Dec. 10, 2020

Boy & The Inbestigators

Boy & The Inbestigators

As I get older I tend to re-watch movies less than I used to; perhaps it's because as I have matured I understand the art form better and have more life experience to draw on to deconstruct cinema. Or maybe it's because as I get older and the spectre of  death draws ever closer I understand that I have limited time left to enjoy new experiences. And with that cheery thought in mind let us propel you towards our Top 5 movies you wish you hadn't rewatched. Maybe we didn't enjoy a second viewing because the movie was so perfect the first time round you can never repeat the experience or maybe it's because when revisiting a once loved movie all you can see is its flaws. Or maybe it's because one weekend you were so bored you somehow managed to watch Speed 2: Cruise control 4 times and never wish to endure it again.

Our main feature this week is Taika Waititi's 2010 comedy drama, Boy. A movie about a community adrift in the present, this quintessentially quirky film features great performances and a heart achingly sad dilemma as our guide on this journey through Maori culture learns that his father is not quite the hero he understood him to be. Fast becoming a Bad Dads favourite, Taika Waititi wrote, directed and starred in this gem set in New Zealand.

A listener suggested we watch Netflix's The InBestigators. Continuing our peak into antipodean culture, this production about a bunch of children solving low stakes crimes, featuring precocious and wooden child actors couldn't possibly end up being a Bad Dads favourite could it? We might review your suggestions but it doesn't mean we have to like them so tune in to find out what we thought of this series. As ever nothing will be held back as we give our opinions.

It makes our day to get listener suggestions, so if you have something you wish to inflict upon us please do get in touch! You can usually find us annoying people on twitter - @dads_film, on Facebook or via email at

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Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Hello, pod, sons, and daughters, and welcome to bad. Dad's film review the best movie and kids' TV review podcast in the whole pod damn world. They say that cleanliness is next to pod Salinas, but if you're expecting clean language from us, what I'm sorry to say, you might be disappointed is there will be frequent bad language in use as well as spoilers for movies.

You've no doubt already seen. Due to somewhat incredible incompetence from our local authorities are almost the exact worst time for it. COVID is sadly raging out of control where we live. So we're unable to get together in person for this week show. Hence possible. Audio problems slash global pandemic diseases.

we do have the usual collection of cantankerous co-parents for your consideration. starting with Sidey, joining us from the swanky surrounds of sidewalls tower, a stylish and sophisticated stamping ground housing. The great man himself. Next up, we have Dan to combatant in the distinguished dwelling of the man-cave a place of deferment and deliverance where we would presumably all prefer to be tonight.

And finally, we have Howie horrifically healed in the heinous hideousness that he calls home. The hobble is a perfect habitat for such a hopeless and hateful heathen.

Howie: Yeah, that's cool. I'm in, I'm in my loft tonight. usually it's the seller with various members of my family that no one knows about. but yeah, and apologies for the sound quality because I'm in the loft and you may very well pick up the pitter patter of a torrential rainstorm outside.

Reegs: I can, I can hear a voice going. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again. Okay.

Sidey: it does look like it's some kind of body bag

Dan: It definitely looks like you've kind of cellophaned entire attic to get up to no good up there.

Howie: there's meat hooks hanging from the,

Sidey: It's Buffalo bills, close rail.

Reegs: going to say if you've got a skin, like coat that you're making out, making out of skin.

Howie: Yeah. well, T needs must when the devil drives, that's a suppressive phrase to live by doing care of it,

Sidey: What have you lose has been watching this week.

Howie: right. apart from rigs on his webcam, I've been watching Thor, Ragnar rock, w which kind of leaks into our film this week with the director. I have to think say now I think it's the. Best one out of what I've been watching in terms of the Avengers. I know we obviously got the N one that stands out on its own, but out of all of them, it rescues Thor, Thor, the story flat out.

It's brilliant.

Sidey: It is a good one. It's no hard to duck

Dan: seeing it. Actually. I

Howie: the one with it's the one with, Jeff Goldbloom.

 Dan: yes.

Howie: the, he plays the kind of Supreme being leader of a planet. That's got something called the devil's anus where it's cause it's all right.

Reegs: there's a great story about, because Thor get ends up on Sakaar,

Howie: Yes, that's it.

Reegs: whole kids, the, the gladiator. And there's a great story about that because there's a really funny line where Thor says something like, Oh, it's a friend from work and it was in the trailer and it's really, it's very good.

There was a great story that there was a, I think a kid from a Make-A-Wish foundation or something on set. That day. And he actually suggested that line and it made it into the film.

Howie: Oh, cool. Cool.

Reegs: I watched escape plan, which is, I believe the first collaboration between Sylvester, Stallone and Arnie Schwartzenegger.

Howie: Wow. That's good.

Reegs: so sly plays, history, exactly slide, please. A, a man who has to escape from prisons for a living. but you get sent to like the ultimate one that you can't escape from, spoiler alert.

He does escape from it.

Dan: he, is he sent there as equipment or is that his job? He

Reegs: He said, w it's both done. This is why it works on so many

Dan: yeah. I always knew it would do

Reegs: It is his

Dan: two heavyweights like

Reegs: but they rewrite his history and he gets abducted into the prison as well in the, you know, it's it's cerebral stuff

Howie: I think Stallone's in isn't that sounds a bit like tango and cash.  Oh, whose is it? Kurt Russell. Where they go? They get sent to prison now. Who's it? Yeah.

Sidey: No, it was Jeff Bridges. Isn't it.

Reegs: Jeff Daniels. Pull Daniels.

Sidey: we watched, we watched quite a few this week. There was some Netflix ghastly Christmas thing called jingle jangle or something like that with forest whisker. my daughter watched it all by, I've gotta admit

Dan: I did those this week, deck, deck, the holes or something like that, it was a singing attack. The mall, actually, it wasn't even as good as the only person I recognized out there was the, I think it was the chief inspector at diehard, too. and he was like the family, he was the father of this store. And other than that, it was no one else.

She's a real B-movie, but my little girl lapped out, absolutely loved it. You know, it was just easy to follow spoonfeeding, everything over done acting. but she enjoyed that.

Howie: Have you, have you seen the one that

Reegs: Who sounds like he's on a

Sidey: I was going to say, you need to back up.

Howie: really I'm like, like a faraway and bloody right here.

Sidey: I can hear you.

Howie: Hang on. Look at me. Okay. Okay.

Sidey: we also watched Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Whichever one, whichever one, the old one is the

Dan: seen that before?

Sidey: the gene Simmons one. Yeah. no, seen it, but my daughter hadn't seen it. we watched, we watched Willow. I caught up on a Willow,

Reegs: Oh, it's good. Isn't

Dan: finally. Yeah. Did you enjoy

Sidey: pretty good. I enjoyed it.

and it was that great, but it was, it was quite fun.

Howie: Yeah. And the one to watch is Dolly Parton's Christmas on the square. That's the Netflix one you need to be watching.

Sidey: Gary Burgess was a big fan of that one. They tweeted about it.

 Dan: I've been watching, couple of things actually. I watched, Manc is called with

Sidey: I started it. started at about 20 minutes, but it was really late at night and I fell asleep.

Dan: Yeah. It's no it feel to, to watch. It's a good one to watch late at night, black and white setting the scene for citizen Kane and the story of the white women behind it. I really enjoyed it. I think that's, it's not going to be everybody's film for sure.

it's quite a slow going film. There's I mean, forget about action or things like it's all in the dialogue and the acting where you're going to get your cakes to this one, but yeah. I did. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was well worth it. And I've just been watching a load of football. Other than that, to be honest, I've been catching up, the fans are back in the stadiums and some pictures, so that's been great.

And I'm watching that.

Sidey: breaks. Did you catch any football?

Dan: so says the arsenal fan. Yeah. I was just, I was just going to say, I found that our top five this week, quite interesting. They haven't got as many as maybe I have every week, but I've got some good ones in, I think.

Reegs: Last week's top five was top five. Movie's not set on earth.

Sidey: That's right?

Reegs: we have any nominations?

Sidey: from John Lenton the Lenten igniter.

Dan: The Lenaya

Sidey: Yeah. And. It was such a strong nomination that we went is he started a thread. And in that thread, he nominated this week. It's top five, but his nomination for movies not set on earth was the black hole

Reegs: Oh, yeah, that is a good one.

Sidey: which I'm keen to happen him because I really like it. I really

Dan: I don't think I've seen it. The black

Sidey: good. And although it was the, it set the ball rolling on this week's top five. I wouldn't put it in because. I wouldn't regret what shake out. I really like it.

Reegs: We also had nominations from Andy, for passengers and the Martian, which is good

Dan: passengers was decent. I liked that.

Reegs: men, male offered a star Wars, of course, star Wars. Dan offered us Starship troopers, but which we gonna go for? The black hole. I've got fond memories of

Dan: not seen the black hole.

Reegs: It's a Disney classic.

Dan: sit Disney classic, the black

Sidey: Yeah, has it like a double act little robot sidekick thing and a big strong evil robot called I think it was Maximillian or something. Wasn't

Dan: well, I did I that that's got enough to get it in, though. Is it.

Sidey: well, you know, it's a little bit left field. It was good.

Dan: Boy. Well, I'll trust you. I'll trust you. And who was that lens? That paradigm.

Sidey: It was the Lenten. I tell ya.

Dan: Okay. Well, I'll go with him getting off the lens. Good enough for me.

Sidey: So what are we talking about this week then?

Howie: Okay. So it's top five. this week is films that we wish we'd never revisited. the film I chose was, tyke, Tycho. I couldn't say his name, Ted

Sidey: Taika

Howie: Tyco YTT and it was, 2010 film boy. And then we had a listener's choice for the children's, which was the best it Gators. Is

Reegs: Investigators the investigators.

Howie: investigators. So an Aussie child, joy Fest.

Reegs: It's never nice when you're not sure that one of your listeners hates you. but

Sidey: we ever track him down, it'll be a note. There'll be no uncertain

Dan: are you having little digs at investigators here?

Howie: Well, Reggie don't don't spoil it. Don't spoil it.

Dan: remember.

Howie: I thought it ruined the pod for all our listeners out there.

 Reegs: so this week's top five was movies. You wish you hadn't revisited.

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: and it was interesting because it made me about the reasons why I hadn't. Why I didn't want to revisit a movie, and it sort of boiled down into two main reasons, really either because the first time you watch it is so amazing that watching it a second time, can't live up to it, or because it's sort of a case of diminishing returns and something that you thought was brilliant.

The first time you watch a game and you think that's a little bit less good.

Howie: Yeah. Yeah. I had that, well, not in line with that. It was things like. They haven't aged well would be a way to describe it.

Reegs: but I think as I've got older, I think I'm starting to watch rewatch movies a lot less. So I used to watch the same movie over and over again.

Sidey: Yeah, that was definitely something that I did when I was younger. There was films. I watched 10, 20, 30, 40 times. Whereas now, like you say, I'll try and watch something new or maybe revisit something once or twice, but I wouldn't, I wouldn't, you know, devour them

Dan: records anymore where he lives to. Life's too short to be watching,

Howie: no, but the other thing to consider is the fact that you had a fairly limited stock of VHS and DVD films. So

you just returned to them. He'd watch them again. I've got a cupboard full of DVDs, mostly of rigs dancing.

Sidey: in the last.

Dan: Hold up plastic around you.

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: I'm behind you all the way. Seven flesh Gordon.

Howie: now. but now it's weird. You've got more choice, but that means you're not revisiting the ones that you actually already own. So I think that's what it is. Like I reckon I've what if

Sidey: What I do do is spend about an hour just scrolling through

Howie: fuffing yeah.

Dan: th there, there was some, there's some films I think you watch once and you enjoy, but you know, you're not going to watch again. It is kind of, you've done it. Do you know what I mean? There's, there's might be a big block busto or, a film where it's quite kind of slow, you know, but you've enjoyed it and you're not going to go and watch it again because you've seen it.

and then there's other films that, as we've, we've said, you know, you'll watch multiple times, and you enjoy almost rolling back there, the lines with the actors as they're doing it and everything, you know, and it is, I, I hate it. And I revisit the human centerpiece. I mean, the kid shouldn't have been in the room. know, so, I mean, re revisiting, revisiting, I think films, like I don't often we visit many horror films, you know, it won't get, you won't get me back in a room twice on a lot of those. Although on the second watch, Sometimes they can become more enjoyable because you know,

Howie: know, sharing

Dan: scares, which ones are coming out and I can prepare myself, you know, hide behind the pillow at the right time for those.

Reegs: give us a nomination. Dan, tell us, tell us the first one on your list.

Dan: Oh, well, I tell you what, I don't know whether this is breaking the ball straight off, but, Eddie Murphy, delirious. I remember watching,

Howie: Yeah, that's a good, yeah,

Dan: yeah,

Sidey: And Ross as well. Eddie

Dan: Eddie ward delirious, supposedly his comedy shows were so many gay jokes, so many just really, really, very badly aged jokes. at the time, as a, you know, a 13 year old kid or whatever, it was 15 year old kid when I was watching these.

Yeah. I would have been laughing at a lot of these jokes, not really understanding the impact beyond my own little world, and two or three friends or whatever. but now I I've watched them back since, and I couldn't even get for, you know what I mean? It's just like, how, how did I, how was that funny?

Like how did you looking at, Group full of people where, you know, in a stadium, watching them all laugh and as long as well and paid their ticket to get in and everything, this was hugely popular at a time. And then some of the jokes, some of the absolutely brilliant still stand up. Fantastic. Don't get me wrong.

Eddie Murphy, still a funny, funny guy, but a lot of his jokes have aged very badly in those in delirious and war.

Reegs: Yeah. What a good choice, time capsule of some uncomfortable mainstream opinions.

Dan: Yeah. You know, a lot of mine, I guess, are that the I'm looking back at films and thinking that as an aged well, and you know that for when you revisit it a again, you, you notice in that maybe didn't see it the first time, but, no, it's a little bit,

Sidey: you can still see him. They show him a halftime at Millwall

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: yeah,

Sidey: down a tree there. They

Howie: they show it. Well, the black and white minstrel show just, just

Sidey: they, actually laugh it up.

Howie: no.

Dan: the bouncing bomb on there all the time. Every game,

Howie: Beverly Hills cop, speaking of Eddie Murphy the other day, and parts of that make you cringe massively as well. Massively cringe. Yeah. Yeah. Search. And also when he goes into, there's a few rants that he does and the way that people treat him, It's it's good. That that is now very alien and uncomfortable to watch, and it has no place.

And that's not us being overly politically, correct. It's true though. It is true. Like Dan was saying you watch raw and you see that the jokes that, to be fair at the time, people roaring with laughter and now you're like, yeah,

Dan: I'll tell you what, there's a fair amount of people at at the time. It wasn't Woombie we laughter I'm going to have a Papa those things, but it just got shouted down at the time. Oh, you know, you're not called, that's why you just are you so sensitive? All the rest

Howie: You too pious you too. Yeah.

Dan: taken as, beyond that now.

And, understanding is wider across everyone, but.

Howie: just sort of that, of that era. If I give a nomination, I was going to go soul, man.

Um, it's you remember that

film? Yeah. Where,

Reegs: the dude Black's

Howie: blacks up.

Dan: Yeah. There was a lot of that.

Howie: To get a free, to get free scholarship at university because he's rich father refuses to, pay for him to go to uni. So he blacks up to get a scholarship and that he reveals him.

He falls in love with a black girl and at the end he reveals himself and it kind of works itself out. Okay. And all this. And you're like, no, it wouldn't. Can you imagine somebody blacking up to get a scholarship?

But again,

Reegs: poor, unfortunate white man who didn't have any opportunities her to

Howie: So yeah, that

one hasn't

Dan: how bad is that film sound right now, if you were going to go and pitch that film to

Howie: gone ideal ads.

Dan: somebody got to act in it. Somebody got to pay for it. Somebody got to go and watch it

Howie: Oh,

Dan: and go and

Howie: there's areas

Dan: now.

Howie: I'm sure there's areas of natural Farrage is a site of great Britain that would see that as an ideal plot, you know, yet white lives matter and all that shit. Anyway, so yeah, my first nomination is soul man. Rinks.

Reegs: Well, I haven't got anything quite, so, insightful, rarely I've gone for Jurassic world. because the first time I saw it, I thought this was a pretty fun jump back into the Jurassic park universe. and then, when I looked at it again, I thought, hang on. None of the characters are very nice, except for the hit the poor, British check.

You gets absolutely massacred by the mega add-on thing. There are loads of subplots that go absolutely nowhere. And aren't related to anything else. Like the kid's parents getting divorced in this failed romance in the control room and the military dudes who want to weaponize the dinos. and then the plot ends up boiling down to a giant.

Dinosaur fight. They stuffed so much shit in the movie that it became overstuffed and they should have say some stuff for the sequel. It never takes advantage of the fact that the park is open, which was its big selling point compared to the previous movies. And somehow it made Jurassic park three better by, you know, by its. Existence. So that was a movie that the first time I've watched the, Oh great. I'm really looking forward to getting back into this world. Second time I watched it. I thought this is utter shit. yeah,

Howie: Is there another one coming out.

Reegs: There's been another one

Howie: No, no, but I mean, after there's a, there's a third of the new re yeah.

Reegs: alien dinosaurs in space

Howie: with predators.

Reegs: cars and lasers and

Dan: And electric cord.

Sidey: I'm going to go for Indiana Jones and the temple of doom,

Howie: brilliant. Same. I was going to say, yeah, I totally


Sidey: was kind of controversial at first, but then when you think about it, it's pretty racist. It features one of the most appalling performances of all time from Kate capture or Mrs. Spielberg. And any film that features that many child actors is always going to be painful.

So the, I obviously would absolutely love this when

Howie: lapped it up as a child, but watched it again the other day. Whoa.

Sidey: you said it perfectly before race, it diminishing returns. It gets less and less enjoyable as you go on. And to the point now where we were watching, I was watching they're all on prime at the moment. I was watching it with my daughter and I just didn't even put this one on.

No. I'm just not like I can't sit through it again. and a side note, Indiana Jones is probably also a file because in Raiders and Raiders of the lost art Marion, the supposed to be in her twenties. And they say that they haven't seen each other for 10 years when they were dating, which

Reegs: So he was dating her when she was 10

Sidey: well, certainly a teenager and she even says that she was a child when they were together.

So send us to undertones all throughout Indiana Jones as it turns out.

Reegs: So Indiana Jones is a PIDO. I, that is shocking revelation. Yeah.

Howie: And he had AIDS and abets and Nazis

by interfering. He,

um, if you watch it on sky, it's got a disclaimer in the credits, but the credits, the

Reegs: Well, Indiana Jones is a PIDO.

Howie: yeah. In the energy.

Sidey: are bad. They're just following orders.

Howie: Don't watch this. If you only watch this, if you're a Nazi sympathizer, that's all it says. It says that actually says that.

Dan: This was another stupid one as well. breakfast at Tiffany's

Sidey: That's more racist

Dan: it's yeah. So I don't really want to go, go on it P you know, it's such a famous book. It's such a famous film. It they've done songs from it. Oh. And then you've got Mickey Rooney. Who, why would you be trying to be Japanese? I get it. It was like, it was, they just did this a lot in, you know, not that long ago, unfortunately, but I mean, it was back in the day, but not that long ago and didn't see anything wrong with it.

so that,

Sidey: Sean Connery did it. And, I think it was the only live twice. His disguise was to draw some makeup on his eyes. It was just like, Oh my God,

Dan: but I, I tell you a film I watched not long ago was the, the timber and Batman film, which I though

Sidey: one or second one.

Dan: It was the first one I think.

Sidey: But the joker.

Dan: yeah. Yeah.

Howie: I watched the second one last night. We were really Giuliani and

Dan: Right. Okay. You know, it was, it was okay. I remember watching it. I was younger, so, you know, would have enjoyed it more. But I remember just thinking there wasn't a, I mean, now we've got the dark night and you've got that whole kind of trilogy from Christopher Nolan.

and I liked the Tim Burton one it's colorful. It's it's cartoony, you know, it's got that, obviously timber install, but I didn't think the story was quite as strong.

Sidey: Oh, I still really like that one.

Dan: It's

Reegs: nuts?

Dan: it, it

Sidey: Love that joker.

Dan: it didn't

Howie: Yeah, I

Dan: there's lines, there's lines, but it didn't, you know,

Sidey: Oh, Jack. Nicholas's great. Caitlin's

Reegs: Kayden's amazing in it.

Sidey: He's going to be playing him again and I'm

Reegs: Flashpoint

Sidey: in the, yeah, that's going to be cool,

Howie: I think you've got some descent hair down. I'm afraid.

Dan: Sounds like it.

Howie: yeah, I guess I'm dissenting

Sidey: It's your choice.

Howie: Yeah, that was the first 12 rate film I went to see Batman.

Sidey: was the first 12 ride film.

Howie: Yeah. Was that. Ah, cause I remember my grandma and granddad took me to see it and they were sort of like, I kept sort of lying to them in the Q a yeah.

It's a PJ's is fine. It's fine. It's fine.

Dan: Oh, so what you, you, you were like

Howie: It must've been, it must have, it must have been. No, it must've been about 10, I

Dan: 10. Yeah.

Howie: 10, 11. Okay. My next one. Controversial toy story one. Cause it's shit

Sidey: was thinking about this, actually. I

Howie: a shit. Oh.

Sidey: just dated.

Howie: Yeah. So, I mean, I, but I have a big problem with the toy stories. I refuse. I refuse. And still to this day, refuse to watch toy story four, because three was a perfect ending for you can go fuck off.

I'm not watching it. Yeah. And I'm interested. Yeah.

Reegs: Full keys. Brilliant.

Dan: And they,

Sidey: I know what you mean.

Reegs: Four was unnecessary. Four was

Sidey: it has forced her has its

Dan: there's a, there's a couple of hundred million reasons why

Howie: Yeah. Slightly going against the grain. Yeah.

But, but toy story one is you just feel such a filler Stein for saying it, but it's so dated. The animation looks so.

Sidey: but the story is still legit.

Reegs: age, the only film series, ways that we've all sat down, all four of us, including the youngest and watched one, two, three, and four, and watched them all the way through and everybody's enjoyed it. Yeah. In a house we've tried to other franchises, never quite made it, but there's something about toy store.

Howie: Alien vs. Predator. Well,

Sidey: Nice it one where, you know, there's something for the kids. There's something there for the adults. It's got all, it takes all the boxes. It doesn't look great, but because of the, the technology involved, those things are always going to date a little bit. But if the story, in my opinion, if the story is still strong, then the movie will hold up and I'd watched it.

Like you say, rigs, San Francisco timers you, with, with my daughter and I'm still really enjoyed it, but I was thinking about it. Did it

Howie: I don't want, maybe I


Sidey: I was always going to watch it when I watched it, when it came out and then watch it with the kids. It was always going to happen.

Howie: maybe I don't want to, maybe I'm thinking I need to qualify. I don't want to watch it again because I think it will break an illusion in my head. That's the other thing that I was going to say, sometimes you don't want to watch a film again

Sidey: Wait, you thought it was real?

Howie: Yeah, me and since

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: I'm often putting toys on the barbecue with fireworks, strapped to them,

Reegs: So I'm nominating one from a director. I really like, but I think. Bar one or two of his movies. They all suffer from this. And it's the ultimate case of diminishing returns. So the director is Christopher Nolan and the movie is inception. so I went to the cinema. I saw inception. It was this great puzzle, brilliantly constructed put together.

You feel like you're watching something a bit smarter. Then average, that sort of thing. And you've got some philosophical points to kind of discuss at the end of it all. Then you watch it again. And you Wade through all of the exposition. 30 40 minutes of explaining how the worlds work and all that you think, actually this is fairly tedious.

it's never, it's nowhere near as clever as it presents itself as being, there's nothing that connects the audience to any of the characters. Sure. Leo has a bit of a weepy backstory, but you don't get much investment in him. As a character. There's one amazing, you know, the spinning hallway action scene is really good and the way that the van thing is shot as it falls over, you know, but none of the other set pieces are really short, all that.

Well, I don't think Nolan is fantastically interested in action sequences in many ways in his film, even though they. They do feature a lot in them. And then again, when you watch it again, I've probably seen the movie three or four times. You think they could have done something way more with the premise.

There's one scene where I think Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy are talking to each other and he says something like dream bigger. And he pulls this grenade launcher out from nowhere sort of thing. And we don't see anything like that happen again in the movie. And it's. You know, I, I think Christopher Nolan is great with broad strokes movies that you have to see in the theater, but the more you pick at them, the more floors you find and the more things that there are to deescalate you from what's happening.

So inception, but I could have easily said interstellar or some of the other Christopher Nolan movies as well.

Howie: Do you think in, in inception he did come out of the dream.

Sidey: did

Reegs: don't think it matters.

Sidey: thing full at the end

Reegs: the point. I mean, yes, there is the thing about the top falling, but I don't think it really matters. Anyway. I don't think the point is, is that Kolbe has accepted his reality. So that's really all that there is, but yeah, his movies with the exception of the dark night and memento, which I feel you have to watch at least a second time to really fully appreciate it. I do really like that movie. I've seen that a few times.

Sidey: that's good.

Reegs: I still haven't seen tenet.

Howie: Yeah, I don't, yeah. I don't know how the hell we going to be able to do that. It doesn't look good for, for, well, yeah, that's it. That's it for Jersey. Isn't it. We got no cinema.

Reegs: So yeah, inception.

Sidey: I'm going for my, my most hated it's Forrest Gump. Fuck this film. I, I did like it the first time I saw it when I was younger. And the more you pick at it and the more you realize what a horrible, nasty fucking message it has. not only do I wish I hadn't revisited it, I wish it hadn't fucking existed in the first place. nasty, horrible piece of shit.

Howie: just wanted to run.

Sidey: Just stay in the system. Don't question everything, just play along and be nice. And you'll be successful. Question anything and take an alternative path and you get AIDS and die. Fuck off.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That is basically the message. Yeah.

Howie: And the other message is at the end of the day, even if you do get AIDS, you can always offload everything that you've caused onto a multimillionaire.

Sidey: Yeah, I'm not a fan of that one.

Howie: I liked. Do you know what I like bits of it?

Dan: I haven't, I haven't revisited it though in a

Howie: Yeah, I'm revisiting it for a long, long time. I think it's cause it's such a it's it's quite a long film, isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah, that fucking tear. I

Howie: So I think.

Dan: on the wrong side of history was a Rambo Rambo three. You know, I actually don't mind it, but, when you revisit and he's helping light the, the merger head Dean and their fight against Soviet Russia, training them to become the,

Reegs: arm, those

Dan: Yeah, let

Reegs: possibly go wrong

Dan: let, and then let's walk out off wifi.

We leave them completely stitched up and see if there's anything they're still angry about in a few years time. yeah, it did it didn't age too. Well, it wasn't a bad, bad film. Ms. Paul was Rambo's go. Yeah. You know, it was

Howie: low, low, low


Dan: there. There was that one point where he puts. Gum powder in a wound and then lights it to knock himself out out so he can rest and go again in the morning.

Howie: We've all done that

after a

Dan: so John Rambo is untrue. Okay.

Reegs: I actually cut my finger, doing the washing up

Dan: Yeah. Did,

Reegs: and I did the same trick

Dan: you just put

Reegs: is it's a

Dan: like firecracker

Howie: A tiger one.

Yeah, no, no pattern of a tiger. One. I'm going to go for 6 cents. There is no need to watch that film again. It was crap to begin with, but there is no need to watch that film after you've turned at the twist. Well, not even a

Dan: yeah, that wouldn't revisit. Well, would it,

Howie: now,


Sidey: it again and try to,

Dan: there we go. Still. We surprised

Sidey: is there a moment where you can know for sure that he's, you could've seen it coming, but I still can see it. I'm ready.

Dan: no. Even

Reegs: I think it's really obvious when the afterwards, so I've seen it a few times, two or three times. It's quite nice with the knowledge of what the twist is to be watching and go really. Wow. Fuck. That really is obvious. the whole time. yeah, I don't agree. Fuck you Howie.

Howie: Yeah, go on then. You're next.

 Reegs: I've kind of got to here together and it's basically for the same reason. And it's similar, I guess, to what you were saying about, whatever that movie was that we just disagreed on, 6 cents. I've got the Blair witch project and the usual suspects. the usual suspects for the twist kind of just makes, you're basically watching a story that didn't happen.

Which, you know, it doesn't make any, but it redeems itself because the characters are really good at Benicio Del Toro and the Blair witch project, because it was this moment of, I don't think they'd ever been a film marketed quite like that, that, you know, made for absolutely nothing and propelled onto the big screen and everybody kind

Dan: footage. Wasn't

Reegs: the whole found footage thing, because there have been found footage movies before.

The Blair witch project, but this really kicked it into the cultural mainstream. And it was a pretty good movie. The ending in particular is quite right.

Dan: never watched the whole thing.

Howie: Yeah. Do you know what Dan? I think Dan I'm on the similar boat to you. I think I bottled it all the way through.

Dan: blaming the wife though,

Sidey: sorry, the

Reegs: but I I'd never rewatched it because you know, it's not a fantastic movie to rewatch, but the experience of being built up. By the marketing campaign and watching it in the cinema was a really, you know, awful thing

Howie: Yeah,

 Sidey: he read some more controversy, then returned to the Jedi

Reegs: wished you'd never be watched it.

Howie: no.

Sidey: maybe not ever, but it's, revisiting it. It's you can tie, in my opinion, this is the start of a decline. You had empire strikes back was fucking brilliant. And then you have this one, which you love it as a kid. Cause that's what it is. The fucking kids toy advert. And when you revisit it, you're thinking, hang on a load, a little fucking midget.

Teddy bears destroying a fucking HTST in a forest. No, I'm not having it. it definitely doesn't stand up when you, when you revisited it, doesn't

Reegs: But it does at least still have some stakes because you're invested a little bit in the walks and you know, that bit where one of the books dies and the other one tries to sort of shake him awake and then, you know, does the, whatever the yummy,

Sidey: I, well, I actually had on the list was returned to the Jedi and all the following films

Reegs: I've got force awakens

Sidey: just wished they hadn't revisited the franchise full stop and it would've just been a lot better to just have the original three and just leave it at that and leave everyone wanting more.

Have you wouldn't have these endless discussions, but now it

Dan: Leave them wanting more for no, they got to give it a go. I mean

Howie: rogue one, I think has genuine value.

Sidey: that's the best. Yeah. That's

Dan: did, did you see 'em so low?

Sidey: No.

Howie: Oh yeah. I'll have I'll have, yeah. That's all


Reegs: to watch that two or three times and I can't get beyond about the first 45 minutes.

Dan: really enjoyed it

Howie: Yeah, I did too. Oh yeah. I forgot all about that. Yeah, it's quite good.

Sidey: Mandalorian's great. The rest of it, and I don't,

Dan: Mandalorian. Absolutely. What I was saying to rigs earlier, actually it's like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Mandalorian, Saturday, Sunday. Because I'm just, I go to bed on Sunday night thinking. Oh, okay. So Mandalorian, Y I've got that on Friday. What else am I gonna watch? What else am I going to see?

That's just grabbed to me Mandalorian.

Howie: so I need to get access to see this.

Reegs: I'll send you a link and also something for the

Dan: Oh, sorry. Well, I haven't got that many more, but I have got ACE, Ventura pet, detective

Howie: no.

Reegs: you've lost your damn

Howie: Well, fuck me. That's hilarious. I was well, yeah.

Dan: it was a bit rough at the

Howie: I know. Horn is Finkle. Finkle is Einhorn. I don't as a man.

Dan: Yeah. And then the entire police force sort of froze up, watches it, you know, it just, again, it makes you

Howie: He burns all his clothes in the bin.

Dan: Where would they go over this? It just seems insensitive now. Doesn't it? It seems like at best, insensitive.

Howie: I still find it really funny.

Dan: I dunno, wherever I found it, any of that overly funny, but I mean, I didn't mind that at the end, the. Ice Fincher. films are quite enjoyed them, but, there was a few bits when you look back, you think, okay. And I'm not trying to be, you know, one of those people that looks back and judges all the films, and said they didn't make me laugh at a time or, you know, they still don't make me laugh.

it's not like, I, I know if. I've I've watched this back probably I know, two years ago. And I remember thinking then at the time that's just weird. Like, you know, and they were all the villains they can make. Why'd you why'd you go and do that. Might be Hawking a little bit of the new witches, where they seem to have made, a problem where there was previously none.

and I know we'll go around again, maybe, but the other films I'll just fold down and maybe it's controversial. The Christopher Reeve, Superman films.

Howie: Moist up. Yeah, they are.

Dan: they're just, you know, it's. They're not as easier watching is, is they used to be, I'm afraid.

Sidey: yeah, you're right.

Reegs: special effects and things are a product of their time, but he was such a good Superman

Dan: he was, he was

Reegs: good versus

Dan: iconic, absolutely iconic, but the content of the films don't, you know,

Reegs: The first I watched the first two, not that long ago. Well, probably within the last 10 years. Does that count?

Dan: Yeah. That's not that long ago.

Reegs: I, I really enjoyed them lucky.

Dan: Yeah. Well, you're just wrong

Howie: I'm going to go, I'm going to, I'm going to go for a very controversial one Schindler's list.

Dan: to revisit that.

Howie: Because it was so because yeah, because that's it because it's so powerful unless you're an ignoramus and you don't know the subject for me, that's, that's as much as I want to say. And if I need to find anything else out, I'll look it up in some form of documented. I don't know some article or a book or an online article.

I don't need to see that film again. I'm not dismissing the film. I'm just saying it's so haunting. It's a

Dan: You don't forget it there. I mean, it's such a well

Howie: So-so that's

Dan: film, you probably don't need to see it twice. That one,

Howie: Yeah. That's it. I don't, I don't want to see it twice because I don't need to,

Dan: I say it was sad. It's actually quite uplifting the way that, you know, things pan out, but it was. Going through that obviously terrible time in, in history and everything. no, not a film that I would want to

Howie: re it's an indication of how good the film is in the know how good the film is,

and that is all you need to know from a film perspective. So anything else you want to know? If you have to find out detail, you can, you can go and find out elsewhere. There's no need for you to revisit the film. So, yeah, so, obviously not a comedic topic to talk about, but it, it, it, it covers a different area of this not needing to revisit films.

Reegs: Yeah. And when it goes into the summer dance numbers, that's just

Sidey: Springtime for Hitler.

Howie: like Joe, Jay, wrap it. Have you seen


Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: no. Yeah.

Howie: You need to watch Jojo rabbit.

Reegs: American beauty. every time I rewatched that movie, but I, which I really, really loved, I feel more and more critical of how shallow the whole thing seems. the Requiem for a dream

Sidey: con I would

Reegs: spoken about.

Sidey: would

Reegs: It's a hard watch. it's a really hard watch,

Howie: I've no idea I've heard of this firm, but I've no idea of context who


Reegs: about how drugs can.

Fuck up anyone essentially.

Sidey: a film about

Reegs: there's an interesting fact in the scene where the mum, I can't forget. I can't remember her name.

Sidey: and best in it?

Reegs: yes. she says I'm somebody now Ari, quite like towards the end of the movie is she's like, Her whole life has imploded and the camera veers off a bit to the left. And I remember watching the director's commentary and Darren Aronofsky said cart and he checked and the cinematographer, which was a frequent collaborator of his Matthew Liberty was crying and the IPS was fogging up as a result.

So he sort of moved the camera towards the end of the take and they left that, that cut in. it's quite amazing avatar. We talked about, it's a sort of, once you got all the oohs and ours out of the way, then it's not really a lot

Dan: He wasn't that great. Was it.

Reegs: probably my final one is Mrs. Doubtfire, which is a movie we talked about on the pod before you think it's a sort of comedy about a.

deadbeat dad trying to get yeah. His life back together, but actually the dad disobeyed a court order. He infiltrated his ex-wife's home. Deceive. The family tried sabotaging a budding relationship with a nice guy. I'm seriously, Sally field being courted by Pierce Brosnan is fucking hilarious. It sort of perpetuates the being a fun dad means you're a good dad.

Well, is that really true? And why was the wife? The bitch, because she didn't want a party with live animals in her house. dad couldn't keep a decent job either. fuck that movie and fuck Mrs. Doubtfire.

Howie: I'll be a hell of a sequel. Hell of a sequel. Fuck Mrs. Doubtfire.

Sidey: Oh, Hit you up with Watership down. a fucking bloodbath. It's a horror film for kids is absolutely terrifying and

Howie: Yeah, it

Dan: the bunnies, isn't it. and in the field and they all come in a yeah,

Sidey: And, I went to, some would say quite a posh school when I was young, a sent George's and in all the grounds, we had all these rabbits running around and every time you see one, I'd make some, a ptosis that bring back all these warship down flashbacks.

And every time you see it, it's, it's, it's not, they don't want to revisit it because it's bad. Cause it was too effecting and, and upsetting and horrible.

Reegs: PRI

Sidey: like Garfunkel as well. and then a few others, we recently watched Disney sword in the stone cause we've got Disney plus, and that looks very old and very clunky and kind of boring as well.

Austin Powers, I think hasn't aged very well.

Howie: Yes.

Sidey: looks cheap or the jokes are kind of one dimensional and, um,

Dan: world was a little like

Sidey: Well, no, what I was gonna say was Austin Powers hasn't stood the test of time, but I still love ways while I still think it's really good. and the other one is another franchise. It's a Spider-Man, but the Sam Raimi ones.

and I know everyone raves about Spider-Man too, but I don't

Reegs: Two was good.

Sidey: I think it's just because I don't like Tobey Maguire or Kirsten Dunst.

Dan: Yeah that day.

Sidey: I don't the first one's painful. It's like a power Rangers movie. having the Tom Holland ones come later on, or they're just fucking way, way better.

Not, not a fan. Rewatch

Reegs: I wish he'd gone a bit more full Ramy because in, in number two, the scene where arms have been sort of, Grafted onto his body. It goes like full horror for a minute with the arms, like careering through the air and killing all the doctors and stuff. I wish he'd got a bit more like that.

Sidey: Yeah, that might've been better. so that was it for me. Are we all, are we all done?

Howie: I've just got one more, the never ending story. Cause it's fucking terrible. And it's a lie. It's a breach of the trade

descriptions act.

Dan: one to avoid?

Howie: Watched as a kid. I remember thinking, yeah, bastion bucks or someone.

Dan: yeah, it's, it's a, It's a good one. That's good topic. I think there's, there's probably a load of films that are going to come to me. as I go into the Netflix library or sky or whatever it is I'm looking at, and there's often films I'll go on and I'm half tempted to go in and revisit them and see them.

And I, I don't want to break my

Sidey: the memory of it.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: should we whittle it down then?

Howie: Yeah, I'll go. I'm going to go for toy story one.

Sidey: as far as gum for me all the way.

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: Some heavyweights there and Rambo three

Sidey: how he was your turn to nominate for us?

Howie: Yeah. So, This week, a kind of a link to a film that we previously reviewed a hunt for the world of people are chatting to a few key friends of mine. And, they said to me, yeah, that's good, but you haven't seen the original one. I'm not what you're on about. And they recommended to me a long time ago.

And then you just got around to watching it. boy, 2010, bite. Take I w I T T again, I don't know why. I can't say it. I'm so sorry if he's ever listening.

I'm so sorry. Taika Waititi. I don't, I'm really, really stupid. 2000 getting there for being really stupid and all that too. That's New Zealand comedy, sort of a bittersweet drama comedy drama, a written starred, and directed by him.

I'm not gonna say his name again. it's the highest ever New Zealand film grossing. It's almost semi-autobiographical autobiographical. it's set in Bay of plenty in the North Island, kind of where he's from and it's based around, 1984 and a young boy with a lot of potential. Who's, kind of been abandoned by his Aaron's father.

His mum died in childbirth to his younger brother. well, his brother was called Rocky. Was it. And, and the, the, the film charts progress of him basically being a young boy, but experiencing his dad coming back from prison. But you see it through the eyes of how he perceives it, where his dad is a hero with many different occupations and jobs, and it doesn't quite match the reality, unfortunately.

And it's also. a piece about, the kind of poverty that children of that era grew up in. And I was chatting to one of my friends who recommended this film and he said it very much. He's a, he's a married descent. And he said it very much matches in places to how he grew up. And some of the bad things, like I said, the poverty and some of the good things, which is the community spirit and the family, and, the sense of belonging and.

Kind of, everybody in for each other and looking out for people, but yeah. I'd be interested to know what you think of this chapter. Cause it, got me in the fields, this one dead, especially the misses as well as it went through.  it kind of starts off with a show in tow, in class from the main character who's called boy he's real names.

alimony, alimony, and introduces you to all the Keke characters, his FA friends and some of his family. And it's. It reminded me in places of the style of am I going to get, did you think, Oh, where's Anderson style film a little bit quirky. There was some animation thrown in there as well, like, about each of the characters.

And he basically has this idolization that his dad is the best person ever. And is in fact Michael Jackson

Reegs: Yeah. So we're introduced to boy Charlemagne in school, and then were quickly introduced to the sort of other cast of characters. So you get his friends, Dallas who has a sister called dentisty and another sister called Falcon crest, which immediately sets us in the right time period. If the Michael Jackson thriller video being such a inspiration for them, doesn't do that already.

We're introduced to boy. he has the most responsibility. I think I've ever seen

Howie: Yeah,

Reegs: the shoulders of an 11 year old boy.

Howie: he lifts up his grand if it's just

Reegs: with his grandmother and his grandmother leaves at the very beginning of the movie, to go to a funeral and leave spoil looking after various

Howie: cousins.

Reegs: cousins and sisters and brothers six year old, Rocky.

And leaf the goat. Yes.

Howie: And,

Dan: and then kind of to fast forward it one day, his dad turns up with two mates, and. It's just the most kind of bizarre scene that, I imagine anybody that hasn't seen their father in, in years and years to the point where his younger brother can't remember him and he just about recognizes him.

Howie: His dad's been

Dan: get, we get a good impression.

Dad's quite early on because dad doesn't bother getting out the car. Sorry, lo he

Reegs: Yes. And if he wants a cup of tea and he says, yes, and then the next shot is them drinking the tea in the

Dan: And Oh, which I, and quirky shots like that. I think, it, it does have certainly twitches of ways undescended and that kind of feel of the,

Howie: framing of the shot.


Dan: of a shot and, and how. He can just bring humor into, very quick moments before you eat, you know, first shot, as you say, straight back in the car, drinking tea, it doesn't take you, any lines to, to give that kind of humor.

So a lot of it's kind of visual as well.

Howie: I did laugh, when he's doing his show and tell, and he's just after he's done and he sat down and he's staring at the girl in his class that he wants to go out with and he's just doing, look at me, look at

me, look at me and, um,

Dan: claims to have powers as well, younger brother walkie, who, who will just sort of crush things in his hands. And he

Howie: move through buses off of roads And

Dan: exactly.

Howie: And,

Reegs: does try a bit of chatter

Howie: Oh


Reegs: Hey, Charlotte may want to see some Michael Jackson moves and then literally the worst moonwalk I've ever seen in my life.

Howie: uh, and, and his mate who sat with him going, yeah, your mom move is to say I'm afraid of underwear. And they're like, why? Because at the end they show me their underwear. And when he does his Michael Jackson moves, that will fail so badly.

His mate just got shouts out from nowhere. Yeah. He's afraid of underwear and he's just like, Oh fuck. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah, it's a, it's a brilliantly Chodesh lines that you can't help, but laugh and everything in this and from this. So this goes fast becoming actually one of my favorite filmmakers B I know this is what, 10 years old now. but we watched the, the world of beast and there's, there's been a couple of others and reading about him and other.

Films that he's done and people he's collaborated with. for example, Jemaine Clement, who is in flight of the Conchords he's he know bullying is there is that kind of New Zealand, understated, humor and everything again.

Howie: the teacher, the other half.

Dan: guy, Jemaine Clement and the teacher and what, sorry.

Howie: so was the teacher at the start who talks to him? The one who talks

to him?

Reegs: right? Brit?

Howie: It wasn't him.

Reegs: No, it

Howie: Oh, cause I, yeah, cause he says, sorry, that's three 30 clocks off. You're going to go home now.

Dan: which I thought was brilliant.

Howie: Yeah. I thought that was it. Sorry. I thought

Dan: of an, a fag out the,

Howie: Oh, that was the other guy, the rough old boy I tell you to fuck off.

Dan: So, yeah, there's plenty of crazy moments that are just so relaxed gives it that small town feel where everybody knows everyone and everybody knows everybody's business. And. That's you know, the kids are, they're teasing, that's doing a show and tell thing, Oh, the kids know exactly where his dad is and what he's doing.

There's the kid back. I know you attaching the same journalists. My dad

Howie: Same blog.

Dan: isn't diving in wherever he is, or, you know, dancing like Michael Jackson or whatever

Reegs: Well, he keeps saying that his father has promised to take him to see Michael Jackson

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: it turns out the old man's in prison, but before eight landed himself in the clinic, he buried a stash of cash

Howie: In the field.

Sidey: And so he's retired now to try and retrieve this buried treasure.

Dan: the true reason for his returned, not

Howie: It's Eddie sad, because you can see how devoted boy is to the idea of his dad. Yeah. What an idol. But I love the, the alternative view of two of the other characters. One is obviously Rocky who's. Kind of not that fast and it's not really had any interaction with his dad, the younger brother, but the other, and this was picked up by my wife was the oldest girl who lived in the house.

She was just, so she seemed to be like, a. very throughout the entire film, this the older cousin, I think she is, she seemed to be straight away clued up to this. Guy's no good. And all the female characters in this film seemed to be the steadying influence throughout you have the Nan, you had the auntie, all the men were complete jerks.

All the men were complete jerks at the entire film. And hence the name, boy, everybody, every single person, all the boys or the men. We're just not growing up. They were stuck in a perpetual, just acting like kids,

like, uh, yeah. Yeah. And the, the, the, the dad was with his mates and they called themselves the crazy horses.

And then he said, I want to be cool. Don't call me dad. That sounds weird. Call me the Shogun. Cause he had this cause he thought he was a samurai and he'd seen it in a book once in, you know, and, and, and he was like, you said, Peter pan syndrome. Didn't want to grow up. Didn't want his responsibilities. And boy was being forced into these responsibilities, forced to be an adult forced to grow up.

Dan: dad was less mature than his sons.

Howie: yeah, and, and that's how the film progresses. They, the, the, the boys realize they've outgrown him. They don't need him. and, and, and the dad goes through a journey of sorts. Doesn't they? And,

Sidey: it starts to become. Less humorous and more sad as, as boy realize you can see it, it's done very well and that you could see, he starts to recognize that his father isn't this incredible, parental figure or fun guy to be around that he's always fantasized about or thinks he remembers him as, and he's actually just a selfish guy.

Who's literally turned up for the money and to party and to, Smoke what's being grown in the local field, and has no interest in being a parent or being anything to boy, it's all in that. It's very sad. I thought.

And I,

Dan: It was,

Sidey: Rocky kind of realizes it. I think, although

Dan: he picks up quick. I think Rocky

Sidey: he's just not

Reegs: but Rocky is so damaged from he complete, you know, he's

Sidey: Rocky,

Dan: doesn't share those.

Reegs: for the death of his

Sidey: the reason Rocky thinks he has powers is because of what happened.

Dan: With his

Sidey: the way he's rationalized his mother died during childbirth. so whilst there's some comedic tones throughout the film, it's also, it's very sad. I think.

Dan: Truth there's truth in this, you know, I think that's why I've really enjoyed it because there's elements to the kids, giving each other a bit of stick, you know? To how they interact with the fat within the family and to each other and everything. And the fact that, you know, not everybody's dad is going to be the dad of the year.

He, he plays it like this. I dunno if he's autobiography, you know, this is like an autobiography of, of himself, or it's just a story, I don't know, but it

Reegs: well, I know that the, the house, that it was filmed in was his house was

Dan: Right. It does seem very personal. This film,

Reegs: school, but I am. As I understand it. The father figure is not,

Howie: now. Okay.

Dan: anything like his

Reegs: he experienced. No, but it was set very much in his community,

Dan: can, you can imagine he would have met people like that. Yeah.

Howie: yes. Yeah,

Dan: filled in the blanks. If that's not an experience or I had friends of a similar kind of, and that story I think is so interesting. What, what struck me is just how happy the kids were generally, you know, I mean, they were just afraid of running around.

They, they didn't know they were kind of poor. They were those

Howie: Well, there was, there was a, there was, there was a pot. There was a part in it where, boys talking about, if they find this money, they're going to live in the city and they're going to have a swimming pool with dolphins and drink cocktails all day, and then they do the little animation, but then it cuts to Rocky and he just goes, I don't want to leave here.

And he's looking out over the beach where they are, and it's just beautiful. And I think some of the strongest scenes so that he wasn't the main character where Rocky, the, the piece where he was in the roller skates, where he wheeled up towards him in the garage. And he just put his hand on his head and he tried to use his superpowers.


Sidey: he sort of, he had a, like a superhero costume. I did me at, the Cape and their roller skates, everything. Okay. He just said,

Dan: what a powerful scene. That was that whole, that whole saying, because after that boy comes in and he Wallops him, didn't he,

Reegs: Yeah. And I think he's already. Before that moment, you know, the veneer of hero worship that you had around his father has slept, particularly because he does discover the money that he knows his father has been looking for and he, he hides it,

Sidey: It's just funny though.

Reegs: and the goat, sadly leaf eats it, or,

Sidey: Probably for leaf.

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: After I think that the pivotal scene really is where he goes to town to spend the money. he wants to buy it. He's been trying to buy a Popsicle or try and blag for free or Popsicle.

Sidey: got the jacket on as well as taking his dad's

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: He's taken his dad's jacket. He's bought everybody in ice cream. dad rocks up and it's really quite

Dan: Hume, he humiliates him. Him.

Reegs: humiliates him, but he's also physically abusive to

Dan: He's he's rough. Yeah. He completely. Humiliate him in front of his friends. And,

Reegs: And I think as, at that point, when he realizes that all of the qualities he admires about his father are mostly only in his imagination, which is a terribly sad

Howie: Revelation.

Reegs: To to feel about your own father. I mean, it's just, I've

Dan: the way that he's done it in this film,

Reegs: sadder and sadder.

Dan: it was sad, but the way that he eats. And, you know, I think the subject is sad, but like in any subject, like there's humor to be found in it as well. And he finds that even if it's only humor from the outside or humor that you're going to laugh at a little bit later or smile, like there was, there was something in each of the shots there that you could kind of just laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation, at least. I did anyway.

Howie: yeah.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, totally.

Howie: I quite liked the, look, the scenes with a weirdo, have you got any friends and all this? And he goes, no, I've got no friends. And then you realize that there is nothing bad about this little boy. He's just super accepting, super sweet of everything because he feels that the only fault in the world is him because of the fact that his mom died during labor.

And that again is so sad, but so sweet. And, it's not done in a overly saccharin way of just super sweet or anything like that. It's just done. Nice. It's just an, he's just a good guy and a good thing and good things happen. And, and, and as the father. Basically realizes and sees the, the mess that he's caused.

He almost has a re he's, he's starting to have the revelation in him that he needs to grow the fuck up. all his free, all his free lunches are over. his mates have bailed out on him. His, his Gran, his mother who looks after the kids is basically told him he's not getting any more money out of a, and he just bails on the kids and goes.

Dan: and, and I, I think, you know, at this stage I. Didn't really believe he was gone for good, because the filmmaker's film was so warm underneath, even in, in bets where, it kind of punches you in the face, but then kisses, you, you know, it's that kind of film it's, it's showing you both sides of life. If you like. A lot of the time it's, it's roughing you up and it's, it's hugging you over here. It, you know, it is saying that it's okay to lie, you know, because the truth could be actually much worse. So it's okay to lie now, you know, there's little things like that. It's that kind of film. It's a film, very honest about life.

I think that, you know, you, you, it's not perfect. It's not going to be everything going your way, all the way, but. It moves on and different things happening at different things. Adapt in an unlikely situations like that. Turning himself around,

Howie: Yeah.

Dan: of cut towards the last scenes when they're

Howie: finally gets to the graveyards.

Dan: seem, yeah. They seem into, it's a grieving thing, isn't it? It's slowly as a family. They're maybe looking at starting to grieve.

Howie: I think

he tells his,

Dan: mom, who'd passed away.

Howie: he tells his brother that his dad's go to Japan to be a samurai.

Dan: there's so many fantastic lies. There's so, you know, the, the Michael Jackson, when he kind of does that little part where he does the moves and that's how, you know, your kids see you, is how your kids see you. at that age, when you know, they're five, six, seven, and they have been away a long time and You know, they, they're telling they're boasted about you at school and things, you know, that kind of, Oh my dad's stronger than your dad. That was the classic. Wasn't it? This is taking that to another level and he's a captain of the sports team and he's a deep sea diver and he's,

Howie: He's punched the most men out with one

Reegs: Well, I think in a more general sense. You feel a bit like that, about your father anyway, right. As you're growing up because it, and especially as he, you know, as they get a bit older,

Dan: We were going to have to get used to that. You know that right now, we're kind of in our Superman phase where you can get away, you know, it, this is

Reegs: is as good as

Dan: This is Superman to me. but I've got a 15 year old near enough now and believe me, it doesn't last.

Howie: Are you boring dad? Now you sat dad.

Dan: I'm, I'm not as cool as I once was.

I'm pretty sure that

Howie: Yeah. Dreading that treading. I'm already getting the tweenager remarks from my daughter. So embarrassing. It's embarrassing.


Reegs: I don't think my wife was as shocked as I was, but I was quite shocked by the level of poverty.

Howie: Yeah.

Um, it's pretty, it's pretty substantial in

Reegs: a drift didn't fit. You felt it was sort of isolated and left behind.

Dan: these were the LANs, weren't they over, in New Zealand, I think that's from the one of the first scenes that it kind of goes out there and it lets you know, that you on these, which had been, I mean, I don't know a lot about the history of, of New Zealand and things. but yeah. They're normally left to their own devices.

And as I understand it, these areas that if they don't want to have government control

Howie: not used to be, it used to be, but, the Mary people are the indigenous obviously, and they have far more, they're far more integrated. They're

far more.

Dan: now.

Howie: Yeah, well, it's the opposite of the Aborigines in Australia. The Aboriginal race Australia is marginalized massively. Whereas the Murray race and culture in New Zealand is embraced.

And it's a huge, huge parts of the country now, but there are big areas of poverty with people of, married. Backgrounds, Polynesian backgrounds. And a lot of it's due to, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, criminality, just left on the fringes of society at times. So they have big, regeneration


Reegs: lack of open Attunity as much as anything else in at least in Sofar as the way it was pictured in here.

Dan: certainly in this film, you know, I think that was, they, as I say, they seemed happy though, you know, they, they did.

Reegs: like Mrs. Rabbit, 3m pepper

Howie: The aunt.


Reegs: Yeah, the aunt she, cause she just ran everything.

Howie: Do you recognize her from Thor? Regular up?

Sidey: well, she was also the, child welfare officer in hunt for the world to

Howie: Oh, course.

Yes. Yes.

Dan: I think he must keep the same people

Reegs: The

Dan: phone when he's getting a project together.

Reegs: James Rolston. He plays Allen Alamein the, boy, is fantastic in

Sidey: he was just, he was an extra,

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: yeah. So that,

Dan: we must be like, what, 21.

Howie: Yeah.

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: wonder if he's done anything it done if he knows, because I thought like you, I thought he was absolutely brilliant in S he

Reegs: but like side he was, you know, he was just about to say that. YTT takeaway T2 that actually cast somebody else in the lead role of boy and found this kid as an extra on set and, and, he

Dan: took it. He ran with it. He made it his, he absolutely owned it.

Howie: he's he's, he's kind of had a pretty bad personal life. Recently.

Dan: Oh,

Howie: He had a major car crash and, he's debilitated from lower body and brain and all sorts.

Reegs: Oh, gosh, how

Howie: So, so that was a couple of years ago. He had a, he had a, he had a, a star in the acting world from boy, and he did some feature films afterwards, and some New Zealand films, but, he kind of. He's he's, he's, he's struggling at the minute, according to recent news, but yeah, definitely agree with you, Dan, a complete awesome actor breakthrough act, and let's hope he gets recovered and can go on from this because there was, there was, it was

some special stuff from a few of the guys in their phone.

Yeah. potential.

Dan: they had, quite a few child actors, I think

just were in all the children were child actors in this

Howie: Yeah, there was no phone. There were no weirdos.

Sidey: that's a red flag for me,

Dan: yeah,

Sidey: It worked this time. I couldn't find any data about a budget for this at all.

Howie: I know

Sidey: based on that, do you think it was a winner or loser at the box

Dan: it. I would say one. Yeah.

Sidey: as long as it's budget was less than 43 and a half million, it did. Okay.

Dan: I dunno. Some big, pretty big effects in there was.

Sidey: Yeah, industrial light

Reegs: had the rights. they actually did manage to get the rights to put a load of Michael Jackson songs, in it. But he decided in the, that he didn't want them in because the songs were too big for what was actually a very small scale

Sidey: but then we did get,

Howie: you did get the hacker.

Sidey: pay off of the Amish is fucking brilliant.

Howie: Yeah. The, if you watch w if you watch the credits, you'll see the start of a hacker thriller mix up. And then did you watch till the very end? Yeah, just pass there. You'll see the goats.

Sidey: Yeah, it was very good.

So Howie your nomination, where you entertained by it.

Howie: I was, and, everyone I know who's told me to watch it has told me that the right, the right things. I was really, really happy to have seen this.

Dan: I'd just seen the poster. Didn't really draw me in. I was thinking, nah, there's something else to watch. There's someone else to watch. Check it out though. I really, really enjoyed this. I, I. I think he's, as I said, he falls becoming one of my favorite filmmakers. I mean, he does have a little bit of the Wes Anderson about him, but he's got his own style as well is very, unique to him.

And there's another film, I think. Is it Joe, Joe, Joe rabbit, that he's done, he's been in three or four other things that. Other actors, your main Clement flight of Conchords. I think is it sharp versus Eagle? Eagle vs shark even, I found that this, check it out. Won't be disappointed.

Reegs: yeah, this was. Funny and then heartbreak, you can be sad as you watched the illusions that boy has about his father as he starts to see him for the sort of cringe-worthy immature man-child that he is. And there's like a real level of emotional realness in this movie that really gets you in the, in the fields.

and the sort of thing that's missing from similar quirky. Indie comedies and it doesn't wrap things up nice and neatly. but there is at least a hint of optimism in the end of the movie. Yeah. I, I really liked this and I've been thinking a lot about it since I watched it. Definitely check it out.

Sidey: I joined it, but I didn't love it. I have to say, I thought it was pretty good. The Mrs. Didn't like it one bit. I don't know if we were just. not in the right frame of mind. I, for me, it was a little bit like one of those where you could see someone's a really, really good filmmaker and this is them at the beginning.

And it, it showing all the promise of what they're going to deliver later on down the line. So I did it, I did enjoy it and I would recommend it to people, but I didn't maybe love it as much as you guys, but I'm still definitely worth looking at yeah.  Okay. To further reinforce the fact that we take heed of our listener suggestions, we have a. Suggestion from twister. Follow-up flimsy of some Australian kids.  drama. Yeah. Torture. it's called the investigators. And I can tell you that it lasted for 31 minutes

Reegs: Yes, 31 excruciating

Sidey: painful beyond belief.

Reegs: This is a Netflix series continuing the antipodean theme this week, because it was an Australian slash New Zealand, production.

Dan: Yeah, I was going to say though, it's is out on Netflix. It's it will add a little bit of the beginning of it around the twist, you know, the Australian,

Sidey: yeah. Yeah, it would have started its life in some Australia network or other, I don't know what it would have been. but picked up by Netflix because they just wanted to inflict the torture on it, the whole world.

Dan: well, no, what we've got is, is, a young group of children who form a gang to become investigators, basically,

Reegs: the title

Dan: That they want to be the best invests. They want to be the best investigators. So there.

Sidey: Fucking comedy gold. When they came up with that name.

Dan: guy is what it was in my house too. I must say this got watched today. it is taken

Howie: 10 years off my life.

Dan: by storm and, it's it got played again.

We've had an hour and a half

Howie: Oh, fuck

Dan: house today.

Reegs: I purposefully didn't show this to my eldest because I knew she would love it. And we, we w we've already got paid. He says club

Dan: I thought he was okay though. So what was your problem with

Howie: my kids said it was your out

Dan: You had, you had him and

Howie: my kids. They proved that we are of bloodline because they're first, the oldest one went, this is really bad. It makes kids look evil because they do really bad things. And she said, and that boys as thick as anything, and that girl is really annoying. Who's selling cupcakes.

I hate people who sell cupcakes. And then, Magda's just went, this is rubbish and that's all he gets some eyes. And I said, this is brilliant. Well done guys. Well

Reegs: Well, let's go through a little bit of the story. So the there's two cases in each episode, this was the case of the curious new girl in the first 15 minutes, which I must say, I thought by the end of that first 15 minutes, I thought I'd already done the full 31 minutes. So imagine my horror when the second case came on, which was the case of the disappearing deliveries, each.

Of the 15 minute episode is presented in a kind of the logging yeah. Video

Sidey: It was a very, the very start is that fucking torturous, little prick, Ezra talking to his, he's got with those DGI things that we've got, how he, where

Howie: Yeah, but he wasn't using them. That's what annoyed me.

Sidey: it's. I've mentioned it before about stuff that I can't fucking stand, but it's live action kids, TV with loads of kids in it.

And they're really fucking precocious drama, you know, drama club, fucking assholes. and this guy was a prick didn't even get on the fucking prick or mutter next to that fucking wanker. Ava,

Howie: Oh, Oh

Sidey: honestly, I looked at the misses and I, I said, Is she fucking talking English. I didn't have a fucking clue what she was saying.

Not a fucking clue. I had to put subtitles on it. Didn't know what the fuck she was saying.

Howie: And,

Dan: Oh, I think you're being terribly harsh from this. we watched,

Sidey: wished he was dead yet,

Dan: No,

Sidey: but just

Howie: no that comes, that comes, that comes along.

Dan: We watched the same program and , he's a 11 year old. he's got to look after the new student. he's got a couple of mates already. One of them was really sporty, but doesn't pick on a geek or, you know,

Reegs: did anyone

Dan: of liked.

You had that, that girl who was always doing cakes, always raising money. She was raising money for. say more kids could ride their bikes to school and put them in a new bike rack that

Howie: Fuck, fuck.

Sidey: Hi for you to get run over

Howie: yeah. I hope from the moment they

Dan: had this, the, the new girl Mordy Miller, and her intelligence who is able to say solve the, the puzzle of where the money is gone and how it got into his bag.

Sidey: was, you're kind of in NOLA homes. Wasn't she?

Dan: Yeah. So she is, so she's the kind of a Nolo, she's the Sherlock of the, of the group, but Israel is a bit of a thinker as well. And,

Sidey: he

Dan: I watched this, I watched

Sidey: looked at me,

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. So

Sidey: so he was saying he was good with technology,

Howie: yeah, you had the child that was Aboriginal background who was slightly clumsy and stupid.

It was,

Reegs: I think the stereotypes were a little bit unfortunate. I do have to say I was a little bit taken out by the Asian kids being good with computers and the black kid being. A bit stupid. I

Dan: But

Reegs: don't know if I'm seeing sinister things that aren't there

Dan: I well, it, they haven't tried to strike out anything new doing that. Have they? so take your point. but watching from, from my house, watching my daughter watch it, it was one of those. Oh, can I watch another one as soon as it finished?

Reegs: yeah. That's why I didn't let my oldest watch

Dan: yeah, hopefully learn that trick every night, but

Howie: Yeah. I was hoping for an industrial accident from the start for each of the characters. And I hope the investigation was going to be forever. the, the point of view from a forensic scientist who was working out, whether it was the fault of the school or an insurance company was going to pay out

for accidental

Sidey: quadruple homicide.

Howie: by that teacher who was clearly a pedophile.

Reegs: McCullick.

Howie: yeah, he was fucking useless. He just didn't trusted the children to do things. No, you don't do that. You don't trust primary school children to do things. They can't do anything more than,

Sidey: So my, my

Reegs: we need to go through the cases per

Sidey: case was dreadful. one kid was admitted. It was a spoiled little prick and the other one, they hadn't stolen the money. who

Reegs: there was some sort of opera singer that I thought I'd

Sidey: Oh my God. I'd forgotten about her.

Reegs: her name? Ava or Helen or something?

Howie: was she in Henry danger or something?

Reegs: She was in something else that we've watched. I don't know what it

Sidey: Well, she reminded me a bit if someone from pony says club,

Dan: Oh, yeah. I would

Reegs: I was thinking of.

Howie: Yeah. That's it. That's it. That's it.

Dan: She looked like she would go into the hall there very well. Didn't she have in the party she'd fit well in the

Sidey: every single thing that she said was

sung and it was fucking awful at that. And she had actually driven with her wretched singing her child to become

Howie: just,

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: yeah. That's what happens? He, the Muslim. Oh my God. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. She driven him to a life of crime through

Howie: I thought that that boy was stealing that woman's gym clothes and he was wearing them and it was going to be a transgender. Yeah. And they'd cut to the boy and he'd have a pair of pants on his face. Investigate this.

Sidey: feel like a missed opportunity.

Howie: Yeah. You want to see what it could have been a real, real eye-opener for many children that stealing women's clothes is not a good idea.

Reegs: I have

Sidey: hate the over the top. Performances that you usually get with children of this age. we weren't let down in that regard because this was fucking painful. just,

well, I.

Reegs: so wretched annoying patronizing? No, at all. No sense of humor. I'm sorry if that's a traitor to the empowerment of young girls, and we've talked about that quite a lot on the pod before having, you know, having, we've got daughters ourselves, but she was awful. Absolutely

Howie: think she would have served better if she'd have worn a white colonial outfit and maintained her even more British accents and shown the silly people down under

yeah. You know, she could have gone for that line of acting. Instead, she went for a kind

Dan: I was totally different. I thought they were I for they're all good little actors. I do understand

Sidey: Dan. You are trolling us.

Dan: that. Extra, no understand, you know, that they're

Howie: in isolation. Is it getting to you?

Dan: and they're, it's meant to be over the top though. It's meant to be easy for kids to, you know, have my daughter's age to your daughter's age, you know, that, that kind of age seven, eight, nine, to follow and to, to act along with, and, and to my very expressive, emotional.

Sidey: I hated all that stuff when I was a kid as well though, I hate things. Like, why don't you rent a ghost fucking grain

Dan: I must've been, it never, it was never a thing that I really enjoyed watching too much of, but I think that this isn't the worst example I see of this out there. I thought this was okay. I think that kids getting together to try to solve puzzles and there's, You know, a nicer message.

They're just certainly some of the stuff we've seen on here, this goes well above in

Reegs: I did actually quite like the fact that in

Dan: not cartoon.

Reegs: they were, you know, there's an emphasis on things like critical thinking and deduction and stuff like that, which is, you know, set fairly unusual. But,

Dan: You know, when, when kids start looking at that and seeing other kids working stuff out. And how has that happens? And an observation, for example, young Watson, I imagine Mordy when she comes in through the window and she says, Oh, hello, Israe. And how'd, you know, my name. Oh, it's on your bag, you know? So she was observed making those observation.

I looked over and there's like little light bulbs going on in, in Nellie, you know? She's Oh yeah. I could do that. And it's almost said like a little super power. Just

Howie: She is, she would get bullied with an inch of her fucking life in a British school. We don't stand for deduction and intelligence


Sidey: could get all that critical thinking from transformers or stuff like that, you know, you

Dan: but they don't all kind of relate and connect with that. Whereas, you know, some kids I think, are going to enjoy watching this and see kids say how they've worked that out. And it does, you know, as an I don't watch, you know, obviously, you know, what's going to happen, you know how it's gonna pan out.

It doesn't take too much imagination, but when you're seven, eight years old,

Howie: I, I admire the fact it's gone for so young girls, my daughter, she's really into these kind of young detective. stories and books and they're, and they're not patronizing at all. There's a level of detail. There's a level of deduction and storytelling that works really well. but I think this is too condescending, so I, I agree with the element of it.

And in terms of what you were saying, Simon about the con the, the critical thinking, but you'll get it better from a book. This Dr. Puzzle that appeared on TV.

Sidey: so th the creators of this, they had, they'd had a previous hit, with a show called little lunch. which was very well received. And I certainly seemed to be in the minority with my views because looking online, this is a real smash hit with audiences and critics alike. So some critics, comments, finally, a replacement for our much loved little lunch step forward, the investigators brilliant viewing for adults and kids alike.

Dan: go.

Sidey: Bullshit. David Knox says Benedict come about. Sherlock has

Dan: critics agree with me?

Sidey: at just 15 minutes per episode. The investigators is fresh, fun, and very nearly the next best thing. Since some other Australian shot, performances are terrific. The scripts tight and the delivery is spot on. It's so utterly enjoyable and well conceived.

I can't recommend it enough. And then the common sense media, cause we'd like to go to them. This hilarious mockumentary comedy is a delight to watch along with the kids. The little actors lines are often dripping with kid-friendly sarcasm and good natured humor. And these cheeky kid detectives will keep parents chuckling along with their young viewers will vape.

Fuck. I absolutely fucking hate this. It's right up there for me with the worst that we've seen. I fucking detested it.

Reegs: I knew you wouldn't like, it's it. I mean, I

Dan: I think I have lady on a bit thick there, to be honest.

Reegs: was a bit of, I don't know if it's just unfortunate or if it is sort of covert racism or something in it, but also do you think I can hold out the hope that this might do a crossover with some other sort of gritty. Cop show like Cracker or something, or like, well, well, you know, th there's some sort of horrendous, you know, viral, serial

Dan: the investigate is

Sidey: Yeah, they want to go in for the, the Scandi new, our kind of really

Howie: Investigators, investigators CSI.

Sidey: I'd say all the crime scene though. There's 40 episodes though. If you want to really get stuck into you can two series in a third in the offing.  so.

Dan: I better watch out

Sidey: Fill your boots. is that overall then? How he, where are you not entertained

Howie: I'm afraid it didn't hit the spot.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: awful. 31 minutes as well by MC Jesus. I mean, Pleased. I, but on the other hand, if my daughter wanted to watch this, I would be reasonably happy apart from the racism.

Sidey: yeah, I purposely like erased it and watch this with my daughter, because I didn't want him to get hurt. I suppose I would probably prefer this too. Some of the stuff, but the stuff she's been watching recently is a lot better than this. Anyway, so this for me, if she started watching, it would be a real low.

So I'm happy to keep this under lock and key and let her never ever see it. Cause I thought it was artist shit.


Howie again, you've Pretty much come up trumps would no, no return to your Brighton rock days. So that was a Pat on the back for you next week. very exciting to have Adam from sleepwear back.

Howie: Okay. Caravan we're number one. We're number one.

Dan: you didn't even go for the crutch elbow there. You

Sidey: I know you're supposed to dab. yeah, next week we've got Adam joining us from sleep while you may remember he joined us for our Sharknado discussion. So that's very exciting. It does mean that we're going to have to kick one of you two in touch by Dan. so we're going to be watching Gremlin's because fucking shockingly, how he's never seen it.

Howie: Hmm.

Sidey: have now.

Howie: Yeah, I have with my kids.

Sidey: you went early to watch, but Adam has also never seen it. So that's,

Reegs: I

Sidey: it's incredible.

Reegs: nearly disowned him.

Howie: Was that related to gremlins or

Sidey: so we're going to be watching that we don't have at the moment, a top five or a kid's thing to watch, but I'll come up with something for that. so that was a lot of, remote based fun that we've had this evening, but all that

Reegs: Thank you to the listeners for the contributions, as well as listen, to nominated top five and listened to nominated all four kids TV

Sidey: Sorry, you're thanking biopsy for investigators.

Reegs: Well for taking the time,

Howie: Ruin our lives.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: I think he owes us a good nomination.

Reegs: yeah, you

Dan: can't, you can't please all the people all the time. And unfortunately, most of those people listen to us, but there you go.

Sidey: All right. So yeah, if you do want to make a suggestion for something for us to watch, We do, we do watch them as evidenced by tonight. So feel free to fire some more suggestions, our way we love hearing from you. And, it occasionally results in something fun to watch, too. all that remains for this evening is to say that society is signing out.

Howie: have a goodbye.