March 25, 2022

Love & Mercy & Making Fun

Love & Mercy & Making Fun

Whilst you may have laboured under the misapprehension that the pen was a mere writing implement, in the world of movies it can do so much more. Mainly kill people according to our research. Will we find any benevolent biros when we discuss our Top 5 Movie Pens?
LOVE & MERCY alternates between two key time periods in the life of The Beach Boys singer songwriter Brian Wilson, the 1960s and late 1980s, showing how he got into and out of a period of prolonged mental illness which occurred during the production, release, and reception of the critically adored but initially commercially disastrous PET SOUNDS album. A sensitive portrayal sees Paul Dano and John Cusack playing Wilson in the different time periods with his overbearing father and the monstrous psychiatrist Dr Eugene Landy as the abusers in his life and Elizabeth Banks as Melinda Ledbitter, the woman who eventually became his wife and freed him from his pharmaceutical prison. An extraordinary biopic causing one Bad Dad to reappraise Wilson as a serious artist as we see how he transcended his influences, combining the rock and or roll of Chuck Berry, the vocal harmonies of The Belmonts, the Spector Wall of Sound and surf guitar riffs to create a new sound that took the world by storm and continues to captivate now.
Toy making genius Jimmy DiResta helms the Netflix series MAKING FUN in which his posse of impossibly bearded friends make improbably stupid objects for children just for the sheer hell of it. To show kids if they can dream it up, it can be built. As inspirational as all that sounds don't be fooled that Jimmy is a fan of kids, he most definitely isn't. In fact he dislikes them almost as much as he dislikes safety goggles. Burn! This week the team make a pair of Unicornicycles and just like in any real project the idiot customer changes their mind halfway through and adds a completely new requirement, in this case for the bikes to be able to fart glitter which is no worse than anything I have come across in the work place.

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Love and Mercy

Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review the show in which a collection of cinephile dads catch up on all the movies we missed while we were too busy being parents to go to the cinema and perhaps mistakenly operating under the impression that it would be funny to talk about what our kids were watching. We discuss those things too.

And when we talk about those films and TV programs, then we can use a bit of the old fruity language. So if you'd like your podcasts in offensive and light on spoilers, I'm afraid, this is not the place for you. We should part ways. But if you'd like your chats with some mild to severe language, anything from bugger to, well, you're an adult, you know, the swears and you feel like your metaphors should be mixed.

Well, then it's not exactly rocket surgery. You should feel right at home here as usual. I'm your co-host rigs. And this week we were a man up on last week's too. But since that man is how we are collective IQ and attractiveness question is fallen considerably, which is.

I know people enjoyed last week's encounter with our insect friend.

But we were chastised by a listener who felt we didn't close out our encounter with the moth and make it clear what happened at the end of the show. And whilst I'd like to say that after peacefully coexisting all that time we all went our own way. However, the truth is side. He did in fact have to take them off out to the barn and shoot it with a shotgun old, yellow.

Yeah. Yeah. It was a very sad end to what was mostly laughs. But on the plus side, we, we plan to do exactly the same thing this week with Howie after today's show. So every cloud and all that now, have you ever felt the desire to communicate an idea to someone, to stimulate some thought or emotion in them?

Perhaps, maybe you've got an incredible song or lyric in your head that you need to express. Maybe a doctor is phone to recommend you a new hemorrhoid cream and you want to endlessly Google the nastiest side effects. You need to write something down, you can't do any of those things without a pen. So this week sees us paying tribute to the Stylo as we discuss the top five movie pens.

And then our main feature this week is the 2014 Brian Wilson and the pet shop boys. No

Howie: where Stan goals,

Reegs: boys biopic love and mercy. And we close things out with a new look at the new Netflix series making. So that's this week's show Howie returning triumphant.

Howie: Yeah, well, physically and mentally, not quite. I've been under this delusion that I'm in fact, 20 years old again. And I've gone on a lad's trip. World-class burn to fucking pull your pants down, finger up your bum, use your rugby stuff,

Reegs: What's it. What's it, all that sort of stuff. Was it drinking at nine o'clock in the

Howie: drinking your own peer seating room, shit like a family holiday for you? No, but there's a couple of issues. One young sort of ski season airs came up to us and said, I hope we're as loose as you bastards. When we're your age instantly made us feel quite old.

Reegs: I didn't even know what loose man. That's how out of

Howie: um And then the other time we went to a restaurant and the lady said you she was Bora she said, You, you, you appear to have been the first people to have eaten three main courses, each of the restaurants, and we've got, I thought they were the starters.

So it's important to look like absolute obese, British pigs abroad.

Reegs: And did you do any actual skiing? What was that

Howie: Uh Did a bit of skiing, a bit of falling over a bit of regret that I haven't got any knees anymore. But it was overall quite a lot of fun, except for again the hostel, when, when, when you go to these places, you have to get bizarre early morning transits between places.

And so the it's not ideal when you're feeling like shit at 3:00 AM to be waiting for someone from Latvia who doesn't speak any English and just keeps saying on the phone, I am Lucas. I am locus. And we're going, wait, where are you? I am a locus. And. It really, isn't a fun mini bus journey when you're trying to get to the airport and you've got one hour to get there.

And the journey is almost two hours, but luckily Lucas was a retired F1 driver and it's important to feel like you're really on the edge for an hour and gripping the underside of a Reno traffic, mini bus seats so hard that you kind of lose circulation. And one of your fingers is still rather sensitive to any form of touch.

So, but apart from that, it's a lovely holiday. You're going to do it again every year. I think

Sidey: nice.

did You find time to watch anything.

Howie: I watched the homework and then I also watched a bit very late to the show here. I watched the suicide squad, the second one with John seen his character surprisingly shining and I understand he's got his own, his own series.

Reegs: Can you watch that in the UK in any legal way?

Howie: Sky it's on one of the, I think it's on sky.

Sidey: HBO?

Howie: It's I think it's on sky movies. Yeah. I think it's on sky


Reegs: no. I meant the TV series

Sidey: I, I I haven't looked, but it's I'm sure It's on HBO max, so that's translates to sky Atlantic, I think

Reegs: eventually all that could be

Howie: yeah, because I was hoping that that would come over. Cause at the same time, we've obviously got a couple of other mini series kicking off.

You've got the Kenobi one on Disney that I saw the trailer for. That looks quite cool. Another one that I'll just probably absorb and like and then rather controversially Sidey revealed to me about a kid's film that my kids said they really enjoyed. And I've yet to see it called red.

Sidey: yeah We watched that we watched that on Saturday

So we I don't know what we've been up to but we got home, and it was relatively, early so I want us to watch a movie. And I said, oh, there's that new picks I want this on Disney? Plus And we put it on. And the girl has, she goes to. sleep transform spoiler that funny. I was going to say that transformed into this massive, like red Panda thing.

And so she's, I think she's 13 in Uh

goes to the bathroom in the morning. She hasn't realized And then obviously catches a glimpse of in the Marriott has this huge freak on the mother comes through, she's paying. she says, oh my God, it's happening. Oh, it's happening?

You Going through the, And we're like, oh, okay. And then she just gets out loads of she, goes, you need pads and she gets out or like tampons and fucking PA. And you're like, oh, right. So there's, there's not even like a subtle subtle metaphor. waves This is a period

Reegs: yeah. Okay.

Sidey: I'm which is fine. I just get blindsided


Reegs: there ever been a movie about periods before? I don't know if there has, I don't know, this is great. Surely we're going to have to watch it

Sidey: I mean, it is great.

for Mrs. And I were looking at each other, like

Fucking like I thought it was a, it wasn't as bad.

Howie: And did she ask questions? No, it

Sidey: like it was like pat of seven P it was just straight.

Howie: I was trying to think of a period film that I've seen and there was this vampire lesbian one, but I don't think she

Reegs: so. It's the whole movie about what? I

Sidey: that kind of, it kind of fades away. and just becomes like a Kaiju movie in the end. But

Reegs: Of course Yeah.

Sidey: So yeah, I wasn't expecting that, but know, it's this cool.

Reegs: we can have to review that on. We, we are going to have to review that we've got kids, girls that we can have to face up to this one day

Sidey: No, that's what you've Got. Mrs. For. We did a top five last week, which was top five long, movie titles.

Reegs: I don't think we have a single

Sidey: we

absolutely did have very day. You mouth all the way from

Reegs: Oh gosh. He made all the effort to send it from there.

Sidey: By snail mail. So you really should pay more attention. She nominated Alexander the terrible, horrible.

No good. Very bad day which is good. And also she said she had to cut and paste that from Google because she could never


all the words in the title and also miss Peregrine's home for the peculiar

Reegs: Oh I've seen that. That's all right. Yeah.

Sidey: So that maybe that one can go in.

if you've seen it.

Reegs: And there's just some good choices actually.

Sidey: Yeah. And we've all worked or had some for this Yeah

Reegs: exciting.

Penn's got people talking.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. So should we just smash straight into, oh, you haven't told us what You wish weeks?

Reegs: Well, I could do a very quick avoid pieces of her or as we like to call it pieces of shit in our house. It's the Toni Collette thing. I watched it. So the Netflix series, it's all dark and brooding and sort of Cronin hints at Cronenberg.

She slash it. She's confront, right? There's basically a guy kills somebody in the opening episode and she ends up disabling him and slashing his throat and it's really violent. And then there's like mysterious things, but don't, we watch six episodes. I'm out. If shit don't watch it. She's great. But this is shit.

And then Peaky, blinders. I mean, it's not the same without Helen McCrory.

Howie: I, I, this is on my list of things to start watching. Cause I've not seen it ever.

Sidey: Yeah. I

made that decision like coach student, because I'd missed loads of series. and I thought I'm not going to get into it now.

Like I did with game of Thrones and then have to wait, I'm just going to wait till it's all, done. I can

Howie: because it links to a series. I was recommended based upon that, which is taboo with Tom Hardy. Yeah.

Reegs: I watched that it's straight. It's kind of Mulholland drive, but now it's AI. It's weird. It's pretty weird. He's weird in it

Howie: yeah.

But it's, it's, it's bloody. It's not available anymore. It's only available on a paper pay-per-view on Amazon,

Reegs: So yeah, don't watch pieces of her. Do watch Peaky. Blinders. What about you? What did you watch? Oh, the lesbian. No

Howie: red see the talk going really well for you.

Sidey: we watched like we said, we watched

turning red was a cave. That's pre-review And we watched yesterday, we ran the in-laws and I was taking advantage of their sky box And I put on 2001, a space Odyssey,

which the scene that it was on,

Reegs: got a good pen in that.

Sidey: it does it's in the notes. the scene that we, I put it on for was the one on the moon where the whole, the career with that and the monolith is that at the scores


going fucking blazing and the guy goes over and touches monolith. And then Mister says she was talking to the cat that was there Cause that escape more sense out of the cat. She's like, what the fuck is he inflicting on us? You Fucking hear that it's classic. So that got turned over. I was thinking

oh, I could just like

Reegs: It's not an easy entry point to the movie that though

Sidey: I just I was thinking we were just sat there

away like sort of getting time. as I could just do like a nice hours chunk of this movie. no, no. Got overall turnover.

So nothing.


Reegs: All right. Well, that's sort of fizzled out.

Sidey: fizzling back in though, to a top five a movie pens. what could be more exciting. Nothing is the answer.

Howie: I had an initial 20 minute idiocy moment. Why the fuck are they doing top five penalties? And I didn't understand it. And then I was like, ah, bestow, I smell it. I understand. Top five pens. I was thinking, Hey, I've taken a

well and Stewart perse, originalism.

Reegs: when it's your topic. So

Sidey: Shall I go first Yeah, well, we mentioned it in the, in the interlude, but it wasn't the first one that I thought of, but when I was watching 2001 yesterday, I did recall that scene

Reegs: They

Sidey: Dr Floyd, Is it

Leonard Rossiter or is it someone else at this point? Because obviously we watch it for the same. I do remember it the, it starts off, obviously there's a huge long interlude of like prehistoric man and blah blah. I'm One of the apes throws a bone in the hour of just flips in the air when he batches something, which cuts into that being a

spacecraft and Ben, I think we go in and it's all


zero G stuff and the stewardess is going down and the man has to write something and then he just leaves the pen and it just floats.

It's Brilliant.

Reegs: It looks cool. Yeah. I think they just had it on some bit, a bit glass, I think.

Sidey: Yeah,

It's what was this? This was, bef was the year before the moon landings was that make it


Reegs: 69

Howie: 69. Some moon landings on it.

Sidey: was it the

Reegs: Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Sidey: this is a pan am flight. So that's not but really cool pen moment


a really cool movie that I wasn't allowed to watch

Reegs: over

Howie: horrible. I will start the. Ball rolling for what many of us will probably have few for love Jim's bond. Now bond originally as a non flashy standard pen has a Montblanc Marsha stock fountain pen, and that's from Q branch.

That's a standard pen. It does nothing special. I will choose my bond pen. I've got four, but I'll choose one of the one from the unofficial bond, which is never say never again with Fatima blush who is the most

Sidey: such a bad movie,

Howie: horrific, especially with Sean and his weird had kind of wig going on. But Fatima blush is the specter agent who.

Bizarrely before killing bond tells him to write his memoir saying that Fatima blush was the best fuck that he'd ever had. And he kind of goes clearly to click, click, whatever he does and his pen. And he fires the dye into her chest and she looks and does this weird manacle cackling. And then he kind of eats away a bit and the pen that's shot her has got obviously an explosive nib and all it leaves is a pair of high heels at the end.

And then I think, and then I think at the end, after that scene happens, he just does thing that bond does, which is walk away from the scene. Like nothing's happened Dan aside, alleyway, and just sort of brush himself down and mingle back in with the crowd when he's clearly

Sidey: 70 years old.

Howie: yeah. Is with Kim Basinger basing her in that one as well.

I think, I

Sidey: a very loose remake of Thunderball His nap

Howie: yours is.

Sidey: It's not an official one. It wasn't part, it was when all the legal wranglings were going on and they couldn't agree

Howie: because they don't play the actual music. Do they? Yeah. So yes. So never say never again, fast my blush explosives in the

Reegs: What about some more bond ones? So I think you guys should bond it out a bit because there's a

Howie: you go on then.

Reegs: there's a PA

Howie: Yeah. Golden eye.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: Well, I'm going to go with, what is, I think the worst official James Bond movie with the worst James No, it's Octo Percy.

Howie: Oh,

Sidey: with Roger Moore

as a literal clown. He's literally dressed as a clown.

at the end. He again has the non-explosive pattern This one it's it holds,


Howie: it's a Montblanc block. 1, 4, 6 solitaire.

Sidey: Exactly, right.

Yeah, it is.

I also have a Montblanc fountain

Howie: They are nice.

Sidey: you go on as well. So I used to, I had I still have it. and I'm using the past tense. I have the.

Montblanc Fountain patent And I have the matching ballpoint pen and

I have them in

their own.

Yeah. Montblanc, Like

you know, when you've, you've run out of things and you're like Christmas presents, like get me that and then anything I'm fucking out like get me another one. And I used to reserve the fountain pen and for signing at work.

I was the only thing that existed for And now it's just on my shelf at home, like doing nothing

Yeah. So I have to resurrect that at some point. So I had an affinity to this one, cause it was a Montblanc.

Howie: Go against your Octopussy with the golden eye, the Parker Jotter. So a favorite of all year seven students. When you first get your ink pen license, the Parker jot, or the Parker

Reegs: movie is that? That cause I had. Right. And that's it. Wouldn't that have been your bog standard

Howie: just your pen. Just your hard Parker. And it's the clicker and it's, what's the name of the app? a Jotter Jotter is a clicker. It must be because that's the one that the three clicks is a four second fuse three. They clicks again, then disarms it. I forgotten the name of the British actor.

Who is the Russian in Goldeneye. The, ah, he's quite a geeky looking guy. Cummings. Yes. That you were referencing,

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That was just lucky timing.

Howie: So yeah, so that's the. Sort of the, the click that was the, the bad days of Pierce, even though golden eyes, not bad.

Sidey: but I watched a YouTube video of some guy doing what we do, but he was on YouTube and he was ranking all the ones He had Pittsburgh number two.

Reegs: All right.

Howie: Is he on medication?

Reegs: Have we any more bond stuff or

Sidey: one of the Daniel Craig ones think it might be maybe not quantum of solace might be the one after that he's with cue and he gives him a pen and he's looking at he goes, it doesn't blow up

or anything.

We don't do that sort of thing.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: like lampoons the whole,

like stupid as you have it all.

Howie: that's me. That's me for the,

Reegs: for the bonds or you spent as far as bonds. Have you got any more bonds because

Sidey: No, there are a few other pens, but they just do the same shit.

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: Let's move on.

Reegs: All right. Well we already know that I think it's Ricardo Monter bans.

Vincent lobe. Wig is guilty of attempted murder of officer Norberg in the naked gun. When this scene begins where Vincent greets, Lieutenant Drebin to which Drebin replies, the feeling is mutual, which is what I hate to drop into conversations every now and then just views people, offices of him, a cigar Cuban no I'm Dutch Irish. And then he talks about the many, many signs of his material, wealth art he's collected over the years, a Gainsborough Ming vases objects, which reflect his personality, like his pride of place, Japanese fighting fish, beautiful, graceful, elegant yet single-minded and deadly worth $20,000 per fish. Oh, and by the way, here's also an unbreakable samurai pan.

Its value is beyond estimation, so Dragon's playing with it while he's talking to him and he's questioning him. Now, he's looking at while he's looking out the window and then he just fucking. Breaks the unbreakable pen fires it into the fish

Sidey: it can only be damaged by water. He he says that. Yeah.

Reegs: So he goes over to fish it out and he's attacked by the fish.

And he's mugging away in the background while a Ricardo Montoya bans like monologuing out the window and he stamps one of the fighting fish with the samurai pen. And then at the end, he goes to leave. He goes to shake his hand and he's just like throws a whole load of water all over it. So yeah, an unforgettable pen.

I don't know if it's more unforgettable for the fish. If we do top five fish,

Sidey: Yeah. It could be that that scene was the one that inspired this

topic. That was the one I thought of. Yeah, I'm

going to go for more of a fighting pan. And he said, fish, then this is a fighting pen. If you cast your mind back, we reviewed this on the pod for a midweek or the Bourne identity and they go back to.


Parisian apartment and the two of them are wandering round. He's still lost his memory and he's still trying to piece together what's going on and they're walking around the apartment and the dude busts in Z's busting through the window.

was he already waiting for

Reegs: He starts born. Does that thing, like a cat where they saw, you know, when they look

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: and then they like, and then they look again and they can see shit and he walks towards the window and then the guy comes flying through the

Sidey: Yeah The first time you say it really makes you jump. And they have this really intense, really great fight scene. and sort of, familiar. this may be kicked off that thing of really kinetic kind of camera movement in fights where you kind of can't really see

Howie: bond

Sidey: yeah but this one this one's still pretty good, pretty clear.

And at one point.

he picks up,

I think it's, it's a fairly bog standard pen. I don't have a

Reegs: it's, it's your books down a bit by row

Sidey: and it jams it straight down. is not into his heart, not across his habit down

Reegs: in repeatedly

with at first and then yeah, in the knuckle, I

Sidey: the guy just he's like an automaton. it's almost like

you know, those eighties slasher, villains, it just looks up and obviously in pain, but just pulls it

out. and goes again.

It's fucking out is

really painful great. Penn

Howie: I will go with a quick one. And it's the running man, and it's the entertainment lawyer that gets Arnie to sign a waiver.

And he's trying to sign this piece of paper as he gets thrown in. And he basically can't quiet sign on a loose piece of paper. And the lawyer turns over, turns around, bends down and says, just put it on my back and sign here. And I think Arnie says a line that I'll forget, and he just fucking stabbed him in the back with the Barrow and the lawyer does the comedy and walks off with the pen and the things stuck to his

Reegs: Oh yeah. What does he

Sidey: I know that's really annoying.

Reegs: Ah

Howie: He's going to

Reegs: I must have that here somewhere.

Howie: consider it an agreement

Reegs: no. He just says don't, don't forget to send me a copy.

Sidey: PSE has already been in touch to nominate that.


Reegs: Yeah. Good shout pier. See it. It was literally the first one I thought of when you said it last week

and me in it or is it Dan?

Howie: had his

Reegs: Does anybody remember the faculty?

Howie: Yeah. With Josh

Reegs: Hartnett. Yeah. Robert Rodriguez is followup to from dusk till Dawn.

Howie: He's my age. I don't know how that happened.

Reegs: It was some of the light. It features some of the staples of the sort of post scream, nineties, 2000 horror

Howie: It's quite good.

Reegs: Yeah. Well,

Howie: watch for someone like me. Don't like ridiculous horrors. Like you

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, it's got some good stuff. Staples, casual homophobia Josh Hartnett with a terrible drugs called scat

Howie: mature teachers.

Weird. Yeah.

Reegs: a drug called scat there's Josh Hartnett with a terrible haircut wearing a short sleeve. T-shirt over a long sleeve t-shirt that

Howie: towards the fashion of the day.

Reegs: Yeah. He's an intelligent, but rebellious teenager.

Fucking. Now my heart is throbbing just saying it he's selling his home homemade drugs called scat.

Howie: I know, I know it's in tubes.

It's in like red. I remember this now.

Reegs: And it's got Harry Knowles from ain't it cool news. If you

Howie: yeah, the big fat.

Sidey: Jinja

guy Yeah.

Reegs: It's essentially the plot of invasion of the body snatchers, but set in a high school in Dawson's Creek, basically.

And there's these like alien Sephora Lloyd, like parasitic creatures, but it's got clear Duval Famke Yansen and Elijah wood in it.

Howie: And this is the teacher.

Reegs: And John Stewart's in it and Robert Patrick, anyway, there's billions of short things with pens in it. Well, two things actually which, but that's still quite a lot in one film.

She stabs the coach, stabs her hand through the, with the pen. And then later on John Stewart actually he chops off his fingers before shoving a pen full of the drug through the science teacher. He's been possessory his eye socket,

Sidey: Oh wow John Stewart. The late night. Yeah. Okay.

Reegs: yeah. So there's that one

it dissolves him into it, like this big sort of goopy pile of foam.

It feels like we should watch this

Sidey: Yeah it sounds great. I've got another fight then. It's well there's another one that we midweek. And it's one of my favorite movies.

It's gross point blank.


John Cusak who We're going to talk about later. because he's in our main feature this week, he is back in a gross point for his high school reunion and he's Tracked by a chap called Felix Lapu bell, Who's still my


character name in any movie ever. And at his high school reunion, he goes to visit his old locker and he's still.

got a joint that he had stashed away. And he's, He's looking at it reminiscing about all the good times. And feeling Slappy about comes around the corner and they had this fucking great fight and it was voted like the best fights.

Howie: Really good.

Sidey: In some in like total field magazine. It was very like some fucking accolade about how good a fight scene it was, but he's previously, he's met a guy.

He went to high school with who's now some bef like life insurance salesman or something like that. And he gives him a pen which he just puts in his pocket and has he's fighting this guy And he's got him pinned down. Kind of the guys, a lot on his haunches and he's got him pinned against the lockers and he takes out the pen, but he actually takes the lid off.

I love that. It just like flicks it off and then just fucking jams it into the guy's throat.


as many driver, who his, his date for the radiant comes around

And and all the time he has been telling everyone that he


a Hitman and all that. Oh Yeah.

you're great. And she's like, fuck

he actually,

is a fucking hit man.

It's a great scene

Howie: is a great film. I forgot. I saw it about two years ago and I still remember the bit wary when he first comes back to the neighborhood and his mates driving the car and they just he's had a little chat and he just goes quiet and then goes fucking years.

Where have you been, man?

Sidey: a real Dick though. That guy,



Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, no bed.

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: Amy

Reegs: Speaking of it,

Howie: asked me,

Sidey: So we

Howie: of fucking Novetta mumble, mumble. I'm going to have fulfill film was bizarrely. Easy to, well, no, it wasn't. It was just a weird film to watch. And I actually liked it to my shame. Have you seen the heat with Sandra Bullock and the other, the, the so bad, the other female comedian,

Reegs: Melissa McCarthy, is

Howie: Melissa McCarthy

Reegs: have I seen this? What happens in the heat? Tell

Howie: is a Bob. She's a Boston cop and Bullock is another cop who's hard-nosed and diligent. And Melissa McCarthy plays a cop. Who's totally fucking out there, but

Reegs: does she fall over a lot?


Howie: but there is a scene where Sandra Bullock is incredibly anal FBI style agent, and she studies stuff all the time and she's convinced she's the best, everything.

And they're in a diner and some guy starts choking on a pancake and she goes, I don't know exactly what to do. Give me a blade and a straw, we'll do an emergency tracheotomy and they give her a pen and she fucking goes and she's like, there's this horrible scene where she's like, I can feel the trickier, I'll slice it.

The blood's pouring out. They're like, oh my God, what are you doing? I didn't think there'd be this much blood, possibly the pen until that puts the pen in and more blood spurts all over them. And in the end, the, the paramedic guy rocks up and just goes, yeah, Pulled the pancake out of his throat. She goes, oh, well, he's alive, isn't he?

Yeah. But it's like, if I cut my arm, would you amputate it? You know, it's like, you've certainly OTT to see. Yeah. But you do see the emergency tracky optimi idea of the biros. Snapped enough. Fuck. That is horrible.

Reegs: I read today. It's it's not a good idea. The ad, that was the general conclusion of the article I read today. Not an, not an effective

Howie: you'd have to cut through skin tissue

Reegs: It was they,

Howie: pipe.

Reegs: that was the main thing that I'm in the research that they did only two out of 10 medical students were actually able to even puncture the part, even on a cadaver.

So like on a live person, it's just like, yeah, it's fucking not going to happen. So, yeah.

Howie: oh, well I'll take it off from my first aid list.

Reegs: Yes. Yeah. Oh, she threw a couple of alien Dallas tests, the the GU the acid here and then gives him his pen back, which is nice. I suppose, similar to yours, Howie and Anaconda. Anybody seen that one with Jon Voight, mega acting and the ice cube as the camera operator and J-Lo Rowan Wilson and the long head guy who got shot in Mulholland.

Vincent . Yeah, he does. John who's mega acting as a Paraguayan snake adventure thing.

Howie: Lots of boxes there.

Reegs: he has to do a tracheotomy on, is that what it's called a tracheotomy tracheostomy key. He has to do, but it's much less bloodless than what we talked about. It just like saves the guy's life. But he is also of course swallowed by a giant Anaconda in that, and then regurgitated at about a thousand miles an hour out in a great scene.

He's all melted.

Sidey: I don't think I

Reegs: Yeah, you absolutely should watch Anaconda.

Howie: wasn't there a gorilla one as well. There was a, there was a couple

Reegs: Congo. I

Howie: conga. Yeah. There was like a couple of them and

Sidey: I don't know whether to go straight back into John Cusack movie, or maybe do something else. Okay. I'm not going to do that. Simon. Phoenix.

Reegs: Oh, dammit. Oh, demolition

Sidey: His definition man. Right there is. he

needs to get a guy's eye for retinal

and he got he gouges out and completely takes out the guy's eye

with a pen

Reegs: got it on the end of the

Sidey: and he holds up like that.

I've used it to go through the

door. Yeah. It's a prison guard that he takes. He does that

Howie: The three shells.

Sidey: I watched that again, not so long ago. Certainly within the last year, And I really still really liked it. It's trash, but great.

Howie: I will go for the one that I thought we'd have pretty certain, I thought when you guys are go for it, it's the dark nights.

Are you going to allow a pencil?

Reegs: No. The shorty that's top five pencils or is there not enough pens

Sidey: So that was gonna be my, my, my contention was that, are we ever going to have a top five pencils?

Because it's such a great character introduction.

Howie: It's horrendous. Isn't it? If you think what the injury, if it was, if it was real, the injury would be horrific.

And apparently there was a couple of, have you read the backstory about it? So they did it a few. they did it without the pencil, obviously, but they obviously had to get him there to get Heath ledger, to slam that king pin crime. Lord's head against the


Reegs: a CGI pencil. Was it, is that what you're saying?

Howie: It's it's

Sidey: his face

Howie: just smashed.

So they did us, they show the pencil and then it's, it's just a clever bit of camera work where they take it away. And then they, yeah, they slammed his head so hard on the table that he did Sparco him and he thought it was like, oh my God, I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry. But he proper Sparco and that's why it looks even more violent than

Reegs: I would imagine the actor is probably more in control of that. Then Heath ledger was, do you know what I mean? But like, because he's probably just holding his hair and the guy is slamming his head down, I would think

Sidey: because

they suffered for his art?

Reegs: it's great scene because everybody remembers it.

But now it's out, man. It's a pencil. Fucking, this was top five pens. And how are you going to argue that a

Sidey: I know, I know I did have it on my list and I was bracing


Reegs: ma'am we've got to have rules for lawless. Then imagine what this

Sidey: Well it's out, but we're never going to have a pencil list. Are we,

Reegs: tonight, you see, you'll get another top five.

Maybe I'll try and do top five pencils next week.

Sidey: No, cause I know what next the next one is going to be hard.

Anyway. Do you want to do another one? How many, or do you want to wait for

Howie: oh, I've already got one more to go.

Sidey: Oh, we'll come back.


Reegs: Oh, I'm quite intrigued as to what next week's one. Oh

Well, John wick in the original one, there's like, there's all sorts of stories about him.

And one of them is that her guy associate, you saw John wick killed three men in a bar with a pencil is a pencil. Actually this is, this has pencils as well.

Howie: HIPAA crime.

Reegs: No, it's out, man. So it's, we'll have pencils. We'll do top five pencils.

Sidey: reload.

Reegs: that shit little well, Indiana Jones and the last crusade, right? And there's got to be a bit of nerd talk around this pen. I'm sure. Because it's such an iconic scene. It's part of the terrific tank scene indie shoots three goons for the single.

The next confused. I say the scene starts and then he's being choked with, by a chain. And then he's asking for his father's help and he's inside the tank and they're already at gunpoint, I think. And the Periscope goes up, he's looking around indie sort of comically kicks the Periscope thing round and it clocks the guy in the face.

And then, yeah, so it's just Connery now, wrestling for control with the other German. And he gets the, it's weird. This, he gets his pen out of his pocket while they're wrestling with each other and he just squirts him in the face. So what was the deal with the, had we seen some, did it have

Sidey: No, it seems a bit sort of,

out of the blue

Reegs: cause he just collapses and it's like, and then Marcus goes, oh, well don't you see the pen is mightier than the sword and you go,

Sidey: is it Yeah. It's one of those old school ones that you would have

had you would had an ink pot.

Yeah. So It's not

like a, it's not like

what they called? Cartridges.

Howie: it's a Schaefer cartridge.

That's what they're called Schaffer.

Reegs: blonde ones of those as

Sidey: Nice.

Did you used to do the thing with the couches? With the little glass ball? you take them out and put them in the next one? and then you'd have them all rattling around in your

Howie: No, I, I remember, I remember pacing it and bending it slightly and fucking it up.

So the ink would go out of my hand. And then you had that bit at the top, that was like your reserve bit of the cartridge, which if you flicked gave you,

Reegs: it. Yeah,

Howie: gave you a bit more ink.

Reegs: Oh, that pen by the way, sorry,

Sidey: have you got the name of the

Reegs: Yes. It was a Conway stew at 58 I'm assured that by the good people that are found in Penn network.

Sidey: Nice. Because I didn't have the data on that. So that's, I'm

I'm, I'm loving that.

I'm going to pay. As soon as I'm going to go trim peaks. I've got to go cause you know how much I love


I'm in season two, they are trying to get hold of Laura Palmer's diary.

And it turns out that a guy who was on her meals on wheels she would go and visit this guy and confide to him all his secrets. And she actually gave him a secret diary that they are all desperate to get hold of and find some clues So. Donna played by Laura Flynn Boyle. She volunteers to take on this route and goes to see this guy.

And he surprised the price is quite weird.

He is that he's called Harold and he's agoraphobic incredibly so a complete Harmer and he tends to his orchids in his place and whatever.

and he does eventually reveal that he has this diarrhea and he lets Donna have a look at it and it's obviously key to the plot.

And so she needs to get hold of it. He does write some stuff down and he has a very nice pen. It's a Pelican fountain pen.

We can't

quite ascertain Exactly which type, but it's either the M 600 or the 800.

Reegs: Okay. I don't even know the brand Pelican. Is that a good make of Penn? Is it

Sidey: it must be.

Yeah, I think so. And also David Lynch does a lot of stuff.

Has a lot of sort of bird imagery, so


sort of then go what is the Pelican thing like you know, you just go to the nth degree with these things. But what happens though, is that Donna eventually steals the book and how would. Beside himself for that and fucking kills himself. So Yeah. they, They come back and you can just see the classic, he's hanging himself. and you just see a sort of feet swaying or because Donald's fucking like hoodwinked him and Nick like completely betrayed his trust yes.

Reegs: for a pen.

Sidey: Yeah. Well it was more of the diary.

but the pen

Reegs: Penn, Penn feature, right? You can't write in a diary without a pen.

Sidey: Exactly. Yeah. So about time he got some trim peaks content

Howie: So my last choice is rock and roller and it features the actor, Tony who plays this, like washed up pop star with too much money, trust a Farian type.

Who's got real fucking attitude problem. And there's a scene where a bouncer goes to throw them out and he gets really rolled up by it and he goes, I'd like to make a complaint please. And he just pulls a pen out of his pocket and repeatedly stabbed this bouncer in front of lots of people, like so many times.

And it's all in the throat, it's all in the side and it is horrific. And it's a really weird part of a film that is essentially a comedy. It doesn't stop even though I enjoy it. It doesn't stand up very well because there's some, there's, there's a lot of humor in it. That is quite laddish

Sidey: isn't it?

Howie: it. I think it's guy Richie it's it's, it's his, his sort of thing.

Tom Hardy's and it with Gerald Butler,

Reegs: I don't like it very much, but

Howie: I can see at the time I think I liked it. And then when I watch it again, it's quite tired. And cliche and Tom Hardy is a bit crap in it and plays a character. Who's supposedly a secret homosexual who lusts after Gerard Butler and they use this whole, they use his whole sexuality in the plot to get the means that they require

Reegs: It's done with all the subtlety that you'd have expected guy

Howie: it, I think interests.

Is it your cell burn it? Yeah. I'm trying to remember. It's it's it is, it is a generic guy, Richie, and I think at the time I liked it, but now I'm looking back now talking about it because it's been so long since I've seen it. It's probably quite flaky, but it's just horrible. The stabbing scene with the

Reegs: It's always stampings. Isn't it? I mean, casino is, there's a, there's a stabbing Batman. The, the does it with a quail is it's kind of penny, isn't it?

You know, the evil dead. She stabbed him in the ankle. I'll go for something that's not stabbing. It's, it's not all that much more lighthearted. It's in leaving Las Vegas where Nick cage, he's an alcoholic screenwriter. Who's come to the city of Vegas to drink himself to death. Having lost everything already.

It's not comedy. Exactly. But it's probably not as on the nose melodramatic as all that sounds, you know, the, the premise of a guy having a drink in the sea of sins. Anyway, at the beginning, he's not drunk and he can't sign a document that he has to sign. I think it's a car rental thing. So he goes to a pub and has a few beers and he goes back and it's like, you know, he's confident and he can sign his pen.

So using a pen to sign. Thank you that it's quite a poignant moment, but not exactly. Cheery has probably sucked all the life out of this room anyway, isn't it? You know, but other than that, it's like people getting, yeah, I think that's people getting stabbed white house down, you know, you seen that one. Channing Tatum,

Jamie Foxx stamps, James Wood woods in the shoulder with a pen towards the end, but yeah. Oh one that's non stabby is Wolf of wall

Sidey: street.

Sell me this pen.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Which he does too. his name, Brad, And then he does it at the end when he's doing his seminars.

Some of this pen.

Reegs: Yeah. That's nonstop.

It, you got any more non-stat bees or is it

Sidey: I've got a kind of non-starchy one. yeah. Sherlock, the BBC adaptation with Bennett coming back there's the first one, the first episode of the first series, is called the great game. And he has to solve a load of different rentals. And the first clue is on a handwritten note with a name on it.

And from the writing on the page, he's able to deduce that the writers, female, the papers from the Czech Republic and the pen that was used was a Parker duo

Reegs: fold

Sidey: with

an, a radium nib

Reegs: radium.

Sidey: Yeah. interestingly that's very expensive. And so even nibs that are stamped with, so Iridium, Iridium, or

Iridium I think.

Reegs: Run the radium.

Sidey: Yeah, Even when they're stamped with that, they're often made of an alloy.

and sometimes even just stainless steel. So that just sounds like flagrant fucking misrepresentation.

Yeah. So that's not stabby. Another one that's not stabbed is liar liar where Jim Carey promises that they he'll never lie again. And he tests that theory by saying that this.

pattern is red, he, he, you know, he's one of the real great

Reegs: physical

Sidey: comedy of him trying to write that it's an email eventually emerges from behind a table

He's got it written all over his face, blue. blue, blue. Cause he can't, he just cannot do it.

Reegs: That's good pen content. Yeah.

Sidey: And do I have a thing My last one then my last one that I'll nominate say is another junkies. That one, it say anything from way back in 1999. you've seen that you probably remember the picture of him holding the stereo

Reegs: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: he tells the girl that I can't remember the name of it played by Ione Skye that he loves her and she says, thanks. It gives him a pen. And then he said, did not crying a glass case of emotion. He's in



call box, phoning his friends saying I gave him my heart and she gave me a pen I it was really great movie that So let's if we can, whittle that down to.

a top


Reegs: the top three, do you think, we'll just think there are enough Penn enthusiastic out there to

Sidey: Yeah There is we've already pierced has already put one in there for us,

Reegs: Oh yeah, that's true. Okay.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Oh yeah. Well, we should put that in and he's put it in that he's gone early. He's

Sidey: yeah So yeah

Reegs: that fucking

Sidey: That's true. Yeah. Pierce is running man. Nominations, ends. Harry, what are you going to put in?

Did we talk about that.

Howie: You see

Reegs: Your tone,

Howie: your dark nights not counted

Sidey: I know.

Howie: So I will go for never say never again with Fatima blush, mainly because it is so appallingly terrible, and it does actually detonate and explode an entire human being that he's five yards away and gets no form of injury from

Sidey: viscera on him.

Reegs: Well, even though I fail in some way, this is endorsing violence.

I'm going to have to go for the faculty, just for the Penn stabbing, John Stewart, eyeballs, socket dissolving into goop thing.

Sidey: because I'm going violent as well. I'm going gross point blank.

Reegs: right. And John Key sec as well. So

Sidey: yeah, he's a hero.

Yeah. So there we go. That's a strong list and we need one more from our


So Penn enthusiasts. Please do remember that PA pencils are forbidden.

Howie: I've got another pencil. Now that he's mentioned it. I've got another

Reegs: well let's do, we're going to have to do top five pencils. Now. It's definitely going to have to happen.

Sidey: Ranks Do you let the cat out of the bag That you're a big Paul Danno fan? Dana, Dana


Reegs: de node Dano.

Oh, can we agree on one then? What is it

Sidey: I say Danno

Reegs: is Paul Dano.

Sidey: and by chance last week I nominated love and mercy. in which Paul Danno plays a young version Brian Wilson.

Howie: Cause that's that's it. That's the beach

Sidey: this is a movie In which we have two actors playing Brian Wilson, John Q sack playing Brad worsen in the 1980s, and Paul Danno in the 1960s, primarily around the time of the recording of the pet

Howie: Also John Cusak is playing Nicholas cage as well. The way he looks,

Reegs: yes. The pet sounds album and the prolonged bout of mental illness and depression, the, you know, the, these periods, book-ended that period of depression and you watch him fall into it and then come back out of it.

The other side yeah, with a few last years in

Howie: Wow.

It's amazing. I never knew this story. I did not know this

Reegs: No, I didn't know, like, this is an amazing story.

Sidey: the film is presented. in the cart where you jumped between the two different time periods. But I think for the purposes of our discussion, we'll talk about 1960s era.


And then go on to

Reegs: Yeah, we said that might be the way to talk about it

Sidey: otherwise we're going

Reegs: the movie coats backwards and forwards, but essentially it's those periods in and out of around the recording of pet sounds and in and out of this battle with mental illness,

Sidey: shall we,

shall we just for the purposes of this discussion, then, are you into the beach boys at all?

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: And What'd you say you're a big fan?

Reegs: Well, I wouldn't have said I was a big fan before this, but I think, you know, this watching this movie has caused me to reappraise. I think their sound and what was going on and stuff. So I will listen a bit more. I've really enjoyed reading. I have lists, I did listen to pet sounds you know, a university interview, but I haven't picked it up in years.

Howie: I would not bother with it and listen to go and go straight to, this is utter heathen. Listen to the essential beach boys. The apple have compiled for you because. The pet sounds album has three good songs and the rest fucking gash. I wholeheartedly agree with the horrible father. This is not the beach boys sound. I was like, fuck it out. This man talks sense. I would hardly recommend the heathen, which artists hate apple iTunes, collated collated collection of beach boys songs, where you get where the film starts, which is all the cool surfer music or the good time stuff. And then they mix it with three decent tracks in pets.

And then it goes onto the eighties shit,

Reegs: I'll be honest at my, my reaction is the total inverse, which is, I thought they were a sort of forgettable beachy chorusy thing.

And then what I hadn't realized is in the middle of it was this incredible work of our,

Sidey: So.

they weren't, didn't even need to discuss this cause it's not really relevant to film, but they weren't, they weren't surfers. So Dennis Wilson was the only one who ever served? I don't think he was in the water a couple of times. So that was all


an act I wrote, you know, effectively

Manufactured image that they had.

Howie: Oh, that's where the foam starts and they're successful

Sidey: There's a montage Yeah.

There's great. Montage. of some of their

Reegs: surfing USA

Howie: brown round reach around, I reach around that's exactly

Sidey: And they

were touring bands. So they, there it's just hit after hit a very, very similar songs, same sort of tempo, same lyrical content, same thing

And it's successful.

They set their shift a lot of units

They are

Reegs: father

Sidey: under pressure. Certainly he Brian Wilson as the main songwriter was under pressure by his father to just don't change the formula. just keep churning out the hits.

That's all we were looking for. But he's not in not interested in so

Howie: he's quite a reserved character. He says from the start, I just want to spend time in the studio and you guys can be

Sidey: the first, The first major event that we have is they're on the they're on a flight. to do a tour.

And he has an enormous panic attack, basically a breakdown.

seems like he was close to having a full on heart attack. It was really, really

out of control. But the pillow in his face. He's like, that's it, I, you know, I'm not touring anymore. I don't, I hate it. I don't want to do it. It's not what I'm about and he wants just spend time in the studio. What becomes clear is incredible arrangements sounds and songs and all this stuff going on in his head which when you Juxtapose that against this sort of silly throwaway songs that they were doing completely at odds with that. And I see a lot of parallels with the history. If You look at the Beatles of how they stopped touring, they didn't want to do


either. They were fed up with that sort of nonsense and they wanted to do a lot more experimentation in the studio.

See what else they could do how they could push that. Art forward and do something and

Reegs: they, I mean, they send the rest of the band off. Don't need to, to, to, to Japan, to tour. And he stays behind developing his ideas in the studio.

Howie: Which I thought worked really well where it was him in a studio with the session musicians, which made me

Reegs: the session musicians,


wrecking crew. Yeah. There are legendary, you know, they were part of Phil Spector's wall of sound.

Sidey: He was a well adjusted normal


Reegs: Completely normal person,

Howie: speaking normal people, do we assume that he has some form of he's on the spectrum for something originally? I know there is deeper mental situations

Sidey: is probably well he's certainly, you know, he's a genius,

and and people with that level of genius, you know, sometimes have difficulties in other areas.

But I think a lot of his difficulties he was physically mentally abused by his father.

Howie: He's deaf his knee and partially deaf in his right

Sidey: partially deaf he's

Reegs: Not partially deaf. He was 96% deaf in one area is spin. It's like

Sidey: his dad just whacking him around the heads.

And there's a few scenes where his father just completely belittles him and humiliates him about his and he, you see him writing just at the piano, writing Christ. I forget which song it was just writing It fucking unbelievable. And it just wants, it just wants his father's approval. That is a good song that he's got some got a

won't fucking give it.

to him. and then he actually flat out just says, no, I don't like it. It's not a fucking any good anyway.

And he says, well, you know, screw you, you're going to fucking do it. And he fight, you know, you'd get us that


to Fuck you. do it anyway.

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: but yeah, just that's a, quite heartbreaking scene cause he


wants his old man to just say, yeah, you've done something good.

You know, it's

Reegs: desperate for his approval. And

Sidey: even

though it's a fucking horrible piece of shit.

Howie: Awful human being. Yeah, really awful.

Reegs: But he does get into the studio and you do get many, many wonderful shots of that.

Feel very authentic. If it reminded me a bit of, when we watched Pollock watching ed Harris paint and him being authentic and watching Paul Danoe in the studio is Brian Wilson. Because he, like you said before, he has got every beat and every sound, exact sound precise sound in his head that he needs to get across and every, and he might be doing unusual things in different keys and different times.

Sidey: One of the it's the lady, and I've meant to look up her name because she was, apparently was like just renowned for being one of the best bass players in the world. And she says, well,

it doesn't make any sense We're playing two different

things And he's like no just wait till you hear it. Wait to hear it. And then you kind of see them all look around as they're playing this arrangement going, fuck, it's just


Reegs: yeah So the racking, yeah. The wrecking crew, which are this legendary band, and they're all agreed that they're bonafide brilliant musicians and that is demonstrated. And then they know they're working with somebody, who's doing something and the band come back and Mike,

Sidey: Mike laugh, he's

a fucking asshole

Reegs: and he doesn't like it.

He's played. God only knows. And wouldn't it be nice, which are two unbelievable pop tunes anyway, really with great, you know, maybe slightly different to their sound. Definitely slightly different to their sound, but it's still poppy, but he doesn't like

Sidey: he's just like this won't sell. It's going to be

a fucking flop.

It just wants to sing about girls and surfing and cars. That's all he's interested. in. And

Reegs: doesn't like the lyrical content.

Sidey: He's basically like the father proxy in the band He's a fucking asshole. And there's all sorts of legal shenanigans later on. And he still tours as the beach boys


of think You're a fucking


Reegs: And Brian is doing a lot of drugs.

Sidey: Yeah. First of all, they just smoking weed and then someone gives them some LSD.

Reegs: Yeah. It's probably not.

Sidey: ill-advised that's

Howie: from a, from an acting point of view. Is Paul Dano, is he doing a rocket man? He's singing the songs or is he is a Bohemian Rhapsody where he's mouthing it.

Reegs: he's singing, it's brilliant the way they do it, he's singing a lot of it.

And then they blend his vocals into Brian Wilson's and it's, you know, it's

Howie: that was impressive if that's the

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: learned to play the piano as well.


the scenes that he'd learned, just those bits, I mean,

that's still impressive. So this, this is a lot of him in the studio making it, and the band's reaction, his brothers are more supportive, but they, they just

Reegs: kind of Intuit for partying

Sidey: well they I think they know

Reegs: they're onto like, you know, they can sing, but Brian's the guy who writes the songs.

They have fun and tour.

Sidey: Yeah. But they know that he's good. They clearly know that he's the shining star and you know, they should stick with them And he writes songs specifically. So God only knows he writes for Carl to sing. And it's Mike glove and Al Jody, and just barely, he's barely in the


you just, he was just a friend of as it was in the band, you know, an important part. of it. But

You don't get any interaction. You don't know quite how he feels about it. He just kind of is

passive but my club is is vocally really anti this new direction that they're taking. He just wants the same old formula shot. That's a lot of what this part of the movie is. that is a documentary on Amazon prime about the making of this album.

they must have documented a lot of the process because a lot of the film stuff in the dramatization of this looks a lot like the actual real stuff that went on So they must have taken a lot of cues from watching that

absolutely recommend that you see that it's fucking brilliant,

like the whole, the making of it. He He's never barely got over pet sounds. Apparently he's got it. He's got a huge, like mixing desk. and is managing a Weber. he loves. and he just like tinkers around with different mixes of it all the time.

I was


Reegs: like, they, when it was like this big burst of creativity. Yeah. It's incredible. And in, in between that as well, because you know, he's writing songs, but he does actually manage to manufacture a really unbelievable smash hit in good vibrations.

And we see him piecing together that track obsessing yeah.

Howie: then on the cellos, isn't it?

Reegs: Obsessing over the cello sound. Yeah, absolutely. But it is a huge hit, but he's his father. He sort of reluctantly. You know, pleased with them.

Howie: Well, he's, isn't this where his father walks in and reveals, he's just sold all their songs. Is that, is that then, or is that later on

Sidey: there's

this towards the

end of

Reegs: it's towards the end of his story. Yeah. I mean, it says he has his brightness, his drugs you know, he's written this out. Well, they released pet sounds, but it's, it's the critics like it, but it doesn't really sell

Howie: good vibrations

Reegs: vibration sells, but pet sounds doesn't really.

And so you know, it's, it sends, I kept want to keep saying Paul Danoe sends Brian Wilson into, cause this is a real person's life that we're talking about, sends him into, you know, a big depressive spiral. There's an a sort of haunting episode where it's things have got out of control where they're having dinner

Howie: I thought that was so well done that part with the noise. Wow.

Reegs: And he's just listening to the clinks on the

Sidey: Yes It's like a spaced, but more is the serious version of

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: Everything's just getting too much, and he does lose it and scream at them to shut up, stop doing it.

losing control, I

Reegs: Yeah. And he's sleeping more and doing more drugs and it's no good for him. And then, you know, Brian's father does come home and tells him one day, oh, you know, we've sold the rights to everything.

Sidey: Well, he also plays some music from just a beach boys clone doing the oldest stuff and it does sound exactly like


And it did have that name written down, but let's not give them. And yeah, just, just to final sort of fuck you. You're disappointment. I've sold all the music art, keeping the money. Fuck he basically. He says you can't do that. And he says, yeah, I can't, I've done it. of shit

Reegs: sinks into, you know what I mean? It's famously he didn't get out of bed.

Howie: three years.

Sidey: He fucking put on a lot of weight. He's just in a real bad way.

Reegs: Yeah. And Paul Dano is put on a lot of weight for this role. It's uncanny his resemblance to a a young

Sidey: Wilson

Reegs: and his performance is terrific throughout this part of the stories.

You know, he's kind of this naive guy just trying to navigate all this stuff desperate for his father's approval and desperate to get this, this stuff out of him.

Sidey: he's also, there is just a determinate determined streak in him to say, no, I'm not going to cave and just write that music anymore. He, there was some chat that and they do talk about the Beatles film. He mentioned his rubber soul. And he says, he's like that moving on.

I want to move on to you know, and they were a big inspiration term and there's some chat that God only knows is about Paul and, and uh John McCartney. And he said if they weren't doing the stuff that they were doing. He had in them to do the records that he wanted to

Reegs: make

Sidey: which is quite a nice touch.

Reegs: I think one of the things I like about it is that quite often, like creative genius is shown as being a by-product of mental illness. And in this it's the, it's the opposite. It's like the creativity is almost in spite of his mental illness that he's able, you know, this, he gets it out because, you know, he does really crumble his life falls apart. And we do pick the story up several years later, really, after he's gone to bed with John Cusak, picking up the reins in the 1980s.

Howie: What'd you think they did that with John Cusack and not did Paul Dano, is it a clear delineate delineation of

Reegs: I guess it's something to do about how he's changed and how Cusak portrays him. Because I don't think he looks especially like him.

Sidey: no, he doesn't, he doesn't have that, parents, but it didn't bother me. at all in the film. only now thinking back, I'm like, well, yeah, the parents is like, Paul down is bang on Right. He's drunk. He's not but

about that I've

Reegs: him in quite you know, he's paying him in a noticeably actory way, I think.

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: And so there must have been something about his mannerisms or something that reminded them of the real Brian Wilson.

Sidey: Yeah, they, the first scene we have of them is in a car dealership Cadillacs.

Gets into a car and has a conversation with a lady sales about it, just wants this car. but they they closed the door and just having a conversation and he's kind of really reserved, quite

I wanna say introverted, but I don't know if that's the right word,

Reegs: he's obviously very vulnerable, straight away.

Sidey: meek. But he's still, he's centered. I want this car, like this particular one that we're in now is the she's like, okay.

Reegs: Also because it's obvious that there were other

Sidey: and she says a big guy walking around, It's like the guy's looking at he's like, oh, that's my body guard.

And she's like, oh and then they come over and say to him, like, you know, come with us it's, been strange. he's, borrowed her pen and he's written something on a business card, which he hands to

Top five business cards.

Reegs: pen and business cards. Yeah. That's good. Israel.

Sidey: She doesn't look at it immediately and he's sort of taken away like

Reegs: That's what he seems like. Yeah. He's kind of, bustled out of there.

Yeah. But I want this guard, this particular

Sidey: Yeah.

And, and when they've gone, she looks at business card. And, And what were the three words? he

Reegs: lonely, scared, frightened,

Sidey: Yeah. Which is quite something to write on a card and give to

Reegs: I

Sidey: very telling about his, state of mind.


we get to learn about the, sort of entourage that he has around more through,

Reegs: well, they go on a date,

Sidey: her interaction. And She gets to meet them and she can see clearly that strange setup and it's not right. And

Paul Giamatti is playing the one of the most hateable fucking I've ever seen on screen.

I wanted to fucking reach it. and murder this can't. He was

Howie: Oh, it's

Sidey: terrific He

Howie: Give me an Arnold Palmer.

Sidey: He, this character and you have to remember, this is fucking real.

Howie: And apparently the filmed film made him nicer than he actually was.

Sidey: Yeah.

I mean, Some people say it was, yeah.

I was always shy to the

Reegs: He, he's not around, I guess, to give his side of the story. Is that being charitable?

Sidey: I dunno. Yeah. Maybe, but, but, but what we saw on the screen and what the story is telling us we can only comment about that. He, he basically knows that Brian Wilson is a cash cow for him. So he's got he's got, he's got Brian Wilson to move out of his big GAF

And he is. Moved into that and it's making Brian worth sustain. although it's not

too shabby,

Reegs: not too shabby the

Sidey: it's still a beach front thing but it's still, you know, he's, he's completely manipulated.

Howie: Britney Spears, dad,

Sidey: basically, and it, and he, and it turns out that he's over-medicating him

to keeping him

and yeah,

I don't where we want where we want

to pick it up where that salad get him. Yeah. but he there's a scene where,


first of all, they go on a few dates and there's some nice sort of romance and you're kind of hoping that

Something good's going to come out of it. And it does

later on down the line.

But first of all, there's a really nice scene where they're on the


and it's it's It's the son of Massey. Yeah. Who's an, And he just says, well, let's jump off. Let's jump off. And we'll just swim up, you oh, can we do that? And they do it and it's really nice. And they had

this same they obviously they make sweet love.

to each other and that they're sitting there and then hit in the morning.

He's then

Has this sort of paranoia, of like she's got to


Reegs: Yeah. Well he goes full ghost story. Doesn't he wraps himself in the DV and he's like, you got to get the fuck

Sidey: you've got to go. Now, like if he finds out, you've got, you've got to go. And say, he's always terrified of like what this guy is the hole that he

has on It was really awful

Reegs: Doesn't see him for a while and then she goes up

Sidey: well she she phones around the family.

It doesn't, she, she phones around some people and just to check in on him and just to say, is this guy right?

You Know she's obviously concerned about what's going


Reegs: Yeah. And that's when she turns up at the house. Yeah. With the matzoh ball soup. Exactly.

Howie: What is that?

Sidey: It's like a broth with big dumplings.

Is that right?

Reegs: yeah,

yeah It is nice. Yeah. My grandma used to make. I felt sad actually, because I felt I remembered it like, oh, I'll never have my grandma's

Sidey: but he wasn't allowed to in the film either because it unhealthy for him.

Reegs: Yeah. It does say it was sodium. Does the, yeah, he's drugged up to the eyeballs because she's the housekeeper, who's an illegal immigrant or however you're supposed to say that.

I do know

Sidey: that undocumented

Howie: undocumented undocumented migrant

Reegs: you go. Let's do that. And undocumented migrant she's frightened, but she's been confiscating pills. She's got an enormous glass jar, just full of stuff. And he's fucked out of his mind anyways, as she sees. And then Giamatti, who's sporting this ridiculous

Sidey: It's one of the worst I don't know.

if in real life He had a bad wig

or was just a bad way in the movie, but

it's, it is fucking incredible

Reegs: and physically, he S he strongly reminiscent of Wilson's father. You know, cause he's a dumpy.

Howie: And he's shouting. It will also just fucking get this, get this project started. He's obviously got one to go. Cause because reading into this, he'd got himself signed into the credits of that album and that's why he wanted it

Reegs: Yeah. Well he, yeah. He's yeah, yeah, yeah. There is that scene with the Arnold Palmer. What is an Arnold Palmer know?

Sidey: a cocktail of some

variety it's mentioned

in the other guys when will foul and Mike Wilbur go to his ex Arney pardon me if I still don't know, I still don't know what, what is in it?

But anyway, yeah, he takes a sip of it and then just like, borates the housekeeper in front of

the name about


You know, he's just a fucking

piece of shit


then there's another scene where he fucking just berates Brian. well in front of everyone. And it's so humiliating

Howie: horrible It's

Sidey: just, just the fucking worst.

And so I didn't know that they fully explain it in the, in the movie.

but it's.

She gets in touch car No, it's Carl Wilson,

Reegs: The brother

Sidey: the, it's the brother who helps them, who is Carl's lawyers that get involved. And it's, for some reason it has to be a family to unravel it. And it's it.

Was the well he's got

Howie: Yeah, it works itself to the world. Grab a crudely and they'd found lucky the evidence of housekeeper had done a hell of a good job in finding Arnold Palmer is a non alcoholic beverage that combines ice tea and lemonade.

Sidey: Okay.

I'll never have one of those. So

Reegs: and we'll get, it gets that's basically, it just ends up getting him. I mean, that's kind of how the movie

Howie: Well, she's separate, she's leaving him alone. So her intentions are pretty honorable in that she, she said I'm leaving him alone. But I'm going to make sure that he is in a better place than when I've left him.

Sidey: So it says I'm no better than them because I just want him for my own benefit.

And you're like, fucking, hell, you've been to one like

hearted person in life?

So she, she, yeah, you're right. She does. She tries to just support him from afar to make sure he's okay, but just leave him alone. But fortunately, they do,

Howie: well He goes to the car dealership to confront her and he, she serves him with the legal papers and it fucking, his world does crashes in and you see a really nasty side of his character,

Reegs: That's a great moment actually, where he's like pounding on the glass, he's being really, really aggressive.

And sh he knows she's in there. It's quite an aggressive thing to do to, especially to a woman. Are you allowed to say that? I think that's okay. So and then she opens the door and just stands there and looks at him and,

Sidey: and you'd be like, he's a coward Cause he can't do it.

face to It will only do it through the door, with the blinds up And as soon as he's like, you know, like any whatever.

When they confronted, he's like

he freezes,

Howie: he he was rinsing,

Reegs: powerless,

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: he was rinsing Brian Wilson for about 480 grand a year. And living rent free food, free everything. Very, so he, he took a huge amount of money and the court settlement, it reveals at the end, obviously part of the settlement, I'm interested to know what actually happens, how which party was found to be found, what and where, but the part of it was that he could no longer contact.

Brian will.

Sidey: Yeah. was a restraining order. I think that it's, wasn't there Australia or that we might love and Brian Wilson as


Yeah. And he's obviously He said his medical license


Thank Fuck. And Brian Wilson was re-evaluated and put on some appropriate medication

significant improvement as they say that in the film, but you've seen of him, but

Howie: you see him Glastonbury

Sidey: it's it's, weird because he, you know, his mind is, is, it's obviously a little bit all over the place, but if you plunk him down in front of a piano and it all comes back, that solar. right.

But normal con it's difficult for him. I think. I know some people that went to see him money towards

it? was there, it was around the time of Gusto basis. I don't know. Maybe more

instead of unbelievable, And, you know, they've got like the best musicians like the rec and creatives, like Torah with them. And it was just amazing, but it's also sad because you know, the guys the abuse way too many But it was a, I don't know, I think the artwork I saw for the, for the movie, just had like a smiling pull down on the front end. I wasn't sort of strapped in, even though I knew, I knew that his father was abusive.

I knew nothing about the 1980s chapter, of at all,

Like It didn't, I didn't see that coming. And so this was


it does have a happy ending in the, and they tell you in the, in the, the text ending bit, that they, they did get together and they


five kids,

together And the, his ex, his ex wife was still involved There was all like that side of it. because it had become a real positive and a real happy chapter of his life.

But a lot of it was just so grim.

Reegs: Yeah, I liked it though.

Sidey: Oh, I really liked it. Yeah.

really Like

Reegs: it was, it was sad. And touching I, there was, it was light on really understanding why she and him got together. Like what her love interest in him was beyond, I suppose, compassion, but that's probably enough, yeah, it was what an incredible story.

Howie: I, I really enjoyed it. Barts. I, I enjoyed more. Rocket man and Bohemian Rhapsody, if you're going to look at biopics. And I think it was probably because it's going to link to the music more than the other two.

It, despite the fact liking the beach boys this felt very, I would have liked to have seen how the beach boys started, I think, but that would have probably th this film scenes.

Reegs: this story

Howie: This story was the focus of his mental health and how people had interrupted his life.

Sidey: I think I think his father was a frustrated musician not forced, but got the kids into music.

And then when realized those are accessible. vicariously through

Howie: there are some very strong parallels to Michael Jackson through

Sidey: this,

I was thinking that

Howie: the unlicensed doctor that was just prescribing what the hell he wanted, which alleged he killed Jackson, the abusive father

Sidey: chimpanzees,

Howie: the merry-go-round recalls weekly visits.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. It was very moving. Sometimes they send it it's sort of sensitive portrayal, especially I think by Paul Dano,

Sidey: he was excellent

Reegs: he was free.

It even continues my trend of thinking he's brilliant and everything I've seen him in. Is he going to be shit in the Batman? I don't know.

Okay. All right

Howie: The Batman,

Sidey: Can you read

Reegs: The red layer, all the scenes of the music, making a very compelling and authentic. And if you didn't know it, it's really fantastic storing. It it's absorbing it.

It might just cause you to completely reappraise the beach, the beach boys like it did in my case.

Howie: Do you think it was in danger of being too Hollywood happy ending in that? Not all sides of the story potentially covered, because I don't know what the other sides of the story are.

Reegs: Probably

Howie: I would have felt slightly potentially the other members, like we alluded to the other members of the band might feel like they're nobody's

Sidey: well, there is loads of other interesting stuff, but you know, this is the story of him and th this, this period of his life. I mean, Dennis Wilson, he was writing music with, Charles Manson, Yeah. So fucking mad It's bonkers so beach boys.

Like if you think of them as the Addy stuff there's loads more interesting shit going on are they

in my room towards the end of this movie. where that was an earlier hair, that was not a hair, but that was an early attract that he'd written. and The lyrics that just fucking spell it all


you know, all this shit was going on.

And you know, is there much more interesting band than those fucking fairway stupid songs would have you believe.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Money-wise this was thrown together for a mere $10 million, you think it won or lost at the box

Howie: a little bit of a win?

Sidey: It made nearly 29 million. so that's, That's good. This for me is a strong recommend and I would also say as a companion piece, seek out the making pet sounds documentary on, I saw it on prime. It's fucking

Reegs: I'm

Howie: 20 hour Beatles flashbacks that I just, I still need to sort of come down from every so often fucking hearing that same song that they rehearsed

Sidey: No you're all right with This one, is a, it's like an hour

20 And it's sort of, it does feel a lot like this in that your hair, just the same intro and I'm going to do it again do it again. You know, cause he's obsessive like almost like a Stanley Kubrick filmmaking way, we need a million takes of it until we get it. Perfect.

yeah, well worth watching

this children's entertainment was something that myself and the family farm binge watched during my COVID isolation episode it's called making

And it's about, So it's not a story-based

Howie: it's the repair shop for kids basically, which is not a

Reegs: bit like it's in the vein of scrap heap challenge. I would have said a little

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. I get that

Yeah it's a fellow called Jimmy

and he was like a toy designer in a former life and he's done all sorts of other stuff, but he now


a big farm kind of thing going on in the countryside where he has this enormous workshop,

Howie: all the countable

Reegs: you catch, what toys he designed.

Have you seen that?

Yeah, the gurgling guts thing, which he prototyped by using a condom and I think a ping pong ball and some tomato sauce or something.

Sidey: Yeah, so the, the story. Story each episode begins with him saying this this tale of how he hated never going to see. He didn't want to So he moved back out to the countryside and he's got his

Reegs: well,

he, he says, I didn't like to see, I didn't like making toys and I don't really like kids.

Sidey: It says I don't hate

kids, but, you know?

Howie: He's a proper Grinch.

Sidey: So I assumed that he doesn't have any kids of his own.

Reegs: I don't think he does.

Sidey: So him and his crew they just assemble stuff.

for kids and in this,



Reegs: you to just gloss over the crew.

Cause there there's some of the hairiest

Sidey: man

Howie: mandatory mandatory beds.

Reegs: Yeah. Well there's Jack man. The

Sidey: he's the really boring one. He, but he's the

engineer. So he does all the mathematics all the calculations and stuff and they

Howie: and then we've got the one who's on ketamine Canadian.

Reegs: Yeah, well, he's, he's his welding helmet has enormous bison horns on

Howie: My kids instantly like Canadian pack

Sidey: alleged

Howie: because he's a lunatic.

Reegs: And then there's Derek, who's got an enormous beard and a best friend grass, and he he's got, he makes bad jokes and he also has an

Sidey: yeah, he, yeah. So you're right. They are all bedded.

So that strong, because we've all got beds. And that they invite suggestions from kids. With zero enthusiasm. Because they don't like kids. And they know they're going to get asked to build something


Howie: terrible

Sidey: So the kids will,

Reegs: it's like dragon Dragon's den, but the ideas are only

Sidey: saying yeah

Reegs: less stupid.

Sidey: So they'll just be that they've got a A giant sort of TV screen that he's boxed in.

and some word. And he sort of waved his hand as if he can switch them away. And The kids will say, I want, you know,

whatever it

Reegs: you catch some of them, some of the suggestions from

Sidey: have done Yeah

Reegs: a pig tripper, a catapult that throws cat poo, a plane with feet, a mansion described in tedious detail through and the thing that was basically an iPhone, which I thought was good. Cause he was teaching kids. Cause he was basically like, no, that's where the application of existing technology get the fuck out.

Sidey: On, on this one, they settle on like a unicorn bicycle

Howie: corny cycle.

Sidey: and to make it interesting. They're gonna separate into teams. And but each build at what'd you call it unicorn


Reegs: a unicorn

Sidey: and then have a race.

Howie: See, this is the part where I'm glad my kids are graded me. They just went, I don't need the crappy in joke story, drama cessation. He just build it. And I think, I just want to see what it looks like. Cause they were genuinely, that's going to be amazing. I want to see what it looks like. And I want to see the rice.

I don't need the bit where, you know, when they w whenever they dramatize it and they do a cutaway. Oh yeah. We really struggled with this period of the build and all this sort of stuff.


Sidey: but they do they do show you a lot of technique in this. of, a lot of The gripes that I have with some other programs, I've worked. Like I used to watch American restoration.

Cause I'd like some of the stuff they were restoring, but it would be some chat to camera, go to ads, come back. Here's the finished product.

And you're like, if I had to do it

like for All I know you just bought when you

went in

you whereas,

this this, They do show you the inner workings. and Some of the, the first episode is a dinosaur that fires that shoots tacos out

Howie: mouth.


Sidey: So you sit underneath it and you get attack and they show you, you know, pretty much how they build every single step of it. This one I would like the epoxy stuff that they make

Reegs: I love all

Sidey: because Canadian. pat he's an expert on the lave.

Howie: It makes the horn. Doesn't

Sidey: Yeah It looked like a DelDOT at one

Howie: It did look like an anal bead.

Sidey: They, they

build a sort of frame and then they pour layers of

approximate that they've. dye to make. food. they


Reegs: weren't literally like applying a layer and then stopping to wait for it to dry. He said 15 minutes in the program, but it

Sidey: lies Yeah It was a lot longer than

Reegs: Yeah. But it did. At first, when they got it out, it looked kind of dull and I didn't get it, but when he shined the light

Sidey: yeah it,

Reegs: you're like, ah,

Sidey: It was cool. So the, yeah, and the it's just the two teams building stuff and his sort of general negative attitude toward the children because they cropped back up in

every episode and then they stay sort of revise the design

Reegs: Yeah, my wife has been listening to this podcast for too long because the second, the one who got picked Jeremy who died, who asked for the unit coordinator, she fucking hated her and proceeded to tell me every time she appeared, how much, how awful she was and all that stuff. So it was just like being here.

So but she was awful.

Howie: And they made an, a very significant amendments. The unicorner

Reegs: Yeah And I thought this was also good, cause this is like work as well where some fucking prick comes in right. At the end, just as you're about to deliver it. And they're like, oh yeah, no. Now it needs to fart glitter as well.

Howie: It's is the project manager. Oh yeah. We'll do that. That's fine. That's fine.

Reegs: Yeah. So that was very much like real world So yeah, they do have to make it fun, glitter, and then which they do. And then they have.

Did we talk about the cause? W yeah, one of them has got the epoxy horn and the foam, and it's got legs that move on.

Sidey: because it's tied

Reegs: to a thing and a parallel sort of circle and all that. And any other one was made out word. I felt they should have painted it, maybe.

but it was the better machine because it, it raced out the gate and he farts the blue glitter in grabs his face they go firing off and he's covered in blue glitter and he comes second.

So eventually the better bike was the wooden one, but The obnoxious girl she picks the other bike.

Sidey: Yeah she hasn't got a clue.

Howie: I thought the present has worked really well with us. I know there are playing it as though we hate fucking kids, but they genuinely seem to hate fucking kids.

And they were like, actually had quite a lot of fun and it works well.

Sidey: it just it's like

Four or five, man Childs in a, in a thing, but I want to build amazing stuff and they've really you know, they have got the skills.

Reegs: and the central idea is that it's utterly pointless as well. Which I really like,

Sidey: it's, it's obviously a show that's been majoring COVID as well because the kids are on the screen and they, they don't get the things that they built.

It's not delivered to their Gaffer, I think I was wondering, do they just like end up in escape after they've done a week of this build?

I don't know.

Howie: it was completely surreal. It was the David Lynch of children's entertainment, where it just went fucking nuts. It was just loony Ville. And like you said, it's ma.

Quality by the fact that these boys can actually build stuff. It's not just like, oh, attack, renewable. You can. And drawing, ran his deck with a marker pen. And then, then doing elephant impressions.

Reegs: A lot of did you pick up on it? There was a lot of kill joys and safety trolls online talking about how unsafe everything is, how the tools have been used incorrectly with incorrect techniques.

And he's in fact, been targeted by the self-styled China's number one, DIY YouTuber, Naomi woo. And she posts pictures from each of his mates, like the shows and then critiques the dangers of it, and then posts extremely graphic images of like mutilated hands and stuff that would have resulted from unsafe practices.

So that's going on? That's going on right now? Because I saw an argument on Twitter. Today's that's hot off the press. Yeah. So maybe he is really unsafe. I don't know. I can't make anything so I can barely make a cup of tea. So.

Sidey: I think were wearing safety goggles and Stuff.

I mean, I thought the programs had to comply with some sort of thing.

Reegs: I mean, he, there was one point where he's welding, I think, and he's only got sunglasses on.

Sidey: oh, he does make a comment about that. there's one episode where they're trying to make a design. I think that one of the kids asked for lightning and this, is called, so they put two,


think it was nails, whatever it was in the word, and then they splash water on it and then you connect the nails up to an electrical current

And the current goes through the water and burns it like a fractal

or most to make it a fucking cool technique. That's

probably, a little that's probably a little bit unsafe, but I'm sure that they followed all the

proper Yeah.

Reegs: I don't know about that stuff. I would never attempt to do anything like this at home anyway. And I did like watching it and the misload watch it. We'll probably watch another couple of

Sidey: Oh, we smashed a whole lot. My daughter loved it. Every day was I'm like, oh, can we watch it? And there's one. Did they show you it in the credits or does it just keep popping up when you, when you actually click on the it's the guitar boat?

and that

was what she really wants to get to.

And I think it's the last episode. And that's spectacular.

Reegs: He is an interesting guy. He's 54, he's married. He took in a fellow YouTube, DIY star, a guy called David world or a Willie. He was homeless and he now lives with Jimmy and his wife.

Sidey: Well

Reegs: yeah, that is quite

Sidey: think he does the podcast, his name

Reegs: He does.

Sidey: for loser.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, I was thinking he was probably want to chat with us cause like, you know,

Sidey: Yeah. Well, because we love to show is bound to want to come on. I did genuinely really enjoy this and absolutely recommend

Howie: Correct? Yeah. I would hardly recommend

Reegs: And kids liked it. My, I didn't get the chance to watch it with my kids. So I tried.

Sidey: He loves it.

Reegs: Yeah. And your

Howie: I love it. They watch it when they have the

Sidey: She might have a misguided sort of thing, that I would be able to make some,

of this stuff. It's absolutely not the case.

Reegs: What, what is your key, if you were given a workshop full of stuff, could you knock up a unicorn

Sidey: bias

Reegs: of any fashion?

Sidey: to be honest, I think I could make stuff Yeah. because it's like a recipe, as long as I've got the instructions and, what Intel would do and you know, you can see it on YouTube and follow it Yeah. We can, I can make maybe not stuff as complex as this, but I wouldn't be I wouldn't find it too daunting

Howie: I'd be fine on the artistics, making the hospital be the mechanics of getting that bite, working that I be rightful,

Sidey: on someone else's

Reegs: D I lose a finger reading the instructions.

Sidey: I did actually give myself a pretty heinous PaperCut today so is that.

right? So yeah, watch this.

it's good

 alright. Excellent. I'm glad that our pens, top five is already gone. and so much attention that we've got nominations

Reegs: knew our audience was such Penn enthusiasts. Yes.

Sidey: early stage. It really is quite incredible. So that's all great, Pete is hopefully gonna be with us next week and he's given me his nominations.

And I'll tell you what, he fucking better be here because he has nominated for the mid weaker. And he's, this is fucking just a troll me. He's normally a top gun.

Reegs: Why is that?

Sidey: because I've said in the past

how much I fucking hate it. And I turned it off and I refuse

to watch it So anyway, it got to watch

that he did go for top five helicopters, but he's changed that now top five X eight, double G S yeah, eggs the main feature we're going for the.

power of the dog.

Reegs: Okay. Jane Campion. She,

Sidey: she really fucked it.

Reegs: fucked it She said something. She absolutely slaughtered. So


Sidey: Well she, she,

Reegs: And then fuck it

Sidey: completely. racist like

Reegs: Made my tweet look really

Sidey: water balance. So we're going to watch that and, oh, the Oscars

Reegs: that. Is that a Western? That's a Western.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete gave wrestler I think the Oscars

of this week aren't they? So we may be reviewing because it's got 12 nominations.

Reegs: fucking,

Sidey: We may be reviewing like a massive Oscar winning smash a row, and

the kids

Reegs: how everything's powered by dogs.

Sidey: Yes.

Howie: I'm masturbation

Sidey: gaze, I think

Howie: repressed, repressed masturbatory, Western Cowboys

Sidey: in a nutshell we've already reviewed it


Reegs: gay Cowboys. So this is there more

Sidey: and the kid TV is banana man season two episode. three, which you'll have to find somewhere. I don't

Reegs: Season two episode three. We'll have to make sure it's the right one because we've had season two episode, three type shenanigans before. So we'll get, you know, that's obviously a

Howie: banana man is a cartoon that's been around for

Sidey: we were since we were

Howie: is it new banana man or old banana man? He needs to qualify it.

Sidey: eggs and

bananas. I don't know if there's

a and, dogs

Reegs: of dogs.

Sidey: That's good. I don't have anything else to say. So for now, all that remains is to say, Saudi signing

Reegs: out.

Howie: How are you? Goodbye, egg me.