Aug. 17, 2022

Midweek Mention... PTU

Midweek Mention... PTU
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Produced and directed by prolific Hong Kong auteur Johnnie To, PTU: POLICE TACTICAL UNIT (2003) spawned a multi film franchise about which none of us knew a thing. When Sergeant Lo (Lam Suet) has his service weapon stolen during an altercation with local gangsters putting his dreams of promotion at risk, uncompromising Sergeant Mike Ho (Simon Yam) of the PTU gives him until dawn to recover it, but their situation starts to become more complicated when a local gang leader is murdered.

Set in a Hong Kong where the cops are little better than the crooks, this is a moody and sometimes demanding crime thriller. Even allowing for the films 88 minute run time the pacing can be challenging (a sequence of stair climbing surely extends to parody) but its lack of conventional structure, minimalist dialogue and unsentimental ending in which various facets of Law Enforcement conspire to uphold the reputation of the authorities, whatever the human or moral cost may be, makes this well worth catching up on. Features probably the best 'power dynamic between police and criminals represented by virtue of a seating plan in a café' scene I've ever watched.



Sidey: Good evening.

Dan: And welcome.

Sidey: yeah, we're doing a, a themed week and the theme goes right into the midweek or so it's it encapsulates everything that we're doing this

Dan: is thought through

Sidey: really is

And quite a foreign language stuff this week. Starting off with this one that I last week, cuz I hadn't done anything other.

Know the title of it. I didn't know whether it was PTU or it was some weird word pronunciation of like two, but it is PTU is police tactical unit. Yeah. So I think the title full title is PTU Colan police tactical unit. And it's a 2003. No,

Reegs: Oh, it's like redundant acronym syndrome.


Sidey: Hong Kong movie,

Dan: which has escaped me.

I'd never heard or

Sidey: met him either

Dan: before.

Reegs: Well, this is a whole massive part actually, of Hong Kong cinema that I haven't seen this guy Johnny too, because this movie spawned a whole world and other load of stuff that happened. Yeah. Six

Dan: he is quite influential and yeah. Has done more work after this. So,

Sidey: yeah, cuz I was looking for the poster for a social media post and uncovered all these other ones.

Yeah. So yeah. There's those a slew of them.

Reegs: So what put you onto watching this one side?

Sidey: I saw an article. Might have been in the guardian. I dunno. It was something I don't even know what I, I just, you know, one of those things, you just stumbled across it and it had this, and it also had


main feature, our Icelandic one that we're watching for the main feature.

So it must have been something to do with police cops. So, and I didn't, I didn't wanna read anything about it. So I just saw that it was that, and it was about please. And the next one was about, please sound right. That's our theme break those two right there.

Reegs: Nice.


Sidey: Yeah. So,

Dan: Okay. So it's, it's a Hong Kong, thriller drama kind of noir.

Reegs: it's it's one of those takes place over a single night type. Yeah. Movies that, and it's telling you something about the police and the way they interact with their local community.

Dan: We, kind of

meet the PTU on one of their worst nights. Don't really assume it is.

It's things aren't going well. And they've been chasing a suspect and a police Sergeant loses a gun, but you've probably got the first scene for his. Yeah,

Reegs: always. I always think it's important. You know, what a director chooses to where he chooses to start something. And it's, you know, you get traffic and road work noises over the credits over black, and then we're in the back of an armored police car listening to a news story about an assault on an armored police car where four gun men took $80 million and there's been a fatality.

Turn it up. They say the guys who are, they knew the guy. They talk about knowing him and they joke around about this guy. Oh, we never had the courage to pull his gun

Sidey: before. Yeah.

Reegs: And then the uncompromising Mike ho the Sergeant like reprimands them, shuts them down. What if his family heard this? He wore the uniform.

He was one of us. Yeah. And it's an important sort of theme that they'll come back to a few times.

Dan: Yeah. It

Reegs: the female soldier, she not soldier. They please, please go. She says nothing. Something like nothing matters more than coming.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Safely. Yeah, that was it.

Reegs: And I was sure she was gonna die from

Dan: And yeah, , that was it. But they they're kind of heading off into the night then. And as, as they, they meet another police Sergeant don't they this,

Reegs: well,

after that, it's the credits. And then it goes to ponytail. It's actually, he, they actually call him that.

Sidey: He did, and he had a ponytail

Reegs: and he had a ponytail, which was handy. It was really handy.

Yeah. And he goes into a, a restaurant with four of his mates and they've all got haircuts. So these are ponytail and haircuts, as far as I'm concerned, they've got big, massive like Afros. And

Dan: these,

these are the bad dudes. These are the guys who are running the

Sidey: Yeah So they, they get a table, but it's not like good fellas, you know, where you walk in and they bring out a table and treat you like, well, this is like, Get rid of that fucking lacky off the table.

Yeah. And they just move some guy along and they get to sit down and the camera lingers on this other guy. And I was sort of thinking, well,

Reegs: Well, it's all comedy at first. Yeah, because then Sergeant Lowe comes in and the power play shifts. So you get all this sort of poli this power play that's happening over where people are sitting in a dinner in a restaurant the ponytail, his thugs move, one guy on then Sergeant Lowe comes in.

He moves ponytail and his thugs on they move the other guy on again. It's

Dan: He suddenly gotta go and sit next to where they're doing.

Washing of this, the, the dishes and

Sidey: they do keep showing him. And I was saying, is that just cuz he's the one that's been bounced around and

Dan: just in the, in the, in the angle of the camera as well.

Cause it, it shoots with him facing you in the, the backs of the sides of the other guys.

Reegs: It's a great scene. This, because you're getting all sorts of stuff being told to you, thematically through what's happening in terms of the relationship between Sergeant. Low and

Dan: and

Sidey: and

Reegs: and ponytail and the

Sidey: a triad kind of guy.

Yeah. He's in, he's in charge of investigating that and dealing with that. And so there's a hierarchy of, he knows who they are

Reegs: and then the phones

Sidey: know who he is. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: The phones go off and everybody checks their phone. It's great. It happens a few times.

Dan: tone, haven't they? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. It's a good moment.

Dan: yeah. And within this, then it, it begins because. In, in this scene here, you have ponytail and his boys go out and then,

Sidey: well, he stays,

Dan: he ponytail stay stays, but his boys go out and then the cop goes out after them. But the guy that you've been talking about, the guy that

Reegs: flowery shirt, the

Dan: flowery in the red flowery shirt, who's, who's been bumped a couple of times he gets up call as a

Sidey: Well he gets a phone call.

Reegs: Yeah. He's almost been comic relief so far in the movie. And then yeah, he

Dan: and again, for the phone, for like the third time, the phones ring and both he and ponytail pick up their phones to check, but it is for him. And he goes, understood. Puts the phone down, jabs a back a knife right into the back of ponytail.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And pushes it right through. So it

Sidey: I dunno if it obviously wasn't supposed to, but found it quite comical, cuz it was like

Reegs: well, it was a bit comical this bit because

Sidey: like poking through and it was almost, you know, like if you put a knife between your arm and your chair, you know, walked around like that because it wasn't big budget.


Dan: No, he just kind of slid, slid the knife through and he. Kind of just looks down and realizes what's happening. The other guy's bolted he's through the kitchen he's away. You don't see his face again. He's he's gone. And ponytail just sits there for like 30 seconds or so.

Reegs: Well, he runs after it, he runs after him.


Dan: and then he is, yeah, he has a, he has a few seconds while he is in the chair going, what, what the hell in shock?

And then he, well, he runs. After the guy or trying to get to a, a hospital, he goes to a, he, he gets in

Reegs: a, he gets into a taxi and the taxi driver starts taking off and then just stops halfway up the street.

And then he stumbles into the driver's seat and drives off. It's quite a crazy yeah. Sort of moment.

Dan: And, and during this time, maybe I've got the the timeline wrong, but Lowe is then chasing haircut, haircut. Yeah. And

Sidey: What they've done is car in they've someone's grabbed.

Reegs: that they have a really good foot chase actually, where they go.

It, it, it's got a lot of energy at the beginning and they're sort of a little kind of half park quarry. And, you know, Sergeant low, considering slightly overweight, it's got some pretty good moves actually. And then it slows down as they both get knackered. And then the chase kind of stops and their only meters apart.

Yeah. Both catching breath. And then they go again and stop again. It's like much more realistic and they take the time to show you that.

Dan: And then he, he slips on a, like a, a fish or

Sidey: that was, I thought it was actually a banana game.

Dan: a banana skin,

Reegs: is


Sidey: comedy banana.

Reegs: ski. It

Dan: he slips on that, like the full comedy feet up in the air, head back first slam. Gets knocked out. And when he wakes up is

Sidey: He's lost his gun.

Dan: he's lost his gun. And I think they probably put the boot in as well. I'm not sure cuz they find him don't they they're all waiting for him around the corner.

Then they hear the noise of him falling behind them. They run off and they certainly. Grab his gun. And I think they kick him up because afterwards he's got a bandage for the rest of the film.

Reegs: He does. He

Dan: they kick his head in a bit as well. Yeah. And that's the cop. So

Reegs: and they've, they've thrown paint all over his car. Oh no, that was

Dan: car. They keyed his car first and then somebody else threw a load of paint over it. Like fluorescent yellow paint.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: It's a nightmare. The thing in Japan, this, this is probably important to the plot.

Reegs: And in and

Sidey: Hong Kong as

Dan: in Hong Kong, sorry. The thing in, in Hong Kong about and it might be the same in Japan, why I'm thinking of guns illegal.

You don't have them. Are they really hard to get to? I just thinking, you know, somebody's got a gun and they're, they're running off, but don't lots of people have guns, but they,

Reegs: Yeah. It's a big deal. Might

Dan: done with the, the knives and things. But I suppose robbing a policeman's


Sidey: go missing. It would not be, especially, you know, he goes back to the station and has to report that he's lost his gun. They'd be like, well, what the fuck are you doing?

Reegs: Well, he's also up for promotion as well.

Sergeant Lowe, so he doesn't want this to come out and the PTU assembled to help him.

Sidey: They said they give him to emerges. They'll they'll they'll help him till 4:00 AM. That's what you've got. Well, and they all do.

Reegs: not found by Dawn, we're gonna call in, you've lost your service.

Dan: a few of them weren't keen on that because they can all get into trouble without reporting this straight away, because that's what they should do,

Reegs: but he's one of their own.

Sidey: He certainly starts to get the impression that Mike, I dunno what his rank Sergeant Mike, he's pretty hardcore. He will do what it takes to,

Dan: yeah. To get well, he's his right hand, man. I think he, he he's low and him obviously the, the two highest ranking offices or certainly the most Powerly and, and getting things done and he's straight up for it. Isn't he says, yeah, I'll do it. And he's the one that drives it through the others, but always, he says it a couple of times.

It's up to you. I know that, you know, and just that peer pressure, I guess, that one of them starts and the other one follows and then they're all in it. And suddenly they're all looking for it into the night. Although, a couple of 'em

Reegs: well, I don't know. I think it's more that they're all complicit and I think the film really hammers this out, but they're all complicit in the authority of the police and it being, you know, they manufacture stories. They don't want this story to come out about the gun.

Dan: yeah

Sidey: and, and the other stuff.

So there's some fucking brutality, you know, there's some absolutely horrendous violence. They dish out there's one guy. The specific thing I'm thinking of is when they

Reegs: go to the

Sidey: they

have the guy in the side street and they just pu him into oblivion. And he's unconscious you. And there's a couple of them that are.

Into it. They just, they, they stand off and

Dan: oh yeah. They kick him to

Sidey: do, but he basically dies and they managed to resuscitate him. Yeah. And you're thinking

Reegs: and two of the younger cadets are sort of sent to watch out for that. Aren't they? Yeah.

Sidey: And

Reegs: But then they do. You do see cuz ho himself, they go to an arcade after Sergeant ho Lowe is driven around listening to a really bad cover of hotel, California.

They go to an arcade to shake down about who might know about where the, the guns are, the PTU do and hos smacks the shit out of this guy. It's uncompromising, slap after slap after

Sidey: slap. Yeah, I'd forgotten about that. He makes him, he's got a, a gang tattoo on his neck and he says, rub that off.

I was thinking, oh, maybe it's just fake. Like, he's drawing it on, but no, it's real tattoo and

Dan: thought he was gonna be like his son or something, you

Sidey: rubbing it till it's bleeding and it, but all the while. And he was really hitting it. He

Reegs: him maybe 30 or 40 times in this sequence. It's really

Dan: as, as he's waiting for his. His kind of mate to make this phone call to ponytail and ponytail's dead. They don't know it, but the phone is in Lowe's hands. He's not picking it up because he doesn't know who's calling.

And this guy just keeps getting slapped and slapped and slapped for it. And as you say, I thought he, the way that he picked on him and just got him in a corner, I thought he knew. In some way, but he's just bullying him cuz he knows he can do it.

Sidey: Well, he knows he do it cause he knows this guy's a,

Dan: it's a power play.

Sidey: So what you're gonna do about it? The C I D emerge.

Reegs: Well, just before that, there is that 10 scene that you were talking about, Dan, really kind of where the guy's getting beaten. The phone's ringing it's at the crime scene, Lowe hasta it's ponytails phone. He wants to get it because he thinks that if he gets the phone, he can get in contact with the haircuts so that he can get his gun back.

He's we've already seen him try to kind of make a. Out of like a completely different model that

Sidey: It goes to a, is it an army surplus, a toy shop?

Dan: he goes to a toy shop. Yeah. And he buys a toy gun and then sprays the handle from brown to black to try to

Reegs: and files off the nose

Dan: to, to look. And it doesn't look too far off the one he actually had.


Reegs: but yeah, then C I D do turn up that's Ruby Wong

Sidey: They, they are not they're not. That far removed from all this brutality because they grab someone and effectively waterboard him with a bottle of Sprite or something.

Yeah. And that turns out to be an undercover police officer. Yeah. I was like, fucking hell. Everyone's getting it.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. So clearly there's a lot going on on this

night Yeah. And the C I D are there just to make sure that things are being done right. I guess yeah.

Dan: Yeah. They, they kind of put another us against them feeling against the PTU that are on on

Sidey: they they're sort of aware that something's not right, but they don't know exactly what's yeah.

Dan: And a couple of 'em are rookies and you might not have seen that. Then I, I picked up on it, but. Maybe it wasn't there that I felt that a couple of them really didn't want to get

Reegs: Yeah, no,

you're right. You're right.

Dan: In, in lying about the guns, but peer pressure taken them that way. And once you're in, you're in, you know, that's it, it was and yeah, this, this, this character of the C I D lady then comes in and.


thinks something's wrong. Maybe there's some corruption or maybe there's. And she wants to get to the bottom of it. So she's investigating the police while all this is happening as well. And she was quite an interesting character. I thought

Sidey: it, it gave it an interesting dynamic because they were then started to be in effect on the run from her whilst chasing these other guys. Yeah. Looking for the gun and everyone's kind of looking for the gun.

Yeah. So it was charging ahead at quite a pace

Reegs: and that yeah. But then the pace like slows to a baffling crawl where they have like a five minute sequence where the PTU investigate this building, moving up the stairs.

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: which was bizarrely long for me, it, it was five minutes, felt longer.

Sidey: They needed

Reegs: the equivalent of remember the pieing scene

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: a ghost story. This was that. But for climbing

Sidey: maybe they needed the run time was too short. They needed to pad it out a little

Dan: Well, they took you through step by step. Each step on the way to like the fifth floor. Yeah. And there wasn't a lot going on up those stairs either other than shadows and just the atmosphere, there was some really kind of bizarre soundtrack music playing as well.

It wasn't

Sidey: did they pull a gun on each other a couple of times? Yeah. So they're like looking up the stairs and one's looking down the stairs and like,

Dan: yeah. They milked that scene. I. For all it was worth. And I can't even remember what happened when they eventually did get to the

Reegs: There's like a rim full of half naked. Women's white. Yeah. And

Sidey: was

Reegs: there's like a prostitute ring or something, I guess, or sex trafficking, some

Sidey: human trafficking going on at, you know, cause there was women just sobbing and it looked like what was the Madam. Possibly or to someone who was in charge, but she was probably on the books as

Dan: she kind of lunged out and got a big boot to the, the stomach didn't

Reegs: she

gets a print on her.

Dan: and it was a massive boot print on her stomach and goes, wipe that off.

And, and so she does and says that they don't need any police assistance. And the police aren't really interested in helping any of these girls. It doesn't have what. Thought might be there, the gun or, or, or somebody might know where it is, so they just kind of leave it and it's a dead end. Yeah. So you've gone up the stairs.

You've come back down and it's just them running through the night. Isn't it chasing down these, these potential leads to

Sidey: we've got, we've got some, some female human human trafficking, but in the name of equality, we do get to see some fellas in a really fucking

Dan: Or in those

Reegs: Well, that's a baldheads place cuz low, low has now got ponytail's phone and it rings and he sets up this thing with baldhead who is a local gangster. Yeah. And yeah, like you say, when he gets there to baldheads place it cages everywhere and the four haircuts are in

Sidey: Mm-hmm and these dudes just carrying in these cages where there's no room to move, they're just crammed into these little, like things

Reegs: and they're naked.

Sidey: Yeah I, they just gonna be sold into slavery or something. I guess I was

Reegs: I don't know. Well, he, it was tortured because he was like hitting the outside. The cages were really small and he was hitting the outside with a hammer.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: All the way through this film.

There's, there's lots going on with the light. It's a fairly dark film, but the parts that are illuminated are really well done. I think lots of it, it, it seems like it was shot on a budget.

It doesn't feel cheap.

Sidey: No, and I couldn't find any budget information for us on this one, but I would agree it does. It looks like it was made, I think it came on a 400 grand.

Right? Okay. So not on a complete shoestring, but also not, you know, millions and millions, but it didn't, it didn't for me, didn't detract from the look of the

Dan: No, there was some quite ambitious shots, you know, sort of. Big city scapes and everything.

And and even, you know, that staircase there, the light and the shadow plays on it was fantastic. I just thought it probably could have done with Ben

Two or three minute shorter that scene. And

Reegs: when he talks to, when, when low Sergeant Lowe talks to baldhead They have a discussion about another local gangster called eyeball. And he doesn't care whether or not eyeball was involved in the job at this point of killing ponytail.

He just wants pony, eyeball dead.

Sidey: Someone's gotta go. It's like a honor thing, isn't it? Yeah, he can't be, he can't be seen to look weak.

Reegs: He tells Sergeant Lowe, I've got your gun and I'll give it back to you. If you clear the streets at 4:00 AM in Canton road in this particular place and set eyeball up to meet. And

Dan: and

Reegs: and that'll be it.

You'll have your gun back. I, yeah, one more gangster off the

Dan: street is his son isn't it? Ponytail is yes, he was. Yeah. So there's

Reegs: I thought considering his name is baldhead. He could have been more bald than he was,

Sidey: same, all that bald, no slightly thinning, but probably done the same ring to it.

Reegs: Rec receding.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

So we've, they're built up a picture of basically there's gangs, you know, some turf war going on. There's rival factions on the street.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: There's rival factions inside PTU. Yeah, because there's a second unit controlled by, I can't remember the officer's name. A female officer. Yeah. She's running up against,

Dan: and then, and then you've got the C I D there investigating as well.

So they're all kind of chasing each other.

Reegs: Yeah.

And then there's a kind of a half bizarre subplot here. I kind of lost what was happening a little bit in this bit of the movie. You guys can help me out a little bit, but there's a guy who's been using the same payphone

Sidey: as yeah.

Reegs: And he ends up being part of whose gang.

Sidey: these were baldheads I thought,

because he's got, he. So what we have for the, if we wanna move towards the finale.

Reegs: Yeah. Cuz this will set up all these pieces really

Sidey: Lowe, meets Sergeant Mike and the PTU crew and says, right, just don't do your patrol at 4:00 AM on canter street.

And he's like, okay, well fine. CID turned up and they basically do a runner at the back of this restaurant. And, and able to sort of let this go down. So the scene is set on this road at 4:00 AM, but there's a, a phone call that low needs to make. So he keeps going to this payphone, like you mentioned, res.

Yeah. And there's just this nerdy guy using it for a while and he's a standing waiting. He goes, lo makes the call. He goes back to his car, goes back to the payphone where the guy is again. And it just like, it's weird. It just

Dan: at one point

Reegs: up the tension. There's a little boy. Who's also been, there's been another subplot of smashing car windows and a little boy has been doing it on his

Sidey: Yeah. I was freaking out about that. Yeah. So yeah. So what I was getting

Reegs: eyeball is being given up, served on a platter to,

Sidey: So the guy in the, in the phone booth, who's part of those guys, I thought they were trying to get.

Bald head and crew at one end with their other three shooters down there and get eyeball in the middle.

Okay. So they could go. That might not, cuz it does go a bit crazy and it's quite hard to follow.

Reegs: last 15 minutes really goes berserk. Because yeah, we've set up all these pieces. Eyeball is being given up bald head is about to ambush the PTU, turn up. There's suddenly in there's this guy at the payphone and I know that another load of guys who emerge out of a van and then there's just a huge shoot.


Dan: With a little kid hiding away in the car. Their C I D closing in, and actually she's there. And during the shootout is I think a shot towards, and then kind of hides for cover in the car. Doesn't get a shot out,

Yeah. And at one point there's somebody with a gun right at the window and. Pinned herself against the door, hoping that they don't see him. And thankfully they don't and wander on,

Reegs: Well, she's committed the same offense as low, right? She's dropped her weapon

Dan: outside the F yeah. And he didn't pick it up.

It was just on the street cuz she drops it in the car and then closes the car door and hides. Yeah. Yeah, they, and,

Sidey: but the violence. Yeah. Like it goes to 11 because this is like, if I compare it to probably like a Tarantino Taino Jango at the end where the, the gunshot wounds are, it's visceral, man. They just like, it's

Reegs: all SQUI and, and bits of flesh coming off and yeah, full off it is.

Sidey: And,

Reegs: And, and the PTU are ruthless.

They're armed only with pistols. It seems, but they take these guys all down. All of them, it's just a blood bath. And then low runs away and he slips on the same bit of garbage that he slipped on earlier. And he realized that's what's happened with his guy and he dropped.

Sidey: It's just in some

Reegs: and then that's as phone boy turns up, he blows his head off with it.

So it's just

Dan: well, he, yeah, he kind of falls forward and finds it. Doesn't he just

Sidey: just putting his hand down to get up and he he's like, oh, for fucks sake. That's my

Reegs: so the gun that they've been searching for, that nobody that everybody thought that everybody else had

Dan: was just in

Reegs: lying in the garbage and it's used to kill.

And then that's how it, that's kind of how it all, they neatly tie it all in a bow.

Sidey: they get their sort of stories. We get a little clip of each different part of the crew saying, right. And he goes to I forget the lady's name from sitting and says, just shoot your gun twice.

So that you've

Dan: look good for

Reegs: look good in your report.


Sidey: so that's their part of the story. Then we go into the van and the, the PTU was saying, oh, we had to kill blah, blah, blah,

Reegs: Well, it's never in doubt that Mike will tow the party line for whatever is good for the police. Yeah. And Lowe will get a promotion out of all this and will be the hero

It's like this huge blood birth. And then this really GLM finale where the police all conspired to it was the best bit of the movie. I think really.

It's weird. This is only like 90 minutes long, but the pacing at sometimes is quite challenging in this. But there are a load of standout scenes, the dining room scene, all the inner turmoil that you were talking about, the setup at the, the tension at the end and the, the blood bath.

And then the, all the comments about what policing is like in Hong Kong, I guess.

Dan: Yeah, it, it, I, I enjoyed it up until the pacing of the film. Sometimes it just seemed to, you know, that that staircase scene really killed it for me, that there, I was just, just as it seemed, it needed to ramp up the pace a little bit.

Cuz you. They had met the characters. We went into a five minute stair casing. Yeah. And there was a couple of long played out shots. Like even the chase, which I enjoyed because they changed it up and they were both getting tired and they were running, but, but they just seemed to go a little bit. Long in too many scenes that, that slowed it down for me a little bit, but it was shot really nicely.

Reegs: It's not a lot of dialogue either,

Dan: No, there isn't a lot. The music was bizarre. I felt in, in, in, you know, it didn't seem to suit the, the scene sometimes. But.

Reegs: I like the themes though. The themes were good. Like all the stuff about like, you know, how everybody gangsters or cops, you know, they're all fascists or cowards or, you know, people trying to climb the ranks or, you know, it's all good, good stuff

Dan: Yeah. And the puzzle way that they kind of put it all together. So you reach this crescendo at the end and, you know, there's, there's the gun and it, it neatly wraps it up. I thought that was really good. And I can. It's not an idea that's new, that, that kind of thing. But imagine it's terribly difficult to get right.

And to do and to get all the painting just so it finishes at, at the right time. And I think for me, it just falls short of being, you know, everything tight enough together. I would say, you've gotta go and see this.

Reegs: It's confusing because it's not really clear who the good guys or the bad guys are at

Sidey: No, that's what I really like.

I, I, I much prefer that to, just to straight up. These are the good guys and these are the bad guys. This is just like, they're good, cuz they happen to be on this side of the law. But the, the way that they get their result is completely criminal and fed. It's much more interesting. That

Dan: lo was an interesting character in the fact that he was obviously a copy, worked those streets and everything, but he was a real ass and, and selfish and kind of E everything as well.

Sidey: bit a SLO. And you know,

Dan: a bit of a SLO you know, unprofessional, but at the same time, he. You know, I suppose he sees himself on the right side of things and there is a way to get things done and it, it works out rosy for him

Sidey: you don't see him very much, but they're, they've got that undercover policeman guy and I always.

Quite interesting. Like how far do you take that undercover role? You know, if you're placed in, within yeah. A cartel or something, you know, what do you have to, you have to do fucking everything they take and God knows what you

Dan: where's

Reegs: What about what crimes that you commit as a, as an


Sidey: you have to live with it, whether you are.

Able to do it or not, you know, it's interesting.

Dan: It, it is. Yeah. Yeah. But it doesn't again, explore that theme

Sidey: wasn't time in this movie. But,

Dan: but yeah. I mean, there might have been, if they had cut down stair casings,

Reegs: more about how the sort of like wall of silence that the institutions put up in this case, the police about these sorts of things that are happening when they all just, you know, it's all becomes about the story that makes them all look better or protects them.

Dan: It, it looked good. Huh? It really looked

Sidey: I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the whole thing, the pacing, the staircase thing aside, although it hugely matter to me because it, it, it, it, I knew how long a film was. So whilst it, that bit dragged a bit, I knew that ultimately the film wasn't gonna take forever and Bo me, do you know what I mean?

Yeah. Yeah. I was just interest to see how it played out and I would recommend this.

Dan: Definitely

It was, I would, I would say, yeah, if you, I mean, we watched the, the cop, the gangster a little while back, which was similar in, in its, its the film. No. Kind of scene of it. The lighting was, was clever. I preferred that

Sidey: Yeah. That is a better film than this,

Dan: but yeah, I mean, as you say, 90 minutes long a Hong Kong action kind of thriller.

Yeah. Then it's not bad. I mean, it's, it was a six for me.

Sidey: Right. That's fair you and say Reese

Reegs: themes are good.

Sidey: Yeah. I, I, I go seven, but I did enjoy it.

Dan: There you go. Well, it's worth it then.