April 16, 2021

Arrival & The Boss Baby: Back In Business

Arrival & The Boss Baby: Back In Business
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Just about my favourite thing in all of cinema is the long take or 'oner', whether it's to establish character or geography, to infuse a scene with intensity or drama or to present incredible skill and scale from impossible seeming new perspectives. They are often dazzling feats of vision and technical-endeavour, requiring countless hours of rehearsal and set dressing, incorporating complex camera moves, precision blocking and clever editing to achieve. So we're going to talk about them.

There are literally millions of movies which discuss linguistic determinism, how problem-solving and our entire worldview are linked to our linear perception of time and can articulate what consciousness might be like if you could experience past, present and future simultaneously and 2016's hard science-fiction film ARRIVAL is one of them. Screenwriter Eric Heisserer brings Ted Chiang's 'Story of Your Life' to...life...while Denis Villeneuve confidently balances the technical details of earths first contact with an alien species against a profoundly affecting emotional through line, brought to the movie by Amy Adam's terrific performance and moving character arc.

The Boss Baby: Back In Business sees Netflix once again plundering the Dreamworks studio archives in order to bring a cinematic creation to the small screen. The Boss Baby is about a corporation of babies in a battle with kittens for the affections of humans or something. I don't know exactly and I definitely don't care. Honestly the whole idea of Boss Baby is totally bizarre anyway, like someone had an idea that would make a great 10 second joke then was suddenly gifted with millions to turn it into a less than mediocre screen franchise. I can accept most premises and ideas but really who is this for? Kids tv offering characters with great traits and personalities or the chance of roleplay and wish fulfilment I can understand but who the fuck looks at harried employees, office culture, late night meetings, stressful deadlines and a Dickensian work ethic and thinks 'we need to package all this great stuff and resell it to kids through a briefcase toting, suit wearing corporate infant stooge' except someone with a weird neo-fascist agenda?

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

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Reegs:Welcome to Baghdad's cheese review the Internet's number one Baghdad based Revere of Jesus made in the Iraqi capital That is as far as I can take that joke I think it's episode number 101 hours and hours of us waffling on about great movies like Brighton rock just extended toy commercials like PJ masks awful precocious children   overacting Michael fucking Bay friends of our people spoilers names of our sex tapes all released to an essentially in different public but at least we're enjoying ourselves born out of society's relentless badgering bad dad's film review has come a long way since the days of shoddy sound anonymous Meagan terrible impressions we now have much better sound and how he Dan and Pete whose latest blog posts to celebrate our milestone will be released on Friday when this episode goes live which is great You wouldn't let down the guys and the public for episode number a hundred 101 for the blog posts Would you pay on Friday You send me the stuff and I'll sort it all out

Pete:no After after begging up like that I will definitely think about it

Reegs:Yeah that's the extent of the intro that I put together

Sidey:you watch anything this week

Reegs:I did I actually watched two amazing things well first I watched thunder force

Sidey:Oh really Can't skip past that Quick enough

Pete:Is that the Netflix thing The thing on Netflix with the yeah I saw I saw the trailer for that and look and thought of my try and watch it at some point Should I should I not

Reegs:She's quite funny in it No it's terrible It's terrible Octavia Spencer is awful in it She looks embarrassed basically the whole time Melissa McCarthy is quite funny but yeah I wouldn't recommend it The only thing I've watched is a thing that's on sky at the moment called save ourselves which is about a couple of hipster millennials who are sort of addicted to their phones decide to switch off their phones go out to the country and the sort of moment that they do do that the earth is invaded but they don't know they've they've unplugged if you like and it's like it's kind of it's quite a cute setup and it's gentle sort of humor but it's it's watchable and it's got a sort of one of those indie satiric endings as well So yeah definitely worth a watch

Dan:I watched page eight which was a bill Nighy

Reegs:the page that your daughter's on

Dan:Just watch that solid all week I haven't been able to get off that page Now it's a spy kind of thriller which I was surprised I've not heard of I thought I kind of watched most of these that were any good but this was pretty good

Reegs:Hey did you say he was in it the science guy Yeah

Dan:And I'm in love actually And have been in is that he's a British kind of treasure Isn't he he's he's done loads of stuff And this was full of actors that you would have seen or British actors following this guy Johnny Waurika as something's rotten in the foreign office And he's an analyst that is Trying to find out why So it was on Netflix and it surprised me as I say it's I really enjoyed it And then they done another one which is the Turks and or the Turks in chaos

Pete:K K costs

Dan:islands so I started to watch that that one had this watch

Pete:Christopher Walken

Dan:Had him in it had another kind of they brought out all the alias for this one and obviously


Dan:first one was pretty good and they bought and it hasn't started as


Dan:But I'll watch this exactly the night we did the last pod actually I watched it later on So before we got his nomination sword



Pete:So I've been other than homework I've mostly been watching Narcos still I have just got to the end of the second season huge spoiler so I'm gonna call him what my other half called him Cause he couldn't remember his name ESCO Pabla BARR yeah he eventually dies I don't know if that's ruined his story for a lot of people So I watched that but it's fucking brilliant and

Reegs:Does he

Pete:Oh yeah no he did He got shot right in the ear

Reegs:you can walk that off

Pete:yeah True It

Dan:it depends which way it went in if it kind of goes


Dan:or through your

Pete:it went through his head any diet Yeah yeah And I and then I started watching I was compelled to start watching the next season And this is yeah this is three and four it's Yeah that's it

Sidey:Well am I used to find time for quite few films this week Which the Lorax and my daughter the game Okay Yeah

Dan:really liked both of those films Actually I liked the little racks

Sidey:the gave my lunch too for a long while It's fantastic

Dan:film What first

watched that in Calcutta which is one of those hotels that had a TV that I'd splashed out for a while other than the usual hovels that you know you would share with 50 60 people on the floor But yeah that

Sidey:it's a great film Yeah I really enjoy

Reegs:I watched that in my bedroom culture The story is it

Sidey:It's it's our homework I was to watch Godzilla vs Kong which is fucking rad

Reegs:I mean for that Yeah Cool

Dan:really I


I know


Dan:but I also know this could be really bad

Sidey:as a whole subplot which you could cut And wouldn't make a job a difference to the plot of the film And it would take about 40 minutes out of the film but the fights Yeah it was fucking cool If you like that sort of thing This is

Reegs:I have enjoyed all of them I have to say even Godzilla which everybody hates

Dan:than just getting two toys of the

Sidey:Well there's three actually There's a there's a third party of this I also watched the snowman cause I'd heard it was fucking awful

Reegs:Liam Neeson

Sidey:No Fassbender

Reegs:Oh yeah but the one it's based the real one cause it's a remake isn't it It's a remake The re the original supposed to be really good but the snowman is really bad

Sidey:Yeah I'd heard it was bad So I thought I'll want to watch it to see how bad but apparently they they had the script and they only film two thirds of it So it's kind of incoherent

Pete:why did they do that

Sidey:kinda ran out of money or time or something like that

Reegs:This is shit Isn't it large


Pete:talking about what we're doing right now or

Sidey:also started the X-Files rewatching The X-Files Yeah it's fucking great actually Yeah It's

Dan:where where can you watch that Is that

Sidey:Disney plus Disney plus Yeah

Dan:Yeah I could I could revisit some of them I loved them Loved them

Sidey:You said the word on godly There's something ungodly smelling in this room Pete what's going on cheese wise

Pete:Well the ungodly smell is from the from the poutine minster that I've got which actually in itself is not that flavor some cheese but it stinks Like I imagine a gorilla's Dick would stink like Dan you you you work at the zoo


Pete:But it definitely smells like it should be in some sort of enclosure at as a as a zoo or wildlife preservation center I also have the one that you had just before that had distinctive hazelnut notes down is a sand neck tail lick who which is just bloody lovely there is a at which is named after Sean and tell me bleah Sevrine who once said dessert without cheese is like beauty with only one eye So I think we can all relate to that


Pete:And also a Santa's muscle in which no self-respecting Leon gourmet would be without there's still light it's creamy intense and it is full flavored ladies and gentlemen

Sidey: Top five this week Let's just get straight on with that rigs This was your topic

Reegs:Yeah It's one shots or long takes you know kind of what I mean by that way

Sidey:there a time limit

Reegs:now I don't have a time limit about this It's just cause I've got some Other examples as well

Dan:shot in any movie then


Pete:I was going to say like for the for the Philistines here like me and you clearly know I don't actually know anything about your background in film or media or anything like that and please don't bore me with it

Reegs:a lot of movies

Pete:but what would you call it How would you qualify a long take

Reegs:This is usually a well choreographed tracking shot that focuses now what you cringing about

Sidey:I've got some that are that but it doesn't

Reegs:No but

Sidey:As long in

Reegs:That's okay Long duration is fine as well for this That's fine But usually this is a long

Sidey:Would you want to give us an example then as your first

Reegs:My favorite example of any of these there's a lot to talk about because but my favorite example is Brian department's snake eyes

Sidey:I saw this twice at the cinema for Manny hates Nick

Reegs:Yeah Oscar winning Nick cage

Dan:the scene that opens

Reegs:the opening scene of the movie and it basically just follows Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Cage's character Santoro I think his name is as he walks through a casino to a boxing ring but you get a 20 minutes A shot that establishes absolutely everything you need to know about this sort of tense thriller all of the bits and pieces that are going to topple down you get the giant metal globe the top the top of the arena Then you get a storm coming down in panning down to a billboard showing a boxer They're telling us where we are We're in Atlantic city You even get the time and date If you really want it a reporter then comes in you know all in this one shortcoming coming down It's the final event before this arena is going to be taken over as part of the changed to being Gilbert Powerwalls millennium hotel and casino There's a hurricane coming So everything's being set up in the sequences it's moving along Then they make her do another take pretending it's just a tropical storm that there's no a hurricane at all So you don't know still just through one thing then it zooms into the news camera into a movie camera through a TV monitor So you've got long takes within long takes and then it may be moved to it moves across from one monitor to another

Dan:the time Nick cage is wearing this leopard print shirt

Reegs:He is Yeah And you can pick him out Yeah so you're following people backstage as it moves then there's and you get in sort of interacting with basically all the main players in the in the Thrillist So it's just this amazing Establishing moment is technically brilliant because you're wondering how did they do it Because obviously they had to cut it There's some things that look almost physically impossible basically but it's all done through carefully choreographed stuff You've introduced all the main characters and how they relate to each other you've introduced the setting You've introduced the tension and it's all in this sort of 20 minutes at the beginning of the movie I just absolutely love it no it's



Pete:I've seen this film and I can't remember a single fucking thing about it I've definitely seen it And I cannot remember I don't know I couldn't tell you where I saw it I've definitely seen it though


Pete:Why can't I why can't I remember it

Reegs:I think maybe now if you watched it you know I find that there's I can watch stuff with a different lens now being a little bit older than when I watch things when I was maybe 20 Yeah

Pete:you're definitely older now than when you watch things when you were 20 So yeah

Reegs:true Yeah But you know if you and also I really love this shot and there's so many good examples and other good ones can be good Fellas Somebody is

Sidey:going to okay

Reegs:about yeah

Dan:well that's that's the one that I was about to come up with actually because this really did I guess the the point of this shot is to for directors to bring out that you're with them you know it's happening right now There's a pace to the film So You know when you're going out sometimes particularly when we were younger but you have this moment like

Sidey:like a long time ago

Dan:auteurs going through the the Copa and he's he's weaving food the crowds in the building he's going through the kitchen and he's pulling the girl on his arm People are kind of waving to him or giving him a little high five


you know slide in

Sidey:pause the champagne

Pete:Yeah He's he's slipping them $20 bills Yeah

Dan:into the most exclusive


Dan:food back way slots right into a table it's

done Then you notice a queue waiting outside and people

Pete:Yeah Cause cause he actually bisects the queue right at the beginning of the shot doesn't it Yeah just

Dan:wanders straight in and This you know Scorsese here is just kind of made you feel that with him you know you that you have gone on that journey that you have cruised into the club and just walked past

Reegs:You're a mover and a shaker You're the person who is light in the room up go into the front of the queue sitting

Dan:And this film had that kind of celebrity around gangsters and around you know this is how they do it They move in these circles You know it's all about the good times all for show of course cause you see the ugly side in it as well but it's it's how they live and it really captured this for me And it you know when you're walking through and you're going out with your mates or something and you know everything all the doors are open and people you see and you go through and you just feel on top of the world This was that

Pete:It's never happened to me that

Sidey:it's it's sort of it's symbolic of her journey as well because she's Never been used to this life It's her transitioning through And then when they sit down and she's now in this life now he's no going back You know you're in this criminal thing but she keeps saying she's helping me And I look around it's just like HeadSpin if you've never lived this


Sidey:what are you doing He just sobbing construction Whereas he's like dishing out another a hundred someone and she just kind of knows but

Pete:Even in even in like the the the dialogue around the film I think she makes ref reference to the fact that you know even though she knew he was a criminal and stuff like she admits I actually I was pretty like turned on by it I was really impressed by it So and that that's like another manifestation of that that that whole scene Yeah

Sidey:filmmakers talk about that shot You know that's that's one of the study They talk about it and start swinging as you know John Fabro who is you know the you know how Scorsese did all that And they they talk about it It's it's a technical like masterpiece

Dan:who who first did this shot Who would you say was the person that originally

Sidey:you You'd have to wait for the technology you know the cameras to be able to be that portable It was a steady cam that sort of brought this sort of thing to life I don't know who would have I mean Kubrick loved a lot of stuff

Reegs:I mean one of one of the ones they talk about is really the establishing shot of citizen Kane is kind of One of the

Sidey:there's one in citizen Kane where it pans on the rooftops And then it goes in through a window through an actual paint not an open window it goes through a pane of glass Yeah And that was the forties when the cameras would have been fucking like the size of

Reegs:Yeah I don't know if that was the first time That was certainly one of the earliest I remember

Sidey:blew people away because they were used to like stage shows being filmed you know as a film and about comments but he still had wizard of Oz and stuff like that But you know you've had to it's more common now because of the technology allows it to be done like that

Dan:Cause some of these films actually made to look like a single cup but


Dan:been cut


Dan:1917 was that I dunno snake eyes was an example


Sidey:that visible cuts in that one

Dan:They just had

Reegs:no the first 20 minutes is all kind of real The whole movie is real time I mean that's like essentially real time within the but he that opening 20 minutes Is presented as this single shot but the rest of the movie isn't like that But yeah

Sidey:go ahead

Pete:so I mean it's it's probably fair to say that in terms of understanding filmmaking and I will I will I will come out and say that I had never ever heard of a long take or knew it to be a thing until I started listening to and doing this podcast with you guys it was not something I'd ever even been aware of in in film I don't know

Dan:you want to come out

Pete:There's there's plenty but if we've got time at the end

Reegs:get some more cheese down in

Pete:yeah So I had to do a lot of research on this because I would have watched a lot of the films that that we'll talk about or some of the films we talk about anyway and then just been totally oblivious I'd never watched Goodfellas and thought Oh my God that long scene like that And you know

Dan:I think this is the

Pete:I'd never had yeah

Dan:You don't actually it's only when you sit and analyze them afterwards

Pete:guess it's it's for people for people Yeah no obviously I imagine there's so much then that goes into a longer take a longer scene like that you know 1917 at some of the stuff that they presumably had to do and how long it was rehearsed for and just the setup and the you know there's so like onerous but for for you know massive dramatic effect the so I had to do research I wasn't aware of any of these until other than things that we'd referenced in this the first one that I happened upon was the scene from kill bill one and it's in the house of the blue leaves it's before the ridiculous like ludicrous Yeah yeah yeah Like yeah the ludicrous fight and there's a bit I think it starts with Uma Thurman I've got completely forgotten a character like the bride in in the bathroom And she's obviously about to sort of you know get into the the place where her you know her nemesis is and she needs to what she's going to have to fight and kill everyone in order to even make it out But there is a it's obviously a tracking show but it follows her initially And then it follows some of the other people who are just walking about this Some guy Bernie there's a guy bringing out some beers there's a it then goes out into like the the main kind of not auditorium They'd like the main kind of like tea room I don't know what it is It's tea room And and like the band are playing you'll know the name of the band sites the song that Japanese they are playing no it's it's the girl all girl band Is that famous I that song No Okay I can't remember the name of them either You know that yeah They're playing it and people are dancing and then it goes up the stairs and then eventually

Reegs:on hang on Just edit it in afterwards




Sidey:Oh yeah of course Yeah

Pete:Yeah Yeah those guys great band and yeah I think it just you know it I again I don't know for for the in terms of like the artistic value I mean it looks fucking amazing that whole sort of scene and the fact that they can do this this this tracking shot following various characters walking in and out it makes it feel much more real It makes it feel like a belief it's not just she bursts in through the door and just starts having a massive fight with people And there's no dialogue in in this section of it I think it's only a minute and a half or whatever And then

Reegs:establishes the geography of where this amazing fight is about to happen So you know where all the stuff all the staircases and all the it's just it's

clever stuff I love it

Pete:It just makes you feel like it's so real Like you're there and it just goes Oh this is it And this is behind the scenes and this is the bathroom And then I think it finishes with a shot of Like she's in the bathroom but it's behind like the I dunno what they call it the paper kind of like separators or whatever And then that just kind of lights up and you see her in the bathroom the silhouette of her and then that's her ready to she's she's got a plucked up courage and now she's going to go out and kill everyone in the whole place

Reegs:Yeah Brilliant Love it


Sidey:I'm going to go for this is right up there with my phone Favorite shots in any film ever it's contact it's Jodie foster having a flashback to when her father her father has collapsed and she has to run up the stairs to get the medication out of the bathroom So the camera your if you're thinking about the shot it's her running up the stairs as a child in slow-mo and the camera is just directly filming


Sidey:And it goes on for a while you know you see the panic and now she's got to get up there and her hand reaches up and then opens it's really hard to articulate exactly how how it looks but she reached up and opens a mirrored cabinet and then he realized that the camera hasn't been or it's just makes your head spin a bit like where's the camera how have they done it Yeah


Reegs:like it's like you followed the reflection of her not the actual her is she's run through the it's really trippy

Dan:How is that done

Sidey:there's a bit of green screen I think but I've never bothered to look it up cause I didn't really want to but then when I was watching it back on YouTube remind myself I did watch a bit of a chat about how it was talking I thought you know what I don't even care It's just it's just looks so fucking good

Pete:Yeah It's like finding out how Paul Daniels does his magic tricks Just it just shuts us the illusion I

Reegs:To be honest I love watching I've watched hours and hours of videos about how they do this stuff just because I find it absolutely mind boggling that the coordination involved to bring that experience to the screen is really you know just unbelievable

The protector also  known as Tom is probably my favorite Thai film about a restaurant that wants to eat an elephant it's got Tony jar in it and it's got this astonishing sort of four and a half minutes sequence where he moves multi-level up a restaurant kicking ass He beats up like 32 guys There's no digital stuff He is And there's no digital stuff in this at all I think there's one where they had to put a they had to smash a window that didn't smash or something it's the real deal it's park or it's Punching people jumping over shit moving between the levels You can imagine all the crazy stuff four and a half minutes and then but the camera is kind of going in between the fighters it's you know it's it's not static at all It's moving up with him It's as much of a participant in the fights as Tony Jr Himself it's just unbelievable and he's absolutely fucked at the end of it You can see that as well that he's like just there's nothing left on the on the last guy that he chops down It's brilliant Watch it I think they had to do it about five or six times

Pete:I never seen this film but as part of my research this came up and I've watched it today Watch that film Ah sorry that watched that scene and it took four days to film and the bit that I've made a note of here is that after a number of attempts they had to replace the camera man because he wasn't physically fit enough to do the tape So they had to just get another person And it was that light taxi So you say the guy was fucked after shooting the scene but even the even the camera man was totally focused as well

Reegs:Yeah Yeah It's incredible

Dan:I've I've Got a couple here Oh let's see which one I'll go for first I think it lost in London which have you heard of this field

Reegs:Woody Harrelson

Dan:film which he shot

Sidey:one long

Dan:No he's I think he lost his phone The idea that he's lost it's based on a kind of story loosely based on a story of Woody Harrelson is filmed live It was beamed into theaters  it's Livestream did cinemas this as well And I didn't

Reegs:want to really

Dan:but I've watched it afterwards

Sidey:So there would have been like there's an event on cinema

Dan:Yeah And Woody

Sidey:things going to

Dan:in a movie that he's shoot shoot And in one take

beamed into I think it went into 50 or

Reegs:and it's the end result watchable Cause that just sounds like it could go completely wrong

Dan:It's not it's not amazing Like there the the premise was better than the actual delivery of it all but it was watchable because of the pace that that lends it Self is a life

Reegs:I think that would have been quite something to have been a part of

Dan:was a lot of it's set up you know a lot of in planning that it was going to bump into


Dan:at this time and it was going to go around but and how the camera is going to move They they planned all this

Reegs:And when the aliens come in how did they

Dan:come in and gets it gets a little difficult Now this was based on Woody Harrison being arrested for vandalism on a taxi door loosely based on that And he got in an argument with his wife over he vandalized the taxi


Dan:he got arrested I think he had a fight with a misses over

Reegs:a taxi door He's well known for He hates them

Dan:and things He had had this wild night and this was kind of following that And it was it was loosely based on that night It was decent It was decent but one one shot the

Reegs:mm Hmm

Pete:I have my seconds And tree for this is a film I've watched a long time ago I've watched a couple of times I thought it was amazing his raising cane and it's a it's a Brian DePalma


Pete:it's got John Lisko John Lithgo is unbelievable in this film if I don't know

Reegs:no I like this movie

Dan:or someone

Pete:playing So he's so basically raising cane is it's about it's about sort of multiple personalities like schizophrenia it's around it like a doctor who's been investigated because he's effectively been buying babies and then deliberate is fucking really dark like the the the plot and buying babies off the black market wherever the fuck you buy babies from

Reegs:you can get them all anywhere

Dan:Where is that

Reegs:The baby black market baby black market baby.com

Pete:that's it right Yeah Yeah and and then sort of raises them deliberately traumatizing them and then the the theory is that you know the split personalities come when some significant trauma will happen and one the original personality will we'll bury that

Reegs:that as a hypothesis basically if I bring this thing up and I'm really horrible to it all the time it'll turn out to be weird and a bit of a Dick

Sidey:that's like

Reegs:give that man a ground

Pete:the the analysis like specifically being about the like the multiple personalities and that one personality will be will be created too Deal with the trauma whilst the other personality exists in ignorance of the trauma and therefore you get and then it's then the the the balance and the fight between the the personalities and you know anyway so it's a it's a fairly dark very dark like concept but it's it's brilliantly acted by John Lithgo as as the the the


Pete:so so specifically the um

Dan:matter as any shot any

Reegs:well no Brian department does this a lot in his

Pete:it's good I th I think it was again researched today said that the the escort it was called the everything shot So it's it's it's basically the the people that are investigating the the the the like a series of like horrible like murders and attacks and stuff and they're speaking to a doctor who understands multiple personality disorder So they're just basically walking her through the building and it goes honestly it goes on and on and it's it's really cleverly done It's it's just one again a big long tracking shot It goes like down some stairs multiple levels She just keeps what is brilliantly acted She just keeps walking and talking as if she doesn't know where she's going And they keep having to like pull her down corridors and stuff So they eventually get into into the lift and then go up in the left and go And it and it finishes in the mortuary and they even sort of make reference to like Oh this we know that this lady supposedly drowned in her car but we know that she was she was like also sorry he was supposed to have been murdered And and then the car submerged but we know she was still alive when she went in We can tell by under our fingernails and all of this And then they say Oh and look at the the the look on her face And they pull the like the Sheep back And there's just this like terrified horrified dead woman's face which is pretty fucking jarring and yeah that's the yeah There's it's it's quite Tony jarring Yeah yeah I'd say certainly the the bit at the end there but the rest of it is just up and down the stairs and there's no ups skirts or anything

Sidey:I got a couple of bites director of the shining Danny Torrance on his trike cycling through the overlook hotel is a really iconic one There's no music at all It's just the noise Just the sound of him peddling along and

Dan:over the shoulder

Sidey:yeah occasionally it's on like a wooden floor whatever it was then it goes onto carpet So you get this sort of different sort of sound but essentially it's just this sort of eerily long take And following this lad around the hotel when he cycles up to the room and I think he looks he looks at the the room number he's been told Yeah You'd asked that that's don't go in there Two three one Is it there's a documentary about the film called room whatever it is it's

Reegs:two three seven Is it

Sidey:something like that Then he does eventually come up cause the two twin the twin girls who did murders and play with us Danny or something like that It's fun

Dan:little squeaky wheel isn't there as it is

Sidey:Just the sound of him got along and occasionally it's on it's on like a rug or it's on the ground and but uh you get then you get the flat there's shot The long shot ends where you get a flash off the murder scene And then then the two girls holding hands in it fucking room

Dan:it's just absolutely just you ever seen it's that subliminal It's like a subliminal


Dan:isn't it really But it's a great it's a great single shot I mean there's for him to use that there and follow this little

Sidey:but he wanted to have many times I did it as well because

Dan:Just seeing him like you're over his shoulder there the whole

Pete:way I've seen some stills of of that like the kid on a Trice got in a car door and so yeah it's still never made me want to watch the film just because I'm fucking scared of it


Dan:You want to watch it at like

Pete:I'm scared of it and I've not seen it

Dan:in SIM ones or something farmhouse

Pete:or less scared after having watched it

Dan:It's just such a brilliant film It even though that it's scary


Dan:such a fantastic film along with it is clever is so many great shots and there are a few bits that you can actually know they're coming now you know so you'll know the iconic scene where he's going to put an act


Dan:know that theme

Sidey:that is

Dan:So you you'll be able to man up for

Sidey:Kubrick Kubrick was horrible Like Shelly Duval really messed her up This film They should have a patient and stuff after doing this

Reegs:Yeah Yeah

Sidey:so much Yeah

Reegs:It was Yeah

Dan:Would you did you think that was because I mean when you're shooting a movie you don't see it from start to finish you know I mean it's all broken is stock car

Sidey:all that

Dan:of thing So do you think that was more because of the the the grueling

Sidey:yeah let's do this Don't take do it again And do like hundreds of takes of the

Reegs:Oh yeah Kubrick here He was famous


Sidey:is not quite symmetrical Let's get rid of it Yeah yeah

Reegs:A trio of television examples season two of Cobra Kai finishes with this big fight in the school that's really well done It's a long take Daredevil the TV series Remember that that had a few good fights in it the cut man episode I think that's one of the very first ones has a fight in a hallway It's sort of reminiscent of that scene in old boy that we talked about but it looks really cool And I don't know if anybody watched the first season of the haunting of Hill house is Scott is really good And the sixth season it's directed by this guy called Mike Flanagan who tweeted us up once on it's basically the whole episode is kind of done Like it's A series of maybe five long shots that are sort of intersecting two time periods over the same surfaces and situations

Dan:this in one

Reegs:in one shot So at one point he's got kids running on the screen and then actors running in behind him just off and then round in a circle behind him So it looks like there's kids and adults in the same room at the same time to different characters It's really clever It's really good and the series is terrific as well

Dan:You know I guess it saves a lot of money and time If you can do a single shot

Reegs:I don't think it does

Dan:you know no editing and things you know afterwards

Sidey:but I think all the all the choreograph stuff

Dan:you ha you have to

Sidey:or the lighting

Dan:depends how you're gonna how are you going to film it Yeah

Reegs:Well a lot of it has got really clever editing in it though That's what gives it the appearance of being over you know a lot of the shots that we've talked about are edited or spliced together Yeah You know and some of that is done digitally but a lot of them weren't like in Goodfellas it would have been done with like passing between particular you know walls

Dan:or whatever things like that Yeah Well One that I haven't seen in a little while actually but I was researching this and I I remember the film very well because it's an awesome world film touch of evil And have you seen


Dan:Okay so this is another one I think we should add to the growing list of movies where she's watching the man-cave on a on a projector


Dan:and take it in because the opening scene is Charlton Heston's walking Janet Lee and they kind of go in towards the Mexican border and somebody put a bomb in a car of somebody else and it's all happening


Dan:this kind of one scene together the film is brilliant It's a it's a real kind of fantastic film war example Orson Welles the I I went for a run You probably all have as well but a really strong awesome worlds phase where I just needed to see all the stuff or watch you know

Sidey:transformers the movie movie

Dan:you go over to you know bill and Ted's now he's done all these fantastic movies citizen Kane third man You know those two in particular really got me And then there


have you seen the magnificent emphasis Since

Dan:it's on BBCI player at the

Sidey:moment I was thinking about nominate bog We weren't

Dan:you can watch that there so this is really great movie

Sidey:Yeah Right

Dan:touch of evil


the next film I've got here is from the untouchables I can't remember the name of any of the characters Well I can remember some of the characters but names but I dunno Andy because Garcia's character his name he's walking two guys down the corridor they get into like the the service elevator with a cop in inverted commerce and they're going down and then somebody a lady gets out of the lift they follow the lady down the corridor for a bit and then it comes to like the the normal elevator That's when Costner and Connery come out and walk back down the corridor They're asking the whereabouts of one of these two guys that's just gone down and then they hear some gunshots and then quickly you know rush to the other I think the the the take eventually ends before they they find what's in the C like in the elevator like the scene in the elevator

Sidey:provide the wall

Pete:they write touchables on the on the wall in the blood that the two guys that they've just shot in the in the face pretty brutal Yeah It's a guy that who looked at it exactly like Billy Bob Thornton but I don't think was on a smaller guy with with round glasses but don't know their names but yeah again it's like another

Sidey:department again isn't it

Pete:Yeah My in my very well so obviously this Yeah Yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah So I'm like really really strong film I don't know I mean again my ignorance means that I don't know if that is a is as good an example as some of the others they're just ones that I'm basically going with films that I have seen that have these like longer

Sidey:a good one to talk about

Pete:shots in

Sidey:I gonna drop another Kubrick bomb on you It's the opening shot of a clockwork orange a clockwork orange You see in this one

Reegs:I have seen the movie but I don't recall the shots

Sidey:not necessarily your showy Offy kind of don't take it It's just The the sort of credits running they're these sort of just big block of primary colors then it cuts straight into right close up of Malcolm at Dallas is Alex isn't it That character it's right close to his face And then it just holds that and just very very slowly over a good couple of minutes zooms out Did you see the whole scene

Reegs:of this

Sidey:curve A milk bar and it makes him the whole time He's just completely static but heavily breathing Like they've just been in a rumble or he's getting ready to go out and they're drinking milk And then he got the wacky fucking set up in this place It's all the tables raw naked women or anatomically Correct And they've got this weird slogans on the walls Most of which I think have been taken by bands throughout the years and it's just this really it's it's got the synth Beethoven music on it which I really like as well And it just sets the scene for a great fucking movie

Reegs:Yeah Yeah You get choice it's

Dan:to have taken on you know and to try to make all that happen on screen from the book you know

Sidey:another one where he fucking ruined the lead actor

Dan:Yeah He pushes he pushes but look

Sidey:nearly fucking blind to them I think it's scratched his eyes to fucking that scene

Dan:Yeah Yeah It's a yeah it's a good one

Reegs:A couple we've reviewed on the pod by which I mean one actually LA LA land the opening musical number was done like that which was really cool And I really enjoyed that movie what else The final shot the final shot the silence of the lambs it's when he Hangs up the phone I'm having an old friend for dinner and then he just kind of melts off into the crowd and the credits just play as you watch him Cause he's got a fairly distinctive hat on but before long

he's he's gone and the credits play over that And it's just a static shot and I just love


And you're rooting for accountable to murder someone

Dan:he he's just floating through

Reegs:2016 experimental film I wanted to talk about called paint drying which goes on for 10 hours

Sidey:is it what I think it is

Reegs:it is exactly what you think it is It's made to protest censorship to make the sensors watch the entire thing to make sure there was nothing obscene in it

Sidey:it's quite funny


Dan:Yeah Okay Classic there was a film all the president's men

Sidey:Oh I've got this on the list as well

Dan:So there's a there's obviously a few good scenes throughout this film but the one that I remember and was the one that I read about research in was when he's on the telephone

he's yeah Redford's

Sidey:on the

Dan:telephone and he's spinning about three different phones so he's not doing much not an accident scene where there's you know lots going around the

Sidey:it's it's it's over six but I think it's six and a half minutes of just getting

the phone but it's just it's just really getting the fuck out of the way and laying a great actor fucking act And he fucking knows it I think there's one bit Ray I think it gets confused and he sort of giggles to himself when he's on the phone I cause cause he's got the wrong guy to me It's like he's he's done that Like for real

Dan:like look we're going to do this once We're going to film it


go for it

Dan:know and With the the film a little while back the I nominated he acts all on his own on the


Dan:lost you know he's obviously choon that kind of method and and himself to to hold a film together nevermind a scene you know so a six minute scene no problem And then he's obviously got gone on and on but this was it was brilliant as you say just a fine



Sidey:another great hair in that

Pete:I've got the there's an attack car attack seen in children of men which I I

Dan:I've seen this for once and really really


Dan:it It's about time I revisit it

Pete:th this this scene in particular is like it's it's mind boggling how they do it you know I w I would actually quite like to see how they

Reegs:you can watch it It's it is mind boggling the way

Pete:Just it's it's you know they're they're in the car I think that there's you know there it's a long car journey that they're going on and that they're mucking about in the car And then all of a sudden it's like a flaming car just comes out of the Oh the

Sidey:the walks trucks and logs


Pete:Yeah and then they they have to to reverse to get out of there being chased by like motorbikes and the police and it's

Sidey:Julia Moore bites It

Pete:Yeah Yeah she does Yeah Yeah

Reegs:character just bites it in the middle of the scene

Pete:Yeah It's it's a fucking incredible scene

Sidey:It's a ask a band director again

Pete:Oh is that right Okay Well I keep would you know I keep getting drawn to to his films without knowing they're his films There must be some some pretty powerful work going on there but yeah it's just even even at the end of it where the camera somehow steps out of the car and watches it drive off I just just don't know Cause I was trying to work out Where is the camera Like how how was it in the car How is it filming everything that's going on with both in and outside of the car and then and then sort of steps away to to see it But I think there's a couple of examples of like long takes in this film

Reegs:in that


Pete:that one in particular yeah

Reegs:is a really good one right at the beginning where there's a terrorist attack in London as well Yeah He he loves this technique and I just I will watch all of his movies just to watch him do it Cause he's so good at it

Sidey:Well he does it again and gravity the space work they're doing some work there on the spacecraft and it's so fucking her fault because Clooney says to her fucking pack up Now we've gone and she fucking did this and he's like I fucking ordered you now It's she's got blood in her hands because he wouldn't have died Have you They would have fucking died the radio message comes through There's some debris coming their way it's a 17 odd minute long so that when it hits it the camera's fucking spinning your fucking disorientated as fuck What should this I wish I'd seen this at a

Reegs:I was going to say did you

Sidey:No I only saw it at home

Reegs:It's an incredible experience

Pete:the opening of the film isn't it Yeah

Reegs:it is But there's a few long takes again in this one but that yeah

Sidey:You're kind of head spinning rounding up Cause she's attached to a big arm which gets hit and it's fucking spinning like that And you'll go you know

clearly like I was sort of thinking This is how these people must be You've got to be this sort of almost robotic kind of dispassionate personnel tick excludes Like you need to detach yourself from that thing And she's obviously freaking out She's a lot more emotional but clearly like just the voice of the Raiders is like you need to detach And the radio voice is coming through Like there's some debris coming It's good We're going to be comms out And but no one's like screaming about it Oh my God

Dan:they've trained for this This is it You know they've they've gone through every kind


Dan:reality which is as you point out all the more annoying she


Dan:really said came in coming

Reegs:It's him again if he does it in the Revenant part of it he has like a full scale massive major battle kind of happening in the background which is really cool with one take And then he does it in Birdman Again a movie that I really liked it's about Michael Keaton basically playing Michael Keaton I'm a serious actor but best known for playing a superhero

Dan:this or

Reegs:I think is it in a re two Is it the other guy The cinematographer in a re too

Dan:a few Oscars there So I don't know if Michael Keaton got best actor though Did he for

Reegs:maybe maybe he's very good in it


Reegs:Yeah yeah Yeah

Dan:all zone that he played himself

Reegs:but you get a few It's why I love this shot so much because it's sometimes it show it just pure showing off Sometimes it's telling you brilliant things about how the movie is going to unfold Sometimes it's telling you something really important about a character in this case it plays with things because it you don't know law when he goes on to he goes on stage from backstage and starts just acting in the play And then your viewing experience is really different because you feel like you're watching a play and then you feel like you're just standing on stage watching them do it It's really clever the way it flips your yeah Your perspective as it goes around It's another movie I really liked

Dan:Okay Well I've got the 2017 documentary goals under hoax where I walk on Varian assays Ganges

Pete:in about

Dan:seconds Does that count

Reegs:Yeah definitely Tell us what that is Give it some heads up

Dan:That was the film I made in India about the pygmy ho

Reegs:Okay And what is the pygmy hog

Dan:pygmy hog smallest pig in the


Dan:it's not as pig of the world and it was still easy It's quickly endangered so we went there and

Reegs:because they taste so damn good

Dan:walked through the the Ganges probably 50 degrees or something really really hot And I had to do that like three times before I got the right walk

Reegs:It's on a par with the man Tony jar

Dan:to the last in line that kind of Epic scene but I will put in is a is my final one in here is the creed fight which I just thought was such a clever brilliant way to show you know Essentially a scene that's been done in in other films but how do you how do you do it How'd you make it a little bit different How you make a bit tighter So getting right in the ring over the shoulder getting the pie you know I just thought

Reegs:it was choreography

Dan:really good choreography and yeah I dunno how many hours goes into making a single shot like that happen Because I think they they do two rounds without stopping to give you that real pace of you know this is happening this is why in the ring Now why up until he knocks him


Reegs:Yeah it's a brilliant sequence It's for it's Ryan Coogler is the director and he's a talented talented guy I really

Sidey:likes to learn It's not going to be in the next one

Reegs:now And he's been saying some weird shit recently as well Isn't

Sidey:I did read somewhere on our favorite Twitter feed there was some cancel Stallone murmurings going on so I don't know what he's done to upset people

Reegs:I think they found out he was a member of a secret alien race that was subjugating humanity

Sidey:They live

Pete:I'll wrap it up Cause I'm mostly out of the things that I've seen now we've mentioned 1917 which obviously has so much of it There was a OSA had the secret in their eyes the the football stadium scene The last thing I'm going to mention is a is a a series that I watched last year called the third day which had Jude law and Naomi Harris it was on the sky It had it was it was done in three segments There was three episodes initially in the summer segment And then it was finished with the three episodes in the winter segment in the middle of it was the autumn segment which I enjoyed the I enjoyed the the first three episodes that much that I was going to watch it but I I gave up after about an hour it was a 12 hour live single take Events that's it's it's in the record books at 720 minutes

Reegs:damn it That's longer than my 10 hours for paint

Pete:Yeah So I have I have Gumtree there but yeah it was it was basically set around So it was quite cleverly done because part of the theme of the of the whole series was this this festival almost like a pagan festival and this this 12 hour event was the day of the festival So it just it it followed I don't did any of you see the third day with with Jude Lorena It was kind of it was a little bit I've mentioned it before a little bit mid and that it was kind of like you know set in like a you know an oldie worldy pagan type you know arena and yeah there's so anyway it just follows the there's like a natural Causeway out to an Island and it just goes all the way along the Causeway And then into the events of the day all done in one take for 12 hours And I gave up after an hour because who would watch all 12 hours

Sidey:Not me Yeah I'll finish off as well We be mentioned very briefly the corridor hammer fight scene in old boy and also a really great movie that we never mentioned boogie nights the opening the opening to that is sort of not too good fellows but this time we're in the seventies it goes through the nightclubs called hot tracks

Dan:Yeah Right Okay

Sidey:three two to third Do we eventually see duck Douglas Cock

Reegs:Yeah Finally Cause it has well it has been an Odyssey to see the penis They've talked

Sidey:about Yeah You see it at the very very end Don't even need flash proccesses You're a big bright shining stars and lights and stuff Great movie Great movie

Reegs:I will literally watch anything That's got this shot in it That's half decent which is how I ended up watching doom the one based on the video game it's got a shot near the end where the monsters are being done in a single take Like it's your in the game with the thing And I watched how it was done and the illusion is really ruined because it's literally guys in monster costumes like running behind the camera and just stopping like a bunch of them like it's Benny Hill and the camera moving forward and then running in doing something running back around yeah

Sidey:Should we well it down

Dan:pick one

Sidey:rigs Where are you going to put

Reegs:it Snake eyes

Sidey:Oh Jesus

Dan:Oh really Well I hope I hope somebody puts in good fellas is that looking likely around the room because that's gotta be in there

Pete:Well you've mentioned it So why don't you put it in there

Dan:Cause there was another one that I know you're not going to mention I'd really like a touch of evil to have it's a

Reegs:we'll just put it in It's literally nothing at stake

Dan:issues This is worth a poster on Twitter isn't it at least there you go I'm I'm

touch of evil

Pete:Okay no I'm not gonna bow to your peer pressure

Sidey:Don't forget this audience

Pete:exactly So more so I thought it was a really cool scene anyway the way it's done the way it's active but I think it's a brilliant film And if you haven't watched it you should really see it as raising cane So that that scene

Sidey:Yeah Well I'm going to put in contact So Goodfellas needs some help from third parties


This week's movie

Reegs:Yeah we watched arrival so Yeah this is based on a story by Ted Chiang called story of life And it was adapted into a movie by a guy that I liked called Denny Ville Ville Nerf Yeah Shaq's father


Dan:it must be a relation Must be

Reegs:Yeah the opening shot of the movies is a kind of collection of memories of Louise banks who is Amy Adams and her daughter Hannah who dies at the age of 12 from an incurable illness


Reegs:I'd completely forgotten about this part of the so I remember watching this movie and it was about two o'clock in the morning when I'd been up with the kids and enjoying the extra terrestrial elements and possibly not picking up so much on this part of the plot

Sidey:Yeah Cause this is what I have seen before but I dunno what the hell I was doing the first time Cause I didn't get it at all and I don't know Yeah I don't know Well we can talk about what it actually is but I don't know if it's a film you need to see twice to pick up and everything Probably isn't I just think I've come wasn't concentrating or maybe I fell asleep I can't remember but I I got I got it totally wrong when I watched it back this time I was like what the hell is this Not confused myself It's as the title suggests this is the story of an arrival of I think it's a dozen alien crafts dotted around the world


Dan:Yeah Riches and they they come in like huge stones shows that

Reegs:They were they reminded they were pebble shaped They were like smooth pebbles that had a giant structures hovering in the sky

Pete:no initially they weren't a mile high Were they Cause cause they went up in no no I think that was when they at one point they moved because they did move a bit during the film but initially they Oh sorry Apologies I thought you meant a mile up from the

Dan:know they did eventually move

Pete:So they cover

Dan:about 10 feet 50 feet from the

Pete:ground It was very independent study This this sort of opening with the arrival of ships and the you know are they good Are they

Dan:with Amy Adams giving a lecture and the not many students in her

Sidey:Yeah It was standing room only And they when it

Dan:and yeah and the ones that are they're getting beat on their mobile phones their computers are going off and eventually the student asks to miss can you put on the

Sidey:when she gets grumpy doesn't she because her phone goes off and she says always it's something some news you'd like to share And she says yeah Would you put the could you put the TV on

Reegs:it's really well done

Dan:I love the thought I would love it to one day happening in our lifetime that this kind of arrival moment comes where you go Wait a minute

Pete:I I at that point I actually asked my Mrs Who watched the film with me how would you how would you feel like at that moment And she said something along the lines of shut up and that was it

Sidey:Had you seen this before

Pete:No I'd never heard of it

Sidey:So this point in the movie they are just at the arrival stage but you did maybe We're not sure if this is like a hostile take over or it's just a meet and greet you know it doesn't you don't know how it's gonna go which is what the which is what all the people around the world don't know So some nations react to this news differently to others

Reegs:there's a the longer it goes on and the less that they appear to know there's civic armrest like you say the different countries who've got different strategies for how they're going to deal with things

They're trying to recruit Lindsey Louise banks Amy Adams as the linguist to try and establish contact with the

Dan:which I just thought was a fact intake on this


Dan:You know rather than going to a a scientist that's a guy or or you know the typical kind of action hero

Pete:They do go to a scientist Who's a guy which is Jeremy Renner's character

Dan:did Yeah You're white but not as the main character not as the as the person that was going to unlock the secrets eventually and they've they've come in they've pulled her out of a a choice of different linguists And at one point she asked ask the competitor who cause she's she sends Forrest Whitaker Who's the Colonel in


Dan:of the of the program Yeah he was a Dick I thought he

Reegs:He was just a bit stressed and he had a lot to do That's what I thought And he had a really weird accent as well Was that a

Sidey:funny I too

Reegs:not sure

Pete:I mean I think he was just playing like a I think you feel like the Colonel that's in charge of this particular shell you'd probably take it quite seriously and be sort of like

Sidey:Oh my God how did we not know exactly what this fucking new entire race are saying

Dan:character in American Ninja or someone very similar

Sidey:Is she very sort of you've got this great explanation of you know they write a sentence What is your purpose on earth And she breaks down exactly You know how you need to understand the language to determine this that and the other And it's a good sort of sciency you know English language his explanation of quite a nerdy

Reegs:of what the Oh well of what the problem is basically

Dan:we've got to they've got we've got to make sure they understand what we're asking and how

Sidey:a question

Dan:Obviously it's massively infuriating a race that has the ability to get here Float 20 30 meters above the hasn't mastered the English language

Reegs:Yeah That is annoying

It's like when you go to France or something I need a stamp

Dan:then we understand why that is because actually

Pete:later but just throwing your arms around and just stimulating like surely and they've got seven

Reegs:Yeah exactly But they have

no but they ha the reason they've come to her fairly quickly it's because they've tried other mechanisms it's quite important because they've tried maths and they don't have a common understanding of maths except for a particular subset of maths that only has where time basically isn't it In fact they don't understand Newtonian physics which is really really perplexing to the scientist No they they have a conversation This loads of cool conversations that happened in about two or three minutes proper science It's not really over your head It's if you you've heard the terms or you're interested in the subjects but it's there's like hard science going on and they have this conversation They've tried maths That's why Ian is there what's

Pete:Jeremy Renner

Reegs:Jeremy Renner And I was trying to think there's Ian Malcolm in Jurassic park and then he and bill and then that's it Isn't

Pete:There's not many like prominent eons certainly who are saving the world or helping to save the world

Reegs:So anyway his maths is shit The aliens don't understand it for some reason So get the linguist and she can talk to them And the way that you talk to them is you get in a hazmat suit and you get bused out into the middle of nowhere Cause the military have set up this kind of field hospital around it and or field base operating unit And then you go up in

Sidey:well I have that really cool entrance way where you have the gravity's

Reegs:Yeah So so the ship for various parts of the day we'll open a tiny portal

Pete:every 18 hours 18 hours

Reegs:Because they have to restock their atmosphere or


Reegs:and they go up in this kind of crane thing at which point the physics flips And you realize that gravity is not the same on the ship and the orientation Yeah

Dan:it The

Pete:the way

Dan:you're looking up straight on kind of

Pete:yeah well they they they he demonstrates it with what do you call them Like those tubes that you break them kind of like fluorescent shoe like a not a flare it's it's yeah They they break it and throw it up and it lands sideways and yeah Then you immediately like the the people who were seeing that for the first time I'd like gobsmacked

Dan:th there's a couple of other characters we should probably mention as far as the plot goes the military guys that are taking them


Dan:are not big Plot devices or big characters but they're they're important in the plot as in lines like this Yeah that just happens So they they've joined the big conversation and with with the other stars and basically what's going on with these guys is they're being influenced by the paranoia that's going on in and around their families and the rest of America and the world over what these aliens want because they've been here a month we've been here two months and and time is ticking along to the point where nobody's getting far enough off quick enough to make any of the panic go away And the whole human race culminate in in you know China getting a little bit techy to how they're getting on with communicating with the aliens

 Reegs:So we we get this terrific first contact sequence Where they've moved into the interior of the spaceship and they're in a sort of cavernous room with looks like a glass screen I'm not

Sidey:sure what

it was It was like they were in a big fish tank with it

Reegs:and it yeah And then it's very dark in there And then at the end he's like gas behind it And then

Sidey:they've got a Canary with them

Reegs:they've got

Sidey:mining trick

Dan:it was nice to see You just want to teach somebody from the pit come

Pete:along big Jordy minor

Reegs:it's amazing though that all that technology and that's what they bring in with them you know it's like

Dan:and they're all in their hazmat


hasn't got one on

Dan:hasn't got his own little hazmat suit




Dan:He's chirping away Fine So it doesn't take long before

Reegs:but behind the screen we can see the moving shapes

Dan:the these kind

of Oh heptopods they call them

isn't it because there's there's five arms on


Dan:Oh no there

Reegs:seven seven but you could it this is cool The way they're introduced you can't see them at first Then you see a flash of a limb or a part of a body You can't really work out what you're seeing but then yeah

Dan:glass with some hands


Dan:closely Somebody's really zoomed in close and

Sidey:Yeah If this was a Michel Gondry film that's probably what it would have been Yeah

Dan:it looked really cool though And then

Reegs:but they're sort of unknowable They don't have facial features so there's nothing you don't know what you're talking to and they don't they make sounds but they're barely they're basically kind of like whale

Dan:it's not until much later you actually see him at a full height isn't


Dan:they they they spurt this ink similar to what an octopus might do which then goes to form shapes which is them communicating their language

Pete:Yeah But they've written specifically their written language Yeah

Reegs:yeah she there is some hand waving away about we can't be bothered to understand what they're actually talking about So we have to write it down It quickly becomes I mean this part they kind of skip over the complexity of but they establish a vocabulary I think pretty fucking quickly in this from like but it's intelligent It is really well done It's interwoven with scenes of them being in absolute shock and or at what they're doing you know it's believable from that perspective

Dan:you can see obviously she's using her experience as a linguist to


the linguist

Dan:she is indeed And she's getting the building blocks like Ian walks in you know establishing


people racism and getting that and

Reegs:and then replicating it on the other side of the screen as well A couple of times Quite interesting

Dan:The work is going on behind the scenes Now I think you just have


Dan:along with that And we do skip along


Sidey:It would be painful if they went into too much detail about the nitty gritty of this It just wouldn't work filmically and it's totally acceptable to skim past a lot of the bits

Reegs:I agree I agree Yeah So eventually they do well they're under pressure to have the conversation Just why are you here There is more and more unrest The Chinese have gone rogue They were a bunch of decks in this movie It

Sidey:I was going to say how would they show this movie in China

Pete:Yeah It was a bit of a stereotype Wasn't it It was like China and


Pete:and yeah it

Reegs:totally took me out of the movie How like You know bitch slapping glee sort of okay That was to just go China are real pricks Aren't


Pete:right At this point at this point of the film I immediately thought Right Okay So there's aliens China are now staring up because they're so I mean okay It's fair to say I've I've been to I don't know if you guys have been to China I've been to China I've been to Beijing for example and you go on like the the underground there and there is there's very little trouble It's very clean very sort of you know like crime very low crime rate But in the underground there are guys with massive fucking guns walking around like all they were you know not that long ago when I was there And there is a there is a sense of paranoia There is like you know th th it's been it has been an oppressed state for a very long time It's now come out of that And it's this a sort of a revolution a big social revolution going on there And it has been for a while but there is that kind of sense of paranoia And that that is a well it's a stereotype It is something that you do sort of see firsthand when you go there That there's a lack of maybe it's not necessarily trust but there's there's some suspicion about People who are not from China and and people especially America and it's been you know not helped politically over the years but so you can understand why that would why that would be the approach But at this point I thought here we go what's going to happen is like the commies are gonna fuck it all up The aliens are going to kick off and the goddamn us military are gonna like go on everyone down and win the day And the president is going to get in a plane It's going to be fucking independence day again Although it didn't actually pan out

Reegs:it doesn't go that way Thankfully I think cause we've seen that

movie What we haven't seen a movie is where the tension is ratcheted up by a conversation written with squarely Things So they do they push her into having the conversation Why are you here And the answer turns out to be used weapon which sends everybody into an absolute friends

Dan:yeah That's what they understand

Pete:Yeah It's like kind of like when you use the wrong term from a translation book and you want to you want to ask for bread and you ask for anal or something instead it's gonna

Reegs:gone It's always happening


Dan:or very white It's always bred away Knows And it but

Reegs:We get a really cool explanation of the sappy Wharf hypothesis which is which is about linguistic determination and how if you can only think in certain ways or structures then you have your thought limited And it's an important theme in the movie because well


way that the way things pan out eventually we understand that They were going to the problem the whole the the wrong way from the beginning looking at it as we look at language so yeah it it is fascinating the way that it panned out I mean the particular scene where the misunderstanding happens they they're talking about it in the in the ops room If you like aren't they and she's explained look we don't know that they know what weapon

Pete:means I mean tool

Dan:mean you know so but they jump

Pete:yeah but other countries have interpreted it as as it is a clear and direct threat Yeah Because of

Dan:of huge set of TVs in there are 12 different TVs Each country with an alien is is broadcasting and sharing information until suddenly they stop doing that Because I think the Chinese have pulled out of

Sidey:They've given an ultimatum They say you've got 24 hours to leave China's airspace or will open fire

Reegs:I did think like really honestly what do you hope to achieve by sending a tank to go and shoot at an object Do you know what I mean It just seems silly



Pete:th th there were some stereotypes in it like the British guy Hello Like we've got to yeah

Reegs:offered them a cup of tea

Pete:yeah yeah There was that as well I think

Dan:stereotypes And they really if you think about it that way there the Australians the Chinese the the British on the TVs came across very well

Reegs:It was a little bit on the nose that at the point that we were trying to establish communication with them we couldn't communicate amongst ourselves I was a bit groaning at that kind of heavy a bit heavy handed but

Dan:didn't think that was too heavy

Reegs:And there's a few clunky things because then there's a silly subplot about a bunch of soldiers suddenly going rogue and being able to smuggle and explosive on board The

Dan:the kind of scene that I was referring to earlier when they throw the glow stick this guy goes yeah that just happened He's the same guy that



Dan:a good idea to leave a bomb in the room

Reegs:They do that thing that directors do which I really hate but I guess they have to do it which is When they linger on a person you've never seen before And you're like okay yeah I get it I know I need to know what he's doing I've got it Like I need throw that fucking trick in about eight nine times say Oh stop it Stop it Anyway

Dan:much but he

Reegs:he turned out to be a decade and he was going to blow up the space ship

Dan:sneak in a bomb into the interview room with the aliens the aliens are onto them with about half a second left

Pete:Yeah Yeah

Dan:including the bomb which explodes pulls down this big stone shield or whatever material spaceships are made off and protects the our two interviewers kind of suspension doesn't adjust in a non gravity kind of

Pete:I actually think that that was the I didn't even consider that was the aliens trying to expel the bomb before it did the damage I thought that it was because they built up this like rapport and trust with those two I thought it was him saving that I didn't think that okay this is possibly going to get rid of the bomb as well

Reegs:Oh no definitely Because I mean this would have to go to the spoiler now to talk about this bit but the alien obviously he knew that it was going to happen he tries to warn at they've named them Abbott and Costello which I really enjoyed And Abbott tries to warn what's

Sidey:she she eventually goes rogue right So she goes as she goes back after they've told them that they're going to put out they're going to fucking go to whatever So she goes around and goes back there and they give her this great big coded language this whole key And It's got a long story short She figures out that this is one 12 and it's basically meant to facilitate collaboration between the the whole world to figure out what this is I think get this

Reegs:It was in return for humanity saves them 3000 years in the future And this was them thanking them

Pete:Well it it was it was like giving them the tools to be able to help them as well How I interpreted it was like listen we're going to give you our weapon in inverted commerce which is our language which allows And if you understand and can interpret our language then you can see time as we can see it in that you can see things that are going to happen because it's nonlinear time

Reegs:they experienced times very quickly so they can see all of the past and the future all at the same time But then only they still experience it linearly at the same time as being able to experience it all at the same

Sidey:But yeah It's a 12 part code She only has one part So does she understand it because it's not linear And so she knows that at some point she has had all 12 parts Cause she she she deciphers

Reegs:him who cracks it Isn't it It's

Sidey:when he says others things about time cracked So she's she's she's she's like kneeling over a laptop wherever it goes I can read this and that she has more flashbacks or flash forwards or flash fucking wherever to the conversation with well

Reegs:We we did actually miss a bit where she goes outside on our Tod and gets into a little cigar shaped spaceship and goes up and has a chat with them In the

Dan:Oh yeah this


Pete:she gets to the fish tank

Reegs:she suddenly has really bad CGI hair

Pete:this is after the bomb

Reegs:Yeah And she goes and chats

Pete:cause she says where's Abbott and it says something like death

Reegs:yeah Abbott is death process So yeah they can they don't experience time linearly They can express that through their language If you can learn their language you can open up your consciousness to be able to also not experience time which becomes handy at the end when she needs to close a time loop in order she said some magic words to general Chang's


Dan:would spin my head to to kind of listen to this and make head in a bit tired of it because it is one of those


Dan:in you need to watch to the graphs what's going on here But the the part where the aliens are getting attacked by China is when it's all coming to a head and this little pod comes up and comes down she's goes and has this one one-on-one interview And then she starts to get answers of how she's going to stop it And she has a conversation then where she gets a satellite phone and needs

Reegs:to say

Dan:to the Chinese president with the words of his Dying


Dan:And she recounts these words to him which is what makes him

Pete:no that what she's saying is yeah yeah

Dan:nobody could

Pete:It's a little bit like the sunglasses fight scene and they live

Reegs:it's exactly the same so she says the magic words I like to imagine it was what you like reach her out or something like that I don't know but it was probably something a bit more prophetic Yeah

Dan:that was the last one loss

Reegs:One last

anyway yeah that that's magic because it was the word that is dying Wife had said closes the time loop she interspersed throughout all of this she's been having what appeared to be memories of the scenes that we saw at the beginning but in the films

Pete:clients starts alluding to it starts alluding to the fact that so I call him Don before the reveal whilst not really understanding what was going on but there was a bit where she's having a conversation with her daughter Who's probably I'm going to say seven or eight or maybe a bit older And then it was how would you say this Cause obviously her mother's a linguist and it's like Oh that's more scientific You need to ask your dad And that was like a really big like hint at Oh your dad is the science guy

Sidey:They say something else because why is dad so mad or something And she says Oh I told him something

Um and he he didn't he didn't agree with that And then she says something about the something some virus and it was unstoppable fucking Alex it's cheering but when I watched it the first time Should we spoke if effectively the whole movie is is a palindrome and when I watched it the first time I didn't get any of that And I thought her daughter was dead and they had brought her back to life And so that's not at all What happens what we've been seeing throughout are not memories of a dead daughter It hasn't happened yet


Pete:And so flash forward


Dan:And it I dunno if it was basically sort of saying if you knew everything that was going to happen would you do it anyway or would it be

Reegs:well she doesn't have I this is quite She doesn't have a choice because it's already happened We've already seen that earlier on the movie but yes that is the question Absolutely That is the question the movie's asking she doesn't have a choice according to its rules

Dan:that's it It was it was an obviously with the the aliens then the gift and the scene at the end where she's

Sidey:zipping Spanky it was the gala for not destroying the world It was the it was the

Dan:was the

Reegs:all it was the unification

Dan:of where we're not destroying the

Reegs:world the unification party Cause they made some really clunky comment earlier about there's not even one of us to rule

Pete:Yeah Yeah There's not one single leader Yeah Yeah

Reegs:And they were going off to do that because everything was going to

Pete:yeah I think I think that was the

Dan:who the single leader would be I

Pete:You going to throw your name into the hat then


Pete:No I think you should back yourself

Dan:the kind of reaction you'd want somebody to


Pete:yeah yeah A very understated I love what you've done there Yeah My vote goes to Dan

Dan:No don't

Reegs:But they didn't make Dan president of the world as far as I know but they did close it out with more sort of Terrence Maliki type shots of Ian famous Ian bale and Amy Adams and the daughter and memories


Reegs:basically a huge blubbing mess at this

Sidey:point Yeah She she was eventually going to tell him that she knew that the daughter was going to die and he was fucked off with her for laying it still happen do you know what it is in the books there This she has a virus and it goes up in the book she just dies from a rock climbing accident Right Which makes you think that if if you could still stop that

Pete:don't don't go rock climbing today

Reegs:just never go rock


except they can't That's one of the things that's really

Pete:they must be able to there must be choice Yeah Yeah


It is It is hard to get your head around

Sidey:This was made for $47 million



Sidey:which is not insubstantial amount of money

Dan:but it said decent production value I

Sidey:would say

Do you think it made money or lost money And I should tell you this is an Oscar winning film for best sound editing So Oscar bounce back to that in

Reegs:47 million is quite a lot though I mean I thought it looked expensive but

Sidey:it's not your typical Saifai that's going to


Sidey:It's not a star Wars crowd

Dan:would say that it broke


Pete:Yeah I was going to say breakeven I'm going to go 50 miles

Sidey:203 mil It's decent

Pete:Yeah I've never I've never heard it Never seen anything heard of it what if we go going straight there I really liked the concept The idea it's kind of like in in the S it was a bit paradoxical for me in the sense that what you said before about how they rushed all of the the I know you said it's forgivable because otherwise yeah We're not gonna watch this film for like 14 weeks or whatever in order to try and understand the vocab

Reegs:hour whatever that thing is that you were talking about

Pete:yeah Yeah I I felt like maybe if somehow even though it felt rushed I still managed to be bored by it

Reegs:It drops in after the initial alien encounter which


Reegs:really well It does the pace drops a little

Pete:I did It's a drag It did drag for me albeit I was definitely like drawn in by the concept I feel like a series where they explore the kind of not that it's not time travel but the the you know the ability this kind of like spherical look at time and then what possibly is going to be happening What the challenge of the aliens is I don't know if that's now if that was maybe like they do with like the alien franchise the newer ones where it's like they tear up a sequel by this happens at the end and at the end the alien ships fuck off And it's like well what is that thing that we've got to help them within 4,000 years time or whatever it is And I think there may be kind of like

Dan:worried by that What do you want in

Pete:girls Yeah What are we going to do

Dan:before we we kind of you

Reegs:We've already done it Basically those


Pete:alien done a

Dan:job on his hair to me They've come down They scared the shit out of it They given us something we're not even sure we want yet But in 3000 years time we want your help


Dan:just explain to

Pete:fairly It's not your average like knock on the door Is there even if it's Jehovah's witnesses that's yeah Yeah

Dan:we weren't but I mean we were doing a white

Reegs:It's a good theory But APPA the alien does in fact sacrifice his own life to save Amy Adams from being blown up by one of her own ignorant species Even though he knew

Dan:if he didn't

Pete:come but

Reegs:he knew that he was going to die at that point but he still did it anyway because he had to



to the point of which the film ends

Dan:basically they want something from

Reegs:and this is the man


Reegs:this is the man you want president of the world

Pete:I'm regretting voting for you now But remember that the gifts that they've I think that that was kind of like really well how it should have ended is that now the human race has this unbelievable gift because it's it's been delivered Like it was the language has been delivered and the other component parts So in other parts of the world that we can then access and I didn't have that kind of like sense of like fucking wow what like what does happen next It was just kind of like Oh it's it's over And it seems

Dan:like that Are you in a getting it or you get no this is going straight to China or America Maybe they're working together but all the governments you would imagine are going to

Sidey:be the language

Reegs:Yeah but she wrote a book about it So 18 months later Cause that's the end of it She's publishing her

Pete:she's undoing lectures on it

Reegs:So anybody

Pete:it just it just seemed like it

Reegs:imagine that you come to podcast next week Yeah Oh guys I'm not experiencing time linearly anymore

Dan:we did this part It went really well

Sidey:I've yeah so I

Reegs:is the one before Sidey came

Sidey:I've booked my job So I'll be having that tomorrow

Reegs:I've got mine a week on Wednesday What superpower did you ask for

Pete:I've got mine six months ago

Sidey:I have it on a Thursday This comes out on Friday So I'll have had it yesterday Yeah

Reegs:And what super power did you opt for

Sidey:Oh I don't know I think there's a lot of illness I got some time off but 

they did the director Denny Villeneuve and the screenwriter Eric Hess era They did create a fully functioning visual alien language which takes some day actually

Dan:these these kind of circular paints

Pete:ruins something

Dan:or wounds I thought they were really nice and clever the

Reegs:it went up on your ball Wouldn't you if you had the right kind of room

Dan:yeah I mean it was there were icons weren't they each one of them that the way that it was shaped and



Reegs:did that

Pete:the turd him


Sidey:okay You know when you do one of these sort of things do you have to give it it sounds sort of visual style because otherwise it just looks like that other alien movie you know and I think they did a really good job of that It looked good

Reegs:And then of course

it reinforces the premise as well The visual representation of all of the everything the circles of life

Dan:I mean we talk about the fact that they didn't actually talk for a lot of the linguistics but they did show scenes of the mapping the different icons and establishing this Rudimentary basic dictionary of alien languages or possible meanings for words and

Pete:they've done their homework on the linguistic front of no doubt

Sidey:You couldn't have too much of that in the film though Cause it would just be boring

Dan:but th then they they it just the moment where she tweaks you know I think that's a really great moment where she

just kind

Reegs:of looked at

Dan:the page and

Sidey:But it's a sad moment because she knows that knows that she will have a kid that

Pete:Yeah The inevitability of that

Reegs:It's really interesting because at that moment you're basically treated to a view of what it would be like to know the past present and future in the context of that character all at the same time with a sudden realization you had some you're absolutely right there It's really well done I fucking blubbed

at the


Reegs:fucking hell Yeah absolutely Me and the missus both of us were and then I felt really guilty because I'd completely misremembered that part of the plot

Sidey:Oh I really enjoyed it I just it for me this is like a close encounters with a helping of contacts with the scientific sort of element to it which I really enjoyed it Don't always want a alien shoot out fucking latest all the time This is not good

Dan:a good description of it and I've seen this movie probably this be the third time I think I've seen it because I've I've really just enjoy these Saifai movies that aren't shoot them up you



Dan:all about action and and shoot I like these ones in particularly coming from the linguistic point of view

Pete:because yeah

Dan:That has been you know it's obviously the the biggest point of contact or biggest point of if aliens ever do come or we ever make contact is how do you communicate with other intelligent life we assume they're going to know the English language because they can get here but maybe that's not you know what they can deliver or what they can understand even or even the fact that if they talk to us in English about the message you're going to give it just wouldn't sound


Dan:possible you

Pete:it's and it touches heavily upon the kind of like the the interpretation element of of like you know like words and their meaning and the context around them and you know semantics it's it's it does definitely I mean we we've all experienced kind of like misunderstandings yeah well no one can do that but it's it touches it does touch upon that


Sidey:Should we wrap up there in Dami Not entertained

Dan:Italians enjoyed this movie really thought it was good I think if you like scifi alien movies with as I say not shoot them up not going to blow your head off with action That's not all that's going to keep you entertained but more with the the thought of what would actually happen in in situations and this particular field the linguistics part of it because obviously so much else going on around it as well I'd love to see who set up the camp You know that first moment like that guy's job who's got to just protect all the The the town around you know where these landed there's gotta be some and I thought this was just a different slot on on that kind of movie I enjoyed it



And answers of one word or less

Pete:one word or less Okay

Reegs:Yeah I did like it Yeah

Sidey:Yeah Me too


Children's entertainment section Rachel We got

Reegs:We've got the boss baby back in business and I wanted to give this the best shower head because my kids went for a brief stage of watching this and the movie was on at some point but it's not

Dan:the movie I looked forward to the movie It seemed quite a good premise I a CEO baby

Reegs:Mm yeah we'll get to that I think so we watched I I wanted to give this the best shout it could So I went on a fan site and I said you know I searched for like the best episode and this is the one that came up season one episode six the constipation situation so the whole story really is that boss baby I never got his name

Sidey:Just post baby here Yes but it means that he has to delegate his responsibilities to the crew of other

Reegs:Yes To his underlings

Sidey:The fat one

Reegs:Jodi No Did I make that Jim Bo

Dan:triplets and a little girl were thought kind of pick dials

Reegs:and his older brother who can interact with him as a baby but the adults can't

Dan:which was established in the film I think so

Pete:this is a

Dan:spinoff then from the film woven and

Sidey:Yeah This is a DreamBox thing This isn't like proper decent animation Yeah

Dan:Really polished animation and It follows food that baby boss then

Reegs:or boss Baby


Dan:boss boss baby

better baby boss

Reegs:baby boss Yeah

Dan:This is the

Pete:Yeah If if you're listening Pixar can you change that round Is it pixel

Dan:If you wouldn't mind he's easy shit and he can't take a And so the world comes to an end and the

Reegs:I did empathize So


Reegs:yeah we have all been there


Dan:mum's threatening to go one stage to the doctor's with him he gets busted by the other babies because they're communicate through this little television set with all these other boss babies and there's a whole

Reegs:there's this corporate structure because there's a German guy F the fat CEO baby they call him and he says did something cloak your schnitzel suit which I enjoyed


Reegs:Yeah Yeah Which I really enjoyed

Dan:well he he's I think post-baby is kind of on the on the up you know he's he's one of the competitors whereas that CEO baby is to see him

Reegs:I have no idea what they're doing though in a corporate like what are they selling a product It's the product babies right

Pete:can They can do that Right I know I know We're not going to go through this in great detail but what the fuck did the cat storyline have to do with the constipation So it was like two things going on at the same time And am I right in saying at no point did they overlap

Reegs:No they didn't That was

Pete:what was it It was almost like they had they had did they

Dan:to the at the point where they discovered that if he wasn't giving the orders in in charge because the the boss the CEO boss baby he said you will be sacked if you're sick so you can't work And if you can't work you've got to give it to your your underlings you

Reegs:sick days

Dan:either way You're going to be

fired If your underlings who aren't in


Pete:cats that mimic baby sounds it seems like a very like overly convoluted way to then eventually come around to her How he takes her

Dan:shit sound like cats and cats are not babies Sometimes

Reegs:it was a war

Pete:doesn't have anything to do with

Reegs:was a war It was a war for the affection of humans Right And the babies the cats were making baby crying noises So the humans were getting pissed off with the babies So then they turned the tables on them cleverly by making cat noises and the people hating the I've

Pete:that What's that got to do with the constipation thing I know I understood Oh you didn't need to walk me through what the fuck the cats are doing Like why what is it got to do with the constipation though

Dan:look cause you're you're not relaxed


Dan:in charge You can't go

Pete:Yeah You said that as well Yeah no no You've explained that bits of it but still cats mimicking babies

Sidey:Bootsy Calico is like a long running thing throughout the whole

Reegs:Yeah This is a story arc

Pete:Okay So you need to know more about I don't like what the fuck was that character

Reegs:know He was raised by

Pete:a kid Was it a kid or a man

Reegs:He was a man who was raised by

Pete:down but he's not just raised by that He kind of is a cat He Karate He crawls around like a cat He's got cats eyes They're the same way Yeah Like that bit baffled


Yeah it

Pete:I like I enjoyed this but I felt like it was like Oh we've got 26 We've got 26 minute Well no Okay So I enjoyed my son's watching it but It was it was like 26 minutes to fill it It's like right Okay We can't just do 26 minutes of constipation Let's say some fucking weird cat people and cats storylines in there as well

Dan:with me because I've got a cat that

Pete:I've got two cats Let's call me our wing Do you know do you know do you know that cats only Meow to humans They don't mean answer each other They've that is their way of communicating with humans That cat is trying to say like Dan you've your clubbers Ming inmate is trying to do you a favor

Reegs:wearing work

Pete:in Meow for no I mean not in what you're wearing tonight but it's trying to do you a favor in a language that is adapted It's a bit harks back to arrival It's very very similar

Reegs:He eventually does have a shit

Sidey:I mean let's get down to it This was a return to the fucking 26 minute long stuff my daughter had a brief spell of really liking this So I have seen quite a few of them I think it was she might've seen the film with a friend and then this was on Netflix So we got this inflicted on us it's still Dreamworks but it's still it feels like a knockoff although I'm not a huge fan of the film either but it You know none of them none of the stars are in it from the movie it feels overly long and not particularly funny And like the one gag is just the premise is the gag It's not that funny

Dan:going to say there were some gags made more than one

Reegs:no the whole thing is like somebody's like saw like a cartoon that someone drew like a fucking Dilbert like a ten second thing and then just made like hours and hours of fucking content about this And it's some weird conservative like Capitalist thing where babies work working and they're selling themselves like prostituting themselves

Dan:talking about this being the the best episode that this series has


Reegs:according to the interweb

Dan:okay This wasn't a bad episode but it wasn't like putting up any trees either It

Reegs:Yeah But the

Dan:thing I'm ever going to see is no

Reegs:the politics he says right He actual quote sick days are for the weak and unionized He says and I think it's supposed to be a joke but it's like why are you throwing this stuff into a fucking kid's cutter Why is he a CEO

Dan:this with my 15 year old and I like to remind him of that and said to him you know

Pete:dishes are still

This was my five-year-old And because the whole premise of the episode apart from the weird cat stuff that had nothing to do with it was about needing a Pooh which he thought was brilliant And he loves the Jimbo the fat one because it's basically like a set like a nearly naked big fat And basically me it's like me getting out of the shower so he really liked this and was entertained by it And I was entertained by his enjoyment of it but he's not asked me to watch any more

Sidey:Oh I hate this I really don't like it It's not very good It goes on for ages It's feels like a cheap imitation of something that might've been better avoid

Reegs:I just can't get over the premise the gist of all of them Poor patrol Yeah sure Dogs and all that and fine Anything else But this one seat babies are like corporate drones trying to work up a ladder What the

Pete:the film The film is totally lost on me anyway

Dan:it had potential And I don't think he's ever really lived up to that potential this episode I quite enjoyed I must say in in a way that I'm glad I never have to watch it again but I was it was it was watchable It made me laugh a couple of times you say when he says your snitch or pipe or if it was there was snippers shoot there was a there was a couple of lines but

Reegs:I did have some

Dan:No I think it's average

Reegs:in that I did have some reviews from


Reegs:internet all hail King Joel said in his five star review on IMD B spoiler in the end of the boss baby has a pure accident

Dan:Mom's so

Reegs:It's no God no masters gave her eight out of


Reegs:and said this is a cute short feature where kittens challenge babies for the affection of adults And I know if I was to die my own cats would eat me This film convinced me of it  so yeah this is one of the worst things I've ever watched

Pete:I think

Dan:episode isn't bad but I wouldn't want to watch more

Sidey:Okay Another evening of derogating art parental responsibility draws to a close Peter so long And thanks for all the cheese Dan thanks for hosting and for splitting the cafe rigs I'm I'm nominating for next week So we're gonna have Pete's nomination for votes cloud Atlas We're going to watch that we're going to have picks bloggers So top five is going to be courtroom scenes Yeah A movie it's a comedy it's on Amazon prime It is Palm Springs

Dan:cool Looking forward to


Sidey:I've I've played on a couple of times but I don't think any of you that have


Dan:I'm going to watch that tonight

Sidey:have a look at that and see what we think And our kids TV is adventure time and we're watching season six episode six entitled breezes Season

Reegs:All the sixes



Dan:Wow So that will be episode of bad Does pod 102

Reegs:It won't be because the week will be one Oh two

Dan:before that Won't

we What are three moving fast Okay

Sidey:Well yeah so don't forget that we've got a competition You'll have to cheat into our Twitter feed to find out how to enter and win some art we've got blogs to look forward to all that stuff to watch and review listen subscribe review That's all we ask of you We never asked for money Just ask for your time commitment

Dan:We're not stopping ya

Sidey:But all that remains is to say Saturday signing out