Dec. 31, 2020

Knives Out & Spirit Ride Along Adventure

Knives Out & Spirit Ride Along Adventure
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We love money at Bad Dads, almost as much as we love a good old-fashioned armed robbery so we were very excited to discuss this weeks Top 5 Memorable Movie Bank Jobs. With elaborate heists and capers firmly off the table for discussion but no universal agreement on what that really means it's a fascinating and often riveting discussion. And I mean 'riveting' as in it is almost like the exact sensation of experiencing metal being banged into yet more metal.

When a wealthy crime novelist apparently commits suicide on his 85th birthday, Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is mysteriously hired to assist the investigation. With a suspect list including the entire family and with each of them in some way motivated this is not going to be an easy case. Rian Johnson updates the whodunnit in interesting ways and the universally excellent cast all get a chance to shine in this acclaimed thriller.

We finish up this week - this year even - with a review of Spirit Riding Free: Ride Along Adventure. Established as one of Sidey's favourites way back in our appalling first episode, neither Howie or Dan have passed judgement on this classic. And it's interactive too! Surely it can't fail!

Happy new year everyone!

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Knives Out

Howie: hello, and welcome to bad dads podcast. This episode is the last of autists quite frankly, one of the most bizarre years ever though it's not quite the worst year ever. 1666 was pretty bad in terms of epidemics. This was the year there was the great plague, the great fire of London, and it was wearing one of the bad dads was born.

Welcome Dan rigs would love to have been around during that time, since it was still illegal to marry your cousins, sleep with animals and burn heretics society. However, would have preferred the late 18th century where he could have reprised his role as the six fingered baited lady, where he could travel from village to village and be looked at.

And pointed at and given a sense of real meaning in his life. This may have stopped this midlife crisis. He appears to be going through. I however, would have preferred the symmetry of the forthcoming dystopian 22nd century, where all buildings are square clothing, identical, and we are all sinked in a uniformity, not seem since grid alignment in Microsoft, PowerPoint warning.

This podcast contains some fruity language. And film spoilers as well. So don't listen now, just turn the volume down, download. Okay. Cause we need the stats. So welcome to the show. Chaps, happy Christmas, all that sort of stuff. I don't know what day it is. I'm not

Sidey:Happy Hanukkah.

Reegs:it's the 20 is the 29th. Isn't it? I very much enjoyed that intro. Howie.

Howie:Well, thank you.

Dan:Very nice. Smooth.

Howie:great amount of notice that I was given whilst I was peeling potatoes for tonight. It's a Ross birth cause that's we ate in England and the UK. Now that we've got Brexit, we can only eat rather than birth. So Christmas, how have you survived?

Have you got over consumption? I've got Disney plus, which is also incidentally now my trouser waist size.

Reegs:what's that? What's that a Christmas present Disney plus.

Howie:To myself, and it was the best present I've ever given myself that.

Sidey:good. Isn't it. It's ready to

Howie:Dutch rudder, w sorry. Huh?


Dan:It's great for the Mandalorian and then everything else is okay. It's just a bonus.

Howie:if you, if you go to the all movies, you can find all the Movies and some add some words in it's brilliant. So I watched the hunchback of Notre dam Riggs, tremendous character acting in

Reegs:Thank you. Thank you. One of my final performances.

Howie:and I watched 20,000 leagues under the sea with Koch Douglas, all those

Sidey:Did you watch the 19,999 ones that came before? It

Howie:didn't, I, I.

Sidey:film franchise in history. That

Reegs:one league under the


Howie:And he said, no,  But yeah.

Reegs:Does it have like all the Ray Harryhausen stuff on? I don't know if that's Disney, but you know, like Jason and the

Sidey:It does have, what, what it does have is every single episode of the Simpsons which we are currently working our way through.

Reegs:from the beginning to the right, the

Sidey:Well, I'd probably stop about series

Howie:Well, I don't think it has all, cause I was looking it, hasn't got the original Simpsons episodes that really badly drawn ones that they take the piss out of later on.

Sidey:The Tracy Alvin

Howie:Yeah, it's got another. But what it has revealed is that the later episodes of the substance bar one or two are totally shit.

Sidey:No bollocks. I don't watch them.

Howie:Yeah. The tr the stranger things, one is very funny and the rest of it, it's just, it's really disappointing.

Reegs:there was like some who harder about aspect ratio when they put it on Disney

Sidey:There was. Yeah, but they changed that. So it's all good.

Reegs:Yeah. So Christmas happened. Did anybody have a good one? Did anybody have a terrifyingly? Awful one like mine or a

Howie:D D w Y was just terrifying. The awful loss

Reegs:no, it's just hard, hard work.

Howie:Yeah. Kids getting

Reegs:Melendez. Yeah.

Dan:right. I just overloaded on all things. Christmas chocolate and wine and food in general. Lots of presents family

Reegs:I did. I did like the classic mistake of completely overloading on Christmas Eve. It's like, ah, it had like, I think I was drinking port and loads of other stuff and fucking eating peanuts, like just billions of them. And then I had like eight shits by about quarter past nine on Christmas day. And Ella had been up since fucking one o'clock anyway, so

Howie:Oh, my a friend gave himself

my friend bought a two kilo bag of peanuts and sat in the cinema and ate them. And halfway through the cinema, his bowel exploded and his appendix ruptured at the same time and had to be rushed out to have a serious life changing operation, but we laugh about it now. So never eat that amount of peanuts.

That's my top tip for the festive period of just should have told you before Christmas

Reegs:I was going to say, yeah, it's just come too

Dan:too low, too late and it will forget by next year. We'll do it all over again. Did did any of you get any good film memory of BU or films from as presidency?

Howie:puff Disney plus I'd cleverly bought myself rogue one as well.

Reegs:Isn't that on Disney plus

Howie:I found that out afterwards.

Dan:it's just like throw money away at Christmas. Isn't it. There you go. I love it. I've got it on DVD now as well.

Sidey:Riggs. He goes a member, paid it in you.

Reegs:I got an OCP on the consumer products t-shirt, which I'm wearing right now, which is pretty rad from Robocop. And I got some artwork for the office, some sort of eighties art deco style, pictures of Ghostbusters and Scott  pork store as well from the Sopranos. So try and brighten up my otherwise bleak existence.

Howie:is this the home office or the work office?

Reegs:Hi, I'm

Dan:Yeah, homework. Yeah, that's it. Everybody's working at the home office these days.

Sidey:This week, I think it was you nominated wasn't it rigs.

Reegs:It was yeah.

Sidey:So we got a bunch of stuff to talk about, and we've got a top five to finish off from last Christmas which was. Top five movie kisses.

Howie:I've got one. So from a film that I watched, I just remembered after you asked that I watched Willow the kids. Hadn't seen it and Kilmer and Joanna, Wally, Wally, Wally, who eventually became his wife, his wife, they have a hell of an embrace embrace when he's both intoxicated. As we all with the hip, no love drug, the wives used upon us, and then they have another snack later on.

I thought that was a good kiss. But Willow was actually really good. Not short people got some decent pay out of that.

Dan:You is a, it's a great fantasy adventure though. Isn't it? It's another one on your Disney channel. I guess we're not getting paid by Disney just in case anyone

Howie:although, although I am

Dan:if you want to throw something away,

Sidey:Friend of

Dan:won't knock it back.

Reegs:we had what's his fucking name? Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara of course from gone with the wind nominated.

Dan:famous screen kiss.


We've got Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy in the snake. I've never seen any of the Bridget Jones

Sidey:no, neither have I, and I probably won't ever see them either.

Reegs:is it, are any of them in the timeframe? Could I pick one like

Sidey:They've got Hugh grant in it. Haven't they

Dan:Yeah, I've seen one on an

Sidey:a no from me.

Reegs:I might pick that if I think they did like a soft reboot or something. Yeah. Look at Dan's


Reegs:core version.

Dan:I was recoiling in horror there.

Reegs:Well, what do we want to choose then?

Dan:What, for the

Sidey:I think Don gone with a Windsor classic. This let's hope that in there.


Reegs:caring for Bridget Jones.

Sidey:Get fucked.

Okey-dokey last top five topic of 20, 20 rigs. What have you set us up with

Reegs:I've gone for top five bank jobs. And I do really specifically mean bank jobs just because

Dan:Not white jobs. No.

Sidey:mean robberies?

Reegs:I need a bank, a bank

Sidey:bank manager, senior vice president.

Howie:financial controller.

Reegs:Yes. Bank

Dan:any kind of buy. Okay.

Reegs:But not, not heists though, specifically stealing shit and that sort of thing, if it, so that may have ruined your list, but I'm you I'm saving that for most complex heists in a future topic.

Dan:Whereas bank robbery, a safe job.

 Reegs:Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Dan:Yeah. That's where we go

Howie:abolish. This list is in the shit. Now

 Reegs: dog day afternoon was the one that I was going to start with. Sydney Lummi directing is a tale sort of inspired by true events or bungled bank job to pay for ALPA Geno's partner's sex reassignment therapy,

Dan:I had this one, but it was a different director. I had Sydney. London. Yeah. And who did you, who did your

Reegs:I mine with Sydney. Lou may.

Dan:yeah, that was funny out. They would make it again, but go on

Reegs:I just think the entire premise you know, like say loosely based on true events of somebody robbing a bank to pay for their, you know, future wife's sex change operation is just such an incredible story.

Dan:It's a great film. This.

Howie:leaving up to.

Reegs:And it's a great film. And I think what's interesting is there's sort of like, because there is some discussion, this was a seventies film, an early seventies film, and there is some discussion about Leon who later becomes Elizabeth his desire to, to, to be sexually reassigned.

And the employees of the bank basically take it in their stride. So it's quite

Dan:was refreshing to think that they took that approach to

Reegs:in the

Dan:and kind of normalized that. Oh yeah. Okay. That that's fine, but yeah, I mean, this, this was a, this should have been a nice, simple world. Read this one, walk in, take the money and get out. And of course it's

Sidey:didn't go so well.

Dan:Did we

Reegs:been gold. Yes, absolutely.


Reegs:our Pitino says E this is the part that he w you know, he really felt like he should have gotten an Oscar for

Dan:right. Well, I think they did win an Oscar for a script or a picture or something. It was, you know, in the conversation for, for Oscars. I mean, I always won an Oscar though. Isn't he? I'm sure I won it. Did he win it for Senator, but woman set of a woman? Yes.

Reegs:But this was 1972. So this predates that

Dan:he should have picked up earlier.

It was fantastic. And Serco as well. Can you remember that film? Wonky shopper called going outside agencies?

Reegs:So Sean Connery,

Dan:a little bit of Sean. Ducks in there now. And again that's just our fear though. Yeah, this was a decent movie. I liked this one. I had this one down as well, dog day off. They,

Reegs:who's next.

Dan:well, I'll go next then because I'm probably gonna run out of bank jobs.

In fact I'm I'm a little I'm a little bit. Oh yeah. I'm a little bit disappointed. I was getting there. It's not our highest it's. Cause I've got Joel robberies here and

Reegs:I think some of that is okay. Some of that is

Dan:Okay. Because I would like to put in one of my things, I agree. So I'd mentioned on here before Rififi. Which is the

Reegs:put Boone in


Reegs:in lion King.

Dan:it, it's basically the plot. It goes at a prison after a five-year stretch. I'm a jewel free. Tony turns down a quick job to his friend until he discovers that his old girlfriends on the scene and he gets talked into it or, or worked up enough that he goes in and does this job then.

But what's really great about this whole fridge black and white film is. The first or the big actual high scene is done in real time in real sounds and all really quiet and effort and attention and everything just builds up. And it's really, it's a really great kind of thing. And I I've no pun.

What did the French bank robber say to the bank teller handling money? Baggett. I get, yeah.

Reegs:This I've heard you talk about this movie on the podcast before, and then It came up on loads of lists today. So I really guess I probably should watch this  yeah.


Howie:I'm going to go for sexy beast with Ray Winston. One of my favorite films

Dan:not saying it.

Howie:Oh, it's you'd like it it's it's, it's, it's fairly messed up,

Sidey:Ben Kingsley is out of this world in this

Howie:He's the worst house guest you can imagine

Sidey:I can't you can I call you? He is a proper psychopath, a fucking absolute on

Howie:what'd, he just goes for a piss and he just goes and just basically pisses all over the floor. It's just so evil. It's just nasty,

Reegs:There's some truly amazing budgie smugglers in it as

Howie:And, and some quality tanning for a man

Sidey:It's a proper Costa Del crime retirement brought back in for one more.


Sidey:One more

Howie:While he's forced into East for East force into one more heist, heist by a love joy, Shane, Shane, whatever his name is.


Sidey:In McShane.

Howie:G McShane. And it's an underwater

Sidey:It's a gentleman's spa, which

Howie:far. They've got to go on. Yeah. The tunnel through a gentleman

Sidey:the volt to the bank is next door. Yeah.

Reegs:That's a good one.

Howie:and yeah, he's, he's just got to basically get them in. And I think he, I don't want to spoil it for Dan. Now it's spoiled at feet down, but it's, I've got it on duped. So next time we're back in the man-cave I'll bring it around and give it to, but I'm sure I'm sure it's available on all good and bad streaming website.

Sidey:It's not a prime bizarrely. You can only buy it. I I'm only buying DVD. I was trying to have a look at it last night again, to refresh my memory, but it's fucking brilliant.

Howie:Yeah, very good film. And Ray Winston is his quality in it and it's just menacing all the way

Sidey:I think this is the last tolerable

Dan:Yeah, it's probably why I've avoided it, to be honest, but

Sidey:he's good at

Dan:it a go.

Sidey:it's pre it's sort of pre or when it became a sort of parody of himself,

Howie:it's pre

Sidey:still, still an acceptable actor at this point. I can't believe he's got round to me and no one's picked this yet, but I'm going to, I hate

Reegs:Yeah, of course. Yeah.


So it's not just the, the scene in the bank itself. It's the shootout in the streets afterwards. It's a 12 minute long sequence.

Reegs:It's amazing.

Sidey:Fucking incredible. The sound of the guns. The gunfire is fucking brilliant. It's it's cinematic perfectionist for me. And

Howie:Have you seen the other version, the cheaper

Sidey:LA take down.

Howie:Is that what it is? Cause I

Sidey:It's still Michael Mann. It's called LA take down.

Yeah. This is like the height of bank robbery. You kind of want them to get away with it.

Reegs:Yeah, of course.

Sidey:cause dinero is just so charismatic in this. I actually watched a thing last night. It was a retrospective and it had Michael Mann dinero in particular talking about that famous cafe scene, which is another one of the standards in this movie.

But the highest itself, then, you know, you know, it's not going to, they're not going to get away with it, but that sequence in the streets with the,

Dan:what is it? An all mud truck though? Isn't it? It's

Sidey:that Saturday, right? Yeah. You take the, the the bonds out of the truck, but this one, it's just a big sack for the money because they know it's going to be there on this one day.

And Val Kilmer just is about to get in the car, spots the cops across the road opens fire at a civilian scale

Reegs:I always remember the sound design of this scene, where he's shooting with a shootout with the police, because it sounded much more, well, I've never heard a gunfight going on of. Like that, but it sounded much more like when I have heard gunfire you know, in a controlled environment, like on a ranger or something, so,

Howie:there's two films that I've recommend people see where there is a very good sound set up in the theater or home cinema. One is Dunkirk for that gunshot. Where he wrote the very start, where he's running through the French town and that man named Millie everybody in the cinema shits himself. And the second one is a bizarre one.

There's a Kevin Costa Western called open range with Robert Duval and, and it's, it's, it's another one where it's that they, they emphasize the gun crack so much by just silencing all other. Aspects of the sound around and it is so loud. And so the crack, it's not a bang, it's a crack and it's super bad for the atmosphere and sort of what it drives forward in terms of the story and the tension.

Sidey:in in heat, they had special, I don't know if they're especially made for the film, but they were loud blank. So wanted it to be really punchy sound. So aside from using live rounds, they use these and.

Reegs:And they used the on-site recordings as well, rather than. Dobbing them afterwards. So it's quite an

Sidey:Val Kilmer's reloading of his weapon is now shown to us. Marines is an example of how to do a tactical reload. Yeah, it's a good one.


Reegs:an amazing movie. Yeah. There's I think that, you know, that Twitter site one perfect shot and they had, they'd put a video the other day of just. It's just a sequence of a car driving at night, but being shot by a helicopter, but for about a minute and a half it's it's just a great, yeah, there's lots to talk about how brilliant that movie is.

 Oh brother, where art. Now we talk about that movie and not, you've got baby face Nelson who runs into the boys by chance during one robbery and he's off to break a record and he goes to the next. Bank and they're sort of unwitting participants in the, in the robbery heavily implied that he's a manic depressive.

And he's just sort of, you know, in a sort of main year fuel desire for excitement and, and notoriety then he sort of crashes down after he gets all the money just leaves it wanders off goes into a funk. It's a, it's a bit of a strange scene in a really good movie.

Howie:He shoots a cow. Doesn't he?

Reegs:Oh, what does he say, George?

Not the livestock.


Dan:I'm to, I'm going to go for point break. Because how many banks are the

Howie:Yeah. Ex presidents.

Dan:They, they do a ton and just some banks in L a they go in, they go out it's it's sure lots of yeah, just the

Sidey:hand says it's time to rock and

Dan:short periods of time. It's just enough to pay for their summer. And off they go again.

And what a solid they had. For, for many years, they kept on doing it. Then they was at seven, eight years on the bounce. They never got busted with going Rob their way into the banks. Just take all the money, but this, obviously the time they all get fucked up is when they decide to go in the vault and they never do that.

Sidey:I like the way they take on the, the persona of the, the president there. So

Howie:I am not a crook.

Sidey:Jackie Dickie, he

Dan:brilliant. Yeah.

Sidey:just implementing your own personal plan of deregulation,


Sidey:and then he moves them as he, as he leaves the bank says thank you. And his ass

Dan:Well, which is part of the the, the hint that Gary booty then goes. Look it at Surfline, you know, that town, the, the ex presidents are surfers and they go on the beach and then start pulling up hair on everyone, donate to try and get DNA in the right beach in everything. But yeah, I, I really still love that movie.

I've not seen the remake of it. Point break the new one.

Howie:Don't it's awful. It's by far and away, one of the worst remakes and it will tarnish the reputation and memories you

Dan:Yeah, well, that's what I figured. You know what I mean? It's, it's, you know, they should, there's some films you shouldn't touch. I think that was one of them and it's relatively new. It's not like it was a black and white film that they needed to reboot. This had been done well a few years ago. So yeah.

Have you ever noticed, we never hear about grave robbers anymore? So Diana. You know, it's not happening anymore.

Howie:on that night. I'm going to go full film. This I surprisingly really enjoyed inside man with Clive Owen.

Reegs:Yeah, I've watched this again

Dan:I like that. Yeah.

Howie:Scott. Yeah. It's on sky something or another pretty much on a rotation.

Reegs:So Netflix at the moment.

Howie:so it's on a, kind of a, kind of an anti-bank heist in a way. Isn't it? Where it's more of a hostage film and.

There's something awry that you're not sure about because in fact, nothing is stolen. It's more a case of a clever retrieval. They have complete control over the situation and get away with it very cleverly down. And it's also, it's linked to the head of the banks awful past, and I think he's a diamond that they retrieve a diamond that they retrieve.


Reegs:Is it also Christopher Plummer



Howie:Plummer. Yeah, it is. It is it's

Reegs:Well, there you


Dan:bit of a mystery one. This isn't it.

Sidey:does Nicole JD foster accounts in it?

Reegs:He does. Yeah.

Howie:does. Yeah. He's used to his own personal barber within the bank. I remember that.

Reegs:This is a spike Lee joint and it's probably one of his most mainstream movies. I think he's ever made really Clive Owens really good in it. Denzel is Denzel and I just love him when he does his Denzel thing. I always thought it was. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Wilin. I always thought that was what was kind of weird about it is that despite the title, I don't really think that the ending reveals that anybody was an inside man, because not one of the robbers was a bank employee.

Where are they? And that is really what you think

 Howie:He, well,

Sidey:I think it's just that he was buried inside the thing



Howie:as a bank

Reegs:So it's lit. It's very literal.

Dan:like literally

Howie:You won't be able to, he poses as a bank cleaner on it to get out so that he kind of almost is. But yeah. Get your point.

Reegs:They build him a fake wall. Don't they? It's ridiculous.

Dan:Well that Jay, about those two robbers that stolen a calendar six months each.

Sidey:I'll go for the dark nights. The, the introduction to the joke. It starts off. It's very typically Chris Nolan, these big cinematic wide shots of all the goings on, we see all the different goons and they've all been assigned a different task to do in this bank job. But after each one's completed, the next guy kills them off until we're down to two of them.

And. He said, one of them says I suppose the joker told you to kill me and he maybe hear him. And he says, no, no, no, no. I killed the bus driver at which point the bus comes statement through the stupid, through the wall. And the Jack attack yourself is master of it is hideous  scarred face.

It's just a really cool one. It's one where the, where the bank world was get away with it. And I was straight out the door into this. Carefully choreograph run of school buses with all the, all the, the mob money.

Reegs:it's such a fantastic introduction to the character, isn't it? And he has that line about what doesn't kill you and he makes you stranger.

Sidey:Yeah, it says it that the bank manager effectively works for the mob and is he's gone out there with a shotgun run out of shots and had a grenade put in his mouth. With the pin, just going into the, as suit as he walks off and the suspense thinks it's going to blow up. It's just a little smoke grenade thing.

Reegs:Is that, is that William Fichtner because, yeah, cause it's the same guy playing essentially the same character he played in heat.


Howie:Yeah, Nolan with his. Film score on that, those scenes. He really drives it up with the tension. I was going to mention at the start, I managed to see tenant w the

Sidey:Sorry to die.

Howie:I'd be interested to know now's probably not the time, but it

Reegs:I'm going to nominate it. So.

 In season five, if I haven't got the episode number of a lower, low ripping the bunk Renee and his wife and the cafe staff must Rob a bank to get the camp the ransom to pay

Howie:the counts. Did you say.

Reegs:possibly to get the ransom for Gruber Von Strom and captain Berta, reli which that the only option they have is to rip a bunk

Howie:after the Madonna with the big boobies,

Reegs:No, they were after falling Madonna.

No, it was something to do with

Sidey:I love that series when I was a kid. It was great. You get like, Vicki Michelle in a lingerie? You know, it was quite titillating as a, as a youngster at dinner time. Basically. It was fucking great.

Reegs:But I was going to mention out of sight. Specifically the one where he just kind of walks in and smooth talks the,

Sidey:Is this your first time being robbed?

Reegs:yeah. It's your first

Sidey:doing great. You're doing great.

Reegs:Yeah, it's just a great scene. So charming. You got the feeling that even afterwards he could have asked her for phone for a

Sidey:she, she kind of smiles at I'm like, she's really happy with, you know, she's done well, 

Dan:well, I I've got one. It's where the, the robot, he pulls a gun on the bank clerk and he says, give me all the money I need. I need to set myself up in a trade or a profession, you know? And the initial investment needed to cover the overheads till my cashflow is established, then turn into a passive income.

And the bank manager turns, the target says you better do what he says. I think he means business. But forgetting that terrible joke. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. Now that is a bank robbery movie. I love this film as a kid. So you've got Robert Redford. Paul you've been Birch Cassie Sundance kid over them, so cool in their, in their selves.

Reegs:but it's kind of goofy the bank robbery scene because he's practicing his. Spanish isn't it. It's sort of really poor.

Dan:Well, he does a few, there's kind of that say, but the one that he's  you're talking about him being in, yeah, there's, there's some, some strange seas, but they overall film and as to bank robbers, Butch Cassidy and their son Darby, the Sundance kid. How, how cool is that as a name? You know, I mean, I know festival day after him afterwards.

Maybe this   

Howie:I was going to go towards a TV series. Can I do that?

Sidey:yeah. We've had a lot of low, sir.

Howie:Yeah, that's a good point. I was going to go for fringe. I've been watching this something sparkling loads on Twitter about it. It's by far and away, my favorite box set of stuff to watch. And I'm so glad it's back on at the minute.

Episode 12 has a really cool idea for a bank robbery. Basically a load of special forces guys are formed a rogue unit and they have managed to separate matter. For a period of time, so much so that they've got a machine that they can point at a wall and it dissipates the atoms and you can walk through it, but you've got only a certain amount of time to walk through and they walk through into a bank vault, steal something out of the bank.

Vault course. One of them gets. How delayed inside the vault. And as he tries to come back through the wall, the machine packs up and he's half in the concrete, half out the concrete, and he's there with his arm, most of his torso and his head out, but the rest of him is within the concrete and he's, he's there pleading for help.

And of course they can't. So the guy just. Bang pops him, but it's, it's a clever idea of a bank cost because the way they work is that nobody can understand how they're getting into these volts. And they basically obviously using this machine, but it's, it's really cool. Really cool. It's

Dan:I've not heard of that show fringe.

Sidey:it's about a hairdresser.

Dan:Okay. Yeah, just, it just, just take a little bit off the front.


Howie:I think Reed's new specific it's it's X-Files but with way more science,

Reegs:I have, I have thought about watching it before.  

Sidey:reservoir dogs. We never actually see the bank job. We, the, the closest we get is the aftermath of Steve Buscemi running down the road, being chased by some police

Dan:in over the back of his head. Just anything.

Sidey:I just find the scene really comical. He just keeps bumping into people and tell him to fuck off. And he runs out.

Some of the road gets hit by a car and just is really shit. Robbery of a car. I think he does actually shoot at one of the policemen. Doesn't he in that scene, he, the three of them just peering around the corner and he unloads his, his piece and takes one of them out and then legs it down the road. It's it's that sort of typical Tarantino way of just high-octane lot of energy in the scene, a lot of swearing and a lot of good dialogue was it was very memorable.

Reegs:Yeah, I love the way that he completely skipped the, the job itself and just go straight to the aftermath is great.

Dan:heavily influenced by Kubrick's the killing


Dan:on the racetrack case. And I know we're gonna probably talk more on heists and things in another part, but that was a, that's certainly one, I think probably just worthy of of a note ear to say,

Sidey:I had it on my list, but I didn't know whether it was be allowed.


Yeah. That's what I'm just, I'm just speaking to the bank security over there, who who's going to let this one in or not. Well, you know, in which case this is the classic heist film, it's early Kubrick. And with maybe you know, it's, it's set in a time where this kind of job would be ever to happen obviously now with different securities and things.

So I guess it wouldn't, but there's. Is that is a perfect kind of job and they, they go about it. It's, you know, not the most inspiring, a bunch of, of robbers or anything, which is a lot of their time is the high stuff, I guess. I mean, one of these things, you know, the high set and the robberies you've got, sometimes you get a lot of the planning.

Do you know what I mean? In some of the films you get a lot of. Planning and how you're going to do it and how they're going to and how much you're going to rope it. And all the films you get less of that. And it's more like reservoir

Reegs:I like a decent planning scene.

Dan:you like it. Yeah.

Reegs:yeah. That's why I kind of want to talk about the heists as well on it, you know? Cause that is very specifically when it's like, you're going to do this by this time.

Dan:dissimilar to other films where. You know, you, you've got to work it out, maybe a who's done it and things, these ones, obviously a lot more plans, you know, who's done the job, you know, who's going to do. And I think Kubrick just had all his ducks in a row. Right. And it was such an early film to do that, , to make the tension go as it did.

And the scenes to go round is They, they move through I thought this was you know, classic this one

Sidey:Do you remember the actual scene of when he's he's got them at gunpoint and he hands one of the guys that bag and he says, yeah, fill that up. The guy as such a disdainful look on his face the whole time. It's like a. Oh God. And he's just, some of the money goes in the bag. Some of it just falls on the floor and then it just, it's like really pissed off fucking out.

And he's also, the fed has got the cloud. Mark's got it. He's quite sinister looking


Dan:He is, it's very sinister looking, you know, and obviously they're, they're hard men. He doesn't punch this out. Like it's gonna be yeah, he doesn't, he doesn't make this light there. It was a hard hit in film. You know what I mean? They were, they were real characters. You could believe it. It was a little bit grittier than just your.

Your heist movie, where it was all Optum over their head and got away with the jewels. They were shooting for Rio where this was a proper job.

   Reegs:I'll rattle through a couple J LO's breasts starred in a movie with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson money train. I've just described the only bit from it that I can really remember. The wild bunch featured German agents and Mexican Banditos, coercing William Holden, and Ernest Borgnine to hijack a shipment of rifles that are being sent to the United States.

Baby driver, which is mostly about the aftermath of bank robberies, but I think I'm going to allow it Achor writes movie as a cracking soundtrack, and it does avoid being too genre aware enough to deliver a little danger and tension Emir T's usual sort of impeccable editing style.

Sidey:features our favorite sex pastors are

Reegs:which one's my favorite sex pest.

Sidey:kind of spicy.

Reegs:Oh, right. Okay. There's just so many.

Sidey:baby driver. He had a rape accusation. Didn't he?

Reegs:And so,


Reegs:Also I don't know,

Sidey:so we're doubling down on sex best in that one. So that's good.

Reegs:Should I just come in with one more and then show up  now you see me.

Sidey:Ah, yes. I was going to have that one.

Reegs:Yeah. How the sequel wasn't called now. You see me too. Now you don't or just now you don't, I don't know. Anyway, this is it's either hard to follow confusing or just badly written. Morgan Freeman narrates the entire film about magicians doing a bank robbery while characters stand about and occasionally say alive, Jesse Eisenberg is a, is most hateable.

Dan:This is shit, right?

Reegs:Oh, it's dreadful.

Dan:I've I've, I've just stayed away from it. It was something a little bit iffy about it that I just thought, no, I don't


Dan:any good.

Sidey:citizen Kane compared to SQL

Reegs:This is he called really is awful.

Sidey:I included it because it was memorably bad. That's why


Howie:my last one is the Italian job.

Dan:Yeah, the the best we're always is loaded star is got everything. This one, isn't it.

Howie:yeah, it's the it's the vistas, the, the scenery, the the location of it all that's part and parcel of how it's all been filmed. And, and then you've got the, the mini Coopers through the sewer system. You've got, you've got, you've got all that. And you've got some, obviously some. Very overused lines that may or may not have actually been used in the film by various people doing impressions of Michael Kane.

And then you've obviously got the classic scene at the end with the coach. And everybody uses that as an example, when something's off balance or, you know, you're a bit over the edge or something like that. So the, the gold heist or gold gold robbery, if you like classic from, I think is, is the sixties, isn't it?

It's the sixties.

Dan:yeah. You know, it's a real cliffhanger. This one is a remember,


Dan: it's the getaway, isn't it. And a maze of back alleys and things. And he doesn't like the back alley and an a level there's no need for that is I, yeah, it long time since I've seen the Italian job, to be honest.

Howie:Well surprised it's not on over the holidays, along with Zulu. And what was the other

Dan:Yeah. You're half expecting it to come on on here.

Reegs:but it's still new year. You just wait.

Howie:we still got time in between world's strongest man on channel five. We've still got time in the schedules. That's me.

Sidey:I've got ocean's 11.  If we're allowing it is a volt that they go into it. Well, won't say too much because they probably come up at night when we talk about heists themselves and also fast five,

Howie:Oh, yes.

Sidey:fifth installment of the fast and furious franchise in this one,

Dan:and they did a bank.

Sidey:basically, and this one, Paul Walker and his misses have helped to break VIN diesel out of jail.

And they are settled down happily ever after in Rio until they're spotted by a Brazilian drug Lord and or the rock. So they have to, for some reason, pull off a gigantic heist to secure enough money for them to then say it off into the distance

Reegs:They drive him around the streets with the volt sort of slapping around at the back of their car. Aren't they? This, this is absolutely where the fast and the furious franchise hit its stride in episode five. This is where it really picked up.

Dan:All right. Okay. I'll take your word for that one. No Yeah. I'm pretty much done. There is the one the robbers camped in the woods to hide criminal intent. Yeah, it's so bad.  No, I I'm pretty much out of bank jobs. Now.

Sidey:we'll call that. Give us, give us your name, what you're putting in. What are you putting in the top five?


well, just two honorable mentions, which is all three Ronin. The score Robert DeNiro with ed Norton. And Marlon Brando who allegedly wore pink slippers on set much might much like my wife's really horrific ones she got for Christmas. No, they were really awful. Weren't they say they

Sidey:They are bad.

Reegs:special and diehard with a vengeance, of course.


Reegs:Yeah, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jeremy's iron. But the one I'm going to put in his dog day afternoon.

Dan:you can't? Cause I was going to put that one in I'm going to put in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid,

 Howie:I'm going to put in sexy based.

Sidey:Oh, now we're in trouble there  one of. dark Knight or hate, isn't going to make it mind. You listeners might

Dan:unless the masses.

Sidey:Yeah, I am. I've got to have hated them and that fucking has to go in

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah, it does seem wrong not to have the dark night in as

Dan:Well, we want to get Bobby DeNiro on here as well. So it'd be strange if

Sidey:a matter of time. So that gives us a top four dog day afternoon, Butch Cassidy, and the Sundance kid, sexy beast and heat top work.

All that Christmas positivity. We needed a murder to get us back on track rigs, you nominated knives out.

Reegs:yeah, Ryan Johnson's 2019 movie, I think. So it opens with the housekeeper of a fantastic lead wealthy property, Fran. Finding Hyland thrombi the excellent Christopher Plummer as a a dead mystery novelist after attending his birthday party at his mansion. There's some suggestion that Harlan's death is suicide.

But then the case is re-examined with Daniel Craig's Benwah block. Called in to investigate.

Sidey:that opening discovery of the body. I fucking love that because you expect her to scream and she just sort of knocks the tray and tries

Reegs:fumbles the trade. Doesn't she?

Sidey:tries to stop knocking all this stuff over. It's always really funny.

Reegs:She does a reasonable job actually of stopping the whole thing going down.

Howie:Daniel. Craig

Dan:when you first.

Howie:he's meant to be French Canadian.

Reegs:No, he was from the deep South. Wasn't he?

Howie:Cool. Cause I was just thinking with the name Benmar blonde and then his accent was all interesting.

Sidey:exactly. I'm going it.

Reegs:It was fun. Yeah. It makes with the Colonel Sanders.

Howie:I see a KFC.

Dan:Wow. No. Yeah, it was, it was a strange accident, but it was, I really like these kind of films. These who'd done it. Classic, you know, it's a mystery. You don't know watching who's done it. If they're done well, these kinds of films, you know, by when you watch it the second time, what you would have missed because you've watched it through and it will be normally in the early parts of the film in the first 15 minutes of the film or 20 minutes, there's a big clue that it's just every day.

In a lot of these, who've done it films, you know, and the good ones. So it's, it's laid the trap and it makes you feel a little more silly for not

Sidey:he does

Dan:them worked out.

Sidey:It does exactly that dad doesn't like you say, like leaves a clever, he actually says right at the start, he says these idiots or, or specifically about Chris Evans, he says, wouldn't know the difference between a real knife and a movie prop. And he's got


Sidey:th the fake knife, you know,

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:into play right at the end.

Dan:So it does it, it sets up these little things and is quite full of this I dunno. Did you think it was a comedy though?

Sidey:It certainly had lighthearted moments in it.

Reegs:No, I thought he was mostly a comedy.

Dan:I, I didn't, I didn't think it was a comedy. I thought it was a. Like a drama, not a quirky kind of light hearted. Well, not, it wasn't like high murder. Do I say? It wasn't like hard at all it, but it was delivered with fun. And just the way that you had yeah. You know, the, the interviews, for example, when they're talking about.

Oh, well, you know, one is you expect me to Jamie Lee Curtis, you expect me to throw my Baba under the bus, talking to a copper and a private detective. Now, next thing it cuts to the brother, Jude phono under the bus going, you know, so there was lots of, kind of wit like that in, within the film that didn't necessarily have a punchline, but it was just the way it


Reegs:There were lots of funny lines,

Dan:There was, yeah, there were.

Reegs:We learn about Harlond's relationship with his family who were sort of introduced one by one sort of paraded in front of the camera. So you get Toni Collette,

Dan:and they're all kind of in solo in each other. Aren't they.

Reegs:You get Michael Shannon as Walt.

You get Don Johnson. It's just an amazing cast. You get Jamie Lee Curtis

Sidey:No, they're all names. They're all named after rock stars, the characters,  Joni Mitchell, Neil young, Walter and Donald Walter from steady dad Richard lenders, Fairport convention. They're all.

Dan:I suppose we all named after musicians and rock stars in some way. Aren't we,

Sidey:Yeah, these ones are

Dan:could just find one called Daniel and I'm named after a rock star.

Reegs:The cost is all brilliant in this ad, but easily. I think the best performance in the movie is Anna de amasses martyr. The carer. She is really terrific in this movie. She

Dan:Who suffer, who suffers from that unusual condition that she cannot lie, which is a really good kind of plot device. Isn't it in a really good, you know,

Reegs:Well, she can't, she can't lie in otherwise she will be very physically

Dan:She vomits, she

Sidey:also very easy


Reegs:yeah, she was previously in the Keanu Reeves sort of horror movie, not knock

Sidey:Well, Daniel Craig handpicked

Dan:well, there was.

Sidey:for bond after

Reegs:Alright, did it. I bet he

Sidey:they had.

Howie:It's just the one that was yet to come out. Isn't that? Yeah.

Reegs:So we, the Harlan Christopher Plummer, we learned in sort of got lots of problems with his family, his, you know, his son in law, Don Johnson, who I thought was really funny in this is cheating. On Jamie Lee Curtis is Linda. Joni.

Dan:So Christopher Plummer just for move may have covered it. He's effectively the money, man. He's the patriarch of the family. He's this MIS he's this mystery famous mystery writer. Who's got all this family around him hanging on, dependent on him for their livelihoods as well.

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah. And that's basically what we see in a, in a series of sort of extended confrontations that occur on the night before he died. There's, you know, heated interactions.

Sidey:it's all very who shot Mr. Burns? Isn't there him going round

Dan:It is.

Sidey:upsetting everyone. One by one, basically cutting the purse strings and saying, no, you're out. You've got to stand on your own two feet now. We'll do some good to get out there. And they're all, you know, Not really down with this fan of having to a jet.

Jamie keeps saying she built her business from the ground up, but it was on the back of a million dollar

Dan:much like the, the big man, Don Trump, who did it all alone, apart from

Reegs:Apart from the millions at the beginning.


Sidey:a few, there's a few conversations going on, which are Trump famed in this as well. Would they?

Reegs:very much. So the discussions about racism are not very subtle, particularly especially with martyr's character being sort of drawn into that discussion.

Sidey:throughout the film, they say she's from Paraguay, Uruguay. I think it was about four or five different locations. They never bothered

Dan:Oh, they can't be bothered to, to, to learn where she's falling. Can they.

Howie:people, the little people.

Dan:And then obviously as we go through the film, each family has in their own mind what they deserve out of the will which inevitably brings them all together. When they want to know how much money they're going to get for that, that was, you know, it, it was the classic kind of part when they find out who's getting the money where where's it all going and are we find out eventually where it does go.

Reegs:Well, just, just before this happens, though, you get what is pretty much the first big reveal in the movie, right before the will is read, which is that after the party anandamide smarter, went up with Harlan to his weird little attic room. And. Mixed up his medication basically and gave him an overdose of morphine.

This was a really powerful scene actually, because suddenly we realize he's only got 10 minutes to live her acting when she's trying to find the nandrolone or whatever it was called, the antidote was really good. And then he can Cox this plan effectively on the spot

Dan:top of his head.

Sidey:well, that's, that's this, that's this date job, you know, that's this thing it's, it's great. And these stories in his mind, so he's probably. He's got these sort of ideas where I'm at his head all the time.

Reegs:And he knows that martyr is likely to get in trouble for this and he wants to save her. So here he comes up with this false alibi and then I think it is at this point that we see him slit his own throat.

Sidey:Well, you get the, he weaves the tail, which you see played out. And then at one point she does, she comes back into the room. And he does it in front of her. He does it in front of us, which I think was about how she could have waited till she got out of the room movie.

Reegs:So then we do get the will reading and probably in a twist, everybody saw coming a million miles off martyr is in fact named the sole beneficiary of the will.

Sidey:I think

Dan:wasn't many plot twists you could see coming.

Sidey:Ben wild blonde could said, well, I know it's not you because you're the only one who had nothing to gain from this. And then you get the well-read out and she's, she's inherited the whole lot. And now even the lawyer forgot the last thing, didn't he? He said, Oh, in the house or something like that.

And he's like, yeah, that's left to a martyr. And everyone's like, Oh,

Howie:I really liked the the character played by Chris Evans. That is, I don't give a fuck. He was almost like, yes, he did want to have all for himself, but he was laughing. Almost as an outsider, watching everybody trying to kill themselves over, getting the money. I quite like that kind of throw away attitude.

I know he had his, his

Reegs:Well, so, well, I mean, it does eventually get revealed that ransom is Chris Evans, his character's name

Dan:has the nicest, knitted white jumper in, in cinema.

Sidey:is quite the internet sensation that jumper.

Reegs:is it really.

Dan:Yeah, it is

Howie:Wasn't it?

Reegs:It's a decent cable there. Isn't it? I felt it was about 82% to see shanty for me.

 Sidey:I think it was a sort of attempt to cover up

Dan:is put on

Sidey:captain America, physique.

Howie:No, no, it was, it was stolen off of a bait Matt jumper.

Dan:I was just going to talk about quickly to jump back a little bit in interrogations where the fanboy cup, where it was so excited, you had two cops, one who'd never heard of this way, or wasn't really into it. And the other one who was just giddy with the fact that he was in the house or the guy who had written the books that he loved.

Reegs:Also really liked Lakita Stanfield. He plays the sort of more laconic Cop. And he's fantastic in a movie that I might nominate one week called, sorry to bother you. Which probably not worth looking up just yet, because it would get a big spoiler, but I thought he was really good in this, but obviously the big talking point is going to probably be Daniel crates.


Sidey:it's a fine line between being too silly for this.

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey:but it wasn't, I still, it, it made it a slightly different movie. I suppose. Every one of these detectives, the famous ones, they've all got some sort of foil or some sort of quirk that makes them memorable. And this Foghorn Leghorn kind of accent that he had was his, I suppose, when he, when you look at it in that sense and I thought it was really successful.

Actually. I thought he was brilliant in it.

Reegs:I really liked it as well. It worked for me. I mean, it's kind of stupid, but again, I, all, I was thinking the same is this really any more stupid than Puro, which has been around forever, you know? So I did enjoy that. I thought his performance was great, but I know people have hated it.

Dan:I didn't it didn't


Dan:Take my enjoyment from the film at all, to be honest, it was I, I thought he was fantastic and I thought he just went for this in some way, between poor and Sherlock Holmes,


Howie:rid of his James Bond persona, doesn't he.

Sidey:Around the

Dan:I think he's he's terrific.

Sidey:the year before this, I think, or maybe two years before this, he did Logan lucky,


Sidey:It plays a very eccentric role with that.

Reegs:I've not

Sidey:really love to say to this where he is in the car, just singing to himself. It's really funny.

Reegs:Yeah. I like that as well. And the ambulance turning up in the background. I mean, the plot is fairly extensive in this. There's a lot of it various twists and turns. How deep do we want to go into all of the

Dan:w w without, you know, big people kit, I was just like, people could watch it and get the, you know, the it's a who done it. So, you know, you've got all that white to the end, this guy, he did last thought. Was it the last January? And breaking bad

Reegs:break here.

Dan:break. I've not seen

Howie:It's very star. I liked the aesthetics of this film. I liked the way it's been filmed. Everything's very ornate and he's captured the wealth of the family by what you see in the house and all the

Sidey:It'd be a fucking nightmare to clean that

Howie:yeah, I suspect it smells of just old things. I reckon it smells like the old grandma. Everything smells like the old grandma who is amazing.

Reegs:she is

Dan:thought she was great. She didn't really say anything to the family. Did she? She was just there. She was just like that. There in the corner, people just forgot. I really liked this, this whole setup. I really liked the, the style that was shot in as you say, it was very ordinating in the way that it was designed with the set, the room where they did it interviews such as four or what a lovely boom that is, you know, it's just

Sidey:that kind of

Dan:he would tap down on the pit. Okay. Yeah. He tapped down on the piano. Wouldn't every time he just wanted it,

Sidey:I love that.

Dan:the cop to move on.  Yeah. He set the scene really well all the way through this to make it a really believable kind of aquifer Christie who done it. We've all the stars. We've all the people.

Cause it doesn't necessarily always mean that it's going to be great. Just cause you've got a load of stars in it.

Sidey:Well, we saw that with murder on the orient express, which was a bit flat, whereas this, on the other hand, I thought it was excellent.

 Reegs:It had lots of very funny dialogue in it. Do you remember very near the beginning of it? Martyr's sister and mother who are illegal. Illegal immigrants into America, which is obviously it ends up being important in the resolution of the plot, but shit, they're watching a sort of murder mystery in the kitchen, right at the beginning of the movie.

And there's like somebody shouting about, Oh, you crushed his skull with a forklift and burn his hands off to erase the finger. Like, you know, you set up as this sort of cartoony type world, straight away against it. We've got the nanny cam footage. it's. got a good, solid storytelling air to

Dan:Did it move fast for you? This film, when you watched it was you're looking at the clock or is it just, did it go past two or is it a couple of hours long?

Sidey:a couple of hours. It moved. I miss it when I watched it just recently for this, this is the third time I've seen it. And it still was it just sort of flew by because that's just, I really enjoy it. It's, it's sort of a strange running that with who've done it in previously. Yeah. I thought of the, who done it as either.

You don't know who it is until the end reveal or you get the Colombo style of, you know, who's done it right from the start. This is a kind of mismatch of the two and that you think, you know, what's happened batch. They there's a twist in it. Which keeps it fresh. And I thought the whole thing of the whole.

So a presentation of film was really fresh. It was excellent.

Howie:Yeah. It's not a sort of film. I'd go for it to be honest. And it

Dan:it's the kind of film I would go for. It. It's just the I liked the whole setup, so I was really hopeful. This would be good.

Reegs:I thought the character of Marta is really horribly underwritten. She's basically a blank canvas without any flaws, you know, there's no dilemma. So that basically means she kind of has no character.

Howie:Or, or there is a dilemma at the end because she's, mulling over whether or not to help the family and that's her weakness. That's our thing.

Sidey:Well, no, she, I thought that because she drank out of that cup though, it was quite significant.

Howie:Oh, my house

Sidey:my house, my rules, whatever it was, I thought she, she decided to fight the family off because they're all so awful that. You know, she, she had her own resolution where she was going to keep it all and fuck them off.

Reegs:Yeah, I mean, and it's not too on the nose to say that that, that Harlan's money had destroyed the thrombi family. And there's absolutely the same risk of it doing that to Marta and her family.

Howie:My wife, my wife obviously works in law and she was saying afterwards, she was going to yet, that's going to be an extensive family case that will go on for years. So she won't have the money to start.

Dan:That said no is out too. Where they just sat in.

Sidey:there is, there is a

Dan:shuffling paper.


Sidey:Ben, what? Ben, not a sequel per se. Ben more blocks getting another film.


Howie:will it be done? You Craig, do you


Howie:Oh, cool,


Dan:that accent again. I wonder if he just thought, Oh, I wish I'd got for an easier one. Now, if I know they're, we're going to do two now I've got to do it all over again.

 Reegs:Chris Evans burns down an entire forensic lab.

Sidey:Yeah, he was all in at this point. He really had to go for it.

Dan:Well, in, in, in becoming rumbled and everything, or is the plot thickens? Yeah, it was you know, out of so many stars, it did have me in, at the beginning. Who the hell could this be? You know what I mean? You had, each of them had. Motive, which, you know, I thought was brilliant. You're obviously at a wall with a publishing house who wanted to have is, you

Sidey:He wants to make him

Dan:books made into films and, and every everything else that there was this big money being waiting to have and everything.

So yeah. You know, I could, I could understand all the family getting around him and, and who's going to do it. I'm quite up to the end. I wasn't. Okay. It makes it more, it does make it a little more obvious as it goes through the characters of the people, quite who is a nice character. Who's just a little bit silly and maybe hasn't got, got it in them to be able to go and do this murderer in everything.

Sidey:they had that awful phone conversation where they, they forced the, the young daughter to phone up Marta and try and convince her to give the money back. And that's when he realized. They are all complete ass. I was like they,

Dan:There's nothing. They won't go to. Cause they were all there where they they're all waiting. Yeah.

Sidey:Did you notice that there was a little cameo from Joseph Gordon Levitt? Yeah, he is

Dan:I'd have to watch it three times, I guess, to get

Sidey:it's voice only. He plays a police detective heard on the television that Marta watching, watching in that, probably that forklift one that you're talking about rigs.

Reegs:Yeah. Yeah.


Reegs:There are a couple

Dan:it because it, Oh, sorry. I was going to ask, is it because this director worked with him in brick and

Sidey:yeah, he's been in five of

Dan:he does.

Sidey:think probably only star Wars. He wasn't in, 

Reegs:Yeah, there's a couple of cameos. Cause you get Frank cause as the lawyer and you also get mm. At Walsh he's the guy who lets the cops watch the high-tech security tape.

Sidey:Yeah.  The budget for this was $40 million

Reegs:Yeah. When was it released? Because it was

Dan:That surprises

Howie:was it an Amazon film?

Sidey:but it

Howie:not an Amazon

Sidey:pretty quickly on prime though.

Reegs:Yeah. Was it COVID affected then or

Sidey:But do you think it won or lost at the box office?

Dan:I, I work in it. One because 40 billion for that group of stars seems quite a, a good deal.

Sidey:Yeah, my 311 mil.

Reegs:No wonder they're making a sequel.

Dan:Yeah. I mean, that's a

Sidey:one, I don't often find this. When I look that they said. That it had made an 82 million profit. So obviously that budget of 40 doesn't include all the marketing. Yeah. So it did make a good chunk of cash. So yeah, not, not surprising that they've green-lit another one.

Dan:I reckon it's one of those films again, where just so many actors. Get involved in the project. They want to work with other actors who are also working on the project. This guy has done star Wars. I think he's got he's got license, do a few more star Wars or Jedediah movies and stuff. He did. They rip it off him.

Sidey:It, it didn't go

Dan:did have.

Sidey:gets, no, I think the film was fine. There was just a big, negative reaction from all the star Wars fans. And so he now has got the hump with them. He, he continually refers to star Wars fans as man babies and

Dan:Oh, gee, he gunned it today.

Sidey:Yeah. Is that a thing you had a

Dan:Did you stayed in fancy

Sidey:I don't think he'd go back. I think he much happier writing his own material and grading

Dan:Cause I heard that Lucas film had given him a three film deal today. Do something around the last Jedi or to do some, some other star Wars films, but maybe that was an old article. I was reading that is now Gundam

Sidey:possibly. I don't know. I don't, I know he had quite a lot of backlash for more than nuts online about that

Dan:Did you ever go.

Sidey:No I've been, I, yeah, I've said it before on this podcast. I won't rather on about it again. Rigs your nomination where you not entertained.

Reegs:Yes, I was entertained. I thought it was a lot of fun and the cast was, was really good. I think. Probably months of adulation from film festivals and critics and all that sort of stuff set the bar way too high for me, I was expecting something way better than this. I think it takes a lot of time establishing characters and what they're doing, and almost none of that really turns out to be very important.

You know, that they're not even red herrings. It makes the, the way that the plot is resolved makes a lot of the characters feel fairly pointless. It was it was good. It was fun. Forgettable. I would watch Ben wild blank again. But nothing could live up to what I had imagined. This was going to be like,

Dan:now. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a classic who done it. I take the point, you know, not all the characters were used at things. We only had a couple of hours. We couldn't have gone in. I liked the twist. I liked the idea of it, the mystery plot the mystery writer that the dysfunctional family, you kind of knew what you was coming into.

A couple of hours of fun. Really liked it.

Howie:yeah, yeah. It took me a way from what I normally watch gave it a go. Thought it was good. A couple of minutes of persuasion over Daniel Craig's suitability for Ben with his accent, but it J I graduated got into that fact and I really enjoyed it. Good choice.

Sidey:Yeah, I really enjoyed it. Seen it multiple times and I've enjoyed it each time I watched it. I know what you're saying. It's about a few of the characters do become pretty much completely redundant, but Dana, Craig kind of carries it. And I really enjoyed it. He's funny. It's a slight twist as well on the usual formula of the who done it.

So yeah, for me, it was a winner.

    Kids TV. It's the return of a favorite of ours? Regs? What was it?

Reegs:Wow. I went for spirit riding free the ride along adventure, which is the interactive thing I have to say. This is not what I wanted to choose this week. Really. I did want to choose blue Peter. But it was all a Christmas special stuff. And I was like, I am so done with Christmas. So I'm not choosing Christmas special.

So we had this instead, the return of an old favorite.



Sidey:it's possible that we might not be as looking on this as  favorably as last time.

Howie:it was, it was a disgrace to the memory of the film that my children really enjoy my children. And I really enjoy spirits of the, was it spirit of the cinnamon?

Dan:the cinnamon roll.

Sidey:Yeah, I didn't mind that one.

Howie:The film, the

Sidey:Yeah. The Matt Damon one.

Howie:The Epic film is amazing. My kids love it.

I really like it with who does all the songs for it as well.

Reegs:Napalm death.

Howie:Yeah. Apart from radius

Sidey:coal chamber.

Howie:Yeah. And might be Collins. I think it's just one of those Disney ones. This was a bag of shit. It didn't help me. The fact that I watched the wrong fucking episode. So I sat through chapter one, episode one,

Dan:that would have been double bad.

Howie:that and then, yeah. And I went this,

Sidey:Hang on. So you watched riding free episode one season one episode one.

Dan:Yeah, they're very

Sidey:like that.

Howie:No thought it was horrific.

Sidey:You're a Dick.

Howie:I thought, honestly, my kids thought it was terrible. Car warns me and said, daddy, it's awful. When I was like, why is that? It just goes, she just said, it's awful. It's a bit like that free raid rubbish that we once had

Sidey:It's nothing like free,

Howie:What? Well,

Sidey:like free, right?

Howie:I think you'll find it is with the sport little shits, the kids that like horse riding.

Oh my God. And

Dan:wasn't a million miles away from freeway and had horses. Basically. This is an interactive journey. You go on for seven years, you do this for seven years. You do until batteries run out and you're remote. You have to get new batteries, put them in. This went on for so long. You said

Howie:was, I was hoping I'm going to

Dan:said 23 minutes.

Howie:I'm going to write to Netflix for a reimbursement of my subscription for the month, because I fucking lost time watching the shit fucking my kids had. And there was nearly a mutiny on my hands, a home I'm house study at this week. And I thought I'll put this on them.

Or like, it gets a fuck interactive with that comeback grills that I didn't like, my kids did like, so I could put up with it this. Oh, my God who watches tripe like this

Reegs:My kids

Howie:defense rests

Sidey:is the story of this then is that. One of the horses has been nicked by a group of bandits

Reegs:Yeah, mystery mystery, who is spirits, potential love interest.

Sidey:yeah, they're very cozy.

Howie:again, ruining the film.

Sidey:she w she wasn't willing to, I think because I'd been winding her up about having a boyfriend, she gets very anxious. If I say that is that spirits girlfriend. But. Big fan as I am of the actual cartoon. I did find this a bit irritating.  When I pressed to do something, you still have to

Dan:fuck. That was annoying. I had to wait for them to finish. I've chosen go there now. No, she had to wait till I

Howie:do you speak to an adult? Do you speak to an adult or liaise with the known criminal that was effectively every choice? Do you do anything that is not safe or the safe option? Every single time is just fucking

Dan:Yeah. And there wasn't that many interactive things. They kind of, there was nothing for ages. Then there was one, it was nothing for a, then I'd like three, like. After straight after each other, I was suddenly go over. Didn't know what to do. Annoyingly, annoyingly my daughter quite like this.

Reegs:Yeah, of course she

Dan:very much.

Sidey:the show is really good. It is really good.

Howie:it's not

Reegs:you what is equally annoying is that my kids have been watched. I've watched this a few times and I sat down to watch it with them, but I wasn't allowed to make the choices the kids had to make. And they made the same choices that they make every time.

So they are effectively just watching an episode of spirit because they're not making any different changes.

Howie:Say that you, you shouldn't have allowed them that power because they've already made the wrong choice. They

Dan:power of the remote.

Howie:that already. It's an interactive choice that was incorrect. Pressing play at this point has invalidated their right to make any further choices. Delete, remove from watch list downgrade.

It is fucking shit. Defense rests again.

Reegs:Did you notice that the character's eyes are bigger than their mouth? She's weird.

Sidey:the girl who voices, lucky Prescott


Sidey:called Amber Frank. And I would urge you to look up her profile

Reegs:Didn't she have a diary.

Howie:W the other one, the other voice, the, of the main, the voice of the main character villain woman is the, as a Layla from feature armor, his

Reegs:Bachelor prey.

Howie:Well, I don't know her name, but it must

Reegs:Yeah. It's bachelor prey.

Howie:So we should look up on Frank.

Reegs:I mean, this is, this is a fairly typical spirit. Adventure in that the series is all about putting humans and horses in legitimately and unnecessarily terrifying situations over and over again. And I think the main, you know, there are a few sort of ESOP's and that sort of thing, fables messages delivered, but the true lesson that you get from watching this is don't fuck about with horses or you will die.


Dan:in through a house through the chimney, because you will get stung by bees. One of

Howie:It was Brian Adams who does all the spirits.

Sidey:Well, Oh, the songs in the film. Okay. But you're wrong about the series, but you're probably right about this. And if you really want to. Examine this on a more granular level, we've got loads of spirit toys around here.

Reegs:We've got a few as well, actually.

Dan:Yeah, we were lucky. We kind of avoided that. And I hope to avoid more of this to be honest, but. I must say my, my daughter enjoyed it. They liked the interactive side of it that they can choose, which ways in gonna go. And like you, their, their choices, they take baffle. You sometimes they go back because they're not happy with the choice they took and then go and take the same choice again.

You know, there's all these little internal battles you can you can play at home to grab the remote and go this way and that way, and then painstakingly watch while your choice does it automatically take place, but you still have to watch the extras five, six

Sidey:yeah, that was irritating. I have to say.

Dan:Yeah. But overall, you know, Cod animation wise,

Howie:side by the,

Sidey:what's that?

Dan:It was pretty clear.

Howie:side, it wasn't as clear because it had

Dan:you didn't know which way you was going.


Dan:Didn't highlight your choice very well.

Howie:obvious too. I think you still need to go by text with it, the interactive choices, just for clarity, because when we were doing

Reegs:text in your response.

Howie:what it was like a picture of.

I mean, it was clear and to an adult, but to a kid they're like, what's that symbol mean? I don't know. Don't don't go to the toilets with a stranger. I dunno. Don't do that choice. But yeah, it just seemed to Netflix have made better use of that interactive technology and the cartoon content aside, that functionality wasn't working well, and it wasn't utilized.

Dan said you seem to have no choices for ages, then a big flurry and then

Dan:System without, I think too, to get the best out of a mentor to make their choices more enjoyable. But it was a different way of looking at it and there was long lengths of cartoon then to watch and you kind of forgot it. Wasn't interactive thing

Sidey:I missed one of the choices. Cause I was talking about something else.


Sidey:My daughter got very agitated with me for not pressing the button.

Dan:I don't, yeah, I don't know whether that's you know, just another way of doing this.

I think particularly the content wasn't strong enough to make the interactive choices. Interesting enough for me. I think my daughter kind of enjoyed it because it's interactive, but neither the cartoon or the interactive thing was strong enough on its own to really?

Reegs:Well, there's still time for her Dan, and you'll be pleased to know that season nine of spirit will be out soon.

Sidey:There's also a Christmas special

Reegs:Yeah, that's pretty good, actually.

Dan:I reckon we pause. I'm hoping we're past this. You know, I'm hoping we're getting on to interesting cartoons now, but.

Howie:Yeah, my kids have gone past this. Thank God and have avoided it. Even throughout the age group time, they should have been looking at it. I'm in love with them now. They're amazing. Like it's thank God I forgive you for the shit you did today. Brilliant.

Dan:It's nice when your kids actually dislike the same things you dislike and you think, yeah, there's a bit of, there's a bit a taste there. Well done. Well done. She had bumped the whole block Yeah. Hi, that is shit. Isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. You're right. You're absolutely right. Let's not watch that again.

Sometimes they do this case. They just churn out is rubbish. You've got to be careful for it.

Sidey:all right then Riggs. Why are you not entertained?

Reegs:Yeah, I, I was entertained we've talked about this program I liked to before I still have some of the same problems, the historical inaccuracy the unrealistic expectations around how quickly you can tame a horse. You know, there is but yeah, ultimately this is good stuff.

 Dan:I like the idea of it. The interactive cartoons I think is going to be something that. We watch more of in the future and people want to make their own choices. I didn't think this was a good example of it. And for me it was a no-no.

Howie:An absolute abhorration of bullshit. It was just another vacuous cartoon off of a template that they just do generate, create, generate, create and what a shame, because. S spirits, ceremony, whatever the hell it is with the Bryan Adams soundtrack is one of my kids' favorite films. And I really like it too.

This is just crap. Some of the automation in the background was just like, whatever. Fuck it. Just get enough stuff out so we can sell toys to people like you guys. It's just us. And the story is any stories, cartoons with horses in apart from the film I mentioned and just crap, they're lazy, they just appeal to the stereotype, the little girls just like ponies and nothing else Northern it.

There was brochures. Well, yeah, you can do that, but this was just, ours is ours. Dan, I agree with you. The interactivity side of it is a good call, but the content was bollix.

Sidey:Probably the reverse of me. I don't particularly like the interactivity. I don't really get it. I'd rather just sit there and have the story writers do that. I don't need to be making decisions. I'd rather mode about the shit decisions that people make in films and TV programs. You're also wrong about the toys Santa Claus provided all those.

It had nothing to do with me. I. Do like I'm a fan of spirit, this one, however the interactivity took some of that enjoyment away. This was just a normal run of the mill episode of spirit. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. But I think this has now put spirit back on the agenda for Netflix and our house the next week.


Right now, the episode done chap's well done. 20, 20. We've not missed a week. That's 52 episodes in the can.

Reegs:that's pretty crispy actually.

Sidey:Plus our mid-week specials. I am nominating for our first episode of 2021. So we have a top five of movies that are over three hours long. movie wise,  the personal history of David Copperfield

Howie:I've watched it.

Sidey:is available on prime.

Reegs:is that the dev Patel one?

Sidey:Yeah. So it

Howie:Regs is free.

Sidey:and kids TV wise. It's again, prime we're watching tumble leaf season one, episode one.

Reegs:tumble leaf. It is

Sidey:all done with that.

Dan:Sounds good. Sounds great. What a way to kick off 2021.

Sidey:Yeah. Schiffy guys. Right. All right. Cool. I'll look forward to that, right? That was a lot of fun. Well done for this year. Chap's number one podcast in the world. So that's very

Dan:Great to be here.

Sidey:probably going to have the number of website by the end of the year as well. So that's good. All that remains is to say Saudi is signing out.

Dan:Dad's gone.