Feb. 25, 2022

Room & Voltron: Legendary Defender

Room & Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Skyscrapers are of course symbols of male domination and authority, immense metal and concrete phalluses penetrating the sky itself so of course Hollywood loves to gaze adoringly at them. This week sees us discussing the Top 5 Skyscrapers and whether we're leaping out of them, smashing through them, climbing across them or using them to stage elaborate scenes of public affection we have many stories to discuss. DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE.
ROOM is a 2015 drama about abuse, suffering and rape which I was worried would go full misery porn but thankfully it's also about hope, strength in adversity and acceptance. Excellent performances from Brie Larsen but especially Jacob Tremblay as 5-year-old Jack anchor the film which features many distressing scenes alongside well-crafted sequences of tension and quiet emotion from Director Lenny Abrahamson.
We jumped into episode two of the first season of the fifth incarnation of Voltron, Netflix's VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER. Fantastic action scenes coupled with a just-right level of self-aware humour makes this an excellent addition to the Bad Dads kids tv review section.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.
Until next time, we remain...
Bad Dads




Reegs: Welcome to bad dads film review and join him with us. As we watch and chat about movies, we missed when our kids were little and since new films continue to come along and we continue to miss them, this could go on forever. What a chilling thought that is. As always, thanks for listening. Well, at least this far, we've not a lot to offer you for your valuable time, essentially an hour and a half of waffle with occasional moments of accidental, , clarity, and insight some terrible puns, probably something about ghost bats, maybe perhaps uh hardly relevant, scarcely believable, entirely irrelevant, long running tangent.

Like that time I was cycling down the railway walk and was attacked by a French dog, which is a story that people have always struggled to accept since how would anyone know the dog was French? It's not as if they bark in an accent. And anyway, the house that the dog came from was the kind of scary house where rumor had it.

One of the children living there with some kind of mutant that the parents kept in the attic because that's just what people did in the eighties. And also it had a basement full of what everybody hoped were animal bones Yeah, sure. A special shout out this week to rally scary the spam bot slash black male artists to send a threatening email to the bad dad's website.

Apparently if we don't promote his something or other, then he's going to create, in his words, a million toxic blog comments to bad dads, film.com. And I think I speak for all of us when I say it would be just nice to have some blog comments, even toxic ones. But fear not rally. Peter Andre has been promising a new blog for weeks now.

So maybe you could time it with that to give the website a real boost. Yeah Yeah.

Dan: yeah.

Appreciate your interest.

Sidey: had we had him

And also someone left a voicemail on


our website, which is really an echo, an email saying, oh, if someone's like, oh wow, that's cool. It's just some kids like giggling,

Reegs: Yeah Yeah It's great. Yeah. This is the

Sidey: not an offer of money or anything like that. No, No one wants to sponsor us. Just kids taking the piss out of us.

Reegs: This week show opens with us towering above the city scape hundreds of meters in the air. As we discussed the top five movie skyscrapers then this week's movie review is the 2015 Lenny Abraham's son.

Light-hearted romantic comedy room, and we're finishing things up with some chats about the Netflix animation, Voltron, legendary defender. And that just leaves this week's dads to round up fresh out of the gates. It's CIDY affectionate, diplomatic bland. These are just some of the words I wouldn't use. If I was trying to give you a flavor of the man just as youthful, energetic, and coherent or inappropriate for Dan.

And finally it's me rigs. And with that all out of the way, let's get on with it,

Sidey: Do you watch anything this week?

Reegs: Louis through.

Sidey: oh, okay. Yeah. My colleague at work was talking about that today. was the sort of Neo Nazi. one.

Reegs: Yeah, this guy, Nick, winter's pretty scary. A 22 year old, who broadcast from his mom's basement in three hour rants about five.

Nationalism and stuff. But he's this sort of chillingly acceptable face of conservative racism.

Dan: Wow. Alright. Okay.

Sidey: as this

Reegs: Louis absolutely skewers him and his sort of adolescent idiot man-child mates. They were all in the insurrection that the on the 6th of January and this guy baked Alaska, he's some sort of internet prankster who sort of, he nevermind having a second childhood. It looks like he never escaped his first childhood.

So yeah, America's got many problems and this is another one.

Dan: Yeah. Okay. Well, best of luck with that. I, it doesn't really, I w I've watched a couple of Louie fruit things, but I'm not massively into everything he does. So no, it's

Reegs: The one on rappers was only okay. That he did another one recently on that. But no, it doesn't

Dan: no, it, I don't follow it too much, to be honest, I watched the one that he did with Jimmy Savile back in the day, which was really weird.

Reegs: Yeah you fucked it up He knows he did. He talked about it. He knows he really, really fucked it up.

Dan: it's, it was, you know, not the only one. But anyway, I watched Rooney the documentary just come out on prime, which was pretty decent. I read, I remember him obviously a huge soccer football guy, if you don't know who Wayne Rooney is. And he burst onto the scene about 16, 17.

And I think by the time he got to like United he'd already mapped out all these deals, you know, there were already things that were going to be done. So I was expecting a little bit more with the footage and stuff from earlier parts and his life and it touched on it. It was okay. It's, it's worth watching, but I think there are better documentaries on sports sports.

Reegs: Probably It just sounds like an hour and a half of watching, like a barely cage.

Dan: No, he's, he's a lot more intelligent and and sensitive, certainly now he comes across that way. You know, I think he's just that kind of level of you know, attention on a kid. And, and not just attention, but carrying the hopes of, you know, going into the European championships, breaking his foot key moments just before world cups and things and being rushed through treatment and everything.

And then his own attitude on top of that both on and off the pitch we explored into drink probably really goes and he's honest about his, his, the, the women in the prostitutes that have led after drinking and stuff and the mistakes he's made and Collins. You know, talking about it as well. So that kind of side was really insightful.

When you think fucking hell, you know, these young kids, they knew each other since school, you know, and all the way through together, they've gone led this public life, if you like. And nobody really gave him much you know, hopes they say together one, but also education on how to deal with all that attention.

But yeah, it's decent. It's decent.

Reegs: And you saying anything that was more interesting than that,

Sidey: Loads of Simpsons episodes, because my daughters got

quite heavily into Simpsons, so I'm trying to steer her

towards the good.

Reegs: and she got good taste or is she like, no, I want to watch

Sidey: cause I,

Reegs: recent season,

Sidey: I was getting


to leave to come here tonight. And so I'd love to go to her own devices since she chosen.

One of the more recent


that are just like

Dan: W w what would you say is peak Simpsons

Sidey: before the season after season 11, I'd say about about roundabout 11


Reegs: and everything written by Schwartz welder or

Sidey: See the weird guy that just left. Yeah. Basically when Phil Hartman has died, it ceases to be any good.

But, I didn't get a chance to watch any other movies because Tried to watch what, a blue velvet for the midweek on Thursday last week, fell asleep Chad, another guy on Friday, fell asleep.

So all those like missed days, missed opportunities sent me back. So really just homework and Simpsons for me this week

Reegs: I to, I was a rent boy for blue velvet.

I had to rent it and I've watched it at lunchtime when I should have been

Sidey: If you don't work at lunchtime,

Reegs: Yeah Well they know, and I didn't,

Sidey: Oh, well that was good. we had an eight top five last week.

Reegs: We had lots of

Sidey: We did

Reegs: lethally was absolutely on

Sidey: just about to say that Darren Leafly is just, single-handedly like crushing it on Twitter

Reegs: He's made everybody else look stupid.

I would say, including our spaces as well.

Sidey: So Darren, Darren

Great nomination right out the gate. He went for it because it was ghosts. We Remember last year it was all about ghost, ghost story,

Dan: now

Sidey: Samuel, that shit a matter of life and death. So David, Lee in the classic you see in that one?

Dan: don't think I have

Sidey: Holy moly It's oh no Is it David Lena or is it Powell.

And Pressburger I think it might be Powell and Pressburger. And now that.

I think about it it's it's the fighter pilot who dies during the war and then his ghost

if the offline Yes.

There's the

there's the table tennis scene, the, the flight of stairs and all that. Really, really good. So that, that's the one that is actually going to go in because it's just great. Also he dropped in some trivia about it as well as as the famous sort of stack and that was built by the London underground for the movie.

And he also, yeah, he also dropped in some stats about, a ring Ringo and pingo

that we

jokingly referred to on the pod, but there is actually some stuff on the internet about


Call thing go have bingo animation about it

Reegs: thing, and Pinga.

Sidey: Yeah. So that was quite interesting. So a matter of life and death is going to go in, cause that is a really great shout.

Well, this week, reads, you alluded to it, obviously in the intro, we're doing a top five about


but not many skyscrapers in your

Dan: and I've actually, I've, I've, I've seen a few from the top. I remember going up to CN tower in Canada. I think that was the highest building in the world at the time.

The Patronus. Malaysia guess you've guys have been out there. If you go out there, you out that way. The big ones in there in the U S those still aren't they in Canada in that kind of

Reegs: I've been out the empire state

Yeah I didn't try and swipe a biplane done,

Dan: No

Reegs: I have been up there.

Sidey: Yeah, I've done empire state. Also did the what's the other one in New York.

It's not as big, but it's

a lot better. no across the road.

Dan: The one there's that one

Sidey: where the Christmas tree is,

Dan: don't know,

Sidey: Thingy building We may, we may well come across it in our top five discussions. So

Dan: You've got that one that's made of all the, the shoes. I said, it's a feat of engineering. It's amazing. And you've got this other guy who's trying to build.

I know it wasn't a skyscraper. It was just a big building made of, of glasses, quite the spectacle it.

Sidey: Right. Who wants to start us off.


Reegs: then, because I'm wary of Dan's interjections disrupting the rhythm and NOLA,

Dan: going to stop.

Sidey: I'm going to start. I'm going to go first of all for the dark night,

Reegs: Oh,

Sidey: which wasn't the first one I thought. of, But when I was

doing some

jotting down and stuff, I was like there's loads of skyscraper content in that film. the first skyscraper moment that I was thinking of in that particular movie is the banker. Who's taken all the crime boss's money.

He's done everyone back to Hong Kong knowing full well that he won't be extradited back to the U S back to Gotham. So Batman, goes over there and they say something about, you know, he doesn't do you know, borders or wherever. I can't remember. this. He does this elaborate thing and he has to get this plane we've already seen him with Albert Alfred, Alfred arranged this plane, this sort of military thing for pickup.

people. So he goes and gets him and he has to break in and shoot out a window and then gets sky hook. I think it's


Reegs: based on real CIA technology. Wasn't it?

Sidey: So

there's that sequence, but then the, the climax of the movie takes place in a I don't have it necessarily, although they did say in the social media post, that there is no categoric definition of what a

skyscraper is. So it's certainly a big building

And the fight with Batman and joker takes place in the ends. It culminates with the joke of dangling out of the window sort of alluding

to this, that it's going to be an ongoing thing,

You know,

that we can, that they basically Joe McGuire complete each other.

They need each other. But obviously that it didn't turn out to be the case.

But fucking tip top movie really, really love that movie. Great, great joker as well.

Dan: Probably the best

Sidey: The Batman is out next week.

Reegs: It's exciting.

Dan: Are we going over to me?

Sidey: well I

fear you're just going to jump in anyway. so

Dan: Oh, nice. Okay. Well, I'm going to open with their highest grossing film of 1974.

Sidey: best picture nomination

Dan: and the best picture nominee weeks

Reegs: Is it the towering Inferno?

Dan: is the towering Inferno.

Reegs: never sure whether I've seen this or not.

Dan: oh, I've seen it as a

Reegs: yeah. That's why thing

Dan: It was one of those that played in around Christmas or school holidays or at

Sidey: Christmas film Yeah,

Dan: it gets everybody in a mood. It's got a hell of a cost. I mean, you got Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Faye Dunaway flight of stairs in this

William Holden. Yeah, there's a Wagner OJ Simpson. And Jay's in it as well. And it's a set on the it's the story that disaster w the terrible opening of the Glass tower is called in, in San Francisco.

And Steve McQueen is the guy who says they, you know, why they keep building them so high. And you've got Paul Newman and the period and catches fire due to evil contractors, cutting corners and everything. And the elevate is break and it is a classic disaster film.

Sidey: anyway.

Dan: No, especially if the wire's broken, you know,

Sidey: It's quicker.

Dan: it's quicker, I suppose.

And I think OJ Simpson gives Fred Astaire a cat

Sidey: yeah

Dan: there's yeah. They dance off into the night. He's a

Sidey: that's not a joke That's true Yeah

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Makes sense.

Dan: It's a good know for 1970s it's filmed in Technicolor. It

Sidey: There was a hole there was, a barrage

at that time there was a Poseidon adventure. and airport, not airplane airport

all around the same sort

of time,

People were really into like


and like people dying

Dan: And then this probably where airplane came out as well on the back of them to, to try to

Sidey: But in real life, these things, cause this was an opening night. you know, First day of it being, you know, open to probably whatever the, in the story, of the film, but it happens quite a lot, you know, Titanic. I was thinking of another one that scapes me, but I was in, a stock home for

to go see Arctic monkeys as it happens.

But we went to a museum which was a museum of a boat. a Great. Big like fucking. wooden, Massive war ship, wherever. It was like, I might've bee thing. That they'd had this, they spent ages. I don't know if it was the biggest in the world at the time. but It was certainly fucking enormous. And they'd had everyone in

Stockholm come, come yeah.

come to the you know, the maiden voyage of this thing.

And they just said often it it's fucking crashed in the Harper sank right down

like that. the ultimate anticlimax. Yeah. So people don't get it. Right. You know, first time then you look a bit of a twat.

good movie though.

Reegs: The Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles is the scene of diehard which is really.


incredibly well-made action movie and it became a template for an entire, you know, sub genre of action movie set, you know, the phrase diehard on a train or diehard on a blur.

But yeah, the, the skyscraper itself is as much a character almost in the movie and, you know, ease, not super human, like other ones where in the building injures him in and he has to get, you know, regular his way through it and

Dan: Yeah. Glasses smashing and windows are

Reegs: ducks and yeah, jumping off the side of it.

I've got a cool little like sort of Mondo style freeze of him jumping off the side of the Nakatomi

Dan: Okay. Cause they go right to the top as well. Don't they, there's a helicopter moment where they're trying to get away and stuff.

Sidey: It's actually

the 34 story Fox Plaza, the 20th century Fox building, Los

Dan: not even a real

Sidey: no, the

Nakatomi thing was because at that time, during the eighties there was this sort of paranoid thing that the Japanese were going to take over all industry and.

you know, they were, they had this just-in-time

presence And the Americans were so

Reegs: paranoid.


Sidey: it started to infiltrate into films

and stuff like

Reegs: there was another one I can't remember, was it, the movie was called rising sun, I think. And it might've had

Dan: Michael Douglas or

Reegs: I want to say

short isn't short Connery. That was

sort of on a similar theme about Japanese, you know, the threat of Japanese business,

Sidey: It was Michael Crighton book when it yeah, Hmm.

Reegs: that's, the movie you

haven't thought

Dan: how many floors were on 35?

Sidey: Well,

Reegs: I had 31 on

Sidey: interesting you say that because there is an inconsistent you're exactly right Rigs. It was, a bear with me two seconds. Cause I don't know what I've done here.

Reegs: It's probably between the novel and the screenplay maybe because they were, it was obviously diehard was based on a novel.

Sidey: yeah It was, it was 31 floor building the Nakatomi Plaza. but in reality, it's 34 in the Fox Plaza Not, not, not including the mezzanine

Reegs: but it's my nomination.

So I say,

Sidey: Well, in the movie that we're talking about? Yeah, it was 31. You're right.

Dan: What? It used to be 35 and not 34, but that's another story.

Sidey: Has anyone seen man on wire?

Reegs: I

Dan: yeah,

Long time ago. This is between the twin towers. Isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah. The, the movie came out in 2008, but it's the true story of Phillipe

Reegs: Emmanuel's brother

Sidey: Yes.


tight rope walk between

the two towers.

Which is fucking like mind blowing, really

Dan: been another film done off that

Reegs: dramatization Wasn't it was it Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Dan: it was. Yeah. And he yeah, basically dramatize

Sidey: Well I think the

problem, although The document is really good, but the problem with it is you don't have that much footage of the guy actually doing it. And it's difficult for them at that time. to Get it done, especially because it was all Cova and you know, a lot of the story was getting the gear up there and, and, and, you know, the actual,

Oh, not infrastructure, but they're

just facilitating the actual,

stunt, took a lot of, doing. So I can see why someone would want to make another dramatization of it because you were able to do a lot more with the

Dan: cause he didn't have full permission.

Did he?

Sidey: Well, any

Reegs: permission,

Dan: any permission? Well, he knew, but some people inside do that it was happening and, and helped him to do it. But still, can you imagine that, I mean, it's already just a tough job to walk across a building on a tight rope in the wind and all that kind

Sidey: of fucking windy

Dan: Yeah. And then to have the, the kind of extra level of pressure of, you know, people rushing and sneaking around to set stuff up is it safe enough?

Is it strong? You know, all that kind of thing it would in my office, wouldn't you, you've gotta be in some kind of frame of mind to, to carry on and do it anyway. Is it come around back to me? Okay. Well, let me have a look through my skies, grouper scraper thing, American psycho one that I, I kind of dipped in and out the other day when the boy was watching it for the first time.

So it reminded me of.

Kind of crazy film Christian bio, who, who plays a psycho and an American one at that. And that should, they're the worst one. So I'm 80 American psychos. So he's he's on, on unable to kind of handle his emotions and he just kills anyone at one scene. He's he's

Reegs: He doesn't have any

Dan: He he's got a a chain store. Isn't he running down there? The whole way of his apartment.

Sidey: chucks it down the stairs,

Yeah yeah,

Dan: it's, it's just you know, such a,

Sidey: it's just

a high rise building in the upper west side of New York, but we don't have an address

Dan: Well, Mr. Yeah, as you say, I'm a high rise building, but it's

Reegs: I have an interchangeable swanky apartments, don't they?

I mean, that becomes integral to the plot of

Dan: And nobody really looks on each other. Neighbors keep very much to themselves, even throwing a chain store down the stairwell, doesn't draw much attention in the screams and blood and all the rest of it. You can imagine the Janet's she's going to come along, lop it up and go home again. That kind of thing.

So, yeah, but there's some movies still and Christian bio, it was one of the, maybe there's one of the first things I'd seen him in actually. Other than the kids' stuff and you didn't actually realize it, you know, the empire, the sun and stuff. And he, I mean, he's quite young in this, you know, but he's He's lucky me to get,

Sidey: yeah,

Reegs: I got a couple of Disney properties for you, if you want them stark tower.

That's a decent skyscraper. It's run by a self-sustaining clean energy arc reactor, which in my opinion would be a good thing if they could have one of those. And it's impressively tool, it's got a heli pad on it. It's run by an AI, got loads of cool iron man shit in it.

And then Hoke smashed the shit out of low-key though once, which was nice. another Disney one. And I think everybody would probably think about this is like star wars. Is correspondent. Is that the name of the

Sidey: planet? Yeah,

Reegs: It's basically an entire planet of skyscrapers.

Sidey: Yeah. Made me wonder about, you know, there's no vegetation.

On that. at all. It seems.

Reegs: there is reams and reams of nerd. Online about how possible slash impossible, the, the idea of the CT planet of course on is.


Sidey: it's the galactic Senate building 500 Repubblica Was the one I was looking at, but it could

be any

other building on that Cause they're all kind of the same.

Reegs: Yeah. Just huge skyscrapers everywhere. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Big buildings. Can't get over it.

Terrible as it come back around to you.

Sidey: it's me. Yeah. I'm going to go for one that I've been in


would be the Burj Khalifa.

Dan: Dubai


Sidey: Dubai,

Reegs: No, that's been in a few movies. So where are you going for

Sidey: going for mission impossible ghost


But also would point out that friend of the pod is probably not true.

A friend of ours that we used to play football with had a.

building this one Eastern Peter Duffy. was was in charge of the

Dan: buckets,

Sidey: He was in charge of the

Armani hotel section of it.

Dan: Wow.

Sidey: pretty Pretty nice.

to have on your resume.

this is,

I think still currently the tallest building in the world and I've been up it.

be, don't go all the way to the top. and fortunately

Dan: That's another,

Sidey: could almost fit.

The Ghost protocol has the sequence where Tom cruise basically has

to climb it. There's also the photograph of him

sitting. Sitting at the very top, like on


the, S the Spire, the pig of the fucking building, like it is, they helicoptered him up and he was just sitting there on it, And it's a photo it's like,

Dan: So Cruz, he wouldn't let anybody do that.

What are you going to know? That

Sidey: I think he did quite a lot of climbing stunts because he likes to do it all himself. And they are cool sequences and this one also got some really good Simon Pegg content in it. I really like these.

I don't know

how you

Reegs: yeah. Yeah, I did. Most of them. I like, yeah.


Sidey: I

Reegs: think it'd be

Sidey: think a lot of them all

Dan: I died away a little bit.

I really liked the first few, but

Reegs: I'm not sure whether I've seen what is the most recent one.

Sidey: one.

Reegs: There was a lady nerds, like getting enraged about when he loads his arms, like shotguns in the bathroom. I think it's fucking amazing.

Sidey: Is that the most recent one? I doubting myself now, but that cool,

I think they're all right.

Dan: Simon Pegg was in one wasn't he?

Sidey: is in quite a lot of them Benji. Yes. he, I can't remember which film he joined him, but I don't know because you've seen some impact basically from the start of his career

you know, in space or whatever,

to now like being pals with Tom cruise. It's just like, things great.

Dan: Cool actually, to follow on Instagram as well. We post quite a lot.

He's he's pretty funny as you would expect

Sidey: It's called dude. So yeah, Burj


in Dubai is my nomination.

Dan: Well okay. I'm going to go for a king Kong because you can't not mention it. And I'm really, it was the first one, the black and white one when just a lad. And he scales the empire state building and things don't go too well for him. But then, then

Reegs: I watched some clips of it I

Dan: does it again.

Reegs: of it today that the original had you watched, did you?

Dan: I've seen both.

Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: just like the way they'd hand animated, the the for moving in the wind, as he stood on the top and some of the special effects in that though, I'm not being a hipster, they still hold up.

Like the shots from far away where he's climbing up the side,

Dan: Oh, a hundred percent. Yeah. I mean the classic kind of director's moves.

I guess. There's just been improved by cameras and. Yeah, actors and scenes and the technology, but still we have really good.

Reegs: it's interesting to watch those seats because I watched them back to back the 2005 scenes. And there's some that are very similar point of view shots of the pilots.

And when he's grabbing it, you know, the sequence of how things play out. So it was

Dan: Yeah. I, the 2005 where you make, I didn't re

Sidey: pay Jackson.

did that.

Dan: yeah. And it was a long, was it three hours or something? I mean, he gave it enough time to do it, but I still think that the earlier ones better

Reegs: I think it was a Christmas movie. I'm pretty sure it was a Christmas movie.

And I do love like, you know, back before you had kids and you could just go to this, like have a couple of drinks and then go to the cinema and watch like a three hour movie or whatever. And it would just be great and Yeah.

Dan: blacks, mum was something amazing in the, in the spice rice or something. Wasn't sure. Yeah, that story. How is she? She was working on the, the codes of like the mass and everything to get the rocket to the moon. Then she went, gave birth to Jack Black and then the next day she's back in work doing the, the, the stuff again.

And then he's

Sidey: presumably you can still go and do maths, even if your

vagina. hurts.

Dan: Well, you know, it's still a tremendous effort.

Reegs: Wow

Dan: Wow. Yeah.

Sidey: breaks? You're up?

Reegs: Yeah, it's difficult to follow that. But all I tell you what, I will follow it with a movie that I like in a franchise that I like, although this is not the peak of it. This is a furious seven.

Yeah. We did

Dan: Oh, I know what you're talking about. I, this went through my mind when you said

the skyscrapers, because it's forever now.

I can't think of a skyscraper unless there's a car coming through it, going into another skyscraper

Reegs: I watched it a couple of times today,

the sequence it's amazing.

Sidey: any car either.

Reegs: It's a lichen hyper sports. They, it does not 60 in less than three seconds. There's only seven left in the world.

Sidey: Well, it's smashed.

this one up.

Reegs: Yeah. VIN picks up the car like literally physically picks it up which triggers the security.

And Paul Walker is trying to do something underneath the car. I don't know what's happening. It's not working, so they go and get out there. So they get in the car and they speed through the hotel and they're on about, I don't know what, however, the high up,

Dan: there are a hundred stories up or something on

Reegs: Yeah.

And they, they speed out through the hotel and then outcomes.

Jason Statens like terrifying villain. He's firing a machine gun. It's mayhem at the start. Man's fighting. That was like car Fu with the car and like smacks him across which in this, the laws of physics is fine. He just gets

up with

Dan: They're just angles.

Reegs: some amazing slow motion. And then he just launches himself from the first tower to the second.

And they, you know, slow motion is a guy like he's on his phone and you see his face as the reflection of the car comes in. And it just, as he reacts to, you know, none of this stuff is not intentionally there for you to enjoy. It seems crazy as it's just happening. And then he's barreling through that second floor and they land and he's like, ah, the car's fine, except there's no breaks.

So they just barrel on into the third one. Yeah. And then they just dive out of it before it crashes to the floor,

Sidey: I don't know that we mentioned the name of it, but it's obviously we're talking about the Eddie had towers in Abu Dhabi.

Do you know? But they don't show the fence stones in Dubai.

Reegs: I know

Dan: I didn't know that. Why

Sidey: Abu Dhabi do

Reegs: That's probably racist. Is it? I don't know. No,

Dan: he

Reegs: play wordplay

Dan: dude. Isn't he? Yeah.

Reegs: it's breathtaking.

Dan: Yeah, it was, it was a scene that stole the film if you like, because I remember watching the film and yeah, lots of it. You

Sidey: Wasn't your favorite that we've

Dan: no, you've got. Too much salt with it, but that scene just for the craziness and just to highlight, I think that peak kind of furious you

Reegs: No no no.

It's not honestly,

Sidey: the most recent one yet?

Reegs: I'm not sure

Sidey: the guy's face? Yeah.

Reegs: I have

no I haven't seen that.

one I can


Sidey: Yeah. Wow.

Reegs: the last one I remember is with the wrecking ball through this, just unbelievable. He said the director said that he watched his child playing with. Cars doing this stuff and he's like, right, I'll just do that in a movie.

Cause it was so crazy. You know,

Dan: Why not? Why not? Yeah. They got to take it to another level each time.

Sidey: don't know how they're going to talk the last time. Any, any how you might after can this one, but Mars attacks


1996 miles attacks Tim Burton movie,

Dan: Jack

Reegs: Well, what's controversial about this.

Sidey: They used real life demolition footage of a Las Vegas hotel being destroyed. It was the landmark, hotel and casino.

So it's real life stuff,

in a movie I don't know how high it is

cause they do have, they do have to

have, but not all of them, a big tower hotels. You see that's the thing. So think it should go in. I like it. I like the novelty of

it being real life

Dan: with the most stories, the library, Right. Okay. I'm sleepless in Seattle. It's another empire state building on the old

Sidey: putting the B again twice on the same building.

Dan: The empire has been probably featured in a lot of other films as well, but the, the final scene has them running up There's a Cary grant film. Isn't there. That plays right at the beginning of this and they have a similar scene and that's kind of what, they're the romance and these old, black and white films.

They're both watching and, and there there's a moment there where they run up. And I think it's Deborah Kerr and Carrie grant in, in the film, but they kind of almost create that scene where they're, they're running up and empire state building is closing. They just get the lift up at the last minute and they're looking around.

And of course they found each other.

Reegs: Ryan and

Dan: Yeah. They were, they were like guaranteed, whatever they had after this. You've got mail. I think that was another one. Wasn't it? That they put out. And they did.

Reegs: in Seattle, I think was I think of it as being the that's the one, I

don't know

Dan: it was the better one, I think.

Sidey: Nora Ephron director.

Reegs: Right, right. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: It's a right. It's just some fucking lame romcom.

Reegs: Yeah. I remember what she at. Do you remember pit? I watched it with her. This is probably another story for the let's

Dan: laugh for that then. And send it back round two weeks.

Reegs: Well,

I don't know how stringent you're going to be society. This is really more of a suburban luxury, high rise, apartment

Sidey: Okay

Reegs: But I don't know if I

Sidey: Well, I think the rules are pretty lenient because we don't have a cost on definition

Reegs: Okay. Okay. Well,

Sidey: leave out to your integrity. If You think it should go, you can you can put it in.

Reegs: I just don't think. Top five suburban luxury, high rise, apartment complexes to talk

Sidey: about.

Reegs: So

Sidey: This is your moment.

Reegs: yeah. This is David Cronenberg shivers.

Sidey: Oh, I've got that on my list. But I need to talk about, because

Reegs: Oh, it's it's really good. It's I remember seeing this when I was probably about 11 or 12 on channel four or something.

Dan: Highly

Reegs: was a 75 I think. You know, this would have been late night viewing with boobs and stuff, but it was later when you realized, you know, that it was about a sexually transmitted disease, basically, which turns our heroes like a middle-aged doctor and all the other infected residents of the star line of towers.

It turns them into this like bunch of constantly horny, sexually aggressive, kind of like almost like zombies. And they occasionally vomit weird maggot like parasites onto each other. And then commit acts of brutal. But yeah, yeah, it was produced by Ivan Reitman.



Sidey: Well, a couple of number three, a couple of quickly independent study. You

Dan: alien ship.

Sidey: There's loads of buildings get detonated.

but, There's the shot looking in New York down the street. I'm going to say fifth avenue because it might, might be and they blow up. I think it's a us bank tower gets detonated at the end of then all the

explosion travels down the street.

It was pretty cool. And also Ghostbusters another, or lot love, lot of skyscrapers in New York.

So a lot of content there. They are on top of 55 central park west when they fight the stay Puft marshmallow man.

Reegs: where do these stairs go?

Sidey: Yeah. And they added, a, I'm sure they added extra floors to it to make it look, bigger.


Saw a

Reegs: moving, lying to

Sidey: Yeah but fairly ubiquitous.

Movie that we always talk about, one that we don't always talk about But I was looking at how many films have featured the empire state building. And I still can't understand what they mean by this, but Andy Warhol has a film called


Dan: oh, the eight hours just filming the building.

Sidey: The empire state building is seen in a continuous eight hour, five minutes shot.

What does that mean?

Reegs: A looping five

Sidey: It's actually one minute. It just loops for eight

hours? Yeah. It's just the building at night for eight hours.

Dan: Yeah. Just go and run around. Oh, Pete would understand I'm sure. Most of the ones I had on my list, the fin on yours, but one that wasn't as the big short, it was a movie about the financial

Sidey: crisis,

Dan: Which I really enjoyed.

There's Glen Gary, Glen Ross. Have you ever seen this often? Oh, Gil. He comes up in the Simpsons a lot. Doesn't he?

Sidey: The

famous, Alec Baldwin bit. I just watched that last week or the week.

Dan: Okay. Yeah. So there's

Sidey: ABC

Reegs: always be closing

Dan: and you've got, this is it's a David Mamet play and it's about this team of downtrodden real estate salesman who.

Just how'd that most eroded over the years after working for a really unscrupulous company. And then you've got old girl who's played by, I think it's Jack lemon. And he, he always comes up in the Simpsons. There's an easier, it's one of those, those kind of dead beat down trodden characters. But yeah, being that this is a.

Real estate. There's good skyscraper and building content. I felt that could make this list. You've got Ferris Bueller's day off. One of you we've got home alone too. You know that that's gotta be him. Okay. I'll mention that again. Cause this is looking from the Chicago, the Willis tower in this eighties, classic

Sidey: What are you talking about Willis tower

Dan: Ferris, Bueller.

That was the tower.

Sidey: I fucking

Dan: you hate it. So I just thought I'd hang on it a little bit longer. And then 1923 safety law. and this is the famous scene we're hanging off the clock tower.

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: and yeah, it's a, it's an iconic image really of the silent film era.

Sidey: did you go to the premiere

Dan: I missed the premiere. I missed the premiere a bit old for it by that age. But yeah, he asked to climb out of this 12 story building, which is a huge skyscraper at the

Reegs: for about

Dan: Yeah, a thousand pounds a winner. And his fiance's hand in marriage is all widen on it as well. And I watched these as a kid, these when they, they used to play them a little bit and they were, they were fantastic, you know, real you know, they, this guy, Charlie Chaplin, of course, you know, performance artists who would really make you laugh just with the actions and that over dramatic style and everything.

Sidey: It was it Buster

Dan: pastor Keaton.

Sidey: to talk to us.

Dan: Busta, that's your door,

Sidey: So doing all they own, you know, real stunts, all that stuff. So

Dan: This is it. You know, that

Reegs: It really annoyed me when you were talking about brain dead that you didn't mention. So I'll bring it up now when line or just it's right near the beginning. And he just grabs the pole of the bus as it the tram, as it goes past, it's like a homage to Buster Keaton.

Sidey: Right

Reegs: I remember you guys. Didn't talk about that and know we've

Dan: Missed that bit, but yeah, glad he got his moment in the sun now over the

Reegs: well the matrix reloaded has that scene where Trinity is like jumping out of a skyscraper being shot by an agent in

Dan: opens for that. Doesn't it?

Reegs: It does.

Which is a pretty decent scene still. Haven't seen the new one. So looking forward to that happening soon The way I've missed up.

I was so excited. I know everybody say I've I heard everybody say shit

Dan: now

Reegs: So uh

Dan: thinking I'm just going to wait

Reegs: I had, I still really kind of don't know anything about it,

So I might nominate it for the pod. It's on

point. because I've got this far and not

Dan: he's so happy or that he's like, yeah. Okay. He knows his review. Ready.

Reegs: Anyway, should I, do you want a couple more or should we just depressed by the matrix being shit? Hardcore Henry, I don't know if anybody saw that it was by a Russian guy. I really, I really hope he doesn't

Dan: an adult film. Is it

Reegs: No, it's an entirely point of view shot movie. That's kind of like a video game where you sort of wake up. You were told that you were Henry, but it's from completely, from his perspective, it's an action sort of Kung Fu Saifai movie, like a video game. He gets his limbs or mentored and all sorts of shit. And he's beat there's crazy action scenes. It's got Sharlto Copley is a kind of re spawning kind of character.

It's really interesting if it doesn't always work, but the movie ends with this confrontation, with this like army of cyborg, super soldiers on the top of a skyscraper. And he's like kicking, you know, it's like a first person shooter and it was something in a video game, but done really well. Great stuff.

If a little exhausting

Dan: kind of reminded me of a film that I forgotten the name of w was she's great stop. Maybe you can help me with it. There's two cops and they have to go up the buildings to one of them's on got powers to see. And one of them is just really kick ass. It maybe it

Reegs: dread.


thinking of dread. man Yeah.

Yeah That was a good one. Yeah, that would be, does that a skyscraper? Yeah, I would say

Dan: Yeah. That was huge.

Reegs: Mega city one

Dan: city once and stuff. Yeah,

Reegs: Yeah, that was good. There's loads. There really is loads gremlins too. It was the clamp towers.

Sidey: That's good actually.

Reegs: Blade runner had the it's strictly speaking.

Yeah It's more a ziggurat

Dan: any film in New York really is going to feature skyscrapers.

Isn't it? It's some, you could probably watch a load of Woody Allen films in air or something. There'll

Sidey: be

Dan: sky,

Sidey: the obvious one,

Reegs: Should we round it up or do we want to keep it? Have you got any burning to talk about side

Sidey: just the one last one would be the Capitol records building in L a it's a distinctive thing building and it's quite often seen being destroyed earthquake independence day and the day after tomorrow.

It's it's. comes to a sticky end. And in the opening of Hancock got really shitty will Smith superhero thing. He impales the car on it.

and he throws a car into it.

So that's it from me.

Dan: Yeah. Me as well. I mean, wall street, didn't mention another one that would have it, but I think the one that I would choose to go into my top five would be the original king Kong.

Sidey: So you're putting in

the empire state building.


Reegs: Oh God, if I go, I've got to say what the actual tower is that I'm


Sidey: Well, that's the topic of


Reegs: Right. I'll go for the one from furious seven, but I didn't get its name

Sidey: Abu Dhabi.

Reegs: towers. I'll be Debbie.

Sidey: I I'm going to put in

Reegs: Wait I think. Are they a problematic country

Dan: Oh, you don't want to give him the air time of, of a skyscraper.

Sidey: few weeks. It's

Reegs: Yeah. With the dog it's the dog thing is really thrown me. Anyway, yeah. Furious seven.

Sidey: a yes. Great sequence. I'm going to put in, think

a fair, like


twin towers should be in there. So I'm going to go from man on wire.

Reegs: Nice.

Sidey: They should be in

Reegs: And then tell you from the listeners and we

Sidey: had about a thousand from Darren lethally already,

Reegs: are you starting a great list of really good nominations?


Sidey: off to, him.

Well, we're going to go from skyscrapers to well, if not basements then certainly dingy sort of outdoor shed type things Yeah. for this week's main feature, which is the 2015 Nazi romcom room.

I've been

meaning to nominate.

this for a little while.

Dan: It's going to say to no cheese involved in the interlude in case anybody thought they missed out on that chat?

Sidey: No, I have eaten a couple of cheese sort of biscuits but they, we don't have any cheese to put on them today. So we're just going to launch straight into this. movie

which didn't have any cheese in it either. I don't think

Reegs: I can recall any cheese.

Sidey: No. So this is the story of Brie Larson she's related to after all and her son who are incarcerated in this very small room. And have been for seven years.

Dan: Yeah, well he five, cause he's just having a birthday, but she's been in there seven years. Was it obvious to, cause I went in knowing nothing about this. It was just one. Okay. Put it on, started to watch it and Yeah, I wasn't quite sure what room was for the

Sidey: I knew the

sort of summary,

like what the

premise of the film was I didn't know anything other than that,

Dan: right?



they are in a room which has everything they need. It's got a bed, it's got a wardrobe, it's got a sink.

Reegs: It's got a chair, it's got a bed, it's got a cupboard, it's got an ink blot on the carpet. And he says a lo to them all in the morning,

Dan: Chair, number one, chair, number two. And

Sidey: got a number sort of padlock system as well.

Dan: Yeah, they're locked in there.

Sidey: They are they're trapped,

Dan: but the, the little boy is, is running around and he's really playful and he seems to be enjoying life and all that the room has to offer

Reegs: Yeah. well

Sidey: reality.

Reegs: and then having what looks to be like a really nice day for their totally normal day. They do some yoga,

do some exercise running backwards and forwards.

They bake a cake for his birthday.

But it doesn't have any candles and Jack gets upset

Dan: Yeah. He, they, they do have a TV as well, and there's obviously cartoons and things on there. But the story that Jack has been told is that he all that isn't real. This is real. And he has a very skewed kind of view of the world because he's been told, well, fibs lies by his mom.

Because she's trying to protect him, I guess, in this,

Reegs: Well it's a fantasy isn't it to allow him. He, I think the idea is that she came from the TV world and that that's the fantasy that creates, it allows him to escape the, the whole row really, and the Versity that they're going through.

Dan: So there's, there's one light, which is a one window, which is a, a skylight way above them.

The room is also decked out in. Kind of the sound sponges. Well, isn't it along the roof. So they can just go to a place and scream as loud as they, they want to, or, and nobody's going to hear them.

Reegs: Yeah, so they baked the cake like we were talking about, but Jack gets upset. He says it's not real, any, any asks he asks and this is important because it's the first mention of him.

He says, can we get some candles from old Nick for their Sunday treat? Then he doesn't need clothes like last week, but old Nick will bring him anywhere. He goes to sleep in a tiny cupboard Disney. And but he wakes up when the daughter room opens and incomes old, Nick who sees it and he sees him through the slats.

Doesn't he? And he's just this sort of nondescript you don't kind of see him at first.

Sidey: disheveled.

Reegs: Yeah. He's.

Sidey: dude.

Reegs: so a bland face of evilness. And I old next spots, the cake and realize is that Jack has a birthday. He says, what is he for now? So he doesn't even know. And he says, he'll buy a jacket present which kind of upsets Mar and Amar.

Anyway, they go off to have light silent, squeaky sex in the bed.

Dan: Yeah, yeah.

Reegs: I mean it's just awful, awful,

Dan: it is. You start now then having a full understanding of what's going on and how she's being survived. She's being held captive. She'd been kidnapped. And now she has a baby Jack who's living with her as well. And it, yeah, it is it's bleak is a shocking it's.

I don't really know where this is going and she's going along with it. Always just the routine, you know, there's all these things we find out a little bit late launch. He hasn't tried to escape and things before, but

Reegs: well, the, the way they interact now, it's so chilling because it's almost like a, it's almost like a bad husband and wife relationship,

Dan: Yeah. It's got that routine where she just comes in and she's obviously protecting Jack from him, seeing her, touching her. He hides away. He's told not to get out of the room while he's there. And then eventually Nick goes from this episode and they, they

Reegs: well it's the next day. It's like a normal day. They just, you know, they watch television, they have a an apple but which Mar bites into and pulls out one of our teeth.

Sidey: but she keeps

Reegs: Becomes quite

Dan: Yeah. He's, he's quite, he's like, oh, awesome. Wow. That's, that's brilliant. Something new in the house. I mean, he's got

the language, this little boy uses and he really long hair. And what a performance, this kid put him by the way. I mean, it was all the way through. It's just fantastic.

Reegs: It's incredible

Dan: really, really brilliant.

Cause you almost see the film through his eyes in, in large parts of it. And it, it stays very close to him all the time as well. The, the action in the, in the films and, and what's going on. And his, yeah, his view of the world and that the way he uses language there's so much place in the world and hello, Mr.

Spoons. It's just, his world is all in this room. His whole world is this room, which is tiny. It's. You know, at best the double room, that's it in it like in a hotel or something is no bigger than that,

Reegs: but we can see as well at five he's developing maybe slightly.

Becoming older, understanding the world a little bit more.

Sidey: but he, he keeps

looking at

the skylight,

probably just thinking what's beyond that you know, what is out there

it's easier to leave and things like that. And yeah. it's

Dan: Well, th th the leaf comes to a point where I think she is then saying, well, she realizes she's got to get out of there. She's she'd probably realized it a few times before, but it's It's come to a head again, you know, he's five.

I think that might be a marker. I don't, I can't remember if there was anything. I think they threatened to turn off the, I mean, all Nick is a right answer and you know, he's threatening to, to stop the, the heating or the food. And he's complaining that he's lost his job and you know

how hard it is just to keep her alive.

Like he's doing her a favor or something. And while she's, you know, he's got the sense, she's a mother in there, you know, so she's looking after her kids. So that's why she's so Versive and you know,

Reegs: well, she's had failed attempts, like you said, as well. You know, I think her,

Dan: well, she starts leveling up with Jack doesn't she? And she says, look where there's a whole world out there. Now you're five. You can handle this. You can see this stuff. You can, you can be part of this other world and that leaf is attached to a tree, you know, no leads or green, you says, cause he's never seen, he's only ever seen green leaves on the TV or whatever.

No, they can change. Like, and they devise this plan of him pretending to have a

Sidey: really awful

Dan: and she puts on the hot towels on his face and, and basically burns,

Sidey: she makes herself gag by putting

Dan: sick. Yeah.

Sidey: down. I thought it looked really.

Reegs: Yeah.

This format and

Sidey: sort of wipes it around and then cause he must come down at the same time every day. And so yeah, he's, Jack's made to look L and put on this performance and there's sort of

and by all around to make it smell disgusting.

And he's pretty much like oh, fucking get some stuff and deal with it tomorrow.


There's no urgency like, cause the plan is

to get him to the

emergency room and then tell the story, bros. He's just like, no, I'll get some paracetamol or some painkillers.


Reegs: And she's directly said that it's his fault because he turned off the power after an argument they'd had it's brutal scene where he raped her.

And they turned off the power and say, they'd slept all night without it. And so he feels guilty now and she's using that,

Dan: She's got this horrible bruise in the morning. Isn't she around her throat where he's, he's grabbed her so hard and everything. Yeah. So it's a really kind of bleak scene again. And

Reegs: when he comes back, which is a little bit later in between, they've been practicing, rolling up

Sidey: in the carpet,

Reegs: in the

Dan: carpet.

Reegs: and pretending, and she's like basically telling him to be stiff so that he's like a corpse.

Dan: She had the kind of thought, I think the night before and realized. This is a moment it's gotta be, Jack's not

Sidey: last chance Saloon

Dan: last chance saloon. She says, right, you're going to pretend to be dead. And it's just pretend, but once you're out, you're going to roll and they practiced, you know, it was a, it was a scene almost, you know, a little montage of, of going into rolling and getting in and out of a rug

Reegs: though, because she's trying to get the right performance out of him,

Dan: and the right technique on how to do it, you know, put your arms up so you can get them out.


Reegs: So the plan is to convince old Nick that he's dead and that she's going to say that he has to take him somewhere, you know, bury him somewhere. And the plan is for as soon as the truck stops, he's to bolt outright out of the, you know, they practice this move of unrolling, the carpet getting out and she's, he's going to find someone and he's going to anyone at all.

And he's going to, he's got a note and he's going to tell someone that say my name, you know, I know joy Newsome, that surname joy.

Dan: and you think, wow, this is, this is really kind of heavy. You know, this is a S everything's on this, her performance. When all Nick comes in, is he going to demand to see the body?

Is he gonna, you know, do all this anyways, already

Sidey: she so hysterically says to him, don't you get your

fucking dirty hands out. You fucking touch him. You know, she

Dan: you did this, you did this. And he kind of panics and I've got to think, I've got to think. And he ends up taking the carpet. He stops halfway through the path and he seems to be having a think and whatever, but he goes through of it and he puts it in the back as we're, as we're shooting along the street.

Jack unravels it probably earlier than he was meant to, but he's not sure what he's doing. He's completely disoriented and he's. Amazed with what he's seeing, like a full tree, you know, why is he, oh, he's only ever seen blue sky just straight about so suddenly he's seeing stuff 18 on TV and he's, he's dangerously high in the back of this van.

Reegs: You get a couple of moments. It's not overdone, but you get a couple of moments where the camera sort of visually mocks what it might be like to experience light in a completely different way, because he's only ever had the light of room around him.

Dan: That's right. Yeah. There's all this.

Reegs: it's amazing.

Dan: I mean, later on they ended up giving him sunglasses, don't know, you know, the, the light was a, a factor in everything, but he, it doesn't go smoothly, but he does get away.

And he jumps out and he finds a dog Walker.

Sidey: He just, he falls makes enough

disturbance that you spotted by old neck. He knows the games up here. And so he's he falls and he's disorientated and obviously like sensory overload, he doesn't know what to do, but he's trying to follow through with the plan and it, the dog walkers, you.

Okay. You know and he's mumbling and then there's disheveled angry looking man comes over

and wrestles him away.


the dog was like that's not cool. That is

not cool at all

Dan: you love the dog Walker?

Sidey: Oh mate It was a bit like the biggest hero of the whole film and

did he did he pass the note to him?

or did he just know that this Is just not this is not right

Dan: Is that for me, you've given me something to, he asks, he goes, you've given me summit and then, oh, Nick just dumped him.

Sidey: He

Dan: felt the

Reegs: We knew the game was up

Dan: He's just dumped a Jack on the floor and sped off in his red pickup. then the police come and again, another

Reegs: Another hero, Yeah.

she's great This is Amanda Bruegel she's she was Ruth in the Handmaid's tale. I don't know whether you,

Dan: I mean, we almost set describing this, like it was a true story

Sidey: have been things.

that, you know, in the news there, the last

Five, 10 years or

so of people that have been

kidnapped like this

just getting out, you know, And so there is an element of you know, this isn't completely farfetched nonsense.

Dan: Well, I was kidnapped by a mine

Reegs: mine.

Dan: He did unspeakable things to me.

Reegs: Wow.

Dan: W w

Reegs: but so she's talking to Jack

Dan: just because I, I just got a meshes that sting has been kidnapped. The police don't have a lead.

Reegs: Wow.

But it's the police who one of the heroes, Amanda, Bruegel like we were saying, I don't know if that's how you pronounce her name.

She's talking to Jack he's unresponsive, but she does get him to talk when she notices he's clutching the

Sidey: Yes.

Reegs: From earlier that we talked about and she's asking him what his mom's name is, but he can't remember. And she's asking him where he lives. And he just keeps telling her room and she asks if room has any windows.

And he says, no, you know, so, but she's like cleverly, she's piecing it all together. And eventually she gets that he was in a truck and there were two stops. And how many times, you know, and it's really great scene where eventually she's like, look in this area, you're looking for a shed with a skylight it's in the backyard of a house.

It's three blocks away, you know,

Dan: hello partner, hasn't got a clue. Izzy.

He's just driving around, looking for guys with swag, written on him, where she's got something really.

Sidey: she's.


Dan: She Sherlock Holmes that together. Then she, she just kind of put it all together and said, right,

Sidey: And so we

see sort of competent a little bit, but you know,

obviously it's

Some serious like PTSD, but and when we

Dan: as the viewer though, you know, that he's safe, you know, that he's found safety in the, in the place and he's not with all

Sidey: this the slow-mo of his mum, joy,

Reegs: there was never any idea. I don't think that, although it seemed clear that she was willing and maybe expected that she wouldn't survive this, it was never, you know, it was always clear at this point that they were going to be reunited wasn't which was good, a relief because that first hour is, is so intense.

We've skipped over many scenes of brutal rapes and children being exposed to things that they haven't, you know, we, we ha we really have in that first hour, it's anyway, are reunited.

Sidey: So there's more.

Family reunions. to be had

Dan: Well, this

Reegs: they wake up in the hospital. This is such a good scene.

Dan: this is where the whole, it's almost white. We've you hear that story?

Don't you of, of people getting abducted and, and

Sometimes them being found is that, and then it kind of stops the story, but in this film it gives you the other side of it then. So behind the scenes of the family home and the press were outside and it's in the first kind of 10 days or so, lots of this happens where right up till kind of, you know, the, the culminative piece with the TV and everything, but it's, it's this, that really interested me this side of it, more than maybe even in the room, I just thought this was a take on it

Reegs: well, it can, because we've got a good chunk of the movie left. It's almost divided into it into two parts and the part where they wake up in the hospital room and we get, you know, he's looking out over the city and he's clearly completely overwhelmed by what you can see.

There is a good hour left of, and that's what I think makes it interesting potentially. Because you get to see him trying to reintegrate back into society. He says he's he went to the bed but Mar tells him not to worry and they have pancakes and fruit, which must be a lot. Yeah, I think,

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: can hear the press or outside doctors. I think a common in still Dr. Mattel, he's wanting to review and just and analyze them a little bit longer. They want to get home. And then you have this scene where I think they'd see, she'd mentioned, I saw grandma last night already and she's, we're going to go and stay with her.

And she's really looking

Reegs: he has to wear a mask because he's got low natural immunity.

Which was, you know, strongly sort of prescient, you know, back in 2015.

Dan: And then William H Macy comes in.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: yeah, And well that's

Reegs: yeah. Well, her parents are

separated and she's remarried to Leo. Who's just an all around nice guy.

Sidey: He's


he's great.

And at first

It all seems like really hunky Dory. You know everyone's happy to see everyone. and just relieved that they're alive and, you know, pretty much well you know, physically, well obviously there's going to be some traumas there. But as it

as it turns

out, William H Macy, William H Mason's character, th the, the actual dad, or the grandfather sort of struggling to accept the reality.

Dan: Well, he can't see, he hugs his daughter. Like you would X yeah. That you would expect him to, but he won't even look at Jack. He didn't even look at him even through the, in the hospital. He didn't look at him. And that was my first twig was that was like

wa you know, for the first moment you thought, okay, it's just emotional.

He's with his daughter. She was 17 when, when she was abducted and he's, he's found her again. But yeah, it seemed to be really

His reaction, you know, really crazy, really cold.

Reegs: Yeah. I think that plot line though, is kind of just taken up and dropped almost in the same scene.


just he rejects it. There's a, there's a scene where they're having dinner, isn't it?

And he just excuses himself and it's really uncomfortable and awful and you know, what's going on. And it's had a scene where Jack's got brain freeze for the first time. Cause he's had ice cream for the first, you know, and there's lots of heartbreaking stuff where he's saying, is it a tree? Is it old Nick going to bring us to treat or whatever.

and she's like, there's going to be a lot of treats now because they're in the real

Sidey: and he says, he says a few times I miss room. Cause that's all he knows you know? And it's, this is all different and probably really overwhelming. And I kept going back to William H Macy's character. And I guess, you know, you don't know how people are going to react to that situation.

And he's looking at. Something that's come about through like a consistent, fucking like rape.

Of his daughter, you know? So how'd you process? those dif it was very,

Dan: I mean, and, and we know Jack, we know what a fantastic little kid he is and how funny and smart is. Cause we've, we've met him already for an hour and, and he D he doesn't be, he's just not even engaging as he he's.

He's kind of very, as you say,

Sidey: It's difficult It's just difficult

Reegs: I mean they are it's like you said before, it isn't all smooth sailing. They are sort of struggling to adjust back to like normality or wherever that is or life outside captivity. And he, he could like cut hides into small spaces to sleep and that sort of thing. But then the lawyer turns up and tells them there's going to be a trial.

Sidey: Yeah. And also there's the consistent media presence. And possibly in my opinion, the fucking most heinous villain of the whole. thing Is the

is the woman who interviews I could have fucking murder.

She's just vial and basically implies that it's all her fault and she didn't do enough.

Dan: For Jack

Sidey: And

I was just like,

Dan: or

Sidey: him what she can have. You fucking

Dan: the line equate show.

She's agreed to do this TV show because she is struggling at home to adjust. She does it, she wants her own space. With Jack, she feels that's probably going to be best for her and wants to get out of grandma's house. She's had an argument with grandma at one point saying, you know, really tough kind of chatting relationship where she said maybe if you had taught me to be so nice, I wouldn't

Reegs: it wouldn't have happened

Dan: have happened in all this.

So there, there was a lot going on and that led to them agreeing to do this interview and they have a conversation before there's any questions you don't answer.


and we'll move on. So she's trying to make her feel really comfortable. You're right. She goes to an absolute town on her and the line of questioning of, do you think you did enough for Jack?

Why did you not, as soon as he was born, just get him to drop him in there at the hospital, you know, and he could have had a normal life. Did you ever think of that? Obviously it was just such a

Sidey: fucking, really angry fucking bitch,

Dan: And, and she doesn't have the answers she's, she's

Sidey: just

Dan: to comprehend, you know, I mean, there's a ton of answers you could have given, you know, who's to say that, oh, Nick would have done anything like that and just killed it or whatever, you know, who knows what this man is capable of.


Reegs: in, in the fallout, from that her argument with grandma and the horrible interview, she makes a suicide attempt in the bathroom, which Jack foils

Dan: Yeah, he, he finds her and and screams. And then

Reegs: she's

Dan: grandma and Leo come,

Reegs: well, I think this is really important because she's taken away and then kind of for the first time ever you know, Jack is there with just with Leo and he's kind of gentle and patient and you know,

Dan: how was your first initial feelings when, when Leo

Sidey: up he's kind of presented like almost scruffy and

Looking a bit like old, neck in the sense that he's disheveled.

I didn't have the bed, but because

William H Macy suited and booted William H Macy, certain birdies looking all

smart and print prophet by this guy was just like really casual and whatever, but it just,

turns out that,

Reegs: well, he's a white male about the same age as old Nick was,

Dan: it took me a moment just to even sort of trust him and I'll just watching him, you know, w we'll see, I hope he doesn't, you know,

Reegs: Well there's been a thing though as well because Jack had an imaginary dog called lucky in room and Leo has a real dog that we haven't seen. It's been kept

away but they keep talking about what a cool dog it is. So there's that kind of thing going on.

Anyway, they have these like gentle interactions where Jackie's coming out of himself. And then Jack tells grandma to cut his hair.

Dan: Yeah, there's one scene. I remember. And they just held on it where Leo is massive hand is on Jack's small shoulder.

And they're just at the top of the stairs and it kind of is they're leaving, you know, and that was the, my, I just, you know, there was so much power in this guy and then this little kid, but they, they get on like a house on fires, particularly when the little dog is introduced and he takes to him straight away.

Doesn't he?

Reegs: Yeah. But so Jack, Jack says, you know, in this sort of Sampson esque moment, he says, cut my hair to grandma. I really liked this scene. He's going to give his hair to his mum to give her power. And she cuts off his ponytail and he says, I love you to her. And she just kind of


this quiet emotion.

You know what an enormous moment that is. And it was like, God, I F honestly, I'm almost welling

up talking

Dan: it was. And it was so well acted from this, this young boy, I think he's seven years old or something when he,

Sidey: seven or eight

Dan: this seven or eight. So it's incredible performance because

Reegs: yeah you can't talk enough about how

good he is

Dan: he's, he's totally believable.

Sidey: Tremblay

Dan: Yeah. Wow.

Reegs: Things kind of get more normal jacket. I kinda missed how he met this kid, but there was, there's another kid just that he's playing with, being a kid, being with another kid and playing and Mars coming home. And she says that the hair gave her strength to carry on. And then really now we're right at the end bit where Jack says to Mar that he wants to go back to room. It's like you were saying, it's a few times he'd been talking about it, but now he wants to go back.

Dan: Yeah. And she's kind of can't believe it, but agrees with it and goes

Sidey: I was surprised

Dan: it was the,

Sidey: she was, they were willing to go back there. But

Maybe, maybe you get advice to maybe do that. I

Dan: Yeah. Well, I think it was a thought a form of therapy fair him. He didn't even know about just seeing natural.

It wasn't therapy. It was just something that he felt compelled to go and do, and it felt, and then he said goodbye. It was the same police woman that found him, brings him back in as well. I remember thinking all, I wonder if the police have actually sorted that out and said, you're the best person to do it.

And they're kind of, you know, really supporting them still through it.

Sidey: he feels that it's Shrunk. And it's different. And it's now is too small, and too confining and he's able to move on from it pretty. Yeah. Easily.

Reegs: it does look really different though. I mean, the door's been busted open by by an excavator. There's one there, but when you go into room, the furniture has been taken away.

You know, it

does look it's lit

Dan: very different.

Reegs: and the kid sees that and it is closure for

Dan: Well it, he, he is asked, did you want the door closed? And he goes, nah. And then he just goes around saying, goodbye wardrobe, goodbye, sink, goodbye chair, number one. And he's got all these little, little names for things. And he says, you know, you say there's so much of place in the world.

And he has this language of, of making now space so important. And yeah, it's a, it's a scene. They just walk away from isn't it. And she just mumbles under her breath, goodbye room. And then herself lead.

Sidey: the end.

Dan: Yeah, it was it. Wasn't what I was expecting when I first turned it on. I didn't know where it was going to go. It had,

Reegs: That must've been an interesting experience actually, because

Dan: knowing anything about it. Yeah. It was it just made other movies flashed before my eyes. I was like, oh boy where is a similar kind of star and just a guy in a room.

And yeah, it became, you know, before Nick came in, you just heard the name and it gave you the creeps already. And you just wondered how this was working because she seemed otherwise quite. And, you know, welfare in good condition. And Jack seemed a well adjusted little boy, you know, for, for all reasons.

But as you go on, that was just more a Testament to her and her mothering skills and her attention to, and probably vice versa. Cause she says a couple of times you say me again, you say me again because of the five years of oh seven years of being in there, you know, you maybe you'd have gone mad without somebody and maybe that's what the report was alluding to in a very horrible way, you know, did she do it almost for herself keep onto the job because she might have lost her.

Yeah. And maybe, maybe there was a, a part of her that, but I think the bigger part was her just motherly instincts of, you know, looking after her kid. Yeah,

Sidey: nothing wrong with

Dan: it was no, not at all.

Sidey: It was you know,

Could you enjoy this film? I think I've certainly recommend this film, but it's you know, it's pretty bleak, you know, the whole,

thing even even after

the rescue it's still, you know, it's not plain sailing, it's still a lot of stuff


deal with.

and work through. It's

Reegs: Yeah. Well, it's skate. I, it skated dangerously close to what I described as misery porn or like trauma sort of, you know, holidaying

it's trauma, tourism. It's like these horrible, horrible things that, you know, happen in the world. But being played out, but then, you know, because it's a work of fiction.

Free to see it thematically as well. And if you want to see it, this, my wife pointed this out to me. If you want to see it as a parenting parable, you can. Which is you know, an interesting take on it, but it's a, yeah, it's a crazy dark, bleak first hour, you know, you're seeing really desperate acts, you know, when in the papers and stuff, like all that stuff, like baby pee and all those things, people like religiously follow those stories and it's nauseatingly, you know, and I find that stuff horrible.

And this is in that realm

Dan: Yeah. I mean, it's horrifying when you get, when you really concentrate on, on what has happened to, to that person. And there are people who, you know, we can name their names. Yeah. It's happened and

Reegs: well Fritz so I guess is the, the big inspiration, isn't it

Sidey: like to joke about frequently. Yeah, that is that is Baron.

Reegs: wasn't nominated for an Oscar.

Sidey: I find that hard to believe


  1. I, you know, I'm a big child actor

fan And this is right up there with.

the best

Dan: Oh, it's up there with the best child performances. I think I've ever seen.

Sidey: was a very convincing child.

Dan: They broke it down for him.

I looked a little bit online and they obviously didn't give it he's too young. So they just told him what was happening that day in the script and, and played things that way. So it was all very natural for him and everything.

Sidey: Brie Larson did some kind of method stuff where she, she isolated herself for a month in her home.

to like a vest extreme, but she cut off the phone, the internet.

all that stuff.

And then I think she has some nutritional work where she, she had a really restricted diet to try to get a bit of a feeling of what it's like to

be careful.

Obviously You're not going to be cut away for years and years and years, but it's still I think

Reegs: she's very convincing in this. She's

Sidey: she did win the Oscar.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: She won the best leading actress Oscar for this, it was also nominated for best film and best director. And best

adapted screenplay

but didn't win any of those. It was only Brie Larson who won

Reegs: the kids. He was in a low budget, UFO slash cabin in the woods type thing called extra terrestrial. That was before that. No, but, and then he did some comedy work with Seth MacFarlane for American dad and family guy and stuff.

And then he was in the predator 2018 reboot thing. And Dr. Sleepy was in both of those, which I've seen. I can't remember him in either of them. Intriguingly he has the role of flounder in the little mermaid, reboot, a call and has an unspecified role in the toxic Avenger sequel remove

Sidey: Oh that sounds interesting.

Well, I'm not surprised.

I'm not surprised he's in demand

Cause he does seem like, you know, he's got he's got

the goods

Dan: just hope we can see plenty more of them in the future.

Reegs: And the director did

Sidey: Frank.

Yeah, that's cool. Money-wise.

this was

pulled together for 13 million us. It's going to have a bit of Oscar bounce. I would have thought. So what do you think money-wise


Dan: I think it's one because of the Oscar bounce. I don't think this would have been a film that would have packed in the audiences massively.

Reegs: Yeah, I think probably it did hit huge. Maybe because people love this misery stuff. They buy all this stuff all the time and read it up.

I generally don't. I might have avoided this movie. I knew what the subject matter was. I may have always avoided it. I watched it. I'm kind of glad I did because it's pretty, you know, it's really good.

Sidey: Well it made 35 million

us, so not, not huge decent, you know? cause it is difficult subject matter.

I know what you mean really it's about that sort of stuff. It's sort of like this ghoulish attraction to, it.

Reegs: It feels voyeuristic almost to look at this, like, I know these horrible, maybe I'm just being like really

Dan: No, but this field was when it really kind of did show you that side. And as I say, it was almost both

Sidey: the thing I'd seen

about it was Like a mother and a son adjust to life.

Having been in cat cat. just, I thought it was going a lot more

the after and a lot more. Cause the picture, like if you see the poster art and stuff like that for the film it's them like hugging and embracing

and smiling.

And I was thinking, oh, it's going to be them like go down the park, you know, like go down the slide. and it's all happy days.

You know, the reality is it's a lot more realistic about what the mother would actually probably be a bit like, you

Dan: Well, yeah, that's it. You can see people slowly as the. It gets towards the end. He seems to be still kind of well adjusted. He's got a friend that he's starting to play football with and he,

Reegs: well, I'm stalled. Nick, do we

Dan: no, it didn't really go

Sidey: Well you mentioned there was the there was the talk of the court case.


Reegs: I don't know if we heard what happened to old neck

Sidey: Let's

hope not.

I would,

Reegs: I would like them to mix it with the cube franchise

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Breman cube.

Sidey: Yeah. They got to solve puzzles to get out

or they get diced. I would, I would recommend this to people, but you know, with a, with a warning of it, you know,

Reegs: it's extremely triggering,

you know this is, this was really quite a difficult watch the first hour,

Sidey: I mean, my misses, just flower refused to watch it.

Dan: Yeah, well, I was holding on so my mom could watch it.

And anyway, I'm just glad I never bothered because this isn't something she would have enjoyed either. I think.

Reegs: to call it, to have a shower with Brie Larson.

Sidey: that's true. Yeah. That'd be cloud.

Reegs: this was your choice.

Sidey: It was a, this is a series that I've watched before, but couldn't really remember. Cause it was a long while ago. So I thought we'd revisit it for this. And so I selected series one episode one, and then when I got to.

Watch it realized that the pilot was an hour, an hour and 10 minutes

Reegs: an hour and 10 minutes.


Sidey: So revise that to season one, episode two, which still is basically more origin story. The first one is cause they're called Paladins and it's five people who come to be in charge of five gigantic robotic lions who are defending this planet blah from supervillain, blah

Yes. And the, the whole crux of the show is that these five robots can join together to form this gigantic sort of Gundam wing

style robot called Voltron. Yeah. And I used to watch the previous. no, there's been about four or five incarnations of this cottage, but I used to watch.



Vultron in the eighties when I was a week. Do you remember the old cable TV, which had the box on the wall, with the ABC D there was a channel on that that had this on. So I was familiar with it from back in the day.

Dan: Oh, because for me, this was just, I'm sure it was a Netflix thing. Wasn't it? And I was thinking it was a new Netflix thing.

They've just clearly ripped off transformers because they were, they formed a big robot and it was like, I was thinking, oh, you have to buy each of the toys to make up the one big toy.

Reegs: But this,

Dan: I bet the animation was, I know it was kind of anime. Yeah, which I like, which I, you know, I, I do like the, the, the, and it was very, you know, flashing lights and simple, where I think the one point that you got up in a big lift and it's just this blue strip,

Sidey: with loads of a cut screen stuff. Cause it's a team of

Five of them all different personalities. Two of them that are really competitive, a bigger guy, a little kid, who's got a girlfriend and then the leader who's clearly like head and shoulders above the rest of them. Then there's in the car. So there's the princess who runs the show and she's looking to get them trained up to protect them.

And then her general slash Butler who's voice voiced by Rhys.



funny. in

Dan: He said, we stopped me. He was also in flight of the Conchords. Yeah, yeah. Right. Okay. Yeah, he is good. And you recognize

Sidey: straight away you

Dan: the voice straightway.

Reegs: Yeah I I really I I really already knew quite a lot about that. I, Mary, I do remember, like you say, watching it and getting glimpses of it and then because it was referenced so much in.

Hip hop in particular, the Wu-Tang clan are always, and you know, always talking about Vultron forming, like Vultron is dropped on their 36 chambers singing. There was a guy I knew who was obsessed and we would watch cartoons of this university and stuff. So this I really, yeah, I was into this.

There was some great like anime style prat falling at the beginnings of icons attacking. And it's all an elaborate ruse. We, we went through that in way, but

Sidey: what I like about it is they sort of poke fun at it. There's

this whole episode is basically training training, montages of different sequences of where they're trying to get them to work as a team, because they have to work. You can't just press a button to make the robot form.

It has to

be your sort of symbiotic relationship with your own lion. And then on top of that, bringing it together as a team, and the only way that they are able to in the end bring themselves together to statements by having a food fight.


Sidey: But

there's this, the secret that, I really enjoy. because they keep doing these cuts sequences when each of their faces appears on the screen and they're doing something. And it's

where they're

sort of traveling out and they're all


excited. Yeah. And then it just cuts back to them again. The next time they're not quite as


It's like yeah. And then there's just like,


Reegs: Yeah. And then, and then he's like cause they, they obviously did it in the first episode they formed and they, so he's like just try and like balance on my back of that narrow he's like, I think I was the leg last time. So they're all trying to maneuver their cross to do it. It was good. It was good fun.

Sidey: Yeah. They do make fun of the silliness of it all.

Reegs: When the big guys sliding in, like it stops comically

Sidey: because

Reegs: on the way, cause he's fat. He's a

Dan: it kind of reminded me a little bit. Maybe it was just the characters of Dungeons and dragons. There was a guy, you know, Duncan they were, they, you know, it had the, the funny one, the clever one, the smart one, the little, and they, they made them out like this as well.

Very stereotypical of those, those kinds of characters. But yeah, I was sad watching it with my daughter who was, I was trying to get into and I was thinking, this is, you know, transformers it's optimist prime world or, or whatever. But then it seemed a little more stylistic than that. And as I say, I wasn't watching it with the history of you guys who knew about it already.

It was, for me, it was a new cartoon. And I'd miss the, the origins part of it by gathered enough from right. They, they. They've now working together. It must've been a big fight. Earth's in

Reegs: well that's a rivalry for leadership as well between Keith and Lance. I think it is,

Dan: There's only one real leader though.

His neck, the are there, there's two that fight together. There's one

Reegs: where they share row as well. He's the one who starts to sync properly with his lion when they're doing the nose diving.

And then he

pulls up at the last minute and he's careening sort of through the canyon and it's star wars, no ask.

Dan: Yeah, he's got it. He's he can vulture on when the rest can.

Reegs: Yeah. And then there's more training and a gladiator that they beat each other up more than beating up him.

Sidey: The, the thing with dropping in for just a single episode is there is no reset button, with this It's like a lot of the superior stuff that we've watched on the show, that is absolutely a series that you have to watch. if you know which is great if you enjoy it because it has a consistent, you know, proper narrative that runs throughout the whole season.

And I've only seen when I was watching it, I watched the first series. So you have the big, bad, and you have the story that progresses as you go through, but I was just reading a bit about it. Nerds in their basements would get really upset because it does have really good representation in this.

There's a lot of LBGTQ plus characters that come into it later on. But the flip side of that coin is then spoiler alert that two characters do get together,

a gay

couple, but one of them is killed and there's this long tradition, of they cook, what would they call

it? Gay slang, or something like that.

If if the gay

characters are the first ones to get. killed off. So it does fall victim to that. So If you don't like that, it does do that, but there's also an attempt to have more than just these sort of stereotypical

white characters

in it all the time. So we should,

praise it for that.

Dan: yeah. Yeah. And it's got a scary guy in it as well. Who is?


Reegs: Yeah. Zarkon

Dan: yeah. Even the

Reegs: and he's got he Scott

Dan: heard before

Reegs: easily. She's she there's like a queen of the drew. Ed's a sort of witch and she's got a snarling augumented cybernetic monstrosity that she's going to unleash on them at some point,

Dan: So maybe as you pointed out drop it, this, isn't the kind of thing that you could drop in for one episode. And

Sidey: no reset button, you know,

it's not a nicely resolved at the end of each episode, I mean, there'll

be sort of sort of plot you know, things that are,

But you have to commit to it to get the most out of it.

I have fucking really loved her. It was

great. Yeah.

Reegs: I enjoyed

Dan: Yeah. It wasn't really, I mean, I didn't mind it, it would have been something if one of the kids had really wanted to watch, I would have watched with them and I'd have got on with, but it wasn't anything that I was going to champion myself to watch. So it was yeah, just the

Sidey: I watched it with my

I watched it with my daughter And she could sense that I was getting a kick out of it as she was, she

Dan: oh boy. Okay. Yeah. It works both ways. Yeah.

Reegs: It's a lot of like dialogue that fell or sounded improvised from restart . But you know, obviously with animation, that's quite hard.

Dan: No, but yet he had a few.

Good at one line is thrown in there.

That did make me smile. It was an awful long, long shot. I just, you know, wouldn't think that I'm going to watch more of that because mine, my daughter wasn't into it and my son won't be Eva.

Reegs: Well you should tell her that Lance in this was Jeremy Sharda from Julian, the Phantoms that we watched and she recommended.

Dan: oh, wow.

Okay. I'll give her that trivia that will maybe make her look again.

Reegs: Yeah.

And Keith was Steven yearn

Sidey: From walking dead. and I'm pretty sure that there is a, another walking dead cat, I think it's

Reegs: well I read the Norman Redis was in it, but I didn't hear him in this. Maybe wasn't in this episode, but yearn is in Jordan pills. Nope. Okay. Which looks interesting. And there's season two of invincible, which is also animated.

Sidey: Oh,

I still haven't finished. He's more of a weird Al Yankovic. It does a voice appearance in this series as


So it's got that going for it.

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: you seen, they're doing a biopic film of with our, with Daniel, Daniel Radcliffe playing.



Dan: Wow.

Sidey: Yeah, I

really loved one of his albums When I was a teenager, I used to listen to a lot,

Reegs: Pretty much everything we've watched with Radcliffe in on the pod. We've enjoyed we apart from

Sidey: Potter. I enjoyed that as well.

Dan: Yeah.

Well, you know, is what it is that one,

Sidey: but, I really enjoyed this. So I will be going back to the seven series of it and it has finished. So, you know, it's not one of those things that drags on and on. forever.

Dan: Did you watch the first episode that the hour and 10 minutes? One,

Sidey: watched,

I can't remember what happened to the end of The first area. So we'll be almost watching it you know, from.

new again. But I didn't go any further than the series one.

Dan: This is like 7 37,

Sidey: Cause they, they committed at the start when, they, when it was commissioned, and they said, right, we're going to make 76 episodes of it. I think. So this series, I think, has about 10 episodes. Then it goes to 13 episodes, then 12

and then seven then six. And then, it sort of builds back.

up again to say, it weirdly sort of fluctuates.


yeah It's Yeah. it's just a bit of a Strange. one, But

It does have like I say, it does have that story that goes, that runs throughout

the series

and, you know, through the life of the show and it does, and it's all, you know, presumably wrapped up. So you're not it's not one of these things that goes on forever or just stops and you don't get a satisfactory ending.

So I would like to watch the rest of it.

Reegs: Yeah. I enjoyed it

Sidey: time for us to go and have a few games of attacks that we'll wrap things up for tonight. Next week. It's been a little while since we've had a guest on the show to chat about you know, having an interview with someone.

So we may have something lined up for next


Which is really exciting. Actually. It's been too long.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And you, maybe you can piece it together with our cryptic selections, which we will reveal over social media and the next coming days.

Sidey: Yeah.

But a clue is that it's not about the movie section of the show.

happy with that.

intriguing. So that's excited. Well, we're very excited and there's a lot to look forward to. So don't forget to tune in for that. And as always do, let us know your choices for the top five. All that remains for now is to say Saturday, signing out

Reegs: It