Dec. 23, 2020

A Christmas Story & Teen Titans Go!

A Christmas Story & Teen Titans Go!
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Have you guys heard about this thing called the internet? Well now we have too and having decided to take up residence there , you can experience more of our mediocre content at - check it out!

Whether it’s born of passion or a promise of death there’s nothing quite like a kiss in a scene to set our collective tongues wagging, as this week we discuss the Top 5 Memorable Movie Kisses.  Perhaps your favourite snog made the list?

After promising that we’d finished our seasonal shenanigans this year, it was Dan who was tasked with picking this weeks movie and he opted for 1983’s unmistakably Christmas themed  A Christmas Story. Beloved by some, unheard of by others, this nostalgia filled trip to the America of the ‘40’s had been a staple of Dan’s childhood, would the other Dads be as taken with it?

This weeks show finishes with Teen Titans Go!  A hyperactive DC comics animation which portrays Santa as a virtually homicidal maniac obsessed with ensuring Christmas is celebrated all year round. Naturally this resonated with the Bad Dads but how did we feel about the rest of the show?

Wherever you are out there, we hope you have as good a time as you can over the holiday season. We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch!

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


A Christmas Story

Reegs:   Welcome to bad. Dad's film review quite literally four dads doing a podcast to an audience of what can accurately be described as some people, whether you're a time listener or whether indeed you found yourself here swept along by the tsunami of social media interest in the incredible new bad dads website, bad dads,

We're here to regale you with swearing, occasionally disturbing references to Margaret Thatcher and some badly thought out opinions. This episode will be released on Christmas day. And if you are unfortunate enough to be hearing our voices on that special day, then firstly Merry Christmas to you. And secondly, we understand how low things have got for you, and we want you to seek help for everyone else.

You will have hopefully recovered from the Christmas food coma and managed to stave off the suicidal thoughts for long enough to achieve at least a possible enough impression of seasonal cheer. And now pairing at the looming new year with a garden and cautious optimism. The prospect of president Trump going backwards in time to save children from eating pizzas made by a tongue banks, blown assembled from 5g masts, subsequently ending this dystopian nightmare, eradicating COVID fixing Brexit, healing division, and stopping Meryl Streep before it becomes a very real probability.

You've decided to listen to us. And whether that's because for some reason you're enjoying the show or perhaps more , realistically, the constant pressure of looking after the kids mourning the loss of freedoms you've taken for granted and narrowly averting and anxiety induced panic attack has somehow rendered you in a mood.

Insane. Well, whatever it is, we're very glad you're here. Okay. Joining us this week is me reeks. Hello, ginger beer did Yakuza members Sidey. Whose passion for lost in translation is matched only by his hatred for Meryl Streep Dan once a professional football player of some repute, although he'll sadly never drone on and on and on about it.

And how we as sort of bovine ginger iron giant, who instead of delivering a surprisingly thoughtful take on the nurture over nature, Aesop. We'll instead, quote, George Spielberg fluctuate, wildly and Mike volume and dress like he's attending Bryan singer's Lord Baden Powell themed fantasy pool party.

Howie:I am wearing shorts again for all the short followers. Like you because you're

Reegs:I'm a short follower. I'm a short leader.

Howie:But yeah, once you wear shorts, you don't go back. That's the exact phrase and that's how it's used.

Sidey:I'm also wearing shorts.

Howie:Yeah. See

Sidey:want to know

Howie:that's because we have all this too much central heating don't we, we laugh at how much electricity we use.

We just, who gives a shit? Just

Dan:flowing out the top of the house.

Sidey:the French, just keep pumping over to us. So I just got to keep using it.

Dan:I got boxer shorts.

Reegs:the next couple of days, at least anyway.


Howie:Brexit, power COVID power.

Sidey:Well it's contractual so they can fuck off city. French counts.

Dan:to any of our French listeners



Dan:Now? Well, they'll like today's top five. I reckon, you know,

Sidey:Yeah. Well you nominated Dan. Say what we got.


Reegs:top five cowards.

Dan:no, no, not that

Howie:So five cheeses. So five cheeses. It's

Dan:we get to have a bit of cheese. But it's going to be top five kisses. Cause what makes a memorable screen case? Is it the passion? Is it the buildup? The dialogue, the cinematography, the quality.

Is it the actors.

Howie:the fingering.

Sidey:Yeah, how long it takes to turn into anal.

Dan:There's all these questions we'll have answers. I'm sure.


Dan:Yeah. Well, you know, kisses in films, probably not our hottest favorite topic, but nevertheless,

Howie:Kira in movies. They are, they are like, you watch, we watch films of our partners or our wives. And, and you, like, what would you say if you saw your misses Snuggie? Some leading actor? Oh yeah. It's just a Hollywood kiss. It's not real, but when you're watching it I'm not convinced that there's, there's not all

Dan:they've got to have strong relationships. There's many actors and actresses in a. Films do don't they in Hollywood, they,

Reegs:Well, but many more, right.

Dan:to strength. No, no, it's crap. It's obviously a massive strain. But what I was thinking when you said that, actually it's, whenever you see. Somebody kissed on screen and you're sitting with a message.

Do you always reach over and try and kiss her as well? I always do. she knows. She knows what's coming. Yeah. Yeah. Cause there's normally to the five of us isn't there. There's I was four and I might messages or watch a movie now I. She knows it's coming every time I just look over and I, I pretend that we're the two active

Reegs:Oh, nice.

Dan:She hates it. She's already dreading it every time they gaze now. No go. I

Sidey:well, when we've got our list, you can maybe try and reenact them all with

Dan:well, I see it once it ramps up a little bit, I go with it. I become the actor

Howie:basically when you go on YouTube and put on top 20 kisses, she's just off for fuck sake. She's just bracing yourself for a good 15 minutes of lecture-y.


Sidey:wait to you. Listen to the injuries one

Reegs:Oh, and on that note, so ID, we had a top five movie injuries last week. Did we have any nominations

Sidey:they take me out several. It was a, it was definitely one that captured the imagination. We had quite a few that we spoke about actually. So we had 127 hours. We had the night from munch by for the Holy grail. But we also had some that weren't mentioned by us, which were,

Reegs:I will be touching the void, which is good. One Luke's hand course verbals limp in the usual suspects. I don't think, did we see how we received the injury? I think he's just, Quadris bounced, isn't it?

Sidey:It's just fake.

Reegs:And we had the arm in group green room from breaching rocket, and that is a good one. That is a good one.

It's really vicious.

Sidey:we, how he's determined for home alone, I think, but yeah.

Howie:yeah. For the, you think of the number of horrific injuries. So the iron, which that's horrendous, the paint swing, the paint, the whole paint. Turn

Sidey:Is a torrential. Isn't it?

Howie:Yeah, well, the, the ice on the steps as

Reegs:the torrential is just scary though. The other ones are like downright homicidal. Aren't they?

Howie:Have you seen this, this someone's done a Twitter fate that breaks down the criminal charges that Macaulay Culkin would face. If he'd have done that to those people, he'd basically be spending a minimum of 30 years

Sidey:Aren't you allowed to protect yourself from home invasions?

Howie:Well, yes,

Reegs:cause it would have been fine if he did just shot him with a shotgun. That would have been absolutely fine. But throw a paint car name,

Dan:I don't think you're allowed to injure them all year. If they come in you've to

Reegs:you killed

Dan:the whole hog

Howie:delivery dude with that machine gun soundtrack of the film that he's watching.

Doesn't he just need that change at the door, your dirty rat.

Sidey:So what we're going with home alone or

Reegs:Green room,

Howie:what is the green room on?

Reegs:it's Patrick Stewart plays like leader of


Reegs:gang of neo-Nazis.


Reegs:it's actually a terrific movie.

Sidey:I would personally go with Patrick's shirt because you know how I feel about home alone. Yeah.


Reegs:All right. Saying. Thanks. Bregy

 top five memorable movie kisses. He's got something that they want to go with first.

Dan:well, I've got one because I thought I'd start at the beginning and the 1896 film the kiss. Did any of you ever see that?

Sidey:That wasn't

Howie:it this

Dan:it's like a 20. Yeah. You missed in a cinema first time around it's about 18 seconds long. I think you can find it on YouTube. It's

Sidey:sort of timeframe I can relate

Dan:yeah, I need to pick some  of the kiss between my Erwin and John Rice from the final.

Scene of the stage musical, the widow Jones. And it was directed by a guy called William Heiss for Thomas Edison. So we're going right back in the day there.

Sidey:Take dog.

Dan:yeah, it was produced. For Edison on Edison studios. And then it went into, I think the United States like hall of fame for films and everything, because obviously it was such an early

Reegs:so there never been

Dan:of playing around with it,

Reegs:that never been a kiss on screen before this

Dan:That's the first one. Yeah.

Reegs:is it. Is it decent?

Sidey:Does he

Dan:Well, you know, I think it's more historical then. I mean, it's just 18 seconds long. They're just showing that move in. Pitches can work, I guess. And, and this is one of the things that they, they chose from it.

Howie:if it was a real case or a fake Hollywood case

Dan:you can go and check it out yourself. It looked, you know a case from the 18 hundreds,

Howie:on the ankles.

Dan:any tongues or anything, you know, they kept it pretty clean.

But then that's the case.

Sidey:okay. That's a good one.

Reegs:Hey the first one I thought of was Michael Corleone is kiss of death. To the person who betrayed him in the godfather. Part two, obviously a spoil is for a 40 something year old movie Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart Fredo. Yes. And then that's what happened afterwards. He was, he was, yes,

the case of death because of the chocolate bar.


Reegs:Basically it's an iconic scene, right? You had to be thinking of it.


Howie:to be there.

Dan:yeah, no, it's, it's, it's a, it's the kiss of death. I think it's an important kissing moment in Hollywood. Isn't it?

Sidey:Yeah. Right.  How about Peter and Mary Jane from Spiderman?

Reegs:Oh, yes.

Sidey:it's very mobile. Yeah. He's hanging from a thread upside down and Mary Jane. Pulls down his mask to, just, to not to reveal his identity, just to uncover his mouth and they get it on very memorable.

Dan:Get it old

Sidey:I really don't like case and dance, but it's still okay.

Reegs:I mean you can. I see her boobs really clearly. Cause it's just pissing down with water. Yeah. Yeah. Pissing down water and Toby Maguire is effectively being waterboarded. As he's doing the scene.

Sidey:Spiderman. So this is obviously a case, but Spider-Man is actually also a term, which you can look up on urban dictionary.


Sidey:You're familiar with that one. It's where it's where the male will pull out before he had Jackie lights catches his GEs in his hand, and then flings it onto the face of his.

Sexual partner, aloe Spiderman.

Dan:Wow. Like, yeah, I get that.


Reegs:they did, they did that in this movie.

Sidey:Yeah. So I think it's hitting on the deleted scenes on the DVD, but

Howie:Laser desk. So on the laser desk,

Sidey:yeah, that's a good one.

Howie:all that they're doing, I've seen something about all three terrible Spiderman and joining together for a

Sidey:everyone in the world it's been cast in the next film. Apparently


Sidey:it sounds like it will be shit, but I don't

Dan:Well, he's like a multi-verse spider

Reegs:I'm well up for that unwell up for

Howie:Have you? I hope you've all watched the multiverse cartoon

Sidey:yeah. Several times.

Howie:It's one of the best,

Dan:I really have not.

Reegs:Oh, it's brilliant.

Sidey:it's on Netflix barrier. It's amazing.

Dan:Okay. Yeah, I

Howie:kids are like it, Dan, the kids are really looking at, cause it's, it's just, it's

Dan:have to watch over them. I just watch, you

Reegs:no, I didn't watch it for my kids is great.

 Howie:I was going to say for my first choice the film witness, Harrison Ford and Kelly McGinnis and when they finally succumbed to each other's one hour's worth of.

Wink nods, wink, nods, wink, nods. And then he basically pervs on her having a hand-wash shower. And then and then he has a big old snug at

Dan:the town.

Howie:in the film, but it's a lot of pent up sexual energy, is basically the name of rigs, his autobiography

Reegs:Yes, it is. Yeah. In Superman, two, Superman gives a magic kiss to Lois lane at the end of the movie, which amazingly and very specifically makes her forget his secret identity.

Howie:Right now

Reegs:Maybe maybe,

Sidey:her identity.

Reegs:She forgets his secret identity. No. Cause just general alcohol will do that. Make you forget who you are.

Then there's of course the infamous lesbian kiss from cruel intentions,

Sidey:Oh, you're just doubling down


Reegs:all the spit on Sarah, Michelle Gellar. And so, yeah.

Sidey:Did he say they redid it last week? Was it last week for the MTV movie awards?

Reegs:Well the two actresses.

Sidey:Yes, they did a, they did a COVID version, so they there's the same buildup and I need him for the case, but there's a glass screen in between them and they just bang into it. It's quite amusing,

Reegs:Did they get the spit? Because it was the big thing of spirit hanging in between them that made it

Dan:They should have done that with the glass, both of them.


Sidey:yeah, that was a bit kind of male lesbian porn fantasy case. Wasn't it?

Reegs:Do you think? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Terrible. It's actually quite good movie though.

Sidey:I actually enjoyed it. It's quite trashy, but good.

Reegs:The one I am going to nominate though properly is lady in the tramp, the spaghetti guests, a dog romance from their perspective, not the sort of dogging you were talking about in the WhatsApp group down at Greville recycling the other day, Sidey,

Sidey:was an eye-opener.

Reegs:just an eye.

Howie:There's me, there's me texting about the Mandalorian. And then we get a whole thing about Greville recycling area.

Dan:in a hot shot spot. Do they? I think they take the mic out of lady in the tramp don't know is one

Reegs:Yes. Yeah.

Dan:and and start to, to kiss. Now I, I'm moving a little bit more into modern times and I fall there was, do you remember that film? It's a 1915 film. So again, around, around, around a time when you were just lads and it's the original vamp and first movie sex goddess, it's a feeder borrower who did a load of early silent films and things.

And she. Portrayed a predatory woman who stole away away would married man from his wife and child by Lou and him with kisses. And the phrase kiss me, you fall came from this field.

Reegs:right. Okay.

Dan:So I thought

Reegs:That is marginally interesting.

Dan:Well, you know, a year with the floor.


okay. You're going to like this one. It's Marty and Lorraine McFly from back to the future, but she wasn't actually McFly because she wasn't his mother at this point in the film. And so it's game on just, you know, crack on.

Reegs:right. Or crack off as you probably did. When that scene her.

Sidey:Yeah. So that's fine, nothing wrong with that one at all.

Howie:I'm going to really annoy Sidey. I'm going to go for a lost in translation and the kiss at the end. Where,

Dan:stolen his Dunder?

Howie:where bill and Scarlet say Arriva deci, and that he utters the immortal words after chasing through the crowd Stonewall, favorite film, same society as well. Absolutely love it. And it's an awesome ending to a film, and it's not a.

It is not a gooey, gruesome case. It's a, what could have been that's quite nice. 

Reegs:Jim Carey and Lauren Holly couple who would later endure a short-lived marriage. They won best case at the 1995 MTV movie awards for dumb and dumber. Does anybody remember?

Sidey:he nearly eats her entire


Sidey:It's incredible. I had this on the list as

Reegs:Now that's one to try with the messes done. Yeah.

Dan:I'm going to move right into the eighties with my next one. And I don't mean the 1880s. It's the 1980s. It's 80. Do you know the case? I'm talking about?

Reegs:Yes, that's a brilliant one.

Dan:the telepathic kiss. So ETS watching an old film. A and it was the quiet man. Actually the, the name of the film, John Ford's classic and the actions and movements of the two film characters identically matched by the movements of Elliot and the young pretty girl, which is Eric

You know, who was in mean by watch and, and everything. So the young girl there, and he does that in the, in the school classroom is they're doing the Fox because ETS kind of telepathically taken over his thoughts and everything. And just like the film where he walks past to go and swings her towards him and kisses.

That's what he does in the classroom until the teacher's like, Oh, Hey, what are you doing? And he snaps out of it. But yeah, that

Reegs:that's a great one. I love that moment in ITI as well, actually. It's is that the bit where just before that, where ETA has been getting pissed and he's pissed at school?

Dan:Yeah, I think it is. I think that's, that's the, city's kind of left at home alone. Isn't he? And he's getting involved with installing dressing up and also, yeah.

Sidey:How about 40 year old Virgin? This is the scene I'm talking about is Steve Carell and Leslie Mann. When they get in the car after the night out on the piss, that was relatively early in the film. Leslie Mann is driving and she's clearly intoxicated. She, she snugs him much to his surprise, but then proceeds to cry. Crashed the car several times, shout about getting her periods and then throw up in his face. it's a great scene. It's a film I'd forgotten about actually, but I'm doing a bit of research. I remember it just how fucking funny is, might well is my favorite of the Judd Apatow. So it was stable. It was really, really good.

Howie:The, the waxing scene of secret is real,


Howie:which is horrendous

Sidey:You haven't been waxed. No, you surprise me how I thought you might have.

Howie:no, no, I'm bod.

Sidey:I get my back waxed.

Dan:fuck. Does it hurt?


Dan:Have you got a really hairy back then? Obviously not

Sidey:really, but I prefer it here list.

Reegs:I've got a photo that I received today.

Dan:mean, you're not even looking at it. Well, how would you prefer it? Hair lists if you can't even, you

Sidey:where you can like, look your shoulders and then like, prefer it without hair on it.

Dan:you got like

Reegs:but I received it.

Dan:back there.


Reegs:Well, I received a Christmas card today. Yeah. In which you could clearly see that CIDY was very smooth, quite a long way over his entire body being as well. He

Dan:it animated? Is

Reegs:It was a,

Sidey:and sniff.


Reegs:now it was, it was a bonafide Christmas card, but it featured so ID in nothing but an apron putting a star on the top of a Christmas tree, which was

Dan:right. Okay.

Reegs:picked the card up and said, she looked at me and said, daddy, what's Sidey doing? And I said, we don't know sweet up. We don't.

Dan:we don't know, shake their head.

Howie:Well, I might get his mom to iMac is back.

Reegs:His mom.

Dan:a wax? Is it, is that

Howie:Yeah. Max, the hair removal cream.

Reegs:Why is mum

Howie:She's getting it.

Sidey:It fucking stinks.

Howie:Please mom, that's a bit harsh,

Sidey:We've gone a bit off topic.

Howie:my choice.

Reegs:Weekend at Bernie's. The the dead Bernie Lomax get shanked while he's well, dead.

Dan:that film

Reegs:Yeah. So did I it's really funny.

Dan:it and it's

Reegs:Does it not hold up?

Dan:as I've remembered, but

Reegs:I think I saw this, I saw this at the sweet spot in my life where every single joke landed and I was like, howling.

Dan:time round. Yeah. And I watched it with my boy probably a year or so back. And it was some lofts. I mean, it was, it's one of those films that could probably do with an upgrade with the white people, the white characters, and it could, you know, fill in all the, just modernize it and fill in the gaps a little bit.

Reegs:the CGI courts have   kale, bell,

Sidey:no, it was just get galleries

Dan:the rest

Reegs:the bride.

Howie:Fuck everyone's lists.

Sidey:how he's going and then you fucking.

Dan:is worse than doing a podcast. Repeat

Reegs:Hey, he'll build the bride wakes up from her four year coma and discovers that a hospital orderly has been pimping her unconscious body out to customers. What did we think of that scene?

 Sidey:Just very good entre, entrepreneurial spirit. I think


Dan:it was

Reegs:Do you think that sort of thing goes on?

Dan:desserts. I believe. Didn't she end up with a pussy wagon after that?

Reegs:She did. Do you think it, do you think it goes on that kind of thing? Cause that's disgusting.

Sidey:I'd hope not.

Dan:think it does.

Howie:Yeah, I'd like to, I've gotta be cool. I'm going to go for one that has not aged fantastically well in our current climate and that's ACE Ventura and detective Louis Einhorn. You've got to hit, there's a gun sticking into my hip where we, we, we find eventually the Einhorn is Finkle. Finkle is Einhorn.

I know it is a man and at the time I did laugh my head off. And now you realize it doesn't quite carry nowadays for some unknown reason. And I haven't seen it with TV for sure.

Dan:Yeah. I, I'm not sure where we're going to rush towards that one because true loves first kiss. You remember that?  Any

Howie:Snow white

 Reegs:Yeah, of course.

Dan:Fiona in prison by law, far quad in the castle and is cursed with a witch's spell, which can only be broken by true loves first kiss and Shrek and Fiona eventually find each other, declare their love and She's meant to transform into, you know, somebody beautiful, everything after this case.

And of course she just stays the same because she is beautiful to Shrek.

Sidey:Oh, fucking dreadful message.

Dan:well Oh, I thought it was a happy ending. I thought it was quite nice.

 Sidey:Is it me? Okay for,

Dan:let's rigs just wants to jump

Sidey:well, they'll probably chime in anyway, but how about, Oh, there's so many good ones. Let's go with KIPP and Lafonda from Napoleon dynamite.


Sidey:online romance, which. You kind of suspect is just not going to come to fruition or he's being catfished or it's just complete bullshit, but it turns out that Israel, they do meet up and they do have a wedding and then they have their first case and it's sort of sweet, but horrendously awkward as well at the same time.

And he's wearing this sort of really cringy bandana as well. I'd love that film.

Howie:like Petro, I'll go for. On an Highland liar. Okay. For the star Wars, empire strikes back where

Sidey:this return of the Jetta. Isn't it


Dan:I think there's a couple, I think

Howie:as empire strikes. It's empire it's empire strikes back because



Sidey:I was going to say, Luke, I was going to say Luke and land. Luke and layer is empire.

Howie:Do they kiss?

Sidey:Yes. She

Reegs:Yeah, but it, yes, but Hannon layer case right before he's loaded into the Carbonite. And it's just before the I love you. I know.

Howie:No, no, no, no. There's no, there's another pet, no eat. Cause she says something to ASIS to. I'm nice. Don't you know, it's on the millennium Falcon

Reegs:yeah. Where he sort of forcibly kisses her there

Howie:yeah. And C3 PR interrupts I guess. Oh, ah, ah, and pulls out his golden phallus and it turns into another film altogether.

Sidey:Oh, so he can yeah. Say when they kiss in the Carbonite bet, which is not Bubba fat's place. Spoiler that

Howie:Yes. The book of Boba.

Sidey:are you up to speed yet?

Dan:I'm up to speed in. And I watched what I, what I miss was the last three minutes to the end of the


Reegs:the end of the credit, so.

Dan:I, I was told to kind of revisit after the end day it goes into Boba Fett.

Howie:My kids were cheering. My kids were cheering when

Sidey:Oh, they weren't even there.

Howie:Then the X wing rocks up, they've watched them all and they loved it. They absolutely loved that. What an absolute brilliant series.

Sidey:What are they one of the original trio, but dad's meek. He hadn't watched it. And he was getting on our nerves cause he was just fucking doing other shit and not watching it and stopping us from having a proper discussion about it. So I just spoke with fucking ending from on

Reegs:you believe it? He did it just dropped it. Can't believe Luke Skywalker turned up.

Sidey:Yeah, I did enjoy that. So 


Reegs:Toy story three when Spanish buzz kisses, Woody twice on the cheeks, he quite enjoys that actually in it, you know, I'd always suspected there was more than a. Fraternal relationship between buzz and Woody. And maybe that was the moment when he was in the Spanish guys that he could sort of realize a little dream there.

So I liked that one.

Sidey:yeah. I'm with you on that? I think I definitely asked it

Dan:you're so damn ugly kiss from planet the

Sidey:of the gapes.

Dan:Yeah. So the, just towards the end of the film and We've got who is it? The doctor zero saying to the doctor, I'd like to kiss you goodbye. And he asked for permission and she agreed but added Oh, but you're so damn ugly. There you go, that's a, an eight kiss in a human,

Sidey:based out of the table was okay.

Dan:the graduate I'm going to wrap up with the last couple that I've got.

I've got the graduate, which is Dustin, Dustin Hoffman, obviously. And he's not quite sure on what he's doing with the older, more experienced Mrs. Robinson and the he kisses as she's just taking a drag from a cigarette he kisses and then. He pulls away and she lets out all the smoke and everything.


Reegs:Hmm. Yeah, that is a good one.

Dan:scene out there. But the one that I really like as well with that I'm going to finish on is before sunrise which is just a series of lots of kisses. And it's

Reegs:Ethan Hawke. Is it a it's part of a trilogy. I've not seen any of them. I want to.

Dan:it's one of the sweetest

Sidey:During sunrise and after sunrise,

Dan:Yeah. So it is


Dan:sunrise. I think it's,

Reegs:before sunset

Dan:and one, one other, but this

Reegs:president's day.

Dan:I think is one of the most sweetest films I've ever seen.

It really harks back strongly about that impulsive, spontaneous things you do when you're a youth and you just meet some is a girl on a train and. they ended up talking and he gets off the train with a office stop and they spend 24 hours together and just have a fantastic time. And it's, it's them kind of going around.

I think it's some city in Europe, they're there to Americans and everything, but there's lots of cases in between this, but right at the end, they, they say, you know, the kiss wants more and agree to meet back at that station in one year's time. It's. Ready? Lovely film.

 Sidey:I've got a bunch left. Let's talk a little bit about the shining. Jack's been warned to stay out of room two, three,

Reegs:Oh, yes.

Sidey:himself. And he opens the doors and sees an absolute Hottie in the bath who proceeds to make our way out of the bath, shimmy over to Jack for a big smooch.

At which point it's revealed that she's not as hot as one first assume she's actually fucking

Dan:Lesions all over.

Sidey:Yeah, it's hideous and terrifying and amazing and erotic. That was a good one.

Reegs:I've got one more. I'll do topically. It's a wonderful life. After being eradicated and then reinserted back into history, George rushes home to find his wife and kids are alive and well. And he embraces his long suffering wife and covers her in kisses to her surprise and slight, but will demand.

And it's a nice one for this time of year with this sort of unbelievable horseshit that's going on outside these four walls. Yeah. So a good one to remember your family. And the people who were there for you.


Howie: Red is a little stark. Where does it hurt?

Sidey:Yeah, that one.

Howie:Yeah, that's Marianne and India. And he

Sidey:she's he's

Dan:Well, there's that way.

Sidey:she's, she's tending to his cuts and scrapes.

Dan:Oh yeah. And he's like, Oh, it hurts here and here and

Howie:And everyone always thinks Warren. And he pointing, Hey, yeah.

Reegs:Which is what you would do straight away with you. Yeah.

Sidey:It's a good one, but it takes a more sinister turn. When you now realize that he'd been grooming her since she

Reegs:Since she was 10.

Sidey:Yeah. And

Howie:Says the man who just told us that one of his kisses is a man kissing his mum.

Sidey:It wasn't his mother at the time.

Howie:But she wasn't a girl. She wasn't, she, yeah. See, there's a technicality there, but we're not going to go into it

Sidey:well, it's definitely memorable though. Isn't it? How about then I've got ghost Demi Moore kisses, the ghost of Patrick Swayze,


Reegs:but she's actually

Sidey:she's actually

Reegs:Whoopi Goldberg.

Sidey:It's out of my Brown. So she's kind nosing off in that one.

Reegs:I really wished they'd just given us like half a second. Of the cuts. So it's not actually her kissing Swayze that you see us standing there kissing.

Sidey:yeah fast times at Ridgemont high, Phoebe Cates gets out of the swimming pool and I read bikini and takes her top off.

Reegs:I don't remember this one.

Sidey:she makes her way over to judge Reinhold and they have a sort of passionate care when it emerged. It's revealed that actually, this is just a fantasy of judge Reinhold and he's actually beating one off in the the spare bathroom, looking out the window or being a part of it, which is very relatable.

And then,

Dan:I'll tell you what I've got. I've got one here on the the first onscreen male, male kiss. Did you, did you know that it's it's a film called wings, the year


Dan:Not a little lighter than that. Next guest you'd have probably got it. It was 1927 and it was a, is a film called wings.

Reegs:It was about Paul McCartney

Dan:was the first best picture winner

 Sidey:Yeah, I do. It was that I need it for that,

Dan:it was the first best pitcher winning. It was a silent war film about world war, one fighter pilots. And

Reegs:and this was a gay couple. Was it?

Dan:the case occurred when a handsome young sho soldier John jackpot Powell placed a lingering kiss on the mouth of his dying friend. David Armstrong.

So it's a, it's a long case made on my always, it's just obviously a a case is the man's dying to show him how much he loves him. But

Howie:well, when I, when I was looking up on Cincinnati for this Brokeback mountain he third chair and Jake Allen hall comes up, but I've never seen it.

Reegs:Super power. It really is.

Dan:say I've never seen it. I was talking about it.

Sidey:Cropped up a lot too.

Dan:Moonlight. Yeah.

Reegs:It's absolutely fantastic. I have to say if you, you are made out of stone, if you can't watch that and feel something.


Sidey:And your trousers? One more for me, it would be Freddy Krueger in night, one at nightmare on Elm street too. He, he

Reegs:Oh, is it? The tongue comes out of the fame thing. Yeah

Sidey:No, Freddy possesses the body of a teenage boy named Jesse. And he's, snogging his girlfriend, Lisa, where he bursts out of his body. It was his burnt slimy face tongue dripping all over Lisa for good measure.



Howie:those  films. How do they hold up now? I won't watch him, but I've seen the first one. Like everyone has.

Reegs:Well, it's nothing scary about them.

The idea is fairly nasty.

Sidey:I'm not going to nominate any of the ones that I've got on my list that people have done online already. I think we'll leave them. So I'm ready to whittle it down to a top four. If you guys are

Dan:yeah, I'm gonna, well, I'll open it off with the T kiss.

Reegs:I'm going to hold judgment until I've heard. What, how he, or you say.

Sidey:How are you?

Howie:I'll go for the lost in translation because I love the film.

Sidey:I will go for the shining.

Reegs:I'm going to go with the lady and the tramp spaghetti kiss. I was very tempted by Corleone is kiss of death.

 Sidey:So we've got a top four then ITI lost in translation, the shining and lady and the tramp. That's the varied film selection for you.

 Okie-dokie last week when we were signing off, I said, That we were done with Christmas content because we did a lot of that last week, but lo and behold, here we are doubling down on our Christmas themed nonsense. Dan, this is a favorite of yours. What did you nominate for us?

Dan:yeah, it was a Christmas story. So this is probably as. Nostalgic a Christmas film. As I know about it's set in the 1940s where you've got young Ralphy, a nine year old boy, boy, who is dreaming of what he's going to get for Christmas and all he wants. Isn't an official red, white carbon action. 200 shot range model air rifle.

That is all he wants. And everyone. Keeps on telling him it will sh you'll have your eye out.

Sidey:You'll shoot your

Dan:shoot your eye out. It's gone. You know, so it gets into all these different scrapes along the way. Is this, I guess the whole story is just one about a family. You. Typically would have been growing up back in the, in the day.

So, you know, our, our parents, parents that kind of thing. Wiley's yeah, so sort of forties, fifties.

Sidey:does that. There's

Dan:our parents' childhood may be but there's certainly echoes of this in a mind. Yes. The, the tradition of getting ready for the tree, the, the. Brother is arguing the parents having their way of doing things and the kids just not understanding what's going on.

Howie:Like it now.

Dan:They, yeah, exactly. It does sound like Noah. And this is why this film I think is still relevant because you can still go, well, we don't do exactly that, but I can imagine that's just like a character. I know. And just, you got picture is a nine year old kid. I'm doing this who I think is fantastic food or film.

So there's lots of little stories in, in, within this.

Reegs:Wait, it's presented as a series of vinegarette, isn't it?

Sidey:he had French, some Caesar dressing in there.


Howie:he's narrate. The older version of him is narrating it

Dan:right. Yeah. So

Howie:Ralphie is narrating. It

Dan:integrates it and I think it's just a lovely way of doing it. So as an adult for example, at one stage, he's gone to buy the Christmas tree. So they've gone off to buy the Christmas tree. They're coming back in the car and. He's been asked or told by mum, you can go and help. Dad.

Can I, can I, you know he's Oh boy. Oh boy. So he's going outside on the main road, goes round to help his dad change this car wheel. And and then he says fudge though. He didn't say fudge, he said the big one and this, the ration kind of comes in and you can just imagine that kid. Did you ever swear in front of your parents as a kid and just feel like the world?

Oh my God. They're like time stopped still and you look around and it's like, Oh my goodness, me, this is going to be so bad this year.

Howie:it was captured really well. Did you watch it with your kids? Cause mine thought that bit was hilarious. They were like, Oh my God.

Reegs:well where he's got actual soap in his mouth or

Dan:So, well, it's ju it's just before that, so

Howie:then I put then the, the generational gap kicked in because they're like, why does he got soap in his mouth?

Dan:yeah, yeah. To wash your mouth

Sidey:didn't understand like, what it's doing is that

Howie:some of you

Dan:Well, yeah, we, we would have probably knew about that and without, you know having to ask, because it's stuff that happened to us.


At one point as the call is returned into the car, after just having said the F word and it, the, the narrations go and it's all over, I was dead. What would it be? That guillotine hanging the chair, the rack, the Chinese water torture me. Child's play compared to what surely awaited me. And he gets back into the car.

And I don't know, there's loads of little parts. And I remember what.

Sidey:mate. Hey, crosses his mate up for


Sidey:the old man. It's just, here's it'll

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. And that's it. So there's so many different parts of his story when he's been told where he is, his mom's kind of given the inquisition and where have you heard that word where you heard that word? And of course he's had it from his dad, but

Reegs:Well, because in one of the, in one of the vignettes, we hear the old man. Fighting a battle with the malfunctioning furnace in the basement of his home. And he's always like swearing and threatening and cajoling. So like you say, he's just reflecting back what he hears at home. Anyway,

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. And it's but he can't say that is not, he couldn't say to his mom, I heard, you know,

Reegs:that's a con and he won't

Dan:nine year old mind, you know, you can't say that. So he is bed state chop his mate. So he goes And talks about his what's, his mate is Swartz or someone he wanted the little boy.


Sidey:is he the one that got

Dan:Mrs. Parker.

Reegs:Yeah, flick, flick and shorts.

Dan:So Mrs. Parker calls Swartz's mother, and you hear this kind of screaming down the phone as he's gay. What did I do? What did I do? 

Reegs:In one of the, probably more, I guess I conic scenes of the movie flick accepts a triple dog dare from Schwartz to stick his tongue onto the school flagpole in his tongue freezes onto the pole requiring assistance from the police and the fire department.

Sidey:I did like the way he was explaining the, the the protocol of I double dog dead. And there's only one way to,


Sidey:top that. And then you guys, I tripled, he gets, Oh my God. He didn't even do the triple day. He went straight for the triple dog.

Dan:he's he's,

Reegs:I do wonder how they did that scene though, because it really did look like his tongue was stuck and that really would

Sidey:it was a tube. So he stuck his tongue out and then they had a suction tube to the side of the lamppost that just stuck his time where it was.

Howie:I was thinking also the protocols of the debt was they missed the final one physical challenge because it used to go double down triple. That was so they've done triple dog dare, but then it used to be physical challenge and then you had to do it.

Dan:Well, this was a kind of physical challenge. He had to put his tongue on it flagpole, but they, they you're right. They miss the the double dog dare and they went straight from,

Reegs:I once put a piece of dry ice. In my mouth. And that basically did to my tongue. What happened to the thing there?

Sidey:But he kept stubby. He didn't raise my out. So he didn't.

Howie:Yeah. That's what I didn't get. Cause I thought that was a precursor to the fact he wouldn't let anybody out at

Reegs:Yeah. And it's good. And it's just one of the plot threads that is just dropped without any further mention in this fucking awful movie.

Dan:Oh, really? He didn't, he didn't, he didn't feel this was worthy of a,

Reegs:Oh, man, I hate, this is the worst thing I've watched. This is worse than Brian rock. Yeah, this is the worst. No, it's awful. It was made in 1983, but that was the year before gremlins came out or Ghostbusters, but it might as well have been made in a different century for Christ sakes. The way it looked. I don't know whether I just had a really bad transfer or

Dan:What do you expect is

Reegs:Oh my God. But. It's right. Yeah. But it's about a guy. Who's older looking back and saying how everything was amazing in the 1940s. Well, no, it fucking wasn't the, the wife, like, I mean, I didn't know whether to be more disturbed by Ralphie's fantasy about shooting imaginary black people, as they tried to Rob his house or by the Chinese people trying to speak English that everybody thought it was hilarious.

Or the long suffering mum, who's not allowed anything for herself. A dad who's angry all the time, a childhood in which his biggest accomplishments are beating up a bully and getting a gun. I mean, this is awful, awful movie, awful values. Now this is terrible.

Sidey:I was

Howie:see a soft

Dan:often you're as wrong as you.

Howie:self does. Fuck. My son said to me that I've just picked the shot of a bully and you want me to get, I want, and I had a rifle for Christmas fucking high fives. You are part of the family, get it in, boy. Get it in. It is an absolute result that film my kids laugh, their head off, to

Dan:It's, it's not, it's not as often where he gets it as wrong as he has

Howie:Yeah, no, he's got it wrong.

Dan:way off base here, because this is a,

Howie:com. That's what

Dan:cone. Isn't it? A stone cold classic.

Reegs:it's no, it's awful.

Dan:I think it's, it's really one of the better offerings that people might want to visit. At least Christmas.


Reegs:Sure. If you hate your wife and kids.

Dan:And and Grover off to school, getting chased. There's just so many memories that little kids and adults enjoy thinking back to when, when you see them, plate of food is film. I take your point. It's dated a little bit, but which Phil was back from the eighties.

Haven't by, you

Reegs:Go ahead.

Dan:some scenes and things maybe But I, I thought it was, it was fantastic. Actually. I still think my kids loved it. They really enjoyed

Reegs:But all the values that it's talking

Dan:what about the lamp? What about the leg lamp?

Reegs:just not.

Sidey:that dad, I thought that dad was paper ledge, actually.

Dan:so here we go, here, it comes this he's one something isn't he can't

Sidey:It's one of the major contest.

Dan:You think back in the day, like you've actually once it's and this huge crate turns up for Gili and the, the wife works out that it's, it's actually fragile, but he, he opens it up and yeah, he steps inside this huge wooden trunk filled with wood Wallen and packaging and everything. And PO's out this one, like plastic.

Leg woman's leg with a fishnet

Howie:along the way, Ralph, he kept trying to touch it and he was looking up at it.

Dan:slide in his hands, hands up the leg resonate Ralphie. She's like a mom gives her a little clip around here and go, what are you doing? And that is just totally true. You can buy this lump. That is one. I think the fact that he's one, it just makes it all the more special Annie.

Clearly I know just where to put it. And I looked at it. I've read the messages that there. So whenever I bring anything home,

Reegs:she probably was worried you were going to kiss her.

Dan:This is potentially, but the other, the other worry she's got is whenever I've got something that looks like it might be for home

Howie:the ship back with you.

Dan:I've just not got that kind of executive sign off that's going into the man-cave.

But dad had this kind of long leg lamp, which. Lit up the whole house and street. And what'd you think about saying, did you know that that didn't take

Sidey:Yeah, I like that one. It's this was one of the highlights that the dad was the highlight for me. Do you

Dan:he was very good. Wasn't he?  sorry,


Sidey:old man, Darren McGavin yet,

Reegs:shake to make

Sidey:was lined up for that role.

Dan:did they?


Dan:Yeah. You think how Greeks would I love this film with, if it jacket had been in it, that would have been the

Sidey:Jack was cane, but I didn't hire him because he would have doubled the budget of the film just by hiring him. So he missed out.

Dan:but I thought that actually played it really well. I

Sidey:Hey, he's getting tormented by the dogs. Every time he comes home as well, culminating in the dogs, but he keeps sniffing around the Christmas Turkey

Dan:The dogs, she was ruining Christmas,

Sidey:fucking leave that alone. Leave that Turkey alone. And then the dogs come in and eat it which culminates in them having to go to this Chinese restaurant for, for Christmas dinner.

And this is, this is one of the seasons. I think that Riggs is referring to that really is certainly coming from a different time, a different era when it's okay to laugh at, you know, at people who

Dan:people singing people with accents, but they were actual

Sidey:does kind of make

Dan:Weren't they?

Sidey:this is one of the ones that does make you cringe a bit like fucking hell.

This is

Howie:my son did enjoy, my son did enjoy when the guy presented them with the whole duck and they were, it's got a head though. It just whips out a knife gone.

Sidey:They'd given the mum a different script on purpose so that she didn't know anything about that. So all her reactions to that are genuine.

Dan:Oh, really? Yeah. That scream. Cause she just,

Howie:Hmm. I was trying to place her. And she's the mum from Harry and the Hendersons. Do you remember that?

Sidey:close encounters of the third code.

Howie:Yes. Yeah, no, that Harry and the Henderson's is far more important. The close encounters far more credence

Reegs:so this was directed by Bob Clark. Did anybody pick up on the interesting filmography that he's got

Howie:I picked up on the Ralphie's, but not his.

Reegs:a simple clock directed black Christmas, which is a real. Christmas plastic, slasher horror, but he also directed porkies, which is an interesting

Sidey:predated this.



Sidey:So this only exists because of the success of Porky's.

Howie:well, no, let's just say Peter Billingsley, who plays Ralphie, did you look at his biography? What he's become? So he's been an executive producer for iron man films and he

Sidey:he's got a few quick then.

Howie:Yeah. And he was in alpha as well as one of the elves randomly. So he does a bit of acting for a laugh, but Yeah, he was a co-executive producer on various stuff with John Favreau Ironman, the breakup, and there's a thorough, a space adventure.


Dan:think Darren Gavin, the, the father, he also had a few bit parts in films, like red heat and Those

Reegs:of shit like you for breakfast.

Dan:you shift for breakfast. so, but none of them went on to record fantastic careers and many other better films than this. Would

Reegs:do you know, in the us, there's a TV, there's a TV channel. I'm not sure which one it is. And if anybody's got it, then do let me know. But they run this movie consecutively for 24 hours

Dan:well, because it's.

Reegs:because they hate us. I guess it's the only.

Sidey:Do you know that this is based on a short story that appeared in a Playboy?

Reegs:I didn't know,

Dan:better this film. No, I didn't know that.

Sidey:There you go. Now you do. What about, let's have some budget information, which I did write down somewhere budget for this was $3.3 million.

Howie:Quite a lot in the

Reegs:seems like quite a

Dan:83 or whatever it was.

Sidey:What do you reckon it won or lost

Dan:Yeah, I made money over

Howie:Yeah. It's my money. It's an American classic I suspect.

Sidey:21 mil. So

Dan:there you go. Solid winter solid.

Sidey:Do you know how many times he actually asks for that fucking gun in this film?

Howie:Too many

Dan:I would hazard a guess at 41

Sidey:w that'd be ridiculous. 28, 28 times, but he only asks. His mother is teacher bizarrely, who as if she's going to get it for him and father Christmas, who proceeds to shoe him in the face down that

Howie:yeah. How fucked up it was.

Sidey:which is a great reaction, but he never, he never asked his old man. And it was his old man that actually got it for

Dan:wasn't that a lovely moment? You can't say that. That wasn't a lovely moment. The last,

Reegs:Yeah, I can.

Dan:sat on the couch with

Reegs:I absolutely

Dan:a heart. You have a heart of stone. So he sat on the

Reegs:That, that was a prick though.

Sidey:Now that that was all right.

Dan:Dad was solid.

Sidey:kid was a prac. He would've, he would've ended up doing a school shooting. I was so obsessed with guns. He would he would have gone down his local high school and

Reegs:that was the only happy ending I could see coming.

Dan:Wow. Wow. So loud. Say this was a hit in our house.


Reegs:I'll tell you something else as well. I have never liked, in fact, I would go so far as to say I absolutely hate action. That is sped up for humorous effect. And this movie who was full of it, you know, when they like move really fast, like, ha this is really funny because they're doing it fast. No, no, no, no,

Howie:Rigs. You're just really slow. That's normal. People's length legs walking quickly.

Sidey:Another crime that this has committed is inspiring the creation of the wonder years.


Dan:Oh, there you go. Oh, you are joking.

Sidey:no, I hired one, two years.

Howie:Fuck it

Dan:was one of the best things that was on TV.

Reegs:Yeah. And the guy, the next door neighbor didn't grow up to be Marilyn Manson.

Dan:He didn't there. Wasn't it. Wasn't


Dan:Kevin Kevin's destiny.


Dan:Yeah, that's a great, that's a great series. Well, what'd you do God love it.

Sidey:We said enough about this, or we want to keep


Howie:I just wanna say one thing, the mixed messaging, he was an absolute shit back that kid. Well, I won't, I won't, I won't. And then at the end he gets his gun, which you have to look at and go, Oh, well, I liked you.

Dan:though. They're nine years old at Christmas. I think it was just him looking back. I think what you've got to. Remember about this is it's a nostalgic Christmas movie. It's it's a, where film really it's for adults as well as children. And I think kids will definitely enjoy it.

I think adults will enjoy it as well on a deeper level. And when I say adults, I mean, people who

Howie:About five foot seven.

Dan:But I think it's absolutely fantastic. And I've seen this film probably four or five times and the last time was just two nights ago and I still enjoyed it then.

Sidey:Phil you've shot the boat a bit there, but

Dan:Oh, right. Okay.

Sidey:get to ask you, then I will save you till the end. Howie, were you not entertained?

Howie:Yeah, I thought it was going to be utter shite and actually chuckled quite a lot, all the way for it. All the family watched it and laughed out loud. It ticks a lot of boxes was kind of very much of the early eighties. Elk took it for what it was. And I particularly think the bit at the end was a genuine heartfelt scene about the old Chinese restaurant.

And he goes, this was the Christmas that we talked about for years ever since, you know, I liked it. Have that

Sidey:Well, I think we know where we're going with this, but rigs, why are you not entertained?

Dan:Just a simple yes or no.

Reegs:This was a series of disjointed not humorous vignettes about a group of largely unlikable, one dimensional characters case in point Ralphie looks back with fondness for a time when his family could openly laugh at Asian people. They, the actors are absolutely awful shouting. Most of their lines.

They. It's an, a rated with the most punchable voice I've ever heard. There's a scene where Ralphie's character is in a room with his mother. But somebody is clearly indicating from off the camera, what he should be doing next. That's just really awful. It's tied very loosely to a Christmas theme, which is structured around the boy's desire to get a gun, which he does. And if that doesn't make you not want to see this pining for a time and values that are just completely alien and horrible TV. Yeah.

Howie:you let your kids watch it?

 Reegs:We started watching it together cause I was like, Oh, I want to watch a Christmas film. And I've got to watch this for podcast and Ella really freaked out a bit with the soap in the mouth.

Just didn't understand what was going on. And yeah,

Sidey:well, let that be a

Reegs:bend it then. Yeah. We'd, we'd bend it off because I was already fairly uncomfortable with it. Anyway. It was, this is an awful, awful, awful movie. Christmas Chronicles though. I'm going to watch that Mrs. Watched Christmas Chronicles, the first one with the.


Sidey:Well, we watched a, both a bollix

Reegs:Yeah, well, she said, it's nice.

Sidey:crap as well. Dad will

Reegs:is awful. Awful.

Dan:for me, I enjoyed it last time. I enjoyed it this time and I tripled dog day to watch this movie.

Sidey: On the fence a little bit with this one, there were a couple of moments I did enjoy, but on the whole whiny kids, fucking shouting that they want something over and over and over again is not really one for me. Bits I did enjoy the old man was better than the hero and beating up the birdie. I thought was great.

I was fucking weighed into that. Other than that, it didn't read. I don't have to see I'm watching it for the first time. It was a 43 year old. I don't have the nostalgic look back on it. So it's a bit of a misfire in that sense, but my daughter quite enjoyed it. So I think if you're a younger elk, it still,


Kids' entertainment this week, we watched some animation. Dan, what was it?

Dan:Yeah, we rent for teen Titans go. This was inspired by the fact that my daughter is watching this and I asked her what's this? And she said, Oh, he's brilliant. This is brilliant. I watched them all. I said, Oh, would it be good for the podcast? Said, yeah, yeah, yeah. So there we go, folks. And it was another Christmas Eve kind of episode, that was chosen season four, episode two Halloween versus Christmas.

And it was basically Santa Claus was trying to steal Halloween. So he would be the mast. So of all the holidays.

Reegs:Yeah, so Santa is quite basically a maniac in this isn't he ease, ease,

Sidey:on Santa.

Reegs:concerned that Halloween is as popular as Christmas and is therefore driven to ensure Christmases and all year event, which sounds like. Hell.



Reegs:Yeah, he does seem like a bit of a brick. Doesn't he? Father Christmas.

Sidey:like, it was, it was good for the story. I did pretty sure. I heard a stat that people certainly in America spend more now on Halloween or they do on the Christmas holiday period.


Sidey:So that's

Howie:how they celebrate Christmas in Japan. And it's seen as a holiday with KFC. Everyone gets KFC Christmas.

Reegs:I do like KFC.

Howie:I don't know. I like that

Sidey:this was teen Titans go, but there was a previous series of just teen Titans, I believe.

Dan:there's five seasons of this. I

Sidey:No, not

Reegs:Yeah. But at different, mm.

Sidey:property. One was teen Titans

Howie:teen times go there's like, there's like 300 episodes.

Reegs:This has quite a long and storied history, doesn't it? And it's full of DCS. Like some of DC's premiere characters like Robin and cyborg and.

Dan:Yeah. So this is base boy's side ball, Raven star, fire, and bobbing. And they all live in jump city. And when they're not saving the world, they're just hanging out, I guess. And you know, there's, apparently I've not seen lots of these, but there's, they see. Characters that will pop into this. Batman commissioner, Gordon, I think came into different episodes and the teenage mutant hero turtles jumped in as well.

So they've obviously got connections with some of the, the

Reegs:Mm, what you also get. I mean, in this episode alone, you get Dracula Frankenstein and the Wolf man and center. So eclectic.

Dan:Do you think this is something that they're trying to start out as a cartoon is going to become a film with popular or

Sidey:well, there's a, there's a Netflix.

Reegs:Teen Titans series. Isn't

Sidey:Yeah, it's pretty gash to be honest,

Dan:right. Okay.

Reegs:this is big. I'd never really watched or paid any attention to it before, but it's quite big. Isn't it? I mean, it's quite a devoted

Sidey:great. I thought it was awesome.

Reegs:Oh, yeah, no, I liked this, but in general, the teen Titan property.

Dan:I'm going to take this cause I watched it and I watched it, you know, and that was, that was maybe the highest compliments you can pay some of this a kid's TV that you've actually sat for. And it did hold your attention for

Sidey:well, I did my usual, it was, I did a time check just to brace myself and guys it was shot and it was 11 minutes. So straight away, I was pretty pleased that

Dan:Boyd by that result.

Sidey:Yeah. Even if it didn't go well, it was only 11 minutes of torture actually. I, I watched this one with my daughter, cause I was sort of, of the mind that this seems like something that I'd enjoy and if she starts watching it instead of Peter fucking rabbit we're on for a widow, but she, she wasn't into it at all.

Reegs:What the movie Peter rabbit or the TV series.

Sidey:fucking TV series it's on every fucking five seconds. So I was hoping that she might get hooked on this, but it didn't seem like it. I was way more enthusiastic about it. And she was

Reegs:I liked it.

Sidey:was fucking banging right at the beginning.

Reegs:The soundtrack was good. They had quite a cool little number of references. I mean, he had you had a recreation of the thriller song at points. You also, did you notice in the sort of chase scene? Where centers elves are boarding the car that the teen Titan guys use. They were using candy cane poles in a sort of style reminiscent of mad max.


Sidey:Yeah. Did I say it?

Howie:but that's the problem with this? Cause I think it's trying to be too much.  hello parents. This is a reference for you. My kids are like, what's going on here. They didn't get it. So, and I was just like, I'm not that fast by either. I just thought it was trying too hard to be this, like what you're saying now with all the references.

It wasn't, it's not a cartoon that's primarily for kids, which is what

Dan:my daughter didn't know any of those references and, and put me on to it, to be honest. So

Howie:My kids are absorbed at the minute by Hilda.

Sidey:My door's in the bad books cause she buried season two last weekend without,

Reegs:without telling

Dan:white and


Howie:it's amazing. My kids have hammered it and they love it. They're up. So they were gagging and waiting for the season to star their I know they've dipped in and out of it, but they'll find they're more interested. They are obsessed with the Airbender series, all the, and all the runoffs of it on Netflix. They love it. They absolutely love all of that sort of cartoon. So all the super hyper quick come through, blah, blah, blah.

And I thought our teen

Reegs:Anything to do with the bender? Yeah.

Dan:well, the, this kind of has the ability for kids to binge at 11

Howie:Oh yeah.

Dan:get through a series fairly quickly. And the animation is simple. It's kind of that.

Reegs:I liked the color, the styles, the, you know, the colors that were used in the style reminded me.

Dan:on characters and

Sidey:it's it's flash animation, which they can churn that out really quick, really cheap.

Dan:I know it looks good. It's

Sidey:but it's vibrant, it's in your face. It's quick. And it suits that comic book, story style, and each camera would sort of say something direct to camera that whole face would be the screen, you know?

Howie:Going on? What was going on with Robin's eyes?

Sidey:well he was a master's name, like Deadpool kind of style his eyes to it changes.

Reegs:he was off his tits, absolutely. Off his tits.

Dan:that's what it was.

Reegs:But not, I mean, we seem to have unified fairly universally enjoyed this maybe apart from Howie But not everybody did David Owens on, I am DB called this a corruption of Christmas, a warning. There are spoilers. He said, this episode is disturbing.

Even my six year old grandson asked me why Centre was such a burly center, becomes a thug and hijacks Halloween, and the Titans go to war with center center in Israel, act like the godfather and his thugs and do everything they can to destroy Halloween. From an adult perspective, I understand the underlying theme, the commercialization of Christmas hijacks, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

But this episode is watched by children, young children, and to destroy center's image like this is just flat out evil.

Sidey:Oh, fuck him. What a prick. I thought it was great to see sat over there at a different type. This is the third time he's been in a

Reegs:Well, no, according to David Owens, this was a corruption.

Sidey:David his can suck. A Dick is just fucking, really funny,

Reegs:If you're listening, David right in.

Sidey:go fuck yourself all the way to Christmas you prick.  Rudolph was great, you know, shooting laser beams out of his beak.

Fucking brilliant. Sadly though, this does fall foul of one of my particular dislikes.

Reegs:the reset button.

Sidey:no, it's the toy marketing. Vibe. was a previous thing of young justice and the toys didn't sell well. So they wanted a new show with young DC heroes, which is basically what this was born out of, which is the reality, I suppose, of a kid's stuff.

But I just, I've got a sort of, I dunno, idealized view of it just being made for art and enjoyment, but that's not how the world works. I know that, but it's disappointing all the time.

Dan:It is nice when a filmmaker or somebody who wants to entertain is as designed and created characters because they really wanted to do this. They seem to have a formula lots of these television programs. Now they have a formula, they have an animation style. They, they go like we can bang these out quick.

We can put some potentially some different. characters to them and sell books and sell different models and toys and everything. And I know that does tend to be the case. And with this, you know, DC universe is big hair, that justice league and, and all the rest of it. Maybe they'll make some toys out of it, but 10 minutes again, 12 minutes long. You can sneak in an episode, maybe get some stuff done. And I think this is okay.

Sidey:it's a question for you is teenage mutant Ninja turtles, the DC property now.

Dan:well, this, I don't know.

Sidey:gets referenced in

Reegs:They're doing Batman vs. Ninja turtles,

Sidey:Oh, it must be that because also the guy who does the voice of baseball there's voices one of the turtles, I think. So I didn't know whether that was why it kept getting mentioned, but they would, they would have to have some sort of ownership of the IPO, I suppose,

that was really nerdy.

Dan:haven't watched enough of these to

Reegs:It was fairly reminiscent of the nightmare before Christmas. Plot-wise wasn't it, except with Centre and Jack Skellington sort of role reversed, which is of course a Tim Burton classic,

Dan:Yeah, there was a darker side here. Wasn't there to Christmas.

Sidey:I'm going to go around and ask the question. Dan, were you not entertained

Dan:Yeah, enjoy this. I'm not sure how many I could take back to back, but as, as one on its own, too. Yeah, not too bad.


Howie:no, it didn't like it couldn't be bothered kids. Weren't fussed either.

Reegs:I largely the same as Dan. I don't know whether I'm looking at it fairly fondly because it was, you know, because of the brevity of it basically. But yeah, it was okay. I enjoyed the art style probably won't we'll never watch it again.

 Sidey:I really enjoyed it. It was loud and in your face and fun and irreverent and. Fairly violent as well. So ticked a lot of boxes for me. I would gladly watch an hour of this over an hour of Peter rabbit. So yeah, it was a big win for me. Not so much for it, but unfortunately,

 another recording done and dusted. Thanks for that chaps. We've got a website so everyone can now. People bought it by stupid stuff was on the internet on bad dad's film.

Howie:yeah, Sid great work. You've been slathering yourself all over

Sidey:yeah. Riggs has been favorite. They

Dan:I did a fair bit.

Sidey:Dan, you've been a great

Reegs:If you've enjoyed the sort of professional quality of this podcast and you just wait and see our website.

Sidey:Yeah, it actually does look quite good. So that's good. Next week. We'll probably record even though we're on the holiday season now, but we've got no nominations every,

Howie:Dan's, microphone's on fire.

Dan:No, no, that's fine.

Sidey:It's an optical illusion. So I'm going to fuck off , I should probably say to everyone listening, if you're listening to this before Christmas then have a good Christmas. If you live into it after the night, you had a good Christmas. All that remains is to say side of signing out.

Dan:Dan's gone.

Howie:How we happy Christmas.