April 2, 2021

Midnight In Paris & Find Me In Paris

Midnight In Paris & Find Me In Paris
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The British drink tea, eat crumpets and are emotionally distant, class-obsessed xenophobes. The French wear berets, wouldn't be seen dead without a baguette under one arm and have questionable hygiene standards. The Italians are a nation of dark-haired, olive skinned plumbers who spend most of their time ingesting huge quantities of mushrooms, then jumping on the backs of turtles whilst on a quest to save a Princess. Yet despite our differences we collectively managed to establish the culture which became the root of all modern western civilisations. And somehow that ended up with us, the Bad Dads, sitting here reviewing the Top 5 Movies with Europe in them.

Midnight in Paris follows disillusioned screenwriter Gill Pender (Owen Wilson) as he explores themes of romanticism of the past and nostalgia. Whilst holidaying with his fiancée and her parents, Woody Allen  finds himself travelling back in time to visit 1920's Paris, meeting with Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald amongst other cultural and artistic icons. The film received a number of accolades including Best Original Screenplay at the 84th Academy Awards.

We finish this weeks European themed episode exactly where you'd expect us to, at the Opera National de Paris watching teenage girls dance. It's Amazon Prime's Find Me In Paris, a completely bonkers, fish out of water tv series featuring a ballet dancing, temporally displaced Princess from the year 1905 who finds herself stuck in the modern day. Using a magical chimney to communicate with her boyfriend in the past, Helena 'Lena' Grisky must somehow navigate her way through the ballet school at the modern Opéra de Paris whilst maintaining her secret identity and being chased through time by a trio of steampunk douchebags.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads 


Midnight In Paris


Reegs:Welcome to Baghdad's film review film review show operating Yeah Baghdad the weekly podcast devoted to the thoughts of a bunch of babbling monkey man children who by some unlikely twist of fate managed to convince some females to allow them to deposit their seed in them and spawn children of various sexes It's the usual stuff from righ Sidey Dan and Peter this week refined cultured and full of fucking swearing As we take a European vacation with this week's cracking theme from Dan I enjoyed this this week Peter Hello you've once again shown your Arctic contempt and disdain for our audience by failing to make or bring any notes And also not expanding upon the fast declining slot of the show cheese chat Peter tell us about the cheese you've got and why you hate our listeners

Pete:I haven't brought any cheese this week I've I've left it for someone else to say I didn't take any notes but I think I proved in the midweek mentioned that I can still recall facts better than you even with notes because Muriel's wedding 1994 so yeah I guess it all just comes a lot more naturally to me than to you

Dan:I I enjoyed your blog this week Pete

Pete:Thank you Yeah Yeah I kept it I kept it to a select few Yeah

Sidey:But that changed review We do have cheese I supplied the cheese this


Sidey:We've got which is a pasteurized goat's milk cheese Harrigan blue Which is pretty pony and some Blinken chip poacher

Pete:That's solid choices

Sidey:They're all pretty


Reegs:My sister lives in Harrogate

Sidey:Is she involved in dairy


Pete:If she was if she was in a film it would be a hair A good blue


Pete:I've never met I didn't even know you had a sister until he just said that

Reegs:she's smaller than me but she'd smack the shit out of you

Pete:but she's in Harrigan and I'm here so we're okay

Sidey:you want trying to think which I think is

Reegs:We watched the first episode of Ozark or the Ozark the Ozarks Ozark Yeah Jason master Bateman He was is really good opening episode for a show like that often You know I think we've talked about this before that the first episode of a new season of anything is quite a tricky one to get right

Sidey:Like like kids think about ballet


Dan:you know sometimes don't you get to put it in it now and you will receive in the future That is time Well spent

I would did watch a thing on Jackie Charlton and and that was all I got the watch this week really other than our homework but anybody that that would have

Reegs:he was clearly at in rush hour when he

Dan:was fantastic You know you never saw it even Bobby No that was the only thing I got to watch this week

Sidey:you must have seen something

Pete:I did I I've been I've been slowly in between homework for this this podcast I've been watching Narcos the the first say first season of it which is not something that needs to like establish characters in some because they're all real And you get kind of straight into the action with it It's fucking brilliant

Reegs:Yeah I've heard that I have heard

Pete:It's a really really good watch Yeah

Sidey:We watched quite a lot this week Obviously the homework assignments did all those I rewatched demolition man which is a real treat and then I watched the dig Have you seen that one

Reegs:No the Netflix one about

Sidey:Batman taking a whole


I'm up for that

Dan:set in the 1920s

Sidey:It's just before the start of the second world war

Dan:Right Okay So was that the 1970s

Sidey:it's another one I I didn't know That it was going to have more I suppose you'd need to have more than just a man digging in the field yeah I think they probably have because it is a true story but I think they probably embellished it a little bit but it's quite emotional The missus was in fucking floods It is again and then we watched some other stuff on loads of Harry Potter I've seen about three hyper films this week and I'm sure there was another movie

Reegs:What was our top five last week

Pete:Oh casino scenes again no notes You've got notes I haven't gotten notes but I've plucked that out of this database That is my brain

Reegs:That's not bad

Dan:did it get any more nominations

Sidey:Nothing Nothing that we haven't already covered

Dan:Oh fair enough That we had covered a lot though Didn't we

Reegs:Yeah we did a long time listener Jeff kitchen emailed in to say the casino from casino So I think that's probably a good shout Thanks you

Dan:All right So we did a top five It was my week I took it on I fell in live that's the European theme going through there it was films movies top five set in Europe

Sidey:Yeah I did a reverse Brexit on this Right I called the UK

Reegs:I did as

Sidey:I went I went mainland may not do it

Dan:of choice that we had then I think there's plenty to go around it was linked to the children's featured it We're going to watch a little while Paris obviously and I thought well let's go a little bit stronger into the the European film scene There's some crackers in here Isn't there I'm going to start off with well any bond or Sherlock film I just wanted to get them out the way to be honest I don't know if anybody wants to talk about them any longer


Dan:there's all there's all them Yeah There's all them There's all the bonds and all the Sherlocks but like you I try to keep the UK out of it a little

Reegs:Oh is that really it on the bond stuff No I think you go go on let your freak flag fly about the bond Shit Go on This

Pete:we covered it quite a lot in the casino scene this last week as well Cause you know most of the bond films I'd be surprised if there's any single bond film that doesn't feature a trip to Europe at some point Well they're based in the UK but yeah

Dan:can wedge in many many in this one but did you have a special mention for a particular bond

Reegs:No No I didn't even think about bonds Well I mean it sort of sort of went through my head briefly but I just thought you guys would talk about it and yeah Good one guys for a bit

Pete:So we've trolled you by not selecting a bond Yeah I like that I like that It's one nil to the rest of us


Pete:I've put my notes in alphabetical order and it's a it's a film that we touched upon ever so slightly So I've gone with Austria and I've gone with the sound of


Pete:because I know it's a big a big favorite of sides I fucking love that film as well I love the songs in it and yeah strong performances It's an iconic film You get you can't get away from it whether you like it or not It is it is massive And yeah it's set in in some bloody lovely scenery up in the mountains and so on So yeah that was I thought it was a strong solid opening gambit for


Yeah So

Dan:now I guess we've had then Austria Austria is off the list

Pete:Is that how this works You can't mention it

Dan:I've just made

Sidey:Hopefully not Cause I got about 30 Paris nominations

Dan:Right I forget that then

Sidey:How about then Schindler's list Is that crack off How do you pronounce that Poland Oscar Schindler exploit some employment legislation loophole to take advantage of cheap labor costs Yeah That's how I remember it


Reegs:Let them write one in anybody seen that in Swedish lat Ren that den Raptor calmer in it's kind of about how this creepy sort of hundred year old vampire who looks like a little girl has a slave That's a creepy sort of 12 year old kid with violent tendencies

Dan:I mean just that just as soon as you start talking about that that's just I'm so pleased I haven't seen it

Reegs:It's more this kind of story about these two characters although there are a couple of sort of horror moments in it It's got Chloe grace Moretz in it the remake Sweden Yeah

Dan:it just I'm still getting over mid-summer you know which is just in that area of is that going to kind of make this

Reegs:well that was on my list I had that that was Sweden and hungry you know in in Midsummer you've got the sort of delightful dappled sunlight through the trees You've got


Reegs:beautiful flowers the gorgeous sunshine and you've got the man's sewn into the bear costume has been set on fire

Dan:Yeah If you haven't seen that or heard

Pete:Yeah Like

Dan:at a

Sidey:I'm still working on getting Pete to watch it but

Dan:check that out because I did And now you have to well I I've got next then one of One of the favorite films actually is before sunrise Richard link later

Reegs:I still haven't watched any of

Dan:Um so it's a 1995 American romantic drama Richard Linklater and it's it turned into a trilogy the before trilogy with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy they meet on a Euro rail trail a train and just have a conversation like you do when you're young with somebody a hot check on the train and then you you choose to get off the train together even though it's not your kind of stop and spend the night together and go you know just a wonderful wild time and

Reegs:I mean I can confirm that nothing like that has ever


I was going to say if he'd done this done

Dan:but we'd all wished it Yeah it happened when we sat on a train and we look


So you know that that kind of moment where you just think I'd love to do something absolutely crazy now And just got off the train We'll just go and

Reegs:follow up

Dan:follow it and stalker in it No no it wasn't like that kind of film but if you haven't seen it it's it's you're such a sweet film that actually when I even think about this it just harked back and Richard link later is so good at this


Dan:tapping into the emotions of youth

Reegs:you know

Dan:and how you felt he did dazed and

Reegs:Yeah Boy is the other one is it Or boy hood Is it No boy hood I still haven't seen that I do like his movies though And I've always thought that these before this before sunrise before sunset

Dan:Yeah That's why before midnight before midnight before nighttime Yeah that's th that's the last one So this is the first when they kind of young and it's just such a a film That's not in a rush to get anywhere But it takes you along with it and you just compare it to watching young Ethan Hawke young Judy Delpy both really cool and conversations of youth and young really loved that

Reegs:And whereabouts in Europe are they

Dan:And I believe they on a train from from Budapest and they go to gout Vienna So we're still back in Austria 

Pete:Cool I've I'm now going to go to Belgium and a film that I've seen a couple of times now all bit the I thought I saw it in sort of quick succession and can't remember absolutely everything about it but in Bruge with Collin Farrel and professor moody and I don't know the guys that he's an Irish actor I can't remember Yeah

It's it was somebody somebody put me on so it and again it was just by the title or something It just never really I never thought it would be something that I'd be interested in I've watched it I remember being like thoroughly entertained and I think it's it's Hitman Isn't it they've been they've been commissioned to to do a hit

Reegs:yeah Colin feral is fucked A job

Pete:Okay Right Yeah

Dan:They're on the lamb They're they're hiding out and just waiting for their kind of

Pete:it Yeah Yeah

Dan:to give him the opposite on what's happening Yeah

Pete:but it's like a it's almost like a sort of a dark comedy isn't it Yeah It's it's got a lot of

Reegs:Colin Farrell has messed the job up and he's kind of neurotic and violent It was the first time I'd ever seen this


Reegs:Okay It was the first it was the first movie I've watched when I thought okay Actually Colin Farrell is really good And he's and he's recently on the podcast I think we've all changed our


Reegs:Haven't we recently but this was the first one and it's a very smart script Martin McDonald's the guy who did it an Irish guy and yeah it's a terrific movie and it's got dwarf scene in it


Pete:I don't remember

Reegs:a humiliating dwarf scene


Dan:I mean it's set in Bruges which is a fantastic meat medieval kind of town

Um one of the best kept in Europe actually famous for its lace also

Pete:famous for it's Nice Did we go to Bruce site We went to Belgium to me Where did we go Was it Bruce or Kent or so I can't remember but yeah and it was quite good Yeah We had nice beer and we had a terrible hangover

Dan:a in

Sidey:terrible wind as I

Pete:Cool Yeah

Reegs:I've been to the Belgian patent office

Dan:Very interesting

Reegs:it was closed Oh yeah Yeah And then we flew

Pete:yeah but so sorry And I went for a similar sort of trip we went to I love techno Yeah

Reegs:Is that is that where you like dress up in a mankini and smear like neon paint on

Sidey:Yeah There

Reegs:with other dads

Pete:kind of Yeah There's a lot of lot of flashing lights and rave lollies Yeah

Reegs:Was there anybody else doing that or is it just eating

Sidey:I did the sort of classic thing of getting rarely rarely shit faced the night before the thing that we've gone away for I always do

Reegs:Yeah Start with a

Pete:We're in debt for ourselves here

Reegs:seems like a bit of a detail

Sidey:let's pick another movie The untouchables horribly unqualified full-time caretaker corrupts the mind of a Parisian aristocrat quadriplegic

Dan:Another one you can catch up on our on our pod on this which is an absolute stonking movie

Sidey:love this


Sidey:Dan Berry recommends the American remake as well

Dan:Less So it just depends if you want to save two hours of your life or or not really if you

Reegs:want to


Dan:it down the pan

Sidey:this set in Paris Fantastic Obviously Fantastic

Reegs:Don't look now the Italian title Avnet SIA on December later also shocking literally invented It's a shocking red December

Dan:this a horror

Reegs:90 It's another horror I'm afraid 1973 director director Nicola rogue psychic premonitions ghosts murder and another genuinely powerful and creepy dwarf scene Donald Sutherland


Reegs:now he's he doesn't play the door and Judy Christie they've played a couple whose daughter is drowned so they go to Venice obviously because you want to be surrounded by water it's a it's really fucked up it's got quite a graphic love scene in it and then it's just full of weird shit Like you know like I say like tiny Tiny people dressed in red like lurking in the background of shots It's not really overtly scary as such but it is creepy but it what it is is a really realistic portrayal of a relationship that's been badly damaged by this tragic event really really fantastic If you ever catch it it's worth worth seeing it So I wouldn't say it's scary as such although you'd probably shoot yourself

Dan:Yeah I get the feeling I would

Reegs:that's Italy fairness

Dan:Y I see if you can guess the film I'm going to do by the description a form of Roman general And fan any guesses

Reegs:Yeah yeah

Dan:I see You didn't need more than yeah Well there you go it sets out to exact revenge against the corrupt emperor who murdered his family and sediment slavery absolutely brilliant film I still love this The only bit that you could probably say is a little bit dodgy is the the CGI with the tiger now just cause there's so much better kind of things but it doesn't detract at all from from the film because you know what's going on

Reegs:the Oliver bead bit looks a bit



Dan:had to add a little bit in Israel didn't they Because


Dan:of the film But I I really still think this a fantastic movie and it's set in Europe which is this theme

Pete:It is indeed Yeah

Sidey:Do you think that Russell Crowe will get his glad everybody back I think so Any minute now

Dan:and name in it now as soon as he finishes this cake

Pete:Okay So we might as well stay in Italy and what parts of it are in Italy and it's a film I really really like is Indiana Jones and the last crusade there's a quite a large segment of his sets I think in Venice again isn't it Yeah yeah Yeah It's iconic Isn't it

Dan:Republic's got a really good set of films that have come from there and film now I think they just got with production value You get a lot in in those types of places you know where the buildings are tall and they're No arc it the wide and there's the there's


Reegs:master craftsmen

Dan:You know they're made of strong materials

Pete:Yeah but this is I don't know if it might be my favorite and you the Jonesville Yeah

Sidey:They have those boats they have that chase scene and those really glamorous sort of speed boat things

Pete:Yeah They're really expensive Yeah Yeah

Sidey:and they just shut one through the propellers of a fucking ocean

Pete:line Yeah Yeah no it's it is I think I think it was enhanced by the by Sean being in it by Sean Connery being in it and also the like the the really hot German Nazi lady Yeah Yeah

Dan:But but you're why I think Sean Connery in this just

Pete:elevated It did it's

Dan:that yeah He was in these dad you know

Sidey:and he'd and

Pete:a junior

Sidey:fucked The blonde

Pete:Yeah Amazing

Reegs:Yeah Yep I personally don't subscribe to the theory that that's the best one Okay All right Okay

Pete:Okay I'm lucky too Now


Pete:move on

Reegs:I might even my even prefer say it

Pete:Do not say crystal skull

Sidey:template glue

Pete:I liked I liked temple of doom

Reegs:Although Kate capture is utterly


Reegs:Yeah Well if you've got

Sidey:and the is that in Italy in the 1930s sky pirates are terrorizing wealthy cruise ships and the only Brave pilot that's willing to stand up against them is a Porco Rosso who is a former world war one flying A's who was somehow turned into a pig

Reegs:based on a true story

Sidey:it's a studio Shipley so Toro so Australia so you can imagine what it's like It's it's on Netflix You can check it out

Dan:Okay Yeah That's that sounds intriguing

Sidey:So yeah more Italy and sort of Yugoslavia it's is in the film

Well I think eighties maybe

Dan:Oh boy Okay Yeah I just wondered if why they chosen Yugoslavia but

Sidey:because it was a it was old Yeah it was it was before the change up

Dan:it was still around

Reegs:district B 13 is a Luc Besson movie Anybody seen it It's basically an escape from New York rip off set in a Parisian's slum is starring the guys who invented park or basically it's pretty good You know I mean it you know what you get with the Luke Bess on film but of course with the park or guys the stunts are absolutely amazing You know if you're a fan of watching a six foot man throw himself through a tiny window at great speed it's the sort of thing you'll enjoy


Dan:It's all it's all the kind of stuff that's real stunts then And it's real pace that is shot

Reegs:eight So just students are good And actually I mean there is a little bit or there's quite a lot about class inequality and all those sorts of things going on because it was made in 2004 which was like the first year when they had those huge riots in France kind of still going in some in some way about that kind of thing

Dan:to make him work a 20 hour week for

Pete:No it's brutal It's brutal

Sidey:block the fucking fuck off


Reegs:The other one I had from France was Les Miserables ah blur the Miserables I don't I don't really like musicals particularly and I kind of went to this because my missus wanted to see it And I went along with her and it's I was and I never read the Victor Hugo book that it was adapted from and I didn't even know anything about Victor Hugo and I knew it was about the French revolution may be but it was brilliant Holy shit It was brilliant Have you seen it

Pete:I've not seen the film but I saw the stage show in London and it was fucking knockout It was so so good

Reegs:Yeah Well the film is absolutely brilliant It's got huge Jackman playing John who's a good man who lives his life as a criminal And you've got Russell Crowe is Dravet Who's the kind of well-meaning twat who dedicated his life to enforcing this really literal sort of binary justice system around him And it's loads of tragedy in it And every and the only other thing I remember is that people were talking about how brilliant Anne Hathaway is in it You know all the time they took it and she is absolutely brilliant in it So yeah watch it

Dan:Or follow that with niche is show why S or nothing is what it seems the German film 23 talks about it before any of you got around to seeing

Reegs:20 what's it's called 23 or like that's a number though That's one of those mystical numbers or something 23 isn't

Dan:number of chaos

Sidey:I thought everyone just liked it because Michael Jordan

Dan:Jordan walked in a number of chaos We don't know

Reegs:I think it's more likely the other way around

Dan:it's a it's a German drama thriller about a young hacker call a cop who actually died on


Dan:23rd of May 89 presumed a a suicide So it was kind of based on this conspiracy and and this this young lads life

Reegs:it's not true but

Dan:and I don't know whether it was based on a true story or that's just the premise of it it's I've done my research but I haven't dug into it quite that much but basically it's it's to do with the protagonists obsession with the number 23 start seeing it every way he starts getting this conspiracy into his mind and it was kind of around the height of the cold war All this time So there's that backdrop of paranoia and it's hacking at that you know that dial up computer modem and that kind of thing So it was like the first stages

Reegs:but then the possibilities of like you know that everybody could just imagine that would happen We're limitless

Dan:and and it's kind of investigating these political and economic powers and everything these young people So it's a real good paced film and probably one of the first ones I ever saw about computer hacking and things like that that was really tapping into the potential of pulling the strings of these

powers that

are political economic and everything Not just

Reegs:I'm pretty sure they remain right This is going to sound like I'm talking absolute bullshit but I'm pretty sure they remade it with Jim Carey as the natto guy I'm going to have to double check it but I'm almost certain there's one called the number 23 That's the Jim K

Dan:with a that was a horror film

Sidey:Oh he just sees the number 23

Dan:in a hotel

Sidey:Yeah I know the one you mean

Dan:Yeah no I've seen that but that isn't anything to do with the hacking just different And just to remind you of it again it's

Pete:pronunciation again done

Dan:and 23 niche issue Vide is night

Reegs:and the actor's name

Dan:and called cock about a young hacker Cole cook


Dan:And it was directed by Hans Christian Schmidt

Pete:Thank you I don't I don't think I've seen any films set in Germany so I'm going to move on to the country of Greece actually actually this is like two films I've seen both of them And I think like you guys you guys might be able to tell me

Sidey:pay your two films

Pete:yeah you guys might be able to tell me if if one is the remake of the other or the other I'm not entirely sure but they are the 300 and the in-between as movie they are both set in Greece So I've seen both of those Yeah Similar subject matter No

Sidey:I haven't seen either

Pete:you've not seen 300 or the in-betweeners


Reegs:Have you been to see 300

Pete:How and why


Reegs:It there's so many buff deeds in it You would

Sidey:I know it does say

Dan:watch demolition

Sidey:it does seem a bit remiss of me not

Pete:yeah Three 300 is is yeah



Pete:demolition man is amazing It's not it's not certain greases it no 300 is definitely worth a watch and the in-betweeners is set in Malia in

Sidey:I just didn't really like the show that much

Pete:I don't even know if you need to like the show too I mean it's it's a typical Oh it's like a typical light Brit lads on tour type film There's there's hilarious Hilarity in

Reegs:Oh it's hi-jinks and misunderstandings and

Pete:Yeah It's it's it's absolutely brilliant It's it's almost like not in the same way but it's it's almost like a another film I've got on my list Kevin and Perry go large from I yeah down in which again is just like it's just fucking stupid There's some of the funniest moments in both of those films are shit scenes albeit no

Reegs:taking a shit

Pete:no one of them is that is I think Perry does a turd in the sea and and it floats into I think maybe Kevin's mouth and Kevin and Paragon lodge Now I'm saying it that the turd that follows Simon

Reegs:something that happened to my kids


Yeah yeah But now now I've now said it I think the turd following Simon down the down the water slide might be in the in-between is too But that again is is it's like a a point of view shot from the turd It's it's fucking incredible Yeah They're definitely worth of watch I in case you didn't my acting was so incredible I don't believe that 300 and in between and so based like the same story sorry Yeah yeah Either it wasn't funny or you guys are slow in the uptake I'll let you decide

Sidey:The third man we were in Vienna You guys see have you guys seen the third man

Dan:this is I've seen it Multiple occasions is an

Pete:I saw the first and second


Sidey:there Yeah Awesome

This is it's awesome Wells plays Harry lime this sort of racket here and my previous experience of seeing someone like that was dad's army where it was all a bit you know funny this guy is fucking ruthless He's setting doctors Yeah He's setting Is it penicillin Like what would Dan Patterson

Dan:realized we'll sell anything to anyone to get what you need wants Did

Sidey:it's made he gets a tour of the hospital and you see all these people that have had this dodgy medicine from it is fucking ruthless but he's still this super charismatic guy You know you see him in the doorway and the cat comes up to him it's often voted like the best British film of all time and it pretty probably doesn't invent it but it's a really classic example of a film noir and the chase scene at the end through the cinema through the sewers with the way the shadows play is fucking brilliant It's got the Zimmer soundtrack that's really memorable as well

Dan:Anton Charisse Um it it's yeah fantastic whole character and awesome worlds Actually Didn't he'd perfected that character through radio He'd been doing a radio and you can listen to his the awesome wild stories only about 25 minutes long and it's an absolute fantastic stories just of the stories of Harry line before that So all the other kind of escapades he's got up to he's selling heroin you know I mean this isn't a light you know jinx thing He went up to his neck in all kinds of shit how he lying but you're absolutely right The whole character of that film is is a sleek businessman You know he's he's got he's got a girl on his arm and he's going to the best restaurants And at the


Dan:got his fingers in all the dirty

Sidey:they're on the Ferris wheel or something with his mate And he's he's saying you know look at these people they're just ants on the floor and does it really matter if you just squash a few It doesn't matter No Yeah He's just doesn't see it You know it's got no connection to her

Dan:How are we going Great cool

Reegs:Taken in French and Lou taken I don't know That's probably not true It's another


Reegs:movie it's a sort of he's an ex CIA bad-ass Liam Neeson Yeah And this was the start of here is him being an action hero which I love Liam Neeson as an action

Pete:Right So cause I've not watched any of those films I don't think there's a few of them Isn't there

Reegs:There's been about a hundred billion of

Sidey:There's a

Reegs:where he's

Pete:Right not not seen any of them because of what you just said there like for me Liam Neeson doing action just wouldn't work So I haven't watched it

Sidey:like a special forces kind of guy It's not like it's not like Arnie

Reegs:I think you've

probably not necessarily noticed so much is how fucking massive he is

Pete:a big fellow Yeah

Reegs:And in these movies they portray him as just this undefined Sorry sorry Sorry He was miming a cock-up he is huge and he beats up all these East European guys I love the fact that

Dan:you I you know it

Reegs:he's portrayed as this

Pete:that was quite that was quite chilling That impression Yeah

Reegs:He's portrayed as this sort of like being a bit of a lunatic because he's deeply paranoid about his daughter being abducted when she goes to Europe and then like literally that's exactly what's

Dan:the airport from the she's fallen for the oldest trick in the book outside the airport And and then she's

Pete:Oh she's got got him with one of those tour guides

Dan:like a you know she's a crack whore in in on some

Sidey:That's what that's what happens to they'll get sold off

Dan:it's it's the

Reegs:kindness that he just goes and beats the shit

Dan:father you would want to be able to


Dan:I will

Sidey:I'd just rather it didn't happen at all

Dan:yeah yeah of course Yeah There's that that's why you know that's why he shouldn't have just let it go in the first

Reegs:I don't know if it's this one or the second one There's a scene where he's wired up some guy's balls to a car battery just to get some information out of him I'd like to see like in the set in the same universe

like set in the same universe but take other well-respected actors So like get Ralph fines as an ex SAS soldier who needs to

down traffic drug trafficking Sylvester Makati Patrick Stewart is an ex Navy seal

Pete:Yeah well

if they're good enough for acting then they'll be able to pull it off Surely


Dan: But there's some isn't there some actors who you just think would just be who would be far too typecast for such a role like Del boy mean JV Jason

Pete:David Jason on a meds like vigilante

Dan:wouldn't work

Sidey:the the chat that we couldn't remember the name of who died last week who was in live and let die alien

Pete:Oh Tenango Koto Yeah

Sidey:Was offered the role of Johnny turn it down It didn't want to work in television So it was beneath him bad call


Dan:go Yeah It didn't

Sidey:It was in his obituary in the

Pete:It's quiet then I'd like a change of direction to go from that type of actor like he's got like to affect Koto who was before that he was in like that bond film and he was an alien and stuff to that Like like Patrick Stewart is is yeah it's it's it's a big change of direction

Dan:I I could go on and on here I've got I've got quite a few more so I just gonna rattle along um a couple for the check connection Just I mentioned before there's quite a lot of films that have come out checks So mission impossible child 44 which was Tom Hardy I read the book that the film didn't hold up to be quite as good the extraordinary league of gentlemen or league of



Dan:we mentioned at the top alien predator Jojo rabbit was actually a failed

in Czech Republic as well I wanted to mention a film that I haven't I've probably seen once and it was 20 maybe 30 years which goes to show how powerful film can be that you stick with it when you know it stays in your memory So my left foot Which is a it's the kind of film that because it's

Reegs:Daniel Day Lewis

Dan:Day Lewis Oscar winning performance playing what was it a guy called Christie I

Reegs:forget his name

Dan:Who who basically was a complete the only thing the only thing he could move was his left foot You know it was it was it was a cripple paraplegic not kind of sure there the complete

Reegs:That's definitely not Gripple

Dan:Oh wow You see how bad we are We don't give a shit Well I do give a shit I'm sorry about that But

you disabled age where that kind of thing was said and Elvis it's not correct We'll edit all this You'll never hear it not because I don't do the edit but if I did the edit that would have been edited out just so we know my left foot it's a is a great for many reasons it's it's not an inspirational movie but it does inspire and it's not a

you see it I'll be full of contradictions now mean it's not a sympathetic move or though inspired sympathy it's a it's a story of a stubborn difficult and blessed gifted man who was dealt a bad hand

and he

played it well he played it

Pete:luckily you had a good foot

Dan:you ever could Cause he actually Gave his a lot of some good books some good paintings And example of the courage is somebody who's been dealt a rough hand    So I'm going to leave I'm going to leave England alone because you suggested leaving England alone And I feel like that could be another choice for another time

kind hearts and coronets So

Pete:Well are we also leaving Scotland alone

Sidey:Yeah I've I've gone to all

Pete:the whole of the UK Right Okay in that case I haven't seen many other films I'm going to go for so a couple of other things I've got on on my list from Italy So I've got the Italian job there were two of them and I guess that you guys are probably going to hate me for liking the

Reegs:no I'm going to agree


you Oh brilliant Okay Yeah You're a pure not nicer guy than I gave you credit

Reegs:Well it's with films concerns You've just got you know

Pete:Yeah Yeah yeah no I liked it with with Marky Mark and S Donald Sutherland's in it I think

isn't it


Pete:Fuck on the doors to go ed Naughton quite near Jason Statham obviously Yeah So yeah

Sidey:Or you'd like the fast and furious movies then if you'd like

Pete:No no and yeah I've also got the talented Mr Ripley down here which I've which I I have seen and enjoyed and that was Italy Yeah

Reegs:Melfi coast I think is is a lot of it

Pete:I saw it a long time ago and it was it was probably the sort of film that I think at that time I would have gone into thinking God I'm going to hate this It's going to be like really high brow and wonky and stuff And it actually like the performances of the two main guy Matt Damon and that and Jude law it's actually really compelling viewing and and a great film

Reegs:I'm Phillip Seymour Hoffman in it as well And he's great And it's got this sort of tragedy to it as well And you


Matt Damon is a monster but you're kind of hoping he gets



Sidey:I haven't seen it but it has reminded me of the other thing I watched this week which was seven


Dan:yeah That's a good movie

Sidey:it doesn't qualify for this list let's just go through a couple of Audrey tattoo ones that DaVinci commode which is Paris it starts off in the loop and she turns out to be Jesus or something And then Amalie which is also Paris which I don't want to say too much about because I'm still planning to watch it at some point with the Mrs So I'd rather she didn't know anything about it

Dan:Like there's Leo as well which always reminds me of Amalie for some reason I don't know whether that

Sidey:Well the Hitman I think probably yeah

Reegs:Have we been to Spain Don Desta Pedro

Pete:Kevin and Perry go large


Dan:for the spot dollars

Reegs:similar to Kevin and Perry go large You've got Pan's labyrinth which is gear Guillermo Del Toro I wish he was here to help me Thank you Kim Guillermo Del Toro his movie set in Spain in 1944 during Franco's fascist overthrow of the Spanish democratic left government And yeah it's got a failure is a little girl who whose mother has had to shack up with this cruel and horrible ruthless captain and she undergoes this kind of yeah Fidel She didn't it goes to this kind of fantasy where she's this kind of On a woken princess of this weird fucking weird underground world where Doug Jones is a sort of nine foot tall man with eyes on his fingers and in the Palm of his hand very odd it's you don't know what is really real or not real have you seen this movie Yeah it's fantastic in it I could bang on about that I'll just finish up with secret life of Walter Mitty and


Reegs:recommendation with Ben Stiller Yeah Well what that scene in particular in Iceland as he's going down and it's got 'em Sigur ROS banging out and no it's not cigarettes It's it's something else completely but it's a fantastic so that's that's a movie that's kind of far better really than it had any right to be and

Dan:I'm not a huge Ben Stiller fan actually I liked some of the you know just that's how I find him I think he's just done some short films He he's I liked him in something about Mary and Dodge ball for he was

Reegs:made The focus was

Dan:some ones Yeah I know

Reegs:You shut the battery

Dan:it just didn't connect over connect with me Those

Pete:yeah Yeah So you're under a gun Yeah Yeah What about Zoolander

Dan:massively connect with me Anyway the machinist was in Spain and the good bad and ugly a fistful of dollars that was short in Spain

Reegs:star Wars was in Spain

Dan:There you go No

Sidey:Tunisia by the tattoos and stuff

Dan:There you go and we know from our friend Jamie chambers that it went out into he was here or somewhere

Pete:go in Europe

Dan:no but he went out there to film you know it's connection all right well let me let me wrap my my ones up I wanted to mention Philomena which was shot in in Ireland

Reegs:Yeah We sort of all universally agreed not to do that I think so

Dan:UK I think the Ireland Irish would disagree

Reegs:Oh yeah No Okay Yeah no no Sorry

Dan:if you want to stop the old good Friday agreement by coffee or whatever I would Say the other one that I wanted to mention and I will get a kick in for this we've now learned I

Pete:So I thought that'd be on your list Yeah I'm just going to rattle off a few few ones assess in France but all animated Ratatouille the the chef rap guy

Sidey:of health codes violations

Pete:Yeah definitely Definitely but still it's still an enjoyable film

Reegs:There's a guy I worked with called Loic Donagee who looks like Ratatouille And if he ever listened Yeah

Pete:Does he know that you say that


Pete:him That's fine then Um the the the Ratatouille the rats to be ride at Disney absolutely scared the living piss out of my daughter just so I'd have that beauty and the beast which I fucking love as a as a an animated film

Reegs:No you're wrong about that And we'll have to have a discussion another

time about why that's so awful

Pete:why is it

Reegs:It's terrible

Pete:Why Oh is it because of the aspect ratio or something Kim Yeah fuck off Right I'm moving on I'm talking


Reegs:abuse for girls So just put up with

Pete:Oh okay Oh and that's something you're not on board with Right Okay And finally finally the Arysta cats which is about snooty posh cats

Sidey:My daughter likes that one

Pete:Yeah Oh and quick shout out to Iceland journey from the sensor that journey to the sensor of the earth is also set originally in Iceland Like the 1960


Pete:No no no not the original not that one The original


Dan:bastards that must've been set

Pete:Oh yeah That was set massively in France and Germany

Sidey:Yeah That's the first year of the German occupation of France allied officer Lieutenant Aldo rein assembled a team of Jewish soldiers to basically torture

Dan:Oh I got this on a a DVD ripoff in Thailand when I was out there And I the first person I led me to was this German guy and I never thought about it like you know because he was just




Pete:It reminds me to speak to a German at once and explain why we weren't working on liberation day in in Jersey Yeah That that came as a he laughed about it is that


Sidey:Saving private Ryan is a Normandy which is in France it's a really good re-imagining of what happened


Sidey:world war where the yanks were the only competent armed force on display but the exposures were cool So that was good dirty rotten

Pete:Oh I had that on my list I really like that film

Sidey:the French Riviera


Pete:It's Michael Kane and Steve Martin Isn't


Dan:Is it the other

Sidey:A couple of classics which probably should have more chat about them but at the time now DaVita which is where the pretty girls dance around in the fountain But I can't remember much more about it Cinema Paradiso which is a real tear jerker And then the trip seasons two three


Sidey:four but I haven't seen four So any two and three

Reegs:Yeah It's all good

Dan:You you had those I was wondering actually if anybody w would The the Griswold family holidays


Dan:as a yeah Yeah Okay

Pete:Is that national Lampoon's Chevy Chaster I couldn't really get on board with that after animal house That was the best national Lampoon Phil


Reegs:No I liked it He's funny man Eric idle gets run over and it's funny

Dan:that was enough


Sidey:didn't mention


Reegs:during the top five but I had it on my list it's what happens when you go to Europe if you're a dipshit frat boy backpacking around Eastern Europe you end up in a warehouse being tortured by rich sadists so don't go to Europe

Dan:before sunrise What happens when you go to Europe you go on a train and you meet a lovely girl and then you spend a romantic 24 hours with her

Pete:Only because I know now how much it irritates rigs I'm going to put the beauty and the beast And so you put in a hostel like that I'm sure there's some fairly light bad shit in that but you're on board with that So

Sidey:I'm paying in the third man that's classic

Dan:We got two good movies into yeah





Reegs:What did you pick for a Stan

Dan:We're sure there was a minute now of course midnight in Paris did Rocky Yeah Woody Allen did you ever like Woody Allen movies


Reegs:I've only seen two

Dan:too He's done This is his 41st or was his

Pete:can you quickly like reel off some others So I


Reegs:hall and Manhattan the two that I've seen

Sidey:there the row So a famous one is he's got his early careers sort of nickname the early funny ones He just thinks like sleeper and things you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to

Pete:I was at the one with the sperms and stuff Right I've seen



And then he's got things like bullets over Broadway and all these other ones he's really prolific He was doing like film a year sort of stuff He

Dan:it's just become a bit of a cultural icon Hasn't he Woody Allen Woody Allen movies He's got a he has a style He has this kind of

Reegs:well they nearly always feature him as a as a protagonist in some way

Dan:Yeah It's like a neurotic guy Who's is normally just trying to find his way in life Everything seems crazy to him from his point of view and I guess in this film we've got Owen Wilson who I really like his ear in fact I think he's leading the charge on thing is bill Murray you've got Wolf Pharell I'm thinking of comedic actors that really doing other other things as well I mean welfare was not welfare was doing welfare stuff then how far he could stretch you know you had Jim Carrey who obviously has stretched himself into different

Reegs:one 11 foot tall Now

Dan:he's now is now stretch Armstrong I mean that's it Yeah They call them stretch trim but food is movie Anyway you you go ease It's a time traveling movie You've got these two Americans a couple that go to Paris Gil and his wife Izzy E N is in his strange name

Reegs:That was Rachel McAdams

Dan:McAdams So every way actors they're heading into Paris and she wants to go shopping all the time And he wants to lose himself in the poetry of Paris because he's a writer he's a screenwriter

Reegs:He considers himself a hack Doesn't he Because he's turned out successful Hollywood movies


Dan:And so they've come to Paris on a on a holiday on a with the family with the in-laws

Reegs:had he lived there before I think there was some that he'd spent a bit of time that he'd spent in Paris

Dan:lived for food books and things If he's not actually been there before because he's he's all about how Hemingway would have been biting in these streets and every every shop and every cafe he goes passes Did Hemingway go there or or Fitzgerald

Scottsville Gerald or all these kinds of famous writers and literary giants is heroes where she's just turned around a quarter ago Whereas where's the D the shopping or this

Sidey:where can we get to lunch This is constantly going on about Oh it making sense I for lunch

Dan:So it's kind of weird to describe this film I guess being a Woody Allen film it's lighthearted and basically our our hero protagonist Gil ends up on some steps around 12 o'clock at night having just wandered the streets and getting into a car that takes him back in time to the 1920s where he meets his literary heroes And he meets

Reegs:yeah There's no it's not like the car doesn't do 88 miles an hour and go burst into play It's just he gets into an old timey car and suddenly he's in yeah

Pete:It wasn't immediately obvious to me that they traveled in time I was just watching it And

Reegs:I wondered if I hadn't already read the premise where do I would have known that So

Pete:I didn't read anything about that I didn't know what to expect So I I it took me a little while to appreciate that He'd he'd gone back in time So it was only when he was in fact it was only when he first went to the first party and it was Fitzgerald the Fitzgeralds and and then obviously if was like names I'd heard of and I didn't know if it was a a festival just so it was like a fancy dress by they're introducing themselves as a Fitzgerald's cause they're dressed as them

Dan:as it happens to him then Cause it kind of as it unfolds there's a nice way to go in and to see

this film Cause as it enfolds to him it kind of unfolds to you

Reegs:But the song that's playing is I can't remember which one it is but it's Cole Porter song and it does move across in it and you can see okay Right That that


Oh the guy on the piano is playing

Dan:What'd he say a nice kind of soundtrack basis is a jazz If you like light jazz kind of jolly music goes for out and it's kind of I say melancholy the film in parts but not it's it it moves it


Gail's got this existential dilemma hasn't he rarely that he about living in the past or living in the present And that's been going on before we've had this

Dan:Well he's kind of writing a book about a a guy


Dan:Works in a nostalgia shop or something isn't he and and that shows kind of how he's living in the past himself and how then he finds himself in the past Isn't a big jump in Woody Island's world I guess So he goes through and he meets these interesting characters and then

Reegs:it's like the fucking Avengers assemble Isn't it of like people that it suddenly goes through No it is like you know you suddenly you know the film they're flashing at you Matisse the fucking Hemingway Darley

Dan:Gertrude Stein

Reegs:of these like if you're a modernist or somebody like that you're probably like this is you know really made for you Yeah I am a fucking barbarian So I had no idea that these guys were all knocking about together at the same time in the same place all these like and it is like the justice

Dan:Dali and all that you know

Pete:crazy cat I think it's probably worth saying that before you even go back in time because what you were saying about him and his wife and they they're obviously into different things or whatever but in some ways it kind of like highlights why they are not A good match in the carrot Is it Michael Shane that I want to say it's not Martin sheen is Michael sheen So his character who's a Dick


But he is able to regurgitate he'd like knows about art in terms of being able to to you know

regurgitate Well no he okay

Reegs:potentially as

Pete:okay So he yeah he he he's able to

Reegs:Carla Brunei how fucking fit where she as well by the way Yeah

Pete:but he

Reegs:is messes It's amazing

Pete:but Rachel McAdams is impressed by that So it's not that she's just into like lunches and doing all these kinds of things

Reegs:well She

comes from money anyway so

Pete:yeah So but she's just she she just constantly belittles like her her husband at the expense of like Oh now we're going to go and meet with them We're going to go to mom Motrin which is a historical place And we're going to go to art things and shut up I want to hear I've forgotten the guy's name but Paul is it I think it's Paul Like I want to hear Paul Paul's talking I'll pull it You might learn something and stuff It's really like almost like over the top like w you know th th th that wasn't particularly subtle but it's Gail lives and breathes the kind of you know like the romance of Paris and everything all the stuff that you can't really just get from a book or whatever it is you know like in terms of facts it's not about the facts to him It's it is it's it's it's all of his senses are stimulated by

Reegs:the music the food the language although he never bothers to learn a fucking word of it So for a man who really loves

Pete:sprawl and he's know it's amazing He's even left his country

Dan:Look at the British not much better in languages We were pretty poor when it comes to learning somebody well you know bonds you Peter up



Reegs:So I can't he goes to the first party meets the Fitzgerald Tom Hiddleston Can't remember the actress She's very good as well Meets Gertrude Stein It's Kathy Bates yeah again

I only really knew the name because this was I mean I just felt terribly uncultured much in this

Dan:You've got a Matisse painting in behind one of the scenes with own

Reegs:Go again stair there's Yeah

Dan:You know so you've got all these artists and things

Pete:it's okay to not know all about our an artists and everything like that I've never been ashamed of the fact that I've heard of these people but I didn't know you know I don't know the characteristics of Ernest Hemingway or the Fitzgeralds or or you know all of the other people some of whom I'd never heard of Picasso Dali Like I've I've heard of these people but I didn't feel ignorant not knowing it You said you feel like a barbarian And so it's like some of these people if they watched a film about Diego Maradona might have never have heard of him or whatever it doesn't make them barbarians It's it's

this exactly It's like you know in sports and other things are just as much like art and uh you know and can be you can be passionate about them I don't yeah I think it's kind of quite snobbish or like you know upper you know yeah Elitists to to be able to list all of like if that's what you're into Great But if you're doing it just as a you're a little bit like Paul if if all you can do is regurgitate things that you've heard about other people

Dan:Exactly And I think this is what this film kind of characterize as well They're not doing their work They're they're out on the town aren't they these these people they're

Pete:Yeah yeah yeah yeah that drawing that Yeah

Dan:and soul of the parties

Pete:their inspiration comes from the city and the vibe and everything

Dan:And for me I think his own Wilson who's the you know I like him I think he's been brilliant actually since I've seen him in was it Armageddon I think the


Reegs:say yeah

Dan:Oh you're not like that film


Dan:loved that


Dan:It's my

guilty pleasure And I love all

Reegs:masturbating to the special Olympics

Dan:Yeah Alan emotional things fantastic in there So I think he just plays it probably as Woody Allen might have liked himself to play it you know to because normally he's normally Woody

Sidey:this is my massive so for this film not well this film was so like a paradox in itself and that I really liked the film but hated some of it So it was just a Woody Allen impression The whole thing was just a Woody Allen

Dan:Yeah Well that's what I was saying I do see that he wanted somebody to have played him a younger Woody Allen but I liked Owen Wilson enough to and he put his own spin on it read that there was a lot of rewrites because of who Owen Wilson is woven in But you saw it different Yeah Okay

Sidey:To me it was just a complete impersonation

Reegs:but it's often like that in in Woody Allen movies I mean this one really was though what made it weird is that Owen Wilson is usually quite a laid back slow speaking guy And then he's like really animated in this I've always found them fairly one dimensional and this did nothing to change


for me I'd say Owen Wilson I'd like him in where he has like he's a supporting actor or you know like zoo Lander or whatever he there is He can be he can be funny He can be entertaining but not when he's the main guy he's actually this this whole kind of like like you say that kind of like you know

Dan:I honestly believe this guy actually I really liked him And I think there is a role for him that will connect with you guys because I see something in Oh well sitting there and I know that he's had his own personal problems over the last few years and wherever that goes into his work I'm sure it does you know but I've certainly seen enough in him in even the films that maybe haven't come out as successfully as you might expect or he might expect in ed for me you know I it's just one of those people that makes me laugh and I enjoy watching him on screen bit like bill Murray you put me in most things and I'll I'll find something there to enjoy but he did certainly and often this field my father is fucking brilliant

Reegs:So after meeting all of the the plethora of art people

he has to go he

Pete:such a word


Reegs:he goes to go and get a copy of his book to give to Gertrude Stein to read And when he comes back with book in hand the 1920s is now a dodgy old laundromat And then he has to go and explain it all Yeah Yeah He has to explain it to his Mrs Inez who is still prattling on about

Dan:all kinds of stuff Yeah

Sidey:It's clear where that's going to go

Reegs:It's very clear

he keeps disappearing and reappearing meeting various people I think the standout one is when he's trying to explain to the surrealists including Darley Salvador Dali played by Adrian Brody What do you think of the mustache So yeah


lacks I thought Darlie's mustache was more extreme than


Reegs:Yeah I don't know if it was like historically accurate or

something I don't know but yeah disappointed in the mustache but he tells them that you know he's from the future and he has got a dilemma because he's fallen in love with

yes a rat and then no man

Sidey:she was Picasso's sort of muse or lover

Reegs:There's an instant attraction between him and he suddenly caught between these two women

Dan:which obviously is all you know in in with keeping a sense of he's falling out of love with the messages and she's falling him You


he's he's escaping into a world in the 1920s while she's off you know talking about Paul th they're going apart

And it

it can feel that way sometimes kind of you're living in a different time You'd live in a different place when too you know Relay it relay a relationship with two people That's just kind of drifting apart so wildly you know

Reegs:do you need something to bring it back together

Dan:Or bring it back together or

Reegs:or just it's gone


Dan:going away

isn't it You know because it it you get the con the feeling that the relationship with Paul and thing wouldn't last as as wouldn't the relationship with them but they they're just moving away anyway from each other and that's what I like about the writing of this film as well you know with Woody Allen films that there's there's obviously there's layers within the film and The historical kind of side of it I really liked cause I really liked that period You know I really like that time It fascinates me and I think Paris in the twenties it was seen as a bit of a wild time you know I


it was was his his debauchery and and it was it was Paul easy It was jazzy It was everything kind of really kicking

off They'd obviously gone through shit in the war They were getting ready to go shit in the war And it was it was all good in the 1920s

Pete:Yeah Yeah But but part of the theme of the film is that each generation looks back fondly or not not everyone but these types of people look back fondly on previous areas and and sort of young to to be back in those times because before that you had the like the like those references to the Beller Polk and stuff like that And then pre even previous to that it was the whose time

Reegs:Marianne Cottey yards So she takes them back even

Pete:Oh so it's a favorite time Yeah Yeah Not her

time but yeah yeah

yeah yeah

Yeah And then there's there's bits about like the French revolution and so on before that And it's you know they're

Reegs:well there's a detective that the father hires who ends up trapped in the

Pete:yeah yeah It's yeah



gets stuck into the into the same portal as a as girl So it all kind of wraps up and you you you know the way that it film's going as far as the relationships are ending but it's not about that It is but it's it's also about the characters and and the actual just having fun in the film I think you know what I mean This is this is a time-travel film and a writer going back to meet his literary heroes to both get the confidence to move on with his his book and his writing and to move on from his relationship

Pete:It's like a high brow bill and Ted's excellent adventure

Sidey:Yeah you're right That there's obviously some issues with Woody Allen when you sort of hear the name you know that there's this controversy in the background which I don't know if we want to go into huge detail about what the accusations were but they're fairly grim

Reegs:Yeah And there was enough it was considered Not good for the party who is affected to bring those charges against him They were saying you know that it would do no good to have that have the victim relive that stuff in court so that's why the charges weren't bought but it's a pretty fucking weird set up that's going on in that whole relationship between him and Mia Farrow you know

Pete:I I'm I'm a reminder this this might be controversial You guys have touched upon this stuff before when I haven't been on here and I've been listening Like for me I separate the the art from the artist


And you know it's almost like we don't really do it It's almost like no one could have ever mentioned a Kevin Spacey film ever again like you know there's been a lot of serious allegations and some you know some have improving and so on but he's a phenomenal actor

Reegs:well that's cancel culture

Pete:yeah like it's it's like Michael Jackson's music And so and I'm not saying listen I'm not a big Woody Allen film Oh big Woody I'm not a big Woody Allen fan So it doesn't you know it doesn't really I'm not coming at it Oh I'm going to like stand up for Woody Allen Now that's not what I'm doing I'm just saying I you know I'm not I don't buy it What they what these people have either done or alleged to have done is horrific But if we're talking about this film if we're talking about like bits of art that have been created

Reegs:just talk about this

Pete:yeah exactly

Reegs:to Yeah

Sidey:Well part of the issue is that he will or he does have a tendency to write himself in with a much younger Female CoStar So Manhattan the whole thing is him dating an 18 year old girl and in this one at the end cause it is Woody Allen Vajra proxy of Wilson He ends up going off with a much younger girl Again

Reegs:I end it right I know it's probably reading too much into it but when there were a couple of shots of her the way they were framed it's like you can tell like the camera's absolutely in love with her like sort of thing Like it's he's


out of shot the big star and she's I dunno man It's just easy to read a lot of stuff into those

Sidey:It's slightly I don't know It just I wouldn't normally like you say you wouldn't I could separate it but with him and the way he writes it is a bit like fuck you know this is a bit like another young girl scenario sort of thing It's a bit like

Pete:I personally didn't pick up on how young she was She seemed you know the age gap Wasn't a totally unbelievable age gap between the two characters I haven't really seen enough like Woody

Sidey:but he's writing it as HEB as that's the way I saw


Dan:I always think about the the actors and and the teams that are in

behind Them as well You know I mean you're talking about some

Pete:Oh big actors Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah If they feel it's unjust I

Dan:don't do my homework on this kind of stuff Like you know so it's one of those where I'll watch the film and then I might read a headline and that would make me think something else or you know

Reegs:Well the problem is we don't know though that's the thing is a lot of stories obviously

Dan:haven't I haven't done the necessary kind of investigation and all that but I do look at it and I think you know this is I and I I take your point cider you know there's you know potentially if you're looking at it from that point of view how he's written himself into into roles where younger girls and things if he's got a history of that you would say well that's that's makes you feel uncomfortable but

Reegs:he married his own step daughter


Dan:All very

Sidey:soon Yi Previn

Pete:It's like Michael Jackson doing a song about sleepovers and stuff with

Dan:But you know you've got own Wilton You've got Rachel Mick Adams you got

Reegs:Corey Stoll as Hemingway and he was absolutely


Sidey:at a Marvel film

Reegs:yeah he was yellow jacket man

Dan:You know Marianne

cock You've got

Sidey:yeah pretty much Michael Shane Alison pill

Yeah the Sultan's his daughter

Dan:ton of boon I's daughter I I dunno I I I would hope that these people have that you know Looked at things in details closer than I would

Pete:They've all got their own integrity as well If they thought that any of this that we're talking about here was was seeping into the story or the or the the products wherever I'm sure someone would have although let's not also forget as you quite often referenced on their paychecks will probably take the edge off any other concerns that they might have

Reegs:Well I know so they're part of a global

conspiracy Well but they are in a way I mean with Harvey Weinstein


Sidey:Woody Allen though does not give the whole script to his actors He'll only give them The scenes that they are involved in So Tom Hiddleston had no fucking idea that this is time travel movie And when I'd Wilson was on set it just didn't seem like slacks And he's

like it's like when you get changed

Dan:You know directors



Dan:of a parts like that I think we we've had it come up in the other


and we were in the they've just did Adam talk to us about that about when he was men of fight the a guy in the in the seam of the helmet or something

Pete:Yeah I know what film I know what you're talking about there Yeah Yeah The guy that you interviewed that had been in the film it's got it Your Hanson I can't remember the name of the film Yeah yeah You're right That that that had to happen I think that what now I know that that that actually lends itself to what I was saying before about I had no idea I didn't know It was a time travel movie I just thought it was a To be honest at the beginning quite a boring film about some Americans being in Paris or whatever And then it was

Dan:what the Oscar nomination thought

as well

Peter when


gave him

well but it was only then when I realized that he'd gone back in time but the way it kind of like been handled very kind of like subtly like you say there was no kind of like car with flames coming out the back of it and and a crazy dark like saying one point 21 gigawatts or anything There was nothing there was nothing like that And then all of a sudden it's okay it's kind of like it's like the the the C the the series good night sweetheart or wherever he goes he ends up like yeah let's not talk about that But it was it was And the fact that the actors didn't know that he'd gone back in time as well I think that came across like you know in the film to me

Sidey:you mentioned the Oscars it got nominated for four Oscars This one which where best picture best director best art direction And that's the big one they'll want to win and best original screenplay

Reegs:Did they win

Sidey:No it wasn't Yeah the screenplay we didn't win like the big ones but

Dan:can I best original

Reegs:screen That's a

Sidey:yeah that's a good one but I was always like director and best pitcher but Best director and best picture where his 22nd and 23rd Oscar nominations which is fucking a lot and he never he's never been he never goes he's never been So I just think he probably doesn't give a fuck about some awards thing He just gonna make we would like

yeah probably too many eyes Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen's relationship did you find that believable

Pete:In what respect


Sidey:them having romantic involvement

Pete:yeah Like she she was


Sidey:were doing it off in real life

Pete:Yeah I don't I don't see why not She he I remember Denise wasn't he with Kate Beckinsale or is with Kate

Beckinsale I'm fairly sure that took me by surprise but there is then only when go going back and then watching some things with him Like he's a fucking seriously good actor And I think he he's impressive Seriously impressive as a guy I mean like you believe everything that That he's got a lot of depth and range and everything all the things that I think unfortunately are in Wilson doesn't have I think he basically plays the same sort of like you know I guess he would appeal to a certain audience but I'm not sure he's got a huge amount of range or depth in his acting necessarily

Dan:It always strikes me I'm Wilson plays kind of close to himself



Pete:Yeah But that's kind of what I'm saying as well That's you know he he w he he will he will yeah Hit the Mark on certain things because that's within his range

Sidey:Well let's talk about the money on this one because it's quite interesting And the budget for this was 17 mil must've been for all the effects what do you think this did at the box office

Pete:I'm going to say win big like famous cars

Woody Allen lots of Oscar nominations

Dan:million seems to top end for me for the for the production value of what you've got from this

Reegs:There was a lot of green screen and shit It was weird There was a lot of the actors not being in the actual scenes that they were in I didn't really notice that but yeah

Dan:but it w it was you know it didn't seem a particularly expensive shoot for for 17 mil When we talk about what was it 9 million that we we'd done that one to 94 earlier Muriel

Sidey:Well I'll put you on your misery It was a smash it 154 mill

back which I was amazed

when I read that I didn't think any of his films

Dan:me to be honest Yeah

Reegs:ask a bounce and Woody Allen A lot of

Dan:that that's a huge bounce

Pete:yeah Yeah

Dan:nine times

Sidey:and it's the fourth time Can you guess what it is that Rachel McAdams has played the love interest over time traveler

Reegs:Oh the time traveled his wife the fourth time about time what have we got So we've got midnight in Paris About time

time Traveler's wife What's the last one

Pete:hotel time machine


it's Dr Strange

Reegs:Oh I don't think I'd have got

there actually Weirdly Hmm

Sidey:Yeah So I'm gonna ask a question Dan where are you not entertained

Dan:Yeah I was but I'm not sure that you was Can you be very quiet So where you entertained

Sidey:I was there's this there's a few things I find his writing quite pretentious It's all about art And

Dan:could you forget it was a Woody Allen

Sidey:because no no fucking hell no way you could You could have

Dan:But he wasn't in it So I



is in it He is in it for me He is in it It's it's written as him it's played as him which I found that part of it slightly jarring but the story I really enjoyed did actually fall asleep So I had to rewind and put it back on but I was happy to do that cause I did I did enjoy it it I I have no idea it was going to be sort of Time traveling with that many sort of characters coming into it So it was it was an interesting story a nice sort of gentle take on the the usual time travel sort of saga just the fear of this sort of Woody Allen isms that I find it just quite same in all his films just took it down from eight or nine to probably a seven for me but I still I did enjoy it

Pete:I so I've really liked the idea of it Actually as I said I kind of was a little bit I felt find it found it a bit dull until I realized Oh actually this is this is a time travel movie And then Then it's sort of like not picked up pace cause it wasn't a fast moving movie but it was definitely something that I was engaged with I'm not very well sort of I'm not very knowledgeable about like the the the characters or the you know the portrayals of the characters Ernest Hemingway seemed like a you know like quite a strong quirky bit of a you know Renegade kind of guy which I don't know anything about Ernest Hemingway So I don't know if he was if he was like that in realized so I don't know if it was a strong portrayal Right Okay Which so I'm sure I'd appreciated it more if I'd known more about it I'd say this was definitely not the sort of film that I ordinarily would have watched but I'm glad I did And it held my attention all the way all the way through sort of a seven for me seven out of 10

Reegs:No I hated this I hated Owen Wilson I hated him as the Woody Allen proxy It probably says something that my about my own anxieties that this sort of whiny insecure pathetic pseudo intellectual who's just sort of really ineffectual just Utterly enrages me and I I can't relate to him at all Or and I despise him he's got this dilemma of whether to slip let the relationship slip away with his beautiful fiance Who's got loads of money I'm sure you know that they'd been together for ages or shack off with some other chick who he then loses and then hints that he's maybe going to pick up some girl in a cafe at the end Who's about half his age I mean what the fuck this is this is ridiculous And that's exactly the plot of the film And he then meets it's all these literary guys that I'm sure if this movie you know if that floats your boat it's like the fucking Avengers for you when they were punching shit And I was going woo You know Matisse talking to you and then cracking a joke about some obscure 1960s fucking German movie that I've never heard of if that floats your boat Brilliant But it Just did absolutely nothing for me Fucking hated this

Dan:delighted because if everybody enjoys the films all the time then

Pete:it's boring

Dan:bit but no particularly Reese because he's just put me through the mill on so many occasions

Pete:It's such


to realize that I've I've kind of got your back one

Pete:here Yeah I've enjoyed the film even more now that I know how upset by it

Reegs:Yeah no fan

Sidey:children's entertainment to be Keep it within our European theme

Dan:That was the feeling actually I've been watching this for a few seems like years but it's weeks now find me in Paris It's a kid's thing on

Netflix Amazon prime

Reegs:Good stuff

Dan:Yeah great stall solid in the ballet world It's big in my house like because I have an aspiring ballerina dancer stroke catwalk

Sidey:traveling time

Dan:walk it builder

Reegs:yeah well much the same way

Dan:of big brother worlds daughter

Reegs:in much the same way that Pete was saying about the time travel aspect not being immediately apparent in Midnight in Paris I had no idea where I'm watching this that there was going to be a time traveler

Dan:We've got a double European time travel episode

Reegs:The subtlety was broken in the opening seconds Cause there's the narration where she goes My name is Lena Greski and I go to the best ballet school in the world I have a secret I'm a time traveler from 1905 and my boyfriend Henri is doing everything he can to get me home It's just like quantum leap or something

Sidey:Yeah It was very very grant the opening you know you've got all these like special note of cash

Dan:who sent me a big budget about 12 mil on the on the episodes on the on the series kind of

Reegs:you could tell that actually because the actors are fairly good and yeah and the camera is I noticed the camera

Sidey:well that's not very good in a TV program

Reegs:no it's really dynamic It had these great set in all these grand halls and things particularly the first part where she's in 1905 and she's a big production values in the camera's swooping around as it follows them through the halls And there's a conversation in the big hall and the camera's moving between them It was artfully done You know it was well you know that you could tell there had been money spent on this and good directors associated with it

Dan:And so so how it features is I think this one's called it's a play on Phantom of

Reegs:yeah Portal of the opera

Dan:portal of the opera I think it is So basically this is the episode that sets it up And as we talked about that first episode is sometimes a little bit tough to get over the hump but as side you would agree this started like a freight train and you weren't getting off Am I right Okay so a little bit of time to get on We we're into the series now in my house where we're wiped down the line but in this

Reegs:you don't need to let nervously round the room down I'm I'm with you This was fucking tops Yeah

Yeah This was good

Dan:it No no I'm quite happy with the choice

here because

it's is popular in our house you know and if the kids like it and I know you were struggling a little bit over there so I do but yeah You haven't got bad language You haven't got any commercialism in this They're not trying to sell you anything else You've got some positive role models that are doing ballet and things I know that it's a little bit silly and

Reegs:You've got French fence and price

Dan:on it You know it's gentle Saifai with this kind of time travel element

Reegs:It's got a sort of doctor who feel to it almost

Dan:It's got a doctor who Phil yarn loves it Cause all the guys were in their tights and you can


easier to see it poking for in

Sidey:there was a bit of bulge going

Dan:yeah there's some bowls going on for the girls So and

Reegs:there's one called max I think his name is he's the posh outsider He was kicked out of

Dan:hear a lot about him in our

Reegs:one of the girls says to the other he's got secrets So you can tell that his parents were killed in a tragic accident He's got a massive trust fund and so he's

Pete:you could you could say it's massive trust Someone throws jodhpurs or wherever

Reegs:the moment So everything he needs to be Batman but he was brought up by his arm too Instead of teaching him you know to be an Indian shit taught in ballet It's got like that typical sort of fish out of water type humor to it when she finds herself in 2018 you know she learns new society societal norms by immersion So she's she's


Sidey:one thought it was weird when she appeared in the midst of this big performance no one questioned like who's the random and the wrong outfit It's just turned

Pete:I think it was because they're also very serious and professional about what it is they do that they didn't even notice

Dan:They just

so concentrated in their own part And then when she collapses onto the floor and she says my name is Lena she gets mistaken for an Italian girl Who's going to be turning up in two or three days


Reegs:is also called leaner or Helina or something

Pete:or something Yeah


don't really stop around to explain

Pete:yeah They they dealt with the

Reegs:she was but she was unconscious I mean and they didn't take her to hospital or anything

Dan:there's there's certainly some safeguarding issues


out this the

Sidey:ruthless the ballet world though Isn't it We've seen that

Dan:when they see the talent Exactly We've seen this kind of


whiplash as well

you know when they push these young talents as as hard as they can Yeah

Sidey:it did that thing where you have her prancing round on stage and then it cuts to the ballerina's feet

And there's no attempt to say this is the same

Reegs:Yeah They're wearing different shoes

Dan:every episode the only person that doesn't notice it is my little girl who's loving this you know

Sidey:Well I was horrified because I was trying to sneak this in without anyway and my daughter came in and Oh fuck I should have turned off But she sat down and watched from about 15 minutes in and I said did you like that one And she doesn't really understand it I think Fuck

Reegs:Yeah I think it's a little bit old for them but it seems fairly wholesome

Pete:I had a similar scenario where I was I was watching this by myself cause like a five-year-old and three-year-old boy here This isn't really what they're into And my five-year-old came in the room And of sat down next to me And I just felt I felt like I had to pause it because I felt like I was sitting If I put myself in his shoes he's going to be thinking what the fuck is my old man watching here

Reegs:Well I have to admit I watched it today and I put it on and a lot of it is attractive young girls prancing about in ballet costumes Right And I thought if my Mrs walked in right now you know

Pete:Yeah Can you get is it she'll be thinking Oh it was the whole podcast thing a cover story for

Sidey:I got rumbled watching 'em do a leaper at the Grammys cause I quite fancy Yeah so I put that on YouTube and I was just like yeah it's really good It's just like a bit of a montage and hits my bed The outfit get skimpy and scammy you and I look at their misses just watching me do this cracking the drawer I said you fucking pervert And

Pete:where are you

Sidey:nothing I can say it's been completely done I'm going to watch it again later when she's in better

Reegs:So yeah a lot of it is like her adjusting to her new life So she laughs when water comes out of a tap and




Yup She can talk to her ex boyfriend


Oh well her current boyfriend Henri through a magical chimney




Dan:They go up on the roof

and there seems to be a a loose brick and a chimney that they can remove and swap messages We often say why didn't she just try and find a way in their like you know but

and the chimney

Reegs:Well we knew that's maybe that's what she was trying to do in all the dad was trying to do

Dan:because this one's for three series

Sidey:78 episodes and counting

Pete:Wow Well I I found the like the dad to be a bit like chews and a bit of a



Pete:walking around

Dan:a serious time traveler and Henry is

just fucking around

with it

because he's found this this this time-travel necklace giving it to the girl after him And and then he's fucked up the time

Pete:Okay But I I

Dan:and you want to just play around the edges

Pete:No no no I understand I've watched it and understood that but I just wondered like what was how did he talk to his son before all of that happened Like all of a sudden it's now like that guy's getting up Like I dunno what age he's meant to be Let's say he's 18 So for the first 18 years of his life has he always spoken to him like that or now is now it's yeah like just today he's like re like just choose some dismissive and weird And I

Reegs:yeah but the sun is a fucking moron

Pete:Trying to like scare his son

Dan:I dunno I just can't see more than what he's doing why that second and can't see that the play ahead or two plays ahead which is obvious to everyone else So he does become a bit of an annoying character but it doesn't focus on for a time travel thing It doesn't jump back too much to be honest it most of the time stays in the present as you go

on through the episodes and focuses on the dancing and the challenging so of the dance and in

Reegs:It was like a I don't know if you've seen that movie frequency with Dennis Quaid where he can talk to his


Reegs:over the radio It was like a really slow it's like Royal mail version of


where they just leave letters in the magic chimney and they talk to each other and they was I thought I wrote it down wrong And I only realized afterwards I called them the tongue eaters but it was the time collectors


And so I was like Oh that sounds exciting But they apparently are a bunch of steam punk douchebags

Dan:Well they are they they kind of steam punk dress Three teenage guys who able to manipulate time as well And basically the bad guys chasing them They want this time clock If they can get so many together something other poles get open up with a ball control she's not interested in that She just wants to get back but in the meantime she has to cover herself and pretend to be this Italian girl and dance She has to dance to prove that she's good enough because as we've already pointed out if you're a good enough dancer if she really is like some kind of world-class dancer from you know Russia in 1905 or present day then they'll find a way of keeping it because she's got the

Pete:Yeah it didn't get dealt with in this episode And one thing that I was interested about was it because I think before it was her turn she either fainted again or she left the room or I can't remember exactly what happened but

Reegs:she uh she bombed out at the dance thing

Pete:I was I was interested to see whether her 1905 I mean but she wasn't even that good in 1905 Was she Cause she was


Reegs:yeah she was she was like

Sidey:she's supposed to be the prima ballerina I think

Pete:Well a budding prima ballerina but she was like her friends were slacking off but she she admitted to



yeah a prospective prima ballerina but yeah I don't know enough about ballet to know So let's say kind of like Artists from 1905 their work would stand up now but a footballer from 1905 if you put that person in the modern game would immediately be noticeable as being bollix at football compared to everyone else And like with the whole like modern dance thing that clearly was you know it was like ballet with a twist It was kind of like some urban ballet going on and stuff So I don't know whether or not I don't know enough about it to know whether her even if she was a prima ballerina in 1905 which would that stand up in today's

Reegs:you only have to watch 78 more episodes to find out

Pete:because he probably knows

Dan:I watch probably about 18 of those and I could answer those questions Yes Peter she doesn't actually stand up to be the all encompassing dancer from the beginning that you might have been led to believe from the beginning where she's this kind of prima Donna

Reegs:but does she work her way

Dan:because it is a modern dance you know there is a different way of doll and they show that sometimes in just her culturally getting used to

hundred a hundred years or so So there is a lot of no there isn't It's a it's a sweet old kind of thing She's from Rochdale or something So you can actually hear the accent just come through now And again like that you know it just drops into coronation street or something


Maybe not in the first episode but as you as you listen on a a little more

Pete:she certainly doesn't sound Russian in any way shape or


Dan:she she's not washing it

Reegs:and it was all in Paris anyway Hence the title It wasn't just


Dan:and so I watched a few it doesn't it it goes on that it doesn't

Sidey:at the end

Reegs:I quite like this

Dan:what'd you want in a kid's TV program you know what I mean

It's it's pretty it's pretty positive and it's it's something different It's not Maybe what I would want to watch is if I was a 12 year old boy or whatever it 12 year old girl or something like that then this might be exactly what I

Pete:Yeah I'd be interested What I will do is I have a nine year old daughter and I will put her on to this and she has done dance and ballet She doesn't do it any more but I'd be interested to see if this is the sort of thing that she would like Yeah I will I will ask that question The


little girl she dances around watching it Where when we're watching this she danced around the lounge Sometimes she goes even as dancers far as East wing


I think my little girl is still a little bit young for this but I wouldn't mind her watching it when she is a little bit older it hasn't got a fucking unicorn in it so she wouldn't give a shit about it anyway at the moment but seven Yeah but she she enjoys a bit of dancing

Dan:on the door real life at seven once

Reegs:I know I can

Dan:it goes

Reegs:but it's it seems fairly wholesome It's got a good but ridiculous storyline you know the caster ethnically diverse and you know easy on the eye it's it was good Yeah I thought this was okay

Sidey:I didn't like it but I would it just cause it wasn't my sort of thing And it also production-wise reminded me of ponies that his club that

Reegs:kind of no it was much more high budget

Dan:I don't

know if it was I think it was just shot in in a in a slide but I think it it seemed to be a similar budget to me I I

that that kind of point there was a you know finished



Dan:there was uh there was a finish to

Sidey:this having moaned about it If my daughter wanted to watch it I'd be fine with that You know be fine for her It's just I go do something else while it was on

Dan:to be honest though it's mainly positive messages but I've sat there and watched it with


daughter and the wife watches it with us as well And sometimes you want to chip in just to reinforce the messages a little


too to younger viewers You know you want to be there not just to watch it let them watch it alone but just to say Oh that's not very nice Is it she didn't you know just to just to quiet kind


make some of the points yeah a little bit more forceful than they do probably because of the older view is we'll we'll just be able to take it on



you watch me younger be a better way to watch it

Reegs:or alternatively if you're trying to groom a psychopath do the total opposite of what Dan just said and like really criticize their more moral choices and

Dan:and then

Reegs:So that some parenting advice

Dan:go bad That's

Pete:this obviously wasn't targeted at me but whilst I wouldn't choose to ever watch another episode of it if my daughter wanted to watch it again like you said I'd be okay with that And I guess a bit of me does kind of wonder what happens and you know where where it goes but not enough to um yeah Yeah It's yeah But know enough to climax from



Sidey:Right now the episode in the can we are rapidly counting down to episode 100 We'll have to do something mega for that thanks chaps Pete you are nominated for next week Have you got anything

Pete:I do have I've done a lot more No no he didn't he didn't have any influence in this Okay A little bit I I was inspired I've actually been inspired by a couple of things one trying to broaden my horizons which this episode has done in terms of a film set in Europe and so on There's quite a lot of films that are my show I probably should have seen so but inspired by watching Narcos which predominantly a non-English language albeit with some English language I wanted to pick a top five What they're the Oscars referred to as foreign language films but I'm specifically not English language and so inspired by that And actually I did a bit of research and looked through like Back catalog of non-English language films There is a film that kind of intrigued me called the secrets in their

eyes an Argentinian

film from 2009 which I wanted to cover is our main feature Unless everyone's seen it before apart from me you probably won't be able to find it but we'll deal with that deal with that children's television not quite foreign language cause I don't think there's any actual like dialogue in it but unless it's been done before I'd like to do grizzy in the lemmings which I don't know if any of you have seen before it's on Netflix The really good news is the episodes are about six minutes


but I liked them I liked them So I'd like to grizzy and the lemmings

Reegs:So it's not speaking English themed

Pete:it's a French production I think So it kind of carries on but there's no it's not a foreign language thing Cause it's about a bear and they can't talk

Reegs:Yeah So not okay So not being able to talk or not speaking English

Pete:Yeah Okay Yeah Have brought in that And as a departure from that as a topic and for the midweek mentioned Harry Potter and the prisoner of

Azkaban Yeah

We are We're putting you through the mill rigs You have to watch


you have to critique it You have to try and not be an obnoxious end if at

all possible

But it's yeah it's fucking


Pete:you've watched the first two That's number three

Reegs:three So it's basically where I dumped out pretty much


Dan:Do I do I need to have watched the other cause I haven't seen

Pete:any of you read any of the books Read read the synopsis of the first couple and then threes where it starts getting real good Real good It's a fucking

Reegs:It's got Gary Oldman

Pete:Yes it does have Gary Oldman and yeah it

Reegs:was in the second one as well Wasn't he No no

Pete:No and his character is introduced in the third one Okay

Sidey:That's very exciting listen to us and review us and subscribe to us and do all that good stuff if you want to contribute a blog you'll have to wait in line cause Pete's got the next one

Reegs:I'm doing a trilogy of reviews on the skyline franchise which you know that should really peak your interest

Sidey:Yeah you can find with them bad dads


Dan:Yeah And I'll I'll do it I'll do a blog If anybody wants to nominate a film

I'll watch it and I'll blog on it

Reegs:Oh yeah Nice What if somebody asked for Dan's unique take I love

Sidey:I should say that we've been asked to a listener has demanded us to do a mid-week mentioned on kickboxer

So we need to fit that in somewhere breaching rocket

But that's all for tonight All that remains is to say Sidey signing out

Reegs:I know I don't know what to say at this bit anymore



Pete:Yeah. And Peter, Andre's gone as well.