Nov. 26, 2020

Lars and the Real Girl & The Epic Adventures of Morph

Lars and the Real Girl & The Epic Adventures of Morph

“The lack of women directors in the industry is no joke. The top 100 films of 2019 were helmed by a total of 113 directors, 89.4 percent of whom were male and 10.6 percent of whom were female.” So said Women and Hollywood’s Melissa Silverstein after the 2020 Golden Globes once again featured an all male lineup in the Best Director category in a year where Greta Girwig (Little Women) and Lulu Wang (The Farewell) have had a strong case for inclusion. With this in mind, the Bad Dads Top 5 this week features those movies directed by women, and some of our favourite movies are included.

My sex doll and I have been together for 5 years this week. To celebrate our anniversary I thought I'd spice things up a little so I bought a book - the Karma Sutra for Dummies. And with that thought, let's move swiftly on to this weeks main feature: Lars and The Real Girl. Despite the sensational and ludicrous premise (a socially awkward young man pretends a sex doll is real), this thoughtful and uplifting film united the Dads for it's sensitive examination of what a community support network could look like for someone struggling with mental illness.

The sex talk continues with a nostalgic look back at a recently relaunched favourite. Yes morph is making a comeback! Talk about 50 Shades of Clay. Aardman Animations  Epic Adventures of Morph hit the television screens earlier this month and you can hear our take on this once beloved classic. As usual it doesn't take too long before the conversation veers off topic.

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Lars and the Real Girl

Reegs:   Welcome to Baghdad's film review the most successful and downloaded middle-aged dad podcast from Jersey channel islands reviewing movies and kids TV hi

Dan: you did do an intro Did

Reegs: I didn't know not even close not even

Howie: Sorry Does all that work during a week Fucking toiling over audacity

Reegs: I'm still reeling from your I've never seen gremlins confession

Howie: It's it's I don't know I'm trying to work out Why was it Because so is it a 15 gremlins So at the time I probably didn't watch it cause I was too young

Sidey: saw Robocop though

Howie: who didn't see commando on VHS

Reegs: think you would have had a lot of opportunities to not watch gremlins like it cause it was on all the time It's there's nobody else find this as amazing as me Yeah

Dan: I I've only seen it probably twice

Sidey: was it one of those when everyone was talking about it in the playground you're like yeah Yeah lots of it

Dan: The water Yeah Don't give him water Yeah

Howie: I'll play I'll play ground though Just running away

Dan: Well yeah I know I know

Howie: I'll play ground They're just running away from a caretaker and a maths teacher

Reegs: but true

Sidey: times

Reegs: what's anybody been watching this week then Oh I've been watching the Mandalorian

Dan: Yeah Finally finally got onto

Howie: Yeah Okay Oh good

Sidey: Yeah I caught up with the most recent episodes

Dan: I've yet No I've I've still got it

Reegs: No I've only done the

Sidey: first

Howie: I might need to somehow get hold

Sidey: child is is really rice

Reegs: That

Sidey: He's not no he's not it's not a plot thing He's just good in it He just makes lots of cute

Reegs: he's Oh he's

Dan: it for me now He's good in it

Sidey: he steals he steals a pack of biscuits just somebody using it for us That's it That's the

Reegs: Oh that's amazing I loved it And I think it's the sixth episode where he like gets on the spaceship controls to what flight is I can't believe how well that works The

Sidey: It's like a toy He looks like you can go and just buy

Dan: You can actually buy it cause I've

Sidey: looks exactly like that

Dan: Yeah I've seen it down in the in the toy shop in town

Reegs: but also I had no idea It was just going to be like lone Wolf and Cub as well which

Sidey: just better than all the recent films

Reegs: It's brilliant but it's not I mean I know it's got star Wars stuff in it and it does feel star Wars but it could really be anything and wild West or I mean it's just you

Sidey: well when you say the season two episode one it's proper wild

Howie: Oh cool I'm I'm confused though because Baba fare is he a Mandalore

Sidey: fat Is Jan goes son Django is the one that all the clones are based

Reegs: the Django I think you'll find it's

Sidey: Jenga That was the one that was there All the clones are based

Howie: The clones are based on a Mandalorian a rich a man who was a Mandalorian

Is that right

Sidey: Thanks

Howie: That's what I just wanted to get the link Cause that's

Sidey: they couldn't have fucking barn door

Dan: I yeah it's we're just catching up on it Or really now I've seen the Mandalorian has seen it but as for the connections between the characters on not too strong and amoeba but that is a shocking revelation that you haven't seen gremlins but we had a conversation was it online on WhatsApp about other films that you haven't seen Because you've not seen Lawrence of Arabia

Reegs: No I haven't

Sidey: That was the pod feature that we've done from time to time of confessions both of things

Dan: it's time to revisit every now and again see if you've actually seen any of those films We said I can't believe you haven't seen it So have you seen what one was hanging over you

Howie: Yeah

Sidey: Cause like if I don't want to watch it I've avoided it It's not one I was just missing I don't want to watch it It just looks shit to me I don't want to say it but there's quite a lot

Dan: buried her head deep down in the sand and

Sidey: stuff that I am slightly ashamed of is lows of Hitchcock stuff I've not seen

Dan: Yeah no it's true Yeah There's definitely Hitchcock films ions

Sidey: But I've not seen like I've not seen very scary I've not seen North by Northwest I've not seen a rear window So that's that quite you know big big deal So I need to do that but it's just finding the time

Reegs: That's an

Sidey: No basically I've seen psycho

Howie: cause it's duh duh So it's the psycho

Sidey: another one that escapes me birds The birds are things like the Bubba birds

Howie: Angry ones I'm at a shocking day to day My diet is just it's a real I've got a bad bad fucking so

Dan: Is that why you're wearing stockings and suspenders

Howie: These are beauties fucking locked down You just don't wear pants anymore

Reegs: Why The socks

Howie: I always wear

Dan: but you were at my house It's not like we're at your house

Howie: What I mean feel free

Reegs: that how you would have your if you were wearing a suit would you have your socks pulled up

Howie: Yes Yes Yeah I won't get deep deep vein thrombosis There's no deep vein thrombosis in my house

Reegs: if you don't wear socks at all And what have you got going Just normal socks

Howie: He's wearing slippers

Dan: my father-in-law's socks then somehow found its

Howie: He's

Dan: my sock drawer which is good He's in Czech Republic

Howie: No I was bored I was bored at today and I didn't have time to Kirk for lunch So I foolishly just I've never done this before I haven't I ate three raw eggs

Well I was afraid the dog and the three eggs in my hands And I went I wonder what they've tasted like raw So I put it in a glass and just drank him like

Reegs: just go for one first just to see

Howie: All in

Dan: is is this your mate Scott eggs

Howie: I brilliant

Reegs: but why are you dressed as if you go into like play a hockey match at school have you come it's just is that where you came from

Howie: shorts and rugby socks now in all forms of in all forms of my life knocked down has been kind to me I don't have to wear trousers You wear a Lester cage shorts so you can

Sidey: Just paying it all the time

Howie: Ups

Reegs: sometimes put on a tux just to shake things up a little Yeah

Dan: just dress up in my Sunday Best for no reason Just just a surprise

Howie: and then

Dan: she comes home

Howie: and then after I had three eggs I didn't eat anything else that day And I went to KFC and I don't have my own bargain bucket I don't know So with the chips and gravy Yeah

Dan: had three war eggs in a bargain bucket

Sidey: you know what I mean for us this week Yeah What we do

Reegs: We have got the top five movies directed by women we've got movie feature is Lars and the real girl And kids Stevie is the Epic adventures of morph which has just started on sky one but basically just turned into a huge more from the first for me a shrug already from Sidey Oh my God Anyway so yeah but what about last week What was that

Dan: We had a top five

Sidey: top five

Dan: It was Books I

Sidey: Oh put films put films

Dan: film film books

Sidey: Do we have much feedback I remember

Reegs: No I can't remember either

Howie: one

Dan: James cordon I think did the voiceover for that It's quite good My kids liked it

Sidey: I don't like James cordon

Dan: He's West dam He's West dam He's all

Sidey: is another reason Should we crack on with the weekly content

Reegs: Let's do it

Sidey: All right

all right then rigs Yes you're a fan of the ladies Oh sorry let's have some films what they done

Reegs: Yes So I don't know about you guys but the one of the first directors I thought of and I think there is quite a limited pool really I think it has to be said that certainly that's what I thought when I really went through my list Every movie on here like we were talking about before I've seen and I also really liked which is and they're all a cut above The first person I thought of was Kathryn Bigelow Deuce his sister James his former partner I think a lot of people are gonna say

Dan: movie

Reegs: well yeah exactly So I think

Sidey: Well there's any one Good one My opinion

Reegs: well I don't think we're going to say the same one because you're going to say point break and I'll let somebody else talk about that because people love that movie a lot more than I do I really liked the hurt locker

Sidey: I didn't

Reegs: I thought it was Well Dan I'm just waiting Did

Dan: No no I did enjoy it I didn't enjoy the hurt locker It'd been a while since I've seen it So but I remember that it was an Oscar winner wasn't it Yeah Yeah It was explosives and

Reegs: it's got an

Howie: that's exactly how they summed up in the in the Oscars that a man come on pretending he was operated

Dan: did it

Reegs: Not just got these amazingly tense set pieces in them There's also some really good character pieces about the kind of soldiers who they're sort of fighting in a sort of nonpolitical war basically And they're just The bond makers are there because they're there and they're there because the bond makers are there and they're just trapped in this like purgatorial cycle where they're just really shitty at their job And they go out to diffuse these things and then it's some shit happens again They go out again So it's like it's not really political It's just a sort of more talking about this sort of mundane crazy cycle that we're locked into it more So I thought that was really interesting Jeremy Renner is amazing in it It gets it Doesn't go for All this sort of war movie clues shit cliches It mostly avoids them clues shows Yeah

Howie: Clue sheets

Reegs: I'm not sure what I said

Dan: I take all that but I didn't Have how would this film because of point break

Reegs: yeah

Dan: I can just talk about it now because we're talking about this director in

Howie: Yeah

Dan: that movie was just one that I yeah it's double figures for me How many times I've

Howie: seen

Dan: It's whenever it comes on you can pick it up wherever and now he's got the longest

In movie cinema history and it's just action You know you've got Swayze you've got Keanu Reeves who

Howie: quarterback quarterback punk

Dan: Yeah Johnny Utah I mean fucking

Howie: Gary Boosie

Dan: no Yeah There's nothing not to love about this movie and the fact that

Reegs: pretty cool

Howie: in the shower

Dan: Kathryn Bigelow She did this for in 1991 You know this is going back This is a lady who's been top of the game for years and years and years

Reegs: I've got some earlier films of hers as well That were really shit

Howie: Have you seen how bad point break remake was Have you ever watched

Reegs: it

Dan: didn't go

Howie: It's relatively recent maybe four or five years It's like watching a An X games music video that loosely is based around the same story for point breaks So instead of surfing they've done snowboarding and motorbike and is it's a it's a Pauling and it tarnishes point breaks

Reegs: well it makes point break worse by association

Sidey: I'm not going to watch that No way

Dan: Yeah It it did kind of stain

Reegs: the original too

Dan: It did kind of stay in the original

Howie: It did It did by association

Dan: I let them do it

Reegs: I really like point break but I don't love it as much as a lot of other people do And some people are a bit like that about lethal weapon as well And I think like quite good movies but it's not Yeah the inside he looks mortified

Sidey: it's a strange leap from

Howie: Do you know I was going to say that too I would never say that people's enjoyment of point break is the same as lethal weapon is you

Reegs: Well no mostly that there are some people who talk about lethal weapon Like it's absolutely brilliant I'm like okay there are not that's another example of a film that I quite like so

Howie: getting too old for this shit

Reegs: break

Sidey: for me I think Probably I just had heard too much hype about hurt locker And when I watched it probably just a little bit underwhelmed by it so I just I didn't really see what the hype was about it It was okay But it missed off me

Reegs: it very well-directed though like the the

Sidey: I mean

Reegs: tension in the bomb diffusing scene So yeah she's obviously

Sidey: Decent how are we going

Howie: okay I'm going to steal one that I know Saudi has it it really pissed

Sidey: Oh you fuck Are you going to do it

Howie: No I won't I won't I won't I'll save I'll go then I'll go for big penny Marshall Well I genuinely didn't know as a female director again I looked up a list of films and just associated Oh I like that film I've watched that film blah blah Oh it's pretty much direct to cool But again rigs just to reemphasize the point it's not a lot money really In the vast context of things is

Reegs: Well penny Marshall's got a few herself that you know there was league of their own Renaissance man which was the Danny DeVito one Cinderella man But which I don't know whether people can talk about that but big is the really big one Yeah

Howie: But it always brings up everyone always has fond memories of that film but when you look into

Reegs: no it's a story about statutory rape

Howie: it's a bit at the end there but it's an unsaid Diddy sleep with her

Reegs: 15 minutes after the credits roll Susan or whoever what's her name Berklee Is it she gets arrested for the abduction and disappearance of the adult Josh whatever his name was

Howie: would would he been able to have kids So he's grown up so tall

Sidey: an adult functioning body But with a child's mind

Reegs: it's not really an animal's body It's more like a monkey

Sidey: It's a bit like directorial wise is a bit point and click It's not

Reegs: It's pretty classic though Think about like you know that's like a really iconic scene and filmed brilliantly

Sidey: No brilliant It is great movie even though I have the eyes began to sort of really disliked Thanks

Howie: Well is that because of his because of his pizza gate and his drinking of the blood of children

Dan: I was in a New York and I went to the who's the mystic guy Zoltan There was this old town machine You can't walk past this old town machine move out of an a go And it kind of just makes you think of this movie Doesn't

Reegs: Yeah

Howie: what would it be a lot for us now We'd say

Reegs: I want to be younger

Howie: well when you end up in bed with your wife when you you're 12

Sidey: Right I'm going before anyone else takes it It's a fear cappella and the film is lost in translation might be my all time Favorite Certainly it's in the conversation is fantastic Scott Hansen still career best performance I think And bill Murray absolutely wonderful opposite ends of their age spectrum if you'd like but no statutory rape involved in this one it's really a story about isolation friendship connection I think slightly romantic but never fully realized in that sense There's just a

Howie: unrequited

Sidey: it's I'm required but it's also a feeling of what they're missing You know what they've lost what they're wanting Japan Tokyo is a saying absolutely incredible The score the soundtrack fucking brilliant It's a

Dan: It's such a gentle touch on this film And obviously the the director herself is born This this there's nothing forced about the film It all happened So so kind of naturally and so believably well there the acting is fantastic as you mentioned but I think just the way the shots are Done and the moment the light and things that she's been at a crate in that film just makes it so so sweet film and you just can't help but relate to it You can't help but connect with it yourself and find something in it that is in you as well

Reegs: Yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely And it's not showy Offy film making but there's so many like really classic it's brilliantly staged So when you see images of it you feel like you know you're watching a play almost

Dan: So always got that undercurrent of humor as well You know it's got like you're you're ready to to kind of laugh in life as well as cry You know what I mean It's got the emotions always kind of there

Sidey: There's certain things about Tokyo as well that you expect to see and you do see them all but it still doesn't feel cliched So you've got the the road crossing and you've got the blossom high-tech stuff all that sort of stuff It doesn't feel like a travelog although it is nice to see all that stuff I just really love it I think it absolutely perfect movie went to cinema loads of times to see this Cause I just loved it that much I've not seen anything else that she's directed

Howie: I've seen the chemical brothers video but I don't think she did she do she just dances in a

Reegs: I did see the Virgin

Howie: Oh of course Yes Yeah

Reegs: and that is also a really good movie as I remember but it has been a long time since I saw that I think I came out when I was at uni I think so

Howie: So is there is there something to say about it's very cliche that because she's a female director she doesn't feel the need to go match show on site You think her lost in translation could have been It there's lots of sort of the VIT The film has lots of is it ASM our style where it's just sound effects Like you said the Pelican crossing they have the weird chirping sound or you got the gardens You've got the lift Lots of quite quiet well shots intense Yeah Yeah

Dan: well I wonder you know if any director is going to bring something to it this one

Sidey: She has a particular style

Howie: Yeah So maybe that isn't to do with gender that's more maybe maybe just dismiss dismiss gender dismiss

Dan: yeah but I think it is just comes on the maybe you know there is more traditional things in in some

Howie: Michael Bay look at Michael Bay

Dan: that there

Reegs: Well look at her father I mean just compare her style with her fathers You know cause Coppler he was quite bombastic and you know he would move the camera a lot and all that sort of in hers it's like a totally

Sidey: demo pad pack

Reegs: to that

Sidey: more

Reegs: yeah And she gets great performances

Dan: Right Well I'm I'm going for A different kind of film it's a romantic film sleepless in Seattle No air phone Yeah And it's I know you're probably not then it's Hanks as well but I I love this

Sidey: these make Ryan and thanks

Dan: There was a connection Yeah

Sidey: Can you name it

Reegs: go male genitalia

Dan: yeah sleepless in Seattle You've got mail and joined the volcano

Reegs: Oh I didn't realize that it

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: which is the better one out of this one And

Sidey: This is where is

Howie: it's his son his son

Sidey: this the combination road bangs are up the

Howie: tower

Dan: Yeah Yeah no this this is is that

Reegs: Oh yeah Oh I've got them

Dan: they go

Reegs: at the

Howie: doesn't it sound

Reegs: No this is the

Dan: they will they will blend into one

Howie: yeah And T his young son has orchestrated all

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: He's done it on the radio His his his boy's gone on the radio spoke to some late night chat Machines at all You know I'd really love my dad just to be happy or whatever He was so nice kid He's a nice boy And then make Warren was listening and she was a hopeless romantic herself And and they ended up meeting on top of the empire state building just as it was closing it wasn't going to happen but the boy ran off and

Sidey: whatever happened to her make

Howie: lips

Reegs: did she Botox does

Howie: she's she ruined herself

Sidey: Yeah She just seemed well it was it plastic

Howie: she had loads of surgery and then she went a bit caustic and pessimistic and

Reegs: it's gotta be hard though because she was only getting she wasn't getting offered

Howie: She didn't get Julia Roberts star money at the time That's what bugged

Dan: such a shame because I remember watching her in the doors She was fantastic it's sleepless in Seattle You've got

Howie: in a space gray film

Dan: hot make wine I'd like to see her in something else I dunno

Sidey: I think her time has passed It's not dead

Howie: Exclusive

Sidey: movie making works

Dan: It comes in cycles It comes in cycles this stuff

Sidey: Riggs

Reegs: I've got Jennifer Kent with the Babadook which is a movie that I've been toying about recommending us to watch but I know I'm you

Sidey: Well you can nominate animal and force the issue

Howie: Yeah

Reegs: It's it's got this really stylish lurk It's got these interesting edited together sequence and the two leads the

Dan: it's a horror This

Reegs: it is it is but it's a bit more than that It's

Dan: a scary horror

Reegs: No it's I it's not rare You can easily have a read on it that it's nothing to do That the supernatural elements are kind of not really that important That really it's about

Howie: spoil it If we if you're going to choose it

Reegs: Yeah

Howie: a hard one

Reegs: It's about a portrait of a woman struggling to cope with motherhood more than anything And that's what makes it really really interesting because it's really interesting subject matter And it's obviously

Dan: started to make me think of triangle

Reegs: by a woman So it's like this unique take on this film and it is kind of Like the Babadook itself I don't know if you don't like jump scares and like creepy shit

Dan: I can hear that Why would anybody like that

Howie: I have a Dicky I don't want these

Dan: If you don't if you don't like being scared the shit and people jumping out who does who does like that

Reegs: I think I'm going to pick it one week is I think there's so many interesting things to talk about in that film No not because I hate you but because of what it what

Dan: to scare me I'm going to watch it And there'll be after be like daytime Like I tell the kids you know it will be like in the morning probably watched it in half an hour little bits

Reegs: Well we'll get the dart board out We'll get the dice out Dan we'll have a few games too

Dan: of night It's not a Baba Duke night

Reegs: It's really good Watch the Babadook If you haven't

Howie: I'm going to go for so we had can you ever forgive me last week by this director Marielle Heller but I'm going to go for our other film a beautiful day in the neighborhood which I did a mini review for a couple of weeks back sentimental tasks Yes But I really liked it it did it did bizarrely and it was really gentle film Okay So it was a very positive towards the subject and it didn't mention anything at all about his it didn't mention as much about his own personal family life which he read into was his son's really had a real issue towards him and only really accepted him into their lives later on in in their lives because they well they felt he was overly focused on everybody else except them It was kind of that sort of quandary but I felt This was this was a weird one If you remember I can't remember if you guys have seen it but it's got it's it's very it's got little sort of puppet show type things in there as well Little bit like me and the dying girl it's got that kind of is it Marriott marionette Marion a little bit of that but that was part of the show that that was that was

Reegs: you've seen

Howie: yeah no you've watched you've seen the TV

Dan: No I've seen

Howie: you've seen the film as well Yeah I just thought it was really genuine nice film with a really nice message at the end

Dan: there the puppets and everything he plays them all away is

Howie: I just those real genuine cheeseball in the field's moment when he's on the train with the on the way home and the whole train recognize him and they would just start singing the theme tune and it's nice stuff like that


Reegs: I would like to see it and you probably would not

Sidey: So it sounds rubbish

Dan: There's there's a film I haven't seen but it's by Lulu Wang Heard of her

Howie: No

Dan: this is a film about a family She's a new Yorker returns to China When her grandmother's diagnosed with cancer but the news is kept from the grandmother They don't tell her that she's dying and obviously hilarity you know carries on and everything it's it's one of those films that just from the trailer I've seen just a couple of minutes and it's it's piqued my interest enough They'll want to Watch it and check it out But it's had really great reviews as well So it's not one that I have seen but it's one that I would I would like to see for one that I have seen Kung Fu Panda two S was the highest grossing film to borrow a woman's until wonder woman and she did she was involved white really Well she was involved in the first Kung Fu Panda but she went on direct this one

Howie: I'd say Kung Fu Kung Fu Fandor Yeah that's the one that's one I'd say Kung Fu Panda three is better

Reegs: I've never seen any of them Is this a it's not shocking Is gremlins

Howie: I cannot believe with kids You have not seen the Kung Fu Panda series

Dan: over a billion

Sidey: I did have an issue with it because there's no explanation of why he's able to learn kung-fu in a day

Dan: Cause he's natural

Howie: he's got he's

Dan: He is the chosen one

Howie: have you watched three

Dan: bullshit It's the

Reegs: It's the

Howie: Ah so in three in three they explain he's got cheese

Dan: got the

Howie: He's got the cheese he goes and finds all his foot

Reegs: you leave overnight

Howie: Yeah Yeah Mm mm He's got loads of it Smears himself in it like a fucking

Sidey: find it very believable The first

Dan: Well a

Howie: well

Dan: Fu Panda

Sidey: fat Panda would have been able to learn the kind of feed that quickly It didn't make any sense

Howie: Well

Sidey: didn't didn't have magic powers or anything like that

Howie: see it's a chain three Fuck

Sidey: that clear in the first one

Howie: No no It's it's it's it's it's a storyline thread that you have to follow You have to show commitment to the cause

Sidey: number two is it's one of those sequels sequences better than the

Howie: Bryan Cranston plays his dad spoiler

Dan: I think it was Oscar nominated

Sidey: Rightly so

Dan: Kung Fu Panda two

Howie: The hurt locker

Dan: just doesn't happen a lot Does it you know a sequel being Oscar nominated I think did we say it was it was the godfather godfather

Reegs: You said that I think last week And I don't think I knew that that

Dan: that was they were both nominated

Sidey: fake news

Reegs: no

Sidey: I will nominate clueless 1995 directed by Amy Heckerling

Reegs: All right What else has she done

Sidey: Well she does something else I was going nominate but I can drive just tell you now fast times at Ridgemont high

Reegs: Oh yeah

Sidey: kind of high school vibe very well but similar sort of is it similar not really similar in the setting but different story

Reegs: aren't they both kind of based on Shakespeare as well underneath

Sidey: It's Claris

Reegs: I think Cleveland is as well

Dan: I dunno wherever that was there were there was a string of like high school films that

Sidey: 10 things I hate about you was

Dan: of their shoe and there may have been I just remember

Reegs: it could have been could have been I can't let's say I haven't just made that

Sidey: it it's it really captured the cultural Zeit Geist of the time

Howie: That's us losing reviews now

Sidey: Silverstone was super fucking hot

Dan: Ever since the Aerosmith videos Well she did all the Aerosmith videos Do you see that we've lived Tyler

Sidey: but also the the way they spoke everything it became one of those films that was you know it was assimilated into the way that people spoke at that time really good It had I don't know if it's actual debut but it sort of broke Paul Rudd into the

Reegs: I always forget he was in it Yeah of

Howie: He doesn't age

Reegs: No

Sidey: looks exactly the same Maybe he's just got a bed but other than that he looks exactly the same but it had Brittany Murphy and he

Reegs: She

Sidey: didn't make it Yeah but actually the film Yeah She had some issues and fast times at Ridgemont high the only film I liked was Sean Penn in it Because he doesn't play

Dan: this was it was it was kind of like a breakfast club as far as a few actors from that film that went on to become really successful

Sidey: And Phoebe Cates got her boobs out but it didn't do any harm at all So Amy heckling Very good

Reegs: Yeah Nice  I've got Lynn Ramsey There were two of her movies that I'd seen which the first was we need to talk about

Sidey: Oh I was reading about this but I've not seen it

Reegs: gritty reboot of the problem child franchise yeah you probably have read too much about it although I mean it's all there in the title anyway you know in a way yeah I think what's amazing about we need to talk about Kevin is The sun as a Miller And Tilda Swinton they're just brilliant And even as a baby he's kind of an asshole as well like just as a baby so yeah the guy Yeah

Howie: what's the premise Does he Satan or something

Sidey: No

Reegs: he's just basically it's kind of a Columbine ESC Type scenario where he's gone into school but with a bow and arrow it's obviously pretty sensitive subject matter in the U S but it's It's interesting It's shocking the other one that I got of hers is a really great movie that if you guys haven't seen you should check out which is you were never really here

Howie: Oh with

Reegs: Whack in Phoenix plays this kind of scary Bad-ass damaged haunted and deeply sad kind of Hitman guy he's sort of he's got this big beard this sort of long greasy hair he wears her DS he sits around eating jelly beans Yeah no I just mean he's kind of slobby but he's also he's also John wikis He's like John Black Jack Black to John wick in Jack Black Yeah You know fat slobby greasy

Sidey: Oh

Reegs: comedian he

Sidey: I was thinking of the white stripes

Reegs: Yeah when it's hard isn't it Jack White Jack Black John wick is not easy but yeah so it's a really good movie it's really well well worth watching It's an action film but it's a bit different to your usual

Sidey: I think it's on prime I've been meaning to watch it

Reegs: dude It's great

Howie: there's this lady called Mary and American psycho Mary

Reegs: Harron

Howie: So again going into stereotype four is a very graphic male dominated sexually explicit film

Sidey: I don't think it's that explicit in the film

Reegs: It's not that explicit in the

Howie: Well he's he's he's easy It's pretty expressive

Dan: if you haven't read the book then you would look at it and go Whoa And then

Reegs: if

Howie: but he's when he's with the prostitutes in the bedroom

Sidey: it's just what he says though Doesn't

Howie: he's in the bed He's in

Sidey: you didn't

Reegs: You don't really see a lot of it's not

Sidey: even totally acceptable murdering of Jared Leto You don't even see him whack his head off Let you know

Reegs: At the tone is is set So it's not actually very scary It's more sort of black black comedy Yeah

Sidey: I was braced for way more gratuitous violence and murdering and

Reegs: the book is the prey Well not depraved but it's I mean it's so fierce The violence is

Sidey: I haven't read the book but I was expecting more and it wasn't I won't say I was disappointed that there wasn't a it was just what I thought going into it

Reegs: Well read the book because it will just come up with stuff and you'll just be like that is absolutely I'm worse But having understood that thing

Howie: I was really worried because when I watched up until about halfway through American psycho I really identified with them So I really like where he lives So I like the fact that he looks after himself you know it does a lot of fitness He's got no fucking attachments he's just he's just kind of you know he's got a lot of cash I can't see any downside to this And then he starts like

Sidey: I liked his work ethic It worked I just

Howie: Yeah Yeah Nothing book restaurants

Sidey: murders in his notepad

Howie: This is don't listen to that section Josephine

Dan: Desperately seeking Susan did you share that one out of

Howie: With Medina within we do I now Andrew is it Rosanna Arquette Is it

Sidey: I've never seen it And I've got

Reegs: no I've never

Dan: well I had to watch it at

Howie: Yeah I think I think we did to wonder why that was

Dan: part of the curriculum I think is as far as this was a lesson anyway they were they were choosing to to promote it through

Reegs: what was it about

Howie: She's obsessed with Madonna and she

Sidey: It's an APOE isn't it In classifieds

Dan: she comes in it's just like an adventure story thing I mean Madonna out of it was having good reviews and it was almost like she was going to do the crossover but

Howie: She was it was about the time she had the album Who's that girl Not that I really like link these two together

Sidey: eighties Madonna for the

Dan: at the time though this

Reegs: Hmm She desperately wanted to be an actress Didn't she And she just never made

Sidey: She's done a fair

Dan: did this film

Howie: Breathless breathless Mahoney

Reegs: Wait what was

Dan: Body of evidence was William

Reegs: No but that's awful

Howie: the candle candle wax all over his knob

Dan: never I never

Howie: That hurts That does

Dan: but Also the matrix are you gonna you're gonna talk about that

Sidey: well no no no you have you

Dan: Well w so I didn't know that this was I must've

Sidey: to not to say because they're always they have always been women It's just that they haven't

Reegs: been able to identify or

Sidey: They've always identified as women They have

Howie: So when they were when they were directing it they were identifying

Sidey: They've always been there throughout their entire life They've been women as in that's how they identify themselves

Reegs: yes

Howie: but they had male names through the matrix when it was filmed but only recently

Sidey: In the matrix when they were in the matrix

Howie: They're in the matrix now They escape from the matrix That makes sense That

Sidey: So no it's absolutely right to say that when they dreaded this

Reegs: it's a good shout I wish I'd thought of that

Dan: Were there it's a fucking brilliant movie I mean it's it's a Yeah A generation defining

Reegs: I still think about that movie all the time It's terrible isn't it But it's like this gold standard for me for so many different

Dan: five films I mean it

Howie: Everyone always says glitch in the matrix Whenever you have those Yahoo don't

Dan: it it's kind of taken its

Sidey: of action films are essentially kind of the same but this was groundbreaking the different it fucking blew you away when you saw it the first time what they had achieved with essentially just a load of cameras trying

Howie: Yeah three 360 degree has GoPros

Sidey: underplaying the technological achievements that they did based fucking brilliant

Howie: Is it based on a book or is it a straight screenplay to film

Sidey: Think they wrote it

Reegs: They did I mean it borrows a lot of elements from like William Gibson novels

Sidey: Didn't they have to do did you say they had to do bound

Reegs: the matrix in it They had to do bounds yeah

Sidey: and then we're green lit to do this So they have this story first I think but yeah it's amazing

Dan: Yeah

Sidey: Not so fond of the sequels personally I know rigs

Reegs: I still really like to and

Sidey: three three also exists

Reegs: I've come to pick my piece with the ending of the trilogy and it probably is

Sidey: but they're bringing it back

Reegs: Yeah I I've got to say I'm excited It will probably be shit but I am excited for it

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: When the when did I bring it back I had not heard

Reegs: They're filming it now I think or they've just had the wrap party

Dan: one person in it

Howie: everyone's two feet apart

Reegs: I'm the only one who's not in It is Morpheus Well Larry Fishman is not back in the movie but all the others are

Dan: interesting Okay

Sidey: This is a franchise which I and this may shock a big fan And the second installment of the three is directed by Elizabeth Banks It's pitch Perfect Which I really like this

Dan: really What are they about Are they

Sidey: They are a group of acapella singers from college

Dan: From the street

Sidey: I know that's underplaying How brilliant is But it really is incredible

Reegs: Well what kind of movie is it funny or

Sidey: it's funny It's not I quite like the singing it's got a little bit too many fat Amy jokes which really aren't that funny And the start of it is entirely about seeing her vagina But the rest of it is it really is really a trust What

Howie: is that what it says in the poster


Reegs: can you see you said for vagina

Sidey: no it's all it's all off screen but it's

Howie: it's that big It's that big it's off screen

Sidey: is she's the fact that we suspended in the air while they're doing this performance and it all goes to right the films are really enjoyed them  my daughter really enjoyed watching them with me So it was good

Reegs: And they age appropriate or no not not

Sidey: the first one the first one Anna Kendrick says suck my deck And my daughter said what's a deck

Dan: I don't want this conversation

Sidey: Yeah I said just ignore that bit You know I know there's the occasional swear word but it's not it's not that bad but she really enjoyed it The singing is really good The story's good And also Elizabeth Banks is really hot

Howie: She's the Lego

Reegs: feel completely sold on it I've got to say do you like things like you like your revision don't need you like strictly

Sidey: Yeah Huge fan huge fan of st Bill Bailey Australia season It's amazing It's actually genuinely amazing

Reegs: Okay

Dan: nice It will escape me or this I'm afraid

Reegs: I'm just

Sidey: plenty of time to catch up You can go

Dan: Yeah no I I yeah maybe

Sidey: but just yeah leave it as it Maybe don't say no Right anyway

 Reegs: I've got Marielle Heller where you talked about can you ever forgive me Did you talk about pop star never stopped never stopping which is an Andy Samberg sort of spinal tap type riff on a pop culture thing It's I had pretty low aspirations for this but it is pretty funny And it's got a string of cameos I think if you know Andy Sandberg is quite a likable guy I think he's got a pretty distinct comedy

Sidey: yet Palm Springs

Reegs: I want to

Howie: I haven't seen it out there

Reegs: No I haven't

Sidey: But yeah he likes to say he's very likable

Reegs: Yeah And this is a good movie I mean it's it's you know it's not amazing but it's it's quick witted It's well written as cameos from people like Michael Bolton and Mariah Carey and it being actually quite funny it's surprisingly sweet as well He's got that good tone balance that you get sometimes So yeah it's worth watching

Dan: Did you know that Jennifer Lee wrote and directed frozen

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: I did know that when I started looking

Sidey: she was part of a it was part of it

Dan: yeah Yeah She she wrote and co-directed it but you know

Reegs: to pit pretty big

Dan: how big is that that that frozen one frozen too You're talking

Reegs: billions

Dan: Yeah big you're

Howie: Yeah The merchandise alone as well

Reegs: Well not even just that just the ticket sales were just

Howie: I don't think they I don't think them as a statement You can't prove but there can't have been a child that hasn't seen He thinks

Sidey: than more than a million times

Howie: I mean it was a phase where my daughter had just every fucking kid's party every fucking child would have the dress on and be twirling around and he'd be like yeah yeah

Dan: was more

Howie: Oh God

Reegs: I'm not completely out of that feet in

Dan: if

Howie: aren't personally

Dan: I think the good thing with this it wasn't really to do with men You know that it was a sisterhood thing going on

Sidey: the heroics they're not they're not relying on a man to save them It's it's good It's refreshing to see that

Dan: And so that that was obviously huge just thinking of a female directors that probably deserve a shout Angelina Jolie she's made a couple of movies Now One of them was unbroken

Reegs: I still haven't seen that There's there The tree story is so

Dan: it's it's such an impressive story This is an Olympic medalist who gets he got shot down over Japan I think ended up in a towel pow camp

Reegs: Well hang on before all that he was on the water for about way somewhere between like two weeks and

Dan: he had a rough time

Reegs: of time And they were fucking sharks and shit just like he was fighting off sharks and then having to kill for I mean it's just this crazy crazy story then the prisoner of war camp like you say

Dan: and and it was reasonably successful at that as well for her I didn't actually love it but it was you know it was a really Big film to buy often Angelina Jolie obviously known for the other side of the screen so to to bite off something as big as this it's still got Oscar nods and everything You know what I mean It wasn't a flop I think commercially it was it was brilliant the only other One of of note that I guess that I've got is is Claire Denis in she's done a few different films Shockla being

Sidey: Oh okay I'm seeing that one  Wayne's world

Dan: potty time

Sidey: Yeah Directed by Penelope Ferris which I didn't have a clue that had been directed by women but That was at one stage in my life my absolute favorite movie and I still enjoy it but it's been overtaken And then we I think someone mentioned her name but we didn't really talk about it was Patty Jenkins because she directed two films that have incredibly beautiful women in Leeds wonder woman and Charlie's stone and her best looking role in

Reegs: monster Yeah that's a really good

Sidey: It's really good Yeah

Reegs: movie

Sidey: I'm

Howie: Wonder woman is amazing

Sidey: wondering was really good And

Howie: is the latest w 84 coming out and TV

Sidey: It's getting a simultaneous simultaneous streaming and

Howie: Well I know what that means for us You for UK

I wonder what it means in the UK though though how that gets released to Ski-Doo through sky store rental or Amazon

Sidey: or something I don't know But I'm sorry to reduce it down to just women are good looking but gal Gadot just fucking blows me away Every time I see her on the screen

Reegs: she is really

Sidey: beautiful

Reegs: you're right to get out of the way but there are also other things to really really love about wonder woman the fact that it's like you know when you've got daughters and that there's a superhero movie out there for them that is uniquely about a woman's experience not framed through anything to do with a man where Steve character No because she she even says She says Oh I can't let you do this And he says I can't let you do this or whatever And she says but it's not up to

Sidey: he comes back obviously in 84 but only to bring about her down for

Reegs: it's about her need her perspective She comes from an all female society like you know

Sidey: We also have on a similar vein captain Marvel which was directed

Howie: Oh that

Sidey: as the D another like frozen it was a double act but we don't have to mention the man Cause he was obviously a man and Bowden

Howie: love captain Marvel Absolutely loved captain Marvel

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: I spit on the fence I love some of it Didn't wasn't a huge fan of other bits of it

Reegs: I found the D aging stuff really distracting for 'em

Sidey: I really liked some of the detail

Howie: The blockbuster

Sidey: Yeah Dial-up

Howie: music Yeah the music I just I you know I really really really enjoyed that And my my daughter I think got I thought wonder woman was more emotional especially with the war war going on and her leading to the front But my daughter I think because of the sheer scale of it loved captain Marvel And the pace of it the speed of it the instantaneousness

Dan: Can you ever forgive me

Howie: Sidey Can't

Dan: that was Mario hella and of course we reviewed that last pod out and it was her her second film and Melissa McCarthy richly grant story about loneliness as much as anything else and and possibly unrecognized talents more about that in our last pod

Reegs: just a couple to rattle through quickly Jane Campion did the piano which I saw a long time ago the we had Ava DuVernay when they see us which is really good at Selma which I haven't seen There's a couple of Kathryn Bigelow movies that I really really liked that I didn't talk about which is first it was blue steel which is a Jamie Lee Curtis plays a rookie cop who drops a gun

it's actually really tense sort of police thriller It's got Ron silver playing the ultimate asshole in it And

Dan: it was a big big box office thing at the time I remember I'm pretty sure

Reegs: it's a terrific movie I don't know if you've seen it Have you

Dan: no I remember it from long time ago I think I was too young when it came out

Reegs: It's good It's well worth watching it You know if you see it on the late

blue saw great strange days which obviously has your mate Ralph fines I just assume you hate him Alright Okay it's set in a futuristic year of 1999 where people are able to sort of

Dan: is it floating cars and

Howie: Prince is singing

Reegs: the also triple frontier which is a really good Action movie with Oscar Isaac not a Hemsworth but Sal Hunnam Charlie Hunnam  Garrett Hedlund Garrett Garrett Coleman Cara Headland and Pedro Pascal It's like a

Howie: Made up names clubs This is all

Sidey: the Mandalorian Yes

Reegs: like a heist that went wrong And these military guys and yeah it's pretty it's pretty serviceable It's quite good Netflix And I kind of wanted to say because she was such an inspiration for it but she doesn't get a direction credit but Greta Gerwig the marriage story because she was married to Noah Baumbach or whatever his name is bomb Birch terrific movie I don't know if you've seen it Yeah no it's brilliant

Dan: Adam driver in

Reegs: Adam driver he's

Sidey: Like I really liked the cast but it just sounds a bit like Kramer vs Kramer I just can't watch that kind of misery again

Dan: I I looked at it and I thought do I want to look at two hours Somebody's

Sidey: being upset

Dan: upset And I dunno wherever it takes

Reegs: it's amazing

Dan: sure But would it take me to a place I want to go to

Reegs: I really enjoyed it There is an element of like eight probably finishes on the most optimistic but realistic ending that a movie like

Dan: that maybe

Sidey: was that a sword fight Okay

Reegs: no there's some bits of it that you'll just be like Wiping away a tear obviously the Scarlet your Hanson is I mean Adam a driver is amazing

Sidey: also got short hair in it and I'm not into that

Reegs: she's got this like

Dan: holiday

Reegs: of the movie where she's monologuing It's amazing Absolutely amazing guys Watch it watch it Okay

Sidey: well maybe maybe I'll watch that if you watch pitch pitch Perfect too

Reegs: Well I'm okay

Sidey: It's a deal

Reegs: Okay All right Catherine Hardwicke did Lords of Dogtown As well the skateboarding movie

Dan: Oh really Okay Yeah I like that

Reegs: Yeah And the other the only other one that I was thinking about was the summer of 1998 will always be remembered as the comic versus the asteroid movie this was deep impact Tia Leoni think she was married to David

Sidey: she was

Reegs: I want to say

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: some pretty

Sidey: cheated on her do you remember the name of the asteroid I've asked you this before

Reegs: I think it was called Stewart

Howie: it's named after the boy Biederman

Reegs: Biederman I mean it was just better than Armageddon so

Sidey: Yeah That's it's a low bar

Yeah Right Can we can we whittle it down to four so that I can nominate lost in translation

Reegs: what you were nominating Sidey

Sidey: translation

Howie: I'll go point break

 Dan: Sleepless in Seattle for me

Reegs: I'm going to go You will never really here because you would never really dare here They're

Howie: Can you ever can you can you ever forgive her then

Sidey: Okay so that gives the top four or you were never really their point break sleeps in Seattle and lost in translation What a list

Riggs You nominated sex doll content this week What we got

Reegs: we have 2007 I didn't realize it was as early as that

Sidey: Age of

Howie: Oh well I know I go on Hang on hang on hang on six There we go One of us was procreating too early

Reegs: So Justin sneaks in but I never saw it last in the real

Howie: Talking about is the actual act of having sex sneak I didn't see it

Reegs: didn't know what had happened

Sidey: Yeah Laws and the real girl AKA the greatest film ever made

Howie: I went full immersed into this SpaceX though I I've started to live my life as as it said in the film

Sidey: Do you think jumping ahead that the community would embrace your sex lifestyle in the same way in the same way they did in the film

Howie: let's just let's just equate it to say some one or one of the little parishes in Jersey let's go some Helia Cause there is somebody incident Helia Who who has a sex sexy doll

Reegs: before this came out Yeah

Howie: He used to hang around or was it the cock and bottle

Reegs: the dog and sausage I think it was the Cockle and pears yeah no the dog and

Sidey: he so yeah he had an original his original sex doll but he traded that in for another one and they asked him not to come back to the pub with that one because it was basically like underage Partner which is

Dan: an underage sex doll

Sidey: yeah

Howie: Well what happens to the other one

Sidey: it was second hand Panty was second hand

Dan: Susan Anything to do with the film by the way just in case

Howie: so secondhand what's the guarantee or we've deciled the inside

Sidey: I don't know Maybe there's a specific market for that sort of thing And my favorite

Reegs: You can probably have all of the main bits replaced I would

Howie: Well I was thinking and also is it like an old mattress that gets like lumps in it Like so so like where that previous owner has been is like perfectly shaped So you know you could end up with a wizard sleeve

Sidey: But getting back onto the film itself

Howie: no no Let's continue with this I want to know what website I was looking

Sidey: this is a real website from the film It was a it was a real

Howie: Oh my God

Reegs: just a little bit of plot before we

Howie: Override

Reegs: so last Lindstrom Ryan Gosling lives in the garage of a home owned by his brother and sister-in-law in an unnamed small town in the upper Midwest Now he owns the garage and

Howie: they're in the house Cause the parents the dad died The dad the dad died and

Dan: just moved out As soon as he came back he went live in the garage

Reegs: so his sister in law played by Emily

Howie: she's really good

Reegs: she tries to draw him into the family and community life but lard sort of constantly rebuffed her He's painfully painfully shy

Howie: So is he S is it Asperger's or autism What is it

Reegs: I I think he's diva he's developmentally stunted because of his

Sidey: Was it has it mother died during

Howie: yes That's what we find out

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: And then his father hadn't

Howie: Well his father was incredibly sad

Sidey: Yeah He hadn't been out to raise them and a kind of it had been difficult Shall we say

 Reegs: laws holds a kind of nondescript job We don't really find out what he does He sits in

Dan: Yeah I'm surprised he had a job at all It was some kind of office

Sidey: There's some sort of clerical admin work Yeah

Howie: coming from it Rigs We should really see this guy as being someone who's ideally suited

Reegs: Absolutely

Dan: we'll talk about it but just the colleagues in and around him in his office

Howie: I did query whether or not that office was full of people that had not But I was told sweats

Sidey: Yeah I think it was it was it was a fairly small I was going to say shallow Jean Bob That was probably unkind

Reegs: small and remote I think is probably fair to say

Sidey: we never actually know where they are I was sort of Minneapolis

Howie: Springfield

Reegs: It's got they've got that what do they call it Minnesota Minnesota Nice Okay then

Sidey: yeah

Reegs: he's completely unable or unwilling It's not completely clear at the beginning to relate to his coworkers particularly women One of whom is sort of very obviously interested in forming a friendship with him His cubicle mate who I never caught the name of but collected action figures

Dan: Yeah I know who you mean It was quite a it's quite a good character but I don't remember his

Reegs: kept thinking it was Mackenzie crook from the office Every time he was on

Sidey: He did have that vibe Didn't he

Reegs: he shows Lars a website that offers custom made ultra lifelike sex dolls real this is a real thing as we said you can buy I think these things are about 6,000 like

Dan: you can make your own I

Howie: My

Dan: I had a clock instead of the stomach it was a waste of time

Howie: Fuck

Reegs: Very good Very good Yeah So this is a real thing that people can buy There's probably really interesting articles to read about the kinds of people who do buy these things but it's pretty clear from the off that its intended function is not laws His intention in procuring this doll

Sidey: has any sexual relationship with

Reegs: No And there's no reason to believe that anything like that happened off screen either

Dan: huh This is this is guys and dolls This is you know this is something that was kind of a a very innocent

Howie: relevant yeah Takes an incredibly sexual product for immediate gratification into a sensible relationship

Sidey: does say that it's his girlfriend and everything like that but it's more pure companionship

Reegs: that

Sidey: There's no sexual

Dan: to to to lead into this you have about sort of 10 or 15 minutes before he goes onto his font And you you find out that law's is is a very different person and he's got a lot of Things going on and innocence is there And his brother and his his sister-in-law who I think is fantastic in this They really want him to take a little more independence in his life and and and you know maybe get a girlfriend or something So when he turns up on the doorstep and says I'm going to bring someone over it's just a

Howie: she doesn't speak much English she's in a wheelchair

Sidey: she's Brazilian Danish and she's in a wheelchair but her wheelchair has been

Dan: she a sewing and cut to the next

Sidey: But that seems just bare face fucking

Reegs: it's really very funny

Dan: watching two people on the couch not knowing what they're looking at and when it does finally break to this boy

Sidey: at this point she's in her proper sex clothes So she's got kind of if you imagine like as what a stripper I imagined my where

Reegs: Yeah So like fishnet

Sidey: it's that kind of clothing With that sort of look on her face

Dan: And the thing is about the character laws He's such a lovely man

Sidey: innocent and

Dan: and so innocent and

Reegs: and he's

Dan: and so fragile you know that

Howie: it's a bit like a mr Bean character There's not a bad although bean is a fucking

Sidey: that kind of thing I just thought he was he was just almost childlike naivety and innocence to him Because he had no real world experience particularly

Reegs: He was so obviously broken and sad

Sidey: but the way he would speak for her so that you get the first attraction at the dinner table where she both in and out and

Dan: it was this it was this scene though still where they didn't confront him with it and just Burst out you know this is

Reegs: well I think that's one of the most surprising things is that there's never a scene in the entire movie where anybody confronts him in a in a

Dan: In an aggressive or

Sidey: Yeah There's obviously some shocked reactions and there's there's one bit where right right At the outset where he takes out to

Howie: Yeah And the kids are being held back

Sidey: are trying to rush off and the parents is grabbing them said no way got over there

Dan: But Bianca as we

Sidey: didn't get who played her there was no

Reegs: there was no credit

Dan: no credit for

Reegs: it was either nine or 15 different heads yeah Which they use throughout the movie to sort of she sort of gets less slutty And then at the end she goes a bit green because of

Howie: Yeah But but that look I there was something that my wife and I picked up on and it was to do with the way that the camera angles were set She started off being quite obviously blow job lips blow up doll And then yeah but it wasn't just that it was from certain angles You could say if you were just sort of glancing at the telly that's real

Sidey: Yeah There was one in the

Howie: Yes Yeah

Sidey: like that looks

Howie: Cause that's what I thought might happen I've thought it might be like some where's Anderson kooky fucking thing where she comes alive Yeah Yeah That's it like mannequin or something fucking alive What the fuck I thought there was going to be that twist or

Sidey: when I knew nothing about the film other than the title and seeing the picture I thought this was going to go I suppose this is my head You hear sex doll or you see you set it up I thought it was going to be more sleazy Porkies played for

Reegs: Yeah Like Farrelly brothers

Sidey: not like that

Reegs: No it's not anything

Sidey: It's I still thought it was really funny but not

Howie: It's sweet Sweet

Reegs: don't really think it's a comedy

Sidey: not a comedy but there was just some

Reegs: were some really funny moments

Sidey: And I still think last was was quite funny all the way through you know

Howie: The Dole provides a gate What you get immediately is loss goes from as you said rigs very vulnerable nervous wanting to avoid contact which you find out a bit more about later on but the Dole provides him with a gateway to entering the real world And that's what makes and following the advice from the doctor what makes people fall in line and embrace it because for the good of him Yeah they enable him

Reegs: they take her him to the doctor and the doctor is amazing in this media

Sidey: Does anyone else have the hotspot

Reegs: little bit She was spilled over

Dan: been in a few

Sidey: Patricia

Reegs: Dagmar was her

Sidey: Yeah Darwin was the character which I thought was Patricia Clarkson's actress

Reegs: She suggests to this sort of shocked brother Gus

Howie: who's emotionally stunted massively

Reegs: issues as well And Emily

Sidey: Well he had his own sort of character arc I thought because he started off

Reegs: really liked

Sidey: abrupt

Howie: What's wrong with him What's wrong with

Sidey: like that though Small town community This is just sort of Just dump it on your doorstep All of a sudden you'd be a bit taken aback Like Oh my God like everybody knows us It's going to be but he does And he don't not till a bit later on he does start to acknowledge it's my fault I left I should have stayed I you know the first chance I got to leave I went and I you know I should have been there for him a bit more so he he does have a bit of a journey at first I was like he's a prick And I warmed to him as a as the movie went on

Dan: comes back Doesn't it He says you know I yeah I left next time I came back out of wife and he moved into the garage you know without anything And this is half his house but that's that's laws isn't it Laws is just no problem You know he's he's perfect for that Everybody in the community he's got time for you tries to help me He's tries to be a nice Person And now he's just got this one weird thing that their community kind of looks on him I mean sound realistic I think that you're you know a community would all look on him as as warmly as they did but I like to think that maybe there is

Sidey: I was going to say that because it was such a small community the word where got out that

Dan: Laws has got

Sidey: you need to support him and help him through

Reegs: Well it helps because the town's doctor says that we should they should diagnose as a as a diagnosis as a delusion and says that we yes And his immediate family the people caring for him should interact with it as if it's A real thing That's happening to go along with the delusion like your about society then when it gets because it's a small community I think they created the only circumstances in which you'd be willing to suspend your disbelief that a whole community could go along with this delusion And and it works because the film is so fucking amazing

Dan: Well laws has got a real problem with Intimacy and touch dr Dagmar kind of finds this out by doing this really simple experiment where she'll just put one finger on him And there's

Sidey: tell it's that's even like too much but he's trying to He's trying to

Howie: I can say the pain I can take the pain

Sidey: And he could tell it's not okay

Dan: Hold it

Sidey: puts her hand on it and it just fucking freaks

Howie: Did you jump I definitely jumped when he fucking jumped off

Sidey: it's a bit of a bang bang something and it's like no it's burning

Dan: Helps I think the the viewer is Welwyn and obviously they're adopted discover this that this is kind of how sensitive he is to to touch because one the tip of one finger was okay but like you say was he could feel it you know two fingers and three fingers just place her hand on his arm come more more And then the hand on the neck as you say he jumped up

Sidey: was kind of what what it also I thought I can't remember if it was explicitly stated or if it was just hinted at was that the whole thing had kicked off because the sister-in-law was pregnant And he was obviously he knew that his mother died

Reegs: in

Sidey: childbirth And so that was what really got his anxiety up to this level where he needed to create this fantasy this delusion as a coping mechanism

Reegs: and the sort of unnamed I didn't take it as abusive but the relationship he had with his father I think it was just too broken at that gate gives laws A lot of his

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: Dagmar says at one point it's such a comfort to have somebody's arms around you Isn't it And he's like no he's like I feel as good No it doesn't feel good It hurts You know that that was the actually he said it to burning didn't he he's like he's like when you go out and your feet get really cold and then you come back in they throw out that's what it feels like That's exactly what it feels like And she was really kind of taken by this as well And so Bianca becomes what I really love about Bianca is is the F the community stopped taking her out You know they start going Oh she gets it The school board

Sidey: to the point where he massively kicks off when she goes out without yeah

Reegs: They have a little

Dan: she's lead into school kids Isn't she she's always dressed They've dressed her up they've done a hair you know and it brings other people

Howie: she become a model for a shop window as well Yeah

Dan: the job Yeah Yeah

Reegs: And then on the school board

Dan: The school board meeting

Sidey: of the ladies comes to pick her up and he's having a row you know and she gives him a telling off set you day You speak to her like that you know like it's some real thing It was so good I really really loved it

Howie: The hairdresser was discussing a new fringe and she goes cause she's not going to grow back again yeah It was like okay Yeah

Reegs: So yeah I mean what is truly remarkable You get a lot of scenes of the whole town essentially responding to the delusion in a particularly Positive way engaging with it Even those that there are momentary doubts raised but you know the the church actually in an interesting role that you don't often see portrayed in in movies have a very positive influence basically of a Christian Church on a community because the VICA says yeah no we're going to go for this And there's quite few scenes shot in

Dan: I th I thought as well I mean culminate in obviously towards white at the end where Bianca is deaf and they actually have a a

Howie: full-on funeral

Dan: it as well but it's yeah the the whole film I think showed so some real warmth of How to get behind you know what I mean You're dealing with mental health issues here and there It was it was a real gentle approach for the whole town to get this man gently on his way in progress

Sidey: well at the at the initial appointment with Dagmar that Gus and what was the Karen It was Gus and was in it Gus And Karen I think it's guys who actually says well how long is this going to go on for And the doctor says well as long as he needs it too you know there'll be that you know you say you realize that will come a point where possibly he won't need this delusion anymore And you can there are points in the film where you can see that in his mind he's starting to just Rationalize a little bit And it's the interaction with the lady I can't remember her name which felt pretty bad about the one from work Who is it Margo Who's definitely interested in him And there's a couple of times when she's dating someone else that you could tell he looks he's a bit jealous and he comes to her aid when she's having

Reegs: I even got the feeling that she only dated that other guy just to get him to

Sidey: at this point You're wondering is what you know how's it going to play out And then I guess it comes to a head and one morning they wake up in the house with laws screaming wake up you know and something's wrong with Bianca

Dan: What would you have gone for Margo or Bianca given the choice

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: chose over Bianca

Reegs: Bianca had issues

Dan: Yeah the anchor has a certain amount going further Didn't she I mean she was a good looking girl

Sidey: She was Yeah

Dan: but Mo Margot seemed to have her own issues as well I mean she had at one point a Teddy bear that had a noose tied around it and laws had to give it

Reegs: Oh it was brilliant That scene Did he improviser Yeah I wondered if he did because her reaction was so genuine She sighed laughing It was brilliant

Dan: starts he's just starts massaging and giving kind

Reegs: And although we say we improvise he improvised our bet He bled he didn't because he's so massively method Ryan Gosling And he went really method for this He went totally turned up like overweight with that shit mustache and all the twitches and

Sidey: looked at me when he said shit mustache

Reegs: dude that weird blinking thing he does every now and then you know that like that one where you sort

Howie: he We need to give credit for his performance because

Reegs: he's

Howie: it was amazing There's little bits that he did that made me just go wow There's you're totally in this There's a bit in the church too at the start where the little boy I think has got action figures and he knocks it goes they're not quite straight And he goes to put them straight but it slips and falls on the floor and the despair of I doing it's like he'd done something really naughty and the despair of not aligning these figures correctly on the thing

Reegs: And then possibly the social

Howie: Yeah And the awkwardness and everything And and he managed to capture that all the way through Just like you said the little ticks the little blinks the the the way he showed his frustration was amazing

Reegs: He slept every night for the first it was a 31 day shoot And for the first seven days he slept every night in that garage Yeah And that was on it

Howie: Did the I read that the Dole Bianca was had her own changing

Reegs: Yeah They treated it as a as if she was an actual character On set

Dan: Interesting Yeah

Reegs: the idea

Dan: Yeah And I think that probably does help everybody buy into it

Reegs: The Bianca becomes this tool to help him to help Lars communicate and practice his relationships with

Dan: that's yeah And I think that's kind of explained to the people in the community you can kind of understand it And even some of them you know maybe using her like that herself you know she she goes out to make friends people do end up talking and chatting in and around her and you know even talking to Bianca like you know

Howie: she's a catalyst for the whole community

Sidey: to say I think actually how not just laws but the whole community came together and it showed how you know when you get a small community like that everyone can come together and and it makes a difference

Dan: but importantly it brings laws into the community as well So otherwise he's isolated completely He's not going to have the if they Laugh at him or Tayga that he's gone you know he he's he's not going out but the fact that they don't he's going out he's doing stuff he's getting involved He's it goes into church and

Howie: He goes well he goes bowling at the end without her

Dan: that scene I was thinking Oh Oh this could get bad This you know they're the guys they're turned down

Reegs: started

Sidey: because they were a bit bro dudes when they there have been high five last night

Reegs: thought this was really interesting scene actually

Dan: get a line and then they spot

Howie: Hey there's laws there's laws

Dan: and go in and join him And he's with this girl who's not be on with with Margo

Howie: and these lads respect the distance that he needs They're all high five but they don't make a big deal over the fact that he doesn't want to high-five or be congratulated They just give it the fist pump Yeah it's nice

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: Totally unlike anything that you really ever see in movies because like you were saying those guys when they came in or whether it was dancing I can't remember but they they seemed a bit aggressive

Sidey: because the guy said we're full the guy said we're full and they just don't budge Then I thought I was going to be trouble

Reegs: You get your expectations Totally subverted it's a really lovely moment

Dan: Do you ever see those old films It's almost a Frank Capra things Just where it was Goodwill when everybody was really nice And and and this was what this film was It didn't tell me that from the beginning you had to kind of watch it cause right up at this wasn't a scene at the beginning that we were talking about that with the bowling that's towards the end and it's still I was still waiting for somebody to come and shit on laws to be honest

Howie: Yeah Where's your doll You fucking weirdo all

Reegs: was

Dan: and And that never happened And I just thought that was such a a nice you know way to look at it And

Reegs: So different structurally from a lot of like because it's it's got all the makings of like laws being the leading man of the story but he's he's not he's not like that He's he is the leading man in the story but any sort of got some of the trappings of the typical Hollywood leading man because this is a young good-looking actor playing him and he's got those Qualities where he's kind of like shy and or you know his journey he's could have had a really big character arc sort of thing And there is a huge character but it's not in a typical Hollywood way That's basically what

Sidey: The bowling saying that at the end of that evening out he says look I'm really sorry I'm not trying to lead you on I could never cheat on Bianca but just by saying that you can tell you you realize he's having these thoughts about Oh there is someone else I have got a connection with someone so he's starting to move on and it's then that Bianca starts to become one Well

Reegs: Isn't it After that hang on Disney Have a handshake

Howie: He puts his hand up and

Sidey: The very end Yeah Then the camera's right in on the hands It's very obviously symbolic moment

Reegs: a huge moment

Sidey: And then yeah tell me have the same thing Call an ambulance for Bianca

Reegs: that's what Emily mortem

Sidey: I was thinking even the emergency services that along with them

Dan: say Oh I'm still thinking

Howie: gets a private room

Dan: I still thinking there's going to be some anger here from somebody or you know that the ambient

Sidey: And it was like almost like ER you know they go into the hospital and they're like no you can't come in You know we got through to them The main you know operating

Howie: method or Bianca

Reegs: It was brilliant

Dan: And this obviously set up by Doug Meyer who prepped the team and said this guy can come back to you know society And in back in the real world we just need to work with him through this kind of

Reegs: Well it's fairly obvious what's going on here Exactly Like you were about to say he's chosen this this is his way of ending the relationship with Bianca so he can start So it's it's it's not ever a surprise what's going on

Dan: Isn't it funny the the sister-in-law it's gotta be something you can do there They all kind of want Bianca to to pull food You know they don't see any reasons

Reegs: sadly Bianca does not

Sidey: no they have this

Reegs: They go to the Lake Don't they Yeah it's a pivotal scene

Sidey: Gus and Karen go for a hike Yeah I don't know if they were trying to bring on the baby but they go for a hike and then they're just coming back to where they've left laws and Bianca and Karen spots them And You know I think cause he goes like goodbye kiss doesn't it you know it's it's the end but he's walked her out into the water There's some sort of it's an what it was Yeah

Dan: Yeah Baptism of death

Reegs: I wondered if that was from Don Quixote Cause there's a

Sidey: Yeah Yeah There's a few He reads to her from Don cage Isn't

Reegs: does

Sidey: is all about delusions Yeah And so Bianca has merged with the infinite

Reegs: Yes And they have a funeral I barely liked his jumper I don't know whether anybody else knows this jumper He was wearing

Dan: kind of stripey

Reegs: was like Charlie Brown's

Sidey: because he doesn't want everyone anyone wearing black to to the funeral So he yeah like you say he has this he has a suit on but he has the jumper

Dan: I th I got the feeling that the the priest was pretty happy that he couldn't you know that there was color It was he could tone it down from a real funeral after all but he's game And they've got a full service

Reegs: to say that for full service don't they barrier as well that the thing like

Sidey: but the the combination that is he's having a chat with Margo and I think they say Oh we need to get back to does it She say she says we need to get back to the to the way or to the guests some of that And Laura says well ma Should we go for a walk and you're like yes Okay

Dan: A lot to enjoy about this film A lot to enjoy I thought that the acting was really great A really well well cost I thought there everybody felt like they should be there didn't seem to be anybody sticking out he was fantastic I like him in lots of things I've seen him in wine Goslin and I think he just kind of shows his his range again He's got And it will look in his eye and it all sort of smile on his lips A lot of the time they just you root in for him you know in in lots of different characters that you plays and particularly law's who's just such a a lovely sweet innocent person that deserved the kind of love of the committee he found

Reegs: So he was nominated for a golden globe for best actor in a motion picture comedy What are we was this don't really think

Howie: I love to learn

Sidey: I did find it quite

Howie: I find it really funny

Dan: it was a dark it was a dark humor It

Sidey: overly comedic I don't know what else to describe it as All right A film that I really liked

Reegs: and it was beautiful It's a really lovely lovely

Sidey: Ryan goes yeah he's right up there with just one of my favorites He's just He can do it all You know he's done their switches the sweet kind of charming role He can do the jazz efficient auto musical thing and lot of antique do them violent fucking maniac

Howie: do blade runner Saifai blade runner

Sidey: blade runner starfish You just so much range So talented

Dan: Nice guys like that Action comedy

Sidey: Yes I go by that one as well Yeah Fantastic budget for this one was $12 million winner or loser the box office

Dan: I would that this is all pre COVID This is a winner I reckon it was

Reegs: I happen to see this so I know that it was a loser which really surprised me

Sidey: Really disappointing that it only made 11 mil

Dan: Wow That surprises me Cause it's

Sidey: I suppose It

Dan: it's a film that

Sidey: 13 years ago So Brian Bazin not the biggest stars he is now but still It was a critical you

Dan: Was that at the time or is that made up until today What it's

Sidey: as that when I looked it up

Dan: Why Okay

Sidey: which is a shame but it doesn't stop It being fucking tremendous which it was

Reegs: there was so many touching Moments in this movie and when you've got that amazing performance And then you've got all these depictions of loneliness and community and then the the fraternal bond between him and his brother He's talking about how do I know when I'm a

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: you know just really like Oh my God when you're biting back that you know in some of that some of the things that have obviously affected both of the brothers are coming up it's affected last but it's also effected Gus in his own way And he started to deal with that and how you know the trauma

 yeah Brilliant performance from ghost Gauze link

Howie: goals

 Dan: what'd you call it an operation on a sex doll plastic surgery


Reegs: I really enjoyed the community thing as well Just what it could look like to help somebody through something like this It really spoke to me It was very touching

Howie: So I was going gonna say we needed was a sexto so relieve someone of a psychosis

Reegs: No actually I actually looked this up on the American psychiatric association website that actually playing along with the delusion is not actually a particularly You know it's not something they encourage

Dan: very rare cases

Reegs: what it can do is it cause people to actually regress further into them and get sort of more alienated from the rest of the world But I think if you see this and I think it's really clear that it's not really a dilute the extent to which Gosling thinks this is last things This is real it's not a hundred percent you're not a hundred percent sure Are you

Sidey: I mean he

Reegs: it's a coping mechanism that is

Sidey: choice to go on the website and order the doors I guess someone with a delusion could still do that I don't know didn't have that

Dan: He did it pretty fast after hearing

Sidey: so he knows that he has bought this thing So but I don't know how the mind works in that in that way but you can see throughout the film The more he's connecting back to

Reegs: to the real world that's

Sidey: that's why the performance is so brilliant

Reegs: It reminds me a little bit And I said this to my wife It's you know they sometimes have I can't remember is it like pet therapy where they bring in like a dog or a cat or something to to help people with mental illness because they get this experience of like unconditional love and

Sidey: I think you were allowed to have them on flights if you're if you're yeah but also I think it's horses You can get a miniature horses brought

Reegs: Imagine that you're sitting in here like in row

Dan: there's a limit There's

Reegs: and the guy next to you So sorry My horse is a fucking horse on a plate

Dan: Airlines have started to come out with their kindness know because people were having all kinds of comfort animals

Reegs: You say you can have a tiny horse on the plane Get fucked That cannot be true

Sidey: I'll get fucked but it's true

Reegs: What is everybody going Oh yeah

Howie: Shetland pony It's a Shetland pony Yeah Yes

Reegs: commercial flight

Sidey: therapy horse

Dan: only if

Reegs: on a

Dan: not just any random horse though it'd have to

Howie: It's a lot of fucking black beauty Mr Ed

Sidey: right in that case rigs where you're not entertained Yeah

Reegs: Yeah I nearly cried about five times watching this movie It was great

Howie: I was and I thought it was a comedy I didn't cry once

Dan: Yeah really enjoyed it It was very different to the toy story I thought yeah I really enjoyed this very different to the toy story I thought it would be but it was a really clever original funny film

Sidey: Yeah I I loved it It was quirky smart funny sweet caring like you Briggs I really like the community thing because having gone through a particularly traumatic event ourselves you do get that where everyone pulls around you and it really helps And so that was something that brought it home for me I think it's my favorite out of everything that we've reviewed so far

Dan: Is that just because you chose it or

Sidey: I didn't choose that

Dan: that's what I meant

Sidey: kids' TV rigs Plasticine based

Reegs: Yes

Sidey: What was it

Reegs: The Epic adventures of morph because my his adventure It's a more small scale but he does go outside in these new morph So that's fairly yeah Pick

Dan: anybody that doesn't know morph this was from Tony Hart Wasn't it

Reegs: Yes It's an odd probably best known as an Aardman animations creation Peter Lord In fact the sort of godfather of Aardman animations he came up with and animated I think the character

Howie: Ottman being Wallace and

Reegs: Yes I don't know if this is something that is it seems quintessentially British

Sidey: Yeah There's a model of it in the national media museum in Bradford on

Dan: morph was brilliant when I was a kid loved morph

Reegs: for anybody who doesn't know what morph is He is a sort of six inch hive There are the bounce four and a half inch high plasticine man hu He's a

Dan: It looks a bit

Sidey: he's a man That's what I'm

Dan: looks a bit like a gingerbread man but

Sidey: three dimensional

Dan: dimensional

Reegs: Yeah I just assumed he was a man but no you're right He doesn't have any sex organs He's It's more of I'm going to identify as I'm going to say him but you could easily say she

Sidey: or

Reegs: he lives in a wooden art box on the desk of the British TV artist and presented Tony Hart

Sidey: dead

Reegs: He is and he comes out to play with his mate chars and they get themselves into

Sidey: jazz is a bit of a prick

Reegs: Somebody tweeted Peter Lord And said I bet Chaz voted for Trump the little shit And Peter Lord did deny that he was a Trump voter robustly

Sidey: that just kind of pricks to each other

Dan: Yeah The episode that I watched was size matters Right And

Reegs: What attracted you to that

Dan: yeah I thought what's all that about and they're basically measuring themselves morph and Chaz Chaz starts after morph is set his Mark by drawing a pencil just above his head next to a ruler chest No it goes on his toes to get a little bit extra height and Morphin happy by that So morph stretches himself a little bit Yeah And then marks And so and it goes on like this until morph that you sent me is high and Charles hits him and then he falls frou a iPad when he fell over and ends up being really really small like a little baby morph and then morph just yeah Then we'll start like climbing all over their furniture and everything knocking stuff down like a baby would crying it was completely bizarre It's bizarre Is it just kind of sounds but it works because it's the odd man techno what would you

Howie: Don't motion

Dan: motion

Reegs: it is still stop motion Isn't it It's not there's no hint of computing or anything there It's got the same music it had when you were a kid Same voices Is that how

Sidey: Which you can kind of make out what they're saying If you really concentrate you can pick out the odd word

Howie: fuck

Sidey: Sorry

Howie: Did you watch the episode that I did that took the mic out of disabilities and refer to boxing Halena

Sidey: No

Reegs: One

Howie: So more sores chatting no chairs sores half and then more like just a torso of arms And Chaz is just loud Yeah Chaz Chaz is laughing at him

Sidey: Yeah Chaz gets put back together normal but more legs disembodied And then they get put on the roam around

Howie: and he's just laughing laughing at him

Reegs: Oh well no I watched Chaz And morph want to sharpen a pencil and there's a pencil sharpener on the desk Did you see this one Dan you're nodding away He puts the pencil sharpener in and it sharpened say a little bit And the other guy puts his in and shot his sharpens a bit more And he's a bit more like pleased about that And then

Dan: of fierce like I've seen it now

Reegs: there's a similar type of theme

Sidey: Basically relentlessly about everything I saw one Do you see the selfie one

Howie: Yes Yes The mobile phone thingy

Dan: So these are about five minutes long in case anybody's

Reegs: The sky ones were about

Howie: a minute

Reegs: Maybe

Dan: five

Howie: Oh no

Sidey: director's cut

Howie: she's got the DVD for etc

Reegs: So my little one absolutely loves these She just laughs and laughs and laughs And they are funny I mean they in 90 seconds you get a whole story big you know who everybody is what they're doing they get themselves into some hi-jinks off It goes again Yeah

Sidey: Pretty harmless

Howie: pretty shit

Sidey: Well

Howie: my my kids never interested in it and I tried to show it to them and they're like yeah that's why it competes against so much of it

Dan: for younger kids this is lovely because it's got that animation It's almost like your toys are coming alive Kind

Sidey: Yeah And the kids can think well hookup plus and I can go meet

Dan: I can go and making that

Reegs: I went that the notion that there might be a sort of small Benign good-natured like independent being living secretly in your house is something that as a child is just not the time You're talking about your toys coming to life or your pets can

Dan: I and this plays on there So a five six year old probably this is That kind of thing I think once you get into seven eight

Reegs: Yeah I don't think my eldest would

Dan: unless they been kind of shooting of television and things there's just too much other stuff that might draw their attention as well as on on YouTube is a real stone because Aardman without doubt you know he's our one Oscar a year guaranteed No Don he w you know whatever he's done he's gonna pick up the the Oscar in that But Wallace and Gromit and all those they kind of had we had the creature comforts and and all those they were brilliant Everybody loved them at the time These seams now a little more you didn't like it at the time

Sidey: No

Reegs: creature comforts He didn't like easily turn off and honorable

Sidey: No I didn't like it at the time Or any time up to now

Dan: No you never know And and I think it's

Sidey: mind more because it's 90 seconds and it's okay But I didn't watch it with my daughter She might like it on just on the basis that it's often arts and crafts kind of stuff And she could have a go making a more figurine but I just don't like I don't like any of the Wallace and Gromit stuff Any of that it's just an animation style No I don't like it I like the stories are

Dan: second

Sidey: the stories are so mundane The animation is boring to me I just don't like it just doesn't it just doesn't rev my engines Sorry but that's just the way it is I just hope that everyone involved it dies


Dan: back

Reegs: anything out of this as an adult felt

Howie: bad about that because I as a child would always watch programs that were kind of the art and craft art new Buchanan's art attack and the unfortunate Rolf Harris sorry I just had a flashback there Ralph Harris is safe at Roscoe tune club with the flick books and all that So all the stop motion animation stuff we kind of grown up with is now so far away from anything I think our kids Cause my kids when they see stop animation or you say stop animation first thing they think of is I got them this really cool Lego movie maker set and say you plug your iPhone and you're not you're not having to draw stuff You're not re you're still manipulating the Lego figures across the set and you go picture move picture So it's still the same concept but the whole plasticine thing they associate with Nursery so baby stuff So Play-Doh plasticine Stickle bricks all that sort of stuff Now that's not for us So even like from ages of about five or six they will either Lego or they'll try and draw it So that I think it's the plus the scene was the scene Like Play-Doh where it was seen as a thing for babies even I reckon sort of seven eight nine RA and our generation we'd probably have an art lesson or something where you'd make something out of clay or plasticine or something like that So the morph would be more w more would have more connections to us It's not to say I didn't really know I was never really a more fan I think it was like okay I did though Appreciate and would do what you said society which is I'd probably see it and go Oh I'll have a go at that Oh I could do something else and not necessarily be a more character

Sidey: even even when I was a kid and this is on transformers on the other channel or mask or something like that And I was much more interested in

Dan: it's tough Isn't it I mean it's yeah a lot a lot to to compete back feels a bit like a puppet show used to be you know maybe for

Sidey: it's quite it's quite old fashioned it's it's nice

Reegs: designs a great the you know

Dan: brilliant I mean it's absolutely brilliant hours of painstaking there The the looks they can get on the character's face The

Howie: denying the ability

Dan: that but I I just you know I realistically my kids aren't going to be watching that they've missed it You know it w it was too too long ago I'm not going to watch it myself I I did I enjoyed watching it Is it a nostalgic thing I look

Reegs: to watch anything more than the 10 minutes or whatever you had to

Dan: Exactly It's I wouldn't revisit it I You know I'll probably end up showing it today the kids but I kind of know what they're going to get all of this going on for a while I watch it for maybe those little vinegarette 90 seconds

Howie: Yeah The mini grids or the vignettes

I don't know why I've even done that voice That was nothing It was nothing



 Dan: I just think that the hard work and they're the fantastic characters and everything they've done I just don't know whether you know you look at some of the stuff Netflix churn out and you know they're doing a series by the time it takes this guy to do one minute you know is

Howie: I have to say stop motion though is not a lost art because the recent film I watched Oh is it yeah At the Yeti or summit with huge huge huge Jackman plays the role in it Is it Lake at Laker animation where they've taken it up a notch Now my kids they my kids love that really liked

Dan: needs to do He needs to go to the next level

Howie: Oh

Sidey: Say that one

Reegs: No that's a CGI I know

Howie: Yeah This one's about the Yeti Yeah it's really good It's very funny genuinely very funny Hugh Jackman and it's got Penelope Cruz or summer hike or that sounds

Reegs: that'd be cruise Missile

Dan: the thing is about I guess the thing is about Aldman as well is that it's always I mean it is Just the sweetest stuff your lever you know there's

Sidey: It's the same every time

Dan: it's not maybe got the edge enough about it I mean there's so much talent He's got so much he could turn any character to do anything yet We've got these you know Wallace and Gromit

Reegs: you guys are all out of your mind This is a British institution

Dan: brilliant

Sidey: Yeah So having an empire fuck all

Howie: slavery

Dan: not I'm not I'm not looking at it and I'm like

Reegs: shut the bed

Dan: I'm not I'm not looking at it Like you've got Aardman and what he's done Isn't that great I think it's fucking brilliant What he's done in you know up until now I just don't think that There's going to be a new generation of people that are going to be particularly blown away with

Sidey: times can you say to someone here's a film and it's all fucking plasticine Well fucking so what

Dan: it needs a strong plot It

Howie: Oh so so the film was that the film was missing link That's the one missing link I strongly recommend that if you if you still want your kids to watch animation that isn't saccharin sweet Aardman which you're always going to be missing Links got a bit of an edge to it and the animation and they show at the end how they do it If you watch the credits at the end it is it is amazing And your kids will love it

Sidey: Cool

Reegs: to celebrate the return of morph BBC breakfast presenters joined this week to model not this week a few weeks ago model their own versions of morph because there is actually a free online Aardman morph workshop which tells you how to make your own morph which I would love to do Actually

Howie: I can't think that that's not going to be difficult

Reegs: breakfast presenter Charlie state accidentally stepped on and beheaded his you can see the seconding results of that on YouTube Should you really desire morph is also the name of a mutant cheap shift X men I don't believe they're related yeah Morph is also a urban dictionary term for the process of sexual intercourse in which both partners remain stationary and are subject to back and forth Physiological switchings engender stimulation is achieved through the friction occurring between the two sets of genitalium constantly inverting into an hour of each other So

Sidey: Have you ever tried that

Reegs: no so that's that's morphing for you You know it's time to wrap this up I really like this it's British it's it's made really well And it was a blast of nostalgia for me and it was really nice to see my youngest enjoying this again the stories you know sweet and well-made yeah loved morph You guys have lost your minds about Ottoman

Howie: not fast sorry

Dan: just just to clear up about Aardman I think he's an absolute genius I think

Howie: agree with that too

Dan: I really enjoy everything that he's done I enjoyed this I don't think that there's going to be any real new stuff coming for him though Unless he takes it a different direction That's going to take my attention Seriously again you know the the old stuff I w I couldn't wait see Wallace and Gromit come out again You know the the creature comforts I love to see which one was next Once it's done it was done And to repeat the same stuff over and over again I think is not going to attract me in but there was definitely a market for it And if my kids were probably you know five years younger so then that I'd encourage them to watch this because it's a lovely lovely animation

Sidey: I kind of enjoyed the high jinks that they take out too I don't really have the nostalgia vibe for it because it didn't really like it the first time around when I was a kid And fuck you Aardman you're a one trick pony the Michael Bay of animation

Reegs: Wow

Sidey: Another week another podcast listened to by over 1 billion people excellent film nomination not quite convinced about the kids one but Hey ho who's nominating this week So we're doing a top five of movies not set on earth we are watching Moonrise kingdom is our movie and the kids' TV I've never seen it Something on Netflix It's called Yeah

Reegs: H I L D a Yeah

Sidey: we just launched straight in episode one Yeah Yeah keep on listening If you haven't listened for a while then just listened to load this week Cause that'll make us really happy come and chat to us on Twitter Or else we'll start spamming people again And all it remains is to say society is signing out

Howie: goodbye.

Dan: Dan's gone