Sept. 2, 2022

Moonfall & Man Vs Bee

Moonfall & Man Vs Bee
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A frequent highlight of putting the podcast together is reading Reegs' episode notes. He really does have a gift fir that kind of thing. Anyhow, he's off on holiday for a few days a left the notes to me. I can only apologise.

The topic for discussion for our top 5 is INSECTS. Reegs has a particular dislike of wasps, but I think we can all agree that the real idiots of the insect world are mosquitoes. Sadly none of those feature in the segment, but we do find room for spiders, praying mantis and the occasional cockroach.

Sidey (me) has already declared his love for MOONFALL. This is an example of real filmmaking joy. Have a stupid/outrageous idea. Then double down on it. No one wants a half baked disaster movie, you have to go all in. MOONFALL is absolutely guilty of doing just that and I for one and glad. You could say that the movie is stupid, poorly acted and a boring soulless CGI fest. You'd be wrong.

We round things off by looking at MAN VS BEE. It's like JAWS with without the need for a bigger boat. And it's not as funny as Jaws either.

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Reegs: Welcome to bad dad's film review each year from April to September, an evil bunch of unholy bastards emerged from the bowels of hell itself with the sole intention of tormenting humans. I'm talking about flies mosies and worse of all wasps. Yes. If ever there was evidence, there is no God it's wasps.

And though what's enthusiasts amongst you are probably going they're misunderstood in comparison to the B mayor wasps don't even have a stinger. They contribute towards pollination and they help control aphids and flies. And I'll say they're just mobile flying nightmare entities. Having the exact same approaches terrorists using opportunists and unexpected strikes on unsuspecting civilians at random to cause widespread.

This week's, these are sort of, for the most part, kind of talking about insects, starting out with Cronenberg's 1986, classic the fly in our mid weeker. And then we're gonna discuss the top five movie insects today. And our main feature is the beyond stupid Roland Emrick disaster movie moon, for which sort of had a bit that I thought looked a bit like insects in it.

So there you go. And then the kid's TV section sees us discussing Ronan Atkinson's Netflix comedy series, man versus B all that's left is to introduce the dad, starting with a man who needs no introduction. And then there's me res the right side. It's just the two of us tonight.

Sidey: is just two of us. Yeah, I'm good. I've just returned from the UK

Reegs: Were there any insects there?

Sidey: There's a few bees and wasps actually.

Reegs: you you'll probably doubt like bees are okay. Aren't they? And

Sidey: yeah, yeah, I'm into it. We were we were in the new forest. We were our first go drinking at awake as it happens. And so yeah, we were, we were prestiged by the odd

Yeah. Wasn't it was no biggie.

Reegs: what do you, what's your strategy kind of just stands still or flail around

Sidey: calmly justly. Oh, they go away in a minute.

I was wearing a pair of mint, chinos that may have been partly responsible for enticing them in. I dunno. Yeah. But

Reegs: oh, that you're basically saying you were asking for it.

You were

Sidey: addressed.

yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah I was dressed provocatively.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So yeah. Did you have any, any insect intrusions this week?

Reegs: Always, you know, there were wasps in the park My eldest like threw a piece of pizza at me cuz she was so terrified by a wasp in the, in the

Sidey: free food.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, they're around aren't they they're around being to rats.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, yeah, like you say, the intro is that, is that kind of year, I guess that time of year, I should say.

Did you watch anything on the tele?

Reegs: No.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: Oh, well house of dragon house of the dragon. I did finally watch that. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I watched that. I got back on Saturday evening and I watched it that night. I quite enjoyed actually. I was, my excitement level was just because of how game of Thrones went down, like were pretty low.

Reegs: Yeah. Very low.

Sidey: I got nothing else to watch. I probably haven't got a movie in me tonight, but I could do an hour of tele to watch that. And I really enjoyed it. Actually.

Reegs: It was nice to hear the music again and be back in that world and stuff. Yeah. It was

Sidey: yeah, the iron throne was there. Not that much dragon content.

dry tiny little bit but not much. Cool.

Reegs: Yeah. Some other fierce content though. That's should come with a few trigger warnings. That one.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. yeah. And then we watched she Hawk, we were up to date with she Hawk, which

Reegs: How you finding that?

Sidey: Quite enjoying it, but some really, really shit CGI. Catastrophic, but it hasn't, you know, in spite of that, it hasn't sport my enjoyment so far. We did a top five last week yeah. Which was made up bands or any other kind of bands.

Reegs: or any other bands.


Sidey: And we had a really enthusiastic nomination for the band that they, the lady could pose as yeah. In the film with the same name.

Reegs: Yeah. The 55 original

Sidey: Yeah Not the, the terrible S remake. That was Darren Leafly for that forward. And Joe what's favorite music, Joe Bess came forth with the so bottom boys, which we mentioned on the pod and then all the other ones that we had, we had quite a few, but they were early. So I mentioned them on the pod last week.

So, so the lady killers, I think is strong and that should go in. Yeah. Cool. Like new top five category. Yeah. Top five insects. And I feel like there's not much wiggle room with this it's insects. Oh, what shall we see?

Reegs: Well, I was gonna be an asshole and say like, no snails and no scorpions and you know,

Sidey: I, I haven't got any, I was just about to say I've got no RackN but one of my films is rag phobia.

that's not true.

Reegs: Yeah. No, I'm not gonna be a heart. Just go for it. Just, you know, we're gonna go for all those insects and bugs and creepy crawlies. Right. It's fertile ground though. Isn't it? There was a lot.

Sidey: Yeah, there is a lot. Do you wanna lead the way?

Reegs: Yeah, I'll probably start with, did you ever see Joe's apartment?

This was a, a Jerry O'Connell. I'm trying to find my notes. The Jerry O'Connell movie, the guy who was Jerry McGuire stand by me actually played the little kid Vern in that par 3d. So he's, it's a comedy an MTV comedy and he's like got no money. And he rents an apartment in New York city in a building that's due to be demolished.

And he's got 20 to 30,000 mates, which are a bunch of cockroaches. And they're singing and dancing ones and they're all sort of anti landlord, anti gentrification. And it's this whole like musical comedy thing with the cockroaches and they're helping off stave the demolition of their uh stave off the demolition of the building and help get him the pretty girl and all that stuff.

Really quite a, a crazy film.

Sidey: Okay. I go for a film that I really don't like, which is Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: there's a load of ants. They're in a, a chase sequence, which is really fucking crap. And it just looks like it's done on a sound stage and there's loads of green screen and stuff like that.

And all that's happening and Cape Blanchetts. Jeep demo some ant Hills and there's ants everywhere. I think they'res ants or some

Reegs: that's what they say, don't they?

Sidey: they? Yeah. And some bad guys get swallowed up and you see them being en engulfed by ants and dragged into the nest and all the rest of it.

Reegs: You see one particular bastard dragged off don't you?

Sidey: He's screaming and not having a great time. And I, I read something today, whether it was on Twitter or somewhere else, and someone was just positing that Chris pine remember him. Yeah. That he would make a great Indiana Jones. And it's the tragedy that he'll never get to play because fucking Harrison Ford will play him until he dies.

Yeah. And I'm like, that's true. And I was just visualizing him. Like Chris pine would be a great Indian


Reegs: with the hat and,

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: I quite like Chris by

Sidey: I do as well that I'm not enthusiastic about DUNS and dragons, but anyway,

Reegs: oh, I haven't seen that their trailer for that. No, no,

Sidey: No, I'm not keen.

Reegs: I got a couple of flies for you.

The KA you cared, Mr. MIGI,

Sidey: Of course. Yeah.

Reegs: Catches one. Well, it doesn't actually, it's Daniel sand catches one

Sidey: Begin as like,

Reegs: beginners, like,

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: They're TW flies, aren't they?

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And you get, sometimes you get, we get inundated in our kitchen and the little bastards are walking everywhere and you've got a fly SWAT and you're just massacring them.

Sidey: It don't seem to be too, too bad at, at our house. Now, when I go around to the inlaws, there's always flies. There's fucking trash. They land on you all the time. Yeah. I remember when I was a kid, I used to catch them and pull the wings off them. Lovely. And then let the cats get 'em. My cats would, would chomp them.

Which is

sort of behavior, like a proto serial killer. Yeah. I don't do that anymore, but yeah, they're just disgusting. Really?

Reegs: Yeah. they are disgusting. And then another fly was in the breaking bad episode, the fly where the fly gets trapped in with.

Sidey: It wasn't there something about the episode that they'd run outta money or something and they had to just stretch that out.

Yeah. And made a really good episode out of

Reegs: Bottle episode. I think they call him Ryan Johnson. REAN Johnson. How he's gonna say that. That's Ryan. Ryan. Yeah. So that's a couple of flies for you. Disgusting little focus.

Sidey: Well, I was in the UK for a funeral for my friend's old man, my friend, Jim. He wants to come on the pod and discuss the 1940 animated feature Pinocchio at length.

He really loves that film. And it features a much loved insect. Most of these, I would say are horror, horror creatures, or just certain creatures of people don't go with, but this one is a much loved insect. It's Germany, cricket.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Not in the original story, but added for the animated.

Uh So yeah. And I, I can remember that what the story is about and all rest it, but I don't remember the nitty gritty of it at all. So I would like to discuss that with Jim one day,

Reegs: yet There's a new Guillermo Del Toro one

Sidey: With, thanks.

Reegs: the trailer? It looks unbelievable.

Sidey: I've only seen still so far, but yeah.

Thanks ISO, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. Probably worth a look, but I'm generally not a huge fan of those live action things, but

Reegs: no, this is an animation stop, stop motioning. Is it? Yeah.

Sidey: Oh, right. Okay. Oh, well, mm. Maybe I could be, I could be convinced.

Reegs: Adventure time. Now you can partake it by pollen crumbles and become my drone. yeah. Eight legged freaks. There's I got a ton of these kind of well, I've got some of the fifties ones like them and killer bees, which was the 1974 glorious Swanson one where she can telepathically control bees on a vineyard. And then there was a few like, you know ones that happened like big ass spider and eight legged freaks.

That's the one with David AK and Scarlet Hansen. Yeah, that's the one where they've created an unstoppable army of giant spiders due to a chemical spill and lethal toxic waste and big ass. Spider is the one with Greg Berg from heroes. And that's the one where a giant alien spider is escaped from military compound compound to reek havoc on a terribly small budget which had cameos by Lloyd Kaufman and Lynn SHA nice as well.

Yeah. And there really is tons of those types of movies. Then I have seen loads and loads of them.

Sidey: Cool

Reegs: Were you ever a fan of those like attacker, the 50 foot,

Sidey: or

not so much? No. Cause I just found them a little bit too dated, but I could probably watch 'em now. Cause I'm, you know, such a fucking Coner.

But there was also a Rao phobia.

Yeah. 1990. That's where a, where was it from some sort of south American spider, I believe hitched the ride. And you do hear about this happening in box of bananas and all sorts. You know that there's some fucking terrifyingly yeah. Poisonous, deadly spider arrives in your house.

And this one mates with a local spider has little spider babies which is just going fucking cause hav killing people and.

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: It's terrible film

Reegs: and it's all. No, I liked to rat phobia. I

remember really?

Yeah. I think I went to the, to the cinema to see it. It was real spiders. They didn't use CGI, which was pretty cool. Yeah.

Sidey: All. Well, it was gonna up in my estimation.

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: I'm gonna steal your joke because the first film in the honey eye changed the size of things. Franchise, honey eye shrank the kids sees RI ran, shrink his children, which seems ill-advised. And so they get into all sorts of shenanigans in the back garden.

They befriend an aunt, which they call auntie. Yeah. Which is very imaginative and they ride on a bee. And they also have a fight with a scorpion, which would probably be fucking terrifying if you were a,

Reegs: I loved this movie the way that they like did the practical sets of like, and just turning, what was your back garden into this like incredible jungle?

And like all these, you know, small creatures were suddenly these horrifying beasts in front of you. It, that like the idea that it could become like a whole universe in and of itself this small place. Yeah. Really cool. What else man, named black had Vincent Donofrio. As Edgar, he was like a human sized cockroach.

Sidey: Don't do that. yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. He's pretty good. The mummy,

Sidey: Yeah. Scar

Reegs: scour Beatles in the mummy is pretty grim dogs with bees in their mouth so that when they bark, they shoot bees at you from the, from the Simpsons. That's a pretty terrifying be moment. And what did I have for, oh, the human centered.

It's more there in the title. The


Sidey: haven't seen it. I feel like we should nominate it. Cause it's probably the only way I'll ever, ever watch this film.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But is it any good?

Reegs: That is the question. Isn't it? Yes, I have. Absolutely. Yes. It's, it's, it's about a deranged German surgeon who just wants people to connect a bit more.

But in this case, mouth to the, the anus of the person in front of you. It's not especially graphic. It's more what it makes you think about. But it is actually like a proper well made movie it's well lit and all that, you know? So it's not like unwatchable sensationalist, Dr. And it is that kind of rare thing where like, this is absolutely disgusting, but I kind of wanna see what he's gonna do.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And when you see it, you know, it's, it is pretty horrible. So I, I, what I think about this movie is you're ever gonna do a top five movie that aren't for everyone. Yeah. That will probably be on it. Because it's gonna be, you're either gonna be like, a lot of people are polarized. They like hate it, like that such an obscenity should exist in the first place.

Or you got like cult people worshiping it or whatever, but yeah, centered.

Sidey: All right. Well, I'm sort of tempted. I am tempted. There's no sort of about it. I am very tempted. Every now and then two films come along at the same time, which are about the same thing effectively.

So you have ants in this case, ants 1998 and a bug's life also 1998. Yeah. And I am gonna say that I prefer ants to a bug's life.

Reegs: Mm

Sidey: Ants is the Dreamworks one and a bugs life is the Pixar one.

Reegs: Yeah. Bug's life is basically seven samurai, but retold.

Sidey: think I saw ants first and really enjoyed it.

And I was enjoying Woody Allen at the time. I think I'd only recently seen Manhattan around that time as well. So I was kind of.

Into him, found him quite amusing and then see him play, you know, an an

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And he has a great line. I'm the million child and then nest of 2 million, whatever its and then both life was just, was just colorful and a bit like Disney or something.

Dunno. It's just not as good. I didn't like it as much.

Reegs: They both had, they were both quite bizarre movies because ants was like a children's war movie.

It's like saving private Ryan. But with like CGI ants. Yeah. There's even a bit where like, he's talking to the decapitated head of the SAR. It's like

Sidey: right.


Reegs: And then bug's life was like, you know, basically a retailing of Coosa is seven Sam. And then it's also kind of about, because the, the it's about the what's the cricket, is it cricket or the grass hoppers and they get them to do all the work for them.

So it's basically about the workers seeing that they outnumber the Bouri and seizing the means of production. So good. Strong,

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: Marxist vibes there,

Sidey: but it's weird that that happens. I guess there's people just, you know, within each company, it's just, it's known that they've got this movie coming up. We've gotta do. Yeah. We've got something to compete with that. Cause it happened with the volcano movies and you know, you get, it's generally a disaster movie kind of thing, I think.

But yes. I dunno if someone spills the beans or it's not that top secret anyway, but

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: Dunno what it is about it. I'm still waiting for a second moon for thing to come out.

Reegs: wow. There's promise of a sequel I think. Oh,

Sidey: Oh really? Okay. Right. Well back onto this, Dr. No. Yeah. Which is an ACE James Bond movie.

One of the ways that they try and kill James Bond is they just Chuck a tarantula in his bed while he's asleep. And it has some really funny music going on while he tries to find it and kill it. So that's good. And then. Classic. It's back to Indiana Jones, but good. This time is the secret tunnel they go through in the, in the, well, I guess in, in a temple, but not the temple.

Yeah. On the way to it. And it's the room or, or the tunnel that's just full of millions and millions of insects they go through all right. Short round and

Indy Indy himself. Yeah. But then Kate cap has to follow them in

Reegs: is some Primo acting

Sidey: yeah, she's got bugs like fucking all over her pretty decent sized ones. She's the one where she just turns her hand down.

There's a huge pre Manus or sticking say just some kind on her hand and there's everything going through her hair and she's scream where she screams through the entire fucking film, but she's properly going through it in this bit. And it's I mean, to be honest, I wouldn't have been called in that situation.


Reegs: No, we on honeymoon in Namibia, we saw this thing that in the toilet that was kind of, I only looked at it for about three seconds cuz I just shut the door and was like, that room is yours

Sidey: now

Reegs: it was like a grass hopper, but it was probably, honestly I don't, I'm not very good with estimating sizes.

So how big is that? 18 inches?

Sidey: Yeah. Half a foot. I don't know. Yeah. Pretty,

Reegs: pretty enormous. Absolutely enormous. Just running around the toilet. Yeah. yeah,

Sidey: Did you have to get, did you have to call for help?

Reegs: We slept in a mosquito net for about two hours whiles. There was like scorpions and all sorts of shit in there that night. It was yeah, there was no other night that was like that, but that night was just totally crazy.


Sidey: that would've freaked me out. All right. That's it.

Reegs: Little Nicky. You ever seen that? The Adam Sandler one? No. You're shaking your

Sidey: Sorry. Breaching. No, I've not seen this one.

Reegs: He's the third son of Satan. Who's Harvey Kittel. And he's had a kid with the angelic Reese with her spoon. Oh.

Sidey: Oh, okay.

Reegs: And he's like the shit one out of it. His brothers, Adrian and Cassie are like more intelligent.

They stronger, more handsome and he's less evil than them. And Adrian, his brother proves to this crowd of people that he is at that how evil he is, but he gets Henry Winkler and just shoots bees all over him. And then Nicky has to do the same later on. And then of course the bees in the Wicker man,

Sidey: We've had that nominated online by Brey. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Was that, was that in the final movie or was that a deleted scene? He

had not the bees.

Reegs: the bees. You of course. You'd

Sidey: seen, I've seen, I've seen only that scene.

I'm not seeing the movie.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty good. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Ooh. Okay. Wow. Another David Cronenberg one. Yeah. Naked lunch.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: It's an adaptation of a William S Burrow's novel and it's Robocop Peter Weller. He is exposed to some chemicals and then he just has these hallucination. That's a weird way of saying it.

He has these hallucinations of man size human bugs all around the place, as you can imagine, the coronavirus fucking weird. Yeah. Yeah. I, so I've watched loads of Cronenberg films, like when I was getting into films all around the same time and they're all a bit like, fucking hell yes. What does that going on?

Yeah. And now we've got his son making movies.

Reegs: I've not seen any possessor. I really wanna see. And the other

Sidey: pit they're just the artwork for it alone is terrifying. I dunno if I can.

Reegs: Oh, no. I'm so as soon as that's free, I'm gonna watch it. Yeah. Yeah.

What else you got?

Sidey: Well, spider man, there's a whole like load of films with him in it.

And he's an insect and a person at the same time. He's bitten. I dunno if you know the origin story, but he's bitten by a radioactive spider, which is interesting. And then another sort of similar kind of creatures, although different scale tremors.

Reegs: Yeah. Were they insects?

Sidey: I dunno. I thought I'd just put it out there.


Reegs: were, they called sand worms. Weren't they? It's a,


Sidey: I was gonna go was June was the massive, like desert. Thing. Their giant insect. I don't know. Probably they're probably be eliminated, but

Reegs: well, I like it.

I like it. yeah. Then

we'll have to get the researchers to prove that.

Sidey: Yeah. Okay. What you got?

Reegs: Starship troopers. We talk about that movie all the time.

Sidey: Giant sort of Roache

Reegs: Yeah.

James and the giant peach. Did you ever see that

Sidey: motioning one?

Reegs: Yeah. Pete Poel way, Susan Sardon Miriam Margolis,

Joan Laley. Yeah, she is pretty cool. And she that was pretty good. What else have I got on the list? The district nine, they were sort of prawns. They called them, but they looked like cockroaches. I don't that's really fucking stretching it. Charlotte's web was, you know, Charlotte, the spider. Yeah. In the king Kong remake there was a horrible scene where they're being chased by enormous like hideous beasts.

Do you remember that in the king Kong? Remake? And they're being chased through the ravine and

Sidey: that's right. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Like huge versions of actual nightmare things that actually exist in New Zealand. There were a lot, weren't they in apocalypse now he talks about what is it? Is it, oh, that might be a snail actually.

Mm-hmm oh, but there's a famous deleted scene where he eats Brando eats a fly. I swallowed a bug candy man.

Sidey: Oh yeah, of course. Well, my I'm gonna go from my last one

Reegs: Go on,

Sidey: which is from the buffet of vampire Slayer season one, episode four. So if you're familiar with buff, you'll know that season one is pretty budget.

Episode four is called teachers pet and kids in Buffy's class, get going missing specifically fells. And they have a new substitute teacher Natalie French, and she has a fixation with insects. And occasionally we just get a glimpse of some unseen, like monster in the shadow. And you see, you can kind of make out some large eyes and a, an insect kind of limb.

Yeah. And it turns out that she turns into like a praying Manti and is killing off all the boys.

right. And it looks like a fucking bee movie from way back. It really does. Nice. But still cool. Still got that charm.

Reegs: The more I hear you talk about Buffy, the more I think I should watch it.

Sidey: You should. It's great.

Reegs: Yeah. Was that your pick then?

Sidey: Well, I'm out, so I'm, I'm at that stage.

Reegs: I did wanna mention Mothra.

Cause yeah. And there was the moth man prophecies, which I've seen was that the one with Richard gear, I can't even remember what the fuck happened in it. And that was it. Yeah. There were a lot though.

Sidey: Yeah, there were right. And there were so many, in fact that I think we should put in two each and then leave one up to the listeners.

Reegs: All right. Okay.

Sidey: So I am gonna put in Buffy. There's no doubt. That's gotta go in,

Reegs: get it in there.

Sidey: What are you going for?

Reegs: Well, I'm going for Joe's apartment, cuz I will never ever nominate that again.

And if you haven't seen it, you're giving yourself some sort of obnoxious treat to try it.

Sidey: Okay. That's cool. And then I'm gonna put in Indiana Jones in the temple of doom cuz I, I still don't like that as, as the two India Jones movies, I mentioned they're the two lesser ones, but that scene is great for insects.

There's all kinds kaleidoscope of, of

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: insects in that sequence. So yeah, that's worth a nomination

Reegs: and honey, I shrunk the kids.

Sidey: Yeah, that's a good shout actually. Yeah. Cool. Right. Well we need one more. We've had a couple of nominations, but if you could just fire off a few more, then we can complete the list next week.

Reegs: with joined by Dan, which is brilliant. He's a free spirit who likes to live every day as if it was his last. Yeah. And at his age it might

Dan: be it feels like that today. Yeah. Hi. Hi. Hi. Good to be here.

Reegs: He was so excited that we were gonna talk about this week's main feature moon fall based the That you decided to join us?

Dan: I, I thought. I'd seen this actually. So as immediately after we did the pod last week, I started to watch this and I never got to the end. And then you nominated it the next day. And so I, I chopped up and finished it. Nice. Yeah.

Reegs: Were you'd already seen it Sidy hadn't

Sidey: I did. I was quite enthusiastic about it last week.

So you kind of know my take on it already. Yeah. But we can get into it

Dan: cause there's a, there's a plot and there's there's plenty of action to get through. It's gonna sound ridiculous at times when we talk about this film, but it's it, I think you just gotta put on an extra 10% as well.

Yeah. Because it's unique

Reegs: watching it. Yeah. We can talk about what that's like, I guess

Sidey: is

Reegs: well as we get into it,

Sidey: It's it's a Roland Emrick disaster movie. Sci-fi aliens thing.

Reegs: True story.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

He has a load of these. Well disaster movies and going into it, I thought it was just gonna be something had happened to the moon and it, something, you know, it's gravitational, whatever had gone.

Right. And it was just plummeting towards the earth.

Reegs: Wow. You had like a very pure experience

Sidey: so there's a lot more than that going on in this movie.

Dan: there's tons. I mean, I didn't know it is, you know, that even this was going on and it really existed as you say a true story. Yeah. Like this.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And I do have a weakness for these kind of movies. It's true.

Dan: That is true.

Reegs: found some of them a bit bloated and a bit long. But I,

Dan: I've, I've not seen what would be another example of his disaster movie

Sidey: 2012. Is this


Reegs: Yeah. Independence

Dan: Right. Oh yeah. Yeah. 2012. I enjoyed. Yeah. Oh, he did. Impend days were okay. Right. So there's

Reegs: day after tomorrow he did. I there's

Dan: lots of pedigree.


Sidey: He's got previous.

Reegs: Yeah. He's destroyed New York over and over again in a variety of ways. And this one, yeah. The central idea that we'll get into is that the moon is gonna crash into the


Sidey: So we joined our cast way back in 2011.

They're on a mission. They're in a, an orbit going to carry out some kind of repair to a satellite.

I think it

Reegs: satellite is. Yeah.

Sidey: And they get confused about some song lyrics.

Reegs: Well, yeah, he's misheard the lyrics to Toto.

And he's singing terribly.

Patrick Wilson is Brian.

Dan: Yeah. As he's doing work maintenance, work outside the space shuttle on the satellite and he's just singing and enjoying and looking down at, at earth and the moon at the other side,

Reegs: Jacinda Fowler is there har Berry that's Robbie's mom.

She's given up her honeymoon to be in space.

Sidey: Yeah. And she says that the view from there beats the view of Italy any day. She's probably true.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: But then disaster strikes.

Reegs: Well, they're attacked by something that sounds a bit like a transformer.

Sidey: Yeah. Sound wave kind of noises and stuff.

Reegs: And it was a metallic, it sort of insect like swarm.

Sidey: Yeah. It's from big hero six.

Reegs: Yeah. yeah.

Sidey: It's the sort of nano bot type.

Dan: Yeah. We don't, we don't learn that. We don't learn that late, but it is just like a black cloud against the black of space. That's moving towards him and it swarms over and causes disaster. This spins them all around.

Reegs: Well, there's a disposable red shirt, Alan Marcus, who's there and he's just flung off into the

Sidey: far

Reegs: reaches of space. And Brian, our hero Wilson Patrick Wilson, Chris Pratt is tethered to the shuttle, which is like spinning furiously and and he's hauled into it. And it's really disorienting.

Dan: Yeah. And well, he, man, yeah, it is, it it's, it's spinning right around.

He manages somehow to, to get himself inside the, the spaceship again and and slow. The, the role also saved the other astronaut who's hall. Berry he's been knocked on unconscious with all this spinning, but the other guy's gone. He's tries to communicate with him, but he's, he's gone.

Sidey: No chance.

Dan: And he, he has to he has to land without any of the equipment.

There's no he has do all the mass and everything for reentry

Sidey: himself. Well, he's also seen this black swarm around he's the witness to it all. Yeah. And does he actually see it going bore into the moon or does that, that where you see it?

He looks

Reegs: Yeah. He, well, he looks at the moon and then we see it and I think we're supposed to understand that he saw it, even though it was thousands of miles away, but yeah.

Sidey: yeah. It's, it's kind of positioned itself into a huge drill bit and is just pure, you

Dan: like a

Sidey: going into

Dan: a hole

Reegs: a perfect circle. Yeah. In a, in a particular crater that I did have the

Sidey: by that.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. One of those. Yeah. And then the title moon fall.

Dan: Yeah. So that's it that's entry and it flips to, was it 15 years later or something, or

Reegs: it's, it's actually unspecified at this point because you get the house for sale. Yeah. Why? Sign and you can see the remnants of well, I'm just gonna call, what am I gonna call him?

Brian, Brian's former life. She's looking sadly at a photo of her husband and their young son as the TV. And there is a lot of exposition given by the TV in this movie. I don't mean he noticed, but is telling the story and it actually says he's disgraced hero pleading his case. It's brilliant. And he's, he's

Dan: Yeah, cuz that's right. We learned that he'd gone to court. And when he gave his version of accounts, they decided that he hadn't been a hero actually, which was the immediate kind of reaction. And when they did the investigation, he, he said that he saw this black swarm and that's what did it and hall Berry, wasn't able to confirm that.

And within the line of questioning, she also was in his eyes, conceding something to, to the other side. And


Sidey: Has she been de in this movie or has she just found some fountain of youth or something? Because she looks incredible.

Reegs: Yeah. I think it's the latter.

Sidey: Oh, wow. Pat's off to her.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And, and

Reegs: yeah, NASAs are basically gonna cover it all up and pin everything on Brian.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: And his son only knows him through televised, like, you know, showings of

Dan: she's remarried, don't she? Yeah. His wife remarries and and his boy, we meet him next. He's he's kind of a, what about 18? Yeah, he's just 18.

Isn't he?

Sidey: He's about joy riding.

Doing a crime.

Dan: and he got busted for it. Yeah. So he's going these, all the, the problems going around, I guess. So we, we learned that he's been disgraced. We learned that the family's left him, his son's in trouble with the police. And I dunno, does he go and lose his job as well?

Reegs: Exactly.

Yeah. That's when the big time jump happens the 10 years later, so we've seen him, he's in disgrace, NASA have bend him off and then 10 years later and his life is falling apart.

He's like late on his rent and all that stuff. We're introduced to Casey Houseman, John Bradley's character. He's buffing the floors at Caltech, I think. And he's also moonlighting as a professor. Yeah. Doing his own research on the moon.

Dan: and for people that don't know him, he's the guy out of game of Thrones. Isn't he played Sam Gar, what was it? Sam? Something from that

Sidey: it became the Grandmaster. Yeah. Yeah. He's quite large. Let's just say that

Reegs: he takes a mixture of pills from a sweet tin. Yeah. In a plot point that they sort of occasionally referenced, but never really goes anywhere. I think a lot, it feels like a lot was edited out of this movie

Dan: Is it just a red pill and a blue pill? He has

Reegs: there was green ones and all

Sidey: and all sorts. Yeah. And he doesn't know which one he's taken.

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: he's got these this research that he's done and he's downloading, he looking at his phone and he also works at a fast food place. And just when he's serving an old lady realize he's stumbled across this incredible discovery.

And he tries to phone NASA to tell them about it, but they put, just put him through to customer service. But meanwhile, Jacinda, she's now the deputy.

Dan: head of NASA

Reegs: head of NASA and she's woken up by a phone call. She starts to sneak out the house where her live in nanny. Michelle is looking after the sun, Jimmy she's she's going to the space center and she's given the news that the, the moons orbit has shifted.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: It's orbital radius is decreasing.

Dan: They

Reegs: check the data

Dan: and it's true

Reegs: and it's true.

Dan: And they obviously don't want this news to get out, but he gets frustrated. Doesn't he? With Sam

Reegs: Casey,

Dan: Casey gets that if I call him by another name in another show, no, Casey. He's getting frustrated that NA aren't contacting him.

And I think he has a conversation with somebody who says just make it happen.

Reegs: Well, that's a little, yeah, that's a little bit late at first. His cat inspires him, to get in touch with Wilson, by pissing on a bit of paper. And he says, what would Elon do?

Sidey: Yeah. There's a few references to him. Isn't there? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. He's got like this sort of weird Intel vibe to him. I think

Sidey: he's kind of a leader of a bunch of conspiracy nuts. Yeah. And they have a conference where you it's kind of built up to be this big thing with load and it's just a load of crazies. Like it would be in some dingy room and Brian is there to speak.

Reegs: Yeah.

That's a bit later though. Cause that's after all the craziness has started.

Sidey: True. Yeah.

Dan: what happens to, to do that? He learns that it's astronaut day doesn't he or something like that. So he times his arrival, cuz he wants to tell somebody about this discovery. So he he's gonna go and tell an astronaut that's right. And it, it turns out that it's it's our man who's been up there in space and so he doesn't believe in, but.

Eventually he turns up at that.

Sidey: But there's also, there's a, there's a crew up in space.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Who they send. To investigate

Dan: loads going on. Isn't it.

Sidey: it. And they there's the they've come across the whole, this perfect whole crater that has been bought into the moon. And they send a probe down there, which they're obviously tracking, cuz that's what it does and it's going deeper and deeper.

And then they realize, oh shit, something's coming back up the

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: it's hit 25 kilometers. And now it's being pushed up

Sidey: and it gets, the probe gets spa back out and this black cloud comes out again and now we get to see it in close up and see what it's really about. And it is the, well, it not

a, it's it's nano, but it's some sort of nanotechnology or whatever it is.

And it looks exactly like the stuff from, from big hero, six, the Baymax thing in, in Disney

Reegs: mm-hmm

Sidey: and, but it's fucking murderous and pretty fucking violent. And it just smashes into the space shuttle and goes through the, the visors and just kills all the.

Dan: All the, astronauts the astronauts Yeah. They're dead and they're watching it.

Reegs: considering it's a 12, doesn't it?

Dan: And they're, they're watching it at base camp there. As we are watching it,

Sidey: I did like the, the main NASA dude's reaction is like, fuck this I'm out.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: yeah, yeah.

Sidey: to walk straight outta the road. Like yeah, you can deal with this,

Reegs: which entitles her. Then she can fuck off, down to the archives to learn the secrets of what's happening at NASA.

Just cuz she's got this badge, she just turns up and is like, oh I've got cue clearance. And here's my here's my boss's

Sidey: badge. Oh cue.

Dan: well,

Reegs: anyway, we could get to that in a minute,

Dan: calculated Mr. The earth has got about two weeks or something to go two weeks. Yeah.

Reegs: And he like the director before her lies to the American public and she says he, he gets pissed off and he says, you work for me.

And she says, I work for the American people and you're keeping them in the dark.

it's brilliant.

Dan: It's brilliant. Yeah.

Reegs: Anyway. Yeah. And then also we haven't talked about Tom, which is Michael Pena. He's the he's he's Brenda. Wilson's new feller. He works for.

Lexus, which they tell you an astonishing number of times the, the advertising, this movies off the charts.

Did anybody feel like buying Kaspersky after this

Sidey: right?

Dan: There's there's just visually also lots even remember the cat I'd forgotten about that bit

Reegs: far Rin

Dan: far Aldrin.


Sidey: Yeah. Michael Penya, just tragically underused in his film. Yeah. They just pack him off

Reegs: and somehow he's supposed to be the as asshole stepdad, even though it's not really clear why he is

Sidey: it's just protecting the kids.

Like let's get 'em away from here where it's really bad. Yeah. To somewhere safe

Reegs: because the news has got out and it's very quickly devolved into like a post apocalyptic society basically in a matter of

Sidey: days,

everyone stopped buying toilet roll. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: And yeah. Casey has leaked this news onto the internet and and so everybody knows and he gets caught in then and invited by NASA or,

Sidey: well, we get the first sort of title waves and

Reegs: we do Yeah

Sidey: immediately because he's at his nerd convention.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And some huge waves come in and smash through the building. And he nearly drowns and Brian has to help him up a few stairs to get him out of the water. But it's the first visual effect of the, the moon for that we see. And

Dan: the gravitational pull

Sidey: stuff that I really like. Yeah.

Reegs: So, like you say, the director just Fox off and leaves gives up everything, gives her the security clearance. They're not prepared for this. They've come across. Basically they've theorized every theory in this complete crackpot theory from everybody is true.

First time throughout the whole movie, the theory is that this thing specifically targets organic beings inside electronic

Sidey: Yeah. It takes him a little while to figure out that it has to be the two combined targeting

Reegs: humans.


And then she goes down to have a baffling exposition dump with Donald Sutherland. He turns up and he tells her it's, you know, the moon landings were a fake and they lost them not fake, but they lost contact with him for two minutes and discovered something back in the original thing.

And they saw this, they knew about it and they had a weapon to defeat it. But for budgetary reasons, it was shelved and gives her all this information and then goes off screen to commit suicide.

Sidey: Yeah. He had really high billing. He had like that and also featuring, and he's in it for less than two minutes. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: yeah.

It's a cameo

Reegs: a crazy one Nassar coming up with this solution hamstrung by the fact that they can't use any electronics and the defense guys are planning new attacks. And it just so happens that her husband Jain's ex-husband Doug is one of the generals on the other side.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: So this is where we've had all the bit where Wilson goes and meets up with the crack pot guys talking about mega


Dan: it her ex-husband though? Or is her husband?

Sidey: you just said that word and I'd had forgotten, but they say mega structure probably about a hundred times in this film.

Dan: Yeah. And basically inside the moon was some of these crack pot theories was there's going to be fields.

Aliens are using it. They harvest it. And it's a energy ball that is making all this and thousands of years

Sidey: it's on a

Reegs: the power of a collapsed white dwarf to power technology. Yeah.

Dan: And built a show around it, which looks like the moon

Sidey: that's right.

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: All of us.

Reegs: us Yeah.

Dan: And it's worked,

Reegs: are we now

Sidey: Well, the destruction starts to ramp up.

Reegs: it's good stuff. Really good. Yeah. It starts off fairly low key with a big tide coming in, but it's devastating power of that tide is it sweeps away? And that's where we have the sequence with the conspiracy theorists and all that sort of stuff. And then he can't swim for some reason, so there can be like three

Sidey: minutes

Reegs: of peril where he rescues him and then takes him upstairs. And then that's when they decide. A load of people wanna fuck off to the military bunker in Colorado.

Sidey: Yep.

Reegs: Pena wants to also go to Colorado by Aspen. I wonder if those two storylines will combine and now they send for Wilson because they've come up with this plan to take the EMMP bond that she found out that the idea from Sutherland up to the moon to blow this thing up.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. They, they found out.

This entity is actually attacking the moon. And without it, if they can kill this, then they will be able to re put, put the moon back on its orbit that it wants to get back on its orbit. This is preventing it. So that's the plan,

Reegs: Yeah. And so to do that, they have to get the old Apollo 11 ship.

The endeavor.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: that's been graffiti. Somebody's put, fuck the moon on it.

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: and we get a great shot of it being pulled through the streets with the graffiti on

Sidey: it. Yeah. And

Reegs: that stuff. So they come up with this plan Wilson and he takes along Casey, for some reason, even though the guy's completely like just lunatic the whole way through this.

Dan: Yeah. He he's the one that had calculated it though, out of, or done it first.

Noticed it, so that alone then was enough to give him

Reegs: bit of kudos

Dan: clearance as well that he knew was going on. And he said, mega structure a lot. So

You know, he had to continue.

Reegs: So the plan is to take this old shuttle and when the Moo cuz now the moon is getting ever decreasingly closer to the earth and more and more crazy shit is happening.

The real crazy shit hasn't happened yet. So we're okay to,

Dan: some great shots of the moon,

Sidey: Well they, but they've got the launch. Thing. Ready? Yeah. So the shuttle was there and everyone's fucked off, but there's two guys have stayed to do the launch. And then it, some crazy shit does start to happen because they're on the time of it because you can see a huge wave is coming towards them.

And it's cool. Cause you can see it gravitation of being pulled upwards and towards them and it's wiping out everything in its path. So they need to get the shuttle away before it gets wiped out. But, and it's

Dan: funny it's gonna, they're not gonna make it, you know, they're not gonna make it.

Reegs: make it, but they do damn.

Dan: It's amazing.

Sidey: They come through the fucking water and all that sort of shit. Amazing.

Dan: ditching everything, anything that weighs parts of the shuttle, just to give 'em that extra little

Reegs: We missed a part where her inspiring speech to everybody is basically we're fucked. Everybody go home. Yeah. It's an amazing bit of inspirational stuff.

But yeah, they do. They go up in it. Don't

Dan: they? And you can see on their computer screen, just the angle. It needs to

Sidey: they're like, wait, no, because of the extra gravity of the moon, it's actually okay. You're like, yes, they made

Dan: they burst through

Reegs: Surfing the gravitational waves.

Dan: a phone starts floating and stuff.

Reegs: so, yeah. So what else is happening? The there's, the kids are now his son that we haven't talked about is now with her nanny and her son, Jimmy,

Dan: they've got him out of prison,

Reegs: country to Aspen to meet up with Michael Pena.

Dan: They've got him out of prison as a condition that he do this job, because he wasn't gonna do it.

He, he said, you know, why,

Sidey: he's an artist

Dan: But he's the only one that could and gets

Reegs: He's the only man he's piloted it without electronics. They know.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: So yeah, they do, they've gone up into space. They've got this thing to sort of refuel it again.

There was more SpaceX and stuff.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Casey's finally contributing something with the navigational thing, but he's also taking selfies, so fuck off . The moon rises like a predator over the earth now really ominous, and then they have to turn all their electronics off and they navigate like using old school.

I can't remember what that thing is called. Dan No. Well, yeah, but

Sidey: I know what you mean. It's

Reegs: Sexton, is that the word? Yeah. And they're doing all the calculations on the fly using bursts of oxygen and what I think or something to navigate the go. And meanwhile, the kids are stopped by a roving gang of assholes. They have their car stole.

On the way to chole RDO. So that's why they end up hiking to Michael pen's place. But this is when the craziness has started to happen. They've reached this thing called the Roche limit where pieces of the moon now are being starting to break off and hit the earth. And then there's huge winds as they're running away and crazy gravity, which only affects you if you're not inside a barn.

Dan: yeah, that's right. Yeah. Stuff's getting pulled everywhere

Reegs: Yeah, but they just go into a barn like, oh, that'll fix it.

Sidey: It does get to a point where you feel like, well, there's nothing left to save. Like even if you like

Dan: the

disaster that we've seen. Yeah.

Sidey: Even if you scoot the moon back up to where it was meant to be, it's all fucked.


Reegs: when it, we, at the end, when it's basically scraping the earth is just fucking crazy.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: They plan then, so is to fly this probe thing out for the AI to kind of swallow and they're gonna detonate the MP. On it. But when they go and do it, the AI's not buying it. And it sees them and it goes to

Dan: it's smart.

Reegs: them. So they have to smash the phone and the remotes. So now they've got no way to set the bomb off.

Sidey: the point where they, they understand that it has to have human and machine to

Reegs: wait. It would been just a theory before, but like many theories proved to be

Sidey: And they say, they've, they've got no, exactly no computer now to help them navigate.

Reegs: Yeah. So they decide to fly into the


Dan: the mega structure down into the crater,

Sidey: into the mega structure.

It's a mega structure, mega structure, mega.

Dan: And then it is like a big tube, a big pipe that they're flying through and it opens up and there are the fields.

And they it's beautiful, isn't it? It's, it is all kind of alien tech.

Reegs: it is, it is, their plan is to, is to drop the The Rover, but just at the last minute, something takes over their controls and steers the ship as it's being chased by all of the black shit.

And it pulls them into this

Dan: hanger kind of place.

Yeah. And they, they sat down there and

Reegs: they smash down. There's no oxygen. It's very dramatic. Well, you not.

Dan: Yeah, no, of course. Yeah. We weren't sure if they were gonna live at this point, but I, I still felt that they might but they wake up don't they? And he's not there.

Reegs: No.

Dan: Casey wakes up with hall Berry.

Yeah. And they're just finding their bearings. They can breathe. But he's, he's not there. And a light comes on to almost guide them down a hallway and they know some shit's up here.

Reegs: Yeah, they do.

Dan: They've gotta go. They don't seem to have a choice and they follow this kind of white light towards

Sidey: well don't we see the spaceship get magically healed as well.

Reegs: That's in a

Dan: minute that's yeah. That

Reegs: minute, cuz we were about to get another crazy exposition dump because we do catch up with Wilson.

Dan: They see him who

Reegs: by a white light into the matrix where he talks to an AI version of the moon of, of the moon's

Sidey: It's like the, for fortress of solitude in Superman. It just, it just gives you all the backstory.

Reegs: Yeah. It's amazing

position dump. Yeah.

And he reveals that basically humanity is spawn from a common peaceful civilization. A technologically advanced one who had apparently never heard of MPS. It was all, but they, they, they built they'd expanded from their world to live amongst these huge mega mega structures they created.

That's why they had these fields and

Dan: stuff. Boards were a thing in the past.

Reegs: right. Um But it was all controlled by an AI, which one day went off the rails. A classic thing that AI's do.

Sidey: Mm. Do you know that today is the anniversary of this judgment day?

Reegs: Is it?

Sidey: The day that we're recording this. Yeah. It's this is the day that Skynet went mental.

Yeah. So

Reegs: I still pray for it every year.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And then of course the AI decides to destroy all biological life, to protect its own existence, which seems fairly rational to me, to be honest.

Dan: So anything that's why anything, both human and electrical

Sidey: we get, we get a shot of someone's living quarters and it seemed like it was their alarm clock or something.

There was something in a little ornament that was going crazy and it seemed to be what burst I was like, what was that even doing? I dunno what that is. Anyway, they're all dead.

Dan: They, they, yeah. Loads of, but some got away and they got away to our moon. And they fixed

Reegs: Well, they, they were sending out these like arcs, basically seeds for humanity. And they were trying to find the correct worlds, but only one got away before the AI destroyed them. And it was the one that came to our earth and we see a pretty cool thing of our solar system and then the earth being formed and then like millions of years of evolution happening in a few frames.

That was pretty cool. And they seeded our world with DNA. So that's where the offspring of a a technologically advanced civilization.

Dan: this like a Scientology thing. Don't they believe something similar to that.

the yeah, something like that. Isn't it?

Sidey: I dunno if it's as called as or this,

Dan: right?

Yeah, no, I think they have something along those lines. Right. Interesting. Didn't really think about it until now.

Reegs: No, I didn't think about it until now, but that is a good point. So yeah, when Wilson wakes up, he tells everybody else this crazy theory, now that they're part of an inter galactic war. But now he's got magical powers that you can open doors and spaceship has been souped up somehow.

This is what you were talking about.

Sidey: about's

Reegs: been repaired, even the bomb is pulsing now.

Sidey: Yep.

Reegs: And also, meanwhile, the nuke, there's a ticking clock because the generals are gonna fire the nukes.

Dan: Oh yeah. This is dramatic. This part, isn't it? Because he said nothing about the fact that his wife has taken.

An ancient spaceship up to the moon and is attempting to beat it beat something inside this, this entity inside like they're doing, he said nothing and they get to the war room where he's gotta turn the key yeah. To do the nukes. Yeah. And instead of doing that is, it comes his term. They're all look at it and going, Frank, what are you doing?

You know? Dunno if his name's Frank, Doug Doug, what are you doing? And he pulls a gun on him.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: I mean, this is a big scene, so yeah, this is, he goes, is my wife up there? I mean, this is the time to do it. I guess. He's not asking

Sidey: but ANU would do nothing.

Reegs: Yeah. It's not clear what the plan is. There really, is

Dan: No, the

Sidey: just desperation of just shoot all the nukes it and see what happens.

Dan: And and so he, he holds him off.

Reegs: He does Michael pina dies saving one of the kids. There's a whole thing where, where they go to get some oxygen.

And you're supposed to, I think cheer because his dad gave him a gun which is some pretty fucked up shit. Then this is you get, this is when you start getting the real money shot stuff of like the moon, really close to the earth, destroying cities, as good as you've ever seen it. Orange and teal and fireballs and death and

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: on, on an almost unimaginable

Dan: It's an apocalypse going on right.

There is. We can see what is gonna happen in the next few hours. It it's getting worse and worse.

Reegs: we've also got the kid now doing like a video game inspired sequence in a chase with trucks going everywhere. And they're in a rally car, like using video game physics and gravity to go over these

Dan: huge

He, he, he skips over one doesn't he and goes on top of the broken piece of road that is broken. Like flying through the air, uses that as a ramp to get onto the next bit of land and the car that's following tries to make the same move, but crashes into it tragic really. But yeah, it was, larger than life action. Towards the end, got even bigger.

Reegs: So back up in space, the operating system now is souped up everything and their plan is basically, they still don't have a way. To deliver the payload of the EMP. So somebody has to sacrifice themselves, stay behind. And it's gonna be Wilson, even though what Wilson says to him.

If you look, if you notice this proper gas lighting this, because he's like, oh, I'm gonna do it. Why don't you go back there for a minute? While I talk to Ja up here. So he puts him in the place. So he's like put the idea in his head already. And Casey does eventually like say I'm gonna save everyone.

I'm gonna do it big emotional

Dan: It was, yeah, there was tears as he kind of ejected himself from the main pod. Yeah. And waited with the bomb. Which had a, a button said bomb or something called

Reegs: you had to arm it twice and then press fire. They told you three times, I feel like I could have

Sidey: them.

Reegs: it.


Sidey: yeah, they fuck off home

Reegs: Yeah. Well, and home is like, they basically just because the moon is so close now, they just kind of fall out of a hole and then they're, they're

Sidey: They're there

Reegs: and they land on top of this mountain and then the moon goes back up.

Dan: Well, that, that, that for me was like just genius. When them getting back, it was, it was literally a, a, you know, shorter than from Jersey to London or something.

It was just a hop. There you go. I'm there.

Reegs: I've done cliff dives worth worse than that. Yeah. And they go onto a, like a mountain and, and there's a beautiful blue sky and they're just like, oh, hasn't everything worked out amazingly.

Sidey: Yeah. And I, I start to think about stupid shit.

Like the, the amount of time, you know, the, the cost of putting

Reegs: What happens

Sidey: like any process, how would you even begin to start the process? Yeah, but it doesn't matter because it cares.

Dan: Yeah. The moon is start what the AI is dead. The, the moon is starting to fight the

Reegs: the sky's blue wear.

The AI is no Ash cloud or anything at all. Everything's just instantly

Dan: missed how it happens, really. So he waits doesn't he for this huge nano thing, it doesn't go for him straight away.

It kind of holds, but then it swallows him whole and he waits until

Reegs: he waited way too long. As soon as that thing was in the cockpit, would've been too close for me.

Anyway, yeah, also brilliantly. The last we ever see of her husband is they just get buried in an avalanche and then they never pick that story line up again. It's amazing. So we never know what happens to the rest of the general. And then you know, Wilson makes sure to tell everyone that Casey was the hero.

And then we end with a truly baffling sequel set on the newly reconstituted moon in space where a copy of Casey's consciousness is greeted by his mother in the construct. And she tells him of her plan to get started with


Dan: started. Yeah. And then it ends


uh It's a tour to force, isn't it?

Sidey: Oh, I mean, I've already told you that I love this. Yeah. And I still do like unashamedly. Just enjoy it. It's just fucking great fun. I, and, and I, I had no idea that it was gonna be as bonkers as it is.

Reegs: It is breathtakingly

Sidey: It's I think if you've got a concept, like don't hold back. Yeah. Just fucking go all in and they absolutely have gone all in

Dan: and they, yeah. Great little one liners and and.

Sidey: the destruction really looks fucking, really cool

Dan: Yeah. Really like Casey in it. I thought he was good.

Reegs: Yeah.

Brilliant. I love how time after time completely lunatic theories are shown to be absolutely bang on.

Correct. It proves just how good everything would be. If we just listen to the conspiracy theorist.

Sidey: I like that for the, the making of the film, they had an astronaut on set and he would say, wow, that wouldn't really work. Wouldn't really do it like that. And I'd just like, yeah, sharp. It's

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: you must have just got told that all the time.

Sidey: I

Reegs: I think Wilson and uh Barry are really good in this.

They're just like completely playing it straight and, and it's the whole time only Bradley has got, we didn't really talk about him. He's a weird character. I think it's not really clear if he's supposed to be a lovable nerd because he, like I say, he gave me a kind of weird in insult type vibe. A lot of the time, like constantly on the verge of snapping is the best destruction effects I've seen for

Sidey: They're really great.

Reegs: And the plot keeps going. Here's a crazy idea. Well, no, well, hang on. Here's an even more absurd one. And yeah,

Sidey: well, we've mentioned that they're potentially setting up a sequel, the budget for this one came in at 150 mil plus marketing and all the rest of it. Would you reckon it did

Dan: I

Reegs: a big fail, I would think.

Dan: yeah. I dunno that this made a, a lot of noise, but it's decent.

I enjoyed it, but

Sidey: it only took 44 mil,

Dan: right? Yeah. That's a big,

Sidey: fell, big fell. So I think that's wiped out any chance

Dan: just cuz I've not heard of

Sidey: but I think there wasn't this like death in the age of COVID.

Reegs: yeah, exactly. But getting like really drunk or something and going to see this at the cinema with a bunch of mates would be absolutely off the charts, but not being obnoxious.

Sidey: No don't do that. Yeah, I just enjoyed it from, from, I was like, so enthusiastic to watch it and it didn't let me down. I just, I fucking had a great time with it. Just really enjoyed it.

Dan: Yeah. It would be one that I'd watch with probably the family. I think they would get a laugh out of that. I know it's said 12, there are a couple of you know, things to think about for, for that, I guess, but there's so much action and Mo moving parts that I think that, you know, my kids will probably get a kick out of it.

Reegs: This is don't look up, but for intellectuals.

Sidey: Yes. Yeah,

man, versus B.

Dan: Mm.

Sidey: Now you had mentioned about potentially nominating this before Dan. Yeah. And I. Got the fear because it had a definite whiff of like Mr. Being about it, which I

Dan: well, it's Rowan

Sidey: Don't like, so black adder series two to four and the Christmas Carol, like some of the best stuff that's ever been made love row Atkins in that, but everything else, well, not the nine o'clock news is always good.

I don't like, I just don't like that physical fucking like crusted pie, fucking shit. I don't like it. And that's what this looked like to me. So I was like, please don't nominate. I don't wanna watch this. So I wasn't going into it this week with a huge amount of

Reegs: Do you like slapstick physical

Sidey: Not really. No.

Reegs: I don't often like it, I don't like Lee

Sidey: No I don't. No,

Reegs: it was more the premise that I liked

Sidey: this Mm-hmm

Reegs: a

man versus a B.

Sidey: Yeah. And it opens with

Dan: we've all had that haven't you, whether it be a wasp or fly or, or whatever, just something the moth

Sidey: just tormenting you. Yeah, we've had it.

Reegs: we had, oh, we didn't mention in our top five insects, didn't mention the moth that terrorized

Sidey: should have done. Eh yeah. And as it begins, it's the end of a court case or some sort of legal proceedings and we get a little montage of what he's been up to in his fight against his be, and is a flame thrower and destruction of some expensive artwork and some other bits going on and he's declared guilty.

We see some people in the gallery celebrating and then his family, like not celebrating

Reegs: the judge says to him, what does he have to say for himself?

And he says, well, there was this be.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And then it takes us back

Dan: To the, to the moment and he's, he's he's kind of down on his luck. His, is it his son or his daughter? I can't remember

Sidey: now. His daughter that keeps

Dan: daughter he, he kind of FaceTimes her and he says, oh, look, I've got a job on and I'm I look after people's houses while they're away.

Sidey: Says, so we we'll be able to go on that holiday still, but he rocks up to this big, big mansion, very contemporary styling.

But he rocks up on his push bike. So he doesn't got a car, you know, whether that's by choice or not, we don't know, but he, he turns up and he introduces himself and he's not the normal house sitter that they have. They weren't available. He explains and

Dan: no, but they're in a rush to go.

Sidey: well, he's, he's on a, he's on a video.

Thing doorbell, you know, is futuristic thing. So she's saying like, who are you? And he holds up his ID and that's upside down and he's already being pestered by the bee. He's not really looking at the camera, he's trying to WAFF this be away. But she lets him in and then they meet and she's straight away.

You're thinking, I hope, I'm glad he's gonna destroy your house cuz you're fucking horror.

Reegs: These two are absolutely appalling. Yeah. Nina and Christy col stud Batten, Bergen, or Bergen Batton or something.

Sidey: she's just instantly fucking rude to him. And so you are, you are just like delighted that there's gonna be destruction yeah.

Upon her. And then the, the fell like somehow is even worse. So he's just so ostentatious and going on about how much his stuff is worth. And he shows him his E type JAG, and this is the first one ever made. Do you know how much it's worth? And he's like, I don't know, thousands. He's like, no, it's 2 million.

And he says, he's

Reegs: got how many episodes of this? Have you seen?

Sidey: the one and I will not watch anymore. And there's this mobile thing, like a child's mobile and he drops the name of that and that's worth thousands. And you're like, I can't wait for all this to fucking burn.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And, and it eventually all does. Of course. It's well,

Reegs: they, they show, like you say, they show in round and , they, they tell 'em about this rim. That's got like a 2 million pound book in it or something, and it's easy to remember to code for it. It's just a, Naval battle. So they set up a loads of these ticking clocks.

Dan: what they they're Dutch aren't they?

Sidey: I thought it was Scandinavian of some kind.

Dan: Yeah. So when he explains this

Sidey: she says, don't worry, it's all in the manual. And she's, she's alluded to it a couple times. It's all in there and he flicks through it and it's, everything's written down in, you know, exquisite detail.


Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: They've done this before.

Reegs: they, they fuck off don't

Sidey: he, he gets a, he gets a coat or something out of the thing and knocks all the dog toys over, which is important because there's all these soft toys, but they're all balls and they all roll around and he thinks he's got them all, but he hasn't quite because the room with the. Famous book that's worth millions is Wedd over for the door wedged open by one of these toys. Yeah. So, you know, that's, that's another

Dan: an Inn.

Reegs: Yeah. And cupcake, the owner of those balls may well play into future

Sidey: Well he's explicitly not allowed to go into that room. He's told that don't worry.

That's in the book.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So they bug her off.

And he has a close call with a statue. Looks like some sort of very old statue. Some sort of,

Dan: is it the Venus de Mylo kind of thing going on or a bus? Which one was it?

Reegs: African

style? Figurine? I

Dan: One. He is pointed out on the tour, I think.

Sidey: say he nearly knocks it over and then the B comes along and he's or is it just a phone call that he's on when he, when he knocks this one over,

Reegs: it's just on a phone

Sidey: he does, he does definitely knock it over and the head comes off.

Yeah. He rips the head clean off it.

Dan: The B is just kind of tormenting when he's waving and wafting and, and clumsy knocks over this head.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: It's horrible. You know, we've, we've all done similar things like that, where you've maybe banged your hand or you've wafted something away and knocked something over. Do it glasses all the time.

Reegs: There was another bit as well. I can't remember if it's in the first episode, you have to correct if I'm wrong, but he's he just wants to have, I think a glass of water or something, but he can't work out how to open the cupboards and he's put the, the manual on the stove top

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: waving his arms.

Cuz the only way he can open the cupboard is by like standing next to it and waving his arm.

Sidey: He's trying to find the glue. He's trying to find the glue to reattach the head onto the statue. And there's a gardener who keeps looking in. He's trying to pretend that he's not. Flustered and panicking around who does eventually finds some glue, which he reuses to reattach the head.

Then he finds a hair dryer. Yeah. He finds a hair dryer because it's not quite staying on. And as soon as he turns the hair dryer, it immediately like blows it a hundred miles an hour, you know, and it knocks the head off again and it goes down, but this time cupcake, the dog gets it yeah. And runs off. And he has to wrestle with the dog to get it back.

But he does eventually reattach it.

Reegs: mm-hmm

Dan: and all this time

Sidey: the bee comes back into it.

Dan: And, and I think he's turned the stove on and it's gently

Reegs: He's done it accidentally. Hasn't he trying to open the thing.

Sidey: gonna have some P and ham soup. So he puts the that's right. He puts the book down on the top left and he's cooking on the bottom.

Right. And he turns the hub, not realiz. It's the one under the book, which ah, we can all see. So he's

Reegs: an idiot, eh,

Sidey: and then the bee comes along, which he, he, so he traps the bee and for man versus B, there's been not that much B

Dan: B action

Sidey: No. But he traps the bee under a glass, goes back to cooking.

And what you can just see in the background that the bee is like nudging the glass along. Yeah. The work surface

Dan: and,

he frees himself.

Sidey: He does, he gets out. And he's run

Dan: got a vengeance,

Sidey: well, he's still cooking. And he's like, you get a shot of the, the sauce bin of soup and it's still all gluing. It hasn't heated up.

So he cranks up the heat, which we can see is just cooking the books,

Reegs: roasting the book. Yeah.

Sidey: And it's at this point that the dog starts chasing the be and goes into the special magic book room.

Reegs: Yeah. Knocking the ball out, locking him

out Yeah.

Dan Atkinson realizes that the book is on fire, fire.

Sidey: He needs, the codes need the codes and he just keeps saying, I

Reegs: Can't remember the

Sidey: the codes, get the codes, get the codes.

It cannot get it's gone. It's just, it's just the spine of the book really is all

Dan: and the dog is in the room

Sidey: causing destruction, terror,

Reegs: specifically

at the book as well. It's done quite a number on the book.

Dan: Yeah. The, the very expensive book is in tatters all over the

Sidey: And it just, the B just sort of hovers and looks at him and obviously

Reegs: get the B vision in this one?

Sidey: Yeah. You've seen, you've seen some predator vision from the B, but at the, the culmination of the episode where the dog's just tearing up that room, that he's not allowed to be in the bee then looks and you get a closeup of it. Like, like just staring at him, like he's got a vendetta against him. And that's the end of that episode.

Reegs: Yeah,

I would say the first episode is the weakest of it. It takes a while to set it up,

Dan: well, I, I watch them all with my daughter over one or two nights, cuz they're quite short aren't they, they

Sidey: one's 19 minutes. The rest 'em are 11.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. So

Reegs: the whole thing's done in about an hour and 10 minutes.

Dan: Yes. And I think we, yeah, I think we watched them all in one city. I didn't enjoy them really. And they were really cringy and I, I just, I just thought, oh, he's such a, you know, like you, I'm not a huge fan of this type of comedy from him, you know, Mr.

Bean and things. It's never really, there's been a few good sketches. I, I enjoyed it at a time, but they've gone for me now. The, the joke's kind of gone. And this was annoying. I wanted to like it and I watched them all, you know, I did watch them all because they end on a cliff hanger each time and you're just like, oh, I'll just start the next one.

Then they're just doing, it's almost over. So it kept me hooked along, but in turns it was a few twist and turns and, but it just, I, the anxiety and the stupidity that he, it just was, it just drove me insane. To be honest, it was,

Sidey: I, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would have to say it took me about 10 minutes to start to not like it because the, the people, his house was so horrendous.

Yeah. I was glad that their stuff was gonna get ruined.

Reegs: They get worse as well

Sidey: Oh, do they? Yeah. Okay. I'm not going back in for anymore after this, but

Dan: yeah, there's, there's a few bizarre twists and turns, but

Reegs: well, cuz even better, all the

Dan: he has a holiday.

Reegs: It was all fakes.

Sidey: Oh really? Yeah. Oh and lucky.

Reegs: Yeah,

He, yeah.

Dan: Yeah. There's there's few twist and turns, but it I'm, I'm trying to reflect back. I remember not liking it, but now talking about it, I'm warming to the idea of it again. But

Reegs: So I've watched it with the kids. We watched it and it was probably the experience of being able to watch something all

Dan: together.


Reegs: Even youngest joined in didn't like the dog feces. Slash biting of the bottom part

Sidey: but that wasn't in this

Reegs: No, that's in a later spoiler alert. And I there's a later one where Atkinson just destroys the, is it an E type JAG that, yeah, he just destroys one and he's,

Dan: is the kind of stuff that just annoyed

Reegs: He's a massive petrol head as well. So it would've, you know,

Dan: what, what he, what he's doing to get the B is like no rational person would do

Reegs: it's so relatable though, though. No, don't you think you could just snap and do that?

Not no, not way. I wouldn't have to be it doesn't man, versus B it could be, my daughter said to me afterwards, she would watch man versus horse.

And I thought,

yeah, I would watch that. And man versus snake were other suggestions that I was given.

Sidey: So if, well, the thing is, if you do like MIS Venus and that sort of comedy revs your engines, then you'll fucking love this.

Yeah. I mean, you really will. It just, I don't. So it wasn't for me.

Dan: Exactly exactly for me, you know, it's that it's

Sidey: polished. It's really well put together, you know, it's effective.

Reegs: Atkinson. He was once asked if he enjoyed playing Mr. Bean and he says it, it pays a lot of bills.

Sidey: Yeah, exactly.

Reegs: old bean is in production. You'll be pleased to know.

Would you, will you watch it? I don't know. I, so I remember watching Mr. Bean, but as a kid. So

Sidey: I just remember watching like all the black adders and especially black adder goes for, it's such a pinnacle of like incredible comedy comedy. The writing is amazing.

His perform, his character is like snarling, horrible, cynical, like devious bastard. And I just watched this and I'm like, no, I just know. I just can't reconcile the two different things. This is shit. That's like an absolutely a

Dan: would like him to do something a little more adult, you know, a little more because it is very family based entertainment, but he has more than that. And he, he has, we've been, this is basically that, you know, it's not, he's a little more developed the character, I guess, off being, because he speaks a bit and you hear him, but

Reegs: I think this was probably for me, just the fact that it hit a relative sweet spot between three ages.

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can see that. Yeah. Yeah. Fair enough. I

Dan: that's that audience, you know, and I say, I watch her with Meor and anytime I watch something with her and rewatch it to the end and laugh through is good, good time like that. But yeah, not, not for me again.

Reegs: did your, did your daughter say it was shit as well?

Dan: I can't remember.

I think it was, I think we enjoyed some

Reegs: Your daughter while

Dan: since I've seen her. It. She enjoyed some and some, she didn't cuz it, it mixed up a little bit. I think she was getting a little bit kind of annoyed with him in the end as well.

Sidey: Fair enough. Well, I think we've summed it up if you like it you'll like it.

If you don't, you won't.

Dan: So whose choice is it next week?

Sidey: Are you around next week?

Dan: Potentially potentially is there probably something I'll try and watch the, the movies.

Sidey: It's probably someone else's nominations, but I'm happy to nominate.

Reegs: Have you got nominations lined up?

Sidey: I've got. An idea for, well, I said, I think I know what the main feature's gonna be.

Dan: Okay. What did that sounds strong?

Sidey: Get out.

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: And then I'll come up with some other ones for that, but I think I'm nominating that term, but so we're gonna do that. Let's just say we're gonna do that. Okay. It might change, but who knows? We we'll, we'll go with that as a plan. That's it really for tonight, we're gonna go and try and have a game of attack.

I think up for that

Let's do it. Right. All that remains is to say Sidy, signing out

Dan: out Dan's gone