Oct. 20, 2021

Midweek Mention... From Duck Till Dawn

Midweek Mention... From Duck Till Dawn
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With three of the Dads being big fans of From Dusk Till Dawn the pressure was on Sidey to make it a full house. 

Quentin Tarantino wrote and starred alongside George Clooney in the bonkers film of two halves. It is very difficult to watch the film nowadays without knowing a lot of what goes down here. Seeing this movie without knowing about the HUGE swerve the plot takes would have been wild!

Tarantino's movies can be provocative and polarising and this movie is no different! We loved it, but can we please talk about the whole foot fetish thing. It's weird.


From Dusk Till Dawn




chose your back

And you chose for us. What did you choose?

Dan: I chose from dusk till Dawn,

Reegs: which is presumably your current school. Oh, you're awake pattern.

Dan: Yeah. On and off.

Reegs: with your newborn child,

Dan: yes, we can. We can talk about him another time.

Sidey: This is sidewalk track one of our vampire themed week.

Dan: That's right. So for a little while, I'd been thinking of a theme and I don't really know why, but I went for a vampires.

Pete: Halloween.

Dan: No, but I thought as we were getting closer to it, then why not? Let's just go for it. I had a few things I'm on lists that I thought that this would make a decent vampire theme. Or a couple of apps.

Pete: raising the stakes.

Dan: And also also I knew that there'd be a lot of good material for you, Daniel.

Pete: plenty to sink our teeth into.

Dan: Oh, wow. So yeah, I went for.

Sidey: I'd never seen it.

Dan: which absolutely bamboozled me. When, when you said that, can I ask why was there a specific reason why

Sidey: nah I hadn't done it on purpose. It was just something that passed me by

Dan: so the reason I chose this for, I fucking love this film right out of the gate. I watched it years and years ago with a friend of mine, Gareth, you know with absolutely no idea what, so he used to work in like blockbuster and he'd every now and again, I'd go around his Gaffney, just bring a new light release out and we'd watch it.

He didn't know anything about it. I didn't know anything about it when you Tarantino is attached to it. And obviously his name adjust kind of like sort of gone prominent.

Reegs: No,

Dan: is 92


Reegs: it's before, because this was used as a a showcase for the effects


and they in return. Did the ERC in, in pulp fiction for free.

Pete: I though I caught up with this after pulp fiction, I think.

Yeah. I think pulp fiction was the first one I watched and then reservoir

Sidey: in

Pete: then,

Sidey: this

Reegs: so this is a Tarantino has a screenwriting credit on it. Robert Rodriguez directed it. and the other person who has a screenwriting credit on it is.

Robert Kurtzman.

Dan: Someone

Reegs: Yes. Robert Kurtzman.

Sidey: Say walking dead.


Reegs: exactly

Dan: So I watched this, I guess the, the best originally the best possible way, which is knowing absolutely nothing about it whatsoever, because I actually remember at the point when things start changing and going sideways

Pete: Then we will spoil the fuck out this. And it is one of those films that you are better off not knowing what's going on until that.

Sidey: Yeah, sadly, I did know that it's

Dan: would have been, it would've been hard to have missed anything about this film, even if he hadn't seen it,

Reegs: I also experienced it

the pure way, if you know, like not knowing anything

about it, and watching the events unfold. And as you said, idea is a

film of, of two hearts.

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: It spins your head. Actually

Reegs: the

First half is a sort of kidnapping hostage G.


heisty Movie that starts with Michael Parks was the guy in task. He plays, sheriff ed McGraw who was also, the parks has been in Django, Unchained kill bill.


death proof. Those last two is the same.

Dan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was his first appearance as this character. And then he was introduced into the rest of Tarantino's universe.

Reegs: So he pulls up to a liquor, a liquor, a

Dan: like a gas station, isn't it?


Reegs: And he has a little chat with the shopkeeper shooting, the shit Tarantino dialogue on full display. And then he goes to use the toilet and then as soon as we, he goes into the toilet, we're introduced to. Coolers. fuck George Clooney.

Dan: Right? So again, like I immediately massive man crush on, on George Clooney, like his look, but his fucking like everything, the characteristics I think at that point in time, tribal tattoos were pretty cool as well.

And he's got a big one, like all down his arm and up his neck. Yeah.

Sidey: this would have been coming off the back or possibly even still in ER, so here's like proper heartthrob material and hair.

Like Ray, couldn't be playing more against type

Pete: Th this for me actually made me think this guy is pretty good because before that.

Taken by George Clooney, you know, I never got into the ER stuff. And I never really saw how he was much of a heartthrob actually. But in this film,

Reegs: guy's

Pete: Well, okay Suddenly it grew on me, but it wasn't at this stage.

Reegs: got better with age.

Clooney. Didn't

Pete: he's one of those that like, like us, like us, like a fine wine.

Dan: I I'd never, I I'm fairly sure at that point, I'd never, I'd heard of him, but I'd never seen him in anything and I'm

Sidey: revenge of the tomatoes.

Dan: not So no, I haven't seen that, but I mean that, that opening scene is a little bit, it's kind of like a bit of a teaser of what's to come.

 In the sense that not everything is as it seems. So initially it just looks like.

I mean, I'm a little scene in a gas station with two guys. I having a fairly shitty conversation is a horrible conversation. I don't like it. Cause he's talking about inverted commas, Mongoloid boy.

And so, and I was obviously somebody with down syndrome there any, any way. That's not a very nice conversation. It's a sort of conversation that could happen between those types of types of characters in that kind of scenario. So,

Reegs: they certainly happened in Tarantino,

Dan: yeah, exactly. So it's, it's not, it's not done for any reason, other than it's a normal believable kind of like set up and see, I actually saw for the first time that when Michael Parks walks into, the, like the gas station, you can actually that you can see one of the girls and an arm around.

Down the coat, light down the what they call the Isles of the shop. So there's already, I'd, I'd never seen it. I've seen this film 20 plus times or something that was the first time I'd ever noticed it.

Reegs: So the quick witted

viewer can pick up that there is a hostage situation.

Dan: That's yeah, that's certainly something is, is going on in the background. But anyway, like you say, there's there's, there's a scene where it's revealed that there's these two guys that they later or Clooney later refers to as real mean motor scooters, the.

They've one of them's one of the brothers just bursted the other one out, and they're now on the run with some money. They've got a couple of holes where they got some hostages and they're looking to escape over the Mexican border.

Reegs: And the other brother is Quintin. Tarantino. himself Looking pretty creepy.

And that's kind of his character arc.

So, So he plays Richie and he kind of, escalates the situation. Doesn't need between

Sidey: every single,

Reegs: Well, and every single

scene. Yeah. But particularly in this first scene because he said that he saw the shopkeeper mouthing help me to park, so it just becomes a bloodbath and it ends up, they end up blowing up the whole.

Gas station don't name and walking out and he says, to him, don't you understand the meaning of the words low-profile is the whole place like explodes up behind them.

It's it's a


Dan: Yeah And there's already some really cool lines from Claire. He got so many good lines at one of them is like, you know, I'll turn this place into Betty's welded blood.

And that's, that's exactly what happens. So they get on the road and it, and it opening sort of credits and stuff.

Reegs: Tarantino shot of a hostage in the boot of a car and it's like, you can


through the,


So yeah,

Dan: they, they rock up to a motel with their hostage and put her in the room and


Pete: a real trouble maker.

Isn't she

Dan: Ah, it's, it's fucking harrowing that isn't it. Paul middle-aged lady who

Pete: yeah, it's somebody's mum and she's absolutely terrified. And Quentin Tarantino Richie is eventually left in charge of her.

Dan: Well,

Pete: Do

Reegs: you want to come over

on the bed

and watch

TV? with me

Dan: mean, what, what you see, what you see, what it kind of is, is establishing.

Seth George Clooney character is like, he's an asshole. He's a fucking mean bastard, but he is, he also wants to do things. He's got a code, he's got a moral code. He doesn't mind robbing people. He even says, we, we don't kill people. We don't have to. So if he's going to kill someone, it's going to be because they fucking painted them into a corner.

So, whereas Richie is a full blown fucking psychopath. He's delusional. He yeah, he's a dangerous. So the violent rapist killer.

Reegs: Yeah. We

occasionally get

little glimpses into Richie's mind. I always feel like this is a character that is not too far away from

the real Quintin turn. Do you know?

So Seth goes out to get a big kahuna burger I

Dan: then

Sidey: dunno

Reegs: that

brings it back.

God Damn it. That is

a tasty looking burger, isn't it? And then he comes back and finds that Richie has raped and murdered. The hostage what's really clever about this stuff is that you don't really see it, You just get a flash and you see Seth's reaction. And it's a great counterpoint to what happens later on, which is just gore and gratuity.


The, this

is really restrained and lets the dialogue and the feelings do the talking Whereas later. It's the opposite of

Dan: In a lot of ways more sentence, cause you don't know this, that sort of trepidation or like, are you going to see what he's done to her? And you just see flashes of bloods up the wall and on the phone. And then there's another scene where they change the shot and you can see the bedroom and blood all over the walls and like her body, but you can't actually see any detail of what's happening.

Yeah. Yeah. All pretty horrible. But at, at this motel they encountered. Sort of slightly strange family. The includes Harvey Keitel yeah.

Pete: Who's a preacher,

Dan: or a retired. Yeah, well, yeah. And I've completely forgotten the name. Juliette Lewis. Yeah. Yup. Do you don't lose. And the other guy who's never been in anything else.

Scott. Yeah, it looked like a,

Pete: he been in? Does anybody know? Is that it is this interested, this cameo here and

Dan: yeah. I mean his acting his performance. Wasn't terrible.

There's no real explanation. I obviously, he, he describes him as his son and obviously Juliette Lewis is his daughter, but it doesn't, you're assuming adopted son, but no real sort of explanation as to why, because he is Chinese or Chinese American.

Okay. So the, the gecko brothers encounter this family, they've got a motor home that they're just going on a, on a tour in, because the the wife or the mother has passed away and

Pete: there were ticket to Mexico because there's roadblocks the whole way through to the border and they decide, well, if we've got any chance, it's this chance and they make a deal and say, look, get us through the border.

We'll let you go. And, and so they, they rolled down and get to the border is a hairy moment as you would expect. But they, they make it through

Dan: It's where you first see Cheech. Yeah. Who plays three different

Pete: that's right. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: So Cheech Marin is a border patrol officer and anyway, he's, he's waves him through, eventually they get,

Reegs: Yeah, not before you get this little scene of Tarantino's

Sidey: view

Reegs: of

the world, where the younger daughter who's clearly terrified of him. Says in his mind, Richie, could you, eat my, could you eat my pussy for me? police? And there's some other sexual stuff going on It's just, it's really uncomfortable

Dan: Picking up on your point. Yeah. The weak side, about feet.

Sidey: Oh man So I hadn't seen this obviously knew about Tarantino saying, but when it goes fucking bat shit crazy. It's the worst foot fetish moment of his entire


Well, the most gratuitous.

Yeah. But

Dan: even before that, with Juliette Lewis, he's obviously looking her up and down. He's like, I fucking the shit out of her in this motor home, but it starts off with two different shots of her feet.


Sidey: I'm like

Pete: so character development, nothing to do with his

Sidey: is it, is it it's written in because there's a fucking Devian and oh, the whole time I'm thinking he is a fucking foot fetishist.

Right. And okay. It's not that


a thing. This is worse. Know he's not into.

I don't know, I'm going to say from what I was thinking of, but then when you think, like he was basically working for Harvey Weinstein and stuff like that, it's just becomes a little bit fucking too much or about uncomfortable


Dan: There's a lot of people in Hollywood and the wider

Sidey: It's so in your face

Dan: no,

Reegs: but at least he does get sparked for his insulin. Doesn't he? Because he starts getting all agitated at the border and clearly He ends up chaining him and telling him that he slipped in the.

toilet or whatever, but you're right. It is very uncomfortable. The whole Weinstein

thing is really uncomfortable, as well.

Dan: but it is used it's. It is also used as a, as a device for keeping Jacob, is that the Harvey cartels character in check because Seth re refers to it and he's like, listen you know, cause he's, he's trying to be pleasant to them and Jacob's a little bit resistant, so, and he's like, listen, have you seen the way my brothers, I can hear your daughter.

Me to fucking keep him away from her. You do, as I say in everything. So it's, it is useful to, to reference that. Yep. So they go over the border down

Pete: They do. And and they're, they're pretty pleased about that. They've just got a meet of, and they in the

Dan: That's all I got to do

Pete: there, all they've got

Dan: Yeah. They're

Pete: wait, wait for yeah, wait for the cavalry to come in.

They, they can get a new car and all the rest of it and happy days. So they want to just find a nice, quiet place for the

Dan: Yeah. And they've been given a name of a place that they can go to because it's open from dusk till Dawn,

Pete: Who gives them that place. Who is that?

Dan: just their contact, the guy that they're the guy that they're meeting says

Reegs: a

little joke at the end. about it,

Pete: Yeah.

Yeah. So they turn up at the titty twister and outside, you've got Cheech Marin again shouting about all the different kinds of produce and, and they've got,

Reegs: white projects, black produce.

Pete: oh yeah, this, this it all.

Produce produce produce all produce must go. The T twisted we're slapping produce in half. We've got yellow pussy, hot pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy, tight pussy, big pussy. Oh, it goes on and on and on. Doesn't it. If you don't have it. You don't want it, you know, if we don't, it's it's a brilliant, brilliant delivery actually from Cheech Marin there, just to welcome you in and you realize he's bringing in these gecko brothers who you know, badass motherfuckers are bringing in the young teenage daughter the ex preacher and Scott, the young boy, and they're going to do the night in.

Reegs: Well,

the preacher

it's a bike. Where's the truckers because.

Because that becomes important because there's, as they go in, there accosted by Danny Trejo. And he says you can't drink in here unless you're a trucker. And Jake says, ah, well, I've got you see that RV out there. I have to be licensed and blah, blah, blah, So he gets them all to have a nice

round of drinks.

And you do see that it's.

  1. You

know, starting to live up a bit in the place,

Dan: Yeah. It's, it's a, it's a lively. Yeah, it's a lively place. And then obviously you come in, there's like birds dancing on the tables with titties on display and whiskey, they only serve whiskey and I think is it Chango beer? Like they don't reference it, but I'm fairly sure again, that's from that same universe.

I think it's from desperate. Piss warm Jungo. So they, they come and they sit down this there's going to be a bit of beef, cause like some big hairy truck look at truck or a bike or whatever is grabbed Clooney. And, and you know that that's gonna come back at some point because he's still, he's got the ass when he slammed down the shots.

He's whacking the glasses on the table and he still, yeah.

Pete: He's made it across the border. He's got his brother, a brother is an absolute lunatic. Is he he's got him across the

Dan: Oh, and he's

Reegs: I'm the kid supposed to

Dan: got shot in the hand, shot through the hand at the, at the gas station right at the beginning. And there's that bit when he's in the car, just like, and he's got his, he just take gaffer taping up the hole in his hand, after he looked through it and then just spits a load of like whatever we're skiing on it.

But yeah, he sees carrying a RC look at injury.

Pete: a little bit

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: He pulls a loads of whiskey on it as well. Didn't he in, in the bar and the Kids are getting drunk as well. They're taking

advantage. Now a little

Pete: there's a band playing

Dan: just a, it's just a good sort of, it's a little bit like, you know, national Lampoon's holiday vacation at this stage where everyone's just having a good time.

There's a few japes and narrow and scrapes and so on.

Pete: And we've got about 45 minutes into the

Dan: which is pretty much halfway through the film. And then we get the performance of Santana open demo. Yeah, which is Salma Hayek looking absolutely incredible with like Al Bino boa around her neck. And there's actually a bit right at the beginning of the dance where she takes a couple of sets back and stumbles and it cuts and you see the, you see the stumble.

Sidey: she's petrified.


And she was going to turn the part down and they said, dog, Debra, Madonna wants to do it. So she was like, nah, she I'm not letting her rabbit. I'll fucking do it. Yeah.

Pete: I'll I'll I'll do this snake. I do this so well on karaoke

Dan: Do you do the dance? Yeah. Have you got a Lobell Beano boa?

Pete: no, I normally just use a

Dan: oh, right. Okay. you've got access to

Pete: I know. Yeah. I should bring one before dress rehearsal.

Sidey: She does have performance and she, she makes her way towards Tarantino. She, she catches his eye and this is the one I'm just like, this is just fucking far too much. She sticks her.

And his God pours beer down a leg. So he's drinking tequila. Sorry. And I was just like, man, what the fuck? Like if you've got any sort of fucking deviant predilections, just write FM and you can do whatever you


it's fucking just wrong.


to site.

Reegs: Yeah. So yeah, it's this scene that I don't know, like she's obviously really sexy. I don't know whether when Tarantino wrote it, it was supposed to be sexy. that he's sucking on her toe, but it isn't, especially in view of everything else that we know about him.


her act kind of finishes, doesn't it?

And they get confronted by. some

Dan: Yeah, we'll cheat. Cheech has come back in with a, with a broken finger and a broken nose and tells the, the rest of the guys in the bar, what happened outside? Cause we didn't mention it. But as Seth and Richie are walking in, Cheech, goes up to them and says something and Seth just fucking whacks him on his ass.

Richie comes back and boots him a few times when he's on the floor. So. So, yeah, th there's, there's a, there's a set to one of the, one of the guys picks up a knife and just when it kicks off one of the guys picks up nice and jabs it straight through

Reegs: the,

Dan: Richie Geico's hand again. And that's where all the bloods starts kind of like pouring out on the table and you start seeing Salma, Hayek, deep breathing cause.

She's a fucking vampire.

Pete: There's a lot of vampires in, in this room

Dan: everyone, apart from a couple of, couple of key guys who I'm sure will reference in a minute and all the people that were familiar to us from before they went in the bar seems to be bound by all the truckers and bikers

Reegs: So I really clearly remember, and I'm sure you do too.

watching this.

Like you said, not knowing anything about it. And she transformed into a vampire and suddenly it, the whole thing

just goes,

completely bullied. no,

I was just like,


the fuck has just


Like, like,

it was like somebody

had flipped a switch. That's

Dan: No, no word of a lie. The guy whose GAFA was at watching this film, he I'm sure this is probably before, like remote control video.

He's gone out, he's paused the film and just turned around and literally. What the fuck's going

Sidey: on?

Dan: I noticed, I don't know. He was like, like do you want to watch the rest of it? I was like, yeah. So we watched the rest of it, but we actually had to stop to like, make sure that one or the other of us wasn't going fucking mental.

And we were just seeing things like, because it takes such a massive turn.

Pete: hadn't seen that in so long in a film. And certainly not one with this approach. It was you, it was a, a violent heist movie. There was something I was going to happen, but, but vampires, they did well to keep it a secret for so long, I reckon, or certainly just maybe in dolphin, didn't look into it, but I was pleased.

It didn't because like, you.

Dan: saying.

Pete: This doesn't compute,

Reegs: but it's

not just the vampire thing. It's because the tone of the movie.

flips in an instant.

because suddenly it just goes

into these. I mean, there's

just a carnage, absolute carnage going on. There's several patrons.

I mean, there's a guy with a Canon in his


Pete: Yeah.

Dan: yes. That's sex machine.

Reegs: machine who introduces himself?

Hi, She says,

she says, hi, I'm Kate, what's your name? He says hi, I'm six Michigan. Of course. And you know, he's

crotch thing, which I don't know, it seems like a really bad idea. The crotch gun

Dan: It's terrible. It's from Desperado. It's in, it's in his guitar case and just brought it, the band the guy from the band.

Listen. Yeah. Yeah. The. W w how, why they immediately, like, when, when the carnage kicks off, the, the guitar turns into like human body parts

Sidey: with the head on, then it

was the sound with the head restore

Dan: strings on it.

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: It probably is in


Reegs: Yeah. There's no reason for any of it. And then Fred Williamson who you might know from blaxploitation movies,

a lot.

of movies. So I'm not allowed to say the names of there's one called Charlie and there's a, there's a few other


in Films. But if you've seen a blaxploitation film, basically from the seventies onwards, you saw this guy in it because he was in everything. And he ends up playing a character in this.


Dan: He he never smoked more than about a millimeter of a cigar at any one time, because he's got this cigar the whole night. And I don't know if it's new cigars or the same one, but every single scene he's like lighting it up again and taken apart. And then the next scene he's lighting it. It doesn't get any smaller.

It's like a, it's a prop.

Reegs: He's a Vietnam. vet who.

as he

reveals his story.

I couldn't

believe it when I was saying this, he talks about how he had to kill an entire village. And meanwhile, sex machine has been, bitten and

is slowly transforming in this,

like really

comedy sequence where his fingers are changing.

Dan: trying to hide his teeth and his hands that have changed.

Pete: looking down. He does what he knows what happens to vampires by this


Dan: one bit, he looks over and Kate's, and like looking back at him and he just got.

Like smiles nervously. But I mean up to this point, Richie, Seth and a few and sex machine and, and the, and that guy had killed all the vampires that have attacked them. They've they, you know, put pool keys through them or whatever it is, they've, they've done what they need to do to kill them. Seth Assa Richie has been bitten by Selma Hayek.

He turns, and then they, he Seth like drives a stake into his heart after needs a bit of convincing at first, but then they ended up with like justice arm. So there's loads of good Civitas violence, but almost like comedic or gratuitous violence. Yeah. Yeah. What, what you were saying there before about the, like the, the shift.

It's almost like a song that halfway through changes.

Like but w we're going from

Sidey: to Yes,

Dan: exactly, Like the two, like,

Sidey: This was country,

Dan: no, it wasn't, it wasn't country. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Or like Enya


what is the opposite of


Dan: Anything decent

Reegs: yeah.

Yeah, so it's just carnage, carnage, carnage. We lose

a few

of the casts, the main cast some people who are introduced and then just go straight away.

with their amazing, like five minutes stories. Eventually we ended up with Jake gets bitten, doesn't. He


And they have to retreat back to this sort of

Dan: type room. And you see that there's loads.

Boxes filled with stuff. They work out there. They boat like basically the people they're all vampires and they just feed off the, the truckers and drivers that rock up.

And biker, sorry that just rock up, unknowingly get killed and they nickel their stuff and store it in the room. So luckily they're able to fashion a load of weapons, like a, a cha it's not a chain store. It's a chain. Steak like that. I mean, it doesn't need to do that, but it's brilliant. And luckily the, all the vampires that come, just attack them one at a time, which is, is helpful.

Sidey: but

Reegs: also we get,


get a nice scene where.


Cause kind of gives back Jacob, is faith


sort of

just by saying, well, we need you to, and he goes, all

Dan: and he says, look, these, these guys are obviously from help. And if there is a hell, then there's gotta be a heaven because the, you know, there's there's gotta be. Yeah. And he, so he blesses the water.

So they got water balloons that have that they're firing. It's something like a nurse. Yeah. There's all kinds of stuff in there that there's this, I like the development of, of Jacob and Seth's characters because they come to like a mutual kind of respect. If not like for each other. There's a bit even where Jacob punch.

Like knocks him to the floor. And instead of, I mean, this has been, he's been the baddest fucker in this film up till now, Clooney. He's like, he's been chopping people down there, front and center and he just kind of sits there quite meekly on the floors I learned, you know, I'm not taking the piss out of you.

We need you, we need you to fucking get back in the game. So I'm going to take that chin. I'm going to take that one on the chin and it's, and then they have the scene in the celebrate.

Listen, I'm going to turn I need you all to promise that you're gonna fucking put me out my misery. It's like, yeah, my no put mentor and then he has to convince his kids.

Otherwise he's just going to blow his head off there. And then so

Reegs: literally counts down and he says, to Scott, the youngest like you say, you're going to kill me, or

I'm going to kill myself. in front of

Sidey: you

Dan: Yeah. He gives her five seconds, but him only three. Cause I got less time by then. So, but yeah, it's, it's, it's like a. They had to have a little pause for breath because of like the fucking, like the mental stuff that had

Pete: Going a hundred miles an hour. Yeah. And then you've got all these vampires, I'm knocking on the door, trying to get through this bottleneck to the last stand.

Really isn't it. And they fight their way out at, by this time. They've been fighting a few hours and the Dawn is coming.

Dan: but what happened? Cause you can hear that there's loads and loads of bats outside, but they bought it up all the windows and doors and so on. But then when sex machine turns the other guy, I can't remember his name.

He picks him up and chucks him through the door and that's when all the vampire bats come in, they turn into all these like hideous, vampire, Creech. So, yeah, it's basically the last stand Jacob goes. He's quite a funny vampire like, look at funny looking vampire. So there's like a big difference in length of time.

It takes for people to turn, take up talking about, oh, I'm going to turn into a vampire in the next half hour to an hour. But a few few of them are just doing it like immediately or whatever.

Sidey: the story needs, I

suppose Exactly.

Dan: Yeah. Scott goes, he's like. But insofar that why like a sister shoots him and he explodes. know why, but I went along with it.

Pete: They have green blood don't so it

Sidey: oh, that is

Pete: for the right in.

Sidey: for the scent. Yeah. Senses wouldn't allow it otherwise.

Dan: Really,

Pete: Well it would have gone up in the white and, you know, being an ITN

Dan: they're like tearing arms off and fucking all sorts and stuff. Yeah. The weird thing is, is I I've, I've said this before. I'm not a horror fan. I didn't, I've watched this and at no point was.

You know, this, this is just almost like when I say comical, I don't mean like in a shit way. Like it's fucking you laughing.

Sidey: it's, like, it's reminded me of buffet. It's like an episode of Buffy.

Dan: yeah. I

Sidey: The VFX looked

like that

Pete: been movie

Sidey: Obviously it? was swearing and stuff

Pete: like a made a brilliant beam. Yeah.

Reegs: Well, yeah, but that's Robert Rodriguez. Really, his whole career has been a bit like that.

You know,

his movies that he made other than the spy kid stuff, which I've not really seen that franchise.

I wonder whether

Sidey: just the one.

Reegs: No,

this, like the movie and the shark boy, and

Navigo Yeah. But he then also did stuff like machete and machete kills. I think there's machete. in space. I don't like his slicker, this analog stuff with all of the special effects being done practically, you know, I don't want to sound like a real like hipster or whatever, but it's just miles better than the equivalent

Sidey: Well he he sort of shoots it, edits.

It does everything. It doesn't happen. Well, this sort of stuff. And I think it's better for that. a singular vision.

Dan: One of the vampires gets killed on the, on the pool table. And as he like melts the, the, the, the pool balls will roll off into the pockets and stuff. It's just got little touches like that. But anyway eventually. There's some knocking on the door. And somebody opens the door and, or they shoot holes in the, in the, in the wall and stuff.

Pete: the sun

Dan: the light comes in and all the vampires explode. And the only two left are Seth and Kate,

Pete: Juliette

Dan: Juliette Lewis and George Clooney. They go outside the city. You see the third incarnation of Cheech. He's there. The guy that recommended the titty twisted.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah And he's

Reegs: he'd never heard of it.

Dan: well, he's like, well, what I mean, w what was going on, man, where they psychos and he's like, psychos don't explode when they come into contact with sunlight.

He's like, I've just had to fucking kill my own brother. This girl's family, entire family is dead because of you and me and at this place, she's like, what, what can I do to make it? But he's like, nothing. Okay. Maybe another 10% and that'll make it bad. So

Reegs: so she He does


but it's the better call Cause she's like maybe I'll shack up with Clooney and go on the rampage, but he's kind of,

like, even, I'm not that much of a shit

Pete: she's been through enough. She's, she's better off without him.

Reegs: Yeah. So they part their ways.

And then

the camera zooms back from the the titty twister. and we see that it's a topper sort of Azteca

Sidey: tightness

Reegs: And there's like hundreds of cars and


that have all fall into that.

Pete: Oh

Dan: Yeah. And it's the same song on the outros. It wasn't like bad night or a dark night or whatever as a comm member, but it's the same song in the outro.

Yeah, I was fucking blown away by this film when I first watched it, like at that point in my life, it was the film that I definitely had just like excited me and intrigued me the most because I was early twenties.

Yeah. I'd never seen anything like it. And it might not be for everybody, but I got on board with it and a hugely, and I've watched it a number of times since

Reegs: I want to hear what the man he saw it for the first time thought,

Sidey: Well, I would have loved to have seen it without knowing that it was a game of two halves, but I still really enjoyed it. I did get nostalgic for buffet because to me, like visually it really did remind me of especially season two, it Buffy. But obviously with a lot more swearing and proper violence the Tarantino stuff is weird.

You know, it is what it is, but I did, I've really enjoyed it. I did get a kick of it. I, it took me a little while because I kept falling asleep, but yeah, it was good. Everybody I did get,

Reegs: This was probably the best mid-week mentioned. I've had in a long, long time. I really enjoyed seeing this. It's probably been 10 years since I saw it. And I forgot just what a fantastic movie it is. You'd watch both of them,

You'd watch the

gangster thing that's going on at the beginning because it's great. and you'd watch the vampire movie because

it's great.

And then to have them

Dan: personally you personally, for me, it depends what would happen in those films.

I would be more drawn to, to the first half of that as a film, because I was, I wanted to be the fucking, I mean, as much of an asshole con as Richie gecko is Seth. Like we, you know, why wouldn't you want to like, hang out with him? And I mean, yeah, he's, he's a, he's a bastard, but it's, there is, there is a code there.

So, yeah, I definitely have watched that film. I was halfway through interested to see what was going on. I knew the film still had another half to go, like where's the,

Pete: well, I was, I remember watching it for the first time and a little bit disappointed when it flipped because I was enjoying the first half so much.

And I was like, whoa. But then really getting to where he went on the, on the second half of the film. And as you say, you could choose either of them and, and make a complete film with them and enjoy it. But this was. Just a, a real kind of mind blowing film at a time. And it was a all boys, boys film, you know, it was, I definitely, it was a heist movie.

It was comedy, it was horror. It had loads of great one-liners and things. You've got sell my house, however, Nick and salmonella heck

Sidey: They've made it into series

Dan: of a two sequels, neither of which I've seen. And the series, which I haven't

Pete: No nobody was in the, I'm not the same

Dan: I don't think they weren't. No, in the, in the second one is terminate a to

Sidey: Patrick

Dan: Yes, he's in the second.

but I've not, I've not seen it. There was, I, I don't know why I just, after the first, I just wanted to, cause I know how I feel about this film and I don't care necessarily about other people's opinions on it, but I wanted to see sort of reviews wise and I found one from when it opened and what, because I thought that it, I believe it kind of polarized opinion, which is understandable.

Cause it like some people don't like being fucking tricks or, or hoodwinked to whatever. And. There was a journalist or, or called Mick LaSalle who wrote about the film, went on the, when it opened that weekend, he said, this is a disaster.

It's an article. Unpleasant criminals on the lamb film that midway turns into a boring and completely repellent vampire inverted commas comedy.

If it's not one of the worst films of 1996, it would have been one miserable year. Tarantino not only wrote the script, but co-stars is Richie gecko. One of the thieving killing gecko brothers, his older brother, Seth George Clooney is the boss. Well, Richard delusional, homicidal, loose cannon. And basically.

Just goes on to completely panicked, panning George Clooney saying that like, he's not liking.

Sidey: I mean you can S you could not like it. And you can say, it's not my taste and that you cannot say it's boring. It's no fucking

way Cause that's boring

Dan: vamp. That is absolutely not boring. What he does is he drew comparisons with so hang on.

If this predated, when was this?

Sidey: now

Dan: 96. So, because this guy's comparing it to in pulp fiction, Travolta in Seminole Jackson, they were hit men, but you liked them. So like they're bad guys, but you liked them and saying, you don't get that with George Clooney at all, which I think was bullshit. Oh, yeah. So this is

Reegs: was 92, wasn't it?

Dan: 92, but this ticket saying 90.

So anyway, he's a cock he's wrong.

Reegs: I can understand that take, if it might

be that you would

be put off by both things. So, you know, Terentino's like really provocative in his stuff and


will, could be turned off by that. And maybe some people don't like silly vampire movies, but

if any of those things, if you haven't seen this movie in ages, watch it against it's really, really good.