck the whole yeah the whole Canto bites Quite a cool name But other than that the whole casino thing and the whole thing Yeah Take that out of the film and it's two hours long as opposed to two hours

 Dan:boy indecent proposal

 You know it was that a million pounds to sleep with your wife question and Woody Harrison went for it and never really got over it with Robert Redford dishing out the money Whisking is is a woman off and all over the course of her money Really Isn't it

Reegs:They should remake that movie now but it's Haralson and Redford going together That's the indecent proposal And do you think that would be the that's the sequel now

Pete:with them as they are now

Reegs:and then was it Demi Moore

Pete:They was Demi Moore

Reegs:conflicted wife He doesn't know whether to allow has been sleep with Robert Redford

Pete:Oh just blow him Yeah let's just quickly go round would we have taken that deal side Yes or no Yeah Riggs We know her money or I'm a yes by the way Yeah  Yeah absolutely Yeah

Sidey:adjusted for

Reegs:if for inflation


Reegs:like 50 million

Pete:yeah I quite like my Mrs to have some good sex for change as well

Dan:generous man

Pete:I've carts I think I've got the rest is all bond films It's so iconic as part of they're all like this plot devices It tends to be where he encounters the body for the first time there's it's I don't know I've got seven or eight films here I always remember like watching bond films as a kid and wondering what the hell Nerf Alabang what like meant but it seemed yeah it just seemed to be quite funny

Reegs:What does it mean nine to the


Sidey:you get two cards but they only show one and you just high card effectively bunk Yeah

Pete:Yeah So someone will say wheat and there'll be all smug Cause I think that they've won and then lo and behold Nerf alavanca

Sidey:but you don't it's not that it stops at nine isn't it nine is as high as you go

Pete:Yeah in Octopussy they play backgammon

Sidey:A really shit film

Pete:Yeah Yeah

Reegs:it But what is back coming Gambling

Pete:you CA you can So they they gamble on like yeah you can it's basically a game of backgammon but they introduced cause it's it's Roger Moore and I've forgotten the guy's name He's got like a sort of an Asian like Indian sounding name but he is so Roger Moore doesn't have enough money for the bat but he gets out this like Faberge egg that he's obviously stolen off the bad guy And they like you know double equates that kind of thing But and I think Roger his eyebrows do some serious work and he says something like it's it's all in the wrist my day or something like that

Sidey:And then a circus comes along and saves the day Dalton never made a film that bad

Pete:He did cause license to kill They played back Jack and Timothy Dalton I've written hideous overacting just for societies

Sidey:childish Childish way to behave Yeah let's go for the cooler And you guys see in that one William H Macy

Dan:right No I hadn't

Sidey:I have

seen it

Dan:I I did I did write it down because it was such a interesting plot Have you seen it

Sidey:I have seen it as long while ago but it's really good William H Macy effectively plays a man whose luck is so bad He's employed by the casino to stand by people who

Dan:loved I love

Sidey:who were on a winning

streak He's such a fucking loser and he's perfectly cast in this role because he's got that sort of hangdog

Reegs:Sounds great

Sidey:It's it's good Yeah Definitely worth a look

Dan:And and then as luck would change you


Sidey:he falls in love with a really hot prostitute I think

Dan:via we've always

it won't last it never


Reegs:Spring field or how I learned stop worrying and love legalized gambling from the Simpsons

Sidey:I call her gambler

Reegs:Yeah it's the one where Springfield decides to legalize gambling to boost the economy So burns constructs a casino Homer gets a job as a blackjack dealer Marge gets addicted to gambling and then Bart opens up his own Treehouse casino with Robert Dooley We twice mill house in the nuts

Sidey:He says he says I need to speak to my agent And Nelson says your agent said for you to shut up verus said that

Reegs:Crew PA Did anybody see that movie with Clive Owen It was a Mike Hodges movies and aspiring writer who gets drawn into a plan to Rob a casino where he works as the well is the titular card Shuffler There's quite a sort of convincing authenticity to it It's a it's a good movie Yeah

Dan:Ocean's 11 You know we we've made it this far We can't not mention it And I haven't got many left actually did the Cincinnati kid Steve McQueen film want to watch when many many years ago to be honest but he's he's basically in a competition to to try to move up the gambling stakes and go into you know bigger tables And there's a there's a Lord I think it might've been played by I'm sure from jaws Robert Shaw from jaws he may have been the the top dog there and the card table And as I remember there there's a huge scene on the on the on a train as well where they're they're playing in these secret games and everything But yeah the Cincinnati kid McQueen growing up was like one of my favorite actors actually You know what I mean Probably cause they always showed The great


and he was cool as fuck on it but we're Pappy on as well But the Cincinnati kid ones it was slightly a little more off the radar but any Steve McQueen fan would have would have seen it Pete seen it

Pete:No I haven't seen any of the ocean's 11 12 13 four seven nine whatever Like I dunno George George George would be my own George and Brad would be my only ins I think these are remakes of

Sidey:the first ones

Pete:films that I've not seen those Yeah It's just

Reegs:Cheadle doing the worst English accent you've ever heard It's amazing It's got to be seen just for that The apples and pears governor


Pete:I've got two more on my list One of them it's not a particularly good film I was just going to bring it up because it features a friend of rigs people Mel Gibson and Maverick sorry sorry Sorry for that spoiler You can you can lay into rigs as well If you want

Reegs:that's actually a half decent movie If I remember


Pete:seem to remember being entertained by it but I've never worn to Mel Gibson If I'm honest

Sidey:no Mel Gibson when he was able to do like romcoms and stuff like that before all the unfortunateness

Pete:Yeah Yeah Oh I say I didn't want to mad max already like but going off topic Sorry

Sidey:Maverick's got Jodie foster playing a sort of a damsel in distress which he's never played before or since

Pete: I did have one more last one and it and I think it was probably it might be the one that reads is going to mention but I wanted to get it in there because this was like I remember this film so vividly where I watched it how old I was what was going on at the time it's not a casino but it was like an illegal card game lock to lock stock and two smoking barrels the the scene in itself is like a guys you know he's he's obviously good Ricard's he's You know seemingly out of his depth getting involved in like the gangster sort of underworld and his mate him and his mates like part the money the of the C the odds are stacked against him There's some cheating going on And he yeah when he when he loses that that scene I don't know the the name of the song but it's like a quite a mix of sort of you know it's a cool no it's not this is this is like no it's not It's like now I want to be your dog Is the is the name of the song Yeah Yeah that's it Yeah So he like gets up from the table but it's that really weird kind of like filming where the camera's kind of jerking around with his foot and he's totally disorientated and he ends up going outside and throwing up Cause now he owes a horrible gangster about you know 125,000 pounds He's got a couple of days

That's a Good



Reegs:Yes I like I quite like that

Sidey:I thought it was all right I remember getting wheel kicking when I used to read film magazines but I thought it was okay it's from that there was a time I think in the nineties early two thousands where Texas Hold'em was just fucking massive And this was riding the crest of that wave


Damon Yeah It's got quite a big cast actually supporting cast of John Malcovich John Turturro Martin Landair Famke Jensen so de Sorento and then my last one

Reegs:Malcovich Malcovich well grids

Sidey:And this one is via the Mrs She wants to nominate rush hour It has it's rush hour to actually Chris Tucker is trying to cause of distraction by being accusing everyone being racist at the craps table And it goes on and on and on and on

Reegs:Yeah the last two I had was wish master two evil never dies The first of three director video sequels in the wish master franchise produced by no no where's Craven no because it has the evil genie traveling to Vegas and he's dispensing wishes to casino patrons in exchange for their souls They've always got some sort of ironic and moronic curse attached to them So some lady gets turned into a mannequin when she wishes for eternal beauty and that sort of stupid thing it has a very grotesque and literal interpretation when a prisoner says that he hopes his lawyer goes will go fuck himself when Annie does sort of literally disappear up his own anus That's really lovely So and then sort of humps himself and then the last one I wanted to say is a movie I don't think I've ever had cause to talk about on here before but I'm sure everyone is familiar with if Showgirls have been made by Paul Thomas Anderson starring Meryl Streep it would have been a critical hit and praise for highlighting movies their exploitative and demeaning attitudes towards women But it was in fact directed by Paul Verhoeven starring the girl from saved by the bell and the headlines Like it must be weird not having anybody come on you so probably the jury's out on its cinematic greatness but no me pushes the stripper crystal Played by Gina Gosha and she's like the queen stripper her name is spelled C R I S T a L So yeah And she pushes her down the stairs as they're coming off the show at the star dust hotel casino so that she can become the queen

Sidey:do you remember the sex scene in the pool with

Reegs:The pool the thrashing Yeah

Sidey:Like he's having a seizure

Reegs:She rubs herself furiously on him a lap dancing in a club it's become some like abs

Sidey:midnight screaming screaming even though

Reegs:They're saying it's some daring blah blah blah Yeah

as it turns out right I can remember when that movie was coming out and thinking God that bird was on saved by the bell Like not that long ago And she was playing this really wholesome


Reegs:and you're like Oh God she's getting her tits out Turns out she was the least freaky of all of him I mean he had Dustin diamond being like doing all his shit

Sidey:Yeah So it wasn't Tiffany Amber Thiessen though

Reegs:Yeah What's happened to her

Sidey:got old

Reegs:So what are you going to choose then

Uh Honey I block the kid

Dan:I'm going to go with fear and love and Las Vegas

Reegs:a nice

Pete:rain man for me


 Reegs:What gloriousness did you serve up for us So ID

 Sidey:I thought we needed some action in our lives but not just that a very emotional this is a real tear jerker of a movie We come faster than the furious seven


Sidey:I feel like we could be split the room could be split on this one because I know for a fact that rigs is a big fan of this franchise don't

Dan:that true Rick's

Reegs:yeah I came to it late

Dan:I like you know I noticed the tattoo but I mean a big fan

Reegs:I came to it late I think really I do remember seeing the first one but it was this sort of fairly forgettable point break clone and I don't I saw some of the others as well but it was probably by movie four that I realized well it that's when the series really kicks off into greatness and then five is excellent And then six is really really something astonishing th it's got this sequence on the end where they're just going on a runway which must be miles and miles and miles long while the JC after this plane Fantastic So yeah I I would say I'm a fan now of this

Dan:Yeah Okay I found it a bit weird jumping in at seven I'll say I think there was a few references to to people and it was obvious kind of relationships that hadn't had


meaning but were obviously deeper meaningful to the characters that you just presented with

Reegs:I don't think it really matters The ongoing story is like really convoluted but I think if you don't know the world you know they're like this band of street races who sort of eventually ended up w like over the course of a bunch of movies sort of planning a heist and then a toning for their past sins And that in another one they ended up working with the government And then in this one they're working with a shadowy

Sidey:Mr Nobody has

Reegs:nobody figured played by

Sidey:Kurt Russell 

Pete:Can I just I don't know any of the backstory I've never seen any of these films before This is the first fast and furious film I'd seen in terms of backstory they all have seemingly like limitless like wealth and resources Is that is that ever addressed or is that just everything else to do with this film Just like fucking flimsy and bullshit

Dan:It's an interesting

Pete:point Yeah yeah yeah yeah Does it does it address that ever Why they just have millions of

Reegs:Yeah because they're

Sidey:they like cars

Pete:Okay I like cars but I don't have I don't like crash them into helicopters and then immediately have a brand new

Reegs:one They have the very unfortunately named race Wars which is where they know what it's called It's cool where they meet up to to like drag race their cars And there's always a lot of money going round and VIN diesel Is this sort of messianic type figure to the underground no What I like about is it's this sort of quite niche but really multicultural underground scene where everybody is like banging on about being family and how

Sidey:he says family a lot

Reegs:Yeah And it's just it sets up this kind of absurd Matt show World yeah it there's something about its sort of earnestness cause VIN diesel's an interesting guy He's like really deadly sincere and earnest when he does stuff like this and yeah and he's kind of got this cool sort of I dunno if you're even allowed to talk about this but he's got this sort of racial ambiguity thing going on where I look at him and I'm like I think you're a person of color probably but I don't know like you could be a black guy or he

Pete:Yeah A lot of Hispanic Yeah

Reegs:guy or and I think that just adds to his sort of overall mystique Yeah exactly

Pete:film No

Sidey:Fast and furious seven is one of them

Dan:Is that is it


it is this is he pitch black He did Didn't he Uh I wish I didn't

Sidey:read it

Pete:He's got less of a of an acting range than Arnold Schwartzenegger

Reegs:what's the one where he's got the wig He looks amazing It looks amazing Oh man


Here we go I've got a picture of VIN diesel in a week Yeah If you want to see it


Sidey:It's really

Reegs:find me guilty

Pete:Does he play the same

Reegs:He looks like he was playing a lawyer I would say something like that

Sidey:the plot This one if we go back to


Sidey:film is nuanced because it's a double strand of plot So first of all we've got Decherd Shaw who is Jason Stephan's character He's on a revenge mission because the last film they left his brother Yeah Oscar came prey in a coma in a coma

Reegs:he died at the end of six but apparently not

Pete:if he was horribly burned

Dan:hanging on for

Sidey:ever dies in these films



Sidey:character wise But she'd say because hon he dies but then turns out those films are so Tokyo drift is number three and then there's films after that But they were set before Tokyo drift and then He dies again but he's in the trailer for it He's in the trailer for number eight

Pete:glad you cleared that up

Sidey:so we have the revenge story but then So in addition to our revenge story we also have the story of this shadow sort of I dunno see I thought they were but Mr Nobody who recruits the gang to retrieve this God's eye which is a microchip that's been built by a hacker

Reegs:who is what's the name Minestrone from game of Thrones

Pete:Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Sidey:that was one of the big sort of jokey points that they were all expecting some nerdy hacker dude but it's a super hot

Pete:Oh apologies

Dan:And so basically this camera can take control of any device

smart device

Pete:talk about why we're trying to rationalize this Like they they came up with this plot Literally they all turned up to do filming and they they it's all ad-lib They make

Reegs:or Wesleyan technology

Pete:They make it up as they go along There's no thought has gone into this

Reegs:that allows them to also they think get the jump on deco chore the technology can track down like it shows in a montage that it there's a street cameras that see him go And then there's like a mobile phone Here's his car and all sorts of shit So they know exactly

Pete:he is It's like the thing that Morgan Freeman creates in Batman isn't it

Reegs:They get this but the weird thing is they don't even bat an eyelid because the second they get this technology which involves a sequence we'll probably want to talk about But the second they get this technology they use it for the evilest purpose themselves just to straight away track somebody down and then dry and destroy them So you know this technology was never going to be for good use right from the beginning

Pete:Yeah I mean so much like you're saying there's sort of it's confusing in its concept this plot line

Reegs:No I'm just saying that

Pete:and that it's not highly polished and might be flawed

Sidey:what did happen though in the making this film I'm sure You know is that Paul Walker Died He was

Dan:I I knew that he died I didn't know it was this film until after I'd won

Sidey:And when I was watching it you know like I knew that so every bit in the film I was thinking Oh is this where they're gonna kill him off You know because I wasn't sure how much of the film I'd heard a bread subsequent to seeing it that he died halfway through the films production So there's a lot of this thing that his brothers

stand in for him and burst different stunt men and whatever And they used some deleted scenes from previous films with the phone call He makes sure his wife that's a deleted scene from five

Reegs:And they have some unusual shots where he's kind of blurry in the background or just off screen like you know maybe an arm or something gives it like this It's hard not to read too much into it but like there's quality that he's sort of hanging around Like not quite there you know as he wasn't there


Reegs:Yeah Because Paul Walker did we say he did And do listeners mostly know that he died in a

in a car

Sidey:in a car crash Yeah


it was tragic And actually for me I'd written it written it down there I have all the actors on display was probably the strongest actor there I felt like he actually had some screen presence I didn't think money The others did to be honest I was I was lost on this film is for I know it's action It's just for fun It's just a to block things out for me though There's a little bit of your juice milk in the money for this Do you know what I mean about

Reegs:people like these movies and they're really well-made you

know they are there they spend an absolute fortune doing them and they they come up with really clear ridiculous ridiculous stunts But that's the world that you buy into in this movie I mean if you don't like it you know this is a movie in which a guy drives a what car is that

Sidey:It's some rare there's only a few of them

Reegs:Yeah So just basically through is that the Burj Khalifa it's not the Abu Dhabi So yeah so they just drive from across

three hours in a way it's just utterly insane but this is a movie where that sort of thing can happen

Pete:but this so this is where my problem with it was you take films like say the Expendables right And that is obviously there to be fucking stupid And that they're almost like Part of the whole joke the whole way through is that it's a really stupid first a big ensemble cost of action characters and action actors who've been in other films where they've probably like pushed the boundaries of what like could be deemed to be a bit stupid And then they make a great big film that is utterly stupid But that's the joke right The this film I think was trying to take itself seriously

Reegs:that's part of what's good about it

Pete:it's so fucking awful

Reegs:That's what's good about it It's absolutely

Pete:lots of people politeness but it's lots of dickheads that must it's like what nothing about this film that appealed to me in the slightest

Sorry Yeah Okay But I can watch game of Thrones

Reegs:things that have you know got car chases

Pete:and yeah No I do I do But then but then right Okay So so the so

Reegs:cast is interesting to look

Pete:at if something is if something is like a fantasy film

Dan:one like that

Pete:if something's a fancy film I can get on board with that No problem at all Right It's the scifi and everything I can fully get behind that Right If something is a film that is serious and to be taken seriously and was it is within the realms of what we know all of the parameters of earth and everything then I can get behind that as well Something that is quite obviously meant to be like real like when he drives off the fucking cliff he just drives straight off a cliff with him in a burden it and they tumbled down I massive cliff

Sidey:a hundred flips

And he got out the car and had a bit of dust on his shoulder


Pete:as if he's a little bit dizzy Like that's like that's there to be laughed at Yeah Yeah But I feel like you you're like going Oh that's so cool It's not cool It's all it's fucking stupid

Dan:It gets

Pete:not enjoy it Yeah Why doesn't he just flip back up the cliff and you know and swords come out of his car and he just cuts everyone in hot

Reegs:that's probably the

Pete:I J I genuinely I I I remembered the of it the bit at the end and I know I'm missing the plot but there is no plot and it's whack Right But the bit at the end when they're on the beach and VIN diesel stood up I genuinely didn't know what I thought Maybe he might like breathe fire or like start singing and dancing and doing cartwheels and stuff Cause it by that point literally anything could have happened And I think

Sidey:the that was the farewell scene

Pete:a new clowns would have just gone along with it

Sidey:The same mother Brian's off of his family

Pete:Yeah And he just stands up but I genuinely like he stood up and there's a little

I cried that there was still another 30 seconds left

Sidey:iron the iron chancellor when they when they drove off and they were staring at each other through the car window The iron chancellor was in fucking floods of tears Like she was absolutely Oh I made sure like soaping a profit gone Yeah He's really actually dead

Pete:no I know but I I had never ever heard of this

Sidey:and they are best mates

Pete:I never heard about this guy until he died Never ever seen him in anything else It all exactly So so but I'm also one of these people that like I remember my mum crying when princess Diana died I was like Oh shit Did you know her Oh was she with your mate or something I don't like cry when people that I have nothing to do with and I don't know die It's why would I


Pete:what I what I actually feel like is I owe Marvel and apology because I genuinely thought Marvel co would be like the the worst thing that I could watch on telly And it couldn't be further from it actually makes all like that end game film look like That's incredible These guys in fast and furious have super powers They are all super heroes because they are they have ridiculous accidents that would they would be immediately dead as soon as any of these things happen And yet they walk away with a uh a bit of a scuff on their t-shirt

Sidey:yeah VIN diesel has He's one of these guys who has it in his contract that he cannot lose a fight in a film and he can't be able to be shown to be like her or certainly can't be killed off so that's why and stuff like this like he'll get thrown through like loads of cement wall you know painted glass nothing like you said about the car crash It flips a million times

He's got a

Reegs:a long tradition of action heroes being basically in vulnerable in a like look at you know Arnie in any movie ever you know

Pete:but it wasn't as ludicrous as this

Reegs:no but it is ludicrous It knows it's ludicrous It's still having is having fun

Sidey:with it

Reegs:but it's not taking the piss out of you for watching it You know like it's not being too selfish No it's not because they're all enjoying making it It's really

Dan:tell you what that that's what comes across most to this film for me is that the fact I think the crew seemed to get along together It just seemed to they they they his family like take the

Pete:ends but that th that's that's not a good I'm sure like Hitler and all his pals got on really well together It doesn't mean that what they did was okay

Dan:I'm not sure

Pete:that's not a justification Oh they're all friends or that's fine Like there's this fucking Paedo rings out there that are friends

And and and this is up there with those travesties

Dan:you could see there was a rapport with the

Sidey:the chemistry

Dan:they the chemistry was good

The writing was terrible The action was was decent and you know okay Extraordinary ideas absolutely crazy Pathetic Why would you do that It was just so many easier ways to do the stuff that they was

Reegs:easier than driving a car between 3d towers I'd like to see you

Dan:and try and

Pete:to yeah wait we've not even like one bit like six cars just reverse out of a plane

Dan:And then they put

Pete:I was actually I was laughing I was


Pete:the bit where the slow-mo where he's going towards the helicopter I was loving by then

Reegs:but you're supposed to be perfect

Pete:or you mentioned is this a comedy film

Reegs:It's not a comedy but you're supposed to be

Pete:yourself There is not a receptor in my brain for this kind of thing It's just like comedy is comedy and action is action And yeah you can have action comedies but not when not when they're all like genuinely they must like crease after every single light line that they

Sidey:can We go to the cinema for the next one going to

Pete:no no way

Sidey:well let's talk about the money on this one because the budget for it was 190 million plus marketing costs when that so let's say I don't know 300 mil all in winner or loser

Pete:It's got to have one because it's obviously the guy died And so everyone who's into racing and this franchise and everyone would have gone to watch it So yeah Massive win


Sidey:Yeah it's the first one of the fast and furious lot to make a billion It's the

Dan:a billion this

Sidey:surpassed avatar is the fastest movie to gross 1 billion and it's


Dan:has got the IP on it as


currently at 1.5 bil


Sidey:VIN days is a producer of it So he'll keep having to mate but they did say they're going to stop at 10 I believe

Dan:Okay maybe could this be going on forever

This now if it keeps making money stop it I in all good conscience can't recommend this film it's not for me I mean it's just I as I say I I I liked the the chemistry some of the stunts were okay but I felt the ads It just didn't do it for me It just wasn't a film where it had enough plot to to keep me interested I knew what was going to happen You know I'm watching a film I've never seen before but I know it was going to happen even to the point where VIN diesel at the end there co he's dead He's dead They've all written in the rights and

Reegs:she's telling him about their webbing And he stood there She said a white wedding dress and he's wearing a wife beater He stood there and his fucking

best Yeah

Dan:it's so

Sidey:she stops them giving CPR just to start to I did love it So

Dan:this is it So so for the entire film she can't remember who who he is because of something I


Dan:explained explained but there you go Let's carry on regardless


Dan:this you have

this kind of this weird relationship going on and why the end is he's dead Everything's come back to her Suddenly she stops the CPR because he's dead There's no point but she takes him in arms and tells him

Sidey:every time she So you think that she thought he was dead I thought that I thought that she thought that the best way to resuscitate him was to spin this yarn back

Dan:Well that's what proved to be true


he ends up cracking a joke



Dan:up cracking a joke Yeah Ah well what was it I can't even remember It wasn't a joke It wasn't funny It was just like a

Pete:She said it was something like she said I remember And he just went and said something

Reegs:that What she


Sidey:what did you think fate


Dan:I mean I was going to say you know if I was going write this it would be detention


Dan:detention after school

Reegs:maybe you should do it on a scale of like how fast and furious you


It's a seven

Reegs:And you should get number six or try really

Pete:I won't watch any of them I w I I genuinely I mean it when I say I'm sorry about the the Marvel fossil I kicked up I will I will watch another Marvel film I'll watch I'll watch all 2229 whatever it was Marvel films before I watch another fast and furious So

Sidey:All right Thanks

Reegs:Yeah I do like these movies quite as a bit of a you know the suspension of disbelief to be quite high but that's what you buy into in this thing It's got good action It's funny you know it's got this cool multi-racial cast within they're all quite interesting looking and the way they relate you get just did I already say about the amazing action scenes this movie has a bus that has 12 Gatling guns on and then whole Walker fights Tony jar And we haven't even talked about that And there's you know I mean it's if you'd like that kind of thing then you'll enjoy this movie because it's brilliantly made in the cast are all clearly enjoying it and they're not calling you You are more on for enjoying it They're just putting it on there with these ridiculous stunts Yeah I like these movies

Sidey:Yeah me too I really like it one of my favorite bits in the film is where the rock has to bust his cast on his arm by

flexing It's


yeah That was


I do want to know what their insurance premiums are because they must be through the fucking roof but this is great The cast is great I don't know why what the fuck you're not talking about Ludicrous is great Paul Walker sadly no more they didn't I'm not so keen on as Michelle Rodriguez I could live without


Sidey:be honest

But even the the the yachts the rock who's like mega star

He's like barely in this but he's still amazing And he he does his rock bottom move to decorate shore in this from his

wrestling days

Reegs:Yeah I mean at what point do you are they going to have completely painted themselves into the corner with what they can do in these movies I mean by the

Sidey:10th number

Pete:Oh there there'll be dragons And the next one that turned into cars and

Sidey:now the next ones Yeah

Got it brings an old villain back cause you stay in the trailer and they know cipher it's Charlie's Darren and they he literally drives off a cliff and she comes along in a spy plane and just catches it in his clothing And that's just in the trailer Fucking brilliant I'm all in take my money These are great You two are wrong

Dan:Do you reckon they just give actors like a portion of the profits to get them interested into this kind of film because they're getting some big stars you know you're talking about Charlie's through on you taught

Reegs:Well they make huge amounts of my $6

Dan:of money Yeah

So I wonder how they did as you pay him a flat fee Or did I say look if it's successful you can have 2% of the gross or whatever it is and just give him that because it's a how do you

Reegs:you can ask of Charlise Dhahran when she is next on the podcast

Dan:Excellent Yeah I like it when she's





Pete:Ladies and gentlemen

Sidey:the Flintstones That's what we watched for our kids' entertainment And it wasn't just any old Flintstones episode This was a some sort of special that had monsters

was I remember this show when I was younger because it was on at a strange time it was like a dinner time sort of slot like half five-ish

Reegs:This was 25 minutes long Was it always


long It was always a half hour I remember thinking yeah

Dan:I must say I was a bit surprised that I didn't know whether it was a special that it was a longer

Sidey:line No they're all they're all this sort of length and it's the show is weird It's kind of like a sit-com sort of vibe to it

Pete:It's got like the canned laughter Yeah

Sidey:I thought that when I watched it that was the that was when it was made But it's a lot older than I thought this this originally aired in 1960 to 66 Wow I thought it was an eighties thing

Dan:I didn't realize it

Reegs:And they kept that sort of 1950s sensibility about it Yeah Although it was actually quite progressive Did you see this as a show So it was the first animated series on prime time American television Betty rubble after the Flintstones daughter pebbles is born Betty rubble is depressed about her inability to conceive a child So you know they're talking about fertility issues and then the rebels adopt their son

Bam-Bam who is a fucking massive twat isn't he Yeah And so yeah you know they've got a an adopted son and then Fred and Wilma share a bed which is quite a

Sidey:it was the first time it had been seen

Reegs:Yeah So in see you've got this weird 1950s yet quite progressive thing going on at the same time Yeah

She was

Pete:I think I preferred Betty

Sidey:Yeah I do as well


Reegs:the Flintstones has taught us anything it's that you can use a Pelican

to mix it up

Sidey:Is that how your dad used to do it

Dan:love the way they get in the car

Sidey:Wait there's a scene in this where Bonnie rebels running away from

Pete:the Tara dactyl Yeah

Sidey:and I guess it's the visual gag he gets in the car but he's still running because he just picks the car up

Dan:but that's it is just

Reegs:The advantage to their cars

Sidey:no it's all right Maybe get a bit of cover Fred Flintstone is a bit of a prick really in this I

Reegs:it's got the suspicion that when the cameras weren't on him he was smacking Wilmer



really it's not very welcoming to his new neighbors and he's just basically a bit of a prick



Pete:I thought that he's he's basically a cartoon version of Alf Garnett Isn't he it's like some some different people have moved in next and he immediately hates them because they're different


Dan:but he's not he's not a bad heart It man I think that's a

w J he just says I think Wilma says it Fred just says things that come into his head that he later regrets and that's Fred isn't it ego says the first things that comes into his head sometimes He's a bit of a bull in a China shop Is that kind


Reegs:And he can't go through a window where he can't go Yeah you can't go through a window Kenny because in the closing credits doesn't the cat He puts the cat out the comically Big teeth thing who then goes back in through the window

Sidey:called sorry baby purse

Yeah Yeah

he always gets locked out and he's bang




and he always orders the ribs that are too



Pete:they flip his car over

Sidey:Do you know what his job was

Pete:It was construction

Sidey:He was a Bronto crane operator at the slate rock and gravel company He's definitely very inspirational to you know a future character of Homer Simpson obviously he's a family man He works a shitty job He likes to go bowling He's a member of a fictional the loyal order of water buffaloes in there

Reegs:the water buffaloes Yeah they looked like that Q Anon guy

Didn't they

Sidey:Can you back up he's he's got a catch phrase as well so very very much like Homer Simpson and they the Simpsons acknowledges it They do a lot of riffs on this Homer leaves work they rip off and not rip off but they pay homage to you know every every episode Fred slides down the tail of the thing you know when the whistle goes off they did that one I think on the number of episodes that the Simpsons had add that overtook this one because this was the longest running animated series


Dan:Yeah boy Okay From 60 to 66 So I guess that would phoned out a few episodes every week

Reegs:If they remade the Flintstones today what high-tech gadget would you like to see in animal form Anyone got any thoughts I was thinking to Tara dactyl Alexa that's constantly listening to you and writing down everything that you say even when you think it's turned off maybe a car with let's made out of an electric eel like a you know sort of


Reegs:Yeah see if they could do something with one of those Japanese toilets with loads of buttons The Flintstones are called Flintstone off G in Slovakian Oh yeah it's true

Dan:I noticed Slovaks there'll be on that there Yeah

Reegs:People in Dubai don't watch the Flintstones people in Abu Dhabi Do


Sidey:I thought Dan might have had that one lined up I have to say though watching it again nowadays it's I didn't think it AIDS that well it didn't really hold my attention

Reegs:this was hard work man was

Dan:I'm not the only

Sidey:lot I just don't like that canned laughter thing

Dan:it is this special though I don't know whether this was a true representation of it because they had these new characters in and

Reegs:Well I try to remember did I actually like the Flintstones or was it just the theme too Yeah And the

Pete:And the theme tune had changed a little bit for this as well in that

Dan:Didn't John candy Do

Pete:no junk Goodman

Dan:uh John John Goodman

Pete:I was I was watching this I couldn't sort of picture Fred Flinstone like as as any being played by anyone but John Goodman in that film which wasn't a great film but but John Goodman is

Reegs:Sharon Stone

Dan:Yeah It was a real


Reegs:Cause they was they do like a rock based gag in a

Sidey:Like you say about the TV special that these were new characters but essentially every single episode is Fred being a prick and eventually coming round to being less of a person

Pete:Ah see I I didn't read it That was kind of lost on me as a kid I don't know Like I I don't can't remember any specific episode I've watched lots of this Well yeah maybe I don't know but like this one obviously there was a very clear message which is a if like you know weird or foreign people move in next door then they can still be sound if they save your child from a pterodactyl So

Dan:Yeah That's the important message Did they have a the the kind of opposite of this would have been the Jetsons

Reegs:in the fact that it was exactly the same Just set somewhere else

Dan:set in the opposite End of the time calendar

Reegs:continuum and they had a little green fella anyone remember a little


Reegs:Martian that linked the two series but I don't know what he was called Let's call him


Reegs:Marvin Yeah

Sidey:So overall for me I did really like this when I was young but watching it 30 years later it's dated and overlong and just fairly one dimensional So I wouldn't really recommend it for my daughter

Dan:love the theme tune I liked it Some of the animation and things like that but over long for sure this this should have been done in like seven minutes it didn't need 27

Pete:I think with the side it was like it was something that I when you mentioned it I thought okay Yeah I remember that fondly from my childhood So I'm glad I've gone back to see it just so that I can draw a line under it and say right I'll never watch that again

Reegs:Yeah Well I questioned I mean I I just assumed I really liked this and then I watched it and I was like no that's terrible It's just the intro and the outro that's only good you know it doesn't make up for it with the occasional decent Pelican

Dan:I yeah I I can't I can't I can't rule it out based just on this Cause it is it was like You know part of the childhood I

Sidey:call it

Dan:it was you know so just based on this one episode maybe we've got a dud episode is all I'm saying I it was a

Sidey:I think that the episodes are fairly

Dan:I know I know what you're saying No

Reegs:Dead dead dead dead It

Sidey:I think when I used to watch it it was it followed on from star Trek next gen So that was like a good bit of getting home from school and stay that one and have a good hour and a half of that Yeah

Another week another podcast that was excellent Now with added cheese listen to us most importantly but also like and subscribe and review us We've had a few reviews recently That was very exciting

Reegs:Well I've got my a skyline trilogy

Sidey:Oh we've got we've got some blogs coming up We got a blog from Peter Andre which is going to be exciting That's definitely happening in the next week We've got an interview coming up with real filmmakers seems like we're hopelessly out of our depth but that'll be exciting So yeah like subscribed to all that stuff interact with us and talk to us and we will see you next week Saturday signing out


Dan:Yeah Dan's gone