April 30, 2021

Page 8 & Malibu Rescue

Page 8 & Malibu Rescue
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To be a great dancer you need grace, athleticism and style as well as the emotional intelligence to convey symbolism through rhythmic human movement. Naturally this is fertile ground for us dads, well renowned aesthetes and admirers of the physical form. By which I mean that at least one or two of us have been to strip clubs. This weeks top 5 features some of the best dance scenes ever committed to celluloid as well as some of the strangest.

Our main feature is David Hare's 2011 PAGE EIGHT, the first of three BBC movies in The Worricker Trilogy. Bill Nighy is  jazz fanatic and fine art collector Johnny Worricker, an aging lothario cum intelligence analyst whose best friend Michael Gambon comes across an incendiary piece of information in an official report, putting him at loggerheads with Prime Minister Ralph Fiennes. Meanwhile neighbour Rachel Weisz needs rescuing from a bad date with an internet entrepreneur whose arrival in Johhny's life may not be coincidental. With neither a single explosion nor car chase in site, preferring to rely on slowly building tension and dramatic conversations, will PAGE EIGHT persuade us to see the preceding seven movies? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Malibu Rescue is the latest tween to teen bilge pumped out like so much sewage into the sea by Netflix's (s)hit factory. Easily dismissed as Baywatch without all the interesting parts this comedy series began life as a feature length movie before the tv series debuted in 2019. Starring - and I really do use that term lightly - Sharknado's Ian Ziering, one of the other actors in particular caught Sidey's eye.

 Does anyone remember Reservoir Dogs's dancing scene?


Page 8



Reegs:Welcome to bad film review the film review show where you can partake of our Poland crumbles and become our drones This week show comes to us from the mind of Dan eman It's occurred to me that our listeners probably don't know much about So I thought I'd tell you a little about Dan's backstory The youngest of 11 siblings Dan is a 40 something year old man who enjoys football escapology and dining Alfresco average height with Brown hair He has a tattoo of a silhouetted Hill runner between his shoulder blades and his dog is openly racist His best friends is a personal trainer called Gerald with which he enjoys a fiery friendship based on them being mutually allergic to chickens

Dan:This is all out there

Reegs:And there will be more further backstory on each of the uh


Dan:I'm I'm I'm fairly sure that most people know about

Reegs:the chicken thing

Dan:chicken thing and average height I mean thank you very much pleased with that Yeah

Reegs:I am just above average height for a female in Japan So how do you feel about that what have people been watching this week Anyone going to put their hand up

Sidey:I watched LA confidential


Sidey:Very good I watched


Sidey:out stowaway which is less good that is to say it wasn't very good at all And I watched mortal combat the new one


Sidey:Which was junk

Reegs:Yeah You have a disappointed

Dan:watch the a trailer

Sidey:So the start of it but it It set The very opening scene is set long ago and you think Oh right this is fucking cool It's like real Kung Fu shit And then it just deteriorates from there And then it ends up as soon as it starts getting really CGI it looks like the old one that we reviewed but not anywhere near as fun There are some really good deaths but it hasn't it hasn't advanced like the guy before arms still it's fucking terrible Yeah It's still it's fucking junk reptiles terrible but some other ones are better There's some new couch in it and there's through the proper fatalities So there's enough in that I like I joined it I enjoyed it enough but

Reegs:this had quite a lot of Goodwill going towards it from us Didn't it So we wanted it to be good

Sidey:the fight and the opening sort of like murder sequence It's like a family gets Gets killed

Dan:same that I watched

Sidey:really good It's really really good Like the bar is set really high at the opening and then it just kind of falls away But there's enough that I mean take it wrong Like you put it on an evening You'll enjoy it But I just thought it was

Reegs:that's a good top five top five where the opening is better than the rest of the


Reegs:because I can already think of it for you That's a good one Hmm Oh what a shame I wanted that to be good And it's clearly not past this ID test I take that You watched anything cool

Pete:Right So I I am now sort of nine coming up to 10 nine years into a relationship And so as was as happens in a in a longish relationship you start to introduce things into the bedroom That's a sort of keep it all alive and going We've introduced the TV into the bedroom And what that now means is I am incapable of watching anything before I fall asleep so I started the wire based on the recommendations of everyone in the room or at least a couple of you guys in this room and got I mean I was loving it and then the next thing I'm asleep and then I've woken up and it's on episode four

Sidey:to be quite alert

Pete:Yeah And we just can't watch anything now without falling asleep So no I haven't watched anything other than what I was meant to

Sidey:with the words it

Pete:words words

Sidey:later on If you think it's bad at the start there's a character called Snoop It comes in I think it's probably a season three and you will not have a fucking clue like she's speaking English

Pete:Well that that was why I abandoned it the first time because I couldn't understand what people were saying in the first episode So yeah Words


Reegs:you kind of get your ear in you you get tuned to the

Sidey:will tune into it

Pete:but no

Reegs:the sort of rhythm and the cadence but yeah Snoop you can't you've got

Sidey:A lot of the people in that were from that scene though there's not like actors they're like real gangsters and shit It's it's amazing

Pete:Yeah I mean it it looked really promising and then

Sidey:I was watching that with the misses as well and I think we moved house and just never got back So I think we stalled it like seriously I'd seen it myself but I was really watching it And so I missed hadn't finished it So we do need to get back onto its fucking top

Reegs:I've been watching invincible Anybody seen that on

Sidey:my watch list


Reegs:It's a sort of like it's a bit like a Animated superhero show that you might remember from when you were like 10 or 12 like the X-Men or something like that But this one is quite edgy It's definitely yeah 18 rated is violent it's ridiculous It's got a fantastic cast It's got JK Rowling AKA JK Simmons during the voice of Omni man who's kind of the Superman guy who it's not really a spoiler alert to say that he's gone Absolutely shit at the beginning of the first episode

Dan:thing Is it

Reegs:not really be for adults but it looks like something that's familiar The animation is really good It's very reminiscent of those things Like I said for the X-Men cartoons or something like that that you watched earlier but obviously sort of updated for this time And it's if you liked superhero stuff like the boys or graphic novel stuff like preacher or something like that you'll probably get a kick out of this Great great voice Carter got Zachary Quinto Jim Mon Blah blah blah How honed Sue or whatever How'd you What's his name

Dan:blah Hey

Reegs:No I can't remember And loads of good people in it Sandra Oh Steven Yuen

Sidey:Oh he'd missed out Oh we should talk about the Oscars actually

Reegs:Yeah Terrific Check it out if you've got any interest in those kinds of things

Dan:Yeah And the Oscars Yeah This week

Sidey:Yeah There's been all this stuff about San to me It's been thrown under the bus for winning the Oscar

Reegs:being Chadwick Boseman I that's really unfair because I don't think anybody other than whoever's creating the story is thinking this though

Sidey:Oh I saw some fucking asshole journalists trying to stir something up about it but he's an 83 year old autistic man you know on the other side of the world who they wanted him to fly over

Pete:in a pandemic

Sidey:Yeah In the middle of a pandemic So he's in the at-risk category and then some people were sort of pissed that he didn't

Reegs:he say he's autistic Is he

Sidey:I read today and some people were mad that he didn't accept it on the night and fuck

Reegs:Yeah What an ungrateful current not risking his life


Dan:Yeah Ridiculous Yeah I mean he's he don't have to he's done the film that was his job this an award ceremony put that greatest stock in it after he's won it before And you know certainly not more than his life's worth there to go and do it

Sidey:I sort of speech afterwards I think it's amazing a bit fucked off about the whole thing to be honest But

Reegs:I never usually see the Oscar movies until well

Sidey:I was about to say how many of the sort of headline grabbing Oscar films have we actually seen I haven't seen any of them

Reegs:promising young women is on sky And I might watch that That sounds quite decent yeah exactly So at least it might be interesting

Dan:Yeah It's hard to get involved Isn't it If you haven't seen the films and you haven't really

Sidey:gotten it I hadn't even heard of Anthony Hopkins one at all

Reegs:No I'd only heard about it this week


Reegs:yeah It's about


Reegs:the father or something is it a cold or something

Sidey:Yes The father he's got dementia Sounds like a real laugh right

Reegs:yeah Yeah It's a sequel to patch Adams

Sidey:there but the Academy level that share then the notorious for not liking comedies ever So it's like you know no matter the hands and the father it's all dramatic stuff that they fucking love Yeah


Dan:What was the last comedy to win best pitcher really Maybe not

Sidey:My cousin Vinny windfall

Dan:that might've been it

Sidey:Cause there was all chat though That wasn't what was on the envelope

Dan:Who got a a an Oscar for that


Dan:did she I think she won the Oscar Didn't she I dunno

Sidey:That was not a chat That it wasn't that wasn't what was on the envelope It was when someone's read it out for laughing That's why everyone was so fucking surprised in the room but

Pete:I'd say parasite has elements of dark comedy in it Like you're definitely LOLs in it


Pete:Albeit it's not a comedy film Yeah


Reegs:black comedy


Sidey:but didn't they do didn't they do an NFT if Chadwick Bozeman's had as well

Reegs:non fungible token you're talking about Yeah Yeah

Sidey:But that seems really

Reegs:weird Well I dunno

Sidey:anyway Fuck the Oscars

Reegs:How'd you feel about non fungible tokens

Dan:No not massive

Sidey:I still don't understand it

Reegs:I didn't really understand it It's like

Sidey:do you understand the blockchain really

Reegs:I mean to to a degree but I still don't really understand any practical application of

Dan:a separate

Pete:I don't know where these two are talking about If I'm honest

Sidey:films But what we're doing today then Dan what have you got nominated for us

Dan:Well I wanted to do a top five dance scenes So dance So if there's dancing in a film if it's a dance film but it was a scene where there would be dancing and you would vote for your top five that's how

Sidey:that works

Dan:work so there's loads to choose from Obviously it was the toughest job was which ones to keep


Dan:even talking

Sidey:and that that segues nicely into this week's film

Pete:That's how

Dan:I felt I went in for a British by thriller which you know it was a touches of Lucara maybe to look forward to when we talk about this at about 14 F words and some bullshits and things but it was otherwise kind of child-friendly you could you know it wasn't Anything too too bad outside a little bit language Not really for aimed at kids of course but yeah

Reegs:this is an thriller about okay Sorry I just I just making sure I've watched the right thing

Dan:a way of how the world works from an early age You know you want to sit and Fu this is how

Sidey:Oh I I don't know that my daughter would have got a huge kick out of it but we can get into that and we've got some kids stuff you've really treated us with this one

Dan:No this was a this was a shout out from from a daughter actually Who's been watching this you know when you just go through the house the kids watching TV you're not really concentrating on what they're watching but it looks you know nice enough It's nothing is obviously you know that they haven't gone on to

Reegs:Bacchae the grappler

Dan:yeah whatever So I'd seen this before and then she nominated it


Dan:we said I should we should start here and there So this is this is one from the

Sidey:we'll get into it

Reegs:did we have any what was our last week to top five

Dan:we had the top


Pete:courtroom scenes I'm saying yeah was yeah it was courtroom scenes

Sidey:we did we did have a lot of nominations and a lot of the ones we'd already covered but one of the real standouts pick it was breaching rocket nominated It was arrested development which is a great one

Reegs:shout Yeah

Sidey:So let's let's let's put that in straight away Done We've had loads of interest on this week's top five

Dan:Well yeah it's

Sidey:is top five movie dance scene

Dan:Okay so I'm going to kick his off then I guess

Sidey:Go for it Where are you going for a passe or maybe a Rumba

Dan:I could choose there's there's many many but the one that I'm going for is just sitting and in the rain Absolutely brilliant dancing anyway

and it's it's an absolutely Fantastic old classic you know it's Jean Kelly Yeah She had a fever of like 104 or


Dan:the day and went and nailed that anyway that whole scene And it's just one I remember as a kid it was a it got played a lot

Reegs:when I was a kid

Dan:And it reminds me of those kind of lovely hazy days when a bit cold outside the fire's on And you had this going on and it was just a lovely lovely film this so gene Kelly dancing in the rain I don't think you can mention a movie

Sidey:the singing in the writing


Sidey:He is dancing but he's just saying

Dan:Did it did it did

Pete:You are available to do more jingles aren't you

Dan:you know for price anything

Pete:Right so I'm just going to just get it out there straight away film we reviewed in our midweek mentioned The absolutely iconic airplane dance scene We did talk about it in the midweek mansion but it's fucking unbelievable we won't go into too much detail There's the the amazing dance moves that she's copying when the guy's been stabbed in the back which is which is absolutely brilliant He's trying to point to that I don't know why it's so juvenile but the bit where she's swinging him round And then he goes miles up in the air Then he ends up like disappearing behind some people and then Springs back with like a Boeing sort of like sound effect It makes me fucking wet myself every time I see it And it's a belter for me it's in

Sidey:Little miss sunshine You guys seen that one

Dan:I started to watch this I never finished watching this

Sidey:so good So the whole the whole film is a it's like a road trip with this really really dysfunctional family And they're trying to get the young girl to this beauty pageant and obviously the beauty pageant part of it is the talent element and The grandfather played by Alan Arkin has taken her under his wing and they're kind of leaving them to just get on with this but he's still coaching what to do for this routine that she's got to do And it's like that's their thing But he he passes away and there's a real like dark comedy moments where they're trying to like smuggle his body Anyway they eventually do get to this beauty pageant and it's all really sort of you know conservative American values They're all this stupidly doled up and ridiculous and she stands up in front of the whole crowd and the music comes on and it's super freak by Rick James And she does a fucking stripper routine She's about eight It's fucking amazing The crowd had disliked you know dumbstruck and the family like Oh my God And she does like you know the proper light whips the trousers off and starts grinding to I submit like my car This is a bit Peter but it's sort of handled in a really So not sensitive but like comedic way And it's not like focusing on our art or anything like that just more the audience reaction And she's just really

Reegs:more the idea of it than the way it's executed

Sidey:gold and the family sort of Gallup and clap and applaud and everyone's horrified and start leaving the room And then you're like Oh no she's dancing to like an empty room So then all the parents get on stage and start joining It's fucking brilliant It's really funny And a really good movie


Reegs:I wouldn't say I I'm particularly well versed in the sort of older dancing movies There was a lot I hadn't seen when I was starting to look at this although like Sidey and I were having a conversation with thinking of dancing scenes in movies is actually not that hard but one of the classics that I had seen and the reason I'd seen it is because it was in a thing that I'd watched about inception is Fred Astaire in the Royal wedding Anybody

Sidey:is that all he does on the

Reegs:Yeah So basically

Sidey:haven't seen the films I can nominate but I have seen that sequence

Reegs:It's unbelievable It's like the hallway fight in inception but you've got Fred Astaire literally dancing around the room It turns and he sort of It's done on a rotating drum and the camera is like fixed to it So the whole set is turning and he's like so it gives the impression of him like sliding at impossible angles up the wall and sort of balancing off chairs in impossible ways sort of four or five minute sequence is absolutely astounding You can see it on 'em What about

Dan:Astaire I've watched some of this stuff with ginger Rogers and everything and crazy Just you know

Reegs:and and like sort of like it defies time periods Like it doesn't look dated the stuff that they do even though it's sort of you know a good few years ago now the because the moves are so well done and they're so graceful they look contemporary

Dan:timeless great dance And for sure Yeah I mean he did top hat as well We didn't need that was the one that

Reegs:I've only seen that and I'm singing in the rain and I've missed so many that are going to probably come up like seven brides for seven brothers and a load of missed Mr

Dan:is all that kind of genre but the next one I'd like to vote is Saturday night Beaver which obviously you know bell bottoms and the BGS a disco Inferno out there you know we're

Reegs:Tony Minero

Dan:yeah It's

Sidey:John Travolta of going against type as a straight man



EI looks pretty shit Or in

Sidey:there That's amazing

Pete:What An opening to the to a film Yeah Yeah

Reegs:the feet moving down the street and then and the dance moves are they are good Aren't they I mean they are

Dan:don't you know he owns that nightclub They they clear the floor for him and he's absolutely And obviously that's then gone and inspired you

Pete:Low loads of stuff Yeah Yeah We were talking at night the airplane dance scene but loads of stuff Yeah Yeah It's quite a dark film It's quite a lot of lot of rape in it It was

Reegs:he's from an abusive family Right

Pete:Yeah yeah yeah Or like yeah


Pete:dysfunctional Yeah There's there's all kinds of themes running through it and it's

Dan:first time I watched it I didn't expect any of

Pete:exactly exactly the same Yeah

Dan:I think Lyman and I watched it together I might of hours And it was Just like both of his pin back after he's gone Oh that was kind of like the fun kind of comedic dance movie that we thought you know I don't know why we thought that Probably just heard the music

Sidey:Cause you've had the soundtrack and you think this guy but he didn't realize it's going to be what it is like you know


Pete:Right So I've mentioned this film before and it's only because I've mentioned it before I realized I must really really enjoy it And I if you've not seen it I challenge anyone not to find this dance scene funny but in the in-between us when it like typical lads on tour type holiday this scene has happened in real life Absolutely Undoubtedly

Reegs:it again

Pete:Have you seen it done No the inventory Right So it's yeah So so basically it's it's they they they get conned to go into this nightclub There's only this there's four of them They go in there's four other like British checks that are in there and they're having a terrible time Just sat there with their like one free drink trying to milk it and then get the hell out of there The four guys go in obviously they're the other side of the bar now it's all kind of like adding up a little bit So the Oh they're talking about how they're going to approach them And then they're like well let's just just go and dance across to them And like I don't know the name of the track has got a funky tracker It's used in quite a lot of things but but Neil the kind of like the the stupid one he starts dancing and I do not know if anywhere in the the series of the in-between as which all of that proceeded the film you knew that he was a fucking brilliant

Reegs:I don't think he did No

Pete:he's he's incredible So he does this like weird kind of like robotic dancing that you're just straight away I was like wow this guy is actually really good at Yeah Yeah And he because he looks similar he's like kind of like tall and gangly and he's a stupid sort of character you're sort of taken by surprise And then Simon comes in doing like a really shit rigid like dad version of that does And then we'll who's he's obviously a complete like geek then just does it I could only describe it as some kind of like horsey dance where it's just like going into it in a lines It's fucking piss funny and it goes on and on and on And the girls are just like absolutely like horrified but eventually they make their way over to the girls and that breaks the ice and the film goes up from there But I challenge anyone not to laugh at that scene It's it's so funny

Sidey:Pulp fiction that we straight away know which one I'm talking about It's the sort of weird scene I think in the middle of his sort of pretty violent film and fucked up things that go on house and they they just pause for a dance And

Dan:her dance

Sidey:it also has that bit where she says don't be a square and draws the square on the screen like in magic And it's kind of weird but she says I want that trophy I want to dance And you've been told if I can get me a good time So they get up and dance and this is sort of iconic moment That song is really cool And it's Travolta dancing again after all those years you know and it's kind of like laid back kind of casually They just sort of switching around but they do where and she gets trophy and it also inspired my favorite ever danced from strictly come dancing which was to this song It was Jay and Ali Ono did this It's fucking brilliant It's awesome

Reegs:Blah blah blah blah LA LA land the day of sudden the opening number it's a great great song it's a brilliant song it starts an Indian girl singing in a car in a traffic jam The camera's panning along It it's like the one shot stuff we did a few weeks ago she gets she gets out and the camera glides from car to car others join in singing and dancing Everyone's leaping out with cars now sliding gracefully across them then they're using the barricades the cars and the camera sort of seemingly unimpeded but you know that it's not because you've seen all the cars around it builds and builds Then in the middle you get the great instrumental and they release the band from the back of the truck And then suddenly there's a great big party then skateboarders and park or it's just it just makes me happy And even watching that now and it builds this great finale with the sort of that old timey font and color with the MDM type coloring to it's absolutely outstanding scene

Sidey:Long time Listeners will remember that that's also the road from yeah I had a lot of lands Right But I actually prefer the dance with Sebastian And Emma Stone Yeah the dancer Those two were there It's after the day and they're up in the Hills and they just danced together and it's

Reegs:I like that one but so I read a thing from I don't know shit about dancing but I once read a thing from somebody who seemed to know about dancing and they were talking about how terrible Ryan Gosling is in that scene as a

Sidey:dancer It's supposed to be two people out

Reegs:I know But then every time I watched that now I like think Oh well I don't because it looked good before but now it looks

Sidey:someone's told you not to like it

Dan:Are they writing up against gene Kelly and singing in the rain You know then he's going to be come short because he's you know he was that kind of performer and dancer in all round kind of entertain a guy Whereas I think Goslin was going out on a limb a little bit you know he's challenging himself to to go and do a role like that I liked that film I I thought that was

Reegs:I really loved that movie

Dan:As you come around to me again one that I was just thinking about was just the music you know because sometimes it's it's the tune that sets up the dance and sometimes the dances you know just part of it and one way it didn't seem to really fit the plot again you know where It's just wedged in So Jaya who can you remember that

Pete:Oh from Slumdog millionaire Yeah

Dan:they they've kind of just wedged


Dan:and the whole cost of their and they're doing this choreographed dance

Pete:It's a train station Yeah Yeah

Dan:And it was like you know that didn't

Pete:like a Bollywood

Dan:went into


Dan:there but it worked with within the film much like Tarantino's when he gets her to draw the box on


Dan:on the thing it just works for that kind of scene And I I mean I've really liked this this film the Slumdog millionaire but yeah th this scene

Pete:and not

Dan:tune just kind of flew into my head So yeah that would be my next one

Pete:Cool mine seems to mostly be like from comedies or or and

Reegs:a lot of eighties movies

Pete:Yeah I've got I've got I've got some eighties but this one

Dan:dancing is it just your dad

Pete:this this one again I I re I love this film And I'd heard a few people talk about it No one could really describe it to me I then watched it and loved it And I think it you know it's not necessarily for everybody but Napoleon dynamite and the the dance at the end I mean everything he's obviously been practiced that you see little like you know you get little tidbits throughout the film cause he's practicing it in his room but the does again it takes you by surprise It takes you by surprise I I keep thinking to myself how much fun it would be to learn that dance routine but

Sidey:large America I though

Pete:you w th that that wouldn't be great And also I'm nowhere near limber enough I'd definitely end up in in ina but it's a fucking brilliant dance scene at the end And it kind of you know your reaction is is similar to some of the people that are like in the audience who are just kind of like Wow this is weird but I'm loving it And other people are just completely like gobsmacked comedy Describe the dance It's just he's made it up but there's some really

Sidey:got his vote for Pedro

Pete:yeah Yeah

Sidey:moon boots

Pete:It's it's a really like weird film but that that bit is iconic I think


Sidey:It's the only acceptable ever use of Jamiroquai is music

Pete:Okay Well that's powerful then

Sidey:Yeah let's go for black Swan Natalie Portman plays a ballerina and almost certainly a paranoid schizophrenic all throughout the film she's exploring her descent into well well it's a little bit like is she isn't she but the final dance has her sort of I guess embrace this sort of insanity I suppose And she fully transforms or literally on the screen She has wings when she finishes the dance it's It's been building up to this moment and happens on the screen It's quite powerful and also fucking weird Aronofsky

Reegs:Yeah I do love his stuff

Sidey:Yeah I do like Natalie Portman as well

Reegs:Yeah labyrinth So goblin King Jareth

Sidey:Dan you're up

Reegs:go on go and give us a

Dan:So mine now

Reegs:He hosts a masquerade ball and it's got all these people with those you know those like long nosed masks that are yeah sorry sorry creep They're creepy as fuck Like and then Jennifer Connolly's like been drugged by eating a magic peach and it's just sort of dressed like the most virginal bride you've ever seen And David Bowie singing one of his tepid pop songs and she's trying to find him in the crowd and he's smiling

Sidey:just to troll us

Reegs:He's smiling or creepy at her And then this like suspiciously phallic Muppet erupt from a box to surprise her It goes on for yeah Yeah It goes on for a long time

Dan:the what was the song that was the kind of creepy song

Reegs:Wasn't it I can't remember It's about

Pete:dance Is it

Reegs:know it's a it's a

Pete:is a banger That's a banger

Reegs:it was one of his like you know most of his stuff like his filler just complete filler he basically does the acrylic equivalent of slipping array Um yeah


Reegs:Yeah We're hitting all That's it yeah So David Bowie shit

Dan:that's good That's a good shout well another one that Ashley I've really kind of enjoyed this film seeing it at the time as well was a Footloose


bacon and he's got an absolutely mental kind of dancing

Reegs:That's a town where dancing spans

Sidey:I was gonna say isn't it Banterra hair or I'm upset and bank

Pete:no not anymore No It used to be like dancing on a Sunday was

Dan:last year It was

Reegs:I watched his back I watched this scene today in preparation for this it's

Sidey:Kenny Loggins Isn't

Reegs:filmmaking Kenny Loggins never no never by moving pictures is the name of the tune it sounds like Bonnie Tyler

Sidey:I've never seen this film man


Pete:I'm not saying that

Reegs:He like he goes out to this So dancing's band in this town It goes out to this warehouse in the middle of

Dan:of town and he's got moved there I think his mum and dad had divorced or his dad

Reegs:passed So it's a class issue stuff going on with country clubs And he's a

Dan:the new kid in the small town


Dan:which is ultra conservative

Reegs:So he's gone out to the middle of nowhere to just dance this passion away And we're getting cuts from the film so far over that you know soft focus over it and cause he's angry The only way he can express himself is by these elaborate dance routines It does this astonishing leap into the air yeah it's it's a bit of real eighties cheese this

Sidey:well this one this one I I sort of lump this together with dirty dancing there too That I haven't seen I don't know if I will ever see them I

Reegs:we've got to talk about day dancing

Dan:dancing Let's talk about it because it's another one that Would

Pete:it's fucking bullshit

Dan:get mentioned in a dancing thing Well Patrick Swayze

Pete:Yeah It's it's it is bullshit that film it's fucking bollocks

Dan:not for me

Sidey:Well one of one of our long-term listeners at Johnny Utah Stevie he really really made a big play for this one on Twitter and also made the claim that this is the best movie soundtrack of all time

Pete:The thing I hate I was subjected to it on in in a two weeks then probably about no word of like half a dozen times I stayed with I stayed in a house with seven American girls in Sydney and this is all they fucking watched every fucking night I was subjected to it Yeah But the first the first watch was was bad enough

Reegs:I I should revisit this cause I I agree I just think that I haven't seen it for a very long time I don't have particularly positive memories of


Reegs:should give it another go My wife goes totally misty-eyed over Patrick Sweden We talk about this


Reegs:She just like goes into a completely different universe and starts talking about Patrick Swayze and not in nylon and like

Pete:he's a shit name She's really ugly sweating She is not hot She is not hot Swayze's are way way worse Like she is not good enough for Swayze


Pete:not in his like tight tight short trousers like mm no worries

Reegs:on man It's not not many men can pull off it You think you


Reegs:off a leotard no

Sidey:I have to wear but my bike stuff's bad enough

Pete:Yeah And we can't none of us here can maybe Dan I'd quite like to see that actually but Swayze can of course he can She's not worthy of the sweaty

Reegs:I don't know We're not going to do it justice because nobody here seems to be a particularly big fan of dirty dancing Yeah

Dan:Yeah And I I will stand up with Johnny Utah I'm not going to say it's the


Dan:of all time mine but I will say that it's a decent movie that is worth a

Pete:right So th this is how bad it is I was subjected to it about half a dozen times in a two week period And that was right before you came over to Australia to meet me down And I was glad to see you That's how bad the film was Yeah Yeah That was yeah

Reegs:that it's got to be a midweek or one week


Pete:Oh please God No

Sidey:the only way I see it

Pete:how are we come back is it me Okay So this this very short film 17 minute film I think just shows how powerful dance can be in the it saved the universe It is Michael Jackson I watched this at at the Epcot center in Florida captain EO It is fucking brilliant I think it was like one of the first ever like four D films It was you know like things go blow air and blown it The

well strap me in I'm ready for all of that Yeah Struck me that he can acculate on me and 4d because his dancing dancing's fucking phenomenal

Reegs:as well Wasn't it

Pete:puppets it's it's a bit kind of like Jim Henson meets star Wars Cause I think I think George

Reegs:the navigator

Pete:producer on this it's a bit star Wars He and through him the the power of his dancing not necessarily as acting or his quite squeaky voice but his his dancing effectively saves the university turns robots back into like people and then they immediately dance with him because who the fuck wouldn't want to dance with Michael Jackson that was yeah there was 17 minutes of fun

Sidey:Hmm 2006 Jack asked to


Sidey:obviously the film is a load of Does scenes of like self-inflicted humiliation and pain but it closes it starts off with Johnny Knoxville punching his hand into a bear trap which they release his hand and then turns into this enormous set piece dance thing like an old school sort of golden era Hollywood dance number but just full of like stunts naked men violence it's super camp as well it has rip Taylor at the end doing his normal thing I completely forgotten about it till I was looking at the stuff for this

Reegs:cause I'm pretty sure I've seen the movie but I don't remember the

Sidey:Yeah Can you picture the scene of these huge elaborate dots that goes into like a building with

Dan:came into my mind that she was there the scene and I hope one of you won't get to bring it up next but it was the one about back streets back Oh


The world

Pete:yeah the the worlds and this is this is the end This is the end

Dan:is the end with Jonah Hill

Pete:yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Dan:And then back street come back

Sidey:Yeah That's

Dan:of what it reminded

Pete:This is a this is an even bigger like production the

Sidey:the old school

Pete:It's massive

Sidey:it's bigger than that siege it has like all these people dancing then it goes and Steve I was in a swimming pool with all these synchronized swimmers Then it goes into something else

Dan:about poverty just not

Pete:seeing it

Sidey:It's worth a look

Reegs:The scene that challenge a billion Spiderman in Spiderman three where the black goo stuff turns Peter Parker emo and he then dances on a chair and a load of nerds got really pissed off Yeah Yeah He looks like a real Dick He pisses he wants to piss off Mary Jane He goes to the jazz club interrupt her with a song that he plays and he sings and then a super-powered evil chair dance And yeah it's just really stupid and it's not a great scene in the movie It's not a

Sidey:great movie

Reegs:I don't mind I like the Ramy trilogy but yeah it's not great but the nerds declared some sort of like Spider-Man Fatwah slash G had on this scene you know like exercised it from living memory So fuck you nerds

Dan:That's a big F-you to the nerds

Pete:out there

Dan:that's half the audience


Dan:Um I'll try and install the other half West side story

Reegs:never seen it

Dan:is another old kind of classic dance musical as they did back in the day there and I can't even see what I've written down in my notes that bad but it's a gang thing and the gangs instead of fighting they're dancing against each other you know so they have this

Reegs:in those sharks is it or

Dan:all that kind of scene jets the sharks brightly colored clothes hugely choreographed dances and obviously a huge Broadway stage show after that as well

Pete:I'm getting towards the end of my list now very quick shout outs to the film big and the piano dance scene that I only wanted to bring up just to address your hatred for Tom Hanks again Saturday  there is a film film Houseparty eighties film which is funky as fuck It's cool as fuck There's some it's about a house party There's some like

Reegs:the most nineties thing you've ever seen


Reegs:a bum bag or a

Pete:Spice Yeah yeah yeah But th there's a there's a dance off

Reegs:spandex and all that And kid has got

Pete:a massive

Reegs:like six Yeah He's sort of a cross between a razor head and beaker from the Muppets

Pete:But the dance off between like the two guys and the two girls it's fuck it It's so cool I watched it again like today yesterday or whatever but yeah it's a really really cool scene

Reegs:Yeah it's a good one

Sidey:Probably just going to rattle through a load now gentlemen prefer blondes is Mount and Monroe dancing amongst all those dudes with

Reegs:Yes Yes

Sidey:the one Madonna ripped you off from material girl almost exactly show girls has lots of dancing sort of show girly moments and also strippers as well It was just fun Do the right thing The opening credits is Rosie Perez just fucking going crazy to public enemy fight the power It's a fucking great opening sequence American psycho Patrick Bateman Patrick Bateman sticks on some heaters in the news and does little Jake before he before he takes the acts to our friend And there's a really weird dance sequence in X Makena

Reegs:Oh it's brilliant Yeah

Sidey:Oscar Oscar Isaac is basically Steve jobs he's just peeled the skin off

Reegs:Well they're just about to have a confrontation It's it's a really good movie I don't know if you guys have seen it Maybe it's a it's one to nominate for the pod Cause it's in the time period And if you haven't seen it it's worth seeing it builds up this like really tense confrontation between these two guys And then he just flips on this like red disco music and it plays that Alec to birdie and he's doing this like drunk dancing and this robot is copying his moves Identically Really

Sidey:and Donald Gleason's just watching out for the fuck He's really

Reegs:great movie We should probably watch that at some

couple of TV ones from me a madman season three episode three my old Kentucky home I don't know if anybody watched the mad men series but it's got this uptight couple Pete and Trudy during the Charleston and it develops into this great two-person routine for about three minutes He's absolutely amazing You can see he's obviously had dance training when he's younger but you don't really see it coming And and I always saw it as this Like rehearsed performance that they're doing to impress everybody else in the room because it's all about social standing and all this stuff It's great It's but and then it's like this slight sadness in their marriage that they had this time to rehearse this cause they didn't have kids and they wanted kids and stuff Very good Another one equally as profound is David Brent in the office the dirt dirt And it's so good I don't know the extent of what that was choreographed but he pulls off some great moods and you can see if you look in the background a lot of the actors are having to hide their faces or laughing also I would mention the twist and shout at the Ferris Bueller parade scene but I don't want to hear Sadie go on about how shit it is breakfast club Emilio Estevez uses his stoned man essence to shatter a glass door whilst dancing And I don't know whether this counts but in Shaun of the dead in the scene in the Winchester where there it's sort of going in a circle hitting the owner who's a zombie with Paul cues to the Queens Don't stop me now It was seemed like a dance scene to me at the time and it just makes me laugh thinking about it Oh and from the big Lebowski

Sidey:Oh of course Yeah

Dan:Well the the other one I've got is guys in Dulce because where else are you going to see

Reegs:guys and dolls

Dan:Marlon Brando dancing and Frank Sinatra and it was actually a really kind of intelligent musical I don't know if you've ever seen it before

Reegs:Those two were the guys

Dan:but you know Brando and Frank Sinatra

Reegs:who were the dolls

Dan:it's gene Simmons was one Really Yeah Yeah

it's yeah it's it's one of the better ones of that genre if you don't like that kind of thing then and you want to confirm that then watch this because if you don't like this maybe you just don't like musicals and things but this is a really kind of intelligent one and we've Sinatra actually turned out to be a half decent actor Sinatra He was than people you know better than people gave him credit for them And I would say a singer is

Sidey:has he been for with the golden arm or something like that He won an Oscar

Dan:I think he'd been also nominated as well before but I dunno Certainly singing was where he made his Brando you know he plays Nathan it's fantastic And some of the tunes in that as well Fantastic guys and that at school

Pete:I'll just finish off Melissa And so I've got Tom cruise at the end of Tropic thunder when he's in like the the fat suit um Oh yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Which is a bit weird in in spells here there's also despicable me three There's a couple of dance fights between GRU and Beth is our brats using the key tar there's some cool songs to studio is one of them the another Tarantino film but not as well danced is the reservoir dogs famous I've forgotten the guy actor's name Yeah Cutting his ear off and doing a little dance but the last one to finish on human traffic so the guy the character Cooper who's in the record store he's like a vinyl hustler Some guys come in looking like they want some light like yeah I said to Joe to jungle just swung it off the vine this morning And he said this this tuner turned Harry Krishna into a bad boy and then put it puts it on And it's the second best jungle track ever after the bad dads theme tune

 Sidey:So thinking of town Tina then you got once upon a time in Hollywood Margot Robbie just dancing it's obviously great because it's microbit dancing and I also really like boogie nights where the whole gang have a dance to the disco I think the tunes machine gun it's a fucking banger

Dan:Saying Tarantino also had Michael Madsen having a little dance when he's chopping near often

Pete:Oh and then there's the twist scene in pulp fiction with a yeah Sorry


Dan:Just to reiterate the point

Reegs:also Yup Nub

Sidey:Yeah Is that just a song though

Reegs:I dunno Don't when they dancing you up now fucking raised anyway

Sidey:Right Let's to step back down to um a top four

Reegs:I'm going for Fred Astaire Royal wedding look up the clip on YouTube really is worth four minutes of your time to see something really truly outstanding

Pete:I can't I've got two that I'm neither a really fits of follow Yeah The agony of choice neither of them fit to follow that But I think just because of how ludicrous it would be to follow what you just suggested I'm going to go for the in-between as I'm dancing

Dan:Well I'm going to plumb for what A glorious feeling singing in the

Reegs:dancing in the rain reservoir dogs


Sidey:I'm torn between little miss sunshine or jackass too

Reegs:Yeah But does anybody remember in reservoir dogs when there was a yeah

Dan:That's a good one that

Sidey:I gotta go I gotta go for jackass too That's a good list

Pete:Yeah Strong great Top five Strong strong top five

Reegs:Well there there is an elephant in the room though Isn't there or a cheese elephant achieves shaped it

Pete:elephant Yeah Conspicuous by its but it's absence of smell

Reegs:So cheese enthusiasts will be saddened to hear that there is no cheese this week

Sidey:No but we did have a takeaway

Reegs:We did

Sidey:while we were watching the movie

Dan:That was nice actually

Reegs:I'm sure cheese will be back soon for more riveting

Pete:We will resurrect the cheese I'm taking delivery of another installment of cheese next week So

Sidey:Cause you're a cheese subscriber

Pete:I I subscribed to the cheese

Reegs:cheese scriber We watched a movie Dan

Dan:I watched a movie that I nominated there's a movie I'd seen actually a few weeks before And I think I told you that I had seen it when we were just chatting as you know I do love a a spy thriller I'm a big kind of fan and this one I completely missed it's not the carer it's

Reegs:David Hare

Dan:yeah somebody else altogether different but page eight So it's

Reegs:you have

to sorry just get it I mean cause I just want to keep making that joke every time so you paid seven so right so now I've done it It's gone

Dan:It's a political thriller a spy thriller bill Nighy we've got in a UN Bremner Waco What's how'd you

Sidey:it now

Dan:vice vice she's in it

Sidey:Ms Mrs Daniel Craig

Reegs:is it

Sidey:is she's married to

Reegs:I didn't I didn't realize they were an item She's very attractive Isn't

Sidey:I've had the hottest first and it's the mommy too

Reegs:was she she was in the lobster Wasn't she That's when we last saw her gouging her own eyes out with us Yeah She

Dan:Actor there's Michael meet me's in



Dan:You've got


Sidey:Michael Cambodians anyone from

Dan:Yes gumball




Sidey:and Alice Critch crews Did you recognize her

Reegs:don't What's that The blonde

Sidey:No she was she was the ex-wife of Johnny Waurika and the current wife of Michael Gambon

Reegs:Who was she

Sidey:She was the Borgqueen in Starship First contact


Okay And then it was Felicity Jones as well from star Wars So all of the nerd

Sidey:this was a Hootsuite effectively It was a Harry Potter sort of reunion

Reegs:Was it

Sidey:Bill Nye Michael Gambon and rough ones

Reegs:right so he's he's Johnny Waurika he's a an aging analyst analyst

Sidey:Well I didn't know really anything about it other than Danny had mentioned it And you think I'd overheard you say espionage aside but with the music that started off

had a real kind of private detective sort of gumshoe kind of vibe to it And I thought Oh is it going to be

Reegs:in it sort of it was like a drawing

Sidey:of it was an illustration And I thought Oh it's going to be a like a private detective kind of story

Pete:on the on the subtitles It told me it was foreboding music


Reegs:wasn't there It was kind of well no it was kind of sleazy back alley jazz

Sidey:bass and

Dan:exactly That it wasn't And it I know what you mean It did have the potential from the beginning to be seen as some kind of Philip Marlowe of thing going in there but it wasn't it was it was a lot kind of stuff I dunno there's a lot straighter than that And it was it was more of a a set drama And as it unfolds you've got this analyst who's been handed some information that eventually leads him into being in trouble because he has this information and powerful people would prefer that he gave it back to them Cause he has the file The he has the actual file that that's the incriminating evidence

Reegs:Are you talking about his boss Benedict

Dan:Yeah So I'm talking about the fall Eventually it goes through that


Dan:So yeah So if we're gonna from the from the beginning you've got him wandering through the the streets London as he comes into you know am I five and energy food or jazz music and

Reegs:you get Camborne and him in the lift together

It's it's a good scene Yeah And he's asking you what are you thinking about Yeah obviously they can't talk about that stuff You can tell this is the kind of joshing that's happened every day for years and years as they go


Sidey:Gambon his character is married to his ex

Reegs:His ex-wife Yeah they were very only married very briefly many


Yeah But you go you

Pete:had a daughter

Sidey:you get this the the it's pretty clear that he has difficulty with relationships and like when he has he has not just romantically but he has a ma he he meets up with his daughter art exhibition and there's we'll go back to it but there's a character that sort of cropped up and he says I talked to him And she's having this conversation and she says Oh fucking hell you're working like you're working me You know he just can't switch off from this this world of you know something's always going on There's a connection somewhere Something's not right

Dan:This is the world isn't it And I think there's another scene when eventually this file is is outed to being spoken about and it's been recorded into into minutes and

Reegs:things Well he he he I was going to say he has a meeting with the home secretary who looks suspiciously like Jackie Smith the old anyway she they have this report that Benedict Michael Gambon got and it's pretty clear It's a really good

Sidey:he says does anyone

Reegs:anybody read it And they're all like yeah yeah yeah we've read it And then you know it keeps pushing at the point as anybody actually read this thing then you'll know about page

Sidey:eight They won't say it He doesn't want to say it

Reegs:want to say it

Sidey:And then she asks Johnny

Dan:and th this is what I love about this that he he's gone into this scene And Benedict's got this information and he's also got a reason why he doesn't want to be the one that gives this information to the home secretary but he wants that information

Reegs:out in the public

Dan:he known that it's out there which is a message in itself

Pete:just that

Dan:because of the intricacies and the subtleties of the very art of espionage the first job they teach you in in on the first day is don't share intelligence You don't need to share So the very fact that he's given this evidence out and sharing it is an indicator to Johnny worker At least that there's a something that doesn't quite sit right their whole way through this until he kind of is able to

Pete:work He's also got a very good reason for wanting to pass this information on as well because he has health issues that you're not necessarily aware of

Sidey:it's it's that scene where it becomes very apparent because he drops it He can't lift up the sort of brush over it at first but he dies very soon after that scene

Reegs:The piece of information that is in this report the explosive bit of information is that the report basically says that the prime minister who is Ralph fines looking fairly villainous sort of villainous Tony

Dan:as a prime minister

Reegs:twirling Mustachio Banville into me Yeah It

Sidey:Well you say that he reminded this reminded me of him as in in the bond films

Reegs:It basically port says that the prime minister knows that the Americans have got secret overseas black sites where they extract and torture people for information Now the point here is not that that they're saying this because it's as you say everybody knows this but here it is in an official report that the prime minister knows this is happening And everybody realizes what an explosive piece

Dan:the home secretary is being kept in the dark or because a prime minister is like the the lone ranger He's

Reegs:just as it turns out he's orchestrating and essentially a change in the intelligence structure to implement a department of Homeland defense exactly Identical to the American system which is going to phase out the sort of dinosaurs the that Johnny Waurika and Benedict Michael

Pete:This is similar to in Skyfall there's a a seminar sort of plotline and he and he buys the the silence of the home secretary with a with a promotion

Reegs:Yeah He Johnny at the same time as all this devastating political news is happening and there's this sort of it's very chess Like you know who's saying what and who's talking to he's also interacting with his neighbor who is Rachel vice Nancy peer pan Now she was a Syrian born activist with

Dan:a book critic

Reegs:who's a book critic and her brother was killed by the Israeli defense forces Yeah

Dan:Who happens to live right next door and who happens to bump into him on the landing in fact she does admit this is a preplan thing to get outward of a guy that she was going to take home and then decided not to Yeah

Reegs:not did they ever address the fact that it's Weird that she is living opposite him with her background in his background Cause they talk about it but I can't remember

Sidey:No it was slightly odd Isn't it That they'd come to

Pete:And and they ha they they hadn't met at any point in the previous uh proceeding I think eight months or something they said yeah yeah

Sidey:but it turns out the guy that the guy that she's brought home is that he's actually like a surveillance guy he's


Reegs:he is

Dan:he's actually tried to try to on with her rather than she bringing him home She he's he's trying to win her over to get set up surveillance and information on this subversive that that she's accused of being and the fact that he's next door it does seem to be coincidence but there were another two films so I'm not sure how how that plot line is finalized if it goes on at all but

Reegs:she is desperate for resolution about this unpublished report that the Israeli military have got about her brother's death And this becomes intertwined in the in the plot is Johnny possibly you know making up for being a really shitty father he left his wife when she was pregnant And I think it's pretty clear he's you know he's he's a womanizer he's had a string of

Sidey:Well he goes to he visits the home secretaries assistant or I'm not sure what her title was but she announces to us as the audience that they're sleeping together so

Reegs:So it goes to sell a painting as a painting by an artist Jonathan Wood I don't really know the artist but he goes to sell it And I think there was some implication that she'd also been part of the things she's gives She gives him 60,000 quid which

Pete:he can carry

Reegs:in a in a carrier bag which is just amazing

Pete:There was there was one bed like after he's been given the carrier bag and then he goes to the the meat He goes to the dinner when he wants to go Right So he he pulls up by the side of the road opens the boot the 60 grand is in a carrier bag in the boat And then he just picks out his suit to go and get changed by the hedge and leaves the money in the boot

Reegs:Well not just that though but right So he's going off to some dinner and I thought Oh right They're setting up something here Like there's a purposeful shot at the car the money's there and all this but then he was just getting changed in a field That was it It was just it's like a

Sidey:It was a

Reegs:changed into a tub

Sidey:a Memorial dinner wasn't it for benefits

Pete:yeah yeah Oh yeah Yeah of course Yeah

Sidey:the prime minister is there and he calls him afterwards for a chat Yeah

Dan:But I think that's another just little character thing of

Reegs:him getting changed in

Pete:Well just like a quick I suppose just to I guess to show sort of yeah his like his his strange sort of lifestyle where he's he's got this like high powered job responsibility but yeah he he just pulls his sob to the side of the road and gets changed behind a hedge


Dan:Yeah the prime minister pulls him aside and and he wants a word because he wants his file back And at this point we also learned that the room is being bogged by kinda sure to be honest it was one of the one of the people he worked with She turned up with another lady and they're listening in this

Reegs:has sun with the

Dan:Oh the surveillance

Reegs:surveillance guy She's another person So it's all the politics of isn't it She's another person who works within the department It's her son who has been seeing the Rachel character opposite

Dan:Yeah And and

Johnny plays it completely straight and wants the answers and puts it to the prime minister Why did he do this Why can't I haven't got the fight on me right now I don't carry it around that kind

of thing So

he delays it and has given 12 hours to return it or effectively find himself out of work and out the service So he he gets a deal

Reegs:Yeah He cuts a deal basically in return for his silence He's he's gonna he gets

Pete:Well he uses it as leverage to get the the the true story about the Rachel vices brother

Reegs:the report And he also kills the reorganization of the defense intelligence services And then he has to leg it off and not before Having a really dodgy case with Rachel vice

Dan:a little uncomfortable with the

Reegs:Oh it's way even Woody Allen would have said that was too much

Dan:They set up as best they could


Dan:I thought this might have been bill Nike's one of his best roles I really bought him His is a spy I thought he really played it Well I thought he had and and as somebody who was you know lots of girlfriends lots of wives had that charm that spice kind of you know it did Hart back to the the traditional view of you know the old British spy and every which My might not be true but it was it was nice to think that the power of of in these corridors the the powers are there you know and they're still rumbling on behind Not necessarily no guns And and he says at one point I don't do guns and violence Yeah You finally ease is more about the dialogue the the way and and getting



Reegs:don't really like bill Nighy very much I find his delivery He always has these unnatural pauses in all the wrong places And he no but he he I find his acting a bit Ease Okay And Nessie sort of a deconstruction of an aging bond really isn't ease like you expect he was in the field at some point now he's tied to a desperate he's a womanizer he's a drinker you know all the things classic bond type things I think Is there any guns in this at all

Sidey:I don't remember when

Pete:No not much I do find myself distracted I don't know I don't know where I first saw it And then I read up about it I'm totally distracted by his carpal tunnel syndrome Like how he holds his phone and everything that he does

Reegs:does he hold his phone

Pete:He holds his phone with like one finger Like so his his I don't know what these fingers are called but the the two where the pinky and the ring finger are both basically bent double on both hands So he has carpal tunnel syndrome And if you look at every single film even in like pirates of the Caribbean when he's got like A lobster claw and stuff When he becomes Davy Jones for a bit again he like strokes someone's face and you can see his his face really distracted by that

Reegs:it Silence for me I it looks like he said can you get Botox in the eyelids Does anybody know Because that's what it looked like You'd had to me

Dan:much as you can I

Sidey:know I really liked him in this is you

Reegs:I liked

Dan:of his best roles I really enjoyed it I I as I say I believe that he was the character and I liked the character as well

Reegs:I stayed really particularly

Pete:would S I would say so what what I like about sort of British style especially at britches spy thrillers and everything is that there tends to be that doesn't need to be big explosions and car chases and and massive grand like effects and everything like that because normally like the the strength is in the the plot is in the acting The you know it's it's understated but still powerful I found that that that the revel MITs are on this film Never rarely Got going even even when it was like the big reveal it was kind of like Oh right Okay yeah Yeah Okay That's good It was it it did performances were great It re it did underwhelming It underwhelmed

Sidey:This wasn't a film made for the cinema This was BBC this was a BBC thing so for me I really enjoyed it I really liked it And I saw it pop up on Netflix cause I always go to the you know latest what's on there And before you'd mentioned it down in bill Nye one fuck me another one Oh and another one And why they bombarded I didn't realize this is a trilogy like at all I'd never heard of these so I'm really excited to watch the next two I'm really really good

Dan:on the Turks and K coughs and I I say Christopher Walken's in it you know

Pete:Oh that's Scott man

Dan:Yeah So I don't know Maybe you'll like it I started not to like that one as much as this one but this this film what I you know it was a surprise to me cause I've watched almost every single spy thriller I think there's out there It's one of those that genres that I really enjoy and our lilies watch most of them once you know if if not a couple of times I like the Sherlocks and things like that as well so for me to have not heard of this and then it just turned up on Netflix I was really pleased And maybe that's why I really did enjoy this and put it to you guys to watch as well But I thought the dialogue was was Was really smart It was great to see spot from train spot


Dan:there was stuff to like this and yeah it didn't have the guns It didn't have the you know the the pace of a car chase or things like that

Reegs:I felt like it could have done with some steaks

Dan:think that's where really the politics cause this was trying to stay true to a

Reegs:I know I get that Just some steaks though

Pete:just posturing And and just dialogue and ju yeah I you know even the bit where he kind of said no no no probably far more so true to life but you know when he kind of said I'll let you know and kind of I'm going to have to bugger off like leave the country and stuff like that I didn't really feel like that it was any there was a great deal of threats you know there I did also think that w picking up back on what you said So like the so the the the guy's mom I can't remember her name is like Judy or Judy or something like that The guy that one of his Colleagues who was in on


Pete:hard Like she was just like a bitch from the start And also the prime minister I think you know even even if I'm not saying no prime ministers or presidents or anything will ever be like crooks or do things that they shouldn't but it was a little bit too He was quite rowdy He was like you know even when he like stormed into rooms he was it was almost like he was you were meant to dislike him You were not meant to warm to him because he was a bit of a bad day And I thought well again if you're going to stay true to life these people are brilliant They're very charming They're very you know

Reegs:I thought it was all a little bit under developed character wise like that I felt you know Johnny Walker is just a kind of cipher really don't know him at all Womanize you know drinks whiskey looks at art but you know I don't know It just didn't feel like any of them were really real not stereotypical I just didn't feel like they were real people And just like the age gap why they throw the


Sidey:I could have left I


Pete:the admiration the mutual admiration and stuff Like I can understand that but

Reegs:but it makes it really it makes it really

Pete:No that was that was like a an there was an attraction a physical attraction there which I don't necessarily think it it made any kind of sense to the it didn't

Reegs:actually it underwhelms domain It hurts the story because it's supposed to be about him atoning for not being a father So his interest in her should be purely paternal So to have this like shoe horned in kiss and anyway Oh yeah And also the usual convenient baddies Americans and and Israel also it's just to me this was like hackneyed boilerplate lefty Tasha It was like reading a really bad guardian article And I just didn't yeah Smug

Sidey:Where are you Not entertained

Reegs:smug and conceited And middle-class Tosh Yeah Just didn't know characters I enjoyed the plot Yeah Yeah Sorry Dan just this not for me

Dan:I'm pleased She didn't like it And another film you've made me

sit for I can chalk off for those one for the for me but no I I really enjoyed this I watched it again and I it wasn't one of those that Unnecessarily like we talked about in in the midweek airplane that I would watch again straight after each other but to to just review this again and I enjoyed it again it was I thought really well written I loved the acting I thought this was bill Nike's strongest role that I've seen him in and there are another two films I hope that they

Reegs:Oh go please Don't nominate them will Maybe

Dan:will but I hope that they they stand up as well as this one

Reegs:I really liked the idea of this the low stakes nurse and it all been about the relationship stuff I was really willing to give it a go

Dan:and I would I would still recommend people watch it it particularly if if like me you like you know a spy thriller if that's your genre then you'll you'll definitely find something here But otherwise I still think it's a it's a really well-written well-directed British film

Pete:I do like a spy thriller This was just there was some good stuff in it but it was slightly underwhelming for me I'd go with like a six out of 10


Dan:This is an eight

Sidey:I did really enjoy it the Mrs really enjoyed it as well which I was pleasantly surprised by it I'm in for the whole trilogy I'm definitely gonna watch the law I I dunno it depends on the kind of week you're having but I really liked the low keenness of it And the fact that it was you know staying on the more true to life side of the story when it could have gone a different way with it you're definitely right Well well I certainly agree with you about the case that felt a little bit unnecessary But yeah I really enjoyed it Nice performance and it was just

yeah it

Dan:Gambon as well

Reegs:he was really good I thought he was the best thing in it Yeah

he was

Sidey:just great

Reegs:I did really enjoy his performance and I also quite liked the bitch who played the home secretary Cause she pissed me off just by being on the screen Just like just by looking like the most generic Tori women that you could

Sidey:Plus I think it was you know it was a woman with two blokes so she's probably fed up with those sort of fucking things and she'd just be you know stand up for herself I thought I thought she played

Dan:when he when when he starts talking to gamble and starts talking about his stent and things that that made me


when he just clues let's go walking Patagonia John has been there Hey

Sidey:cause she threatens him for losing his job And he's a great fuck Get someone else If you want to

Reegs:think it's a question for you You think bill Nighy is a bit old for that haircut Cause he's kind of got curtains Hasn't he

Pete:offend me

Sidey:probably doing what he what he can do with what he's got left

Reegs:what has he been in That's good Dan tell me cause I always I just that's the only thing and I do like it I run it under a cold tap

Dan:did he did what was the one with Hugh grant and love

Sidey:Oh fuck off dad No way you said that's a good

Dan:I liked that film

Sidey:shit actually fuck off

Pete:Yeah You've you've just you've just lost

Dan:washed up He was a washed up it was a washed up a little bit singer

Pete:his best role David Jones in parts caravan

Reegs:I really liked

Pete:Yeah Well I do

Reegs:I dunno cause he's declared this national treasure is he everybody's like Oh bill Nye I really fucking love him

Pete:no really this this way


Sidey:level as gamble

Pete:No right or

Dan:actually he's he's the Trump card to the film I


Dan:when they cause they bring him out about halfway through

Reegs:he's only in it for about 10



Dan:he's he's his walk on cameo is really just has has those

Pete:roles I think the whole film would have been better if Gambon was playing Dumbledore and Ralph Fonz was playing Voldemort Yeah That would have been much better Yeah And no he was the minister of magic Yeah

Reegs:just a few aliens or some lasers

Pete:and some robots

Reegs:car chase or something


Dan:this was a rare tree I walked through the the living room This was on the TV asked my little girl what she was watching and she told me Malibu rescue the series

Sidey:So we went for series one whether it was any one series but episode two is there any particular reason why we dodged episode one

Dan:I this was the one that was recommended

Reegs:I felt I'd like liked a bit of backstory to be honest but yeah I

Dan:don't think you did

Pete:really you can piece together

Sidey:I'll give you the the sort of strap line Is that a scrappy crew of aspiring junior lifeguard team up to take down an elite group of snobby locals for the chance to roll Malibu's best beach tower So it's like Baywatch for

Reegs:they watch the kids They did Right I have to say they did remarkably well for there being absolutely no titillation


Sidey:when you say titillation and it was kind of skating on thin ice When we talk about stuff like this the kids TV but I think the character was Dylan Yeah the blonde no the blonde girl Jackie R Jacobson is the actress Enormous enormous test that

Pete:I didn't actually note that That's normally the sort of thing I pick up on but

Sidey:I thought she might've had a boob job

Reegs:Okay So maybe there is a reason to watch a bit more of this then yeah So they the lifeguard captain is shark Sharknados in Ziering

I did enjoy that

Pete:Is this the guy in the office that right I'll see what have I seen him in And I've never seen

Reegs:Beverly Hills No I know

Pete:Maybe maybe that's it He looked like someone who I recognized from 20 years ago So

Reegs:and zero It's still looking basically the same like he's been frozen

Pete:his career is already taken off then isn't it

Dan:Yeah Well basically in this episode after a bad review of the teenage life guide the gods gang they need to be nice that's their aim

Reegs:It starts with this scene of them like rushing a patient Off the beach and you're through the tower and you know pass me the blur and did it It's like but then it's yeah

Dan:pleased that they've been able to help somebody they then report back to our short Nedo Garvin guy who tells them of a bad review that they've received and this bad review then means that they need to learn to be nice

Sidey:Well there's one of the crew is particularly has a short fuse


Sidey:to violent maniac

Reegs:Violent Yeah

Pete:That's her thing Cause you got to have like the nice one and the like the angst the OCD one and then the angry one

and one with the massive boobs

Reegs:you've got the stoner Slash restauranteur VU

Pete:Oh yeah

Reegs:What was food She was clearly

Pete:he was shaggy from

Reegs:Yeah Or the dude from the Simpsons bus driver

Pete:Oh yeah yeah yeah


Reegs:also just turns up like blatantly just selling weed to the kids blatantly Absolutely Like he probably reeks of bong smoke

Pete:Yeah yeah yeah And he puts he makes his own special sauce for the burgers

Dan:there's Tons of tons of hilarity as they try to do good days But in fact that it will just turn a fuck top like a kite blows away instead of them helping me and she he runs over some people put sand or in sandwiches or whatever it is there's stepping on picnics and things like that There was a suntan


kind of

Dan:comedy and then there was the wheelchair when the wheelchair went into the water and and then we would come

Reegs:I felt so my my aunt died last week and I actually thought her funeral was funnier

Sidey:start again

Reegs:yeah I dunno

Sidey:well they they throw a party don't

Reegs:they it goes a bit wrong Doesn't it

Sidey:they throw a party And the thing that I was reading it says the team decided to throw a beach party with the help of food who has plenty of party equipment Yeah Just

Reegs:When he opens this bottom drawer up doesn't he And it's like full of decorations and poppers

Dan:some bowls and water pistols and he's caught some fireworks as well I

Reegs:which they're just happy to let people

Pete:yeah there's a guy just left work so

Dan:Bruce doesn't notables and and that they

Pete:have a problem

Dan:in getting

Reegs:well the party just starts getting good basically Doesn't it

Pete:Yeah It's a guy riding around in a motorbike

Dan:these kids can't hack it

Reegs:Yeah Some futures now handed out pills to everybody Basically everybody they're off their tits Yeah You pretend

Dan:he can't hear because they come in over Sam boots fruit you need to cut this out as their Mo cyclists about to run

Sidey:jumped the shark



then our I'm trying to think of the names of the Tyler Eric Gina Jean is the angry one

Sidey:cheat sheet

Dan:of takes down the the cyclist who's coming in and the party chills out and everybody goes home it's

Pete:and then didn't know don't don't we find out that actually the complainants about a different tower and it was a total waste of time Anyway

Dan:along that's right

Reegs:I this was the part I there was you know you know what with this stuff you can be watching fairly in So you know that you've got to watch it Cause you got to talk about it and think of something half decent say about it And then your brain just goes for maybe a minute or two and then you're like Oh fuck It's ended And I don't really know what's happened and I cannot be bothered to go back and watch it

Sidey:I had to go back because I fell asleep So I had to go back for

Reegs:narcoleptic I swear to

Sidey:I was watching

Reegs:story is like I was just like

Sidey:It was like midnight when I was watching it it was in bed as well So it's one of those where you drop the iPad on your face so I had to go back 10 minutes and watch it again But I thought this was terrible by intrigued by the certain aspect of it that quite enticing


Reegs:this is we've seen a lot of this sort of stuff Now It's like really generic tween stuff

Sidey:You can put this in the same bracket as like pony sitters club all that sort of that age group

Reegs:slightly more wholesome They didn't seem to be playing up romantic angles as far as I could tell Um yeah I bet you were the jokes even the most moronic of your children out there we'll get the jokes that are in this it's you know everybody's hamming it up as much as possible  I mean I didn't enjoy it No it was entertained but

Dan:It's a tough watch Isn't it As you say it's another pony set his club It's another

it's it's out there It's available now You know the kids are watching it I I don't know that I suppose to the fact they had a bit of sunshine on it they've run it around them in Malibu It seems fairly

Sidey:it's a spin off from a film There's two films and then there's this


All of which I think has been released at the height of the pandemic So You know scenes of people having fun together or outdoors Yeah

Sidey:we haven't yet had a second series green-lit so we're waiting with bated breath to find out if we get any more So there's only currently eight episodes for you to masturbate to

Reegs:Did you clock

Dan:They're not like

Reegs:It's not really not Did you clock the director's name


Reegs:Savage Steve Holland And that appears to be his first name Savage Savage Steve


Pete:Ireland Yeah I did actually hate this Oh I didn't hate it I I don't really watch a lot of this sort of stuff weirdly as a fault as a 42 year old guy no it didn't hate it as some bits of it with like really weak And some of it was like okay And entertaining actually with the opening bit with a stupid the opening bit where they like pushing that like patient along And she's about to give her a big like sh massive shot of adrenaline or whatever I was like I was like thinking okay this is quite promising if they're going to be like Dick heads all the way through but they weren't

Reegs:I felt it never really lived up to that initial 30 or 40 seconds cause it started And I was like okay this is going to be quite


Reegs:And it wasn't


Dan:but it it I don't know There's I thought there was enough in it We've we've shot Nedo Jeremy Howard and we've wanted to have the other characters I mean they they they're kids they're young actors and I didn't think that their acting I thought was pretty good in it I you know I didn't think that they were looked out of place on television or anything They w w it was I don't know it was the cost of this It didn't even look into

Sidey:It's a decent production

Dan:Yeah it was it seemed pretty

Sidey:The kids who are fairly decent actors probably I would say my daughter would be a little bit too young to enjoy Not that it was like violent rated by just saying she wouldn't have

Dan:daughter is nine

Sidey:My daughter is seven She probably wouldn't necessarily be

Pete:Well she doesn't want to have to sit next to you while you're playing with yourself So

Sidey:Not again

Reegs:But food was a weird character

Dan:I'm thinking you had the the fireworks and then they get into put them out in the

Pete:Well the fireworks during the day is always something that baffled like why is he got faraway in the day That was more irritating than the fact that he was just letting her firework

Dan:that woman Just randomly reading a book next to the massive party going


Dan:as she was the one that was going to be tore down by the motorbike

Sidey:Right and this I sort of enjoyed this actually weirdly this millions of reasons not to but it was all right

Pete:There was two reasons why he liked it though Wasn't there

Dan:well you know the the moral is I'm not going to change myself or anyone just because they don't like something that there was this was Jean is kind of story there that she was a little bit angry and aggressive but Yeah well they didn't like that you had a bad review and the team had to change everything about them so there was a kind of positive mold over as well yeah I thought it was it was a decent choice and why not give it a go

Reegs:And there's a little bit of the underdog spirit rising up against privilege type thing to it which I always quite like yeah this is miles better than page eight

Sidey:Another week another podcast that was fun thanks for all the dance nominations that we've had so far keep them coming And also I will announce in the next few days who's won our competition Are they live competition so that's exciting Pete You've got nominations for us I believe

Pete:I do have Yeah I I've I've tried to go with the theme


and the theme that I would like to go for if it's if it's okay with everyone because I think we agreed that we were going to do this a couple of weeks back I'd like to go with the best of British if that's okay there's been obviously some you know some references to British this evening So the top five would be the best top five British films and including Ireland as well and the the main feature I would like to go with what I definitely Clarified was a British film and in light of its it did win an Oscar albeit not best picture but I would like to propose a promising young woman


Pete:Which I think did win best British film at the BAFTAs


Reegs:I think got screenplay as well Best screenplay didn't it Yeah On sky No that's good I wanted to watch

Pete:Yeah and a kids TV I would like to suggest a danger mouse but the the sort of the reboot not the original the reboot yeah it's K Yeah But well you know let you enjoy it I think it's 2015 I think was it was this one So I'll let you know a a series in an episode

Reegs:Jason in it

Pete:No Um but for midweek mentioned I'd like to do something a bit different And it's interesting You've mentioned David Jason cause I would like to nominate one of the feature length episodes of only fools and horses I would like to go is Hollenback which was the first ever feature length episode of only fools and horses to Harlem back or I think it's just called Hull and back

Dan:This is the uh

Sidey:the diamonds on

Dan:no it's the bus

Pete:no no no no no no Jolly boy's outing is the bus trip This is the diamonds on

Sidey:Okay Oh it's dumpster Yeah Okay cool All right Well we'll get onto that sounds very interesting right Keep listening and subscribing and liking and reviewing and mostly just get involved with the tedious chats on Twitter All that remains is to say Sidey signing out


Dan:Dan's gone