Oct. 8, 2021

Hateful Eight & Dive Club

Hateful Eight & Dive Club
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With the Bad Dads reduced to a mere duo through a combination of illness and stupidity on behalf of the rest of the team, it's up to Sidey and Dan to steady the ship and bring us this week’s show.
Trees. Bloody magnificent aren't they. You can climb them, put a tree house in them - hell build an entire city in one if you like - marvel at their beauty, rescue a cat from them, eat their fruits or use them as a metaphor for an abusive relationship as in Shel Silverstein's haunting children's book The Giving Tree. Oh, and you can use them as the topic for a Top 5 which is exactly what we did this week.
I haven't seen Hateful's 1-to-7. With that out of the way we can talk about Quentin Tarantino's provocative 2015 western THE HATEFUL EIGHT, apparently sometimes marketed as "The H8ful Eight", a fact which makes me loathe my fellow humans that little bit more. Breath-taking cinematography, the movie was filmed using 65 mm lenses and released to be played with Ultra Panavision 70 mm projectors which Tarantino himself helped kit out cinemas with (possibly). As you well know, this takes the native 2.20:1 aspect ratio and then expands it by shooting with 1.25x anamorphic lenses, later unsqueezed to a super-wide 2.75:1 — much wider than the normal widescreen in cinema today, which is 2.39/2.40:1. It's also incredibly bleak and nihilistic, Tarantino unflinching in holding up a mirror to the USA's historical and ongoing issues with racism, told through stories featuring mouth-rape, a woman being punched many, many times and a man having his genitals blown off by Channing Tatum (not in a good way).
DIVE CLUB is FREE REIN meets HOME & AWAY meets BAYWATCH NIGHTS except in that version in my head the horses are all wearing red swimsuits and have drowned. Let's be honest, Sidey is just a randy bugger and presumably the cast of young, attractive people caught his eye whilst browsing Netflix and here we are. This was better than I thought it would be though, so that's something.
We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads


Hateful Eight

Sidey: Welcome to bad dads, film review. Dad's plural, but only two of us tonight to COVID victims.

and one just yet victim. So we'll plow on regardless, Dan it's you and I.

Dan: And if you haven't heard us before, thank you for joining us. We review films along with kids' TV and

Sidey: specifically, the films that we missed while we were raising our child.

Dan: And we talk about cheese at some point. Normally

Sidey: we will talk about cheese very briefly cause it's the same cheeses last week but a biscuit upgrade.

So that's exciting. We've got today a top five, which is about trees, top five movie trees, and then a film, which I think something the other lot have seen, but I definitely miss this one for parenting reasons. It's hateful eight

Dan: Quentin,

Sidey: then the kids TV, is dive club. which is a Netflix thing which we'll get onto later, but it's on, was on him and I nominated.

It and well, I've got a bone to pick, So we'll, we'll sort of follow up that later on. Last week's top five. was your nomination down? It was the movies with a French connection, which we had quite, a boucoup normalness. Your midnight in Paris was from Mav and Emily, and Hugo which I know rigs is A big fan of That one, a fifth element got shout out by volume Z. So did Ronan and Lehane and We had 12 monkeys. Wages of fear.

Dan: Yeah. I like that. Who shouted that one out

Sidey: killer tomato.

Dan: killer tomorrow. Good shout.

Sidey: diabolic how he mentioned Lehane Gav nominated Kondo, man. Can't remember what the French nurse about that is.

Dan: I don't know, but wages of fear is a good one. It's one that rigs and I watched Randy deer on a Saturday night earlier in the year.

Really enjoyed it.

Sidey: You want to, put that in? Is that the that's going to complete this?

All right. Cool.

Dan: Thanks tomato, tomato.

Sidey: This week's top five. My choice is about movie trees.

Dan: What inspired this choice

Sidey: Inanimate objects and thinking, could we do a top five list about that? Because we've been going for nearly two years and we've covered quite a lot of topics

Dan: we rooted in this now. Uh Okay. Or you were just stumped and couldn't find any more

Sidey: Yeah. Very good for, I guess, do you want me to take the lead with this?

Dan: If you wouldn't mind kick

Sidey: Okay. Well, I'm going to go for the Shawshank tree.

Dan: Oh, look at it. It's right at the top of my list as well. It's a big old Oak tree,

Sidey: White Oak, if that's the thing promise me red, if you ever get out, find that spot. And did you friend told read one day, in prison?

Dan: Thomas.


Sidey: So the spot in question. is. In the shade of the tree, he's buried a little 10

Dan: under a stone. They shouldn't be,

Sidey: That's right

Dan: like that. Isn't it.

Sidey: And that gives him further instructions about where to go meet him. So it's the end. it's the real feel-good ending at the end of a fairly fucking harrowing journey for them.

Throughout the movie?

The tree itself is, well, I need to tell you something, Dan. It's not there anymore. It It's it was knocked down during strong winds, in July, 2016.

Dan: Oh,

Sidey: sad times.

Dan: I think it was a bit of a tourist attraction.

Sidey: Well, It was in Malabar farm, state park in Lucas, Ohio, which is in America. It was drawing 35,000 visitors annually.

But Not anymore. because it has gone.

So that's a sad, that's a sad start to our top five.

Dan: There's okay. There was that little tree that goes in your hand Palm

Sidey: tree.

Dan: Well I was thinking of the film. We watched her a little while ago gold with Matthew McConaughey tree. And that obviously had lots of trees in it, but I really just wanted to mention it for Matthew McConaughey tree's name and also any Chris pine film.

Cause that would mean but I'm, I'm going to go for passengers.

Sidey: I haven't seen it.

Dan: Okay. So passengers is a movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, and they're heading towards they want a spaceship heading towards another planet. Ours is doomed.

And then they're kind of put in under sleep or, you know, I dunno w status for, I know like a hundred years or, or whatever it is, but something goes wrong.

There's a malfunction and crisp Pratz coffin status chamber, freeze thing opens, and he doesn't know what the fuck's going on. And he does like a year on his own in this massive spaceship. And it's got a bar, it's got Paul tables, it's got a swimming pool. It's just him having a time of life. There's actually not just him.

There's a barman and who's a droid. And it's sheen, what's his name? Michael sheen. He plays the bomb. And so you think, okay, anyway, after a year of speaking joy, joy avail, droid, and and just getting drunk, he prizes open one of the other

Sidey: Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer


Dan: is from she's the one who's looked around and realized that a lot in common.

And there she's really hot. So he opens hers pretends it's just like, happened. Like he's, it's a malfunction until like another year or so down the line. When I think it's Michael sheen who drops the bomb. Oh, but he opened yours anyway, didn't he? And she's like, what the fuck? Cause she wanted to be on the sleep until for 90 more years until she got to this island or this new planet and start a new life there.

Doesn't pan out that way. But the end, the end scene is where the tree comes in. And they basically, if you haven't seen this, I'm going to spoil it for you. It's they basically lived the life while everybody else has been asleep. Getting, you know, to this new Ireland, they've lived the life on board and they've planted a tree, which is right in the middle of the the, the spaceship and it branches out and it shows all the life and the fun and, and the times they've had, when everybody else has been asleep it was decent.

Really nice surprise that movie.

Sidey: I posted an image on Twitter when I was publicizing this top five top of a tree in a sort of valley. I don't know if you saw

Dan: Oh, I didn't know.

Sidey: that one,

Dan: Oh yeah. Well,

Sidey: that wall is Hadrian's wall. And I asked the question I said there was a prize for whoever got it. I mean, There isn't really but a few people did get it Simon Pershad Stacy Taylor and max Zorin of Zuora and industry's fame. All we've got it right. It's Robin hood, prince of thieves.

Dan: Oh, that's a good one.

Sidey: It's One of the most photographed spots in the entire Northumberland national park, it's called the Sycamore gap. Right? So you can guess what kind of tree it is. It was made famous when it appeared in the 1991 movie, Robin hood, prince of thieves.

And like I said, it's right on Hadrian's wall and it's very, very, picturesque.

Dan: yeah, it looks

Sidey: it's not a working book that say it's not a great. film. It's one of the accent movies where it's like Robin hood clearly. American

Dan: Kevin Costner one, it made my famous for buying items, a soundtrack. I mean, he's no spruce Springsteen, but it was okay. Now the big trees, that's a 1952 Western film star and Kirk Douglas. And it was Douglas, his final film for Warner brothers which he did. In exchange for letting him go over a long-term contract, but he plays this kind of greedy timber Baron who wants to explore this yeah.

Forest. And there's loads. Yeah. They're the massive, giant redwoods. That's right. And he wants to chop more down and he faced protested that the people there, but well I remember the premiere back in 52 and it was, it was pretty, it was pretty good. I mean, Kurt Douglas, how much he looks like Michael Douglas is, is just unbelievable.

They've even got the dimple. They've got it really is. But what a fantastic actor he was, I mean, the Vikings was another one I could have probably found a tree in to, to mention, but yeah, this this was a real good one from Kurt Douglas.

Sidey: I've got some evil trees evil. dead. stay in that one?

Dan: know, I

Sidey: This trees

Dan: this

Sidey: bit rapey.

Dan: No, I've not seen very

Sidey: She there's a little girl on the run actually leaves the classics or cabin in the woods. And you see these branches just you know, come out and get a wrap around their arms and pin her down. but then they start to go places, start to go. places that they shouldn't, it's fucking terrifying

Dan: Trees are going to be nice. You know, they're not meant to

Sidey: Yeah. And Another one that's kind of kind of not evil, but the one thing Willow from Harry Potter It's known as the Queen's beach near Hartford Schiff. It played the role of the magical womping Willow in the prisoner of Azkaban, which we reviewed on the pod. It's a 400 year old tree. It's a, it's a Willow and It's got these big long sort of sweeping branches and in the film, it whacks people And did you watch it when we reviewed it

Dan: no I didn't, I didn't see this

Sidey: so It's a good one. And it's like they can climb into the tree and, and get in amongst it and do all that sort of stuff. But another one that tragically is no longer with us. It fell just under its own weight.

It just collapsed in 2014.

Dan: couldn't leave it alone. Okay. Well I am Groot would be the, the big shout from the guardians of the galaxy franchise group eras. Brilliant. I mean, as an introductory character, was he written into the comic books and all that? This was but he was, it was, it

was, it was, it was like VIN

Sidey: Ben David did the voice and he was asking for like

Dan: That's

Sidey: directorial notes about each line,

Dan: am group

Sidey: I agree

Dan: group,

Sidey: is a sentient tree like creature. In the comics, he's the Monarch of planet X.

Dan: Tremendous.

Sidey: really tell you about that in the films. Baby Groot, give you scene number two. So is that, would you say that's the same Groot or is it because it's like an offcut, is this is it the same group or isn't it a completely different now different group?

Dan: I think it's the same group, but they just kind of he's regressed back into a younger group because he is only, only

Sidey: Sapling Yeah.

Okay. Yeah.

Dan: And he can live with that.

Sidey: Okay. I can cope with that. Another sentience tree would be tree bed from Lord of the rings. The two towers is the, the oldest tree at the end. They could, Eddie N Sunday. is the oldest of the ends in this forest, the forest of Fangoria and all the while there's this enormous battle going on for middle earth, They have to contemplate and have this conversation as Mary and Pepin about I try to get them, you know, we need you let's call to arms. You've got to go and fight this battle. And they're like mm. And then there's like ludicrously long pauses, every few

Dan: no rush.

Sidey: And we need to have this conversation. And I think he said something about how long their conversations taken years. And then eventually they make.

Here about cements that have been killed in the battle or that have been fouled. and they, they go off in their fucking double OD bastards. They, they turn the tide of the ballot. the two towers.

Dan: The true story is we've we've we've this is that trees do communicate and talk to each other through their root systems, which is yeah.

Which is absolutely fucking astounding. So there's there's truth within that somewhere. Ghosts.

Well this is the way the samurai Jim, John moosh and it's kind of a Hitman under the employee, the mafia followings in H in code or the samurai. And he tries to obviously do right as well, but this is forest Whitaker and that's the tree thing

Sidey: research

Dan: But no, I'm just going to wedge it in there. Cause I haven't spoken about this film. I'm sure there is a tree somewhere in that film. But yeah, forest worker was one there into the wild was one that I'd had in reserve in case I couldn't get that one in. And that is eh, Eh, what's his name?

He ML Hirsch. He, he plays this kind of a top student athlete, Krista McCandless, who abandoned his possessions, gives away his entire savings to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska, to live in the wilderness. And it was based on a true story.

Sidey: On a rapid weight

Dan: he, he goes on a rapid weight loss regime. He finds a little bus or something to hide away at and he's his entire plan revolves around him being able to smoke and preserve the, the, the meat and efficient, everything that he's caught during the good seasons for hunting and that to keep him going through the winter.

But it doesn't go so well. And the berries that he tries to live off on that gray Eva so ends in tears.

Sidey: for fairs. We've got the apple trees from wizard of Oz, the kind of spooky talking trees. And when you take fruit from them, they, they don't like that. It's painful for them. They, they, they get very annoyed about it and they they ask the question with someone, how would you like it? If someone came along and picked something off you, one tree says to Dorothy when they lose their leaves, are they going bald? Does that mean,

Dan: go to the barbers and, you know,

Token trees just sound like they're complaining trees to me

Sidey: as wicked as the trees and evil dead, but they are certainly quite spooky.

Dan: trees, trees. Yeah. They've been used in movies a lot like that. Haven't they, to, to kind

Sidey: it's dark and there's, you know, the forest, is kind of, just can be quite a spooky thing without having to do much to it.

Just that dark, you know, the leaves are just branches, looking like

Dan: Blair witch, that kind of stuff. You know, even when they use bits to make like triangles and little stick men, the Wicker man, that kind

Sidey: stuff, you know,

Dan: all, it's all spooky shit.

Deliverance now it's been a long time since I've seen this, but it was a bit of a running joke at work with guys who used to just do the banjo Ching that online dating game, because this was an absolute nightmare. Weekend is Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds Ned Beatty and Ronnie Cox all decided to go canoeing down the river in the Georgia background back country where their worst nightmares are there.

Basically it's the yokels with their banjos. And it's kind of

Sidey: I mean, you say it's a nightmare. It depends what you're into

Dan: well, today's, I'm not into.

Yeah. It Megan squeal like a pig. Yeah. And there's a notorious rape scene it's but it was actually selected for preservation in the United States, national film registry as being culturally, historically, or as statically significant, which just makes you think, you know, of all the movies they've got, they've decided this is the closest to real life and

Sidey: This is a great example of the great outdoors of what you can get up to on your weekend off. the white tree of Gondar. So say more fancy stuff. This is Lord of the rings. Obviously this is with this be returned to the king.

I can't even remember. But it's where they, they get to Gondor and it's the. formerly Kind of prosperous human city and it's got this great big white tree. but The tree is I think it's dead. It's only got no leaves on it, but it's been preserved there and it's kind of symbolic of the rise and fall, I guess of this whole city then we've got more sort of weird and wacky trees.

Although these ones, I'm not so sure what their significance is other than we know that they're significant. It's the real word in game of Thrones. There's a lot of law and stuff that we're sort of told about them. And there's a specifically one tree that they all go to and it's got a face on it, but it's never fully, Barely explored probably is in the books to be fair because they're a weighty term, but in the, in the TV stage, which is all I've seen maybe because the ending cause they had to it fell off a cliff. basically. You don't know exactly what the backstory and what's gone on There's the children that have gone there. And I think created the walkers there, but there's just this, whole

Dan: it will be, it'll be definitely mapped out in the book.

So I think he, George RR Martin thought of everything when it came down to this

Sidey: them as well, to be fair,


Dan: still catching up. I'll run through a couple. There was I've written Mr. Fredrickson, which is a reference to up at one point he's going through the jungle with what's that little kid's name in, up

with love wigs, he's taken him.

I've got the, the treasurer of ,

Sidey: which

Dan: Where two Americans at another one back in the late forties black and white, Humphrey Bogart. And they're trying to Pam for golden everything lots of tree footage in that one. And finally I would mention Forrest Gump, cause there's another forest in it, but not really a three billboards outside ebbing,

Sidey: 3, 3,

Dan: three, billboards.

Yeah. You've seen this seven year

Sidey: reviewed it.

Dan: we reviewed it. Of course we did. So you have seen it Frances McDormand Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell and it's random mother challenging local authorities to solve her daughter's murder. They're out in the country. They're out in the woods. There's lots going on.

There's loads of tree footage. I mean, any kind of great escape, you know, whenever they're breaking out from a prison or anything like that, you can be sure it's on the edge of a forage and they've got to make it to the trees.

Sidey: I've got two trees of life. One is the Terrence Malick movie, the tree of life, but I haven't seen this Can't talk too much about that.

but There's also the tree of life from the lion king ref Rafiki, the mandrill, he draws on it and does significant stuff around the tree. Also the greatest TV Treehouse is adventure time. They live in a, tree house. It's got like multi sections on it. It's really cool.

Dan: Great animation in there.

Sidey: But this is a real throwback to favor of mine. When I was a kid flash Gordon.

it's got the, it's got the best bond, Timothy Dalton in it. And it's got that guy, that guy who is in blue, Peter, he has to, it's the word beast test. They have to put their hand. in the

Dan: That was

Sidey: tree stump. Yeah. And it's like, You know, those games, just by like Buckaroo and stuff that where, you know, something's going to

Dan: get a spring out. It's going to

Sidey: they ha they have to put their hand in the hole in the tree stump or pick a hole I can't remember how it works.

Dan: Yeah. There

Sidey: but there's something in there.

It's a,

Dan: like a snake

Sidey: a giant scorpion, I think. And you know, someone's going to get got, and I think it's the dude who was on blue. Peter. Yeah. He gets, he gets caught by the court out by the,

Dan: it was a real cost that wasn't it because you have blind, bless it in there. You had obviously flash

Sidey: who was the bloke who

Dan: it was a bloke and then you had the gal.

Sidey: Yeah, the cost is amazing.

Dan: yeah. Girls and boys and blokes and women.

Sidey: Any more for me?

Dan: No, I think that's pretty much the best of my trees. There was a tree over there.

Sidey: I just had a couple of other ones, which should be grandmother Willow, and another Willow that was in. Pocahontas. She's like the Sage advice giving tree. And there was a demon tree in Poltergeist.

but not as scary as the evil

Dan: love it. Demon tree Willow. Of

Sidey: Yeah.

We've had a nomination for that online. Right. So we're going to, should we pick two each? Is that How we should do it? Let's do that.

Dan: Okay, well, I'll start off with passengers.

Sidey: Okay. I'm Definitely. having short chain tree

Dan: I'll also mention into the wild.

Sidey: Okay. And raped tree from evil, dead. has to go in very memorable,

Dan: Brilliant. Well, somebody else out there in, in radio world, give us another shout.

Sidey: Jeez chat.

Dan: gee he's. How did the cheese paint his wife? He double Gloucester.

Sidey: Well, a guy drove past me earlier and threw a lump of cheese at me. I thought that's real mature.

Dan: Do you know the most popular American cheese sitcom curd you into the ASAM?

Sidey: Do you know what channel they might share that on the bravery C?

Dan: Well, when can't you see a cheese, when it's past your eyes,

Sidey: please is how would you eat a crumbly cheese in Wales?

Dan: No idea.

Sidey: carefully?

Dan: Well, talking about we've got old cheese today. Cause it was cheese recycled from, from last week. But you know where you can buy secondhand cheese, Brie bay.

Sidey: We do have old cheese, still very good cheese, but what we do have this.

week Is in my opinion, a significant biscuit upgrade.

Dan: Yeah. You, you, you proudly showed off those Jose Hovis digestives earlier,

Sidey: Yeah. With wheat germ

Dan: we've

Sidey: know if that's always had that. I don't know what that means, but that they are good with But the nice chatter or what we've got. There is some nice blue, it works as well. And What I like about it is it as a biscuit, it's very robust.

It doesn't. fall apart. Yeah, I am a fan of that because that's a real bugbear of mine. fucking hate. that. So there, there are, when there are very

Dan: well, that's a swift cheese chat, but we have some what's that, there's the hot chili jam there. We've got some different

Sidey: we've got some fig chutney and some forages chatting with sounds revolting on paper, but it's actually very nice.

So all kinds of embellishment to go with the cheese. It's good. It's good selection. I've also got on the side a bit of. a Salted roasted peanuts. So it's all, it's all good on the snack front. Which links very nicely into this week's movie, which is hateful eight, which when it was released in 2015, I was busy raising kids I didn't get a chance to see it there. And So this was me watching it for the first time.

Dan: Y okay. And this was Quentin Tarantino's eighth?

Sidey: Yeah. It says on the poster. He's he's making 10 movies. So he says, and then he's calling it quits.

Dan: I dunno, wherever we would do that. I think he might maybe, maybe it'll just be not directly involved and he'll produce cause he's produced a few,


Sidey: you'd get that idea for one and you'd have to make it.

Dan: yeah, I it's still gonna be quite a young guy.

Isn't it? Yeah.

Sidey: So this one it's, it's a Western, it was originally conceived to be a sequel to.

Django, and change. Yeah. But then it's not it is, it is in the same universe. All his films are.

Dan: Kind of heard that he, he didn't feel that his heroes of Western, like John Ford and those kinds of guys that have, have made westerns before really could be considered great until they'd made three Western films.

So there's talk of this being a potential part of a trilogy of films.

Sidey: The reason that he didn't, it didn't end up being a direct sequel is because with Django, you knew too much about the character. And the whole point of this story is everyone has to be kind of ambiguous. You don't really know too much about them or what their motivations are.

or What's because there's a bit of a bit of a mystery going on with this movie.

Dan: the height for light straight away and there's Django had a heart about him.

Sidey: Yep. So The the cold open is a very cold open because it's, it's a snowy outlook. And for a lot of it, it's a close-up of is it cross.

Dan: and you've got that kind of film score

Sidey: skill building.

And then you do get the up on the screen of who's done the score and is Ennio Morricone yeah. which lends some credence, to the whole thing. He's done loads of stuff returned to in there, but they had a big falling out over how he handled the music in thinking it might've been. Django.

Dan: Are we, it didn't he say that he,

Sidey: work with him again. he

Dan: put it all around the shop Wildwood and just putting it in specific places.

But I also heard that I was taken out of context and he, his words were twisted. So they, they made up, they

Sidey: so they did the stuff. So his name pops up on the screen. The other thing that I noticed right away that I was like, quite nerdy is that this is filmed in Panavision.

Dan: I like

Sidey: kind of throwback stuff.

It's it it's almost like obsolete technology, but Tarantino is really nerdy about that kind of stuff. And he, he really wanted it to be filmed in this old style,

Dan: As mentioned that, you know, he's a, he's a legendary student there, the game, isn't it. And when he gets chance to honor those styles that his heroes did, then he wants to do it and let's face it.

If he wants it, he's going to get it. He's he's got enough about him that

Sidey: Did it did cause a bit of a headache because but this is Miramax. So it's fucking, What's his face, but they had to spend about 10 million on. really putting this technology back into loader theaters and training the staff on how to actually use it so that it could be shown

Dan: because it's not digital shit and CGI, he wants to, he wants to shoot in the proper old fashioned way.


Sidey: It's probably. So I quite like that, that, that was, that was quite nice. Then the first character we're kind of introduced, to his major Marquess Warren who's on the on the trail, but he's just sitting on a Is it pile of bodies,

Dan: on a pile of bodies is Samuel L. Jackson.

Sidey: he's a bounty hunter and a civil war veteran.

And he's trying to make his way to red rock. Like most of the other people in this story and a wagon comes along driven by Obie. And he starts negotiating, you know, I need to get there and he says, well, this is a private coach. Maybe you can speak to

Dan: the guy inside

Sidey: people inside of them and you might be able to figure something out.

So inside. We've got Kurt Russell and Jennifer, Jason Leigh as another bounty hunter, John Ruth, I think he's called the hang man. And Jennifer Jason, he plays Daisy Donahue who he's handcuffed to, and he's taking her to red rock to be hanged.

Dan: to be hanged and she's wanted dead or alive, but he's got that kind of reputation and and the morals that he would like the process to be followed and he wants her to be hanged.

And he doesn't want the hanged man to be done out of a

Sidey: No, but he's not afraid to knock her about a

Dan: oh no, no, no. It's a rough, it's a rough school.

Sidey: So eventually Samuel gets on board and they go on their way, but the, the weather's coming in and they're going to have to seek refuge. in The haberdashery

Dan: Minnie's haberdashery, which is a a cabin in the middle of nowhere, basically.

And it's, it's got hot coffee. It's got food, it's got

Sidey: wrong with the door,

Dan: Something's wrong with the doors as they enter

Sidey: Every time someone comes in, they have to nail the door back closed Cause the wind keeps

Dan: and you get all the people within the haberdashery saying, shut the door. He takes two bits of wood. It takes two bits of word

Sidey: But who was in the haberdasher when they got there, there was the old fellow sat down on the chair.

Dan: Yup. You've got Oz, Waldo which is Tim

Sidey: Tim Roth. Yeah.

Dan: You've got Michael Madsen, who is Joe gage. And

Sidey: Who's the Mexican fella,

Dan: I don't know, to Mexican fella.

Sidey: It was Bob

Dan: It was Bob. It was

Sidey: Bob. And so This next chunk of story. This has split. it. The film is split into chapters. And this, I would say you could really describe this more.

easily. it becomes like a play because you're in one location. One of the things that Terentino's really known for is his scripts. you know, his writing really fancies himself, writing this sort of stuff. So this very dialogue heavy it is a lot of just people bouncing off each other telling the story. Getting the backstory on what everyone's doing.

And amongst

Dan: And the haberdashery is so interested in itself, the scenery within it, there's this stuff hanging off the walls. There's, it's broken into little sections. There's a little kitchen area. There's a bar area. There's a big fireplace. And there they're playing chess in front of that. There's beds all around where some of them are allying down.

So wherever the camera breaks, it doesn't necessarily take in all the characters because it's a big space. But there's plenty to look at and there's, there's plenty to keep your eye and your ear tuned into, because he's written this as, as you say, kind of like a play, there's lots of little sketches within it, and it's broken into how many different parts of their five different chapters and you get Tarantino narrating over

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. You do. Senior Bob explains that many, the owner of the haberdashery she's gone off somewhere. So he's been left in charge, which is quite important. later on. And everyone is disarmed by Kurt Russell apart from major Warren. The, the old man is Sanford Smithers Who's an old Confederate soldier, and he's on his way to his son's funeral.

Who's died in some kind of suspicious, mysterious circumstances, which we don't know exactly why. So there's a lot of stuff going on at this point. And I have to say, because the runtime, of this is about two and a half hours, something like that. I wasn't loving it. At this point. I was getting a bit bogged down with everything.

It's just, a lot of stuff. And I don't know. There's a lot of chat about the way Tarantino writes stuff like this. And it's the, the the N word is just

Dan: repeatedly

Sidey: constant, constant. And I know Samuel Jackson sort of defends it and he's in loads of his films and stuff of that. But I get a bit bogged down with it afterwards, just like so much. And when it's being, it's being written by a white dude, I dunno.

I think it's a bit,

Dan: it was your, it w it was one of the more jarring things to hear

Sidey: then you could probably say, well, okay, the film set at this time. It's period. Correct. But I don't know, man. It's like, it's a lot.

Dan: I don't even know if it would be yeah. Used as much as, as they used it, but yeah, certainly I, I probably agree there, there was an

Sidey: it's not one of those things where if I've done something and someone says to me, you can't do that.

You might like pick, headedly just keep doing it you know, just so you don't back down, you know? And he does it a lot, in this movie I just kept hearing it and I was like, all right, I get it. You know, you wanna, you like saying that word, we'd like Ryan, that word or whatever, but fucking house. too much. Yeah. And I, The first half of this movie, I was, I was like, man, this is going to be a long slog to get through.

Cause I'm, I really

Dan: Did you watch

Sidey: wasn't enjoying

Dan: with the messages or? Yeah, I did as well. And it we watched it over bougie watched over two nights. I watched it twice, once, one and a half times anyway. Yeah, it was there, there certainly is. So if that's something that is gonna make your is and bleed a little bit, then be warned there's there are plenty of N word references which, yeah, when all called for, I think I get that you wanted to set the scene and, and things, but a lot of the dialogue is a lot more clever than that.

And as, as it kind of has each character, you've got these eight characters who have descended. On this haberdashery because of the blizzard, they're all there. They're all trapped there. They all want to be somewhere else. I mean, the film's tagline says no one comes out up here without a damn good reason.

And each of them does have a reason. And as the chapters unfold, we, we find out a little bit more about each character in how they've got there, because some of them are working together. Although it all appears that their

Sidey: Someone says that somebody in this group is not who they say they are.

I can't remember if that was Terentino's narration or if it's Samuel Jackson someone said, it but someone's like someone's not telling the truth here. And as you progress through it, you start to the things, start to unravel. There's a bloodstain on one of the chairs. Samuel.

Jackson's got a letter. from

for big man. Yeah. which like they want to see, but he's playing coy about that. But he, he starts talking to Sanford Smithers about his son and things start to sort of heat up now because turns out.

Dan: Is this just after, just before the coffee?

Sidey: When they first get there, Kurt Russell tries the coffee,

Dan: which is utter shit and makes a fresh pot.

And yeah, in and around this time, actually at the same time, because Tarantino, no, writes it back in around the time that the Colonel is having this argument with Smithers Samuel Jackson somebody poisons the coffee.

Sidey: Yeah. Then that's that's, that's the start of the next chapter. So the end of this chapter is where it's revealed that Samuel Jackson.


crossed paths with Sanford Smith, his son.

Dan: so he claims there was a lot of people that went up the mountain to try to kill Sam, you know, Jackson, because he was a bad motherfucker who killed anybody and all the the Yankees and everything that came up. And he had a reputation of an, a price on his head. I think it was 50,000. It went down to as, as kind of time wore on and nobody killed him.

He actually went down a little bit, but people still fancied, you know, an easy 10,000 to go and kill him. And I walked in on, on on the message yesterday, as I said, she walked half of it with me. And I, then she went to bed and I ended up watching the rest of it. And then yesterday Wait, wait, hide it.

And you only have a certain amount of time to watch it, you know? So she had started to watch the second part of it before, and I came in and on this scene and I, I accusingly also, what are you watching? Because Samuel Jackson just accuses. Well he explains to the Colonel that

Sidey: I know your son,

Dan: I know him. Well.

Sidey: he came after me. So it's fucking freezing. You cannot overemphasize how cold it is. Well, when he's got hold of his son, who was obviously, there to claim the bounty, he's captured him, stripped him naked. So you get some, you get to see some Dick.

Dan: Yeah. You marched him two

Sidey: He's made him what I think it just it's two hours or something in the freezing cold till he collapsed.

And then he said the only thing he begged me begged me begged me for a blanket. He's like, I didn't give him a blanket. And what he did do. Was make him suck his Dick.

Dan: Cause there was

Sidey: and he explains it in quite a lot of detail and the old man's having to listen to this story. And you see that it's fucking disgusting.

Dan: Samuel, Jason is, is previous to this, just left the gun at the side of him to, to kind of tempt him into shooting him.

He wants him to pull the trigger. Amen. Amen. So he'll be first off the drawer and shoot him, which is exactly what happens.

Sidey: he can't resist after hearing about this and Samuel Jackson really describing

Dan: Tarantino that isn't, it it's so Tarantino, he's just describing his son having to suck that deck of this

Sidey: and he was loving it cause it was warm.

Dan: hates.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: So yeah. Sanford Smith has, does reach for the gun and he is shot. Then it cuts almost immediately. And it, the narration is the next chapter. Of Daisy door McHugh has a secret, because she saw the person poison the coffee

Dan: and didn't say


Sidey: and She says she can.

So the story flips straight away into this, the next one. And it's Kurt Russell who drinks it.

Dan: This

is a scene that I think Quentin Tarantino's influences taken from a film that we spoke about on Wednesday battle Royal.

Sidey: Yes, exactly what I was going to say. Cause it's this, it's almost exactly the same.

That when, when he gets there feels, the effects of the poison, the fucking black fucking everywhere, he's being sick and retching up all this blood and it's spray. and all that other places think it goes all over

Dan: projectile. It does it the right or the end as she as they,

Sidey: because they are still cuffed.

Dan: That's right. Yeah. There's he, they're cuffed obese had some of the coffee and also the new sheriff of red rock, who nobody's quite sure if he's making this up or not.

Who was also another character picked up on the stage coach to get out of the blizzard.

Sidey: He was about to drink it.

Dan: He was about to drink it. And when Kurt Russell realizes it's the coffee, it's his last words. Actually, he goes Maddix the Gavi and he kind of falls down and starts punching

Sidey: and he knocks our front teeth out. Yeah,

Yeah. It's quite fucking brutal that

Dan: well, it's, it's a massive it's a massive blood path, isn't it? And

Sidey: was she, she, she does actually shoot him.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, no, she gets, she gets the gun, she shoots him and she's got the gun in her hand then. But Samuel L Jackson's point behind her points, the gun, it says drop it or I'll blow your head off bitch. And she does a then lines up everybody because he doesn't trust anybody at this stage. So he lines everybody up on the back wall and says, right, you're going to get a bullet unless


Sidey: the sheriff.

back Then it says, right, you pointed the gun at them. And he looks, at me because I saw you about to drink the coffee. So I know you weren't

Dan: the one that poisoned the coffee. He wants to find out who poisoned the coffee and who is working with Donna? Who? Donna. Donna Donna Gaye. I can't remember. There was a strange name.

He pulled out. Why is

Sidey: Dom. Dom

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: in the credits at the start of the film, Channing Tatum is name, but

Dan: You don't see him.

Sidey: I suppose that fucker must Enter the fray at some point, where he is actually under the floorboards

Dan: the whole time

Sidey: Yeah. he's been waiting for his moment. And as the is, as they're being interrogated

Dan: as a been interrogated they're lined up against the wall. He threatens them to shoot a note to pour this whole load of coffee down her neck and less somebody confesses to have employees in the coffee.

Joe gage takes responsibility at that point. And as he levels the kind of gun the guy under there, the floorboards shoot, Samuel Jackson, whiten and nuts.

Sidey: Yeah, man,

Dan: Oh, it's so bad.

Sidey: he shoots Tim Roth, I think.

Dan: And then,

Sidey: Cause I was thinking, I was like Mr. Orange from Roswell has been shot in the gut again. I see.

Dan: that's it, he goes down and Tim Wolf shoots the sheriff as well. So there's kind of a, he pulls out a gun

Sidey: it's the old Mexican standoff kind of vibe again. But then we're trying to do a flashback. scene, which shows how the gang, how it's all come to be. So this is a gang of bands.

Dan: I mean, to save Donna goo who's the sister is the head of this band of bandits.

Sidey: So It's

Dan: It's all of them. And it's Bob

Sidey: his English, something or other, his name,

Dan: Wald. He he's taken the papers of the hang man. Who's going into town, Oswald, Walder or something. And then you've got Joe gage who, I mean, they're all pretending to be people they're not. And they've all pretty good, but pretty bad at it. There's. The scene then goes to show them how they arrived in no way arrived in by stage coach.

They actually met many whose haberdashery is and sweet Dave, and we find out what happened to them.

Sidey: They're not, they're not with us anymore. What's the name of the ladies at six wagon or six horse? Judy, Judy, she's a stunt woman. She was in death proof. The one with the cards that other town too, maybe she's really rad, but she dies.

Everyone dies. They wipe out, They wipe out the whole thing. that's where the blood stain has come from on the chair. but Sanford Smithers was already there and they let him live

Dan: just because they felt, they felt it might give something to the scene. It's not just three


Sidey: to me.

Dan: Yeah. I don't know. I, I, I could understand. I thought they might have kept somebody else's well, but maybe nobody else would have kept their mouth shut.

An authentic, it does. It helps those that are coming in co tagless, Samuel Jackson. Just feel a little more that this is a real scene and, and something's going on here. But they couldn't quite put their finger on because he didn't make

Sidey: all the shooting that's happened. That's why the door's fucked. Isn't it?

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. They blown the lock

Sidey: the other shot that lock off.

the door. And then Samuel Jackson says to, to Bob, eventually it comes out He says, I know your story's bullshit because Minnie Minnie's haberdashery, the chances of her leaving and letting someone else run her haberdashery are very fucking slim indeed. But the sign the sign, she used to have a sign in the shop. And do you know what that sign said? No, Mexicans and no dogs.

Dan: that was here for, since she opened it the day she opened it until about two years ago, she took it down. Do you know why she took it down? She started letting in dogs. There's no way she's going over the mountain to visit a mom and leaving the most precious thing to her in a world.

This haberdashery in charge with a Mexican, it ain't happening, not with many. So he then just shoot bulb

Sidey: well is kind of prone on the floor but he shot him once. And we should point out that this is not shooting people like an old school, westerns where it's bang. You're dead. and You don't see anything. This is

Dan: It's his graphic blow your face off.

We're going to see bits of brain and shit everywhere

Sidey: Bob Sr. Bob gets his head blown off

Dan: proper,

Sidey: proper

Dan: no

Sidey: flown off. and flies all over. Daisy's just covered in like more blood now in bits of brain and scholar, all over her face is

Dan: it's

Sidey: full on.

It's very, very graphic.

Dan: I was watching this with this you know, thought of, well, I used to watch the good, the bad and the ugly.

I used to watch these westerns that that would be on. And this is Terentino's take on this. This is Tarantino's going at trying to do something similar. And I remember when I got a little bit older, I started to lose interest in westerns a little bit. You know, I'd seen the stories of

Sidey: well, there's been a, there's definitely been a progression. You see, you had the old school, you know, the huge ones Things moved on and then you've got our packing part, like the wild bunch where it's certainly gotten a lot more violent than you have. yeah, I was going to say I'm forgiving with Clint and it's a lot more gray and brutal. This is next level violence though. this is like a horror

Dan: It is, it's like a horror movie violence, but there's also big comedic moments in it as well. I mean, he really does stretch that genre and bring everything into it, but it's, it's very different violence even to the kind of dark and gritty ones of good, bad and the ugly and the pecking and power, you know, all the rest of it.

I said Peck and Bauer. Is he, was he a German? A German Western filmmaker. Yeah. Yeah, so we're, we're now to the point where Bob is dead and we're down to two Samuel Jackson still wants to know who's done the coffee and he just about to get shot in the

Sidey: burbs.

Dan: So we've, we've twisted and turned a little bit there, but we get to the stage where Joe gage is been shot and killed.

Sidey: Well, he's, he's at the, he's at a table? And they think he's unarmed, but he's got a gun strapped

Dan: underneath the table,

Sidey: which he's able to grab, goes through. I think he shoots the sheriff,

so what happens is when when gage pulls the revolver in the shootout, he gets killed.

Dan: It's such a,

Sidey: Mannix has shot

Dan: crazy scene. Isn't it? Everybody's getting shot everywhere. It's hard to keep up at this stage. It's still in those classic

Sidey: So Daisy's got, data's got a gunshot wounds, gauges them killed. Sam was already in bed with his gunshot wounds and Mannix has been shot.

So everyone's been fucking shot, but in, in the Carney. Warren Samuel Jackson's character tries to shoot Daisy, but he's, the click is out of bullets. So Daisy then makes her case to Mannix The sheriff is he, or isn't he? The sheriff. She says, you can, you can go free. You won't be able to cash in the battery on anyone because my gang of 15

Dan: strong

Sidey: will find you in red rock and kill you.

So you can just go and fuck off and we'll let you go. But he doesn't believe that there's this gang. He's not, he's not convinced, but he passes out from blood loss from his wound days. He's now got an opportunity to do something. So she drags Kurt Russell's corpse over to the table and gets this.

big fucking knife and cuts his arm off

Dan: Yeah, it's just like big machete and she, she wants to get free. She can't wander around and carry his big, heavy coat. So,

Sidey: Samuel is in full panic mode now. Fucking Maddox, wake up, give, I can't need the gun, need the gun

Dan: and she

Sidey: she's charging over. And he does just in time he shoots her. So she's got another fucking gunshot

Dan: quite, it's quite a funny scene actually, because Samuel Jackson on the, on the bed is panicking as the, the sheriff is down out cold and he's saved at the last second may have misjudged you he's, you know, he's so happy he's out. He's not shut off, but he's he's just absolutely happy that Donna, who hasn't got the last laugh on him this time.

Sidey: so now they do string her up. It cuts a face the black and comes back to her with a noose around her neck with them, hoisting her up into the Yeah. trying to, Trying to get winched up and killed And they, they do it, you know, she watch out she fucking dies.

Dan: isn't it because

Sidey: it's weird because it's obviously very disturbing and you're watching someone behind brushing, he's got this arm just hanging down off her face.

It's comedy. Like, you know,

he's had to drag around. It's like it's quite jarring and it's sort of uh the juxtaposition of her you know, being hanged until she's dead with his fucking arm driven over.

How does it play out after

Dan: Well, they, they both lost a lot of bloods and there's the the sheriff wants to see the letter one more time. and he he's Samuel Jackson brings out the the Abraham.

Sidey: letter was legit or

Dan: No. Well, he does say to, to John roof earlier on no, it's not legit. It's a, it's loaded bullshit. I'm a black guy. I needed something that would just get me noticed in the white way in a little more respect.

So I made it up, but he he's made up so well that even after them knowing this, enforced in this kind of confession out of him to the point of, it's not real, it's not real. Is it? It makes you think, well, was it then, is it real, you know he doesn't.

He takes kind of credit when he says, oh, and what was it old Mary's calling me in.

So I've got to go as Abraham Lincoln writes in the letter and he goes, that was a nice touch. And Samuel Jackson just goes, thanks. Like, yeah, well, I vote, you know, so, so thanks. But they're both, I've lost a lot of blood. In fact, just before that, I thought it was already over the film, but the sheriff Mannix, he goes, they're both dead, you know, both look dead, both sleep.

And he goes, you got that letter and it kind of prompts him to wake up. But then after he reads that letter, that that is pretty much it you've just got all hateful eight characters in and around. Minnie's haberdashery dead.

Sidey: Yeah.

I don't know if we got everything in exactly the right order when we're talking about, because it's fucking chaotic. that

Dan: It

Sidey: it was a film with two hearts. Cause I mentioned for the initial half and it's fairly long one runtime, it's like Tarantino thing where it's really dialogue heavy. and I got a bit bogged down with it, but ended up fucking loving it. I really, really enjoyed it.

Dan: It's it's certainly, as you mentioned, some of the dialogue, particularly with the N words being thrown in almost every other word in, in some kind of chapters of the story and some parts of the story, a little bit boring, little bit too much to listen to, but.

You know, it's typical charity, you know, you think back to reservoir dogs and he has that kind of dialogue. They have those conversations, pulp fiction. It's the same where he's got these conversations and and in this as well you know, Samuel L. Jackson has got some absolutely brilliant nines and they're delivered fantastically

Sidey: yeah, I was thinking of another one would be Christoph waltz in Inglorious bastards. You know, I I'd say, I think back to those films and they're smaller scenes of like really intense dialogue really well, acted this at the start. Just, it was too much of that. It was like little bit self-indulgent I thought and it was touched by Whether I watch it, I can carry on with the movie at one point I'm so glad I did, because once it's like kicks into gear, it was fucking, it was, it was fucking brutal. But, but with like almost Cohen's with a little bit of like humor you know, every now and then just. to, to just like Change the mood a little bit which I really

Dan: once upon a time in Hollywood.

I mean, you wouldn't need to know this was a Tarantino movie to guess there is a

Sidey: has got his, blueprint all through that.

Dan: is all over Samuel L. Jackson, as he often does saves his best performances for Tarantino films. And this was

Sidey: he's really good. I really like Kurt Russell. he's an actor who's just fucking made to be in westerns I don't know if you've seen. Yeah. is Tasha, you know, man, after my own heart with a strong Tash game.

I dunno If you've seen bone Tomahawk.

Dan: No,

no, we've talked about it

Sidey: you need to watch that. It's really, really good. It's again, it's a different sort of take on the Western genre of fucking excellent and he's incredible in it. So yeah there's a scene where Daisy plays the guitar. and She sings she's a good singer. She's, she's a right. That.

that was an antique 1870s, Martin guitar, which had been lent to them by the Martin guitar museum It was supposed to be swapped when cat Rasul smashes it up. But it wasn't, And she knew it was the real one. So her reaction when he fucking smashes it to bits

Dan: real

Sidey: genuine, and they no longer lend props things out for movie props.

But because of that, I don't know what the, what the valuation of it was, but it was fucking old thing.

Dan: this was Jennifer, Jason Leigh, of course, who was brought in for, for this Paul, I haven't seen it.

Young's I haven't seen her in ages, in, in many things in Tarantino likes this doesn't he likes bringing back actors or to you know, it to the point where Tarantino bought in Travolta for pulp fiction, he reignited his career,

Sidey: Yeah. And What's his face in Jackie brown and stuff like that. Yeah. He's he does that. It's like a calling card of his is he likes to cause obviously he's seen a billion films and if someone's done it of great performance, but it was 30 years ago. He doesn't care I want that guy because they did something great.

And I know they can do it again for me. So that's, that's a nice touch. And Jennifer, Jason Leigh, we're going to do a Christmas film. at Christmas time. She's in it

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: out already.

Dan: The last thing I think I saw in was single white female or something, you know, she was in that and there was yeah, a long while ago. And I

Sidey: she's in existence, which is a David Cronenberg film and she had all of that's really good.

So she's been kicking about, but yeah, this is the first big role, I can remember doing for years so the money, sitch for this, the budget, for it was $44 million,

Dan: which is actually for a Tarantino film,

Sidey: for this cast. That's Yeah. It's not a,

Dan: I don't think he needs to pay them a lot. They want to work for him. They want to be paid of course, but it's

Sidey: yeah. You want to work with him? I mean, I think he just picks up the phone to Samuel Jackson.

says I've got a movie. Yeah. I mean, you know,

Dan: yeah. Him Michael Mazda. And I mean

Sidey: pretty much does nothing else.

Dan: no, I'd say they, they, they just waiting for the phone call. They're waiting for films, number nine and 10.

Sidey: It's do you think this made money or lost money?

Dan: Hi 44 million, a Tarantino film is made money

Sidey: 156.

Dan: So it's made a 110.

Sidey: But then that being said, westerns can kind of put people off.

I love the Western genre I really, do, but a lot of people would just be like, for and also it is it's it's quite long. But the cast and the Turntine name was going to get bums on seats. center. yeah, it made it made a decent amount of money. I did really enjoy this. We'll have to get the other guys to, to maybe tweet their thoughts cause we haven't got, I haven't got any feedback from them just yet.

I was going to do something really like boring say is it in my favorite town?

Tina, maybe. But I don't think that really matters.

Dan: no, it's not my favorite Tarantino film. It's it's, it's a classic Tarantino film and I, I like him as a direct, not everybody does. It you're going to get graphic violence, but you're going to get laughs.

You're going to get points of interest in it. You're going to get fantastic performances from the usual characters as well. It's just you can imagine again, he seemed to make, make films that look fun to have made. You know, you can imagine they're all in there in that cabin. Having a laugh with.

Sidey: Was there any foot factory stuff in this car?

Dan: I don't remember

Sidey: gets shot in the foot, but not

Dan: Donna goose is shot in the foot at one stage, but I wouldn't call that a foot fetish thing going on. No,

Sidey: we w we were watching something at home. It wasn't the same interview that made me pick that route, but a different one. It was actually about death proof. And Miami. I didn't know about this, foot thing. I said, yeah, he's got a, you know, he's all his films, tend to have something weird about face, clearly got some like real obsession and then it cut to a scene in death proof. and it's just, the woman with our foot just like right in the frame, you know, right up close, She's like, fucking

Dan: oh, now I see it.


Sidey: go back through them all. Like, there's just so much

Dan: Or maybe there is. Cause he does like to, to kind of

Sidey: it's a hundred percent, a hundred percent. He's got a thing about fate, Ooma, Thurman in kill bill Margot Robbie, when she's in the cinema and what sort of time in Hollywood, her feet. You're like, Yeah, There's fucking loads of it. It's Deviant, But, but I, yeah, I enjoy this. I would definitely recommend it, but just a word of caution about the, some of the language, which you will expect, because it happens in a lot of is.

The kids television choice. I nominated dive club and it's very recent. It's a 20, 21 thing I nominated it because my daughter put it on and was hooked straight away. So we watched for the purposes of this, we watched season one, there was only one season episode one which has a lot of setting the stage. the setting, the scene.

for what is going to

Dan: the, the six, the six more torturous episodes that I was,

Sidey: just 12 isn't there in the series.

Dan: is there 12? Why, which you seemed,

Sidey: Because what happens and it's sort of reminiscent of

No what's no, what's the Robert Robert Redford one that we watched. Oh, when he's on his own and the boat. Cause the storm rolls in basically also it reminded me of triangle the horror. film that the, the There's four girls and they go out on the boat and they're having a great time and they're doing selfies and fucking filming each other.

Dan: It's set in like beautiful Australia or

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's an Australian teen teen drama

Dan: In some little coastal village called mercy

Sidey: Yes. Kate mercy. They're in but the cyclone is coming and they're very very quickly caught up. You can see the incredible special effects. that they so they have to sail back into the Harbor get all their shit together. One of the girls fucked off really quickly. always forgive him because she was super hot.

And one of the girls as they're about to leave, realizes that she's left her phone on the boat. So she goes back

Dan: from the jetty to the boat, which is out of sight of the jetty we

Sidey: next morning, storms over. She's never made it back. Lauren is the girl who's gone to retrieve her phone and she has gone missing and they say.

well They were very combat is considering one of their friends is probably dead. They say if the, the boat is missing, since they, well, she would, she would have known not to go out on that, boat. there was no reason for her to go out of the boat. So say if

Dan: of a

Sidey: if the boat is found and the mast is up. She sailed it out. But if the boat comes back in the marshes down, then it got whipped away in the storm.

And she'll, we'll just find us somewhere. And then the, climax of the episode is so fucking dramatic because the boat is towed back in and the mast is

Dan: And the each episode I found out, because I I'm pretty sure I got.

Episode six, if there was more there, my daughter watched them all because she's onto something else now, but this went down strong in my house, like episode after episode, because each one does leave you on a cliffhanger.

It's as you, as you pointed out, it's like a, a teen drama. It's got different characters in, in the galleries and things, you know, there's, there's one

Sidey: the kind of lead reminds me of like a live action kind of marijuana

Dan: yeah. Yeah. You

Sidey: girl. There's the posh sort of snooty one

Dan: couple of hunky guys there as well in there. One sort of messing around with Mo is the other one's messing around alongside that attracts on,

Sidey: There's a lot of sort of boxes being ticked in terms of you know, stereotypical teen characters that you

Dan: dancing my cup. This time they using a boat and a bit of scuba dog.

Sidey: Yeah, they all had to learn to scuba dive they are diving for real. I thought that the performances were actually were right. There were not bad. The issue I have with it is that my daughter raised her way through to episode six and she won't fucking watch anymore. And I want to know what happened. I'm hooked. I'm fucking, well into.

Dan: I did say each one was left on a cliffhanger.

There was just, they were just short enough, like at 22 minutes or so that it didn't seem that much of a commitment to watch one. And then when you watch one, you wanted to know what was going to happen. Those addicts like me would have found out there was a lot more to the story and Russian, crown jewels and princesses and

Sidey: things

Dan: are all uncovered as we go on.

There's yeah, there's just enough about this, I think to to, to keep certainly

Sidey: I just

Dan: children entertain.

Sidey: Yeah. When we first mentioned it, we were saying, oh, it's just like, pony, sitters club copy and paste it into the diving world. I think it's a lot better than that a fucking lot better than that. the performances are decent. These can all act.

pretty well. I would say I actually found the story quite compelling because it's a mystery. It's not just like silly teen stuff Ooh, that boy likes me, Baba is actually a consistent story throughout. Well, certainly as far as I've got through the series which, you know, there's enough to keep you here it a Saturday, my daughter was fucking well into it.

I don't know why, what the fuck happened, but she won't watch another one now. And we, we are at that sort of stage of our father daughter relationship, where if I say something, she will.

just go with the other dress. She doesn't want to do that. Whether it's to do with schoolwork or whatever the fuck, it might be

she will show. She's not a very good morning person. So in the morning, my sort of bribery usually will get her up and say, like, come on, get up now. And then like a few extra minutes, you can watch some telly. And I would say, oh, we'll put dive. I don't want to watch

dive club. Ah, fuck. I want to need to know. I need to know what happens.

So the other day she was watching something is Sunday She was watching something on a Kindle. And I thought, I need to rewatch episode one, just so it's fresh in my mind when we, when we speak about it for the pod. So I put it on and she got the fucking right-hand when she sort of said, oh, you're watching dive club without me. I said, don't worry.

It's any episode one and you can fuck off because you weren't why you don't watch it. When I want to watch it. You don't wanna watch it. So I'm going to have to find a way to sort of surreptitiously suggest it without it being in explicit instruction, because I am hurt. I want to know what's going on. Whereas if you pony come in front of me, I'll just fucking leave. the rail. I don't want to know

Dan: No, there's there's it would be easy to just look at pony club or any of the other ones they churn out and you say, well, this is the same take away the ponies, put a boat, take away the ice pur about, you know, w whatever it is.

And they seem to make a few of these and just see which one sticks, you know, which one is. And for me, you're going to pull out some actors. It's almost like an apprenticeship for some of these actors, you know, they're, they're, they're just getting their first features done and they're, they're getting,

Sidey: their

Dan: They're cutting their teeth on things, and there's a few of them that you think you're going to stick around and they're going to do things because they, they, it was some good performances.

Sidey: Pretty well-made it's well short, it looks good. You know, it's not like completely amateurish or like, like you don't look at it, go all this is fucking low budget

Dan: th the adult actors in it on totally. Hateable, you know, whereas you just think, oh, for fuck sake, what they all stereotypical. You've got the

Sidey: There is a lot

Dan: beard.

Who's the old sailor and

Sidey: to So stereotypical sailor, he looked like he had rickets.

He couldn't walk down the fucking thing, Although we both seem fairly positive about this in season one, episode nine down, I'm sorry to say that the dive club discovers the east India ship nemesis that was said to have sank in 1912. There was an east India company ship by that name, but it was launched in 1839 and was sold in 1852. So complete bullshit. I'm afraid, which is a definite point. off.

Dan: Yeah. And there was, there was a few kinds of things I may have seen more episodes than I actually have admitted here because I, I remember I'd seen it also when they at one point and I, yeah, well, fuck it. I'll, I'll, we'll spoil it. No. Okay. At one point there's a question where you just think, well, what they're going to say here, this is a huge part.

And she says, oh, I can't believe you split out with Harry. And you just think like, well, it does come down to that gal. Boy relationship is still at the forefront of their thinking. But the scenery, the setting, the plot, as you say, a bit of a mystery, always leaving on a cliffhanger, relatively short episodes.

It's not a bad one to get into

Sidey: as any good actually this one, I enjoyed it and I I'm trying to go back for more.

Right. So that was pretty successful this week. So it'd be cost of mind back to Wednesday battle Royale. We enjoyed that. We've spoken about some great trees, good movie, good movie, hateful light, and surprisingly good TV for kids in dive club. So that's good We were going to keep the nominations for next week under our hat for now, Cause we don't have any.

So we're going to see who's available next week and maybe we'll have to even find a new recruit who knows, who

Dan: be, a new dad in the house. We've we've got a couple of thoughts in mind, but hopefully,

Sidey: hopefully hopefully the COVID guys have recovered. We'll we'll see about that, but for now all that remains is to say Sidey signing out.