March 17, 2023

Creed & Rocky and Bullwinkle

Creed & Rocky and Bullwinkle

We're getting violent this week as we take a look at the Top 5 Punches. Fans of punch bowls, punch cards, punch clocks and pneumatic punch presses should probably steer well clear as we almost exclusively discuss the fisting kind.
When MGM approached Ryan Coogler to write and direct an expansion to the Rocky universe it wasn't a foregone conclusion that it would be a hit even though both he and star Michael B. Jordan have since gone on to huge commercial success in the BLACK PANTHER franchise. CREED (2015) tells the story of Adonis Johnson, who persuades former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) to mentor and train him as he takes on 'Pretty' Ricky Conlan (Tony Bellew) in a bid to establish his own legacy distinct from his fathers. The Rocky franchise has always enjoyed quiet characters moments and drama as much as it has sensational action and emotional crescendos and CREED is no different, with a modern, genuine feeling love story between Tessa Thompson's Bianca and the titulastic boxer as well as a heart-breaking emotional arc for Stallone who gives a career highlight performance. Sensational action sequences update the series’ proclivity for ridiculous spectacle to something almost verité.
THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE is Amazon Prime's 2018 reboot of the 1960's series and sees a squirrel and an idiot moose fighting crime. In the tiny European country of Pottsylvania, an island in the black sea held under a military dictatorship controlled by evil scientists and evil chickens, Fearless Leader sets out to acquire Bullwinkle J. Moose's secret recipe for his chemical weapons grade pie. Only mildly diverting.

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Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review, the podcast where a group of dads who spent more time wiping asses and chasing kids around the park than keeping up with the latest blockbusters are finally back in action, ready to share their lukewarm takes on movies that everyone else has already seen and discussed to death many years ago.

If you knew around these parts and are looking for a family friendly podcast and a quick warning for you, we are gonna swear we are gonna make bad jokes and we may well offend somebody, will less and a bit more come on your back. Today we're starting things off with a bang with our top five punches in movies and tv.

We'll be talking about punches. So good. They'll make your head spin or maybe just your moves. Next up, we're not at all opportunistically capitalizing on the release of the most recent installment to the Rocky Cinematic Universe by taking a look back at Ryan Kugler and Michael b Jordan's 2015 Creed.

Will it be a knockout or a 12 round snooze fest? You'll have to stay tuned in to find out. And finally we're taking a look back at Amazon Prime's 2018 reboot of the Adventures of Rocky and Bwin call. Even though no one's kids are watching it, basically because it makes for a good title, all that's left to do is introduce the dad, starting with Sidi, who can speak virtually every language known to man but unfortunately only in an accent, which makes him unintelligible to the listener.

That's true, isn't it? Side.

Sidey: very true. Yeah.

Reegs: And he's a complicated guy as regular listeners of the podcast will know, he has a fear of heights, but a passion for bungee jumping, for example. So, yeah.

Sidey: I haven't bungee

in a while. But I did, I was discussing my sky diver that I did at work today.

Reegs: Did you do a skydive?

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. I wanted to take the parachute off halfway down. It was hideous. Yeah, absolutely hideous.

Reegs: I I did one. It's strapped to another dude. Yeah.

Sidey: that

bit was good. I liked the flight up and the jumping out bit and the free fall was good. As soon as the parachute was up, I was like, no, take this off.

It is awful.

Reegs: I can almost barely remember the going up and the, and then just the thud of my heart as I stood at the entrance to the, you know, standing, jumping out of a plane and your brain telling you what you're

Sidey: don't normally do this when we go up in an

airplane. Yeah,


Reegs: it's when they opened the door and you're like, oh, that's a bit weird.

Sidey: weird.

Oh, well we had a door that was open the whole time.

Oh, right. yeah,

Reegs: Yeah. Bad dad. Peter was gonna join us, but his recent social media activity in which he likened a bunch of right wing fascists to another bunch of right wing fascists means he's decided to step back from presenting bad dads this week. Or Pepsi couldn't make it.

Who knows. Next up we have the Transylvanian Titan, the bombshell of book arrest. The Daniel Dreamboat Vlad of all Trades. Chris joining us.

And then there's me Res I had some boxing names for you too, side

Sidey: Oh, nice. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Mothers Mayhem. The big Schnoz Bomber. The nosy nuisance, the Freudian fist.

Sidey: All good.



Reegs: So we've worked out that this might possibly be episode 300 of this absolute fucking

Sidey: this, it's his number 300. Hard to believe that we've kept his momentum going so long.

Reegs: There's some people out there. I know, for instance, Brey may have listened to every single episode of this, which is just an astonishing thought.

Brey, you could have learned a new language or like done something amazing with your life, but unfortunately listened to us twiddling on, but thank you. Anyway, but, and

Sidey: to stick with it. Like from the start when it was like even more amateurish than it is now. Yeah.

Reegs: sometimes I wonder if it was better, but that's another, you know, that's another story you

Sidey: might have been funnier. But anyway you'd mentioned Pete's right wing thing. Someone hot off the press has just followed us on Twitter. Who, yeah. Who doesn't really fit the

Reegs: well, you said it was a maga loving Christian.

Sidey: The Twitter

profile says artist, vet, wife, Trump vet something, something, something.

Then there's a turd emoji, L G B with a like with a poo next to it. I guess the anti that hashtag,

Cris: sure that's not me?

Sidey: hashtag Trump won hashtag trump rally. Something about

crypt, Something

about crypto and also, and also truth So

that's not usually our, our traditional kind of


Reegs: No, but maybe, you know, maybe you're opening your mind or

Sidey: just download all of our stuff and then fuck off. . Yeah.


you watch anything good on the tele res?

Reegs: We have been watching season four of you.

Sidey: Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Stalkery Armory thing. It's Americans taking on themes of class in the uk, which is quite, you know, ha ha, quaint. But yeah, it's all right.

Sidey: That it

much. Yeah.

Cris: I

have to say I've not had time this week. I've been so busy. I couldn't really watch anything

Sidey: Other than the homework.

Reegs: the homework. The homework you watched, you watched Rocky three this week, which we all universally,

Sidey: it's great. Course. It's great.

Reegs: Decreed a masterpiece.

Sidey: Decreed. I like that. Yeah what did I watch?

I watched, oh, I caught up with some and, or I watched.

Reegs: Where are you up to in that?

Because we can spoiler that now.

Sidey: I just watched the eye where they do the highest. They nick all the money.

Okay, that's that's pretty cool. That's, That's a good episode. And then

I watched the Mandalorian, which is okay.

And Picard, which is less than that. Just, just tell you stuff, no other movies. This we, and I think, oh, we watched Matilda yesterday actually again, and Harry Potter stuff. So I'm talking complete shit. But yeah,

all of that. All of that stuff. Yeah, all

Reegs: that. Did we have a top five from last

Sidey: We did. We sure did.

And it was, the theme was

yeah, the theme was nightclubs, bars, you know, that kind of thing. I think that we covered 'em all off on the show last week. We had Cantina band most precisely. Just the bar. Be's making a fool of himself with that Jack Rabbit Slim's nomination.

Oh yeah.

Train Spotting. Ooh. Which is one, where was one that the Lucifer one and Stevie has been there, so I think we'll put that in.

Reegs: Oh yeah,

Sidey: because that, that's got a good connect. So that's in and let's just crack on with this week's top five, shall we?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So we've done. Rocky three for the mid weeker. We're talking about creed, but this is top five punches. Yeah. Good theme of violence this week. Yeah. Yeah. Do you wanna, have you, have you got any particular like nuanced take or is it just

Reegs: Well, if you want to, if you have other examples of punch, then that surely would be allowed.


Sidey: Okay.

Mine is just the violent kind. Okay. But I just thought of one that you thought it could be okay. Right. Anyway. Yeah. Carry on.

Reegs: Well,

who wants to start? Go on. Chris, why don't you kick us off today?

Cris: Okay. I can kick us off with a movie called Cop Out with Tracy

Reegs: Tracy Morgan Yeah.

Cris: Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis.

There's a, there's a scene when there's

Reegs: Kevin Smith, isn't it?

Cris: The

It could be. I, I, I couldn't tell you who the director is, but I thought is, it is an amazing scene where Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis are cops. Yeah. And they are looking for this the best car thief in, in the city. And there's a 12 year old. and

Sidey: Pete, Pete, Pete is pricking up right now.

Cris: now. He

just, yeah. He would love this, but it's a boy. he's very arrogant and he's like, I'm 12, what are you gonna do?

And he, the kid punches Bruce Willis in the dick. Yeah.

And then Bruce Willis returns the


Yeah. And Tracy Morgan just looks at him like, what are you doing? He's like, you don't owe me. I'll punch a kid in the, I'll punch a kid in the face. He kicks me in the dick. So he,

Sidey: he, nice.

Cris: That's one of the ones that I, I always thought is a bit out there, but it's actually quite funny and it's also something that I would do.

Reegs: Yeah. It's not enough movies where you see a 12 year old boy getting punched. Yeah, I would say

Cris: Yeah. well, he

gets punched at a dick as well

Reegs: in the dick as


Cris: so it's, it's

Sidey: double whammy. Yeah. Yeah. I've got some child violence, if you like. It's from the prisoner of Azkaban.

All right.

Where Draco, who's been a continual like prick throughout the franchise and he's been a fucking complete prick. And as a result of that, buck Beat the hip, Griff, I think it is, has been sentenced to death.

And Hermoine's really teased off about that. So she confronts him and prods her wand right in his throat. And they just kind of was like, no, you can't like curse him or whatever. So she runs, she, she backs off, but then is like, no, the rage is too much. So she runs back and fucking clocks in. Right on, right on the nose.

Gives them a bloody nose.

right. It's fucking had it coming for a couple of films, so it's,

Reegs: you, I can see how excited you are

Sidey: are Yeah, man. Ah, they're great. They're really great.

really great, films. Love them. Yeah. Awesome.

Reegs: I think I probably had two movies flash into my head at the same time when the topic came up, so I'm gonna go with both of 'em right now and ruin two great movies that you've probably both picked.

So one is Groundhog Day. Yeah. Ned Rio. Getting Chin, spectacularly.

Sidey: There's an internet theory that he's the devil. Yeah. Are you ready about that?

Reegs: I

Sidey: have, yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Just sparked out for being annoying which after 10,000 years you probably would. And the other one was George Mc Fly's Punch in your favorite movie Back to the Future?

Yeah. The turning Point that turns in from a mild meek guy into,

Sidey: he's been a bit of a lose machine throughout the movie up until that point. I trying to get him to, you know, grow the coons to Yeah. To win over the old girl, but,

Reegs: well, I never forget that the plan was for Marty

Sidey: to rape his mom,

Reegs: rape his own mother or get a bit flirty with his own mother.

Sidey: and then, and then she's, you know, won over by an act of like

violence. Yeah. .

Reegs: It's like setting up a perfectly healthy relationship for

Sidey: life? ?


Reegs: So yeah, two punches. What for you, have you got a one, two for us, Chris?

Cris: I've only got one the punch in snatch.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Where Brad Pitt floats

Sidey: and

Cris: flies through the air. Yeah. I can't remember the guy's name that is fighting, but I, I always remember that because it's, it's a memorable scene and it's slow motion is really, really good. and it's, it's one of those, the shots that has been recreated in. It was one of the kind at the time

Reegs: yeah. It was

Cris: a

very advanced technology of, of shooting a, a fight scene and has. Successfully and, and even better recreated throughout the years. But

Reegs: it's like a super slow mo

Sidey: it's, almost, it's almost like bullet

time, but it

Cris: Yeah. It's, it's very

Sidey: it right down to the

Cris: and he falls into the water, then he gets back up and, and it's a, it's a, it's a really, really good punch, but then the comeback is even better because he knocks the guy out. Yeah. With one punch just

Sidey: He's called one punch Mickey, isn't he?

That's his name. Yeah.

Cris: So,

Reegs: Turkish now

we're fucked.

Cris: He's in trouble. Yeah. So, so then I think it's a, it's a memorable scene that I will always remember the f as soon as we have the, the punches in movies. Yeah. Theme for this week. I thought that was the first one that came to my mind.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, actually got me thinking about another guy Richie won, which was the Sherlock movies.

And you often, you know, Sherlock is the, the super sleuth who can, you know, look at his master of observation and then put, put on the piece together. But in these, he's also good scraping. But we also see his intellect in terms of. Whilst he's in the moment of the fight, he then everything freezes and he just reels off exactly.

Cris: he's a strategist.

Sidey: how he's standing, what that guy's gonna do, how he's gonna react to it, fight chopped here, blah da, knock him out here, punch him through there and then, and then it just speeds up and it goes straight into the fight. And it plays out exactly as he said then. And that's pretty cool.

Occasionally I do like Guy Richie. Other times I can't fucking bear him, but sometimes he's pretty good. A nice one Punch moment is in Dumb and Dumber with the, the, the bad guy, dude, I can't, can't remember his name.

Reegs: It's a great character actor guy as well. Mickey Stahl, I think is his name. Something like that.

Stole Mike Star.

Sidey: Some dude is just fucking like, he's on the phone to his boss, you know, saying that they've gone off with the money or whatever he is in, in dumb and dumb and some just fucking annoying, like, yy dudes like banging on the Yeah, the payphone went like, I need the phone. I need to use the phone.

Get off the phone. And he just waits for him to come lick him up, put a newspaper over the glass, and then the guy comes and just fucking

Smashes him Smashes you straight through the glass into his face. It's great. Yeah. It's a top movie as well. Yeah. Love it.

Reegs: Big fans obviously of Henry Caval here and I enjoy him sort of loading, reloading his man canons in the Mission Impossible movie. Do you remember that? And delivering some like punches that go through like toilet block

Sidey: Yeah. and

he's got a killer Tash in that as well.

Reegs: killer Tosh. Yeah. Matrix Revolutions with Neos like super slowmo, punch on Smith's face.

Sidey: Get

to see, you know, the, like when you see a proper boxing, you know, and they slow it down and you see the damage that does that, this is it where you see the fist go into his face

and just

how like distorted it makes their head go's fucking crazy.

Yeah. I like that one.

Reegs: That is a good one. And similarly cinematic was the eighth c installment of the Friday the 13th franchise.

Jason Takes Manhattan, which had boxer Julius get decapitated with a one up. You know, it's an uppercut. So

Sidey: Oh yeah, yeah,


Reegs: and obviously you guys are big fans of those movies. Friday the 13th. Yeah.

Cris: I've got Kill Bill volume two, 2004, the five point Palm Exploding hard scene.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Which

I thought it was incredible. A little bit too much talking for me in in that particular scene.

Sidey: Yeah. Is it when Bill goes on, his big thing about superheroes and Superman stuff? Yeah. She

Cris: ends up fighting.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: The Black widow and she,

Reegs: does she get like frozen, doesn't she or something? Isn't that what a five point technique does or whatever?

Cris: No, it kind of goes from finger to fist to finger to, it's almost like a, like a

Sidey: isn't she? She'd been, she'd been taught it by the guy with the long

beard. Yes, yes. Yeah.

Cris: So, but inside of him, the heart explodes because of the sequence of the five point palm exploding.

So yeah, that's another memorable scene. And it's also one of our female characters because it's women's Month this month,

Reegs: Yeah. International Women's Day.

We've had

Sidey: Oh, in that case Lois Lane punches out ssa Yeah.

In when she loses her powers and she's had enough uh, bullshit. So she just fucking smacks her on.

Reegs: Yeah, she does

Sidey: pretty cool.

Reegs: And Holly


Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. that fucking twat from News Boy. Yeah.


was good.

Reegs: Got any other chicks doing hits? I

Sidey: I don't have any more girlies, I don't think.


Cris: Well, there's Kill Bill volume two when the black widow punches a hole through the grave.

Sidey: Oh,

of course she does. She has to do the one.

Reegs: her

way out. The one inch punch thing

Cris: does

the, the, the, the movement. The Bruce Lee Yeah. Movement in a, in a grave. Which I thought it was actually quite


because I've never experienced that in my life. And I hope I never do, but in case I do, that's I know what to do to, to

Sidey: escape. I

think in reality you would just, it would just collapse on top of you and you would suffocate to

Cris: and you would die.

Sidey: die. Yeah. Anyway,


Cris: But, but this is Omar Thurman and this

Sidey: is,

but that you mentioned Brad Brad, but you mentioned Bruce Lee. and I thought about him a lot cuz he had that, that famous one inch punch, didn't he?

Yeah. Yeah. But the punch I was thinking of was Enter the dragon when he's there. There's like a, you know, one by one, they come at him and there's a big dude in one of the fights and he drops, he kind of sees him coming and he telegraphs it and he drops. I think he's even just the splits and there's the guy coming towards him with, I could fly and kick.

He just does the vertical punch straight into the guy's

Reegs: Straight up into

Sidey: star dogs. Yeah.

Yeah. That always made me chuckle. And I had film we watched recently for the pod was in Bruge and there's a scene where. Colin Fower is out in the restaurant and he's smoking and couple of tourists, and he mistakenly thinks they're American.

Get, especially the husband gets really agitated and they, he ends up with a, with a fight and he fucking letters this guy in the face and I think he punches his wife as

well. And he says, that one's for John Lennon . And then later on turns out they're Canadian, like nothing to do. amazing. He's just totally mistaken.

But yeah, I love that. It's great for him. Sad that he didn't win the Oscar last night though.

Reegs: Yeah,


Sidey: nailed on to be fucking Brendan Fraser. Anyway,

Reegs: I basically have not seen any of the movies this year, so.

Sidey: Have

you not seen Banes?

Reegs: I've seen everything everywhere. All at once. In Top Gun.

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: it.

Two from the same movie Fight Club ed Norton punching Brad Pitt in the ear.

Sidey: See, that's like, How a real punch

would go.

Yeah. Like,

ow, . Yeah.

Not like, not like Rocky. You know, we, we talked about Rocky

Rocky three,

Reegs: or are you punched someone?

Sidey: I've been punched and I've, you know, been hit in the face by like, I've ran into something.

Like, I ran into it like a netball post at Schoolwise, like full on in the face, you know, and it hurts, but you don't, you know, you're not, and that, that punch, that kind of edon, you know, he's not like a big jacked guy. He's just a dude and he punched them and it's like, yeah, ow that hurt. But, you know, that's how it would go.

And that's, you know, the, the authenticity of the fighting in fight club is what makes it really good.

Reegs: I've been punched a couple of times when I was younger and it was mostly ow.

Sidey: Al.

Reegs: One was I was completely sucker punched by a kid who was about three years younger than me when I was at university. Just Really? Yeah. Walking along monthly plane. Just some kids there at

Sidey: but unprovoked

Reegs: along we're just running along and one guy's bang just popped me in the face as I, and

he's gone.


Cris: probably deserved it

Sidey: What?

Reegs: Yeah. So that was fun.

Sidey: What was

the, was that too from

Reegs: Yeah, the other one was he beat, I think the character's name is Angel Face. Jared Lito. Yeah. And he punches his tooth out. And we'd all really love to do that to Jared Lito, wouldn't we? So

Sidey: So is the hate

warranted? It seems like It probably is.

Reegs: Yeah. He's, yeah. I think he's a piece of shit, isn't he? It

Sidey: sounds

just that band, that band was in that 30 seconds to Mars deserves a thousand Thrashings, I



Cris: Yeah.

I mean, I, I don't disagree with the Jar Deto thing. I, I don't think he's necessarily a likable person, but. I dunno, I wouldn't really punch him all in the face with all my strength.

Reegs: No.

Sidey: Well,

Cris: maybe like

Reegs: it'd be embarrassing more than


Cris: or something, but not,

Sidey: I've got another child that gets punched.

Yeah. In Bad Santa. There,

there's, there's,

some kids that are bullying. The, the dude that's kind of his friend. And Willie, he just goes fucking like letters this guy. It's great. And then obviously my mind always goes to the Simpsons and there's a boxing episode. The home of They Fall where

Home Is Home has got


Reegs: a hungry fighter. In fact, he's fighting for a sandwich.

Sidey: He, he turns out to have an exceptionally thick skull so he can take like a real beating. And we learned that Mo he was kid gorgeous. And he's got Homan pulls off his old boxing gloves and it's like, yeah. It's, it's got barb wire wrapped around it, and that's right. It's called the Stinger. They don't let you use that no more.

And so he has home and do some training and a fly lands on Mo's glove and Homer punches

And when he takes his hand away the fly, just like buzzes off and kind disguises goes. All right. Punch is not your thing. Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna tie the guy out. And then when it comes to the fight,

Reegs: it's amazing.


Sidey: gets pummeled into oblivion. Yeah. And Moe has to fly in and rescue him.

Reegs: He

Sidey: But it was Homer's punching of the fly that made me, made me like I straight away that I saw online. There's there's a t-shirt cuz there's a, there's a video montage in that episode of Homer and it's.

What's the guy's name? The box, I can't even think of his name,

Reegs: Well, it's the Tyson stand


Sidey: isn't

he? Yes. He got Luci Swift is the Don King. Stand in. Yeah. And then Edrick

Reegs: Dre

Sidey: And, and it's, it's Homer just standing there. And his fist like coming in, just punching Homer is like the cut of each like video sequence.

Nice. And there's a T-shirt was just like Homer with a red, massive red box glove, like punched him in the face. It's like quite fancy that actually you know, there's things that pop up on Instagram and you know, it's gonna be fucking shit

Reegs: all Yeah.

Sidey: So I've, I've put off, I'm like, maybe just to get like two or three wears out of it.

It's still worth it. . Yeah. So yeah. Simpson's great.

Reegs: Before he was hitting Chris Rock will Smith was possibly at the peak of his will Smith ness when he punched an alien in the face and shouted, welcome to Earth in Independence Day. And Nicholas Cage sucker punching a middle-aged woman dressed as a bear in the Wicker Man remake is always worth seeing.

What else? I mean, there was, there were a lot. You got some Chris?

Cris: I have to say Cliff Booth in once upon a time in Hollywood. Has a very good scene where he beats this hippie.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Properly. That is a solid punch, especially the first one.

Reegs: He also beats up Bruce Lee in that, isn't

Cris: Yes. And

Sidey: love that secrets.

Cris: And he also beats up the woman at the end when he's high on L S D after he smoked a cigarette.

Yeah. And, and yeah, she is beaten. Badly. Really? I didn't wanna bring that up, but now that you said

Reegs: it, yeah.

Cris: That it was quite funny.

Sidey: I

I did enjoy the

Bruce Lee bit. Bruce Lee giving it the big one about fighting Cassius Clay. Yeah. And he just, chuckles . Bruce Lee's like,

Cris: it's also allegedly another tribute to and in all the whole movies is because of this stunt man that actually

Reegs: existed Yeah,

Cris: Hollywood.

In Hollywood. Yeah. Gene something. I can't remember his, his name now. And I'm sorry that I can't remember, but he was, Actually an a wrestler, a jiujitsu. He was a proper stunt man. Yeah. And he knew how to fight, knew how to enter. He allegedly

Sidey: killed his wife.

Cris: No.

Sidey: Isn't that the thing in the film though?

It's, it's some murky past.

Reegs: you see him go out in a boat, don't you? And then then she's gone and he's drinking a beer or something. There's some like, yeah. Anyway,

Sidey: A couple more that I've got was a wedding altar. One Vince Va in wedding crashes when he fucking puts Bradley Cooper on his ass. And the Hulk one in top of Avengers Tower when he, it's after the fight's finished and he just like, does the side

Reegs: to haw.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. Puny. God,


Reegs: Conan the Barbarian has a memorable scene where Schwartzenegger punches a camel. And then in the sequel, Conan the destroyer punches a horse as well as a cat in Conan the Mift.

Cris: Speaking of which, I have to say this is my, me paying a tribute. And we can edit this if you don't like it, but this is not a movie and, but this has been a, a part of British Twitter for a long time.

There is footage of a Newcastle fan after a game punching a horse

Sidey: As, as the, they've got beat by sun, didn't

they? Yes. Yeah. And he trapped a horse. Yeah.

Cris: was so upset that he, he was, he actually

a, he squared up and he punched a horse in the, in the face.

Sidey: mango did it in Blazing Saddles, didn't he?

Yeah. Did you just say that? Did I? Okay. I thought I might have done Dan there.


Reegs: no.

Cris: But that's in real life. So that's not a movie. And, and I apologize for this

Sidey: That's all right. Should we go to our online

Reegs: Yeah, let's please do.

Sidey: it. We, we've obviously got the back to the Future one, Seth Vargas nominated that.

And it's the punch that saved all of Timer reality.

So that's, you know, strong recommend. We've got also, oh, Ion's in there. Mel mentioned the Hermoine one that I talked about. We've got think it's, I think it's Lilo Stitch. Is it? Do you know that with that one?

Vim Z's nominated one. It's animated. It looks, it's Disney, I think. It's brutally violent. It looks, I think it might be Lilo and Stitch, which I've not seen. Vizi will have to either confirm or correct that. Yeah, don't recognize it.

And then Andy Jameson was a great shout. It's Rocky's training, part of his montage with the beating the meat as it

were. Yeah.

Reegs: The beef in the freezer,

Sidey: which is a really good shout. And then Phil Cartright I think possibly first time nominator don't Oh,

Reegs: thanks Phil.

Sidey: Nominates it's actually a deleted scene, so kudos.

It's the Night Owl from Watchman. Yeah. When he learns of Hollis Mason's murder and he pums some guy in a bar, some biker dude fucking super violent. He knocks him to the ground and then cuz the night Owl wasn't the, like, super fucking psychotic, one of the. Gang? No. But he pums this guy and you can see his teeth have been knocked out and all the blood in his mouth and stuff and the teeth and yeah, it's fucking like really full on.

Nice. So some good ones online. I dunno. Torn. What are you gonna put in Reese?

Reegs: I am going to, Ooh, what am I gonna put in? I am going to put in, I literally nothing on the line, and yet I'm, you know,

Sidey: I know. It's just get like that doesn't it?

Reegs: it? I'm gonna put in George Mc Fly's punch from Back to the Future. One of our listeners nominated it and it's




Sidey: Chris,

Cris: I'm gonna say the one from Snatch.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: punch Mickey. Yeah.

Sidey: I'm gonna put um, Colin Fs one from in Bruce.

That's for John Lennon.

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: And then I think,

Reegs: should we put one of the listeners in now and one

Sidey: I think Watchman Watchman's gotta go

in surely. Phil?

Yeah. And then I think Annie Jameson's Rocky is a strong contender as well, but we'll see how the rest of the week plays out. Yeah. Cool.

snacks. We've got a grays box. Yeah, I think it's, I think it's stolen. Grays

Cris: Yes.

Definitely. Stolen

Reegs: Stolen Grays, box

Sidey: from, not outta a shop or anything? No, just from another person. Yeah.

Cris: Yeah. He doesn't deserve it anyway, so it's

Sidey: Okay, cool. So that's all we've got on

the snap front,

so let's just get right into the movie.

Creed, we, we wondered when we were talking about Rocky three, if we'd ever get the opportunity to discuss Creed and here we are. Yeah, that's good, isn't it?

Who Yeah. It's good, isn't it? It's Creed anyway. It's 2015. We're taking the step back. Three won, way.

Yes. By

Reegs: Creed. Yeah. So the third installment of the Creed franchise is coming out about now.

Sidey: it's out last week. I think it was. It's released. Yeah. So,


Reegs: the seventh installment of the Rocky franchise.

Sidey: Yeah.

It's Michael B.

Jordan, who is super, super hot. And in great shape in this,

Reegs: And Ryan Kugler and the pair of them really, they'd made Fruitvale Station, was it? That was pretty much it.

And suddenly they're in charge of this, like rebooting this massive franchise with this kind of breaking bad style spinoff thing that you never like, thought. Hmm. Is that gonna be interesting?

Sidey: Yeah. I wouldn't like, didn't, wouldn't have thought of this as an idea.

Reegs: Yeah. But then it turned out to be this thrilling entry into the franchise that we're gonna talk about, I guess.

Cris: Yeah. I have to say, I, I didn't really see it, but then as soon as I've watched the movie, I thought this is pretty much a great idea. And, and

Reegs: mm-hmm.

Cris: they've done it really well, I think

Reegs: Brilliantly executed. Yeah. So let's get straight into it. We start in LA in 1998 and the Young Offenders Institute.

Sidey: Yeah. I thought it said AIDS on the wall.

Did you see that?

Reegs: Oh, I didn't see that.

Sidey: So I thought it was like some kind of AIDS thing, but it was just the way the numbers, it's the, the cell numbers or something on the,

have a look at it again. Anyway, it's not relevant anyway, but it just, it is what? It's,

Reegs: anyway, there's a code blue. Yeah. A fight in progress. Two of the boys are fighting.

The smaller one is on his back and he's hitting the face and he becomes enraged. We'll learn later because the kid slagged off his mother and he turns the fight around and he leathers the bigger kid in the face repeatedly. And he's pulled off

Sidey: He's restrained. Yes. Yeah, he's restrained. And there's a lady there to visit him and they say, oh, I'm sorry, but you know, he's, he's a great kid, but he's been in a fight again. Yeah. So if you wanna see him, you're gonna have to go to Ladi, blah, blah, blah. You know, he's in, I don't know, truth.

Yeah. It's

not, not quite like Shawshank, but he's, you know, he's on his, Todd,

Cris: I

have to say, I, I did. In a way I kind of enjoy the, the beginning of the movie and also when, when the lady comes and visit the, the caretaker or whoever that person was from the, from the juvenile detention center. Was he, he just loves, he loves to fight.

Yeah. That was her, the, the, the visitor's reaction.


Reegs: fight. He's a good kid, but he just likes to fight.

Cris: He just likes to fight. And that's, that's real. Oh, okay. Well, so, so you kind of see that whoever this person is, knows him or knows something

Sidey: about Well, he's, he's got a lot of rage as well, because it's like really obviously showman.

She's talking to him and the camera just shows his fist, got a clenched

fist the whole time when they're talking and the, the lady saying, you know, he says a comment about his dad. I haven't got no father.

And she's like, excuse me, you know, your dad might have passed before you. You, you were born, you know, but you know, you, he had a, a dad and he stood for something and blah, blah.

And anyway, and she says, you know, look, I'd like you to come and stay with me. And he, unc clenches his fist. He's just, you know.

Reegs: yeah. And he, and she says, oh, what did she say his name was? And they don't even say it. And then it cuts to Creed, the big title card. It's a good little scene because you're not really sure what's going on.

Is it his mother visiting him at first? No, it's somebody else. So it turns out, I mean, pretty clearly, you know, creed, Apollo Adonis is the product of Apollo Creed's infidelity, and has been taken in by his surviving widow to be raised. Yeah. And, and we see him, we pick up the story years later back in Tijuana.

Yeah. And we get the start of a really cool long take that begins in his dressing room as Michael B. Jordan sort of psyche himself for in, in some like grimy kitchen pantry or

Cris: He pretty much just laces himself up for the gloves and everything. Yeah. And he's in the same room with his opponent.

Reegs: Yeah, that's right.


Cris: he's by himself.

Sidey: They're talking shit about him and

Cris: but they're speaking Spanish, but, but they're talking shit about him and the opponent has, has a, a coach, maybe his dad or whatever, lacing his gloves and, and preparing him for the fight and he's just there by himself.

Yeah. Fighting in this,

you know, place.

Sidey: It's not like, it's not like a completely bad knuckle thing, but it's not a million miles away from it either.


Reegs: It's backyard type feel to it. And it's just a number of great long takes in this movie. And this is one you know, like we say, starts all back there and then follows him out and the camera kind of moves through the crowd like you are there watching the fight from the crowd and then pulls up right to the, to the bell.

And all of the fights are. really stylistically, aren't they? And they're gonna be quite hard for us to describe. Well, probably, I would think, but yeah. And they've all got a different sort of rhythm going, but this one Adonis quickly knocks the guy out, don't he?

Cris: and it's also, we have to acknowledge the fact that every fight scene that involves Adonis Creed on the other side of the ring, there's a professional boxer.

Each and every scene has a professional boxer.

Reegs: I forget who it is in this, but we're gonna get some

Cris: actual professional boxer on the other side. I can't remember the name of the first one, the Mexican guy, but he's still, he's a cruiserweight and he's a big boy and he's a, he's a professional prop. He fought for the W B a titled he's a, he's a actual boxer.

He's not just

Reegs: some bum.

Sidey: Yeah.

But he, he does dispatch him. And, and then it's like cuts and he's suited and booted and he's gone off his job. I didn't let see that coming at all. He's he's got a nine to five, but, you know, he's dreaming about bigger things. And he goes to see his boss and he can see he's mulling something over cuz he's just sat in his kind of office cubicle, like


Reegs: a big promotion,

Sidey: And

he, he gives, gives something over to his boss and he is like, what? You're gonna get promoted and, and quit straight away. And he is like, you know, this life just ain't for me. Yeah. And he's, you know,

Reegs: And thematically we've already jumped straight to Rocky Three here now because Creed is he's like, he lives in an enormous mansion.

With Monogrammed Gates and all that stuff,

Sidey: Yeah. Also,

I took it to them

trying to differentiate him from Rocky in the sense that Rocky Yeah. Came from nothing was he's, he's kind of got it all on a plate for him.

Yes. Which he's rallying against. And there's a really cool scene I thought with He's what?

He goes onto YouTube to watch, he's obviously done this dance quite a few times and he sticks on the fight of, of Apollo and Rocky and then like shadow boxes it

Reegs: Well he watches the end of Rocky two again.

Sidey: Doesn't he? Over the projector? Like he's mimicking the moves and he's fucking fast. Like, you know. He is, he's really cool.


Reegs: Yeah. Boxing his father.

And we go to the Delphy gym in LA and we see Tony, who's little Duke, he's the son of Duke that we saw in yeah. But these, these gyms are big sort of professional affairs full of

Cris: in reality. Yes. That's where the Philadelphia, the, the, the Village gym, the California gyms, all of them are are actual boxing gyms.

Yeah. Proper traditional boxing gyms. I was surprised there was no Freddie Roach because he, he's down in California at that actual, like the Delph gym. Freddie Roach runs the gym, but the movie. No, he's not in the movie.

Sidey: movie. It was Avon Barksdale in this. Yeah. And of course Michael Big Jordan was Wallace who he had, was it him?

Was it Avon? Had him killed and

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

In the Wire. Yeah. So nice little wire reunion there.


Reegs: Him a load of money and he's like, I've got 15 and o record in Tijuana, and here's a load of money. Take me on, train me. Yeah. I want to be a fighter. And you know, first of all, he bats him away.

Now Silver spoon, all the recurring theme of him having everything handed to him and trading off his name a little bit as well. Not at all true. But and also then it comes out. He's like, you know, your father died in the ring. Nobody's gonna train you, and I'm gonna make sure that nobody around here is gonna train you either.

That's it. You're on your own.

Sidey: Hmm.

Cris: And also he puts the keys to his Mustang

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: well, yeah. He doesn't take no for an answer, does

Cris: does he? He, he just, he just says, oh yeah, you don't want me here. You don't wanna train me, or I'll fight

Reegs: straight after it. Yeah.

Cris: in the

Sidey: ring.

They, they're like, little FIFA card pops up on


screen and it says, this guy's like 15 and now as well.



Reegs: wins one loss.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: He's the number six ranked light heavyweight in the world. So he is like, gets it. This is a proper guy already. And he's told to put on headgear, which he took

Sidey: for. That

Reegs: doesn't, and he just instantly flattens the guy, don't he? Absolutely

Sidey: duck, he ducks a few just to prove that he, you know, you not, he says one clean shot and you, you take the car.

So he makes

sure he, he ducks a few and then he sparks the guy

Reegs: and he's screaming, who's next? Who's next or this And Andre Ward. This is a proper fucking fighter. Comes out as Danny the Wheeler stuntman.

Cris: Which, which

Andre Ward

is, is

Reegs: un he retired, undefeated CR Light Heavyweight.

Cruiserweight. Cruiserweight. Yeah. So he says I'm next. And it is a bit more serious now. He put some

Sidey: Well, his little card pops up and he's the number two, the ring magazine's number two pound for Pan Fre in the world. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: A bit more serious. Yeah. Bit more serious.

Sidey: And this.


doesn't go so well,

Reegs: It's pretty quickly over and it's pretty spectacular as well.

And it's done with that sort of camera that follows the fighter's trajectory

Sidey: when he

hits the deck, it pivots

really quick and it's like disorienting for you. go, oh fuck. You know, he is out. Yeah.

Reegs: So yeah, sobering from the number two fighter in the world to smack you out like that.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: Back at the mansion, he, he tells Maryanne that he's quit his job.

Well, she's more annoyed because she pulls off his shades and sees the black eye and she's like, I know, you know, she


Cris: eye. Really? it was.

Sidey: Well, she knows, she

Reegs: knows. Well she

Sidey: way

Reegs: I How many times I carried your father up the stairs? I wiped his ass. You know, you know, I don't want to go through that.

So it's big, big stuff that it's like, you know, in the Rocky universe, it's dealing with it in a sort of more mature way. But anyway, he tells her he is leaving, he's gonna go and fight full time. And she's, you know, sort of excommunicate him for a bit almost.

Sidey: Yeah, she does. She's upset cuz you know, she lost someone to this game. Yeah. So it's gonna be raw.

Reegs: but his plan is to go to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to start a new life. He rents an apartment he visits the Rocky three statue.

Sidey: Mm.

Reegs: we, we spoke about. And then he goes to Adrian's restaurant, which was the same that he had in Rocky five as well. So continuing that on, bit of continuity.

And we get our first look at Rocky as he comes up the stairs and he's looking at the photos of the fight. And this is where they get, he says, oh, I heard mention of a third fight between you guys. He's like, well, yeah, how do you know about that? And

Cris: he just mentions quite a few personal things to to, to Rocky and, and how do you know about that?

And then he just turns around, what did you say your name was? Yeah. And, and, and, and stuff like that. And he doesn't really reply. And he is like, oh, I heard this, I heard you did this. I heard you did that. So, so when Mickey left, he look after you and all where, when Mickey died and all that, he looked after you.

So, so he, he, he tells him things that people shouldn't really

Reegs: Only

people who'd seen the Rocky movies would

Cris: Yes, exactly. Yeah. And, and he clearly didn't see the movies.

Sidey: no. But Stallone is looking a bit like battle weary, you know, but he has to climb up these steep stairs from the, you know, the galley wherever he is, downstairs in the kitchen to come up to the front of the house.

And he is a bit battered. And the way that he taught, honestly, straight away is like, he's amazing in this. Yeah. It's absolutely like fucking roll of a lifetime. Yeah. Of all the rocket. This is like, it suits him down to the fucking ground. Yeah. Amazing. Yeah. And he's, you know, he's down on his, he's doing okay, but he's, you know, the, the, the glory years are long gone.

Reegs: well everybody, it's a really sad, his arc is sad cuz he's kind of, we'll find out he's given up on life because everybody else around him has died basically.

And he's just like,

Sidey: pulls up a chair at the grave, you

know, and goes to see Mick and reads the newspaper and this is what's going on in the

Reegs: the world. He brings him a bottle of alcohol for an alcoholic. I thought, oh,

Sidey: yeah, must

Cris: to be fair, I have to say that was something that I actually could relate to because I've seen that before back home.

Yeah. Where, where older people would just kind of go and. Do exactly that. And, and this is more in the religious communities or, or like Greek Orthodox or heavily Catholic. They would actually do that in whatever you liked in life, be it. Hopefully they wouldn't bring a prostitute to your grave, Or, or, or, or hopefully they will.

I dunno. Whichever.

Reegs: Do you imagine Dan's grave just like surrounded by butt

Sidey: plugs

Reegs: as far as Yeah. Eye can

Sidey: can see

Cris: neon ones.


Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Cris: But yeah, that it's, it's, it's an emotional scene, but quite telling that he goes there and reads the news and let's see what happened in the day. And it's his wife next to his best pal

Sidey: Yeah. he's

got, he's got really no one left. Yeah. So he's

kind of jumps at the chance to try. He's sort of reluctant, but also doesn't take much convincing.

Reegs: Yeah.

Well, he, he, there's a lot going on because he carries some, obviously a lot of guilt for not throwing the towel in. When Apollo died,

Sidey: he explicitly says it

Cris: And Adonis doesn't really give him a break.

Reegs: No,

Cris: it is not like, oh, I, he said, no, I'll, I'll go and train by myself and I'll, I'll figure something out. He still goes back and tries, help him with the deliveries and, and goes back to That's right. So are you gonna help me?

Reegs: Yeah. He mostly just kind of pesters him into it and gimme some things to do.

And you don't have to train me, but

Sidey: he gets the kind of rocky three pep talk again of like, why do you want this? You know what, you, you gotta commit to this and it's gonna be fucking hard and you've gotta work and blah, blah, blah.

What? Why? You know, you don't have to do it. Yeah.

Reegs: Meanwhile, his two other threads are being weaved.

One is about the, no, it's not the villain, but the.

Yeah. Tony Belu. Creeds. Creeds, foe. At the end of this, as we know, we,

he's pretty, Ricky Conlan,

Cris: Conlan, sorry. Pretty. Yeah.

Reegs: Undefeated never been knocked down. Number one in the world.

Invincible with a nasty streak. He's got a seven year stretch of prison in ahead of

Sidey: him.

Would they, would they still let you fight if you were about to like,

Reegs: Yeah, probably. I

Cris: yes. Because it's not proven is you're not convicted. You're on trial,

Sidey: got the


that he'd been convicted and he would, cuz they kept talking about a seven year straight, isn't

Reegs: a certainty or

Sidey: sounded like he'd been sentenced to me. But anyway.

Reegs: and he's got a fight with that Danny Wheeler, the guy that Chinned Creed in the on the card.


Sidey: one versus two. It's number one, rank less, number two rank, isn't

Reegs: Brilliant, brilliant. Super fight.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And also his love interest is being introduced. Bianca, it's a number of times they deal with people having sort of false assumptions about people, and it's in the way that they meet. He's like, oh, he goes down, he's bangs on the door, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

She's playing music late at night. He's kind of aggressive. And when she opens the door and she's really absolutely stunningly beautiful. He's taken back he's taken aback and you know, he eventually says, oh, I'm trying to train. And she's like, oh, well you're a gym bunny or whatever. Fuck off, basically.

And then just keeps the music going. So she assumes that about him and he assumes that she's just a party girl, but actually she's working on her music and stuff, so that comes out.

Sidey: Yeah. cool.


he goes to see her perform and the

Cris: by by accident because he just seen the poster outside this nightclub.


Sidey: Yeah. The tune that she's playing is fucking banging. It's

really good.

Cris: Yeah, that's actually quite good, I have to say.

Sidey: It was very good. So they got a little romance thing going on. She divulges a bit more. She's she's got a degenerative kind of hearing


Reegs: Progressive hearing loss. Yeah.

Sidey: So that sucks when you're a musician.

Reegs: Yeah.

But also nicely thematically helps her understand somebody who can only do something for a limited amount of time, be really good at something, and then watch painfully as that thing is taken away from them. Just as Rocky has an 80 bucks that

Sidey: and Will.

Rocky says that, and I think they've said it an umpteen times throughout the franchise, if, you know, time, time,

gets to bear for time's, undefeated, you know,

time takes us all, you know, that's the way it goes. Yeah. Yeah. It's a nice line.

Reegs: Yeah. And also then we find out that Conlan punched wheeler at the way in and is

Sidey: broke his jaw.

Reegs: his jaw. Yeah. Horribly as bell did in fact get punched by David Haya a weigh in at the, the, their second or first fight when he chinned him both times.

I love it.

So yeah, Conlan is now looking for another fight.

Sidey: Yeah,

his Larry kind of almost gangster looking trainer, dude goes out and

Cris: it's more like his manager rather than the

Sidey: the bearded guy. yeah. Yeah.

He's sketchy looking, I thought. Anyway. He sees an opportunity to get Creed.

Reegs: Yeah, well we haven't, we've sort of skipped a bit because we've missed him.

Cris: convincing Rocky to, to train him and go to the

Sidey: maybe even a little bit montage.

Reegs: There is a montage. Yeah.

Sidey: There's a lot of skipping


Reegs: chicken chasing, bit of jogging, skipping speed bag and all that. And it's, NA is bridging the gap, which is an absolute tune.

I was listening to that today.

And he's training at this gym and the guy who's there is got his son and he's a, you can tell he he's a little bit miffed that Rocky's shown an interest


Cris: also, it's also a real Jim in Philly. Yeah. They've got Stitch Deran.

Reegs: that's right.

Cris: right. Who is, he's a, he's one of the most

Reegs: well-known Cut man

Cris: scut mans in the world. They've got a professional trainer, I can't remember the name, and his son, his actual son, who I think now is a lightweight rank number three.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: So he's in contention now for, for an actual title. Yeah. So, so he's got all these people that are actually in the business professional and they've been involved in boxing for 20 plus years

Sidey: It's the its the geezer with all the tattoos, isn't it? He's, yeah, he's covered in so they, yeah, that's right. So he has that fight first to kind of prove that he can do, do it.

Yeah. And, and have rocky in the corner and, and cope with all of that. Cuz it's gonna be, you know, they're fighting in Philly with. With Rocky in the corner

Reegs: so gonna be him off the hook,

Sidey: And so they say he

Reegs: to do it and he doesn't wanna publicize his name.


Sidey: And they, the guy sort of sells us, you know, rock, get you in there.

We can make a few bucks, you know, share out and Ros like, okay, we'll do it. But you know, I'm moving this guy out the gym. I'm not having you train. Yeah. And seeing this guy and him seeing you day in, day out, we're gonna go, we're gonna do it properly and we're gonna have, and then he just kind of sits in the corner and he is just like the other, the guy on the gloves.

Yeah. And he kind of, he's like, look, there's stuff I can do and the stuff I can't do and I can't do this,

Reegs: I can't hold the pads

Sidey: No, I Can't do that. Yeah.

And he just sits with the paper. I quite like that bit. Yeah. Yeah. It's nice.

Cris: Yeah. The guy that with the tattoos that, that he beats up as a, on the Philistine is Gabriel Rosado.

And, and he's a flyweight that he's, sorry a lightweight, but he's a top three lightweight in the world. Yeah. So they're all professional

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: He moves in Adonis moves in with Rocky as part of the training camp, and he's woken up to Harold Melvin in the blue notes in the morning. And

Sidey: it was 5 45 and his moaning.

I was like, come on, That's not even that early man.

Cris: Dad is not even that

Sidey: early. No, I get up early than that. I get half five. Come on.

Reegs: Yeah. So more Montage. Montage. Montage, and then it's Fight Night. Adonis first is this Guyo guy, Leo the Lion, Perino and

Cris: Loso, yeah. Is his actual name as a boxer.

Reegs: And it's a brilliant fight. Again, the entrances in this movie are almost as good as the fights, but, and the sound design is great as well, really gives you that experience of like, coming from a small place into a big ous arena sometimes

Cris: it's almost like an entrance to a fight. Really? Yeah. It's, it's the same, the same way They film it the same, they would film it at every big boxing or, or fighting event.

So, so they've done it really well in that term.

Reegs: So again, this is a brilliant fight. All one take. It kind of starts sort of video game style almost over adonis's shoulder and then kind of between the fighters.

No apparent cuts as you go for like two minute rounds, three minute rounds, and then you know, sit down in their corner. They clinch, you know, they swing, they miss, it's, there's blood appearing on fighters faces and cuts that seem to spontaneously emerge after punches. Like look like they really connect and possibly they did.

And yeah, it's, it's amazing. Absolutely

Sidey: But he's, he's fighting under the name of Johnson. His mum. Yeah, his mum's name. And the, they Rocky's asked them to just keep the, his creed name. Yeah.

But when he wins they just fucking leak it.

Cris: The next day.

The next day straight. The next day in the paper. Yeah. He, he also has a, a sexy time with his newly found love, let's say

Reegs: Yaka.

She's pissed off at him at first cuz she's


Cris: yeah, but they, they had a, they had a great time on the couch when Rocky goes upstairs. Yeah. And in the morning when he claims that he's tired after last night, wink, wink.

She reads the paper and she looks at him. Is there something you need to tell me?

Reegs: yeah,

it makes her question the relationship. What else hasn't he been telling her? Blah, blah, blah. She asks him, how many females have you been with? And he says, anything else

Cris: which is brilliant.

Reegs: And she's worried that it's infatuation and it's not real, and he tries to convince her and but it becomes a huge story, doesn't it? That it's Apollo son, a rocky training

Sidey: and it's, and it's that, that leads.

Conan's manager to reach out and say, actually you'd be a good fit for us. Now that you know the

Cris: you have this name

Sidey: broken his

jaw, we need someone else to step in and, and and be a punch bag for us to,

Cris: also Conlin has a, a charge on, on a, on a weapon charge. So, so he was going through talk's death. Yeah. In Liverpool with a gun. Yeah. So he's got that charge on. So he needs to fight. They lost millions. They need to make millions.

This is a big fight. This is the modified Get it done. Yeah, pretty much.

Sidey: That's it.

Reegs: Well, meanwhile, Rocky's got his own fight on his hands.

Because he is, he's sort of violently ill one day during one of the training montages and is taken off to hospital and will find out pretty quickly that he's got non-Hodgkins lymphona

cancer. And it's caught early, but you'll need an operation and no thanks. If you watched any of the other Rocky movies, you'll remember that Adrian died of cancer.

And you know, he's already been through that. He doesn't wanna do that fight. So he declines. And he doesn't tell Creed, but Creed finds the

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: pamphlets pretty quickly in

Sidey: his

Reegs: pocket.

Cris: In his pocket. And he kind of confronts him, is this true? Is this real? He's like, ah, don't worry about it. It's not like we're family. I'm just your trainer.

Reegs: Oh, it's really horribly. He says that to him, doesn't he? We're not family.

Cris: not really family. We're not actual family. I'm just your trainer.

I'm just an old man and, you know, don't worry about

Reegs: and you know why he is doing it, to push him away. And also Rocky has a complicated relationship with his own son, which, you know, he's gone moved off to Canada and it's quite poignant as well about that too.

But yeah, so kind of riled up by this creed goes out to meet Bianca, who's got a big night at the electric factory supporting some douche bag who wants to take an Instagram photo and call Creed Baby Creed. So he just chins him.


Cris: actually a musician called Tom Trump. Yeah. And, and he is from Philly.

Reegs: Yeah, Oh, there's a load of Philly stuff in this. The roots, there's an all yeah. Load of stuff going on. So yeah, she chews him out for being a dick. And he is being a dick. Really?

Sidey: would you get in a, a more trouble for punching someone as a, like official boxer than some

idiots? Yes, definitely.


Cris: you,

you are labeled as, especially in America, you're labeled as a danger because you are a professional trained fighter. Yeah. Whereas if you'd be just a normal guy that you punch someone or he was drunk, he didn't know, blah, blah, blah. Whereas that's aggravated assault because you are. Dangerous already.

Yeah. And you choose to beat up someone that is not,

Sidey: so really ought to be not doing that.

Reegs: I could be labeled a danger to myself, but

Sidey: for beating yourself

off. Yeah.


Reegs: Anyway yeah, so she kind of fucks him off a bit. She takes a hearing out, aid out when he tries to apologize to her so she can't hear him.

Yeah. So, so showing the upside of progressive hearing loss

and basically Adonis goes to see Rocky at his house and they share a quiet dinner where essentially he convinces Rocky to take on him as a trainer for this fight with Ricky Conlan if Rocky will do cancer

Sidey: treatment Yeah.

Cris: they will fight their own fight.

You know, I'll fight Ricky Conlan if you fight your own fight

Sidey: right. Yeah. fight Yeah.

Reegs: and then the Great bra Yeah. And all that. Yeah. And the montage and these, there's a load of people on the biker gangs, aren't they? Sort of,

Cris: Bike

Sidey: Bike. yeah. We'd seen 'em earlier when he takes them to the, to the gym and say, oh, these guys.

Yeah. They're all into their, their bikes. And this must be some like local thing or these, you know,

Cris: it must be something to do with Philly. Yeah. And the people that are around the gym. Yeah. Because apparently the gym is in a rough place in Philly. It's like proper rough. So whoever allowed them to film there, they thought, well, can we get in the movie somehow?

And that's how they got in the movie. But it is true and it's, it's a, it's a fact of life that that's what happens around there. And he does all that and he gets them to help him train. Yeah. Which, that's the only one, I have to say. I found a little bit strange, but at the same time, it's the only similarity to Rocky actually running up the stairs.

Yeah. And, and turning around and, and, Hands up and, you know, doing, doing that. But I thought this was a bit forced. Generally the movie's very good. Yeah. In, in the delivery and the fight scenes, the training, the choreography, the delivery of the lines and the actors are very good.

Reegs: This was the only part that felt a little bit corny.

Cris: thought it was, you didn't need to put this in, but because this more is more like eighties than

Reegs: Mm.


Cris: 2000 fifteens. Yeah. But,

Reegs: but it's a nice moment where Rocky's looking out the window and he's dancing up at him. I know what you mean. It's, it didn't barely work. But anyway, at a press conference just before the fight, Rocky tells Adonis not to get wound up and then he immediately gets wound up.

Sidey: Yeah. And nanosecond later,

Reegs: like a second later.

Yeah. He's saying all this, he's cra he's trading off the Creed name. He's an

Sidey: a false, false creed. He calls him, doesn't He Yeah. And

that's the one that really gets him going. And he's up out the chair, you know, table's going all over the place and blah, blah blah. But that's just fucking what happens at Eddie fucking boxing press conference, isn't


Reegs: Yeah.

And then,

Cris: the minimum

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: that's what you expected it. And then he's in his room late one night and Rocky Comically gives the game away that Bianca's arriving by sort of turning up and sort of nervously staring at the door until she arrives. yeah, she's come out and she's forgiven him and go and fight your own demons and do it for the right reasons.


Cris: and they didn't have sexy time because of the legs. I, I was a bit disappointed with that, but you know, you can't have sex before the fight, so,

Reegs: And now it's fight night and at Gooden Park and they do a quite good job of not making it look like an absolute shit hole.

Cris: It is a shit hole though.

Reegs: Yeah. And when he gets to his dressing room, there's a present waiting for him sent by Maryanne the creed shorts to wear emotions this bit, real big emotions, creed on the front. Joy

Johnson embroidered on the back. And then some last minute advice from Rocky Pep talk. Do it for yourself, blah, blah, blah.

That guy in the mirror, he's the one, you got a

Sidey: different Yeah.

he's been doing that all along, hasn't he? He's the very first sort of training session they have is, you know, in the mirror, what's that guy doing? He's throwing punches back here. You got,

and yeah, he comes, you know, comes around again

Reegs: It's all good.

two great entrances really.

Now it transitions into much more like an authentic HBO style program of boxing. This last sort of half an hour is like really very much like watching a a

Sidey: even give

Cris: a


Sidey: HBO logo on the, on the screen. The HBO logo's on the bottom corner for some of it.

Reegs: And the intros are shot in. You know, the way the fighters come in is shot in the way that you might see it from a television camera rather than a movie camera.

And Michael Buffs there and it's all happening.

Sidey: What does he charge for doing that every time? Probably more and more each time. I guess.

Reegs: Billion dollars, I think. And it's money well

Sidey: spent. Yeah.

Reegs: And it's just more great dynamic cinematography in the final fight that swings backwards and forwards as exactly as you'd expect, but updated in a much more realistic and


Cris: also very good, I have to say, as a, as a bracket thing, I still prefer Bruce Buffer to Michael Buffer because I like the UFC more than I like boxing. But that's a personal opinion. But at the same time, they've done it really well, that they've actually done it by round and you, you get a minute or, or 30 seconds of each round, and then they interlude between it.

And then obviously you get the interlude when the, the, it reaches the, the highest point and you get three minutes of pep talk. Yeah. Which should be compressed into one minute really, or 90 sec or, or 50 seconds.

Sidey: We get a little snippet of what the, the fighters are like. And I, I think after the very first round, I think condo lands a, a blow after the bell, which cuts him.


Cris: Above the right eye,

Sidey: him above

the eye. Yeah. And earlier on, Rocky, he's like, oh, this is your cut sky. He's the best in the business. Hopefully you won't need him. You're thinking Yeah. I think you've

Reegs: There's a horrible shot at the beginning of the fight that like, where they're lining up all the cotton and all the ice and

Sidey: all the vast

Cris: and all the grease

Reegs: and

you're like, oh, I know what all that's for.

Sidey: Yeah. It's gonna, it's gonna sting a little bit. But yeah, he's, he's cut like early on and, and obviously everyone's expecting, you know, he's, he's the whipping boy just there to you.


Cris: be a punching bag,

Sidey: the numbers, hope, you know, make it last few rounds.

But actually Rocky's able to give him a few

Reegs: well he's knocked down in the first, but he comes out and Yeah.

Like you say, he is given some tactical advice and he takes it eventually sort of starts landing a few. He is a bit quicker, slips a few they know they're in a fight. There's such a great shot where it's, the camera just spins around them, I think twice and it just looks like they're both clocking each other in the face.

Yeah. Like, I don't know how, unless they are not actually doing that, which,

Sidey: I dunno, it's, yeah. And, and I, cuz again, I like, I try not to, but sometimes I think about the technical aspects. Yeah. And I was thinking obviously it looks amazing and Yeah. Like you say, all the dynamic camera and everything and they've probably done that a million times to get

like enough 25,

Reegs: times to get that take or whatever. Yeah. I know. Yeah. I don't think they can, I dunno how they do it, but it's unbelievable. And he does, he takes him all the way basically. And Conlan, you know, is,

Sidey: Well, he gets, he gets a huge knockdown in the 11th round. He gets


Reegs: round, isn't it?

Sidey: it?


he get, because the 12th round, he comes back at him and batters him.

But the 11th he gets taken down and it's like, Tyson Fury's like undertaken moment.

Reegs: Oh yeah, that's

Cris: Yes.

Sidey: He has, he has a little flashback moment in his mind of all the other things that he's gone

through. And then he's just like, and, and like is up on like the eighth count and is able to carry on.

And then he's like, you know, you need to knock him out in the 12th. And he, he, he gives him a right fucking pummeling and, and knocks him down and is saved by the bell in

Reegs: It's basically, if the fight had been 10 seconds longer, is what

Sidey: get saved Kennedy in the 12th. No, but he's able to just

steady the ship to

Cris: Yeah, he gets back. So then the, the bell

Reegs: a split decision and Conlan takes it. But I mean, you know, it's been a, it's been a

Cris: four a for a main favorite, the pound for pound to fight. Someone that has

Sidey: and he's been a prick. he's been a prick.

and he is obviously like a bit of a rough, you know, he is the gun charge and he, you know, he comes over

Reegs: gives him the

Sidey: he's, he's able to give the respect.

Say actually, you know what you do fucking four.

Cris: you're a creed where the name was Pride and obviously

Reegs: and his eye. I can't tell you how horrible his

Sidey: I

well, it should have stopped. And, and,

Cris: that was very clever because apparently that's what they do. Yeah,

Sidey: So the, so what they did, yeah. The ref, the, the doctor holds up four fingers and they just tap his neck four times to say, say four.

Yeah. And then two. But after Rocky has. I should have fucking thrown the


Reegs: a towel in, he

Sidey: and his face is like an appalling state and you're like, you know, all that stuff. You said about stopping the fight. Yeah. What about now when,

Reegs: I dunno if that was makeup or cgi, because you literally, because there's so many long takes you, you literally watch his face swell up from kind of normal to that horrible,

Sidey: Yeah,

Cris: no, that is

Reegs: almost in real time. It's incredible.

Cris: on

Sidey: I was thinking about,

you know, real boxing and how long does that fucking take to heal? Cuz it was full on, you know, and you see them with the thing pressing it down and trying to get the swelling down and you like, oh man, it's fucking gruesome.


Cris: One of them that the eye shuts down, it's two weeks. yeah.

Sidey: Okay. Okay.

Cris: But you have bags of ice every day on your

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: To, to reduce the swelling.

So it's not like it's, and it's agony. Yeah. It is not just, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. I'll put a bag of ice and tomorrow I'll be fine. I'll go to the mall. No, no. Good luck.

Sidey: So he, he's,

Reegs: he's won the respect and the crowd are chanting his name and all that. He's really, you

Cris: because obviously the goodes in crowd

Reegs: is so nice.


And not at all partisan towards their

Sidey: shouting Creed. It's almost like when Rocky won the Cold War in,

in form. Yeah.

Reegs: leaves a hero. And then back in Philly, now we finish with Rocky and Creed. Creed looking remarkably fine eye wise. And they're slowly climbing those famous steps. One more time.

Airy, poignant this

Sidey: rocky can't quite make it up and he is gonna jack it in and creed's like, no, come on. Fuck face. you

can it. You could only got like another flight, you know, come on. And yeah, it's Rocky's battered and bruised, but

Reegs: and when they get to the top and he looks out over the city and he says,

Sidey: can see your whole life from

Reegs: hard enough, you can see your whole life from up here.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Cris: Not too bad. Is the answer doesn't look too bad.

Reegs: What?

The eye?

Sidey: No. that's what he

says. That's what

Reegs: Oh the life.

Cris: Yeah. How does it look at this? You can see your life. It doesn't look too bad. It's not too bad.

Sidey: Oh, and if he, and if he'd wanted to know who won that fight, the third fight, Apollo and Yeah.

Rocky says that, well, of course Apollo won it.

Reegs: Yeah. But I took him to be an unreliable narrator at that point, and I wasn't completely convinced that he wouldn't give credit to the dead legend. So I still think the jury's out on

Sidey: Okay.

Cris: Well we have to wait for Creed 15 for that one.

Reegs: This film had no right to be as good as it

Sidey: it. I know. it?

like, blindsided me. I was thought this is just gonna be some silly fucking like Yeah. You know, cash in nonsense. It's fucking great.

Reegs: It's got great drama as well, as well as being a thrilling cinematic experience. It's got great drama in a really like great love story as well. That all thematically links to everything else and yeah, it's just

brilliant. It's

Cris: not only that I have to say what I actually realize now. I've watched it before and I watched it in a cinema and I've watched it just. pretty much three hours ago I finished watching it. I thought it could have been a little bit shorter, just a, just a tiny bit shorter, maybe another 15 minutes shorter.

But I thought at one point I was like, Ooh, you know, when you look at the time and you think, oh, is this not gonna finish? They could have compressed a little bit. But I have to say from the, the acting of the boxing, I'm not a boxer. I've never been a boxer. I'll never fight anyone in my life, but I've watched enough fights to know, and you, they've made it so well in terms of how his ability Michael B.

Jordan Adonis character develops throughout the movie and all the information that he gets, he just gets better and better and better. And then you can see the speed, the footwork, the head movement, the everything that you would want in a boxer. All the information is correct. You have legends of the, of boxing in the movie.

Everyone around him is a boxer. I think it's a brilliantly and

Sidey: He's in unbelievable shape. Michael. B. Jordan. And I

think this is Stallone's best turn and probably in anything I think like the proper actor doing acting stuff,

like he's fucking brilliant in


It's really poignantly done. Yeah.

He's, I dunno whether it's brilliant acting or he just, at this point in his life, it just suit the role. Yeah. Suits him in their here and now. Whatever. It doesn't matter cuz what you watch on screen is a fucking great turn. Yeah. It, it is really fantastic. He is the third, actor to be nominated for the Oscar twice for the same character.

Some guy. Okay. Some guy did it first. He, Barry Fitzgerald nominated for best actor and won best supporting actor for playing Father Fitz Gibbon in going my way 1944. That sounds like.

the same, the same film.

So nominated twice

the same and then obviously Al Pacino was nominated best supporting actor for Godfather and best actor for God, path of part two for Michael Corleone.

And then, yeah, Rocky for Rocky back in 76 and Creed in 2015. Yeah, so decent. And it was, I like,

can't emphasize enough

just how

Reegs: It's got all these like clever little references to the whole Rocky franchise, but they're not, they're subtle or they're like mirrored in some way. That is

Sidey: It's not just a shameless nostalgia cash in,

like it's actually just Brilliant. Yeah.


Cris: They've also, they've also based themselves on a, on a historical movie, but they've made a movie that kind

Sidey: of, well, it stands

Cris: lives in today's

Reegs: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

Sidey: stands on its own in its own right. It's a great film.

Cris: as just this, regardless of what happened before.

You have that as a, as a, as a base of the pyramid. But this is a pyramid. Yeah. If that makes sense. And also Stallone has a pet Porcupine. A pet alligator,

Sidey: from, from the

first film.

Cris: No. In reality,

Sidey: No in, but in the first film, this is the Terrapins, isn't it? Where the tails

Reegs: Karn Links, I think they're

Sidey: He's still got 'em.

Reegs: Because there's one in this, one of them survived.

Sidey: He,

I believe has had a falling out there with the producers. So he's not involved with Creed three, which leads me to believe that it might not be so great.

Reegs: No, I've heard it's brilliant. Brilliant. Yeah. Better than Creed Two, which I also really liked.

Cris: I've not seen any of them, except for this one.

Sidey: Well, creed two is really good.

Cris: Is it?

Reegs: not as good as this, but it is really good. And it's got a scene with Dolf that will make you wanna cry.

Cris: I do like all the actors though. I do like all the actors. They're, they're all in shape. They're all pretty, obviously Stallone is a million years old, but he's,

Sidey: but it works.

Cris: him very well. Everyone's spot

Sidey: on. Mm-hmm. .yeah. Strong.

Cris: Highly, highly recommend.

Sidey: recommend. Yeah.


We've covered rocky content for the most part, but this segues very nicely into our kids' thing this week. Yeah. Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Reegs: Yeah. And it is a different, much to my shock, it was a different Rocky.

Sidey: Yes. But it is still quite violent. This is the Dreamworks reboot from 2018. Yeah. And I was shocked to learn when the original series ran from 1959.

that's a long time ago.

Dan, remember it Dan would've been.

Around for that. The

Cris: fact, well you were

Reegs: too old to be honest. In 59, remember that. Know Dan. We were just saying Dan.

Cris: Oh,

Sidey: right.

I remember this being on the tele when I was youngster, but it would obviously be, have been

Reegs: reruns. Yeah, reruns, yeah.

Sidey: And then obviously widely acknowledged as De Niro's best role

in the

film. Adaptation of Rocky and

Reegs: Stunning. It is.

Sidey: It's changed. I've never seen it, but this is a kind of reboot thing that as far as I can recall, tries to replicate the same kind of humor. And

Reegs: and aesthetic. It's got a sort of faux

Sidey: like Hannah, Barb

kind of vibe to it.


With a, but has the narrator who kind of keeps breaking the fourth wall

kind of thing. He and some of the characters, they talk about, oh, we have to win this thing cuz this is the first episode and stuff. And they, they keep

doing that So yeah, it's got all that going on.

Reegs: So we start in media res in the middle of an adventure.

Really? In the city? Not in media res actually, no, not at all. But in the middle of an adventure in the city of Prague, Bullwinkle gets smashed into a bridge and he like spins through this glass restaurant boat thing and becomes a waiter. Comically ha. And Rocky's like clingy onto a meteorite or whatever, and.

Blown up and then straight into this sort of expensive bond style intro. Yeah. For the stink of fear.

Sidey: Yeah. So title. It we should say that Bullwinkle is a

Reegs: Bullwinkle J Moose is his real name. squirrel Rocket. J

Sidey: squirrel It's a

Reegs: squirrel.

Sidey: Squirrel.

Reegs: Squirrel.

Sidey: Yeah. He's a squirrel. Yes. And so it's, how would. position this in terms in like comparing it to other things that we've seen. It's kind of violent and madcap, but not as out there as red and Stimpy.

Reegs: No. Yeah. No. Where is, yeah, they, it's just got a lot of meta humor and self-awareness and a lot of slapstick and sort of idiots, triumphant being triumphant despite themselves.

Bit sort of, inspector Clue esque, where they're sort of bumbling around and accidentally solving shit.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: What's happened is, is rock Bullwinkle has made a pie handed down from Grand Winkle, his grand her recipe. And it's, you know, it's cut a long story short. He's entering it in the

Sidey: grand yum.

Yum. Is it

Reegs: it in the local pieing contest so he can win a trip to Paris to enter La Grande? Yum. Yum. That's and when he goes to the Pieing contest the mayor like puts his fork in and it releases this like hideous stench that gases everybody. And so he's declared the winner by default and sent off to, to Paris.

And meanwhile in the sort of tiny island of Pot Sylvania, I think it

Sidey: was, something like that. Yeah.

Reegs: the grand leader. It's become aware of this and he wants to use Bullwinkle's grandma's recipe for a pie as a kind of bio weapon.

Sidey: Yeah. He

STEs the recipe in his glove, doesn't he? Bullwinkle? Yeah. That's all he wears, I think is just two, just a pair of gloves.

Reegs: Yeah. Well that will come really horribly true to or to bear in a minute because he Right. So general leader sends his two best spies off to go and get Bullwinkle's recipe and they have this idea of, cuz he's flying to Paris, I'll pretend to be security guards at the airport. And he's like, screams at him, take off your shoes.

And he's like, I haven't got any shoes on. And so he just hands him his feet, he? He like rips his like lower feet, bits off anyway, yeah, so they're foiled a number of times trying to get the secret recipe.

Sidey: At one point they do steal the glove, but it's the wrong. Yeah. Well that's the punch line at the end, isn't it? Actually.

Spoiler alert. Yeah, they, so they're actually in Paris cuz they go through a load of famous monuments

such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Reegs: y Yeah.

And they also wear bets and Kerry baguettes and striped, it's like really racist or xenophobic.

Sidey: they, they

Reegs: bull winkle's so convinced he's gonna win.

They, he's hired the winner's suite at the hotel that's got a trophy, a bed made outta trophies.

Sidey: I know there's some kind of victory parade he's got planned. Yeah. And yeah, he's gone to town on it.

Reegs: It's such a long winded thing. They can't afford the entrance fee, so they have to become performance artists where they'll poke you for a dollar.

Sidey: Yeah.

What's a funny

Reegs: No.

And there's a big climactic bit where they run up the Eiffel Tower and Foil, the bad guy's plans.

Sidey: They foil it by Ballwin called. He's just like, he's like the dopey one, and he's just like sightseeing with a telescope. Yeah. And by pure chance he spins the telescope round and batters the two guys who've stolen his glove.

Yeah. And he gets his glove back. Oh, they, he, he actually, he actually jumps off the Eiffel

Reegs: like Suicidally.

Sidey: Yeah. And the narrator's like, come on guys, you've been falling for ages and you've done yet. And they're like, not by a long shot. And they, they really draw it out for

ages. And Rocky kind of, you know,

Reegs: Supermans himself or

Sidey: Yeah. Like spin. He's like to the point where he's like, you know, like coming through the atmosphere and he's burning up on re-entry and just saves Ballwin or in the naked time and, and the crowd cheers and gives them all their money. Yes. So then they have more money than they could ever need. But by this point it, it kind of overstated, its welcome with me.

I dunno how you felt about it.

Reegs: It was okay.

Sidey: Yeah. It was okay.

It was, it was zany and madcap without ever being.


enough. It was just kind of predictable.

Reegs: Yeah. I, yeah. I, I felt that meta humor was a bit,

Sidey: it was too long at first start. I mean, it was 20, it was 23 minutes and I paused it at one point because I was actually watching it on my own.

And then my folks Mrs. And my daughter came home and it was only six minutes in. I thought, Christ, I thought it was nearly done. Yeah. And it fucking loads of bit to go. So I watched it with my daughter the rest of it and it didn't really do anything for her. So if you're looking for that level of recommendation, my nine year old wasn't into this.

Reegs: Yeah. Overly long, visually, not very appealing. And the meta humor didn't really work for me. So, so I

Sidey: yeah, it was novelty, the

Reegs: Strong recommend

Sidey: though.

Yeah. It's a strong recommend.


We need some nominations for next week. Yeah. Which we'll get to. Yeah. It came together quite nicely. So I really enjoyed the movies this week.


Reegs: when a Rocky Three was good, wasn't it? That was the unexpected

Sidey: in particular.

Like I can drill down to the three seconds of Montage where he was wearing that particular suit.

Yeah. Like, Cuban Hill combo. Sensational. Absolutely love that. And Creed, like you say in our review, didn't see a film that good coming and it was exceptional. Really good. Yeah.

Really enjoyed

Cris: Yeah, I really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed it. The running scene on the beach, I think that was brilliant because he, he never, in one minute, Apollo Creed looks like he's breaking sweat while he is running.

He runs like a gazelle in Rocky. Looks like he's

Sidey: Well, there is the one ,we never said it, we never said it in the review, but the one time that he, you know, at the end when he is like fitting enough to win the fight and he beats Creed, he's like, and it just looks like creed's just like cruising, like not making any effort in letting him win.

Anyway, that was good. We really lo really enjoyed that. I'm gonna nominate, I think this week if I can be, find some inspiration to come up with something good. Other than that, all that remains is to say society signing out

Reegs: res out

Cris: Chris