Feb. 5, 2021

Tenet & Raising Dion

Tenet & Raising Dion
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Just as the vastness of space has inspired creators for as long as our species has been able to cast it's gaze upwards so have the depths of the world's oceans similarly stimulated tales of aquatic mystery. Whether seeking to evoke fear, create a feeling of adventure or show man tested to above and beyond his limits, the catalogue of great Ocean cinema is as engrossing at is varied, and this weeks Top Movies with a Porpoise showcases the very best of marine life ever committed to celluloid.

In honour of our main feature, Christopher Nolan's time bending action espionage movie Tenet, our review this week has been constructed entirely as a palindrome. Okay that's not entirely - or even slightly - true but we could do that if we wanted to. We just didn't want to show off. Thankfully the ever inventive Mr Nolan has no such qualms and over the movies 150 minute running time we are given incredible action wrapped up in a complicated non-linear plot which could only spring from his imagination. Join us as we try to make sense of the movies twisting, labyrinthine plot in what is probably the most confused Bad Dads Film Review yet.

Dan chose Netflix's Raising Dion for this weeks children's entertainment. Based on the comic book and short film by Dennis Liu, the show tells the story of a single mother coping with the revelation that her young son has superpowers. Produced by and featuring Michael B. Jordan in extended cameos, this nine-part drama series was a firm favourite in his household managing to engage everyone to some degree or another. How would the rest of the Dads feel?

We love to hear from you! Well some of you anyway. If you'd like to get in touch you can usually find us annoying people on Twitter - @dads_film, on Facebook or via email to baddadsjsy@gmail.com. We also have a website, baddadsfilm.com, where you can read some of our thoughts, like so much faeces flung at the wall by a troop of incandescent monkeys.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads



Reegs:Welcome to Baghdad's film review. You probably know the drill by now. We're a bunch of dads catching up on the movies that we missed while bringing up our kids. And because we thought it might be funny, we reviewed the stuff our kids watch too. Now, if you've watched the news recently, you will know that we're all fucked.

I mean, properly hopelessly fucked. We're so fucked. In fact, that it's difficult to keep track of all the things we're supposed to be terrified of at any one time, the creepy plague of death that has been an extra belly marching on us for the past year. Sure. That's frightening. But is that better or worse than whatever the hell is happening with an overwhelming number of lunatics in America?

Prattling on about a great awakening while they fixate on thinly spread cherry pick nuggets of evidence, ignoring the thundering massive data that contradicts them. How about the bleak future promise to us as a result of climate change, which as a species we've collectively ignored in favor of a hope.

This will all go away strategy that surely not doomed to fail, help studies have shown. And this is genuinely true. As in I read it on a website today, even guide dogs are becoming hopelessly depressed. The overall sense of creeping dread is so enormous. Right now I'm struggling to try and break it down into manageable bite sized, flurries of panic for ease of consumption.

In fact, things are so crazy. Now, if I open the front door tomorrow and an army of fire-breathing lobsters were machine gunning people to death, I'd be horrified, but not entirely surprised. I'd probably just shrug close the door and wait for my turn to be eviscerated by our new invertebrate overlords.

So while we wait for the crustacean uprising to begin. Don't just sit there, wishing you were dead. Instead. Let our film review spoonfeed do something to watch. So you don't have to spend your time endlessly scrolling the Netflix menu whilst you alternate between blinking and dribbling to that end. Let me introduce you to the bad dads I'm reeks.

Hello, and I'm joined by occasional film scholar and full-time legend Sidey, a man composed equally of compassion and passion and a true friend to all Dan. And finally it's peeler is uttered in a swimming pool and only half is charming. A man. So ugly. He wants made the elephant man puke inside his own face bag.

It's nauseating flesh waste.

Howie:Hello. Speaking of crustaceans. I wants a walk to a restaurant that remain nameless that sold lobsters. And once one of the chefs was trying to fuck one of them for a laugh. And the only reason he was told the reason he was told not to fuck one of them was because the guy said no, no, don't do it.

Why? And he said, Oh, I lost my little finger. Cause he's cause he was playing karate chop with a lobster. So what we do is you see if you can hit them before they flex. And he eats twatted it with his hand, karate chop and the vertebraes closed around his little finger and swapped it off. And he said, Oh, you'll do that to your cock.

So he wasn't like telling him to not shack a lobster because it's. Pretty fucking weird, but he was doing it because I don't want any personal injuries, you know? I mean, that's sound advice for anybody listening out there. That's how you could lose your cock.

Sidey:Which restaurant was that loves to put.

Howie:No, no, I'm sure it wasn't that one. But anyway, hello.

Reegs:That it's not a story. I was expecting you to tell that way. If I'm

Howie:No, I S I removed that from my wedding speech.

Dan:people would tune it in thinking they hear it about films. Just got that little bonus there.

Reegs:Anybody been watching anything good this week?

Howie:Yeah. I've been I'll I'll end my constant yarn about fringe because I've now finished it. That's a hundred episodes. Final one. Done. Excellent. That's an entire box set. I've now moved on to the first episode of Lupa on Netflix now, which features our friend from the untouchable the French actor.

Yeah. Now my top tip for it is I've only watched one episode. It was enjoyable, but my top tip for it is not to watch it in the dubbed English, which is fucking bizarre, don't watch it in the English, but basically

Dan:what she was subtitles.

Howie:how watching French English subtitles, because the voice they've got is just bizarre.

It's like some weird American accent doesn't suit. But it's really good bit of fun. He kind of plays a similar sort of role that kind of Jack the loud type of thing, but he's a gentleman thief and it's good.

Sidey:a bit Danny ocean, isn't it. He said I would never watch. I would never watch a dubbed version of anything

Dan:No. Well, maybe a Kung Fu movie you want to

Howie:Or a porno or a porno,

Sidey:foreign language porn.


Howie:otherwise you can't follow the plot. You can't follow the plot. Yeah. You need to know who the main characters are, who, which one of them is the stepmother, all these things you need to know. Yeah.

Dan:plumber doing? Why is that? Paul boy here again?

Howie:I fucking wash machines. Surely got a guarantee anyway.

Sidey:I don't think I've watched anything other than what we were supposed to do.


Sidey:this. I

Reegs:I've been watching. It's a sin. Which is a channel four mini series about a set in the eighties about group of gay men in London. But it's really about how they were kind of abandoned by the government during sort of AIDS crisis. And it's heartbreakingly sad and it's got a load of terrific performances.

It's still on channel four. You can still catch it. I have to add the music is absolute. No, this it's a sin. The music is absolutely superb. And it's, it's, it's brilliantly done. I think there's five episodes out and we pretty much just streamlined them one after another highly recommend.

Dan:I'm still plowing through Prime's series of Vikings,

Howie:Oh my God.

Dan:it's pretty good. It's pretty good, but I'm not sure how many, I think it goes up to like seven series and I've got to the end of two now. And. I kind of just want to watch something else now, but we

Howie:can't give it up.

Dan:yeah, it is still, there's still sort of plot lines to run and, and things to be done.

And and the message is still quite keen. We watch it.

Reegs:W why is there a good looking Jap in it,

Dan:loads of them. Yeah. They're all big hunky Vikings and they will take their clothes off. So yeah.

Reegs:but why go out for hamburger when she's got steak at home, Dan?

Dan:Yeah. She, I think she's going, vegetarian is fine.


Reegs:We've got a top five to round up from last week, which was top five worst movie sets.


Sidey:Then you had a couple of, couple of shouts for about three Amigos is one of them.

Howie:yeah. From Carrie Baden. And she also mentioned the ghost at the door mess from three men and a baby.

Reegs:Myth you suggesting that ghosts aren't real

Howie:far, be it for me to say sat here alone in a loft with a locked hatch and a doji light. I don't want to say anything just in case I offend the spirits,

Reegs:well, but they're not. So don't worry about

Howie:okay, cool. What's that aura

Sidey:had a Steve Gutenberg film on. I felt like that should go on


Reegs:Thank you


Howie:I'll try to think where Steve Guttenberg could go in on any category and it would have no films involving old people that are corpses cocoon.

Sidey:top five Simpson references.


Sidey:This week's top five, Daniel. It was you who did all the nominating. What we got

Dan:well, we were going to go for the top five films with a poor poise basically a films with sea creatures related to that. Well, I'll quite flexible on that actually. There's, there's a few that I think,

Sidey:Are you allowing freshwater

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. The lot I I'm I'm I'm not being too strict on it at all.

Sidey:or without brackish water,

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. I mean, even tap what we do let's let's

Howie:and we, and we can, and we can have a, of animation in there as well. Yeah.


Reegs:Yeah, of course.

Dan:yeah, for sure. For sure. You can, you can have animated. You can have CGI, you can have what you like.

Reegs:why don't you hit us up with your first one. Done.

Dan:well, okay. The first one I'm going forward just to give us a feel of the theme jaws. You can't get more of a fishy film than yours is a classic. I know we've mentioned it before, but I don't think you can have a top five film, which we have sea creatures and not mentioned yours. So we'll just get the shark and the ELA in the room, the elephant in the room, out the out there.

It's a classic, isn't it still, I mean, anybody growing up. Families wanting to watch a film to scare the shit out your little ones quite early and put them off going into the sea ever

Howie:Which is important when we have on an Island. Yeah.

Dan:This is the one that you want to choose. You know, all this, the, the scenes now yourself. So you can hide behind a pillow and leave the little ones to fend for themselves.

Howie:My my, my mum and dad very rarely have my son over cause he's a lunatic. And about a year ago, bearing in mind, he was seven in the morning. First thing. Cause he was poorly. They had him for a couple of hours and in those couple of hours he drank two liters of Coca-Cola and watch jaws and was fine with it.

So he's never drank Coke before or after. And surprisingly, we're not going to let him watch jaws too, to which he has asked for. But yeah. That's, that's an indication of good parenting jaws. I feel it's a benchmark that you can hit.

Dan:Yeah, I, I, my, my youngest really just got onto this we're at about nine years old and she had. She had seen it somewhere or trailer or, or found out about yours and it's all she wanted to watch. It was just show she ever had a big sort of fixation on sharks at a time. So she loved all the different sharks.

She could name them all. She had the top Trump card

Reegs:it's quite violent for a nine-year-old.

Dan:it is, yeah, we did watch it because it was, you know, we thought, no, well, we'll hold back. There'll be time. But she was really. Blogging for each and every time. So to hear that your watch it is seven and Coke is the answer then maybe we'll, we'll revisit that

Sidey:can't remember what age I was when I watched it for the first time, but I was. Pretty young and I was fucking shit



Sidey:and shit scared of going into war. Yeah, probably about 10 11. I can't remember exactly, but it did put me off swimming. It was fucking

Dan:Even in a swimming pool. Yeah. If they tapped into something there, you know, it was

Sidey:And then years later I swam into a fucking jellyfish and that was equally fucking

Dan:yeah, no films about them. Is there more

Howie: I went diving with friend of the pod, Pete, and I had, I have a phobia of fish and we're in Australia. And he S while I was swimming trying to overcome this phobia, Pete threw bread in the water on top of me while I was swimming. So I was swarmed up by fucking Goomba fish. So Pete wet night, nights, fishing night, fishing night diving for sharks.

So I took a load of, I took a piss off the side of the boat thinking I would attract track the sharks that bastard. That's what you call friendship.

Dan:cut your hand? Just drip, the blood in there be worth it.

Sidey:What you got for us?

Reegs:Well, I was going to say Leviathan, which is a forgettable horror film, starring Peter Weller, Ernie Hudson make foster and Daniel stern, which is Mar from home alone. They play amongst others. It's the crew of an underwater mining operation who was stalked and killed by a hideous aquatic mutant creature released just a few months before the abyss and borrowing liberally from both alien.

And the thing, the creatures appearance changes throughout the film due to. Something something DNA assimilation, but its final form at the film's climax is that they're hilarious and very fake looking Guild man type creature. If you're a fan of substandard B movies, then you might get a kick out of this one, which has a small cult following.

But I mainly bring it up because of the ludicrousness of the reveal of the creature's origin, which is that those pesky meddling Russians have been experimenting with creating Fishman on a ship, which they ended up sinking. Rather than using a secure landlocked facility in case anything went wrong, remember they are literally attempting to create a Fishman and decide the best place to create an aquatic creature is in a ship.

And then they believe the best way to stop this aquatic creature is by sinking the ship.

Dan:is it based on a true story? This,

Reegs:it is not Dan, not as far as I'm aware.

Dan:I did see this when looking for fish related themes but I'd never seen the film.

Reegs:Well, this was a great topic for this reason, because I had like dozens of horror movies about fish, dozens and dozens and dozens. So yeah. Great, great choice. And it's going to let, let me talk about a whole load of movies that I've never talked about on the pod before. So I'm pleased with that.

Howie:I'm going to go for one. I watched shamefully over Christmas star Trek for the voyage home, where earth is about to be destroyed by some alien tube. And that it's emitting weird sounds. And those weird sounds are effectively whale song. So Kirk has to go back in time from 2286 to 1986 to kidnap threat.

Two whales and bring them back. And I watched all of it and I really liked it. It's fucking so fucking amazing. And they crash land under the San Francisco Bay bridge. Let the whales out the whales, talk to this fucking giant, meet your rights, asteroid thing. And was that a wild sound or was that a budgie being

Dan:may have been Chewbacca.

Howie:Yes, but, but because we have humpback whales week, we are stopping humanity from being destroyed by aliens. And I didn't know that. And star Trek provides an important fact,

Sidey:they saved, they basically saved that species. They didn't know that film.

Howie:so it was

Dan:awareness. So on, on the plight of whales,

Sidey:a humpback whale is at that time, but there's now over 25,000

Dan:I it's been a long time since I've seen that film and

Sidey:Check out the film poster is the worst film poster design in the history of cinema.


Reegs:I still really liked that movie. I know that you're not supposed to or something,

Howie:dude, I enjoyed it with the

Reegs:double, a double dumb ass on you

Dan:on me.

Reegs:side what'd we go.

Sidey:I've got Vincent Ludwig's, Japanese fighting fish from the naked gun. It's beautiful, beautiful, graceful, elegant yet. Single-minded of purpose and deadly. It's valued over $20,000. All the while. Frank javelins stamping it with his priceless fountain pen and it's biting his face and all sorts of get on fucking great scene from a great movie.

Dan:Yeah, that is a classic. I'm going to go with another one. And I haven't seen this in a long time is one that I are going to revisit soon. The big blue,

Howie:Oh, Dan, it's brilliant. It's brilliant. It's one of the most beautiful films ever. I

Dan:yeah. Yeah. Once years ago

Howie:I've got it on DVD. So I'll try and get it to you.

Dan:me how great this film is. It. Obviously involves divers going competing against each other.

But it's one of those where you see them growing up and you see the, the trials and tribulations a little bit and the, and the different things Luke Bessel and

Howie:amazing. I was, I was looking at this where they were shot and it's. It's it's basically the Caribbean or the French and the French antibodies antibodies. I can never say that the group Carlin's Peru, Sicily, and, and the whole thing is beautiful. And it's to do with his relationship with how dolphins isn't it.

That's, that's the, that's the thing with it. And he, at the end, it's just so bitter sweet. Isn't it it's like he finds himself, but yeah.

Dan:Yeah. At what cost and

Howie:cost. Yeah.

Dan:It has been such a long time, but as soon as I saw this, I remembered how much I enjoyed it and how much it is worth revisiting. And so yeah, that's, that's my next one.


Reegs:Fish porn enthusiasts have the shape of water which is a . How do you say it? How are we.


Reegs:Guillermo Del Toro, a movie that was a bit of a critic, a cricket or darling? I, sorry. I believe it was, yes. I'm just going to come out and say that I was not totally on board with this movie not. Only because of its weird pro pet fucking stance. It's a bit of a narrative mess. It never earns or develops the really weird central romance that the entire story hinges on.

Great actors like Richard Jenkins and Michael Shannon give career worst performances. It's weird. It's dangerously close to being a movie about a lady who has like being a lady who has sex with a dog because it showed us some affection. She does shag the mermaid man. I think people who sexually abused their pets will find a lot to love about the shape of water for everybody else is just quite a lot of questions that that movie brings up that are a bit too weird to be answered.

Dan:I must admit it. It surprised me. It did SOA. I watched it, but it wasn't anything that really grabbed me and made me think, wow, you know, I'll, I'll hardly recommend this and put it into a top five.

 Howie:I'm going to go for my first children's film and I'm going to go for. A tiny snail who hitches a lift around the world on the tail of a great big gray, blue humpback whale. And it's the stale in the world. And it's as a dad, I must have read that story about 400,000 times and my kids loved it. And eventually the movie came out, which was on BBC and it is a lovely little

Reegs:Yeah, it's terrific. It

Howie:it's, it's, it's very good.

Julia it's Julia Donaldson books. So author of the Gruffalo, all of that stuff. And it's lovely. It's it's a really nice sweet little movie and the books, obviously. Fantastic. So as a dad, I highly recommend it.

Reegs:Yeah, it's really good. The animation is really good and there's perilously little fish fucking in it.

Sidey:You can't have everything.

Reegs:You can't have everything. You're right.

Sidey:Oh, go for SpongeBob Squarepants.

Dan:Under the

Sidey:is the, the long running Nickelodeon animated. Television series. It's the fifth longest running American animated series and has generated over 13 billion us dollars in merchandising, merchandising revenue.

Howie:What's the first, is it Simpsons?

Sidey:it's substantive.


Reegs:I've never seen a single minute of SpongeBob Squarepants. No.

Sidey:Oh, it's

Howie:no, it's good. It's funny.

Sidey:it reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.

Reegs:okay. That's high praise.

Sidey:as good as Brennan Stimpy, but it's quite funny. Yeah. It's all right. It's just zany and wacky.

Dan:it's, it's decent. I've seen the the movie actually when the kids were growing up, but it wasn't, it wasn't bad, you know?

Howie:yeah. The hustle Hoff. Yeah.

Reegs:Isn't it a bit matter. The movie.

Dan:It surprises you, but yeah, I'll half Dayton. I'm going to add in a classic film that we've already reviewed on the pod bait. 

Reegs:Oh, of

Dan:always worth discussing it again. Mark Jenkins, seminal kind of film of How the people are buying up, which people were buying up, all the houses in in small fishing villages and forcing out the what'd you call it gentrification of, of this small town Fisher village, but it was so beautifully shot.

It was fantastically edited. The soundtrack was fantastic as well. I'm hoping to get that on vinyl. And I don't think that we would have. Really done this theme justice without bringing that film into the conversation. If you haven't seen it, then you can still watch it on channel four. I think it's still available to get, but it's absolutely brilliant the way that

Howie:He takes the fish out of the nets.

Dan:a, pulled it all together and

Sidey:hang on. You put an egg just because it's a seaside setting or you put it in like the lobster gate that gets nicked out of the pot. What was the


Howie:you guys gonna put the fit by the fish? He pulls out the nets, cause that is a beautiful scene. It's so theorial yeah.

Dan:is. Yeah, it just says the down on the beaches there, as they're kind of seeing what, what catch they've got. And obviously it's a, it's a smaller catch each time as he settled into the pub. And they're struggling to make ends meet while the, the richer comment in and locking up the houses and going back to the London houses and everything afterwards.

It stayed with me this film. I still think of it every now and again. And I certainly think it's worthy of a, of a place in here.

 Reegs:A rare walrus example is Blatch from Peter. Jackson's meet the Feebles. He's a drug dealer, porn aficionados, and abusive boyfriend to Heidi. The hippo. I should probably point out that meet the Feebles is essentially the Muppet's re-imagined as depraved drug addicted lunatics, which hopefully makes what I've just said.

Make a lot more sense. He is memorably blown to bits in the movies, , climax by Heidi using a mini gun. This all happens just after a Fox sings about his love of sodomy.

Sidey:well let's

Howie:10 of Taylor's oldest time. That is isn't it.

Sidey:There's a, have you got the other walrus movie

Reegs:I do, but I go onsite. He'd bring it up.

Sidey:now? It's time for you?

Howie:I was, I was going to go back to another shark and I was going to go for the one that was being used to try and cure Alzheimer's disease by genetically modifying its brain. And that's the one from deep blue sea, purely because it has the worst CGI of killing Samuel L. Jackson. But one of the ones I've seen that actually I quite like is when the doctor on the stretcher.

Gets smashed into the observation screen of the underwater science lab. I think that's brilliant that, but it's done really well because the guy's still alive with his oxygen mask on and it's just like, you see the close-up of him and the shark basically smashing him as at full tilt into it.

Reegs:Yeah, I really liked that movie. It's a Rene Harlin movie. The end credits theme song of deep blue sea is by LL cool. J who I think is the only person

Howie:he's the chef.

Reegs:And the Mo the song itself is written either from the perspective of the sharks or from LL himself as a man shark hybrid.

Sidey:you know what LL stands for?

Howie:ladies love. Cool, James

Sidey:we've had jaws. We've now had deep blue say I think it would be remiss of us not to have it's a Megalodon.

Dan:the Meg.

Howie:the mag. Yeah. I love the Meg. My son loves it.

Dan:yeah, I only watched this the other day actually, or last couple of weeks. It's full of action. Isn't it? I mean, you,

Sidey:dumb, fun,

Dan:it's all silly. It's, you know, you know what you're getting into, but

Sidey:but they're getting the big surprise where you think it's the mega

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:They're like the little Shrew version.

Dan:Yeah, no, I've, I've actually really enjoyed it. It was what an hour and a half, or not much longer than that. And it just kind of picks you up as all state them films do, and doesn't really let you go until he's safe and saved the world again.

Sidey:Yeah. He has his way with you. And then he, you know, you'd actually go off for an hour and a

Dan:He does. Yeah. I mean, he's he left his floundering, didn't he?

Reegs:Okay. That movie ended up making more than $500 million at the box office, which means it's the second highest grossing shark movie of all time after Joel.

Howie:Yeah. Do you know why? Cause it had loads of Chinese backers and that was targeted at the Chinese market.

Reegs:Fan being, being I think is, is the actress's name in a very high-profile role in it. Speaking English, not particularly well.

Dan:Yeah. And, and it, obviously it goes into The mega don't goes into this, this huge beach area where lots of Chinese tourists or why he didn't I in and swimming around. And it looks loads of fun where they all actually, until you see this big mega Don turn up and everybody's got those lights, all balls and everything in the sea and they will panic and get out.

Yeah, it

Sidey:just turns out to be a kid with a fake fit on his

Dan:Yeah. It's it really some really great shots in a some really great action scenes. Now I liked that. I thought it was you know, ah, facial intelligence used, well,

Sidey:well, how have you seen that mega shock versus giant octopus?

Howie:I ha I have. And have you heard the reviews that ends all reviews for it? Please go watch it. Five stars. It's an underrated cinematic masterpiece or forgotten classic. This film saved my life and changed the way I view the world. The mega shark and giant octopus represent conflict and problems in our society.

Dan:Wow. Okay.

Howie:Doesn't this film feature, the 80 starlets Debbie Gibson.

Reegs:Yes, it did.

Sidey:it's just got that amazing. Say it on the airplane. It's quite remarkable

Dan:I've not seen this one.

Howie:Don, you

Sidey:you would love it. You

Dan:It sounds right up my street. Yeah. Debbie Gibson, octopuses sharks, conflict, mega sharks.

Howie:maker, octopus,

Sidey:giant octopus as well.

Dan:Riggs. I am. I expect you've seen this seven year.

Reegs:James Cameron,

Dan:it was one of the

Sidey:I thought T was

Dan:this is Joe Dante's.

Reegs:Oh yes, of course. Yeah.

Dan:It's like an aquatic horror comedy that I watched while on holiday in Manchester, probably about, about 30 years ago. And millions of parameters escape into the river web on swimming, and they just kind of. Desiccate everything and eat everything and go through it. It's

Sidey:It's not what you do to a


Dan:you want to see what I do to coconuts? It's horrible. They, they made a 3d Parana, remake, I think which,

Reegs:Have you seen

Dan:not, not, I heard that was real

Sidey:Jenny McCarthy

Reegs:Aye. Yes. Jenny McCarthy. It's got a scene where a girl with sort of massive breasts that are artificially enhanced. They get sort of bitten by the The titular, paren lull. Puranas. And they like go through the Silicon in a boob, so you can actually see it. It's grim.

Dan:Yeah. Well, this was like one of the first horses I'd seen actually. And I remember just Baking the video store to I'll get this, we'll get this one. It was like, no, no, no. Eventually they relented and let us watch it.  We didn't sleep. So I, you know, just all the time Oh, bloody is even in the, in the ball and everything.

But it's just one that I haven't seen in probably all that time. I don't know whether I thought you actually reads my, have. Been well into this, I thought you might have a

Reegs:Yes. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan:I was just going to say there was a, there was another one in in the horror theme called host they South Korea monster movie

Reegs:I've not seen it.

Dan:Joon ho



So a long time ago, again, when it, it kind of came out, but this was really a strange film, more about a family looking to, to get the daughter back in things. And it was again a kind of horror comedy. And as you would expect from a director of that class, it that a little more about it than your average horror comedy.

And that one's probably another one that I should revisit.

 Reegs:The amazing Spider-Man two features, a tank full of genetically altered electric eels, which Jamie Fox when he gets bitten, fried, and turned into the villainous electro, when he accidentally falls into said tank and as a counterpoint in license to kill. James Bond knocks a guard into a tank of electric eels.

This time with lethal results rather than turning him into a superhero.

Dan:which one's

Sidey:Jamie Fox is going to be in the next one.

Reegs:I heard that seems a bit weird, but

 Howie:Okay. My last two are going to go from Moby Dick from in the heart of the sea. Which I actually thought it was okay with Brendan Gleason. Yeah.  Limb hems with it,

Dan:Yeah, I think it

is it's. It's one of the

Howie:the one who is the Thor, the one who's thought. That's quite good. And it's also It's a nice precursor to how the Moby Dick story starts and there's some good visual effects in it and it's quite Epic.

And the other one I was going to go for was all the animated animals are sort of all the animated fish in the life aquatic with Steve Sisou. So it's a lovely film that a lot.

Sidey:name of what's? This species is hunting. The


Sidey:leopard Joe's. Is it


Howie:Yes. Yes. Bugger com, but yeah particularly like that film the soundtrack so awesome with the hits of David Barry.

So Reese could really get into that. Some Portuguese versions of David Bowie's greatest songs.

Reegs:It's called my man crush.

Sidey:Yeah, it does. Yeah.

Dan:not bad. Cod do better. You know,

Sidey:Why not? Why not have actual Moby Dick Gregory


Howie:cause I've never seen it. I always do. I always do the, yeah, I always do this. I can't just pick out stuff that I know. Yeah. That's obvious I have to have seen it.

Reegs:I haven't seen ADA.

Dan:You've never seen that.

Sidey:I have on a revenge mission because Moby Dick, the great white whale has had a little nibble on his leg and he's really miffed about it.

Reegs:I've got the book here and I've tried to read it a few times, but it's very dense. It's not an easy read.

Sidey:Sure. It's the book that is



Dan:no, I think that's an absolute beauty actually. W it was an old film. 1950s, but it was one of the ones in color, you know? So it had that kind of Technicolor


Howie:I close my eyes,

Dan:which just made it awesome.

Howie:pull back my curtains. It's Phillip Schofield.

Dan:Oh, you're killing me. I'm going to scale back on the fish buns.

Howie:That's the real catch right? Move on.

Dan:Okay, well, I've got another couple that I'm just gonna wing away a free Willy, a classic that Obviously an Orca killer whale circling around some tiny Paul wants to be free and some kid makes that happen. Everybody cries in the air and

Reegs:I've never seen it.

Dan:well now you don't have to

Reegs:I felt like that before, to be honest.

Dan:it's a nice one to watch for the kids. And it will, it will mean that the room gets a little dusty. You might get someone in the eye, you know, there's it's.

Sidey:Did they have to rescue it before a Japanese research vessel

Dan:there's some kind of I


Howie:a bento ship following it.

Dan:at one point for the insurance, I think they're going to cave in the tank with him still inside. And they realized just in time with the little boy's help that this is going to happen and they, they save him in some. Huge truck that is designed for carrying fish downhills.

Then I was also going to mention the perfect with Clooney. never really joy this film that much when it came out, but I, I kinda caught myself watching it again one night and enjoyed it a little bit more. Watching sort of your part of it, knowing half of it had gone away. But the, the scenes of just the storms and everything was absolutely scary as shit.

And it just made me think about those people that go out on the boats like that and in the middle of the ocean and everything, you've got to have your sea legs. I mean, it takes a, a special kind of breed to be doing that. And it's not me.

 Reegs:I've got a double door. Most of dolphin fun. Batman, the movie 1966 has Batman and Robin saved by a dolphin who sacrifices his life, intercepting a Polaris missile launched from the penguin submarine and then dies off screen.

Sidey:And Gwen.

Reegs:But easily my favorite nomination of today. Is Johnny Neumonic set against the backdrop of the futuristic year of 2021 in a dystopian world ravaged by a fatal plague.

Keanu Reeves spends most of the movie trying to find a way to get a whole lot of data out of his mind before the stress of having all that stuff in their phrase, his brain, other people seem only to be able to come up with crude methods that will lead to likely to his death. But he eventually does find someone who saves him a character named Jones.

Jones is a genetically modified, super smart dolphin with cybernetic implants created by the military for submarine warfare, who helps Johnny retrieved the data from his head, the extended Japanese cut of the movie reveals that the Navy got Jones addicted to an unnamed drug. So he could work for them.

Uh, The drug making and believe he's still swimming. I have made literally none of that up. That is the movie that is the climax of the movie. It is completely insane. And although the movie has become a bit of a joke amongst sort of film the, you know, our days, I think it's worth seeing because of it's just sheer craziness.

 Sidey:We can stay with the dolphins if you'd like we've got HVAC has guide to the galaxy


Sidey:Fuck right off saying so long. And thanks for all the


Sidey:and also the nineties remake of flipper

Dan:We've Paul Hogan.

Sidey:Featuring renowned tax Dodger, Paul Hogan

Dan:And I liked your word.

Sidey:words and Isaac Hayes. It's a trio of, of casting that it just seems tailor made.

And there's a dolphin in it as well. The other night my daughter was trying to get me sternum, pression of adults. I just couldn't

Reegs:Let's hear what you've got.

Sidey:I can't do it. It's that ticky? I actually YouTube it.

Reegs:That's a goat Howie.

Sidey:she could sort of do one fairly well. I was just, I was just like giving myself a sore throat, trying to do it. And also we have a snowflake, the maybe dolphin mascot from Ventura. Yeah. Which we've talked at length about it in the past. Any more

Dan:well, I can, I can rattle off a few of finding Nemo all is lost. The Robert Redford film that we,

Howie:there's no, there's no, there's no Marine life in that.


Reegs:no fish in

Dan:is a fish Bonica what do you want? What'd you want, um,

Howie:scraping the no.

Dan:there's big fish, which was a UN McGregor film, which I actually enjoyed, but the one that I want to add in

Reegs:Well, hang on a second. Cause I think that movie's brilliant. I know I'm in the minority cause it seemed to get panned, but that is a great, great movie and it, because it's about fathers and sons yeah, just gets you right in the field. So I think that movie is terrific.

Dan:is, it is really nice title. Isn't it? It's it's done very well when you and McGregor seems to, it pulls out some great films. I think he's a fantastic actor, but I'm going to go for the abyss because it's just one of those Epic films that I think, okay. I'm thinking of a fish in it. I'm sure there's some jellyfish and things at some

Sidey:well, I was thinking about it as well. I was thinking maybe the, you know, the face, the water face that comes out of them in the,

Dan:it's a sea creature, isn't it of types. I love this film. I think it's, it's just a brilliant kind of, and it's not a short film. I think you're about three hours long. There's a couple of different endings. And the, the one ending where the, the kind of water is par and he's able to show how or the alien show him how we're fucking up the world.

And that's kinda what they're, they're doing. As a kid, it kind of really resonated with me, you know, that yeah. I know, alien life form or something, we'd come down and, and just look at how we're dealing with the planet and go, wow, this is absolutely crazy, you know?

Howie:No, you fucking it

Dan:but it was, yeah a really lovely, lovely film that I did it.

Reegs:Yeah, I've got a couple more in a story you've seen a thousand times before Kevin Smith's task. Has madman Michael Parks trying to create a perfect human walrus through a process that involves amputating his victim's legs and stitching their fingers together before stitching the body into a walrus suit made from human skin Wallace, who is played by somebody long, Justin Long, Dustin long is the victim of this horrible procedure. And he eats. Stabs the madman to death with his leg tusks. It still really fond memories for me. I think it was like the second or third movie we ever reviewed on the podcast. Fourth may be it's it's just crazy.

Crazy movie. Really good. And I quite unlike anything you've ever seen before. One other one ghost shark, a great white shark is tortured and killed by fishermen and its remains coincidentally, fall on a cave. Once you used as a sacred burial ground this allows it to return as a ghost who can attack anywhere near water, no matter what.

No matter how little water there is which is demonstrated in one memorable car wash scene involving a group of scantily clad women, one of whom is pulled completely into a bucket and devoured I don't think it was an Oscar winner, but it's worth seeing if you like ghosts or sharks or even go sharks.

Sidey:They would need to do some sort of shark Holocaust hybrids for it to get near the Oscars. I

Reegs:Yeah. Oh, and there's also Moana. The Tamatoa I think it is Jemaine Clement plays the vain gigantic talking coconut crabby sing.

Howie:yes, shine.

Sidey:I've got the creature from the black lagoon,


Sidey:from that sort of golden era of monster movies with Frankenstein the mummy and Dracula and all of those that probably going to try and remake out. I would imagine in the. Yeah, because they've done the mummy and they've done invisible, man.

I don't know if it's one of the ones they're thinking of rebooting, but I don't know. I've also got Lake flacid, which was

Howie:the crocodile one.

Sidey:yeah, that was why I was asking about fresh

Reegs:Of course. Yeah.

Sidey:terrorized a small picnic spot. I think

Howie:The little old ladies feeding him chickens and stuff. Isn't she?

Reegs:Cows. Isn't it. It's


Sidey:I think it was supposed to be parodying the genre, but it's not entirely.

Clear if that's the case or not. And

Reegs:of the plot is in that movie. And he's really good. He's really good


Sidey:good one. Have you seen Ponyo?


Reegs:of course. Yeah.

Sidey:It's a Maya Zacky joint. It's on Netflix.

Howie:Yeah, it's lovely.

Sidey:it. It's it's a fish princess sort of um,


Sidey:herself into a girl who goes on adventures with this boy possibly a metaphor for beastiality.


Dan:talking about the old ones are clash of the Titans.  Whereas got a, it

Reegs:Oh, the crack

Dan:yeah. Ray Harryhausen I think it was his final work of, of kind of stop motion visual effects, which. Still way better than CGI for me. I mean, I look at those skeletons that I'm a four and and the cracking himself the little owl and all those things that were just absolutely fantastic in that film, they remade it.

I think we've CGI and it was utter dump.

Reegs:They was by 'em. Box office, death machine. What's his name? The guy who did it was in Worthington, Sam Worthington.

Sidey:Okay. Yeah. Well, he was in um,

Reegs:He was in avatar. So that's really fucked my argument, but

Sidey:Anyone got anything else? I've got one more just to throw out there, which is the little mermaid


Reegs:of course, yeah.

Sidey:Ariel daughter of overly promiscuous King Triton terrorized by actually pretty scary. Cephalopod, Ursula. Yeah, I thought she was actually January quite scary. I was

Reegs:she's terrified.

Sidey:show that one to a door, but she didn't really pan out at two minutes.

Dan:Yeah, that, that was one that I got mentioned actually. And you've got, Nimo finding Dory deliverance, all those kinds of films.

Howie:Yeah. Nimo and deliverance just, they rattle off the tongue. That's always on my watch list one after the other, because you liked Nimo you might like deliverance. Fuck. You know,

Dan:at some stage. I'm sure.

Howie:Well, yeah, they use a facial like that video that we saw on WhatsApp this week. Yeah. Don't look at WhatsApp. Kids is bad for your eyes.

Sidey:Shall we hive that down. And so I took

Reegs:And let's do that.

Sidey:rigs. What you're putting in

Reegs:It has to be Jones from Johnny mnemonic because if you haven't seen it, you need to.

Dan:ongoing for the big blue, the LA grand blue. It definitely needs revisiting, but I know it's a solid choice.

Howie:I'm going to go for the life aquatic. And it was the Jaguar shark that he was looking for. But I love, I really, I love that film.

Sidey:this is a great show. I'm going to go for Vincent Lindbergh's. Japanese fighting fish.

Dan:Squeeze it in Frank Drebin.

Reegs:And then we need one more from the listeners.

Sidey:Yeah, I think we've had a few shouts already online. So more to follow. No doubt.

Right movie of the week, Danny nominated what we got.

Dan:tenant, which is the Christopher Nolan film can be spelled forwards or backwards, same way. and, which kind of gives a little bit of a, a feel for the film in the fact that things were going forward and backwards and they all kind of try to make sense. Did it make sense to you all always say that I lost the messages after 28 minutes on this one?

She was, I S I already stopped to explain two or three times what I thought was going on. And by the third time, both of us was, was happy that she went upstairs, inside to work something else and left me to it. I left the subtitles on, because I heard it was quite a mumbly. Film this and that certainly does help.

I think if you're going to watch this film when you go to the cinema, ask them to put the subtitles on just stay home and watch it. It's.

Reegs:I think this is going to be one of our most difficult reviews.

Dan:Yeah. Anybody wants us to make sense of it for them then? Yeah, definitely. I think,

Sidey:I've watched it

twice and I've still. In preparation. I just had to read through three different plot summaries

Dan:I'm not, I'm not, I'm not gonna attempt to.

Sidey:what the, I still don't really know. Like still having read them. Couldn't really describe it to you in any sort of great detail.

Howie:it, but I couldn't describe

Sidey:I still don't really

Howie:you. I genuinely think both Josephine and I, we watched it how to talk about it afterwards. And we got it, but I couldn't relay or explain it to you. I've not forgotten it after I've watched it. That sounds so vacant, but that genuinely is the case. So I can't articulate it.

Sidey:don't want to summarize my thoughts entirely, but I think it was basically a good idea, but doesn't work over it when you extrapolate it out over two and a half hours.

Reegs:Are we going to go through the plot because there is so much

Dan:yeah, it'd be, it'd be difficult I think, to, to go through the plop. But to give it to summarize it yeah. One of the biggest mysteries is even people that have seen tenants really don't know what it was about until they can really maybe read up about it a little bit and find out the plot from people that have studied it and gone into it.

But basically you have different colors. Don't you in the film that kind of gives it away. You've got the blue team or anything. Blue is going back through time. Anything red is going. Forward through time, people with masks and things that are people going back through time.

Reegs:Well, they're not really going. That's part of it. They're not, it's really going back through time.

Sidey:the entropy

is going

Dan:w what got me thinking about there. So basically you have A future world that is declared war on the past because of climate change or, or something to do along those lines that we fucked up. So they want to, they want to try and fix stuff and they're sending people back kind of, I don't know.

It might be another reason that they're doing

Howie:Oh, I didn't get to that.

Reegs:no, I didn't

Howie:Or I didn't get that either.

Dan:go with me.


Reegs:a good start it,

Dan:with me. That, that's what I think they're our future. Oh, just declared war on a, a pass world and, and they kind of got this.

Reegs:yeah, but not about climate

Dan:Well, I, I

Howie:No, no,

Dan:I think they, they do talk about that. Kind of Brandon talks about that when he's, he's arguing.


Dan:The point. Yeah. You needed the subtitles on it and, and things.

So one, one guy, the protagonist who is called that in the, in the film he's, he's charged with He goes through this bizarre test where he's actually had to kill himself to pass the test and they find out that the cyanide pill isn't actually real. And then he's given this one word which will open doors or not, and it's tenant.

And he goes on to try and find what is,

Sidey:Right. But can I stop you there? Because then he is the mastermind of tenant. It

Dan:Yeah. Eight doesn't know that.

Sidey:why did he have to

Dan:Cause I, I think he doesn't know that until he goes through it. Or you find that out at the end,

Sidey:but everything that's happened in backwards, you have to

Dan:it is.

Reegs:a closed time leap. So everything that's in it has happened and will

Sidey:But the bit to the

Reegs:which, which makes

Sidey:the first bit of exposition that we get, where the scientist woman saying to him, you're not shooting the bullet, you're catching


Sidey:And then she puts her on the table and he catches it in his glove. But that hadn't happened. I

Dan:it's all, it's all really kind of, you have to take a lot of it on feeling. I think if you overthink it,

Reegs:well that she, she hand waves that away it, by essentially saying that don't, but she sort of says, don't think about it, just feel it. And I was like, okay, I'll do that because it looks really fucking cool. And I'm, I'm happy to go with that as a, as a thing.

Dan:it, does it also give some hints about a multi-verse where there's all these different You know, if I was to go out the room now, there is a me going out the room now and some multi-verse and there is somebody else go and they're trying to knit back the, the future where they've kind of opened Pandora's box.

So then you need to kind of knit it all together to try and put it back here and get the toothpaste back in the tube, which absolutely fuck.

Sidey:There was loads of different versions of nail wasn't there.

Reegs:Loads, particularly in the climactic sequence.

Sidey:but he was the one who saved him in the opera house as well as the very

Howie:Yes. Yeah, that's right.

Reegs:So John David Washington plays the protagonist and I think it really is worth mentioning up front that he probably has the best beard I've ever seen. And that does include yeas ID. I'm sorry, it's say, but it's amazing. His

Sidey:I did clock here and go fucking strong bed.

Reegs:Yeah. And I, he had, we been doing the man crush thing now he would absolutely be on my list.

I, I think he is really cool and is good looking chap,

Howie:Good dad.

Reegs:essentially the black bond in this movie

Dan:it is. It.

Reegs:we're still struggling to describe.

Dan:There's just so much going on. I really like the idea of of the science in behind these kinds of things in Christopher Nolan plays with time, you know, that he doesn't, he has this, you know, obviously interstellar and things where

Sidey:wait, he had the paper from, in Stella advising on this as well. Didn't

Reegs:Kip. Thorne is a world renowned, theoretical physicist. Also there's hard. There's not a huge amount of CGI in the movie. So a lot of what you see is done practically, including the stunning fight, where it turns out John David Washington is fighting himself. It's possibly the only moment in the film that I called,

Howie:yeah, sign straightaway.

Reegs:a sort of CLA a

man sort of, that you can't see his face And.

they have this stunning hallway fight where there one is moving forwards through time. And one is moving backwards through time while they have the fight, which is giving you this impossible, impossible physics it's really stunning.

And then later, of course, they replay the fight from a different perspective. So

Howie:and in the different order.


Dan:so. Basically, they've been a group of people have been sent back in time, or they've been able to, to find a way to in what was it, inverts time to tech

Reegs:yes, it's called inversion.

Dan:inversion. So That means that people can, can stop playing with time and they can start understanding it a little bit and start changing as somebody going forward and they're going backwards, they can send messages to each other and then potentially change what is going to happen into the future.

Yeah, I mean, it's super confusing. It's

Sidey:I, I, so I suppose in a nutshell, what is happening is that Kenneth Brunner is so annoyed that he's lost his voice, that he has this MacGuffin algorithm, they call it, which they are going to set off Vajra bomb. And he has the dead man switch, which is his Fitbit that when that's not tracking his heartbeat, this thing will go off and invert something

Dan:earth earth itself. And

this, this was kind of really weird. I know I'm going to skip white forward there, but the MacGuffin kind of thing, this, this kind of just, big. Set of not some bolts or something that's put together and they, they need to be scattered across time. It's a bit kind of fairness.

Isn't it. They need to make all these different. Yeah.

Howie:well, Brian Brown browner is a Thanos character. He's super powerful. And he's exerting his power everywhere. So he's like an old fashioned. It's interesting that you said James Bond because he's like an old fashioned specter villain where he's super powerful untouchable almost and above and beyond.

Absolutely any form of law enforcement. So he's getting away with doing everything.  I'm. Finding it impossible to articulate the direction of this film. And that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. If we talk about the film itself, I understand it was one of the largest budgets ever spent on a film for quite some time, especially over the weird COVID crossover period as

Reegs:I was so excited to see

Howie:Yeah, because that was, that was supposed to be on at the moment. We had locked down and our cinema locally shut down. But when, when we've watched it and we've watched it on our own small TVs or whatever at home, I don't think we fully can appreciate the grand scale of everything.

And the assumption sumptuousness of the filming, the, the scope of everything it is, it's, it's beautifully made in places.

Reegs:Oh, it's, it's incredible. On a technical level. It looks. Unbelievable. It's got incredible cinematography by his delightfully named collaborator Hoyte van Hoytema. The technical elements of this movie are really beyond reproach, except for the sound design, which Dan you talked about at the beginning of the movie.

And I think if you've got problems, hearing the dialogue, which I did. When you have a movie that requires constant attention, that is a big problem. When you're dumping lots and lots of exposition all the time. And this, this movie is about 85% expositions when it's not blowing things up, it's, it's just not accessible.

At all. And, and I think I know this in a lot said about the sound design and I don't necessarily want to get into it because Nolan himself has talked a lot about this and it is exactly how he wanted it. I think if literally everyone or most people are telling you your sound mix is a bit shit, you might have to stop and consider that you fucked up a bit.

And possibly there was nobody doing that for Nolan in this

Howie:Oh, I would be interested to know from a geeky point of view, because even though I've watched it with subtitles, I can't honestly say I had problems with this. I've got a Sonos bar

Sidey:Oh, my,

I turned, I

had to change the volume about 50 times.

Howie:really cause I just put it on vote.

Sidey:sequence, it was so fucking loud, which I don't mind, but my missus gets a bit fucked off. But then when they were just talking, I couldn't hear a fucking word,

Howie:have to watch it.

Sidey:the same way they're in the free cell.

And our PAX is talking to that fucking no bed in the suit. I couldn't ever fucking think that was said. And Kenneth to make him sound more medicine, just fucking whispers, every single line. And it, it was bollocks. It just really got on my fucking nerves. Cause I had the remote in my hand the whole time up and down, up, down, up down.

Howie:I'll beat you because I, he didn't have to do that. I just, I I've, I've just got a book standard. SANOS, it's a fiber optic cable thing and it's on vocal, so it wasn't deafening or anything. But I did have subtitles on because I'd heard and was like, okay. But I didn't, I think I put the subtitles on, so I could, it helped me understand a bit more what was going on.

So, not only was I listening to him per se, I could read it and go, Oh, that's that? But like exactly what rigs were saying. There's so much going on. The last thing you want to be doing is focusing on subtitles because of everything that's going on around you. So, yeah.

Reegs:bit is like half catching something and thinking what's that important? So I'm going to rewind it, play that scene and it turns out it wasn't important, but you may have missed a line of dialogue. That absolutely was, and this is a movie that will. Explain some complex plot point in a single sentence.

That's muffled,

Dan:Well, the, the point where he's just taking that cyanide pill and then he's in on that hospital bed or he he's kind of recovering he he's dropping in some important stuff there. He's just kind of understanding what, why he's, you know, not dead and things like, and he just gets a little bit mumbled.

So you're not really sure what he's going to say. Too mumbly. You can't understand it. Like, you know, it, it kind of frustrated me the, the sound, but I had the subtitles on. So I was able to, to kind of follow it like that. And I would suggest and recommend anybody watching this film, watches it with the subtitles.

Reegs:but just think about how bonkers that is, what you just said. I'd recommend you watch this movie with subtitles or, you know, it's just, it's just completely bonkers. I completely agree with it. It just seems

Dan:Yeah. Well, I think if you don't get this film, you've just got to think crossing through a temporal turnstile, Guatemala inverts, whenever it passes through it, and then you'll understand.

Reegs:Mm. I mean, there are a bunch of really good action sequences in this movie. There's sort of three in particular two of which we visit. More than once. One is where there's a sort of heist to go in steal a faked Goya painting from a Freeport in

it's in Oslo, isn't it. And they, that is a terrific action scene. There's a, another one where they have to go in. Steel the MacGuffin and there's a car

Dan:they break into that

Reegs:Yes. All terrific terrifically done. And then there's the climactic sequence where you have teams of people moving forward and backwards through the same space at the same time. whilst they try to. Save the world, essentially.

Sidey:that bit to me look clearly like a choreographed sort of. Movie set, fight. Just gentlemen. It didn't look, I wasn't convinced by that, but the other ones, the car chase was very cool. The fight I was really taken by the plane was really cool when they crashed the plane, because like you say, that was a practical effect.

They actually went out and bought a seven

Reegs:I know it's crazy.

Sidey:crash it, which is fucking cool.

Dan:I really liked the way they set up that scene actually. And he's kind of talking him through because he's got a friend isn't he? Who's what was his name?  Robert Patterson.

Reegs:He was he stole the

movie for me. I thought he was fantastic. He brought a much needed levity to what is actually quite a serious

Dan:I was never sure if he was going to be a good ear of body all the way through it. I thought he might have been turned, but it turns out it was a, you know, a solid guy

Reegs:great scarf

Dan:lovely strong

game. Yeah,

Sidey:so the end, the combination was he was going to have to go off and die.


Sidey:That's why he

Reegs:He had to die to save because there's a crucial point where John David Washington is about to be shot by Kenneth Brown, his henchman, and some guy jumps in the way. And it turns out that guy was Neil, who has known the protagonist for a lot longer than the protagonist has known him. Because it turns out that the protagonist in the future recruits, kneel And he says the last words that he says to him before he goes off to die is I'll see you at the beginning, which probably articulate just how convoluted structurally this movie is.

Dan:it's kind of bond meets primer meets Mr. Mumbles. It's


Reegs:This is a rarely big well-made movie that doesn't talk down to you, which is refreshing, but Where a movie where you have to try to lip read complicated theories about the nature of time. Isn't exactly accessible. And I don't know. It's either I'm stupid. Or, but I, I didn't get this movie and I know I'm absolutely sure.

If I was sitting there watching it with Christopher Nolan, he'd have a chart out and he'd be able to tell you exactly what was happening with this. Person's interacting with that person and this person's moving forward through time and that person's going backwards. I'm sure he could draw you a great.

Brilliant thing about it that would make it all make sense, but I didn't get that while I was watching it. And the questions I have about the movie are nearly totally mechanical related to how things work in the world and nothing philosophical, which is actually not really very interesting when you think about it.

If you're, you know, and if it's like, Oh fuck you, it's a movie that's been made that you have to watch it two or three times. You'd better make sure it really is a movie that is worth watching two or three times. And, and isn't terrible at explaining its own

Dan:I, I would struggle to, to probably watch it another two or three times just to understand it.

Sidey:no closer to

Dan:Yeah, but it's what I like the themes, you know, I do like this, this kind of time manipulation and this of, of. Different different use and different means going through time, doing slightly different things.

It all interests me that I don't know whether this really delivered it for just mere mortals, like myself who wanted to, to go out thinking. I get it in the end, or I can see that. And maybe after a second viewing that I was sure I would pick up the little bits that I didn't, but I'm so far off knowing kind of how it all works.

You've just got to trust it. You've just got to say, well, this is what it is. And I'm sure he's tied up all the little bit, a little bit like you remember coherence?

Sidey:I was about to say that I was about to bring that

Dan:Yeah. Well, go


Sidey:Well, what I was going to say is that coherence is a film that we watched that has a lot of the same sort of crossing over of different people from different timelines or that's it. And that film works. That was handled in a much better way.

This is the film to me, that screams look how fucking clever I am. Look at all this stuff that I'm doing. And I fucking super-duper. And it was just a fail for me. And, and I, and I say that as someone who really, really likes the films of Christopher Nolan, I was so excited to watch this love, the trailer was fucking hype for it.

Possibly too much maybe, but. It just doesn't work. It doesn't work as a piece of entertainment something that you watch entertainment doesn't have to be fucking dumb and I'm, I'm happy to watch that thing that challenges you and, you know, it pushes some theory or whatever, but it has to work as a film and B you know, fucking.  Coherent, if you know what no pun intended. This is just, I still don't mean it. Like why the fuck was Michael Kane even in it? I don't, what the fuck?

Dan:Cause he was in the dark


Reegs:I felt like I was 20 minutes behind the movie from the second it started


Reegs:the puzzle.

Howie:I'm not the most sophisticated of film viewer and I liked it and got it. I think it's maybe because you might be people expect too much of it and read into it because there's so much opportunity to read into it. I just took it as all these things have already happened. So those people are sorting out the things that are needed to be done.

And. And I know there's huge plot holes in that, but I accepted it as that. And as such, I felt I got the film and I felt I was able to enjoy it. And I got it from the fight in the Freeport onwards. I get what I got, what was going on. I went and when Nick is this Robert Patterson's character, isn't it.

Nick nail. Sorry, nail realizes why he let lets him go. Cause it's him. And I think it's because I'm not a sophisticated enough viewer of films. And I don't read into it too much, perhaps because there is definitely the opportunity to, to wind your mind into twists and turns and cul-de-sacs of what the fuck, how the fuck.

And I perhaps almost get to those points in places and then just think, ah, fuck it. It's just a film.

Dan:And I think you've got to

Howie:And I was able to let myself go and I was able to let myself just go with that. Whereas I think and I.

Reegs:don't know why anybody's doing anything, then there are no stakes. There's nothing

Dan:have to

Reegs:you with.

Howie:Yeah. Yeah. There is reasons for doing stuff it's to ensure that he succeeds, it gets Kenneth burners, character and all the things, the dead band switch and yeah.

Reegs:I did enjoy his death scene. That was absolutely amazing. When he fell off the side of the boat, it was the only thing in the movie that made me laugh

Sidey:That was one of the things well that the replay of time worked really well, because she said, she'd seen this girl jump off


Sidey:And she


Reegs:she hadn't data.

Sidey:And then he realized it was her, you know, the whole time it was her.

Reegs:And I'm sure the movie is, is stuffed full of clever things like that. It's just virtually impossible to, or maybe it was for me. One of the other things I thought about is right, if I'm not missing anything, the evil future people, whoever they are, because I don't think that's that made. Hugely clear, they help Kenneth Brenner by sending back inverted items to him. Then they, we wait for the reveal of the dead drop coordinates for the algorithm that Brandon is going to send to them. So they are the evil future people. Although we have this big elapsed period of time that happens over the course of the movie. For them, they send this stuff back. The it should be basically instant so that he knows straight away that they're bonkers plan has failed.


Reegs:If they don't get the dead drop back straight away. So it's like, just seems I just have this vision of the mall standing around being evil, chuckling, easily maniacally going, ah, we're going to send these inverted bullets back and that's going to set it all off and we're going to get the dead drop back and then just going, Oh shit.

Didn't happen. All right. Do you want a cup of coffee, Jeff for do you know what I mean? It's like, They their plan, their mission has failed minutes after they, they did

Dan:Yeah. I mean, you can probably read we'd all sorts into it. I must admit like how we are. I, I tried to just take a border stroker. Certainly I was thinking about it's the first time that I'm going to see this, you know, I don't know where VOD I would go through and watch it two or three times to true, truly understand each, each kind of thread and theme.

But as As you mentioned, like as a bond film at one point where he just kicks everybody's ass in the kitchen and you realize what,

Reegs:I love to that scene. Eat, watch that guy with the kitchen with a cheese

Dan:And and that's it, he comes out on top on these, on these massive kind of units and, and As he, as he wanders out, he just looks so bonded. It doesn't age, it looks so cool that he's pulling it all together. there Was, as we've explained in this, we said, you know, a lot, you have to take on on trust and, and just to, to go with it, if you want to, if you want to enjoy this film there's a lot of action going on.

Reegs:And it's very good action. It has to be said in, I'm not a hundred percent sure that I think this is no Lynn's best use of action in any movie. I think the ha the fights are all staged really well. With very, very clear what's happening with very complex gimmicks, you know, reversing of time, backwards and forwards.

The, the guy, the fight coordinator was a guy called Jackson spittle, who is the guy who doubled Keanu in the John wick movies. So that may explain why the action was so clear, but I think this is known as best work in terms of action.

Dan:You know, for me, I think the, the film board is on brilliant, but it doesn't get there. It's it hints it so much March that I would really like him to go more into it a little bit. Like interstellar actually were just some of the, the themes really touch on something. That's really interesting, but then it.

Doesn't quite deliver on those. And maybe it's just because of the, the science in behind that we don't actually know kind of how things happen or, or what things. And he's making a theory on a theory. And he, he's trying to perform this through film, as you say, some of the films where he's just basically just.

Rewind and stuff, isn't he? I mean, he would have dropped stuff and then he would have rewound it and he he's done all that. It was just so clever. Seems so simple in the form of camera tricks, but you so, so effectively. Well

Sidey:well, the car chase sequence that the filming of that shooting, it took three


Sidey:they had to close off eight kilometers of a six lane highway in the center of Tallinn. And it was, yeah. As you can imagine, a highly complex sort of shoot the film overall, because this was obviously love. He loves his IMAX as this, they filmed 1.6 million feet of of film, which

Howie:Do you think they use the same camera that they used on bait?

Sidey:to say Mark Jenkin, developing that in his shed.

Take a fucking long time. Budget for it. You touched on it earlier was $205 million. And if you cast your mind back, this was delayed and delayed and delayed, and it was the first big release at the cinema after lockdown one. So do you think it was a winner or a loser at the box office?

Dan:I I'm almost certain 205 million was too much to recoup in the, in the time that he would have had.

Reegs:I'd say a small winner, minor

Howie:it's a small window because of COVID.

Sidey:363 mill.


Reegs:But, I mean, this would have th this would have made a, and if it hadn't been COVID, wouldn't it

Sidey:He had a huge cry with the studio about this, that didn't, he, he. Wasn't happy with the way this was handled. And I think they've, they've actually parted ways for future

Dan:And in which way, what was he happy about? He got 205 mil.

Sidey:I think he would have happily delayed it longer and wait for a bigger audience.

Howie:Like bones is the minute


Sidey:F well, if you heard about by now having to reshoot loads of scenes, because the product placement is so time-sensitive.

Reegs:Yes. I heard that. Yeah.

Sidey:don't, it won't work. It won't be relevant. So they're

Dan:who is bond? These days

Reegs:It's still Daniel

Dan:is it must be his

Sidey:still DC. It is. Yeah. So, but to me, when you've got a big, long delay like that someone should have pulled him aside and said the fucking sound, and this is shy. We can,

Reegs:Well, but they did, they did there's interviews with Nolan saying he had other filmmakers calling him and saying, you've messed up the sound design. And he's like, no, that's how I wanted it. Yeah.

Sidey:wanted it to be products I worked on.

So overall then Dan, were you not entertained?

Dan:I was, I was entertained. I really liked the themes of this. I really liked somebody's action scenes of it. I had the subtitles on, so the sound didn't bother me too much. And I tend to watch films like this with the subtitles anyway, so I can follow it a little bit easier. It. kind of got close to being really good, but it wasn't really good.

Sidey:brakes. Were you not entertained?

Reegs:There's plenty to like in this movie, the inversion concept is, is unique and outstanding. The technical elements of the film are absolutely beyond reproach. It looks quite unlike anything you've ever seen. The sets, the locations, the costumes, the editing, the sound design, which is what's his name?

Ludwig Goranson. Who's the guy who did the unbelievable soundtrack to the Mandalorian. Aye. didn't get this movie, maybe most of it. And that is a real problem. Is it? And then I kept thinking to myself, is it a failure of storytelling that this isn't a movie you can understand the first time you see it is?

Or is that, you know, is that my problem or is that a problem? That's in the movie and I don't know the answer to that, but I felt very let down. By this movie, I felt a little bit because I was so hyped for it. It seemed to be absolutely everything. You know, I love Christopher Nolan's movies. He makes big, original movies that are not based on anything you've seen before.

And he has a very unique style, but it made me feel stupid. And I wanted it to be better than it was. And I was the sound design frustrated me more than it was, you know, just unacceptable opinion.

Howie:I I'm going with what I said earlier, which is I didn't have any sound problems even though subtitles. But I know that from the general press, there are issues I took it on a simplistic approach and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't overthink it, which I think is very easy to do. I've enjoyed interstellar in terms of the, the timeframe is trying to melt with your head.

And I got that and yes, there was a little bit of me trying to work. There was there's one aspects of it that I, I struggled with in terms of the storyline a little bit, but I just kind of took it as, as a, is the bit at the end where he sacrifices himself  I didn't really struggle.

I just thought it was a good film and like watch the misses. And we both said, yeah, I'd like to see that again, just to reaffirm one or two bits, but I didn't look at it as I've completely lost this it's it's and that's not me saying no, I completely got it. I am vastly intelligent. I think it's the opposite in that I didn't read too much into it.

Time-travel films will melt your brain. If you, if you think too much, even things like back to the future and stuff like that, you can go way too much into it and just kill off the film completely. So I, I think. Just that it's not the original intent of Nolan from what my perspective of the film, but so my perspective of the film is just sit back and enjoy it.


Sidey:Yeah. There was loads of things to like about it. Some great action sequences visually stunning, some good performances as well, but it just doesn't come together in a great end product for me. I just I've seen it twice. I didn't really enjoy it the first time by watching it again. Cause I had read a lot of people saying, you know, fairly all comes together the second time you said it.

Didn't not for me. The sound was fucking irritating. I just turned it up and down all the time. It was just frustrating. It was a frustrating watch and that's not why you want to have a film. And it's long, you know, it's fucking long. And at the end, I really didn't. Typically go with anything either.

So for me, it was a, it was a , mess fire, and I was fucking, do you remember, we spoke to James Ward Burkett when the trader would come out regs. That was an orthopedist for talking about it. When we were online with them, really excited for it. And it took so long to actually get to see it. And I think you can't get a bit hyped and a bit drawn, entered.

The weight just makes you so fucking anticipation, bells and bells, but the film didn't help itself. It was for me, it was a. Brilliant idea. The, the actual crux of that actual plot that reversed entropy was great. Just stretched out over too long, a period and trying to be too clever for its own.

Good. I didn't enjoy it. No 

kid, Stevie.

Dan:Okay. So this was a raising Dion. We'd been looking for stuff.

Reegs:It's about Celine Dion.

Dan:Yeah, it

Howie:I thought it was about, I thought it was about former Manchester United in Cambridge, United strike D on

Dan:they own

Sidey:I thought like home homes under the

Howie:Yeah. And I thought that was the finale. And was this BBC career in full flourish mint, and we we'd all praise the fact that Alex Ferguson once said he had the biggest penis at man United,

Reegs:It's an, an amazing like banjo player or something? No, he created his own instrument.

Howie:By his penis again.

Sidey:The one string banjo.

Reegs:I own I'm just, Oh yeah, no, he invented a percussion instrument called the Dube, apparently. So anyway, that's not really what this movie is about. It's not

Dan:It's not the, this is more about a um, a single mother. Bringing up her son, who happens to have superhero powers. And he's just learning that he's got these superhero powers, and Lee as well, is he sort of six He is, , seven years old. He's.

Reegs:Blimey he's aged a year in a sentence.

Dan:well, you

Howie:Maybe 10.

Dan:that might be something to do with tenant is coming through and forward and back at the same time.


Reegs:anyway, little Dion is 72 years old.

Dan:is two or seven or six. He's a young lad and he's, he's , find his way through school. Basically. He wants to make friends. He wants to be cool. He wants to do all the things that kids do, just by hanging out at school. But. And he doesn't appreciate these superpowers.  I think, right there, there's an opening monologue, from Dion's mother, Nicole, who's really hot. Alicia,

Sidey:Fucking house. She for Jesus


Reegs:She's, she's rarely good in this as well. I

Sidey:Alicia Wainwright. If you want to look up some photos, she

is fucking

Dan:she hits the hot What if your child was capable of saving the world,  she's, , the single mother who hasn't got a job, , who's just struggling to make ends meet. And this is one problem. She really doesn't need. Dion, food is first episode, which is what we watched She just starts to understand  he's got these super powers and she starts freaking out and especially when, okay. He can move some cereal or something or make it float, but then he's really starts to ramp it up. Um, how powerful he is. We have absolutely no control of

Sidey:that's it. Isn't it. He he he's got


control over them at this

Dan:No, he's he, I mean, he's a, he's a kid who, who doesn't appreciate or understand, probably thinks that most kids have got these powers or, or that in a make-believe world of Superman and, and the whole can things, then why not? He be a superhero?

Reegs:I know you're not supposed to say stuff like this, but he kept saying abracadabra,

Howie:the book is dead. Deborah.

Reegs:I wanted to punch him in the

Howie:Yeah, my kids hated him, hated him. My son was screaming. My son was screaming at him to stop saying bloody abracadabra. It's just breaking everything. Stop it. Are you stupid? And I was like the teleco here. Magnus.

Sidey:visually, this looked like a proper. production. You know what I mean? This wasn't like just a kid's latest shit. This was the real deal until he went skateboarding,



Reegs:I was going to say, well, at least they had the graffiti saying fart police it, which I just, I actually rebounded to have a look at that.

Sidey:So he, he. He's obviously one of these kids who doesn't quite fit in. He's

not the super popular kid at the school. No one wants to sit with him,

Reegs:well, he's one of the only black children there. In fact, he's described as being Have Nicole which is the mother, her friend's mocker for placing her son in a school that makes him two raisins in a glass of milk.


Sidey:So he's, he's trying to find his way and he, he. Buck is off after school, to the skate park to, to try and sort of make some friends and try and try and hang out. So they immediately start, him on one of the ramps to see if he can you know, See if he can cut it with all the cool kids which leads to him falling down a few times, but then he performs this incredible trick.

Not even Tony Hawk himself could do this. He's about 50 foot in the air. The board spends around about a million times. And he lands it, but it looks ridiculous. It's so fucking, I mean, this is where it is. Kids' TV,

Reegs:but in general, the CGI and stuff. It's really good.



Sidey:This just stood

Dan:it does. And you, you've kind of, got this, plot unraveling where you find out, well, why is where's dad? You know, w what's happened to dad and Mark? the father, was a science. A scientist who was

Howie:no, it was a storm. It was yeah, storm chaser. Wasn't it? It

Reegs:It was a stolen chase. Yeah.


Reegs:played by Michael B. Jordan, which I had no idea he was going to be in this and he's an actor I really liked. So I was like quite stoked by that.

Sidey:at. I was surprised to see him and it did level up because we had Alicia way, right. For the fellows. And now you've got Michael B.

Jordan holding stuff up for the ladies.

Reegs:Is he a good looking fellow? Is he?

Sidey:I would say so. Yeah, he's fucking smooth. I just look at him and I'm in

Reegs:And crate.

Dan:Yeah, he's the bomb. Isn't he?

Sidey:but he's unfortunately dead.

Reegs:Yes, but he does make for a

Howie:or is he, or is he

Reegs:a list. Is he a list he's certainly up there for a debt, a list celebrity. He makes quite a lot of appearances in the first episode of this,

Howie:But easy dad. I took it. I took it the later episodes I haven't seen, but I assume that that's going to be a, they're going to rescue him from some Altieri alternative universe of batteries and

Reegs:What don't tell me, don't tell me, cause I think I'm going to watch

Dan:yeah. I have seen the entire series and I, say that, , like all kinds of series. Yeah. You have to put in an episode or two before you really start to learn a little bit more about the characters and, and enjoy, the interactions , the different players in the, in the, in the show. We start with this all the way through. I'm really enjoyed it

Um, and my watch this. Yeah, we, so, , Nellie's coming up to nine, this month, so, and she really loved it. Really loved it. We got

Sidey:this was quite full on. I

Reegs:Yeah, I did

as well.

Sidey:my MIS we watched this in Sunday evening. It was, my daughter was in bed and I thought I hadn't watched it so sick on now. But halfway through my misses turned to me, it was like, Is this for kids, like I said, it's seven plus there it says start at seven plus and were just like, there's no way of seven.

Plus this is

Dan:it's a, it's a grownup seven plus isn't it. But I, I was put onto it by, my sister whose kid is , I, uh, so he loved it. So it tapped into something um, really enjoyed. The, the superhero side of things may be, the fact that it is so kind of normal up and. We enjoyed it as well.

We were and finding stuff that I've got a, you know, a 14 year old, an eight year old and then us too. And to find something that we can all sit down and watch, and generally, you know, enjoy together is tough, but this was it for us. We really enjoyed it.

Sidey:feel a little bit let down. And what I mean is they crushing disappointment when she had to rescue neon Dionne from the water. And when she ran out from the house, she was wearing a white kind of vest top. and when she went into the water, I thought, fucking great. We're going to go, we're going to see maybe see a bit of bra hair or at least get a good outline.

And they just fucking cut straight. I was like, fuck, that was such a missed

Dan:There's some, some show, the, uh, editing going.

Sidey:She's a fucking

Reegs:She is very attractive. She's also really good in this. And I think it is quite refreshing, you know, clearly one of the themes that's going to be there is that the mum, Nicole, is that her name. She, you know, having to raise a child as a single parent, I don't have to do that, but that sounds like a really tough thing to do.

It's. It's hard enough to do with when you outnumber them. So when you're on the same footing and then B having to then raise one who can move things with his mind is going to be pretty scary. But she has the heart of a superhero, even though she doesn't have the powers of one. And I think that's, I'm pretty sure that's going to be a theme.

That's going to get investigated throughout the season. Maybe Dan's

looking at me.

Dan:yeah, well, there you are. And there's a few other characters there's Pat who's, , the, the kind of friend of

Reegs:I'm not sure about him.


Reegs:sure about him. He was spit.

Dan:Yeah, he,

was, , the , the father's

Reegs:it was the best friend. Wasn't

Dan:And, , and you've also got the, the sister who works in the hospital. and there's different players that come more into the, the show as it goes on and more into the fold, stick with it.

It's it does reward you.

Reegs:in this episode, as we move through the plot, eventually they end up at a cabin, his side, he was talking about down. By a Lake and there's a scene of him Dion using his powers and everything kind of goes out of control. And then he ends up getting hit in the head. But I quite liked the bit where all the fish were in the air that was, we could have had that in our top five.

And then he gets hit on the head by a tree Disney which I was begging for a tree to hit him at that point. I have to say then you get this really weird bit where Michael. B Jordan makes a reappearance as a ghost, maybe.

Howie:mass, a spirit.

Dan:as a kind of rain spirit or river spirit, he comes out of the water, And, , or that the

Reegs:that's a few people there though. And

Sidey:Yeah, there was loads. There's a load of people. Yeah.

Reegs:and then warning him not to do something. I suspect that.

Dan:to get away.

Reegs:This was a compelling first episode.

Dan:finishes on a cliffhanger each time, But yeah. How did, how did enough for you then to, to be intrigued enough, to watch another episode?

Reegs:yeah, I probably will. I think it doesn't help that I, I found. Dionne really, really annoying. But and the tone is kind of all over the place. Like, you know, like you've alluded to, is it a kids thing? Is it an adults thing? What themes are here? You know, it sort of goes from kids thing to adults thing almost in the space of a single shot.

Also the music, I it's a good soundtrack that doesn't. Always Mel mesh very well with what's going on, on screen. But I think the idea of, you know, a black child superhero, a single mum, I think these are interesting things we haven't really seen before on screen and, and and worth persevering with.

So yeah, I'm gonna carry on a bit with this, I think.

Howie:I'll can be fucked. Watched an episode. Yeah. There's other things I want to watch. I didn't really like it or hate it. I just thought the kid would, I think my problem is with like rigs, that kid was fucking annoying. But it had decent production values, but I think it's

predictable where it's going.

Dan:did you watch it with the kids or

Howie:Yeah. My kid that they watched, we watched it over tea time and they, they

were not that far.

Yeah, one eye on it, asked a few questions watched when he did a bit of magic. And then what that much plus about the stuff going on with the mother's sort of trauma as being a single mum? 

Reegs:What about the far police graffiti? Did that not speak to you?

Howie:no, cause I missed that. I only saw that when you texted it, I

Sidey:Oh man, that was front and


Dan:Yeah, I I've I've went through all these, I watched the entire series we'd get home and say, well, I called one more like w you know, it was the Arizona thing to watch for a couple of  I liked, uh, Esperanza who's the little girl in the, in the wheelchair, who kind of is Dion's only friend as the only other really uncool person

Reegs:And I thought it was interesting that they did actually cast an actual. Disabled child in that role. And it's

something, you know, that

Dan:she's really cool. She gets cooler and cooler. I really like those as she comes into it more as well. if you do do another one, a Howie then,

then, um, I, you

Howie:I reckon if it was on I'd probably just sit and watch it and go  the minute. I think I'm just in a.  Struggling to F

Dan:a lot. Yeah.

Howie:yeah, that sounds, that sounds it's like it's doing a route discredit to let me think. When I watched it, I thought it was all right. But like you said, I think I really need something to grab me.

And I suspect if the kids are all, I haven't checked with them because in the I suspect in the mornings, there's about half an hour. I'm walking Buster and picking up dog shit on the beach. Cause I'm a weirdo and they're eating their cereal on their own. They do go on Netflix while they're eating.

And and I'm wondering what they're watching. That's how great a parent I am. Hopefully they're watching predator or commando or something like, I dunno mid-summer but Tusk as well. Yeah. Tusk as well, or Magnus is watching jaws three, which I think, I think he's what something to do with Jay, because he would say to me, how could they be a chose to dad?

Is it to do with the chores given birth? And I'm like, you fucking shitbag. Have you watched it? So I don't know. I'll have to find out if they've watched raising Dion Dublin I'll find


Dan:Was he

Sidey:well, I really liked it. I really liked it. I thought it was look great. Didn't really mind the kid too much. I thought production values, like you said, how he looked fucking excellent. I've grabbed him, wash it with my daughter. Cause I think it's it's just a little bit too full on for her at the moment, but I like that there's stuff like this out there for kids.

Cause it does, it's not really that dumbed down sort of a thing. It was quite dark really in places. So this was good and I, I probably will watch another one or two just to see where it goes and then

I'll probably be hooked then and watched a

Dan:they're there? About what? 45 minutes. I

Sidey:Are they, I was going to ask you actually, because this one was 42 minutes.

Was that cause it was the pilot or are they

Dan:they're all in around the same time length, so

Howie:two has been commissioned.

Sidey:Well, after they all died at the end,

Howie:Part of that, apparently there was, they put a new character in called Poochie and he got something.

 Sidey:Right done and dusted for another week. Fellows. Thanks for rocking up today. Howie is over to you for nominations.

Howie:Yeah. So my film choice, it's on Amazon prime and it's for all your vampire fans out there. It's what we do in the shadows, which is, which is our favorites, Kiwi director, whose name is reeks.

Reegs:It's not rakes.

Sidey:What's his name? Howard. What is his name? How cool

Howie:TAC. I know Taiki take you what a TT. I don't know a fucking how Kuna Matata.

Reegs:Taika Waititi


Reegs:Guillermo Del Toro.

Howie:Yeah. And George Spielberg and the film is for kids as well. And it's missing link on Netflix. So that's an animation and the top five is characters that freaked you out as a child.

Sidey:all right. Cool. Well, we'll get stuck into that lot then. Are you cheering?

Howie:I was just then, cause my jaw keeps pulsing. Sorry,


Sidey:Right, cool. Lots of lots of stuff to plow through then two movies. All right. Looking forward to that. All that remains for tonight is to say, Sidey is signing

Reegs:Reads out.

Howie:Hi, goodbye.